15/01/2017 Match of the Day 2


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That is wonderful. An absolute belter.


A beautiful goal by Maurice C. -- Morrissey. "Reward" - Teardrop


Explodes. "Love Will Tear Us Apart" - Joy


Division. An excuse to play a load of good


music before the football, but the clubs of Liverpool and Manchester


started all in the top seven of the league and Alan Shearer and Phil


Neville are here to reflect on what happened. Everton and Manchester


City was watched by Guy Mowbray. Welcome to the blue side of things.


The only touch of red is the Sunderland strip worn by Bradley


Lowery. He has touched the heart of the game and a lovely effort by


Everton to invite him here. Only one change to the side that beat


Leicester last weekend, Kevin morale is, and 19-year-old Ademola Lookman


is brought in from Charlton. The only change is in goal with Claudio


Bravo replacing Willie Cavaliere, and there is a return for John


Stones to Goodison Park, who is welcome -- welcomed back and it's


more likely to be hot than warm. Zabaleta did not realise Otamendi


was moving that way. The side down Luke ARCO. Now Ross Barkley -- he


side down Roope Kakko. It has come about because of the


Zabaleta and his misplaced pass. Mirallas. Stoutly headed away.


Everton claimed there was a brute raised dangerously. Seemed to have


got away with it. The brine. Raheem Sterling down the middle. Maybe a


touch of good luck. There is nothing for Raheem Sterling in his appeals.


The booing is ringing around Goodison Park. Not because of that,


and there was nothing wrong with De Bruyne. They felt there was a high


boot. Raheem Sterling felt it was a high boot from Leighton Baines. The


handball from Leighton Baines was a side issue. He thinks he has been


tripped by Robles. There is one certainty, Raheem Sterling will get


a free kick. David Silva. Very nicely collected. Aguero goes to the


floor outside the box. He fell inside and the Charb was just on the


other side of the line -- the shelf. There is a tap to the right shin as


well. This will be a David Silva or Kevin De Bruyne delivery. It is


David Silva. Ashley Williams races to clear. Pep Guardiola has


reiterated that he will chase to the end for the title. When he was a


player he was once 12 points behind Real Madrid at Barcelona but he was


still champion, he said. What a pass. Aguero was wanting that. That


is the pass of the match so far. A well timed run from Sterling. Morgan


Schneiderlin said he was hungry as ever and ready to eat football


again. Funes Mori. Never really looked in control there and Aguero


is after him. He played -- paid the price for giving the ball away.


Raheem Sterling lost it for a second. De Bruyne. David Silva. Well


out by Joel Robles. David Silva goes on but goes into a dead-end. Lovely


pass from De Bruyne to David Silva. Joel Robles was watchable. Good


goalkeeping from the Everton man. Gael Clichy. Davies. Davies, through


to Mirallas. Mirallas for Lukaku. Arms wide open, and the city defence


was wide open. Romelu Lukaku scores again. Started by the teenager, Tom


Davies. A misplaced pass from Gael Clichy. No question that Mirallas is


onside and he knew where Lukaku would be waiting for the ball, so he


put it there. Never really any doubt about where Lukaku was going to put


it. Tapped the ball back the other way. Claudio Bravo cannot stop it,


and Ronald Koeman's Everton have the lead against Manchester City. Lukaku


scores for the third game in a row, on 13 for the season. It is a head


scratch all right. All of the possession but they are behind in


the game. De Bruyne. De Bruyne on to it once more. Aguero waiting. Could


not slide far enough once again. Leighton Baines clearly feels that


Funes Mori was fouled nearby Sergio Aguero. And he was, all right. He


pulled into the floor. -- he just pulled him to the floor. Raheem


Sterling, great effort. Not far-away at all. But plenty into that shot.


And when he goes and hits the supporting pole behind the goal.


Otamendi. Holgate finds Aguero. Aguero motors on. De Bruyne. Five in


the penalty area for City. Clichy. Go Sagna Davies heads away.


Smothered by Barry, the shot. Tom Davies instinctively goes back to


the line and it's a good job he was there. A very glum looking Guardiola


at the start of the second half. Lukaku. Jaidee Toure, not able keep


it along. Lukaku. He finds Mirallas and Mirallas finds the net for 2-0.


