Croatia v Spain Match of the Day Live

Croatia v Spain

Gary Lineker presents live coverage of the Euro 2012 match between Croatia and Spain as the final round of Group C matches gets underway.

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Good evening. We have already said farewell to some of the giants of


European football. The Republic of Ireland are out, you don't win 0.4


made a bitter and support sadly. Tonight one more top team will be


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


leaving, but will it be Italy, Here on BBC One we will be watching


Spain take on Croatia. Whoever wins in Gdansk will finish top of Group


C. Over on BBC Three, if you prefer, you can see the Republic of


Ireland's final game of Euro 2012, from 7:30pm, as they face Italy in


Poznan. The maths are complicated. So pay attention. We tried to


explain it to Robbie Savage, he is still lying in a darkened room. A


windfall Spain all Croatia will see Should Italy win, they will qualify.


But should Spain or Croatia draw 0- 0 or 1-1, Italy will win out -- a


miss out. But because at the head to head Raul, Italy could stick 10


past the Irish and still miss out it Spain and Croatia finishers in a


high-scoring draw. Italy have been making a few noises about match-


So, too-2 it is, then! Know of the result! I think everything is going


to be above board. We have got one good team and one great team here.


Watching the Spanish against the Republic of Ireland, Alain and I


both thought it was a masterclass in pass and move and technical


ability. It is all right to say that the Irish were week, but what


we saw that night was something else. Arguably, the best we have


ever seen in a position from any country. They have so many cars


players, you cannot look past them. The Spanish coach, del Bosque, says


they have to much on it to play for this crawl, and Slaven Bilic says


there is too much bad, -- too much on her to play but this craw. You


couldn't imagine that what happened. You can see that being the result,


though. They are going to score goals. Both these teams have got


goals in them. I wouldn't put it past two to two. They are going out


to win the game. It is going to take some effort for Croatia to


overcome this team. The Italians had a word or match-fixing, that is


funny, isn't it? I don't know why. Quite remarkable. This should be an


entertaining game, the interesting thing is that already, Croatia have


taken out one of those very effective strikers, Jelavic,


because they are in fear of the Spanish. I think it is the eternal


problem, how do you match up with the mid- field old Spain, that is


what they are trying to do. They have dropped Modric back, and


Vukojevic, those two are in midfield, along with Rakitic, they


have to stop Spain playing cannot Mandzukic up top on his own, he has


had four shot, and he has scored three goals. The only thing you


would say, and I agree entirely with what Lee has said, but against


the Italians, Croatia looked so much a better side in the second


half, when they went offensive. They played Modric between the two


strikers, further forward, and he was fantastic. Whereas in the first


half, he never got into the game. lot of teams have backed off


against Spain, but if you have got that sort of dynamism up front,


isn't it best to exploit it, and exploit the one weakness Spain have,


which is probably defensively? key is to get possession of the


ball for Croatia. That is what Spain do, they did you tired, the


move you around, you lose all perspective. If Modric can get on


the ball for Croatia, and I notice that they have moved Darijo Srna up


from right-back, I think it will be interesting to see if they can


penetrate and hurt Spain's ball backs. That is what happens, you


can get tired, a disillusioned, then you get impulsive, that leads


to mistakes. You panic, because you have not had the ball for so long,


you don't open up, and that is where the mistakes come from.


Spanish team is unchanged, so a Fernando Torres is in again. It is


phenomenal, when you look at Iniesta, Xavi, Silva, when we were


watching them against Ireland, we were watching them in awe. They


were against a weaker side, but they still had to control the ball,


they still had two players, and it was a masterclass. I love watching


them play. Some of the stats that came out of the game were


phenomenal. Xavi, the most attempted passes, the most


completed passes, at international level, that is phenomenal. But they


have, in that team, players that can come out and go in, you look at


their bench, all top players you're comfortable in possession.


thing with the Croatians is they will not give up. As much as Spain


have the ball, they will not give up, they will go to the final


whistle, and that is probably why they are playing white -- how they


are. The Republic of Ireland bow out with a game against Italy, the


birthplace of their manager, Trapattoni. And these two sides


Ireland versus Italy, we have been here before. 1990, Ireland was in a


lot of financial trouble, there was talk of recession, emigration, but


then a great head of foreign football man came into the country


and drilled us defensively. Jack Charlton. We will do that tomorrow


night, give it the last Jack. had a special talent. Less than 48


hours before the kick-off, we are all out side, with all the media


watching, and he rolled out the Guinness. Frankly, the world went


mad. There were a few promises made along the way, one of them was that


he would get an audience with the Pope. He was almost falling asleep,


the Pope was blessing everybody, Jack said he was waving back up at


him every time he woke up! Playing the hosts, Italy, in their home


stadium, should have been the most frightening thing in the world, but


the team at seemed to be DD with the sense of 04 achievement.


didn't have a clue what we were doing, it was the first time we


have played in a World Cup. No one expected us to win. The pressure


was right on the Italians. streets were deserted in Ireland,


everybody was gathered around a pubs in televisions. Half an hour


in, we are doing all right, we are Things are beginning to look good.


Hope begins to course through Irish Baines. Of all the places to land


the ball, at the beat of a man with the golden touch during that


tournament. That ball was coming straight down the line to me, then


it moved away. That was all I could do unfortunately. And we kind of


knew that was that. They were great days. Playing Italy in the World


Cup. When would we ever see the like have that again? Oh yes, the


next World Cup, in the first game. There was a bit of retribution


around, the lads were fully focused. We wanted to get in among system.


The last time we played them was in Rome, but surely, New York would be


? They were there in masses, it was unbelievable. We changed into a


white strip, the Italians were standing there in white also.


said, what is going on? How Rocket Man was going through the notes and


he said, a! We had no time to think about the game. Classic Irish mind


games. If they were confused by that cannot wait till they saw our


hats. We looked really stupid in hats. And so the game begins.


Watched with the same level of no expectation we had four years ago.


So if you can imagine an entire island, lifting off its feet when


this happened. I just thought, why not? Your at the World Cup. If it


goes wide, who cares? On his left but, I couldn't believe it!


celebration, I can't remember the celebration. I beg you remember


that Ray Houghton -- Live Aid you remember that Ray Houghton had


broken the pleasure centre of my brain. I have never done anything


like that in my life, nowhere near that celebration. I can only


imagine it was a release. I suppose, looking back you could say we were


comfortable. I don't recall feeling a lot of comfort at the time. Phil


Babb might have lost it for us. Was that a penalty? I wouldn't have


been very happy if we hadn't been given it, but I was incredibly


It was great to win our first game at the big stage, against such a


big scalp. Time for some new memories of Ireland against Italy


to stop we are all square. This, lad, is the decider. Let's take


Such a shame that a result wouldn't get done for it. Let's hear from a


man who used to play for Ireland, Up here in the's Stadium, I am


joined by the former Republic of Ireland manager Mick McCarthy.


There is a sense Ireland have underperformed. My analysis is that


if you base your success on a solid base, a defensive unit, and we have


conceded goals in each game after three minutes. That goes to pot


straight away. When you are playing against the likes of Spain, Croatia,


having to chase it, it suits them, they have just been better than us,


considerably. Are you surprised Trapattoni has not made more


changes? Not really, maybe he had put some fresh legs it and said we


are going to go for it... He is Italian, if they make wholesale


changes, he would get belted by all and sundry. He is protecting the


integrity of the competition. He is also showing loyalty to the players


who got them here. He is obviously picking his best team, if he


thought he could do better, he would change it. A what do you want


to see tonight? I would like to see a better performance. The only way


we will see that is if we keep it nice and tight, a clean sheet, if


we don't, we will be chasing it again. But there is talk of four


players, Richard Dunne, Robbie Keane, O'Shea, Damien Duff, packing


it in. They will not want to go out on another defeat. Very rarely have


they lost three in a row. I think Italy might get a shock.


mentioned Damien Duff are. It is his 100th career. He is


affectionately known as duffer. I gave him his debut a long time ago.


1998, I think. His contribution to the Ireland team has been immense.


He has been one of those players who has turned up for every game he


can, when he has not been injured. Really talented player, left-wing,


a right wing, I played him up front with a Robbie Keane, he was


outstanding. You couldn't wish to meet a nicer lad. I'm delighted he


is captain delight. Ireland against They will want to go out on a high


note. Definitely, they don't want to let people down. They will look


at the way they have performed. It just did not click for them. As far


as the Italians are concerned, they are getting better say it will be


an uphill task for Ireland today. I think Italy will win. The Italians


really need a result. Goals are important for them. It is a tough


game for Ireland. To go into that game, two defeat. I played him one


of those when you're out of the tournament in 1998 and it is really


difficult. Soul-destroying. -- 1988. I think a victory is a long shot.


