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After another depressing week for English football we needed


something to lift the spirits and the Premier League


Six games on the way for tonight's two-ball


We start at the Liberty Stadium where Swansea, who've not won


since the opening day of the season, faced an in-form Liverpool side


Commentary comes from Simon Brotherton.


Swansea haven't won at home in the league since the last time they


hosted Liverpool, in May. Jurgen Klopp's side words preoccupied


against the game with Villa Real. Now they have a laser-like focus on


the league. There's one change for the home team today, with Llorente


missing the match because of a rib injury. Borja Baston, a summer


arrival from Atletico Madrid, makes his first Premier League start.


Fernandes is not written it enough to return, so Mike van der Hoorn


continues alongside Amat in. Lovren returns for Liverpool after missing


last week's win over Hull with a virus. Loris Karius keeps his place


in the goal up week after breaking his area league debut. Origi is


named in the substitutes after recovering from a foot injury.


Swansea City with just one point from nine at home so far, that point


accrued in a 2-2 draw with Chelsea. They've lost a couple at home


already. Routledge River Tawe space to run into. Rangel on the outside


if required. Over the top of the bar, the first chance of the game


falls to Swansea. It was a good one. It could not be guided in past


carriers. An excellent -- past Karius. An excellent chance for


Borja Baston. Swansea computing here. Now Sigurdsson forward, the


flag stays down. Borja Baston racing through. Sigurdsson is inside the


penalty area but suddenly found himself surrounded, as redshirts


came piling back into the box. Promising from Swansea, just about


onside. Karius stays on his line. It's in,


over the line by Leroy Fer. Swansea City have the lead after seven


minutes. Just the start they needed. The pressure is really on. They


haven't won since the opening day and what a confidence booster this


could be. The ball headed back in at the far post, flicked into what is


Leroy Fer, who added the finishing touch. It was a tight one. I think


he's just about onside as the ball comes over. It may have deflected


off Lovren anyway. Another game goes by in which Liverpool have failed to


keep a clean sheet. They haven't managed one at all so far in the


Premier League this season. It hasn't mattered with the number of


goals they've scored. Lallana has taken aback, stayed on the ground.


-- has taken a hit, stayed on the ground. A hit on the leg. Lallana


may have to come off, it would seem. Forward by Milner, straight onto


Jordi Amat's had. That will be a free kick for a foul by Henderson. I


should think he will go into the book. First yellow card of the game.


Liverpool not really enjoying this first half. Gylfi Sigurdsson with


the pixel Swansea. Was another chance to make it to and Borja, with


his second heading opportunity of the game can't find the back of the


net. Steve Kaplan and Jason Irving, the owners of Swansea City, here to


watch the match today. I'm sure happy with the start made by the


team. There's the man who wasn't -- whose side haven't won since the


opening day against Burnley. I delivery into Firmino, this is


Sturridge, no penalty and a free kick for Swansea City. There will be


a booking for simulation for Daniel Sturridge, from Mike Oliver.


Sturridge bursting into the box, felt that touch on his chest from


the Swansea defender. It wasn't a heavy touch, but there was a touch.


Mike Oliver saying, no, he will be disappointed to see his team hasn't


had a shot on target in the first half. Firmino, away from Britton and


Fabianski team required to make a decent save for the first time in


the game. Certainly -- the crowd is getting behind the home team, a


tremendous atmosphere inside the Liberty. Mane for Liverpool, gets a


free kick for the challenge by Leon Brittan. He will be booked by the


referee. Mane is on the wall, Coutinho that's the ball straight


into the middle of it. Bacchin by Henderson, Firmino, Liverpool level


at 1-1. Swansea's defenders are across at the far side, there's no


flag. Firmino celebrates. Liverpool are back in the game. Nine minutes


into the second half. As the ball comes in, he's onside. Initially the


wall does its job, it deflects back out off Leroy Fer. Roberto Firmino


is there Liverpool. To score his fourth goal of the season. Liverpool


have taken less than ten minutes in the second half to come right back


in it. Liverpool's tales are up. Nathaniel Clyne, Wijnaldum going


racing through the middle but looks frustrated the ball didn't come.


It's still with Liverpool now. Mane in towards Sturridge.


Coutinho. Suddenly, Swansea City are creaking and on the ropes. Much,


much better from Liverpool. Coutinho combining with Wijnaldum and not far


away from finding the corner of the net. He is looking a lot happier


since the break. And no wonder. Suddenly, wave after wave of


red-shirted attacks bearing down on the Swansea penalty area. Van der


Hoorn challenge, no foul, it's James Milner, Bacchin Tomane and the block


is made by Kyle Naughton. -- back into Mane. The referee had a great


view, waving play on, and Mane going for gold, sees the ball ricocheting


and deflecting over the top. Just hangs in the air, doesn't quite


land on Firmino's head. Well, hooked up high in the air but no breast --


no distance at all by Barrow. Firmino tries the shot. The referee


gives Liverpool penalty. What frustration for Swansea City. Rangel


with a challenge on Firmino, here it is. Firmino down, as he felt


Rangel's arms touch the back of his shirt. Liverpool now with a glorious


opportunity to take the lead and James Milner will try and give


Liverpool the lead here. That's precisely what he does. That could


be a hammer blow for Swansea City today. In the 84th minute of the


game, an excellent penalty from Milner. Liverpool lead for the first


time today and they have just over five minutes to hang onto it.


Swansea City, have they got a final flourish in them to rescue


something, or will Sturridge budget beyond reach? He can't. Coutinho


brings a save from Fabianski you. Van der Hoorn can't get the ball


away. Mike van der Hoorn finally does clear, up towards Barrow, but


there hasn't really been a threat from Swansea since half-time in this


game. Rangel with a delivery. Van der Hoorn can't turn it home. What a


chance, right at the last moment of the game. Mike van der Hoorn, up


from the back and a clear view of goal, and Swansea's last opportunity


at salvaging a point has surely gone, now. We need a good result but


this is not a good period for us. The performance was good. My players


gave me an answer of character and qualities in the first half,


perfect, spot on, I think. The resort -- the right result would


have been a draw. Did you feel any pressure coming into the game


because of recent results? There's a lot of talk about the manager and


his future? I think we showed today that we are behind our coach. We


want to win for our coach. We didn't. I thought we could have done


better in the first half, I know we could have done better. Our build-up


was static, so it was easy, so we forced a reaction in the second


half. The we got the job done but we can't do that every week because we


will be punished and it will be difficult to get back in the game.


