13/07/2014 Match of the Day


A chance to watch the third place play-off of the 2014 World Cup from the Estadio Nacional in Brasilia, as hosts Brazil take on the Netherlands. With commentary from Steve Wilson.

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And Hello and welcome to the World Cup replay. We have the third and


fourth play-off coming your way. Brazil taking on the Dutch. Brazil


hoping to end with a victory after the 71-macro defeat against Germany.


Will this be a victory for Felipe Scolari? Will probably be the end of


the road for some of their squad. Scolari was booed when his name was


read to the crowd. The referee is from Algeria taking charge of his


fourth game of this World Cup. Let's hope it was better than his second


game, the England Costa Rica game ending goalless. Louis van Gaal


leaves his post after this game. Gusts heading will take over. They


last Wesley Sneijder in the warm up so has made two changes to the 11


which were beaten on penalties by Argentina. Jonathan de Guzman comes


in for Sneijder and Jordy Clasie in for the injured Nigel de Jong. It is


the Dutch who will get the first half underway. In their changed


strip of all blue with orange numbers and Brazil with yellow


shirts and white shorts today. The stadium, not quite full. But not far


off. Brazil will not achieve redemption today, but at least they


can begin building some bridges. Not clear what his future is yet.


Third-place match it and maybe, but the crowd are up for it. Every time


they see him on the big screen, you will hear them cheering. Cool, early


evening in Brazil. The temperatures will be of no problem at all to the


Dutch. Seventh and last match for this stadium in this World Cup. His


armies in the air and when it drops the referee will his whistle. Away


we go. The bronze medals, which will be awarded after this game.


Netherlands in blue from right to left against the Brazilians in


yellow and white. First touch of the World Cup for Maxwell who is in for


Marcelo. Goes out for the throat which Dirk Kuyt will take. -- throw.


De Vrij and now Vlaar. De Guzman being hunted down by Willian.


Martins Indi. Calm leader on Cillessen. Class C getting an early


touch. There was a big cheer the Jo when his name once up. Arjen Robben.


Pulled back. Penalty kick. It had to be. Referee deciding it is inside


the penalty area and after 90 seconds the Dutch are rewarded a


penalty kick. Arjen Robben was flying away. Thiago Silva gets the


yellow card. Just too quick. There is the contact. The initial contact


is outside. Thiago Silva might have a case here. But the referee from


Algeria has awarded a penalty. After 90 seconds. Thiago Silva only got a


yellow card. Robin van Persie, who had been taken up when the Dutch


took the penalty shoot out against Argentina. But he did score his


against Costa Rica in the quarterfinal. Robin van Persie, can


put the Netherlands in front here. 1-0! Supercool penalty kick from


Robin van Persie. Behind again. Van Percie's fourth


goal of this World Cup. It is a good penalty. You could almost make a


case that perhaps a free kick on the edge of the penalty area and a red


card might be the right decision. The referee gave a penalty and a


yellow card. Thiago Silva, just beaten for pace


by Arjen Robben. New exactly what he was doing. He would say he got his


timing right and the replay would suggest he did. The contact was


outside the penalty area. The referee did not see it that way. 1-0


the Netherlands. If van Percie gets two more today he will be in the


race for the Golden Boot. Maicon with the throw. Jo returned it to


him. Blind in quickly. It is a Dutch goalkick. Brazil's record in this


fixture, played three, 12, lost one. -- one two. Kuyt with the head Dan.


It will be a Brazilian throw. Willian shrugs off Jordy Clasie.


Ramirez arriving Anne Bury Nelly got a touch. He wasn't far away.


Goalkeeper was unsure whether to come. That is how close Ramirez was


to getting his studs on it. Wijnaldum finds a Vlaar. Blind.


Jordy Clasie almost caught by Willian. Netherlands get the throw.


Robben. Steps inside Gustavo. Just couldn't find the past. -- the


past. The Dutch have started well. Jo onside.


squeeze it through to Willian. Smashed away by de Vrij. Looking for


Robin van Persie. Thiago Silva is getting across.


