Final: USA v Japan Match of the Day Live

Final: USA v Japan

Gabby Logan introduces live coverage of the Fifa Women's World Cup final. The USA have not won the tournament since 1999 while Japan are appearing in the final for the first time.

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Hello, welcome to the final of the 2011 women's World Cup. After three


week of action, we are left with Japan and the United States. This


should be a cracker. Let's introduce our panel, Sue Smith and


Martin Keown are joined by Fay White. I wsh you weren't here but


leading England out out. Have you had time to watch it back. Or is it


still a horror show. It takes a while to get over. But I forced


myself to watch it this morning and you have a lot of feelings of


regret and wish we had done better. Certainly when the moment called.


But we fael we have had a good tournament. Slightly galing the two


teams in the final, you had good performances against and you look


at the performances leading up to the final, were you thinking


England could have done one better? Yes we are in a great position,


having had those results against top quality teams. That can only


give us confidence. In major tournaments, America are in this


position, because they know how to win when it counts. We said


friendlies is not where it counts. That is something we need to learn.


But like I said, we can be positive. We didn't lose a game in a World


Cup. But sadly not this time. Some great performances. We will talk


more about your future later on. But let's focus on the final.


Galling for Fay and England, they made such light work of Japan, 2-0


and beat USA in theed by up. This and beat USA in theed by up. This


is how the US progressed They had a dramatic quarter final win over


Brazil. And a 3-1 win over France. Japan had wins over New Zealand and


Mexico, before losing to England. They knocked out the hosts Germany


in the quarter finals. So physically, you would say England


outmuscled Japan in that game. We were talking that this was a team


that had been compared to Barcelona. They will playing in triangles and


look smooth. But the first 45 minutes we said, where is this team.


England made them look ordinary. That was our game plan. We knew if


we allowed them to get it into their midfield, we would be in


trouble. We said, our game plan, sit off, stop them playing in


midfield and be physical. It was the first time we pressured them.


Didn't allow them time on the ball and it was a great performance.


Ellen White's goal gave us a great start as well. So it was a all


round performance. I mean I thought England in the tournament played


exceptionally well. We're sitting here now with the captain thinking,


listen I enjoy signature next to you, but I would rather you were


out there. With Kelly getting that injury, we were almost playing with


ten men in the end. The United States physically more similar to


England. Do you see them approaching the game in the same


way with Japan. Yes that is what way with Japan. Yes that is what


they have got to do. Ray Japan, we say they're smaller, they like to


pass the ball. America will try to stop them and use their strength


and their physical abilities. and their physical abilities.


look at the United States line up. Nine of the eleven England played


in April. Where are the main threats. Wambach is the player, a


fantastic front man. And they're strong at the back. And they're


professional in the way they play. They're the favourites. 25 times


they have played Japan and Japan have never won. Wam patch you know


well -- Wambach you know well, she broke your nose! She has 162 caps.


She is, I have played her a couple of times and she is a handful. She


is got at -- good at getting free kicks, but her biggest threat is in


the air. She scored in the last minute and she is a big game player.


When they get that once chance, put it in the back of the net. I hate


to say it, but she is prolific and leads the line. She is a cross


between Andy Carroll and Gary Lineker. She looked very relaxed


there. The experience the American girls have got at the top of the


game is quite incredible. Now let's look at the starting eleven for


Japan. And ten of the team faced England. We saw in midfield Homare


Sawa and Mizuho Sakaguchi. Yes I have enjoyed watching Japan. The


way they move the ball about. I love the wide players, their


crossing on the run, they can play left foot, right foot. They're just


enjoyable to watch. They have to, against America, they have to move


the ball and keep one or two touch. They did lose of course to the


English, but take nothing away from them, they had won the group at


that point. They didn't know whether to go for it. Homare Sawa's


fifth World Cup. This would be the first site an Asian side have


lifted the World Cup if they can beat the United States. She has


four goals so far in the tournament. Is it their time? USA have the


experience and have been in the position before. Japan haven't. But


they have a technically gifted player in Sawa. She has got a


couple of goals in previous games, four goals from midfield. She likes


to join in late. Set pieces she scored a couple of goals. It may


not be so easy against America. But she is a very technical player and


that stood out when we looked at the Japan team, all around the team


they're comfortable on both feat. Aya Miyama can provide great balls


into the box. I hope they do it. I'm rooting for Japan. I think I'm


rooting for ja pab. -- Japan, but I think America will do it. I agree.


Any questions we will address them. Let's led to Frankfurt and the


World Cup final. Your commentary to the sixth FIFA women's World Cup


final. It is Japan who most of us didn't think would be here tonight


and it is the US a. Who many did. Whatever happens, we will have a


piece of history by the end of the evening. Either the first side from


the Asian football confederation to be crowned queens of world football,


or the Americans would be the first to lift the trophy three times.


1991, 1999, two previous finals, two finals won. Credit to the


German s who have supported this tournament to well. There must be


disappointment among German fans that their team was knocked out in


the quarter finals by ja pab. -- Japan. The roof is on here. Lady


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


and gentlemen, please stand for the Japan's Golding girl, Homare Sawa


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


is ready for the most glittering United States. Nerves obviously


jumping, but miles more smiles, right from the word go from the US


national team at this World Cup. Pretty much a closed shop over Greg


Ryan four year ago. But the Swedish coach has brought a whole new


feeling to the game. This is the Japan team. The coach said in the


build up we need to keep our key players fit and that is what has


happened and why Japan have made it all the way to the end game. Japan


ranked four in the world. It would seem FIFA got that just about right.


About to take on the world's No 1 ranked women's international


football team. Germany does have representation in this final.


Viviana S, the einhouse. I don't think she would have got the chance


to referee a World Cup office. She had to take time off from work as a


police officer to take this final. You may have recognised the fourth


official from Sweden. For the States two changes from the seemy


final. Rachel Buehler is back. And a second World Cup start for Megan


Rapinoe. Another milestone, the keeper is the oldest woman to have


figured in a World Cup final at 36. Now a word from my trusted


assistant all tournament long, Lucy Ward. We have heard from the girls


and from Martin about where their favours lie tonight. Where are you


going on this one? It is a real clash of styles, the United States


have not played well at part and then they have scored with this


player, Abby Wambach, because she is all the. -- tall, but Japan keep


the ball well and they know thousand score. I don't know which


one to go -- they know how to score. I don't know which one will win. So


States. Perhaps the wrong option taken. Lauren Cheney did well. She


has been playing most of the final and she probably made the wrong


decision. She did see Abby Wambach, but thought she would draw the


keeper and have a go. This is just the sort of set piece that Japan


will be aware of. Abby Wambach is four inches taller than the tallest


think Japan have tried not to concede corners, set pieces around


the box. That is the trouble they will have. But they did well there.


Maybe the United States are thinking of getting over players on


the end of these. Japan are obviously worried about Abby


you can see the US game plan. will approach this game and I would


suspect that they will be looking at the seat piece, but to suck


Japan into a scrap, because Japan won't like the physical part of it.


They will not like to be closed down. That is how the United States


will start, pressing them high up the field. She could have had five


in five, Abby Wambach, she hit the woodwork in the first two games.


Hope Solo is again the footballing darling of her country. She was


pretty much banished from the camp. But the US immediate contracan't


get enough of the keeper these days. And she is your favourite as well!


I knew that would come up at some through for Ando. But a little too


strong. Norio Sasaki the confident, if very serious coach of the Japan


team. Couldn't get too much more different methods employed by the


coaches. Norio Sasaki has been saying doing it for victims of


tsunami and earthquake in March. He showed the team photographs of the


victim of the disaster before the match with jarmy. -- Germany. There


was a wonderful moment in the press conference when the United States


coach started singing to the press. I watched it aye went red watching


it. She was trying to say when thing get heated and the pressure's


on the player, she breaks into song. It was quite amusing and the


Germans found it amusing. They clapped her at the end, I don't


think they knew what else to do. You couldn't react well to that.


think I would laugh. I suppose it would stop the tension for a while.


