09/07/2014 Match of the Day


Highlights from the first semi-final at the World Cup in Brazil. Hosts Brazil meet Germany in Belo Horizonte.

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in. It is 1-0, Germany lead. Higuain. It is saved by Tim Krul.


And then there were four, the World Cup semifinals, first up two sides


who have lifted the trophy eight times between them. Hosts and


five-time winners Brazil take on Germany, who have three stars above


the badge. Our commentator Steve Wilson.


Belo Horizonte is not the most beautiful of the venues, lacking the


romance of the Maracana, a big bearpit of a ground, but thrilling.


The house without their superstar and captain. The last time they


started a match without Neymar and Thiago Silva, they lost to the Dutch


in the last World Cup. Neymar has started 38 consecutive matches,


scoring 27. Dante comes in 40 others to do. Bernard for Neymar. -- comes


in for Thiago Silva. Germany and never beaten Brazil in a competitive


game. One draw, two defeats. This is Miroslav Klose's 23rd World


Cup finals match, on 15 goals, equal with Ronaldo. He becomes the first


player ever to play in four World Cup semifinals. The Brazilian


players are today wearing face introduced to Neymar. -- wearing


this ball caps in tribute to Neymar. Marcelo Silva mood. -- is in the


mood. Question marks over Brazil, how they will handle the pressure.


Hulk was in there. That is an incredible ball by David Luiz. A


German throw, played to Sami Khedira ref. Klose. A good moment for Dante,


a lot of pressure. A good take by Neuer. Germany could have played


into Muller. Khedira getting away from Fernandinho. Ozil arriving. It


can end off Tony Crowes. -- its cannons off Tony Crowes. -- Toni


Kroos. They are getting in far too easily. Marcelo leaves a great big


space to run into. Hulk is forced away from goal by Philipp Lahm.


Marcelo loses it. Miroslav Klose in the middle. First German corner of


the game. Khedira are doing well, breaking into that left an channel.


Plenty of mistakes in the first ten minutes. A slight nervousness from


Brazil trying to mount these attacks from the back. Klose in his usual


position, about eight yards from goal. It goes to the back post, it


is in, Muller. Thomas Muller from the corner puts Germany and France.


-- in front. A ball that ends up at the far post, totally unmarked.


Unbelievable. It is almost embarrassing. The World Cup's Golden


Boot winner four years ago, Thomas Muller, has fired Germany in front


in the 2014 semifinal. Hulk has not had a great World Cup.


Germany can break again, Muller down the far side. Cut out by Dante. I


think Muller has covered 57 kilometres so far, yet acres of


space to run into. Muller, Klose, brilliant save, Klose scores. A


historic goal. Miroslav Klose is the all-time World Cup record scorer.


Stunning. They are absolutely punishing them, they looked lost,


the Brazilians. Klose will not miss that one. Putting him in the record


books. That is Klose's range, 6-12 yards. 16 goals in World Cup finals,


eclipsing the phenomenon, as Brazilians called him, Ronaldo. They


looked stunned. How do Brazil shake up the unshakeable? You look at what


he has done in midfield, it is not working. Germany have completed


trial of the match in the middle. -- completed trial. It could be


embarrassing, it is three, Toni Kroos. Brazil have fallen apart


inside 25 minutes. A dizzying 25 minutes from Germany. It is as good


a finish as you will see. Asians are space, Marcelo, what a finish that


is, goes like an arrow. Yes, it is lucky, but look at the finish at the


end of it. The dreams of 200 million Brazilians look like Battersea. It


is getting embarrassing, turned square, 4-0 to Germany after 25


minutes. Fernandinho courted possession, Brazil are being


humiliated, humbled, taken apart by Germany. Their supporters cannot


believe what they are seeing. It is as if cash will be -- it is as if


without their two star players, the plant has been pulled. Simple


finish, embarrassing. -- the plug. The dream, the fantasy is dead,


4-0, in 25 minutes. The team raised eyebrows, Willian, Ramires on the


bench, high-energy players. Muller with the throw.


They might be through again. Khedira. 5-0. 5-0! Absolute


humiliation. That one is down to David Luiz, absolutely no discipline


going charging out, a great big hole to live through. -- to run through.


They have scored four goals in the last six minutes. Truly


unbelievable, they are so patient, waiting for the chance, just a tap


in. I am afraid the dream has gone, blown to smithereens. Philipp Lahm


in all kinds of space. The deflection, Toni Kroos almost


completing a first half hat-trick. They are out of position, almost


like a testimonial game. Brazil have been absolutely awful.


Brazil vulnerable without their captain and superstar, booed off at


half-time in Belo Horizonte. They have been utterly outplayed,


overwhelmed and humiliated by this Germany side. At half-time Brazil


0-5 Germany. Ramires. Marcelo chasing after it.


Paulinho. Manuel Neuer getting a little touch on that. The danger is,


as Brazil pile forward in search of honour, they could leave themselves


open at the back. Cleverly done. He makes his mind up, he gets there.


