Spain v Italy Match of the Day Live

Spain v Italy

Gary Lineker hosts live coverage of Spain v Italy in the final of Euro 2012, from the Olympic Stadium in Kiev.

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Welcome to Kiev for the final of Euro 2012. Spain are on the brink


of making history by becoming the first European team to win three


majors in a row. Standing in their way, Italy, world champions


The two best teams seized their chances when it mattered, where


beat this. There is room for Mario Balotelli. Can he get a double? He


It is a game of fractions, knowing Spain at their wonderful best.


Andrea Pirlo. Alessandro de ne It went down to the thickness of a


It will come down to a moment, but This was the tournament that was


not supposed to work, it was too far away, the grounds were too far


apart, not all fans would be welcomed. They were, and it has


worked, and hope for me tonight, Spain and Italy can produce a final


to make Poland and Ukraine feel proud. Inside the Olympic Stadium,


Alan Hansen, Gianluca Vialli and Alan Shearer. Three weeks, 61 goals


they go, Spain met Italy, it was 1- 1, but now, there is much more at


stake. I sit here tonight, I am representing the thousands of


Italians who live in your country. I do that with pride, because we


have once again shown the world that we might not be the best when


it comes to producing politicians, but we can certainly produced,


among other things, great players, great managers, great player


managers, more importantly! The spirit of this team has been an


example, an inspiration for this country. We have reminded ourselves


that we can be very clever, very smart, hard-working, United. We are


going to a difficult time with the scandals, and sometimes, winning a


match on a football pitch can change the destiny and the future


of the country. I hope it will happen tonight. It will be


difficult, two terrific sides, the best in the tournament? Absolutely,


out and out quality. We have talked about Spain for the last four


seasons, the passing and moving up, against the Portuguese, they were


poor for 90 minutes, and then they came to life in extra-time. They


were magnificent. The Italians, a bit like 2006, early on I thought,


a bit pedestrian, then all of a sudden, against the Germans, it was


electric, and it was one of the great performances in European


history. Spain have gone by hundred minutes without conceding a goal in


the knockout stages -- 900 minutes. They have changed the face of the


way people are looking at them, how they play. They have six in


midfield, without his centre- forward. There will be coaches


looking around the world, thinking it, can we play that way? But not


only that, defensively, they are so hard to beat. They do not concede


many goals. Only one in this tournament, against Italy in the


first game. We watched Italy draw against New Zealand two years ago.


Now, they are in the final, and they deserve it. The Spanish are


not moving bit as well as they have done previously. It is never an


Paul Wappat local, maybe Xavi is getting older. Andres Iniesta has


been terrific. They have not been They do not have a proven striker,


Cesc Fabregas is in. Just the one change, replacing Alvaro Negredo.


The centre-forward is not a player, it is the empty space, in front and


behind of the central defenders. Every now and then, the midfielders


have got to make the run in that space. They have got an opportunity


to make history, no team has won three major championships in their


growth. If they do that, they should be known as the best team


ever. They are a wonderful sight. Jordi Alba has done really well,


with Andres Iniesta. Then the middle is crowded, if you have got


to have the wit. With all the talk of the Spanish being boring, we are


hoping that a Italy entertain us! We have been very entertaining. I


am not surprised that we got to the final, because this is the ninth


time, we are quite good at getting there. But this is different. What


is surprising is the way we are planed. We are very brave, we keep


possession of the ball, we are very effective. It has been wonderful.


An interesting change of tactics from the first match, when Italy


had three at the back. They have brought it that they're about back


in. -- Ignazio Abate. Giorgio Chiellini goes to left-back.


Different two were outstanding. Andrea Pirlo, he is immense. This


is Mario Balotelli, talking to his brother in the crowd. He seemed


very relaxed before the game. As well he might, scoring two in the


semi-final. He is wonderful, to be a proper centre forward, he has


realised you cannot just show off, you have got to be prepared to do


the dirty stuff, you have got to run the channels, hold the ball up,


chase it, get free kicks, and if he combines his amazing technical


skills with his athleticism... coach deserves credit for the way


he has played in the tournament. He has put an arm around him, told him


how great he thinks he is, and he has responded. The atmosphere has


been building all day. We have been As the fans are turning up, a


mixture of anticipation and apprehension. We hope we can find a


couple of tickets so we can watch the game! A few months ago, Michel


Platini questioned whether Ukraine would be allowed to host the


tournament, and now he says the country has its greatest sporting


legacy. We have had a great time, travelling around. We have got our


Olympic games, we are looking forward to a raft of stadia, they


have a crack out of seer -- they have a great atmosphere here, and


they have seen Ukraine is a great country. We have enjoyed it, 1 1/2


million people, massive TV audiences, it has been stunning.


The football has been great. Record crowds in the stadium, record


audiences on the TV, and the Ukraine have played their part.


have seen some good talent, I was pleased to see Andriy Shevchenko


score in this stadium. You shared in the emotion of the Ukrainian


people. He has been flying their flat for many years. Football wise,


what have we learned? From an English perspective, we are looking


at the Dutch, playing in a World Cup two years ago and achieving


nothing here, and we look at the Italians, making it to a final,


they finished bottom in the World Cup. That is what we should look to


in terms of building for the future. We talk about the grass roots, we


can the cat that, but if we are organised and have good coaches...


The tactics are important. England might be playing in a World Cup


final in two years. Tonight, it is about Spain and Italy. How do you


see the game going? We are in for a great match. The Spanish, the way


they pass the ball. I have watched the semi-final again, they pass the


ball beautifully, some great technique. Andrea Pirlo will not


have the space he has enjoyed in the past, Sergio Ramos and Gerard


Pique have been outstanding. Mario Balotelli against those two will be


very interesting. It is not just the players that are impressive,


even the Spanish fans, some impressive skills. He is hoping for


a late call-up. Let's hope the game goes well. It is a fantastic night


for Kiev and the Hall of Ukraine. Where could we not see the kid or


the way through?! I love the official UEFA stats, because


without them, I have trouble getting to sleep, but they do not


help us work hard who will win. This is the fourth time that teams


who have played in the group stage have met in the final, and the


first time that the original game ended in a draw. They also met four


years ago in the quarter-finals. Vienna, June 22nd, 2008, the night


that changed Spanish football forever. Kate Gower goalless draw


with Italy. One newspaper wrote, if it had been a bullfight, the ball


would have died of boredom. For so long, they have found their way to


But they found their way to win. Italy were world champions, the


classic Big Ben performers. Spain had not beaten them competitively


90 minutes came and went, extra time was no better. A talented


Spanish side were not able to break down the Italians. Penalties were


inevitable. Spain had been here before, and had failed. After the


near misses, the matadors at last sensed blood and went for the kill.


Iker Casillas led the way. David de When he converted, the footballing


In many ways, watching Spain is a bit like watching a bullfight, and


eventually, the ball gives up and wanders off. They wear them down.


We have talked about the Spanish in possession, out of position, how


they press quickly, but you do not win as many games and as many


tournaments without the mental strength. You go back to the game


against Portugal, by their standards, for the first 90 minutes,


they were poor, but they found some inner strength to pick themselves


up and play great it extra time, which is the sign of a remarkable


sight. That is without two great players, David Villa and, spoil.


For them to get here again and have the hunger and desire to win


another trophy, remarkable. despite four years ago, Italy tend


By and large, Italy do well against Spain. We are masters when it comes


to tactics, and we know how to face different teams with different


systems. Tonight, they will be running the show most of the time,


they have eight midfielders. They will keep possession. We need to


get as many players behind the ball as soon as we can, but that has


just got to be the starting point. We cannot afford to defend


passively, we need to be active. We need to go forward, when the ball


back and have them when we have two strikers up front against two


defenders. The Portuguese tactics in the semi-final, press them high


up the pitch, and that worked, because it nullified the middle of


You were involved in one of those successes, in 1998. You scored.


was a misfit! It is not always about power, it is about timing and


precision. This is definitely your brother. It has bounced four times


before it hit the net. Ball's He looks better now! Time for a


Spanish few. Rafa Benitez can give The problem with Spain is they have


plenty of possession. You can see the pace of the game, the tempo is


not the same. Some of the key players are getting older. The


style is more or less similar. They tried to go through the middle. Key


players like Xavi and Iniesta on the ball. He is one of the best


players. Vicente had some problems with the strikers at the beginning,


and we Fabregas they have more players in the middle and more


possession. It is fine for them. Maybe because of with Messi at


Barcelona they were doing the same. But it has gone well. He knows the


players, he sees them training. If he decides to do this, it is


because he is watching the players and thinks it is the best option.


