22/01/2017 Match of the Day 2


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Tonight we'll see the Premier League leaders, one of their challengers,


And with us are Danny Murphy and Martin Keown.


Arsenal, with one of the best home records in the league,


faced Burnley, who'd taken just a point on their


COMMENTATOR: A chance for Arsenal to move into second place. Burnley


better than their away record suggests and they were unlikely --


unlucky to lose at Turf Moor in October. Arsenal's starting XI is


the same as a week ago in Swansea, a match they won 4-0. Olivier Giroud


has recovered from an ankle injury. Hector Bellerin, Francis Coquelin


and Kieran Gibbs are fed again and on the bench. Burnley were 1-0


winners over Southampton on Saturday, Joey Barton came off the


bench and scored the winner and is named among the substitutes again as


Sean Dyche goes with an unchanged team.


Beautifully played to Alexis Sanchez, taking on Matt Lowton,


Giroud with the. Nacho Monreal almost on the end of it. Giroud


trying to put it on a place for Monreal. Arsene Wenger stressing


during the week that it was matches between teams fifth and 12th in the


table that they slipped up on last year.


Mustafi with time to send it away via Monreal into Sanchez. Luton was


on to it quickly would not once but twice. -- Lowton. Ashley Barnes


almost on the end of that. Burnley certainly in the opening ten minutes


of the game have got forward whenever possible. Lost their way


there, though. Cut out. The phone with a chance to clear. Gabriel in


their swiftly. Iwobi back in the Mesut Ozil, cold


one in, good saves by Tom Eaton. First real test for the Burnley


keeper. Ozil sending that one towards the bottom corner, just


beyond the outstretched toes of Olivier Giroud but not the


outstretched fingers of Tom Heaton. Defour, space here for Marney,


collected by Barnes. Good shot. Pushed away from the goal by Cech.


Both teams threatening to break the deadlock here. Alexis and is in the


Aaron Ramsey. This is Nacho Monreal, back to Mesut Ozil. Blocked by Ben


Mee. Across, and Giroud going forward


this spectacular. Great idea, pressure still on.


Comfortable for Tom Heaton. Here is the cross from Ramsey. Giroud denied


the spectacular attempt on goal by Michael Keane. Ozil. Three lining up


inside the penalty area, back to Ramsey. He inadvertently strikes as


anti-made. Sanchez. -- his own team-mate.


Hardly any room whatsoever that it matters not, doesn't need much.


Brilliant play. Giroud and Ramsey going for the spectacular. That


would have been a rival for Olivier Giroud Fozz, had it gone into that


other the net. Superb effort, as you can see unable to keep it down. --


Olivier Giroud's golf. Dispossessed by Alex Iwobi, and now it is with


Ozil. Arsenal sweeping forward. It will be still going, now Alexis


Sanchez creates an opening, and it was also the top of the bar. Lovely


fast, flowing move. Almost resulting in the opening goal of the game.


Xhaka forward, it will be in possession now. Finding his way


through, still going for Arsenal. The blog finally made by Steven


Ward. That has woken the crowd up. -- the block. The header finds the


back of the net, Mustafi with his first ever Arsenal goal. And with


almost an hour played, they finally find a way past Burnley. Arsenal 1-0


Burnley. Mustafi. Just able to direct it beyond the outstretched


arm of Tom Heaton, and Burnley's resistance is broken. And relief, at


last, for the Arsenal bench. Xhaka concedes possession, and then


commits a foul on Steven Defour. And, clearly, Jon Moss getting


advice in his ear, and it's a straight red card for that


challenge! Andy Halliday over on the far side had the clear view and he


felt that it was a red car challenge and the referee Jonathan Moss


double-checked with his assistant on the far side and Granit Xhaka sent


off with this challenge, diving in on Steven Defour. Straight red,


reckless tackle, red card. Three red cards this season. He had three for


Borussia Monchengladbach last season as well. Arsenal down to ten,


leading 1-0. Burnley's backroom plotting their way back into this


one. Header into the box and at full


stretch now still not clear. The final touch off Ashley Barnes did


not have the power to get over the line. Burnley pushing for an


equaliser here with ten minutes to go, and Arsenal were at full stretch


there. We might be heading for seven minutes of added time here.


Meanwhile, here's Arsenal's number seven, Sanchez. In towards Danny


Welbeck, Coquelin for Arsenal, saved by Heaton. That really would have


put the match beyond reach, but Tom Heaton was equal to it. Still got


five minutes of added time left. Koscielny gets his head to it,


Barnes goes down in the box, it's a penalty for Burnley. The referee Jon


Moss pointed straightaway, no hesitation from the referee. Ashley


Barnes going to ground, and Burnley, in added time, with a route back


into the game. As the ball was played into the box, the leak came


out, the challenge from Coquelin, and straightaway Jonathan Moss


pointing to the spot, and Andre Gray, who grew up supporting Arsenal


as a boy, has the chance to draw Burnley level in added time! And he


has! A big role for Burnley, and potentially to point struck by


Arsenal, in injury time at the end of the game! -- a big goal, and


potentially two points lost by Arsenal. Arsene Wenger may have been


sent off by the referee. It might have all unravelled here in the


dying moments of the game for Arsenal. Anthony Taylor I think is


pointing to the tunnel, suggesting that Arsenal's manager needs to


disappear. Arsenal going to become the fifth team from the top six to


drop points this weekend? Arsene Wenger very reluctantly disappearing


into the mouth of the tunnel, but so far not going any further.