That is a goal kick. Japan are playing with freedom and they know


they're doing the country back home proud. It is horrible what happened


and the girls at the end of each game, they carry a banner thanking


people for their support. They seem happy to be there and playing


Wambach. 121 goals in 162 games. think she is struggling with an


injury. So they will want her in front of goal, rather than getting


them in the channels. Megan Rapinoe has been brought on in the few


games I have seen and really made a difference and her crosses from the


left created the goal against Brazil that made me stand on me


feet watching it. It was a tense game and Brazil were getting the


boos from the crowd, because there were bits of cheating. Megan


Rapinoe put in the cross and Abby Wambach put it in. I think she


expects to start. You have left that fence, talking about cheating


with Brazil. Well all the fans were booing. Well there was a bit of


year spell playing in Frankfurt. She has gone back to the United


States and hopes to join a professional club there. It is


strange, although the WSL in England took a break for the World


Cup, it is business as usual in the United States. That is surprising,


there is actual lay game tobt in about Three hours -- actually a


game tonight in about Three hours finished off though. But that is


how the United States will play it. Lauren Cheney trying to make it 1-0


inside eight minutes. Good ball from Megan Rapinoe. I think people


on the far side of the stadium thought that went in, because of


the movement of the net. A great cross and slightly off with the


finish. But she reached well. Scored against North Korea in the


group stages. We mentioned Barack Obama's tweets. Yours to us, far


more important. Tell us what you think of the game and of the


to that the keeper was getting. good strike. You see the Japanese


keeper is not the tallest. She seemed to have it covered, but that


is a tactic. A great strike. In the opening minutes we have seen how


powerful the USA are as a team. Certainly the dominant attacking


force. The first thought when they get the ball is forwards. Whereas


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


Japan will go around the houses and She's clever feet, Megan Rapinoe.


That could have gone either way. Lauren Cheney has been playing on


the left throughout the tournament. Now she will want to show she can


getting closer. That is a great ball in from Boxx. Good defending


by Japan and keep the ball down, get it on target A great strike,


but on target. The USA have led the way in term os -- term of long


range goals. There have been some contenders for goal of tournament.


There was a cracker yesterday from Sweden in their win over France.


The USA with another chance and it is just wide again. Megan Rapinoe


cutting in to be a presence in the penalty area. A good run by Heather


O'Reilly. When she wasn't closed down, she thought she would just go


for it. But not on her strongest foot. The defender put her off. But


the USA are getting closer. At the moment this is one way, the


favourites are on Fopp. But the game will -- are on top. But the


game will ebb and flow. You suspect this us how the United States


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


edge of the box seconds after frustrating with the ball, trying


to get the ball forward a bit too quickly which is not what they have


done in previous games. They need to settle down and not try to force


the ball which is what is happening. I was going to mention earlier the


last meeting of these teams, 2-0 to the USA. After that game, the US


team auctioned their shirts online for the American Red Cross Japan


tsunami Relief Fund. So there is a good feeling between the two camps.


feeling, not like the USA-Brazil game. Four players booked in the


The only player on the field who has won this competition before,


the member of the 1999 World Cup squad. She has a winner's medal


from that tournament. The 4th most the official US aid delegation. And


Germany's coach, Sylvia night, having mixed feelings in the stands


rather than being on the football pitch. She is used to being there,


flight to put in good crosses. -- each flank. It is getting crowded


Megan Rapinoe made up for his few errors, she was onside. That first


touch, she had to put it across earlier than that. In the end she


made completely the wrong decision. Again, they're getting behind the


full-backs. Do you think the first touch letter with no other option.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


It wasn't the best. -- it left her looking very relaxed. The first


non-American to coach the team, 7 coach overall. -- seventh. A


support from Heather O'Reilly. Non- stop running down that right-hand


Counting the number of Japanese players defending on the edge of


their own box, to stop those shots their passing game going. And also,


they need to mix the play a little bit. They need to get the ball


forward, a little bit quicker from the back. These players are


technically very good and received ultimately. Shannon Boxx doesn't


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


the ball. The US press pack have alerted us that one of panic names


his -- is the Buehl-dozer. She is no nonsense. How will to win. And


how physical she is. She defence very well. She was sent off in the


quarter-final against Brazil. Shinobu Ohno has had an excellent


tournament and will be looking to put her mark on this one as well.


Pia Sundhage is not happy about European Championship winner in


1984, scoring the decisive penalty against England at Kenilworth Road,


Luton. How she has seen the women's That was too high for Kabba silly


macro. -- Kawasumi. The US will be conscious not to give any free


kicks are weighed just outside the having any of it. A USA free kicks.


I don't know whether Amy Le Peilbet fouled or obstructed. The referee


energy. She scored one of the goals of the tournament, a superb strike


come from the team in white and continues now. Abby Wambach on the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


move. Sakaguchi tried to stay with Japan. All credit to the USA who


are playing well, forcing Japan into making mistakes. Interesting


to CV possession statistics which are not as dominant as they usually


in tight situations is unbelievable, the Japanese. First touch, all of


them, it gets them out of those tucked -- tight situations. That


The referee has just woken up, has not been involved yet. Needs to go


referee when the officials names corner kick. A lot of crowd


interest in Japan. If the locals are choosing a save it, they would


choose Japan over the USA. For the throw-in much to the surprise of


too hasty. Yes. The wrong decision. Quite a lot of the time she has got


the ball. They break well, the USA. But if you're looking for Abby


Wambach to chase something like that, it will not happen, they need


played. That was Wambatch. It hit the crossbar. And Heather O'Reilley.


Carli Lloyd. That was wide. Definitely the main threat for the


USA, Abby Wambach, what a great strike. Good play by the referee,


drive. What a connection on that. The Japanese teacher should have


touched it. A great strike. Like an arrow towards the top corner. She


hit the crossbar and the post in the first two games of the


tournament, didn't score. She netted with her head in the last


three. The closest either side have come to a goal yet. The USA have


started extremely well and Boxx but Homare Sawa was back on


frustrated they haven't taken the lead yet with really one-third of


the match gone. You see so many times teams are dominant, there is


a lull in play and they lose competition and the opposition


scores. They have had enough opportunities on goat but -- on


to Kozue Ando, but straight to Hope Solo. Tame in the end, best Japan


move. In the end, it ran away from Kozue Ando. The connection she got


on it was a little bit too wide. It was easy enough for Hope Solo. That


is what Japan can do, the ball given away and an opportunity


created by a clever little ball. may be Japan confidence, something


lacking in the finish. Kozue Ando, three goals in qualifying, the same


as Homare Sawa, but has not netted in Germany yet. Played every game


other tucked in on the left or up front as a genuine striker. Against


England, she came on as left back. That is good knowledge, I don't


not penalised for it. Lauren Cheney lost it. This is where Japan are


good. Little touches, nice movement. But not quick enough. The USA are


doing so well at closing them down. They can't play the easy receive --


receipt. They are rattling Japan a little bit. A little like England


did in the Group Stage game. England played extremely well


against Japan which seemed to shift up and down the gears in that game.


There is a way to play against Japan and the USA hope they have


found out that. Japan are getting more into this, starting to move


ball. When Japan to get it, they keep it but not incisive in that


final third. The USA have done very well, the anything they have not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


one gone. Lauren Cheney on the end of a really good ball back into the


danger zone. Should really have kept it lower. Lauren Cheney


thought it was an opportunity. The keeper came. A great opportunity to


score. The keeper was in no man's land. She decided to come, then


decided it was the wrong option. A wasted chance. Scored in the semi-


final, from an Heather O'Reilley got forwards forward. I would like


to see Sameshima Ford. They can drag the USA for it. Because the


USA are pressing so much, Japan's cannot get their full-backs


or sad. He is not quite as to what she did as Pia Sundhage. Let us


hear what you think about it all. If you have a Twitter account,


joined in the debate that will pick up at half-time. Who you think will


win? Nomination for player and goal of the tournament. About England


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


quite get to it. Rachel Buehler was caught a little bit square. Nearly


an opportunity on goal, good play, a good build up. Those who have


come to Frankfurt to support Japan, have reason to smile. It is


becoming a little bit Morse -- it did, hit it too high. -- what


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


Kozue Ando is getting played in. They are finding their feet in this


game. Formidable goalkeeping they have to beat if they are to win


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


from the roof in the Commerzbank Arena. You can see it from all fool


sides. -- four sides. That will be another three kick.


Both players have been hurt by that one. -- another free kick. You


reminded me about our referee, Bibiana Steinhaus. One of the most


relaxed referees. She looks like she is having a lovely night.


time. She could be nervous because she is refereeing a World Cup final.


