28/06/2014 Match of the Day


Highlights from the first two matches in the last 16 of the World Cup in Brazil.

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Hello, everybody. South American Saturday did not disappoint. We have


two cracking games on the way, with Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay


all fighting for a place in the quarterfinals.


one of the simplest goals you will ever see! I can't believe it. He has


done it again. He has bitten Chiellini. Uruguay are through to


the last extreme. The atmosphere at fever pitch. James, James!


It is going to be good. Two games, three pundits, Phil Neville and


Robbie Savage joined by the South American expert, Tim Vickery. First


up, Belo Horizonte welly hose were taking on Chile. As went into the


game having not lost a competitive international at home since 1975.


Could the chaps from Chile unseats the boys from Brazil? Commentary


from Martin Keown and Guy Mowbray. bouncing. Unlike many of the new


stadiums, this place has a history and atmosphere that we are really


going to feel today. As was rumoured, Fernandinho gets his first


start of the World Cup, taking the place of his Premier League


contemporary, Paulinho Spurs. That is the only change made by Luiz


Felipe Scolari, with David Luiz having been passed fit from a back


problem he collected in training. Hulk keeps his place. There had been


speculation Ramires could replace him in the starting line-up. Chile


have not changed that much since the last World Cup. They have just got a


lot better. Brazil beat them into Hannahs Berg. Arturo Vidal returns


to the team today, having been rested for the final group match


against Netherlands. King Arthur is surely vital to their hopes of


putting the hosts to the sword today. Eduardo Vargas has scored in


both meetings of these nations, just last year.


Luiz Gustavo. Hulk. He is powering away from Mauricio Isla and he's it


again. Hulk, down in the away from Mauricio Isla and he's it


Webb has a look and does not think anything of it. There are not really


strong Brazilian appeals on the field but those the touchline are on


their feet. And the crowd making clear what they think. Hulk plays a


default one-two, get the other side of the full-back. Not for me. --


little one-two. Good decision from Howard Webb. Well, maybe he catches


him. Chile may be lucky with that one. Cleared by Gary Medel. Straight


to Oscar. Almeida in his way. -- you Jenny men in his way. He gets


through some energy in this game. But he gives away the handball. He's


used his energy to gets close to block, and gets the first yellow


card of the match. If Chile go through, he will miss the


quarterfinal. Hulk has himself set. At pace and Claudio Bravo was


worried about it. That is why he did not try to catch it. Put it in with


pace and test the goalkeeper. Neymar with the corner. Fred raises his


eyebrows and it is clicked across. with the corner. Fred raises his


David Luiz turns it in! His first goal for Brazil. Chile have been


caught out by a set piece, just as Brazil were promising. It is a


booming Belo Horizonte. Brazil 1-0 Chile. That was the Achilles heel,


from set pieces. No one sixth foot. A good ball in and I think it is the


Argo Silver at the near post, his partner, flicks it on, and he helps


it in with his knee. Did Gonzalo Jara gets a touch? I think it is


David Luiz's goal. The whole stadium, apart from those in red,


lifted off their seats. Vidal, neatly collected. Unable to


find the space to shoot and cannot find Mauricio Isla, either. Hulk,


forced to work to clear. Sanchez, against the Argo silver,


getting one of the loudest cheers of the day for quite a non-Brazilian


piece of football. If it has to go in the stand, it has to go, even if


you are Brazilian. It's threatened to open up for a second. Vidal has


too improvise. Brazil's throwing. -- throw in.


Brazil have made a mess of it. Alexis Sanchez! Brazil were


sleeping, there. And Chile's main man for goals comes good for them


again. A fine, fine finish from Sanchez. Chile eyelevel. You cannot


switch off for a minute with this one. Sanchez knows where he wants to


pick it. It is a pinpoint shot. This is what happens at the top level.


You get punished your mistakes. Sanchez makes it ten


You get punished your mistakes. last 14 international appearances.


Neymar got through the tackles to It is 1-1.