You had a penalty kick, James Milner is a cool customer to have, it


seems. I've no idea, I didn't see it! I trust you will be watching


tonight, Jurgen! Distinctive halves, I have to say. Very different.


Swansea in the first half, pretty dominant really. They were dominant.


They deserved their 1-0 lead. You can't accuse the Swansea players of


not working for their manager, who is obviously under pressure. But


Swansea did to Liverpool what Liverpool have been doing to most


teams this season. They actually pressed them high they worked very


hard, and they forced Liverpool into mistakes. They basically stopped


them playing and didn't allow them to get their football game going.


They didn't go in one, so they were passed off. They went as a group and


hunted in a pack and won the ball high up the pitch. A decent effort


from Herb -- from Fer, who did very well. The middle of the park,


they're all working for the manager, forcing the wall back to the


goalkeeper and just not letting them play at all. For that first half


they were brilliant, deserved their 1-0 at half-time. There could have


been some more. By contrast, the second half is very much belonged to


Liverpool? It did, as good a Swansea were in the first half I thought


Liverpool were poor. Their attitude and approach to the game, I don't


think Jurgen Klopp would have been happy with that and there would have


been harsh words said at half-time. You can almost tell there was


because the reaction from the players in the second half was


completely brilliant. That's what you want from your players. Use all


their the clip of them hunting impacts to get the ball back,


players making runs now, reactions to get the ball back as soon as


possible. Milner was influential, involved in a lot of very good play


in that second half, not giving up on anything, making sure he was put


in -- putting the Swansea players under a lot of pressure all the


time. When you do that, you tend to create chances. Players were


releasing themselves from positions and then you can break from these


deep deeper positions. Liverpool in the second half were very dominant.


Time and time again players released themselves, Swansea just tired I


felt. They caught them on the ball, sorry, on a number of occasions,


where they could have put them to bed. They did deserve their 2-1 in


the end. It was that first half display was not so good. It


certainly wasn't. I suppose if Liverpool are to be title contenders


they are going to have to work on their defending set pieces because


they are letting a few in? Yes, they are. The third goal this season


they've conceded from a set piece and they've conceded too many, also


from normal play. You've got three guys marking, Henderson, Wijnaldum


and Milner. The rest are zonal marking. Henderson is on Fer, the


eventual goal-scorer. He is marking him, his man. When that ball comes


in, he's got to stick with him. If he drops to Fer he's still got a


free header. Henderson has already lost. But when the ball goes over


your head you can't just switch off say that's my job done now because


it hasn't gone to my marker. You have to engage again and find out


where your money is. Henderson is six or seven yards off Fer, they


lose their head at the far post and it is a tap in from yard out. That


is just switching off and thinking someone else will do the rest for


me. That's not the case. You've got to stay alive and stay alert when


the ball goes over your head. Engage and see where it goes. Can they


contend? I think so. Agree? Yes. After picking up just one point


from their last three games, Chelsea were in action at Hull,


who've picked up just one point Those defeats at Arsenal and against


Liverpool poured cold water on early talk of Chelsea being fit for a


title challenge this season. They need to regroup, and maybe Hull


provide ideal opposition, they have only won four of 44 meetings between


the clubs. Hull's lightning start of the season is a distant memory. Mike


Phelan makes three changes, Elmohamady is suspended after his


red card at Anfield last week. David Meyler comes into right back.


Henriksen and Mbokani make their first starts. Huddlestone and


Hernandez make way. Antonio Conte has dropped Ivanovic and Fabregas


today with Marcos Alonso coming in at left back. Four years after


signing for Chelsea, Victor Moses makes his full Premier League debut


for the club. Before kick-off, a minute's applause to mark the sad


passing of a 13-year-old fan, Megan Pratt, who was going to be mascot


today but died on Thursday after a brave battle with illness.


Jake Livermore able to shake off Hazard. The Hull Golden Boy at the


moment, Robert Snodgrass with four goals already this season. Useful


dummy and Mbokani goes down under David Luiz.


Clumsy challenge from the Brazilian. Ideal territory for Robert


Snodgrass. Scored a wonderful free kick against Burnley to rescue a


point not so long ago. Takes it on, and the deflection made life


uncomfortable for Courtois. The big Belgian had to change direction


here. That's a splendid stop from Courtois. Not the start he was


anticipating. David Meyler, closed down quickly by


Alonso, but still found Sam Clucas. Snodgrass crosses deep. It drops for


Mason, and again. Twice Chelsea got bodies in the way. Alonso was sucked


out by the need to close down David Meyler and there is suddenly a


massive space for Snodgrass. So much time, Hull had two attacking that,


Mason's first shot blocked, as was the second.


Kante feeds Moses who is one-on-one against Robertson, whose


backpedalling. Moses, again guilty of overelaborate play. The chance


was there to get it in the box. Just wonder if Moses might have been


caught as he tries to dance his way into the box. Diomande's challenge.


The ball has gone, and he catches Moses.


On by Mbokani. Snodgrass stopped initially by Luiz. Cahill gets it


clear. Livermore regains its the whole city so well. Mason with the


shot, and Courtois with good hands to turn it around. -- regains it for


Hull city. Mason is never shy to take it on from distance. The first


half looks as though it will finish as it started, with a great Courtois


stop. Hazard turns away from Diomande.


Steps inside Robertson, and it's a good drive. Finally David Marshall


is required to make a superb stop. This was a dazzling run and a


powerful drive. Chelsea unbeaten against Hull city in the Premier


League, winning six of their eight meetings. Livermore, oh dear.