But a relapsing smile, enjoying it. But sometimes forgetting to watch


what is happening. Often on the touchline at for top-flight games


in Germany. She has a reputation of Shouldn't she be in goal? She is


back-pedalling furiously. Abby Wambach couldn't get up in time for


ball would have gone out. A risky back heel. It could have fallen to


anybody. Luckily for Japan, Abby Wambach was on the floor. Abby


Wambach, three goals at this are here, in the last 20 minutes,


after a nervous start. The US were got back on their feet. Now they


is now on the rampage. Megan Rapinoe was with her. Wanted to try


to find Lauren Cheney and Abby ball inside. The USA have to be


careful in the penalty area. Because of the height difference it


could look like a foul. The ball was played in with the outside of


the foot, and eased... Know when the writ in the end. The USA have


to be careful as Japan start to play this tricky passes around the


but I think Norio Sasaki will be very happy. But he believed it was


at least third place for his team at this World Cup. He said he would


be happy with third place. minimum. A strange one to pick out


the third placed play off. That is the one I want to win. Never maind


I don't know whether Kinga had too much time down the right. She


picked out the wrong cross. She needed to put it where Hope Solo


wasn't. No time added on. That is it for the first half of the


Women's World Cup final. America dominated the start but Japan came


back into it and it is 0-0 at half So no goals, Martin I got the sense


that you felt nerves may have been cramping the style that we had come


to expect. Yes the World Cup has been a good advert for women's


football, but it was a bit disappointing. But then the USA


looked awesome going forward. But a bit sloppy in their passing. But I


think technically this has been a fantastic World Cup. But a bit


disappointed early on. Japan had to absorb a lot of pressure early on


and they were doing it through sheer weight of blue shirts. In the


end keeping out a few good efforts, but a lot of effort and the final


ball wasn't there a lot of the time. Yes Japan have looked to get


players behind the ball and cope with the pace and power up front.


Cheney and Wambach have worked well. With Cheney coming in, they have


been phenomenal in their running into the channels. Wambach's got


some great strikes, hit the bar and I think Cheney gives them more


technical ability. She can head the ball as well and they have been a


handful. The pace of the two centre halfs for Japan have been


struggling. You got the sense at the end of the first half, Japan


finding their way back into the game. Yes they started off and


Martin said they were nervous and couldn't get their passing right.


Coming to last ten or 15 minutes they started to create things and


if they got a goal, that would boost them. Let's look at the key


performers, Abby Wambach, she is a great figure for them and showed


some great skill. She was popping up with the best chances. She is


such a strong runner. And here look at the power in the shot. That was


the Andy Carroll part of her. is Andy Carroll with short hair!.


She does everything right apart from hitting the back of the net.


She is so single minded. That is how the United States set


themselves up. Here they have had a lot of the possession and have


controlled the game. But here is Lloyd going through and they have


players that can shoot from distance. Lloyd's also had a great


opportunity and they're causing problems down the wing with Rampone


and Riley. I think Japan are having to double up all over the field.


They're so powerful. There it was sloppy. We said a lot of sloppiness.


But they keep coming at you and play with a real energy and Wambach


is such a willing runner, you feel, well this is Cheney. It is Heather


O'Reilly outside. She played on the left. But it is her presence on the


box and it spills out for Lloyd and look at the power in that shot.


Japanese not panicking at that point. All of the pressure was


coming towards them. Absorbing it and Cheney we saw also having some


good efforts in the first 20 minutes and showing us what she is


about. She is one of the favourites and she has come h and proved why


she has the shirt on tonight. gives more technical ability than


what Rodriguez has. She is more looking at running in behind. She


starts from five yards behind her and out muscles the defender and


maybe here get it across the goal. Because a touch can knock it in.


I their decision-making in the final third. They're getting in


behind them. Wambach wasn't really free. You fire across the open goal


and it only needs a nick and it is great running from Cheney. That is


a great ball. And just the final finish that is missing. A -- Megan


Rapinoe has impressed me. She has caused Japan problems. Another


chance, in the air she has put those away in the past. And she


will be disappointed there. Perhaps more awareness. She has more time


than she realised. She could have taken its on her chest. But if they


start putting these chances away, the United States, then the game's


over. But they're always leaving the back door open. In the latter


half of the first half one or two chances for Japan and the United


States can't afford to switch off. Let's look at Megan Rapinoe. She


has done a lot to impress. She is another direct player. She likes to


run at players. Similar to Heather O'Reilly and they seem to have


swapped wings. But her running has amazed me. This was a nice ball and


you see, I like wide players when they come in off the line. It is


the appetite to link in. The ball that is pulled back, it is a bit of


a scruffy pass. She wants that ball in space in front of her andless


pace on it. -- and less pace on it. But nice movement and this is a


lovely one/two. She finds space and she has caused the right back


problems. Wambach is angry with her there. She could have chopped back


inside. It is an impossible angle. Well Wambach's height, just giving


her a chance with her head may have been an option. Japan got into it.


22 minutes before they got themselves into any kind of scoring


position. But the chances did start to come, Martin? They did and you


know, they're very measured in the way they play. They're unruffled in


possession. It is a very slow build up. But there noise way Shinobu


Ohno's going to score from there.' - -- there is no way Shinobu Ohno's


going to score from there. Hit the this was the best move of the game.


Just too much on the pass. But look at that. A great ball. They have


the ability to open up the defence and the back four of America are


organised, they're quick and they can handle the pace. But it is


those threaded balls and timed runs that Japan are capable of, which


don't write them off. Because they have showed they can hold on.


are a bit static, the American defence and looking at it there.


The intelligence to dink balls over and play them through in tight


spaces and the Japanese players have the ability to do that.


over all are you standing by your predictions? Will stand by mine. I


think America. Yes, if they can start to put these chances away the


game could be out of sight. You're thinking 1-0. I'm keeping the trust


in Japan. You never know. Now let's reflect on the tournament. It is


hard to believe it was three week ago tomorrow that England kicked


off against Mexico. Here is the story of their campaign. It is in


and England are off and running. brilliant goal! Jess clack. 2-1!


Ellen White trying to lob lob the keeper. That is a brilliant goal.


2-0 England, going through to the quarter finals of the World Cup.


This would be a really difficult test for England. Now Jill Scot may


think about going for goal. Does go for it. She gives England the lead.


It is lit to the top corner and France are level. They have taken


to it the lottery of a penalty shoot out. Is it England's time to


finally one of these things? Saved by Bardsley. Kelly Smith, England's


record goal coal erscorer and that was -- goal scorer and that was


lashed in. She has put it wide and we're level. Arsenal's Fay White


has hit the bar. It is all over for England. There is something to


dampen the mood. Sorry about that, Fay, showing you that again. It is


an emotional thing just to see that. But I have to ask you about Hope


Powell's comments that the girls were cowardly and not stepping up


to take the penalties. I think you come out of a tournament and there


is a lot of emotion around the situation. Obviously, it happened


that Hope's felt it is up to players to decide who is ready to


take one. And the volunteers were there, weren't there and that is


why I stepped up to. I was prepared to take one. We can always look


back and think lessons learned and maybe we need to do that. But again


it wasn't the impression that we got initially after the game. But I


think it is a pressured situation. I wouldn't have changed my decision


to take one. I felt responsible as the captain and a senior player, if


no one else was prepare to I would and take the consequences of having


to go through the upset and the feelings of missing and to feel


that could be put on someone else's shoulder. Did I wish I score? Of


course I have played it over and over in my head. But it is a


lottery with penalties and how cruel football can be, we were two


minutes from going through. To have to go through those ehogs motions


and hang on -- emotions and hang on into extra time. England were the


walking wounded and to hang on in the extra time period was an


incredible effort? Yes you have to take confidence from that. The


French have shown they're a strong team. They got better as I went on.


We knew it would be hard. To score the goal in the game, it felt that


was against the run of play and for them to score right at the end was,


you know it was hard to swallow. But girls got together and I'm


proud to have... Do you still have the appetite and the energy to keep


going for England? Do you have another big campaign in the


Olympics? I was concentrating on the World Cup, I had an injury to


come back. I have shown can I do it. I love playing for my country. I


wouldn't change the moments I had, whether they are good or bad, for


anything. The Olympic will be unbelievable. I have the passion,


but it is not down to me. It is who the manager and... We suspect that


will be Hope. The rumblings she might be the coach for the GB team.