Robin van Persie. Thiago Silva is Arjen Robben. Paulinho. Got himself


between man and ball and a free kick as well. Another card. Arjen Robben


this time. It was a bit harsh to get hooked for that, I Robin. -- Arjen


Robben. The referee gave Arjen Robben the yellow card. David Luiz.


Maxwell. Ramires. He was expecting Maicon to


make the run. He had thought about that but changed his mind.


The header, from Maxwell. Slightly awkward from Stefan De Vrij.


The little touch from De Vrij on Oscar, another Brazilian free kick.


Taken quickly. Maxwell from the free kick from Oscar.


Plenty of room for Maxwell to pick it out. Jo could not get round it. I


Robin using his pace. Thiago Silva could not catch him. The pass was


behind Wijnaldum. Dirk Kuyt. Brazil, went out of the last World


Cup in the quarterfinals. They were beaten in 1974 in the German


edition. Ramires court in possession by Bruno


Martins. That was just over hit by Dirk Kuyt for Arjen Robben.


Looking for Willian. Dirk Kuyt is back. Willian has reached that and


got a throw in. Play on, says the referee. De


Guzman. Van Persie looking for I Robin. David Luiz was in the right


ways. Just as well. Willian. Ramires, there are appeals for


offside, not given. Looking vulnerable on the


counterattack again, Brazil. Daley Blind. The referee slightly


impeded Robin Van Persie. David Luiz has it. That was a good tackle by De


Vrij. Thiago Silva, David Luiz and Maxwell


will be team-mates next season for Parry St Germain. -- Paris St


Germain. Suspicion of handball,


referee has spotted it, free kick against Oscar.


The clearance from Cillesen, David Luiz getting a header on it.


Bruno Martins, to Daley Blind. Arjen Robben. And Van Persie. Trying to


wriggle between Diego Silva, couldn't quite do it. Van Persie.


I Robin here. -- Arjen Robben here. David Luiz is away, he has given it


away to Daley Blind, 2-0, terrible defending by Brazil. That clearing


header by David Luiz went straight to Daley Blind and he has put it


straight in the back of the Brazil net. We have played 17 minutes and


Brazil are 2-0 down, and the home fans are silenced. It is another


defensive horror show for Brazil. Onside, intended for Van Persie,


David Luiz gives it straight to Daley Blind, who finds the roof of


the net. No awareness of what was going on there from David Luiz. And


Daley Blind smacks that enter the roof of the net of Julius is our. --


Daley Blind smacks that in to the net of Julio Cesar. Daley Blind with


his first ever international goal. Now, where do Brazil go from here?


How do they respond? Have they learned their lesson from Belo


Horizonte? Will they have a complete loss of composure that they showed


against Germany, in defeat? It is going to be a goalkick. There


are some international futures on the line here. They might survive


the 7-1 semifinal defeat against Germany but you cannot imagine that


Luiz Felipe Scolari would keep his job after another heavy-handed feat.


-- heavy home defeat. Oscar. Jo. Van Persie working hard


to try and reach this. Ramires got there first but has conceded a throw


in. Neymar, cast in the role of cheerleader, today.


Forward, from Ron Vlaar. Maxwell, under no pressure. Luiz Gustavo. Jo


well beaten in the air by De Vrij. Oscar.


2-0 already, less than 20 minutes played. Ramires.


David Luiz, for Brazil. And again. Intended for Jo. Cleared by Stefan


DeVry. -- Stefan De Vrij. Wesley Schneider injured himself in the


warm up and will be very disappointed not to be involved.


Maybe he does not have another World Cup in him and this would have been


his swansong. Very good run by Oscar, but Cillesen, behind that. He


worked the space very well at, Oscar. The shop, in the end,


something of a disappointment. -- the shot. It was on target, but not


much more than that. Jordy Clasie, finding Arjen Robben.


