10/07/2014 Match of the Day


A chance to watch the second semi-final from the World Cup. Argentina and the Netherlands meet in Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo.

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Cup replay. It is the second semifinal from S?o Paulo. Argentina


against the Netherlands, watched by Mark Lawrenson and Guy Mowbray.


COMMENTATOR: Robben plays in a Dutch side showing one change from the


dramatic quarterfinal win over Costa Rica. Robben and Ron Vlaar off it.


-- are fit. The former Manchester City man comes back in at Memphis


Depay's expense. Four of them got to the final, four years ago. No


coincidence they were the first four in line to take an score penalties


in the last game. Tettey pause back -- Turkey's C?neyt Cakir is the


referee, having taken charge of two group games. He also had a semifinal


at Euro 2012. Nine yellow cards out of his pocket that day in the fiery


derby between Spain and Portugal, that went all the way to penalties.


Argentina have Marcos Rojo back in the side after suspension, having


missed the quarterfinal win over Belgium. He replaces Jose Basanta


with Enzo Perez coming into midfield to replace Angel Di Maria. It is


only the second time the Benfica play has started in competitive


internationals. Sergio Aguero is fit and he is on the substitutes bench.


And as usual, it is all eyes online messy, -- online or messy, as he


goes one cup better than Diego Maradona. -- all eyes on messy macro


-- Messi. The frustrated Angel Di Maria can


only watch and hope that his team get to the final and that he can


prove his fitness. The Argentina players are wearing black armbands


in memory of Alfredo Di Stefano who passed away on Monday, aged 88. Now


a moment for all to mark the life of surely the greatest player never to


have played at the World Cup finals. Whatever the outcome, we are going


to see a final that we have had before. Be it memories of 86 and 90,


stirred, then it was West Germany against Argentina, or you have to go


back to 1974, for Germany against the Dutch. We should get a final to


savour, and hopefully, a second semifinal which will not disappoint


either, Mark. No, we have contrasting formations as well,


3-4-1-2, against 4-2-3-1. We have too assumed that Nigel de Jong, who


had a fitness test yesterday, a kin to match conditions. You cannot do


what he has supposedly done to his groin and be able to play in ten


days, can you? Huge trust placed in him and the medical staff by Louis


Van Gaal. We will watch an idol to don carefully, certainly in the


opening stages. -- we will watch Nigel de Jong. De Jong, getting his


chance in the semifinal, having missed the semifinal four years ago


through suspension. He should have been sent off in the final, by


rights, for his karate kicked on Xabi Alonso. -- karate kick.


Ezequiel Lavezzi ran straight into Stefan de Vrij.


Zabaleta is on the move down the right. Peres could not get it to him


straightaway. Martin Demichelis played against


Belgium. This is his second game of the World Cup. The Manchester City


man was recalled prior to the tournament, after over two and a


half years away from the international scene, reward for his


second half of the season form in Manchester. It's nearly bounced back


to Messi who was being policed by Nigel de Jong. That would be the


main reason for his inclusion. Interesting to see in the Argentina


rucksacks, are far and how quickly Zabaleta got forward. -- Argentina


attack. Zabaleta has not got forward much in the tournament.


Alejandro Sabella, we used to call them Alex when he was at Sheffield


United and Leeds, with Enzo Perez rather than Sergio Aguero, which


suggest that Argentina are very wary of the Dutch counterattacking


ability. The other macro the Dutch front three, Sneijder, Robben and


Van Persie three matchwinners, ultimately.


A great noise, as there has been for every single Argentina game. The


most fervent bunch of supporters that there has been at this World


Cup. Of course, they have not had far to travel, but my, have they


travelled. I think it is two and a half hours from one of their race,


here, biplane? Most of them have come by camper van. Two and a half


weeks, then. Filling the roads and filling the air with noise.


Biglia, the Latvia midfielder, has kept his place ahead of Fernando


Gago, as the midfield shield alongside Mascherano. We have seen


Messi touched the ball once so far, if that? Yes.


It bounced back to Demichelis a little strongly from Mascherano. He


looks quicker with his haircut, doesn't he? Seriously, you does.


Very strange, that. A little less wind resistance for Martin


Demichelis, now. In fairness to him, from December onwards, he came


back and was brilliant for city. Yes, he was but he was a figure of


fun for a while. Collected nicely by Sneijder, poked


through to Robben. He is up against Zabaleta, who is forcing him away,


and timed his tackle well. Few full-backs


and timed his tackle well. Few better. And if you notice, he did


not dare tackle Robben until he went out of the box and then he really


did go to tackle him. The way he has played over the last couple of


seasons, he must be a candidate for best full-back in the world. He


would certainly be up there but Philipp Lahm would have a shout as


well, wouldn't he? It depends where he wants to play, that day.


Be flag has gone up and Argentina will have free kick. Robben did not


hear the whistle, but then turns and sees the flag and wags his finger. A


bit of a shaky start for both players on the near side, Dirk Kuyt


in Orange and Marcos Rojo in blue and white. They cannot find their


own men, can they? Good movement, well taken but then


crowded out. It needed the parents, Demichelis and Garay. -- the pair of


them. The Netherlands, content to pass it


around, move and try to find spaces. They completed a remarkable 692


passes against Costa Rica. The position is slightly different


today. But three at the back is a wheelie good system as well for


them. The two wingbacks, Daley Blind and Dirk Kuyt, give them the wits,


and then Sneijder can drop in Robben and Van Persie. -- give them the


width. It is a very wide back three as well. They are very good, because


when they need to be, they are also very tight.


Messi, getting involved. And he is off on one. Only so far, this time.


The two players that have completed more dribbles than anyone else on


the field today, Messi and Robben. A useful run from Higuain. Now Messi


takes over. Messi is down on the floor. Wasn't that a free kick? He


is not getting one. Into Messi's feet, and Dirk Kuyt


with a good challenge. Ron Vlaar has measured that nicely for Arjen


Robben. It came off Garay, and is a Dutch throw. We nearly had one of


those classic counters. Lucky Garay got a touch otherwise they were in


trouble, because he was on his backside and out of the game.


Lavezzi, forced out by Stefan de Vrij. He claims and gets the free


kick. That is a free kick. He nudges him off the ball.


coming across to have a word. I wonder whether he wants a short free


kick so he can run and Robben and Sneijder, I think, isn't it? Only


two orange shirted players out, here so Messi could get on a run and


build up some steam. It looks like they have dismissed that option for


now, though. Jasper Cillessen, back in the Dutch goal. He has recovered


from the disappointment of being left out of the penalty shoot out


against Costa Rica. That is way over the top from Enzo Perez. I thought


you were going to say it was a clearance. Why didn't they give it


-- why didn't they give it to Messi, running against two forwards? That


does not make sense. Both sides still testing each other out, after


11 minutes, getting a feel for things in the very cool S?o Paulo


air. The contrasting climactic conditions of this tournament in


sharp focus. It is a grey day but a great day for playing in terms of


the conditions. The city of drizzle, not disappointing. And traffic. Lots


and lots of traffic. And fireworks. All shapes, sizes and sounds. At all


hours. Although at one stage last night, with the Brazil fiasco, it


sounded like more than fireworks. Distress flares. The Bellas has


still got it! -- Alex Sabella. The fans in Yorkshire will remember


those touches. Robben, seen off by Mascherano. But


a little bit hasty with the clearance and Sneijder had a go. A


bit hasty with the shot, too. Yes, he set -- it set up nicely for him


and he thought he was under more pressure than he was. Dirk Kuyt


heading it is Sneijder, one touch, hit early, but he hit it even


earlier than that. Argentina have not been behind at any game in this


World Cup finals, yet. The only team to have won every game so far, and


all by a single goal. Nobody has had a steam-rollering from them. Lovely


ball, that, and they could be in. Stefan de Vrij coming across and


that is a tumble and a free kick. What a place for it, especially with


the players Argentina have. That was good stuff from Enzo Perez. He was


played in originally by Higuain, a great ball. It took the two Dutch


defenders out of the game. It is a bit of a daft tackle on the edge of


the area. It is always a risk, any contact. Ron Vlaar, in from the


back, not a lot of contact but when you get any from him, you're going


to fall. Absolutely, and anywhere around the box, and you are going to


fall over. What a chance, for Leonel messy. Nobody else near this. --


Lionel Messi. We'll Jasper Cillessen?


