02/07/2014 Match of the Day


Highlights from the final two matches in the last 16 of the World Cup in Brazil.

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Good morning. The last two places in the quarterfinals of the World Cup


programmes last. Martin Keown is with me. We will show you Belgium


against the USA later. We will start with the game in Sao Paulo,


Argentina against Switzerland. Watched by Mark Lawrenson and


Jonathan Pearce. Can Lionel Messi become the first


man since 1930 to score in four successive Argentine World Cup final


matches? It is a wonderful, raucous and thrilling atmosphere inside the


ground. Argentina have made one change with Sergio Aguero ruled out


with a five strain. Ezekiel Lavezzi replaces him. They are looking to


make the last eight for the sixth time in eight finals. Switzerland


have never won a game beyond the opening-round of the World Cup or


European Championship. Fabian Schar brought in to shore up that leaking


defence. He stays in there, I'm changed. They have lost just twice


in 21 games. Over the last two years. We've had 20 minutes and


nothing is really happening. Another corner kick. Argentina came out all


over the place. Two against one, from a corner kick. Back into the


bottom and that is a good save. And again, Sergio Romero called into


action. I don't think he saw that second one until late. The first one


was good because he could only save it with his feet. Still going, he


stayed on his feet. Switzerland on the counterattack. Josip Drmic, the


keeper stayed back. And that was a very weak finish. He is fortunate,


Romero. He thought about it again, and in the end, it is such a poor


finish from Josip Drmic. Gokhan Inler with a lovely ball forward.


Shaqiri, the flag has stayed down. Josip Drmic. By the time he gets the


ball, the angle has been closed down. It is virtually impossible to


score from there. It was a narrow angle. What will Alejandro Sabella


be thinking about at the moment, with his team? What is he doing?


Showboating. He cannot be serious. If you were his team-mate, you would


be going bananas, would you not? That is the first time they have got


behind Rodriguez, for the whole game. That is a better ball in and


the keeper has to save well. It was a much better ball in. He stole half


a yard on the Swiss defence. Lionel Messi going into the gap the catered


by Lavezzi. Gonzalo Higuain, and another big chance has come and


gone. Lionel Messi! They are almost playing a front three now,


Argentina, Zabaleta, following that up. Seven


Swiss players in their own penalty area, plus the goalkeeper. The


goalkeeper blocks. Argentina claim a penalty. The goalkeeper is injured,


that is the first thing. The Swiss are complaining about a foul on the


goalkeeper. Rodrigo Palacio came in for the rebound. Was there a foul on


him? Three minutes of added time signalled.


I wonder whether they will let Fabian Schar, the centre-half, he is


standing offside at the moment, he has got himself back onside. In it


comes towards Fabian Schar. Lavezzi was well pleased, wasn't he? He


could not keep it down. That is one backed by Lionel Messi. And the


final whistle blows of the 90 minutes. We will have an extra 30


minutes of extra time. Argentina and Switzerland, 0-0. Lionel Messi. Can


you change it in the blink of an eye? Angel Di Maria, he has gone for


it. Splendid save. He has redeemed himself in one sweet moment there,


Angel Di Maria. He struck it well, but it is a comfortable save.


Rodrigo Palacio, back to the substitute left-back.


Angel Di Maria. He cut inside. That came off Johan Djourou, didn't it? I


think so. He did well, actually. Lionel Messi with the corner kick.


Away to Angel Di Maria. Never in a month of Sundays. For a player who


had such a magnificent season with Real Madrid, a magnificent Champions


League final. Lionel Messi with the run. Can he finally win it? And it


is Angel Di Maria! As soon as it broke away from Switzerland and went


to the feet of Lionel Messi, you thought something might happen. It


is as though he knew exactly where he was going. Once he goes, Lionel


Messi, he waits, and that is a great finish. For a boy who has had such a


bad day, that is a sensational finish, because he could have


panicked, and he just placed the ball past the goalkeeper. That is a


cool finish in the circumstances. Well it may not be the winning goal.


