14/05/2017 Match of the Day 2

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Mark Chapman presents Premier League highlights, including the last ever Premier League match at White Hart Lane, in which Spurs hosted Manchester United.

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Well, the title's won but tonight we'll bring


you a huge game at the bottom, the race for Champions League


places, Save of the Season and the farewell to White Hart Lane.


Jermaine Jenas played there for eight years.


And we're also joined by former Everton midfielder Leon Osman.


We begin at Selhurst Park and two of the three teams still in danger


of relegation at the start of the day.


Swansea's victory yesterday had left Hull needing


A nerve shredding 90 minutes lies ahead for these clubs, at one point


will do this for Palace and Hull winning would take this to the final


day, defeat means relegation and a draw leaves them all but down.


Crystal Palace boosted by the return of two walking wounded, James


Tomkins returns to shore up the leaky defence, Yohan Cabaye is back


in midfield, Joel Ward suffered a broken nose last week but starts and


Andros Townsend has overcome a sore Achilles' heel. Hull have a couple


of changes and will miss the creative spark of Markowitz. Michael


Dawson and... Dawson has started in the league since January only three


times. Hull with four points from the last 15 available ahead of


today. A mistake! The door has been left open! Wilfried Zaha has opened


that wide and slammed the ball home and Crystal Palace are head and we


have only played for two minutes! This is a nightmare start for Hull


in a match they cannot afford to lose. Here it is again, 32 macro


with the Netscape. The ball was slipped under Jakupovic. This is


just the start that Crystal Palace were hoping for. And Selhurst Park


is really rocking. But so are Hull City in a different context. Rocked


back on their heels. An awful moment on the day they cannot afford to


make mistakes. Niasse, there is some space, Hull


looking to respond quickly having conceded early. He was quick enough


to pick up on his own past, Harry Maguire... Having flicked the ball,


it ended up going to himself! Maguire getting underneath it.


Palace will be keen to get the job done today with a trip to Man United


next weekend. Puncheon, held up but not dispossessed by N'Diaye.


Committing a foul right underneath the nose of the referee. Crystal


Palace with the free kick. Here it comes, into the box. Ranocchia.


Behind for the Palace corner. Into the far post! So close to a second


goal, James Tomkins back in the team, Puncheon sending that over the


far post, just wide. Niasse against Kelly, Niasse has done well.


Elmohamady. But rising ball was always going over the bar. This is a


bit better from Hull but in the end, there was no save to make for Wayne


Hennessey. Zaha to get behind Robertson.


He has got some support from Ward. Curling invitingly into the six yard


box but Michael Dawson was there. He was after a handball against Zaha,


that was not given and that was what he was moaning about. Hull have a


poor record at facing set plays. Christian Benteke makes it two! That


is a long way back from Marco Silva's side. Benteke with his 17th


goal of the season. Big, tall, powerful and he got up ahead of


Harry Maguire. Crystal Palace have a commanding first-half lead with ten


minutes to go until half-time. Premier League survival is very much


on the cards for Crystal Palace. Hull are staring straight down the


barrel of relegation. Into Grosicki. Niasse chasing and he was brought


down by Cabaye. He will get booked for that. He did not give the


referee any choice but to reach for his book. Can Hull get something to


give themselves a foothold? Gets a little deflection. They were


claiming handball as the ball went into the penalty area. Grosicki,


clearly that was handball! Wonder Hull reclaiming VAT. If it stays


like this, Hull are relegated today. -- no wonder Hull were claiming


that. This is better from Hull. Behind off Tomkins for the corner.


Not a good one, headed away. Grosicki gets his second chance and


that was headed away by Ward from underneath the crossbar. Maloney did


not have the height to reach the ball, Ward puts it behind. Nothing


has gone right for Hull today, and this is a big day for them, they


badly need a goal. Here is Clucas. What sort of delivery can he come up


with? That was a great chance for Bowen. James Tomkins heading that


clear. This is a good spell for the visiting side and they need to take


advantage. Elmohamady, once more, off the head of Kelly. Collected by


Benteke and Palace can sweep forward. N'Diaye able to get in


ahead of Zaha. Watch number 29, completely unmarked as the ball came


over. I have to say when Hull beat Middlesbrough 4-2 last month, three


wins from four matches, they did look like they had the momentum


behind them and they could stay in the Premier League. The clearance


from Kelly. Only as far as Grosicki. The header from Schlupp. Twice.


