14/07/2014 Match of the Day


Highlights of the 2014 Fifa World Cup final. Germany meet Argentina at the iconic Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro as the tournament reaches its climax.

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What a fantastic goal! Real, as special place on the ground but even


more special from the air. Brazil has always drummed to a different


beat but the drama, the twists and turns, the sheer excitement of this


World Cup, it has simply been beyond what any of us could have hoped for.


But even here, some things have remained consistent and reliable.


Never write off the Germans. And it is in! Klose! And then there is


little man from Argentina, 1200 miles that way. So many world-class


players never get the chance to play on the ultimate stage, but Messi


gets his chance. Even without hitting his extraordinary high in


the competition, he has dragged his team and his country up the


mountain. Now, there is just one summer left. -- summit. He has done


at! Who else? We know who the locals will support. Tango doesn't get any


looking amongst bossa nova and Samba, there was the Brazilian beat.


But this is where the 2014 World Cup will end. People sitting heart of


the nation. The Estadio Maracana. This final has been played out twice


before, in 1986, Maradona led Argentina three dramatic 3-2


victory. Four years later, the Germans got revenge, winning in Ed


Leigh. It's Germany against Argentina


from the Maracana. Imagine how that feels? The moment


when the money really does not matter. The heads of state or


imposition. It was to be the same team for the final as that which


started the semifinal slaughter of the hosts. The first competitive


start for 23-year-old Christoph Kramer.


There are six Bayern Munich players in the side, coached at club level.


Miroslav Klose will have his final World Cup appearance.


Three of his record 16 goals have come against Argentina


Argentina had hoped that Di Maria would have recovered


In a team yet to concede a goal in the knockout stages.


A team that is all about the two Ms - Mascherano to


Everything is set for the 20th World Cup Final.


One of the ultimate teams against another a lot more reliant


This is the fourth time I?ve seen Argentina live,


I think they will need some magic from the aforementioned


they were both terrific in that slog against the Netherlands. They have


had one less day to prepare. They will not be as fresh as the Germans.


And also, if you look at the game against Brazil, they only had to


And also, if you look at the game play for about 25 minutes. Yes, that


is a daft foul. He just clattered into the back of him. He can be


reckless. At two years in Portugal, he has seen five red cards, and


three of them last these in. Germany have been scoring from set pieces.


He will fancy this. Committee meeting, first.


What happens next? Well, a lot. Dancing around the handbag, really.


Hummels has to retreat. That is Higuain! Not entirely sure of his


line. Their first move into opposition territory, and they look


dangerous. And from a very poor German and free kick. Brazil came


into the previous final after sticking six past Sweden. Here is


Ozil. Muller was looking to pick him out. That was a good little


deflection back to the goalkeeper. Hummels. Problem with his left knee.


Look at the room at Lahm has got. Away from Rojo and Perez. There is


no way through. Messi. He is going to leave Hummels in his wake. He


bowled back and find Schweinsteiger in the way. Messi was a little bit


tired. Demichelis. That was a hefty blow for Kramer. Always when you are


looking the other way, you catch your opponent. He came in with


everything he had added to the full weight of that. Zabaleta had a


similar one the other night. Rojo with the chip. He needs to make sure


he is sure-footed to create that. Hummels. What are chance! And what a


waste! He was presented with a World Cup final gift. He cannot believe


it, he has snatched at this. Just above the ankle. He does everything


like, -- healers everything right, looking around. But he has twisted


that. Lahm is through. But the flag is up as Muller went for that. The


flag did seem to go up later, here. Clever little ball. Great decision.


Mascherano. He just kept that in. Rojo, not very tidy from Germany.


Messi. The flag is up, it is not going to count! He does not know


yet. But Argentina have not taken the lead. And the flag went up very


quickly. Great ball into him. The absolutely correct decision again.


