West Ham v Cardiff City Match of the Day Live

West Ham v Cardiff City

Gabby Logan presents Championship football from Upton Park as West Ham kick off their season against Cardiff. With analysis from Lee Dixon and Dave Jones.

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Welcome to West Ham where today is all about new beginnings. After


last season's desperately It is all over for West Ham now.


What a turnaround. To bounce straight back they have


got a new man in the shape of beat Sam, and a new inspirational


captain. -- Big Sam. Brilliant by It is also new beginnings for their


opponents, Cardiff, and for the agony of the play-offs. Superb goal,


Reading are going to Wembley. Cardiff City's season is over.


There is a new manager, had nine the new players, and a new pair of


strikers. If Kenny Miller. That is a terrific bit of football.


The championship has carved out a niche as well have the most


unpredictable and entertaining leaves anywhere. -- leaks.


terrific finale. Going for the top A very good strike on the turn.


QPR in here, and they have level. - It really is some leak. So


competitive 18 of the 24 championship sides have been


premier clubs, but never Cardiff City. Dave Jones is the nanny to


come closest. Great to have you with this. -- is the man. Such a


difficult league to get out of. the hardest one to get out of. The


Premiership is the hardest one to stay in. 18 clubs will all be


wanting to get back there. Players coming into it, prepared to drop


down. Because of the standard that is there. There are two ext England


managers in it. He shows you how competitive and how tough it is.


West Ham have got a decision to make under Sam Allardyce, do they


try and played the football fans have enjoyed or will they have to


adapt? It will be entirely up to the manager. He has said he will


play a certain way, get his players organised, and my feelings, if he


had been here at the end of last season they would not have gone


down. Certain things would have been sorted out. The bid -- big


contrast between West Ham and Cardiff, players have left, the


manager has left, everything is new, they have lost some key strikers,


Bellamy etc and West Ham have managed to keep three of their key


players, green, Parker, and Cole. The key is added quality. The


players will be under no illusions. He is playing down that he is


expected to get a promotion straight away. Let's hear from the


managers. Their best note there is huge expectation on their shoulders.


-- they both know. A new challenge for you. A bit nervous today when I


work up this morning the stomach was turning over a little bit. That


is what you'd do this job for. Looking for the adrenalin rush.


There is a little apprehension because I have not been here that


long. I am waiting to see what my players can do at the business end


of the season. They have been very good over pre-season but you cannot


read too much into back. Today is about getting it right. If we can


do that and start with a precious three points that would be


fantastic. Sam Allardyce has a challenge of his own and you have


got one as well. Yes, very much so. A lot of expectation on West Ham,


probably favourites to go back up. We have got a whole new set of


players and staff. Different challenges. Both of us have got


many games to go. This is a different league, we have to adjust


to the mentality and the difference it may bring us. The quicker we can


do that, which is one of the main reasons we brought Kevin Nolan end,


not just a premier-league player but he is experienced how it is, or


and hopefully we can get to grips with this division as quickly as


possible and use our abilities and skills we have gained over the


years to overcome the opposition. Looking forward to it, can you?


Absolutely. Really looking forward to the season kicking off. The last


five weeks have been about build up but it does today. Ask me in a week,


I might tell you a different answer. West Ham looked very strong.


Scott Parker still there for now. Look at that central 33. -- that


central three. He until West Ham settle down, the deadline is the


end of the month. He needs to get some games under his belt, settles


players. Nolan has done it before, was captain of Newcastle last


season, knows what it is like to galvanise the team and go through


the rigours of the championship. You can compare Newcastle to West


Ham when they came down. They kept the majority of the players, as


quality players as well. The biggest test is how quickly they


adapt. They are not going to get time on the ball like they do in


the Premiership. Most teams play high tempo. All of a sudden there


will be people in your face all over the park. Good players will


adapt but it will take a bit of time. I spoke to the goalkeeping


coach this morning and said they have already analysed and looked at


a lot of tapes on how championship teams play and how quick and half-


fit the teams are to play. Let's have a look at Cardiff, much


Obviously the key players, they have gone. Big boots to fill.


signed Kenny as a young lad, brought him down from Scotland to


Wolverhampton Wanderers. Neil on 50, 60 goals going out. They have paid


�1 million. The expectation levels in Cardiff are promotion. Don't


bring him in just to be mediocre. He is renowned for scoring goals.