Benteke. He has support. Schlupp powering into the penalty area and


the challenge by Dawson, penalty for Crystal Palace. Yellow card for


Michael Dawson. Palace's survival and Hull's relegation will be


potentially confirmed in the next few minutes with this penalty kick.


Yes! 3-0. Game, set and match. Palace are safe, Hull heading for


the championship. Just over five minutes to go and Milivojevic


completes the job. Sam Allardyce has done it again. Clucas with the


header. Zaha. It might fall for McArthur, he has support. Van


Aanholt. 4-0! The substitute, Van Aanholt, with a cool finish. And


that just about puts a tin hat on the afternoon for Hull. 4-0. The


final whistle. Job done for Sam Allardyce, yet again he has kept a


team in the Premier League. Bitter disappointment for Marco Silva well


and Hull, on the day they were thrashed. They started badly,


conceding in the third minute and it did not get better. The


disappointment of relegation, having won promotion just one year ago,


Crystal Palace are safe, they will be in the Premier League next


season, Hull have fallen through the trapdoor. The final score -4-0. We


did not expect to win 4-0 but that was a class performance, both ways.


One completely nullifying Hull City's possession with barely a shot


on target for them and also, the early goals and the counterattacking


Palace in the end got us that 4-0 victory. We were nervous because we


knew how big the game is that once I managed to get through and scored,


it took the pressure off and we could play more freely and I think


we had control of the game and I think we did well. For me that is


the hardest I have done because of the fixtures we had to face going


into the last eight or nine games and to come out of those beating


Chelsea away and Liverpool away and Arsenal at home, when you see when


Arsenal have done since that factory, that shows how big of a


task it was for us and in the end, we have done that with one game to


go. Relegation is hard, hard feeling to express. It was a game we came


here and we knew we had to win and we have the worst possible start,


and you were chasing the game. Gerrie Nel and in the second half we


threw everything at it, playing risky football and we got punished.


Possession just for possession is not enough, we have to take the


right decisions and the right attack and the last cross and finish


because at this level that is a difference and in the first half,


they had two moments and they scored. You made a good fist of


keeping them up, taking it as late in the season as you have, do take


consolation from that? For me and my staff, it is clear we took a big


risk in our decision but it is clear that with the Premier League, we did


our best. It will go away and the group and come back firing because


we know the reward, the Premier League, the best league in the


world. Hull dominated possession in that


game. And yet, as Sam Allardyce said, Palace didn't allow them to do


anything with it. Marco Silvestri as well. I thought Sam Allardyce and


Crystal Palace set up perfectly for this game. There was so much


pressure on it and they played a lot deeper and allowed Hull to have that


position. But they didn't do anything with it. They never looked


dangerous. They never seemed to have a plan of attack. As the manager


said, it was just having possession for possession's sake. When this


ball comes into Clucas, yes, he is looking up, but there is a lack of


communication. Get it wide and get it in the box, make us look


dangerous. This passage of play fizzles out to nothing. That was the


process throughout the game. This was interesting from Grosicki. He is


saying, get out of my way. He is asking him to create the space. Now


the space is there, pick the right pass. He is fuming. He is saying he


made the run, I am here, give me the ball. That was the way the game went


for them after that. It ended up being a really


comfortable afternoon for Crystal Palace. Marcus and his Hull side


have put in the two with performances at the most crucial


time of the season. And if they weren't at it, Crystal Palace were


the opposite. They were at it. They were. They showed a real desire to


go out and get those points today. They were determined. Right from the


first whistle, they are in the faces of Hull City. And here they are,


picking up the second ball. And Zaha chases a ball that is not his. The


centre-half makes a horrendous mistake, but he guess that because


he is on the front foot. They won tackles time and time again.


Townsend was determined to make this ball his own. Here is something you


haven't seen much that season. Benteke making the ball his own. He


showed as big a desire as anyone today, and by doing that, he is


bringing his team into play. Schlupp wins this not once, but twice. And


he is off to make something for his team. He is committing players and


gets the penalty. If you talk to Hull fans, the positive for them is


that they stayed alive in the Premier League up until this point,


given how they were in the summer. Therefore, you sort of still want to


praise Marco Silva a bit for the job he has done, but it wasn't enough.


Is that how you would sum up their season? Exactly. I think Marco Silva


gave them a chance. If not for him and the business he did in January


with the players he brought in, they would have been way out. They would


possibly have done what Sunderland have done and been relegated a few


games ago. There start to the season was poor. They have not won enough


games away from home either. It has been a keen elation of things. He


had so much to do when he came in. If you look at his home record, he


didn't manage to make an upturn in their away form, but the uphill


mountain he had to climb once he came into the club, he ended up


selling players as well to bring in his own players and it was too much.


