05/07/2014 Match of the Day


A chance to watch the quarter-final match between Brazil and Colombia from the World Cup in Brazil.

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World Cup replay. We are going to Fortaleza further match between


Brazil and Colombia. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand


for the Amazon of Colombia. The archipelago resilient anthem was


born in Fortaleza, and will be a moment to savour, but the Colombian


anthem is first. # Oh gloria inmarcesible


Oh jubilo inmortal # En surcos de dolores


el bien germina ya # La libertad sublime derrama las


auroras de su invencible luz # La humanidad entera


que entre cadenas gime # comprende las palabras del que


murio en la cruz. # # La humanidad entera


que entre cadenas gime # comprende las palabras del que


murio en la cruz. # And answer magnificently sung. There


are splashes of red throughout this stadium. But if you thought that was


good, enjoy this. # Ouviram do Ipiranga as margens


placidas # De um povo heroico o brado


retumbante # E o sol da Liberdade, em raios


fulgidos # Brilhou no ceu da Patria nesse


instante # Se o penhor dessa igualdade


Conseguimos conquistar com braco # forte,


Em teu seio, o Liberdade # Salve Salve


Brasil, um sonho intenso, # Es tu, Brasil,


O Patria amada # Dos filhos deste solo


Es mae gentil # Deitado eternamente em berco


esplendido That has become one of the great


sights and sounds in sport. What an atmosphere. Well, over the


last 12 months, Felipe Scolari has had five untouchables who played


every match of the federations cup campaign and every minute of this


World Cup, until today. Two of those five are right. Dani Alves is


dropped. Paulinho replaces Stanier. It has been said that they lack


mental strength. The psychologist has been called in. But Scolari


himself is not weak. He told the Brazilian press yesterday that they


could go to hell, his words, not mine.


The last time Brazil did not reach this stage in a World Cup was Italy


1990. Colombia have never played at this stage. And it has been a while


since a Spanish referee had any chance of taking charge of a major


tournament final. But Carlos Velasco Carballo must be in the running with


his country eliminated from this tournament so early. He also took


charge of Uruguay's win over England, and Bosnia-Herzegovina's


over Iran. Iago Silver and Mario Yepes, the two


captains. Length three preliminary free game of such importance.


Probably the last thing that the players out there wants to get


involved in. You certainly can't fault the sentiment. But it is


asking a lot before such important game to ask two skippers to make a


speech. Colombia haven't beaten Brazil in 23 years, and they have


never beaten them on Brazilian soil. Pekerman has switched from 4-2-3-1,


for the last game, but today they revert to one up front.


With five goals and two assists, James's stat is out of even Neymar.


He has doubled his international tally at this tournament. Martin


Keown, what an occasion. I had the pleasure of being at the last game,


and I feel half Brazilian in this incredible atmosphere.


What pressure. You have to love it. This tournament won't last much


longer. Just enjoy every moment of it. Colombia in the red shirt get


the game under way. Brazil have not lost a home match of


any description since 2002, and that game was played in this city, in


this stadium before its redevelopment for the World Cup, of


course. And here is Ospina in the Colombian goal.


In that number ten position, Rodriguez just exactly the same. It


is becoming a tournament of Number tens, with number nines not scoring


the goals they would have done in the past. He has five, Neymar has


four. Scolari has been so supportive of


his players up until now, I am surprised he has left Danny Alves


out. Maicon finding Paulinho. Yepes, the 38-year-old Colombian


captain. Neymar has lost it. He is with Roma now, Maicon. He


didn't really make an impact at Manchester city in his brief time


there. Straight back into Neymar, but Fred


and Neymar collide with each other. Then Cristian Zapata got involved,


and the Spanish referee has given a free kick. That was Zapata's


clearance. He panicked a little bit. David Luiz is also over it. We have


seen him on many a free kick for club and country.


The free kick doesn't trouble Ospina. I think that was just out of


his range. Just curls away from the goal. He loves these free kicks, but


not this time. Ospina with the long clearance downfield, that there has


been a foul, and it is a free kick to Brazil.


Maicon having a little run here at Armero.


I think it went out before the keeper touched it.


The first game in this World Cup that won't have felt like a home


game for Colombia. Every game Colombia have played up


to this point has felt like a home game because Colombian fans have


been in Brazil in their many thousands. Great fans, as well, we


saw them last night celebrating. Fernandinho can release Neymar here.


That is what Zapata is good at. He is really very quick and mobile.


Covers the ground, knows where the danger is. He has got to get to


Neymar early. Good defending. Neymar with the corner, and it is


dangerous, Thiago Silva has put Brazil in front! In the seventh


minute of the game. Neymar's corner, Thiago Silva at the back post.


Scolari celebrates, Brazil celebrates, 1-0 to the hosts. Great


start to the game. It was a teasing ball, should have been dealt with.