David Luiz. Oscar, playing very deep. Trying to


find Ramires. Great ball, Oscar runs well, but an important touch. He


almost opened them up there. Luiz Gustavo. The Maicon. Running


away from Daley Blind. His next touch was a heavy one, and it


allowed Ron Vlaar to intercept. The Dutch are on the break. Arjen Robben


taking on Luiz Gustavo. Van Persie, Daley Blind and de Guzman still in


the middle. Stefan De Vrij. Away from two. Cleared by Thiago Silva.


Helped on by Paulinho. To Wijnaldum was bundled over. It


will be a free kick to the Dutch. Going to be a goalkick. The


Brazilians testing the patience and the support of their supporters.


Powerful header from Vlaar. Wijnaldum. The foul by Ramires. He


hurried that and Blind could not reach it. Wijnaldum is shocked by


his own mistake. Thiago Silva. De Guzman, trying to


get away from Gustavo. That will be a free kick to Rozelle. -- Brazil.


Netherlands have not scored in the quarterfinal all the semifinal.


Their last goal was the late winner against Mexico in the second round.


There have been 13 penalties in normal play in this World Cup. 12 of


which have been scored. Ben is a mark, the only person to miss a


penalty outside a shoot out. Struggling to find a way out at the


moment, Rozelle. They have the ball up their feet, but... Oscar, that


was a decent ball. Willian. Oscar has played well so far. Jo, Oscar.


Trying to be the linchpin. Taken out by Martins Indi. That will be a free


kick. The Brazilians are asking for the Dutchman to be booked. He is not


going to be. Free kick is about a yard outside the penalty area. Oscar


is going to take it. David Luiz, Jo, Thiago Silva, Gustavo all in the


Dutch penalty area. Cillessen, lining up a two man walls. -- wall.


Oscar on the free kick. David Luiz got ahead to it but it is well wide.


-- got his head. It is a penalty, we can see it is outside the box. Well


struck by Robin van Persie. Must have been offside,


when he received that pass for the second goal. The Brazilians, aren't


both of those goals will feel they have been slightly hard done by. De


Guzman! Set himself nicely and then got


underneath it. De Guzman, trying to squeeze it


through to Wijnaldum. Arjen Robben was never going to reach that. It is


a throwing for Brazil. That picture is on the big screen inside the


stadium. A few boos greet it. Half an hour played. The hosts are being


kind 2-0. Robin van Persie's early penalty and Daley Blind, with his


first-ever goal for his country. Kuyt, back to Cillessen.


Maxwell. Willian's mistake and van Percie almost got it away from him.


The regularity with which they gave the ball away in the semifinal was


what did for them. They haven't crumbled here as they did then. But


they haven't not themselves back into the game either. Kuyt with the


head-on, Arjen Robben on after it. Foul on Robben by Gustavo.


De Guzman is over to speak to Arjen Robben, perhaps fancying he wants to


take it? Seven yellow shirts to five blue shirts in the middle. Arjen


Robben's delivery was just too high for Ron Vlaar. Back in by Wijnaldum.


Robin van Persie. Teasing ball in but nobody attacking the near post


or the Dutch. Julian Cesar smashes it downfield. Willian has controlled


it. This is better. Maicon charging forward. Maicon fell over the


outstretched foot of Wijnaldum. Another free kick. Maicon was quite


happy to take that. Always the possibility that if the rapper


reveals he might have got the early penalty wrong, then he might feel


inclined to try and level things up. It is a free kick. Oscar on it.


David Luiz, Jo and is Paulinho inside the penalty area.


Oscar's free kick. If there was a touch, it was a Dodge touch and I


think it was Wijnaldum who got the last flick on this. That's macro --


Dutch touch. First corner of the game is a Brazilian corner. Too long


for David Luiz. Robben is there. Ron Vlaar. Blind. Ron Vlaar has


continued his run. Here he is. Ron Vlaar has got to pick the right path


now. Could not quite do it. Headed away by Maxwell who is trying to


find de Guzman. A better pass. The Dutch were in for three. Maicon. Jo.