His transfer business in January was praised by the majority of people,


so it would be churlish to criticise him now. But if there was one thing


that went wrong for them in January, it was bringing in somebody to score


goals, yes? Definitely. They brought in Niasse model if you look at that


start, the teams have a real top scorer. Hull's top scorer left them


in January. That was the real issue. Time now to focus on


the keepers for once. You chance to vote


for Save of the Season. Ibrahimovic. What a ball! What a


save to deny Lingard. That is a really good, strong run. Terrific


reflexes. Aguero, and Stekelenburg has kept


out another one. He is having one of those days that goalkeepers dream


of. Ander Herrera to Ibrahimovic! Oh,


what a save! That was Schmeichel the noes to the left. That was a


brilliant piece of goalkeeping. -- Schmeichel -esque macro. He has been


a hero for Burnley. Away from Ramirez, and it is over the top. It


was tipped that way. Pedro thinks he has just put this one into the top


of net. Fingertips from Valdes, and needed. Oh, brilliant goalkeeping!


No wonder he is so highly rated. This ball was really moving, and he


needed a really strong hand to save it.


Hates it! What a save by Thibaut Courtois. A super stop that


preserves two points the Chelsea. If this goes in, the roof will rattle


at the London Stadium. Deflection, great save by Schmeichel!


Unbelievable goalkeeping. He had no right to save it. He has learned


that of his dad, no question. That is unbelievable. Good luck trying to


choose between them. To vote, head to the BBC


Sport website and click on the save of your choice or tweet


the hashtag on screen to @bbcmotd. Voting closes at 11.15pm


and we'll give the result Liverpool went to West Ham


with their challenge for a Champions League place


in the balance. Only a victory would keep their fate


in their own hands. At the London Stadium


was Alistair Mann. Jurgen Klopp is embracing the end of


season pressure, saying if you don't have it, it's because you have


nothing left to play for. Wins in Liverpool's final two games, a


Champions League qualification is assured. West Ham alleviated their


anxiety by overcoming Spurs last week in arguably their best


performance of the season. They have since lost noble and Kouyate to


injury. Two changes also for Liverpool.


It goes wide. Great chance and he knows it. He has not scored for West


Ham. I am not sure he has had a better chance than this to do so.


Coutinho is a player that can make things happen, and he does there.


The game's first corner goes the way of the visitors, but West Ham think


it shouldn't have. Difficult for the referee to tell an equally so for


the system on the opposite side. Liverpool corner. It is off the


underside of the bar! And it stays out. Matip can't believe it. It was


such an easy header in reality that having met it so squarely on the


forehead, he ought to have buried it. West Ham are in excellent


defensive mood. Three clean sheets in a row prior to today. That wasn't


a bad attempt by Fernandez and Mignolet with the element of


surprise from the man who hit it was almost caught out. That was a very


good save by Mignolet. Still not back to full fitness yet, Andy


Carroll. There would have been a sigh of relief among his former


employers. That was onside. A brilliant ball, and it is onside


as well, Sturridge scores! You just knew that Philippe Coutinho would


play a part in finally breaking West Ham resistance. And it was a


beautiful ball right through the heart of that West Ham back five.


Daniel Sturridge, once the flag stayed down, eluded Adriana and had


the composure to threaded into the back of the net. Sturridge keeps


just about the right side. It is a good decision by the assistant on


the far side, Marx goals. It is the fifth time he has scored against


West Ham United and Liverpool are eyeing Champions League


qualification. West Ham's corner. It would be a


real bonus for West Ham if they could level for this corner before


half-time, and they are going to! Or they ought to have done. How could


he missed that? Am not sure he knows. What a chance this was.


Goodness, and then the second time it hits the post as well. They don't


come much easier than that. Quite astonishing. An inexplicable miss


right on half-time. Origi hits it, and it is parried away. Sturridge,


still Sturridge! Couldn't quite wrap his foot around it. And again a good


stop this time to deny Lallana with his legs. Liverpool are looking for


what could be a decisive second within moments of the


second half. And another stop from Adrian. Three saves from him in the


space of 30 or 40 seconds. There is even a deflection on the way through


that made even harder. Sturridge couldn't quite thought his feet out.