Balotelli is not playing. Good news for the Italians! When you go back


to the Irish, when you look at the teams that Jack Charlton had, and


Mick McCarthy, there were a quality players through the side, but this


side have done really well to qualify. They've been a long way


short in this tournament. No lack of effort. Exactly. They've given


it their best effort. For the biggest downfall is trying to


ground out results and they have given early goals away. If you want


to watch the Republic of Ireland against Italy, that game is live on


Tomorrow night, England play their final -- final group game begins


Ukraine needing just a point to qualify. Gabby Logan is with them.


Temperatures of 30 degrees plus, a cauldron for the 50,000 seething


pit workers and again they must not lose. England go back into the fire.


I don't think I need to remind them that is an away game, the fans at


the stadium will be supporting the Ukraine rather than England and it


will be a tough ask for our travelling supporters to match the


vast number of Ukrainians, but they gave it a good go in Kiev so let's


hope they can do it again. unmistakable head must remain


cooler than the others tomorrow. Ripe for provocation, Rooney has


been told by his manager to ease himself into the game. It is a good


point. I'm sure Steven Gerrard and the other players will be keen to


remind him that what we require from him is a good team performance.


We want him to help us become a better team and win. I will not


tell Wayne Rooney not to be fired up for this game because that is


what he's all about. Pressing, being aggressive in the right way,


being a top player. The reason he's world-class is because of what he's


shown up until today. When he joined the 2006 World Cup late,


Rooney announce the big man is back. No such bravado this time. I don't


really feel pressure that I have to win the tournament for England. The


team has to do it. If I can contribute, great. It is not one


player. You can see with the best players around the world now, it is


not just them that will win the tournament, it is the team. He will


start, but will Theo Walcott? fit and we don't have any injury


concerns. Such were the storms of three days ago that even this is


done some can't try out the pitch in time. The players have been


restricted to a careful stroll on fragile turf. Considering how hard


it was for the grounds man and everyone connected with the game


the other night to ensure the game went ahead after such heavy


rainfall, we were quite surprised how good the field is. The city of


a million roses, that is what Donetsk calls itself. Guess where


else makes a cinema claim? Bloemfontein. But don't worry, this


England squad are quietly confident of getting out of here with the


result they need. I have regularly heard the thoughts


of Aland and Lee on England, how do you think they have fared so far,


Alan? I think we are a good side. We are a steady team. Wayne


Rooney's inclusion will lift us. He gives us that extra X-Factor you


need at this level. The goals against Sweden, the way we came


back, will give great confidence that they can retrieve any


situation. I think we are in a good place. You can see the smiles on


the training ground, we've been at these tournaments where you don't


see that from England teams. does Rooney come back for? He will


definitely start, so Welbeck or Carroll. I think Andy will go to


the bench. That is a nice option to have him on the bench with a goal


under his belt so he can come on and change it if he needs to.


a long time since Rooney scored... Are 2004. In a major event. This


was it against Croatia. He has hit How good is this? Never going to


miss. We have seen a lot of one because ones in this tournament. He


gives that bit of quality. what... The bid criticism of


England and the two -- two matches is in possession. Not only is


really good in possession, he is totally adept at getting possession,


making himself available, easy option, which is a big thing when


you are under pressure. Should Walcott start? I'm not sure. I


think he may stay with the same midfield and used him from the


bench if he needs him. The thing Rooney gives you is you don't need


to play three midfielders when he plays. He drops in. He is diligent


and he works hard enough. We may come up against Spain and you will


need him to do that. I think Walcott will play on the right hand


side. I think that will help us push the Ukrainians back a little


bit, give us more legs in order to get their team back a bit, which


allows us to come up from the back. We shall see. You can see


highlights of England against Ukraine and France against Sweden


on BBC 21 tomorrow night. Let's turn our attention to Spain against


Croatia. Before Euro 2012, many were saying of the Spanish that


their season had been too long, they are divided by club loyalties,


they are not as motivated as they once were and it is impossible for


any major country to win three tournaments in a row. I don't think


they've been listening. Spain are Spain at their wonderful best.


Expectations are higher than ever Torres cause! Lightning-quick,


It will be quite an achievement to win three major tournaments for a


team that were considered as perennial under-achievers. I've


heard people say they would be tired. Del Bosque said, tired


players have got something to aim at and or the sudden they have --


they are not tired anymore. You don't get tired when you've got the


ball and that is the key to Spain playing well, keeping possession. I


think they have a real chance, although I still stick by West


Germany, sorry, Germany. They say success is the easy part, continued


success is the hard part. But once you get a taste of it, you want


more and more of it. These guys have won it before, and the World


Cup, what will they be like in the dressing room? We want more of


that! If by some chance Slaven Bilic is chilling out watching our


coverage, how do you beat Spain? You need your team to be diligent


and defend well. Spain will have a lot of the ball. They need to have


positivity on the break, to have a front-foot mentality that you can


get a goal. It will be a great game tonight, a lot of talent on the


pitch. OK. Spain started the championship without a recognised


striker and the centre forward who played against Ireland was hardly


recognisable either. Who was that blond lad? Fernando Torres, L neo-.


The kid. But Spain's No. 9 has had to grow up in recent times. It all


used to be so easy. Fernando Torres! What a splendid goal!


Perhaps too easy. Atletico Madrid captain and the Spanish


international at just 19, courted by the kings of Europe, he chose


England and Liverpool. It was love at first sight. His first goal for


Liverpool! It guarantees him hero status for life. Torres became the


most feared from man in the Premier League. He was the poster boy for


On the world stage, Spain's golden generation were the CHEERING AND


APPLAUSE to. Four years ago the tag of perennial


under-achievers was finally put to rest. Torres delivered when it


Spain are European champions for Expectations were higher than ever.


Brilliant performances, perhaps taken for granted. The best was


expected to keep calm, but instead the body of the best began to creak.


Spain continued to dominate, but Torres was no longer centre stage.


The glory of that World Cup was tinged with personal pain. The


heartbreak Kid. The striker craved a change in fortune, a change of


scenery, and after four Trophy Les years, Liverpool were left behind


as the King's Road crowned the new king, but at a price. �50 million.


Torres toiled, the place seemed to have gone. Where was the strength,


the composure that came so easily? My goodness! Perhaps too easy.


know this season has been very difficult for him. But I think his


performances over the last few months prove a lot. I think it will


be positive. He hasn't played a lot this season. Now he is fresh. He is


highly motivated for the tournament. I don't think they will catch


Fernando Torres. It is two for Torres. No longer El Nino. Just


But true Grania was a player! A really good player. As was, for a


long time, Fernando Torres. Unbelievable story, talent and then


he lost his way. It seems like he may be turning a corner. He looked


very sharp against Ireland. From the centre forward's point of view,


this is Spain against Italy, playing with six midfielders. No


centre-forward, passing it around on the edge of the box. They played


a certain way because they have got no focal point up front. Look how


far ahead of the back four they are. They make it very easy for Italy.


He comes on in the second half, straight away he gets a chance


through the middle of the pitch. A silly offside and he should score.