Just looking at it here, in and he ends up sending it in with his left


knee. The goalkeeper comes, goes back, just in off his thigh. Great


start. The man who has been having to justify his captaincy this week,


he ducked taking a penalty against Chile in the shoot out, and has been


heavily criticised for doing so. But he puts Brazil in front in the


quarterfinal. You Cuadrado thought he might have other free kick, he


doesn't. -- he might have had a free kick. Stunning start. Just what the


crowd needed, what they wanted. If Brazil needed something to settle


those nerves, they have got it. No tears in the anthem this time. That


is a foul by Oscar. On James Rodriguez.


James Rodriguez is over the ball. The captain is coming forward.


Colombia have four in the box, five now with James Rodriguez having left


the free kick duties to Fredy Guarin. He goes for it. For me, that


is too far away. He should be chipping that into the box.


Fantastic ball in, great improvisation from another


centre-half. He just feathered that in off his knee. Credited with a


goal against CHile in the round of 16. Thiago Silva, with the clearance


for Brazil. Taking on David Luiz. Ibarbo arriving. Out by Thiago


Silva. O has lost that on the edge of the penalty area. And that has


ruffled the side netting from Cuadrado. It is a corner kick.


Cuadrado is some player. Look at the pace he has. He hits that of his


left foot. And it came off Thiago Silva. Inches wide. That was well


spotted by the official. Good response by Colombia. Freddie Guarin


with this corner kick. Out comfortably by Fernandinho.


That was wasted by Zuniga. It has been a feature of this World Cup,


corner kicks that do not beat the first man. Good reaction from


Colombia. Marcelo with the throw-in. David Luiz finds Maicon. Paulinho.


Chile put result of a wire, having fallen behind. -- Chile took Brazil


to the wire. That'll be a free kick to Colombia. Neymar, in that central


position, when he starts to run at people, lovely to watch. Just giving


away another free kick. Interestingly, Oscar is on the right


of those three behind Fred, with Hulk on the left, and Neymar down


the middle. Gutierrez snapping at the heels of David Luiz. Good


pressure. Just letting him know that if he is going to take liberties on


the ball, he is going to be in there. Maicon. Oscar, couldn't find


Paulinho. Very comfortably cut out by Freddie Guarin.


That was a good block by David Luiz, because Zuni gal was charging


forward. And off the ball, James Rodriguez has been poleaxed. This


was Fernandinho and Cuadrado coming together. Fernandinho just checks


across him. Definite foul. Do you think they have worked out who the


danger man is? Without doubt. They will be all over him, that midfield.


Neymar was on the receiving end of some treatment from Chile. As soon


as one of their players has been kicked, they surround the referee,


Colombia. It shows you the togetherness that they have. The


free kick, looking for Gutierrez, who might just have got a touch on


that. He should just go and attack that. He steps away from it. Fred.


Wins a free kick. Paulinho lost his place in the side


to Fernandinho, back in today because of the suspension to Luiz


Gustavo. Cut out by Zapata. Taking on Neymar and Marcelo, and getting a


free kick. We know that Cuadrado can play. Look at him, he tries to put


it through his legs. Marcelo, giving away a free kick in the end. He has


had a tremendous tournament, Cuadrado. Brazil might break. Fred


wants it and get it. Paulinho gives it away. To the retreating Zuniga.


The mistake by Ibarbo. That might just be a corner kick. It is. Good


pace by Pablo Armero. Trying to get down this right-hand side. They will


need to do better from this corner kick, defensively. They do. That


first goal was the first assist of this World Cup for Neymar. The


referee wants a corner kick to be delayed. At first, it seemed to be


yet as. Now it is is a need and Paulinho. Neymar, on the corner.


1-0, Brazil. That was well out by yet there is. Cuadrado loses that in


a dangerous area. David Luiz, almost. The mistake from Cuadrado,


they cannot clear this, Colombia. And that was just too high for


Neymar. Real peril here for Colombia. Hulk getting to the byline


and pulling it back. David Luiz thought he was going to cash in at


the far post. This is Hulk, on his run. He has got better through the


tournament. He is starting to look the part now. Again, the goalkicker


will be taken by Zapata. -- the goal kick.


Paulinho is going to chase that. Maicon, for Brazil. And raised in


apology. Throw-in for Colombia. -- hand raised. Armero. The foot was


high from Ibarbo, it caught Maicon. It just brushed him, frankly. He is


up quickly. It just tickled him, didn't it? It could have been a lot


worse, couldn't it? Thiago Silva, the captain and goal-scorer, takes


the free kick. Armero with the challenge. Oscar, again. Hulk, great


chance, good save from Ospina. Ospina is there again. That is


better from Brazil. Hulk again, with a lovely 1-2. Marcelo, and Brazil


have won another corner kick. Colombia are on the rack. This might


be the best 20 minutes that Brazil have played in the tournament.


Again, it is Hulk, he hits it down, good save, Oscar, following up.