Straight to Willian. Diego Costa, Marshall comes a long way and Costa


against the post. And Kante blasts it over the bar. Hull City living


dangerously there. It all stemmed from the careless ball out of


defence. When it was fed through to Costa, kept his feet, got away from


Marshall. The flick from Livermore took it on to the post. N'Golo Kante


just isn't a finisher. Kante seizes the loose ball once


more. Costa, so strong and determined. Willian, gets the shot


away! Chelsea take the lead on the hour. Such an improvement in this


second half. They needed it. Whatever he said to them during the


break has paid dividends. It was sloppy from Robertson. Here is the


key moment, Costa against Curtis Davies. Costa uses it wisely.


Willian used Hazard as a decoy. Knew what he was trying to do and he


bends it magnificently into the top corner. His second goal of the


campaign. His last goal was Chelsea's last victory against


Burnley. Will that goal set them up for a return to winning ways? Hull


City 0- one Chelsea. Alonso finds Matic. Matic goes on,


and on he goes. Might have to do it all himself. Diego Costa! 2-0.


Almost an identical replica to the gold from Willian. In terms of where


Diego Costa put the shot. His sixth of the campaign.


But how much credit does Nemanja Matic deserve? His striding,


purposeful, determined run. Diego Costa knew what was on as the ball


rolled his way. It's a long way back for Hull City now. Chelsea rampant.


You sense Chelsea are almost toying with Hull before looking for the


third goal. They might get it now. Willian goes down. No interest from


either the referee or his assistant on the far side. Davies is the


defender. He's got the ball but then catches Willian afterwards. That's a


penalty. Cahill looking for Oscar, who is on


the shoulder of Livermore. Willian in support, so is Costa. Alonso is


arriving. He finds across, and it's a good one. Pedro couldn't apply the


finish at the back post. He was scuttling in as quickly as he could,


the little Spaniard. Could have been three, four, more, but Chelsea will


settle for two and three points. After the last couple of weeks we


have been working on different things. We have been conceding a lot


of goals and I think today the team concentrated for 90 minutes and kept


the clean sheet. You made changes with Ivanovic and Fabregas left out.


Do you think that decision was justified? No, but when you are in a


great team you have the opportunity to choose the best situation every


week, in every game. Then it's normal that I want to win. I've


asked the players to learn certain lessons and I think deep down we are


doing that. We are slowly getting there. It's seven points. We have to


be pretty pleased with that return because a lot of other teams haven't


got that. The defeats for Chelsea were very heavy, but it's important


to have a good answer, a good reply today, from the players. Yeah, we


must follow it this way. Important victory for Chelsea. Interesting


watching Kante at Chelsea. Slightly different role, hasn't he? He was


terrific day but playing slightly different to how he did at


Leicester. At Leicester he had less possession. He was naturally deeper.


Chelsea control far more games so he finds himself in more advanced


positions on the pitch. Interesting to see him perform at times in these


positions. Simple ball out wide, getting people involved. I like to


see Kante's reaction when they lose the ball, that's why they bought


him, he sets the trigger, trying to win the ball back for his side. Did


that on numerous occasions today. Wins the ball there. In the second


half he was the catalyst, he wanted to be the driving force in midfield


to take the game to Hull. He gets in these positions here and doesn't


quite trust himself. Tries to find Hazard. Most midfielders would let


fly there. He has the ability to do it. When he picks up his head and


has the weight of pass across. Lovely slip to Costa. Not this bit!


The follow-up, you have to say he went to pieces a little bit. But


again, winning the ball back all game for Chelsea and in the second


half he was the main driving force that enabled them to get the 2-0


victory. Good display from him. The other positive is Diego Costa back


to his best. Six Premier League goals this season. Today I thought


he was brilliant. He led by example. He played in the right way, was


aggressive in the right way. He brought his team-mates into the


game. Since he signed for Chelsea, there is only Aguero and Harry Kane


who have scored more Premier League goals than he has. He ran in behind,


he was very difficult to play against today because he was in that


right mood, not looking to dive around and get other players booked.


He was aggressive in the right way. Assist for Willian. Everything about


his game today I liked. This was a brilliant run. Didn't get it but he


created space for Matic. First time, back of the net. The keeper has no


chance. When he plays like that I'm a massive fan of his. Hull, a good


start, but they have gone off the boil. A tough run of fixtures. It's


perhaps the lack of quality am at the end product. Exactly that. For


45 minutes they held their own, passing it around nicely, and they


seemed to have composure in the right areas of the pitch. It was a


very assured performance from them. You can tell they have played a lot


of tough sides because they did not seem overawed by the occasion of


playing Chelsea. In areas of the pitch like that, do they have that


added quality? It was tight in there, Mason and Clucas playing


well. But did they have the options? The ball comes to Mbokani, and it


comes back to Mason, are they doing enough to attack the Chelsea


defence? It wasn't enough today, far too easy for the Chelsea defence.


The ball would often go back and switch. More often than not it would


come to nothing. I feel with the run of games they have coming up,


Bournemouth away, stuck at home, Watford away, still tough fixtures,


but this is the area Mike Phelan and his team need to refine. -- Stoke


away. Two down, four to go. It's into Troy Deeney. That's


through and wide. Well saved by Jordan Pickford. Little touch from


Barry. Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe


described being linked to the England job as an unwelcome


distraction ahead of his side's trip to Watford, who came unstuck


at Burnley on Monday night. If what Watford win tonight they go


but Chelsea into the top eight of the Premier League. It's a high one,


and it's gone in from the header down. Lots of questions for Watford


to answer about how they defended that. Right foot cross into the


mixer, into the back of the net and Will -- Keane doubles their lead.


Steve Wilson was at Vicarage Road. COMMENTATOR: Three years ago, Troy


Deeney scored three in a Zig Zag in one Watford win over Bournemouth,


Eddie Howe's heaviest managerial defeat. Two more goals will take


Deeney to 100 for the club. It's just over two years since Jack


Wilshere played 90 minutes and six months since Bournemouth won away.


Wilshere start in an unchanged side. Graham Taylor here, the former


Watford manager, who celebrated his birthday this week. Nearly 20 years


since Bournemouth won on this ground. Wilson with Sebastian Prodl,


and the free kick given for handball by the Austrian. Yellow card for


Sebastian Prodl, who felt he had been knocked over and fouled.