Prandelli was doing well because the first game, they played with


three at the back and three midfielders. They could see the


danger of Spain in the middle and the main thing was the position of


De Rossi. He is a midfielder playing as a centre-back in this


game. Everybody was worried about Pirlo, but De Rossi was kicking the


ball long for Balotelli and Cassano and that is one of the problems for


Spain. In the end they were playing two grip against two in defence.


Italy's game plan was good. If Spain attack through the wide areas,


two players against one, they will have a chance. But they play with


Silva or Iniesta or, they like to go inside. It is something that del


Bosque can manage with Navas on the right and Arbeloa, or maybe Pedrosa


and Jordi Alba. He will not change the tactics all the time. He has a


lot of experience as a player and a manager. The main thing is he is


trying to give confidence to There is suddenly a sense that


perhaps Spain are not as interesting as they once were,


Arsene Wenger has said today that the thing with Spain is that they


don't keep the ball to attack, they keep the ball not to lose. Do you


subscribe to that? The movement is slower, they are not as potent as


they used to be. They had three strikers up front before. To me,


they are magnificent to watch, but they play it too much, they could


be more direct. Over the years that I played the game and I have


watched the game, I don't think I have seen a side so poor in


possession for 90 minutes and then come out in extra time and be so


come out in extra time and be so magnificent. Against Portugal?


Iniesta gave it away. And then Alonso jabs that that. Alonso under


hit this and in the second half they were so poor, it was beyond


belief. All of a sudden, they press you quickly and how good is this?


This is sensational. Talk about building play from the back. As


Good As It gets. That is what we saw for the 30 minutes of extra-


time. The next one is equally good. Three against one. They just play


it and pass it. It is so comfortable, so composed. It is


just easy. They keep looking... Portuguese can't get near it. The


last one is a bit quicker. It is absolutely brilliant. Alonso, into


feet, played back, and then Jordi Alba is away. For 30 minutes in


extra time, if they had played like extra time, if they had played like


that from the start, you would say they would be certain to win this


game tonight. They have never changed the way they play, it is


when the opposition gets tired. Have teams worked out how to play


against them? Yes, but it is too tiring. Eventually their style


becomes very effective, maybe at the end of the game. I have the


utmost respect for Spain, I like the Spanish players a lot, they


have a wonderful attitude. It seems like they're having a great time.


He has been their best player, Iniesta. He had a magnificent World


Cup in 2010. In this tournament, even though he hasn't been out of


this world, he has been very good. They are all big stars, but you do


not see any egos. They are all going in the same direction, they


want the same goal, which is to win the tournament. The majority of


them have had a taste of success and then you want more and more.


They haven't hit the dizzy heights of 2010, but this could be the


night. You may have noticed that during the penalties against


Portugal, Cesc Fabregas was talking to the ball. He has also been


talking to the media. Four years ago I talked to the ball and it did


not let me down so I tried to talk to it again four years later and


again it did not let me down. in the final? Her whether it had to


be, it had to be, and in this case it is Italy, they are a great side.


We played against them in the opening game and it was very tough.


They are very experienced at the back and the front. They have play


as who dominated Italy during the whole season, playing for Juventus


and Milan and Inter Milan. They have a lot of variety as well. They


have players who are very strong, like Balotelli, and then good


players like Cassano and Di Natale. Then they have special players like


Pirlo, Marchisio has done really well this season and this


tournament. It will be a really tough one and I think the winner of


this game will be the real champion. It will be well deserved for both


of us to win this tournament because I think we have been the


most consistent two teams in the tournament. There's Fabregas


warming up at the Olympic Stadium. In many ways, they are playing the


sort of system Barcelona played and he has now been given the Messi


role, if that is possible. Spain is missing a player like Messi. When


the opponents are crowding the last 30 yards of the pitch, you need


somebody like Messi capable of going through the defence. Fabregas


is a modern midfielder. He can play in any position, he is very


effective, or whether creating or scoring. He represents the Spanish


players very well because he is neither arrogant or nasty, he is


very humble and I like that attitude. What about this system of


malting midfielders? Everyone has to be so comfortable with the


football and keeping possession and happy to receive it under pressure


happy to receive it under pressure and every single one of that


Spanish team will be. We have seen a unique situation where there's no


direct centre-forward. When it Busquets or Xavi or Alonso get the


ball, there's no centre-forward. Normally you would see a centre-


forward with his back to goal trying to help the midfielders, but


they are content to pass it and try to be patient and open teams up. If


they need to go back to the goalkeeper, so be it. Normally a


midfielder will initially look for the centre forward. There's no one


there. They will come back across, it comes to Busquets, they are


comfortable. That defence has no one to mark, there is no one


running in behind them and no one in front. But when you play the


system, when you get into a position like this, Jordi Alba, you


have to have somebody like Alonso or Fabregas attacking the ball. A


beautiful little ball from Silva, we have highlighted Fabregas, and


he wants to get into the box. There's no Torres or villa. What


advantage is there to not playing an out and out centre-forward?


are still winning extract it is difficult for a centre-half to play


without and the mediant opponent? The whole concept of defending


hasn't changed. If there's one attacker, you need two defenders.


If you're playing six in the middle of the park and you have a flat


back four, you are missing out back four, you are missing out


somewhere else and that is in the middle so you get out numbered.


Fabregas, it is such a hard role to play, to get between the defence


and midfield. Italy's brand of football at this tournament is


popular all over Europe. There's a sentence I never thought I would


say! Especially after the debacle It is Paraguay 1-0 in the lead.


What a shock this is. It is in! Italy are finally back into the


Would you believe it? New Zealand in front! The reigning champions


are behind to the team ranked 78 in the world. Penalty! 1-1. The


Slovakia are 1-0 ahead. The world champions are in trouble. It is


two! Di Natale! Italy are back in it. It is a third goal. Surely


there's no way Italy can score twice. Italy are going to take this


right to the wire. Italy, the world champions, are beaten and the truth


These are the scenes outside the Olympic Stadium. The capital of


Ukraine, Kiev. A beautiful day, beautiful evening, all set fair for


the perfect final. Talking of the Italians, Johan Cruyff once said


they can't beat you, but you can lose against them. I think I know


what he means. Those days have changed. A much more refreshing


Italian team. It is down to Prandelli. I think he is a bit like


Galileo, a visionary. He said he wants to change our mentality and


we thought he was crazy, but he did. Now we play very entertaining


football, sexy football. We are still getting results. I sincerely


hope this gentle revolution spreads around our system, Italian football,


all the way down to the grassroots. They have come a long way in two


years,... Unexpectedly. I think he always stuck to his principles. He


plays four midfielders, four central midfielders, one of them


being Pirlo, which helps a lot. Everyone has been magnificent.


Prandelli is the one that uses the players, chooses the system, makes


decisions. A lot of the guys he has brought in, they have been his guys.


Buffon and Pirlo hardly played two years ago. Balotelli, Cassano, all


of the decisions he has made seem to be working. Against the Germans


they were phenomenal. We outclassed them. That was probably the first


time. He didn't play either in 2010. Not a bad keeper! If he stands like


that the whole game, he's in trouble! He is very good in goal.


He has got the right personality. Before the match, he always says


the right thing. That shot of Buffon was recorded slightly


because just behind us, the closing ceremony is getting under way. It


promises to be quite a spectacle. Already the picture -- pitch has


changed colour. The youngsters of Ukraine have given us so much in


this tournament. If you would like to see more of it, it is currently


available on the red button and on the BBC website. If you prefer to


watch the closing Merrick -- ceremony to listening to our drivel,


Italy's hero in the semi-final was Mario Balotelli. He's called two


cracking goals, kissed his mum in public and now everybody loves him.


Almost everyone. Dan Walker certainly does.


A riddle wrapped in a mystery Winston Churchill never met Mario


Balotelli. If he had, he might have had to think of a few more


adjectives. Mario is still only 21. Tender age juxtaposed the sheer


power of personality. But the power has been needed. As a child, he


suffered serious illness. This, coupled with a tough social


situation for his immigrant parents, led to a life of Foster care from


the age of three. A tough start. Football was all he had for his


future. Signed by Inter Milan, he spent three years there, winning


three league titles and the Champions League. But clashes with


the other special one meant it was a turbulent time, despite his


success. It was also the problem of racism in the stands. He became an


Italian cities and the day after his 18th birthday, and an


international call-up followed soon after. The Italians now have a


different kind of hero. Mario Balotelli is the first black player


to represent his country as a major tournament, the first black Italian


to score at a major tournament. But some of the press back home still


do not seem to get it. Even now. Roberto Mancini brought him to


Manchester. Fireworks on and off the pitch. Trouble following wind,


always follow wind. But at the end, Now, Euro 2012, the latest in a


line of heroes, the hour and the man may just have met.