He has had an absolute stinker. That is a cynical foul on Rodriguez. We


are into the last ten seconds. Three minutes of stoppage time. Gokhan


Inler with the free kick. That came off Haris Seferovic. You could tell


by the way that they were rushing to get the ball. The goalkeeper is up.


Up comes the good in. -- Diego Benaglio. That was an adventurous


overhead. The goalkeeper is still up there. Unbelievable! Blerim Dzemali


could not connect with the rebound. None of the Argentine players went


for it. They had no idea what happened. That is such a good


header. It was down and away from the goalkeeper. How unlucky is


that? Switzerland, like Algeria, Nigeria, Mexico,


that? Switzerland, like Algeria, close, only to fail at the last


hurdle. Rodriguez put, and the goalkeeper has stayed up there. Now


Angel Di Maria is beyond one defender. He has gone for it. He has


not scored, but he is wasting valuable seconds. Still, the Swiss


push on. Haris Seferovic. Xherdan Shaqiri, onto his left foot, he is


brought down by Ezekiel Garay. He is claiming a dive. Where does the


goalkeeper stand. Xherdan Shaqiri to keep Switzerland in it. Argentina


celebrate. Argentina are through. It is all over. This therefore Diego


Benaglio, beating after 118 minutes. And Angel Di Maria, Argentina into


the quarterfinals again. 1-0, four Argentina against Switzerland. It


was not the greatest of games, but like so many Argentina games,


settled by a moment of brilliance by Lionel Messi. It was a great run


from him and Angel Di Maria does the rest, a player who was out of sorts


in the match. He did not realise how badly he was playing. It was such a


bad evening for him. And the bad evening in general for Argentina.


You cannot see them winning the competition. But they have got into


the next round, and Lionel Messi is a revelation. I thought he was


trying to take people on a little bit too much, but they got there, in


the end. Is there a danger for the Argentina players that no matter how


badly they feel that they are playing themselves, they expect


Lionel Messi to get them out of it. He can attract offenders and shift


the ball quickly and make space for others. Gonzalo Higuain is


completely out thought. They need Sergio Aguero back from injury.


Lionel Messi cannot keep doing it all on his own. If they want to win


it, they are going to have to regroup. In that first game against


Bosnia he was described as changing the game. He has not scored an


international goal for 11 months. He does not look like he is going to


change that any time soon. Mascherano is playing well in them


at field. -- in their midfield. I would like the best place to be


still in there, and he is certainly one of them. That left 1/4-final


place Upper grabs. Who would be the opponents of


place Upper grabs. Who would be the opponents Argentina in the last


eight, Belgium or the USA? Time for a superhero. In a nation's time of


need, 23 men have come together from across the globe to wear the red,


white and blue in the fight for glory. From England, from Germany,


superhuman strength from within and from Captain America himself,


lightning strikes and a will to win. Together this force field shielding


them from the threat of elimination. The leader on this quest is a true


World Cup superhero. But they will have to have their wits about them


as they face the inventive and fearless stars of Belgium. They will


be hoping to make the headlines and live up to their billing as genuine


contenders for the trophy. They have been far from exceptional but they


seem to have the inside story on their opponents. With their faces


familiar all about the world, there can be no hiding place if they find


themselves in a tricky spot, tonight. In this long overdue World


Cup sequel, these two nations will do battle for supreme justice in


Salvador. been in front for a total of 24


minutes so far. On the whole, their performance has been a


disappointment, none more though the Romelu Lukaku. Vincent Kompany is


fit after having a niggling groin injury. The United States have one


one, drawn one and lost one. Geoff Cameron is on in midfield and


Alejandro Bedoya is the only other change. The earliest goal Belgium


scored with the 78th minute winner against South Korea. The kid nearly


scored by 40 seconds there! That is the pace he's got. A good save from


Tim Howard. Good interplay with Bradley. Couldn't quite get it out


off his feet. A comfortable save for devout core draft. -- Thibaut


Courtois. They are in real trouble here. Kevin De Bruyne puts it wide.


That was a brilliant chance. Loses it midfield.


