24/09/2016 Match of the Day


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How about that? Just brilliant. That is wonderful. An absolute belter.


What a turn. What a goal. Look at that.


After last week's goal-rush, the Premier League delivered


Eight games on the way, packed full of incident and goals.


Two footballing Einsteins in the studio, Ruud Gullit


and Martin Keown, just the four FA Cups, three English titles,


two European Cups and one Balon D'or between them.


After back-to-back league defeats, Manchester United played host


to champions Leicester, who've not won at Old Trafford


The commentator was Simon Brotherton.


It does not take Einstein to realise it has been a mixed start for


Manchester United's new manager but a visit for the Premier League


champions will focus minds fully at Old Trafford. Jose Mourinho


continues to rotate his squad. He has left out Wayne Rooney who sits


on the bench. It is one of four changes to the side beaten at


Watford. Income Juan Mata, Ander Herrera, Daley Blind and Jesse


Lingard. Marouane Fellaini joins Wayne Rooney on the bench. Leicester


City's line-up is unchanged from their last league game, the 3-1


league victory over Burnley. Kasper Schmeichel is injured so Ron-Robert


Zieler continues. Jamie Vardy has scored in three of four previous


game against today's opponents. His new strike partner Islam Slimani


started well with two goals on his debut last week. That was


intercepted before the ball could reach


It is very congested in the middle of the field. Pogba, working it


wide. The stooping header away from Wes Morgan. Blind with the cross,


deflected behind for a corner. Morgan trying to keep tabs on Zlatan


Ibrahimovic. In two words Chris Smalling, and the header. Manchester


United lead, 1-0. Smalling's first of the season, rising high. Daley


Blind with a corner kick and Smalling unopposed, virtually. He


has gone in behind Christian Fuchs to nod the ball down into the bottom


of the net. Danny Drinkwater, Leicester leaving


the big boys up top. Ibrahimovic isn't


so much space. Fuchs is the only man to get across. Into Marcus Rashford.


It was a good chance and the angle was closing. Ron-Robert Zieler was


rushing towards him. It well wide. For a moment, Leicester City were


wide open at the back. Look at the space for Ibrahimovic. Fuchs, the


fullback, rushing across. Rashford could not finish. This is a good


spell for the home side. Brilliant play from Pogba. It was nearly a


spectacular goal. Pogba licking up, seeing the opportunity. He had the


vision and the skill. It was nearly a stunning finish from Ibrahimovic.


This is a good spell in the match for the champions. -- this is a


difficult spell. Lovely short, sharp passing. Pogba


brings the same from Zieler. He is still looking for his first


Manchester United goal. He kept the Leicester City keeper on his toes


with this one. It is all Manchester United at the moment.


Mata is looking to find a way through. Jesse Lingard. Mata, it is


a superb goal. Patients in the build-up. Well worked, and put away


with some aplomb by Juan Mata. He was involved early on the move and


right at the end. The initial run, the lovely flick from Pogba, in from


Lingard, and inside at the far post. Manchester United with two goal


lead. A lovely touch from Rashford. He found Mata. Time to look up and


Rashford tries to take it in his stride. Wes Morgan got his feet


moving in time to put it away for a corner kick. Manchester United


threatening every time they come forward. Mixing it up. 3-0. It away


by Marcus Rashford. Leicester City caught off-guard. Leicester City's


players half asleep. The ball is played in there and Rashford is not


the sort of player who will miss from there. It is the easiest chance


he will have all season. Rashford is onside. Drink water gets


in touch. It disappears behind for another corner kick. They are trying


not to incur further damage. Blind with the delivery. It is four.


Manchester United suddenly scoring at will. Leicester City concede four


goals in the road in the Premier League for the second match in a


row. Much more conventional this corner. Nothing Leicester can do.


Look at Paul Pogba, getting his head on that one and celebrating his


first ever Manchester United goal. It has turned into a real first-half


pasting. Claudio Ranieri trying to do something. Andy King and Demarai


Gray are both coming on. It is a double change for Leicester. Jamie


Vardy and Riyad Mahrez IV two players going off. Leicester hardly


getting a sniff of the ball at the moment. Perhaps the chance to break


with Danny Drinkwater. Slimani racing forward into the penalty


area. He did not quite reach the striker. He has managed to hang onto


the ball. Cleared as far as Danny Simpson. Place ticks once it on the


first side. Andy King and Slimani are furthest forward in the penalty


area. An excellent shot from Place ticks. A superb goal from the


Leicester City substitute. Demarai Gray, his first goal for Leicester.


Leicester City are long way from being back in the match. This was a


cracker. With half an hour to play, Leicester or on the board. 4-1.


Demarai Gray, just out of the reach of De Gea. 25 minutes to go.


Lindegaard racing away down the far side, cutting inside Robert Huth.


This is Ibrahimovic. Once more, Manchester United dangerous on the


break. The fingertips of Ron-Robert Zieler pushing that wide. They are


enjoying a decent spell in the game in terms of the amount of time they


are seeing the ball. Good running by Jeffrey Schlupp. This is a chance


for Andy King. It is a straightforward save by De Gea.


Leicester creating a couple of opportunities in the second half. No


sign of Wayne Rooney coming on at the moment.


That was a nice idea. Danny Drinkwater gets the better of Pogba.


It is with Slimani. Jeffrey Schlupp is racing into the centre.


Place ticks tries to curl in another one. He brings the same from De Gea.


-- Tottenham tries. -- Place ticks tries. This time De Gea gets his


hand to the ball and key closet away.


Pogba, twinkle toes. Excellent play. Plenty of support. Ibrahimovic goes


for goal himself but he was never able to test the Leicester


goalkeeper. Today we started really well. I know that we scored three


goals from set pieces, but to create those chances, it was because we


were dominant. I do not have numbers in my hands, but for sure, we had


more possession, we had more of the game in the Leicester third. We had


more chances and shots. We dominated the game in every aspect. At the


first goal, we conceded a goal in the corner. We must concentrate. We


lost our composure. It was a pity. After the first half, it was very


difficult to get back. We tried to move the ball quickly, we try to


create options for forwards. Today we showed what we can do. It was a


difficult week last week for us but today we showed we are back. What


was your thinking with Wayne Rooney today? Did he need a mental or


physical break? No, I have 23 players. If I do not play Rashford,


you ask me why not? Do not ask about Wayne Rooney. He is happy as


everyone in the dressing room. Man United were winners. That is the


point. Do you not just love reality? No Wayne Rooney, was that the


difference? Certainly the change information, they played with


Herrera sitting in front of defence. Pogba and Mata were able to express


themselves in the final third. That is where they are at their best. You


need the security at the back. Mourinho likes to play back four.