Another Neymar corner. Well out. By Ibarbo. Marcelo try to bring it down


and smashes it into yet there is. James Rodriguez making the run, and


Oscar has got back. Brilliant. The throw-in, quickly taken by Armero.


Maicon is quickly onto James Rodriguez. He has barely seen the


ball yet. He tries to get the cross in and it is volleyed away for a


Colombian throw-in. Hulk. He loves going down that


right-hand side, he hasn't really been able to. Colombia look rocked


by the early goal. They need a spell in the game, don't they?


Hits it down, takes some of the pace out of it. Neymar has been


brilliant, and Hulk in the last match was starting to do it.


Cuadrado immediately onto his feet and trying to break. Gutierrez is


square. Brilliant block. Thiago Silva might just have saved result


there, because it was practically three on one. And here is Neymar,


dancing away from Sanchez. Ospina is there. Yepes is down and stop the


play is end to end. Cuadrado should have taken it on a little bit


further. I love the way he won the ball, and


to his feet and was immediately off and running. You can't take your


eyes off him. If you put Falck -- Falcao in this team, what a team?


Cuadrado with his pace has demonstrated already that he can


cause problems. Neymar has seen a lot more of the ball than his


opposite number. Fernandinho with another foul on


James Rodriguez, who is showing a little bit of unhappiness here. They


are all around the referee. The free kick has been taken, and the referee


is saying play an! Brazil can break. Colombia absolutely incensed. Ibarbo


made the block. That was bizarre. Maicon, Paulinho. Fred was


completely unmarked to his left, and he couldn't find him. That was all


of their own making, because they all rush around the referee, and


then they are out of position, but he just waved, play on. It is no


exaggeration, we have played 25 minutes, it could be 3-1 already.


David Luiz has got to be careful, he comes out the, and they get behind


him. Guarin, to Longford Gutierrez. It will be a test for these two


Brazilian central defenders. He lost in the World Cup in 2006 when the


Argentinian team lost a penalty shoot-out to Germany in Berlin. He


is an Argentine. Brilliant, move the ball quickly. I


think that is the way to win this World Cup. You need the brilliance


as well, running at people, but it is about moving the ball quickly. I


think Scolari will be pleased at how Paulinho has done in this first


half. That is a clever ball. It is a goal


kick. It hit Fred. It did hit Fred, I thought it hit Yepes. Marcelo


couldn't guide it in. Neymar, a lovely dummy, but they


read it. Carlos Sanchez bumping into him. It doesn't quite reach Fred.


Beautifully back into Hulk. Good save by Ospina. And the whistle has


gone. Ospina saving anyway from Oscar. Brazil could have had this


game out of sight. Colombia are really rocking here. That is an


excellent save. Down on his left hand side, brilliant save. Just look


at this here. Onto this left foot. Download. Great save. Hulk still


hasn't scored yet in this World Cup. Did he trip Cuadrado to prevent the


Colombian getting away from him? He did. That is a hell of a battle


between those two. Marcelo will know he has been in a game tonight.


Yepes comes forward, Ibarbo is there.


James Rodriguez with the delivery, headed away by Cuadrado. Doing a lot


of defensive work as well, Oscar, tonight. He seems to be more central


rather than stuck out on the wing, and I think he is better for it.


Neymar almost got around the two of them. He just ran out of pitch. He


knows he has to get out to him. He is the danger man, Cuadrado. Thiago


Silva comes out and blocks. Davide Luiz beautifully ahead of Guiterrez.


Still David Luiz. And in the end, Zapata got the better of him, but


only just. Oscar wins it back. Paulinho. A good tackle by Yepes.


Colombia are keeping Brazil out, but only just. Given away again. Armero


to Maicon. It is Total Football at times. They just want to go in and


spar with people. The referee as we watch this replay


is having a word with David Luiz, probably telling him to curb his


enthusiasm. Will they leave the back door open because they want to just


keep going for it? This being a fantastic occasion was never, ever


in doubt, but it is also shaping up to be a fantastic game.


Questionmarks about their mentality, but they are up for it and focused


tonight. Hulk and Fred are forward. Left sitting over the top of


Paulinho. A difficult skill. He is on the run, trying to play 1-2. When


we have seen him all season in the Premier League, we know he is a


better player than Paulinho, but now Scolari knows it. Not quite


anonymous, but he has had precious little opportunity. This is a


problem, Zapata having to keep coming back and taking these. He


needs to come back hard and fast, or he is playing everyone onside.


Thiago Silva to David Luiz to Marcelo.


Much better than the game against Chile. I think they have than


working on this. Just keep pushing it around. Colombia are desperate,


they can't get the ball back. Neymar is in all kinds of space


there. Maicon's first touch was a little heavy and took him away to


the byline, but he has got a corner out of it. He is lucky, because he


looked very rusty there. Beautiful football from Brazil, look at this


for splitting pass. He is just not quite quick enough. Just about a


corner. Neymar takes, flicked on at the near post by Fernandinho. Goal


kick. Getting that kick at the near post, because Colombia are not


putting two players there. It is a danger area. They have already


scored one from a flick. Set pieces are important.