The good bit of Torres and the not- so-good. And there Mackie years,


through the middle. Signs of him coming back. And then against Italy,


a bad touch. This is what he's all about. This is a finish the old


Torres would score quite easily. Now he is brilliant again. In the


same game he can go from being fantastically skilful, scoring


goals, being strong, to giving the ball away. Now you fancy him to


score. He is a real enigma. He has everything as a centre-forward. He


has pace, good in the air, decent with both feet, but there's


something not quite right. Something very ripe for a long


period. It is hard to envisage a scenario where it can vanish


forever. It had to come back at some stage. The one thing that he's


never lost is the technical ability. He is quick, he has two a good feet,


he can finish from anywhere. What you can see in him is a kind of


unhappiness when he plays. Sometimes he looks more miserable


than he did before. Confident. is. Maybe this tournament could be


the making of him getting back to real form by helping Spain win it


again. He is not as quick as he was in the first tee at Liverpool. In


his first tee at Liverpool, he was lightning. If he got half a yard,


the defender could never get near him. Now, he can't get away from


them as he used to be able to. He has struggled at Chelsea. At times


in this tournament, he has struggled. But it is all about


goals and he got two goals in the last game. If he scores two and


doesn't play very well on the ball, One interested spectator in a


Gdansk is the Everton manager, Evening, gentlemen. I am here with


David Moyes. You have spent all season plotting Everton's attack on


the Premier League, now you are spending your some out here


watching football, I bet your wife loves you! No, not all summer, she


has had a good holiday. I like to come and watch the players, always


good when you have some players involved as well. You used to


always come and watch tournaments when you're younger, but I'm sure


the hotel standard has gone up now,? Yes, I turned up today, and


found myself sharing a room with somebody else. The good news is,


they would probably spend the money on players, led to talk about the


players got a first double, Jelavic, a fantastic signing for Everton, I


disappointed he is not starting? There was always something that


Slaven Bilic had to have a decision on, whether to go with a two up


front for an extra midfield player, and I think he has made the correct


decision against really talented Spanish team. What would you do to


try and nullify that Spanish attack? Because they have


incredible quality of. You have to try and not get outnumbered in the


middle of the park, you know you are going to be out of position for


a lot of the night, you have to fill the middle of the pitch, I


think that is what Croatia are trying to do tonight. We have lost


the Dutch, the team who won their first match 4-1, are you amazed at


that Spain could still go out? It is that kind of tournament.


couldn't see how they could go after mind sure most of the viewers


will understand that as well. But they could well do so. We would all


expect Spain, the way they are playing and the players they have


got, to go through to stop you haven't got the best hotel room,


but you do have the best seat in the house. We will speed you later


in the evening. -- speak to you. So do you are playing the world


champions and you are managing Croatia, if you lose, it is likely


to be your last match in charge. Slaven Bilic and better make this


one heck of a team talk. The speech before the game, it is


very important. Churchill said once that he needs a speech that lasts


two hours, but he doesn't need the preparation. I thought, this beach


which lasts 25 seconds, he needs to days of preparation -- a speech. I


am going to tell them that we have to believe it. We have to believe


that we can go through. Although we are facing the world and European


champions, the best team, but we have a good team and we have to


We can do it, and we are going to And there is the man himself, he


has been in the job a long time, he has done a terrific job. He has,


and just listening to him there, he is an impressive figure. He goes


into club management after this tournament, I think a lot of bigger


clubs will be looking at him to see how he does. This Croatian team has


been terrific. What is the secret of their success so far in this


tournament? They have technical players, and the Technical game, so


they are good at keeping the ball. They have could it movement, Modric


behind a Mandzukic is the key. If he can get on it, find the wide


players, they deliver in the crosses, they have a nice threat to


them, I think. I think they will cause Spain are some problems.


that threat to be lessened by leaving out Jelavic? Possibly. But


I think Croatia were better when he he put him out on the side and he


has a midfield player doing that today. So I think this is a good


side, it is well balanced, and I think there is enough threat in


there to win the game. As always when you play against Spain, you


have to get the ball off them. We always talk about Fabregas, Torres,


Xavi, but Alonso is a player you have seen a lot off. It shows you


how good they are in possession, when he was at Liverpool,


technically he was rated as one of the best in the Premier League.


When you look at him against Iniesta, Silva... He is


particularly good in front of the Spanish defence. Not only for good


solid tackling, but the protection in front of the back four, also


when he picks it up, he can pass it. A strong header, and when he joins


in, he passes and plays. So his technical ability plus strength,


plus good in the air, plus you can give you this as well. His long


passing is exceptionally good. The killer pass to Xavi there, a


fantastic ball, when he picks it up on the edge of the box, he can hit


it from 25 yards as well. But the main thing for me is protecting


that back four. They are not a big team, the Spanish, but he is


particularly good in the air, a good tackler, very strong. And


still good in possession. How do you see it? I think it will finish


2-2 myself! Know, I can't see past the Spanish Costa Croatia are a


good side, but Spain will have too much. Do you think it will be a


draw? Now, they are a good side, but Spain are a different level.


still think Spain have so much firepower. One Spanish journalist


was asked to who their main opponents were now. Spain, he


replied. That is a game I would like to see it. But their opponents


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


have been impressive. This should before entering the arena for a


match that really matters for these players. Croatia and Spain, meeting


for the first time in a competitive international. They have met four


times in recent years, with Spain winning twice, Croatia once, with


one draw. History beckoning for Spain this summer. No side has ever


successfully defended the European Championship, and no team has won


three major tournaments in a row either. There is Luka Modric, No.


10 for Croatia, a lot resting on his shoulders tonight if Croatia


are to be successful. Spain, amid many permutations, know that a


point guarantees a quarter-final place, as would anything other than


AA win for Italy in Poznan, regardless of what happens here. As


for Croatia, they are guaranteed to go through if they win, also with a


draw of 2-2 or better. They are definitely through if Italy fail to


beat the Republic of Ireland. There are other permutations, but


hopefully it will not go that far! Tremendous atmosphere in the old


town this afternoon, those fans have now made their way to the


amber arena, a bright, shiny new stadium here. The Gdansk arena,


Holden over 40,000 people. A party atmosphere inside the ground as we


awaited this match. The players being held for some time. We can


see Gerrard Pique, mopping his brow. They are ready to enter a cauldron


of noise. 16 matches unbeaten, but a slip up tonight and the world and


defending European champions Spain could find themselves on the next


flight home. Fernando Torres says what happens to Russia is a wake-up


call. The margin for error is so small. Croatia are hoping to reach


the last eight for the third time in the last 5 euros. They are


revelling in their role as underdogs. They are hoping to fare


better than the Republic of Ireland did on this pitch. First of all,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


internationals since losing 1-0 to Switzerland in the World Cup two


years ago. Now the Croatian Nasa Domovino" (Our Beautiful


# Oj junacka zemljo mila. # Stare slave djedovino.


# Da bi vazda sretna bila! # Mila, kano si nam slavna.


# Mila si nam ti jedina. # Mila, kuda si nam ravna.


tournament in terms of population, with just under 4.5 million, but a


country with a conveyor-belt of top-class footballing talent. Spain


won the last time they met, 2-1 in a friendly, just before the 2006


World Cup. Fernando Torres hit in injury-time winner after having had


a penalty saved earlier by Pletikosa. Slaven Bilic makes two


that worked so well in the second half against Italy, with Modric


further forward. The captain, Darijo Srna moves board, and


Rakitic is back in central midfield. Mandzukic, with three goals already,


Germany, he took charge of the 1-1 draw between Poland and Russia.


Familiar to the Spanish team, having taken charge of the first


leg of last year's Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and


Barcelona, and the recent Europa League final between Atletico


Madrid and Athletic Bilbao. Del Bosque names an unchanged starting


Busquets suffered a foot injury in the last game, but a scan revealed


no damage. Along with Torres of Chelsea, David Villa of Manchester


City also plays on the right of an of the Croatian national team.


Headed for Russia and Lokomotiv attacking talent with Jelavic


joined by Eduardo. Cesc Fabregas is on the bench for Spain, who has


already scored twice at Euro 2012, and Chelsea's Juan Matter, who has


not played at all yet. -- Mata. Conspiracy theorists were given


short shrift by both camps, including Vicente del Bosque in the


build-up to this one. A convenient 2-2 draw would eliminate Italy and


see both Spain and Croatia through. They both want to win this one,


though. Croatia, fiercely patriotic. Spain, with a golden generation of


players will stop the Spanish have drawn only two of the last 37


competitive games they've played. Both of them, ironically, against


Italy. Spain playing in the more unfamiliar colours of light and


dark blue today. Croatia in their traditional red and white


chequerboard shirts. We are almost ready to go. A final look at the


watch from the referee. All to play for and we are under way in Gdansk.


Mark Bright is alongside me. always tried to make a case for


somebody beating stage. We have seen Croatia twice and they looked


very impressive. What we would like against the Republic of Ireland in


their last match. Croatia hoping to far rather battered -- fare rather


battered -- better than the Irish did. A free-kick against Mandzukic.


He is on his own tonight up front. Yes, Jelavic... Not sure if he is


ill or not. I think they played really well together, Mandzukic and


Jelavic. Luka Modric just in behind. In the second half against Italy,


joining them as a three. Pletikosa, a picture of concentration in the


Croatian goal. Vastly experienced player. Both goalkeepers are.