I think the war is big enough. The question for the keeper is whether


he can see what is coming behind it? -- I think the war is big


enough. It is a big wall, as well, because the centre-backs are in it.


Messi, straight through and well held by Cillessen. That is a great


save. Yes, his position was excellent. Because you put the


centre-backs in, Messi has decided he cannot go over them because there


is not enough room to get the ball over and down so he has got to go to


the side. I say great rather than good because how refreshing is it to


see the goalkeeper hold? Considering he missed the last human it is of


the last game as well. -- the last few minutes.


Martins Indi and Daley Blind bothering Messi. But nothing much


does. I think that is the first time we


have mentioned Wijnaldum. And you would remember his name. I can't


even say it. He had a quiet game against Costa Rica, too, the PSV


Eindhoven midfielder. Enzo Perez starts to wander forward


in front of Zabaleta. Lavezzi is seen off it by Nigel de Jong. A nice


trip ball to Sneijder. He is looking for Dirk Kuyt but it won't get


there. A good idea but the wrong execution. He holds his hands up.


Let's have another look at the Messi free kick. You notice how big the


wall is, look at it, in height, I mean. I think we will go back from


great save to good save. A throw your cap on its save. A say.


Zabaleta saves the ball from going out of play and it is up to Higuain,


but Cillessen is there again. They handled the substitution, Tim Krul


coming on for Jasper Cillessen, brilliantly. They put both


goalkeepers up at the press Conference the next day and both


spoke brilliantly. Leasing about it is, why wouldn't Cillessen, he has


just got into the World Cup semifinal? You would not be sulking.


I suppose, but initially it was a shock.


Disquiet intriguing, this game. No real chances so far, but Argentina


look a little bit better going forward. They look like they have


one or two more ideas than the Dutch. And without Batman, Angel Di


Maria. It was touch and go whether he would make it for the final if


Argentina win. Then again, we thought Nigel de Jong was ruled out


for the rest of the tournament. So who do we believe? It is amazing how


muscles can heal quickly when there is a World Cup semifinal or final


place at stake. The other thing is, because they are way, you can work


on these guys almost 24-hour the day. You have got three or four


physios, and it is round-the-clock treatment.


The Argentina supporters just cranking it up a little bit in the


stands. Higuain and Lavezzi waiting, Higuain


trying to get across in front of Stefan de Vrij and it is a corner.


Good play by Argentina, Stefan de Vrij and it is a corner.


Holland no exact what they wanted to do, getting down there left and they


still got there through Zabaleta. -- know exactly. Stefan de Vrij knew


where the ball was going and he knew where Higuain was. Who is he


watching now? I think he is on Demichelis. The ball is going to


come in from Messi, and it is flat. Lavezzi's ball in an Cillessen


gathers comfortably. -- and Cillessen. Starting his 10th


International in a row, the Ajax goalkeeper. But all he did then was


put Dirk Kuyt under pressure. Bruno Martins Indi cannot keep up


with Lavezzi, here. He just about got back to stop any kind of cross.


And he stopped the next effort. I wonder whether Lavezzi might have


been better off going for the byline? Just inviting Martins Indi


into the tackle. Messi is not on this corner. A


different play from Argentina. The likes of Marcos Rojo in the box for


Lavezzi's delivery. But cleared by Van Persie.


It always looked likely to bounce over Lavezzi's head from Mascherano.


I like the line from Louis van Gaal, after his penalties excess --


penalty success come his decision to put on Tim Krul. He does not smile


very often but in the post-match press Conference he said, " it


worked, it was beautiful", and with a knowing smile said, "I am proud of


that". It could have gone very wrong. Yes. Huntelaar came on and


scored in one of the earlier games as well, another masterstroke. He


has changed it around quite a lot. Before games, during games. In fact,


until that change of goalkeeper against Costa Rica, it was probably


the game in which he had done the least tinkering. Nothing to change


so far in this one, and no change in the score.


A couple of saves from Cillessen but nothing for Romero to do, yet. It


might change with Van Persie, here, trying to pull it back for Dirk


Kuyt. Lavezzi just got a yard away from


Daley Blind. He is much quicker than Blind and he is off-balance as well.


Dirk Kuyt helping it away. I wonder if that is one of the reasons why


they have made the change, putting Lavezzi on that side and Enzo Perez


on the left, where he is on the ball. Returned to him by Messi. Enzo


Perez wanted to play it back once again to be skipper but it is a


corner. I'm not sure he could feed it through. It was almost a dummy


run from Messi. A good touch from Ron Vlaar, as well.


Lavezzi will take this. Argentina putting a level of pressure on.


Nothing too testing, just yet, for the Dutch defence. Higuain has just


put Dirk Kuyt away, right under the referee's knows. -- has just pushed.


In from Lavezzi and over the top. It was a chance and it looked like an


Argentina head got to it first. Wasn't it Demichelis? He was the one


claiming at first that it should have been another corner, but it was


Garay, round the back of Demichelis. Has he got a kick in the head for


his troubles as well? Yes. It did not look as though the ball came off


Ron Vlaar. Note. He will be OK. -- know. He has broken his nose a view


times as a centre-back. He completed a 6 million euros move to Zenit St


Petersburg in Russia from Benfica, a couple of weeks ago. She looks like


she has got your microphone, Mark. She would be better, that is for


certain. Cillessen, coolly done. That was a


slight smile, a wry grin. De Jong looking for Van Persie. It was a


little bit different but just for a second... It went through my mind as


well. He just had Gary a little closer to him. He did not quite have


the room he needed but Cillessen made room beautifully, there. The


flag is up anyway. Oh, well, the thought was good. Jeering from the


Dutch fans when they realised that. That is what they can do, in a spit


second, the front three, Sneijder, Robben, Van Persie. When you think


you are comfortable, bang. -- split second.


Plenty of time for Gary and Demichelis.


There has been a collision on halfway and there is real concern,


here. I think it was Wijnaldum, he


realised straight away there was a problem with Mascherano.


realised straight away there was a problem with This was it.


When you had the back of somebody else's head... Not a lot you can do


about it. Apart from field your own head. We have seen more of Di Maria


on the bench than we did in some games. He had an absolute nightmare


but scored that fantastic goal late on. To beat Switzerland. How he


wishes he was out there now. Angel Di Maria sidelined I a thigh strain.


Mascherano not sidelined yet but laid out with a sore head. That is


the aftermath. Wijnaldum tries to hold him up. It is a boxer blow.


Hopefully he is OK. Dirk Kuyt said, I told you we would get you! They


will just have to make sure there are no effects of concussion. We


have seen one game in this stadium, Alvaro Pereira, the Uruguayan


left-back, the doctor told him to come off and he was having none of


it. I suspect Mascherano might be similar. He is the same make,


chiselled. Possibly unhinged slightly! He might go and boot


somebody and say to the referee, there is still a bit of concussion


there! Which way will he kicked it. He is all right. A pity for Holland,


they could have been on the break. So many Argentinian players on the


wrong side of the ball there. It was a good job but did not come off the


head of De Vrij with any sort of major balloon effect. The goalkeeper


cannot have shouted to him, he had loads of time and it was a nice,


cushioned header. Van Persie handled it. Did he? I don't know what with!


Not his hand! It was with his chest. He was a doubt with a stomach


problem, Van Persie. Daryl Janmaat the same, he is fit to be on the


bench for the Netherlands. The belated tried to play it through


Daley Blind. -- Zabaleta. We have not seen Daley Blind as an attacking


force yet. He has a good left foot. Dirk Kuyt had pulled out wide but


the option was closed down and taken away by Perez. Former Dutch players


had doubts about Cillessen to this World Cup, they thought he was


mentally fragile but he looks cool on the ball tonight. He looks very


cool. One of his idols is Van der Sar. Isn't he the marketing manager?