That was not different, he had the triangle in front of him, the wings.


It was Pogba and Mata. Once they had the security of Herrera in front of


the defence, that changed things. Herrera has been sitting out lots of


the game. His attitude is outstanding, making blocks, starting


attacks. Pogba and Mata can roam forward. They did fantastically


well. Pogba loves to run with the ball. Mata will do things off the


ball. Fullbacks have the license to flood forward. Look at this first


kill. It was a great move and a fantastic turn and volley. It was


brilliant, the way they were playing today. Pogba, the confidence he


showed. Look at this from distance. He has been in bad form. It can


change in a moment. This is a great goal for them. Pogba is really high.


Mata can travel. The little flick around the corner. Lindegaard is


involved. Mata is in the final third for the quality of finish. You have


been known to drop the odd name to in your time, Ruud. Sometimes it is


necessary. What do you think? It defends on the player and how he


takes it. -- it depends. Sometimes you have to follow your instincts as


a coach and do what you think is best. The crowd and the press will


get on you but you have to stick to your plan. He did. He does not want


to talk about it. I can understand because otherwise it becomes a


bigger event than it should be. As for Leicester, Claudio Ranieri has


said they have got to be smarter, particularly at set pieces. Three


out of four goals. It is unlike Leicester. They were giving goals


away from set pieces. This is Huth. Last year he was outstanding. Chris


Smalling gets the run on him. He gets a buffering from his team-mate,


Fuchs. Wes Morgan does not help either and he just wants it more.


Look at this one, Herrera is talking to Juan Mata. He is showing no


interest. That is part of the game. I think this is practised. Blind is


brilliant. Very. He clever rolls along the byline. He is telling him,


do not forget the drill. Look at this, Albrighton. You have got to go


out there and block the ball. I don't know what Amartey is doing


in there. He switches off as well. Mata is brilliant. It is a tap in.


That is an unbelievable goal to concede. Drinkwater is in the space.


He should be dealing with this. If he stays there he will headed away.


Pogba is so strong. These two do nothing. What are they therefore?


Pogba comes in. He is a real animal in the air. A great header but it is


so simple. A bad day at the office for Leicester.


As speculation grows about his future, Swansea manager


Francesco Guidolin could probably have done without playing


City were back at the Liberty Stadium after their 2-1


victory in the EFL Cup. Jonathan Pearce was watching.


A club record opening nine wins in succession is not enough for pard --


Pep Guardiola. He wants the magic ten. Ryan Giggs is fancied by the


bookies to take over from Francesco -- Prochaska Greyling. He is


distancing himself from the job. Sergio Aguero rip -- returns from


his domestic ban fur City. John Stones is in for a Gael Clichy.


Good change by Fernandinho. Aguero! He is back with a bang. Back from


his suspension and carrying on where he left off. Double figures for


Sergio Aguero. A sensational start to the season. That was far too easy


for Manchester City. The defender was drawn across too late. Aguero


always likely to turn away from him. Too late to close. He had a yard off


the centre back. Made its two and lashed it in. 251 games for club and


country over the last few years. 189 goals. 145 for Manchester City.


Manchester City lopsided. Lovely save! Really good save. Old


adversaries from Spanish days. That is why Pep Guardiola has placed his


trusting Claudio Bravo. -- his trusting Claudio Bravo. The former


Barcelona man saves from the former Bilbao man.


Llorente! Manchester City claimed there was a foul. The referee


allowed play to go on. 1-1. Terrific start. Denied moments ago by the


save. Was there a foul? There was some contact, certainly. Was it


merely a slip? I think Sagna's right leg is going away from him. More of


a trip than a trip. More than 100 goals with Bilbao. A big occasion


player. Off the mark. No Manchester City manager has ever started with


nine wins in succession, never mind ten. Swansea making life very


difficult for Manchester City. Llorente looks as if he could cause


real problems. Leroy Fer is there as well. Leon Brittan could not get


beyond David Silva. Van der Hoorn has rushed to the referee to suggest


he was impeded. My first impressions, he ran into the


Manchester City player. Swansea had a big shout.


Brilliant work by Manchester City. De Bruyne stays it wide. Perfect


build-up, imperfect finish. Big chance has come and gone for


Manchester City. He won so much at Barcelona and Bayern Munich. But in


those leagues, he did not have the level of competitive -- competition


he will have here Whee in, week out, for 40 weeks of the year.


Sigurdsson! It would have been spectacular. Swansea City coming so


close to a second. Otamendi will bring it out. A lovely pass from the


back. Two men in the middle. Aguero! Goodness me! He is normally so


deadly. You would expect him to bury that. A fantastic challenge by Jordi


mat. Take away by van der Hoorn. De


Bruyne goes down. De Bruyne is holding his face. A penalty is


given. Swansea are protesting. Careless defending. Penalty kick to


Manchester City. The arm hit in there. He went to close on the ball.


Out comes the left arm. Aguero, who already has a couple of penalties to


his name this season, looks for his second in this match. A stuttering


run-up, the cheeky chip. 2-1. 25 minutes away from a tenth win out of


ten. Brilliant execution. The blues are from the Swansea fans. -- the


boos. They think the penalty decision was harsh.


David Silva's shot popped. That was splendid goalkeeping. A big


deflection. He covered it so well. Manchester City's seventh corner. A


free header from Fernandinho. Seven yards out. Goal gaping. Should have


been three. A couple of step overs. It nearly


came to Leroy Fer. De Bruyne. It away. Manchester City were a little


bit stretched and a bit sluggish getting back. Swansea with their


second corner. Manchester City break. Raheem Sterling goes


left-hand side. Aguero and a hat-trick. Will he play him in? He


doesn't. He goes for goal. He gets it! Manchester City home and holes.