Has been at Cardiff before, knows the city. He can rediscover the


form he showed. Didn't quite hit form he showed. Didn't quite hit


The players they have lost, the play-off situation of the last few


years, that disappointment, they Having gone through the play-off


disappointments, was it going to be hard to rebuild and reignite?


The year before, everybody said you can't go again, and we did. We went


one stage better because we finished with more points. Does


expectations of the day the players? A big city with high hopes


and a feeling that after 50 years it should be back at the top?


is what you are in the game for. People ask why didn't we do it. At


the end of the day we just fell short. You can look for as many in


reasons or excuses, but we fell short at the final hurdle and the


hardest one to get over. Whether it be look, not having the players fit,


are losing goalkeepers, you can look for as many as you want but we


fell short. If there is a way to work a strategy at if you are going


to get into the top two places, sneak into the last six at the last


moment because the teams would have late momentum do well. It is not a


bad way to go up. But the best way is in the top two. Looking this


year at the teams in the division, five or six teams wanting or should


be in that top to. That is not possible. For the fans alone, what


do they expect? They expect them to be up there and challenging. They


have got to do that. Swansea were the team that got up. Talk about


expectation, looking at the West Ham fans. They expect the manager


to deliver and these new signings to deliver. The iconic music is


playing which is a signal for us to get outside and enjoy the


atmosphere. Let's crack on with the action. Your commentary team, good


afternoon to Mark Lawrenson and The sun is out. The bubbles will be


blowing from the home supporters. For a club duty move into the


Olympic Stadium, the old adage it is a marathon and not a sprint


would seem to be appropriate. The championship is a test of endurance


as well as a test of skill. That is the rates they set out on today. --


the road. In different circumstances it might have been a


Premier League game, perhaps with Dave James and Averham brand still


there. -- Dave Jones and Avram Grant. Two new managers have the


same objective, to get out of the championship. There is a man who


could have a big say for West Ham United. Only nine players in the


Premier League has scored more goals in that league last season


than Kevin Nolan. That is the quality Sam Allardyce has brought


to West Ham. As well as banal and there is Matt Taylor. -- as well as


Kevin Nolan. Scott parter, Robert Green, Carlton Cole. -- Scott


in all honesty. Depression in May has turned to optimism in August.


And Sam Allardyce, for the first time in a decade, takes charge of a


team outside of English football's top flight. 2001 he got Bolton into


the Premier League and has been there ever since with Bolton,


Newcastle, Blackburn. I gather they are queuing down Green Street for


season tickets. West Ham supporters. There is Cardiff's returning hero,


Robert ensure playing alongside Kenny Miller. -- Robert Earnshaw.


They lost 12 players at the end of last season, Cardiff City. They


brought in a few as well. Sam Allardyce is about it introduced


formally to these West Ham supporters, and a couple of


promising pre-season games. Sam Allardyce will get a big welcome


squad. Says something for West Ham's chances of keeping Parker and


Parker, if it is not a top-six club, he might stay here. You said they


were queueing for season tickets. Has there been assigning or as part


everyone's imagination? They did testament to the strength of


Frederick Piquionne. All change at Cardiff. A new manager, and of this


11, only two started Cardiff's last game, the second leg of the play-


off semi-final against Reading. The front to both approaching 200 goals


in their careers, and Sam Allardyce soaping up the adulation that the


atmosphere. -- soaking up. You wouldn't cross those two. Yes,


there would be some second places promotion out of the Championship.


Would you say that was about right? Leicester City are the other joint


favourites. I think West Ham, for me, would be clear favourites. The


quality of the midfield alone today, if you can keep the likes of Scott


Parker and Robert Green, that will make a massive difference to the


team. Experience, 46 games, and this league is a marathon and very


difficult to get out of. Her would Web -- Haward Webb, looking like he


has been somewhere sunny, but looking fit as ever. I don't


suppose he has been to Holland, has he? I would guess not. A huddle for


Cardiff City. And a real buzz around Upton Park. Malky Mackay,


former Cardiff -- the map -- Malky Mackay, former West Ham player, the


Cardiff manager here. He has experienced a promotion here.