Will she be the coach for England in a year's time. I haven't spoken


to her. She wouldn't tell me direct Liverpool I think she has done a


magnificent amount for the women's game w the media and the extra


expectation. We have reached a certain level and it is closer and


the difference between going through and not is just a few


inches. So you know, she has done a magnificent job to put the


structure into place and get us where we are. That has to be taken


note of. In the future, only she knows. I think she will stick


around. She has now got a quite big ego and she wants to be there. I


think it was unfair to suggest the players were cowardly. But perhaps


in future they should select the penalty takers. Within reason. You


don't know who will be left. who may have had a horrendous night.


I think we need to pick these players. They will take the


penalties, because it is a pressure situation. It was huge. It was so


ironic, that always England on penalties. God, we were willing for


you to change lis tri. I wish I could have. Now back to some tweets


coming through. Some positive ones about the women's game. Franky


saying the women's game is improving, US looking strong, Japan


have got the fight. Claire saids the United States are all over this.


Inspiring stuff. That is what you think. Let's see what the sec half


can proDawes and rejoin Guy and the squad, who scored the third


goal against France has replaced Lauren Cheney. Throughout half time


she has been out of dressing room, sitting in the Dougout, cutting a


foreLorne figure, right foot packed ice. There were a few tears. The


biggest moment of her career and se has - eshe has had to leave it half


way through. But it is a chance for Morgan who has looked a very good


player in her four substitute appearances. Alec Morgan will think


she is un -- unlucky not to have reasons why the United States were


at the World Cup. Scored in the play off with Italy. They were


actual think last of the 16 teams to book their place in Germany.


They did tit hard way for once. It is not -- they did it the hard way,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


for once, it is not something the first half and not got it. A Rie


kick there, Megan Rapinoe tangling with Shinobu Ohno. The final bump


came from Carli Lloyd. There is a physical difference. Japan are


happy to do this and find the opportunity to thread a ball


through. But the US have have gone for it and there is that risk that


Rampone not played, she would have been the oldest player to play in a


World Cup final. It is a good mix this USA squad, young and old. Only


eight of the 21 from 2007 remain. page and scrambled away somehow.


Afrpblgts great opportunity, but again well -- A great opportunity,


but again well defended by Japan. great. It was a save against the


post and who was the first to react. The first was Sawa. That could have


just bobbled any where and it was was expecting that. But that is a


card coming soon. The referee's expression has gone from relaxed to


stern. Heather O'Reilly was the stripes around the stadium are


being heard now. Trying to give their team an extra lift. But that


shot was always going way from Carli Lloyd, who has had so many


efforts near the goal, but nothing on target. It was a great run and


she looked up and there was no one with her, so the only thing to do


was to have a strike, but again not on target. Ayumi Kaihori's wasted


there. -- to be stronger there. The ball over the top of the keeper,


Ayumi Kaihori, but it was over the top of everything. Japan's Pazing


broke down, but again a great ball by Megan Rapinoe relesss Abby


Wambach, but the wrong choice. She did laugh, but that was not what I


expected to come. You see there the USA have tryed the shots, quite a


lot have been off target. Rachel Buehler took a touch and that was


risky. Japan are small and tricky, if you take an extra touch, they


are around you and take the ball off you. It is an even contest this


and taking them on. Not beating them though. There will with be --


there will be a free kick for Japan. I don't expect Pia Sundhage would


have made the change if chainy hadn't been injured. But she is a


good player, but made the wrong decision there. The manager doesn't


look that happy. Pia Sundhage's assistant is a player of some


reputation. An ex-Norway international and a World Cup


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


was great play in the middle of the pitch, just trying to thread those


balls through, but not getting there. But the quality of Japanese


play shines through. The movement have thrown herself. Wouldn't it be


Aireic if Japan scored from a corner. She could have committed


full back three times if she can. She manages to get a corner for the


United States. She was lucky. Sometimes there are easier options


on, but she has got her team a can that the ball does not reach


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


A bit too complicated for the USA and you may get a sense of that,


the longer it stays 0-0. They will feel they should be one or two


goals up, with the opportunity they have had and they're not. They may


start to lose patience going forward and make the wrong


decisions like that, trying to take the ball around your own player who


is on the ground. But the one thing the United States will not do is


give up. They will feel they can win this. We saw that in the


quarter final against Brazil, undoubtedly the match of the World


Cup. I read that Abby Wambach's end of extra time equaliser was the


latest goal that has ever been De USA part a lot of pressure on


themselves. That is the way the Americans do it. They have the


was no trouble. The ball played forward, a race between the


defender and attacker. They defend very well and are physically a lot


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


herself well in this tournament. -- and threes. That was wasted. You


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


can see what she was trying to do the USA. Instead of the straight


corner to Wambatch. There are too think the ball was meant for the


is difficult. I will stick up for the assistant referee. The


The first time we have seen the power of Abby Wambach, her height.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


A flying header. The goalkeeper was be a double the -- a double Japan


change. Shinobu Ohno is making way, and Karina Maruyama is taking her


place. She has been subbed into every one of Japan's games in the


tournament. It doesn't make it any easier, especially the final.


scorer of the only goal in extra- time against Germany, the shock of


the tournament so far. Kozue Ando going off as well. That is a


regular change which sucking macro against the USA in a World Cup


warm-up prior to the previous World Cup finals. 4-1 the USA when. That


has been the story of it. And they contest to go. There will be extra


time, of course, there could be penalties, but we won't talk about


those yet. The USA get the call this time. There is a bit more


attention in the tackles. further this game goes on, both


teams they they have the opportunity to win it. Things may


Rapinoe up who has used the ball well in the end. The shot was a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


wonderful goal! The USA break the deadlock finally. The substitute,


Alex Morgan, the youngest Pet in the US national team. It is Japan's


0, USA one. Two passes from Japan's losing the ball. They won the


physical battle. What a great fish that was. That was a great finish.


She did well, she composed herself, had a look, and then unleashed an


unbelievable shot. That is going to be most goalkeepers in this


competition. Pia Sundhage all final against France. From the


bench, to do that. And again in the biggest game of all, the biggest


moment of her young life. That's from the USA from here! The Norway


is in a Frankfurt reverberating. -- the noise in Frankfurt.


That is the other side of Alex Morgan. Giving Japan a free kick.


She steadies herself. And picked that out. That was a finish. I


don't concede in the next few minutes otherwise this is all over.


Under 20 team in the US. A World Cup winner at that level in 2008,


she got the winner against North career. Now it is the senior stage.


crying anymore, sitting on the goalkeeper. That was a good ball.


Hope Solo fans, a few of them about. She has always had one of the


biggest fan clubs in the women's Difficult to beat Hope Solo from


there. Japan still have to play, Kate passing and creating. -- keep


passing. A really good game. Just looked stronger. It was a great


it and the momentum. Carli Lloyd Kaihori. Good goalkeeping. It was


experienced player on the pitch. She knew she was on heroin and


under pressure. -- she was on her the edge of the area. A great ball


from Megan Rapinoe. Japan will not be happy with that. Beating or


in numbers. At that stage when they were attacking and they lost it,


and the ball went into the back of to go. What have Japan got left in


their locker? They will keep trying to create so the USA need to defend


extremely well if they are not going to concede. They must not


lose concentration. Japan will not They don't need to force anything


now. They need to keep the ball. To stop Japan getting it but not a


force anything forwards. It's the only way they now have to play.


they know how to play. The USA have a bit more humility over the past


few years, not winning anything. That has shown in this World Cup


every World Cup match, and absolutely magnificent job. It has


engaged the nation. If they have not bought tickets, they have been


watching on TV. They have embraced it. Well done. We know how good a


team they are, even though their team has gone out. There are a lot


of German shirts in the crowd who have adopted Japan. It is good to


see. If the audiences across the that, the USA will be happy. The


clock is ticking. Closer to a World Cup win. Not as dominant, Japan, as


in other games. They have set about this game really well, the way they


have harassed and tried to make the USA, giving Japan no time on


the ball. It only takes one mistake, though, one moment. Perhaps a


beginning of March, 2-1 to the USA. forcing its forwards quickly. They


keep the ball, defend. A quick reminder to join in the post-match


debate with your tweets. Her let us see what you think about it all,


what you think, can Japan forced extra time with an equaliser? Panic


stations at the back and Japan have scored! A look of shock on the face


of Miyama. For the Japanese, out of nothing. They are level! The USA


just could not get rid of the ball. It landed at her feet, Miyama. And


she put it away. I was looking at it thinking there was nobody in the


box. A great ball in. A mix up. You can't put a ball in front of Miyama


and not expected to score. It is a shame. The USA had defended


extremely well. A great finish. Opportunist. A horror moment for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


Rachel Buehler and Alex Krieger. Kinga tangling for all she is worth


with Amy Le Peilbet. The crowd, you can hear the murmuring, talking


together, they thought the USA had this will stop -- had this..


looked as if she could not believe the world will not believe this.


