Belgium v USA Match of the Day

Belgium v USA

A chance to watch Group H winners Belgium take on Group G runners-up USA for the last remaining quarter-final spot.

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Hello and welcome to tonight's World Cup replay. The game we have picked


for you is Belgium against the USA with Danny Murphy and Steve Wilson.


after this World Cup. Vincent Kompany also starts.


The referee is Algerian. The United States have won one, lost one draw


one. They played an astonishing 27 games since last year. They've only


lost four. Belgium have played only 13 matches. Few squads are asked to


work as hard as the USA empty and few work harder on the pitch. Geoff


Cameron plays in midfield. We saw just how relaxed and smiley Jurgen


Klinsmann is. And that is the feeling within the group as a whole.


Well, he is probably going to be the most relaxed man in the stadium


because he has been here and done it. He will transfer that to his


players. It will be a fascinating contest. I feel a bias towards the


USA with my crazy American brother-in-law to be telling me I've


got to support them, but I fancy Belgium with their pace, power and


creativity. And big evening for bed and hazard. -- for Eden Hazard.


Number 20, Cameron, on the ball there.


I am sure he has played there before.


A very good tournament for Mertens so far.


It is interesting with Cameron, because Beckerman was quite


The coach has told the US journalists that Beckerman is fit.


The point he made not long


before the teams have gone in with the point you made.


He feels Geoff Cameron is more athletic and more suitable.


Took it away from Bedoya.


United States were pretty content, they lost 1-0 in that game.


They had had 24 hours less recovery time.


It is an important factor in the way the US play.


They don't have the ball very much, they tend to give away possession


and play on the counterattack, so they will need all their energy


The United States have travelled more than any other nation,


over 10,000 miles, and Belgium have travelled under 2000 miles.


What we can expect and what you have already thought,


Some have suggested the Belgian side has not been tested yet.


In the last game they played the majority and still managed to


They have shown good character so far.


Thomas Vermaelen is out of action, though Belgium are hoping that he


might be available if they reach the last eight.


The coach of the USA team has a full set to choose from.


Possession conceded cheaply by the United States.


Bruyne running behind that he won't trouble Tim Howard.


I'm disappointed to see Mousa Dembele not playing,


I think he gives them an extra spark in midfield.


Speaking to them this morning, he had a knock in training


Here is DeMarcus Beasley getting forward.


Onto the net of Thibaut Courtois, but good to see DeMarcus Beasley


willing to get forward and able to get forward.


Going down the left flank for the US from left-back.


Disappointed that he saw his nation go out last night, the


Algerian referee, but he is still in the part to take some of the big


games at the end of the tournament with the home nation him out.


Jones helps it on, looking for Dempsey,


Origi is onside -- well anticipated by Yann Vertonghen.


That will be the problem that the US, when they commit men forward,


when it breaks down, they are open, and that is what Belgium will look


to do, play on the counterattack with the pace of Origi and Hazard.


A bit more care, and would have been through.


Borussia Munchengladbach have done well and signed him up from


He has possibly been the most impressive writeback I've


It's been a tournament in which the number nines have been


conspicuous by their absence, and the number tens have been


I don't mean literally the number nines and the number tens, but


Lukaku is one of the number nines who has not really shone.


A lot of pressure, still young, probably only played a season


and a half in the Premier League and still learning the game


A good charging run from Fabian Johnson and he is unable to


Neither side trained here in the build up to the game.


Fifa requested that they save the playing surface


by playing and training across on the other stadium.


That is quite an impressive stadium, and I saw it from the air yesterday.


Speaking about number tens, Eden Hazard, who is not really


in number ten for Belgium, but can play there, I wonder what


his best position is, playing behind the striker on the left, as he has


This goes towards Fellaini, and the referee's whistle is blown.


What you get with him wherever he plays is creativity and the ability


The question we saw at the end of the season was defensive


Especially against somebody like Johnson.


It will be an interesting battle.


That will carry all the way through to Courtois.


Messages from all quarters of the USA,


I understand that Chicago, home of the Bears is filled up with


supporters of the United States team watching on big screens.


The referee's whistle goes against the American and


in the favour of Belgian. Cameron using


He will not give them a minute piece.


De Bruyne lurking on the edge of the penalty area.


A lack of understanding results in a needless corner put behind


It's going to come back in, onto the right foot of Besler.


And then a foul by Alderweireld on DeMarcus Beasley which is given


Good play from the USA, weathering the early few minutes


Finding their way into the game nicely.


A man down on the far side, and that is Divock Origi.


The physio will come on for the young man who had the chance after


Hopefully he will be all right to carry on.


It would have been a huge blow to concede so early.


Just have to be careful with the high line when you play


against players with such pace, giving them the yards to run into.


We've already seen twice that on the counterattack Belgium of the thread.


Nothing wrong with keeping your shape.


And keeping those two banks of four players solid


and building into the game, which they have done in the group stages.


I would be fascinated to know if Thibaut Courtois has been given any


promises by Jose Mourinho about his place in the goalkeeping order


One thing that is important about that Oie is that he's a terrific


Such a young guy, he's so calm.