Ten wins in ten. The perfect start. He must cut to score. His team-mate,


and another hat-trick, was waiting patiently. For a ball that never


came. He stepped outside the man and finished with consummate ease. While


Aguero has been scoring with such feverish joy, Raheem Sterling going


quite unnoticed. That is four already this season. I


think it was the best build-up we have played until now. We were


attacking with the ball. But we missed a lot of last passes. That


was our problem. I'm disappointed because we had the possibility to


score and to win the game. But after the penalty, more difficult for us.


But we fight to the end and I am proud of my players.


Everybody is behind him. We were just unlucky in some way. The


results are not as good as last year. But if we play like this, we


will get points. Aguero's first goal, he has made


three yards with one touch? So, so fast. It is so good. That is why he


is one of the best strikers in the world.


I want to help them to improve his game. He will take some stopping if


he improves any more! A record for a new manager. Astonishing start when


you consider he is changing the style. But today Swansea did cause


them problems? 3-1 does not reflect the game. Swansea played really


well. If there was a team that could beat them today, it would have been


Swansea. See the build-up. There was so much


room between the lines. If this would be Aguero, this would be a


goal. It is all about quality. Here again, nice composure. They played


really well. They had difficulty also with the game. Manchester City


did not have the same possession that you are used to. Therefore, I


admire Swansea, how they played. This, if it was a better ball, it


would be in. Then comes the goal of Llorente. I think it is a wonderful


goal. Sigurdsson gets the ball, a little flick outside. He smashes it


in. They're great goal. It was 1-1 after 65 minutes. The


turning point was the penalty. Your thoughts? I think it's a penalty. In


the beginning I thought it was harsh. I understand it. But if you


put your elbow that high in his face, you give an opportunity to the


referee to give a penalty. I understand his moment. He wants to


push him away. He is in front. But it is to high. It is a penalty. This


was unfortunate for Swansea. In that moment the gates were open and it


was easier for them. Another couple of goals for Aguero.


You have picked out Raheem Sterling. A cracking goal from him, one of


many this season? He left Liverpool, a big club, and


went to Manchester City. This was an area he needed to improve on,


scoring goals in the final third. We know about his tremendous running


ability. Now there is a confidence and a composure. You had it. You


press that button of calmness. He certainly did there. Trickery,


creates the space, wonderful. Guardiola has said all he has done


is told him how good he is, he has restored his confidence. Look how


well he is playing. He certainly is. If Manchester City


keep going like this... Yes, but if you don't play that well and you win


it is a pretty good sign. I would agree! Six games and plenty


of goals yet to, Krul. -- yet to come.


Arsene Wenger celebrates 20 years at Arsenal this week.


In that time he's faced 12 different Chelsea managers,


Today brought a first meeting with Antonio Conte.


Your commentator at the Emirates was Steve Wilson.


Arsene Wenger last is 501,000 Arsenal games to Chelsea. Keeping


this week's landmark Loki could be a good idea. A milestone for Alexis


Sanchez. His 100th Arsenal game today. 46 goals. The last time


Chelsea lost here was in 2010. Cesc Fabregas scored for Arsenal. He gets


his first Premier League start of the season.


Both teams through in the EFL cup. Arsenal rather more comfortably than


Chelsea, who required extra time to get past Leicester. Fabregas's goals


in that encounter perhaps earning him that starting berth.


That was a good hit by Cazorla! It will be running into trouble. That


required a pretty decent save from Courtois. The ball appeared to be


moving. Short from Gary Cahill. Alexis


Sanchez... He does the job! Not for the first time this season, Gary


Cahill turns away with his head in hands. He can count himself very


unlucky with the mistake that went against them at Swansea City. But


here he just had his pocket picked. Alexis Sanchez on his heels, took it


away from Cahill and placed it beautifully over table -- Thibaut


Courtois. Alexis Sanchez on the occasion of his 100th game for


Arsenal. He puts his team in front. And leaves Cahill cursing.


Iwobi, nicely done. Bellerin. And Theo Walcott. Sensational. Sometimes


accused of overplaying, of spurning the opportunity to shoot in favour


of passing, but when they get it right, it is worth watching. This is


fantastic. Less than 15 minutes played, and Arsenal are two goals to


the good. Unpicked, unzipped, Chelsea and done. Walcott with the


cabin. 2-0. Chelsea are rock to do bootlaces. Two dying. -- rocked to


their bootlaces. The pantomime villain finds Nemanja Matic. This is


Diego Costa. This could be a game changer. So close. So nearly, just


what Chelsea required. By far and away their best move of the game.


Look at the space for Willian. He will be disappointed he has not hit


the target with that. This is an absorbing encounter. For all that


Arsenal have been a resistible in the first 15 minutes or so, you get


the feeling that Chelsea are not done yet. There is still a threat


about them. Nice touch by Koscielny. It is a lovely town by Ozil. It is


Ozil Aaron Sanchez against Cahill and Luiz. It could go back to


Sanchez. It does. It is three. Sometimes it just takes two.


Sanchez, Ozil, good enough. 3-0 Arsenal. We have not got to have


time yet. It is a great turn by Mesut Ozil. Now it is just about


whether the brains of he and Sanchez can outdo those of Luiz and Cahill.


Yes, they could. It is a long way back for Chelsea. It is the stuff of


Arsenal dreams against the club that have dished out several nightmares


over recent years. But the boot is on the other foot today. If Arsenal


are cold, calculating, clinical and cruel, they could humiliate Chelsea


in the second half. It seldom works that way. It could open up, Granit


Xhaka, great awareness. Theo Walcott, all sorts of bodies in the


middle, but 2- Alexis Sanchez. Great vision from Xhaka.


Sanchez around the corner. He was blocked by Ivanovic. The referee


site, Michael Oliver, and said it was not a foul. Cahill is not happy


with Courtois. This is what can happen when humiliation is just


around the corner. Given away. A lovely backheel from


Willian. He finds Matic. Koscielny. It is an Arsenal free kick. For all


the exciting, attacking football Arsenal have played today, Koscielny


has had an outstanding game dealing with Diego Costa. This is Theo


Walcott. They have tried to foul him. Courtois made the save. Chelsea


are lucky it is only three. The defence was absent without leave.


