Brazil v Chile Match of the Day Live

Brazil v Chile

Gary Lineker introduces live coverage as the knockout stage of the World Cup begins. Hosts Brazil meet Chile in Belo Horizonte. The commentators are Guy Mowbray and Martin Keown.

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hazy Saturday afternoon in Rio. Copacobana Beach is emptying fast


because they're all heading to the farm park. The host nation set for


the knockout stages of the World Cup. Chile are the opposition and


there is a golden glow across was ill. It is not just the sunshine.


Once, White was my colour, the colour that we walk, we all wore. It


was the colour I wore in 1950 when our destiny, the World Cup, was


handed to Uruguay. I cried for eight years with my


country. We called it a new law and white was washed away from our


shirts and memories. We had to fill the void with another colour. Yellow


became Brazil. It became us. The colour of the people, the ordinary


people and the extra people. We colour of the people, the ordinary


painted the world with yellow in streaks and pattern. In 1970 we


paraded that yellow to the world. Colour television. Now when I think


of yellow I think of victory and passion, euphoria. The colour of


sunshine. Yellow is precious. Yellow is the


colour of Brazil. Like Yellow is precious. Yellow is the


it is the most cherished of objects. And the men in yellow have arrived


at the Estadio Mineriao. Neymar already has four goals to his name


and is very much the poster boy for the Brazilian fans. Chouly?s best


performance at the World Cup came on the Brazilian fans. Chouly?s best


home soil in 1962 when they finished third. But they have


home soil in 1962 when they finished the second round since.


They are catching on. Alan Hansen and Alan Shearer and Rio Ferdinand


are in the studio. This is where it begins. Tingling with anticipation.


What we are going to see is drama and excitement, euphoria, heartache.


It never ceases to amaze me the chasm of difference between winning


and losing. Then the supporters and managers, those different emotions.


That'll -- let battle commence. Brazil have in getting pretty


emotional but they do seem relaxed as the tournament has progressed.


They do look relaxed, singing. England are stonefaced, focusing on


the task ahead. These guys are playing bongos! It is normal for


them. Speeding to Cristiano and others they said they always feel


relaxed and confident. -- speaking. Scolari was hoping to avoid Chouly.


I do not know why because they have got a fantastic record against


Chile. They closed it down quickly. But in the final game against


Holland it was different. Holland did a job on them. So it will be


interesting how they face up today. I think they need to improve. It all


comes down to their star player, Neymar.


A reminder of how the final games at shaping up.


The BBC will have live coverage of France -Nigeria on Monday. Then


Argentina -Switzerland and Belgium - USA, both those games on Tuesday.


Brazil are of course the favourites. They have not won a World Cup since


2002. So the pressure is on especially in their home country.


Part of that team in 2002 of course was Janine yell. And we can hear


from him. Luiz Felipe Scolari says he is


nervous about this match. You know Scolari well, what will he be saying


to the players? He will take the pressure off them,


encourage them to play more set pieces. Those set pieces will be


important for Brazil today. What do you make of the change, Fernandinho


in for Paulinho. Well Paulinho likes to go forward and he was not going


forward. Fernandinho may give him some more freedom, for Neymar to


play. Citing Fernandinho, that is why Scolari opted for him. And it is


a carnival atmosphere here but it is still tense. How do you feel as a


Brazilian? I am nervous. The supporters will be very important.


One more player for Brazil. Everyone needs to become but because the game


will be tough. Brazil has a great side. But I'm excited as are the


supporters. We expect Brazil to play well and win the game.


Well history is against Chile. They have never beaten Brazil in Brazil


and have lost their three previous World Cup meeting. Tim Vickery has


been assessing their chances. Chile are about to confront the


Demons of their past. After their victory last Monday against Cameroon


the Brazilian press built up the claims of Neymar. He was the man who


inspired Brazil to a semifinal victory over Chile and there were


posts is back in 1962. And victory over Chile and there were


ended their interest in France 1998 and South Africa 2010 as well. But


this Chile side, perhaps the best ever, they want to write their own


history. Their coach has the resources -- a talented group of


players coming into their prime and an idea. He says the style of his


team is non-negotiable. Attack, play in the opponent?s half. It has


already ended the reign of world champions Spain and running are


still?s party is next on the list. Chile have no interest in parking


the bus they want to drive it straight through you with their mass


support coming along for the ride. Not so long ago the country


celebrated the return of 30 trapped miners with a simple refrain,


chanted now by the thousands who follow the team. It serves as a


constant reminder that on and off the field Chile are capable of


succeeding against the odds. And this is how they line up. The


captain has signed a four-year deal with Barcelona on Wednesday. Gary


Medel winds up in the back three after overcoming a muscle strain.


The midfield players have started every game so far. Arturo Vidal


ahead of them. He was rested for the last game after recent surgery.


Sanchez is again to partner Vargas. We have seen a lot of Sanchez with


Barcelona but Vargas is also influential. He scored in his past


two games against Brazil. I think him and Sanchez are


dangerous, they worked their socks off between them. And they have


ability. off between them. And they have


against Australia. This for me is one of the best goals


against Australia. This for me is tournament. Just watched the passing


between them. They know exactly where the other is. The ball comes


into Vargas and what the finished. Come and balanced. A great finish.


So those two will be a handful. The other aspect of the game that


has been influential and The other aspect of the game that


at times is depressing. -- the pressing. You saw that against the


Spanish. If the front two are pressing then the rest have to press


behind otherwise it is useless. Here you see the front pair working


relentlessly. It reminds me of Barcelona three years ago. Sanchez


and Vargas. And then they all fly in. They set of attacks like that


and the goal against Spain was a prime example. The downside is that


you use a lot of energy playing like that. They are looking a little bit


tired. To go deep into a tournament like


this sometimes you have two preserve energy and have something for the


later stages. These guys go full energy and have something for the


that could be a sticking point them later in the tournament.


An estimated 40,000 fans have made their way to support Chile.


An estimated 40,000 fans have made They have come in convoy, in vans


and caravans. They have been noisy and colourful.


He has everything, fancy dress, towels, the tent.


My son bought this motorhome specifically to travel to zero. It


is a passion. -- to Brazil. Chile is coming to Brazil to pick up


the cup. We will


The fans are here and there is not think that they can win the


The fans are here and there is not Cup. -- this not think.


The Brazil fans have not seen their team lose a competitive game on home


soil since 1975. Allen, take us through the team that starts


tonight. David Luiz has overcome a back


problem to keep his place in an unchanged at four. Paulinho has been


dropped after a run of poor form. And expect plenty of movement from


Neymar. And Fred is to lean the line once more. -- lead. We are praying


for Fred to score a hat-trick! All eyes of course on Neymar. His record


could be in his sights. The moment that made Neymar. A nation held its


breath. They expected victory, but Brazil had not proved themselves on


the big stage for 12 years. With murmurs of discontent rumbling


through the country, the Brazilian side needed to get off to a good


start. And when it mattered, Neymar delivered.


How good is Neymar? Can he be a legend like you? He comes from my


base. My son was his trainer because he was a coach there. He has a great


future, of course. I hope he does the same what I did for Brazil


because it is important for us. The Brazilian Number Ten, an icon, but


wearing the shirt this World Cup carries extra expectation. It is a


big pressure for Brazil and four Brazilian players. I have this


opportunity to be in the World Cup and it is a pressure because Pele


wore this number on his shirt, but when a player goes on the field, he


can forget this type of thing. Now in this moment it is Neymar and he


is ready for this pressure. I think he is doing very well in this World


Cup. Three games, four goals, he is the star man. The secret to his


success is simple, played the Brazilian way. He has to be himself


all the time and thinking about football and how he likes to think


about football. Relax, play like you are just having fun. He just has to


do that. Be free and score a lot of goals for Brazil. He is a very nice


guy, he is young, he is a talented player and everything that happens


with him maybe he does not know how great it is. Not bad pundits! I


loved his goal against Cameroon. A difficult technique and he made it


look so easy. This is difficult technique and he made it


goal. It is the execution that is sensationally good. He has the


picture in his head already what he is going to do. Other players might


have taken a touch, not this guy. He was very relaxed. That looked so


easy, that technique is anything but easy. To get the pace on the ball as


well. The contrast between him and Barcelona shirt and a Brazil she is


unusual. He looks more relaxed. Why is that? He enjoys going out there


and performing in front of crowds, he is an exhibitionist, and he is


also clinical. It is because he is the main man, he loves being the


main man. We will also talk about Brazil's other striker, Fred. Daniel


Alves has responded to your criticism.


I never said he should be left out, but I stand by my criticism of him


in the first two games. The lack of movement from him in the first


couple of games was incredible. There is nothing at all, he has got


to attack the ball and he is standing, watching, waiting for the


ball to go to him. Quite happy to stand there. But against Cameroon it


was a lot better for him. He held the ball up and he brought people


into the game and his movement was a lot better. He was not content with


the lay off and he got in there. His confidence is up a little bit.