Mazzarri is absolutely livid with that decision from Mike Dean. Prodl


thought he had been fouled but knew if the decision didn't go his way


then he would be in trouble. Looks like six of one, half dozen of the


other. Prodl knew there was a problem, deliberately handled and no


question about that. Mazzarri is on a final warning, I think.


Smith tried the backheel to find Wilshere but Stanislas is onto it.


Deflection on the cross. Wilson's header. 1-0 to Bournemouth. Callum


Wilson puts Bournemouth in. -- front. A deflection on the cross,


and it's a lovely finish. Good play by Stanislas, a little deflection


off Holebas, but it went on to the head of Callum Wilson, who surprised


Heurelho Gomes, who will not be happy with his contribution.


Bournemouth lead by a goal to nothing.


Play on, says Mike Dean, though he is just acknowledged the foul by


Smith. Here's Ighalo, trying to turn Arter. Ighalo, nicely left by


Roberto Pereyra. Excellent double save. Artur Boruc, it's a yellow


card, shown to Adam Smith for the foul in the build-up. Well spotted


by Mike Dean. Holebas really felt bad. It was high and dangerous on


the left-back is still down. It was a good advantage played by Mike


Dean, because Watford very nearly equalised. A nice dummied by Roberto


Pereyra. That's a nice fave. Mazzarri's birthday today, 55, the


Italian. There have to be easier ways to celebrate your birthday!


Wilson nicked it. Wilshere joining him in the area. Wilson stays on his


feet. He tees up Surman, who wastes the chance. Wilson stayed on his


feet, nicked it away from Prodl. Is that a foul? Others might have gone


down. In the end he teed up Surman on Surman's finish was horrible. I


wouldn't want to pick a winner at the moment between these two sides,


evenly balanced, beautifully poised actually. It's a corner off Daniels.


Watford's corner. Told in by Holebas. Prodl, so unlucky.


Fantastic invention from Troy Deeney. What would you say if this


had gone in? Well, it's like the old scorpion kick, of the goalkeeper.


Watford throw, they are in a bit of a hurry. Deeney. 1-1. Troy Deeney


levels for Watford. His 99th goal for the club. One more needed to


become only the fifth Hornet ever to reach 100. He owes a debt of thanks


to Amrabat for Rizwan, the throw-in quickly taken. Amrabat left Daniels


and left him far too easily and Deeney couldn't believe his luck.


Well done, Amrabat. For Troy Deeney that's fruity finish. It's 1-1. --


that the routine finish. Jack Wilson, he's hit the post. --


Wilshere. It's a lovely little run but onto the face of the post,


rather than the back of the net. This is Isaac Success for Watford,


the 20-year-old comes on for Ighalo. He's got a lot going for him, the


young Nigerian. Hooked into Deeney. Good save by


Artur Boruc. So close here. -- so close here to his 100th, Troy


Deeney. A decent save. Ibe goes off. On comes the Norwegian


international. Artur Boruc with the long clearance. In towards King, a


strong header by Kaboul. Steve Cook here for Bournemouth,


into Stanislas. Surman, lofted in the general direction of King but a


mistake by Holebas. King has good feet. He's got Wilshere in front of


him. Josh King going alone. It is deflected, he's scored. Bournemouth


back in front. Josh King within a minute of coming onto the pitch puts


Eddie Howe's side back in front. Well, look at this. Two little


tricks, Jack Wilson almost in his way says get out of my road -- Jack


Wilshere. Certainly helped it on its way. It's come off Kaboul into the


back of Watford's net. It's King's goal, the shot on target, you won't


take it away from him. That's how it feels when your substitution works a


treat. Holebas, Success. Tricky, strong quick customer, he's got a


free kick. I think Mike Dean has done the right thing, Success, 2-2.


Another goal from another substitute. Isaac Success in his


first ball Watford. It's all square again, with 25 minutes still to


play. It's a really good ball in, a cracking header. He's used the paste


off the delivery and redirected it. Impassive for the first time in the


game, practically, Walter Matt Ari. No one else's. It's 2-2. Great noise


now at Vicarage Road. Amrabat for Watford, what a thoroughly


entertaining game this has been. Roberto Pereyra behind Daniels.


Scooped in four Deeney. Mike Dean has given a free kick for the foul


on Artur Boruc. He pointed back towards the halfway line, the


referee, I thought he had given the goal. No way, not me, says Deeney.


Definitely onside, Roberto Pereyra. Lofted it up to Deeney. The first


question is did the ball crossed the line, but that became immaterial


because Deeney jumped into Boruc in the opinion of Mike Dean.


A great run from Smith, right-hand side. King might feed him. Here he


is, Smith, a tap in, surely? Wilshere has hit the post again.


He's hit the same post in almost the same place. I great run from Smith.


Jack Wilshere off the woodwork and now Jack Wilson off the pitch. Dan


Gosling comes on to replace him. Stanislas could get this right now


to Smith. Smith running away from Behrami. A free kick, right on the


edge of the penalty area. Prodl caught enough of Smith for Mike Dean


to give that free kick. It Stanislas, and he has hit the


woodwork as well. Well, three times now Bournemouth have hit Watford


woodwork. It's a really good effort by Stanislas. An inch and a half


lower, and Gomes would not have got there. when you scored two and hit


the woodwork three times you're going to be disappointed. We are


disappointed especially when you take the lead, you think it should


be enough. I thought it was a game of end to end stuff, both teams in


it. It was very even but we had the best chances. It's your birthday


today, can you allow yourself a celebration today, because the


performance was much better? TRANSLATION: We haven't played


better complaint to Burnley, much better. I'm very happy with this.