Brazil, ranked third in the world at the start of this tournament, it is


amazing when you think back to the Confederations Cup last year, they


were ranked 22nd in the world at the start of that tournament. They


looked like a good shout favourites at the moment for this.


And it is a free kick right on the edge of the Brazilian penalty area.


It is because they get down this right-hand side, Maicon is just not


quick enough. When it comes in, it is a desperate lunge to win. He is


the one clearing up in midfield. He does the job of two men. He is


adjudged to have put his foot too high. The contact wasn't actually


from Fernandinho Yeo. But he didn't make contact with the Colombian, the


Colombian is making contact with him. He came in late, the referee


thought it was dangerous play. Now, what chance for Colombia here. It is


in his range. Is it too close? Julio Cesar will be the hero again, or


will it be Rodriguez? Such is the quality of these guys taking free


kicks that you cannot give one away. A huddle of three around this,


Rodriguez, Cuadrado and Fredy Guarin. You have got a shout,


because the noise inside this stadium is immense. That doesn't


look like it is doing to be Cuadrado. It is James Rodriguez. And


Neymar made the block. I would like to see that again to see when he


broke from the wall. It looks like he has gone early. And the referee


says that Colombia will have another free kick. I think they are saying


that he must have broken from the wall. You cannot hear the whistle in


here, it is so loud. Brazil have got some defending to do. Curled in by


James Rodriguez. Julio Cesar is there. Paulinho is chased by Ibarbo.


Challenged by Zapata. But he continues, before being


dispossessed. And it is a free kick to Brazil. Zapata has just pulled


him back by leaning on his shoulder. Paulinho, trying to get through. You


do not like to see that, him trying to get his opponent booked. David


Luiz has taken a few liberties in possession. Fernandinho. Space for


Fred. Neymar. Hulk, now. Marcelo on an overlap. Four in the middle, with


Marcelo overlapping. Far too much power put into that shot. He does


the hard bit, shifting the defender, then he balloons it. Fred was in


acres of space. Cut out by Thiago Silva. David Luiz finds Neymar.


Lovely control. Neymar, running past Zapata, Sanchez covering, goalkick.


Sanchez sits in midfield and drops back beautifully, as well. That is a


lovely touch. So silky. He gets it out of his feet. Too much weight on


it. Little over five minutes of a quite excellent first half still to


play. SP now, taking that -- David Ospina taking the goalkick, they


seem to have abandoned the plan of Zapata taking them. That is strange.


Is the goalkeeper fit or not? Twice, three times. He was Marcelo.


Sanchez. It breaks to safety with Ospina.


The clearance from Ospina. Fred manages to get something on it.


Rodriguez trying to find Ibarbo. James Rodriguez. It comes to Armero,


three Colombians have gone down inside the penalty area. I think


they hate each other, Ibarbo and James Rodriguez. -- hit each other.


James Rodriguez and Ibarbo knocked each other over. Yes, wholehearted


challenges. Can they get something before half-time? The referee's


whistle shrilly says free kick. There has been the odd little flash


from Colombia in this first half. But they have certainly been second


best. It has been a performance of great pace and energy from Brazil.


Just don't write them off just yet. That was a slightly heavy first


touch for once from Neymar. He has got a free kick. They are not happy


with that, Colombia. It is in a fantastic area for him as well. He


gets to his feet and he sees where it is. Good decision by the referee.


This spells trouble and Jose Pekerman knows it. Two minutes of


the first have to go, Colombia are 1-0 down, they do not need to go in


two goals down. There is a huge debate going on between Marcelo and


Hulk. Neymar looks favourite at the moment. Hulk has somewhat


reluctantly walk away from it. He is desperate for a goal, Hulk. But he


is not having this one. It is Neymar, carefully. Too high. It is


not coming off today from these free kicks. Just can't quite get it up


and down on time. He is normally excellent at Bowes. -- at those. The


Colombian goalkeeper had some kind of problem where he was not taking


the goal kicks early on, but he is taking them now. I wonder if it is a


right footed keeper taking them with his left. Another Brazilian free


kick. There has not been any card yet in the game but one or two of


them are treading a fine line. That is a yellow card, isn't it? It was


cynical from is media. We have not seen much of him in this match.


Normally, he is flying forward. He has been pinned back the whole time


-- Zune eager. Thiago Silva. Just one added minute


in this first half. Rodriguez knocked over by Fernandinho, and not


for the first time. Rodriguez goes down as if someone has shot him,


then he jumps up. I do not like to see that. He is waiting for the


reaction. He goes down. Fernandinho, forward. Fred, lovely header. And


look at the pace of Armero, he made up about four yards on Paulinho.


James Rodriguez has lost it. He hits the ground every time. I do not like


that about him. Marcelo, Hulk again. Looking for Marcelo again.