Back it came again. Adrian kept them all out and kept the score at 1-0.


He was just explaining to his players the changes that West Ham


have made. I am sure they will have spotted it. And making adjustments


of his own as a consequence. Wijnaldum! Frame of the goal. That


time, Adrian was beaten. Coutinho, and it is in this time! Philippe


Coutinho with an assist in the first half and a wonderful finish in the


second, may well have booked Liverpool a place in Europe in the


Champions League next season. Middlesbrough at home next Sunday,


but it was this game away at West Ham that looked the trickiest.


Wijnaldum trying to double the lead, hit the frame of the goal. But


Coutinho, well, there was only one destination for this ball once you


allowed him that kind of room. And it was the corner of the West Ham


goal. Without doubt the most consistent performer today for


Liverpool. He is a gifted talent. After Wijnaldum smashed the frame of


the goal, Coutinho just drifted in and out, and then the accurate


finish beyond Adrian, to the delight of his manager. You can't say


Liverpool haven't deserved this lead, and those supporters are


absolutely thrilled with it. You feel 2-0 might be harsh but I am


not so sure. The deflection takes that out for the corner.


Encouragement for those who have come to the last home game of the


season. The corner from Feghouli. Mignolet gets something on it. Reid


goes down, clutching his face, play on, no signal from the assistant.


Reid is still flat light inside the Liverpool area, Liverpool allowed to


go on. And Coutinho might make it three! West Ham have had a man down


for around 40 seconds and the West Ham players and the manager are


furious at the play was not brought back because it appeared to be a


facial injury, Reid went down under the challenge from Wijnaldum.


Handball? Play was allowed to go on and to be fair to Liverpool is up to


the referee to bring proceedings to a halt and they are dramatically


outnumbered and Coutinho slides beyond Collins, something that into


the back of the goal. Coutinho, with his second goal, the third for


Liverpool, three points, Liverpool, Champions League reckons. Origi.


That was a good head from Reid, brushing the top of the crossbar


from behind the West Ham net. They still have to overcome Middlesbrough


at home next Sunday at Anfield but it does look like it'll be mission


accomplished for Jurgen Klopp. A masterclass from Coutinho today. A


different role. Here is Lallana. Sturridge. Do not underestimate his


contribution. That is excellent, the ball to Lallana, turned in by Origi!


It is four, Liverpool. They have been far and away the better side,


so many times they have been denied by Adrian, a couple of times by the


frame of the goal but they have still been breached four times, it


is his seventh Premier League goal of the campaign, he scored against


West Ham in their draw back in December. Sturridge played his part


in the build-up and Liverpool are closing the goal difference gap


between themselves and Manchester City and they might just be looking


at third place and not fourth place. Victory at home to Middlesbrough,


Champions League football? I am long enough in the business that the


biggest mistake you can make is counting points before you have


them, Middlesbrough will want to finish the season but this is


Anfield, we will be sold out. Everybody is working on this, the


first sentence the boys said in the dressing room, I did not have to


sit, one more game. After being so good against Spurs were you


concerned you may not reach that level of intensity when you knew


that you were safe? We talked all week about complacency and we wanted


to avoid it. And we demanded the players put in the same shift and


sacrifice and humbleness and dedication to the cause. The third


goal was very strange, maybe a penalty for us or at least he should


have stopped the game. And all that. He did Naughton the third goal came


in so those moments went against us but they were the better team. The


first goal was always going to be the key? Yes, credit to Sturridge,


he knows what he is all about. World class and the finish was even


better. In the second half, the magician came to the party, two


outstanding finishes. How good was Coutinho? Not too bad! I saw a lot


of good players today. But he was outstanding. And Daniel Sturridge.


What a player he is. The manager has shown faith in me and we have a good


relationship, the fans are in a different class. I don't have any


worries about next season. I am looking forward to the last game


next week. We need three points. And we will be in the Champions League.