This is his goal that I thought his performance deserved. He had one


touch in the box in the first game. Slowly but surely. He is playing to


what the manager wants. I think the manager wants him to stay high and


not involve himself and keep the defence back. He is not getting


involved, but he is doing a job. He has to do more than what he is


doing. Mind you, I think Dani Alves is a very good judge. What about


David Luiz, you are not sure about him? He reminds me of myself when I


was at West Ham. I went into games thinking about what I was going to


do rather than defending. He has got to change that mentality and his


concentration levels have got to go up to become the player his


potential says he should be. His passing ability is sensational. But


every I looked at there is a mistake. That is not what you want


with a centre-back. You want total and utter reliability. For the


Cameroon goal he is all over the place. He is so casual and laconic


and not looking at where the danger is. He is not naturally a defender.


He does not even know where the foreword is. You do not like Hulk,


you do not like David Luiz. I think Fred is brilliant. These are the


scenes in Belo Horizonte. The whole of Brazil is looking forward to this


one. It is a big ask for the Chilean players as well. When I said Holland


did a job on them in the third game what I meant is Holland sat deep and


kicked a lot of long what I meant is Holland sat deep and


invited them on them in the third game what I meant is Holland sat


deep and kicked a lot of long balls game what I meant is Holland sat


and invited them onto it team-mates from Barcelona, the three of them.


If Brazil are going to win, they have to up the tempo and they have


to play better and they cannot rely on one player. Every single time


they have to move the ball quicker. You are seeing two lots of fans. In


the tunnel we do not do that. I would not be rubbing his head before


the game! They are comparing hairstyles, highlights, the lot.


They are so relax, it is a different mentality in South America. They


will not be relaxed when they get on the pitch. Going back to David


will not be relaxed when they get on I think he can be a great defender


and he can dictate a game from back there and he has done it for


Chelsea. I think Thiago Silva is a great defender. The best in the


world today. Who do you fancy? Brazil. Brazil. Brazil,


world today. Who do you fancy? could be a tight one.


world today. Who do you fancy? possibility of extra time


world today. Who do you fancy? penalties from here on in. The World


Cup has already enthralled and it is about to get even better. Our


commentators are Martin Keogh and Guy Mowbray.


Thank you, Gary. Belo Horizonte is bouncing. This


place has a history and an atmosphere that we are going to


really feel today. Brazil is uniting behind its team as we knew it would.


Momentum is gathering all the time. The chilly support is terrific as


well. It is only next-door, but it is a fair old trek across the Andes


and they have been crossing in their camper vans in their thousands. This


has the feel of a local derby. Forget the time limits, the


supporters might well keep both of these going and going.


# Puro, Chile, es tu cielo azulado Puras brisas te cruzan tambien


# Y tu campo de flores bordado Es la copia feliz del Eden


# Majestuosa es la blanca montana Que te dio por baluarte el Senor


# Te promete un futuro esplendor Y ese mar que tranquilo te bana


# Te promete un futuro esplendor # Dulce Patria, recibe los votos


Con que Chile en tus aras juro # O el asilo contra la opresion


O el asilo contra la opresion. # # Ouviram do Ipiranga as margens


placidas # De um povo heroico o brado


retumbante # E o sol da Liberdade, em raios


fulgidos # Brilhou no ceu da Patria nesse


instante # Se o penhor dessa igualdade


Conseguimos conquistar com braco # Forte,


Em teu seio, o Liberdade # Desafia o nosso peito a propria


morte # O Patria amada


Idolatrada # Salve Salve


Brasil, um sonho intenso, # Um raio vivido,


De amor e de esperanca a terra # Se em teu formoso ceu,


risonho e limpido, # A imagem do Cruzeiro resplandece


Gigante pela propria natureza # Es belo, es forte,


impavido colosso, # E o teu futuro


espelha essa grandeza # Terra adorada


Entre outras mil # Es tu, Brasil,


O Patria amada There had been speculation that


Ramires would replace Hulk. Dani Alves and Julio Cesar were the only


ones who faced Chile four years ago. On that note, what were you doing


exactly four years ago today? Howard Webb and his team were officiating.


This is their second game of this tournament. Julie's Alexis Sanchez


has expressed concern over his appointment. But hopefully the storm


will have blown over the English referee's head.


having been rested against the Netherlands.


Vargas was the scorer in both meetings of these nations just last


year. And one of them was here in April last year. It finished 2-2.


Four goals in the tournament and the whole load of skills to admire


besides. Neymar has been lighting it up. And a full complement of


substitutes available to both coaches. And there is massive


respect between the two leaders on the touchlines. Scolari having


dismissed was ill?s history against Chile due to what he says is the new


dynamism that they have. -- Brazil?s history.


The group stages have produced plenty of goals and a whole lot of


fun, drama and disappointment. We have had the lot. But not quite a


lot because it begins here again. The last 16. It is when all go home.


It is spine tingling. A fascinating encounter ahead of us. The noise


greasing the players when they left the dressing rooms for the warm up


was something else. To the majority inside the stadium they are heroes.


And those passionate pockets of red around the stadium as well, Chile do


make a lot of noise. around the stadium as well, Chile do


A free kick. Vidal is one hell of a player. He


can play just as well as central defence.


A chance for Chile to get the ball into that Brazilian box. Fred trying


to marshal the back line and make sure that they hold that line, not


his regular job. Looking for Sanchez. Help on the run.


A flick from Sanchez bypasses Vidal. Dani Alves. The captain winning his


50th cap. Can he go all the way and become the first resilient to lift


the World Cup on home soil, what an honour that would be. -- first


resilient. They do press very well, Sanchez and


resilient. They do press very well, for the team. The most obvious free


kick to be awarded yet by Howard Webb. He looks to be in stern mood.


He will issue justice of his own accord. Just buying himself a bit of


time to think about whether he should show a card this early on in


the game. Just a warning. He will not be able


to get away with that again. There is nothing in it


overreaction. Aranguiz went spiralling to the


floor. Quite formidable threesome at the


top of the team. Scolari loves his Quite formidable threesome at the


players. He just put an arm around them. The managers are very


has gone down for the first time. has gone down for the first time.


There will be many more of those before the day is done. And it was


Aranguiz. Plenty of feeling. Aranguiz knows what he is doing.


Howard Webb has got to get a grip of this game nice and early.


Gesturing to the crowd. Turn up the volume, please! Brazil do feel that


Chile could have a weakness in this area. Fred says that Brazil to have


a distinct height advantage. Neymar still feeling the effects of


that clatter from Aranguiz. And it is all going on. Fred up against


Silva. Closed down by Sanchez. A blast past the post. It is a good


ball and well defended. Comes onto his left foot. You expect them to


hit the target from there. Dani Alves. Away from Vargas.


That is ambitious. So far just threatened enough to run across his


goal line. And you are a big fan of the Chile


manager? I think he is a master. The way that they press. The front


players, Sanchez is a totally different player and for me he has


got more out of his players than any other manager in this competition.


So much hinges on Neymar so that is a bit worrying. He is their one big


star. If you look around at the shirts people are wearing, his name


on all of those shirts. That cross was disappointing.


Straight into the hands of Claudio Bravo.


Neymar really does have a problem. That would be a disaster if he has


to drop out of this one. He is not That would be a disaster if he has


looking great. Looks pretty serious to me. Vidal goes up with David


Luiz. Nice sidestep as Marcel OKane sweeping in.


-- Marcello came. Still limping. Might just help him,


that little rest. Chile just spread out beautifully.


Dani Alves with the Brazil throw. Alexis Sanchez. Did well to find


Vidal. Taking no chances with that. A clear end of the industrial


variety. -- clearance. Fernandinho trying to muscle his way past. I


think Neymar looked more than fit there. We were banging the drum is


of June to early! -- drums of doom. Chile free kick.


Stunning noise around the stadium. Brazil last played here one year and


two days ago. They eat Uruguay. -- they'd beat. Hulk has lost it. Fred


keeping up his average of possession in a game. Seconds rather than


minute. Vargas is central. Vargas down. There is contact. David Luiz


in the box. O. He will get there. -- Oscar. Good work from Vidal who goes


tumbling over the next tackle. Howard Webb just want to slow it


down a little bit. High tempo game. Howard Webb just want to slow it


Interesting, the central defenders. Howard Webb just want to slow it


They are worried about Sanchez and his pace. He really is rapid. His


words about the referee upset Brazil in the build-up to the game. They


have been winding each other out. Did not connect properly with the


backheel. Sanchez trapped to great effect. Look how Sanchez gets back.


backheel. Sanchez trapped to great The modern-day centre forward, you


just do not stand up there and be admired.


Hulk powering away. He is onto that again. Hulk down in the box. Howard


Webb has a look, does not think anything of it. You can hear what


the crowd went about it. No call. Hulk just get the other side of the


full-back. No, not for me. Good decision from Howard Webb. He may be


just catches him. This is the decision from Howard Webb. He may be


end, David Luiz, just a little shelf. -- shove.


They only get the one free kick. Gustavo really pushing. It is a


cynical challenge. Gustavo is the one who holds the deepest, but they


are all holding today. Neymar wants to spark it here. He is in a great


area. He will be licking his lips at this one. Claudio Bravo are getting


his angles right. That was disappointing. Claudio


Bravo are made that looks simple, but it was a poor delivery, really.


The pass was not waited quite right. Brilliant up to a point. Brazil


demonstrating how they can It was a handball and it is the


first yellow card of the match. If Chile go through, he will be missing


the quarterfinal. It will be a big miss for them as well. He did not


disguise that very well. David Luiz waits at the back of the


cube. He has not scored for his national team. This is his 40th


appearance. He is towering over his marker.