Comfortably cut out, and Zune eager is fouled. And the referee says that


will do, it is the end of the first half, probably Brazil's best of the


World Cup, Thiago Silva with the goal in the seventh minute, they


might have had more, with David Ospina making three or four very


good saves, and James Rodriguez has not really got into it yet.


Half-time, result one, Colombia zero. -- Brazil one.


At half-time, Colombia have made a substitution. Victor Ibarbo has been


replaced by Adrian Ramos. He started the last group game against Japan


and came on against Uruguay. There he is, Adrian Ramos for Victor


Ibarbo. He is a forward player who will play for Borussia Dortmund in


the Bundesliga next season. They have gone back to 4-4- two with


James Rodriguez moving to the left of midfield. The referee has blown


his whistle and the second half gets underway. 4-4-2. It'll be


interesting to see how they accommodate this system. Rodriguez


goes on the wing but I think he will come in more centrally when they


have possession. They have got to find a way back into this game,


Colombia. They have only beaten Brazil twice in 25 attempts. The


last four meetings have all been drawn. Including one played in New


Jersey. A couple of years ago, when Neymar missed a penalty. Put it


miles over the crossbar, one of the worst penalties you will ever see.


Gutierrez was in an offside position. No foul. But like to see


that again. -- I would like to see that again. Maicon has got forward


on the right-hand side. James Rodriguez was fouled by Neymar.


Ramos, the substitute, with Gutierrez in the middle. Good pace,


Fernandinho getting back. That is a foul, really. I think Neymar was


judged to have hit that with his hand. Does Cuadrado take a dive?


Yes. Look at him trying to get hold of David Luiz's lake. It is like fly


fishing, isn't it? No booking, though. James Rodriguez. That is a


foul. Yet there is for Colombia. -- Mario


Yepes. James Rodriguez coming in from the


left hand side. Smashed away by David Luiz.


got. I think they just want to win. A slightly heavy touch there,


allowed Thiago Silva to come in. The decision is it should be a Brazilian


throw-in. You heard the shout is Maicon


arrived. The free kick is given. This is a familiar theme, Rodriguez


hitting the deck. Hardly any contact there, look at him. You see players


doing this, a lot of talk about Arjen Robben doing it, was it a


dive, wasn't it? A free kick is given. That has


surprised one or two. Zuniga here, Hulk with the challenge. I think


there was a bit of contact, was there? Marginally. I think it is the


linesman who has given it on this nearside.


Cuadrado with this free kick for Colombia.


Cuadrado's delivery. It was just too-James Rodriguez.


A little deflection, but it just didn't inflect enough for Cuadrado.


Rodriguez looks dangerous in that area, that little pocket just in


front of the back four. Armero running in this second half.


He is more than happy to do that. Fernandinho running at Guarin,


running around him. Launched himself into the challenge, and it is going


to be a Brazilian free kick in a dangerous area. It is the push in


the back as well, knocks him off Alan is. Just overdoing it, Guarin.


Good refereeing, because by the time he went down, he was almost on the


edge of the penalty area, but the referee has taken it back to where


it was actually committed. Two lines here. The referee has


drawn two defensive lines on the pitch. It is a corner.


I think it has been overruled. I thought that was a corner. It is a


good all whipped in. It should have been a corner. I thought he had


given a corner. Hulk, who had a few chances in the


first half thwarted by Ospina. Marcelo goes around Sanchez,


deflection on the cross. Well taken by Ospina.


Marcelo creating the movements down the wing. The players have


wholeheartedly gone after that. Fred's head made contact with the


backside of Yepes. Total accident. Zuniga forward. File by Marcelo. We


haven't seen much of Cuadrado in this second half. If he can turn


around and run, he can cause trouble. The redshirt fans are


hugely outnumbered. The ball was rolling, apparently,


when the free kick was taken. Pekerman, the coach of Colombia,


bringing on Ramos. That little shove there. I think he just missed timed


it, because it is him shoving. Talking about substitutions, you


can't over emphasise how warm it is here tonight. This is the first


stadium where they had a drinks break in the previous match. I know


it is not the midday sun here any more, but it is still warm.


Zuniga with the throw. It will be another Colombian throw. Plenty of


time, Colombia don't need to rush. There is 25 minutes of this one left


at least. The nerves are building. It has been a BT start -- bitty


start to the second half. Neither side can say they are in the


ascendancy. Sanchez slightly missed timed that header. It rebound to


Neymar. Gutierrez trying to use his body to


leave it around David Luiz. It didn't happen. Maicon here.


No touch from Fred. He miss read it. Maicon can't get on the end of it.


Rodriguez into Guarin. A mighty high smash into the air


from Hulk. And they get a free kick. The man down here is the goal-scorer


and captain, Thiago Silva. Silva has gone down in the challenge. I think


he did that himself in the challenge.


The knees come together. Just on the ankle. Thiago Silva, that seventh


minute goal is the difference between the teams at the moment.


