06/07/2014 Match of the Day


A chance to watch the quarter-final match between Argentina and Belgium from the World Cup in Brazil.

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are off to Brasilia, for Argentina -- Argentina versus Belgium.


Alejandro Sabella makes three changes, two of them at the back


stop 31-macro makes his first appearance at this World Cup in


place of Fernando 's -- -- Demichelis. Lionel Messi wins his


19th cap. -- 90th cap. The two teams uniting in support of the FIFA


antiracism campaign. Our uniting in support of the FIFA


from Italy. It is his third match uniting in support of the FIFA


this World Cup after taking uniting in support of the FIFA


of the Netherland 's versus Spain match will stop --.


Lionel Messi there who has scored four goals already in this


tournament and got the winning goal against Switzerland in extra time.


Kevin Mirallas starts on the right for Marc Wilmots. Steven Defour is


available after suspension. Alejandro Sabella took over three


years ago. Marc Wilmots is a former player who appeared in the World Cup


and had a goal disallowed 12 years ago.


Two teams with parallel records, are 100% record and both teams have won


all of their matches by a one goal margin. -- a 100% record. Argentina


with the edge, three of their previous four encounters with Brazil


have seen them come out on top, Belgium's loan of victory in the


group stages of the 1982 World Cup and we are under in Brasilia. --


loan and victory -- underway. Attach for Daniel Van Buyten. Here


is Pablo Zabaleta. First touch boards Lucas Biglia. Loses out in


the air to Ezequiel Garay. -- Ezequiel Garay. That -- Fellaini.


Eden Hazard. Jan Vertonghen on the near touchline.


A feisty challenge. That was on Axel Witsel. Jan Vertonghen who scored


the winning goal against South Korea. It is away by a Demichelis. A


bit of space for Kevin De Bruyne. A real intensity about this one.


Argentina know they will need to up real intensity about this one.


their game to get past this hurdle. Lionel Messi, what a pass! In Ed


Carnes and it is away by the Vincent Kompany. -- in it comes. He was in


an acre of space on that far side. Angel di Maria. Pablo Zabaleta for


word on the near touchline. -- for word. -- forward.


This is Jose Maria Basanta. An opportunity for Axel Witsel to get


it clear. Comfortably put back by Ezequiel Garay.


A good touch by Gonzalo Higuain. Angel di Maria does not need him. He


was a matchwinner at the other day in Sao Paulo, Angel di Maria. He was


set up by Lionel Messi for the only goal in that match against


Switzerland. This is the first meeting between these teams in 28


years. He has been beaten only twice in four matches so far. Belgium have


the joint best defensive record. Kevin Mirallas. Another free kick


given by the Italian referee for that challenge by Javier Mascherano.


Quite rightly so. I am not sure there was any contact between Javier


Mascherano and the Belgian player. Belgium taken over by World Cup


theme. Television audiences reaching 85% back home. That was the match


against the USA. Lucas Biglia. Free kick for


Argentina for that challenge. Argentina seeing much of the ball


here. Angel di Maria was blocked. Lucas Biglia. He is going to loiter


in a defensive mid field position here. He came off the bench in all


of the matches before today, but gets a start today. Ezequiel


Lavezzi. It will be a goal kick. The temperature is around 26 degrees


here. Another glorious day. The humidity is around 33%. Pablo


Zabaleta. Gonzalo Higuain, Javier Mascherano.


It is put out by Jan Vertonghen, he is then sent company. Not quite from


Lionel Messi. -- Vincent Kompany. 70 macro! 1-0 to Argentina. -- Gonzalo


Higuain. It is his first goal of this World


Cup and what a game in which to score it! Argentina have had most of


the early play. Lionel Messi, so difficult to get off the ball. The


break was incisive, the finish was clinical. Belgium behind early on.


Thibaut Courtois could not get anywhere near that one. It is the


perfect start for Argentina. They have got the bit between their


teeth. Fellaini. Sergio Romero, still the number one


for Argentina, despite the fact he hardly played this past season, he


has been on loan. I weighed by Ezequiel Garay. --


away. Daniel Van Buyten, Axel Witsel.