Everybody is talking about him, still criticism about his demeanour


and his attitude, but should ring not be celebrating the fact that he


has come over so many difficulties to perform on the stage? It was not


easy to be him, growing up in Italy, with the problems. He is only 21,


so he is not mature debt. He is making mistakes. Now, he is finally


becoming a man. He came into the tournament a boy, and he might


leave a man, that is how exciting he has been. He is 1 goal short of


becoming Italy's highest scorer in this tournament. He has had the


most shots on target of any player in the tournament, 17 goals for


Manchester City, three Serie A titles and one Champions League,


the Premier League and FA Cup, just 21, why are you so critical? I have


always had admiration for him! The truly great players, it is not


about one game, one sees it... is 21. The great players have got


palate, ability, mental strength, but the biggest thing, reliability.


He has got two of the four. If he scores a hat-trick tonight, that is


fine, if he scores 10 hat-tricks in the Premier League next season, I


will say you were right. I look forward to that! He has done


nothing in his career, that is what you said. In his international


career, he had done hardly anything. He has got an unbelievable


opportunity to say, I appear to stick around. He has got a great


chance to finish as top scorer, and I love the way he links up with


Antonio Cassano. They are working together, as a partnership, looking


after each other. They bullied at the German centre-halves. Le Cap


Mario Balotelli's movement. What happens if the goalkeeper spills


it? This is a great pass from Mario Balotelli. Riccardo Montolivo


should have a shot. It is great play. They have gone from one end


of the pitch... Of two in the last third. Giorgio Chiellini plays the


past, and Mario Balotelli's movement, because he wants the head


of more than the defender, he gets it and he wants to score the goal.


Mario Balotelli knows that, he is waiting for it. That is the sign of


an excellent partnership. Two players left upfield. Not many


players will -- not many teams will do that. Mario Balotelli in the


middle goes longer. Again, what a ball from Riccardo Montolivo. It is


an amazing run from Mario Balotelli. His runs have been brilliant. Going


short or long,... He does that very well. I love this finish. He is


full of confidence, and he smashes it into the net. The story about


Antonio Cassano, you will often see him going off after 60 minutes,


because in November, he had a stroke, and he only came back in


April. To achieve what he has done, brilliant. Mario Balotelli in


contention for the Golden Boot. Antonio Cassano is a reliable


genius, he loves playing of the French striker, going past


defenders, and he feeds the striker with passes that nobody can say. It


is a pity he is not fully fit. never, never know what you Opera to


get with Mario Balotelli. -- what you are coming to get. That is not


a team player. Lots of players on free goals. Mario Gomez is top,


because he has got one assist, because that is the secondary think


you look. Is this an assist?! He has a shot... A brilliant touch!


That is one of yours! Showed that none of the players in contention


this evening score, Mario Gomez get it because of that. I will go for


Spain. I do not hope that the best team wins tonight, let's put it


that way! Keep an eye on Claudio Marchisio. I wanted to be at a long


night, but I will go for Spain, just. We started with 16 teams, we


are now down to two, but whose name will be on the trophy? Italy or


With domineering hand, she missed the turning wheel. Like currants in


a treacherous Bass swept to and fro. The ruthless world has just deposed


once fearful Keynes. Wellcome Trust must still, from low she lifts a


The cries of misery she hears, no tears she heeds. But steely hearted


laughs her front. Such is the game she plays, and show she tests her


strength. Of mighty power she makes parade during one short hour. From


Balotelli! Fernando Torres caused! Antonio di Natale! It is Cesc


The opening ceremony is reaching its conclusion. It in the closing


ceremony, of course! Italy against Spain in the final of Euro 2012.


What can we anticipate? So much drama to come, so many great


players. Your commentators here in the Olympic Stadium, Mark Lawrenson


game of what has been a terrific tournament. We are back to where we


were three weeks ago today, 1-1 in the Gdansk, one of the best of the


opening round of matches, and now they meet again. Two countries


whose people are probably fed up with hearing the word Euro, and its


financial gloom and uncertain economic futures. At least Euro


2012 has provided occasional respite Four Nations where football


means so much. In Spain, they would have expected nothing less than


being into my's final. This is a team on the verge of true greatness,


just one game away from an unprecedented three and a row of


European and world triumphs. For Italy, it is the culmination of


Cesare Prandelli's work in transforming a team that was on its


knees. They fail to get out of the group as defending champions at the


last World Cup. It is a team that has become the Italy of smiles. One


more huge historic effort tonight and they would be as wide as the


River Tiber. This is the worst part, for the players who have given so


much to get to the final. The waiting. Having to hang on. Keep


the muscles loose, keep the tension at bay. But you can see it and feel


it. You can almost hear it around the stadium. When the call finally


comes, the captains, goalkeepers both, Gianluigi Buffon and Iker


Casillas, two of the greats of the game, you will be pushed to find


two more experienced players anywhere in the world, and they now


lead their nations out, hoping that when they make their way back down


at the end of the match that they we settle for the national anthems,


presented by Tamara Khodakova and McCart Willerby -- Mykhailo


Humenniy. They are from the Kiev municipal academic Opera and Ballet


# Fratelli d'Italia. # L'Italia s'e desta.


# Dell'elmo di Scipio. # S'e cinta la testa.


# Dov'e la vittoria? # Le porga la chioma.


# Che schiava di Roma. # Fratelli d'Italia.


# L'Italia s'e desta. # Dell'elmo di Scipio.


# S'e cinta la testa. # Dov'e la vittoria?


# Le porga la chioma. # Che schiava di Roma.


# Iddio la creo. # Stringiamoci a coorte.


# Siam pronti alla morte. # Italia chiamo.


# Stringiamoci a coorte. # Siam pronti alla morte.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


called the brothers of Italy. How needed, it has become such a


familiar tune to hear at major right around the stadium. The


defending champions make one change. Fabregas in for Negredo. Spain have


no one considered the natural striker. Six Barcelona players,


four from Real Madrid and one from double of Champions League and


World Cup final. The same for tonight's referee. In charge of


Chelsea's win in Munich in May and of Italy's over England at this


house won the toss. -- has won. Italy have Abate back to full


fitness and in at right-back having missed the semi-final. That means


Balzaretti drops to the bench. The rest of the defence is unchanged


and or Juventus. Up front, the same line-up as against England and


Germany. Pirlo pulling the strings footballer in the 21st century.


Hair clips in place, eyes focused and concentrated. A full complement


of substitutes available. A lot of attacking talent on the bench if


needed. Let's hope we get an attacking match right from the


start. Andres Iniesta, the man who won the World Cup with his goal in


Johannesburg two years ago. Balotelli, the man who fired it to


Countdown from 10. And after the final countdown, Europe is ready to


crown its champion team. Away we go in Kiev for the final of Euro 2012.


Spain against Italy. It promises much. A splash of Mediterranean


style with a lashing of Italian passion. Will it be Spain to retain


their trophy? No team has ever managed to win the Henri Delaunay


Trophy in two successive tournaments. Can it to the Crown a


remarkable rise? I don't think anybody expected them to be here.


No. The interesting thing from Spain's point of view, you could


argue they have six midfielders on view so it should be enough to take


care of Pirlo, just about. Vicente del Bosque maintains it is always


night, Cassano. He was really, really good. A good role model --


model for Cassano. He used to get headlines for the wrong reasons,


but he has settled down and he has been a perfect foil for Marriott in


this competition. If there is such off! A wry smile beneath a


moustache on the face of Vicente was Luis Aragones's side that won


Euro 2008. He has not done badly since! He has won everything in the


game. Two Champions Leagues and two of Abate's face. We will have to


give him the benefit of the doubt. Look how wide Chiellini is already


for Italy. He was a real get out the other night against Germany.


Almost playing as a left-sided play it as they have done all


I think Ramos is down. He is trying to persuade the referee it was a


poor tackle by Balotelli. He is up time Spain beat Italy, 1-0, in


March 2008. It was decided by a volley from David Villa. David


Villa is here tonight along with Carles Puyol, two who would have


been in the squad but for bad injuries. They were invited by del


Bosque to be part of the squad they the left. -- Cassano. There's a bit


of a reaction from Balotelli. Ramos did not flinch. It is that ball


again in between the two centre- backs. How many times have we seen


that in this competition? Look at this. I don't think we rolled on


Ramos. More than anybody else. A Real Madrid record 11 red cards in


orthodox striker. I think this is a really good tackle by De Rossi. He


has got the ball! It is one of those that is deemed reckless and


not in control of himself. Right. Even though he got the ball. There


they are. David Villa and Carles touch of finesse. His penalty in


the shoot-out against Portugal his performances at left-back.


Iniesta never does anything but think Spain did lack a striker then.


The boys in the studio will be saying what a ball that would have


been to a centre forward. What a certainly involved. I think he got


too much on it. He had a free run at the ball. Chiellini arrived a


little bit late to put him off properly. Maybe he did enough.