What a start to the second half Everton. A mess of Manchester City's


own making. Yaya Toure Toure lost the ball with that touch. He thought


he had done enough to stop the ball reaching Mirallas the first time. It


is a very cool pass from Ross Barkley defined in the second time.


Our Manchester City finished in this game? -- our Manchester City? We


thought he looked glum before. There's no doubt now. Iheanacho.


Raheem Sterling. Good challenge by Mason Holgate. And another Everton


youngster, Tom Davies, sets off, and he keeps going. Lukaku, on four Ross


Barkley. Through to Davies again. Tom Davies beats Claudio Bravo, and


Everton have a 3-goal lead. The teenager is mobbed by his


team-mates. The biggest moment of his career so far by a mile, and it


might remain that way for some time. His first Everton goal. It is one to


remember, one to savour, and it looks as though it has sealed the


deal for the Toffees today. This is where it started. He is an


adventurous player and it was an adventurous run. A lovely bit of


skill to trick his way in between. He clips it over Claudio Bravo. Did


Lukaku get the touch? It has been announced as a Tom Davies goal. Even


he ran to the young man. This will confirm who the goal-scorer is.


Nothing from Lukaku and it is a Tom Davies goal. Everton three,


Manchester City zero. Three efforts on target, three goals scored.


Through from Ross Barkley, to Lukaku, across the face and Clichy


turns it behind Sam Coleman cannot make it for. But there might be a


fourth coming yet. Everton running riot. Aguero. Stopped by Tom Davies.


Leighton Baines. Otamendi in a brush with Lukaku, and Lukaku bashing


back. You can see Ronald Koeman does not think there's anything in it and


it's a card for Romelu Lukaku, and one for Otamendi for the first


offence. Ronald Koeman is taking offence with Otamendi for the way he


crashed down. We thought about going to his face, and I think he thought


better of it. I don't think that is a friendly exchange with Kevin


Friend. Holgate. That has bounced off Seamus Coleman. It has come for


look. He has scored. 4-0, Everton. Another dream is realised. No wonder


Ronald Koeman is beaming, no wonder Joel Robles has gone the full length


of the field, add a Mola Luckman -- Ademola Lookman has made a Everton


four, Manchester City zero. John Stones tried to play it away and it


bounced off Coleman, and then Lookman found a way between Claudio


Bravo's legs. The second teenager on target for the Toffees. If you are


an Everton fan, football days don't get much better than this. Ademola


Lookman with number four. City fans, look away now.


I think the second half was perfect. In every aspect of football. The


first half, we controlled it. They had some good chances. Was the dream


topping the two goals from the teenagers? Yes, that makes the final


result and the way we played, the team performance perfect. I don't


think football days get better than that, do they? No, I don't think it


will ever will. To score like that, my first goal and to beat Manchester


City 4-0, such a special day. Can you confirm it is your goal? Lukaku


is trying to pinch it. He is, but that is my goal. We created enough


chances to score goals, and when they arrived, and the second time


they arrived, they scored. For the men, the players, it's tough. You


had so much possession of the ball. Is this league so different to many


others? No, in all the leagues, the winner normally has more chances and


opportunities and they waved their moment to punish you, so it happened


at Barcelona in my career and it's also happened here. -- they wait for


their moment. We are not strong enough in the box, because when we


create chances, we have a lot of quality but we have to look to the


scorers. When we looked that others and the others arrive, it is


difficult. The fact you want to play the long balls and use the


counterattack, it happened in Germany and it happened here. It is


a project, and also for Pep Guardiola at Manchester City. They


expect the results, and a defeat like today is really strong. But he


is a good manager and he knows and he has that experience to turn it


around. I don't have doubts about that.