Kevin Mirallas, the chemical on after 60 minutes to replace Dries


Mertens has been replaced by Toby Alderweireld.


Great atmosphere inside the Estadio Nacional de Brasilia, in the main,


thanks to the very vocal support from Argentina. Still have not seen


anything like the best of Eden Hazard so far in this World Cup.


Gonzalo Higuain, closed down by Axel Witsel.


Only the second time Belgium have been in the quarterfinals of the


World Cup. Advantage played by the referee. They beat Spain in


penalties after a 1-1 draw in 1986. Jan Vertonghen against Zabaleta.


That be a goal kick. -- that will be. Here is the goal, as early as


the eighth minute. It was a deflection that took it towards


Gonzalo Higuain. It bounced his way, but he pounced. And lashed it home.


This will be an Argentina throw-in. This is their 50th World Cup match


against European opposition over the years. Unsurprisingly, they have won


more than they have lost. Fellaini, looking for Origi. Well marshalled.


Demichelis. A bit of room here for Kevin de Bruyne. He will not come


close to finding it this time. He opened the scoring against the


United States in the second round. He was the top scorer in qualifying


for Belgium. He has settled in well at Wolfsburg following his move from


Chelsea during the season. They have two balls on the field so Sergio


Romero will have to hang on for a second.


Eden Hazard. Lavezzi, tracking back, trying to help out. And the


first corner kick of the game goes to Belgium. Kevin de Bruyne tainted.


-- takes it. Fellaini, heading towards the far post. Vincent


Kompany is up for this one. Very heavy footed, there. He will be


happy with the start that his team has made. He acknowledged that they


had not played as well as he had hoped so far but those narrow


victories had led to this point. He feels that it is much more of an


even game at the World Cup these days than perhaps in years gone by


with a fine line between many of the teams. Could be the defining


tournament in a glittering career. Fellaini tempted to lunge in the


end. The free kick, quickly taken. The Maria was looking for that


little touch into the path of Messi. -- Di Maria.


Plenty of room. Argentina, dropping back. Axel Witsel.


Jan Vertonghen from Angel Di Maria, and he has.


Good ball in. And behind by Ezekiel Garay. Plenty of experience, those


two at the back for Argentina, Demichelis and Ezekiel Garay, the


Benfica defender. The referee was not quite ready for that. Vincent


Kompany getting involved, maybe with his club team-mate, Martin


Demichelis. That was flashed in towards the goal, racing in at the


near post was Daniel Van Buyten. Argentina in great form in terms of


results coming into this game, six wins in a row in all competitions,


unbeaten in nine and they have only conceded three goals in that run.


Just less than spectacular here in Brazil so far. Most importantly,


they are still here in the World Cup. Mascherano put under pressure,


having to dig that one out. Still a pivotal figure for Alejandro


Sabella's side. Belgium free kick for that challenge


on Axel Witsel. Messi, the guilty party.


Lavezzi, rather Scuffet map. -- scuffing that.


Vincent Kompany kept his eye on that, with Lionel Messi rapidly


closing him down. Now Kevin de Bruyne, with Eden Hazard, the


referee says he was looking for a free kick.


Eden Hazard wanted it short. In the end, it is played way too long. For


him and for Kevin Mirallas. The header from Axel Witsel. And now


the Tongan. -- Jan Vertonghen. Just over running the ball slightly after


being hassled by Mascherano. Di Maria. Lovely piece of skill from


the Real Madrid player. Lavezzi. Again, looking for space on the far


side of the field, and Zabaleta is heading towards the far post. The


flick on from Angel Di Maria. It was not too far from finding Higuain.


The touch of a very confident player.


Almost at the midway point in the first half, and still, Sergio Romero


has not had a save to make. In, towards Fellaini. Origi being well


marshalled by the towards Fellaini. Origi being well


at the back for Argentina. Lovely skill from a player in fine


form. And the flag up quickly on the far side.