Bravo was worried about the pace, that is why he did not try to catch


it. That was a bit better, put it in in some pace, test the goalkeeper.


Not the best of punches, but he has cleared the danger. For now.


David Luiz, his first goal for Brazil! They have been caught out by


a set piece just as Brazil were promising. It is a blooming Belo


Horizonte. That was the Achilles' heel from set pieces. Nobody over


six feet. It is about being in the right place at the right time. He is


onside, no problems there, cannot miss. Up goes Big Phil. The whole


stadium, by those in red, lifted off their seats. The only point of order


is, is its David Luiz's goal? He will want it. He seems more


passionate playing for his national team then he is in a Chelsea shirt,


more determined. Brazil in front, a quarterfinal


place is therefore the winners. The crowd here has just gone up another


notch. We talk about it, but there are only so many ways you can put it


into words. The pressure that these players are under to perform is just


incredible. I don't think they see it as pressure, I think they love


it. You have to embrace that at top level. And I David Luiz and Neymar


an example of that? Very much so, they are on fire these players.


That is what he is in the team four, swatting any attacks.


Gustavo belts the ball out of play. Anything Neymar can do, Alexis


Sanchez can come pretty close. He is a different player here. It is


Barcelona against Real Madrid. I hate seeing that diving. Yes, it is


a free kick, but he certainly made the most of it. Marcelo Diaz, trying


to get the ball into the right area. The delivery was not bad, but Brazil


have the numbers. There was a wrestling match. It was


a bit hot-headed. Gary McDowell is angry about it. I think he will get


booked. He is an angry man. Neymar has that tough side. He is a bit of


a pit bull. Just trying to establish whose goal it is. Let's give it to


David Luiz. There is another angry man. There


are a few of them out there. I think it comes from the manager. Look at


the way he is patrolling the touchline.


the way he is patrolling the player. Gary Medel


the way he is patrolling the doubt. It would have been a big


miss. They never stand still for a minute, all looking for the ball.


There is a lovely shape to their team.


Every Brazilian touch is getting loud cheers. Not his best effort. He


can leave Francisco Silva treading in treacle. He started that run from


so far out that he did not have enough energy to go with it. Both


teams working extremely hard. And it is very warm work. Warm and pretty


sticky in Belo Horizonte today. Hulk is the one player who is not at


the same level as everybody else. Fred. There is another one. You are


all very harsh on Fred. Neymar down, lifted up into the air


by Silva. A Brazil free kick. Fred managed to


score against Cameroon. Five goals in five games in the Confederation


Cup five years ago. He is the only player


Fred's moment came and he fell over. Booted out and away by Francisco


Silva. In goes Vidal. Up go the shouts, in comes the whistle. We


knew Vidal would get stuck into his first tackled today. It is quite


theatrical the way he write that tackled. He has to to get out of the


way of it. He is not happy because Neymar is so


vital in this competition. I did not see a card come out. The next player


who does that to Neymar is going in the book for sure.


The name of Neymar starts to ring around the ground. That is


ridiculous. Alexis Sanchez sidesteps Hulk. Too


much pace for Fernandinho, tried to do a little too much. Great effort


from Gustavo. And another free kick. This time Fernandinho the offender.


His second offence. But yet to be punished by Howard Webb. Fernandinho


in again. He has go in the book now, that is three. But just a free kick


once more. He has let him away with it, almost a free for all.


Vidal. Neatly clipped did. -- collected.


Diaz. Sanchez. One of the loudest cheers of the day. Threatened to


open up for a second. The Dell had to improvise. -- Vidal.


I wonder if that is a bit of familiarity with Fernandinho as far


as Howard Webb is concerned. Sanchez has equalised for Chile! Brazil


sleeping there. And their main man has equalised for Chile! Brazil


for the goals comes good for them again. A fine finish from Sanchez.


Chile at level. You cannot switch off for a moment with this one.


Sanchez, just a simple throw in. He just knows the spot he wants to


pick. A pinpoint shot. just knows the spot he wants to


happens at top level, you get punished for mistakes. Quality


finish from a quality player. Desperate defending from Brazil.


Sanchez has made it ten goals in his last 14 international appearances.


Two of those at this World Cup. on!


That goal has taken him to force out right in the list of outright


That goal has taken him to force out goal-scorers for Chile. He has on


past his namesake who scored in 1962 in the World Cup. Every time they


have got past the knockout stages they have


Brazil. This Chile team has been proving a


little harder to knockout over the last couple of years. No more so


than Sanchez. His pace, his change of direction, it is a nightmare for


the defenders. Aranguiz unable to fashion any sort of chance. This is


a throw in. They just take it from you, that his how good they are. --


that is. You shall finish. I cannot wait to hear Alan Hansen?s take on


that Brazil defending. Brazil free kick.


Diaz for a Brazil throw. Oscar. We have not really seen Oscar in this


game. Playing very wide right-hand side.


Neymar. Got through the tackles to find Dani Alves. It is Oscar.


Looking for Neymar. Deflected just wide. It is a corner. Lovely


build-up. Oscar suddenly in the game. Great defending. Over towards


Thiago Silva. Fernandinho tries to keep it alive. The danger has not


gone for Chile yet. Sanchez. Bounces away from Marcella. What a fantastic


contest. Mena like a bull. You can't get the ball off him. That could be


brilliant. Oscar happy just to accept that Chile in touch and get


ready for a Brazilian corner. It is going to be Oscar who takes


this one. They could well score again with


this height advantage. Swung in by Oscar. Bravo watched it all the way.


Dani Alves. Oscar. David Luiz pulling wide.


David Luiz went into the man as well as going for the ball. I just knew


it would end in that way. No chance of winning that. Was long way from


his position. Just comes off the back of his head. It is a missed


opportunity. Sanchez. Dani Alves. Takes control


and finds Fred. Neymar, just ran it into a dead end. In came Fred to try


to help him out. Fantastic died not pass. Just onside. Great touch at


the end of it. -- diagonal pass. Fred just coming in. Could have been


the hero. You cannot take your eyes off it for a minute. Intriguing,


exhilarating, intoxicating. And all South American clash to savour.


Another one to miss the quarterfinal should Chile progress. Running out


of players. Dani Alves. A stumble threatened to cost Gustavo. Just a


little too high for Fernandinho. That hit Neymar?s hand as it comes


in. Howard Webb just deciding this is the time to start booking people.


41 minutes gone already. These two have been winding each


other up. Not necessarily the players and support staff but those


following them. One Brazilian daily newspaper today... They made their


front page just full of flight times back to Chile!


Dani Alves! Stunning strike. Bravo had to react quickly to get it away.


Lying on the ground their stunt. Fantastic effort. The keeper does


well with it. -- there stunned. I think sometimes he thinks he is


Neymar! Not your conventional central defender.


Dani Alves wins a throw. Oscar. I would like to see Oscar playing a


little bit more centrally. Look at this swerving around.


Chile playing themselves into trouble. Bravo flies through the


air. There are mistakes, there are skills, you cannot take your eyes


off the game because you do not know where the next goal is coming from.


Both teams prepared to work hard to win it back. Great to watch. With


the ball used in the last World Cup four years ago that might have gone


in. This one does not wobble about quite so much. Fred is down hurt. It


is Batman Neymar, though. He causes havoc when he runs at you. -- that


man. We are moving towards first half injury time. There will be


another couple of minutes added on. Thiago Silva nearly


The scramble result in a chilly corner. -- a Chile corner. Fantastic


closing down from Chile. Aranguiz, the amount of running he does from


midfield. Brazil know they are in a game here. They had a spot of bother


from the corner. Marcelo Diaz has blossomed under Jorge Sampaoli.


from the corner. Marcelo Diaz has Headed behind for another corner. It


is an important one as well. Headed behind for another corner. It


first half seconds ebbing away. This will be just about the last kick of


the first half. Howard Webb blows his whistle for


half-time. It has not disappointed. Brazil in front through David Luiz,


or possibly an own goal, but David Luiz claimed it. Hang on a minute,


Fred and Gary Medel getting involved. The flash points go on


right the way through to the dressing rooms. Do not leave this


one. A stunning 45 minutes football played at a breathtaking pace in an


incredible atmosphere. Normally you would associate with two South


American sides with a measured build-up and then quick and quicker,


but this is totally quick. For pace, intensity and excitement in


that first half it has no equal. I cannot remember a game being


played at such a pace, both teams playing 100 miles an hour.


Everywhere from back to Brandt, closing down, it has been a


sensational 45 minutes. It has almost got the pace of a


derby. It is frantic, and Oscar played a great ball from


back-to-back and you do not associate that with South American


football and we are sitting shouting in the studio. The tackles were


flying in from the word go. Fernandinho should have been booked


after a couple of minutes, but Brazil did exactly the same. It was


only a matter of time before a goal came along. Chile will be very


disappointed with the defending. David Luiz has a little pool. Did it


go of the defender? Or did Louise Flick it end? I am not sure that


even hit him. I think it brushed him. I don't know where the defender


is going. He has taken a step out of the gold. You have got to be side to


side with your man. I think it was a little tug from Louise that enables


him to get to the wrong side of him. As you can imagine that went very


well in Rio. The back four of Chile, there is no height and no


pace. You have seen that with Neymar. He has identified the


centre-back who plays on the right-hand side for Chile and he


looks like he is running on sand. But the Chileans have got plenty of


grit and back they came. I think the midfielder caught his


eye and he took a step to his right. If he had not taken that step, I


think he would have blocked the shot. You have picked the faults, so


I will say how great a finish it was. He has only got that little


square of a net to hit and he hit it perfectly. Should Brazil have had a


penalty? Howard Webb refused aid. He was brave to refuse it in this


stadium with all the fans screaming. He went for the ball, he missed it.