Japan have already caused the biggest shock in this tournament by


beating hosts Germany in the quarter-finals. They have paid back


the USA in the final. Where do we go next? The chance to put it in


and it was too high for Abby Wambach. That was a good ball in,


floated in, not driven. Megan Rapinoe couldn't quite get there.


What have the USA got now? We have seen what they had in the earlier


rounds. It will be a battle to the Many were have stayed up to watch.


In the States, it is getting on to afternoon and evening, many will be


watching. Carli Lloyd. She hung on needed more, to put her boot


straight through it. It didn't happen. She has played well all the


to go. Abby Wambach has been a heroin at this tournament and on


many occasions before -- heroine. Not really had a great impact on


the match so far. That was cleared A good move by the keeper.


brave as well. -- that was bold. Look how many Japan players are


getting into the US territory now. A great ball by Homare Sawa.


Another decent ball but nobody at the end of it. What a great touch.


A good ball in. That might have been a little bit of a push, by the


USA defender. It was Rachel Buehler, managed to fall over, that is what


finals didn't do it the easy way. In 1991. They needed penalties


against home soil against China in 1999. That was an exciting game to


watch. I remember 99,000 being at scorer of the winning goal in a Cup


game. Whoever loses that vital bit of concentration. It gets more and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


more tense. Particularly if it goes always wide. She kept it low, but


always going wide. Japan's still not afraid to pass it. Some tired


bodies out there now. It looks like The USA piling on pressure. Two


minutes to be added on. Desperate defending by Japan, but proper


centre forward by Abby Wambach this time. Got to hit the target.


That was a great opportunity. Keep it down and hit the target. USA


piling on the pressure, Japan equal to it. One minute of the two played.


Pia Sundhage will have to get ready to deliver some words it would seem.


Inspiring words. I wonder if Norio Sasaki will line up some more


photographs. He will have to earn his money. They're looking tense.


Well, they were until they spotted good track back from midfield. That


might be it you know. When it is a one-on-one, the USA are always


going to win those. Norio Sasaki is ready. Pia Sundhage is ready. The


players have got to be ready for 30 more minutes. There won't be time


for the throw in. We're going into extra time. In the 2011 Women's


World Cup final. It will be the third final to have gone over the


distance and it is all because of Aya Miyama's 81st minute equaliser.


The Japanese have pulled this back from the brink. Back us us for the


conclusion. It is Japan 1, USA1. There is the scene in Frankfurt a a


beautiful shot and we're going to be seeing more of that stadium. We


thought Morgan's superb goal would have been enough to bring home the


trophy for the USA. But Aya Miyama had other ideas. Fay, this must


bring back memories for you, you have been trying to win it in 90


minutes and the players suffering from cramp and feeling tired. What


was going through your mind at this stage? You can see the Japanese


players out on their feet. It is about keeping going and keeping


positive. America were leading, for Japan to come back, maybe they have


the edge of thinking, we have got the momentum in this game. But I


thought Japan were growing into their game towards the end. Well


certainly the second half was a lot better than their first half. There


was a long ball played through to Morgan and it is a fantastic finish.


But Aya Miyama, she was looking to come inside and she was in the


middle of the park trying to get on the ball. She has done well. A bit


of a panic by the centre half to lash the ball, it has hit her own


right back and fallen into the path of Aya Miyama. Morgan came on for


Lauren Cheney who didn't seem to have done much wrong. She has


shown... We were surprised that she went off. But it showed what a


fantastic finish that was. Just the composure to take a touch, look up.


She thinks she has scored the winning goal and then Japan back in


it. A bit of panic at the back. I thought the USA have been


disappointing at the back. It does strange thing when that finishing


line is up. Now we have extra time. They have to settle down, take


their drinks on board and listen to what the manager has got to say. I


still feel the USA are the stronger team. They did look more physically


tired at the end of the second laugh, compared to Japan. Japan


just keep going. They are almost like robots, they keep going and


they have this set way of playing. But I feel the USA have played the


better football. Thaing will come through. Fabulous -- I think that


will come through. A fabulous trophy there. There is the


possibility of penalties as well. What a dramatic way to define your


World Cup, having to go to penalties in the World Cup? It may


not come to that. Obviously, the extra time about to start. So we


wait with baited breath. Let's stpee this can get sorted -- see if


this can get sorted. COMMENTATOR: The simple idea thing I I have no


idea. Both teams seem to have a bit left. Look at that. It was always


smiles in the Japan extra time team talk. It is all energy and positive


messages from the USA. Juande Ramos real -- Christie Rampone really


playing her part there as captain. 90 minutes of come tet pet tifr


action. Real desire and real will to win and not one yellow card.


has been a terrific game. I hope that it is won in this 30 minutes


by the team that deserve to win. The USA started well, Japan have


been quality in terms of their passing and looked like they were


going to win it after getting the equaliser and the game's ebbed and


flowed. The momentum with the USA and then the Japanese and they are


slugging it out. See what happens. The referee will indicate the start


of extra time. USA have only used one substitute. Alex Morgan coming


on for Lauren Cheney and what an Japanese are contesting that.


didn't hear the connection and then Japan, well they don't look happy


their bodies on the line. Boxx with the cross and Abby Wambach with the


header. Not many headed goals scored from the edge of the area,


but she got a lot of power on that. The keeper was equal to it.


gloves spell out the name of Hope Solo. Her time might have to come


Japanese team. Everything happens in the game, and as soon as they


get it, they find a team mate to pass it to. It is just unruffled.


in that equaliser. I could see the Japanese getting a winner after


that. But they have stood firm after the mistake for the Japan


for her crossing abilities, but she has not been able to pick out Abby


Wambach so far. Well she put that great ball through for Morgan. It


wouldn't surprise me to see a obviously, because physically it is


difficult to do that for extra time as well. But again that will put


more priority on who is going to make the mistakes. She thought that


had gone out and then crunched by Heather O'Reilly. That's got to be


a yellow card. That is not a good challenge. The purpose of it you


cowln't see. She has just gone into two teams now. Hen you have the


break at the end, that is when you start to have a bit of time to have


a look around and realise the importance of where you are and


what you're doing. Morgan took a big chunk out of pitch there.


is dangerous, she gets her body between the player and the ball,


created an opportunity. But just wide. But that is the danger for


Japanese. Everything's football in her world. Her boyfriend is a


professional in the MLS with Seattle Sounders. A hint of a smile


on the face of Norio Sasaki. don't know how he saw that. I


couldn't see any difference. What a job he has done. Not only to get


the team into a World Cup final, but to get them to the World Cup at


all. They were struggling for training facilities in the


aftermath of the terrible tsunami last under 20 World Cup and a lot


of the players have grown up with him. He know how to get the players


playing. Look at this, a yellow card. She had to give that, because


the free kick was taken and Aya Miyama stood in front of it. It was


kicked against her. That will be a yellow card. More importantly, she


has scored the goal that made it 1- 1 and the reason why we're playing


up to the hype. But this one has and both teams have given it their


all. I can't put my money on either of them at the moment. My heart


says Japan, but I think that the USA will come through strong in the


Defended again by Rachel Buehler. A lot asked there of Karina Maruyama.


Has had a spell playing in Japan. Rather had a spell playing in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


America. Done plenty of playing in through. But Abby Wambach cowln't


bundle it home. Every time you see the Japanese get it away. I thought


Abby Wambach was going to fall to the floor and the referee had a


decision to make. But she stayed on her feet. That is refreshing to see.