Axel Witsel, beaten to it by Lionel Messi. That did not come down


quickly enough for Origi. Demichelis there, saying, for the first time in


this tournament, he started all five matches four years ago. He has been


in the international wilderness for quite some time. Played in a warm up


match in May against Trinidad and Tobago and it was the first time he


had played for the national team in three years. That was short, and


given away by Ezekiel Garay. As he has not done very often in this


World Cup. Very accurate, passing the ball. Argentina with plenty of


time to organise themselves and get back behind the ball. Played it too


long, and too ponderous. And here comes Lucas Biglia. Great run by


Angel Di Maria I had of him, with Higuain, screaming for it in the


centre. -- ahead of him. Argentina were looking set to break before


Lucas Biglia took too long in possession.


will be backpedalling rapidly. Lionel Messi. It is three on one. It


is not a free kick for Argentina. Axel Witsel. It was saved by Sergio


Romero, did not quite fall for Divock Origi. Gonzalo Higuain with


the past to lean on -- Lionel Messi. The fly goes up against Lionel Messi


following the challenge from Vincent Kompany. -- Sligo. Argentina are


looking dangerous. -- flag. Here is the first save made by Sergio


Romero. Here is Lionel Messi when he went down and did not get the free


kick. He is looking for Kevin De Bruyne.


Excellent play from the former Chelsea man. Not a great clearance


from Jose Maria Basanta. Not a bad delivery. Did not quite fall for


Eden Hazard. Marouane Fellaini, it is away by


Ezequiel Garay. Space for Axel Witsel. Jan


Vertonghen well forward on the near side of the field. Lionel Messi. He


will thread that through to Angel di Maria. Angel di Maria! A vital block


made by Vincent Kompany. Advantage to Belgium following that challenge


on Jan Vertonghen. Angel di Maria is still on the ground. Argentina want


the ball put out the play, but Belgium are not interested. It is


out anyway. -- out of play. Tremendous play, the pass from


Lionel Messi. The shot from Angel di Maria, blocked by the Belgian


captain. Another delayed reaction, he clearly felt something poll. --


pull. Lionel Messi nearly picking balaka off the Belgian backline. --


the lock. Two teams taking advantage of this brief break in play to have


a drink. There it is again. No contact between the two macro


players. -- two. Both coaches taking the opportunity


to speak to their players. It is not an official break. Pablo Zabaleta.


Angel di Maria still receiving treatment. He will be back on


shortly. As we go into the last 15 minutes of


the first half... Here is Gonzalo Higuain, brilliantly taken. Jan


Vertonghen, fully attentive, and he will need to be. Pablo Zabaleta.


There is a sharpness about Argentina we have not seen before in the


tournament. Javier Mascherano, Jose Maria Basanta. They know we are


coming towards the business end now. Lionel Messi. Lucas Biglia.


Argentina are back up to their full complement of 11, Angel di Maria is


back on the field. Hoping it will not trouble him for the rest of the


afternoon. Ezequiel Lavezzi, not trouble him for the rest of the


down by Marouane Fellaini. Supported by Jose Maria Basanta, nearly found


Gonzalo Higuain and it was Vincent Kompany there, followed by a Kevin


Mirallas. -- followed by a Kevin Mirallas. Free kick for Belgium. I


think Angel di Maria has a real problem. Looking at that incident


with Divock Origi again. This is not good news for Argentina. Angel di


Maria is playing really well. It looks as if a thigh strain may


curtail his involvement in this game. Required here, Enzo Peres is


going to come on. He is stripped and ready to go. Angel di Maria may be


done. Let us hope he is not done for the tournament. The first change of


the match. Enzo Perez comes on. Alejandro Sabella is very familiar


with what he can do. How will that affect the balance of the play and


the balance of the Argentina side? Jan Vertonghen. 12 minutes to go to


the break, plus added time, of which there will be a bit. Marouane


Fellaini got himself in that -- on the scoresheet in the first game.


Four goals in the group stages for Lionel Messi.


He momentarily turned his back, Marouane Fellaini.


Jan Vertonghen. I weighed by Lucas Biglia. -- away. Still time to go to


half-time. Daniel Van Buyten. Kevin Mirallas down, but he is not


going to get the free kick he was hoping that he would.


Jose Maria Basanta with the thrall -- with the throw.


Pablo Zabaleta. Jan Vertonghen. He is pretty sharp and snappy.