I think it is a penalty. He gets across his leg. I think that is a


penalty. The moment a defender is running back, any minimal contact,


it is a penalty. As a defender when you are running back like that, you


are desperate and you almost put your hand on someone. I think that


has got to be a penalty. We saw extraordinary pressing from both


sides. We mentioned how well chilly had pressed in the first game. This


time it is Oscar on the right-hand side. All over the pitch they were


doing this. That is your left-back, up the


pitch, pressing and pressing. The defence in Chile, there is no pace


whatsoever. Hopefully we can look forward to


watching ten years more of Neymar. He has been in a few good positions.


Once he did not pull the trigger, the second time he did. That was


unlucky because he gets a deflection. What about that for a


pass? He has identified a weakness in this team. He has not run much


today. He has stayed on that player because his weakness is he is slow.


That is clever. You look at the game and the weak point and you say I am


not going to get to that side because I am going to get a chance


of view. He has had a few, you do not want to give him more. It is a


tough one for Howard Webb. This is a couple of minutes into the game.


Fernandinho comes into the game and it is a booking. Set the tone with


your first tackle. He did the same to Neymar. He did not book


Fernandinho, so he cannot book Gary Medel. It does not matter whether


that is in the second minute or the 42nd minute, that should be a yellow


card. What interests me is whether they can keep this pace for the next


45 minutes. That was absolutely relentless. It is extraordinary. We


look forward to the second half. Let's go back to Belo Horizonte and


speak to Juninho. What did you make of that first 45


minutes? I thought Brazil was playing well. We had two mistakes


and in one we gave away the goal. But Brazil are solid and they are


playing well. We need to ask Oscar to come onto the game. Then Brazil


will be better in the second half. The manager is waving his arms and


he is concerned with Dani Alves. He tried Maicon on training on the last


day, so he is probably thinking of bringing him on in the second half.


He is probably thinking to bring on joke in place of Fred as well. Just


before the half it was all the Chile fans making all the noise. -- Joel.


The World Cup is not the only big sporting events taking place this


year. to take you on a little tour around


Rio with one of our team. Clarence C Dorff gave Dan Walker a tour of his


old stomping ground. Do not embarrass me. What is the world


record? What a embarrass me. What is the world


our little tour of Rio, a football pitch on top of a building in the


middle of the city. Where are we? Unfortunately it is cloudy, but we


could have seen Christ the Redeemer. Football is essential to the heart


of the city. Absolutely, small girls, boys. I have heard the


professional footballers do not take on the kids on the beach in football


because it could be embarrassing. Is that true? Absolutely, you can


really get beaten. Shall we have a look around? Yes. This is the beach.


There is a lake, mountains. It is what Rio is all about. You came here


from AC Milan to play for Botafogo. They love you in Rio. You won


Championships here. We got them back in the league, which is the


equivalent of the Champions League in Europe. Did you have to change


football culture? A lot of these guys come from the slums and they


are less ambitious. But the ones who have the drive is a natural drive to


survive, but once they get the result, you see there is a


relaxation because they can take care of their families. It


encourages them. They need support and they need a manager that can get


everything out of them. Brazilian players have become the best in the


world and that was it. Where are we now? Flamingo Beach. You are at


Dutchman but is there a part of you that once Brazil to win the World


Cup? ! I want the best site to win. It would be good for the country and


the people. There are some very strong teams coming up. I have


worked out the secret to Rio. If you go out anywhere go out with


Clarence! Good stuff. Back to the game. It has


been breathtaking pace. If they keep going like this it will either open


up or tighten up. It has been relentless. The way that Chile


press. If they press then everyone comes with them and that means space


in behind. It just takes one ball in the right place at the right time


and labour are will begin and he will score. -- Neymar. With Holland


they gradually wore them down because of that pressing game. There


was a spell of about five minutes when Brazil just sat there. I think


that could happen again in the second half. I would be amazed if


they could keep up that pace for another 45 minutes. Brazil had


better start taking their chances. Chile have people up front who can


finish. I think Brazil have had the better of the chances. And if they


continue like that then they will win the match.


Willian if he comes on my just give them some different play on the


left-hand side. Neymar is getting both chances. They are just waiting


for him, doing his hair at the moment! Chile really have only got


one game plan. That is the way they play and it has served them well so


far. The longer the game went on against the Dutch, the more


susceptible they were to the pace. And it might just go the same way


this time. If this goes wrong for Brazil I'm not quite certain what


will happen to the country! You could hear the fireworks going off


when Brazil scored that goal. We were neutral because the case was


great to watch. I still fancy Brazil, I think they're the ones


creating the chances. And if they keep up that intensity I do not


think Chile can deal with that. Probably the best half we have seen


in the World Cup. You could not take your eyes off it for a second. If


the game finishes level it may go to extra time and it also the


possibility of penalties looming. Scolari has been there before, the


quarterfinal, he will not be worried. And we hope that Neymar is


OK as well, he got that knock early on but he bounced back. He is the


OK as well, he got that knock early best player in the game and you want


him to be there. But it is a big moment for Chile, they have never


won in Brazil. Neymar seemed fine and he is going to score in the


second half! Time to get back to that second half.


Brazil unbeaten at home to Chile. Spanning 95 years. This could be the


best chance that Chile have had yet to overturn that statistic. Their


national motto is, by reason or by force. The team plays in that image.


Fred in the middle. Neymar force. The team plays in that image.


Fred out to Dani Alves. Neymar given half a yard of room.


The pace continues. The end to end nature continues. David Luiz has


bought his team-mate and his country a bit of time with the block. Both


teams going for this all-out attack. Going toe to toe together. I'm not


sure that is the best policy for was ill. Do not underestimate Chile,


they are an outstanding unit. -- for Brazil.


And it will be a free kick for Chile. At half-time they were


talking about what would happen if Brazil went out, I dread to think!


It would be a disaster. The party feeling has been growing throughout


the tournament. The party would be over. Not for Chile! They are a


strong team, it is unthinkable. Diaz with a free kick for Chile.


strong team, it is unthinkable. Diaz Neymar. A glorious ball. Dani Alves


I think has missed red the flight a little bit. -- misread. Both teams


hell-bent on getting forward at every opportunity. David Luiz has to


recover to see off the threat of Vargas. As soon as you lose


recover to see off the threat of possession against them there at


your throat. -- they are. Oscar out on the left-hand side, a


bit of a switch. Hulk to the right. Fernandinho. Did well to come that


close. He was off talents as he struck it. Just shows you the


confidence. -- off-balance. Great noise from the Chile


supporters. Flags are waving. Diaz. Sanchez. Dani Alves for company.


The diagonal walls have been a feature. If you are a centre-half


you cannot switch off for a moment. All that pace around you. And not


just hopeful either, played with purpose. And quality.


Clever dummy from the Dell. -- from the Dell.


-- Vidal. Oscar just invaluable there.


Neymar. Great tackle. That is what the Dell is all about. -- Vidal.


Oscar. Well read by Diaz. It is relentless. It is as if there is a


little pitch in the middle of the pitch and nobody wants to give up


possession. Fred. Has to work to keep it but he


could not. You cannot carry anybody when you are playing against top


teams. David Luiz. when you are playing against top


Brazil?s ball to throw back in. Far gas has been quite so far. -- Vargas


has been quiet so far. Another throw in where they give the ball away.


Sloppy. Aranguiz had left his midfield post. Isla wins the ball.


Diaz hammering it down midfield. Dani Alves. The keepers kicking it


Diaz hammering it down midfield. out from the back so many times.


Another long ball finds its target. Neymar to run for it. Bravo shows


his skills. Love that from the keeper. Nice and calm.


Oscar. Great work from Gustavo Colman the David Luiz. Look at Hulk


coming in here! It is in! Incredible!


A prayer being offered up because Howard Webb is coming. It is a


yellow card. Handball is the verdict. That is a hell of a call


from the referee. Michael Mullarkey went across to speak to him. That is


a huge call. They operate as a team, these officials.


Brazil have been rattled by that, they are off-balance here. There is


a murmur right around the stadium. And there is a sense of disbelief. A


massive moment in the game. You can see heads turning all around. They


are looking for a monitor, they want to see it again. Vargas is going off


and on welcome Gutierrez. It is another attacking midfielder to


enter the action. One of their more orthodox strikers is leaving.