How do you describe that Everton performance? Clinical? It was


clinical. When you have four shots on target and win 4-0, it shows you


that Everton counter-attacked and every time they got a chance, they


scored. They were fantastic. The best performance of the season. Man


City might feel they should have had a penalty early on but that should


not detract. They should have had a penalty but in the grand scheme,


they deserve nothing. There is nothing fans like better than seeing


young players at the start of their career turning on a performance,


whether they have been brought into a club or developed. And Everton


have three today. Tom Davies, Vulgate and Ademola Lookman, 19. The


reading of the game from Tom Davies, he was great at anticipating the


ball. But this pass was superb. City were all over the place. But they


were absolutely brilliant. When you compare who he was in midfield


against, he actually saved his team off the line. He is in against Yaya


Toure, Zabaleta, David Silva. He was too strong for Sergio Aguero, and


just look at the weather Tom Davies demands the ball. Kevin de Bruyne,


touch, touch, turn, see you later. Playing against a very good player,


and he was the star of the show. Holgate wins the goal. And if he


plays until he is 35, he will probably not score a better goal.


The way he turns in, it was just unbelievable. And the arrogance and


ability, and the cheek of the finish was just sublime. To chip that over


the goalkeeper, after he has run so far with the ball was incredible. I


am not have pleased that Lukaku did not touch the ball. I cannot believe


he even went for it. Holgate, one-on-one with Raheem Sterling, he


never gave him a chance. Davies won the header. Another mistake from


John Stones, and Lincoln comes on. It is a hell of a finish. The keeper


should have done better but take nothing away from those three guys.


They were absolutely superb, particularly Tom Davies. And you


coach Tim at the England under 16 level, so it obviously has not held


him back. I worked with them for ten days with the under 17 is. What


struck me about him, he is a man. Even though he is so young, he has a


man's body. He can write the tackles. I think he has a massive


future. Gareth Barry cannot go on for ever and Everton has a


sensational young player. He may have superstars in the midfield. For


18 years old, it is very impressive. And Ross Barkley, who gets a lot of


stick, also portable. Man City have conceded four in the Premier League


this season, four in Barcelona. Only four clean sheets in 21 league


games. Is this a collective defence of responsibility? I think they have


had defensive problems all season. One man has borne the brunt of all


the criticism, from pundits, from the media, from supporters, and that


is John Stones, but I feel sorry for him because people were coming away


from that game thinking, let's have a go at John Stones. But I actually


think that he has been let down so badly that his centre-back


partnership and the full-back he is playing with. In particular for me


today, this was the first goal. The ball goes out to the left-back and


stones finds himself in midfield. With this talent, he can do that.


Cliche gets the ball at left-back. Davies intercepts, and now Yaya


Toure is at centre-back. He has to see a straight run from Kevin morale


is behind him. Otamendi has do keep in line with the last defender, Yaya


Toure, but he doesn't. He plays Kevin morale is offside. Look at the


distance between Otamendi and Lukaku. He has no idea about the


distance. A chance that the keeper could have saved it. Here, City or


in a good position. The centre-backs are in good covering positions. The


ball gets turned over in the field. And as Everton break, Stones makes a


last ditch challenge. Gael Clichy makes a sprint back in to cover the


centre-back. Ross Barkley picks the ball up man plays in Kevin Mirallas.


