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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


Six games from the Premier League, they were all magnificent - honest.


Plenty for Alan Shearer and Jermaine Jenas to get stuck into.


We start at the Hawthorns where West Brom's takeover


by Chinese investors was completed on Thursday.


The Baggies were in action against West Ham, who let


a two-goal lead slip last week at home to Watford.


Tony Pulis may not be expecting much to change under the new ownership


here, but he could do with things going in a different direction on


the pitch. West Brom have only won one in their last 13. The return of


Rondon will be a welcome sight. He started on the bench at Bournemouth,


because of international duty. McClean also starts. Pulis hopes the


changes will give his side more width. Slaven Bilic expects a big


response after the match with Watford. He has made two changes.


Nordtveit and Ogbonna come in. West Ham won 3-0 here in April and Tony


Pulis said they were as good a side as West Brom faced at The Hawthorns


last season. Mark Clattenburg is urged to give a free kick for hand


ball and delatedly he does so. -- belatedly he does so. Matt Phillips


hit the crossbar at Bournemouth last weekend with a free kick out wide.


Handball and penalty West Brom. And it is penalty for hand ball after.


His hands were in the wrong place here. West Brom's record signing can


put them ahead on his home debut. And Chadli does the necessaries.


Just what the doctor ordered for West Brom. Slaven Bilic will be


furious. Eight minutes played and Chadli scores his first goal since


February. And the Belgian just rolled it in with Adrian going the


wrong way. Hasn't had too much to cheer here in recent months. Their


last home victory in the league came against Manchester United in March.


Payet picked out Antonio. Ten minutes before half-time West Ham


have their first shot on target. Chadli into Rondon. Brilliant hit


from Rondon. As West Brom double their lead. Goals have been in short


supply for West Brom, but they have two before the break against West


Ham today. Chadli deserves credit for his part and then Rondon with an


absolute rocket beyond Adrian. West Brom 2, West Ham 0.


It goes for a West Brom corner. This is the first time that West Brom


have scored more than one goal since they drew 2-2 with Leicester in


March. And in! James McClean, West Brom in


dreamland, goals raining in for Tony Pulis this afternoon. Chadli's


effort diverted beyond Adrian by James McClean, who scores his first


Premier League goal since January. West Ham have been beaten in their


last two league games. They haven't lost three in a row since the season


before last. Everything is going on here. And the end product is a corn


tore West Ham. -- corner to best ham. It was all happening and West


Ham have taken the corner quickly. Fletcher for Rondon, who is on his


own. Rondon to make it four for West Brom. Rondon, Chadli, it is four! It


is surely game over now. And it is another defensive horror show for


West Ham. What must he be thinking? It comes straight from a West Ham


corner. They tried to take it quickly to catch West Brom out.


Fletcher's ball beat everyone and Rondon kept his cool and set up


Chadli, who now has two on his home debut for the Baggies. I don't think


they're popping off to grab a quick pie. Payet was caught by Evans. John


Jonny Evans cannot believe it. He certainly catches Payet. Payet is


there, as is Nordtveit. Payet, oh, so close!


Now another handball shot waved away by Mark Clattenburg. Payet has to be


careful that West Ham aren't caught out again by another counter. West


Ham's top scorer last season, looking for his first goal since


Palace at the start of April. And nearly found it in trade mark style.


Behind for a West Ham corner off Galloway. Mark Clattenburg being


interrogated by the West Ham players about a couple of decisions, where


they felt a penalty could have been awarded. Feghouli's corner. Antonio


and another headed goal for Antonio. Although it is likely to be little


more than a consolation for West Ham. Antonio with his fifth goal in


his last five appearances. All of which have been headers. Just past


the hour mark, West Brom 4, West Ham 1. The new owner isn't here today.


The chairman John Williams is. He will be able to tell him what a


cracker he has missed this afternoon.


Payet, was he taken down? He was and West Ham have a penalty and a chance


to give themselves a glimmer of hope of getting something out of a game


they looked dead and buried in. Mark Clattenburg has been asked the


question a number of times by West Ham. On this occasion, Galloway's


challenge leads to him pointing to the spot. It is going to be Lanzini.