What a finish after missing, as well. Look at that. Curling away. I


think Schurrle might be coming on. Subplot. Kramer, in the last minute


for Sami Khedira, who was injured in the warm up, and he has only lasted


30 minutes himself. I hope he is all right. Down at the packed Copacabana


beach. Schurrle. Good chance! And a very good save. I think this is a


corner. That was a good ball from Muller. Ozil just got out of the


way. Ticking towards half-time. You don't have long to wait for the


football because Match of the Day returns for its 50th year on the


16th of August. Messi has managed to get through but he was turned away


from the goal. It is Boateng, isn't it?


Perez to Mascherano. Given away, Muller. Good footwork from Ozil. And


it is straight at Romero. Klose did very well. Kroos. Some room, again,


for Kroos. Muller will find it were ever on the field that he can.


Germany corner. Another corner kick. Hummels is a


danger. Two goals in the wild couple ready against Portugal and France.


-- World Cup. Expect and German fans watch the corner. Against the post.


The flag goes up. It has not gone in. Romero has the ball in his


gloves. Such a great header. I say it is a good header, he should


have scored. The sunset in Rio. There are not many finer sights in


the world. It is like a football. Amazing.


Lionel Messi has missed. Right across the face. The crowd were


waiting to raw. And all the people, just a massive intake of breath. You


are waiting for the next two bulbs. How close was a question mark very.


Mascherano didn't get it away. It shot up at him, good ball for


Schurrle. The World Cup final remains


intriguing. He looks far more ready for this


than the other day. Not letting Hummels anywhere near


that. Goal kick. My first thought was


another corner for Argentina. I think I was right. Off Klose.


Really messy. Schweinsteiger is saying if you set the ball...


Mascherano has made another mistake. He will get a yellow card. He knew


straightaway. He doesn't complain. OK, my mistake. Frustration.


Argentina in the final, largely down to his last ditch stretching tackle


to deny Arjen Robben a chance. He will be given a card. He upended


Schweinsteiger. There is a lot of feeling creeping into this now.


Echoes of the World Cup in Germany in 2006 and it went to penalties.


Schweinsteiger was punched in the back by Rodriguez after the penalty


shoot out. It all went off, as they say!


Romero has got it. Poor touch. Lovely little play in terms of 1-2.


They look old enough to have enjoyed Maradona at his best. Lionel Messi.


He could not wrap the left foot around. When he is up against


defenders, they seem mesmerised by him. His movement is so-so, short


steps and fantastic control. Kroos! He passed it well wide. It


never felt as if it would hit the net. Great little ball.


No excuse, really. There was no conviction in the shot.


The ball never seemed to come down for him to do anything with.


We are going to have an extra 30 minutes and maybe a bit more at the


end of it all in Rio. The seventh World Cup final to go to extra


time, two were decided on penalties before, 1994, Brazil beating Italy


in Los Angeles and 2006 in Germany when Italy held sway. 30 minutes and


the world champions will be decided.


Argentina have played in one final but went to extra time on their


patch in 1978. They beat the Dutch. Germany lost in 1966.


What a start to the extra period. Aguero taking on Hummels again.


Neuer in charge. A great break by Germany. Saved by Romero. That sets


the tone for extra time. The goalkeeper having to make a stay --


save. A comfortable save. We are all still waiting for the moment of


magic that could decide still waiting for the moment of


prize in football. Argentina need their leader to come up with


something special now. Another chance goes. What a


fantastic ball from Rojo. The height on the flip over, Neuer was the


problem. That is fortunate the referee has


not seen clearly. 2006, in Germany, I hope if we get there, it doesn't


end in those sort of scenes. It would not be -- befit the final of a


tournament that has generally been played in good spirits.


A chance for Marianne Goetz! He has scored for Germany. The coolest man


in Rio. A symbolic goal-scorer. One of the new batch of brilliant German


talent. He has put them in front in the closing minutes of the World Cup


final -- three macro. Committing defenders. -- Gotze. That is a


brilliant finish. Technique, fantastic. Did not even look where


the goalkeeper was. He knew where it was going. That is a goal winning --


worthy of winning the greatest final round.


The goalkeeper knew where this was going.