Marcos Alonso, they were doing everything by fair means or foul to


try and stop him. That is a super tackle. One Spaniard completely


burning up the other. The mistake from Koscielny, his first of the


game, practically. Pedro is no slouch, but he is no Bellerin.


David Luiz. That is an excellent ball by Batshuayi. Batshuayi on


goal. Petr Cech denies Batshuayi and his former club. He was in and away.


That is a good save by Cech. You would think it was the last few


nervous seconds of a cup semifinal. In fact, it has been a stroll for


Arsenal. It was an outstanding team performance. We played with teams


bullet, collective pace, and quick movement. Always in a positive way.


Always in a committed way, in the 18 way. Our first half was outstanding.


This was a bad result and a bad performance? Yes. Yes, together,


that is right. A bad result and a bad performance. I think it is the


worst in our game that we have played until now. We must be a good


team, not only on paper, but during the game, in training sessions,


every day. We have to show we want to come back to fight for something.


Otherwise we will have another bad season. It is a big squad, with lots


of competition for places. Everyone has got to keep on their toes. I am


quietly confident. We cannot get ahead of ourselves. The Premier


League is difficult, you cannot call any game.


Who knows? We will see. He has a point but a terrific performance


from Arsenal. Alexis Sanchez up the middle and it seems to be paying


off. Definitely, it was a fantastic team performance, throughout the


team, but this fellow is the icing on the kick. The last time I saw


anyone with this sort of pace and quality, I cannot remember. He


creates panic. You look at this, Cahill, you cannot take risks with


him. He picks his pocket and he is away. Great pace and he is thinking


about his finish. It is a little touch, the presence of mind.


Quality. Can he linked the player like Giroud does? Of course.


Bellerin getting onto that one. He occupies defenders. Cahill looking


over his shoulders, Luiz too deep. He creates space for others to run


into and then it is easy. They are like speed kings on the break. This


is better quality and he would put it away as well. You cannot get


tight to him. Luiz and Cahill did not know how to cope. It gives


Arsenal that extra bit of something to attack the opposition. Look at


his pace. The Arsenal faithful are out of their seats. They have


finally got the player that they want, who can make the difference.


You have to have a player at the top of the team that everyone can


believe and to be champions. They have that at the moment. It is more


likely Chelsea side we saw last season. Food for thought for Antonio


Conte. You were talking about pace, and Chelsea was driving Miss Daisy.


It was unbelievable, so slow. No composure. They missed everything in


this game. It is an important game for Chelsea against Arsenal. You


know that as well. Cahill, he is slow. It is great from Sanchez, holy


finishes. But there was a warning in the beginning. Fabregas is hitting


bad balls to players. Again, Diego Costa, no one is close to him, no


one goes forward to say, give it to me. This was Chelsea. I think it


also had to do with Arsenal. Arsenal were trying to press. This is Matic.


Just a simple ball deep and Diego Costa can run. Even that is


difficult. They made it easy. Diego Costa is so angry. I can understand.


There was a moment, 3-0 down, why not put another striker up with him?


He did eventually, but very late. Liverpool's early season form has


seen them installed as second favourites for the title behind


Manchester City. Jurgen Klopp's team faced a Hull


side who've never won at Anfield. That aberration at Burnley side,


Liverpool's form has been excellent. There are football is exciting. Some


doubt their ability to dispose of so-called lesser opposition. Jurgen


Klopp has gone with Karius in goal. The 23-year-old German is preferred


to Simon Mignolet. Klavan keeps his place after scoring in the League


Cup. Hull have David Marshall Ingle. He was outstanding at Stoke. Ryan


Mason, but from Tottenham, he starts in the league. He starts ahead of


David Meyler. The shot from Coutinho. He did not


get enough on it. He should have scored, Coutinho. The straight ball


from six yards out and he did not convert. Good pass by Coutinho. Adam


Lallana. 1-0 Liverpool. Brilliant work by James Milner and Coutinho.


Coutinho might have shot but he was only the provider. I say only.


Lallana's finish was simple but true. Liverpool have a deserved lead


in the 17th minute. Liverpool have got everyone apart from the


goalkeeper inside the Hull half of the pitch. James Milner, wide. The


passing Toulalan by Firmino. Well defended in the end by Snodgrass.


The manager demands intensity from his team.


Henderson wins it back. Lovely work by Firmino. They are trying to get


into the penalty area. That has been given by the referee. It is a red


card for deliberate handball. Perhaps the Hull defender had no


choice. Play seven Mac makes his way to the dugout. -- Elmohamady makes


his way. It goes from bad to worse for Hull City. James Milner to take


the penalty. Anfield erupts. Liverpool league Hull City 2-0. We


have only played 30 minutes. The second goal of the season from James


Milner. If Liverpool keep playing like this, who knows what the final


score will be. Mane thinks about shooting. It hit the crossbar. David


Marshall was beaten. He had good fortune, Sadio Mane. It came off the


defender. That could have beaten David Marshall. Liverpool's corner.


Coutinho. It is pulled back. Sadio Mane, just over the bar, his second


opportunity to score within seconds. The sun is out at Anfield. It is a


lovely afternoon. Certainly for Liverpool.


Milner... Good ball. Lallana... Mane! 3-0. Ten minutes to have time.


Liverpool out of sight. That is an excellent finish by Mane. Liverpool


are striking fear in the hearts of the other Premier League clubs, the


way they are playing at the moment. This is great work by Lallana. What


a finish by Mane. Chance after chance of a Liverpool. -- for


Liverpool. Excuse that from Milner. In swinging


corner. Goal for Hull! Dip -- driven in by David Meyler. It may not


revive Hull's chances, but it should waken Liverpool. 51 minutes and Hull


are on the scoresheet. That was their first shot on target, Hull.


And field's capacity upto 50 4000. The crowd just over 53,000 today.