Red and butter for him. -- bread and butter. Ramires can help it onto


Oscar. Mesut Ozil can turn away. Great save by Neuer. Oscars should


score. He tries to get it with the outside of his foot. Paulinho is


onside. Magnificent save by Neuer. Absolutely brilliant save. What


about this save? He parries it in front, you think he will hit the


back of the net, great reactions. You have to think, Manuel Neuer is


thinking, come on, bring it on. Schurrle coming on for Miroslav


Klose. Salt in the wound for Brazil that Ronaldo's record has gone


tonight. Clever disguise on that. Thomas


Muller's shot. Good saved by Julio Cesar. That is a wonderful save.


Onto his left foot. Just pushes it over. David Luiz. David Luiz trying


to play it through to Luiz Gustavo. One by Bastian Schweinsteiger.


Schweinsteiger with the run through the middle. They have got two in the


middle. Schweinsteiger, let it go to Schurrle. Julio Cesar did well. Took


a leaf out of Thomas Muller's book. The goalkeeper did well. Paulinho


for Brazil. It is a good ball to Bernard. He can tee up Marcelo.


Mertesacker's header, but the offside flag is up and had Fred got


a touch on it it wouldn't have counted. Just straying offside. It


is painful. There are many people in this stadium who have never seen


Brazil lose at home. Nobody has ever seen them lose like this at home. Do


Germany want more? Toni Kroos will want one more, he is on a hat-trick.


Philipp Lahm. Three in the middle. Lovely ball to Philipp Lahm. It is


square and it is a cap in for six and Schurrle makes it six to


Germany. Shambolic defending once more. Pass and move as the calls


ring round and it is another tap in. The marking is totally nonexistent.


Look at David Luiz, standing on his heels. You have to be marking in the


box. That is ridiculous. Marcelo. The left-back has lost it. David


Luiz. I think David Luiz is in danger of losing his head. Thomas


Muller is very unhappy with the challenge. The referee is on the


spot here. But all came when the left-back, Marcelo lost the ball


about 15 yards out the penalty area. They are 6-0 down, how many do


they want to lose by? David Luiz going over the top of the ball.


Handbags there. He is complaining about the way Thomas Muller has gone


in. However this -- Howedes. Cut out by David Luiz. It is a lovely


reverse ball. Schurrle. Andre Schurrle, it is seven. Stunning


finish. Every one of these is just sublime football, great finish.


Applause breaks out around the ground, which is good to hear. Look


at that for a finish. It is like watching one of the great Brazilian


teams from yesteryear. Fantastic finish. Top corner. In this country


they know all about good football and the Brazilian fans who are still


in this ground, and there are over 50,000 of them, they have just stood


and applauded the team that has dismantled their heroes limb from


limb. The agony is almost over. Five minutes plus added time for Brazil


to endure. David Luiz. Ramires. Manuel Neuer right behind it. Never


took his eye off it. Ramires has had a goal since he has been on, should


have been on from the start. Comfortable save. Philipp Lahm.


Schurrle. David Luiz can see it through to Julio Cesar. Willian.


Decent ball. Oscar is onside. Manuel Neuer stands up. And it was Oscar's


shot that was out for a German throw. Almost an impossible finish


from that angle. It is a toe poke. Germany can break. Julian Draxler.


Mesut Ozil down the middle. He is onside and through, this is eight,


and he has put it wide. That is the one thing missing from his game.


Mesut Ozil, the ruthlessness. Great run through the middle. Just think


he is going to become, he is, but he misses the target. Manuel Neuer.


About coming, he has retreated. Oscar for Brazil. He gets one. The


Germans are furious. And that tells you a lot about them. For once,


Manuel Neuer, the sweeper keeper is not there. You expect him to be


coming. He starts to come and he goes back and Oscar does the rest.


Oscar scores the most pointless of World Cup goals. And that is it.


Germany are into the World Cup final. With an incredible victory


over the hosts. Brazil thoroughly unforgivable performance. Germany,


thoroughly unforgettable performance. It has finished, the


most surprising scoreline of a surprising World Cup. Brazil 1-7


Germany. We have just witnessed one of the


most astonishing victories in football history. This was not one


of the game's superpowers beating a small nation, this was Brazil for


crying out loud. As all hosting the World Cup for the first time in 64


years. -- Brazil hosting the World Cup for the first time in 64 years.


Germany the first country to score seven goals in a World Cup final.


Spain scored eight through the entire competition last time. Was


ill have gone 62 competitive games unbeaten at home before today and


since defeat to Peru in 1975 in the copper America, try to put this game


into some kind of context. I am distraught, I have been watching


football for over 50 years, the high point was the Brazilian side of


1970, this is a low point, to come to Brazil and see them capitulate


like this, you have to give the Germans tonnes of credit, but it was


a woeful performance that could not get any lower than it did. I would


be concerned that some of these Brazilian players might never


recover from this. The pressure on these guys out here to perform is


incredible. One or two will struggle to come back from this. Thiago Silva


consoling the Brazilian players. Nice sportsmanship from Scolari.