That was a big win and a big performance in the context of


things. Liverpool did the job they needed to. You could see watching


the game that Liverpool had something to play for. West Ham


fizzled out. West Ham in a moment, Adam Lallana called him the


magician. And Coutinho had a slightly different role today? He


was sensational, Lallana is right but Jurgen Klopp went with the


diamond midfield and you are asking why? But Coutinho orchestrated


things from that midfield position and the players react when he gets


onto the ball, look at Lallana, if he makes that run, Coutinho will


deliver. He is saying, you know what, you go and do it today, you


either man. That is what I liked about that midfield, allowing the


main man to do what he does best and it was not just all the nice passes


and dribbling and the goal, but that. Releasing himself to have an


impact. With Wijnaldum two feet away. No, this is my ball. Look at


this pass. Daniel Sturridge was also in a different class. From the point


of view of Sturridge, this is what you want, Coutinho threading those


balls through. Players reacting in the higher end of the park every


time he gets onto the ball, we know he can do this, West Ham very


passive. It was an unbelievable display. At a time when Liverpool


needed it most, the pressure was on. With the analysis and Liverpool last


week, you have examples of Coutinho taking the ball away from Wijnaldum,


last week they said players got in his way and was not enough movement


up front. Is the difference today, it is fine being congested in


midfield if you have Sturridge and Lallana? The movement is important


but you also need the bus. Lucas is similar. With Coutinho, they will


say, you can run the show. If I am playing ahead of the Liverpool


midfield, if Coutinho gets the ball, he can find me. If Can is on the


ball, you will not make the same runs but if Coutinho is coming deep,


he can play those passes like nobody else. Slaven Bilic suggested that


West Ham were complacent. You suggested they were just not very


good? Where to start with West Ham? Slaven Bilic, criticised a lot this


season but his tactics were spot-on last week against Spurs and he tried


the same this week, they were tight and compact behind the ball. He will


be pulling out his hair at this moment. They are soulless convert to


help you set them up. If you are in such random bad defensive positions


as they are in that moment, Coutinho and Sturridge will take full


advantage and they did. Here is another incident. They could have


had a penalty. But the referee did not blow his whistle and if you look


at the West Ham players, just walking back, the Liverpool players


streaming forward, five of them and a man on the ground. Liverpool are


really carrying on and determined to score. If the referee does not blow


his whistle, from being a kid, you know that you play on. You are told


to carry on. Until the whistle. They have shown some real determination,


Collins trying to charge the referee and he should be shouting at his


team-mates instead and here you have Lanzini throwing his arm up.


Nordtveit does all he can. Again, they kept trying to get Liverpool


the ball back and it was an end of season performance from West Ham.


Giving the ball back to Liverpool. You're supposed to work hard to get


the ball back in the Premier League and from that moment, towards the


end, West Ham kept giving Liverpool the ball back. The new stadium has


been discussed so let us move on and the overall picture with West Ham,


are they better than last season? Have the signings they have brought


in over the course of the season improved them from last season? No,


I would say. Little things have baffled me, getting the Lancia go


when you know you will struggle at the top end of the pitch because


Carroll struggles to keep it for a large portions of the season and the


signings have not been good enough, Snodgrass is a good one, he will


come good for them but in January, he will take some time. How many of


those signings are playing regularly in the first-team? Nine players? May


be one of them or possibly two playing regularly and when you spend


that much it is to strengthen the team and not sit on the bench. With


Daniel Sturridge, in the summer, but you would be surprised, on the form


of today, if Liverpool let him go? The price might have gone up after


today! In this type of form, I love watching him, he is so clever,


always on the shoulder, what that does, as you can see, he is taking


risks and is slightly offside but it pushes the West Ham defence back and


they are thinking, he wants to run behind, when he does have a moment


and thinks, I will run behind, no, he creates that space to do things


like this, work some magic and have a shot but he has earned that space


by making those runs forward. I love this. Three massive centre halves,


he is clever enough to go on, I will not stand up against you, you play


with wingbacks, I know where the space is, I am running at you and


you are in trouble. This is part of his game, this is what we know about


being comfortable on the ball, great awareness, he can drop deep and at


times himself and Origi were linking well together, they should have


passed more between themselves but this finish, not starting since


January, cool as ice, at a point in the game when they needed that goal


desperately. Calming things down. Brilliant. With Daniel Sturridge, he


gets criticised for drifting and being in wide positions and today


was the first time since I have seen him play with Suarez when he was


part of two upfront and that allows him to drift wide because the other


centre forward has taken on the opposition centre halves and he can


drift wherever he wants and he is more effective.


Chelsea's win on Friday meant the title had finally gone


for Tottenham before the visit of Manchester United.


Instead, today was all about celebrating the old White Hart Lane,


as it staged the final match of its 118 years.


Archibald! Gerrie Nel! -- 2-0. He has done it again.