They are getting panicky here, Brazil, they keep lashing it into


touch. Pablo Armero does well to reach


that. But it goes over the top of the bar. Rodriguez is saying, calm


down. Down the left-hand side, he just manages to scoop it out. I


think Rodriguez wants it back. Not the best of finishes. As the vision,


sees the pass, but his colleague hasn't got the same technique.


Sanchez always covering for Colombia. David Luiz with another


smash downfield. Brazil now giving the ball away far too much. Ospina


for Colombia finding Armero. You just feel that the pendulum of this


game is starting to swing away from Brazil a little.


That is four times in this second half that a Brazilian defender has


just hit it as hard as they can. They are playing as if it is the


last five minutes. They need to calm down. It is all about keeping your


head when all around are losing theirs. Absolutely. I am not seeing


too many leaders out there. David Luiz with the ball away downfield. A


cheap free kick. Can Colombia get back into this


quarterfinal? They have stopped playing, Brazil.


I can't help feeling that if Colombia get a goal, Brazil are in


trouble. They certainly are. This is much -- as much about the pressure,


the emotional side of the game, the tension.


Again, he goes down very easily. It is a personal battle between him and


the referee, isn't it? Yes, he catches him. That is Marcelo in the


book. Every yellow shirt except Neymar


back. Too many cooks? In goes the free kick, it could go


anywhere. A good block by Fernandinho. Hulk


has found Oscar. Neymar will get onto this despite Sanchez. Blocked


off by Cuadrado, free kick to Brazil. I don't think the Spanish


referee has brought the card, has he? He just ran straight into him,


he can't have any complaints. Just takes him out. It's just relieves


the tension, for Brazil. And they are tense. Still only 18 minutes of


the second half laid. It has felt like about a narrow half with


Brazil's nerves. -- an hour and a half. Still roundabout half an hour


of playing time to go. A goal settles the nerves. Neymar's


delivery comfortable for Ospina. Ospina has it taken away from him.


That is not going to count. And he has brought his cards with him.


Thiago Silva has one, and he will now not play in the semifinal of the


World Cup if Ozil are in it. He is just running back. He gets in his


way. He should know better, really. Dante could come in, Henrique, the


Napoli defender. Diego Silva will be sitting and watching the semifinal


if Brazil go through. And that is the coach's reaction. This is what I


like about him. He is their leader. Shouting instructions. They need


that on the pitch. Ospina, away downfield. That is a lovely ball in


towards Neymar. Excellent tackle on Neymar. He is ten yards deeper than


everybody else and makes a great tackle. That was well caught out.


Fernandinho, away. Zune eager goes over. Colombia free kick. -- Zuniga.


Every minute that goes by, the tension is ratcheting up another


notch, and it is the Brazilians that are feeling it.


James Rodriguez. Into the danger area. And the flag is up, yet


there's things he has scored but he hasn't. -- Mario Yepes. The flag was


up before the ball was in the net. Mario Yepes thinks he has done it


for his team. Fantastic all in from Rodriguez. It looks like he was just


offside. The goalkeeper comes and then goes back. It breaks to him. He


must have been deemed to be offside. It is a matter of an inch or two,


but I think he was just offside as that was taken. That is a let off


for Brazil. You cannot help feeling that the writing is on the wall.


They are getting less composed, Brazil, as the game goes on. Free


kick. He slid in a two feet from a distance. And that is Rodriguez


going into the book. He's pointing out how many times he has been


fouled. He makes one challenge and he is in the book. I think the


referee was just fed up with him in the end. He tried to pull out of it.


But he is coming in with his studs raised height. He is not in control.


Sitting here watching it, and the players are out there hoping that


someone is going to win this game for them, the Brazilians. You have


got to do your job, be professional and see it through. You would hope


that the overwhelming desire of the people for their players to win this


does not suffocate the players. David Luiz.


David Luiz hits it, it is dipping, it is in, it is brilliant! What a


goal from David Luiz. Absolute perfection. David Luiz hammers home


a sensational free kick. And Brazil are within touching distance of the


last four. Unbelievable goal. It has lifted the lid off of this stadium


and of the pressure that has been building on this team. , Fiala,, if


the man, David Luiz has come into this tournament -- cometh the hour,


cometh the man. The side foot from there, he has got no right to score.


Look at it dipping. He makes its were van Gogh up and down quickly,


and the goalkeeper cannot pick up the flight of it quickly enough.


Brazilians and free case. I have seen him missing loads of those. He


knows that he will knock one of them in some, somewhere. Colombia are


making a second substitution. Carlos Bacca is coming on, and Gutierrez is


coming off. It is a straight swap, striker for striker.


2-0, Brazil. There he is again. He is on fire. Just when you thought


that victory might be slipping through their fingers, David Luiz.


Hulk gives it away. James Rodriguez again. Looking for Ram oss, who


almost got there. Julio Cesar looking to release Neymar. Neymar


has lost it. Chasing James Rodriguez. It balloons away to


Armero. The substitute, Carlos Bacca.