Magnificent strike! What a goal by Philip Coutinho. My goodness. How


often you tell opponents faced with Coutinho, do not let him get it onto


his right foot within 25 yards? That is what Hull allowed him to do. You


just knew that if he was on target, he would score. Thoughtful? How many


should it be, however? Good tackle by Firmino on Snodgrass.


Here is Firmino again. Penalty! Robinson thinks it was wrong. I


thought it was a bit soft at first sight. It is the second penalty of


the game for Liverpool. He did catch him. Milner scored with the first


effort. Here is his second. This to make it 5-1 in front of the Kop.


James Milner. Another emphatic finish. Again, like the first


penalty, Marshall went the right way but it was struck so firmly by James


Milner, there was no stopping it. 5-1.


Is this another statement from Liverpool after last week? I'm not


interested in statements, actually. I'm interested in collecting points,


really. Pretty much. Before the game it was a real talents. Of all the


things that were spoken about in the past few days, Hull play for the


ball. -- football. They had the good counterattacks. It was a job to do


today. That is what we did. It is down to us to keep working hard,


keep improving. Look where we can improve. It is still a relatively


young team and people will be learning and getting better all the


time. I think the more we play together, the better we get. When


you go down to ten men so early end you have to restructure, it is


always going to be difficult. Yes, you can probably be a bit more solid


and restrict it to as many goals against as you possibly can. But


credit to them, it is hard work. They put in a shift. We are open


against an extremely talented football team.


It is the whole city caretaker manager's birthday today. You ruined


it. It is not my problem. Who makes the fixtures? The FA. Blame them. I


think you find it might be the Premier League but we will forgive


him that. Very impressive again, Liverpool. Especially the counter


pressing. Absolutely fantastic. The manager's enthusiasm is infectious.


The way the teamwork and press for one another, he really stitches in


what he wants from his team. He wants them to press quickly. They


did it together today. Every one of them is prepared to get in there and


get the ball back. Milner is the left back, apparently. His job is to


close down in central areas. They create such drama for Hull that they


just panic and give the ball away. Put it anywhere. We are under


pressure. Hunting in packs. Outstanding the way they do this. It


is this area. The movement of this ball. Mane has brought something


extra with his pace. Lallana playing out of his skin for me. And


Coutinho, he really is some player. When you look at him here, his


movement off the ball. He lets it run across his body. A little pass.


That is a great finish. Look at it from this angle. This reminds me of


being back at on the pitch again and trying to face this. Running of


pace, coming at you, the weight of pass. The movement is outstanding.


This Klopp fellow is good, isn't he? I like him very much. He's very


clever. I love his energy. I think he transforms energy -- the energy


to the players. It is a great thing he is in the Premier League.


His team plays well as well. He has transformed his team as well. He


needed some time from the first year. Now he has got Mane, a very


good buy. It is getting complete. With the new stand and everything,


everyone is enthusiastic. Just the one game tomorrow


on Match Of The Day 2. We are in east London on Sunday to


meet West Ham at their new home. It was kitted out with all the latest


gadgets and new furniture. But for Slaven Bilic it hasn't moved any


sale. The NFL show is back and there is


plenty to enjoy. We have the best of week two. A first look at Thursday


night football. And Jan Vrba Tongan gets the OC treatment. This is not a


football. Sunderland, who, along with Stoke,


were the only side yet to win a game this season,


faced a Crystal Palace team who've enjoyed back-to-back victories


for the first time in 2016. Alistair Mann was at


the Stadium Of Light. Withdrawn during the warm up last


weekend against Spurs following the result of a heart scan, Patrick van


Aanholt is fit and well. Club and player are playing down the


significance of the cardiology report. He is the only change to the


11 beaten at White Hart Lane. An injury to skipper and top scorer


Scott Dann allows Damien Delaney a swift return. He was displaced by


James Tomkins last weekend against Stoke. Yohan Cabaye comes in from --


for the injured Wilfried Zaha. Benteke climbed! It was on target. A


simple enough gathering for the goalkeeper. There does seem to be an


air of confidence about Allan Pardew's side. Aiming to win three


Premier League games in succession for the first time in more than a


year. That took a little touch on the way


through, I thought. It has gone for a goal kick. Defoe thinks that


should be a corner. It just seemed to catch Tompkins on the way through


after Defoe connected with the ball. Not solely because of him, but


Sunderland have not won a game in either August or September since


2012. That is a strange ball by Joe Ledley. Defoe gets to it! He scores!


Horrible goal for Crystal Palace to concede. But an absolute delight for


Defoe. Joe Ledley, I think, was trying to play it back towards


McArthur. All he succeeded in doing was playing it to arguably the most


predatory player out on the park. And once Defoe had held off the


challenge, there was only one destiny for the ball. And that was


in the back of the palace net. Mandanda could not keep it out. What


a bonus for Sunderland. Jermain Defoe with his third of the season.


He is always going to prosper from mistakes of that magnitude. I can't


say that Sunderland have played particularly well but that does not


matter a jot. They are 1-0 ahead. The ball to Duncan Watmore was


inviting. A challenge by Delaney. The referee does not like it. A free


kick to Sunderland. A good position for Sunderland to take this free


kick. A second Sunderland goal and they may be thinking in terms of


their first victory in the Premier League this season. The delivery was


good. Away by Delaney. Januzaj under pressure. He loses out to McArthur


will stop it is three on two for Crystal Palace. Jason Puncheon!


Pickford saves. Januzaj was caught. And suddenly Crystal Palace had


three against Sunderland's two. It looked as if they might have lost


the impetus. Jason Puncheon did get a shot away in the end. Pickford


made the gather. Sunderland trying to launch a


counterattack. Defoe! Good block by Mandanda. Not sure that man Keogh


tried to play it to Defoe. It is still alive. Turned in by Defoe! And


Sunderland have a clear advantage at last! As long as Sunderland have


Defoe fit and healthy, they will gather at the point necessary to


have another season in the Premier League. Jermain Defoe takes is


Premier League tally to 147. And he may well have given David Moyes his


first victory as Sunderland boss. Crystal Palace have just had a


really good spell in this game. Joe Ledley! Deflection and in! Now they


are right back in it. Within seconds of delight, there is once again


anxiety. The man who inadvertently helped Sunderland to their opening


goal via a deflection has put Crystal Palace back in the hunt. I


think it might have cross van Aanholt on the way through. It may


even be an own goal. It was on target. Van Aanholt trailed a leg.