Casillas is winning his 134th cap, Pletikosa is 94th. George Lucas has


struggled to start at Tottenham and finished the season at Bayer


Leverkusen. -- Vedran Corluka. I think we can expect to see Spain


having plenty of the ball if all over the pitch, Croatia, trying


to win the ball back quickly. Identical to what Spain do. Just


what Slaven Bilic wants to do. He said, we know it will be difficult,


but we have to try to keep the ball for as long as we can. The changes


that Croatia made to their line-up from a 4-4-2 two-way 4-2-3-1 in the


second half of the match against Italy. Modric was far more involved


in the play. He had more freedom and he was more influential.


played higher up the pitch. I thought it was a 4-3-3. It changed


the game tactically and gave them more possession. They were pushing


on and pressing. They made a better are seeing again, full of


confidence. Two goals in the last match against the Republic of


Ireland. Torres was waiting. Excellent. Great overlapping play.


Give and go. You can see Torres in the middle of the screen. He left


himself too much to do. First Pletikosa this time. Torres only


had the ball for 38 seconds in the last match, but in that time he


managed to get five shots away, four on target and scored twice.


depends where you get your touches! The way they play, Spain, they move


the ball around in midfield and at the back. They are so comfortable.


Jordi Alba it is a converted winger so comfortable in possession as a


full-back. You could say the same for Darijo Srna for Croatia. And


Corluka. You have to be comfortable and keep the ball. It is 24 degrees


at the moment. It has been a lovely day in Gdansk, not a cloud in the


sky, but we have been warned that a storm is expected, potentially


quite a nasty one, at around 8:30pm UK time. Perhaps we will get a


half-time firework display. Hopefully it will not interrupt


proceedings as it did in the UK -- Ukraine against France match the


One of the home-based players in the Croatian squad. Piquet did not


miss a minute in the qualifying matches for Spain, but he hasn't


always been an automatic first choice for Barcelona this season.


Not quite at his best in the last character, he creates quite a


serene atmosphere within the squad. deck on the right. Thrown from the


back of the crowd and it landed two rose from the front. It is still


with UEFA for throwing flares on the pitch in their last match


following Torres everywhere. He is one of the players on yellow card


tonight. Schildenfeld and Modric for Croatia. They would miss the


quarter-final if they were booked tonight. For Spain, Jordi Alba,


Arbeloa, Xabi Alonso and Torres on yellow cards. Crenshaw as well for


Croatia. -- Kranjcar. One area Torres can work on tonight is the


centre-back pairing. The smokers interfering with play now. The


referee has stopped it. -- smoke is interfering. They have only just


managed to put it out. Smoke is blowing across the arena. Wolfgang


Stark having a little word with Iker Casillas. I'm not too sure who


it is. Someone is pleading with his fans. We've had this in every game


that Croatia have played in. When we go to the stadium, we have to go


through X-ray machines and everything. No journalist throws a


flyer, are you searching the fans? We get them in every game. Goal-


kick to Spain. Pranjic looked pretty tidy in the second half


against Italy. He has lost his getting for quite a lot. - forward.


Good pressuring -- pressing from Croatia. The former Liverpool


player was in a good position originally, but the pass was a


I think it has been a feature of this tournament, they have not been


giving free-kicks for the slightest giving free-kicks for the slightest


of touches. Mandzukic went off injured against Italy. He picked up


a foot injury late in the game, but clearly find to start this one. --


farming. This is that incident again. Is it a trip? The referee


sees it as him kicking Gerrard 10 minutes played, no goals here


and no goals in Poznan between the Republic of Ireland and Italy. As


it stands, Spain would top the group, Croatia would also qualified


in second place. Italy would be third on three points. The Republic


of Ireland would finish on one. At the moment, Spain and Croatia are


and go. Strinic pleading his player who broke into the squad on


the back of their failure to reach the World Cup finals in South


Africa. I like what I've seen of him, he gets forward well. He


usually makes himself difficult to final couple of years ago. Pinpoint


from Spain. Almost out of reach. ago at Euro 2008. He has had a


decent tournament so far here. Conceding one group in each of


their first two matches. The 3-1 win over Ireland and the 1-1 draw


with Italy. Both of those matches from the back once again. --


against the Republic of Ireland. He completed 115 of them. Record


seemingly always in space on the right for Spain. They play with


opposition, when they play Spain, they end up running a lot further,


so even when they do get the ball, they are too tired to do anything


try to win it back as quickly as possession so far. It is so


impressive to watch, you see it on the TV, I doesn't do it justice.


The players, the way they change positions, move into space, they


off win against Turkey last year, he adds a bit of steel to the


Croatian players, just 23 years of age. Winning his 11th cap this


Rakitic. The Spanish bench are up and unimpressed. That is definitely


going to be a free kick. I think he might have been trodden on in the


middle of that. He grabs hold of his shorts, maybe he drag of the


either between Italy and the Republic of Ireland, so as it


stands, Spain and Croatia would go players. It is some atmosphere here.


And a very impressive arena, too. All the stadiums have been very


impressive. The noise seems to have been contained inside. They have


have a found their voices again after the disappointment of the


on the right-hand side where Darijo Srna is now. He is moving back to


play alongside Vukojevic in central Torres, the Croatian defenders.


They have so many passes along the deck. Fall the play that Spain have


had it, they haven't really tested a Pletikosa at all. -- for all the


little bit lucky to get away with a decent save. Just that one effort


from Iniesta early on. Didn't have ball there, Pranjic. But he had no


support. He broke forward, no support, he has got to try and hold


on to it. We can see that Sergio central defence for both club and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


It was cynical. Way behind the ball, Something he didn't like on the


edge of the area. It was Busquets, described as colourful and


this-dissenters, the singing in the street, the camaraderie. -- going


haven't they? They have a really good one here, in Gdansk, by all


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


squeezed in at the near post. Difficult to score from that angle,


but he showed a clean pair of heels, a good turn of pace. Just trying to


drive this as hard as you can at the near post, hoping to get a


from Sergio Ramos. They pushed Croatia back and back, which allows


the full backs and centre-backs to join in if they like. No goals


either in Poznan, between Italy and the Republic of Ireland. So as it


stands, Spain would win the group ahead of Croatia. Italy and the


Republic of Ireland would go home. You can watch that game on BBC


Three and on the BBC HD channel at good position, allowing the centre-


backs to join in play, it opens up for him. Why not? This was Torres


before, a good turn of pace. He has a look, nobody there, has to have a


shot. Given the tough time that he has had in the last year or two


with Chelsea, easy to forget that he was the match-winner in the


final four years ago. His goal won game a little more. That was inch


this tournament. Four attempt on goal, three of them have ended up


though, more adventurous. So far, disciplined defensive display from


and Barcelona, threw his passing in midfield. Two of the best teams we


search your Ramos went diving in! thought it was a foul. He had to go


it alone, he had no support. It was right under the nose of the


additional assistant behind the goal at that end. Anywhere on the


pitch, I would say that was a foul, his studs are showing, it is high.


He took a big chance. Mandzukic had an injury in the first game, with a


bang on the gull. That will not have done it any good. The referee


is taking someone's name. Corluka, I'm happy that they haven't been


given anything there. -- unhappy. The referee obviously thinks that


Mandzukic is faking it. A little reminder of the yellow-card


situation. They will be wiped out Croatian fans anywhere. -- a good


side. Mandzukic, clearly struggling a little bit. I just wonder whether


he has aggravated the problem he had it coming into the game. It is


one of those, you go to shoot or cross, somebody comes to cross, you


follow through, it hits the bottom He is limping towards the halfway


here. Not far away from the half an hour mark. He lost his footing. The


first time they've really got in. A quick one-two. He just lost his


footing as he was about to strike. David Silva already on the


scoresheet for Spain in this tournament. David Villa is missing


for them, but it hasn't slowed them if he was trying to bring that down.


Gradually, Spain working their way ball by Ramos again. He used his


body. Continuing to complain to the Half an hour in, no goals here, no


Half an hour in, no goals here, no goals in Poznan between Italy and


the Republic of Ireland. As it stands, Spain would top the group


on five points, Croatia would be on got his arms open wide. He wants


against the Republic of Ireland in the first game. They were the


dominant force. Right from the word go. It helps if you score in the


third minute of the game! Really impressive as an attacking force in


that first match, but devoid of ideas in the first match against


Italy, but then improved greatly in the second half. Yet to put Spain


he might have been offside if he had continued. Great individual


skill. Agreeable to Silva. Torres feeling that injury. He doesn't


between the midfield players and full-backs pushing on and how they


work it. Always on the move, always looking for space, always making


themselves available. This team can over the last 24 hours. No hint of


menace or travel between the two sets of fans. Excellent. A lovely


city as well. We are going by King tomorrow. -- we are going out on


our bikes tomorrow. A tour of Gdansk. Going to the shipyards, the


birthplace of the Solidarity movement, some history and culture


for you tomorrow! Referee has given a free kick for ft up. -- a foot up.