Just a little something between Jones and Fellaini, but not much.


15 minutes play, Belgium might have taken the lead after 40 seconds


but the US have settled the ship since then and there seems to be a


marked lack of urgency about getting our friend here off the pitch.


I think Jurgen Klinsmann will be the happier of the managers.


Other than the first chance, after 40 seconds, they've been


It is Belgium who we expect to make the play and the attacks


and put pressure on the US, but so far they haven't, really.


They have not played with the tempo we expect from players


My suspicion is a Brazilian prison cell is not


One of the things that the United States feel where they have room


for improvement is in what Michael Bradley has given them.


He is a midfield dynamo, something of a talisman,


and they think he can give him more than he has in this tournament.


Would have been behind Bedoya anyway.


That is a poor challenge, and Geoff Cameron will surely get


Trying to uses energy and athleticism to let him


know he's there, but silly to get a yellow card so early.


The point about Bradley, maybe he could have done more


in terms of attacking play, but is running stats, he has been 15


or 20% more than anyone in his team, so he's trying his best,


Dries Mertens, taking it away from Bedoya.


A threat down both flanks for Belgium.


Dries Mertens on one side, Hazard on the other.


That is very careless, straight out of play from Kevin De Bruyne.


The former Scotland team manager, and German manager, assisting Jurgen


Just running at the back four, overrunning it with his first touch.


Johnson, trying to test Jan Vertonghen.


It's a good ball, they should look at it more often.


He has got the legs over Jan Vertonghen.


Playing the blind ball and letting players run at it, that gets the


It will be taken by Graham Zusi for the United States.


Six, seven white shirts up to the corner kick.


Almost fell beautifully for Dempsey, but not quite,


trying to take on Vincent Kompany who would not be beaten.


Has to get his head up, as a man over.


Again, it's the counterattack when talking about.


Lovely ball around the corner, Dempsey into Bradley.


Just stuck under his feet, his left foot.


This is a very, very promising match for the last place in the


Two or three standing in an offside position.


Tim Howard gets them moving, quickly.


Ebb and flow, this way and that, it is great.


Just opened up a couple of minutes, but great pressure


You have to say, Fellaini, trying to get back in position,


He has to try a bit harder to get back in.


Dempsey, running into that man, Fellaini.


Jan Vertonghen picks the pass.


A player of his quality, top goal-scoring qualifying,


He will be disappointed with himself.


All came from sloppy play in the middle of the park.


Up for grabs between Belgium and the USA. Half-time, 0-0.


It is where they are going to be the most vulnerable,


It is where they are going to be the most vulnerable, USA. In the


outstretched toe of Marcus to Beazley.


The reason I say that is when they set up and have the two banks


In the three matches they have played, this is as well


Fellaini at the back post, over him, and there holding going on.


The World Cup is not about how you start, it's how you finish,


which is a cliche, but if you improve through the tournament...


Yes, this is the Dempsey chance, couldn't get it out of his feet.


Comfortable save for Courtois.


Can see the disappointment in his face.


Jurgen Klinsmann might be worried about the retention.


Jan Vertonghen, could have pulled it back to Origi but it is a way


Almost a carbon copy of the goal they scored late against Russia.


Origi had taken up the same position.


They say if you want goals in the World Cup, this is


We haven't had any yet, but I wouldn't put a lot of money


Fellaini was the right ball if he had played it earlier.


The collision between DeMarcus Beasley and Origi,


Jan Vertonghen, he spent a fair amount of time up


the field in the last five minutes and he has won a corner.


He has had some joy, Jan Vertonghen, Zusi has lost a couple of time, and


It only takes a couple of seconds and you have lost the full-back.


DeMarcus Beasley in a scrap with Alderweireld


Eden Hazard looks like he's in the mood today.


Gonzalez, knocking it between one ankle


Popping up in the holes like you does at Chelsea, hard to pick up.


When he starts running, with that balance and boys,


Witsel allows it to bounce, and that gives Jan Vertonghen


They might have a problem because Zusi can play it to Dempsey.


Covering is Alderweireld, and covering well.


Brilliant defending, good break away from the US.


So much for the tight game we talked about.


local time, so not the full heat of the day.


They don't need Fabian Johnson to get injured.


As soon as he took the touch, the defender back inside.


Howard's first thought, every time, is to get the US moving forward.


We saw it on the replay, problem with Fabian Johnson.


This would be a big blow, because he looks to good get


out down the right against Jan Vertonghen.


Fabian Johnson, who's played in each of the games, and he has pulled up.


The central defender went off with a hamstring problem in the first game.


They have already made a decision that Yedlin is going to


come on and it will be a straight positional change.


and it was intimated that the stucco type of witness --


and it was intimated that they do lots of athletic stuff/


Arguably losing their best player.


I'm urged by my friends that it's MLS.


I think the visitors have really enjoyed themselves in Salvador.


This is a vibrant and colourful noisy stadium them at the moment.


Perhaps Dempsey is the most reliable goal-scorer.


Dempsey, he is always in right place at the right time.


They should be proud of how well they have performed to.