Cardiff City in white shirts, blue shorts and Blue Sox, from left to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


to West Ham United, and a little inadvertent one-two off Winston


Reid. They say never go back, but Robert Earnshaw has gone back to


Cardiff. He was so prolific in his first spell. It was seven years ago


that he left the club. The number is the number of games he has


played in the last three seasons, so there is an obvious question


to lack confidence. You might see from this shot, Kenny Miller was


he was nervous, but I think it is a completely different expectation


now, getting into the Premier League rather than keeping teams


successfully in the Premier League. The little shot of Faubert over the


shoulder, injured at the moment. Another big player potentially for


as Parker had his eye on the ball, he just stopped and made him look a


Newcastle last season. For what he also gives you is in the dressing


Craig Conway, -- the little for a. Scottish international signed from


potentially it was tricky for him - - Hodson. That has come a long way,


almost on the edge of the 18 yard penalty area. That did appear to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


hit him on the right hand. The free the legs of Marshall. It only


lacked the finish. He was just saying that he was maybe waiting


for a shout for someone to spare him, which is why he went on his


get it right. Carlton Cole on the bench is very interesting, isn't


it? I think he might be about to leave, somehow. The mistake from


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


today, the Piquionne preferred, and today, Carlton Cole, Jock Cullis


and -- Jack Collison, Abdul a fake, and the Mexican who scored twice in


the Gold Cup final in June as Mexican won the Gold Cup. He scored


one of the quickest in the league. He might not look it with grey hair,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Nolan in the middle. -- much too high for Matt Taylor and Kevin


should have just slotted it in recovering challenge from Anthony


and the referee has given that. He shoved Anthony Gerrard over.


wasn't sure about Scott Parker's last touch when he took it into the


penalty area. He could have protected the ball a little bit


better. Definitely onside. Just there, not a great touch,


as a player three seasons running at Norwich, West Ham and Watford.


From the Championship to the Premier League each time, but once


his club had got in the Premier League, they let him go. He is that


who won the it he went to a club he got relegated. Neil Redfearn was


relegated about four seasons the left-hand side than the right,


queuing for season tickets. league, you win a couple of games,


and no matter who you are, all of a one of four or five Scottish


International's in this team. I think Rangers were very keen to


take him back. I am not sure he has actually touched the ball yet.


make the clearance. Aron Gunnarsson is given by the referee's assistant.


He stuck his flag up first. Thinks he is a little hard done by.


Gerrard has a sense of being hard save from David Marshall. A great


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


wide at the end. Best bit of over the top. They are claiming the


corner, West Ham, but they haven't got it. He had already run 60 yards


football at this place and the have been offside if it had reached


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


for a West Ham throat. -- shin. -- this squad before the transfer


window and closes. A left back might be something they are looking


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


her son. A nice invention and good you may have seen Kevin met Morton


ball yet. I think the majority of the Cardiff midfield players,


certainly the front to, haven't touched the ball at will. -- and


Cardiff City certainly eight Greer fate -- certainly great FA Cup


final. They finished 4th twice. They just couldn't take the final


step. They have made fortunes along the way in terms of bringing


players in and selling them on. Sold over �30 million worth of


attempts, both gone straight out of play. It kind of defeats the object,


West Ham, that is the plan, then they will be at the Olympic Stadium.


Andrew Taylor. Don Cowley's header had a little deflection on it.


very quick reaction. Very good. Smartly down to his near post.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


will not be happy about his balls played up to the front, three or


four occasions, free header from one of the Cardiff players at the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


just picking himself up. chairman, David Gold. -- co-


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


free kicks from that side for West unlucky with that header. It looked


Howard Webb is needed. There is contact, which is daft. He pulled


him round, no need, he was going to get a throw-in. Five or 10 yards


away from the goal line. Winston Reid, the New Zealand international,


played at the World Cup last summer, scored at the World Cup. That is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


the header from Winston Reid which players in the box, West Ham, as


day of last season, when the tone was set for the season as they lost


has cleared the bar. I thought the referee might have given a corner


for the minute. The little ball free kick because McNaughton has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


ball a bit, because there is quite sq -- a bit of space for West Ham.