That was very well timed by Schildenfeld. I think Xabi Alonso


ticket quickly. It caught everybody by surprise. Schildenfeld is known


as a player who reads the game pretty well, which helps to make up


for lack of pace, but he and Corluka are not the quickest in


central defence, but so far able to effective. -- keeps it so it's


Excellent play from Pique, coming up from the back. He is just


looking for Torres to spin into the space behind. It is tight,, but he


has got the passing capabilities to debut against Scotland last year.


Jordi Alba of Valencia. He has been turned from a left winger into an


attacking left-back by the coach there with great success. Solved a


problem for del Bosque in the international side as well.


Absolutely. Something like 778 caps, Spain. A wealth of experience on


of Slaven Bilic, the Croatian coach. Handball. Slaven Bilic will be


absolutely delighted. Coming into the last group game against Spain,


world champions. No goals conceded. There's news from Poznan in the


other match being played tonight. The Italians are now leading 1-0.


Antonio Cassano the scorer from a Antonio Cassano the scorer from a


corner kick. Italy are one up on the Irish and the group situation


has changed. Italy now top the has changed. Italy now top the


group. Croatia would go out with the Republic of Ireland bottom.


Italy are now in the dominant Italy are now in the dominant


position. Italy and Spain of the two who would go through as it


filter through. -- I ensure that news will filter through. Cassano


with his second goal of the tournament. He scored against Spain.


That was a decent game between those two great football nations,


always a bit of a classic when they meet. The Spanish national sporting


daily suggested they would not be surprised if those two met again in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


brought the ball under control. -- in the raid. He saw Torres coming


and used his body to block him off. Not looking at the ball, looking at


Torres. Clever. I think he knows that if Torres get past him, he


will not be catching him. He can't afford to give him any space. He


has to be ahead of the game. Srna, the play are penalised for a


challenge on Sergio Busquets. -- the stadium. They might have


expected to see a goal fest. much doing in terms of goalmouth


activity at the moment. The longer the game goes on, Croatia have to


take some chances and push forward. They have to do something because


at the moment, they are going home. Italy are beating the Republic of


Ireland 1-0. If you want to watch that match, it is on BBC Three and


of the match is reflecting that at up, they got to the edge of the


Box's and there was a little gap between the midfield and the


possession. Inside the last five minutes of the first half.


Schildenfeld anticipating the pass. from Silva. So assured. A tight


space as well, just could not fall for him to get a shot in. Spain's


second corner of the game. Half- and for better off it. It will be a


free kick. Sergio Ramos is always so dangerous from set plays,


penalise this time. Corluka got up early. Just into his back. Croatia


have looked quite comfortable. of those dark clouds are gathering.


A few moments ago, that was. misery! Just keeping an eye on


things! Are you a weather man now? Just seemed odd that UEFA told


everybody we were expecting heavy storm. Even though it was 30


degrees when we left the hotel in the middle of the afternoon. Still


no real sign of the deadlock being broken between these two, but as it


stands, with Italy 1-0 up against Ireland, Italy and Spain would go


through in that order. Croatia would be going home. It is rare you


see Spain giving the ball away this easily. Full credit to Croatia for


be from Slaven Bilic at half-time? Italy are winning and we need a


result. We might throw on a substitute or he might say we have


to be more bolt in possession. It is difficult against Spain. Pranjic


covering a lot of ground. Casillas has hardly touched the ball in the


first half. Darijo Srna penalised for the challenge on Busquets. He


will get a yellow card. arguments. I think that is


persistent fouling from Srna. Lucky to get away with one earlier.


Busquets is absolutely fine. the ball into Torres. Spain goes


square and back, which they are quite good at any way. A real lack


something special, is needed, to this first half. We are going into


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


the deadlock here. Ramos is always in the last match that we saw,


Greece scored a goal very much against the run of play. His


lightning going to strike here? It is half-time in Poznan. Italy are


leading Ireland 1-0, Cassano with the goal for Italy. It is a goal


which means that at the moment, 80 Lee would top the group. -- a telly


whistle. Little to really quicken the pulse in Gdansk, a half of a


very few goalscoring opportunities. Fernando Torres, hardly having a


sight of goal. Corluka and should and impelled, marshalling the


Spanish attacks pretty well so far. -- Schildenfeld. Croatia have got


If it stays this way, Italy and Spain will go through, but Croatia


will go out. The Azeri would win the group, because they scored more


goals in games between there top three. Spain and Croatia cannot be


separated on head-to-head, but the Spanish would progress because they


are goal difference in all matches is better. Barring an Irish


equaliser, Croatia have to score, That is probably the least Blewett


I have seen Spain played. Yes, I think it is hot there, that might


be a factor, but they're not playing with the same urgency in


their passing. It is that sharpness and quickness that sets them apart.


Iniesta, who was brilliant in the last game, has hardly featured.


They are going to have to get him in the game to win this. It shows


you anyone can have an off-day. but you have to give AA huge amount


of credit to Croatia. The two wide players are working ever so hard.


They are not getting behind them at all, Spain, and Schildenfeld at the


back is probably their man of the match. He has kept Torres at bay.


Torres is sweeping off to the right hand side, trying to find something.


They have worked unbelievably hard, and they have had a couple of


chances, but they do need to score in the second half, so maybe a set


piece. We have said time and time again, no matter how good you are,


if you try and play against two banks of four, and the centre backs


come up and go back at the right time, then you have problems. The


Spanish pullbacks, -- full backs, Jordi Alba and Arbeloa, they


haven't got forward. But Schildenfeld has been sensational


at centre-back. Corluka has been good as well. Differences are


slight come but if we look at the statistics, whereas Spain normally


have over seven dissent of possession, they are just below


that, with 68%. But if you look at the chances that the Spanish have


had, few and far between it. They haven't really got in at all. As I


say, because Croatia are so well organised, when you are passing and


passing and passing, you have got to be spot on to play your way


through them. You could possibly call this a chance. This is how


much Spain have struggled in the first half. We have picked this one


expect him to score, he nearly does. There was no one in the middle.


They have had three or four moments in the box, where they have


complicated it a little, and that But we know, they have had halves


like this in the past, and just one moment, they can get a goal.


Pranjic had the best chance for Croatia. You think maybe a set


piece, but they have had a couple don't expect to get in so easy, but


the ball just bounces around, the full-back goes close to a Modric,


and so does the centre back, leaving a big space behind, and


Pranjic is away. He gets a decent strike on it, but he is never going


to score from that angle unless he You still feel that a set piece is


their best chance to score. Also in that club, they showed that


technical quality that often makes them a threat, apart from a set


piece, one piece of magic from Modric and they could be away.


about the penalty shout? I think it Difficult to tell from that angle.


There is no margin for error can maybe get it wrong... That is when


the manager turns round! Ramos nearly follows through and hit the


He had a great view of that, so it was a good tackle. If one player


looks like he might just make something happen, it is Silva.


looks the one who has that little sharpness about him, a bit of


top, he picks it up, he plays a wonderful pass. It is a cream of a


pass. The incision, ripe fruit. Iniesta has a bad patch of there! -


- a bad patch. But he is an outstanding player, he has had an


outstanding season. He has the ability to drop the shoulder and to


get away, time and time again. can't afford to give him space like


this. But that is what they do well. That was probably a better chance


than Torres's chance. If you keep him quiet, then Iniesta and Xavi


will probably start, they have so What do you think, as they wear you


down eventually, don't they? big thing is, we were talking


before, you're working so hard, can you do it for 90 minutes? If they


have got the ball, and you are chasing an getting up and down,


chasing the ball, we said before the match, not only do you get


tired, but you get disillusioned. So it is a tall order, but as


leases, one set play, and you never know. -- has Lee says. In this


spectacular summer of sport, it is Tomorrow night, England play


The heart, the pulse, the one. Good things come to those who wait, and


your time is now. Strong as an ox, Rooney, Rooney! Your name strikes


Well, it scared me! We have got highlights of England against


Ukraine tomorrow night. Let's see what has happened in the first half


football, they have conceded in the 4th minute of each half -- fall


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


they are not going to get it. The get it on target. Italy come again.