And this was the one that they said was John Stones' fault. A poor


clearance but when you are defender, you expect your mates next to you to


expect you to make a mistake. He doesn't. He switches off. The young


lad comes in and score is a fantastic goal. He has massive


problems defensively but I actually feel sorry for John Stones because I


see Otamendi and Kolarov every week, and I see Clichy, and they are all


making mistakes, but Stones gets the criticism. I agreed to a certain


extent because he is playing with a calamitous back four and getting no


help at all. Getting no help from the goalkeeper, who has been poor


again. But people will come away from the ground thinking that John


Stones has had a nightmare. He did have a nightmare. My concern with


him, and I do not want to criticise but he is 22 and he has played


nearly 100 league games. Everyone keeps saying to me that he's going


to be a top player but I keep seeing John Stones make mistake after


mistake after mistake. He made one mistake, where he failed to clear a


ball. We could have shown four or five things here today on John


Stones making mistakes, diving in late four tackles. I don't know what


is happening with him at Man City but I don't think he has improved as


much as people might have thought. But that is not just his fault. Not


at all. He's not getting any help from the players around him but if I


am a centre for it, young guy, and keep on missing chances, I do not


expect to be in the team. Eventually I will get left out. I see John


Stones making mistakes too often. I know you are a fan. I am a massive


fan of him. I think he is a top player and it is easy to have a go


at him you have somebody like Otamendi, and every week, at the


Etihad he was at fault in nearly every goal. Is he a top defender? He


is a top player. Is he a top defender? He makes mistakes but he


is improving. He has to start working on his defending because


that is what he is in the team to do, to defend. It is annoying when


you ask the same question and you do not get an answer. Welcome to my


world! Next to Old Trafford and the commentator for Manchester United


against Liverpool is Steve Wilson. Shoulder to shoulder again. The neck


and neck but always in others' faces. A struggle for supremacy that


dates back well over a century. The northern powerhouses of English


football meet. No defeat in 15 and nine straight wins. Jose Mourinho


has led a United to their best run for seven years. Marcos Rojo is


back, along with Carrick. With Matip involved in a row with Cameroon,


Liverpool and decided not to select him. He says he has retired from


international football but Cameron picked him anyway. Liverpool want


the fight to sort it out ASAP. Nathaniel Clyne has a rib injury so


there is a full Premier League debut for 18-year-old Alexander-Arnold.


Storage is on the bench. Valencia has a lot of space. And now to


Anthony Martial. That is dangerous. Ibrahimovic, from the tightest of


angles, requiring the most acrobatic of attempts to finish. Lovren, that


is short. Ibrahimovic, where is it spinning? Onto the roof of the net.


And Lovren apologises to his goalkeeper. Very close to being the


softest of goals. And the spinning ball favoured Liverpool. But it


might not have done. A good header from Ibrahimovic. Now,


Mkhitaryan, a lovely ball. Bob Barr! 1-0 at most. And it misses the post.


-- the first chance, Paul Pogba. Suddenly Liverpool were


backpedalling. They might have just made it a little bit tricky for all


Popeye with his presence, but still, that is a disappointing finish from


him. Beautifully found by Mkhitaryan.


Firmino chasing. Jones! Nobody was there. Firmino has got it away from


them. Anne Glover and put it behind. -- and Lovren puts it behind. He was


behind him but Jones did not know it. Liverpool get a corner. And


ball, penalty! Penalty deliverable. Sudden silence at Old Trafford as


the corner came in. Michael Oliver was in absolutely no doubt at all.


Paul Pogba is swivelling, trying to see whether the ball is dropping,


and it clearly comes down onto his arm. It is a penalty deliverable.


And James Milner, who has taken five and scored five for Liverpool this


season from the spot, faces David de Gea. And he put Liverpool in front!


Pogba's handball from a corner that came from a mistake from Jones.


Liverpool lead, James Milner from 12 yards. And James Milner has never


lost a Premier League match in which he has scored. 45 such matches


before today. The ball is given away by Alexander-Arnold. And now


Ibrahimovic. A good challenge from Lovren. He caught Anthony Martial. A


free kick for Manchester United. Lovren said he wanted the ball but


it was the way he jumped into the challenge. It looked likely. Likely


that a free kick would be given against him. Emre Can's ever. --


Emre Can's header. Mkhitaryan's corner. Herrera goes down. A free


kick just outside. High up on the thigh or groin area. It was a


wrestle on Henderson. Inside the penalty area. It was unseen, and


this is it. Here he comes, through the wall. A terrific save. That is a


superb save by the Liverpool keeper. Ibrahimovic rattled that through the


wall. Mignolet got down so quickly. Herrera again. A lovely ball.


Mkhitaryan is here. Mignolet did well. They need to get rid of it


here. Another good save by Mignolet. Another great ball from Herrera.


Mkhitaryan did not make the most of it. Jose Mourinho ticks of Michael


Carrick and brings on Wayne Rooney. One more goal needed for the record.


United need a goal to be on level terms. David Beckham watching on.


Firmino seemed to be in danger of giving it away. Alexander-Arnold


here. Now Ibrahimovic. That is a great ball. Liverpool struggling


here. Mignolet comes. It looked like it had to be a United equaliser.


Mkhitaryan has had Liverpool in his sights and twice Liverpool have got


away with it. The youngster was caught by Anthony Martial.


Ibrahimovic, great vision. Mkhitaryan is in. His first touch


was not as strong as he would have liked. It is a high tempo,


high-stakes game. Manchester United searching for an equaliser.