Not if you're a USA supporter got to be more accurate. If she


gets her head on it, it is more than likely to be a goal. But


creating the opportunity has been difficult and full credit to Japan


think as he -- just lost her footing I think as she hit it.


cross or shot. She couldn't decide than that. I wonder whether Abby


Wambach, I am sure it would take something mechanical to haul her


off. But we are told she has been struggling with an injury. She has


already done extra tile and then some once. There is no way you will


drag her off the pitch. She is like Kelly Smith, she will stay on the


pitch whatever it takes. Abby Wambach hasn't looked massively


mobile. But no change there. looks even less so with the


Japanese players around her, who are extremely mobile. That is


Japan's throw. No, two balls on the pitch, that is the retake. Three


minutes to go of the first period been excellent and the differences


between the top teams and the so- called lesser teams is maul now and


makes for better -- small now and Wambach, four goals in the finals,


four headers planted in. In the end that was a great header, but I feel


sorry for the Japanese defenders, they have defended as the ball came


in so well. That was a great defending header, but the ball just


keeps coming back in and Abby Wambach found herself a bit of


space. As the ball's going to fall to her like this, she ain't going


to miss. Nobody marking her, great header. It has been coming, but I


think Japan has defended so well and they have got really close to


Abby Wambach. As soon as she gets herself on her own with with nobody


around her, she is not going to miss from there. It had to come for


her. It is her 13th goal at the again. They have one minute and


another 15 to do that. They have shown they're capable of scoring


and I don't think it is over yet. Norio's notes. 122 international


goals. 50 of those scored with her head. Does help that you're six


foot though. Most of the women in women's football are a lot smaller.


But taking nothing away from her, obviously. Japan have just got to


go for it now and be a bit more direct with their passing. Half


time in extra time. A quick turn around and then Japan have to try


and turn this around. Abby Wambach stands to be the match winner in


the 2011 women's World Cup final. Trade mark header. It is Japan 1,


USA2. Abby Wambach, who else, it was the last few minutes of second


half of extra time we could be secure that would be the winner.


But there is 15 minutes left. Did you see that coming, Martin. Did


you feel the USA still had the energy and the momentum? No the


tempo of the game dropped. It was as if the players were pacing


themselves for another 30 minutes. Now, the emphasis is with Japan


they have to go for it. It there will be gaps at the back and the


USA may get another one. Just getting our breath back after that.


15 more minutes of the word cup to go. And maybe a few more kicks of


the ball after that. We will need a goal for Japan for that to happen.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


being watched with presidential approval on the other side of the


Atlantic. Barack Obama sent via Twitter and more official means I


am sure, a message of good luck to "Ing that should have been her


team's throw in. The weight of the nation will be behind Japan as well


as the US nation. Talking of presidents. Things are changing in


the United States, why not? Both very proud nations the USA and


Japan for different reasons at the moment. I'm sure they will still


slug it out to the finish. I don't think it is over yet. Obviously not


over, but I think there may be some twists and turns to come. Another


nine minutes left of the regulation game when Japan equalised. Another


Again the ball is pin balling around the USA penalty area. Mizuho


Sakaguchi was back in. Just panic setting in the USA six yard box.


That's got to be a foul on the edge of the area, but the USA come away


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


But Hope sow low just watched it go -- Solo just watched it go over the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


it is shepherded behind for a goal kick. Some of you might be tuning


in for something else excellent that comes from America, Family Guy.


That will follow the conclusion of this fantastic Women's World Cup


final, which at the moment is going the USA's way. Good, that means I


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


best to throw this away. Across by Yukari Kinga and it is headed wide.


Yuki Nagasato going away from goal. A how on earth did that not go in.


As the ball was played in, it was missed by everybody. There wasn't a


Japanese player on the end of it to put it in. The USA were lucky there.


Then they messed it up. Some of this is not world Cup defending.


Trying to be effective but trying a bit too hard. Probably difficult to


they will take plenty of time about Beijing, shortly after taking over.


Is she now going to be the first non-American coach of the women's


national team to lead them into the World Cup. In her inimitable style,


relaxed. It has worked, a much more open, approachable team, less of


the arrogance. They have had to be, to play the game with more humility.


Because they are not winning the World Cups. Tobin Heath is coming


on. A great reception for Megan Rapinoe. We she has had a great


World Cup. Not as effective today. She made the first goal. But she


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


Kinga. And cleared by Christie Rampone. That might have been the


chance. They will do well to get on better. The touch she got on it was


not in the right direction. What a great ball. A first touch to it but


Christie Rampone did extremely well Ben. She was reaching for it. But


it wasn't in the right direction in this game. Trying to get her


fair share! Five minutes to go. A bit of time added on. Demonstrated


quite clearly by the referee Bibiana Steinhaus. When Hope Solo


recovers, it will be a Japan corner and represents another chance. Hope


Solo is OK. Fierce instructions for Japan. An unbelievable goal. A


great ball in and she was first to it. No chance, Hope Solo. No wonder


she is smiling. This incredible final takes another turn. A great


ball in and she stuck her lead that, no chance for Hope Solo. -- stuck


breath, never mind everybody else. Just over three minutes left.


Fitting that it should be Homare Sawa. The golden goal of Japanese


football. She has had a terrific match defensively. She wanted to


scored. -- The talisman. That thrown it was too quick. -- throw-


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


Solo? She has a big part to play in young thing of their team. Karina


Maruyama, the substitute, is a penalty, one presumes. If we get


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


there. Abby Wambach has put its Denied right on the edge of the


penalty area. It is a USA free kick. A yellow card as well for


Iwashimizu. That is a shame, she has defended so well and put


herself on the line. She has been sent off! The card was red. She has


done extremely well. A last ditch tackle. I don't know whether she


got the ball. She took the player. It is a good decision. It is a


shame it is a red card. Rules are rules. An opportunity for the USA.


You can hear the shock around the stadium. I think the referee,


Bibiana Steinhaus, but it right, no room for sentiment. The first ever


red card in a Women's World Cup final, for the Japan's women's


national team in a World Cup match. Two more minutes to go. Japan have


ten players. One of their key strong players is out. Eight


players in the wall! Is this the World Cup final when the moment? A


long conversation going on. Trying Heath who had a go. Couldn't get


through the massed ranks of Japanese defenders. The pinnacle of


these women's football careers, they're giving everything. They


just didn't fall, they threw themselves into runs a bet -- it in


time we hear the missile -- whistle. We have played two minutes of extra


to jelly. The World Cup final is going all the way. It is a lottery


from 12 yards to come. Uncharted territory for Japan. The USA have


already done it this way once at this World Cup. Who does it now?


Homare Sawa wins the Golden Boot. Will she be winning the World Cup


trophy with a team in 12 minutes? Who can predict what will happen in


this shoot-out? All we know that the USA have the experience of a


shoot-out in this tournament, against Brazil. That has to count


mentally for something. They know what to expect, they have come


through one already. I believe they already have a structure in place


of who takes. Obviously, Japan have done amazing to fight back twice


from behind. You can't tell it either way. There is something


about the Japanese that will not give up. They are still doing


tactics even though the game has finished. Hope Solo is getting


treatment for her energy. -- at her injury. She did produce an


incredible save against Brazil, she was their hero. More heroics from


Howard, Faye? She is an ex Dowding -- outstanding keeper. She is


really going to have to do it for her team now. This is the first


time that chap has smiled. Nothing to lose. Be positive. Abby Wambach


getting the first goal in extra- time which we thought might be the


winner for the USA. This is exactly what she is very good at. She bides


her time. Here, she stands still, a fantastic header. I really like the


work rate of more than when she came on. A great build up of play.


To score from a corner against America, it big thing for Japan.


Let us go back to Frankfurt and the drama of the build up to a penalty


shoot-out. It might hit them, and unfair way to win a World Cup. But


they are good drama. Let us handover to Guy Mowbray and Lucy


Ward. Thank you. Apologies to Faye, I


absolutely love them. You could not get a more dramatic way to settle a


sporting contest. Yes, it is cruel. Yes, it is pretty much a lottery.


It is great to watch if you can bear to watch. The USA, and Japan.


Twice the USA lead, twice Japan came back to equalise. Which set of


players can keep the coolest of heads? Simple enough, apply the


ball into the net from 12 yards out. Easier said than done. It has been


a fantastic game. It is a shame that need their team, neither needs


to lose in a penalty shoot-out. It has been absolutely fantastic. I


actually saw him smile! He was obviously saying come enjoy it,


this is why you play football, why you live. What an unbelievable


occasion for these players. Whatever happens, Norio Sasaki has


to be hailed a hero back home. the brink of winning a World Cup.