The players have given me a nice present today, with this point


unfortunately if there would have been slightly more concentrated in


some moments of the game they would have given me the three points but


I'm happy now with this point. Obviously delighted with the goal,


it's bringing confidence and keep working hard for the team. It seemed


to pay off. Disappointed not to take three points having taken the lead


twice. Can I ask you what make of Troy Deeney? He's a handful, he's a


strong lad. He's causing the defences all sorts of problems and


he has got his goal today, unfortunately for us. Fair play to


him. Hopefully he can carry on doing what he's doing. It brings is


straight to Troy Deeney. I know you want to focus on him. He's possibly


on the brink of an England call-up, it's not inconceivable, Harry Kane


injured? Correct, Harry Kane injured. A couple of games coming


up, Malta and Slovenia. He's been outstanding. These are montage of


what he's been doing for Watford over the years. This is not


something new. I find myself saying were always asking could we bring in


Andy Carroll, a hold-up man, are there any better than holding up the


ball than Troy Deeney? We've got a lack of leaders. He's Watford's


skipper, leading by example. Can he put the ball in the back of the net?


He has scored three in the last four. He's a goal-scorer. I enjoy


watching him play and the players enjoy his leadership. He is a


handful in the box. He's good with the ball at his feet. May be he has


an opportunity. He's an integral part of how Watford play and I like


the way he leads the team, he drags them forward and Rashford is ahead


of him, Vardy and Sturridge, Kane is injured but if there is another


injury that comes along then yes, he should be given an opportunity.


Quite close. As the Bournemouth, always good to watch, they placed


nice football, attacking, score goals. They are doing OK, you


consider the stature and financial clout of the club compared. They can


be very pleased with their start, 12 in the league, eight points, they


have Hull, Stoke, Spurs, they have chances. You don't worry about them,


do you? They play good stuff. West Ham, who've lost four


in a row - conceding 14 goals in the process -


faced a Middlesbrough side who themselves came into the game


on the back of three defeats. Jonathan Pearce was at


the London Stadium. Slaven Bilic has called for troubled


West Ham to approach this as calmly and professionally as possible,


defending his decision to allow the players a night out. Still making


personnel changes and the formation alteration to end their worst start


to the Premier League since 2002, when they went down. Jordan Rhodes


starts for the first time. Boro look to end an awful record.


A decent header await by Barragan. -- header away by Barragan. West Ham


have a problem. Sam Byram has gone down and he's holding the back of


his right hamstring, it would seem. This could be another blow to Slaven


Bilic. He threw himself through the air their seemed to land awkwardly.


Fairly innocuous at the time, then he had his hand on his hamstring?


Well, a major upset this for West Ham United. It's a good win in the


air -- good wind in the air. He wasn't too far wide. Good start by


Boro. A promising scoring record at Ajax unaware he won two league


titles. Cost 3.8 million in the summer, hasn't yet got off is about


the Boro. Slaven Bilic maintains the atmosphere hit isn't flat. They've


been very positive. He told Mark Noble the captain to take his meal


out for a -- his team out for a meal together. He says that bonding


session was as good as it was 20 years ago, when he was playing.


Payet's season hasn't really ignited yet. Very good block. Good defending


by Chambers. Hasn't scored in the league this season. He last scored


in the lead against Accrington. I think Valdes had it covered anyway.


Good ball. Here's Antonio to take on Chambers. Payet following up. Goes


for gold. It would have been a worthy opener in league football


this season for him. Rolled in from the left hand side. "Body To bend


the ball in, bent it wide. It's a poor tackle. Kouyate miss


timed it. It's Downing with it, hit the wall.


Payet turns it away to the speed of Antonio. A heavy touch, but he has


the speed to keep it in play. Payet is behind him. Switches it to Noble.


They have a player over on the far side, it's Ogbonna. Mark Noble. One


of the best efforts we have seen so far. They look at their best as a


counterattacking team. Mark Noble, who cares so much about every minute


in a West Ham shirt, but it wide. Here's Payet, Arbeloa a bit late so


he goes left and Noble. Antonio out there. Kouyate has arrived and


nearly get on the on the end trying to create. That's what he needs to


do. Antonio drifts wide, Kouyate has to get in there. He could not bring


it down and get the effort on goal. Should be a corner if it goes out.


Hasn't gone out yet. Antonio, comes back to Mark Noble. He shoots and it


hits the bar. That's the closest we've come. Tore forces the corner,


West and ending the half strongly. Bent deliciously, off the woodwork,


but didn't in. -- West Ham ending the half strongly. Jordan Rhodes is


on the side. Adrian was hesitant. Rhodes sends it forward with Winston


Reid getting it away. Got there, but was second best. The suspicion of


some shirt tugging on Rhodes. Was it enough to concede a penalty? Don't


know, but took a chance. The West Ham defence is under


pressure. The block comes in. As soon as the West Ham move broke down


at one end, too many players walking, not defending as an 11 and


Rhodes crept in behind. Third corner of the game for Middlesbrough. Off


the line by Mark Noble. The referee says it is crossed, it's a goal, and


Middlesbrough lead. The fans are delighted. Stuani crept through and


more trouble for West Ham. Got a yard away from poor marking. Clearly


over the line. That's why the goal decision system is there. Problem


for West Ham United, they went decisive enough defending. Antonio


let him get away and Middlesbrough lead at the London Stadium. It might


act as a wake-up call. Winston Reid hangs it in the air for


Payet. Slips beyond Barragan. Two waiting in the middle. Roles in the


side, good run by Payet. Is this his moment? Is this his moment?! It's


his moment! One moment in time may change everything. Sensational goal.


West Ham were behind for five minutes. Slipped away from Barragan,


inside the next challenge, carried on going and waited until he could


get a shot away and tickled at home. His season has barely flickered, now


it has ignited. Now we can hear the effect of the London Stadium roar.


Zaza wins it back and finds Payet. Isolated with Chambers. Support


arriving through Mark Noble. He's bundled over on the edge of the


penalty area by Martin De Roon. He gets a yellow card. Just outside the


box. He's brought them back into the game. Can Payet put them ahead? Hit


the wall. Thundered goalwards by Arbeloa, but wide. Goals have been


sparely delivered over the years. Six at Real Madrid in six years, and


six at Liverpool. West Ham United get a point to end their run of four


league defeats in a row. Still disappointed it wasn't the win they


crave. A very good point for Middlesbrough. A good point,


especially after the last three defeats. Today, I said before the


game that West Ham, it's true they are not in their best moment but


they have amazing players. We could see, their goal was amazing. For us,


I am pleased because it's one more point. And to play with this


attitude and intensity, I told them after the game that this is the way.