Bellerin just trying to play the ball into the penalty area, cleared


away, only as far as Coquelin. Bellerin, Gabriel, Arsenal going to


drop points here or can mismatch it at the last? Heaton makes the save,


ball goes behind, Arsenal corner. Mustafi quick to take it, this is


Alexis Sanchez, they are looking for something special pretty quickly


now. Everybody back defending for Burnley. Sanchez with the delivery,


Koscielny goes for it, he's challenged by Ben Mee, Arsenal want


a penalty, and they get it! My word, what drama at the Emirates! Two


penalties in added time at the end of the game, and now it Dyche's turn


to harangue Anthony Taylor, the fourth official. I think Koscielny


got a kick to the head here as he went to the ball. Ben Mee with the


high ball catches Koscielny in the head. There it is. And Alexis


Sanchez has the chance to the Arsenal's hero here again. He scored


the winner when the sides met in the FA Cup glasses on, can he score the


winner again? He can! And he can do it in style! Cool head, calm finish


from a classy player. And it was virtually the last kick of the game,


and the ten men of Arsenal have pulled it out of the bag right at


the end. What a finish, what drama, so much to talk about. Arsenal 2-1


Burnley. We never take anything for granted,


we know how tough it is, we know that it is, but we need the


officials to make the right decisions, and that is the shame, to


lose it in that fashion with offside not given. Particularly when you


come to places like this. In the end we are disappointed, but I was not


disappointed with the performance or the mentality. Was your frustration


with the decision or with the circumstances, that it could


potentially have cost you the two points so late in the game? I did


not see a penalty from outside, but I should have kept my control and I


apologise. That is basically it, I should have shut up. Good to see you


are in one piece, because I saw UL bow ties in the face today. I have


been playing in Italy, and Spain and it is a bit from here. We know that


the Premier League is physical, and if you don't take them, you are not


going to win any games. What were your thoughts on the challenge for


the red card? Honestly, it was on the other side of the pitch. If it


is a red card, we just have too apologise and make sure that it


doesn't happen again, because that could damage too much the team. We


have to keep control, you have to play the ball correctly. I don't


know, was it a bad tackle, if it was, it is a red card. I suppose


those of the games you have to grind out if you are going to go for the


title, that is the cliche, but at the same family must have sympathy


for Burnley as well? Totally, from Burnley's perspective I thought they


were well organised, brave, they played two up front, they had go.


Well drilled, looked strong, fit, and for long periods were in the


game. Arsenal dug it out, after going down to ten men they showed


really good spirit, and if you're going to challenge for the title,


sometimes you don't play well. You have to win ugly and that is


certainly how it was today. Burnley will feel aggrieved, and indeed did,


that in the second time in the Arsenal this season, they have lost


two and arguably late goal that should have been disallowed, says


Sean Dyche. As well as the penalties are concerned, look at all of them


in one go. Just trying to balance this out, Sean Dyche was unhappy


with the decisions but there were some favourable decisions. Look at


this one here, Mustafi, Gray, for me that as a penalty, won the officials


have missed. It is quite clear for me, he is running away from goal of


course but a penalty. This one is definitely a penalty. Coquelin takes


out his man, Barnes, a little bit silly, edit crash. He feels he runs


into him but he has definitely made a foul. A lot of pressure on him,


just close down the middle. That at this stage, got them back into it.


This one here. I feel that Mee is unlikely because ordinarily you go


with your foot. He has his eyes on the ball but it is dangerous play.


It has to be a penalty, he has kicked him in the face. That you


have some survey, because if you look at it from here, from this


angle, he is offside. Clearly offside. -- you have to have some


sympathy. The linesman has a clear view. He missed the Mustafi penalty


but look at this for eight layer, his third penalty, missed the


previous two, he put it down the middle with no fear. The stadium


then was rocking. It is a good way to win a game because Arsenal, it


would have been disastrous from the Premier League point of view that


they did not win today. There is no way the goalkeeper will stand still.


Choose a way to go and it makes perfect sense. Obviously that


confirms it. It is sensible, because the keeper will do that. It takes


some bottle. Young goalkeepers want to do the big launch to save it and


it goes down the middle and they look stupid. Was there any other way


that Ben Mee could have defended it? I think he's unlucky. You see


players get away with that. And I know its height, but it's high


enough to be a penalty. Arsenal down to ten men because of the


sending-off of granite Zach Kerr. When we start with this? I feel a


little bit for him. Let me say that first and foremost. I don't think


he's being played in the right position. He is playing in the


holding role where he gets isolated and I think his strengths are his


passing and shooting which are served better higher up the pitch.