Away from Blind. Maicon. Oscar, looking for Maicon again. Jo. Curled


in. Wide. They are committing yellow shirts Paul Wood, as many as they


can, as often as they can. But they could be caught on the break so


easily. -- forward. Ten minutes of the first half to go. Claiming, it


David Luiz, was being held by Ron Vlaar. It is the kind of thing that


goes on all of the time. Paulinho. Maicon. Oscar. Just tripped by de


Guzman. Referee might reach for his pocket. Yes he does, it yellow card


for de Guzman. Oscar is certainly the driving force


and inspiration about what Brazil are doing well at the moment. This


free kick was played short to Maicon. David Luiz. That was a shot.


Hitting Bruno Martins Indi. 2-0 up, his side in what is his last game in


charge of the Orange men of the Netherlands. Oscar. The flag was up.


The referee has given a free kick. The assistant gave that free kick


about three times before the referee agreed with it. Oscar... Only needed


a little touch. Almost, but not quite. Paulinho and David Luiz


hurled themselves at this. In from Oscar. Helped on by Gustavo.


Paulinho and David Luiz within a whisker. Any touch, it surely would


have beaten Cillessen. Kuyt is down and needs help.


Collision with Maxwell. certainly forearmed ahead. He knows


that he has hurt him, there. -- forearm to head.


Not the kind of guy to come off easily, but point. I would be


surprised if he does not come back on. They is, back on his feet. --


there he is. He might need a stitch or two to get him through the


half-time. It is international cap number 103 for him. The Dutch, down


to ten men, play is continuing. Oscar, the Maxwell. Dirk Kuyt, back


on his feet and ready to come on any moment. Maxwell.


Ramires with the ball in. Stefan De Vrij with the clearing header. Arjen


Robben has got a free kick. He will be happy with that.


Luiz Gustavo had his arms around him and then Ramires arrived. The point


is back on. Brazil nil, Netherlands two, half-time approaching. They


have conceded 13 goals in 6.5 games in this World Cup, Brazil. Four of


them in six minutes. David Luiz has given it away. Stefan De Vrij has


it. That was an unusually poor touch by Arjen Robben. The ricochet


carries it to Van Persie. by Arjen Robben. The ricochet


well saved by Julio Cesar. You could see that bouncing


well saved by Julio Cesar. You could of Van Persie, and alarm bells were


ringing. Cut out by Ron Vlaar. Wijnaldum


getting an angry reaction out of Willian. The free kick goes to the


Dutch. Ron Vlaar, he mistimed that. The


referee was going to play advantage for a minute but there was no


advantage for Oscar, and Ron Vlaar is going to get a yellow card.


It was the old Dutch windmill, that one! Whack!


He has not actually shown the yellow card to Ron Vlaar. I would be


surprised if he doesn't. I thought that he would reach for it straight


away, the referee. Ramires is hobbling off. He does not look


unduly worried, Cillesen, does he? David Luiz will try to reprises free


kick in Fortaleza. If the referee has shown Ron Vlaar a yellow card, I


have not seen it. I don't know if he has. Last minute of the first half.


Oscar, into the wall, and Maxwell, over the bar.


Moving into two added minutes at the end of the first half.


Brazilian emotion has been an issue right through this World Cup and, in


the end, it has done them more harm than good. De Vrij, forward. Two


added minutes. They do not want to concede here.


Maicon dispossess is Van Persie. Luiz Gustavo.


Van Persie, Clasie, to the Guzman. He has Clasie to his left and side.


Robin Van Persie in the box. And Arjen Robben will not reach that. He


has done brilliantly, actually, to reach that, and he has found Dirk


Kuyt. Lovely Dutch approach work. 60 seconds of the first half to go,


Brazil could do with the whistle. Willian, court by Daley Blind. And


the referee blows his whistle and says that is half-time. And that is


the reaction from the fans inside the national stadium, Brazil booed


off at half-time for the second game running. It is not 5-0, it is a step


in the right direction but only a small one.


The second half getting underway, no change for the Dutch. Brazil, two


down. Fernandinho on for Luiz Gustavo. Willian.


A little bit of room for Maxwell, three available in the box. Cut out


by Ron Vlaar. As this was called in. It was offside in the middle.