Dimitri Payet scored some goal in that game, have you seen many


better? Yes, we know him for a long time. He's a magnificent player. He


scores like a Leo Messi goal at Barcelona. Fantastic finish. It's a


massive goal for us. We can't keep depending on Dimi. We know he's a


world-class player but you can't keep depending on him like this. We


need to be better going forward. It's a lot to keep on asking him to


come up with goals like this. STUDIO: After the game I spoke to


West Ham manager Slaven Bilic. After four consecutive defeats, at least


you stopped the rot. You are right, Gary. Of course we were looking for


a win, considering that we were playing at home against a team, with


the greatest respect, but still in the bottom half of the table. But


there were a lot of positives today. We showed what the team should be


all about. We showed character, fighting, the spirit and quality as


well. At the moment we are not playing the greatest football. We


are not creating a lot of chances, but we came back and at the end of


the day we get a point. It might be crucial for us. You were trailing in


this particular game, and then we saw a moment of pure magic from


Payet. It was a great goal, great individual goal. As you say, I


agree, it was pure magic. But in a situation like this you need your


best players to do something extra. And this was definitely a moment of


something special that he brought us back into the game. How about you


personally, have you felt the pressure over the last week or so?


Look, I feel the pressure, but what kind of pressure, I feel it because


I am not happy with the way we are playing. I'm not happy with our


position in the table. And I'm not happy because we lost four Premier


League games on the trot. Of course, it's below my standards. Of course,


I'm feeling the pressure about it. We showed today, although we didn't


win, and we are happy with the result but it's not exactly what we


wanted. But we showed that the team is alive, that there is character,


and that we are together. We wish you all the best and thank you for


talking to us. Thank you, Gary. It kind of stopped the rot in one way.


But there is only one place to start, that extraordinary goal from


Dimitri Payet. Quite possibly the greatest goal ever seen at the


London Stadium! They've not had a lot to shout about at this stadium.


But that today, wow. Sends one down, two down. He eventually goes past


five players, sending three of them down on their backsides. Pure


brilliance. The confidence, touch. The turn. We will never get tired of


seeing this, will we? It was amazing. Just what they needed, just


what they wanted, and without a shadow of a doubt, it will be in


goal of the season. What was amazing, Winston Reid got an assist!


It was a good ball. Good point for Middlesbrough away from home. You


picked out Adam Forshaw, you thought he was exceptional. I did.


Middlesbrough have been on the best run themselves. Some poor


performances and poor results. Adam Forshaw came in and put a really


good performance in midfield. He has a great range of passing. He doesn't


shy away from a pass. I like to see midfielders taking risks. Jordan


Rhodes should do better with that particular pass. He was happy to


take the ball in tight situations, try to make things work for


Middlesbrough today. He was always very comfortable with the ball at


his feet, his back to goal. Another example of how easy those passes


seemed to come to him, and how accepting he is just hit them. Today


just a constant thing for him in Middlesbrough side. Seemed very


comfortable and looks like he had been playing there for a number of


years. I think you will hold onto his spot for a few weeks. A point


that probably appeased both sides. There's a pretty special Goal


of the Month vote coming up # I won't let you down... At


Arsenal, I like the spirit of the club, and the potential of the club.


My main ambition is of course to bring success to the team. And to


satisfy all the people who love Arsenal.


Arsene Wenger, 20 years at Arsenal. He has been linked of course with


possibly being the next England manager. These are the odds. Is that


conceivable? His contract runs out at the end of the season? By all


accounts he turned it down twice, so it's not his dream job. I would be


surprised. Arsene Wenger was mentioned for the Germany job some


14 or 15 years ago when Germany were in a crisis, but they decided to


back one of their own in Jurgen Klinsmann, gave him the power to


restructure everything, and I think that's how we should go. Appoint an


Englishman, sending out the right message to young aspiring coaches in


the country. Gareth Southgate has the best interview for the job, four


games to get it right. If he impresses and get the right people


around him, I think we should progress in that way. Jermaine,


they're that many obvious in this candidates to choose from. -- there


are not that many. I think we only have ourselves to blame. We have let


too many get away from the system. Players like Frank Lampard and


Steven Gerrard. In what sense have we let them get away? The FA, there


is not much there in terms of giving them the room to grow and keeping


them a little bit closer to the FA and to say, we want you to be part


of this. There is not enough of a carrot. They make life very


difficult to get your badges. It's not as easy as it should be. We


allow so much experience just go out of the window. I personally would


like to see somebody like Glenn Hoddle put in place somebody like,


Alan, Rio, Lampard, with them to go along for the journey, to gain the


experience. They kind of did that with Gary Neville alongside Roy


Hodgson. But then they both go. I felt like Gary was tarnished with


the same brush as Roy. We don't know if Gary had his own thoughts on


whether he was being forced into making certain decisions. He might


have had his own thoughts, but implementing those and telling your


manager to do that is a different thing. I think they have made the


right decision in giving it to Gareth. He knows a lot of the


players from the U21s system. It gives people time to sit down and


reflect. But it has been such an embarrassing week in English


football. I didn't think it could get lower than the Euros when we


were beaten by Iceland. I think we are at rock bottom now, so the one


encouraging sign is, there is only one way to go now. Is it time to


tear everything up and start again? Maybe take a chance, like the


Germans have done in the past with their own will stop they also put


they also put such emphasis on the coaching badges, but if they gave it


to a foreign manager, what incentive does that give out to people coming


to the end of their career, who have been in tournaments and no what has


gone wrong. That's where you need to drag the information from, I think.


Sam Allardyce's former club Sunderland, who began the day


bottom of the table, welcomed West Brom to


This fixture has finished 0-0 the past two seasons.


Guy Mowbray was hoping for better this time around.