We are waiting for another that one because it was a huge


moment in the match. It looked for all the world as though Hulk had put


Brazil in front. Defiant noise from the Chilean


supporters as they went another free Defiant noise from the Chilean


kick. Felipe Luiz Scolari is hopping mad. He is angry, he thinks Sanchez


is diving. He has got to stay calm. The fourth official is Germany's


Felix Byrch. Bravo is going long again, but that


was too long this time. They are just drawing breath. Did it come


onto his forearm. Howard Webb gave the goal at first, but then he saw


the flag. It looks to me as they've Brazil are very unlucky, to


Gustavo was a little too eager. is supposed to be sitting in


Gustavo was a little too eager. of his defence, he is doing none of


that. He is pressing the ball high. Howard Webb has been tested to the


limit in this one. He has got to keep a cool head. England upset in


1986 by the hand of God. Howard Webb has just upset Brazil with the hand


of Hulk. That is a foul and his hand is in


his pocket. It is a yellow That is a foul and his hand is in


well. He cannot have any complaints with this one. And it is Gustavo out


of any quarterfinal that Brazil will reach. He is a big player to lose.


He does not catch the eye all that often, but he does a very big job.


You are just wondering if Brazil are starting to crack a little bit.


Chile are just deciding who goes up, they do alternate. Fred is


always back for Brazil when needed and headed away.


There are just a few more niggardly fowls coming into the game.


Ferdinand Eno committed a few in the first half and did not see yellow.


-- niggardly fowls. Brazil cannot get on the ball at


this stage. Thiago Silva is flying through the


air. He apologises and it is accepted. It is rare for it to


happen in this game, but it was all cordial. Two players totally


committed. Jo is getting ready. He is getting a final briefing. I am


sure it will be Fred who comes off. That is a sign of what is building


for Chile. Fred is to be replaced by Jo. His international renaissance


began a year ago when called up to the Confederations Cup squad. He has


been a Luiz Felipe Scolari 's's squad every sense. -- ever since.


The cheers are allowed for Jo because he plays right here.


A super save by Julio Cesar. He got down brilliantly. Magnificent


reflexes from the goalkeeper. He has done nothing really in the game. A


great save, but fantastic movement again from Chile. Aranguiz thought


he had put Chile in front. Brazil are on the back foot. If Chile are


going to win this, this could be their moment.


The supporters are trying to get something going to lift the men in


yellow. They sensed they need to help their team. Rocked by the goal


they thought they had scored through Hulk.


I suppose the talking point about the goal is the way his arm is out.


If you support Brazil, it is a goal all day. It is the near side


linesman. I thought the benefit of the doubt went with the striker. We


have watched it a couple of times now and there is still uncertainty


here. They have to make the call instantly and Michael Mullarkey did


not hesitate. Aranguiz just made the block and


stepped across. Great defending. Again it was a good, diagonal ball.


Aranguiz, we see him one minute at the other end nearly scoring and


there he is at the other end. He is a complete midfielder. So many of


their players could play in any position. It


their players could play in any passport to get into this team, you


have to be able to play in any position.


He is putting hands up to say he was not diving. Which means he was.


He is teasing Dani Alves. He is running the game. It is breaking


down far too much for Brazil. Vidal, another who is playing the role of


conductor. The game has got a more cagey feel


to it now. It certainly has. It is interesting that keeper going long.


I think he senses interesting that keeper going long.


going to press anyway, so he wants to deliver it long. The final


going to press anyway, so he wants quarter of the game, it is getting


to the stage where the next mistake could


The shape for Chile allows them to have more players in midfield. They


are happy to have three at the back. It is a very good system. You need


mobile players with high energy and It is a very good system. You need


you need energy in this warmth as well.


you need energy in this warmth as cannot see on the television. Jorge


Sampaoli, the manager, he orchestrates everything they do. He


wants to go toe to toe with people. struggling to hold back the tears


during the Chile national anthem at the start of the match.


Fernandinho. And that will be a free kick. Scolari senses that he has to


do something here. Well the energy levels will only be increased if


Ramirez comes on. They being outplayed in the middle. -- they


are. Oscar blocked. Ramirez stripped and ready. But


Brazil not quite ready as a unit to make the change. Gustavo did well to


Brazil not quite ready as a unit to try to get Brazil back in


possession. Effortlessly controlled. Sanchez. That will eat Hulk. Tried


to use his bulk, and did. -- beat. And Fernandinho is going to make way


for Ramirez. He's limping quite heavily to the touchline. They will


need Ramirez in the midfield. Very much like for like. He needs to lift


his team-mates. 18 minutes of the 90 remaining. Extra time on penalties


are an option now in the knockout phase.


In the confederations cup the game went all the way to penalties, Spain


against Italy. And the conditions were so hot. You cannot


underestimate that today as well. David Luiz. I love made that look


easy. Silva put under a little pressure by Sanchez. Brazil carried


in possession, you do not often see that. These quality players, you put


them under pressure, they do not like it. They have just lost their


tempo. Looking for Jo. What a tackle that is. Joel all set to turn it


home. It is a fantastic ball slipped in by Hulk. The defender just get a


touch on it. The faintest of touches. Brilliant piece of


blogging. -- blocking. Sanchez has taken a fall. The play stopped


temporarily. Scolari spoke about Brazil playing at about 80% of the


level they were at about a year ago. Perhaps a bit less than that today.


I think the defender put him off the last attempt to clear it. I have


been amazed at how the disallowed goal as perfect it was ill. -- has


affected Brazil. Hulk is going to hit one. Looks as


if that is his strategy from now on. Diaz just gulping for air. Like


everyone else out there he is putting in an almighty shift. And so


has Jorge Sampaoli. Stalking that technical area the whole time. He


will be more than happy with the performance of his team.


will be more than happy with the Their back three is really quite an


ordinary defence. But their midfield works so wonderfully hard in front


of them it does not really matter who plays at the back. Silva was


relegated from La Liga. Yet as a unit they are incredible. You would


love to isolate them but you do not seem to be able to.


love to isolate them but you do not is simple. Here he is


love to isolate them but you do not triangle here. Diaz, another


accurate ball from him to Aranguiz. Looking for Sanchez. Back comes


Oscar defending. Neymar, get caught in a crowd. Managed to win it back.


A free kick. Is it going to be Brazil on the break?


A free kick. Is it going to be I would not say they weathered the


storm, they survived a shower. It is the numbers all over the pitch, they


are able to match up. They take no risks. If they have to go long, they


go long. Neymar kept pretty quiet in this second half. Nice controlled by


Ramirez. They just smother you. Brazil have got to keep trying to


play. Get a bit quicker. Seems so panicky.


Jo trying to run round the back. He just wants that ball played just a


bit harder. Good work from Hulk. Does well to watch the spin.


It will be decided by another Does well to watch the spin.


mistake or a moment of magic from either side. Plenty of players out


there capable of providing it. either side. Plenty of players out


Dani Alves. Looking for Neymar. Launched to an offside Sanchez. That


diagonal pass again. Neymar really should be doing better with that.


Oscar has another chance to pull back. Neymar trying the backheel


into the net. Superb recovery from Gutierrez to get there with Dani


Alves. Brazil showing signs of ramping it up.


Brazil brilliant in the final third. Bravo up and away. Chile now going


long more often. I think they have got to keep it as well. Both teams


may have an eye on extra time here. Eight and a half big minutes left.


It is a game on the edge. Looking absolutely shattered. That


is the problem for Chile. Are they able to keep this going. Both


full-backs for Brazil going more inside. Trying to join the midfield.


Joel is on inside. Trying to join the midfield.


him. Hulk dances through. Hulk with a chance! Beating clear by bravo.


Held by bravo. Brilliant from both players. Fantastic save.


alive again. It looks like all Brazil to the end


at the moment. And if they score a winner you will hear a noise like


nothing else we have heard of this World Cup yet.


Hulk almost hero once more. A change for Chile. Putting a bit more


Hulk almost hero once more. A change into the attack. The number nine is


ready, Pinilla. Slowing it down. You can hear what the Brazilian


public make of these Chilean tactics now.


Diaz rarely wastes it. He is a great player.


chance at least to come for either one of these teams before the end.


In the second half we have hardly seen Neymar on the ball. It is all


credit to Chile and the way they defend.


See how quickly they get round to Neymar, they know he is the danger.


A change for Chile. Vidal is coming off. He did have a knee operation,


so maybe it is not a surprise he is coming off. It gives a message to


his followers. On welcome Marussia Pinilla. If you have enjoyed this so


much, there are highlights tonight at 11:40pm on BBC One and you will


also see what happens in the time between Colombia and Uruguay. A


great performance from Vidal. There will be more of the same, though.


Hulk was unlucky. He has got the feeling things are going against him


in this second half. When he sees it again, maybe he will think he


handled it. We have been critical of him in this tournament, but he keeps


going. He has had one great goal and another one disallowed. He may just


be the hero. There were a few groans because


anathema to the Brazilian public. He wins a throw, the second best he


could have done. Pinilla coming on, what a fantastic flick. It does not


matter who comes off and who goes on or where they play, it is all great


quality. Again good pressure from Ramires in


the middle of the pitch. He gives it away. I am told there will be three


minutes added on to the end. If we do not get a winning goal, we will


have extra time. I hope the fridge is well-stocked!


You should see the Chilean television commentator in front of


us! He looks like he is about to burst! And now our friend is seated


again. Sanchez was brilliant in that build-up. You cannot get the ball


off him. I think he smells blood. He waited too long and loud Ramires


to block. He could just sends Pinilla over his


shoulder. This could be it, you know. If this goes end, there is no


way back from this. Here comes the pit bull, Gary Modell. Pinilla now


has the height. It was a wicked corner.