He is looking as call as anybody possibly could in the circumstances


he is in. Two minutes remaining of


Alejandro Sabella's spell in charge Argentina free kick and this


really is last chance saloon. The first World Cup when for the


reunified Germany. The referee has had another look at both of his


watches. They are screaming for full-time on the touchline. Another


look at the watch! Another muted cheer from the Germany substitutes.


Africa? -- free kick? Schweinsteiger. He has given


everything. But he does not have to give any more.


One Goetze goal has the whole of Germany, its leaders and power


Not a night for the world's best individual to shine.


But a night when the world's best international team put it


Six of the team five years ago won the European under-21 championship,


Neuer, Boateng, Hummels, Howedes, Khedira, Ozil.


They've all come through together, schooled masterfully by that man,


Joachim Low, who's done what his long-time ally


He's taken Germany to the top of the world.


Lothar Matthaus, once upon a time, had his hands on the crown.


Equal the tally of Italy, still behind Brazil. It was not an easy


ride, Argentina had the opportunities but it was not to be,


it was a time for Germany, and a sublime finish from Mario Gotze that


clinched it. That was a great one from Schurrle. Great cross and good


first touch. The technique was just out of this world. We saw red


riggers volleying on his chest, I think it was as good. Absolutely


stunning. -- Rodrigo 's. This is the goal and that there ever was one to


win any tournament, it was this one. Schurrle, he gave them legs. The


work that he put in time outside, he got them into the danger area, that


is a good ball. The first touch was brilliant. And the finished... It


was out of this world. The technique was brilliant. Absolutely


outstanding. He is the wonder kid in Germany. He will be their talisman


in years to come. The technique, that first touch, he knew he was


going to score. It never got away from him. That has made a lot of


people happy in Berlin. Well, it looks like things are about to get


underway in terms of the presentations. Guy Mowbray will talk


us through this. There should be some things to sort out before Lahm


can get his hand onto the trophy. Neuer struts to the top of the


stairs, as if it was always something he was destined to do.


stairs, as if it was always That one was never in doubt. Best


goalkeeper of the tournament and the world. One of the best defenders in


the World Cup. By the time he has finished, at the age of 28, he might


be one of the greatest there has ever been. I am sorry, but that


actual statue... It looks like the Addams family. This is a little


different. Messi as to put on his dignified smile. The Golden bowl.


The player of the tournament. And we know he's better than he has shown.


The boys in the studio were saying, it is an Argentina team full of will


and self-determination. Not massively full ability. So to get


them here, you cannot disagree. There is at least another World Cup


in him. I hope so, he is such a fantastic player. Not his night


tonight. Those words will be falling on deaf ears right now. Yes, you


want to get out of the place and back into the dressing room and


clear off, onto the bus. Defined as water in the desert. Here, the


clear off, onto the bus. Defined as champions. Only fitting that


Schweinsteiger should lead them up the stairs, his 108th appearance


puts him level with Juergen Klinsmann. He is up there with the


great players, no doubt about that. Everything has to go through him.


Tonight, defensively, he was as good as anybody.


Schweinsteiger, Schurrle, goal maker, impact maker,


every time hes come from the bench. At 23, he's the future for Germany.


Howedes 26, Hummels 25, Boateng 25, Muller 24, Kroos 24, Goetze 22.


They're not going anywhere. From the schools, to the parks,


to the Bundesliga and beyond. Now on the biggest stage of all,


in the Maracana, a European team, for the first time, winning the


World Cup on South American soil. They are history makers,


this German team. They might go


on to a few more records yet. In football,


Germany rules the world again. It has been a magnificent World Cup




At the most enthralling World Cup, 171 macro 's, 20 odd red kicking a


ball around for 120 minutes and in the end, the Germans one. From


policy 8- goodbye. -- from all of our stash goodbye.


CHEERING policy 8- goodbye. -- from all of


our stash goodbye. The greatest game,


the biggest names, Wayne Rooney's first ever


World Cup Finals goal. It's the most dramatic


of circumstances. France are through to


the quarter finals. Yet another incredible game


at this quite amazing World Cup. That's a picture no


Brazilian wants to see. The Costa Rican


fairy-tale ends here. Brazil are being humbled


and taken apart.