Yes, it is nice to see. I don't think the Germans can believe it


themselves what has happened. They scored four goals halfwit to the


first have to go 5-0 up against Brazil in the semifinal of the World


Cup. These guys have got to stick around. They have got to play at


third and fourth play-off game, will the fans, and see them? They have to


read the papers, all of the media will be on them and I hope they do


not try to find a scapegoat. This was a case of a group of individuals


coming up against a very clinical side. Booing all around the stadium.


The German reaction to their supporters is in such contrast. I


look that Scolari there and it looks like he is in the middle of the


huddle, say leave it to me, I will sort it out, I will take the blame.


That will be difficult, he will try to protect his players as much as


possible because he is a very loyal man. It is going to be difficult for


them to take this away. Incredible scenes in the stadium, big-name


players like David Luiz. The scoreline was incredible. It is this


belief as to what has happened in the last 90 minutes. Nobody could


have written the script. Their faces some it up, in tears. One of the


worst performances I have ever seen, but I feel sorry for him


because you cannot understand what these players are feeling. You have


Holland, who battered Spain in the first game and you could never see


that being surpassed and you come to this in the semifinal. How these


players recover, I don't know. The supporters, we have been here for


five weeks. It has just grown and grown, the interest and the


enthusiasm and expectancy has grown and all of a sudden, all the


supporters, they are totally deflated. I think the Brazilian


support has been total throughout the competition. Right from the


start, we said it was not a great Brazilian side but every time they


have gone on the page, the crowd have given them a left and some


purpose and they have been brilliant. When your team has been


beaten by the margin that we have just seen, there is not a lot of


good news. Let's remind ourselves of the emphatic nature of Germany's


victory. It started with, smaller. There is a block on David Luiz which


has come from the training ground. If you score it, it is great, if you


lose the goal, you would be massively disappointed. It is well


worked. The ball has got to come in. Miroslav Klose Bloxham. Poor


marking. Very well worked. Miroslav Klose beats Ronaldo's


record. When the ball comes into the box, he comes alive. They get lucky


and all of a sudden, static defending. The two centre banks do


not react. When the ball goes in the net, they are on the edge of the


box. When the ball comes into the box, he is a livewire. Cannot


believe he did not put it in the first effort! I lost count. This is


the-0. Four goals in six minutes. That is important to give the


Germans the credit that this juncture. They moved the ball


quickly, very effectively. Lots of defenders in there and the fantastic


hit. Maybe the goalkeeper. You have to give credit to Toni Kroos. He is


putting himself up there as one of the best midfielders in the world.


In the top three the way he is playing, dictating games, more


touches of the ball. Look at the way the press. Forces the mistake.


Clinical finishing. It is a team playing with great confidence. To


have one touch and two touch. Passing and moving the ball quickly.


Sami Khedira got the fifth. The two centre-backs. He comes running out


and then misses the tackle. Easy for them. They looked like a team who


are well drilled, who have a philosophy that they have all bought


into. You look at the Brazilians and it was the opposite, a group of


individuals who look like they have never played with each other. 5-0 at


half-time and Schurrle scored a couple to make it seven. You would


not think you would say this against a Brazil team. No surprise it came


down the Brazilian left hand side. Marcelo, who has escaped criticism,


he was as poor as David Luiz was. Lets him into easily. David Luiz


standing still, hasn't a clue what is going on around him, Schurrle,


good movement. No reaction to anything. Six or seven Brazilian


defenders in their and no reaction whatsoever. This is an amazing


finish. David Luiz not tracking him. An


amazing finish. Score a goal like that in the World Cup, that is what


dreams are made of. Some Brazilian sadism, but Juninho's opinion. You


know some of these players, how do they recover? It will be difficult,


some of them will not be back to where the Brazil shirt. A lot of


pressure on them. It is wrong for us now to criticise players. We saw the


Germans teaching us how to play football. We have to learn from


that. We have to learn from the seven goals we conceded. Germany


played the way we like to play, the way we have played. We need now to


sit back, see what is wrong with Brazilian football, if something is


wrong, not because of these players, it may be in the academies, the way


we teach them to play. Change will have to come. What you have just


said, Germany came here and talk Brazil a footballing lesson?


Exactly, it is what we saw. Pass, move, stray balls, getting control.


Without the ball, coming back, getting a shape, organised, going


forward as a unit. They taught us to play football. I know you are


hurting, thank you very much, Juninho. I like football, I am a fan


of German football. I am happy, because football won. Good to see


you. They still talk about the time when Brazil lost the World Cup in


1950, the Maracanazo, now maybe they will talk about the ghost of men --


Minerao. The World Cup final is live on


Sunday. Tonight the beautiful game died in Brazil, the Germany are in


dreamland. It is in, back post, Germany lead


three Muller. Klose, brilliant save, Klose scores: Historic goal. Brazil


are being humiliated. Humbled, taken apart. Khedira, 5-0. Absolutely


milli Asian. -- humiliation. Schurrle, it is seven.


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