Liverpool standing firm. Coutinho's first touch is to beautifully caress


it. A good save by David de Gea. Coutinho's impact is almost


instantaneous. On the pitch, it didn't seem like


they had to talk to each other, it seemed to happen telepathically. 13


points off the league, this is their game in hand. It's a huge gap that


they would have to make up to be in the title race if they lose this


game. Valencia. Rooney. Clipped in


dangerously, Fellaini. Off the post. Ibrahimovic. Ibrahimovic! Zlatan


Ibrahimovic heads the equaliser for Manchester United. They are level,


and thereafter seven minutes for Manchester United to look to win it.


Liverpool are breached at last. Rooney cushioned it.


Fellaini flicked it on. Unlucky, the post, Valencia, Ibrahimovic, goal.


1-1. And now it is there to be won. If Liverpool thought that fortune


was smiling on them, they had to think again. Juan Mata here.


Victorian. -- Mkhitaryan. Pulled back by Ander Herrera rarer. Firmino


smashed him in the face. It is a yellow card for him. And it will be


a yellow card for him. Firmino's reaction here could actually have


got him worse. He fully deserves his yellow card for pulling back Roberto


Tamino. -- Roberto Firmino. Manchester United are posing


themselves some difficulties. Emre Can. Play on says the referee.


Wijnaldum. And Liverpool might have won the game. Straight at De Gea in


the end. Juan Mata here. A foul by Lovren. And Ibrahimovic... You might


as well stand on the edge of the turf and tell the waves to stop. He


is loving it. He is loving it. Jones. Valencia. Alexander-Arnold


away. Rooney. The whistle goes, Liverpool free kick. That just be


the end of the game. And Michael Oliver blows his whistle. What an


encounter. What a brilliant match. A fitting meeting in the history of


these two great clubs. It is all square, 1-1.


It was very emotional. It was intense. It was aggressive, but a


good aggressive, not a bad one. And we fought until the last second to


try and win it but Liverpool did the same to try not to lose it. I think,


in the end, the result is justified. There was a lot of action in the


last few minutes, you are right. It was exciting. In the end, we were


here to win the game, which is why we are not 100% satisfied. Tomorrow


I can enjoy the result. Today, only the performance. The second half was


like a basketball game, back and forth, no columnist of the game. --


no calmness to the game. The lads were a bit deflated in there, but


that is a good sign, it shows the development and how hungry we are to


get the three points at such a tough place. In the period of game when


Manchester United played the long balls, with Fellaini, they got free


kicks and corners and all the staff, and after 80 minutes, high intense


football, it's really hard. When we played and field this season we had


chances to win the match but we were more defensive. -- at Anfield. Today


was the opposite. Liverpool were much more defensive and they


defended with ten players in the second half. Of course. When you


have good players you smell the possibility of a counterattack but


today was the reverse, and Liverpool were the team defended. Let's see if


the critics are fair. If you go to Alan's questions you get sent to the


corner of the studio, which is where Phil Neville will explain how they


negated the man who makes United take. Michael Carrick, 16 games, 14


victories, no defeats, and I think that is why today Jurgen Klopp had


to change his system to nullify Michael Carrick. This was in the


first half. And he played without a centre forward in the first half and


I thought it was intelligent play. There was one man who I thought made


the system work. This is the system they played work. Bariti -- Firmino


played between Darmian, but it was this man here, Adam Lallana, he got


to Michael Carrick. Only 28 passes in the first half, Michael Carrick


and they disturbed Michael Carrick, in and out of possession. This was


Liverpool in possession. In particular, Michael Carrick, date of


the team into areas they are not comfortable. This is Adam Lallana


going for a free kick. Normally Carrick is sat in front of the front


-- back four. The minute he claims the space, look at the reaction of


Marcus road show. He wants to make the space. -- Rojo. We will take it


on. This is where Lallana has become one of the most intelligent plays in


the league, because the minute he touches the ball, he knows where the


spaces. He tries to exploit the space in between Carrick and Rojo.