West Ham back to within two goals. It is not over yet! And Lanzini with


his first goal since the start of April. His side were on receiving


end of a stunning come back last weekend. Can they pull off one of


their own this afternoon? No handball. Just got a bit nervy


for Tony Pulis, after it looked like being a stroll in the park at the


start of the second half. Nice from Antonio and Collins of all


people forces a fine stop out of fooser the. -- Foster. That would


have made it really interesting. Antonio weaving his way into the


box. Collins with a first time hit. It wasn't just well saved by Foster,


but he made it stick too. We played well at Bournemouth and probably


created better opportunities than today. You know, we have won, the


difference is we havewon the game. That makes a lot of difference to


what people think and their perceptions of what we are. We


worked very hard for this game and you could see we were very good


organised. So it was very difficult for them to create chances. We had


some good chances on the break and we scored them. I felt embarrassed


at half-time. We were three down and some of goals were individual


mistakes. The fourth goal is like amateur goal. Before and after that,


we were good. We played good football in the second half. So at


least... At least we showed the character and we showed we can play


some good football. I have been in the game a long time and you mustn't


gets too carried away. I'm looking forward to going home and seeing my


grandchildren, they're the most important thing in my life. Yes and


I bet they're well disciplined children! Bilic said embarrassingle


amateurish. Have you any better ones. I will work on it. I know they


have injuries and two new full-backs, but this is not a


problem that's just happened this season conceding goals. It started


last season. 12 of the last 15 game they have concede two or more. So


West Ham fans, look away now. Because you're about to see an


absolute horror show. It was like watching an under 10s team. Ball


into the box. Masuaku, what is that? It is an up and under. That was the


start of things to come. Hopeless. Ball into the box. Masuaku, ?6


million, he tries to say it wasn't hand bavl. Of course it's handball.


He misses it with his head. Ogbonna, do anything but this. He takes one


touch, two, three. Collins - get tight. He takes a touch, he turns,


it is a goal. Huge hole at the front at the near post. Masuaku again


sleeping on the edge of the box. It is his job to pick up Chadli.


Collins could give away a penalty. And Masuaku is asleep. Another goal.


They are looking for a goal. They have 10 players in the final third.


Every player apart from the goalkeeper is nearly inside the


18-yard box there. Attacking the corner. Extraordinary. It's


extraordinary. Laughable. West Brom goen o the break. Rondon into


Chadli. Thank you very much, 4-0. Never seen defending like that for a


long, long time. It was so bad it was unbelievable. Important to give


credit to West Brom. First time they scored four under Tony Pulis'


management. At times they played good stuff. They appear to have made


an exceptional signing in Nacer Chadli from Tottenham? They had


done. A lot was said about Tony Pulis and West Brom's lack of


signings in the summer. In Nacer Chadli they have a top player. A


player of genuine quality. He is a goal threat. Today, he was just...


He was calm and collected in position. Lovely little passes like


this. Making sure they got up the pitch. Took responsibility. They had


a few problems from penalties over the last couple of seasons. Took


responsibility there. We have seen this clip. He does very well to


create the assist for Rondon. He had a hand in all four of the goals that


West Brom scored today. That was another one of his assists. Look at


him here, breaking his neck. 3-0 up at this point much he could be


cruising. He is at full tilt, making sure he can get on the end and get


that fourth goal. Get his second. Lovely assist from Rondon much


repays the favour, gets him his goal. He deserved that today. A top


performance from their new signing. A lot of points and fancy football


everyone is obsessed about nowadays. Good win for West Brom.


Leaders Manchester City were the only team with a 100%


They faced a Bournemouth side beaten 5-1 in this fixture last season.


He has hinted he will never be satisfied there will have been a


private moment of fulfil am for Pep Guardiola after the magnificent


seven out of seven wins in all competitions so far. Bournemouth


will be too aware of the level and danger of the Guardiola exception.


The City boss makes two changes from the Manchester Derby victory.