With Ajax? Yes. Similar styles. He says he has modelled himself


mentally on Van der Sar. You are not putting him above Manuel Neuer,


though? No. The German goalkeeper has won many fans, as if he did


though? No. The German goalkeeper have enough. That is that ball


forward for Holland. It came off Demichelis, the corner is the


correct call. Vlaar has made a decent run but it


is over him. Lovely ball again and Romero had to take it away from


DeVry. This is a good spell for the Dutch. De Vrij is still up there.


Van Persie was offside. The Dutch supporters get to their feet but


realised it would not have mattered. As the referee blew his whistle, the


Dutch contingent went up. That is why. It doesn't look right, punching


it, but the first punch was excellent. You do is to never in


control, are you? -- you are just never in control. The mero is an


experienced Hull keeper but perhaps a little rusty after only playing


three times in the French top division for Monaco -- Romero is an


experienced goalkeeper. But it has not kept him his World Cup place and


he has kept a clean sheet in their last two games. Not tested


extensively by Switzerland or Belgium, certainly not by Belgium.


That would have been a free kick but advantage Argentina. Just as well


for Mascherano because he gave it away in the first place. Messi was


sublime against Belgium at the weekend but has not had a chance to


make his mark on this game yet. Lavezzi gets lucky with the bounce


back, he was trying to find Perez. Messi is offside. If Argentina are


going to get in any area of the pitch at the moment, it is down


there right. My glasses just steamed up a little


bit then. Nigel de Jong. He is looking for Van Persie.


This second World Cup semifinal is going through a bit of a scrappy


stage. A stage where nobody is really in charge of the game. While


it is intriguing, nothing really great has happened so far, we are


all waiting for this game to take off. We have not seen Arjen Robben


at all. No, and you could argue Van Persie similar, Messi to a certain


degree. That was well done by Lavezzi in the


first instance. The flag is up here. That was just a little bit careless


and it is a free kick for the Dutch. It is when you can see across the


line. Higuain was the culprit. He was in a great position, as in being


able to see, but was just in the wrong position.


We can hear "Holland" ringing around the arena.


Higuain is in the centre and Ron Vlaar got across to him at just the


right time. Great tackle by Ron Vlaar. Kept in play. And then


Sneijder was dumped to the floor unceremoniously. It was Martin


Demichelis who kicked right at him. It has to be a booking, surely. It


isn't, no sign of it, just a word from the Turkish referee. This was


the interception from Ron Vlaar, he is great at that. The thought was,


after what happened to Neymar in particular, that referees would lose


their lenient take as has been the case for most of the competition,


for the rest of it, but no great change in style. That has to be a


yellow. I would love to see the heat map of


how many touches Biglia in midfield for Argentina has actually had. Not


a lot of heat anywhere in this stadium tonight.


Messi blocked by Martins Indi and the referee already had his whistle


to his lips. A free kick to Argentina and Martins Indi might be


the first recipient of a yellow card. He might be. He was checking


in his pocket to see if he still had it. He might not be. Again, I think


it is just a word of calm. He did set the tone with the Demichelis


incident a moment ago. Therein lies the problem. It is a yellow, he has


blocked him off. Sneijder was caught at the start of the Argentinian move


when he basically got clattered. Listen, we want them to keep players


on the pitch, absolutely all day long but a booking is a booking. The


other thing, whether it is in the second second or the 95th minute, it


is still a yellow. Much criticism of the Spanish referee who basically


let the situation billed until Neymar got his back broken. That was


ridiculous. -- let the situation build-up. The same situation from


the insurance agent from Istanbul who is in charge of this one. Messi


skips away from Robben. Just asked a little bit too much of Perez and


Couchman was there to meet him. I am not sure that Perez was ready for


it. -- Dirk Kuyt was there to meet him. Sneijder is still off the


field, the Dutch are down to ten men to Pirelli. -- temporarily. One shot


on target? The free kick from Messi? That was well held by Cillessen. I


am calling it a hold now, not a save.


Ron Vlaar just got it away from Messi but the young was closed down


by Mascherano and that has sparked a chance to attack for Argentina.


40 pretty low-key minutes played so far. The Dutch have done most of


their good work in the second halves of the games so far in this World


Cup. 10/12 goals scored have come after the break. We have barely had


a chance worthy of the name in this first half. Argentina just shading


it as far as attacking intent goes. Higuain keeps his feet under


pressure from Ron Vlaar who at least he has dragged out of defence. That


is the good thing if you play three, the other two just inch towards the


centre. And Dirk Kuyt and Daley Blind immediately retreat. Yes. De


Jong stuck with Messi. Perez lost the chance. It looks like a trip or


a push from Messi on Sneijder and Sneijder is getting a little wound


up. He has been whacked three times the last time he has touched the


ball, that is why. It was a poor touch from Perez. He took a knock


himself from De Vrij for his trouble. Zabaleta has been penalised


and now a Netherlands free kick. We need something to happen, in all


honesty. Blind wanted to take that quickly down the left but Schneider


did not see it, he ignored it. -- Sneijder. I seem to remember the


general with the trophy from four years ago. He did not get to take it


home then. Wijnaldum has to go back to Martins


Indi. He has Higuain running at him and now at Cillessen who has pulled


into a safe, wide position. Dirk Kuyt, got a bit lucky and bundled


through Perez. That free kick probably summed up the first half.


Wijnaldum is pestered by Mascherano, one of the better players on show.


It has been that sort of game, where those who have destroyed and snuff


out have been on top. Demichelis is an example. Biglia went in and won


it, got it a fraction of a second in front of Sneijder. Ron Vlaar did


well, not just to get there in the first instance but keep it in and


now it is Messi, through the gap. Stopped and they yellow card is out


now for Martins Indi. Sneijder is into him as well about the yonks.


Both of them will have a go. He got away with one. -- about Nigel de


Jong. You cannot say it is justice because he should have been booked


for the first one. He's certainly stopped Messi there,


put his arm across to prevent him getting up to top speed. That man


Messi will now try to tease the right ball into the Dutch penalty


area. The whistle has gone. Yes.


Presumably for the challenge on the goalkeeper. It is that arm from


Rojo. First half stoppage time, there will be two minutes on. It


would be nice if we got two chances in those minutes.


Lots of room for Blind, Lavezzi comes across to meet him. Alejandro


Sabella made that change very quickly, Lavezzi went from


left-to-right, Perez came to the near side as we watched it and they


have not switched back. Know, and they will stay there until


half-time. De Jong looks all right, he, after tearing his groin. Pulling


it a touch might be a better reassessment.


Higuain is having to work up there. Slightly more mobile number nine


than the man we have seen in yellow throughout this tournament. Yes. We


should leave him alone now, really. He had a bad day yesterday. Messi


should leave him alone now, really. fires a wonderful ball to Rojo,


first time... Next time. Martins Indi is not going to be beaten by


Lavezzi that easily. Throwing. Orange one. Rojo should have done


better. There is no time for the throw, that will do it for the first


in S?o Paulo and it has been a case of a lot of good players out there


not being able to show their full range of talents because our lot of


other players out there are snuffing them out successfully. No real


chances, not a great deal of excitement yet, no nearer to knowing


who will play Germany on Sunday. 0-0.


After what seemed like a delay, the Argentinian team have taken the


field for the second half. The Dutch have been there for some time having


made a half-time change. Daryl Janmaat has come on wearing seven


and taken the place of Bruno Martins Indi. The team in Orange, the


Netherlands get as started and Mark Lawrenson can tell us what that


means. Daley Blind will play as the third centre-back on the left,


Janmaat will be on the right, Dirk out on the left and the rest remains


the same. -- Dirk Kuyt. Just a slight tinkering from Louis Van Gaal


in personnel rather than shape. Perhaps worried about the booking


form teams in the. Especially as he was on a booking plus, if you like.