He was hit. It is 2-1. The delivery by Zeki Fryers. Nerves


all over. McArthur has pounced! Palace, who trailed 2-0, have


brought it back to 2-2. They might fancy all three points. That is the


first time that Zeki Fryers has been on the ball since he came on. He did


that outstandingly well. The delivery is exquisite. McArthur


driving the header beyond the helpless Pickford. And it is 2-2.


And the level of anxiety around the Stadium of Light was palpable before


that equaliser. Imagine what it will be like now. Crystal Palace are


going to make another change. Jason Puncheon is going off. Lee is coming


on. He has got about 90 seconds of added time to try and make a


contribution. There is still work for Sunderland to do to ensure that


they don't concede a point. They have conceded a free kick. Manquillo


is penalised. Palace are going to end this game with the opportunity


to grab all three points. A misguided challenge. Could this be


the ultimate heartbreaker for Sunderland? The delivery isn't bad.


It is the ultimate heartbreaker! Christian Benteke has turned this


game completely around. And as the Sunderland fans head for the exit,


Crystal Palace are heading for three successive victories. Manquillo with


a very silly concession of a free kick by the corner flag. The marking


was poor. And having led 2-0, Sunderland have been beaten in the


final moments of the game. And Christian Benteke, relatively


unchallenged, gets his second goal. Both of them have come in the


north-east and both of them have contributed to Crystal Palace away


victories. They are on the up. Sunderland are staying in the bottom


two. I saw the free kick on the site. I said to put it into the


penalty spot. As soon as I saw the ball I knew I would score. You can


imagine what it is like in the dressing room. We have worked so


hard and created some in opportunities. Week by week we are


improving. The energy levels are good. To go to a head, you have to


win. Founder sells behind to a mistake. The second goal was


offside. You are thinking, this could be difficult. But the goal


that comes straightaway, of course, changed the momentum again and


really instilled in us the belief that we could get the goals. We


allowed Benteke to run and get the jump on us. We need to take


responsibility. The first goal, it is a bollard the pitch, we can head


it. The second one, we need to tuck in as a fullback. We cannot always


be led by the manager. The players need to take the responsibility.


Today they had a great chance to win when they went 2-0 up. They needed


to stand up and do it. We were not capable of doing that.


Strong words from David Moyes. It was a really gutsy effort from


Crystal Palace. Without a doubt, three wins on the trot for them.


David Moyes was right. I had not seen that package before. He was


red. Delaney should be put under more pressure. Van Aanholt has to


win this. Look at him, dangling of it at this. It is an own goal. This


is bad defending. Put your head on this, get across. The fullback


waives his foot at it. This one, I cannot believe Benteke. He has nine


yards, 05. He is one of the best headers of the ball in the Premier


League. They give him that can end of runner-up in the 94th minute.


Unbelievable. I do insist on this amount of distance between you and


I. It was the same when we played against each other. You have a


different view of that particular winning goal? The thing is, I do not


like the zonal marking. You cannot tell me that they have practised


this on the training ground. Otherwise you're not going to stand


like this. It is not only the players. I think they were supposed


to do this. In the last minute, you need to have certain players to be


in the zone, but the most important players of the opposition, you have


to mark them. You can see them standing there. I am thinking, this


is what they are supposed to do. Kirchhoff is six. Take the


responsibility to go and park yourself on Benteke. It did not


happen. Middlesbrough's 250th Premier League


game at the Riverside Stadium came against an unbeaten Spurs side


who've conceded just This is Spurs' first trip to


Teesside in just over eight years. They lost the last time. It was 2-1.


That was August 2008 and only Stewart Downing remains. He scored


against them at White Hart Lane that same year. With Harry Kane out of


the next few weeks, this is the transfer Vincent Janssen to find his


Premier League feet, lifted by his first goal for the club in midweek,


a penalty for Spurs against Gillingham in the EFL cup.


Christian Eriksen has got round to the right. Gibson has got back to


him now. Calum Chambers with a useful challenge. That was swirling.


Dele Alli lets rip. Well saved by Valdes. The opening to the game is


as bright as the Teesside sunshine today. Away by Negredo. Ben Davies.


Son-mac takes it on. He beats Victor Valdes. Really well finished by Sun


and humane. He starts wait to begin with and he starts his run. He steps


inside Calum Chambers and gives himself a more presentable


opportunity. The opportunity has been taken. The Korean has his third


goal of the season. The other two came in a 4-0 victory at Stoke. He


is swerving and dipping right shoulder again. He will shoot and


score again. What a performance from him so far. Two in the Boro bag.


Both have come from the boot of the South Korean. He caught Christian


Stuani napping. The shot is on. Before Valdes can react, the ball is


in. He will need a fresh pad at half-time. We have played 26 minutes


at the Riverside. The Middlesbrough supporters are paying tribute to the


memory of the Middlesbrough fan who tragically died in the hours leading


up to the game at Everton. He was a keen and talented footballer from


the Isle of Man, Boro daft. Some of the arm waving from the fans suggest


that they want more urgency moving forward. Too often they have the


ball and they are forced back straightaway. It is happening again.


Dele Alli. It ought to have been 3-0 Spurs. There are some boos ringing


around the ground. Middlesbrough are in a mess of their own making. Calum


Chambers will be massively relieved that Alli did not put that one in.


Vertonghen, through the hole. Alli. With Ben Gibson closing, the instant


shot was going to be the best option. Gibson closing was good


enough. The Middlesbrough supporters deserve credit. Their team has taken


a battering so far. Brilliant from Traore until the


final ball. It has lifted the crowd. How about this for getting into a


game when you have to leave the -- when you have left the bench. He has


yet to see his side scored a second-half Premier League goal this


season. He will hope it can change. He has got the decision. He asked


for handballed twice before the referee's was sounded. Gibson. Much


better from Boro. They really do believe they can get something from


the game now. It is a great ball in from Stewart Downing. Ben Gibson had


a lot to do with it. He had to make sure he got over the top. There was


a little bit of discussion between referee and assistant. They decided


there was no problem with the challenge and Beagle can stand. --


and the goal. Downing is looking for Rhodes.