Stones, who had started every game, is on the bench. Clichy into


defence. With Silva still injured there is a Premier League debut for


German international, Ilkay Gundogan. Sergio Aguero is still


suspended. One change for to Bournemouth from the team that beat


West Brom. Jack Wilshere, who played 141 Premier League minutes for


Arsenal last season, makes his first start for the club. Callum Wilson


drops to the bench, last week's goalscorer.


COMMENTATOR: It's Bournemouth who get the 250th Premier League match


at the Etihad Stadium underway. A scruffy fashion. De Bruyne. Boruc,


inside 12 seconds, called intole action. Given away cheaply. De


Bruyne saw the space, it was at a good height for Boruc. Manchester


City have their club captain back involved for the first time in


season. Otamendi trying to pick out gunned


gun. Fernandinho. Nolito. Right on the edge of the penalty area. The


Spaniard is fouled. A drop of the shoulder from the Spaniard. In came


Wilshere, nowhere near the ball. Kevin De Bruyne has had plenty of


time to assess this situation. Here comes the Belgian. Simple as that.


Underneath the wall. That will frustrate Artur Boruc hugely.


Nothing the Bournemouth goalkeeper could do. Very straight-forward.


Foul from Otamendi. Jon Moss was waiting for any kind of advantage.


The first yellow card of the game is for the arrange tinnian for that


challenge on Arter. Not sure sha Pep agrees. He did dive in and catch


him. Free-kick for Bournemouth, towards the captain, Francis.


Iheanacho. Early again for Nolito. Streaming forward again. Sterling is


onside, for number two. Oh, he found Iheanacho. Who improvised superbly.


He put the finishing touch to a sweeping move and double Manchester


City's advantage. It all came from that defensive header inside City's


own penalty area. Just look at how quickly they broke. De Bruyne was


fantastic. Sterling, able to pick out Iheanacho. What a record the


Nigerian international now has. 13 career starts, 12 goals. Sterling.


Goes round three of them. He's found Iheanacho. They've got two over


here. Sterling! Decent save from Boruc. What a wonderful goal that


would have been. Wonderful run from Raheem Sterling. Had the chance to


finish it off. Boruc, just about, did enough. Bournemouth can try and


find a way back in from somewhere. That was an opportunity to do so.


Stanislas not able to make the connection.


Neatly down from Iheanacho. Sterling is trying to stay onside here. De


Bruyne knows where he is. He has gone for Iheanacho instead. Here's


Sterling. That's 3-0. Well, fond memories of this fixture from last


season, where he got his first career hat-trick. He's in on the act


today as well. It's taken them less than three minutes of the


second-half to score a third. The ball came again from the corner flag


at one end and it was in the back of the net at the other. It looked as


though De Bruyne was going to go to Sterling initially. In the end it


was Iheanacho and Sterling couldn't miss. Despite the efforts of Andrew


Surman, he couldn't keep it out. Manchester City 3, Bournemouth 0.


Fernandinho. Sterling. Terrific control. Good try as well. Needed


the finger tips of Boruc to deny him.


He didn't give it up, Raheem Sterling. Away from Daniels. He has


to be careful here. Still Sterling. And still. He's going all the way.


He's hit the post. They knew they couldn't touch him. He is really


unfortunate there not to score a brilliant solo goal. Terrific effort


from Raheem Sterling. Went through about five of them. Clichy. Space


again for De Bruyne. Terrific football again from City. Oh, what a


pass. Gundogan. Of you just have to admire it. Fabulous football. Calmly


finished by Ilkay Gundogan. De Bruyne, not surprisingly, at the


heart of it. What a ball from him. Gundogan did the rest. The German


who has had to work hard on his way back from injury and be very patient


to get involved in the new Manchester City storey. Enjoying his


first experience of the Premier League. Bournemouth who conceded


five here in this fixture last season, trail now by 4-0. Smith.


They hit the bar. Through Wilson. Can think force it? The flag is up


anyway. The closest Bournemouth have come to getting a goal to show for


their efforts, just looped over Bravo, Wilson's effort.