COMMENTATOR: There haven't been many mentions of Sunderland amid this


week's sorry England's tail. Maybe there ought to have been. We will


never know, but if Sam Allardyce had stayed they might not have been


bottom. Five Sunderland changes including a first league start this


season for Wahbi Khazri, and one of his responsibilities is to improve


the side's set piece delivery. Unchanged West Brom, including two


Sunderland old boys from the start, Jonny Evans and James Maclean, who


today plays in the Premier League for the 100th time. Sunderland start


with only one result being thought about. Today they desperately need a


win. Just one point from their opening six games. A two-week break


coming up, and it's only four weeks before they play their next home


game. Ndong with support from Manquillo,


ignored, because Duncan Watmore was in field. Jermain Defoe misses the


target, and he was on the side. Just the man David Moyes would have


wanted the chance to fall too. He is on the side all right. All looking


towards the net, and he's as mystified as anyone else.


Chadli wants it. He's on his own to receive it. Turned and shot, well


saved by Pickford. Matt Phillips again. McClean jobs. Allan Nyom...


And it bounces back into the hands of Pickford. Safe in in. Jordan


Pickford came into the Sunderland side after injury to Vito Mannone


just three games into the season. Looks as though he might take some


shifting from the side. Game number 1001 as a manager for Tony Pulis.


The next millennium begins. Good determination, it bounced


through nicely to Phillips. Here's Chadli, he's beaten Pickford. It's


really well taken goal by Chadli. Yacob deserves some credit. It


looked as though he might have lost the ball to Kirchhoff, but he went


in determinedly. He has helped himself to his third go for -- his


third goal in his fourth goal for them. You can hear how much that has


deflated the crowd here. What will that do to confidence which had


looked pretty good until that point? Watmore. Always struggling to keep


his balance there. Dawson finds McLean. Albion could be in. Help


from Rondon, it doesn't reach him though. What a chance for Albion to


double their lead before the break. McClean is in, got to give a thumbs


up to having Manquillo the way he got back to him. -- Manquillo, the


way he got back to him. McClean is looking for Rondon,


O'Shea's header has gone straight to Darren Fletcher. Beaten by Pickford.


This is Dawson. Chadli. Able somehow to chest the ball down, turn and


fire, but fire wide. It was one old friend to another with O Shea is


finding his old Manchester United colleague Fletcher with the


clearance. Strong hands from Pickford but he didn't get it to a


safe place. Three Sunderland players could only stand and watch Chadli


stand and get the shot away in amongst them. Kone was lucky, it


wasn't decisive. He found an dong. -- Ndong. He found Van Aanholt. It


beats McClean. Watmore has his head down. It's to, blocked by Evans,


cleared by Evans. Two very good chances for Jermain Defoe, chances


he would normally put away. Khazri did well to know where Defoe was but


he wanted to be absolutely certain and it was well watched by Yacob and


in particular, Evans. A frustrating match for Sunderland's manager, who


just want the first Premier League win of the season.


Comfortably knocked away by Yacob. Chadli threw towards Rondon. Rondon


has to do it by himself. He is capable. He is denied by Pickford.


Phillips was trying to get there to help him out but Rondon was never


going to pass. He's wanting Phillips to run onto this. Van Aanholt can


neatly find Ndong and get up for the return path as well. David Moyes


waives his team forward. I use full run from Watmore behind Khazri.


There from Patrick van Aanholt. -- there's the equaliser from Patrick


van Aanholt. He's over to the team doctor. Patrick van Aanholt was the


player at Spurs recently who was pulled out of the starting line up


before the match because of problems reportedly with a cardio test and


he's giving his thanks fair as he plays the ball into the ground and


it loops up over the helpless foster to get Sunderland back into it and


maybe to spark the sort of revival that Crystal Palace enjoyed against


them last week. That's got the place buzzing.


Phillips is well-placed. Phillips, right across the face. Gardner


wasn't far away from it. I think 1-1 is pretty fair. In the whole balance


of the afternoon. We needed a second goal. We had 21 crosses and needed


shots on goal today. Their supporters were fantastic. They kept


behind them and when it's 1-0 there's always a chance that they


can score or you make a mistake and they can score, so we needed that


second goal and I thought we had enough good opportunities in the


final third to have at least got that but fair play to Sunderland.


They kept going, kept at it and yes, we're disappointed. We were pushing


for the second goal, it just didn't come. It's not a great result but at


the end we have to accept it and now looking forward for the next game.


We needed three points, it wasn't a point we were after but when it was


1-0 down and into 75 minutes, I'd have taken a point if we could do


but I've got to say well done to the players. They stuck at it, they


never gave in, they kept going. They gave everything they could to get


something out of the game. It was a managerial change that probably


change things. After his problems on a fortnight ago, Patrick van Aanholt


came on and transformed things. He did, just over half an hour ago,


David Moyes actually put him on the left side of midfield rather than


left-back and he changed the game. He gave them a bit of pace and


energy and creative passing. There is one of his first ones, superb


ball, a chance created, a half chance for Jermain Defoe. He was the


one that grabbed the game by the scruff of his net, did his shift


defensively also. Winslet, sets them up on the front foot again, helping


out again -- he wins it. Away they go again. I thought he was


brilliant, he definitely changed the game for them. A beautiful ball in


behind, a weighted pass into Khazri, who perhaps should have done better,


better touch. But this is the best part. Going back again, defensive,


he's the one that wins it, drags his team forward. He gains 20-30 yards


running with the ball. Good ball in, doesn't admire that, follows it.


Good work by Watmore. I don't care if it's the scruff or not, he


deserves it. David Moyes deserved it because it was willing to change it.


When you put someone onto the pitch, you're asking them to affect the


game and he definitely did that. Is the third time in four seasons


Sunderland have failed to win a game in the first seven matches.


Extraordinary start? It goes in keeping with how they've struggled


towards the end of each of those seasons as well. It's not happy


times in those games. Something needs to change. They should


probably start the season in March. Tony Pulis thought they should have


gone on and won the game from 1-0 up. They were profligate times. They


were sloppy. They got into very good situations into the final third.


They got the goal, that was lacking in the second goal. A decent chance,


a good chance from McClean. Sloppy from Chadli. Final pass was poor.