Neymar got through the tackles to find Dani Alves. Oscar is looking


for Neymar! It was deflected, just wide. Lovely build-up, Oscar in the


game, suddenly, Neymar making the run from deep. It just comes off


Silva. Great defending. Oscar spotted Neymar. He beats


Silva. He ran into a dead-end and in came Fred to try to help him out.


Fred, just coming in, could have been the hero. You cannot take your


eyes off him for a moment. Dani Alves! A stunning strike.


Claudio Bravo had to react quickly, to get it away. Fantastic effort


from distance. It is swerving. The keeper does well.


Thiago Silva nearly got himself into an awful mess. A free kick was being


indicated for Brazil but Howard Webb and Mike Mullarky are happy to play


advantage. It has not worked for Brazil, though. Alexis Sanchez


through to Aranguiz! Superblock, David Luiz down, and the scramble


results in a Chile corner. It is like d?j? vu. Was ill


results in a Chile corner. It is in a game, here. -- Brazil know they


are. Vargas, try as he might, could not


get David Luiz away from the ball. Hulk! It is in excavation mark


incredible excavation mark -- it is in! Incredible! A


incredible excavation mark -- it is and what a finish. And now prayers


being offered up because Howard Webb is coming to have a word with Mike


Mullarky. It has been ruled out, would you believe? It is a yellow


card. Handball is the verdict. Controversy again. For me, it looks


like it has hit him on the shoulder. I don't think it is his arm. Howard


Webb gave the goal and then Saudi flag. I think Brazil are very


unlucky. -- saw the flag. Super-safe by Julio Cesar from Mauricio Isla.


He got down brilliantly. Magnificent reflexes from Julio Cesar. He has


done nothing in the game. Great save. Hulk, picking up the pace.


done nothing in the game. Great a tackle. -- looking for Jo! You


think he's going to put it in but the defender just gets a touch.


Dani Alves, looking for Neymar. It is straight at cloudier bravo. --


Claudio Bravo. I doubt -- a diagonal pass and Neymar should be doing


better with it. Jo is on the move. Neymar behind him. Only cleared to


Ramires. Hulk dances through two and has the chance but beating clear by


Claudio Bravo. Sellotape it away from Neymar. -- Marcelo took it


away. Brilliant from both players. Bravo with a great save. Hulk goes


on the run and ends up on his right foot. Fantastic save. It looks as


though both sets of players are ready for extra time and we are


going to get it. It could go all the way to penalties. As it is, it is


1-1 in Belo Horizonte with extra time to come. Bring it on.


Jo, just gave his man be slipped for a minute. I think he slipped


himself. He gets away from Gary Medel and then seems to slip. It


gives the defender time to recover and get back. Hulk with a nice step


over. Not a bad cross. Oscar but a tame header. Oscar cannot get enough


power on it. This is a good period for Brazil. Pinilla has lost out to


Hulk. He has charged past Diaz. He tries the goal. Down well again,


Claudio Bravo. Neymar leaping for it. A bit desperate, this defending


from Chile. Very low Neymar has given Mauricio Isla the


slip. It runs away from him. Jo went down before the ball arrived. But he


will get back to his feet to be a prominent figure for the corner.


Miller Neymar's pace again. He just needs the movement in the box for


him. In from Neymar, and headed over by Jo. It is a good header. He


almost gets too much on it. Seconds remaining. Brazil has been a nervous


country, not just for whether the World Cup would be a success in


terms of organisation and passing off successfully, but for the


national team. They might be in trouble, with Pinilla and Sanchez


and Pinilla, shooting and hitting the bar. Mauricio Isla. That was a


rocket! Brazil were an inch away from crashing out of their own World


Cup. What a thunderous effort. He smacks it against the crossbar. It


is a real let off. Here is Hulk. We are already into time at the end of


time. Hulk, headed away. Now he defends. Ramirez. The shop was


closed down. Claudio Bravo knew that it was going. - the shot. That will


be it. That will do it. We are going to a penalty shoot out. Plenty of


drama to come yet. Brazil will go first. Claudio Bravo


is set in the chilly goals. It's a long run from David Luiz.