Just over ten minutes to go in the first half.


Fellaini, who has not proved to be a fighter.


That is the one time you want him to go on his left.


Four years ago I was in Cape Town and my phone rang and a.


I thought I was being wound up by someone in the office, but Yedlin


me who was feeding on the game tonight and they spent


He won everybody's hearts when he came to Tottenham.


I'm not sure what Fellaini's role is.


He's not linking the play or playing as a second striker,


I always think he's better suited when he is high up or getting


on the end of things or protecting the back four.


A good ball in, and just too high for Dempsey.


What a superb defensive header that is.


I was getting excited about defending, that's not like me.


He has done two things well and one badly.


That is his third poor cross in two minutes.


His approach work was very good against Russia, but


And he runs that out of play for a USA throw.


He got the goal coming on as substitute.


In the first game against Algeria yes.


Timing has been the key for Belgium with late goals in all the


Is coming down the side where Yan Vertonghen is,


Three times the right backers come bombing


If you play down the left-hand side, you have to track the full-back.


I apologise to Jermaine Jones in the US midfield.


It was actually Graham Zusi with the shot.


A little ricochet taking it through to Vincent Kompany.


Deflection on the cross, made it tough for Gonzalez.


Again, Vertonghen getting down the left.


Really good when he goes forward, Vertonghen.


Likes of Mirallas the likes of Fellaini,,


if they don't start contributing, they will struggle because some


They have now had three, and Belgium have had seven.


Yes, good technically, and had no choice really.


Add to try and take it early to deceive Tim Howard.


Again, a breakaway after the American attack.


He would have been quite pleased to see Fabian Johnson going


off injured but, to be honest, this young fellow is not giving him


Not exactly a night off for Vertonghen.


Going to Dries Mertens, who has done well.


Hazard tried to get between the two of them.


The header that met it was that Jones.


This is the early chance from De Bruyne, didn't quite wrap is


All the good play from Belgium is coming


down the left, and all the good play from the US is down the right,


and that is mainly because the wide men are not defending properly.


They keep getting caught out and not tracking the runners.


If I was the full-back I would be screaming at them to help me out,


because it is Jan Vertonghen and Yedlin who have to do all the


Jurgen Klinsmann a few seconds away from getting


The referee's whistle brings the first after an end.


Belgium have edged it, that the best chance came in the first.


Origi denied by Tim Howard, who saved from Kevin De Bruyne.


It has been a very pacey, entertaining game in Salvador with


Here we go. Belgium all in red,


USA all in white. The USA are in their 10th World Cup


finals. Semifinalists previously, in


a historic occasion against Turkey. Belgian's first semifinal


since 2002. A clever little ball.


I am not sure Howard needed to make that look as extravagant as he did.


We will give him the benefit of the doubt.


Poor delivery. Really sloppy.


Vertonghen. Knowing the way


my predictions have gone, Mertens will probably score a hat-trick.


I do not think many people could have predicted what has happened


in this World Cup. Mertens is backpedaling.


Dempsey waived his right foot, controlled it.


If you have just joined us, the Stoke defender is replacing


Kyle Beckerman. No injury, just selection.


That does not trouble Tim Howard at all.


I have said enough about his lack of quality.


This is his earlier save. He had time to step back


and catch that. Maybe he lost his bearings.


A great thrower. He is a perfectionist.


A bit of a grubber but it found its target.


Too much for the liking of the referee.


Bradley has covered more ground in this World Cup than any other


player, and nearly 24 miles. He does not stop.


I'd did not get that from just seeing him,


I've got that from statistics. It is hard sometimes to sift out


the thoroughly useless from the little nuggets.


No foul on Dempsey. Fellaini is going to have


a pop here, not his best effort. It is interesting, there are some


interesting statistics, but a lot of them do not matter ultimately.


Here is Vincent Kompany, shielding it and winning Belgium a throw in.


Vincent Kompany did not feature at all in the last group game


against South Korea. Vertonghen sprinting ahead.


Hazard has a little look up. Van Buyten finds Vincent Kompany.


He was trying to feed Mertens but someone was in the way.


When the ball gets wide, Fellaini is nearly a second striker


for the diagonal ball. Hit a few diagonal balls,


play off him. He is looking


for a long diagonal cross. Origi does not anticipate


the defender missing it. Immediately under pressure by Jones


and Bradley. A slightly sleepy start to


the second half, but it is getting going now.


That is a poor shots by De Bruyne. If you are going to have him


in the team, If you are going to have him


in the team, you have to play to his strengths.


Hazard is drifting into central areas, and when he does,


the whole pitch opens up to him. He has the ability to go both


ways and to meet people. He has options off the bench


and he has used them well, the Belgian coach.


Three of his substitutions have scored for him so far.


A good header from Origi and it just smudged the top of the crossbar.


Really good cross, good header, Origi.


I am not sure whether Howard is the coolest man in the stadium or what.


He wants it back again. Good save by Tim Howard.


They are really up against it at the moment, United States.