Decision-making was poor. If that -- if they had got the second goal


there was no doubt about it. Rondon went on to win the game because the


pressure was building upon Sunderland. OK.


Time to catch up on last night's action.


Everton were looking to bounce back from defeat at Bournemouth


against a Crystal Palace side seeking a fourth straight win.


Yannick Bolasie scored nine times in 19 Premier League appearances for


Crystal Palace, now Everton's biggest summer acquisition bids to


score against them as he faces his former club for the first time. His


former team-mate Williams -- Wilfried Zaha is recalled by Pardew


as he changes the winning team. He replaces Cabaye for Palace, who have


lost only one of their last six meetings against Everton. Looking


for their third home league win in a row, unbeaten in six at Goodison in


the Premier League. He's found him brilliantly, the offside flag was up


on Damien Delaney. He's my -- Damien Delaney is mightily relieved, had he


been onside that was a penalty to Everton. I mistake. Lukaku against


Delaney. Straight at Mandanda. Trying to create something for


himself. He wasn't happy last weekend. Some players are finding it


difficult to adapt to the style that he wants. Fabulous play. A summer


signing from Aston Villa, a former Villa player looking for Lukaku.


Might fall to the Belgian again, it was a high foot as well. It's an


Everton free kick, right on the edge of the penalty area. Delaney saw the


intention of the high boot. Jagielka actually handballs it. Delaney


hasn't made any contact and you could argue it should be an indirect


free kick anyway. Lukaku with it. And they made the most of that


opportunity. Ramallo Lukaku in his -- with his fifth goal in six


Premier League games to give Everton lead, up and over the wall. Mandanda


indicating who wanted the water jump. They didn't. Everton --


Mandanda indicated he wanted the wall to job. They didn't and Everton


are in front. Ledley kept it alive to Zaha. Off goes Ward, outside of


him. Ledley is trying to inject more pace


into the game. Benteke jumping and jumping superbly. What a header from


Christian Benteke. Something out of nothing. He had so much to do there.


What a leap. An inch perfect header. That is exactly why Crystal Palace


brought into the club. Everton one, Palace one. That has changed the


atmosphere around Goodison Park. Benteke back on Merseyside with a


goal. Heerkens Bolasie against his former club. He's got... What a


challenge from Kelly. He was the saviour, Martin Kelly. The two


Belgians, international team-mates. Lukaku and Benteke, on the


scoresheet. Finally poised at Goodison. Palace corner. The fifth


of the game. Away by Bolasie. Straight back in


from Ward. It's another good header. It's Delaney this time. Palace lead,


but the flag is up. Flagged for offside, I think. Delaney is on.


That's a big call. Watch James McArthur, he's offside. He doesn't


touch the ball but does the official think that he's active and in some


way has interfered with the goalkeeper's vision? That is the


thought process of Simon Bennett, the referee's assistant. Few issues


with the officials so far tonight. And Everton corner.


Barkley's corner. A little touch from Barry. Jason Puncheon on the


post in the right place at the right time.


Townsend, in towards Benteke. Well defended the game. Cleared only as


far as Zaha. Another block and another corner.


Away by Jagielka. Back from Ward. The flag stayed down that time. It


was a big chance for Tomkins. Everton were waiting for the offside


flag to go up and it wasn't forthcoming. Couldn't really stretch


Stekelenburg in the end. It's all square, Everton one, Crystal Palace


one. 1-0 up, you are disappointed with


the final result, but I think it's a fair result. Delaney's header, if


you were Alan Pardew would you be aggrieved it didn't stand? Of


course. It's a goal, and then maybe 1-2 to Crystal Palace. But maybe a


lot of decisions I didn't understand. Terrific point, you may


be disappointed you couldn't get all three? Maybe. I thought we played


well. We showed resilience again, went behind at Sunderland and again


today. We fought back and were the bosses of the second half, I


thought. Have you had an explanation as to why Damien Delaney's goal


wasn't given? It's a tricky one all round for the referee. I want -- I


won't hold them to ransom on that. And to come from behind at a place


like this, not many teams will do that this season. We have worked


hard this year. We are trying to change things around. I was pleased


with the second half because a lot of teams, and I've had teams who


maybe couldn't cope with the second half, but we pushed on and have the


resilience to do it and the quality to get back into it. Palace on a


roll, and they could conceivably on another day have been given the


decision. What did you make of the offside goal? I thought it was a


correct decision. A tough decision. Delaney gets up well and win is a


good header. If you watch McArthur, he makes a movement towards the


ball, which is the law this season. We see there that he goes to try and


head it there. The linesman over there, Simon Bennett, he gets it


absolutely spot on. He calls the referee Jon Moss over. Not very


often we praise the officials, but that was a tough decision and one


they got right. You don't mind them taking time to get it right.


Belgian strikers in form, one for each club. Yeah, absolutely


brilliant goals. Lukaku's first-ever free kick in the Premier League.


That he's actually taken. I don't know why he suddenly thought he'd


had enough,. Where has he been hiding? This header is phenomenal.


To generate that type of power. The cross isn't sent in with pace. He


gets above him, and if you see a better header than that this season


I will be surprised. Their game has changed with him in the side. Balls


into the box are a constant that and it's what Palace needed. Three goals


in his last four games. Lukaku with his fifth of the season. Both on


fire. Doesn't half make a difference when you're strikers scoring. We are


just about out of time. Thank you to you both. Let's have a look at the


Premier League table. Liverpool's fourth consecutive win


moves them up to second. Leaders Manchester City


take their undefeated record to fellow pacesetters


Tottenham on Sunday. Sunderland are still searching


for a first win but a point against West Brom moves them


off the bottom. West Ham also somewhat


stopped their rot today, but they too remain in the drop zone


alongside Stoke, who play A look at the morning papers. The


Mail on Sunday reporting that Manchester United's uncapped forward


Jesse Lingard will be included in Gareth Southgate's first England


squad. The Sunday express reporting that Ryan Giggs is set to replace


Francesco Guidolin as Swansea manager during the international


break. Liverpool are galloping


up the table.


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