Cardiff on narrow when they are de chance at all from Hobson. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


James Tomkins. Memories of the need right foot, and the other Taylor


gets it away for a corner. It was almost sandwich in between the two


Taylor. The left foot, right food, stand, populated only by Cardiff


have had a couple of chances -- 10 minutes to go to half time. I think


generally Malky Mackay, as he is in charge of the away team, would be


quite pleased to going out 0-0. -- kick from Piquionne. A few bright


start as for West Ham in this game, but perhaps running short on the


men to -- the few bright starters. They have had more possession, just


a lack of quality in the final third in terms of opportunities


could only be described as a heavy first touch. He has got away with


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


behind it. That was effective But it might be touched on to


Parker, who had either advanced too soon or used his arm. I do not know


if that is for handball or braking too quickly from the wall. Handball,


hand to go. He turns away at the point of impact. That's a save,


now in the penalty area. If anybody raises an arm to protect themselves,


and it hits that arm, the referee might be inclined to point to the


behind for the corner. I do not think he saw it that late, a kind


of swung away from behind the wall. Cardiff at the moment. Their best


spell, isn't it? He hasn't played for England since the mistake


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


bounced off that chest, so West Ham at the moment. You could see what


he was trying to do but he was the last 10 minutes or so. Kevin


chance in this half it will probably go West Ham's way. That


has summered at the last 10 minutes for West Ham, they have lost their


way a bit. -- summed up. They have not created any outstanding chances.


this time against Mellor. Mellor and ensure have kept him pretty


busy -- Kevin Miller and Robert careers. That is the end of the


first half in which West Ham United under Sam Allardyce started pretty


well, created an early opportunity for Frederic Piquionne. The free


kick late on brought a good save from Robert Green who had also


stopped a deflected header earlier in half. Sunshine and rain. A bit


Fairly decent assessment after saying what a competitive exciting


league this is, probably not the best example. It looked a nervous


It had that August feel to it. When West Ham played the crowd got up


but at other times it did feel a bit flat. We were saying, it almost


looked like they were a bit tired, and no real snap in the play. No


real pace. If just got that feel it is pre-season, a bit tired, and it


is not just there. It is raining now so the pitch might quicken up.


To be fair to Cardiff, they have not played great but kept


themselves in the game. Let's have a look at West Ham's chances


starting with Frederic Piquionne he was early on had a bit of


due now, there is the angle. The Scott Parker, if you want one


player to go through on goal, it is probably not him. He is not


blistering pace, running out of steam. Defender comes over. A good


chance, made it himself. There he enough distance. What about Matt


Taylor? You will always get quality from him. If you get him on the


ball, set pieces like that, he will always create something. After 20


minutes or so when the sun was at its brightest and West Ham started


to put some passes together and play some good football. It was all


in front of the 18 yard, no real penetration from them. Cardiff will


be pleased. Difficult place to come. Gone in at half-time. I asked you


if they would change the way they would play before. West Ham, good


football, Parker sees the space and there is Nolan. This is a great run


down the right hand side, O'Brien does well, gets in that space. He


does well to get round then pulled back. He decided to pull it back.


Good football. Cardiff did have their chances. Robert Earnshaw was


busy earlier round. And Don Cowie, from Watford with Malky Mackay.


They play on defenders shoulders. They will get caught up offside a


lot of the time, but two strikers any need have a chance. This was a


good save. Greene saw that late. -- Robert Green. How did Cardiff


looked to you for the Cardiff you He doesn't matter how many games


you play in pre-season, you'll never play the same team. They are


just finding their feet. Malky Mackay will be the more pleased of


the two managers. Away from home, kept a clean sheet, got away with


one or two things. So they will be more pleased than probably West Ham.


The thing is with Frederic Piquionne, when he comes out to the


sides there is nobody with that little engine to drive in behind so


it gives the defenders something to think about. He is coming out,


centre half goes with him, is nobody giving him a thought of


there is a run of the ball? No real snap to the play. They're expecting


Nolan to do it. Let's catch up with the best of the action from the


weekend so far in the Football League. A couple of sand issues. We


will do our own voice-over. We thought you would rather see the


first match of the championship. think they will do quite well this


year. I still feel as if they have got that team spirit to do well.