That would have been goal of the tournament and the competition


right there if it had gone in. That would have been as good


as anything we have seen. This is


the confidence he is playing with. He is getting down the left,


getting crosses, great technique. The reason it is happening is


because Zusi is just not defending. I cannot believe he is not being


screamed at by the bench and by his right back.


Bradley has found him. Four runners for the USA.


Could not quite get it to Zusi. I cannot for the life of me think


it is a deliberate tactic by Zusi. I cannot for the life of me think


it is a deliberate tactic by Zusi. I wonder if


a substitution will affect things. Origi has been brilliant.


So close to sneaking in through Mertens.


A great run from Origi. Good, positive run.


This is his last contribution. I do not think that is


a bad substitution. I do not think Mertens has


contributed enough in this game. His energy, his directness.


Mirallas comes on for Mertens. Looks as though he is going to play


on the side where Mertens was. A free kick.


I was watching Hazard when they were attacking, USA,


and I find it amazing, how some of these players defend.


Pocket well and truly picked by De Bruyne.


That is the work ethic. They don't stop, the Americans.


Winning it back, that is what has got them here in the first place.


Alejandro Bedoya picking a pocket or two.


The artful dodger. Here is Bradley.


Great noise inside the stadium. Couldn't quite take it smoothly,


and Eden Hazard and Vincent Kompany between them conspire.


De Bruyne is onside because he was inside his own half.


Kevin De Bruyne. Here he is.


Fellaini to the right. Kevin morass.


Held up, but not stop. Still morass.


Now De Bruyne. Not sure he needed to come back.


Gave the USA defenders a chance to get back in.


End to end stuff at the moment. Brilliant.


Really open. The Americans watching back


at home might even start to appreciate a goalless game.


Vertonghen. Here's hoping.


Howard needed to take the sting out of it before he touched it.


This is quite clever from the USA, just getting a breather.


Been under some pressure. Keep the ball for a little while.


Jones jumping with Vincent Kompany. Axel Witsel with


the quick free kick. Of course the free kick was taken


quickly, it's that kind of game. DeMarcus Beasley is in.


Great hope after the 1994 World Cup that football would take off in


the States, and it didn't really. But MLS has to be taken


pretty seriously now. It is not just a retirement home.


It's a nice retirement home, for some,


but it's a bit more than that to. They can be really proud


of their players, again, tonight. Cannoned off the back of


Alejandro Bedoya. Putting his body on the line,


good defending. Brave.


Alderweireld. Deflection on that.


Origi couldn't get the touch. De Bruyne finds Fellaini.


Jan Vertonghen. A measured ball in,


but headed away by Gonzalez. Missed by Graham Zusi.


Yedlin, keeping it from hazard. Everything Yedlin does seems to


cause his team-mates a problem. He's got a free kick.


Yes, I don't think he is aware of switching on


when he needs to be inside or outside, passing the players.


I'm amazed they haven't made a change, because he looks tired.


His defending has been reactive. He sees the problem


but it is almost too late. There will be


a major tournament held in the US in a couple of years time,


and they are hosting the copper America, the centenary edition.


All ten South American teams will take part.


And six from the Conqueror catheter. They can't keep the ball


at the moment and the Americans. Need some possession.


Jones has missed it. Origi skips away.


Good take by Tim Howard. Jones, gesturing to come short.


Lost too easily. That is poor from Jones.


He looks really tired. Struggling.


He has put such a shift in. That is a really good tackle.


DeMarcus Beasley at the back for the US.


Started the tournament with Geoff Cameron in that position


but he had an unfortunate moment or two against Portugal,


one of which led to Nani's goal. Gonzalez has come in


and done really well. He's done very well.


Jan Vertonghen. A decent ball in,


and Besler waved a foot. That might have been ill-advised.


Bedoya's shanked clearance. Fellaini.


Alderweireld. Axel Witsel.


Good hit. Tim Howard knew where his post was


and he felt he had it covered. A decent strike from Witsel.


Patient from Belgium. A few yards wide.


This is the header from earlier. Good effort from Divock Origi.


He is quick, strong. Eager to run behind.


And of course, such a young age, he will get better and better.


No agreement between Lille and Liverpool, although we understand


there will be further discussions. Might be getting a bit more


expensive than every moment goes by. A few players who have added


a lot of value to themselves in this tournament.


I'm surprised we haven't seen some more substitutions.


We might see some movement on the American bench.


Wondolowski is about to come on. Yedlin.


Dempsey. Good strike.


A quick snapshot from Dempsey on his weaker foot.


Capable from those areas. Howard was behind it.


Twice he has denied Divock Origi. Lovely footwork by Mirallas.


Fellaini. Origi again.


One in the box for Belgium. He could not get it away


from Cameron. That's what we were talking about,


committing people. Scrapping away.


The free kick goes the way of Belgium.


I wonder if the US will make the change.


I think it will be Graham Zusi coming off,


the man who conceded the free kick. Chris Wondolowski will


come out to replace him. He snatched at it a bit.


A clear sight on goal. To changes made for the USA now.


And one for Belgium. Kevin De Bruyne with this free kick.


Jan Vertonghen. There are four inside the US area.


Fellaini. The whistle has gone.