Smith and Nolito getting involved unnecessarily there. Just


frustrating from Adam Smith. Nolito didn't need to get involved either.


It's a red card. Nolito. It's a yellow for Smith. That's the only


negative of the day. There was a little push there from Smith. Watch


Nolito afterwards. He doesn't need to get involved. That's silly from


the Spaniard. 4-0 up and coasting. Our pressing was not perfect today.


We had problems to control The build-up can. We win many, many


balls in our high-pressing when we did correct and created a lot of


counter-attack in the that moment. After the Champions League, just


three games after the Champions League, it's always a little bit


complicated. We were under the kosh and under pressure first half.


Naturally at the start of the game. We think we have held on and seen


ourselves through and concede from the free-kick, under the wall and


second from a set-piece, frustrating goals. They were very good today. We


weren't very good. When you get those two things together it was


always going to be tough. When I go out I have confidence playing with


my team. I know, because I know I love them, playing with them


together. Every time I'm on the pitch I have confidence we will play


for. The performance, once again, from Kevin was terrific. Amazing.


He's an outstanding player. He's a player that will happen us. Scored a


lot of goals, 4-1. He has really turned them into a very silky


machine very quickly, hasn't he? Remarkable the teachings of


Guardiola, so to speak. Comfortable for City. I suppose, at the same


time, you feel Bournemouth didn't really do themselves justice today


No, they didn't. Eddie Howe hit the nail on the head in that interview.


They were their own worst enemy. They went to the Etihad I can


imagine the discussions getting his team ready. Straight from kick-off.


Surman passes it back. Great pressing from Iheanacho. The last


thing you want is for De Bruyne picking the ball up and having a


shot on goal. They should be fully in control in this situation. Were


set up OK. It's their free-kick. They should be looking to attack. As


the ball comes in, all of a sudden, the picture changes. A brilliant


counter-attack from Manchester City. It's not a situation that you should


be finding yourself. In you should have those areas sorted out. Maybe a


cheeky foul to break up the play would have helped. Maybe


inexperience there. Poor header from Surman. Again, three v three at the


back. At the minute, this Manchester City side, they are very potent in


these situations. When you have De Bruyne, he is picking the right pass


and the right weight every single time. I don't know what you two


think - Great finish. It crossed the He is tease line. Teasing them


slightly. That is what he was doing there. Great today, Sterling.


Absolutely brilliant. He was a little bit perplexed as to why his


team performed the way they did at times. City tremendous. A lot of


people you could have picked out today, De Bruyne, sterling, Kolarov


you felt ran the show? He did. You go load up the midfield, donned let


them have the gaps or Silva have the gaps. When this guy is on the ball,


it's irrelevant. He picks out passes. All of a sudden you are one


v one. He did this on numerous occasions. I dropped five clips


because he did that much. Someone needs to close him down and get on


top of him. Genuine quality out to Sterling, causing problems. This is


more of a positional kind of. This is your centre-half. Look how high


up the pitch their centre-half is. Pinned back and not allowing that


Bournemouth team to come up the pitch. I don't think they did


enough, don't get me wrong. Pressure them. You have to pressure him. He


has license to do... His left foot is lethal. He let off shots today.


This is him picking up the ball and crossing the ball. He is the


centre-half today. Look at that for a cross? Someone get on the end of


that, it's brilliant. In the second-half I thought - bring


somebody on to close him down. He kept hitting them. He makes them


look like nothing as well. That ball is fantastic. 103 touches. More


touches than any other player on the pitch. They were in advance position


zone. Their intention Bournemouth was to sit deep and soak up


pressure. You have to get someone at least within five or ten yards of


their main playmaker. They got no-one near them. We haven't talked


about De Bruyne. Guardiola said what a player. He was good last season.