The spirit at the Amex yesterday, but Doncaster have the early spoils.


They looked really good, Doncaster. Nine minutes into injury time they


got it. A great start for them. Listening to the commentary,


Doncaster or had the better game. It is only when they started to


these plays Brad -- Brighton came in a little bit more. A great story.


Just opened his body up, great finish. Losing both strikers in


injury yesterday. There he is. Two former England manager's making


their debut in the championship yesterday. He has spent money,


taking a gamble and got the players. There is the other one. Best to get


the point than come away with nothing. At least it is something


to build on. Fans are so fickle, one game, they want him out already.


his head is right he will score goals at this level. What about


David James' head? I think he will finish as the leading goalscorer.


Dobbie was so disappointed towards the end of last season, -- Derby.


Three valuable points for them. teams in this championship. There


will be 10, 12 teams that all think they have got a chance of automatic


promotion. A very young manager in this one. You sort of forget about


Burnley. Financially they are in the market. Reading who are a lot


of people's favourites. Two late goals. They were unlucky last


fitness levels up. A great result, Southampton, Leeds. Teatime kick-


off. A lot of people say these could do better than last season,


but Southampton, the new boys. think they have got everything in


place. Fantastic facilities. They are coming up, had a good season


last year. A few harsh words to his team after that game. You don't


expect to start the season like that. They have held on to a lot of


their players. This was at the Valley yesterday. Charlton got off


to a winning start as well in Brighton, Southampton, a very


competitive league. Look at the two Sheffield clubs, massive clubs.


Charlton in there as well. They have all been at the top flight.


Quote of the week. If you are a player don't do what I did as a


player. He couldn't resist himself on the touchline. Crawley also with


a debut win in the league. Surrey, they drew. A great set up down


King's Meadows, almost a dream start. Almost got the point, then


Bristol Rovers, relegated last season. Too strong for them. Late


penalty and Rovers took all three problems and we were blooding that.


We just thought she would want to Today is yet to live up to


expectations, but it was a lively opening day. A couple of teams we


thought would come out firing, like thought would come out firing, like


Leicester,. Every manager wants to get the first couple of games out


of the way. You want to get it out the way and get up and running.


think Leicester, with the money they have spent, they deserve to be


there. West Ham with that squad, but the rest there are 10 or 11


teams that could push for play-off places. There will be a few big


teams looking at automatic promotion. I fancy West Ham and


Blackpool. Ipswich are the dark horses. A everyone has said Ipswich.


A Aynho he will play down -- I know he will play down, but maybe


Portsmouth. If he can get a squad. He has a good first choice 11. They


Thanks, guys. There is a World Cup winner and West Ham legends


Everybody that comes here, it is a big game. Yes, and for the


Martin Peters unfortunately just drop off there, but we will get him


back. We did he go? So, the second half, what do you see? A I think


West Ham have to up the tempo. are a good passing side and if they


get the tempo up, with the pitch quickening up with the rain, they


will get a few more chances. Cardiff might struggle. But to be


fair, they have held their own. They just need a goal. She will we


try and see per -- shall we try and see Martin Peters again. Martin,


what did you make of the new Sam Allardyce era? We have to look and


see how the team is going to play and they started off very


aggressively as Sam Allardyce is any way. So, very positive. One or


two chances but we just couldn't finish them. Cardiff came into it


in the last 10 minutes. I suggested he might be looking to do their


hairdryer treatment, but that was because his hair was wet. This


season, not necessarily the West Ham way they talk about, but it is


the new Sam Allardyce way. Whatever it takes, really? I read that in


the paper and I do not take much notice. You come out and do the


best the your manager wants you to play. We had a good run and Ron


Greenwood and I were the only ones to change it, and Sam can change it.


If you are successful, the supporters will like it. You are


looking very well, may I say. OK, still doing a bit of work here


and there. It's always nice to come back to my old hunting ground when


I was a kid of 15. It's a long time ago. It is a club with great


tradition, history, glamourous names and some big names still here.