Brilliant, emphatic. That sets the tone.


First a gopher chilli is Mauricio Pinilla. A brilliant save. Julio


Cesar held his nerve. The lid is merely coming off this stadium. -


first to go for Chile. The advantage Brazil. Spotting the ball up very


carefully. He is put it wide! Chile have the chance to level it up


instantly. That's the pressure of didn't hit the target. Didn't look


confident. Almost puts himself off. He's distraught. Lewis Gustavo


sprinted from halfway to consult his team-mate. That has to be forgotten.


Alexis Sanchez is stepping up to the mark for Chile. One of the best


players in world football, one of the best players on the pitch during


the game. Sanchez. Saved again by Julio Cesar.


This is all about the keeper. What a fantastic save. Gets down. Not


really in the corner, but it's got pace on it. He reads it. Great


reactions. It's so often happens, you are a star in the game, you fail


in the lottery. Marcella. A hand to it from Claudio bravo. The hand


wasn't strong enough. Ozil have got a bit of daylight. He wanted to take


it quickly. Look at the little faint. A little shimmy. Just over


the top of the keeper. Has he shaken the cramped out of his


legs? He put everything through that. No problem with those legs.


Dispatched! Absolutely no fear. Beautiful.


You wonder if he's going to be the fall guy with what has happened in


the game so far. This is a massive moment. He hasn't looked up. Now


he's looking at Claudio Bravo who's telling him where to go. Hulk went


the other way. Claudio Bravo has got the better of him. Had a feeling


that he was going to go for power. The keeper reads him. He knows, he


just waits. Not the best of penalties, but these guys around


extreme pressure. He outdid him, he penalties, but these guys around


outfoxed him. Two great goalkeepers, you have to say. Marcelo Diaz. Mike


Sanchez before him, having had an excellent game with the chance to


make it all square again. Again, very laboured in team the


ball up as he likes it. Diaz plants it down the middle. We are


effectively at sudden death now. He's done well. You wondered if he


might pass it into the goal. Runs round at an puts it into the middle.


It had to be. It had to be Neymar. Pressure on this young man. The


poster boy of the World Cup. Can the keeper psych him out. There will be


another kick after this. What responsibility. He has carried his


country so far. Neymar schools. He has got nerves of


steel. Well done, young man. The pressure was on him. You felt for


him there. Teeing it up and stroking it into the net. A quality player.


Relief for the fans. He waited for Claudio you blink first, I'm not


going. That's what it is about. Julius


The man without a club. Keeping chilly alive in the World Cup.


Off the post! Brazil win! In the most dramatic circumstances. A


nation jumps for joy. A most dramatic circumstances. A


excels. It's desperate for Chile. most dramatic circumstances. A


Chile are going home. Brazil are going on. Tries to go for the


Hollywood penalty in the corner. The woodwork denies. As it did in the


last seconds of extra time. What a game in Bello horizontally. What a


World Cup this continues to be. - Bello hurries on Tay. You wonder


whether it's their World Cup in a mandate. Brazil go through to the


quarterfinals. I think this moment can give to us more belief, more


trust, more confidence. The team can be stronger now. It's so hard to win


a game like this. We've been working on penalty kicks for a long time. A


great moment for Julio Cesar. In the last World Cup he made a little


mistake and we came out of the World Cup. Today was his moment. He


deserved it. David Luiz looked absolutely shattered. Tiring first


time around. It's hard and brutal to watch the highlights. What a start


to the knockout phase. The first half was exciting and tense. All the


rest was dramatic and even more tense. Just as well for you that


Brazil got through because otherwise I would be sleeping on your hotel


floor. Had a Brazil being knocked out, with my girlfriend and my


stepdaughters, they would have flooded me out with the amount of


tears. There's a phrase here that God is Brazilian. Today I think the


woodwork was Brazilian. It was so emotionally charged. It came down to


penalties, but the fascinating thing here. He's tapping the players, the


goalkeeper and those taking the penalties. They are almost


struggling to deal with the emotion. I've never seen a motion in spirit


like it. During the game some of them were crying and at the end they


were crying. I do know how they keep hold of their emotions. Game to game


it's the biggest moment of their life. Neymar almost looks vacant.