You would guess the USA would kick the same order that scored all


fight against Brazil. -- all five. Shannon Boxx this is! One of the


most experienced players on the pitch! - Shannon Boxx misses! For a


advantage, Japan. A great save. They will have studied each other's


penalty-takers. Well done. Kaihori gears Japan the break. America has


order will have to change somewhat because Megan Rapinoe has been


Miyama never misses. The player who took us to extra time. She puts


Japan in front. It is about keeping your nerve. Technically she is


brilliant. She sent Hope Solo the wrong way. She is happy with that.


top! It has to be Japan's to throw away now. You can see from the way


she lined up she was going to blast it. She got her foot right


underneath that. Five taken, five scored against Brazil. Now, we are


down to just two, zero out of two for the United States. Just keep


your nerve. Yuki Nagasato. Plays football in


Germany. With FFC Turbine Potsdam. is life left in this shoot-out yet.


He did think that if Hope Solo does go the right way, she is such a big


frame for a keeper she will save it. That was a poor penalty,


disappointing. They have the advantage and still have the


advantage. It has to go in. Abby Wambach took third against Brazil.


Tobin Heath has not been on the field long. Saved again by Kaihori!


This is unbelievable. That is another, that is a good save. You


go the right way, you've got a chance because it's not in the


corner. These are not good penalties by the USA. They are


nervous penalties. There will be some nervous soccer fans back in


means it is Japan's World Cup. despite Hope Solo's best efforts.


2-0 Japan after three penalties each. She hit it hard enough but


didn't get enough of a hand on it, Hope Solo. It's neat end. Japan are


clearer -- closer. Kaihori has said two. Abby Wambach for the USA, she


scores. A great penalty. She has done her job tonight. She keeps it


alive. But possibly only for one back. Only 20 years old. Very


carefully. Hope Solo is the darling of US women's football. Now is the


time to really earned that title. Sportsmanship there, trying to


delay, keep the pressure. To make history. History is made! The first


Asian team to win the Women's World Cup! They have defied the odds.


They have caused another sensational footballing upset in


Germany. First the hosts. Now the No. 1 ranked team in the world, has


fallen to the skills of the Japanese. Brilliant, absolutely


brilliant. They have played out of their skins all the way through the


tournament. Today they have shown so much heart, and prowess, they


have done extremely well. They held their nerves in the penalties


against one of the best teams on penalties in the world. Hope Solo


consoled by her legions of American fans. As Japan and Japanese


football goes into hysterical meltdown. This has been an


astonishing World Cup. It has had the most unbelievable ending. And


the Women's World Cup has a new name on the trophy. The name of


Japan whose coach Norio Sasaki said from at said they were coming to


journey not to play but to win. They have won the entire tournament.


They have now shown they keep their You saw that coming, didn't you,


what an incredible game. With hindsight we can say Japan never


ever gave up. It was an incredible fight by them, incredible


determination. I didn't predict that one. We thought America would


be too strong. Japan were fantastic. Faye didn't. Largely because she


wanted to save England had Burton - - had beaten the World Cup


champions. This World Cup has given results he wouldn't have predicted.


They beat Germany, an impressive Swedish team to get it. Now America,


coming back twice from behind. The dramas of the penalties and to hold


their nerve. America had been in that position. The pressure is


unbelievable. If you look at the Americans, their penalties, they


try to thunder it into the net but the Japanese were clever. Waiting


for the keeper to move. They showed more bottle and they deserved it. I


thought the USA would take it comfortably but in the end Japan


had tremendous resolve. They looked so relaxed. Their final hurdle,


laughing and joking. They looked like they had a strategy over


penalties. It was nice to see them all, their teamwork. That came


across in the penalties. We thought America were mentally stronger. I


thought they would score every single penalty. They didn't. Japan


took control. A fantastic game. us go back, it seems like hours ago,


when Alex Morgan scored that goal which we thought, the way the game


was going, that this was perhaps their own box. This is probably


what they are best at. The ball over the top. In this position, she


is fantastic, really strong. The power she got into that. A fitting


goal to win any World Cup, she stayed onside, good movement. Japan


might think they should have done better. It doesn't matter now. A


fantastic finish from this young player. It is the way America


defended really well. They got players behind the ball. She is


delighted with that. A great moment for her but it wasn't to be. Miyama


stood up and kept Japan in this World Cup final but not much time


to go, in the second half of normal time. Japan, fittingly, got their


chance to go into extra time. second half, they built into the


game. And the first half for America, they could have been a


couple of goals up. We thought there were not many players to find.


A good finish. A comedy of errors. She came in from the wing. Looking


for scratch really. It shows you really in this situation, been in


the right place at the right time, being calm defending. The USA


panicked and they got punished. She swipes at that. That was a very


scruffy goal to concede at that stage of the game. It is about


being in the right place at the right time. Japan's had a belief.


They never gave up. The journey they have had going into that final


game. Going into extra time, it felt like the Japanese have the


energy, the resolve going into that extra time because, when you have


scored late on, you sometimes have that extra lift. But, Abby Wambach


stands up and scores a trademark header. She didn't look like she


would get her goal tonight. So often when they struck a stand


still, it is difficult. She peeled away and stands. The defender


switches off. Like good strikers, they punished you. The Japanese


defenders have been doing well. They were getting their head two


crosses. -- to crosses. Great work by Morgan out wide. The 50th headed


goal for the United States. She is some player. But it wasn't enough


because Japan just kept on going. At that point, as you get into the


second half of extra time, thinking maybe their chance isn't going to


come. It is fitting that the characters who have created this


amazing final, it was Homare Sawa. She scored similar goals. Against


Mexico, she scored with her head. That is from the training field.


She delivers it right into the area she knows she is going to be


running in. To step up in a game of that importance, with five goals in


the tournament. She is the Golden Boot winner. She has done


magnificently. Twice the USA had been pegged back and didn't have a


pair in their team to pass it. The only know one way, a high tempo.


They lacked that flair player in the middle to keep it at times and


they got punished. They will walk away from this, a lifetime


opportunity, a missed opportunity to win a World Cup. Right near the


end, a couple of minutes to hold that. America are known for their


willingness to work hard and did dip, for their mentality, but they


met their match. All credit to Japan. You could say that was a


professional foul. Morgan it scores in that position normally.


replay shows more than just gets her foot. We should have a look at


some of the key penalties. A penalty shoot-out like no other. On


the back of their incredible shoot- out against Brazil, full of


confidence, world class penalty- takers. Shannon Boxx missed a


penalty against Brazil. She was always going to go that way. Carli


Lloyd, normally so good in her placement. You can't describe the


it can happen to them. Japan, we said they were like robots, that


was a fantastic penalty to win it as well. Centre half as well.


was so cool. You see the togetherness there. You saw in the


huddle before the penalties, the manager got them in and composed


and smiling. For women's football to have a new name on the trophy


and the first winner from Asia as well, just showing how the sport


has spread the globe and it is truly a global game.: this


tournament has shown the gaps between the Best is ninely. Before


it was America and Germany. Now we can say we were beaten. We beat


Japan! That is a real positive for England. When we look back on the


tournament and how we performed, but it has been so close and team


have been -- teams have been beating each other. That is what


you want, it to be so competitive that any team feels they can go on


and win. Great for people to get engaged in it. When you're trying


to get new people watch the sport. This is an unbelievable advert for


it. This gives the English team, you must be thinking that, there is


an opportunity to win the Olympics. Without question. You're so close


to have won this. We take confidence from the performances we


have put in, also prior to the tournament and we have young, good


players that can make a massive difference. We're only growing.


fact that England have beat, America, Sweden and Japan, it shows


how far we have come. Learning the experience from major tournaments


as well. Is Sa War -- Sawa you're player of the tournament. Yes it is


her fifth one and to come up with important goals. As a centre


midfielder. Yes I think she has done well. She did well defensively.


She wasn't able to get the late runs in to sup fort forwards, but


from set pieces they have shown they're masters and I would do for


her. I have been impressed with her, but Sawa from that performance to


step up in a big game. Wambach could almost play in men's football,


if I'm allowed to say that, she is that strong. All credit to Japan


that they managed to stop her. showed size didn't matter, Martin,


we thought the physicalty of the USA would overpower Japan. But


there is Sawa with her fifth goal and wh a crucial goal it was. Her


fifth world cup, her fifth goal and a golden boot. We're getting ready


now for the presentation of the trophy. Let's, there is Abby


Wambach. She has come third, the bronze boot. The golden glove award


going to Hope Solo. Hope Solo's hands delivering the golden glove.