Enzo Perez was closed down quickly by Eden Hazard. Nine minutes to go


to the break, Gonzalo Higuain is down. The ball has been put out of


play. He was caught by Kevin De Bruyne.


Martin Demichelis. Belgium are momentarily down to ten


players here. Kevin De Bruyne is having treatment. Lionel Messi.


Pablo Zabaleta is wide. Pablo Zabaleta, Enzo Perez. Belgium


are back up to 11. Argentina still Pablo Zabaleta, Enzo Perez. Belgium


have possession here. Ezequiel Lavezzi. A bit of a frustrating


season in France for him. Martin Demichelis. Pablo Zabaleta. Belgium


with the header, but it was collected by Enzo Perez. It is into


Lionel Messi, beautiful control! Almost took him all the way into the


penalty area. Belgium do not like it, but the referee has given


Argentina a free kick just outside the box. For a few moments there, --


it was like the ball was stuck to his third, Lionel Messi. Surrounded


by Belgian players. -- stuck to his foot. That has been penalised.


Testing times for the Belgian defence.


Thibaut Courtois, vocal in saying what he wants.


The referee needs at the decidedly long line on the pitch for this


reason. -- a decidedly long line. Lionel Messi with the ball at his


feet, five minutes until half-time. A big moment.


Round the outside of the wall. It was always lifting over the top of


the bar. Good play-by-play rares. Very tidy. -- by Peres.


The winners of this time Will Claye either the Netherlands or Costa Rica


on Wednesday. That is in towards Eden Hazard.


Comes off Perez. The delivery from Jan Vertonghen, and the header


flashes just wide of the goal. Kevin Mirallas coming in and making


contact with that. Unable to direct goalwards. As the ball goes scudding


wind of the post. -- wide of the post.


Gonzalo Higuain. He has had a good first year in Italy, with Napoli.


Exactly three minutes to go of the opening 45. This is the first corner


kick for Argentina in this World Cup quarterfinal.


Lionel Messi looking to be the creator here.


Off the head of Axel Witsel, off his nose, judging by his reaction.


Just over 68,500 inside the Estadio Nacional de Brasilia in the


capital. Judging by the noise, the vast majority of them supporting


Argentina. Mascherano. Winning his 100th cap during this tournament.


But Santa plays his football in Mexico these days -- Basanta.


Away from Zabaleta. Towards Fellaini. He was looking for Kevin


Mirallas, who was in a great position. Belgium looking to finish


the first half strongly. Lionel Messi, for Argentina. Lavezzi


again, with all of the room in the world. That touch enabled Daniel Van


Buyten to get the ball away. He was involved the last time Belgium were


at the World Cup rolled years ago. -- 12 years ago. Two minutes of


added time. Half is almost upon us. -- half-time.


Too long for, the 19-year-old striker from Lille. He has not had


much to work with in this opening half. -- to Longford Divock Origi.


Last minute of added time before the break. And Origi just manoeuvred


away from the ball. By Ezekiel Garay.


There goes the half-time whistle blown by Nicola Rizzoli, and


Argentina are 45 minutes away from the semifinals. Gonzalo Higuain has


scored the only goal of this first half, in the eighth minute. Lashing


the ball into the bottom corner. Marc Wilmots and Belgium know that


they are still very much in the game at 1-0.


This is where Argentina have slipped up in the last couple of World Cup,


beaten both times in the last eight by Germany, but they have got the


advantage going into the second half, with that early strike by


Gonzalo Higuain, but it is a blow for them losing Di Maria during the


opening 45 minutes. They have not moved the ball quickly enough into


the final third. With just one goal in it, this game is far from


decided. The ball had already gone out of


play. Basanta getting his 12th cap this


afternoon. That was Enzo Peres getting forward.


Nearly keeping the ball in play. That was Vincent Kompany. Higuain.


He goes down under the challenge from Vincent Kompany.


Higuain scored 24 goals in his first season in Italy in all competitions.