When he plays in this role, as we will see in a second, he gets


isolated. Those strap -- stats are ridiculously bad. He's becoming a


liability. When he plays this role we will see that he gets himself


into all sorts of Rob Evans. It's a silly -- is all sorts of problems.


It's a silly mistake and I'm not sure if it is coincidental, but he


gets himself in these predicaments. He will end up not playing because


the other players will get sick of it. Too many times this season he


has cost them. The actual incident is a no-brainer for the referee.


Leaving the floor, he has caught him, and to be honest, we have


looked at a lot of stuff today and he is getting himself to a point


where Arsene Wenger will find it difficult to defend him. It is a


scissor tackle, and he has the right kind of man of -- manager. Same


referee. It is a succession of incidents he has been involved in.


Another one on Joe Allen. He needs to clean up his act. He has the


right manager. I had a few sendings off. Jeju? There is just -- did you?


There is just no need there. So often on this programme, and on


Football Focus, and on Match of the Day, and the five live shows, people


talk about the Arsenal of the past losing their grit their hard man


stuff and not having the leaders and people like Viera and Adams, and now


they have somebody who puts his foot in and he gets the odd red card.


That's not the odd red card. That's ridiculous. He's getting the balance


wrong. Yes, they want the physicality, but they want him on


the pitch. There was a time we were trying to win it with ten men back


in the day we were getting so many sent off but they can't afford to do


that. This was an easy win for Arsenal when it was 1-0 and then it


became difficult. Arsene Wenger was apologising, but it should be Xhaka


for getting sent off. At 24, first season in the Premier League, there


is time for him to adapt. 24 these days is not young. It is to some of


us. But there are already four incidents this season. I'm not


saying giving away a penalty is as bad as the sending-off, but I would


hope somebody like Martin Keown would say to me, listen, you have


got to calm down. Who is saying that to him? There will be a few around


him, like Mustafi, in his ear, but he has to learn himself. He will


reflect on this and he will have to change. Defending on corners. You


have looked at all of the Arsenal corners, five in the first half and


four of them saw Steven Defour on the back post, and the one where he


wasn't. They are in swingers, Howard swingers, whether somebody goes


short, there is no rhyme or reason. This is early in the game and for


some reason, and this is the goal they concede. He is on the edge of


the box. Whether that has been told to him by the manager, I don't think


so. You should have somebody on the back post. I think it is a total


system. He could have rescued that. He does not get off the ground, Boyd


should be near the front post and headed away, and it's a fantastic


header but if there's a play on the post, he clears it. Lo and the next


corner, as if he has sprung from nowhere, he's back on the post. Did


he forget to be there or did he have licence to choose it? You were often


on the back post. Did you ever forget to be there? No, because I


had a goalkeeper that would let me forget. But it should not happen. --


would not let me forget. I can't believe that so many managers have


nobody on the back post. Most seasons that would save five or six


goals. It is always the place that the ball drops in. Managers in the


Premier League not doing it is crazy to me.


Next to Stamford Bridge, where Hull were visiting


In a league of grand designers, a blueprint has emerged. Teams cannot


live with Chelsea. It comes from that man, Antonio Conte A. Built on


strong foundations and using materials smartly restored. Moses. A


steely structure. Kante was amazing today. Taken superbly. Until a


possible design flaw appeared. But this architect believes he has sold


it. I think the player wants to stay at Chelsea. He is happy here. Your


commentator at Stamford Bridge is Jonathan Pierce.


The China syndrome has not reached meltdown after all. Diego Costa is


back after missing two matches amid frenzied headlines to make his 100th


Chelsea appearance as they look for their 1000th Premier League home


point. It is eight home wins on the spin for the leaders. Eight away


defeats for Hull City who, tellingly, do not include Robert


Snodgrass raising speculation they will cash in. Elabdellaoui makes his


debut and may switch to a back three, to match Chelsea. Diego


Costa's first touch back in the first team. Chelsea all in blue,


getting us underway, kicking from right to left. Shoot, shoot is the


cry. What a return it would have been if that had gone in. The whole


Stamford Bridge erupts, singing his name. -- the whole of. What a


returning would have been. A cross from McGuire. We know he can hit


them. He gets onto the end of the 1-2 and he goes for gold. A decent


move by Hull City. The build-up was neat and tidy. But when he pulled


the trigger there was not much there. Manager of the Month for


three months, and looking for number four as the Premier League leader. A


good switch of play by Matic. Here is Moses on the outside. Tackled by


Robertson in a good passage of play. David Luiz up from the back Chelsea,


not yet scored in his second spell. Looking for Cahill. A clash of


heads, that was horrible. That's really nasty. You could hear the


crack of the heads from way up here. Ryan Mason will have to leave the


field of play. He has an oxygen mask on now.


The Chelsea fans standing with the whole city fans to applaud Ryan


Mason -- the whole city fans. On comes David Meyler. -- the Hull City


fans. Alonso. That was Alonso. The shot was


deflected up. The keeper had to stand up and push it over. Nearly on


the scoresheet again after two at Leicester last week. Matic. Chelsea


come again. Header away by Clucas. The Premier League leaders squeezing


on the pressure. Hazard, tightly round the corner. Moses. Scooped up


by Curtis Davies. Is that a penalty? The referee has a look and gives


just a corner. In the Eire long, long time. The sliced clearance.