For the last time, Spurs go marching in to White Hart Lane. There will be


time enough today to dwell on the past and relish the future here is


the present. A draw would give Tottenham their highest points tally


in any season since three for the win was introduced in 1981, they


could be unbeaten for a home season for the first time since 1965 and a


win would secure their highest league finish since 1963. Even


within the context of 118 years of White Hart Lane, Spurs have saved


some of their best football for last. Pochettino makes one change,


Trippier is in for Kyle Walker, they have won their last 16 games here


but Man United have lost only one of their last 15 Premier League games


at White Hart Lane, Ringo makes eight changes to the Celta Vigo


match, three from their defeat at Arsenal,... Fantastic atmosphere.


Ever since the turnstiles were opened. Wanyama inviting for Alli.


And it is a corner to Spurs. There are Spurs legends almost


everywhere you look today. And there is one of the best, Glenn Hoddle.


That wasn't bad either. What a noise. Christian Eriksen to take


this corner kick for Tottenham Hotspur. That is 1-0 to Tottenham!


Wanyama with a towering header. Victor Wanyama heads to in front


that Iraqi head Tottenham in front. Manchester United caught out. Davis


had lots of space to curl in a tantalising ball. And Wanyama had


the freedom of the six yard box. Great header. He has had a terrific


season. He has been an unqualified success for Tottenham Hotspur since


joining from Southampton. That is his fourth goal of the season. That


was very close. A brilliant effort by Martial. He went for a curl and


nearly got enough. 118 years. The Tottenham team has seldom been


better and I am not convinced that White Hart Lane has ever been


louder. De Gea stood up well. Really good save by David De Gea, a


brilliant chance for Son Heung-min here. It rebounded off Carrick.


Didn't test De Gea as much as he would have liked. I think he is


enjoying it. And why wouldn't you? Manchester United at the moment are


in danger of being steam-rollered by a tide of emotion and supercharged


Tottenham football. They are threatening a second, Spurs, playing


with pace and venom. Smalling made the important block. Look how many


white shirts are in there. Kane got in front of them all. Look at Kane,


fantastic movement. It is their 61st match of a long season, which could


end in Stockholm glory and silverware.


Deflection on the cross made it very awkward. Dele Alli just couldn't get


it down. It's a really good save by David De Gea, because that


deflection on the cross made it so difficult for him. Took a massive


whip. De Gea did ever so well. Dele Alli just couldn't get his foot on


it. Caught it with one hand. Hands like frying pans! Good save by De


Gea. Good hand by David De Gea. Dele Alli smashed that.


Bailly gave him a shove in the back. Christian Eriksen to take this. 2-0!


Harry Kane. A predatory finish from Tottenham's goal king, Harry Kane.


It's a great delivery. Kane in front of Smalling, applies the finishing


touch. No stopping this from David De Gea. The pace is generated by


Eriksen, the finish is from Kane. 28 goals for the season now, Harry


Kane. It may be his last on this turf. It should be enough to


guarantee Spurs another home victory. Well, if Spurs did well on


Chelsea taking the title, they don't seem to have dwelt on it for long.


Kane had never scored against Manchester United before that touch


on the Eriksen's free kick. Chapter handball ignored. -- shouter


handball, ignored. Lovely effort. Again, just off target by Anthony


Martial. That is twice now. He has made Hugo Lloris really stretch and


twice, he has missed by a whisker. It would have been a superb finish.


Into the territory now of who scores the last goal. Oh, and it's in!


Wayne Rooney scores for Manchester United. Beautifully set out by


Martial. Rooney poking it into the roof of the net. Good play by


Martial. A well-planned dart from Rooney to get himself in front of


Jan Vertonghen. Rooney's touch then hit Vertonghen on the toe, but it is


Rooney's goal. Give Manchester United credit, there have been times


today, particularly in this roaring atmosphere, at which lesser sides


might have simply been blown away. They haven't. They are still in this


match. Good clearing header by Phil Jones. That certainly needed dealing


with. The it might have been going in, actually. Good defending. Marcus


Rashford for Manchester United... Big sigh of relief from the


Tottenham faithful, because they were in trouble there.


The words of Bill Nicholson underwritten large at White Hart


Lane. Ten seconds of added time to play.


Oh, Jones. Jonathan Moss blows his whistle, and it finishes in 2017 as


it started in 1899, with a Tottenham victory. That is it. Now the time


for the emotion, smiles and tears, not for what might have been this


year, which now belongs to Chelsea, but for what has been for 118 years.


From White Hart Lane to memory lane, the game's greats once tried here.