Stefan De Vrij with a free kick. Van Persie with a little magic on David


Luiz brings another. -- little nudge. What a strange World Cup he


has had, David Luiz. This is Jo, to Paulinho. Maicon.


Fernandinho looking for the run from Oscar. It is well cut out by Stefan


De Vrij. Thiago Silva had enough of a head start on Arjen Robben. Julio


Cesar. It is going to be a Dutch goalkick.


You certainly cannot fault the performance that Oscar has put in


for Luiz Felipe Scolari. That booing is for him, and he knows it.


The throw-in from Maxwell towards Paulinho. It ricocheted off Clasie.


Good turn from Ramires. Oscar to his right hand side, but Ramires just


overruns that. The referee is just checking whether that is a corner


with his assistant, and yes, it is. Great little turn by Ramires. The


corner kick played short towards Maxwell.


Into the danger area, Van Persie and de Guzman were both there. Ramires


is covering and he fouls Arjen Robben. Free kick to the


Netherlands. The free kick has been taken quickly. And I Robin is


breaking away for the Netherlands. And Wijnaldum actor back post could


not quite get it in. -- Arjen Robben. Almost catching out the


Brazilian defence. He got by Thiago Silva. But it


looped up tamely in the direction of Wijnaldum.


Willian. David Luiz, looking for Jo. Covered by Ron Vlaar. Oscar.


Oscar thought he had been fouled. Dutch rate. Kuyt. Van Percie. Robben


has been dispossessed. He felt he was fouled. Paulinho trying to run


around Ron Vlaar. Arjen Robben is spurious. Felt he had been fouled by


Fernand Dino. -- Fernandinho. The match director is lingering over


some replays, but the match is going on.


Kuyt got a little touch. Cillessen is there. Danny Alves as is warming


up for Brazil. Hernanes is also stretching his legs.


Blind to take the Dutch from will stop leading 2-0.


Clasie was there. Good strength from Wijnaldum.


Kuyt. Fernand Dino. Would all change if Brazil can get a goal. Taken out


by Fernandinho. The yellow card issue own.


Hulk and Bernard also warming up alongside Danny Alves and Hernanes.


Blind, scorer of the second goal. De Guzman. Martins Indi. Daley Blind.


The pass to de Guzman did not quite work. Fernandinho into Oscar. Oscar


trying to turn away from de Vrij. Decent ball. Here is Jo. Needs a bit


of help. Ricocheted off Ron Vlaar. Decent ball. Here is Jo. Needs a bit


of help. Thiago Silva. Oscar, Jo. Maicon. Decent spell for Brazil.


Oscar. Willian. Thiago Silva. Fernandinho. Oscar.


Run from Willian but it was cut out by Clasie. Ramires trying to give it


back to Maicon. Not a very good ball. Free kick to the Netherlands.


Foul by Fernandinho. Brazil will make the change now and it is up


Paulinho coming off and it is Hernanes coming on. So, Hernanes,


who came on against Croatia and Columbia, gets his third taste of


the action in this World Cup. Thiago Silva. Hernanes, with the


back header to Willian. Well read by Blind. Kuyt a little slow getting


forward to his right hand side. Kuyt. Clasie. Hernanes snapping at


his heels. Free kick. Arjen Robben. Free kick is given.


The Dutch might have preferred to play on, but Robben is down.


Hernanes has been putting himself about since he came on. Catching


Robben here. It is a bad tackle and that will hurt. Robben is back on


his feet and is OK. They could have played the advantage. Hernanes is


lucky to escape without a yellow card.


Ron Vlaar. Fernandinho just about getting his foot in. Flag is up, but


the shot is saved anyway. Almost deserves a goal in this World Cup,


Ron Vlaar will start you have to feel for him. Having missed the


first shoot out against Argentina. Apart from that company has had a


great tournament. Fernandinho. -- apart from maps, he


Ramires, away from la! Wrong side of the post. He had Oscar has an option


and chose to ignore him. Wasn't far off the mark. It is a lovely turn.