There was a little bit of a nudge -- in the air. There was an expectant


tumble. Hazard. Offside, Diego Costa came


from the deeper position. He finds the net on his return, but it won't


count. Very, very tight. I think Harry Maguire might just be playing


him on, you know. Evandro. Here is Harry will require for -- Harry


Maguire for Hull. That is the most meaningful save either goalkeeper


has made. Hazard, in the deeper position. Pedro. Good challenge by


Maguire, who has been excellent for Hull. Moses, a good low cross. Moses


was coming in on the far side of the box as well. Couldn't quite get


there. The pressure surely must tell. Hull have had to work so hard


off the ball. Robertson away. Hernandez. He felt he was fouled,


and he has a horrible job today with no support for him, but he needs to


be stronger than that. Moses could be the key to this game yet. He


rolls in on the right-hand side. Good cross. Diego Costa. Well, he


had to be. It had to be him. Six minutes into stoppage time, the


deadlock is broken, and Diego Costa, the man who they said was heading to


China has come back into the side and smashed the defensive rearguard


of Hull City. He went far too far across the penalty area the


satisfaction of the Hull manager. And a venomous finish for Diego


Costa's 15th of the season. Hull feel they had a foul. Cahill on


Hernandez. Well, you can see they have an argument there. There was a


lengthy passage of play before the goal was scored, I would say.


David Meyler. Fernandez trying to get in behind. Was he brought down


there by Marcus Alonso? He was going away from the penalty area and I


think he was looking for it. Why make this challenge? That is a


penalty. He caught him on the back of the thought. Hernandez going away


fro. That is a penalty, no doubt about it. -- going away from him.


Ryan Mason, who was treated for a head injury for eight minutes,


before being stretchered off, and we believe he has gone straight to


hospital, understandably. Maguire. Chelsea have not learned the lesson,


because he will come forward. As well Meyler. Good effort. A spirited


second-half by Hull City. Moses has Hazard ghosting into the


space. A real fans out there. Going for the return. Pedro. He works his


socks off, Pedro. Matic. Diego Costa. That's the difference between


the two sides. Chelsea have been the better team,


and they have the more skilful players, but Hull have dug in deep.


Diego Costa's goal separating the two, and he goes for a second.


In the 55th minute at Stamford Bridge, the Chelsea fans rise to


remember an unsung hero, the former groundsman here, Carl O'Brien, they


used to call him Worzel. He passed away in December, aged 55.


Premier League point of view that they did not win today.


Kante picked it up. Good break by him. He is onside. Was it taken out?


Yes he was. Decisive burst by Kante, as Willian checks back inside. He is


clipped. Cesc Fabregas with a free kick, Diego Costa on the edge of the


six yard area. Cahill! Chelsea's game. Nine home wins on the spin,


big looping run to lose defender. No one picked him up, ten minutes to


go. Decisive goal by Cahill. Gary Cahill wanted it, Gary Cahill got


there, and Gary Cahill scores for Chelsea. The league leaders 2-0 Hull


City. He knows how tough it has been, delightfully animated,


passionate. Here's Fabregas, Diego Costa, onside. Good goalkeeping.


Lovely weight on the pass-through to Diego Costa. Spread himself well.


It is not easy, it is not easy to play this type of game. I think our


opponent was very good, had good organisation, and they created it


difficult for us. But I think we are in the second part of the season,


and every game now becomes very, very tough. Had you been given a


penalty it might have been a different story, in the second half.


Yes, it's true. I had doubts in the first goal whether it was a foul. I


don't know if it was a penalty or not where I stood. My players said


to me it was a penalty. It was a good weekend for us before we kicked


a ball, so we know how important the game was. When you get opportunities


in the season that don't come around too often, you have to try to


capitalise. I thought with a win today we did that. So, very pleased.


Is at the end of the China thing now with Diego Costa? Yes, but in this


situation I told always the truth. And, yes, I'm happy, I'm happy for


him, and also to finish this speculation. We have to ask you a


question about Ryan Mason because it looked a serious industry Ashun


injury, how is he? He is in hospital, we don't have more news.


We do now because Hull City released a statement of the last 45 minutes


or so and it is as follows: the club can confirm Ryan Mason sustained a


skull fracture in our fixture at Chelsea this afternoon, he was taken


to Saint Mary 's hospital where he has undergone surgery. He is in a


stable condition and is expected to remain in hospital for the next few


days. Everyone at the club would like to express their sincere thanks


for the excellent and swift caregiver and to Ryan by both the


Accident Emergency department and neurosurgery unit at Saint Mary 's


hospital. A further update will be issued tomorrow. It was a sickening


clash between Cahill and Mason. It certainly was. Everybody connected


with it dealt with it superbly, from the trainers, the medical staff,


even the fans and the crowd giving him a standing ovation as he was


stretchered off. I think we realised straightaway how bad this was, and


our thoughts are obviously with Orion. It is a terrible thing to see


on a football pitch, you hope it never happens. Of course, Gary


Cahill was just innocently going for the ball. That was a sickening


challenge and let's hope you get back onto the affable pitch again.