The former Real Madrid striker. He was strongly linked with Arsenal


last summer before heading for Napoli. Messi, with the ball at his


feet. Worrying from a Belgian point of view. Too long, this time, for


Basanta. Sergio Romero playing in his second World Cup. Solid so far


and mostly untroubled in this quarterfinal up to this point. Jan


Vertonghen underneath that. quarterfinal up to this point. Jan


outpolled Chase. -- Eden Hazard will chase. Argentina with clean sheets


in two out of three matches they had laid before today. -- they had


played. So far, this game following the


pattern of all of their other games at the World Cup with a 1- goal


advantage, they had a 1-goal winning margin each time. This is Axel


Witsel. Space for Hazzard. Away from Lucas Biglia. Jan Vertonghen. Close


down by Pablo Zabaleta. It is going to be throwing. -- a throw in. Jan


Vertonghen prefers to play in the middle of the fence but he is often


used at left act by his country, as well as by Tottenham. -- in the


middle of defence. It will be another throw-in. Kevin


De Bruyne, closing down Mascherano. Lavezzi. Into space, with Basanta


against surging forward. -- again. That was the challenge from Fellaini


which left Lucas Biglia on the deck. And here, Argentina, Higuain, he


might fancy it himself. The deflection off Daniel Van Buyten


taking it wide of the post for a corner kick. That could so easily


have deflected in to the back of the net, with Thibaut Courtois


wrong-footed by the sizeable deflection. Argentina looking to


make a fast start to this second period, similar to the first, when


they scored within eight minutes. Lionel Messi, wonderful control.


Lavezzi. Real danger. The ball just whistling between Thibaut Courtois


and Vincent Kompany. Lavezzi is posing a real threat down the left


for Argentina. It is Ezequiel Lavezzi again.


Lucas Biglia, that was nice, Jan Vertonghen brings it to a halt,


Lucas Biglia, that was nice, Jan not for long. They're pull is up.


The referee will show why yellow card for the first time today -- the


word macro. -- flag. He glanced his shin with a very high boot there.


The first yellow card for Eden Hazard.


Ezequiel Garay is the only Argentinian player with a yellow


card on the field. Lionel Messi's delivery, the


goalkeeper was stretching there. Belgium are on the back foot. That


is comfortable for Thibaut Courtois. Can they break with Axel Witsel?


Plenty of red shirts getting forward. Kevin De Bruyne. It was too


long. It was too long before the ball came down for Ed and has.


Gonzalo Higuain! It is off the top of the bar. -- Eden Hazard.


Powerful, surging from the Argentinian striker. Ambitious


finish. Belgium are relieved to see the ball skidding off the top of the


crossbar. Alejandro Sabella was talking about Gonzalo Higuain and


said he had not scored, but if he gets one, he will not stop.


Confidence is flowing through his veins after that first half strike.


Marouane Fellaini losing out to Martin Demichelis who has been solid


for Argentina. Javier Mascherano, wonderful atmosphere in the stadium.


The Belgian fans, with little to shout about so far will stop --.


Jan Vertonghen. Axel Witsel. He is getting back to the left fullback


position. Axel Witsel. Divock Origi, he has


not been able to get into this match at all. Gonzalo Higuain, alarm bells


are ringing now. The Belgian defence are alarmed. It was ahead of Lionel


Messi. Dries Mertens is preparing to come on, along with Romelu Lukaku.


Belgium with a little over half an hour to change the course of this


game and keep alive their hopes in this World Cup. This is so much


harder than their last match. Gonzalo Higuain.


Wonderful control. Brilliant play. Javier Mascherano. Lionel Messi.


Here is Ezequiel Lavezzi. Tackled by Vincent Kompany, no foul. Ezequiel


Lavezzi stays down, Belgium are in possession.


The frustration for the Belgian players at having to stop the game,


but here is the challenge again from Vincent Kompany stop he gets him or


not the right foot. Now the change for Belgium. Divock Origi is being


replaced by Romelu Lukaku. Romelu Lukaku came off the bench against


the USA. Kevin Mirallas vents his frustration as he is replaced by


Dries Mertens. He started the last game. He came off the bench to score


the winner and against Algeria earlier in the competition. Still


plenty of hope for Belgium in this game. Half an hour to go. Good news


for Argentina, it looks as if he is OK. A crunching challenge from


Vincent Kompany. Half an hour to go exactly. Axel


Witsel. First touch for Dries Mertens. Jan Vertonghen. A header


from market Jones! It is over the bar. Suddenly, that was a bit more


like it from Belgium -- market Jones. The delivery from Jan


Vertonghen from the left -- and -- Fellaini. Enzo Perez. Pablo Zabaleta


in possession, given away by Dries Mertens. Falling nicely. Falling for


Enzo Perez, but I way come Belgium now with Jan Vertonghen. Will they


get a free kick? Away by Lucas Biglia. Clattered the ankles of Jan


Vertonghen. They were queueing up for that. It is Belgian's ball.