The first one is so important to school. I fancied him when it came


to the penalty shoot out. The pressure they are under,


particularly Neymar. He's got so much courage. It was like he was


playing in a Sunday Park league. The biggest moment in his life. He's


been taking penalties or his career. When he was younger he got taken off


penalties. He missed a few Brazil games because he was swearing at the


coach. Everyone else goes and celebrates. TR go silver - CR go


silver prostrate on the ground. This is only the round of 16. These games


are incredible. We normally associate last 16 games with novae


affairs. This was far from it. Julius Caesar dashed Julio


, this is what happened in 2010. Leading the Dutch 1-0. Julio Cesar


completely misses across. He said he knew harmony people were cheering


for him. He's an emotional person he says and he was crying because


individually his team-mates came and supported him and said nice things.


It meant so much because of what happened four years ago. He's been


finding it hard to deal with that. Often there is little to do, but


sometimes what you do is vital. He has been haunted by that mistake. He


was in floods of tears after the game. The comeback he made today,


vital saves during the game and two in the penalty shoot out. The


comparison is Stuart Pearce in Euro 96. We aren't talking about England


though. We've banned them from the World Cup discussions. Two big


decisions today, one in either half. Both involving the incredible Hulk.


I think Howard Webb got it spot on. That's a penalty for me, slight


contact. This, a massive turning point in the game. 55 minutes gone.


I think Howard Webb has got it absolutely spot-on. A great


decision. When we first saw it it looked like it was off his shoulder,


but there it is the bicep. Far Howard Webb to get that decision...


We understand the referee gave that. What was his view like? I


don't think he can see it clearly. There are two players in the way. I


think he can. He's in the perfect spot to see it roll onto his arm. He


gets a lot of criticism but I think he had an outstanding game. Credit


to Howard Webb, but I don't think he can give that. There are three


players in the way. How can you criticise referees are getting a


crucial decision right? He can't see, he's got to be correct. He got


the decision right, but his angle, he can't see it. You think he got


lucky? I think he got lucky. It's good to be a lucky referee, isn't


it? He was lucky when he didn't book the player at the start of the game


because it could have got out of control. Brazil can feel aggrieved


with these two decisions on Hulk. We were playing a game where he


couldn't get but today. Chile came so close. A minute before extra


time, this would've knocked down the hosts from Mauricio Pinilla. Poor


defending from Brazil. What a strike. Chile went toe to toe with


them. One of the best games of football I've seen for a long time.


Chile with the dark horses of the tournament and I had a little wager


on them. Gary was fantastic to Chile today. We can show you the way the


game and that tactically. Was ill were almost more Chile alike than


Chile. Brazil were pressing and they haven't done it all tournament. They


didn't allow Chile to get any rhythm. Closing down again. Oscar


sprinting to the ball. In the first 20 minutes, Chile could


not live with Brazil and I thought they would have a difficult game.


But it all changed in the second half. Neymar going through, great


pace. Closing down high up the field, Hulk closing down in his own


half. In the second half, they resorted to long ball. No centre


forward, Fred, Jo, you need a centre forward to get hold of it and bring


people into play. That is the second lowest pass completion in the World


Cup that Brazil have had since 1966. No plan B. They will not win


the World Cup because of the centre forward area.


Fabulous statistic from Robbie and illustrative. We grew up on the


Fabulous statistic from Robbie and side, the way they moved the ball.


They don't do that any more. They don't beat you on flow but moments.