Jordi Alba it is a willing runner Prandelli is organising and


constantly giving out a message to his players. A contrast in styles


with del Bosque, hands in pockets, against Italy. Spain don't beat


Italy. It is like the Italian record against the Germans,


traditionally. Italy have won 3, drawn four and Spain only one won


on penalties for years ago. Miroslav Klose admitted in the week


that he thinks it was in the back of the mind of one or two German


players, the record against Italy. I don't think Spain players think


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


much. They are shooting on sight tonight. Great play. Great


against when it is played so quickly. Buffon was clutching thin


air! Less than a ball's width over the bar. A bright bit of play from


Spain. Where do you stand on the debate that has sprung up during


this tournament that their brilliance has become boring?


little bit. They have missed the idea of football, which is to score


a lot of goals and entertain, as well as win. They look in the mood


tonight. They certainly do. We have fouled. Don't blow the whistle!


Montolivo hasn't got up, that is why we have a stoppage. Until now.


They have had to weather a Spanish gold. Can they get out and work it


themselves? Xabi Alonso came out to get close to Andrea Pirlo. He had


to do a lot of moving to get the there is plenty of attacking being


done. There is lots of movement and lots of options, which is the key.


It is difficult for Italy to defend against it. If you back 18 to


defend against anything, it would be an Italian team. They push up


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


heading to the Premier League, but the goal has been comment. His


second of Euro 2012. It is the first in the final. The Italians


cannot cope with the pace and movement. Absolutely brilliant. He


just got himself in front of his man. Once they see the past, it is


great, inside the full-back. The movement, band. Brilliant. It was


great work from Cesc Fabregas. David Silva cushioned it, he got


the control with his header. Spanish joy. It is what they


deserve, they have made a great start to the game. What sort of a


response have Italy got? Mario Balotelli has got a free kick.


There was an element of buying it. Is that a foul? The referee has


given it. It will be a foul, then! That will be the fence I am sitting


on! In the history of this tournament, 18 has only come behind


to win the final three times. Most recently, France did it to Italy in


2000. Throughout the competition, we have seen that this is a band of


brothers' plane for the fishery. Andrea Pirlo scared -- scored from


wall to get Italy a corner. He will glove on the ball. The whistle has


gone. I think it just came off the back. It was just a fingertip.


Daniele de Rossi was flying again, a little too vigorously, actually.


He passed the ball before it came. It is the first time that Italy


going to be a corner. Sergio Busquets fell a long way, an


awkward landing as well. I think he the bar. The Italian bombardment


will continue. Giorgio Chiellini thought he might be on the end of


the crowd, but it was just too high for him. You do not want to give


the Spanish the ball back when they are in the lead. It is an


interesting debate amongst many for tonight, who is the better


goalkeeper. 186 caps for the Spanish goalkeeper, 119 for the


Italian. They both have won the World Cup. Finally divorce has been


struggling with a sciatic nerve problem throughout the tournament -


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


- Daniele de Rossi. He takes the front of the defender. Cesc


Fabregas seems to enjoy the front- It was well read by the Italians.


Giorgio Chiellini is struggling. It was a great tackle from Andrea


Pirlo. He just does the same thing and get it out, because Giorgio


Chiellini has got a problem. It is his left knee. That was a good


tackle. They are going to make the change it straight away. Cesare


Prandelli is not hanging around. Here you instantly. They do have a


ready-made replacement in Federico Balzaretti, who was unlucky not to


play tonight. He played right-back in the semi-final. He did sterling


work out of position. The bonus for him, but a blow for Giorgio


Chiellini. His final ends after 20 minutes. I just wonder whether


fitness will be a consideration for Italy. It is their third game in a


week. We thought that against the Germans, though. Spain have had


more of a relaxing schedule. They got to Kiev earlier, Italy did not


arrive until 3am yesterday. Most of the training and studying of Spain


have been via video. But they will know all about Spain. Why were they


but a goal kick is given. Andrea Pirlo will struggle to get too much


of double. -- the ball. If it becomes a factor against Spain more


than any other team... You spend so much time chasing the ball, you are


shattered once you get it. Technically, they have got six


midfield players gunman and they swarm, they win the ball back very


quickly. Boring, apparently. Yes. do get that document,... I am


delighted for you! You cannot of you with the brilliance of the


players, though. Andrea Pirlo is under pressure, no other team has


done that. The Spanish are making the Italians play with their heads


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


down. Andrea Pirlo will not play playing, they are getting people


between the lines. I am not sure about the way he went into that


tackle. Vicente del Bosque des is protesting at, but it is the way he


went into it. The bit risky from Gerard Pique. Just a touch. I am


not sure he touched Antonio Cassano. He did not. Still... You do not see


Vicente del Bosque that animated that often. He is more worried that


he has got to be careful now, with a booking. I never saw Vicente del


Bosque play, 18 caps for Spain, a defensive midfielder, I imagine he


was that kind of player. Did he not play against Liverpool? Paris, the


European Cup final. That was 1980. And Cesare Prandelli played against


Liverpool, he came on as a go backwards, Italy. It is great


Mario Balotelli, he was poised to head home the equaliser. Iker


Casillas did extremely well. It was not a great touch, and he gets


lucky, it comes off the full back. But it was a much better cross.


That is what each has a rate -- that is what Federico Balzaretti


will give to Italy. Because David Silva is playing on the right of


the front three, he wants to tuck in, so there will always be space


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


Casillas did well to stop that because it came through two pairs


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


was a little bit strange, that. little flat by a Pirlo, of all


people. In the build-up to the game, the whole of Italy going crazy, and


Pirlo said, get into the final and not winning is like going to Rome


and not seeing the Pope. I have that meant for me? And it is a bit


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


of a waste when you are not have up yet. Picked out before as a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


was not expecting the ball but it gone up. It is all part of the game,


guessing the when and where the past is going. The way the Spanish


recycle the ball all the time. In between the lines, as it were. It


is just outstanding. Spain are still leading by that Silva goal.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


Some great work by Fabregas said confidence, 23 years old. We saw


his Spain debut against Scotland in October and he was good then.


was outstanding at night. -- that night. Spain are putting themselves


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


not quite the same effect as he actually. And he should be full of


confidence. When you think about that only game against Spain. For


some reason he just put the brakes free-kick for Spain. Balzaretti


putting his weight on to David Italy's main mission will be to


make sure they are only one behind at the break. Anything else will be


a shrewd tactician. A bit of reorganisation, a few wise words at


are more red shirts on the field. at chasing the ball? Ferry. Jordi


Alba busting a gut! Spain have 82-0 Spanish pass! It is a long way back


for Italy from here. Jordi Alba has his first senior international goal


and it was a thing of beauty! Football does not get much better


than that. The pace that he picked up with that run, Jordi Alba, was


amazing and as you would expect, timing, the Finnish, it was all


just so right. Yeah, brilliant. That is the reason why Barcelona


have paid 40 million Euros to Valencia to make him a part of the


Barcelona tried for next season. when the left-back scores goals


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


have a go. It is whether there is handle. He has used the pace on the


Barzagli. It is just a yellow. It was like the Italians are fault, I


have got to take him out. He did not have too many options.


taken for the team, because had Andres Iniesta got past him, Cesc


Fabregas was in the middle, and are more trophies to be one for him.


They are halfway to within one So was that clearance. He tried to


hit it up the field early. You had the Italians do not lose their


discipline. -- you hope. One minute to be added on at the end of the


first half that has belonged to Spain. We have talked about Andrea


Pirlo, but the Spanish performance from the defending world and


European champions. They are embracing each other on the bench.


The feeling is Spain are just about there, and what I find he has been,


Jordi Alba, the left-back, with a scintillating second goal, after


David Silva headed the first. Four years ago, they lead against


Germany in the final, and here, they have doubled their money. It


is a forlorn looking bunch of Italians who troop off to receive


words of wisdom from Cesare They truly exhilarating display


from the world and European champions. There are three of us in


this studio, but I have concerns that the time of the centre-forward


is over! We have seen a masterclass of how to keep hold of the ball,


how to pass it. Italy are playing a flat back four, a diamond in


midfield, Spain have got no forwards, but they are getting time


and time again down the left-hand side, because there are so -- there


is so much space. It is great to see. For people to even suggest


that Spain of boring is laughable, because it is amazing to watch.


am not quite sure you are enjoying this! It is painful for me to watch.


So far, it has been a great game, two sides having a goat at each


other. We do not put the same as we have been in the tournament. First


of all, they are simply an awesome team, we have got to admit that.


Secondly, they have found a way to neutralise Andrea Pirlo, and so we


are struggling. Thirdly, we looked tired. All of the injuries, all of


the travelling, all of the games played so far, with a huge mental


effort, they have finally taken their toll. One day less stressed.