Still his goal that gives Argentina the lead. It has been an excellent


performance from Gonzalo Higuain. He very nearly had a second one with


this shot. He runs into Gonzalo Higuain, who is


challenged. The players are getting frustrated.


Martin Demichelis, Pablo Zabaleta, this is Enzo Perez. He is caught out


by Dries Mertens. Belgium have had six goals here,


which were scored by substitutes. Two of them, Romelu Lukaku and Dries


Mertens are on the field now. There is going to be an urgency about the


play from Belgium now. Not far from the midway point of this second-half


now. They have not really tested Sergio Romero in this match. Kevin


De Bruyne. Comfortably clear by Martin Demichelis. Gonzalo Higuain


on the floor momentarily, but Belgium are keen to get on with the


game. Needs a good delivery, was not great, but it almost ended up


squirming underneath the goalkeeper. Ezequiel Garay slid in. Whipped in


low and off the central defender, but the goalkeeper was right there


behind the ball, Romelu Lukaku almost got in. Here come Argentina


and it is Lionel Messi, Pablo Zabaleta. Gonzalo Higuain waits in


the centre. Look at Smith. -- Lucas Biglia.


Javier Mascherano. Vincent Kompany wins it back and Marouane Fellaini


is under pressure. A return from Axel Witsel who is cut out by Jose


Maria Basanta. Eden Hazard taking the past from


Dries Mertens. Toby Alderweireld, working it wide to Jan Vertonghen


who is always available. Sergio Romero is under pressure.


Belgium went into this quarterfinal on the back of seven wins in a row,


equalling their best ever run. They need a goal here to keep their World


Cup hopes alive. Jan Vertonghen, need a goal here to keep their World


Cup hopes alive. Jan Marouane Fellaini. -- Jan Vertonghen. A


stretch there are four Javier Mascherano. -- a stretch there are


420 macro. -- a stretch there are four Javier Mascherano.


Constant din being made by the Argentina fans.


While Messi up against Vincent Kompany, who had to get that right,


and he did. -- Lionel Messi. That is a yellow card for Toby Alderweireld.


That would rule him out of a semifinal. Lucas Biglia, the player


on the floor. This is what the yellow card was


for. No semifinal for him, but no semifinal for any of them.


It is only the third time that Belgium have faced South American


opposition in the knockout stages of the World Cup. They have lost to


Argentina in the semifinal in 1986 and to Brazil 12 years ago in the


second round. As we head towards the last 20 minutes of the game. Away


from Toby Alderweireld. Lavezzi nearby. He will settle for


the throw-in. Argentina now making another change. Rodrigo Palacio will


come on. For the third time in this World Cup. Ezequiel Lavezzi is the


man being replaced. Rodrigo Palacio has had a fine


season with in Italy, including a Derby winning goal against Milan. --


with Inter in Italy. Both sides now have made two


changes. The post holder between Fellaini and Demichelis. -- the


tussle between. Demichelis gets the deflection.


Towards Higuain. Daniel Van Buyten wins the duel. Lukaku, shut down by


Ezequiel Garay. The free kick given against Moran Fellaini. -- against


Marouane Fellaini. Still just one goal in it. Still, the Belgian fans


will keep the faith. Their last eight World Cup goals have been


scored in the 70th minute later. -- in the 70th minute, or later.


Daniel Van Buyten looks like he has a problem. Marouane Fellaini.


Penalised. That was nowhere near where the infringement occurred.


Surprised he can get away with that. 17 minutes remaining.


Daniel Van Buyten. Towards Marouane Fellaini. Dries Mertens looking for


Vertonghen. Ultimately, nearly finding touch.