This is why they disturbed them in the first. Rojo is in central


midfield alongside Michael Carrick. Darmian is at centre-back and


Anthony Martial is at centre-back. Not only did they deserve them --


disturb them, but every time Michael Carrick got the ball, Adam Lallana's


job was to get to him. This is Michael Carrick. He has had no joy


into midfield, and he stepped into the back four because he has that


quality, but look at the speed with which Lallana get to him. Michael


Carrick is not someone who gives the ball away that much. He was affected


in the first half and I think that is why at half-time Jose Mourinho


took Michael of an change the system. That was individually


Lallana on Carrick, and elsewhere they hunted. They were brilliant at


it, especially in the first half. They did not give Manchester United


any time on the ball to settle, where ever they work -- work in the


park, they went in twos and threes, and the energy and desire and hunger


to close down whoever was on the ball, they are all around Paul Pogba


when he gives the ball away. Lallana getting the free kick. Four guys


getting around the ball and attacking. They were absolutely


superb. This led up to the corner where they got the penalty from.


Look at them chasing, Phil Jones, harrying him. They get the corner


and they score from that. What I always ask you pundits, when you


show people having an impact, it's how to beat them. It's important.


United tried two different ways. In the first half they did not do this


enough. What I was talking about was passing. One touch, moving the ball,


pass and move. That is how Europe set it and how you can get through a


team. One touch, move, pass. They only did that once or twice in the


first half and that is how they got a chance. Mkhitaryan have the chance


and a good save from Mignolet, who played well today. Second half, this


is how they bypassed the midfield. Fellaini and Ibrahimovic is there,


and Rooney, so they kick it long and they pick up the second ball and


away they go. The pressing wasn't much this time, but he can bring it


the halfway line. Not a chance. This is what they were told to do a


half-time, especially when they brought Fellaini on, do that, get it


up to him and pick up the second ball and it works. Which is why he


came on. I saw a tweet from Rio Ferdinand saying he wanted Marcus


Rashford to come on, and he stayed on the bench and Fellaini did,


presumably for that reason? I think the whole stadium expected Rashford


to come on. But because the Liverpool organisation and pressing


was so good, Manchester United had to bypass the midfield. Not a great


day for Paul Pogba. We could have shown all sorts of things, but more


interesting is how he defends, or how you should defend that corners.


Look, I'm not so sure he should be picking it up -- at corners. Jose


Mourinho said United are not the biggest team, and he finds himself


blocked off, and he panicked. He doesn't know where the ball is all


the man is. He panics and losing his bearings and it is a clear handball,


and I thought Michael Oliver was outstanding. Pogba panics and it was


a clear handball. He finds himself blocked on and he nearly handball is


again. The loses Loughran at the far post. Just him behind, almost


playing hide and Seek. Too far away from him and he got a bit lucky. But


he was buried Paul today -- poor today, Paul Pogba. -- very poor


today. He knows how to position themselves at corners. It's


difficult and the way they have changed the role for players holding


onto other player shirts, but it's difficult when you are getting


blocked, but you have to do better. We have Swansea to come as they


continue their battle to stay in the Premier League, but part one of


yesterday's goals, starting with the league leaders.


Hazard. Might still come to him. Alonso. Six minutes gone and the


league leaders are in front. In towards David Luiz. Came back to


Alonso. If elected, 2-0. Marcus Alonso has provided both Chelsea God


-- goals. The league leaders have a 2-goal cushion. Super ball. Moses.


It will still come back to Kante. Pedro. Willian is onside. And Pedro


has surely sealed it for Chelsea. His seventh goal of the season and


Chelsea have scored three without their top scorer. Diego Costa was


missing, why was he not in the squad? Has there been a bus stop? As


a coach, I am sorting out all the players in the changing room and


never doing a press Conference, but I repeat, there are no problems.


Wanyama. Eriksen, a bit of space. Harry Kane, 1-0. What a way to


celebrate becoming a new dad for the first time.


Eriksen in behind Chris Brunt. Danny Rose on the right-hand side.


Eriksen. Deflected, in. The Spurs are 2-0 up and deservedly so. It's a


long way back now for West Brom. Walker. Laid back to him. He got


there. He's given it away. Harry Kane in the middle. And that wraps


it up. Given away cheaply by West Bromwich Albion but finished in


style. West Bromwich Albion, no way back now. Eriksen. Into Harry Kane.