For the neutral, in wonderful example of football. I have never


seen anything as good, sustained periods where they were picking it


up and playing at pace. When they played the 6 Midfield players and


no strikers, they passed poorly, but when they pass it in that


manner, it does not matter how they play. The interchange, the pace, I


have never seen the like of that in my life, it was that good.


Breathtaking at times. It is 70 matches since Spain lost since they


have taken the lead, and you can see why, because it is so hard to


get the ball off them. It will be complicated for us to get back into


the game. But sometimes, it takes one moment of brilliance to change


the game around. Greedy to change the way they are thinking. -- we


need to change. Do something special, get one goal, make them


think differently, you never know. The one criticism you can level at


Spain, they do not get enough players in the box, and we saw


examples of that before the goal. In the first 10 minutes, we were


screaming, because it was a great run by Jordi Alba down the left-


hand side. We watch David Silva, he should be working harder to get


into the box. That is a great pass and a great ball in. Nobody in


there. It is too late. The defender clears it away. But if they do not


get you the first time, they will get you the second time. Andres


Iniesta is the best player on the picture. Not only have the Spanish


played well, they have nullified Andrea Pirlo. They have made him go


back to what his own goal. Some incredible football for the goal. A


brilliant piece of finishing. pick it up and played with


consummate ease. I have always got options and alternative options.


Look at how many men the Italians have got behind the ball. It is


difficult to get through that. at Cesc Fabregas's body position.


He is side on, he wants the ball between the centre halves.


Magnificent. David Silva is in there this time. He has realised


his mistake. I did not like the defendant from Leonardo Bonucci.


has got to see that. Yes, and stay with him. It is all white people


saying that... There are two reasons why a Andrea Pirlo is not


playing, they are closing come down, and when he does have the ball, he


is so tired, because they have worked hard to get it back. Lots of


examples of breathtaking Spanish football. Yes, especially the


second goal. We are defending too high. We are taking some chances


now, because we are down. We are pressing them high, and we are


leaving space behind the defenders. We are not covering particularly


well. Andrea Barzagli should have stayed with the runner. When you


are playing a flat back four against nobody... Look at how many


spare men they have got. Nobody picks him up, because you were


waiting for him to pick him up, and it Jordi Alba has made a great run.


They has been one of the players of the tournament. He has just signed


for Barcelona. Some terrific reactions from the Spanish


supporters in Madrid. These are the scenes for the goal. Yes! Mass


jubilation. It must be wonderful for them! Not a hint of jealousy


from any of us! Technical ability at its very best. I have never seen


anything like it. It is wonderful. You are seeing the best team ever


here. Brazil, West Germany... No team has ever done this.


Brazilians in 1970... No team has ever won three major tournaments.


Normally, you played the worst in the final, because you are tired,


but they have been in disguise so far. Are they wild by people saying


they are boring? I think they just play their game. Look at this, how


good is that? They never change, they just keep played, they work


very hard for each other. They are so far in front of everybody in


terms of passing and defend, you watch... Because we are tired, we


always arrive half a second too late in closing them down, and


therefore, with their ability, you end up in trouble. That is an


excuse! It is a joy to watch, absolutely. We have had two goals,


Pavlyuchenko. And still going. Pavlyuchenko! The substitute


opportunities and perhaps danger in equal measure. What a goal!


Blaszczykowski! And the host nation celebrates in every corner of the


The flag stayed down and Germany lead! Mario Gomez gets his second


midfield metronome scores with a superb, precise finish. That's how


Carroll to get there! The plan's worked! Gerrard to Carroll, England


Vaart! Brilliant! Just the start that the Netherlands needed. It is


Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Ibrahimovic, golden boy of Swedish


football, has finally answered his struggling, but got two strong


hands to it. Montolivo. Through for Balotelli, he was onside when the


ball was played. Can Balotelli get a double? He can! That is smashed


in. Magical Mario Balotelli. This That is the list of them. No


competition, just a little bit of sun. Gentlemen, your decision?


Camel and Ibrahimovic. Ibrahimovic for me. -- Andy Carroll.


technique was sensational. Such a Ibrahimovic's eyes are always on


the ball. Wimbledon is halfway through, Euro 2012 is almost over,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


that means the Olympics is just It is very close, it should be very


special. A reminder that Andy Murray is in action against Marin


Cilic at Wimbledon tomorrow. Coverage starts at 11:30am on BBC


Two. Next Sunday, Jake Humphrey will be at Silverstone, also on BBC


One. The one thing that Spain have done, they have neutralised Pirlo,


who has been so magnificent in the tournament. How? They have just


pressed him. They have got to him quickly and sometimes in numbers.


What can you do in this position? There were three around him, they


forced Pirlo backwards. But when I see Pirlo, I can't help thinking


about Beethoven when he composes his symphony, but not tonight.


Tonight he is quite slow. He has been surrounded by many opponents


and he is struggling a bit. Would you believe that coming up, I think


somewhere is the tackle on Iniesta, this one. That is his best bit of


the game! Can you believe it? It is inch-perfect. I think he has got


frustrated. If the Italians are going to get back into it, they


have to get Pirlo back on the ball, but further up the pitch. Hopefully


we will not have to make any more forced changes. I think Cassano


will go off and probably Di Natale will take his place. They need to


stop Balotelli as well. It would be nice to continue to see the Spanish


being offences -- offences. Another 45 minutes of the same would be


Natale. Di Natale gave it elite the lead in Gdansk when these sides met


re weeks ago. -- gave Italy the scoring first in September 2006


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


when Northern Ireland beat them in di Natale's first touch of the


ball! If the best move of the game for Italy as well, a real chance.


Minimum requirement: Hits the target. He is the most prolific of


the Italy strikers in terms of club football over the last few seasons.


29 for Udinese. He has scored 86 goals over the last three campaigns.


He hasn't quite hit the net quite as regularly when wearing blue for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


Balzaretti has now brought down Arbeloa, Spanish free kick. Great


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


real contest, has to be from Italy. cross to the referee, saying hand


ball. Handball, all right. It was, with your hands in all honesty


there. His arm has not moved. but he is in that position where it


is positioned well to save it. what on earth are you supposed to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


That ball started the move from that! No chance, he just went into


has stretched the game is now. -- first one was brilliantly stopped


by Casillas but the second one was simple! The problem was the Spanish


had stopped, they thought it was offside! The man they call St Iker


in goal! You get past the line of defenders and you still have him to


Spain have kept an incredible nine successive clean sheets in knockout


games in tournaments. They have not let a single goal in since Zinedine


Zidane scored against them. Pepe Reina would walk into most


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


international teams. Not bad, this once. It just caught him in between


his feet. It is just the way they take and received and are available


for the ball and under all sorts of pressure, it is fantastic. Italy


are hanging on in there. You never know, if they can get one... But


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


allowed Gerrard Pique to take little too strong. Almost the ball


is why he is in the team, for those moments as much as anything,


filling in for people. Italy changed. They will bring off


Montolivo, who has not had the effect in this game as in the last


two. The man who will be leaving Fiorentina for Milan in time for


next season. On comes Tiago Motta. He used to play for Barcelona and


Atletico Madrid. An interesting duel if he goes up against Sergio


Busquets. Busquets once got him sent off in the Champions League


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


there's not much more Prandelli can Mario Balotelli, but you never know,


a chance taken would liven him up. Pirlo to try to be the creator


Here comes a Spanish change. They are taking off David Silva, who has


been substituted in every game apart from the game against Ireland.


Chatting to himself. He started it tonight, thanks to Fabregas. A


brilliant header. A really tough one to control, but he did it and


he gave Spain the lead. He is taking ages to leave the field. He


is not happy about it at all. He is getting a good send-off from the


Spanish supporters. Pedro is going to come on. A little more pace for


the Italian defenders to come up shakes the hand or says anything to


them when they come off. Sit down and get on with it. I get the


feeling you like that. Absolutely, from Alonso and it is a free kick


to Italy. He doesn't mind leaving players out, much to the annoyance


of players like Torres and Fabregas. It is great when you have about 38


players to pick from, though! Llorente, Mata, not kicked a ball


in the championships. He just shoos gone down. Italy have made all


three substitutions. The Spanish could have played on. If the right


hamstring has gone, it is good just Arrie Prandelli and his team


tonight. -- Je Azzurri Prandelli. It looks as though it is a game too


far. He pulled up before the knock. He did indeed. The sniper has had


play against 10 men. I'm not sure that is the case with Spain. Yeah,


right! Give them a bit more room to play. They can already play when it


is tight. He is done, isn't he? would think so, the way he pulled


up. The other thing is, you can't risk him. Himself an Chiellini,


that is really tough for the Italians. Fate is conspiring


against Italy tonight. He is sitting up, he is trying to give a


message that he will have a go. But he just can't do it. The rich


owners of Paris St-Germain, where he plays his football, will think


don't do it. Prandelli now has to work a miracle with 10 players on


the field. When your luck is out, you're lucky is out. Four minutes


after coming on, the third and seen so many medical people around


one player. There must be 40. his hamstring has gone, I'm not


sure 24 of them will be able to sight and he is being helped down


the tunnel. The game is up. Italy have to do it a man light. Already


could be important for them. You never know. We have seen so many


things in football. This would be the most incredible of everything


we have seen. It would be loaves and fishes. Worth watching if it


but it is a free-kick to Spain. thought it might have been the


other way. He has to get up. thinks he was blocked off. Busquets


had his arm across. I'm afraid, Leonardo Bonucci, you have to carry


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


flick it on to Iniesta. Handball against Balotelli. For once,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


Iniesta was not in tune with the was the furthest player forward and


he was 35 yards from his own goal! Record-breaking Spanish team might


have another one in its sights, the biggest-ever win in the European


Championship final. 3-0 Germany against the Soviet Union in 1972.