Our thoughts are also with Gary Cahill, because he looked incredibly


concerned, as you would do. He is a good guy, and of course you would


be, any person the same situation would be. As you said, the fans's


applause for him was great and good to see because nobody likes to see


that in any match. As everybody wishes him all the best, as soon as


possible to get back. Our best wishes to Ryan Mason, his friends,


family and everybody at Hull City bubble club. It seems a little bit


trite to discuss the money shy of the game after that. Whether Hull


had a penalty or not we decided it didn't really matter or not in the


grand scheme of things, but what we would like to do is highlight a Hull


player who had a really positive game today, and in fact you two were


talking about improve match and then he had a storm. Harry Maguire today,


as good a central performance as I have seen. Start off in an unusual


situation, seeing a centre-half trying to take on the opposition but


he has that in the locker. We know he can tackle. A lot of clubs looked


at him. He was at Sheffield for many years, he has played close to 200


games. But that that fine effort from distance. Comes out the Hazard.


He is quick, strong. Honestly, I have not seen a centre-half play


this well. The second half exactly the same, no fluke, bit ambitious,


shooting from distance but why not? He is confident. This is awesome.


Powerful, Costa knew he was in a game today. There is a calmness and


his play. Look at this, travelling out, left foot, right foot, just


feathers it into the channel. A good way to his past. Costa breathing


down his neck, so what, nice and calm, just finds his past stop on a


difficult day I thought he was really outstanding. That is what he


is therefore, to have the ball but there is an awful lot more to his


game and he deserves the credit. He was exceptional, and I have to give


Martinson credit, he said he had played a few times and Khomitsky an


eye out, but I didn't need to because it was that good. There were


50 clips we could have picked up. The best centre-half performance I


have seen this season. Chelsea have had a very good weekend. It has gone


perfectly for them. They get like Arsenal, did not play particularly


well at times but got the win with the quality they possess. That man


Costa back in, scores again, what was all the drama about?


On to Southampton against Leicester at St Mary's.


Leicester started the day five points off the relegation zone.


A tale of four seasons for the champions.


COMMENTATOR: Raw emotion all-rounder King Power stadium, what a day, what


it is to be alive on days like these. The party will last all


summer long. Jamie Vardy is staying with Leicester. The England striker


has done out a chance to join Arsenal. Premier League champions


Leicester City have sold N'Golo Kante to Chelsea. Here go again?


Such a stark contrast. They are not doing the dirty work, the basics.


Unlike Leicester. Nobody recognises list of the season, I know, me too.


It feels like Claudio Ranieri has lost control. You can't be saying


sack Ranieri? They can't win a game to save their lives. It has been


some fall for the champions, how far will they drop? COMMENTATOR: After


21 matches last season, Leicester were second behind Arsenal on goal


difference. 12 months on and the Foxes are still looking for their


first away win in the league this season. Southampton searching for a


solution to end their run of four successively defeats. Jay Rodriguez


replaces Shane Long in the only change to the same side that began


last week and's loss at Burnley. Long, 30 today, dropping to the


bench despite getting the late winner against Norwich in the FA Cup


midweek. Demarai Gray, Shinji Leicester came from 2-0 down to draw


2-2 last season. So we are under way on the south coast. A midday


kick-off in bright sunshine. Booth with time to consider his options.


Straight Ward Romeu. Bertrand has Katich on this


nearside, he is too long for Rodriguez, Redmond! Time and space


here for a measured cross, and it was naturally well by Nathan


Redmond. Gareth Southgate among the interested spectators today.


Katich, faced by Simson. Schmeichel pushing behind the corner. Good


pressure here from the Saints. Redmond with the eventual shot that


looked to be heading into the bottom corner until the intervention of


Schmeichel. We are in the 19th minute and this is the first corner


of the match. Away by Mendy. Demarai Gray. You can


see the two Leicester men sprinting into the middle. How much room does


Vardy have? Plenty, but ignored. Van Dijk finds Cedric with pinpoint


accuracy. Redmond in towards Ward-Prowse! CHEERING


Lovely flowing move from Southampton, and their pressure


eventually pays off. James Ward-Prowse with his second


goal of the season. You can see here he is just advancing onto the edge


of the penalty area. A well struck shot. Schmeichel might feel that he


could have done a little better. Just the faintest of fingertips from


the Leicester goalkeeper. Southampton take the lead. In


conceding the first goal this season, Leicester have not won won.


The omens are not good for a Leicester victory today. A clash of


heads. And it is in parlours Mendes who looks like he has -- it is


Mendy. The end result is a free kick to Southampton. Ward-Prowse is


behind it. Mic drop here for Rodriguez! A gain, Leicester failed


to clear the ball away and Jay Rodriguez takes full advantage. A


fine left footed finish past Schmeichel. Crank Malta. Eventually


cleared away -- Drinkwater. Okazaki making a run, Demarai Gray.