I think for handball. Again, the diagonal we talked about,


the only one they have hit, well, the second one.


As soon as it comes down on his chest, there are problems.


Maybe he felt the first one was up high.


Just scuffs it a little bit. He will be disappointed with that.


Probably the two best chances of the game.


Only his sixth cap. He scored in the Maracana,


not a bad place to score the first goal for your country.


Certainly isn't. Omar Gonzalez.


Not often on these occasions, the closer you get to 90 minutes, the


more cagey and cautious it gets. No signs of that yet.


Dempsey, racing forward. Dempsey.


Dempsey's shot, and Courtois behind it.


He could have given it to Bedoya. I keep forgetting he's not


in a Fulham shirt. I keep getting excited for him.


Yedlin, they had him on loan for a short spell.


No, it didn't work. I think if they had even had


Lionel Messi on loan they would have gone down.


I was there on the relegation day, and it was with a whimper.


He has played well, Besler, made good interceptions.


Jones making the forward run. A test for Vertonghen.


Second ball. Vincent Kompany first to it.


Mirallas onside. It is a corner.


He wins a tackle and gets them on the break.


Lovely turn. Tries sliding down the side.


What a save. A Belgian corner.


At least we know that Eden Hazard can do it.


He is capable. Double figures now, the corner can.


Origi giving chase. Gonzalez giving chase.


The US central defender is slowly getting back to their feet.


Eden Hazard here. He's back on his feet now.


Vertonghen. Vincent Kompany.


Argentina are waiting in the quarterfinals.


Kevin Mirallas. A block by Cameron.


He's done more in the ten minutes he has been on than Dries Mertens


did in the whole match. Causing problems.


Set pieces as well stop he takes a mean free kick.


Gonzalez will get the treatment he was hoping he would


get a couple of minutes ago. If you see his left ankle.


Oh, dear. You know what, he might be lucky.


I've done that a few times and it can come back for you


after a couple of minutes. He might be OK.


Let's hope he is, because he has been immense.


They still have a change up their sleeve, if they need to use it.


He doesn't want to use it in case of extra time.


Geoff Cameron might slot back into defence and bring somebody back


in midfield. But at the moment, he looks OK.


You do feel, the longer it goes on, Belgium are getting on top of the


US and creating the better chances. Surprised there has not been


a substitute at the quality. The Belgians have taken the


opportunity to get some liquid on. They do seem to be enjoying


the match and each other's company these two.


It's nice to see. Dempsey with a click away downfield.


Onto the header Van Buyten. Mirallas.


Great ball in. Hazard.


Good save by Tim Howard again. That was curling in the far post.


He didn't quite catch it. Might break.


Michael Bradley. Cameron.


Bedoya. DeMarcus Beasley is outside him.


Alejandro Bedoya. DeMarcus Beasley.


Blocked by Van Buyten. End to end.


Kevin morale is at full pelt. Trying to run through the lot


of them. He has made such a difference.


What a brilliant run for Eden Hazard.


Talk about trying to prove a point. Again, hits it into the


ground. Makes the save easier for


Tim Howard. We've seen it a few times,


not connecting with the ball. Just a bit heavy.


Jan Vertonghen finds Hazard. Will he create something magical


to break American hearts. A bit of a slice from Gonzalez for


yet another Belgian corner kick. Fellaini at the back post.


Howard did well. Beasley did as well.


Full of running still. Jermaine Jones.


Yedlin is supercharged. Vertonghen have a head start.


But Yedlin's persistence and pace has brought them a throw.


He made about 40 yards there, considering he has hardly played


at this level, how wonderful he has tonight.


He can be proud of himself. Cameron.


Bradley. Beasley.


Bradley. There he is again, Yedlin,


in behind. Yedlin.


Jones. Fellaini did well.


Eden Hazard. Great tackle by Yedlin.


He ran 40 yards and he ignored him again and did not defend,


then got back and tackled him. Brave.


What a performance he has put in. Hazard.


Mirallas is off chasing this. Takes on DeMarcus Beasley.


That needed to be timed right, and it was.


It is a corner. Again, he is a threat.


You make a mistake there you run the risk of conceding something


catastrophic. A Belgian corner.


That is away by Dempsey. We don't know how many times he


has done that tonight. The never say die attitude is


so admirable. Some of those lads are dying


on their feet. Again, a corner kick.


Vincent Kompany having his shirt pulled.


It's not a great save, it's a great block.


They've certainly played for their manager and the country.


But they do look tired. Got to try and regain some shape


and energy to stay in the game. Is there a late winner?


It has been a feature of the round of 16 games.


Late winners. I'm amazed Fellaini is still


on the pitch, his contribution has been next to nothing.


There has been the odd header down or chest down.


The likes of Januzaj and Dembele on the bench, even Chadli.


Have to try and do something different.


Howard with a reaction stop. Hit firm and true rising,


but straight at the keeper. Good play from Origi,


confident turn, good strike. Straight at Howard.


You would expect to save it. Another corner.


Almost into the last five minutes of the 90.


Fellaini's header at the back post. Did it come off a USA head?