That is beautiful. Jan Vertonghen could've pulled it back, instead it


is a way. DaMarcus Beasley did well. Lovely ball in by Jan Vertonghen. It


was tempting and inviting and two of them went for it and neither of them


got a touch. He does have options off the bench and he's used well,


the Belgium coach. Three of his substitutions have scored for him in


the tournament so far. A great header, just nudged the top of the


crossbar. Much better pressure from Belgium. A good save by Tim Howard


there. They are really up against it at the moment, the United States.


That would've been the goal of the tournament. That would've been as


good as anything we've seen. Great technique, this.


Lovely footwork by Kevin Mirallas. Just get fit into the ground, it's


not a clean strike. He will be disappointed by that. Normally the


closer you get to 90 minutes, the more cagey and cautious it gets, but


no sign of that. Lovely ball, Kevin Mirallas onside


and I think Tim Howard got something on it. He did, it will be a corner.


What a save. Three times now, Tim Howard. Jermaine Jones has made


What a save. Three times now, Tim great run. Vincent Kompany comes


across to say that is enough of that. Superb defending from Binns


Co. He read that so well. -- from Vincent Kompany.


Hold on, here is Romelu Lukaku. And it is 1-0 Belgium! Kevin De Bruyne!


Great finish. Batman Romelu Lukaku causing the problems. Strength and


power, fresheners. They couldn't cope with it. I actually thought he


was going to go on his own. Really composed, isn't it. Yes, that is the


perfect world. -- the perfect word. Top goal-scoring.


2-0! Belgium is heading to Brasilia, where they will face


Argentina. Romelu Lukaku would be second surely winning goal. Takes


his time, a perfectly weighted pass. That is exactly the finish we would


expect at the season at Everton. Confident, powerful. You can see the


smile on his face. Oh, Diaz scored! What a fantastic


goal and! Julian Green for the United States! What a moment for


that young man. Onside. Just off the edge of his town. -- his toe. Listen


that young man. Onside. Just off the to the noise. Cameron is driving


forward. Oh, it is just wide. It is wide by a whisker. Jermaine Jones. I


can't believe what I'm watching. Talk about turning a game around.


Howard again. Howard again. Two of them couldn't stop him, but Howard


did. Jones blocked by Vincent Kompany. A free kick for the USA.


The Belgium manager looks more nervous than he did five minutes


ago. They were virtually celebrating it. A brilliant save! What a free


kick! That is the best free kick in the World Cup so far. And if you


want anyone on the end of it, it is Thibaut Courtois. What a ball.


Belgium are through. But what a scare. They are then run into the


ground, the Belgians. We will come onto the side that won that game in


just a moment but you have to give something to the USA their work.


Truly amazing. They are so proud, the Americans. They just did not


know when they would beat in. I don't think anybody wanted it to go


to extra time, but once it did, I wanted them to take it back. Their


attitude, they are never beaten. You could see their manager losing and


squeezing out a little bit more from his team. They were so unlucky they


didn't take it to penalties in the end. They were unlucky because they


had chances. The free kick they had was incredibly well worked. Yes,


Jones in that midfield, Gonzales at the back. Bradfield, the midfield


maestro. Let's just hope the game continues to grow there. We wanted


to be the number one sport in America. Yet again, Belgium reliant


on a substitute, Romelu Lukaku who came on and change the game. To be


honest, he's been like a pussy cat so far. Tonight, he changed. He was


angry and he is a frightening sight. He is really at the top of his form.


It will be interesting to see if he starts the next match. Kevin De


Bruyne at the end grabbing the goal they needed in extra time. So often,


the goal comes early in that extra time period. No, it's been a


fantastic competition. Looking forward now to the latter stages. As


Martin says, it gets better and better. We are down to the last


eight. One of these teams will be your World Cup winner. We will see


you at the weekend. The post! Brazil win in the most


romantic of circumstances. This was not joy. This was pure relief. Are


in chanting game is a universal language. Wherever you are, the same


emotions stir. We wonder at the genius. Magic! Sheer brilliance!


There is devastation at defeat seized from the jaws of victory.


They have broken Mexican hearts. We have welcomed the world to our


beautiful country, but it is time for some to leave. No one wants to


go home early. Not yet. Those that remain continue with the carnival.


go home early. Not yet. Those that This should be fun, no? Only in




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