It is a number of times now that he has made tracks forward, and has


gone for goal, instead of perhaps using a team-mate. Claudio Ranieri


will no doubt be reminding his team that they came from 2-0 down here


last season to draw 2-2. Van Dijk's clearance. Van Dijk has


landed rather awkwardly here. This could be a major problem for Claude


Puel and Southampton, not only for today but for the next few matches


possibly for the Saints, starting with the League Cup semifinal at


Liverpool on Wednesday. And Jack Stephens will come on in his place.


Fox will use Schmeichel. That was Ray close to being intercepted.


Should have scored. Really careless from Leicester at the back.


Romeu getting his body in the way. Towards Robert Huth and over from


Wes Morgan. Two central defenders almost combining to bring Leicester


back into this match, but it flew over.


Foul by Huth on Katich. Ward-Prowse and Tad Dick are behind


-- Tadic. Oh, it has gone in. Yoshida runs away but it came off


Wes Morgan. The referee has come across to the


near side and will have a word with his assistant. Offside. The flag


raised against Yoshida, just offside, but very, very tight. And


his presence was just enough, and certainly interfering with play. Wes


Morgan is a very relieved man. What a contrast to last season for


Leicester City supporters. Redmond. Long. He is in behind Wes Morgan. It


is Shane Long, down in the penalty area, and Michael Oliver says it is


a penalty. Longer's pace causing all sorts of problems here. -- long's


pace. It's been a miserable Sunday lunchtime for Wes Morgan and


Leicester City. Dusan Tadic with the responsibility. Tadic and it is 3-0.


And with a little under five minutes plus stoppage time remaining,


Southampton have surely ended their run of four successive Premier


League defeats and confirmed that Leicester's miserable away form this


season will continue. It was not a good performance. It is


my fault. I wanted to change the shape of my team, and in the two


last matches against Chelsea I played with three at the back and


today I played with the diamond in the midfield, and maybe my players


did not understand my idea very well. To what extent today was that


a perfect Southampton performance? Well, I think it was a great first


half. A good game. It is perfect for us. It was important for us to win


this game after four defeats. It was important to start the game well and


we were aggressive all over the pitch and we won the battles and we


knew Leicester would make it into a fight. The way we performed and we


were on the front foot was great. It is hard to put our finger on the


answers to get the result, but we will keep trying and we will try to


remain positive. We try to do our best, but at the moment everything


is wrong. I want to come back with a new shape to give more calm to my


players. They will react as soon as possible. Were you surprised by how


comfortable that was for Southampton? I was. I was expecting


a competitive game. What the game show today is that anybody who


thinks tactics don't matter is talking rubbish. A couple of coaches


have told me that in the past, it should be just players, but tactics


do matter, and Leicester got completely showed up today. As you


heard cloudier say, and admit. He admitted post match, and you said


about five minutes in the office that if Leicester persist with this


diamond they will be in trouble. Well, thanks. Well, occasionally I


dish out praise. I saw it early because I've played there are times,


you understand how difficult it can be in certain areas of it. When you


the pictures now of how wrong they got it, it's believable. --


unbelievable. This is a mini diamond, and they are


all too close together, you could throw a blanket over all four of


them. It became for players not knowing their roles they have not


obviously works on it much. Southampton use displaces so well in


the wide areas where the Leicester full-backs became isolated -- use


the spaces so well. Leicester got more confused and upset with each


other. Drink water is coming across and is meant to be on the right side


of the diamond and is not sure whether to come out to Ryan


Bertrand. This is another example. Three of the diamond are actually in


a good position. Danny Drinkwater is in a good position because he's not


sure whether to drop, press, and he doesn't do either. Simpson is left


on his own again and it's an easy cross. This could have been five


minutes, this footage. There is the diamond, they are all on the


left-hand side, and Danny Drinkwater has 50 yards to make up. His body


language was not great. Ndidi is coming over, what am I doing? Who am


I marking? The late run, another cross into the box and this is all


in the first 20 minutes. This, I don't know what shape that is. I'm


telling you now that four midfielders should not be close


together. Good players find space. They switch out to the right weather


places. Mendis too late to get so is Ndidi. -- Mendy is too late. You


don't know what you are doing, you have worked on it, and Drinkwater is


too late to get across. It was so far from the Leicester City we saw


last season it was incredible. You have played in a diamond. When you


are in a diamond like that, whose responsibility is it to boss the


diamond? The player at the base of it? Yes, because he can tell you to


drop. And that is the newest member of the midfield. Drinkwater would


have been a better option to sit in there. It was a mistake. You could


see a resistance in the body language. Claudio Ranieri has tried


to make a change and you understand why, and he has held his hand up


after the game. Do you appreciate that as players when your manager


goes, that was my fault? They have been champions and at the moment


there form is shocking. They won 11 away games last season I haven't won


a single one this season, so he wanted to make a change and it


hasn't worked. They have to go back to basics. You play the diamond when


you want to boss the ball. 60% of the time they lost possession but


they were still champions so he needs to go back to the previous


system and trust is players. Fair enough, it is the first step, to


admit it. A word on Southampton. You still have to find the space on the


weaknesses may quickly worked out that the switch of play would help


them. And the quality they had, especially down the left-hand side


with Ryan Bertrand, and Ward-Prowse played they had so many players who


were intelligent enough to find the spaces and punish Leicester, so they


deserve credit. They were under pressure after losing four games.