Apparently not. They only committed for men


in the box to the corner. Five minutes to go,


and you wanted win the game. I'm surprised they did not


commit one or two more at least. Four is


an easy number to defend against. De Bruyne has gone quiet.


Shocked at the strength that he has on


the bench and there is no movement. Really am surprised.


Jan Vertonghen for Belgium, driving it into Eden Hazard.


Well timed by Gonzalez. Michael Bradley.


It is that time of the game. If you concede now,


you are in big trouble. Cleverley away by Van Buyten with


Dempsey behind him and waiting. Not sure that was clever.


A good break from the USA. That could have gone anywhere.


That is a tired clearance rather than a clever one.


Well, he did what needed to be done I guess.


Alejandro Bedoya will take the corner kick the United States.


The fans are on their feet. DeMarcus Beasley does not


want to be beaten here. A foul.


He is having a real war of words with his manager.


De Bruyne, and you still feel that the Belgian


quality might count in the end. Kevin De Bruyne.


Eden Hazard, side netting. Got to pull it there, on


his left foot, away from the goal. Bad decision from Eden Hazard.


Look at the red shirts in the middle.


I'm not sure how he thinks he will score.


Must be an unbelievable strike to score from there.


That is greedy, that. Either tired or greedy.


A player of his quality has to do better there.


Two minutes of normal time plus added on.


Well timed again from Gonzalez. Spreading it well, Kevin De Bruyne.


Fellaini waiting for the diagonal again.


Alejandro Bedoya. Wondolowski in the middle.


Jermaine Jones with a run. Bedoya takes on Van Buyten,


but Vincent Kompany is across. To say, that is enough of that.


Superb defending from Vincent Kompany.


Read that so well. Hazard, into Witsel.


Vincent Kompany continuing. Company in the middle.


Tim Howard, away. Now that would have been the goal


of the tournament. Captain fantastic, Vincent Kompany.


Just a tiny bit behind him. Needs a better quality ball.


One or two yards in front of him. I am breathing heavier just


watching him make that run. The referee,


I thought he had blown his whistle but it was someone in the crowd.


Hazard, did well, put behind by Omar Gonzalez.


16 corners now. Not sure I can find any more words


or eulogies for the American defending.


To keep going the way they have, keep getting in there, getting


the blocks, fantastic attitude. And desire.


Into the three added minutes. Fellaini, over the bar.


That is where Fellaini is dangerous. That has been his only contribution,


actually, set plays and diagonals. Whatever it takes.


Tim Howard's clearance downfield. Dempsey has done well


and shrugged off Axel Witsel. Jan Vertonghen is there.


It will be a USA corner no, a US throw.


90 seconds of added time to go. Good strength.


Keeps his team at the pitch. Offside.


It would not have counted. I am pleased for him.


Clever ball from Cameron. A mile offside.


Oh, my word. They have swapped De Bruyne


on the left. I think that is partly...


The right back has gone on the whole game, hasn't he?


I think De Bruyne will be more disciplined in his footwork.


Hazard will get a young striker more involved than he has been


in the match on the left-hand side, because Lukaku has not yet had


a shot in this World Cup. Here is Bradley.


A definite change. Oh, it has gone through.


It is Jones. It is over and wide.


Doug it out from around the corner. Jones is somehow still going.


He cannot quite get over it. You would think


the chances would be few and far between in this extra time.


Cameron. Dempsey.


When you think that United States... Kevin De Bruyne.


Great finish. Lukaku causing the problems.


Strength and power, freshness. I've thought he was going to go on


his own but he looks to square it. Really composed, isn't he?


Composed is the perfect word. Top goal scorer in qualifying.


We see why. He had never scored for Belgium


before this World Cup. That is fifth for his country, and


now the United States, somewhere, somehow have to find some reserves


of energy in a way back into this game and Jermaine Jones immediately


throwing the gauntlet down. Argentina is


the prize for whoever goes through. That prize will be on Saturday.


They will have to show some real strength.


A long run back for those centre halves who have gone up.


He just takes his time, takes the extra touch and picks his spots.


Very composed finish from a talented young player.


He wants to go and celebrate and realises he must go back or he


will get a yellow. Kevin De Bruyne, who celebrated


his birthday three days ago. If that proves to be


the winning goal, it will earn a small celebration this evening.


Away to the left-hand side, Vertonghen.


Far too long. Get out on your feet and smash it.


Free kick to United States. That was a chance to put


a game away. I am thinking


of the game that Greece had, with extra time, against Costa Rica.


You never know. The only upside,


the only silver lining to the cloud of that goal is that it


has come so early in extra time. But they don't want


to concede another. Eden Hazard here.


De Bruyne. Lukaku, got the shot away,


and Tim Howard turns it away. Lukaku has done more


in six minutes in extra time than he has really contributed


in the two games in which he played the best part of 90 minutes.


The game is open, which helped him. He has a point to prove,


and sometimes players need that. They come out fighting.


The substitutions have both made a huge impression.


If they go through, their lack of tenacity, it is only Witsel really


who is looking tired now, and the rest of them are attacking players.