Janmaat has his first touch and gives it away. That is cynical. That


should be a booking. That was absolutely cynical from Stefan de


Vrij, and took the man out completely and it has to be a yellow


card but it is not going to believe. You cannot just warn him


for that, he was away. That is ridiculous, E. I hope he is not


thinking it was the first tackle of the second half. -- that is


ridiculous, referee. That was the most premeditated foul we have seen


in the game yet. Louis Van Gaal will agree with the referee all day of


course. Sneijder looking for Robben, we have


all been looking for Robben in the games so far. The throwing goes to


his team, not his team. -- the throw in.


That is a Miss Jude punt. It is because he has got his boot off --


miscued punt. Ezequiel Garay buying himself some time. The boot is on


the other foot now! The centre-back debts himself re-shod and Janmaat


will take the throw in. This would be a peculiar way to bring about a


goal if it happens. He will not find Van Persie with that.


A neat little touch and one from Robben as well. Dirk


Kuyt will come onto this. Robben was pulled back and it will


be a free kick. Demichelis is holding his nose but it was a foul


by the Manchester City man on the Bayern Munich flyer. And he might


get booked here, would you believe? He is. Yellow for Demichelis,


another player who got away with one in the first half. Former Bayern


Munich team-mates for a season and a half. Demichelis actually quite


vocal in the Argentinian before the match saying that Robben is not a


fighter but the great player and he would have a go at him early. It has


taken him a while. I think as well, saying to the referee, what about


the foul at the start of the second half? He booked Demichelis, that is


fine, but consistency is the key. Schneider or Robben -- Sneijder. He


just sensed there was a chance to catch out Romero had not his best


effort. No. The referee put the paints down and the two players just


moved to the side. That is the technical expression, laying the


paint down. We might be seeing that in a few European leagues next


season, it seems to have gone an well. The Premier League? I thought


I read that somewhere. May be. That is a great ball but the flag is


up against Messi, Cillessen was out to meet him but it will not count,


don't worry, it is wide anyway. The flag went up very sharply. Yes. But,


but, Holland went two against two. Mascherano saw it straight away with


a wonderful ball through. Just at the moment as well, Argentina have


got Higuain on the right, Lavezzi on the left and Messi is playing


through the middle at the moment so they have also changed. Maybe he


fancies a run at Ron Vlaar. He would with those little scampering legs


around you. Time for the Argentinian supporters to raise it a little.


They do say that playing against a back three that you either play one


up or three up, never two. Wijnaldum lost it, Messi will have a run at


Ron Vlaar, he got some help. That is De Vrij down to Janmaat.


De Vrij again just shouldered Lavezzi out of his way.


Yes, Argentina have definitely gone three up front.


Dirk Kuyt gets it away before Zabaleta appeared to bother him and


returned by Daley Blind. He is playing as one of three central


defenders now, a very versatile player, the son of assistant coach


Danny. I think you might have called him Danny earlier! Sorry! I have


done, three or four times in the tournament!


Nothing to choose between the teams. We knew it would not be anywhere


near as open as the first semifinal. It could not possibly be. Then


again, I don't think any game you will see for the next four years


will be. But this is really cagey. Sneijder has taken some stick. He


was followed by Biglia that time. A free kick against Argentina. A howl


of anguish from Higuain. It is a foul, isn't it? Maybe a chance for


Robben through the middle but cannot go any further. There is your man,


Biglia getting back. Can you see Van Persie on the right? It is the old


hands on hips. He did not look, did he? He only had eyes for Demichelis


and he did not see Van Persie or Biglia coming in from the side to


win it. Zabaleta will not be able to keep that in. Just a little more


animated now, Alex keep that in. Just a little more


used to know him. Did you play against him? I think he probably


did, I don't know if it was Sheffield United or Leeds but I


would have thought so. He was all left foot, if I remember.


He had two nicknames, the magician or the sloths. You could take your


pick, depending on what kind of day he was having. He was fiery as


well, I think. Find me an Argentine player who isn't. Messi called Ron


Vlaar off-balance but a good recovery from the Aston Villa man.


-- court Ron Vlaar. We are getting a bit of pace to the game, now. We


are, the telescopic legs coming out from Ron Vlaar.


You just get the feeling that the chances. To come. Demichelis. On


Sneijder. -- that the chances will start to come.


You would play three at the back all day if you are Aston Villa, wouldn't


you? With the competition Ron Vlaar has had. I am sure Roy Keane will be


watching with interest. Although they have signed Senderos. A World


Cup player. Speaks five averages. Another look at the wonderful tackle


from Ron Vlaar. Again, it is one he had to get right. We have reached


the point of no return a bit in this game.


had to get right. We have reached the point of no return a bit in The


players are suddenly thinking, " come on, let's have a go". One goal


might take you to the Maracana and the World Cup final. But to get a


goal, you have to gamble. And the Netherlands have to get Arjen Robben


into the game more. All he has to get himself into the game. Which is


it? A bit of both, I think. Higuain was a bit quicker than


Stefan de Vrij. With Holland, it might be a case of


getting Sneijder on the ball more, than robbing an Van Persie. You have


mentioned the key front three but none of them have really seen as


much of the ball as they would like. And neither has Messi.


Mascherano has dropped off to the left.


I think they are waiting for the one moment of magic. There are three or


four players on the field, some more prominent than others, likely to


provide it. The flag stays down as Lavezzi gets


onto the ball. Ron Vlaar is beaten. But we header goes away from goal,


from Higuain. Or was it good defending from Daryl Janmaat to win


it? It was the latter, most definitely, Janmaat did great.


Acer in for the Dutch. Someone just cluttered Robben as well. Marcos


Rojo, sliding through. Seeing red. Messi thought that should have been


his throw. Not his game, so far, so far. No, well, the four big stars


you have mentioned, none of them... Ron Vlaar with a good ball for


Sneijder but not such a good ball from him to Van Persie. Could he


have had an extra touch and maybe taken a shot? Sneijder wins it back.


Enzo Perez cannot do any more than tackle.


Sneijder has ghosted forward as an extra striker, here. Wijnaldum is on


the run. Dirk Kuyt spotted him but could not find him. Romero, all over


it. That is the other thing, when you look at it, neither team from


wide areas has put particularly good service into the front players,


neither team. The highlights have been the singing and the nonstop


encouragement of the Argentina supporters, really, and they are


going again. They have been taunted by some of their Brazilian


counterparts here, watching. They have been singing, " five times


champions". But they will not be this year.


The chance is still there, of course, for Argentina to close the


gap, win a third World Cup. Marcos Rojo was careless, there.


Janmaat just let it run too far in front of him. He was late in. It was


a lunge. Lucas Biglia, in the wars. It is one of those, you know it is


coming, but once you are committed, you cannot get out of the way. A bit


of his knee and a bit of his boot and quite a lot of starred. Nigel de


Jong has lasted past the hour, which is longer than we thought he would


last. It was really doubtful. In fact, we thought he was out for the


tournament with a groin problem but now he goes off, to be replaced by


22-year-old Jordy Clasie of Feyenoord, baying for his country


for only the ninth time, his first appearance at this or any World Cup.


-- playing for his country. The squad Louis Van Gaal picked before


setting off for Brazil showed that he is not bothered. Never mind your


age. If you are good enough, you are old enough. And it is also his way


or the highway. He is very much that kind of manager. The Dutch have made


a midfield change, but Argentina might have two after this. They do


have the right man in Fernando Gago, should Biglia have to go off. It


would be like for like. Look at his face. He did something similar.


It looks like they are trying to patch him up.


Argentina are preparing to make a change of they have do. There is


Gago, number five. -- if they have do. He has played in every game and


started three of them. You may have to wait a bit longer for his chance.


It caught his arm as well, look. Alejandro Sabella making his point


keenly. The rain has started to fall a lot more heavily in S?o Paulo now.