And the moment in the second half was when the Hulk goal was ruled


out. In terms of moments going forward, you have been talking about


the game while we were watching it and you think the fact Luiz Gustavo


is not available for the next game will be crucial. Since he came into


the side, he has been the balancing point of the team. They had a big


problem just over a year ago before the Confederations Cup, one of


identity. Luiz Gustavo came into the side against England at the


Maracana. It was a surprise. They took him off at half-time and


conceded two goals in the space in front of the centre-backs will stop


ever since, he has been first on the team sheet. He balances out the


side, allows the attacking full-backs to push forward. They


don't have a natural replacement for him. With David Luiz at centre-back,


who likes to go forward and can be loose, Luiz Gustavo is all with the


spare man in midfield to cover. There is no one else to fill in for


him. Especially with Marcelo and Dani Alves going up the pitch, it is


a massive loss. I do not have Gary Lineker's glasses but I have an


important penalty to stick -- penalty statistic. The last eight


shoot outs have all been won by the team going first. It was not as good


as my stat. Tim said it was good. I can't believe you have done better


than me, Robbie. Brazil's opponent in the last eight will come from the


other all South American meeting, this time of the marijuana, Colombia


against Uruguay with an unrepentant Luis Suarez watching from home. Our


commentators are Mark COMMENTATOR: Ever since Luis Suarez


put the bite on these finals, Uruguay have been like gate-crashers


who have outstayed their welcome at the global party. How will they cope


without their flawed talisman? Will Colombia be able to cope with the


weight of expectation from the majority of fans inside the


Maracanazo to Colombia have the side that won the opening two matches


with the exception of Jackson Mart?nez, who scored two from a left


attacking position against Japan. They have never gone further than


this. Diego Forlan's uncle managed Uruguay when these two last met in


the finals. Maxi Pereira is a defensive midfield choice in the


absence of Nicholas Lodeiro, who is injured. The last time they beat


fellow South Americans in the knockout stages, the deciding game


was here, 64 years ago. The marijuana is a great -- Maracana is


a great bowl, washed with yellow. It has been a party town, in Rio today,


everybody watching the Brazil game. But now, the World Cup switches to


everybody watching the Brazil game. this famous old stadium. Quadra, a


great run from him. Maxi Pereira fouled him. That will be a yellow


card, I would imagine, because that is the second foul on Columbia's


dangerous right-sided attacking midfielder. No card by Bordeaux


Khyber is. This is going to be one of those games where everyone is


going to contest every single decision. -- Bjorn Kuipers.


Certainly, the weight of numbers in the stadium is by: -- behind


Colombia. James Rodriguez to swing it in. Away by Muslera, the


players start the game on a yellow players start the game on a yellow


card with the threat of suspension hanging over them, including the


captain, Diego Godin. A chance for Zuniga to get forward. He has gone


to goal. Decent strike. The goalkeeper was not too convinced,


was he? It bounced somewhat away from Muslera.


Oscar Tabarez took over as Uruguay coach in 2006. He has had 105 games


in charge. Another decent spell of possession but where are they going?


By Drago. Movement on the edge of the box by Jackson Mart?nez but away


by Alvaro Pereira. James Rodriguez! A moment of magic! Sheer brilliance.


This is some player. Colombia, again, dancing in celebration, and


well they might. The outstanding James Rodriguez has once again lit


up a game at these World Cup finals. I thought his goal against Japan was


breaded but this is just sensational, in a game where nothing


has happened, one touch, out of his feet, what an absolutely fantastic


strike that is. The balance, the boys, the technique, the ball moving


all over the place. -- the poise. Wonderful technical ability, lashing


the shot past Muslera. Rodriguez has now scored in his last six games for


Columbia. He is the first player to score in the first four games of a


World Cup in 2002, when Rivaldo did it for Brazil. That is why Monaco


paid almost 40 million for him. From the game's point of view,


paid almost 40 million for him. From Uruguay do? Sensational goal.


Absolutely brilliant. This is better from Uruguay. Alvaro


Pereira. A dangerous cross in. Covering at the back by Cuadrado.


Great covering. For a wide attacking player, certainly. Hello. Diego


Forlan and Mario Yepes. The referee telling them no more has done no


good. He closed him off, didn't he, Mario Yepes. That would never have


happened to Diego Forlan before, would it?