Rhodes gets the header on target but not with the necessary power. It is


a great cross from Stewart Downing. It came over the head of Vertonghen.


Rhodes did as well as he could. Aitor Karanka is disappointed that


his side look like they are getting beaten. It is still better than one


hour ago. If we decide we are the first half team, we are going to


have problems. If we decide to be the second half team, we will win


games. This is the best start to a league season for Spurs 4-5-1 years.


Can you keep going? For us, it is true it is important to start well


in the season. We have ambitions. We have ambitious people. We want to


win every game. We want to set this mentality for the club. We played


well in the first half and scored two goals. I think we should score


more. In the second half, it was a difficult game. We had to defend.


Actually, we are happy to get three points. The rising Son. Another two


goals. No Harry Kane, but players are filling in and doing a job.


Spurs are going very well. There are going very well. Vincent Janssen did


well with the national team. He comes in places where he cannot


score goals. He wants to be a target man. He works hard to help the team


but he forgets that he needs to score. He is in a position, as a


target man. He does well and holds the ball for Son. Son finishes


really well. It is a little too easy to work through there. Nevertheless,


he did well. He comes again, Janssen on the outside. What is he doing


there. You cannot score from that position. Son does it on his own.


You think, where is he going. There is nothing to do. Somehow he gets


the ball back. An unbelievable goal. You see it again. He goes into this


area, what can he do? Three people around you. Janssen in a bad spot to


score a goal. This is what Janssen has to focus on. You know as I do,


that you need to be in areas that are different from just playing


around with the team. You need to focus on scoring. The best start for


Tottenham 4-5-1 years. The radar. Some of us did take Tottenham to do


well this season. Back into second place. They just missed out last


season. Seven players have signed new contracts. It is happy days at


Tottenham. As for Boro, that is three losses in a row. Cause for


concern? Yes, they have Watford away, West Ham at home, Bournemouth


at home. It will have to get points. Bournemouth have never beaten


Everton in any competition, but did take a first league point


from them last season with a 97th minute equaliser in a 3-3 draw


at the Vitality Stadium. John Motson was there


for the rematch. It was Ross Barkley who put Everton


3-2 up last season only for the celebrations to prolonged stoppage


time in which Bournemouth equalised. The form of Bournemouth has stalled


recently, as has the form of Jack Wilshere. He starts for the second


week running. These are running -- there is an injury to Josh King.


Callum Wilson returns upfront. Everton are without Leighton Baines.


Oviedo fills in at left back. Two teams that both went out of the cup


in midweek. Both two Championship teams at home, Bournemouth losing to


Preston and Everton to Norwich City. Wilson came across the last


defender. It was a good delivery by Charlie Daniels for Bournemouth.


Callum Wilson knew what was going to come about. Ronald Koeman swapped


Southampton for Everton in the summer. He has made a good start.


This is Gareth Barry. Free kick Everton. Bournemouth have to be very


careful. It was a free kick like this that troubled Bournemouth in


the game last season. This is Ross Barkley. Lukaku. He nearly troubled


again. It comes back out to Ross Barkley. Ross Barkley, perfect for


Lukaku. The Bournemouth defenders are bumping into each other. The


ball was brilliantly turned to one side by Artur Boruc. Away goes


Callum Wilson. He has shaken off Williams. This is Wilson. Against


the woodwork. Finally it was Arter. Look at the ground that Wilson makes


up in the centre. You cannot be more unlikely than that. It has come off


Seamus Coleman onto the bar. Jordon Ibe twisting and turning.


Having a go at Seamus Coleman. He concedes the corner. Jordan Ibe is


causing Seamus Coleman a bit of concern.


In goes Cook. Back out to Jordan Ibe. Harry Arter saw a gap. Did that


clip the post?! It was very close from Harry Arter, who has made a


great start. Went into a gap outside Ross Barkley. Everton have been


under the cosh. Notes being made by the Bournemouth manager. Decent ball


by Harry Arter. Stanislas! It is a corker! Stanislas, who scored twice


in this fixture last season in a 3-3 draw, has opened the scoring with an


absolute beauty. Harry Arter again involved in the move. And well, that


swerved so much I don't think you can blame the goalkeeper. He was 25


yards out and he picked the top corner.


Gareth Barry with the shot. Turned away by Artur Boruc. Idrissa Gueye


feeds his partner, Gareth Barry, on his -- who scored on his 600th game.


I think Ronald Koeman will have some things to say at have time to


Everton. Everton have got some blue shirts forward. Ross Barkley! He


scored here in the FA Cup as well as in the league last season. A let off


for Bournemouth. If he kept his eye on that, he might have guided it


inside the post. This is the stiffest test Everton have faced


this season under Ronald Koeman. Goodness, there were three of them


coming in for the header. The attack is not over yet. Nathan Cleverly has


found Ross Barkley. Artur Boruc has responded twice. He clawed this out


from almost under the bar. Bournemouth have to keep


concentrating. Yannick Bolasie. That was a good cross. Valencia coming in


on that had a chance to equalise. The best grass Bolasie has


delivered. I think Valencia might have done better. Bournemouth take


three points. Much appreciated. And Everton, on today's form, a bit of a


disappointment. It has been a tough week. I would


not going to stand here and live. The Manchester City performance was


not befitting of us and Tuesday was a real low. There is always a chance


to put it right. It was important today. We should spirit and fight


and determination to cover every blade of grass for the supporters.


The players did that. It was the whole team performance in the first


ad that was not good enough. They were stronger, they were faster. The


better chances in the first half. OK, that was the big difference


between our opponents today, the first 45 minutes. It is a lovely


goal to win a game with? An outstanding goal. A really high


quality move. A great final pass from Harry Arter to junior. What a


finish. I was going to put it in the other corner, I saw the goalkeeper


steps I reversed it. I connected quite well. I was


delighted. He connected very well, I would say. In fact, one of many good


goals we have seen today. I suppose in many ways, a good win for


Bournemouth especially after a couple of defeats. And all in all,


Harry Arter, you think, was probably the star man. This is a player they


bought from walking. He has come through the divisions. A couple of


promotions. Fair play to Eddie Howe for buying him. He gets better every


time I watch him. He is a driving force. He can play. He can see a


pass. If there is an opportunity, he will take it. If that was Jack


Wilshere we would be applauding that pass. Great vision. We should


applaud it anyway. The door opens for him here. He runs with it, he


cracks his shot against the post. This is the build-up for the goal.