It may just speed the pitch up a little bit, and therefore the game,


we hope. Those backpasses might take an a bit


of a high level of risk, now, with a slick surface. The rain is really


coming down. It is heavy and steady. And if you look, tactically, it is


always intriguing, but both teams have never really been pulled out of


position at any stage. Daley Blind, getting it away before


Higuain's challenge came in. Dirk Kuyt versus Zabaleta. Room for


Jordy Clasie. Not exactly flowing, but it is still moving for the


Dutch. Robben did well to control it. It was a poor ball from


Wijnaldum. Clasie, spraying it about a bit, having only just joined


Wijnaldum. Clasie, spraying it about action. Not a bad cross from Dirk


Kuyt Boswell defended. -- but well defended.


Getting towards the three quarters mark of the game and it is still


goalless. You could argue as well that certainly, Holland have the


more attacking midfielders on the pitch. Ron Vlaar just got there and


got something on the ball. Robben, looking a bit more busy and


more interested and more involved. They are moving it around quicker,


the Netherlands. Oh, dear me, Daley Blind has its head in his hands.


the Netherlands. Oh, dear me, Daley should have gone right foot, but he


went outside left. His dad has his arms folded. Denying all knowledge


of him. I think, just the fact that the Dutch have sent Clasie on, it is


like they are trying to say, " come on, let's get hold of the ball and


start to play". Clasie was all over Lionel Messi. Of course, he has to


do that job as well, taking over from Nigel de Jong. A bit too eager,


that time. He did not quite get that right, and


well won by Janmaat. Mascherano, back to stop Robben. Janmaat is


still down in his own half of the field. The Dutch are getting on with


it. Dirk Kuyt has swung it in and Wijnaldum is blocked off. It is a


corner, if it goes. It will now be a Netherlands throw and finally,


Janmaat can receive treatment. He won the header and just got caught,


I think, here. Ouch! That must have been his cheekbone. Dear, oh dear.


It is always when you least it, you get it. It was right on the


cheekbone, as he went in with Marcos Rojo. He is sitting up, Daryl


Janmaat. He has done well to coming on at half-time, done really well


defensively. There are, almost attacking, trying to spark an


attacking move for the Netherlands. -- there, almost attacking.


Interesting, that was one of those occasions that makes a mockery of


teams that have not got possession and Dara man down, asking the


opposition to put it out. They were not going to do it themselves, not


while they were moving forward. Janmaat might well being the Premier


League next season. He has been linked heavily with Newcastle and


Manchester United, as I supposed asked about everyone in the Dutch


team has been, given the new manager. -- as I suppose just about


everyone. Janmaat has come, feel. -- has come


back on the field. His cheeks have survived.


Jordy Clasie has come on with a point to prove. No World Cup action


at all before his introduction here, for Nigel de Jong. No fear as well,


I would suggest. Enzo Perez was chased all the way by


Sneijder. Room on the far side for Marcos Rojo. He now has it under


control and attacks Janmaat and Stefan de Vrij. Helped by Lavezzi. A


bit of room for Lavezzi. His shot goes straight into the solid body of


Ron Vlaar. Stefan de Vrij comes across to challenge. Better from


Argentina, they little bit of urgency. We have hardly seen them


attack in the second half. Sneijder running into trouble, in the


un-movable former Zabaleta. Messi. -- an movable form of Zabaleta.


Something is going to happen soon. It may be a mistake that leads to a


goal, but we need something, as neutrals.


Messi, bouncing back to his feet to keep Argentina in possession. Enzo


Perez, nudging it forward to Higuain. Ron Vlaar is all over him


and into him. The ball is out. I think he just dived on the bull with


his head at the end, it seemed. See what he does, here. Get in there,


Ron. Brilliant. You are not getting past.


It will be a free kick, perhaps not surprisingly, rather than a throw.


18 minutes of the 90 remaining. Argentina have not shown much as an


attacking force at all since half-time. Rojo is up for the Messi


free kick. The movement is more intense, now, in the middle. It is


over the goalkeeper and everyone. intense, now, in the middle. It is


is human! Not like him. You can't overstate the pressure


that is on Lionel Messi. He overtakes Diego Maradona's number of


caps in this game and is on 92 now. All the time, he will be aware of


the reports that he cannot be considered a world great until he


does what Maradona and Pele and company did before him. He did it to


some extent. With a not very good team, by the way, as well. Dirk Kuyt


apologising to the world. Louis van Gaal is not having it.


Conditions to match the game, pretty grim. The aero slipping as he


cleared. -- Romero slipping. Robben is onto it, brilliantly taken.


Janmaat outside him. Van Persie is in the box but offside anyway. And


he was the wrong side of the goal. It would have been a wonderful


finish, from there. But well played by Robin, great first touch, and


great play by Janmaat as well. Robin van Persie has not had a sniff. No,


no. We could say the same about Messi, couldn't we?


Ron Vlaar has had an excellent game at the heart of the Dutch defence.


He might be the game's best player at the moment. I kind of thing that


tells you about the game. Yes. Kept in play by Enzo Perez. Sneijder is


after it, lovely, teasing ball! It is into the side netting. What a


ball from Enzo Perez. But it could not find the finish from Higuain.


Brilliant. Supporters at the other end of the ground thought it was in,


seeing the net billowing from the foreign. Did the flight go up


anyway? Play has gone on, as it should, with Jordy Clasie, looking


for Van Persie. Demichelis away. It is looking a lot more open, now.


Enzo Perez with one of the parties of the match. -- passes of the


match. Robben shimmying past Zabaleta. Look


how deep Dirk Kuyt is. Zabaleta shuts the door on Daley


Blind. Good work again from Ron Vlaar, on


his way, at the moment to maybe being Man of the Match in the World


Cup semifinal. Years going to job forward and stay up there. Free kick


to Holland for the foul on Daley Blind. I would have thought


Argentina are thinking about making a change. They must be. Surely they


need to try and affect the game? We keep on hearing Sergio Aguero is


fit. Sneijder with the free kick. Nobody is that deep all that tall.


Argentina goalkick. Very similar to Messi's wasted free kick a few


moments ago. He has only got one change left, Louis Van Gaal. Will he


save it for the penalties? Indeed. That was Higuain's opportunity. He


immediately looked at the referee's assistant.


12 and a half minutes of regulation time to go. The big winners at the


moment are Germany. The big winners yesterday and this evening, they


will be sitting back, relaxing with a gluhwein or two, and an extra


day's rest because they will want this to go all the way if it can.


Mind you, they had an extra half rest. What do you mean, half? It was


like an under nines game in the first half. One team kept chasing,


and the other one gets scoring. Very, very different semifinals.


Zabaleta. Enzo Perez is having a much better


second half. Yes. The thing about Argentina is, look out the


Mascherano goes for the ball. He almost plays at centre-back at


times. Biglia is in front of him and he is basically an up and down


midfield player, who will just close people down. He is not exactly a


passer. They are lacking in that department, aren't they? You are not


telling me that one of the centre-backs cannot do what


Mascherano is doing. He is doing it pretty well. There is no argument


about that, but you are a player like in the forward areas. Messi


running straight into Janmaat. It runs away from Robben.


Looking down at the bench, to see if there is any sign of a change, there


is movement for Argentina. It looks as though Rodrigo Palacio is going


to come on. If they are going to put a forward on, I would have thought


it would have been a wearer. He is starting to jog a little bit down


there as well. It might be both of them. There we go, talk about


affecting the game, changing the game. This is a signal. Two forwards


about to take the field for Argentina.


Misjudgement by Mascherano but tidied up by Demichelis.


Daley Blind, looking for Wijnaldum again. Ezequiel Garay got the call


from Rojo to leave it. They worked it out between them. Good play by


Rojo because he is facing the balls he does not need to make a decision.


Here we go. Argentina are taking off Enzo Perez, and the first player on


will be Inter Milan's Rodrigo Palacio. 19 goals last season. He a


live wire as well. He is a forward, isn't he? Oh, yes, plays as the lone


striker for Inter Milan, more often than not. Is he the boy with the


right's tale, for want of a better description? I am not sure that is a


hairdresser's term. It is off centre as well, jaunty. And the other


change will see the return of Sergio Aguero, who has had a groin problem.