COMMENTATOR: Hope Solo just about raising a smile. Some things have


raised a smile for me. The boos for Sepp Blatter. And for Marta, the


Brazilian who is back home, at the mention she had won the silver


award. Sawa has been up to get the golden boot award and the FIFA fair


play award, espite the red card, Japan getting that FIFA fair play


award that. Is too much for Hope sow low. She goes to get another


award. I think that is the best player of the tournament. No the


bronze ball, the third best player at the tournament. Abby Wambach


getting the silver ball award. We know who the winner is going to be,


Homare Sawa of Japan. Getting all the minor awards out of the way.


Look at Hope Solo, she is inconsolable. Here is Homare Sawa,


golden ball, golden boot, Japan's golden player. And se has lacked


surprised every time she has been called upon to take the podium.


They have won it fairly, with some style and with a great deal of lieu


millty. They have made a lot of friends along the way. -- humility.


They have won the fair play award, pause that is the way they play.


They play and they pass the ball and play with smiles on their faces.


Something we mentioned a few times and has been mentioned extensively,


Japan after the heartache and tragedy of march's - March's earl


earthquake and tsunami, the count tri -- count trihas at least had a


sporting lift. A sport only played nationally by an organised national


team since 198. The rise of Japanese women's football has been


remarkable. -- 1986. Delegates from Europe and England played a key


part in getting them off the ground in the 1980s. And goodness me they


have accelerated. They have overtaken and beaten the lot in


this World Cup. The lot except England - we should get that in!


Like Fay says it shows how far I think have come. They're close to


these teams, they have beaten them and it is only good for women's


football in our country and the world. Just looking at the USA


going up for their second placed medals, it is not good feeling.


some of the player, Boxx, Wambach and Solo it might be their last


chance. They grew up watching their idols win this thing. Now, well it


looks as though they're destined to be the generation that misses out.


I think this generation feels that is constantly put down their


throats about the 1999 team and how good they were. But this is a good


team and they have done well. They have had the rub of the green as we


have gone along to beat Brazil and score in extra time to equalise and


win on penalties and do well on penalties, but not so well tonight.


These are good play irs and the margin between success and --


players and the margin between success and failure is so tight.


Pia Sundhage will be fleg Mattick about it all once the dust has


settled. We did catch a few words with her before the presentation


serplonies began. She couldn't put a finger -- ceremonies began. She


couldn't put her finger on why the team lost. But tonight the rub of


the green was not with them. The usual nerves of steel at the back


weren't with them. As Lucy has said, they have won so many friends doing


it. Stylish football on the floor football. They have done it the


right way. Homare Sawa will be the last in line to lift that trophy


home. Norio Sasaki appointed after the last World Cup. He led the team


to fourth in the Beijing Olympics. He said several times about the


preparation being so difficult after the disaster in the country.


He wasn't sure if he could gate team properly prepared to come hear.


-- get a team properly prepared to come here. They have Dom with --


come with limited preparation, but they have just played football.


Just enjoyed watching them. smiles on the faces of every single


Japanese player. Not an old team. With the exception of Homare Sawa,


nobody is the wrong side of 30. Apart from the reserve goalkeeper


who in the World Cups in 1999 and 2003. I don't suppose she will mind


now. Don't think she will be back in Canada in four years time. When


the World Cup has been expanded from 16 to 24 teams. Even more for


us to enjoy hopefully. Norio Sasaki, barring a miracle I'm sure will


still be in charge of the Japan side. Homare Sawa gets a hug from


Steffi Jones. Homare Sawa has collected every prize available to


her tonight. What a fantastic footballer, captain of a team that


has been a great advert for the women's game, as has been this


entire tournament. Organised quite brilliantly by Germany. Contested


sue pshly by all the nations -- superb ly by all the nation here


and won for the first time by Japan, Everyone of the players to get


their hands on that trophy, despite the coach's confidence pre-


tournament. I don't suppose with the possible exception of Sawa


there were many in this squad who believed they would go the full


distance? And they even celebrate politely. Not too overthe top.


Brilliant. Well deserved. Says it all. Japan, FIFA women's World Cup


winners, 2011 and haven't they entertained us? We said how much


this would mean to Japan after the tsunami and the earthquake. They


won the fair play award and they This is a change in women's


football. In the past it has been about power and pace, now it is


going back to the technical side. Barcelona, winning everything, it


is fitting women's football has gone the same way. All credit to


them, they will go back to their country as heroes. It reinforces


the game of football around the world, the women's game. Sepp


Blatter will be particularly pleased this game has been one by


Japan. You were playing in a World Cup in China four years ago, you


saw how much they embraced the World Cup there. The Asian market


if you like for women's football. Did you get a sense there was an


appetite? You could tell by the amount of people who came to watch


the Games. Fault stadiums. The sport was fantastic. It is great. -


- Full stadiums. The star of this World Cup has been one, how will it


attract more goals to play? I was reading an interview by Homare Sawa,


she said it was cold wet dream, to use this to is by young goals to


get involved. You see in other sports, when someone succeeds, how


it can ignite the passion of young goals and get more people playing.


They will certainly build on that. Do you think, you have been saying


this, it is great to see a game playing -- at a team playing with


skill and not relying on power and size. Everyone had written them off


against America and Germany. In the first half we were thinking, it


could be three goals to America. Like you said, they kept belief in


the way they played. They grew into the match. Their fitness, their


work ethic, their humility, their dignity. We shared a hotel with


them. They are very polite people. Going around every match with


banners saying, they queue for the support. You can see how much it


meant to them. It is a fairy-tale. And you want to say you beat the


world champions. As you say, England beat them 2-0. A game


England seemed to come to life and started playing how we expected in


this tournament. And made Japan look quite ordinary. That is


something England can take into the next stage of qualifiers. Because


they did beat the world champions. What will the Tom and have done for


the game in this country, attracting more women into the


game? Attracting people to watch the women's Super League which


resumes next week? We said 2011 would be enormous for women's


football. A tournament like this, with it being shown on TV, a great


coverage and in the press. Hopefully it will inspire young


goals to play and for people to watch. It starts next week, the


second part of the WSL. It peaks with a major tournament, and dies


away. It is keeping the interest. You can be particularly proud, we


are now when the top three in the world, it is that close. With a


little bit more luck. The manager was growing into the tournament as


well, getting better decisions. So many good performances we can be


proud of. A Japanese coach said it was a major plus for him or his


players were fit and healthy, he had a full squad to choose from.


Sometimes you need that fortune as well. You mentioned that was the


turning point for the Japan team. When they got beaten by England,


that changed their mentality. How they needed to play against Germany.


He had quite a precise idea of where he would bite to finish. That


shows again how tight this tournament has been. A lot of


tweets have come in with great praise for Japan. Sid says, what a


game to promote women's football. I have to Italy enjoyed the three


weeks. So many positive tweets, people enjoying seeing the teams.


The areas respect for women's football, you can see the technical


ability. They deserve that. The England team as well, we can


compete on that stage. It makes it a great spectacle. It is now


earning the respect it deserves. couple of tweets. If you from


people you know. Ellen White, aged inspiration and amazing captain for


England. Lots of others coming in as well. Thank you so much. There


were times this week you didn't want to come on but we really


appreciate you being here and Cherie your knowledge of the


tournament with us. Martin, a pleasure to work with you. Sue,


hopefully our paths will cross again. Thank you very much. That is


it, a fabulous Final, Japan the winners. A wonderful three weeks


for women's football. Just maybe England and Faye White will be


lifting the trophy in 2015 in Canada. Thank you all for watching


COMMENTATOR: England are off and running in the World Cup.


They are through to the quarter- Welcome to the 6th FIFA Women's


Gabby Logan introduces live coverage of the Fifa Women's World Cup final in Frankfurt. At the last tournament in 2007, Germany held their nerve to beat Brazil 2-0 in the final, with Birgit Prinz and Simone Laudehr netting the goals. Germany and the USA are the most successful countries in World Cup history, with two tournament wins apiece, while Norway are the only other side to have been crowned world champions.

The USA, who last won the tournament in 1999, overcame France in their semi-final clash. Japan, meanwhile, beat Sweden to reach the final for the first time.

Gabby is joined in the studio by Martin Keown and Jo Potter. Commentary from Guy Mowbray and Lucy Ward.

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