Here come Belgian again -- Belgium again. Rodrigo Palacio now.


Mascherano almost rushed out there to Kevin De Bruyne. Belgium have got


to go for it. The chance from the cross. Here it comes. Cut out by


Romero. Dries Mertens stretchers and does well to get away from Zabaleta,


but it is blocked by Perez. The yellow card for Lucas Biglia for


the challenge on Jan Vertonghen. Here is why. He was blocking the


path of Vertonghen. The last change being made by Marc


Wilmots. Nacer Chadli of Tottenham Hotspur is about to come on. Eden


Hazard is the player going off. All three changes made now by the


Belgian coach. Dries Mertens will take this. Roope Kakko heading to


the far post, and it is hoped into the near post. -- Lukaku. Much to


the frustration of Lukaku. Something of a let off for the Argentina


defence. Dries Mertens was the first signing by Rafa Benitez when he took


over at Napoli last summer. Lukaku. Trying to get clear of Ezequiel


Garay, and he has. The flag goes up against Nacer Chadli. He was just


offside. Inside the last 15 minutes of this game now. Kevin De Bruyne


does well to keep it in. Fellaini, all arms and legs, retrieving


possession for Belgium. Basanta. The referee saying that you can take


all the time you want with this throw-in, but I am taking a note of


it. Another throw-in for Argentina. Alejandro Sabella signalling that he


is going to make another substitution shortly. Just hanging


on to that too long, Rodrigo Palacio.


It looks as if Fernando Gago might be coming on for the final few


minutes of this game. Vincent Kompany. Given away.


Every time Argentina get a throw-in, they take some more time.


Zabaleta, towards Higuain, quick to go to ground, free kick, breaks the


play up again. Axel Witsel getting a word from the referee for that. He


is one of those already on a yellow card. He is a key player in the


spine of the team under Marc Wilmots.


Messi, away from Fellaini. But not Vincent Kompany. Zabaleta.


Messi, away from Fellaini. But not from Axel Witsel. Daniel Van Buyten.


Demichelis with plenty of time to see that one coming.


Just over ten minutes to go plus added time.


Vincent Kompany being chased down by Lucas Biglia. And the final change


of the match made by Alejandro Sabella. Fernando Gago is going to


come on to replace Gonzalo Higuain. This is the goal that separates the


teams. Lashed into the net in the eighth minute of the game. Standing


ovation for Gonzalo Higuain. He has got an exceptional scoring rate for


his country, 21 goals in 41 matches. He is off, and Fernando Gago is on,


as Argentina try to see this one out.


Just nine minutes now for Belgium to do something about this.


But they are in a very different game here, to the one that they


played against the USA the other night, when they constantly peppered


the goal of Tim Howard with shots. And but for some wonderful


goalkeeping from Tim Howard, they might have run away with the game


inside 90 minutes, never mind being taken into extra time. It is a very


different story here. Belgium have had in the last two


macro years. 14 wins and three draws in that time. These are the matches


that matter -- two. Knockout games on the big stage. Argentina has the


slender advantage, which they have held for most of the match. Pablo


Zabaleta with the cross. Too high for Rodrigo Palacio.


Marouane Fellaini. He is somebody in the Belgian team with a bit of


inspiration to change the course of this game. Will big goal be enough


with macro the flag has gone up on the far side -- will that goal be


enough? The flag up swiftly on the near side. The clock ticks for


Belgium and for their hopes of staying in this World Cup. It has


been a relatively quiet afternoon for Sergio Romero in the Argentinian


goal. Six minutes and counting. Merry


Smith in towards Romelu Lukaku. A shot. -- Marouane Fellaini. Corner


for Belgium. Anxious times now for Argentina. They will be on red alert


here. Perhaps not a surprise that the referee has a bit of sorting out


to do, so much at stake. Marouane Fellaini is such a handful. In it


comes, off the head of Fernando Gago. The flag goes up against


Romelu Lukaku. Belgium are five minutes away from losing this match.


Rodrigo Palacio. Apart from Lionel Messi oh -- Lionel Messi. -- a pass


from Lionel Messi. Axel Witsel. Naccer Chadli. He is


playing a more central role for Belgium than he does for Tottenham.