It looks as though the players are ready for an extra half an hour. We


are going to get 30 minutes. We could go all the way to penalties.


Extra time to come. Bring it on. Honours even. The real winners are


asked, watching and utterly gripping game of football. A further 30


minutes to enjoy. It has been intense and exhilarating, Alan. The


second half was not as good as the first half, but it has been great.


Brazil died in the second half, but the big talking point is Howard Webb


who denied Hulk a penalty kick in the first half, which he could have


who denied Hulk a penalty kick in given. And he is 30 yards away. This


is the first one. Is that contact, Alan? I think that is a penalty.


This is a massive call. I think it is the right call because it hits


the top of his arm. But how can Howard webzine from there? I was


gutted it was handball and it wasn't given, but it is handball. I think


it is the right decision. It was a bit of everything, arm, shoulder and


chest. I did not agree with Howard Webb in the first half, but I give


him credit there. It is a massive call. That had a big effect on


Brazil. After that they lost a bit of their impetus. I see him playing


as a number nine for this team. He looks comfortable going either way.


It was a great strike and a great save. Neymar was pretty anonymous in


the second half. He had a chance with a header, but he looks as if he


is struggling a bit. He was anonymous and we did not see him at


all. Then he had a header and 15 minutes ago conceivably he might


have scored. But Chile had a great chance as well. This is fantastic


football. It was a brilliant pull-back to Aranguiz. Lovely play.


That is what you are taught as a kid, play and move and that is what


they have done. I think both teams deserve tremendous credit for the


way they have kept on going. Yes, it has slowed down, yes, the quality


was not as high, but it is still entertaining. It was inevitable it


was going to slow down. I cannot remember a first half with the pace


and intensity that we have seen in this match. And the chance for Jo.


This is good defending. The defender get a little touch. It was brilliant


defending. Everyone looked at Jo and wondered why he did not have his


boot on the end of that. He takes the defenders out of the game. The


ball from Dani Alves is delicious. I think we all want Brazil to win and


we tipped Brazil, but think we all want Brazil to win and


gutted for Chile. They have been fantastic. I don't know what this


place would be like if they don't win this game. Let's remind you of


the two first half goals. David Luiz has been credited with this by FIFA.


We are not quite sure, but he has been given the goal. This was Alexis


Sanchez. This is when you are walking around, trying to cheer your


team-mate up, trying to get your legs back, so this is an important


moment. This is where the manager comes into play. The rhetoric from


him and what he is saying. There will be a lot of tired legs out


there. Sometimes we see where teams get a bit tired and there is almost


a desire not to make a mistake, so we end up with some sort of deadlock


and a penalty shoot out becomes inevitable. Can you see that


happening? It would be understandable. For 90 minutes it


has been full pelt and it might happen. And also those players will


know the penalty takers. The five penalty takers are starting to


think, it could be me in half an hour. I think whoever wins this


World Cup will have to at some time with a penalty shoot out. You have


to admire this Chile team. They are punching above their weight in many


ways. When you consider the players, one has been relegated, one has been


released by a Championship club, one has been relegated, one has been


is unbelievable. But they all believe in their manager, who is on


the touchline. It is unbelievable the amount of movement he does. They


are so well organised, you have got to admire them. Organised,


disciplined and drilled. That is what Chile are. And they have got


good quality. Clubs will be looking at Sanchez, put him up front in the


number nine and Number Ten position. We have another 45 minutes, what a


day to be a referee. Enjoy it. It has been great so far, there is more


to come. Here are Guy Mowbray and Martin Keogh. It has been a


spectacle just watching the players during the interval. Cesar left the


team huddle early and walked right around his half of the field. He was


urging the Brazil fans, to beat the Chile fans, to make more noise. And


the Chile fans responded to that as well. A contest on and off the


field. Bravo looks at the Chile fans behind


the gold. Mouthing words of support to them as well. Away we go. The


first knockout game of this exhilarating World Cup


first knockout game of this disappointed. And it is giving us a


bonus. 30 minutes more. Only right that we get another 30 minutes. You


would not have wanted to see a winner in those final minutes of the


game. Who is brave enough to go and win it, who is going to be the match


winner? Superb endeavour there from Hulk. He is fired up. Look at him go


to the crowd. Just gets knocked off the ball. It is shove. A gesture to


those supporters who cannot contain themselves. It is a difficult area


to defend. Height advantage, they have got to make it count.


Neymar to flick it in. Fired in. Behind for the corner. Good


defending. Neymar. Help from Ramires. Only Jo


can go for this. And Bravo a little slow. That could be a yellow card


for Jo. If he is deemed to have raised his route dangerously in


trying to win it. -- his boot. I think it is the hesitation that


leads Jo to go for that. Keeper takes a backward step. It is a foul


in the end of course. He very nearly gets there.


Jo is OK, Bravo is OK. You would want your centre forward to go for


that ball. Jo has to take it on the chin, Mike Claudio Bravo. -- like.


The Chile goalkeeper will get this one away down the field. Gustavo


Colman the -- Gustavo. Sanchez. Where is he going to go next. It is


Ramires who pushes him to the floor. Such a darting, twisting player. Low


sense of gravity. He just gets away from players. He is clever. It is a


decision that he makes in the end to go down. But so tricky to play


against. Diaz with the free kick. That was a


waste. The last 16 has got off to a cracking start. These are the games


that you can watch next on the BBC. The potential to be games not to


miss. Neymar has managed to win it by unfair means in the view of


Howard Webb. I think he is right. Good decision from the referee. Not


pleasing the crowd. Just catches him. Does not get a yellow card.


Here is another one who is one booking away from a ban. That will


not go down well. Certainly not, he is the idol.


David Luiz with a stout header away. Dani Alves. Sanchez is penalised.


Just to underline how well Chile are doing, you have too considered the


statistics. Scolari dismissed them and said it was all about the Chile


team of today but they have never beaten Brazil in Brazil and have not


beaten them in 12 games since 2000. And Brazil have not lost a home


competitive international since 1975. The odds are stacked against


them. But their manager has been outstanding. His tactics, the belief


that he gives his team. Dani Alves with the Brazil throw.


And Jo receives, or should have done.


Gustavo. Realised Diaz was coming. done.


Jo cannot quite keep it in. He took a bit of stick during his spell in


the Premier League. But Phil Neville was actually a big fan when they


were team-mates at Everton, said he had incredible ability but just did


not show it off enough. The Chile back three coping very


comfortably with them. Not enough to trouble them. We have seen a new


site to Gary Medel. A player who could not stop collecting red cards


during his spell in Spain. Hulk back to Dani Alves.


Silver over to Marcella. Jo just gave his man to slip for a minute.


Gary Medel just gives him time to recover and get back. Brazil keeping


the ball better now. That must have been the message from Scolari at the


end of the game. David Luiz has a bit more work to do aerially now he


is up against Pinilla. Pinilla moving well to get in front.


Diaz. Here is Ramires. This period of


extra time so far has not been anything to write home about.


Making Chile work hard, this pair in possession. Hulk. Dani Alves. The


obvious option was Gustavo. Nice step over. Oscar! Hulk again.


Oscar just could not get enough power in it. Sanchez in the middle,


joined by Gutierrez and Aranguiz. Gutierrez has given it away to


Oscar. Aranguiz then smothered him. Ramires on the run. Incredible


squeals around the ground when Brazil threatened to get anywhere


near that Chile goal. They are dominating now. Entirely deliberate,


yellow card. Dani Alves was not making that run.


Jo just not able to find his man. When you're chasing possession,


you're almost chasing shadows. This is a good period for Brazil.


Lost out to Hulk. And Hulk tries for goal. Bravo. Well again. Neymar leap


for it. A little bit desperate, but defending from Chile.


Diaz. He is down theatrically, but he was bowled by David Luiz. This


was another great save. You can see why bias alone have bought the


goalkeeper. He will be succeeding Victor Valdes.


My cello comes inside and leaves the wide player. It was a huge gamble.


Another free kick again. Chile are not going away.


The time is just flying. You could sit and watch this all night. We


are. We have to. It is fantastic quality. Now it is a free kick for


Chile. Just about time enough for them to take it as well. Will this


surprise you? As a defender he is not going for the ball. He stops the


centre forward going for that. It is a definite free kick and he gets a


booking. He does not even leave the ground. One last bit of defending


and goalkeeping for Brazil before we reach half-time at extra time. There


is no time for anything else other than an Alexis Sanchez strike. He is


standing there like Ronaldo. And he puts his shored up in similar


fashion as well. That will be it for the first 15 minutes. We have been


told that Brazil's passing accuracy in this game has been the lowest


from a Brazil side in any World Cup match since 1966. Does it surprise


you? It does not because the way Chile have been pressing is they are


better in possession. And Chile keep taking it off you all the time. And


Sanchez is in sparkling form. This is still very difficult to call even


at this stage. It could go either way. You have said it, Chile are not


going anywhere. Chile are probably going to rely on the break. You want


to have energy. Has this manager got another tactical change? He really


is the master for me. He has got the tactics right in the midfield. I


believe Scolari has got the players. I would like to see more from Oscar.