Every one that comes here, it is a big day out, and that is something


you have to overcome. It has such a great history. To come to West Ham


and play at Upton Park is great. Whether they will go to the new


stadium, I don't know. But it is great to come to West Ham and watch


games and other teams come and enjoy themselves as well. We will


see what happens in the rest of the day. Thanks for joining us.


pleasure. Great to be here. They would not move in at the beginning


of next season, it has to be converted for use as a football


ground but that would be the dream finish. Get back into the Premier


League and move into a new stadium. For I think Sam Allardyce said that


West Ham have to go up. To keep the players they have got, they have to


go up. You see the fan-base, the new stadium on the horizon, it is


the same as Leicester, the money they have spent, it has to be


promotion. They cannot just miss out. That is the pressure mauve --


both managers have put themselves under. Sven-Goran Eriksson expects


to get the chop if he does not get them up. They air a few managers


like that. All of the managers are under pressure. When you get there,


it is what you do with your money and resources. Interesting to see


how the teams have gone up are like Norwich, who spent a bit of money,


but the other two have and, so how will they cope? They are blowing


bubbles out there. Let's see if the rain affects the match in the


second half. Maybe a little more speed. A few mistakes. It is


looking a bit more like September and October. Let's rejoin the


please the people sitting in the front rows around Upton Park


because they do not quite get covered by the roof in those seats.


West Ham are back out anyway. Although the Cardiff team are


coming out now, as you can see. No changes to either side as Cardiff


City come out, their supporters are housed on the left-hand side in the


Trevor Brooking stand. Trevor Brooking does not miss too many


games. And he is an example of a player who was relegated with West


Ham, stayed at the club, and continued to wear an England shirt,


despite not playing in the top flight. That is the situation which,


at the moment, Scott Parker and Robert Green find themselves in.


They may have decisions to make over the course of the next four


weeks while the transfer window is open. That rain has just started


again after a said it had gone. We will hope for a bit more fees in


the second half as it was a bit flat in the first. So, West Ham


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


getters under way, from left to sort of goals guaranteed. That is


the mistakes that might be coming because of the slippery pitch. This


one is pretty central. It might be a bit far away for a smack at goal,


but Whittingham is capable and Craig Conway looks interested as


had it been on target. He s, he had it covered. -- yes, he had it


Capello would attend this game, but he hasn't. As opposed to the


past, but he gets a hug from someone in the lower Tear despite


it. Lots of new managers in the Championship. Not just Malky Mackay


and Sam Allardyce who have moved jobs, but there is another former


Newcastle manager, Chris Hughton, now at Birmingham City. And Dean


Holdsworth alongside him to the had to get high tonic to give


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Robert Green a chance to come and stayed on their feet. One of two


occasions when Matt Taylor got behind on the left, but that is


about it in terms of West Ham's by Piquionne, and that is what has


been given. I think this might be quite tight. I think he knows he's


going to be second best at the end John Carew to hold the ball up when


he comes and plays. Park and Noble will run the other side of him. --


been a big consideration in the minds of both Matt Taylor and Kevin


Nowlan, I think, in joining West Ham. They both worked with him


successfully at Bolton -- Kevin Liverpool captain. McNaughton could


worried at the moment, because they are not really looking to trouble


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


West Ham. They are not really being Earnshaw well wide. Kenny Miller


just add a little look at Robert Earnshaw, asking if he could not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


1962, Cardiff. Kevin McNaughton is for West Ham at the moment. Too


easy for Cardiff to defend against. Did well under pressure from Taylor


did Kevin Norton. -- Kevin Peterborough, Brighton, Southampton


eight extra games compared to the Barclays Premier League. A lot more


midweek games. The League Cup early, a lot of matches. Also not a great


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Powell on that. -- power. Carlton Cole is in the tunnel on an


exercise bike working up a bit of a did no more than give it to


where Cardiff have passed the ball better than West Ham. There he is,


Here is Matt Taylor. Well hit, good save. Always capable of a really


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Bolton players, the brightest crossed Frederic Piquionne. Almost,


Frederic Piquionne thinks it it -- thinks it should be a corner,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Howard Webb says goal-kick. A super have been able to sign Mark Taylor


-- Matt Taylor? Would Bolton have wanted to let him go knowing what


would have happened? Bolton's misfortune might be West Ham's


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


foot now. This is Craig Conway for Cardiff. Ensure looked offside. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


to October 2010 without playing a Piquionne in terms of dropping off


and linking the play. Carlton Cole can only be a matter of time, I


think. Cardiff will be defaced change -- the first change.