On Friday, in the quarterfinals, we bring you France against


Germany, live on BBC One, 4:30pm. At the moment,


it is Belgium's to lose. Dempsey coming deep,


finding Bradley. Bradley, clipped away to Jones.


Yedlin always willing to make an option, and has it now.


Bedoya is there. Beasley.


Almost cut out by Hazard. Here is Cameron


on the nicely away from Fellaini. Beautifully done.


Back into Dempsey. Brilliant, let


the ball roll away from Dempsey. The whistle has gone.


There are tired legs out there on both sides.


Chris Wood is out there alongside Jurgen Klinsmann.


A little bit of added time at the end of this period of extra time.


Got to contain Lukaku. His freshness has made


a real difference. The next goal in this game if there


is one must not be a Belgian goal. They might get one,


but I'd don't see it. To lose a goal in extra time,


psychologically... Straight out of play


for an American throw in. They are still in this,


they have to have belief. It could be a set play.


Two last-minute last goals. Anything is possible.


Bradley. Dempsey.


Great ball. It is hammered into Jones


and the referee has stopped play. This first 15 minutes could


last about 25, couldn't it? That is an accident.


He will be all right. He has had a ball


in the face before. Give him a little breather,


a little water, get on with it. For a young man,


that is great composure. They need Jones back on quickly,


because they do not want to be playing with one man less


in extra time, that is for sure. Jones is back on now.


De Bruyne. Hazard.


Van Buyten. Goode, good faith.


How many times have we said that this evening?


Poor finish from Mirallas. Jurgen Klinsmann's United States


team are undone, and another Belgian substitute makes the difference.


De Bruyne takes his time. That is the exact finish


we expect from him. Confident, powerful, and as you say,


he has done more in the last 15 minutes here


of extra time and he has done See the smile on his face.


Well, we are into added time at the first period of extra time.


2-0 is a huge ask now. As they push on, obviously,


there will be more opportunities for Belgium on the counter.


They deserve it, you can't argue with that.


They created better chances and were the dominant team.


We are playing two added minutes at the end of the first 15.


Is that two more added minutes? They have already played nearly


two. Julian Green is about to come on


as soon as the fourth official has decided which number is coming off.


Or at least reflecting what Jurgen Klinsmann has decided


which number should come off. It is Bedoya who is coming off


and Julian Green, who is with Bayern Munich, though mostly


in their second team, which plays the lower tiers in


German football. He is on.


It is the end of the first period of extra time.


15 minutes away, Belgium, from the last eight.


The last eight of the World Cup. De Bruyne, forward.


Lukaku giving it straight to Yedlin. But if they get one early


in this half... Yedlin.


Lovely bit of skill. As Cameron got


the legs to get there? It is a free kick for the foul


on Yedlin. They are in real trouble and if


DeMarcus Beasley had not been first to the clearance, and he shouldn't


have been, not a good ball. Sloppy.


He has scored! What a fantastic goal.


Julian Green for the United States. And they are only back in it.


It is 2-1. I told you I should


not predict anything. Game over?


Why did I not be quiet. What a moment that young man.


Bradley looks up. Onside.


Doesn't he take that well. Alderweireld letting go.


Just off the edge of his toe. He deserves a bit of luck


for making a superb run. 13 minutes to go, and 13 minutes


might be plenty because Belgium who were practically celebrating


in extra time up against it. This World Cup has been


absolutely brilliant. Goalkick.


I am amazed that they have not made a change and put some fresh legs on.


Witsel and Fellaini are gone. They cannot make a run between them.


It is wide by a whisker. Jermaine Jones.


It looked in. I cannot believe what I am watching.


Talk about turning the game around. Brilliant ball from Yedlin.


What a clever finish it was. So unlucky from Jones.


Outside of the right foot. Yedlin,


not sure what he has had pre-match, but he has not stopped.


Beautifully away from DeMarcus Beasley.


Here is a man who is contender for Man of the Match.


Besler. Julian Green, the man who has


changed the face of the game. Michael Bradley for the


United States. He does.


Bradley. Trying to work out a way


around Fellini. Jermaine Jones for the


United States. Suddenly it is


the Belgium legs that are aching. De Bruyne, given away by Jones.


Poor ball. Given straight back.


Omar Gonzalez has not won it. Lukaku.


Besler. Lukaku running at Gonzalez.


Lukaku. Howard again.


The two of them could not stop him, but Tim Howard did.


Great feet. Not the best finish, but again,


Tim Howard, how many times has he saved with his legs?


What an evening he has had. What a game.


Belgium are throwing on Nacer Chadli.


Their last change. It shouldn't be for Hazard.


You can hear the response for the Belgium fans, he still looks fresh.


The two guys behind him are dead on their feet.


The 19th Belgian corner of the game. Here is this brilliant moment


for Julian Green. Catches the end of his toe,


but he won't care, at all. And then the chance


for Jones a minute or two later. DeMarcus Beasley.


Back to Julian Green. Mirallas is helping out.


Foul. Free kick.


Showing some spirit and some fight. It comes to Geoff Cameron.


Miss time, but pushed, free kick USA.