Ron Vlaar was struggling. Maxwell's header will stop


Fernandinho, to Thiago Silva. Maicon. Jo, Willian. Maxwell


overlapping. Good block by Kuyt. Fernandinho. Too much pace on that


for Maxwell. If it is to be the end of Scolari's career as the Brazilian


coach, huge hike in the 2002 World Cup win. The huge low, the 2014


semifinal debacle. Fernandinho. Hernanes, available. Maicon has


found him. Martins Indi trying to get back. Cleared away by Clasie to


van Percie. Nice turn, van Percie. Thiago Silva got there. The ricochet


off Blind has left him holding his face. The referee says play on.


Willian. Just under half an hour to go. Both goals inside the first 20


minutes. Van Percie penalty and Daley Blind with the second. Maicon.


Maicon getting through Blind but not past Kuyt. A free kick has been


given. Kuyt is smiling at the referee, pretty sure he won that


cleanly, the Dutchman. Maybe it was for that, Blind on Maicon, rather


than what Kuyt did. This free kick is something of a Groundhog Day for


David Luiz. is something of a Groundhog Day for


ripped into the roof of the net. This one might be closer than that.


David Luiz when fit again. The goalkeeper simply stands and parries


it, Cillessen. Maicon. Willian. Brazil desperately


trying to give their supporters something to cheer about. Certainly


putting in a shift. I think the Dutch are happy enough with the


scoreline as it stands. Fernandinho winning the free kick. Thiago Silva.


Oscar. Fernandinho. Ron Vlaar is there.


Dutch have had 24 hours less recovery time after their semifinal.


Maxwell. Touch from Jo. Ramires is helping it on. Maicon will have


duces that. Block by Ron Vlaar. Appeals by handball by Maicon. He


has dipped into it, Ron Vlaar and then it hits him somewhere on the


upper arm. It might have been harsh, but Maicon thought it was worth


shouting. Dutch throw. If he is looking for crumbs of


comfort, he might find some in the second half.


Van Persie, looking to spread it. Dispossessed by Ramires. Ron Vlaar


does spread it. The Dutch are pretty happy to


contain at the moment. The fowl, by Arjen Robben.


That is what the referee thought. Here is Oscar. Is that a foul? I


think Oscar is going to get a yellow card for the dive. Oscar booked for


diving. Daley Blind stretching out the left foot, didn't make any


contact with the ball, don't think he made any contact with Oscar,


either. The referee was absolutely adamant that there was contact


initiated by Oscar. Daley Blind is the player who needs treatment. That


was the earlier shout for handball. Daley Blind is down.


Oscar is saying "penalty". The referee says no. Daley Blind, for


the moment, is being carried off the pitch. Here it is again. Out goes


the left foot. He might just have made contact with the top of


Oscar's right foot. Brazil feeling hard done by. Oscar,


in particular. Daley Blind is coming off. And Daryl Janmaat will replace


him. Dirk Kuyt might go the left


wing-back now. -- GOTO. -- might go to left wingback.


Daryl Janmaat comes on and plays right wingback, Dirk Kuyt will now


play on the left. Hulk is coming on shortly for Brazil. They feel that


they should have had a penalty. Having seen the incident a few times


now, I'm not sure that Oscar has been hard done by.


Maxwell, caught in possession. That was beautifully done, away from


Fernandinho. Van Persie, just offside.


I believe that is the first yellow card that we have had for simulation


in this World Cup. Wijnaldum getting forward, he plays through Van


Persie. Arjen Robben cannot pick it out, and Brazil have sorted


themselves out in the nick of time. Hernanes under pressure from de


Guzman. David Luiz wants to take it quickly. It is all kicking off. The


referee is talking to David Luiz. Brazil are making a substitution,


Hulk coming on for Ramires. That was taken off the toes of Ron


Vlaar. The corner kick for Brazil taken quickly. Hernanes arriving at


the back post. But it goes out for a goal kick. As the boy landed, he


jarred his left thigh. -- as the Kuyt. -- Dirk Kuyt.