Approaching the midway point of the Replacing the familiar face of


Robert Earnshaw. The first claim back at the club where he made his


name as a very much hero after 105 said to play alongside Kenny Miller.


He just gave Kenny Miller and they do their on his way onto the pitch.


Kenny Miller read it and you might have to eat it so that nobody find


Whittingham. -- free kick. Rudy Gestede, first introduction to


was. It is a really good chance. very, very good chance. Made the


room across the defender and it skims off his forehead rather than


making a real connection. Excellent movement by Don Cowley to find a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Marshall had to flap at behind for a corner. In the end it is a decent


save. Cardiff struggling to clear nicked away by McNaughton. He was


good fortune. What thing he did do, he made the player made his mind up


Cardiff goalkeeper. To still little bit too much on the ball coming


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


through. -- just a little bit too want a corner, yes. I don't think


he's getting one. Just fell asleep made. Mark Noble is coming off and


only three times last season. Piquionne are also off, Carlton


Joe Mason and taking off Craig Plymouth in the summer. And they


0-0, Malky Mackay will be very pleased and he will be giving his


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


goalkeeper a big pat on the back. will not let Carlton Cole go on


here. I think Malky Mackay might think Carlton Cole trod on the ball.


The certainly did tread on the ball, but it is whether he got caught


Gerard got the ball. Now he is booking him. The first yellow card


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


have had West Ham down to win this in goal for Cardiff. Handball by


Joe Mason. Awarded the free-kick by the crowd about three seconds


before the referee. I think he was waiting to see if it was going to


go to West Ham player and they could play on. He has looked fitter


is a West Ham throat. Just edging towards the last 10 minutes. -- a


S, a vital interception. -- yes, a vital interception. The good ball,


over there bar. Whittingham blocked it right on the line. For one


moment the keeper completely loses it. Just got stuck in between.


Definitely not in. You will appeal if you are Kevin Nolan, but it's


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


say that it would be a lucky 0.4 Cardiff, if they get it. I think


they will feel they have done well today, but there are 10 minutes to


go. Here comes the winner of the Gold Cup this summer with Mexico,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


scoring two in the final against cigarette paper between them, I


has looked OK. He has got quite a few flacons. You can see him


working with Kenny Miller or Earnshaw rather than the two


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


together -- a fully -- a few flick Watford, his first managerial job.


Sam has had a few over the years starting way back at Limerick for


play-offs at one stage. He has had fans coming here today, giving the


strength of the squad,, I think they would be pretty disappointed


with an opening day goalless draw on home turf. We will see what


happens in the next five minutes. sensing they might be going home


sponsor's man of the match. Cardiff corner. Driven with real pace


towards the near post and dealt with comfortably by Gerry O'Brien.


-- Gerry O'Brien. -- Joey. Is that the corner? It is. A good play by


white shirts in there. A free header saved by Green. A couple of


more comfortable save. But that was the head at the other end which


will be clean -- Robert Green clutched. The three minutes of


added time. Beginning to open up a little wit. It is also absolutely


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Green's hands came up straightaway City, right at the end, unless West


Ham can produce something as they kick-off. I gather you lost me


completely there, as Kenny Miller got a ball into the back of the net.


Robert Green might be a little bit disappointed, it did appear to go


through his hands. He he he he West Ham United, favourites for


promotion from the championship are behind. Committed a massive mistake


touches. Didn't he do well, the Frenchman. Since the moment he came


on. Carlton Cole with a flick on and Taylor was far away. Sam


Allardyce will be thinking what a time to concede a goal. The iPhone


died at the main -- the microphone Cardiff a victory, if it is to be a


victory. Kenny Miller with his debut for card but City -- Cardiff


City. He has done that right throughout his career. He is a


proven goalscorer or. Barely had a glimmer through the game. That was


his real chance and he doesn't hesitate. That is what they do,


these boys. Always ready. He can West Ham salvage something right at


the end? Three added minutes. We have played goes through. We are


now playing time added on for the goal. Marshall, safely to his chest.