Hulk is starting to produce a little bit. He has got to get Sanchez in on


the break. Will Ian is going to come on for Brazil. I think that is a


great move. We know what he can do. We have seen him at Chelsea. We need


another player who can come on and link into midfield. Chile still have


the mercurial talents of Valdivia. He was once said to be one of the


best players in Brazilian football. He is the most likely player to come


on for Chile at some stage. But He is the most likely player to come


Willian is going to come on for Brazil. It is about who wants it


most now. You need Brazil. It is about who wants it


well. The fans have got to play their part. Chile have got small


numbers here, but the noise they their part. Chile have got small


making is incredible. A bit of adjustment, a bit of ice, take some


fluid on board. Oscar has gone off, he has run his race. Chelsea for


Chelsea. Yes, can his he has run his race. Chelsea for


it for him? It is his night appearance. He has scored goals


against Honduras and Panama. What would the whole Brazil give for one


from him now? I would hate to see it go to penalties. Let's hope there is


a winner that can come out of this game. Chile still have that one


extra change available because there is no sign of Valdivia yet. Brazil


will start the last 15 minutes of action of the match. It might yet


decide the team that goes through to play Uruguay or Columbia in


Fortaleza on Friday. Jo will be a prominent figure at


this corner. And headed over by Jo. It was a good


header. He almost gets too much And headed over by Jo. It was a good


it. He just needed the faintest of touches. He has a problem, it is


hard to see which part of his touches. He has a problem, it is


is injured with all that strapping. He will probably need to come off.


The gesture from the bench is, keep going as long as you can. Maybe he


is saying the going as long as you can. Maybe he


tight. Bionic man. Now they are going to make the change and Howard


Webb has seen it. He is making way for Jose Rojas. What pressure he is


and. Nadal has been fantastic at the heart of that defence. He is


comfortable in possession, he heart of that defence. He is


when to come out. He is distraught. He knows he may well have played his


last football in this competition. And what pressure Jose Rojas is


under. Do what the last lads did, no mistakes. Interesting if he goes


into the middle of the three. He limps away forlornly. Jose Rojas is


a trusted player of Jorge Sampaoli. Mena and Isla have dropped back, so


it is almost a five now. He very nearly got there.


That is not enough of an advantage for Chile. They can have a free kick


for Ramires' foul. Their players are dropping all over the place. They


have got to rally themselves for even more effort. The follow-through


caught him in the back. They hurt, they are painful. There is Ramires


kicking through Gutierrez. I think Chile is recharging the battery is a


little bit. The town was good, but the shot was not. Worth a try. They


have definitely gone to a back four. The Brazil fans find their voices


again. They are starting to bloom around the stadium.


You should not be shooting from there. Change the angle by all


means, but get it into the box. Jo will be disappointed. You go in


there for a free kick and you want the ball in the box.


Both goalkeepers are employing the same tactic now, a big boot down the


middle. From me to you. They both went in with boots raise, but the


free kick is to Brazil. Oh, dear. Everything he does passing


wise is neat and tidy. His shooting is rotten. It is. You can forgive


him in these closing stages. The managers are getting hot under the


collar. It is starting to get very nervy around us. With seven minutes


to go and your World Cup fate on the line as the host nation, how much


can you gamble? This is the dream, isn't it? Neymar, who wants to win


it desperately, we have hardly seen him.


Luiz, boy, did he want that! Great defending. Hulk, not this time. Says


he was pushed in the face and Howard Webb for one agrees with him. They


have had a good battle, these two. Webb for one agrees with him. They


Well seen by the referee. Gustavo. Dani Alves. It is over Neymar.


Brazil building to the end. Pinilla has done a good job for


Chile since coming on. Jo could not really jump for it. Hulk forced away


by men. -- Mena. Five huge minutes remaining. Brazil have got to be


patient. They have got to believe they will get one more big chance.


Chile have made it clear now they are shutting up. Free kick has gone


to Chile. Aranguiz has clap. I'm surprised


that not many more have gone down for that. -- has cramp. Hard work is


one thing but organisation is the key to it.


Bravo to get this as far away from his goal as he possibly can. A


little back header from Gustavo Canales the danger.


little back header from Gustavo Aranguiz could hardly run. Lovely


bit of work from Gutierrez. Neymar has got to release that ball.


You would have Aranguiz down to take a penalty if needed. I do not think


he would be able to walk. Two and a half to go. Willian in. A


really good ball as well. Pinilla. That will be cheered loudly in


Santiago. Thiago Silva.


A goal now is as good as a Golden Goal. You do not have those in the


World Cup any more but effectively that is what a winner for either


side would be. A great advert for closing down. Gustavo keeps Brazil


in possession. Hulk goes on another wonder. And everyone else wonders


why. Crazy strike from there. His manager trying to tell him just be


patient. Do not lose your head. Seconds remaining. Penalties are


looming. Brazil has been a nervous country. Not just whether the World


Cup would be a success in terms of organisation but for the national


team. And they might be in trouble here with Pinilla and Sanchez.


Pinilla to shoot! To hit the bar! That was a rocket. Brazil an inch


away from crashing out of their own World Cup. What a thunderous effort


this is. A real let off. World Cup. What a thunderous effort


dispossessed by the mirrors. It breaks to Neymar. Here is Hulk.


Could not hold of the tackle. Brazil corner.


What you can do, we can do better, that kind of feel about it. It has


to go in from this corner. Hulk. Headed away by Pinilla who came so


close to winning it. Ramires. The shot close down. Bravo knew it was


going, took his hand away. And it will be penalties. Just cannot get


the power on it. What a strike that is. We are well into that second


minute. Bravo using up every second of it that he dares.


If that was six inches lower Brazil are out! I said an inch! Howard Webb


just had a look at his watch. He is going to play every second. That


will do it. We are going to a penalty shoot out. Arms in the air


on the Chile bench. Plenty of drama to come yet. We have penalties in


Belo Horizonte. So penalties it is. And the host


nation holds its breath. The recent history for Brazil is not good in


terms of penalty shoot out. The failed to score a single penalty in


their most recent shoot out in a competitive tournament. That was in


2011. All four players missed against Paraguay. In the World Cup,


Brazil have won two and lost one. Most recently in 1998 when they beat


the Netherlands. In that penalty shoot out. We have been in this


position once or twice ourselves. You wonder if Neymar would be able


to take one. All the players would have been thinking, penalties coming


up. The key is if you are going to take a penalty, do not let your mind


play tricks with you. Just do what your practice. If the keeper is


moving to his left do not change your mind. Do not do anything


different to what you practice. Stick with it. Do not change your


mind. I do not envy the players walking up to the all from the


halfway line. I would have been next in Moscow and my legs had gone. The


pressure, the expectations are met thinking about what happens if you


miss. And I am not a regular penalty taker. It is such a difficult thing.


It is a long walk back if you miss, but is for sure. This game you do


not want anyone to lose, it has been fantastic. Then Brazil almost


scoring. Just sensational. I think we still might go on to win the


penalties after that. Just the block buster of a hit. It was a difficult


time for the manager. Some potatoes might be off now. You're looking


around at the guys. The manager might not have confidence in them.


More pressure on the Brazilian players because they are in front of


the home crowd. It is an added burden. It does not matter how


experienced you are. In that walk up every bone in your body will be


shaking. And if they miss, the weight of expectation, it is


massive. I remember 1990 we escaped with two extra time winners against


Belgium and Cameroon. We had a penalty shoot out against Germany in


the semifinal and Bobby Robson got the five of us together the four of


us that volunteered and Chris Waddle! He just offered a few


words. He said do not let me down, there are 30 million people... Not


the greatest support! In Euro 96 at Wembley and 1998 in France against


Argentina, yes there are millions back


Argentina, yes there are millions home and your family and friends are


there in the stadium but it is those 11 guys or 16 guys behind you plus


the manager that matter the most. That is who you just do not want to


let down. But you do not want to let yourself down as well. I have never


taken a penalty and never wanted to. I have nothing but admiration for


the guys who took them. Chile maybe not just under the same kind of


pressure but what a performance they have put on in this game. I spoke to


some South American before this and Chile and Colombia, they had them as


their pick. They have just taken on the manager?s elites and philosophy.