Great finish. He whips that ball with pace. Takes two Everton players


out of the game. Without that pass he doesn't score. After a terrific


start to this season for Everton, a bit of a damp, really? It is. He was


honest about the first half. It is also the honeymoon period with


Everton. He did really well. Two weeks, Crystal Palace and the


Manchester City. He knows how to play against Manchester City, it is


the Barcelona way. Indeed. Good point.


It was a special day for West Brom boss Tony Pulis,


who celebrated his 1000th game as a manager against


The first Premier League game at the Britannia Stadium. Stoke City have


won it. Wote goal! What a goal! Berahino! Brilliant.


Martin Fisher was watching this. It's a walk Tony Pulis remembers all


too well and today he aims to extend his 100% record against his former


employers to five wins out of five since he left the club in 2013.


Having conceded 14 goals already, Stoke City make a change. On loan


Lee Grant replacing Shay Given. At 33, it is his Premier League debut.


A welcome return for Shaqiri after injury. Brendan Galloway ruled out


with flu. A similar problem means Saido Berahino will not -- has not


travelled. Stoke City starting the day rock


bottom. They did not make the best of starts last term. In fact, they


didn't pick-up their first win until the seventh game of the campaign.


Erik Pieters carries on his run. Was he tripped? The referee waves it


away. He saw it as Erik Pieters putting his foot on top of Phillips.


Johnson cannot get the better of James McClean. Wilfried Bony got a


head to it. It dropped Fridjonsson! Off the line. Spectacular clearance


by Craig Dawson. One full-back denying another. Johnson started the


move. And he poked it hopefully forwards. It would not drop quickly


enough. Two spells for Tony Pulis here over ten seasons. Promotion in


2008. Kept Stoke in the top flight again and again and again. Dangers


ball in. Trying to tee off something for Fletcher. Rondon. The Venezuelan


unable to keep the ball down. Joe Allen with the header! The


deflection took it behind. Dawson got something on it.


Erik Pieters... That looked a better shout for me. It was Phillips again


on Erik Pieters. Again Martin Atkinson was a very good position to


see it. He did not see any push from the Albion man. He did.


Joe Allen! And Stoke City have the breakthrough! Joe Allen with his


first Stoke City goal. And look at the relief on those faces. It is a


patient build-up from Stoke City as they work it from left to right.


Shaqiri whips in a difficult ball to defend against. Arnautovic was a


nuisance. As it dropped to Joe Allen, he got his feet right quickly


and put it in. How big a moment for Mark Hughes is this? The beleaguered


Stoke City boss. The foot was high from Arnautovic.


A great save by grants. Stoke City have been vulnerable from set


pieces. They nearly conceded again from one there. Some nails being


bitten between now and the final whistle, I'm sure. Launched towards


Robson-Kanu. Martins Indi felt he had to intervene. The corner, the


equaliser! Solomon Rondon again for West Brom! And it looks as though


Tony Pulis will get something on his return to the potteries, have to


roll. Once again, Stoke City concede from a set piece. Rondon and Evans


attacked it. It is the Venezuelan who gets the purchase. West Bromwich


Albion have scored in the first minute of injury time. And its


despair for Mark Hughes. We just had a little bit of


indecision prior to the corner being given. Obviously they were hoping


for a massive break to allow them to get back on level terms. They did


not fully deserve it. If we had last I think I would been really


disappointed. They have an of talent in their team. We do not have that


but the attitude and the work of the players is fantastic. A poor start?


Yes, that is our view. It is difficult. But that feels like a


defeat, to be honest. Premier League points are like gold dust and we


have got one today. The talk this week has been about this day. Was it


special? I have been a very lucky man in of respects, to come out


South Wales as a 16-year-old and still be in football, 59 next


birthday. I live the dream every day. Someone just asked me what I


will do tonight. I will look at the table Sunderland and Crystal Palace


and see how Sunderland are a 16-year-old and still be in


football, 59 next birthday. I live the dream every day. Someone just


asked me what I will do tonight. I will look at the table Sunderland


and Crystal Palace and see how Sunderland are setup, see how we an


astonishing career. 1000 games. What a finale for him. A


crushing blow. Yes, first of all, giving the corner away through


Martins Indi. Two players do not know what to do. Martins Indi makes


the decision to give it away. Nothing wrong. But again, zonal


defence. You can't jump. Rondon is behind them. You can't job. They do


not know where he is. He comes from behind, goes in front of them. You


cannot judge where you are standing. Stoke's defending slightly better.


Maybe a player on the back post as well. It all looks good on paper but


you cannot jump from standing still. You can but not as effective. Here,


they didn't see him coming. He was behind them. Again, zonal defending.


1000 games for Tony Pulis. Astonishing achievement. Never been


relegated. He has rescued a few. Truly amazing. Five times he has


played at Stoke and never lost. Reaching the FA Cup final in 2011.


Manager of the year. He has done everything. He is one of those


people who loves football. He should be acknowledged for an


incredible achievement. Let's look at the table.


Manchester City's perfect start has seen them extend their lead


Tottenham are up to second, while Everton have dropped out


of the top four after their first defeat -


although they have the same points as Arsenal and Liverpool.


Sunderland prop up the league after their fifth


defeat in six matches, while Stoke are just


West Ham could move out of the bottom three on Sunday -


Jose Mourinho dropping Wayne Rooney is making the headlines in the


Sunday morning papers. The Mail on Sunday asks if it is the end for the


United captain. The Sunday Times leads with Arsenal's thrashing of


Chelsea. And the Sunday express says struggling Stoke are weighing of


replacing Mark Hughes with Steve Bruce.


That's it on the day a Portuguese philosopher outfoxed the champions.


You don't need to be Einstein to work that one out.


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