to the championship. With such great expectations for the season


ahead, they may yet be fulfilled, but they have lost on the opening


day to a stoppage time Kenny Miller winner for Cardiff City who go home


with all the points. Right at the end, Kenny Miller, on his debut and


it finishes West Ham United 0, That wasn't a lacklustre performers


from West Ham but it will not be easy for them in this division.


of us did point out Cardiff will make it 1-0 and it wasn't me. True


enough, they kept to their task, West Ham had the better chances,


play more football, but you have got to give it to Kenny Miller, he


is a goalscorer and he doesn't miss. Marshall made some fantastic saves.


I don't think West Ham did enough to actually win the game. The


longer the game went on Cardiff were putting better passes together


and I don't know who it was that made the mistake down the line,


which let them in. And I said it is one of those games where they have


a lot of pressure against them. But one mistake from the other and, and


they are capable of scoring goals. Stoppage time when a. -- winner.


Ilunga has got plenty of time, tries to be a bit clever. What is


Kenny's movement? Realises he has, and I think England goalkeeper has


to say that. Slightly angled. I think he should say this. It has


gone through his hands. He will be disappointed. Talking about losing


the rights of both Freud and He get one chance and he slipped it


away. You give these guys an opportunity, they will put it away.


They are the plays -- hardest to play against. All of a sudden you


switch off for that two minutes and two stars to get into the game. He


made his run, got closed down, stood, and if -- defenders went too


far off him. A good finish but the goalkeeper would be disappointed


going through both hands. Let's have a look at some of West Ham's


chances. The ball cut inside on his left foot, and the pitch is Skidby,


Great run from Taylor, sucks the defender in. Frederic Piquionne


gets a bit too far ahead of the near post. This is the goalkeeper


Didn't get a big enough look on it to take the keeper out. Before his


He has done his job. I'm sure if he wasn't there the manager would be


asking why. It is welcome to the championship to West Ham. It will


not be as easy as they think. and Bizet as a manager? -- what


will Sam Allardyce be saying as a manager. People are still bedding


in, they are getting used to the championship. It might take two or


three games. They have got a good squad of players. Sam Allardyce


will be very disappointed, but also you have got to be a little bit


They could feasibly lose a couple of players, like Scott Parker.


might be a good thing, and he could bring in other players and freshen


it up. There is always someone who has got to do a job, and I always


believe that if you lost a player, either through injury or you have


sold him, you have to fill up the shirt. I am sure that some can get


the players that will do well at this level. The Football League is


back with a bang, and next weekend sees the return of the Premier


League. We will be rolling out the All manner of chat and features


updated daily. We can speak to the match-winner, goalscorer Kenny


Kenny, you have scored goals all over the world, and maybe not much


sweeter than that one. A fantastic result a top of a good performance


for the boys. It was hard work at times. We threw everything at them,


and we got the reward in the end for the hard work with a goal.


Goalscorers like to score goals, obviously. That is what you came


for. That is it. As a forward, you want to come to a new club and get


off the mark early, and a great place to do it. A whole new era at


Cardiff, what a great writer start. No one is going to get carried away


there. It was important to come here and getting a point here would


have been a good result, but syndicate at the end was a dream


start for us. The will settle for A great three points for Cardiff,


because they would necessarily have put this down at as a banker. You


had had the disappointment of going through the play-offs so to come


here and take three points, that was good. As Kenny said, to come


here for. Is very good. To come away with three points is probably


what they didn't expect, but as I said before, this division is


littered with teams and players that can do you damage. I think it


is a learning curve for West Ham. Day, brilliant at the rear. Lee


Gabby Logan presents live Championship football from Upton Park, as West Ham kick off their season against Cardiff.

Both teams suffered disappointment last season, with the Hammers relegated from the Premier League and Cardiff falling short in the play-offs again. After a summer of changes, which has seen Sam Allardyce appointed as West Ham manager and Malky Mackay installed at Cardiff, expectations are high in both camps. It is a particularly tough start for the Welsh side, though; they have not won at Upton Park since 1950.

Lee Dixon and former Cardiff manager Dave Jones are in the studio to give their expert analysis.

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