Of course, he has been beset by injuries since the turn of the year


for Majesty city. injuries since the turn of the year


board is like a borrowed so, now. -- Manchester City. And the


substitute's board is like a bar of soap. Gonzalo Higuain is going off,


rather forlornly. As you would in a World Cup semifinal. Yes, he scored


a good goal in the last round to get them through but he has probably


been average at best, Higuain. On comes a player who rarely years but


has never scored at the World Cup. Three games, here, and three in


South Africa, two from the bench and he has gone five games without an


international goal, Aguero. So, it will be Rodrigo Palacio down


the right, and it looks at the moment as though Aguero is going to


go through the middle. Yes. Lavezzi on the left and Messi to tuck in


behind and play where he wants. Basically an extra forward on,


great. Sabella has played his cards with


seven minutes to go. Messi has got it out to Rojo and he


has gone from distance. Cillessen runs into a wearer. I think Aguero


tried to flick it out. The Dutch players are saying it should be a


booking. He knows where he is, very deliberate. Not a bad shot from Rojo


considering it is getting slippery now and quite wet. He did not catch


it cleanly. Patty cake patter cake. We have seen glimpses in the last 20


minutes or so of Robben and still only glimpses of Messi. Biglia was


pounced upon by Dirk Kuyt. That is a daft prowl. -- daft free kick.


Mascherano, formerly of the club that will be moving into this


ground, Corinthians, briefly, for moving to West Ham and then


Liverpool. Great interception it yet again for the umpteenth time from


Ron Vlaar. Ron Vlaar really does some up the


improvement of this Netherlands national side since the European


Championship two years ago. They were knocked out at the group stage


and were quite miserable. Brilliant work by De Vrij. Wijnaldum is rather


needlessly fouled by Rojo. Since the European Championship, the Dutch


have lost two out of 26 games played and those were friendlies. That was


a good tackle. I think he was waiting to see the reaction of


Robben. This might tell us. He gets the ball. Look at Robben. There was


a point at first from Demichelis and then a hand slap before the


team-mates. -- from the former team-mates. Job done by Rojo and


that is drilled well wide by Jordy Clasie. It was a poor touch from


Lavezzi. I think we are going into extra time, it looks that way


barring something that has not been in keeping with the game, something


magnificent. You mean football? Has it been that bad? It has not been


great. Higuain will not make the difference as he did in the last


round against Belgium for Argentina. That has gone straight to Messi and


he somehow comes away with it and that is Aguero. It is some wonderful


defending. Guess who? Big Ron! Big Ron again.


Messi just wriggled away from Dirk Kuyt. Mascherano with a driving


run. He cannot get it through to Sergio Aguero. Guess why? Ron Vlaar


is in the way of everything! Concrete Ron!


Biglia was pointing the way. Out it goes for a Dutch throw. Robben


cannot get through it tonight. So far.


They are so narrow down the right at the moment, Argentina. Palacio is


pushed in all the time. Just for a moment when Mascherano ran at the


heart of the Netherlands defence, it looked like a shot was on. He does


not score very often as we know. That is twice someone has big Aguero


to the ball, Sabella is going nuts. He is saying, just come to the


ball, he is strong as well but he was


Even when we get into injury time, we will have half an hour to go


unless there is an injury time goal so we will not see Tim Krul warming


up yet. Good ball from Dirk Kuyt, Robben, he


is in! Brilliance defending! Behind it goes for a corner. Was it


Mascherano? It was, he read the danger. Absolutely top-class. That


was the chance to win it. Yes, it is Mascherano. Great block. Look at his


eyes widened, he realised, that was the moment he realised, we are going


out, we are not making the final but for that last bit of lunging, and he


has gone a bit far, something has stretched. They knew it was a chance


will stop look at Danny Blind. He is all right, he is a warrior. He has


just kept his team on course for the Maracana, or in with a shout of it.


Robben had Romero to beat Gambian macro but he was well set.


Romero started to come for that but went back. Sneijder has a nice


angle. He can punch, can't he? It is the Dutch who are pressing in the


last seconds in S?o Paulo. Robben lets it run. The cross from


Janmaat and it is cleared by Garay. The Netherlands will keep going


until the final whistle-blowers, keep going at that Argentinian


penalty area. -- until the final whistle blows. Only Van Persie in


the box. Janmaat for the return but he went too soon and the flag is up


and it will be a free kick and we are into the last few seconds. Yes,


again, he could have looked across the line because nobody went with


him. Just. He is off. Just. Off. Off but just! A free kick for Sergio


Romero to take but he will not take it because that will do it for the


90 minutes. We have extra time in Sao Paulo in the second World Cup


semifinal. No eight goals here but we have got drama till the last and


we have 30 minutes extra to come first of all. Netherlands 0-0


Argentina. The two captains, two of the greats


of the game, Robin van Persie and Lionel Messi, neither of whom have


been able to make any sort of mark on this World Cup semifinal at all


but there is time yet. We have just been talking about the dilemma that


Louis Van Gaal has, with 30 minutes to go, with cramp and fatigue taking


its toll yet he made that subsidiaries and, Krul for Cillessen


just ahead of penalties against Costa Rica. Does he have a problem


now? Yes, and the problem will be different conditions completely


tonight, really wet, sapping in terms of energy. If one or two of


his players go down with cramp in the next 29 minutes... He has


stepped out his stall, the wings that Krul is the better at


penalties. -- he has set his stall out, he thinks that Krul is the


better at penalties. I really do hope it is not a mistake by Ron


Vlaar that settles this game because he does not deserve it. Yes. Van


Gaal said to him as well after normal time, keep going, he has been


fantastic. He was ruled as a doubt for the game with a knee problem but


defending has been no problem to him at all.


Dirk Kuyt does well to find Daley Blind who had taken up a useful


position on the left-hand touchline. De Vrij and Daley Blind have


defended very well. Yes, they have been very compact, as have


Argentina. Demichelis got enough on that but he needs the help of the


other letter now. Van Persie has lent into him, a Manchester derby


duel between the three of them. The decision goes to the light Blues.


Yes, and rightly so. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar has been


stretching and it looks like he is getting ready. It looks as though


the Dutch will be take sting -- putting on a penalty taker rather


than a saver. And the other thing is that Argentina will have watched


what Tim Krul did the other night and he went the same way for every


penalty. Argentina have watched him trying to save the penalties. They


don't know where Cillessen is going and we don't know which way the game


is going. We might not get there yet. We are kind of hoping we do! I


am wishing, not hoping! Clasie almost lost it to Aguero.


Cillessen only just cleared Sergio Aguero with that. Messi loses it to


Wesley Sneijder. FIFA Aguero with that. Messi loses it to


to go to encourage attacking play in extra time rather than the nervy


play we saw when it was next goal wins. Is this going to conform? It


looks like it at the moment. Janmaat tried to squeeze it through


to Robin van Persie. There is nobody there.


It is his 102nd cap tonight, it puts him ahead of Phillip Cocu, into the


top six in Dutch football history. And he has played in 17 different


positions are those caps! He was even in goal in training sessions


last week. If I remember rightly, didn't he


once go in goal for Liverpool? I don't know. I might have dreamt it!


Blind made the attentions of Palacio seem as if they did not bother him


one bit. The play is going the same way as it did for much of the


closing stages of the game with the Netherlands attacking. Dealt with by


Demichelis. I was going to say, he looks better without the ponytail,


and not just aesthetically. I said it earlier, he looked different,


better, quicker. Smarter. Van Persie off, Huntelaar on. That has answered


your question. A few whistles, shakes of the head and


your question. A few whistles, looking Dutch supporters at that


change. Van Persie has been under the weather and has had a stomach


problem. Huntelaar is immediately involved. Robben has got through.


And he nearly found Huntelaar but Mascherano and Zabaleta ganged up on


him. Mascherano yet again made the block. Now we know the answer if it


goes to penalties, Jasper Cillessen will be in goal for the


Netherlands. No heroics from Tim Krul this time. Louis Van Gaal will


be wanting his team to win it before it gets to that stage. Just at the


moment it is the team in orange looking the most likely. Yes, it is,


Argentina have hardly got out of their own half in this first period


of extra time. Janmaat is ambling to the ball.