Armero, inside. Rodriguez with a clever little ball. Zune eager. --


Zuniga. Marcelo has not got anywhere to go with it and he has lashed the


ball downfield. Almost making a statement, saying that I am not


going to play with that, I am just going to put that into the stand.


Rodriguez, some of his play is brilliant. That will go down with


the free kick by Roberto Carlos in France in 1987 in Le Tournoi. This


is pretty special. In terms of the pressure, to relieve the pressure.


They are still celebrating now. Problems, problems, for Colombia.


The noise is extraordinary in this stadium. Maicon, for Brazil. 18


minutes to play. O, chased by Armero. Brazil get the throw-in. --


Oscar. --


Oscar. Great effort, demonstrating the


quality of his left foot as well. He just cannot bend that in. In the


last couple of World Cups, five goals has been enough to win the


Golden Boot. James Rodriguez is one short of that. He sends that out too


far. Sanchez is happy to hear the whistle blowing and giving Colombia


free kick. Mario Yepes to take it. Colombia thought they had equalised.


A few moments later, they fall further behind. And somebody


somewhere will count that as a shot in the statistics. It is just


another clearance. They have got to keep their heads. They have got more


quality, the Brazilians. That is what we associate them with. In this


World Cup, Brazil's team might be beatable but the nation is not. When


they play, it is the coming together of the players with the people. That


is quite a responsibility for these players. Managing the expectations.


Marcelo with this flooring. Straight to Zuniga, and straight back to him.


-- with this throw-in. It is a case of anywhere will do, at times.


Colombia will be disappointed if they do not get one goal in this.


That goes straight through to Julio Cesar. We have seen Brazilian teams


keeping the ball for fun, but this Brazilian team seems almost


frightened of the ball, at times. 15 minutes to go, that is all. Armero.


Is that a foul? It is. By Carlos Bacca.


He just shoves him off the ball. He was trying to win it. This is this


free kick again. The pace that he can generate with the side of his


foot, that is truly amazing. Beautiful. It has gone exactly where


he wants to put it as well. And what it means to him. It is like


Tardelli, in 1982. He will remember this night for a few years. But, if


Colombia get one goal, Brazil get nervous. He could not find Neymar.


Zapata, to Zuniga. This might come to Neymar. A brilliant challenge by


Mario Yepes. Outstanding. 38 years old. Who says that you cannot still


play at that age? We are writing off Ashley Cole at 32. It was a


magnificent challenge by Mario Yepes. Maicon. Armero, putting


Maicon under pressure. And he reaps reward because he has given it away.


James Rodriguez. Will he get there? He is tripped by Julio Cesar. It is


a penalty kick. And which card is Julio Cesar going to get? It is a


yellow card. He is lucky. Penalty all day long. Brilliant approach


work on the edge of the penalty area. James Rodriguez again with a


great reverse pass. He has got eyes in the back of his head. He tries to


lift it over the goalkeeper, and that is a clear penalty. The only


thing saving him is that even Louise has got back in behind him. The


Colombians are protesting to the referee that Julio Cesar should not


on the pitch. I am not sure that he's going to stay on anyway. He has


taken one hell of a clout, there. He's going to stay on for this


penalty. And his heroics, you could argue, have got Brazil into this


quarterfinal, in the penalty shoot out against Chile. He saved two and


one of them hit the post. He might have taken some treatment there to


prolong this even longer. James Rodriguez is going to take his


penalty kick. There will be plenty of added time at the end of this


one. Rodriguez gets to take it. He is the one whose reverse pass, such


a quality player. Hulk is telling him where he is gay a budget. --


where he is going to put it. 2-1! And the rest of this is a


Brazilian ordeal. Brilliant from Rodriguez. Quality penalty. Julio


Cesar stands up for an age. He waits for him to go and puts it in the


opposite corner. Colombia are making a substitution. Cuadrado is going


off and Quintero is coming on. It is their last change. Ten minutes


to go, 2-1. Another test of the hosts' mental strength. Here is


Zuniga for Colombia. That challenge by Oscar hasn't really done the job.


Getting it wide to Armero. Off Maicon, and they have a corner kick.


James in a hurry. It is a great ball in. The flag is up, it wouldn't have


counted. They are asleep at the back, Brazil. How marginal is that?


If at all. If that had gone in, they would have been some controversy.


They are lucky really to still have their full 11 players on the pitch.


You might not see a more nervous ten minutes in this entire World Cup


than what is here. . Ramos chasing Thiago Silva across.


And Brazil are making a change. Ramires is coming on, and Hulk is


going off. He is in a hurry, he knows the momentum is with his team.


Rodriguez has left this corner kick. Hulk makes way, and Ramires


comes on. James Rodriguez has made his way inside the penalty area.