It is dead centre. Not sure he should be shooting.


I have not seen his strike. The Belgian manager looks


more nervous than he did five minutes ago.


I think we all thought it was game over.


Half-time in extra time. They were virtually celebrating.


Jermaine Jones will leave it. Where has the rebound gone?


That's a free kick. Courtois with


the save to deny Dempsey. Where have they got the energy from?


They look the fitter and stronger team.


Still going. Smashed away by Jan Vertonghen.


That is the best free kick of the World Cup so far.


What a save from Courtois. Yes, he has.


Five in the middle. Michael Bradley.


Everyone but Lukaku back. Kevin De Bruyne.


Belgium are desperate for respite. Who could have seen this coming?


Courtois will live on it. Look at this for invention.


Such a clever little move. His first touch just took it


into his path. So unlucky.


Quick off his line. Straight through to Tim Howard,


and that is not done his team-mates any favour.


You can bet your bottom dollar it is coming straight back again.


I would have loved to have seen that gone in.


I don't want this to stop. Fellaini has booted out of play


for an American throw. That sums his evening up.


For years they have been an anomaly in world football, the


country that doesn't get the game. Always qualifying,


but this is a proper team and they are backed by some proper fans.


They get it. The noise, the atmosphere,


it's fantastic. The noise, the atmosphere,


it's fantastic. It's a pleasure to be here


and witness this. Gonzalez got a foot in,


but free kick to Belgium. Whichever one


of these teams go through, they face Argentina, and it will be a terrific


quarterfinal, that is for sure. What a game that will be.


It would be for Belgium if they get their, a repeat of their


finest hour, the semifinal of 1986 when Diego Maradona scored a goal


that was arguably every bit as good as the second one he scored against


England in the quarterfinal. It is an American throw.


Three and a half minutes, or thereabouts.


Will there be one more chance? You can see


the central defender has gone up. Gonzalez is here.


Lovely backheel by Dempsey to Bradley.


Yedlin. Great ball.


Just behind. Smashed away by Fellaini.


What a ball from Yedlin. Coming back in from


DeMarcus Beasley. Julian Green.


Five in the box for the USA. Green.


Still green. Jones.


Driven. No,


he has to put that in the middle. From Marc Wilmots.


He's going to be disappointed because they have thrown


a comfortable position away and now they are hanging on


for dear life, and that's because he did not replace the men


in central midfield with no legs. They cannot move, the pair of them.


The pressure is relentless. Courtois taking his time and


Jurgen Klinsmann is doing his not. Courtois with a clearance.


Besler underneath it. Fellaini.


Fellaini finds Lukaku. Silence falls


as Belgium have the ball. Lukaku.


Besler in front of him. Mirallas.


Looking for the corner flag. Free kick USA.


Doesn't need to take him on. Keep the ball in the corner,


trying to foul. Silly play.


Time ticks on. Michael Bradley charges on.


Julian Green. Geoff Cameron.


Dempsey. Dempsey.


Bradley. Fellaini comes out to meet him.


Bradley. Holds Fellaini and is fouled


by Fellaini. Free kick.


I think that is the first tackle Fellaini has made.


75 seconds on my watch. Out from Jan Vertonghen.


Jones beaten it. The ball in.


Out by Van Buyten. Hammered away by Fellaini.


He can knock it square for Chadli. Blocked by DeMarcus Beasley.


It looked like handball. Lukaku again.


That is a great ball. Wonderful ball, just over the top of


Cameron but Mirallas saw it late. A good ball,


but he's need to try it. Just run in the corner.


Six foot three, 16 stone of muscle, protect the ball in the corner


and get the country through. Fellaini.


I don't know about you, I'm glad he did.


It's been that kind of game. I don't want the game to end with


a Belgian sitting on the ball in the corner quadrant.


The excitement is unbelievable. Here goes Julian Green.


Green's Allin. Yedlin!


Yedlin, the pain searing through his legs.


I thought that was the moment. What a reward that would have


been that young right back. He has been magnificent.


One added minute and he cannot understand why it is not more.


Get them all up. Get Tim Howard up.


Get them all up. Well, it is the USA,


so here come the cavalry. Tim Howard, long and high.


Fellaini with his head on it. They can run it downfield


and run away the clerk. They are through.


Belgium are through. What a scare they have had.


They have been run into the ground, the Belgians.


They got over the line, but they do go on to a quarterfinal against


Argentina and what a mouthwatering one it is on Saturday.


They have won the match after extra time but what a performance.


What a performance from the USA. I think it is worth giving the USA


huge credit and thanking them for what they have contributed to


the World Cup because that's the best I've seen.


I have not seen character and commitment and desire and what I


saw tonight. Well done to Belgium as well,


because they showed good quality to I now look forward to watching them


in a brilliant quarterfinal against Argentina against Lionel Messi.


It has been a star-spangled World Cup, and that was right up


with the best of them. Lovely to see the coaches embrace.


Klinsmann's Americans are out and Marc Wilmots's Belgians are through.


Wow. That is it But sometimes, something can happen


that leaves you no choice to let the world see


your secret self.