Pressure is building on that Irish It has been given. The goal is


given. Italy lead by a goal to nil. I think you would have to say that


that is in there. Cassano with the header. The keeper got hand to read,


but the ball is clearly over the Italy lead at half-time and as it


stands they are going through. I suspect there will be a lot of


twists and turns. I feel sorry for Shay Given, he makes a mistake and


does not do particularly well with the goal. He has been injured and


the goal. He has been injured and he has not had the best of


tournaments. Let's have a look at that goal. A terrific header from


Cassano. The defender should do better. He has got the wrong side


of him. It is the slightest touch. That is an art. Damien Duff has


done quite well on the line. near-post area is so important.


Gossard know just comes in behind. Just keep a man there. Easy for me


Just keep a man there. Easy for me to say. Always is. Interesting to


see how the Italians play now. We know their way! I can guarantee


what they will do! In Gdansk, let's hear the thoughts of David Moyes.


The promised storm has yet to arrive, but at the moment it is


Croatia raining on Spain's parade. The cruel world of football in this


competition where you come to the final match in this kind of


tournament, they are playing well but going out. Croatia have done a


great job in containing Spain. I think they will need to keep doing


it. I don't think they can open up too soon. The threat of losing a


goal could be too big. They need to do better in possession, Croatia,


and nullified Spain. Do you think the game as slave and a niche is to


keep the game 0-0 and continue to blunt Spain and then at the end,


they can push on and go for it? longer the game is goalless, it


will swing in Croatia's favour. Spain will know if Croatia score,


it could put them out. I think they have done a good job. Spain have


always looked threatening, David Silva has been fantastic at times.


They have not made the goalkeeper work enough. Slaven Bilic will be


delighted. More of the same and maybe in the last 15 minutes, have


a go. What do Spain do in the second half? It is a dangerous


situation for them. A goal for Croatia and their tournament is


over. It is dangerous. Spain have played some good football. Hundreds


of short passes in the middle of the pitch, a threat from Silva and


Iniesta, but not really a goal correct. They have not looked like


scoring. I think Croatia will be delighted. Spain, it is a dangerous


game, but they have quality and they've got a goal in them. Whether


it is a goal for Ireland or a single goal for one of these teams,


the group could change. STUDIO: I've got a slight feeling


we might see Fabregas quite shortly. He has scored in both Spanish games


and his unfortunate not to be starting. That was a criticism when


he was at Arsenal in his early days, that he did not score enough goals


from midfield. He has added that to his game. He will feel unlucky not


to play tonight. He has scored a lot of Barcelona. One of the many


changes they can make, Spain. They have flexibility. They have some


fantastic players. Mata, we haven't even mentioned him! The interesting


point is that Illich Maiden could call in the last game at half-time


call in the last game at half-time and he needs to make a call here.


They have got to score. We had better rejoin the commentators.


No changes made by either manager at half-time. We are under way.


Other than shoot-outs, the last time Croatia lost in a European


Championships was against England in 2004, 4-2 that day, but they


have to do something here otherwise they will be going out. But it is a


potentially tight situation for Spain as well. One moment, one


lucky bounce, one moment of genius from somebody in the Croatian side


and Spain could find themselves going home. The scenario we like to


see! They have to pull apart the centre-halves, Corluka and


Schildenfeld, get them drawn out. Pull them deeper and then they can


get one of the midfielders running through. They did not disrupt the


back four at all. Were you a little surprised that the pace of the game


in the first half? For lack of intensity? They need to quicken up


their passing. Get the ball further touches in the first half. Pranjic


again. He will get one if he's not careful of for persistent fouling.


A little bit untidy from Pranjic persistent Achilles injury that


The assistant flagged. He took his time to put his flag up. I think he


was unlucky. Strinic tried to use his body. The linesman had I think


about that for a moment or two. -- tactical change at half-time and it


improved their plate. He hasn't done anything at the moment. Modric


is playing off Mandzukic. They will try to take the game to Spain, but


try not to get picked off. A difficult balance against a side as


good as the Spanish. I don't know why he doesn't cross that on the


first chance. Mandzukic was in the penalty area. The ball was blocked.


Why take a touch? A slight delay because there are two balls on the


field. Two Tangos on the field at the moment. Another being


dispatched. It takes two to Tango! I will set them up, you knock them


away. The first corner of the second period. A free-kick to Spain.


Corluka was involved. I don't think there was much wrong with that.


far side. When you make runs like that, you create space behind you.


A reminder that the two teams that come out of Group C will play the


successful teams from England's group, which could be England,


interception from Sergio Ramos. area. They have been in fine voice


in the last couple of days in the city centre, the fans. A little


push from Jordi Alba. It looks like he has pulled a muscle. We haven't


seen much change in the tempo. If anything, Croatia have to press


David Silva. It was a clip. He is not the quickest. He uses his body.


A little clip of the ankle. He moved across Silva and drew the


foul. Such a good record on the international stage following


independence, Croatia. Quarter- finals in Euro 96 in England and


also four years ago. They also finished third in the World Cup in


1998 in France. The days of Davos sugar. -- Davor Suker. David Silva


almost picked out Torres. A little bit better from Iniesta. Quiet in


the first half. Driving at the defence. Another flare in the crowd.


Fires burning at both ends of the pitch in the stands at the moment.


The Spanish fans getting in on the Iniesta was not quite able to pick


out Xavi. David Silva is OK and Spain. Strinic is being booked for


a tackle in the middle of the park on David Silva. The referee played


along with Corluka and Srna during the first half. None of those


players were on yellows going into the match this evening. That was


the challenge. The referee quite rightly played the advantage as


assistant. Making sure the goalkeeper can see clearly. Smoke


is lingering in the air across the stadium. More fireworks off the


situation changes. The world champions would be in big trouble.


If Croatia did get one, something to hang onto... Croatia won the


first meeting between the sides, 2- 0, in 1994. Their current coach,


Slaven Bilic, played the full 90 minutes in that game. They haven't


managed to beat Spain in three Italy are beating the Republic of


Ireland 1-0 in Poznan at the moment. That means we have three teams on


That means we have three teams on five points at the top of the group.


Italy in first place, Spain's second, Croatia would go out. It


goes to a mini league between the three teams. From that mini-league,


there's not much in it, but Italy have scored one more goal in those


matches. Italy leading the way, but unravelled for Russia the other


night against Greece. Fernando Torres saying ahead of this match


that what happened to Russia was a wake-up call and a little reminder


that they need full concentration at all times because things can


change in an instant. One bad night and you're out. They have such


confidence. But so far they have play by him, winning the ball in


his own half. He has a quick look up, lacks so bored, he comes back,


Mandzukic? He has played all across the front line. He is quite quick


as well, decent touch.... Schildenfeld and Corluka are


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


Iker Casillas, playing in his 4th by Xabi Alonso. Spain were nearly


undone there. That could have given Casillas a real problem.


Exceptional play by Luka Modric two. you are looking at. Modric turned


defence into attack. A great cross, corner. Disappointing from Silva.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


Most of the attempts on goal have And Fernando Torres, the player who


will depart the scene here. Navas, a useful impact player, he came on


in the World Cup final, and Dugit - - gives plenty of pure pace on the


right wing, which is what del Bosque feels they need at the


moment. This must mean that Silva enthusiastically, according to the


referee. Spain get the free kick. They haven't sparked at all in this


game so far. It is like they are opening 45 minutes against Italy. -


presumably many duels in the game No goals here. Look at this, far


post, anywhere down, back across the goal, and that is the one


opportunity they have been waiting for. For all the defensive display,


what they are looking to do is counter attack, catch Spain out at


the back. What a chance. Frustration for the Croatian fans


in the crowd, and there are a good few 1000 of them as well, making


plenty of noise in the old town of on five points. It goes to a mini-


league at the moment, and at the moment, Croatia would header out.


Italy would, by my reckoning, top that crib. It could change in an


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


instant. It is a very tight years there, they lost in a very


dramatic match against Turkey. They thought they had won it in extra


time, but they contrived to concede a late goal, and then lost on


penalties. Strinic concedes the here. -- Croatia are going to make


two changes here. Perisic is going to come on and so is Jelavic.


games, he has just won the Double with Borussia Dortmund. Vida is


going off, and Jelavic, who scored against the Republic of Ireland


last weekend in their first match, is going to come on. Slaven Bilic,


as he did against Italy in the week, is changing things around to try


I have been really impressed with Mandzukic and Jelavic as a pair.