That was too strong for Wijnaldum. The number of times that right


footed players have crossed from the left for Holland and they have


overhit it, it is too numerous. Of course, Argentina have one


subsidiary left available. They have played there to attacking cards,


Palacio and Aguero. Maybe again for Maxi Rodriguez. -- may be a game.


Ricky Alvarez is another option, that is if Sabella wants to go the


attacking route. Or a penalty taker. They have got a few of those on the


field already. Palacio is stopped by Blind.


Really nicely done by Dirk Kuyt. Huntelaar on the left, Sneijder with


Robben and Janmaat to the right. Robben goes past Biglia and goes for


gold. It was on target, Romero had to be switched on and ready. -- goes


for goal. Did that double their shops tally? It was just as well


that Garay left it, he tried to get in the way but it might have taken


it past Romero. Biglia tries to curl one down the


line and Blind has been beaten by Palacio but back at him now and Ron


Vlaar stops the ball across. Here is the final Argentinian change


and they are going to put Maxi Rodriguez into the game. Lavezzi is


going off, again, for a player of his abilities, not influencing the


game to the level he should be doing. Not at all, not at all. I


would not challenge his work rate but you are supposed to work hard in


professional football. This is somebody whose reputation cannot be


challenged, playing in his third World Cup, scored three goals in


2006 in Germany. The former Liverpool man left Anfield a couple


of years ago and has been back at his spiritual home, Newell 's old


boys in Argentina since. Zabaleta has gone for the old guard, the


tried and trusted. And you would expect Maxi Rodriguez to take a


penalty, wouldn't you? Still another 20 minutes before we get there but


no sign of the deadlock being broken just yet. That ball very nearly came


through to Palacio. Very nearly is not good enough. Sneijder was all at


sea. He is having a go at Huntelaar about the past to him but he was


under unbelievable pressure. -- the pass.


If anything, Mascherano is dropping even deeper now. He does of course


play centre-back for Barcelona these days. Rojo chips it up. Returned in


his direction but Janmaat has gone with him. It has to be poked out by


Garay with Huntelaar there. Lovely return and Wijnaldum has gone to


Robben again. Huntelaar is in the box.


Dirk Kuyt to have another look. He gets it wrong, played it straight


against Biglia and could we have an Argentinian break led by Messi?


Janmaat is back. He has been terrific. He has, full of energy


Janmaat is back. He has been vim and vigour. The closer option


was Robben. He skips away from Zabaleta. That is a foul. I thought


it was as well. Robben was definitely impeded by Zabaleta.


Messi just escapes the leg of Blind. Suddenly the game is stretched, I


don't think it has been at any point today. And it is not any more.


The name of Lionel Messi starts to be sung by Argentinian supporters,


desperate for their icon, their captain, their super start to take


them through to the Maracana on Sunday. He has got to beat Ron Vlaar


to do that. -- their superstar. A lot more urgency about the Dutch


play. Robben does not move, he will not get a free kick or a penalty or


whatever he wants from that. It was a poor pass again from Dirk Kuyt, he


has wasted the ball so often down that left.


Mascherano is chased by Huntelaar and fouled by Huntelaar, free kick


Argentina, yellow card for Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. You are not going to


change the referee's mind. A good job for him that they are wiped


after the quarterfinals. Surely the two centre-backs are going up, I


thought for a moment they were going to stay back but they are going up


now. Garay and Demichelis get up into that penalty area. There will


be one minute added on and we are into it now until the end of the


first half of extra time. Something for Cillessen to do here, maybe.


Lionel Messi free kick. Cillessen watches it onto the end of his


gloves. He actually did well, for a split second I did not think he was


going to get there. Oh! He came right over the top of Sergio Aguero.


He has a look of Stuart Broad. Yes. Palacio gets away from Blind and it


was close to Aguero but not quite close enough and it is turned behind


by Janmaat and Argentina will be in a hurry to take this corner. It was


a great ball in as well, Aguero just cannot get there. Did De Vrij get


the call to lead it? It is headed clear by Wijnaldum and that will do


it for the first period of extra time. Flurries of excitement, mainly


the Netherlands doing the attacking side of it but still neither side is


able to find a way through. 15 minutes to go and if we do not see a


goal, the World Cup finalists to join Germany in Rio will be decided


by a penalty shoot out. Are we set for another semifinal to


be decided by spot kicks? Those on the field will have to do it for the


teams. All three subs to juice and have been used by both coaches. --


substitutions. Cillessen made it look simple enough but his heart


must have been beating a bit more quickly when he saw Aguero coming.


That is twice he has done that. That the letter stays down and you know


there is a problem then. Complete accident, they seemed to both


arrived at the same time for the ball. Dirk Kuyt is not even looking


at Zabaleta, he is looking at the ball. It is another one on the jaw.


Yes. It is wonderful when it works. Oh yes. Real competence there and


you called it early on, there is definitely a touch of Edwin van der


Sar about him. goalkeepers again, with Tim Krul on


the bench and Michel Vorm of Swans A. Kenneth Vermeer was seemingly


first choice at the beginning of last season for club and country but


Cillessen overtook him. Real concern for Zabaleta. They have made the


changes, haven't they? It is a just in case compensation, if he does not


make it. -- conversation. Just checking everything. It is his


teeth, isn't it? Oh, straight into the shoulder. And don't forget how


much that is slowed down. He sees everything, Alex Sabella, kicks


everything, hits every ball, feels every blow. I think he is going to


be fine. By that I mean he will be able to carry on. Of all the players


on the field, he would be the one you would back. Him and Mascherano.


You don't get soft South American players, do you? Not in blue and


white, for Uruguay and Argentina, that is the shore. -- for sure. It


is a long delay, for treatment to Pablo Zabaleta's jawline. Mascherano


is there. I think he could end up playing right back, couldn't he? It


is quite an attacking line-up that they have on the field, now.


Zabaleta will continue. It looks as though he knows exactly what day it


is and what is at stake. Yes, it is Friday, February eight. A clean


shirt and a tissue will sort him out and on we go with Netherlands in


possession. Here goes Palacio. He worked really


hard to get that through to Aguero, whose touch was not what was


required. Aguero has been very poor, for him, since he has been on.


He looks completely out of sorts. Zabaleta is back on the field.


Sneijder finds the on movable Ron Vlaar. -- on movable.


It is almost like we are starting the second period of extra time


again the second period of extra time


Zabaleta. Wijnaldum wants it but Robben gets it instead.


Zabaleta. Wijnaldum wants it but to be quick and was caught by


Aguero. He has not been quick ever since he came on. Yes, he has been


slow off the mark. Messi cannot quite find Palacio but


Daley Blind is winding one up. That was more in hope than anything else.


A little bit. It will Stefan de Vrij, anyway. I am glad I did not


get too excited! And was it Danny Blind, or Daley Blind? It was Stefan


de Vrij. It happens. I am really glad it did not go in!


Still goalless after five and a half minutes of the second period of


extra time. There will be a good couple of minutes added to the end


after Zabaleta's crunching challenge from Dirk Kuyt. It was an accidental


Huntelaar was unlucky. He just looked as though he was going to set


Robben free. He is trying to pinch the ball for the throw, look. He


does smile, at times. He is all smiles, Arjen Robben, playing in a


very relaxed fashion. He falls over in a very relaxed fashion. Not in


the last couple of games. It seems to have worked, a bit of a backlash,


not the refereeing but a bit of a spotlight on it, and he seems to


have suddenly found the ability to stay upright.


No doubt at all that he will be in the queue, he went second in the


penalties, if we get there, against Costa Rica. Someone will have two


step first now Van Persie is no longer out there. -- have to step.


It might well be Huntelaar. There is a fear of losing, now,


isn't there? So close to the finish. They scrapped the Golden Goal rule,


but we have almost got one now. Ron Vlaar once again seeing of Sergio


Aguero. When you think of the likes of Aguero, Messi, Van Persie and


Robben, you would not have expected Ron Vlaar to take Man of the Match


honours in the World Cup semifinal. No, but he has been fantastic, plus


his leadership. Ron Vlaar blocking again and getting a throw.