Brazil had one nine consecutive matches coming into this World Cup,


they made it ten with a victory in Sao Paulo against Croatia. It seems


a long time ago. That was a good challenge. Willian has lost it.


Well played by Arjen Robben. Robin takes it up. Maxwell with the


clearance. Good football by the Netherlands.


Teamwork is enough in the end. De Vrij and the referee almost


getting in the way. In the end, the referee has given the free kick, not


sure whether the challenge was from the referee from De Vrij. He has yet


to score in this World Cup, Hulk. Wijnaldum getting forward. Arjen


Robben had just checked his run. Oscar. Jo. Now, Hulk. That was an


ambitious drive from an unpromising angle, with Ron Vlaar standing in


front of him. Goalkick to the Dutch. It was just a swing at it.


Maxwell cannot quite reach the header from Fernandinho. You


wouldn't bet against more goals in these last 15 minutes, although


which team looks likely to score them, the Dutch, on the break,


always offer something. Hulk has got away from two and fed Oscar. Jo down


the middle. Hulk needs a decent ball, and he ran into Ron Vlaar.


Arjen Robben with a simple ball into the good man. -- de Guzman.


He waited 64 World Cup -- 64 years for this World Cup, Brazil. They


have only got 30 minutes left to score two goals and take this tie to


extra time. But on the whole, it has been a disappointing campaign for


Luiz Felipe Scott Murray and his squad. -- Luiz Felipe Scolari.


That was neatly done by Jo. The Maxwell. -- to Maxwell.


Lovely weight on that return ball. Ron Vlaar always seems to be in the


right place and gets a clear call from Cillesen. Willian takes the


return and tries to call the ball in, you can see what he is trying to


do. -- curl the ball in. He has put in some work tonight, Oscar, and it


is beginning to take its toll. He is trying to score with that.


Robin Van Persie, making it away from Hernanes. Arjen Robben, trying


to go outside. It finds Thiago Silva, who wins a goalkick.


That is a decent run from Willian, well found by Oscar. Decent ball in,


and Cillesen is there again. Silva. Oscar. Maxwell. Hulk. Cut out


by de Vrij. Maxwell with the challenge.


Not a lot in that. Could not see any contact.


Almost seven complete matters now the Netherlands including two period


of extra time. Robben was bundled over from behind. I think the


referee would struggle to get out of here if he gave the Dutch another


penalty. Just a touch from van Percie sends Thiago Silva out.


Absolutely incensed. That was Fernandinho on Arjen Robben moments


before. Hernanes, for Brazil. Running into Janmaat.


He has got some rights and he has got some wrong.


I think the Dutch would have protested more if it was the


semifinal and not a third blaze game. Oscar might have had one also.


Van Percie with the throw. Dutch are looking keen and the idea of getting


a third goal. Brazil have been busting a gut to get one. Here is


David Luiz. Maicon. Willian. Caught by Jonathan de Guzman. Brazilian


free kick. Just taking out Willian. No surprise David Luiz is coming


forward. Jo is in there. Oscar, Maicon, Fernandinho. The Dutch


haven't left anybody up here. Hulk with the free kick. Not much more


than five minutes of normal time to play. Thiago Silva coming forward.


Hulk. Carefully into the box. If Robben had stayed forward he might


have been able to give Hernanes a problem. Hernanes has time to find


David Luiz, and cannot. There is a lookalike in the crowd. Hulk.


Throw in given away to Thiago Silva. One back by Janmaat. They have for


in this counterattack. Looks offside, but it is not given. Hulk


puts it behind for a corner kick. Netherlands' first corner of the


game. They lead 2-0. Shows how much statistics mean. Janmaat was very


close to being offside. Arjen Robben's corner. Kuyt with the


header! It wasn't far away. He is claiming a corner. Is not going to


get it. Kuyt, with the header. Not van Percie. My tab been a corner,


just wishing of the goalkeeper's glove. But it would have been


impossible to spot. Jo has lost it and set up Robin van Persie. Referee


says play on. Van Percie is going to pick himself up slowly. De Guzman.