But you put on a centre forward, it takes one out of your midfield. But


they have got to be a bit more adventurous, as we save. If they


score a goal, they could not Spain out. -- knock Spain out. It is a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


straight swap, Perisic is going on the central defenders, this time it


was Gerard Pique. The ball didn't quite reach Silva. Schildenfeld


again put himself in the right towards the near post. If the


referee had seen that, it would be Free kick to Croatia. As I said


before, Corluka was stooping to head it... With Jelavic and


Mandzukic, Croatia play a little bit more direct. Because of their


Everton striker. It was basic stuff, I knocked down the pitch.


physical presence as much as anything, Jelavic, causes a problem


and gives the Spanish defence is, but he had time to pull it down.


Three players in the box, that is probably the most they have had in


good with so many players in close going home. But if they win this


match, they will qualify, regardless of what happens


goals in the World Cup finals a couple of years ago. He conceded


one against Italy in the opening match here last week. He has had


nothing to do all game, when he was called into action, he did the


another change, Fabregas may be on Strinic once again. I quite like


age. It will be another corner kick, I think, for Spain. They try to put


the pressure on. There's Fabregas, he has scored twice already in this


tournament and unlucky not to be in the starting line-up. He will come


on shore leave. They played the opening game with six Nield fear --


up to head thataway. -- and that kick. A reluctance to just booted


out of play or down the pitch. this is the change and it is David


Silva, the Manchester City player, coming off. Cesc Fabregas is coming


on to replace him. Fabregas has made a very positive impression


with the opportunities he has had to play. A quick passer, a real


threat around the penalty area. Italy are beating Ireland 1-0 in


the other match. Antonio Cassano's goal in the first half just


crossing the line 10 minutes before crossing the line 10 minutes before


half-time. Because it is dollars here, at the moment it to the top


the group. -- goalless. Spain are just edging out Croatia in the


little mini league between the three, which is what it goes to


way of the ball, but it seems Spain are starting to have more of the


play in the final third. They haven't been able to play the hurt


ball, one that splits the defence or creates a shooting opportunity.


Xavi will try something different what Fernando Llorente is thinking


right now. Mata as well, just won the Champions League with Chelsea.


He did not play much in the World Cup either. You were playing


central midfielders as strikers in your position. -- you are playing.


Croatia could cause an upset here. support there? A real swashbuckling


full-back. A player with natural attacking instincts. 15 minutes to


go. Croatia are 15 minutes away from going home. Spain are less


than sparkling, for once, in some respects. They seem to be playing


within themselves. They haven't from Croatia and the world


trying to reinvent the game. Centre-forwards are the focal point


of the team and he is playing without one. Precarious. Still a


lot of attacking talent on the waste of an opportunity. Iniesta


with a little drink. -- jink. As Fabregas moved the ball to his


right, the foot -- the shot was on. He tried to create more space and


he ran into players. I don't know how many passes he has made tonight,


but Xavi is into double figures in terms of corners. This is Number


Ten. No end result so far for Spain. Cleared away once more, this time


it was Strinic, the left-back. Spain pretty much camped inside


Croatia's half. But finding them a very tough nut to crack. Croatia


looking for that one chance that can swing the game around


play. Great counter-attacking football by Croatia. They need that


goal. Sir Nick getting well forward. -- Srna. A little too high for


could have been difficult for have created the better


opportunities. Spain are far from home and dry and into the last


superb tackle by the captain of Croatia, Darijo Srna. They were


trying to walk into the net. Excellent play. It started with


Casillas. What did they want? shade over 10 minutes remaining.


Still anybody's game. They just got caught, Croatia, for the first time


in the game. Everybody was further - forward and Spain counter-


attacked. Slaven Bilic will make one final change. Eduardo, the


former Arsenal striker, preparing Vukojevic is going off. He is


turning away from goal there. That ball, as it comes towards you, you


have to take it towards the goal, that will draw the challenge from


Srna and possibly a penalty. Eduardo on. He has a really good


goalscoring level -- record, 23 goals in 49 appearances at


international level. The Brazilian- born former Arsenal man, can he


Pletikosa has not been overly stressed. No. There have been shots


from distance. Last 10 minutes. Italy lead in the Republic of


Ireland 1-0 in Poznan. Cassano's goal. Three teams on five points.


It goes to a little mini-league of the matches between them and Italy


come out on top in that at the moment. Italy would win the group,


Spain's second and Croatia, as it stands, going home with the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


that. Jordi Alba coming up for top Still 1-0 in the Italy match


against the Republic of Ireland. Italy leading the group, Spain and


It goes to a little money group between the three teams level on


five points and Italy, courtesy of five points and Italy, courtesy of


scoring one more goal, top of the pile at the moment, but it could


first touch. They have taken a chance now, Croatia. Eduardo it is


at the top of the pitch with Opportunities have been few and far


between. Mainly because they have had a protective midfield sitting


in front of the Croatian defence not allowing through balls.


Fabregas looks a threat since coming on. Spanish fans are praying


for a late goal which will stave off the nerves they are feeling at


the moment. One mistake and it would all unravel for the defending


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


goalscoring opportunity. They had a golden one then the second half


which they did not take. Can they create another one in the last five


what they were looking for. The fourth official is giving Slaven


Bilic some stick because he is standing between the touchline and


the technical area. He was almost on the pitch! That is his natural


habitat, it was for so many years. He spent plenty of time in England


with Everton and West Ham United. That was Eduardo getting in in


front of Casillas. Casillas is complaining. I'm not sure what he


does wrong, he was just holding his ground, Eduardo. Corluka was


underneath the goalkeeper's nose. Or are they just doing what they


court! Spain are going through to the quarter-finals. Finally,


stadium. Hands went up for an offside. The flag never went up.


And Croatia suddenly have an awful lot to do, and not very much time


to do it in. Iniesta was not Fabregas with the initial pass, and


Navas, the substitute, with the tapping. Look at the relief and joy


on those Spanish bases. The situation now is that Spain lead


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


going to be quarter-finalists this time, like four years ago. They


started so well with that 3-1 win over the Republic of Ireland. They


came back strongly in the second captured very tight here against


really. Mandzukic is the player who Jelavic. And Italy have doubled


their lead, Balotelli adding the second goal. It is leading the


in the quarter-finals. Croatia and the Republic of Ireland are going


They are going to throw everyone forward for the last hurrah.


Possibly the last minute or two of his reign as Croatia's manager,


Bilic, he has kept them in the top 10 of the world rankings at almost


for a goal here. If they could get a goal and equalise here against


Spain, it could still see them so long. 1-1 would be enough for


Croatia, if Italy win 2-0. So it is pretty sharpish. He needs good


got to be now, for Croatia. One goal and they could still be in the


competition. They have a chance here. Everybody has got to get


bored. The goalkeeper is coming up run onto the field as well! The


Italy game was finished, they have Spain. -- they took it a bit too


quickly. When it is the last minute, you don't want to give away a silly


foul. That is what Jelavic did. He doesn't want to go out like this,


Dougherty? -- does he? They need a sprinkle of magic right at the end


of this game, and it hasn't come for Croatia. The world and


defending European champions are through to the last eight, and


Slaven Bilic's reign as coach of Croatia comes to an end with a


defeat here today which means that his side got out of Euro 2012.


Jesus Navas is the man who scored the goal which won the match, and


it means Spain top the group, with Italy's second and Croatia going


So Spain go through as group winners. The players swap shirts,


Modric, who has been brilliant in this tournament, disappointed to go


home. It wasn't to be for Croatia in the end. Casillas, a couple of


vital saves from him, but in the end, Jesus was the saviour. And


these are the scenes when the Italians learned they had qualified


for the next stage. Out right joy. Buffon, who has been through it all


so many times, a goalkeeper of massive experience, he has won


pretty much everything, but not the European Championship. The Irish


put up a hell of a fight in Poznan this evening, a terrific


performance from then. -- of them. Contrast those emotions with those


of the Croatian team, disconsolate and out of Euro 2012. The


supporters of Croatia, cheering them on nevertheless. The Spanish,


relieved. It was 80 for them, knowing that a goal for Croatia


could have put them in serious That late goal for the Spanish


ensures they go through as group winners, they will play the runners


up from England's grip on Saturday. -- England's group. Croatia finish


It would have been so easy for them to go for 2-2, didn't happen.


have got to feel really sorry for Croatia, because they played so


well for so long. They gave at the Spanish -- we gave the Spanish a


big hit, but they never played as well as we expected. Croatia, they


had a good penalty shout turned down, and Rakitic had the best


chance of the game. It could have been different. It was groping


towards the end, all sorts of permutations in our minds. --


gripping. It just opened up towards the end, Croatia had two great


chances. If they had scored, I think Spain would have been out.