Dele Alli. Harry Kane, Patrick. It is. What a week it has been for him.


-- Harry Kane, on a hat-trick. There is Mark Noble, on towards


Antonio, who is onside and he will get there in front of Hennessy. He


has turned it in, Feghouli. Antonio was going to glory, but there was


Feghouli, and West Ham are in front. -- going for glory. Lanzini is


onside. Here is Antonio. Andy Caroll on the far side. I owe, that is


tremendous. -- oh, that is tremendous. Andy Carroll has been


tremendous today and he has provided an absolute sumptuous, goal, like


Dimitri Payet. There are those who don't play but those who will can


provide moments of sheer class. Manages to get across in on his


conscience. Here is Antonio. Lanzini to wrap things up. Lovely. The coup


de grace. A wonderful Western response to a troubled week at the


club. So to Swansea City, whose new manager Paul Clement faced Arsenal


in his first home match yesterday. The club's rise to the Premier


League saw his football philosophy lauded but with the relegation


battle ongoing, is the Swansea identity still intact? Football


clubs are part of the community identity, our DNA. It has really


been a rise and rise. It is a fantastic fairy tale story. The way


we came through the leagues was unbelievable. The way they started


playing out at the back. One manager would come in and another one would


leave, and the way they played was the Swansea way. Total Football. It


has been an incredible story and it is only now that it is starting to


appear. Swansea and 2017 bottom of the Premier League. The supporters'


trust was formed in 2001. At the time, we were really sinking to the


depths. We still retain our 21% shareholding. The other shareholders


entered into discussions with American consortiums to sell their


shares. Of course, they totally excluded us from the sale


negotiations. The atmosphere from Swansea supporters is turning even


more acrimonious towards those who make the decisions. After some


initial uncertainty, we are developing a relationship with our


American owners, and I think they are beginning to understand what


football clubs in this country need. The fanzine, only a pound. It seems


like the shareholders put their own financial gains above the club. We


began to unravel when Michael Laudrup left. After that, the board


started taking more of a control over transfers. Wilfred Bony left


and was not replaced. When you do not replace top players, you will


find it difficult and that is what has happened this season. They were


looked on as a model for other clubs to stabilise in the Premier League.


They are going back to their old way in a sense, with the Paul Clement


appointment. A relatively young coach, hungry to make his mark at


the club. I think they are looking to almost go back to the future.


They have had highs and lows. It breaks my heart to see us go down


because I know how much the fans love this club. Paul Clement has


taken his place in the dugout for the very first time as Swansea


City's head coach. Sigurdsson moves forward. Llorente in the centre.


This is Alexis Sanchez. Alarm bells ringing for Swansea. Mesut Ozil. And


it is in. Olivier Giroud. After all the good work for Swansea City, it


is Arsenal who make the breakthrough. Eric Dier with the


Boleyn. And then he goes. The South Korean international was rather


hoping he would have got a penalty. Sigurdsson cannot turn. Still with


Arsenal. It will be. And it curls into the back of the net. -- Alex


Iwobi. He took the sting out of the shot. Arsenal pose a threat every


time they come in. And it goes in off Kyle Naughton. Alex Iwobi,


beautiful play. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Ramsay can't get