A decent enough cross in, and the shot stumpy fingers of Ospina. The


foul is given eventually. -- stung the fingers. Good play down the


left, the give and go, creating the opportunity. This is a good strike.


He did not really make contact with the ball.


They were very good in qualifying, Colombia. Their highest finish in


the current qualification system, qualifying with a game to spare,


second to Argentina. Gutierrez. Jackson Mart?nez. This is opening


things up. Cuadrado. Rodriguez! What a beautiful goal. He scored an


outstanding solo strike in the first half and has finished off a


brilliant team goal in the second. And Colombia lead Uruguay 2-0. Great


piece of play, easily the best in the game. Colombia went back to go


forwards in the end. Great ball in, nodded down by Cuadrado, and varies


your man, Rodriguez. -- there is your man. They open things up, a


lovely final ball and a clever header back and a 16th finish. Seven


in six games for him. What a devastating effect he is having on


these World Cup finals. devastating effect he is having on


these World I am pretty sure that Uruguay will have to make too, if


not three changes. They will have to go over it, completely change the


way they play. He has five goals and these World Cup finals in 2014, now.


-- at these World Cup finals. Love is in the air, the James Rodriguez.


There is a confidence about them. The South American football experts


here today were saying they could be real heavyweights. That is a great


effort from Cristian Rodriguez. He came an awful long way without a


challenge of any note. They are not the finished article, Colombia. They


need to work on closing down in that kind of situation but the goalkeeper


is in fine form behind them. Maxi Pereira. Still full of running. He


has been terrific for his country over the years. A decent cross in


towards the far post from Caceres. Christian Stuani could not convert.


The ball in this time by Cavani. That is where Suarez would be.


Suarez would have made a huge difference upfront, if he was


Suarez would have made a huge form, playing football, instead of


being the decisively divisive footballer we have come to know. He


would certainly have given them more bite. It has come through for


Parreira and Ospina spread himself and saved well. Great save, so quick


off his line. You are looking at one of the goalkeepers of the


tournament, here. I could not of the goalkeepers of the


possibly disagree. Six and a half minutes to go. They are not out of


this yet. Looking for Rodrigo 's and it comes


to Cavani! Good save. I think this is Ospina's best save tonight. I


really do. Hit early and hard, low down to his right. Jose Pekerman,


heading to the quarterfinals for the second time as a manager. He took


Argentina there, in 2006, but no further. Colombia are through to the


quarterfinals of the World Cup for the first time! James Rodriguez with


two special goals, to see off Uruguay. They will depart, largely


unlamented. And this young man will march on. The first was a


magnificent individual strike and the second was a brilliantly worked


team effort. Rodriguez with two. Colombia with two. Uruguay can only


look back on a moment of madness from Suarez, that cost them so much.


But it is Colombia with the man of the future, deservedly through, 2-0.


That is the other all South American Saturday match. Colombia have been


so exciting to watch so far and now they are into the last eight. Many


people think they have a genuine chance of winning the World Cup.


Perhaps. The theme tune of the chance of winning the World Cup.


wonder song, another star, and we are watching him, James Rodriguez.