Looking at Ward-Prowse. David Pleat, who seems to watch more football


than anyone, said about four years ago that he was the closest thing he


thought to David Beckham in how he delivered the ball. I think he was


with Luke Shaw and Calum Chambers. I've seen him watching games myself,


and this fellow, he made his debut at 16 and he has this ability to be


able to whip a ball. But it's how you can get the best from him. It


has freed him up. He won the ball back for his team very well, and 14


times, more than any other players. That has not been one of his


strengths. No, it hasn't, that he uses the dead ball situations get


the goals, and he's making it count with the ball on the move, and it's


that whip, it's a bit like David Beckham. There are certain players


with that ability. He whips that ball in, totally commits to it. I


used to think he will overindulged it a bit, but he has the ability to


do it, so why not? He has a more rounded game, and he whips it into


an area, asking questions of the opposition defence. Is he at the age


now where he needs to start consistently? Not be on the bench,


he needs to start games regularly. He needs to show all aspects of his


game and not just be put in there because he can whip in a corner. He


is averaging about 15 or 16 games per season to start and he needs


more, but maybe he's turned the corner. He looks fitter and


stronger. Part one of our round-up


begins at Anfield. It came to Llorente. And he puts


Swansea in front. And he has shocked and field inside the first two and a


half minutes of the second half -- Anfield. Olsen.


Tom Carroll is an option. Terrific delivery. Llorente. Goodness me. Two


goals in five minutes. Both from Fernando Llorente. And the bottom


club Swansea are 2-0 up at Anfield. In from Milner. Firmino. There is


one back. Roberto Firmino reduces the deficit at Anfield.


Lovely touch. In towards Firmino instead. Fabulous finish from


Firmino. Two goals for him, two goals for Liverpool, and they have


got it back to 2-2. Leroy Fer. Llorente. Here is Tom Carroll.


Trying to weave his way through. It will come to Sigurdsson. Swansea,


back in front. He can't believe it. Swansea are pinching themselves.


Liverpool two, Swansea three. Arnautovic with the lay-off. Joe


Allen. Continuing the run into the penalty area. This looks promising.


It's in the back of the net. Stoke City with the lead. That's going to


have to go down as an own goal of Juan Mata. Wayne Rooney with the


ball at his feet. Deep in added time. Rooney's delivery. Oh, it's a


sensational goal. Wayne Rooney, record-breaker. That is number 250.


And Wayne Rooney now stands alone as Manchester United's record


goal-scorer. De Bruyne, trying to find a way


through to Sane. Hugo Lloris has missed it, and Sane taps Manchester


City in front. Hugo Lloris as Eric Dier hesitated, then he opted to use


his head and missed it completely. Is there a suggestion of handball


from Leroy Sane? However he got it under control, he had the simplest


task after it. Otamendi sends Raheem Sterling on his way. De Bruyne is


central. Lloris has lost it. De Bruyne scores a second for


Manchester City and it's a gift of a goal for Kevin De Bruyne.


Dele Alli. Harry Kane. David Silva on the slide. Now Kyle Walker. What


a good ball in, and it is headed in by Dele Alli. Spurs are back in the


game. Same old story for Manchester City, their opponents have hardly


had an attempt on goal, here is one on target, and here is one in the


net. Kolarov. Raheem Sterling, onside. Nearly to wrap it up. There


was a little push from Kyle Walker. Just as he was about to strike on


goal. Pep Guardiola is furious. Raheem Sterling about to pop it in


and Kyle Walker pushes him. He kept his feet, and maybe that's why he


didn't get the penalty. Eriksen. Gliding away. Son. Spurs level. A


fine finish from Son. Moments after Pep Guardiola was adamant that they


should have had a chance to make it 3-1 from 12 yards, and it is a total


turnaround at the Etihad Stadium. The


the team and the pace of the player. I like to play good football. There


is intensity, but despite that, we play good. Let's establish that


more. You can play with intensity and play good football. I think what


he wanted was the quality of the football to be recognised first


rather than the intensity, but they are kind of coming together, because


winning the ball high up and moving it fast, with and without the ball,


creates better football. They did it all. They were really unlucky. It


was as good as Manchester City performance I've seen in a long time


they had many players at it. Tottenham were hanging on for dear


life and showed good spirit to get back in the game, but they should


have been out of sight. All the discussion about the Kyle Walker and


Raheem Sterling penalty has actually meant that city's football has not


been discussed as much. No, and it is the philosophy Pep Guardiola. You


wonder what he was working on the training pitch and people questions


the defenders, but he's only interested in the artists in


midfield, De Bruyne, David Silva, what can they create. And if we play


well enough, it will take care of itself, we don't have to defend


because we will score the goals and win the game.