That is well within their reach if they don't want to. You've just


had the feeling from the start that they wanted to tonight. They've


forward and not have to worry about getting back. They can almost play


Balotelli, his work, not just tonight, but ever since that


opening game against Spain when he was not quite with it, he has been


superb. Very, very good. Doesn't necessarily mean a lot, looking


forward to next season, but he has through to the end now. Amazing to


think Real Madrid sacked him as well. After winning the Champions


away from Italian legs. They can't get out of their own half, I'm


getting in the eye line if I could do so last, but it would bother


that Spanish keeper. - the byline Fabregas. That started with a ball


from Casillas, almost like Franz his young career. Not surprising


that he started out as a left- winger. Barcelona let him go after


he started there, they have had to pay 40 million Euros to get him


Alonso... What do you feel as a man steeped in Liverpool about that


decision several years ago to let Xabi Alonso go? Was it a little bit


early? Mystifying, absolutely mystifying. He has come on and he


has played the best football of his career at Real Madrid. Wasn't far


behind at Liverpool, in all honesty. The really top player. -- a really


at Spain now -- can Italy? Buffon is trying to give words of


encouragement. The only encouragement I can think of is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


that Italy have not gone further He made sure it went higher just in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


for Spain and Cesc Fabregas will men, Spain have got to put a


striking into the action. -- a brilliantly for David Silva. He


scored in this tournament against Italy when the teams met in Gdansk.


He scored against Ireland. He has had a very good Euro 2012. Now the


man who won Euro 2008, Fernando Torres. He got the only goal in the


final against Germany. He was only a substitute for Chelsea in the


Champions League final, which was his source of much a millions for


him. A goal now do finally clinched it for Spain, to round off his


career. He was joint top scorer as Torres. This painting of appetite


unit and they will be doing everything they can to give


Fernando Torres a goal opportunity -- this Spanish team are a tight


unit. Iniesta's name is being sung went down a little too easily


though. At least it ended in a miracles to get them this far. They


lost three games in a row before the start of the tournament without


scoring, defeat to Europe right, Russia and the USA. -- defeats to


Uruguay. Those kind of performances seemed to spur them on. Everything


mesmerising attacking forced from spared. He can pretend that he knew


a trophy. 2008, 2010, 2012. Three in a row, barring a miracle from


Italy. We were always bemused that they never did better in the


tournaments. I think the Madrid Barcelona thing was very important


in that. They seemed to come together at the right time.


Certainly. They are at each other's finding Barcelona's Busquets. And


going to pull a muscle as he raced towards that. I think Torres wanted


it on the left side and not on the with this corner. Torres stands to


be one of eight players tonight to have played in two winning European


position has been fifty-fifty but it is whether teams have had the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


ball. It doesn't feel like that. that people say it is boring. Let


me tell you, not if you have in the Spanish connection it is not. --


Do we want them to go hell-for- leather? A goal would be nice,


wouldn't it? Somebody has got to have a run. I don't think it


Every vedette she Italy! -- could buy commit Italy! This Spanish team


has gone up a notch. Great finish. to score in two European


Championship finals. I am sorry, Prandelli, it has just not been


your night. It could get a whole lot worse for the Italians before


the final whistle. Look at the three passes that created the three


record by getting a fourth goal, the highest winning margin in the


European Championship final. would like to see them play the


Brazil 1970 team, wouldn't you. Sadly, time travel is beyond our


capability, but that would be a David Villa amongst others, Spain's


record goalscorer, three injury -- through injury. He is here watching


tonight. Spain will make another change and Mata will get some


action! The Chelsea player, wearing 13 for Spain. He will make his


winner's medal seemed a whole lot more worth it. Andres Iniesta will


on to a great reception. Spain tried to pass their way through to


the final whistle. The best team have won it, it is great. Roman


Abramovich has come to Kiev to see one of his Chelsea men get a goal


and another one get a run out. And think about how many of his Spain


team he would really like to buy! lordly being waved, but they can


feel proud of their efforts in Poland and Ukraine. This has just


been a step too far for them. It has been a question of having to


get themselves up for the game just a few days after that monumental


effort against Germany. And the effort against England with the


have to feel quite a great deal of sympathy for Prandelli. But I'm


afraid there are few teams on the planet, ever, that could have lived


with his Spain's side. Turning into a very good night for the Chelsea


connection. Mario had his night a few days ago. We talked about


passes that create goals. Brilliant. He did not have to look, he just


at Euro 2012-12. -- Euro 2012, to 12. One more to beat their total at


Euro 2008. 4-0. There were many that had a sneaky feeling that


Italy might just nick it, that everything was with them. I'm


afraid all their luck ran out in don't want it to say there are any


added minutes at all! -- Italy want it. They want to pack up, thank the


fans for their support and contemplate how far they have come


at this competition. They have been up against an absolutely rampant


Spanish team. There will be three more minutes for Italy to endured


Spanish players, looking to pick out a pass to score yet another


somebody sat very close to me. Just had confirmation that as it stands,


Torres, on three goals for the tournament, will get the Golden


Boot. He has three goals and an assist, like Mario Gomez of Germany,


but he has played less minutes than the German did. It is Fernando's


might as way -- might as well pay your team-mates the respect of


watching it! How on earth will we get back into this team? I think


effort from Sergio Ramos followed neutral. You sort of want to get --


Spain to get five or six, but you don't want it to me to suffer any


more. No. -- Italy. The glory boys are ready to celebrate. David Silva,


Jordi Alba, Fernando Torres and is Spain again. European


Championship, World Cup, European Championship. It is a perfect


treble that has never been done before, with a team playing For --


perfect football like we've never seen before. It wins trophy after


seen before. It wins trophy after trophy for Spain. It has made


legends of these players. Italy have worked, they've given it


everything, they were forced down to 10 players through injury


tonight. It was just one game too far for one more Herculean effort


and they have been pulled apart, all over the place, by the greatest


STUDIO: Not to be for Italy. Spain become the first team to retain the


European Championship, the first team to win three major trophies


back to back to back and they are the first team to win a major final,


ever, by four goals. They have still not conceded a goal in


knockout football in nearly 1,000 minutes, since Zinedine Zidane


scored against them in the 2006 World Cup. The players celebrate a


truly phenomenal achievement by an astonishingly talented side. What a


wonderful performance. You run out of superlatives. The Italians had a


go in the second half and Cassano missed a couple of chances, but


went -- once the Italians went to 10 men, it was like an exhibition


match. But the first half, people will be talking about this first


half in 40 years' time. All the way through the tournament, we talked


about the Spanish being the best team ever in possession. There's no


argument now. That first half performance was superlative. A word


on the Italians, they fought hard and gave everything, but they were


outclassed. Yes, they were tonight. This tournament has proven we are


the most improved side in Europe. But this final has proven we are


not there yet. Spain are in a league of their own, basically.


Tonight they show you'd how magnificent they are. They deserved


to win. I'm quite surprised the engraver was still itching Spain on


to that trophy, it was over some time ago. It was. It was a game too


far for the Italians. They've been impressive throughout the


tournament, but they have met the team today in a league of their own.


There's no one that can come close to them. Di Natale missed a couple


of chances early in the second half and then Motta came on and went


back off injured again. It was a matter of how many they were going


to get, Spain. People throughout the tournament have asked one or


two questions because of the system they play. Do they score enough


goals? It is an emphatic yes. They have scored more goals than anyone


and conceded less. It is incredible to watch, it really is. It is a


nightmare to play against because at times, there's not many answers.