Bacca as Ramos are there. Quintero's corner, near post, put


behind for another. This is an important header as Fred has made in


this tournament. Looking for that near post flick. It has gone out of


play for a Colombian throw-in. The referee unhappy. I think the


other ball hadn't left the pitch yet. So is an ego will take it


again. -- Zuniga. A foul on Fernandinho by Cristian Zapata. This


is the work that Fernandinho has been doing for his team. He has been


immense. What a climax to this game in Fortaleza.


They believe again, Colombia. I think it is one of those, strap


yourselves in. The pressure is building again. Look at the room


here for Adrian Ramos. He plays it Bacca. Armero is offside. Just too


eager. Fantastic play, though. He is covering some distance on that


left-hand side. Just got to be more patient. The official has done


brilliantly well to pick that up. There is no need for him to be


offside. He is just overeager. 2-1, Brazil lead. Hernanes is going


to come on. Here is Zuniga. Trying to run away


from Oscar, he did well. And it is going to be a Colombian corner,


despite what Oscar is trying to claim. The referee just about got


that right. Paulinho is coming off and Hernanes


is coming on. His first appearance since he came


on against Croatia in the World Cup's opening game. Five minutes to


go. Quintero with the Colombian corner kick aiming for the near


post. Neymar is trying to draw a foul. Oscar. The red shirts are


outnumbering the yellow. Oscar hasn't done it much at the end.


Neymar has stayed down. It could be serious. They are checking on him.


Marcelo and James Rodriguez are checking on Brazil's Number ten. I


think it is his back he is complaining about. Yes, he got a


knee in the back from Zuniga. He felt that one.


Who knows how much added time there is going to be at the end of this


one. I think they are indicating that Neymar is not going to be able


to continue. Knee right in the back. It is a shame to see a player of


that quality leave the pitch in that manner. Certainly in considerable


pain. If they make the semifinal, they will already be without their


captain, Thiago Silva. Instructions are given to Henrique, the Napoli


defender, who is going to replace Neymar.


Well, we are into the 88th minute, but I don't think that represents


how much time that there is to go. That is a picture no Brazilian wants


to see. It is a shame. Brazil have a free kick.


Carlos Bacca wriggles inside. He might unleash something here. Good


block. Armero. Sanchez to Guarin. A chance was an ego. -- to Zuniga.


The ball has gone out of play on this nearside. Marcelo has been left


in a heap. Everyone is trying to referee the game. Rodriguez is an


angry man. If he gets the ball in a favourable position between now and


the end of the game, he is going to do something special. I can feel it


with him. 20 seconds of normal time to go. I


can see the fourth official from here, and I think he has got a five


on his board. Oscar out of play. Five it is.


Scolari screaming at his midfield to get back in. Fernandinho finds Fred.


Armero. James Rodriguez wants the ball. He


finds Carlos Bacca. The ricochet almost fell to Ramos. Not out of


play. Carlos Sanchez is off after it. James Rodriguez needs to pick


himself up. The ball is in play. He either hits the deck or pulls off a


great pass. Four onto four here. Oscar for Brazil. Hernanes. He has


stayed on his feet. A lovely little chip ball, lovely idea, but too much


on it Ramires. He would have been better placed keeping position for


his team. Quintero, Armero. James Rodriguez


arriving inside the penalty area. Cleared by Thiago Silva.


Rodriguez with the header on. Ramos trying to find Yepes. It is a corner


kick to Colombia, and it is agony from Brazil. They are going for it.


If this delivery is right, it could be chaos. It is wide from Ramos.


Goal kick. A teasing ball in, just can't steer it in the direction of


the goal. Julio Cesar wants to be careful


here, because if he gets a yellow card for time wasting, he is off.


That would be controversial. Yepes stays forward. Julio Cesar


with a big smash away downfield. Sanchez got his head on it and it


has gone out of play for a Brazilian throw-in. Maicon ambles forward. The


ball boy somewhat reluctantly throws it to him. Three minutes of five


have been played. Colombia free kick. A foul by Fred on Carlos


Sanchez. I think that they will be going long with this one, two Mario


Yepes. Zuniga, running into the outstretched hand, and the free kick


has been given against Henrique for that hand. -- against Hernanes. This


is what we have been waiting for. Quintero to take. Ospina is coming.


Quintero with the ball into the box. Up go the heads, and it came off Ram


oss, it is a goal kick. -- it came off Ram oss.


Look at them, desperate to get that one clear. There are still 30


seconds of five to play and the referee is entitled to add more, if


he feels that he should. Look at Ramires chasing this. Good play by


Ramires. Has he won a free kick? Yes, he has, and that might get them


over the line. We know about his engine, Ramires. It has not been


convincing in the second half. That is it. Brazil have gone through.


Brazil are into the semifinals of their own World Cup. David Luiz,


matchwinner. With a stunning free kick. But they had to hang on after


that James Rodriguez penalty. Brazil, through the mill again. But


through, to the semifinal. Brazil two, Colombia one. Brazil make it


through to the semifinals of the World Cup they are hosting. Join us


again for another World Cup replay very soon.