Marouane Fellaini, does not fall for Romelu Lukaku. He has been penalised


by the referee. Jose Maria Basanta has gone to the ground.


Romelu Lukaku hardly touched him. Jose Maria Basanta is being treated


for cramp. Inside the last three minutes of the


90 minutes. No wonder it has been launched by Vincent Kompany. All


hands on deck for Argentina. I way by Jose Maria Basanta. -- away by


Jose Maria Basanta. Marouane Fellaini. Cannot get clear, Jose


Maria Basanta making the block. It is a corner for Belgium. Trying to


finish the match on a front foot, trying to force extra time. Two


minutes to go, plus added time. Dries Mertens with the corner.


Whipped back in by Naccer Chadli. Sergio Romero looks to get him away


on the counter. I throw for Belgium. -- a throw. In towards Marouane


Fellaini and Daniel Van Buyten was there. It struck him on the arm.


Free kick for Argentina. The veteran up there in the thick of things, I


think it was a handball. Yes. Early indications are that we might be


heading for a minimum of four minutes of added time. That is still


to be confirmed. Dries Mertens. Naccer Chadli going up with Pablo


Zabaleta. Jan Vertonghen. Daniel Van Naccer Chadli going up with Pablo


Buyten is staying up front. The referee will stop the game. I think


that is Enzo Perez on the ground. A collision with his own team-mate has


knocked the wind from his sales. -- sails. It was against Pablo


Zabaleta. Any momentum that Belgium has been building has been


interrupted by the stoppage in play. The 90 minutes are up and those four


minutes have become five minutes. Argentina are so close to the


semifinal. Belgium with so little time to find a goal from somewhere.


They just have not been able to perform with the flair and verve


that they've -- that we saw the other day. Argentina have showed the


greater intensity. At the moment, heading for what would be a fifth


straight win at this World Cup by a one goal margin. They are not there


yet, though. Belgium are not finished. Daniel Van Buyten is on


the ground, hoping for a free kick, but the referee says play on. In


towards Rodrigo Palacio. Toby Alderweireld beat him to it. He can


be quite a handful. Vincent Kompany looking for Axel Witsel. Jan


Vertonghen. Naccer Chadli was running into a good position. It is


up towards Romelu Lukaku. Could not quite reach Dries Mertens, I way by


Pablo Zabaleta. Another throw to Belgium. Just over three minutes


remaining -- away. Bounced off the head of Marouane


Fellaini as Belgium look for some last-minute inspiration.


A challenge, but nothing doing from the referee.


Argentina edging towards the finishing line in this game.


Thibaut Courtois, nearly eight times now, that Lionel Messi has played


against them without scoring past him. Might not matter today, because


Gonzalo Higuain did. Not much time left for Belgium now. Here comes


Lucas Biglia. Away goes Lionel Messi! He can put the finishing


touches on the victory. Good save by Thibaut Courtois. Belgium's hopes


are wafer thin, but still alive. A minute and a half remaining will


stop Argentina just bumping the ball out of play. --. Naccer Chadli.


Kevin De Bruyne. out of play. --. Naccer Chadli.


Witsel. Dries Mertens. In towards Romelu Lukaku. Stays up. Could not


quite find Daniel Van Buyten. Axel Witsel with the shot! That might


just about be the lot for Belgium. That is the closest they have come


for a long time in this game. Axel Witsel had to give it a crack. The


ball just tumbled away from the gold. At the other end of the field,


moments before that, Lionel Messi with a chance to finish it off for


Argentina, denying by Thibaut Courtois -- goal. Rodrigo Palacio


going for the spectacular. We have almost had our five minutes of added


time. A little look at the watch. It is all over!


time. A little look at the watch. It to Sao Paulo and the semifinal on


Wednesday. Another narrow victory, one goal was enough. Gonzalo Higuain


got it early in the match. Belgium's World Cup adventure is


over. Argentina, losers in the last eight in the last two macro World


Cups, did not slip at the quarterfinal hurdle this time --


two. The final score, Argentina one, Belgium zero.


So that is all the quarterfinals out of the way. We will see you next


Tuesday night for Brazil who take on Germany.