When it got stretched, a great piece of quality, the game was over.


Was it be biased performance we have seen in the last few years


from Spain. -- was and the finest performance. Great credit has to go


to Croatia, they didn't just get everybody behind the ball and not


attack, they needed to win the game, and they had the best chance with


the Rakitic in the second half. But the way they played at the back,


they were solid, broke when they had to, I would like to have seen


two strikers a bit earlier. It it would have been nice to have seen


balls into the box from Darijo Srna. But a great credit from them. Let's


hope if we go through tomorrow, let's hope Spain don't come out in


the next match all guns blazing! Day brought on Navas instead of the


traditional centre-forward, and ultimately, he was the guy who


but it ended up paying off. There is that gap. Fantastic delivery


from Fabregas, then a square pass. Just level, do you think? Ball of


the tournament from Fabregas. He has got swerve, check, everything


on it. But that is what they can do Spain. You don't think they are


firing on all cylinders, then that one moment of sheer quality.


bad, having someone like Fabregas on the bench. And they still have


options, people like Juan Mata, things will -- people like that.


I was the England squad, I wouldn't I thought Spain were really poor at


the back, I think there was chance after chance. The full-backs were


all over the place. This is the thing, if there is a percentage of


them going forward, then the pressure comes into the back four,


and as at least says, the two of full backs were not great. You need


a bit of luck to win the tournament, do Spain get it with this penalty


referee has about 19 bodies in front of him. That is judo! If the


referee sees it, it is a penalty kick. He didn't complain, because


he nearly scored, but it has put The Germans had a similar thing


last night with a bad enough. -- Bendtner. You see it from that


angle, he is all over him. That is a penalty kick, a stone wall


penalty kick. If they score there and going front, conceivably the


Germans are going home. Fine margins. Remarkable. But there we


go, that was probably the best Modric comes inside. Exquisite play.


As good as Fabregas's pass. I think that is better. You have to score.


This is what we are on about when we talk about the Spanish defence.


When the move starts in the middle of the park, Rakitic wins the ball.


He will just carry on his run. The He will just carry on his run. The


run from Mandzukic to pull the defenders over the other side of


the pitch... But watch the Spanish defenders getting drawn towards the


ball. What a free header that is. ball. What a free header that is.


You look at that break and say You look at that break and say


maybe they are not as organised as we think. Their defence normally...


They always have the ball! could argue that the movement is


exceptional. Great movement, Modric is fantastic. But defensively, the


full-back, Arbeloa, he had an absolute stinker. You could get him


absolute stinker. You could get him all day long. The Spanish in this


tournament and over the three games don't because they did -- as good


as they did in the World Cup and the European Championships before.


Villa is a big mess. You can tell we might play them on Saturday, we


are really putting them down! Before the start of the game, we


said they were absolutely brilliant. At one stage when we thought Spain


might be second, we thought England should finish second in the group


to avoid them. Let's try to get through! Let's get the post-match


thoughts with David Moyes. David gave his Everton and Croatian


striker Jelavic Joe Cardle before the game. He might need a bigger


one. A great tournament by Croatia and they go home. Up until the last


10 minutes, they always had a chance. The second half was always


going to be difficult for them. I thought Slaven Bilic just about got


it right. They probably made the best chances. Rakitic had a great


chance. They were open at the end and Spain got the goal. We have


seen Italy and the Czech Republic go through to the quarter-finals


having not won until their final group match and that is an


important lesson for other teams in this competition, it can go to the


wire. Up until five minutes to go, Spain could easily have gone out.


It will be important England that they do their job in the last game.


The best team went through tonight, no doubting that, but I don't think


it was great by Spain. But in the end, they were the better side.


England will know that Croatia came into this match on four points, as


England do tomorrow night. What of Spain? They did not play with a


striker for long periods of this game. Do you think other teams are


now fearing them less? I thought Croatia did a great job. They had


to defend for long periods. I think there's a style where you get used


to how you play against Barcelona, the way Chelsea did, or the way


Croatia did again Spain. They did not have enough with the ball. I


thought Modric could quite easily have been a Spanish player tonight,


he was Croatia's best player. I think it will give team's


confidence to have a go at Spain. But when you don't have the ball,


you have to be very tight and compact. Thank you for your company


tonight. You're going to Eastern Europe. I will try to see a couple


more games. The football doesn't stop in this competition. An


emotional and dramatic night here and tomorrow we have to deal with


England! England!


STUDIO: Let's catch up with events in Poznan. Italy against Ireland.


Watched by Steve Wilson and Mick football in this tournament and


they have conceded in the fourth handball. I think it was St Ledger


in the way. The Turkish referee says no. He has to do better. It


has hit him in the chest. It is not brilliantly to get it on target.


Some ledger was there. -- St Ledger. Pressure is building on the Irish


in! Has that crossed the line? The goal has been given. That's in.


goals given. Italy lead by a goal to nil. That is in. It was in.


Antonio Cassano with a header. Given got a hand to it. The ball


was over the line. It has been coming in the last four or five


for precision, Cassano, but it was When it was cut back, Cassano just


side-footed it. Keep it on target, but I thought he might hit it with


a bit of violence. You get a Good mood. A good lay-off from


Kevin Doyle and he has to shoot from there, but straight down


Walters. This is a good position. I've no idea what they are


complaining about, it is a free- kick! Damien Duff, Keith Andrews...


Good save by Buffon. It was a great Jesus Navas has scored for Spain.


Very late on. We've got a Spanish goal in Gdansk and a red card for


done absolutely nothing so far in this European Championship, and


then he goes and does that. It was well worth the wait. Well done,


Bonucci, who has just told him to shut his gob in no uncertain terms.


He has scored a goal, so what? Is he going to tell the coach he's the


best player? All the Irish players are completely goosed. It is a


fabulous finish. He wanted to tell It will be sorted out tomorrow


evening. Italy got themselves through. They got through and in


the end it was comfortable, but I thought the Republic of Ireland


played as good as they have played in the tournament in the second


half. They got some pride back with a performance. They showed great


spirit. Yes. It was a tough game. A spirit. Yes. It was a tough game. A


tough agenda for them. But they've come out of it with credit, which


is what you want. This was a poor goal to lose. That near-post area,


you have to have a man there. behind the line... I don't suppose


it would have made any difference. I always like a fall back on the


line, not wingers. That is a fabulous finish. Your mate, Alan.


The finish is great, but not as great as Mick McCarthy's


commentary! He wanted to say something to someone. He has done


well for him, his team-mate, Bonucci. Two set plays. Sensational


stuff. This time tomorrow we will stuff. This time tomorrow we will


either be celebrating or not. This is no time for negativity. Come on,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


How do England approach that game? I think they have to be positive.


We mentioned before that they have to pass it better. Rooney is back,


it will be a big lift for everybody in an England shirt because he is a


world-class footballer. Watching Ukraine over the first two matches,


if England play well, they win. do you see it, Alan? It could be


edgy. The thing that will be a factor is that Ukraine are the home


team. That feeling in the stadium will be important for them. We have


to be able to cope with that. If we do and we pass the map -- pass the


ball better, I expect us to win. Same tactics? I think so. Rooney is


a better player than Ashley Young or Welbeck in the hall. If we can't


Gary Lineker introduces live Euro 2012 coverage as the final round of Group C matches gets underway. Tonight's featured game is expected to be Croatia against Spain, although results in previous matches could mean that the Republic of Ireland versus Italy is shown instead.

The Spanish are the reigning World Cup winners and European champions, and are chasing an unprecedented hat-trick of major titles. They qualified with a flawless record, and can call upon some of the finest midfielders in world football, including 2010 hero Andres Iniesta and influential playmaker Xavi.

This will be Croatia's final tournament under the stewardship of Slaven Bilic, a guitar-playing law graduate familiar to English fans following playing spells with West Ham and Everton. At Euro 2008 they suffered a heart-breaking quarter-final exit, with star player Luka Modric missing in a penalty shoot-out defeat to Turkey. The Tottenham star will be desperate to make amends for his country this summer.

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