There's no place like home. At the moment, it is fantastic. We got the


three points. Happy, because we are second in the table. It is good for


the club and this group of players. The fans and the players will enjoy


the ceremony. Good performance with two big mistakes. Two set pieces.


Maybe down to a lack of organisation. The players are not


used to playing together, but a positive performance with a team


that is not a team. It is a group of players that we tried to put in


place to play some matches where we have responsibilities in relation to


the results, but matches we don't want to play. We have only one match


to play, and that is not in the Premier League. It was a dream come


true. I have been thinking about it all week. I just wanted to win, but


if I could get that winner and for it to happen the way it did was just


special. Can't wait to enjoy the celebrations with the fans and say


goodbye to White Hart Lane. We want to show that we have been improving.


It is moving in the right direction. Are you going to take anything from


the ground tonight as a memento? Yes! We will see what we can take


from White Hart Lane and keep in our house.


We don't know if he took any memorabilia, but afterwards, there


was a big parade at White Hart Lane. There was rain, sunshine and then


that rainbow. Some of the greats from the years came out to be


welcomed by the fans. Listen, domain, some fans on social media of


other clubs have gone, why are they doing this? They are only moving 100


yards. But most people would go, it doesn't matter who you support,


football is about great memories and great players through the years. Any


chance to celebrate that should be welcomed. I thought it was


brilliant. Yeah, it was done with class and quality. And it is the


right thing to do. There are fans that have been going to the ground


for years and sat in the same seat. They deserved it and all these


ex-players also deserve the opportunity to say farewell to such


a special place. He is still filming! You used to enjoy playing


there, Leon. I did. I made my debut there for Everton. I loved playing


them. I got three wins on the run down there, which I am not sure even


Jermaine had when playing there. It was a really good ground. And your


memories of playing? Great memories. The Champions League nights stick


out hugely forming, the 5-1 win against Arsenal was one of my


greatest performances and best nights. That place will be missed.


Is it going to be an exciting future? Oh, God, yeah. Look at what


they have been doing. I have been talking to you about past Spurs


teams. Our Spurs fans watching the best Spurs team that has graced that


White Hart Lane pitch? There are question marks that will come about,


but this team is a special team. They now need to go on and win


something to cement that. They have got the best of both worlds as well.


They are leaving White Hart Lane, but they are only moving nearby. The


feeling will be the same. When teams have to move grounds completely, you


sometimes lose a bit, but it is still White Hart Lane. Half the


pitch will be the same. The same pubs will be used in the same


training routes. They have got the best of both worlds. We could spend


a lot of time recruiting this evening, whether it be Hull or West


Ham. Very difficult to think of a better bit of recruitment than Spurs


getting Wanyama this summer. Well I would say he and Kante have been the


two best Help To buys this season. Last year, they highlighted the need


to go and improve. They brought Victor Wanyama, who Pochettino had


worked with previously. Is that important? It is what has helped him


settle in so quick at Spurs. He looks like he has played there for


years. He has been a dominant force in that midfield. The biggest thing


for him and the Spurs, when I think back to the game against Chelsea and


Arsenal and today against Manchester United, he has been huge in those


games. I think he is the reason they have finished the season so strong.


Jose Mourinho made it clear in his post-match interview and has in lots


of interviews that these Premier League games that matter. It is all


about the Europa League final. Is there a danger that if the players


continue to hear that, to get the momentum back for that Europa League


final, if they are as apathetic as they are at the moment, might be


difficult? He would be saying to the team, this


is your chance to play your way into the final team, prove that you


deserve that chance and he is sending them opposite messages,


let's try to get these games out of the way. It is hard to switch off


and on, it is very difficult. They need to start picking up form.


Onto all of yesterday's goals, and we start with that


Gylfi Sigurdsson on this free kick for Swansea. Swansea in front after


just eight minutes! Pickford came and did not get there. Olsen did


well. Carroll. Ki Sung-yueng. Beautifully found, Morton is onside.


2-0. Tremendous finish. Huge celebrations from the Swansea fans


on high. 2-0. On this side is Sane. That is the


pull-back is that goal is. Quick look at the linesman by David Silva.


They are protesting. The fact is, Man City are in front. There is no


suggestion of offside, is there? As it was, the offside was as marginal


as you could get. Sane! Goodness me! Penalty, surely? There is no


question about that. And Jesus finds the bottom corner. Beautiful


penalty. 2-0. He has not figured so much in the game so far, Riyad


Mahrez. Okazaki on his way in the middle. And what a goal! Tremendous


volley, Otamendi could not get to him. Leicester are back in it.