That formation there, some of the players are different, but did that


formation rather than necessarily the personnel take them back to how


they were playing, say, August, September, October? That is when


they were on the best run. De Bruyne and Silva playing ahead of


Fernandinho, Gundogan coming on for a little while. But it is basically


two number tens rather than to holders and one the button. What it


creates is magic all over the pitch, especially when they are that good


because the brain was fantastic. The problem they have got is even when


they dominate games and are making chances. As Pep Guardiola says, they


are not scoring enough goals, not converting enough, that's fair


enough. But defensively they are still looking for robbery. He will


be wanting more goals from Aguero. Costa is probably the difference of


the Premier League, scoring the goal, the number one marksman.


Gabriel Jesus to help out as well. He will be demanding more, that is


where he will be looking to buy new players.


Plenty of live football on the BBC this week.


Five Live has commentary on the second legs of


Liverpool v Southampton on Wednesday, and Hull against


Our coverage of the FA Cup fourth round begins on Friday


And tomorrow afternoon, there's highlights from


the Australian Open tennis on BBC Two.


Britain's Johanna Konta is back in action.


2 Good, 2 Bad to come, after the rest of yesterday's goals.


COMMENTATOR: On by league, turned a bad pass on to a good pass. Still


between the two, still persisting. Decent offending in the end, a touch


would have sent him over, he has got cramp. Everton can play on. He


doesn't need treatment, he has worked his way back onto the pitch.


That is a caution of all the fence. Off macro leave. The keeper did very


well. Davis into the box. He has won it for Everton, and the boos from


Crystal Palace fan because they were down to ten men. Schlupp still


receiving treatment and the referee did not studied. It might have been


offside. That is the bigger question for me. Brilliant finish to give


Everton the points. Carroll attacking it, and Carroll


scoring! Last week, he scored an absolute worldie against Palace.


This is much more of a bread and butter ball for the West Ham number


nine but no less valuable. Negredo. Better. Clayton going right


towards Traore, now can he just get the Afterburn is working? Lurking


for Chambers, the cross, Stuani! West Ham lost him back stick and the


Uruguayan could not miss. Carroll looking left for Creswell. Carroll


now in the box ready for the cross. Instead it is back four Antonio to


drive, good save by Val theirs, Carroll! No offside, Carroll at the


double -- good save by Victor Valdes. Middlesbrough defender 's


appeal for offside, who was in when the ball was struck and Carroll


helps himself to his second of the day. Antonio, West Ham have players


over here. Calleri, and they are looking for Lanzini, and it looked


easier to score. Still the chance is there for Calleri, and it is in.


West Ham have wrapped up the points, Lanzini kept it alive, Calleri


chanced his arm, of the knee of Clayton and Middlesbrough have lost


another one. Phillips, Brunt got a head on it.


McAuley in, and 1-0, brilliant finish, Darren Fletcher turned and


volleys West Bromwich Albion in front! He had the space but didn't


he use it well? Chest, turn, volley, goal. James Morrison has done well


to find Phillips. Phillips is not good through the legs of O'Shea.


Chadli, surely? He has hit the bar, Brunt, great finish! Brilliant


finish! How about that from Chris Brunt?


Holebas prepares to deliver. Lukaku at the front post, the opening goal


by Christian Kabasele. Bournemouth will be disappointed to concede from


the corner. Here is Adam Smith, a good launch into the penalty area


and it is finished by Joss King! Only his second goal in 15 Premier


League appearances. Cleverly's corner, a good delivery, the


goalkeeper was unable to clear it. Artur Boruc just came and flapped at


it but could not prevent Troy Deeney from restoring Watford's lead.


Afobe, there is a Watford player down and Benik Afobe takes advantage


to get a second equaliser of the game for Bournemouth. Kabasele, who


was down nursing an injury, Afro Afobe took full advantage, and it is


a crucial, crucial goal for Eddie Howe.


Chelsea have extended their lead to the top to eight points.


Arsenal are now their nearest challengers, after their late win.


Tottenham and Liverpool complete the top four.


Hull's defeat cost them the chance to move out of the relegation zone.


Of the other clubs to play today, Southampton rise to 11th,


Burnley drop a place to 13th, while champions,


Just time for a quick two Good, two Bad.


Burnley's bus driver didn't want Matt Lowton to play today! The


lovable Slaven Bilic less than lovable to this little Middlesbrough


fan. Although I'll borrow Negredo had no problem keeping his mascot


nice and quiet. Remember the fan at last week's Sunderland - Stoke game,


disillusioned at having to watch through five minutes of injury time.


She was back for more, watching her team at West Brom yesterday. That is


what us fans go through. I given much to Martin and Danny.


We finish with Wayne Rooney, who yesterday scored


the one to take him ahead of Sir Bobby Charlton,


as Manchester United's record goalscorer.


COMMENTATOR: What a special strike! Wayne Rooney for Manchester United,


what a goal! Oh, what a goal! Rooney goes for the extraordinary, oh, and


it's an unbelievable goal! Rooney, the captain on the scoresheet.


Rooney there at the back post! Rooney with the ball at his feet, oh


it is a sensational goal! Wayne Rooney, record-breaker.


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