Janmaat. Robben. Wijnaldum. Clasie. Cillessen finds Vlaar. Kuyt. The


Brazilian crowd are doing the Dutch. -- brewing. Willian.


Sometimes feel this Brazilian team have not been helped by having


65,000 people screaming at them to go forward at every opportunity.


Maicon looking for Hernanes. Ron Vlaar was across.


I think most of the Brazilians in this squad would hope they would


have bigger honours than a bronze medal to show off in their dotage in


years to come. But it is a disappointing way all the same, to


finish their own World Cup. Jordy Clasie is having treatment for


cramp. Brazil boss-macro best result you


could argue in this World Cup game against a camera ruins side which


was only half motivated in the last group game when the Africans knew


they were going out. Brazil could have gone out against Chile. They


dwell in the first half against Colombia. Had to hang on in the


second. Fell behind against Croatia in the opening game. Could not beat


Mexico and then were blown away by Germany. Clasie is going to be


stretchered off the pitch for the closing seconds of the game. Joel


Veltman will replace him. Also came on in the closing moments of the


clash between the Dutch and the Spanish in Salvador at the start of


this World Cup. This is his first appearance since then. Joel Veltman


arm. Have to find out how much added time there will be. Cillessen clears


away downfield. Van Percie and Thiago Silva together. Moving into a


minimum of five added minutes. Thiago Silva together. Moving into a


don't think any of the players there would welcome that. They are


all looking tired. Janmaat is square. 3-0! It is Wijnaldum. Always


been a suspicion Brazil would be undone on the break and that is


exactly what has happened. Georginio Wijnaldum makes it three. Brazil,


who have worked hard in this second half to try to give their fans some


sort of cheer, are now three down. Great overlapping run from Joel


Veltman, the substitute. A tidy finish from Wijnaldum. Brazil have


conceded ten goals in their last two home games, having gone 39 years


without losing a home competitive match, prior to those two. Michel


Vorm is going to come on. It will mean for the first time since World


Cup squads were comprised of 23 players, one selection the Dutch


will have used all 23 players. Never happened before. Here is David Luiz.


If Brazil aren't careful, they are going to lose by more. Here is the


substitution. Cillessen to make way. Stoppage time at the end of the


game. Swansea boss-macro Michel Vorm replaces him. There we go. They have


all had a taste of results 2014. -- Brazil 2014. It is his 15th, Vorm.


Has not played a minute in Euro 2012 will stop nice for him to get on for


the first time. This is where the goal came from. Robben to Janmaat.


Janmaat to Wijnaldum. 3-0. Kuyt, trying to feed Arjen Robben. Three


in the middle for the Dutch. Robben takes on David Luiz and needs him.


Janmaat could not control it. Hulk. Brazil trying to avoid the ignominy


of losing 4-0. Willian. Jo to Maicon. Booze are beginning to ring


around the stadium. Hernanes finds Maicon. Thiago Silva. Maxwell.


Maicon. That is a a million if that goes in.


Last time I saw a team just trying to score a goal in a game without


much concern of what is happening at the other end. The Brazilian


performance in the SAG can half, was Tahiti. Brazil's World Cup is over.


It is very, very hard to envisaged that Scolari can survive what has


happened. If reaching the semifinal was a minimum requirements for


Brazil, they achieved that. It is what happened in that semifinal. The


Dutch finished third in this 2014 World Cup. They played Spain, Chile,


Mexico, Argentina and Brazil and only lost a penalty shoot out. In


the end for Brazil, the wheels fell off their competition. It wasn't


great. That is it, just one game left of the World Cup and Brazil


2014, the big one, the World Cup final. Join Gary Lineker and the


team, the build-up starts from 7pm on BBC One, the kick-off is at 8am.


See you then. How do you know people


are telling the truth? Well, when did we start funding


projects in Gaza? I should never have done this.


I should never have agreed to this.


A chance to watch the third place play-off of the 2014 World Cup from the Estadio Nacional in Brasilia, as hosts Brazil take on the Netherlands.