it, but Sanchez does. Arsenal lead 4-0. It is turning into a rout in


the second half. There is the final whistle and Paul Clement's first


Premier League home game, the Swans are going back to the bottom of the


top-flight. We all have a difficult job on our hands but we have to get


back on the training field and work at getting the basics right. I


believe if you keep working hard and getting your organisation right, you


have a better chance. Let me ask you both, because you are coaching and


interested in management, you'd took over a club and were relegated, how


much of a gamble is this for Paul Clement? I think it is a gamble for


Swansea to hire him and it is also a gamble from him to leave a


comfortable position at one of the biggest clubs in the world, with one


of the best managers, who were going to be hugely successful. But his


hunger and desire has obtusely taken over, because he wants to be a


manager in the Premier League. Can relegation ruin your managerial


career? If you apply it to me, no. But is there a stigma? It is a very


difficult situation for him. They are conceding goals for fun. 49 in


21 games. It is a big ask. But if they get relegated this season, it


will not be Paul Clement's fault. It will be the owners. They have a


system that worked for them and they have gone against it. How difficult


is it to choose the right club? It is nearly impossible for an English


coach to get a job in the Premier League so I think he thought, it did


not work out at Derby, and I have a burning ambition to get a managerial


career under my belt. The FA Cup continues this week and we have live


coverage of Lincoln against Ipswich. Highlights of the other third-round


replays on Wednesday night. Mark two of our round-up begins with Hull


against Bournemouth. Jack Wilshere for Bournemouth. And he goes down.


And it is a penalty. Yet another soft penalty conceded by Hull City


this season. Junior Stanislas hooks it away. It was always going to be a


hard afternoon for Hull City. It has just become a whole lot more


difficult. Huddlestone knew where Robertson was. He has a bit of time.


And Hull City have equaliser. Through Hernandez. They are right


back in the game. Snodgrass for Hernandez. Can he get inside the


area? He has done. What a shot! Hernandez with his second of the


afternoon. And look at that celebration. Snodgrass crosses. A


good opportunity for Huddlestone. And he is in. Tyrone Ming is on his


first-ever Premier League start. -- Tyrone Mings. And suddenly they are


romping away. Sunderland giving the ball away. Stopped by the boot of


Vito Mannone. The pressure mounting. Ani, Arnie is the chant from up high


in the away stands. And Mark Hughes' team got their reward for taking


control of the game. Arnautovic. Great play from the Austrian. It


goes in again and he scores again. Brilliant work by Stoke City. This


is great work. Arnautovic, and Shaqiri. Arnautovic, Crouch. 2-0.


Charlie Adam. Vito Mannone knows that Crouch is coming. The


goalkeeper got his timing wrong. The threat of Peter Crouch coming


towards him, he panicked. The really important that Sunderland get back


into this and keep the crowd onside. Here is Jermain Defoe. And he has


put it in! One chance, one goal, that is Jermain Defoe for you. A


quick check to see if the flag is up and he does as well as anybody in


the game, still, at the age of 34. Marney is making way and Joey Barton


is welcomed back. Not short of friends in this town. And this would


be quite a return if Joey Barton can put this into the back of the


Southampton net. Barton against the wall. And Joey Barton has only been


on the pitch a couple of minutes, but he is back in the Premier


League, back at Burnley and back with a goal. What were the odds on


that? And a here for Stuani but the flag is up


for offside. Marginal, I would say. Nathan cleverly, and it is against


the bulge. And it is over. Well, that was almost certainly Watford's


best chance of the afternoon and it fell to the man who has just come on


and come back to the club, Tom Cleverley. He was pleading for


Watford too greater chance like that. And here is the Premier League


table. Liverpool's drop, magister City ten adrift of the leaders. None


of the teams at the bottom half were in action.


Phones should be off, Steve Bauer. It was not very good. Good June. A


great nutmeg from Dele Alli. -- good June. A great whatever that is from


Shaqiri. This Sunderland fan could not cope with another five minutes


watching. Twitter had a field deal this afternoon with Paul Pogba


emojis. -- a field day. I don't want to cast doubt be cynical but I am


not sure that is needed. -- I don't want to cast doubts or be cynical


but I am not sure that crutch is needed. It is impossible. Enjoy. And


that was you who phoned Steve Bauer. It was. Thanks for Phil and Allen


but we will intimate with Graham Taylor, a man who gave all in his


first England cap and to a lot of us at the BBC worked with on Five Live,


enjoying his warmth and enthusiasm and that smile. Yesterday the family


club that he loved came together to show how much they loved him. The


Watford family, with Graham's family in attendance, paying their respects


to this family man. We invite all supporters to show their


appreciation for Watford's greatest ever manager. APPLAUSE.


I don't think people will appreciate how much of a good, genuine person


he was. In the Watford family, we all marked in together. And Graham


created all of that. He was just straight down the middle


and told it as it was. I certainly admired him.


The sound of hitting a football thrills me. My playing career is


over but I am very fortunate I am a manager and I would like to remain


that, simply so I can hear a football being struck.


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