Ezequiel Garay will certainly be in the queue for Argentina. He takes


free kicks and penalties when he is allowed the chance.


Mascherano slipped but still found Aguero. Maxi Rodr?guez was after


Daley Blind. It has bounced off the heel of


Palacio. Dirk Kuyt was about three yards


offside when he realised that the ball was sailing over his head. You


can see what he thought of it. It is difficult to know what Jasper


Cillessen is thinking. "Probably about time, too. It should have been


me last time". We know he does not lack confidence. Also, I think


goalkeepers should take penalties. Tim Krul might have, had we got


there. They are always kicking dead balls, aren't they? Palacio is in


Argentina! The flag stayed down and he made a mess of it. He wanted the


ball to come down and it was tamely into the hands of Cillessen. He


decided to head it without having a look at where Cillessen was. He


headed it straight at him rather than over him. The Dutch keeper made


that looked very routine as well. -- made that look. That just shows you,


we are not there yet. One slip-up and the World Cup semifinal could be


decided. Rojo had to stretch everything to keep it in play. He


did well. You have to say as well that both


teams, defensively, have looked absolutely rock-solid. They really


have, two different systems, as well.


Germany will certainly find it harder to score against either of


these teams in Sunday's final. If you can say certainly about any game


at this World Cup. Ron Vlaar goes shoulder to shoulder


but Messi is strong enough to keep his balance and Argentina on the


attack. He has beaten Ron Vlaar this time. There is the chance! And


Cillessen is in the way. Maxi Rodr?guez at the back. He did not


strike it with any quality whatsoever. Chances suddenly coming


Argentina's way. Robben. Mascherano will deal with him and just wait on


the contact from behind. I just wonder, with Rodriguez's chance, I


think Palacio is in the way as it comes back towards him. A little


bit, but even so. Ron Vlaar, pulling messy's -- Messi's shirt. He just


asked to strike through the ball but it was a complete misfit. -- has


destroyed. Was that the first time Ron Vlaar has been beaten? Yes, and


the header was not great either. Ron Vlaar wastes this. A bad 38 seconds.


He is having a shocker. It goes for an Argentina throw. Two and a half


minutes to go plus another couple of minutes, I should not wonder.


Benzema was similar and the weekend. -- at the weekend, a similar


situation. One shot to win it. There might be another one yet. A little


bit late, there, Janmaat. He called Rojo. -- court Rojo.


The top of his foot. No protection in his boots, is there? Actually,


has anyone got the big boots onto night? I don't think they have. I


have not see them but they might have longer studs in. It is still


raining. Not as heavily as it has been at times throughout this


evening. Huntelaar gets back onside. But


Robin is met by Mascherano. For one flaw in Orange, read Javier


Mascherano in blue and white. Absolutely, the two of them have


been brilliant. I think he is better there, Mascherano, I really do.


Huntelaar had to work to hold it up and keep it away from Ezequiel


Garay. Janmaat ran into Rojo. He is in the


wars again. He hurt himself this time. Huntelaar is on the move in


the penalty area, just getting in front of Ezequiel Garay for the


throw from Janmaat. He was able to turn, too.


Janmaat setting himself on the cross and it goes to Dirk Kuyt! Blocked by


Demichelis. Yes, I don't think he knew much about it. We are about to


move into one final minute. Robben keeps the ball and wanders through.


But Zabaleta lifts it out of harm 's way for Argentina. One minute, that


is what the board said, and that is all that is left of the second World


Cup semifinal. Dirk Kuyt is attacking for the Netherlands and he


nearly got it through to Wijnaldum. He was blocked by Rojo. There is a


bit of afters but it soon calms down and the goalkeeper will clear. Rojo


spotted the danger extremely quickly, coming in from his


left-back position. It looks as though it is going to end in a draw.


That is what it will say in the record books. We will see who will


go through to the World Cup final by a penalty shoot out.


Sergio Romero, the referee has the whistle to his lips and we are going


the full distance. The Netherlands have been here before. They saw off


Costa Rica in the quarterfinals. They got four out of four from the


spot. Can they do it again? They are now playing an Argentina side you


have not been involved in a World Cup in the shoot out since 2006,


when they lost the quarterfinal to Germany. The match has finished 0-0.


The drama continues, though. The cheers after the toss of the


coin between the captains, Lionel Messi and now Arjen Robben, have


only come from those supporters who realised the referee signalled the


penalties would be at their end. We will have a look in a moment to see


who will go first. It looks as though it may well be... Dirk Kuyt


is coming to have a word with Jasper Cillessen.


will have a look in a moment to see who will go first. It looks as


will have a look in a moment to see is coming to have a word with Jasper


Cillessen. There are penalty shoot out and


thereof penalty shoot outs. A place in the World Cup final is at stake.


-- there are penalty shoot outs. The Netherlands will go first. Robin van


Persie is off the field. So responsibility lies with Ron Vlaar.


He did not take one in the last shoot out against Costa Rica. Ron


Vlaar has had a terrific game for the Dutch and he is first up from


the spot and it is saved by Rome Aero! Isn't that just the way? --


Romero. How many times have we seen that at this level? He has an


absolute brilliant game of football, Ron Vlaar, and it is just a poor


penalty. Romero guessed right. He almost did not have to move at all.


The Dutch went four out of four against Costa Rica in the


quarterfinal but none out of one, here. Argentina have their main man


and regular taker going first to them. Lionel Messi. With the extra


story being the fact it is Jasper Cillessen in goal for the Dutch.


They could not make the change of the Tim Krul on in this one. They


used all three substitutes. Cillessen will want to prove he has


got what it takes. We know Messi has but has he now? He has. Never in


doubt. You felt that Messi almost waited for Cillessen to make his


move. And now the Dutch can revert back to


then at four order. Robin van Persie went second against Costa Rica and


put it into the top left. -- their natural order. -- Arjen Robben.


Robben, bottom right, this time. He gets the Dutch in the tick column.


Dirk Kuyt, telling everyone what is happening. Ezequiel Garay, the


centre-back, but a player who takes a mean penalty and want scored seven


in a single season when he was playing for Racing Santander. --


once scored seven. I don't suppose any of those carried as much


pressure as this one. And he put everything he had behind


the ball. You don't save those. He smashed it into the roof of the net.


The advantage is with Argentina, 2-1 after two kicks each.


Romero has saved one. Now he has to try to keep out Wesley Sneijder.


Saved! Brilliantly saved! He went the right way and beat it away.


Sneijder took only four steps to the ball here, I wonder if that has got


anything to do with the fact that it was saved. Again, it is a great


height for the goalkeeper once you dive the right way. Sergio Aguero,


on as a substitute, can put Argentina within touching distance


of the World Cup final. He is taking a long time about seeing the ball up


as he likes it. -- pings. Aguero scores! It crept under


Cillessen. Cillessen dives over this for me.


Yes, he should have saved it, he will feel he should have saved it.


Dirk Kuyt's turn, he has the score. He must beat Romero and put this in


the net. Dirk Kuyt does that. The Dutch are still breathing, just.


Good penalty from Dirk Kuyt. Argentina are one click away from


the World Cup final -- kick. There is a swagger about Maxi Rodriguez as


he makes his way from the halfway line to the penalty spot. The former


Liverpool man could take his country to the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro


with this kick. Cillessen is arguing that it is not on the spot. Here


comes Rodriguez. Here go Argentina! They are going to Rio, they will


face the might of Germany! For the third time in World Cup history, we


are getting a final between the Germans and the Argentinians.


Blasted in by Maxi Rodriguez, Alex Sabella is one game away from the


greatest prize in world football. One step too far for the men in


orange. It is the Albiceleste who will go on to Rio. Argentina win on


penalties. So that's it for the World Cup


replay tonight. Argentina against Germany is the World Cup final and


you can see it from 7pm on Sunday night on BBC One. Goodbye.


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