Neymar, 22 years old and already the leader. It does not matter what your


team-mates say to you, it is how you as an individual deal with that


pressure. 1998 David Batty said to me before


pressure. 1998 David Batty said to just smash it as hard as you can


down the middle. He got to do ball just smash it as hard as you can


and put it to the goalkeeper of my right. I asked what happened and he


just said I was under pressure and my mind changed. There is little in


life that prepares you for a situation like this. You practice


and practice but you situation like this. You practice


this atmosphere. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. That walk from


the halfway line to the ball will be the longest you ever make in your


life. The most important thing is to not change your mind. The minute you


do, I have done it against Everton in the FA Cup semifinal. I changed


my mind as I walked up. And you cannot do that. You have to be clear


on what you're doing. Just do what you practice. We are just about


ready. I do not know about you, but I am shaking as well. Prayers are


being offered up. Gustavo has asked for the highest help. Martin, I know


you have not been in this situation. I know you have tried to


read create it. I know you have done the walk in training. It is that


Walker, but we have not spoken much about the keepers. There is a


temptation for the keeper to do a big lunch and a big save, but the


keeper who stands on his feet, that is the most difficult one. Who is


going to be the hero? Two great goalkeepers? Says I will want to win


this. Bravo, the other keeper, has been brilliant in this game, so it


is very difficult to call. Do we have anybody confident enough to


pull it off? They will have done their homework. They will have an


idea which corner they want to put it in. All together on the


touchline. Brazil will go first. David Luiz will go first. Somehow I


had a feeling he would be up there to take one. It has been mentioned,


their last competitive penalty shoot out against Uruguay and Brazil


missed all four. That might weigh heavy on the minds of the players


who were involved if David Luiz fails to score going first up. Bravo


is set in the Chilean goal. And it is a perfect penalty. Brilliant,


emphatic, and sets the tone. Plenty of power and direction. First to go


for Chile is Pinilla. That crossbar has only stopped shaking from his


effort at the end of extra time. He will not want to hit it again. A


brilliant save. Cesar held his nerve. Fantastic goalkeeping. The


lead is nearly coming off this stadium. He did what you said, he


stood his ground. And so many times in these shoot outs we see the team


that gets the first advantage not go on to win. It is a nervous Willian,


spotting the ball very carefully. And he has put it wide. That is the


pressure of the occasion. He did not look confident at all. He almost


puts himself off. He is distraught. Gustavo just sprinted from halfway


to consult his team-mate. That is gone, that has to be forgotten.


Sanchez is stepping up to the mark for Chile. One of the best players


in world football, one of the best players during the game. Saved again


by Cesar! This is all about the keeper. What a fantastic save. It


had pace on it. He read it, great reactions. It so often happens, you


start in the game, you fail in the lottery. There was a hand to it from


Bravo, but it was not strong enough. Brazil seek a bit of daylight. It


was just over the top of the keeper. Aranguiz could hardly move at the


end of extra time. No problem with those legs at all. Wow, dispatched.


Absolutely no fear. Beautiful. Pressure? Here comes Hulk. You


wonder if he is going to be the fall guy with what has happened in the


game so far. This is a massive moment. He is having a look at Bravo


and telling him where to go. And Bravo has got the better of him. I


had a feeling he was going to go for power and the keeper read him. He


knows, he waits. Not the best of penalties, but these guys are under


extreme pressure. Bravo outfoxed him. Two great goalkeepers, you have


to say. Diaz, like Sanchez before him, having had an excellent game,


has the chance to make it all square again. The less said about his


passing during the match, but his shooting was perfect. How about his


penalties? Very laboured in teeing the ball up. And he plans it down


the middle. We are effectively at sudden death now. Diaz has done


well. He runs around it and put it down the middle. It had to be


Neymar. It is all about the keeper for me, really. The pressure on this


young man. The poster boy of the World Cup. Can the keepers psych him


out. There will be another kick after this, but what responsibility


on his shoulders. He has carried his country so far.


Neymar scorers. He has nerves of steel. Well done, young man. The


pressure was on him. Just teeing it up and stroking it into the net. A


quality player. He waited for Bravo to move. You pick first, I am not


going. That is what it is all about. Cesar will want to be the hero. From


Brighton Hove Albion and most recently Nottingham Forest, the man


without a club. Off the post! Brazil win in the most


without a club. Off the post! Brazil joy. A nation excels. It is


desperate for Chile. Chile are going home. Brazil are


desperate for Chile. Chile are going how is your breath?


desperate for Chile. Chile are going for him. It hurts, it is painful, I


thought they have been magnificent in this match. Gonzalo Kara tried to


go for the Hollywood in this match. Gonzalo Kara tried to


corner. He could not pull it off, look at the celebrations. Relief.


Again the woodwork denying them. As it did in the last seconds of extra


time. What a game in Belo Horizonte. What a World Cup this continues to


be. We salute Gallant, brave Chile. The rest of the stadium erupts in


Cheers for Brazil. You wonder after this whether this is really


Brazil's World Cup. Brazil are through to the quarterfinals.


What about that? What a thrilling finale. Such tension, such as drama


and Neymar scorers the winning penalty. Allen, a gripping, gripping


outcome. We mention those mixed emotions. The euphoria and despair.


I feel sorry for Chile. They have contributed massively to this game


and the whole tournament. Unfortunately in a penalty shoot out


there is just one winner. A shame it has to end like that for them. But


there is just one winner. A shame it has to end like that for them. team


has got to go through and if I'm honest it keeps the tournament


going. I tipped Brazil beforehand. Whoever wins will have two win at


penalty shoot out somewhere along the line. The pressure on Neymar was


incredible. C?sar another hero. Only played eight games in club football


this season. You can see the emotion. It is the expectation from


the country behind you in the stadium. This place is just built


around the game. You can see everything there coming out. Tears.


It is not even the last game in the tournament. It would be a shame for


Brazil to go out in the last 16. It would not be acceptable, they have


to do it. To play under that stress is one thing, to take a spot kick


from 12 yards is another. With the eyes of the country on you. Neymar


was sensational. The Chilean players disconsolate. No good news


whatsoever. They have contributed to this magnificent match and they're


distraught. I just had a feeling when they hit the crossbar. I just


had a feeling that we still might go when they hit the crossbar. I just


on and win it. What a start to the knockout stages. The place and the


intensity of the first half was sensational. Brazil did not even


play well today. Both teams played quite well in the first half but in


terms of quality... If they're going to go on and this competition they


will have to play better. If they hit a bit of form they will be a


worry for the other teams. You just start to think maybe it is Bears. --


it is Bears. Whether there is debate about penalty shoot outs but great


to watch. Juninho I'm sure agrees. The


atmosphere is incredible. People around us hugging each other. Grown


men in tears. And this man could barely watch. Unbelievable. My heart


is OK now! What drama your country put you through today. We could not


stay out of this tournament. I'm very emotional to see Brazil getting


through. But from here to the end we will be like this. You think it will


be this roller-coaster all the way through? Brazil need to play the


Brazilian way. We need to put the ball in the field and tried to play


more. This is what we have been talking about. There are problems


for Brazil. The country celebrating now. But there are some serious


issues that Scolari needs to address. Exactly. They need to


improve their game. I thought the first half was OK. In the second


half we did not play well. We expect so much from Neymar when he is not


involved in the game, we have a problem. Hulk played well as well


but not enough to win the game. The important thing is that we still are


the winners. You can go and relax now!


Much relief in the stadium. And right around this country I would


have thought. Just to remind ourselves of that extraordinary


tense penalty shoot out. This was vanilla. -- Pinilla. That is a good


save from Sanchez. This was brilliant. That's little dummy. And


then bang. 22 years old and walking up under that pressure. He was in


control of that situation. Quarter of an inch. Feel so sorry for them.


And how much has this taken out of the deal emotionally? So many


different permutations that can come from this result. I think it will be


relief. In the second half, from this result. I think it will be


middle they had gone dead. And Chile came into the game more. On another


day, they came into the game more. On another


but I think they have to improve massively if they want to win this


competition. I think they can. They have not got to the level where we


saw them last year. But I might just fancy them because they have not yet


reached the level that we know they can. They have had a bit of luck and


they keep getting it. Do you think they're capable of playing better


with the individuals have. I think they have to shovel things around.


For me Fred, what he's doing it does not complement the team. Get someone


like Willian was a bit more pace out wide as well and then you are


looking at the rails threat. Dani Alves will be after you in his press


Conference! Going forward, apart from Neymar, it is a weak point for


Brazil. Defensively they're from Neymar, it is a weak point for


reasonably solid. Going forward they struggle a bit. Remember that


reasonably solid. Going forward they struggled in 1992. And ultimately it


possibly cost them. Well Fred, his struggled in 1992. And ultimately it


contribution is minimal in this tournament. Even when he is doing


all right. That is a problem for them. I thought


all right. That is a problem for started. I always


all right. That is a problem for start in these matches. But the


thing about Scolari, he is so single-minded. It


thing about Scolari, he is so what anyone says to him,


thing about Scolari, he is so it his own way. Pele said the same


thing yesterday. Going forward, they struggle.


thing yesterday. Going forward, they name-drop! Going back to the Brazil


team, Gustavo will be missed. He has been excellent. A fantastic player.


Him and Neymar, for me that defensive job that he does. That is


an important role. Ramires will have the shoes to fill. All to play for.


The excitement still here. Feeling sorry for Chile but the game itself


was magnificent. Just the pleasure to sit and watch.


was magnificent. Just the pleasure first whistle it was end-to-end


stuff. The pace was frightening and it was great to watch. We had a


great group stage. And sometimes it goes a little flat after that. But


they went for it. These two were going back and forth the whole time.


With people like Sanchez upfront. It is exciting to watch. I thought this


game summed up the World Cup. To teams who want to attack, to score


goals. We have highlights of both of the matches today including Colombia


against Uruguay on BBC One at 11:50pm. And there are three more


games coming your way. France against Nigeria on Monday. On


Tuesday it is Argentina against Switzerland and Belgium against the


USA. And we have the cat chat show every morning on the website and by


player. -- catch up show. Unmissable! Brilliant stuff. Brazil


are still in, just. Goodbye. Clara, be my pal,


tell me, am I good man? I don't think I know


who the Doctor is any more.