Just great to watch and to be here to see such a magnificent


performance. We've said before, not only are they did in possession and


with technical ability, they are better than anything we have seen,


but also they work so hard. If you look at Pirlo's performance in this


game, he has been the star of the tournament, but he hardly had a


kick and that was due to the pressing of the Spanish players.


lovely shot of Fernando Torres with his children. He will surely be


able to show them a Golden Boot! He has achieved that despite being a


bit-part player in many ways for Spain. He scored two against


Ireland, his other goal was this Ireland, his other goal was this


one, this clinched it. It didn't quite clinch it... This was Pirlo


in possession. They gave it away cheaply. Fernando got on to it


quickly and it is a very, very competent finish. As soon as Italy


went down to 10 men, you could just see Torres itching to get on. He


knew there would be goals around for him if he could get on quickly


enough. That was an excellent finish. I think this performance,


this result, should not take anything away from Italy. I agree.


In this tournament, we've reminded ourselves that we can also be a


brave side, a United side, a very hard-working side, very smart, and


I'm not just talking about football. It is great to see that these


players have been able to give people in my country something to


cheer about, something to be proud of, because it is a very difficult


time. Fantastic! The Spanish players are getting even smaller!


She's very good in possession, I'm told. Wonderful. What is


astonishing is how much desire they have for winning. What a cute kid!


What a player he is. We have gone through Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets,


Torres, Fabregas, but there's one guy we have not mentioned, del


Bosque. He has changed one or two things in this tournament and one


or two questions were asked. He came up with the right answer. They


are going home with the trivia well -- again. A fantastic team. It also


helps if you have a great goalkeeper. She knows the camera


when she sees one! A wonderful all- round team performance. The word on


Torres from you, Alan, as a former striker. Three goals, a low total


to win a Golden Boot. In a strange way, it has been a frustrating


tournament for him because he has been a bit-part player. Probably


would not have liked sitting on the bench. When he has been asked to do


a job, he has come in and scored goals. He has played well. He got


two against the Irish, one tonight. He has played a big enough part.


This is the first European Championship with a creche! Tears


for the Italians, but they were well beaten in the end. It is not


like they have lost a dramatic penalty shoot-out. Tonight was just


a matter of playing against a team which is still too strong for us,


but also so much time... Are I'm very pleased Balotelli has come


back on. He stormed off in a rage, it is good that he has come back


out. It is very important to be there to take it on the chin and


there to take it on the chin and there to take it on the chin and


also to recognise that Spain truly deserved to win. The Italians gave


it their best shot, but the Spanish were miles in front of them. They


are getting ready for the Balotelli it was in contention for


the Golden Boot. He just needed one strike. This was him at the end.


What do you make of that? He is petulant. He is obviously


frustrated. But over the 90 minutes, he had an elbow at Arbeloa and made


a couple of kicks at some players... I think he did well enough.


doubt about that but you cannot afford in a game of this magnitude


to be petulant and I am afraid he was. I do not think he had enough


quality balls. The officials have been magnificent. The whole


tournament, we have hardly ever spoken about them at the end of any


game, which is a good thing, no doubt. The standard of refereeing


has been excellent. I was pleased to see that most of the time they


kept be yellow cards in their pockets, so it has been more


physical compared to the past and that is good for the game. It has


encouraged an open game. Probably a good time to hand back to Guy


Mowbray. A very good game, Gary. As far as


Pedro Proenca is concerned. He did not have too much to officiate on.


We have seen fair play at Euro 2012, which perhaps we have not always


seen at the major tournaments. Three red cards, two in the opening


game of when we thought, here we go. Well done to the Portuguese team of


officials, and most of the referees, as distant referees and the


additional assistance, the men with the sticks behind the goal, for the


job they have done. Buffon is putting on a brave face. I


mentioned that this Italian team have become known as "the Italy of


smiles", but it is hard for them to master one at the moment after that


footballing lesson. Mark, I think it is fair to say that Prandelli,


after 2010, has really put the pride back into the Azzurri. He has


galvanised the team. He applauded the Spanish there. One thing in


football in my mind, you have to experience how to lose. It is all


part of gaining experience. Mario did storm off at the end, he was


overcome by it all, but by his own volition, I think, he came back out.


He will be there to get his runners-up medal, which is more


than these Italian players probably thought they were getting when they


came into the competition. They have also been very sporting


towards the Spanish. No other option when you have been


completely outplayed. If there was the element of bad luck. How many


coaches does that happen to win you have just made you final


substitution and just substitute gets injured immediately? -- and


your substitute gets injured? The Italians are taking it well. They


are playing England in their next game in an August friendly, that


will take place in Switzerland. Three days before the Premier


League starts. It might well be. The managers will be delighted


about that. Not long now and we are off again. Pirlo getting a special


word from Michel Platini. You might think of him as an administrator


but he was a pretty fine footballer in his day. A better footballer


than an administrator, that is for certain. He was of course a very


accomplished player himself for Juventus, arguably the best years


of his career playing in the Serie A. Here is Mario. He lit up the


semi-final against Germany. Provided two of the greatest


moments of the entire tournament. Cesare Prandelli... He questioned


been in international coach at times because he says he misses the


day-to-day involvement. I am sure Balotelli's time will come for his


country. And for these players, their time is now. An amazing bunch


of footballers. Potter along by an amazing Spanish system -- brought


along. They have brought the coaches through, got teams playing


the way a lot of us say we want to see football played, technically


brilliant, from Barcelona to Real Madrid, right the way through La


Liga, every one of these can play. Andrea Pirlo can play as well but


he can't do it on his own. No team before has retained the trophy, the


Henri Delaunay Trophy. No team has managed to win from Europe three


major tournaments in a row. It all started at Euro 2008, and it was


carried on in scintillating style at the World Cup in South Africa,


and then we all got a bit fed up with it, it seemed! We were saying


they had peaked, that they were not ruthless enough. I think we had


been spoilt. And then tonight happened. Spain reached a whole new


level of football altogether. Every one of these players, beaming.


Gerrard Pique, plays for Barcelona, European champion, world champion,


he is dating Shakira, does he ever have a bad day?! He gets his medal


for Michel Platini. The Golden Boot, Fernando Torres. A really nice shot


of him with his kids. In the net. He did not know where to find it a


little while ago but he does now. His career has picked up again


after some dark times. A regular scorer for Chelsea towards the end


of the season and three goals at Euro 2012. These are great scenes,


seems you will remember as a football supporter. There always


has to be a losing team but at the moment in world football terms,


there is only one team of all to read winner's, coached by Vicente


del Bosque, captained by the brilliant Iker Casillas. Michel


Platini will take his place centre stage. And history will be made,


when he hands over the Henri Delaunay Trophy, a trophy that


marks Spain out as European champions, again! Once more, they


The Spanish celebrations truly begin. The trophy held aloft,


players have the shirts of footballers who have recently lost


their lives. Ramos is the 23-year- old bet is player, known as Mickey,


who died of cancer a short while ago -- Betis. The Spanish players


have tears of joy. Fabregas holds the trophy aloft and every single


one of these players have been magnificent in this tournament.


Absolutely. Right from the word go, the reigning champions, the


pressure is on, can they do it three on the trot, have they got


the spirit and resolve? To right. If you think of when they played in


the first half, it was a pleasure and privilege to be here watching


it. It was just exceptional. That is what everybody in the world is


going to aspire to. That sort of technical ability that the Spanish


have got in abundance, everybody has got to try and be as good as


that. I am not sure anyone ever will be as good as that team. I


think we have seen something unique. Do you think that star will be


copied? In many ways, it is a wonderful gift of the game, this


possessions style of football that is so easy on the eye. Unless you


on the receiving end, obviously, like I am tonight! But I am still


very proud of my boys, the Italians, because this is a good starting


point for the New World Cup. A new team, a new manager, he did


wonderful and now we have our confidence back and we will be


looking very difficult to beat him two years time. It is a great night


for football. A team can win a major Championship playing this way,


with six in the middle of the park, and pass their way through, and we


know how difficult it is to pass your way through two bands of


forwards, but they did it tonight time after time, with quick,


thought for, purposeful, technically great football. It is


hard to pick out one individual because they are all wonderfully


gifted! An incredible squat with an incredible manager. The hunger and


their desire from these guys, because let's not forget, these


guys have had an unbelievable amount of success, so for them to


actually come here again and show their desire to get that trophy...


He has got a great first touch! I like the simplicity and a humble


miss of the celebration. They are not every exaggerating. -- and the


humble style of the celebration. Many of these players are from


Barcelona, others from Real Madrid, and only Silva was a non-Barcelona


and Real Madrid player. Then Torres and Mata came on of course. They


are lining up for the photographers, of which there are hundreds.