Here he is. Oscar Tabarez had been saying, all you expect from Uruguay


is that they are hard to play against. The 25 minutes, they


fulfilled the objective. One moment of genius takes the game away from


them, spoil the night of the spoilers. It is the end


them, spoil the night of the of this particular Uruguay side, who


have really been together since 2007. It is the first-ever


quarterfinal for Columbia. This lot 2007. It is the first-ever


Rodriguez now. I had a chat with Carlos Valderrama a few days ago and


he said the thing about James Rodriguez is that he does not yet


understand how good he can be. We saw some real genius today. He was


sensational. People probably would not have heard much about him before


the tournament not have heard much about him before


himself with his fifth goal of the tournament. He is the leading


goal-scorer. I like the fact he is always on the move, looking for


space. That goal was world class, probably the best of the tournament


so far. Here, he comes in off the left. He is in the pocket where


defenders don't like to go. He's a whiz on the move, looking for space


in behind. For me, there's three things about this goal. There's the


look over the shoulder, which the top players have, which tells him he


has time to time, the chest which sets up the volley. The look over


the shoulder is what every top player has. It allows him to see the


defender. It is such a sweet strike. I love the cushioned chest down and


even before he's done it, he knows he's going to volley it. He gives


the goalkeeper no chance. Goal of he's going to volley it. He gives


the tournament so far for me. I told you we liked it. This is the second,


Cuadrado, who had an outstanding game as well, and again, Rodriguez


is always on the move, so difficult to mark. He moves his position twice


and then reacts off the header from Cuadrado. He looks like a real goal


threat. He uses both feet, his right for the second. He looks a complete


player. Your praise also comes from Oscar Tabarez of Uruguay who said


Maradona, Messi, Suarez, James Rodriguez, they do things because


they have certain guess that makes them special. He says he believes he


is the best buyer at the World Cup. Quite a few Colombian stars, like


Mario Yepes, 38, had another unbelievable game. But you picked


out Cuadrado, who you think is another star. Today, he was


outstanding. He takes the team up the field. He is dynamic. He drives


that defenders. He has good pace. With an ageing back four, he gets


into space, and gets them up the park. It is so important. He has a


good work ethic. Look at him, driving into an area. Cuadrado is so


positive. Every time he gets the ball, he looks to go forward, to


penetrate. He looks a bit ungainly at times. This is a full-back's


dream. I would have loved him in front of me because he helps you out


defensively and gets back all the time. He is the best team player I


have seen. Look at his recovery run, you decide to get to the ball and


stop the cross. How money full-backs have we seen not doing that? This is


a give and go, pass and move. Rio said it earlier in the Brazil


against Chile game. What a header, his awareness to pick out James


Rodriguez. I think those clips show how big the pitch is when Colombia


play. Mario Yepes is 38, so he covers himself, I guess, against his


lack of pace, to drop the line very deep. It makes the pitch huge.


Cuadrado, with all the qualities we have picked out, gets them higher up


the field. Let me give you a window into their world, watching the game


this afternoon. After James Rodriguez scored the first, these


two were having a massive argument about which is the best goal of the


World Cup so far. You think it is Tim Cahill, who one goal of the


group stage. Make a case that is. Look how long the ball is in the


air. It drops over his right shoulder, he hits it with the wrong


foot. We said this with Gary Lineker in the office. He said you should


never use your wrong foot but I have two of them. That is great


technique, on the volley, first time. But you say no? There is three


bits of skill in this goal. They're in mind, Tim Cahill is my best


friend in football. This has the look, the chest and the volley. They


are both sensational but I'm going towards James Rodriguez. On my


social media network, I asked which was the best and it was 50 - 50.


Tim, you are the only expert, officially. Which is the best? With


due humility, Robbie has got the statistic of the night but on this,


the two wrong feet, he has put them both in his mouth. All the time the


ball stays in the air for Tim Cahill, it is giving him time to set


himself. The thing about the James Rodriguez strike, there is no time


but his genius makes it. It is like he is operating at a different speed


to the players around him. In the short tonnes of the night but on


this, the two wrong feet, he has put them both in his mouth. All the time


the ball stays in the air for Tim Cahill, it is giving him time to set


himself. The thing about the James Rodriguez strike, there is no time


but his genius makes it. It is like he is operating at a different speed


to the players around him. In the short time the I'm sticking by what


I said. We have got through an entire programme without talking


about England and Suarez. Well done. Tee games down in the round of 16.


Six to go, starting on Sunday. -- two games down.


Gentlemen, thank you. Thanks for watching. The group stages of this


World Cup have had us all on our feet. After day one of the knockout


stages, don't you dare sit down. Goodbye.


Alexis Sanchez has equalised for Chile! Rodriguez! Bella macro Hulk!


It has been ruled out. He has nerves of steel. Of the post! Brazil win in


the most dramatic of circumstances!