Vardy, Mahrez. Always dangerous when he gets on the ball like that. It


has to be a penalty. That was a careless challenge on the edge of


the area. It is all down to Riyad Mahrez. And he could change the


course of the game. And he has. Why are they appealing? Did they


encroach? Two touches of the ball, maybe? That is unusual. Yes, he has


pleaded with his left foot onto his right foot, playing the ball twice,


you do not see that often. -- played it with his left foot. Arsenal look


to make the breakthrough. Hector Bellerin. Olivier Giroud within easy


finish. With just over three minutes remaining in the first-half, Arsenal


have the breakthrough that their dominance and possession deserves.


Mesut Ozil. Sanchez. Return pass. That was perfect! What a goal!


Slicing through the heart of the Stoke City defence, what a pass from


Alexis Sanchez and a wonderful finish from Mesut Ozil. Stoke City


still looking for a way back. Arnautovic! They have got a goal!


Let us have a look. Peter Crouch, it has come off his arm. Bellerin. Into


Sanchez. He might fancy this. Arsenal lead by two again! Mesut


Ozil. Lovely pass. Ramsey again striding forward, causing problems,


Johnson sticking with them. It is four. His second of the match. The


race for the top four still alive for Arsenal.


Lewis Cook looking for Stanislaus, Ward! Beautifully taken by Junior


Stanislas. Such a superb, calm and controlled finish. Vokes have got a


goal! Burnley have levelled, seven minutes from time. It will reach


Fraser. Here is King. King! 2-1, Bournemouth. Framingham appealed in


vain for offside and Josh King keeps on scoring goals.


-- Birmingham Hippodrome in vain. Gibson looking to close it down. The


triggers! They get the opening goal just before half-time. Simple yet


perfect in execution. Nicely worked. Nathan Redmond. With the shot! And


that might just seal things for Southampton. Perfect finish. Into


the top corner. Bertrand. Wrong. The referee says penalty kick. For that


foul by Brad Guzan on Shane Long. He has nested! -- missed it. That is a


dangerous one. Patrick Banford. There's another Monday Match


of the Day tomorrow evening. It's really Chelsea's homecoming


as champions as they play And there are three live


commentaries on 5 Live this week, beginning with Manchester City v


West Brom on Tuesday. Right, here's the result


of Save of the Season. This is how things pan out on the


vote on the BBC sport website. Jordan Pickford in third with 15%,


Kasper Schmeichel in second place with 26% and the winner, Tom Heaton


from Burnley. Ferreira quickly to Ibrahimovic. And what a save! That


was like Schmeichel. Brilliant piece of goalkeeping. He has been a hero


for Burnley. And here is the Premier League.


Spurs are now guaranteed to finish second this season


Liverpool are up to third and know a win in next weekend's season


finale against Middlesbrough will guarantee their Champions


Hull's heavy defeat at Crystal Palace saw them relegated


This is the best of the season of 2 Good 2 Bad. The worst throw-in...


Matt Lowton. The worst goalkick... The worst


header... Chris Smalling! And the worst corner, Charlie Adam! That


will please Mark Hughes! The best of the post-match interviews. I am just


desperately disappointed we have lost today. How were you feeling


when they scored? Good! They scored? Not good! You have a stain on that.


Chocolate? Too much chocolate! The best recovery from injury this


season. That came from Azpilicueta at Bournemouth. Watch this. I'm all


right! The best goal celebration for a non-goal from Firmino. And look


when he realises! The most frightened goal celebration from


Jesse Lingard! And our favourite supporter of the season... Even


though they were losing, did not want to watch Sunderland for only


one minute more! Thank you very much.


And that's it for Match of the Day 2 this season.


Another campaign that has seen us put ourselves through it week in,


week out because we can't help but love our clubs.


It has been some form for the champions. How far will they drop?


Fantastic strike! It just had to be him! What a goal! By Eden Hazard!


Absolutely brilliant. Lukaku! But is a cracker! Lovely play. What a save!


Absolutely brilliant goal from Ericsson. That is a superb goal.


Pedro scorers for Chelsea! What a goal!


Mark Chapman presents highlights from the day's three Premier League fixtures, as well as the rest of the goals from the penultimate weekend of the season.

The games include the last ever Premier League match at White Hart Lane, in which Spurs hosted Manchester United and bid farewell to their 118-year-old home, as well as West Ham v Liverpool and Crystal Palace v Hull.