Italians were gracious in defeat and the Spanish were humble in


victory. They embraced each other and it is very difficult when you


have just got beaten. This is special, special, special, but for


the losers, there is a big chasm of difference and there is no good


news and no way to go. Where does this teams stand in terms of


footballing history? Is it right at the top? For me, I think they are


the best ever. You mentioned the Brazil side, with the ability of


Pele, and all of these guys. But when you look at this team, it is


absolutely unbelievable what they have achieved. Balotelli is still


there! I think all people argued that the Brazilians of 1970 were


truly exceptional. You said at half-time that you have never seen


a passing display like that. the Brazilians had players that


would just like, they had Pele at centre-forward, arguably the best


player of all time. But this side must rank with anything we have


seen in the last 20 or 30 years. They are that good. It is also the


finest firework display at any European Championship! Magnificent!


It has taken us bother by surprise at the end of proceedings! --


rather by surprise! Brilliant. Jordi Alba played great as well,


what a game he had. It always hurts when you use but when you used


against Spain, you can kind of accepted -- when you lose. They are


the best team at the moment in world football, that is for sure.


Let's remind us of how the victory came about. Magnificent football


for most of the goals. Right from the word go, they were up for it


picked it up. Fabregas made a great run. A great ball in. And a


Chiellini. I think Barzagli should have done better. But Silva it made


the run from outside the box, and I think we could have picked it up a


bit better. That was the first goal. Silva's magic moment. We are taking


a chance here because we are one goal down so we are pressing them


very high on the pitch. We are taking a chance. The time of our


pressing is not perfect and again, we should have done better. The


pass is magnificent. He actually put it on to his foot. A lovely


touch. Fantastic. Xavi and Iniesta, what a combination! For goodness


sake! And a great first touch from got pressure on Pirlo. The weight


of pass. Torres comes on, not been on the pitch very long, he can


smell the Golden Boot! He needed a goal and an assist and he managed


it. A excellent finish. I think that tonight, they played much more


open. They have been very effective. The this is what got Torres the


Golden Boot. Into Mata. He was only on for two minutes. At this moment,


coming on and scoring goals. Yes. Brilliant. You can only imagine


what that feels like! Must be wonderful. It is a great feeling.


And they deserve it. Thoroughly deserve it. They are still enjoying


their celebrations. That trophy has been in the hands of the entire


squad. Llorente is another player we did not even see. You look how


good the Italians were against England and against Germany, but we


have never seen anything like that tonight. That is because of the way


Spain pressed them, because of the way they got the ball back, because


of the way they passed the ball, created chances, scored goals.


you win the first trophy, you want you win the first trophy, you want


more and more. Let's get another view, the view of Martin Keown.


Thank you. There are a few thousand Italian fans who might use some


handkerchiefs this evening. Heartbreakers. History makers if


you are Spanish. What a pleasure to be here and watch that display from


Spain. Wow! The way they passed the ball, such imagination and


expression. They have got on-board navigation systems, the way they


pass the ball. The perfect decision every time, running at pace,


delivering brilliant passes. Today it was their running off the ball.


They got them around the throat and they would not let go. You look at


Jordi Alba coming from deep, Cesc Fabregas coming from deep, and they


just applied the finish. When you are watching it, it looks so


complicated, but you said to me it is a simple way to play football.


It is. They control it and pass it and moved. It was those runners


from deep. They were not passing the ball for the sake of it, this


was top-level football. They have set the bar high now. In four years,


no international manager has got anywhere near them. I think they


will dominate for a few more years. Where do they rank in terms of the


greatest teams ever? We have heard Brazil 1970 mentioned a few times,


you're quite proud of Arsenal 2004, but where do you put this team?


They have to be the best. Any young player watching these guys, you


think you can do more by running with the ball, you can do more by


doing less. Make the ball do the work, pass and move. Beautiful to


watch. Seeing Mata come off the bench, and Torres finally getting


the goal he deserves, so many players, there's a specialness


about this team. Barcelona, a lot of disappointments this year. Real


Madrid, the same. They came back because they are a group of winners


and they are hungry for us a text - - success. You might not think the


managers and players of the world can match the side, but surely they


can take inspirations and lessons. They can take lessons, but I don't


think anyone can get close. They still have time on their side. One


or two might have to go, Xavi, Torres needs to find form, but you


look at their two central defenders, Ramos and Pique, brilliant players.


They could almost play up front. The goalkeeper, sq Casillas, he


plays like a sweeper. They have reinvented football. Thank you for


your company. Lovely to spend a tournament with you.


Congratulations once again to Spain, they can enjoy their holiday. The


Italians will need a break after that!


Thank you. The T-shirt reads, "always with us". He was


magnificent tonight, Ramos. We keep saying how great they were. Him and


Pique were the best defensive partnership in the tournament.


is sometimes the thing you do for - - forget about Spain. Defensively,


they are strong. That record of not conceding a goal in major knockout


football is remarkable. It probably comes firstly because they keep the


ball for 89 minutes! It is difficult for the opposition to


come up with any threat. Astonishing. Two defenders, eight


midfielders, no strikers, and they still don't concede. And when they


get through the defence, they have a great goalkeeper. They needed him


once or twice in the second half and he came up trumps with a save


from Di Natale. You could go through that game and find so many


examples of mercurial Spanish play. examples of mercurial Spanish play.


It was relentless. They pick it up and play it, they pass and move,


they make angles, you've got options, alternatives. This is


sensational play. They are so patient... The Xavi has the first


shot, then they come out and start again. Iniesta has the next shot,


let's start again. It is so difficult to get through that


barrier, two Banks of four, but we will play it wide and bring it back


in the middle. Do we have the ability to get through? To write.


Absolutely phenomenal. Eventually an opening will happen, if we keep


passing it with pace and precision. They did that all night. When they


are playing, it seems as if they are having so much fun so they are


not getting tired, they are just keeping the ball. It is great on


the eye for Spain, but if you why Italian, this is so demoralising.


You are not touching the ball for long periods. Even when they were


not at their best, against the Portuguese, they didn't have any


efforts on target, the Portuguese. I felt for Pirlo. He has had such a


I felt for Pirlo. He has had such a wonderful tournament.


difference was in the previous games that he had time and space


and nobody could get near him. They were hunting him in the right areas,


where he could hurt you. There's no way he can hurt you too deep.


could see it hurt him. He is 33. Playing five or six games in a


short time is not easy. That is why del Bosque took off his Xavi a few


times in the tournament, to keep him fresh and at his best for the


final. The park from when they played Croatia, they got Mandzukic


around him, but tonight if it wasn't Busquets, it was Xavi, if it


wasn't Xavi, it was Iniesta, it was wasn't Xavi, it was Iniesta, it was


Fabregas. Three major trophies for Spain. Let's remind ourselves of


the goals that have led to those trophies. This was four years ago


and Torres. A similar run tonight. Shoulder of the last defender.


was against Germany. Torres became the first player to score in two


consecutive European finals. Iniesta, what a World Cup he had in


2010. Great first touch. Pick that out. And then four more this


evening, an emphatic victory against the Italians. Every time


you see it, it gets better and better. The passing, the movement,


the finish. Sensational. It is football at its very, very very


best. Have I been hearing things this tournament, people calling


this boring? You've not been hearing things. But they have


answered those critics emphatically. That is what great teams do. When


someone asks a question, come up with the right answer. To be fair,


they have not played as well as this in the previous games. Against


Portugal in the semi-final... Against Ireland they were very good.


Yes. But tonight... I don't know how you could set to team up to


play against that. I think you can frustrate them sometimes if you sit


back with 11 players behind the back with 11 players behind the


ball. Like Chelsea. Exactly. Tonight we were a bit to break. The


back four was sometimes too high up on the pitch. That is why it was a


great night for football. If you can play that way and win major


championships, everybody should follow you. Have you enjoyed the


tournament? Thoroughly. Do you have a highlight? I would say beating


England in the quarter-final! a great man. The Germany game was


fantastic. A great tournament, I loved it. A lot of negativity


beforehand, but it has been brilliant and the highlight was


tonight. There were concerns about the tournament, but they never


Rotier -- materialised. It has been a fantastic tournament, but the


highlight has to be the performance of Spain in that first half. It is


as good as you can get. Player of the tournament? Probably Pirlo. I


felt sorry for him tonight, but he controlled every other game.


would say Pirlo, but it will be very tight with Iniesta. Iniesta


was fantastic. I would go with Iniesta. I would go with him as


well. We are giving him the player of the tournament, Iniesta. I think


we will know the team of the tournament and that is what counts.


Thank you very much indeed. It is bitterly's pain as the reign of


Spain continues in Ukraine. Spain remain world and European champions.


From all of us here, a very good Darkness falls across the land. The


Midnight hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of blood.


To terrorise your neighbourhood. Though you fight to stay alive.


Your body starts to shiver. For no mere mortal can resist the evil of


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