He is very, very good this season. He has gone to another level. His


performance not only today but this season have been nothing short of


spectacular. With the ball he is superb. He


starts a lot of the moves. This is so clever. He knows that Wallis


jumping. There is no way that is a fluke. That is intelligent play. He


picks passes outside of the right boot. What about that for a weight


of pass? He is so comfortable and in control. We saw him bursting forward


earlier. Look at him here. He started so many good things for


them. I said, a weight of pass again, have some of that! It is


superb. He sees a picture before anyone else there. He is a second or


two ahead of everyone on that pitch. Takes it left foot, turn, give a


little go. I mentioned weight of pass. It is sublime there. For


Gundogan's goal. He was superb. City looking good. I saw a quote from Pep


Guardiola saying that Bournemouth were the best said we have faced


this season. All the other teams, they just play long balls! I can't


imagine who he is having a dig at. Lots more action and


goals still to come. Barkley could get the shot away.


Does. Vardy, Slimani with him. Origi!


Hull caretaker boss, Mike Phelan, revealed yesterday he's been offered


the job on a permanent basis after a strong start to the season


which has seen his team pick up seven points,


the same number as today's opponents, Arsenal.


The last time Hull City were in the Premier League Robert Snodgrass


played only four games before injury. Now there is talk of


Scotland captaincy. Theo Walcott missed out on a trip to France with


England. He scored twice here in the FA Cup in March. Before kick off, we


put our hopes for the afternoon into perspective by observing a tribute


to the memory of Daniel Wilkinson who, died playing football this


week, aged just 24. Livermore is impressing as a


temporary centre-back. Cech only just manage to get there. It was a


close run thing in the end. It is deflected in. Iwobi had the


effort, but it's found its way into the net via another touch. Iwobi is


on the way to celebrate. Jakupovic didn't get it into a safe area. If


anything he made it more difficult for Hull. Was it Livermore or


Sanchez or Iwobi. It came off Sanchez. But it is Hull City 0,


Arsenal 1. There is a familiar sound - "-1-0 to the Arsenal." A great


challenge by Robertson. There would be no doubt about who was going to


score that goal. Robertson's mistake in the first place, but he redeemed


himself. It will break to Iwobi. A super save


and the follow up is blazed by Ozil. Jakupovic thinks he needs more


protection from those in black and amber in front of him. Ozil should


have done better. Used the space nicely Elmohamady.


That is the first yellow card of the game. Cazorla has copped for it. It


was a desperate attempt by Cazorla to stop the Egyptian player. It is


one-way traffic. What a chance for Snodgrass. It is


saved by Cech and he gathers the rebound too. Bright from Hull, the


first time the supporters have had a chance to get a bit excited.


Walcott, deflected wide. The referee has given a penalty! Hull were


expecting a corner, but it struck the hand and it is not just a spot


kick for Arsenal. It is a red card too. Jake Livermore saved it before


it reached the keeper. It looked as though it would have been a routine


save for Jakupovic. But it was an instingtsive reaction -- instinctive


reaction from the former Spurs man. Saved by Jakupovic and Hull still


have plenty of hope. Not a great penalty from Sanchez, but it is a


fine save from Jakupovic. Here is a curiosity, as Sanchez struck the


penalty, Hull still had a full complement on the the field. There


will be a Hull change and they want to put a centre-back into the game,


having lost Livermore and Maguire is on. Final think Arsenal corner is


taken and it is saved by Jakupovic. It would have been an own goal.


Iwobi gets it through. It is a Hull free kick. It is all happening.


Lucas blocked by Cazorla. He has to watch his step a bit. He doesn't


want to be complaining too much about the decisions. At least when


he does, he needs to do it like that - with a big grin on his face. I


think he knew what he was doing in blocking Clucas there. Snodgrass was


clipped and the flag is being waved rightly by the assistant. No real


advantage for Snodgrass. The Hull supporters want to see a yellow card


for that and it would be for Cazorla a second one. The grin's not so wide


now. Now it has gone completely. As might he be if he commits another


offence. Walcott on to the return and into


the net. The last touch was Harry Maguire's and the goal will be


Walcott. There might be a question about whether it is drifting across


the face or going into the far corner. If it is not going into the


corner, then it is a Maguire own goal. Walcott will get it for now.


Question marks about who gets the goals this afternoon - which team is


going to win has never been in question. A Hull City goal looks a


very unlikely event. Cech's got to Mbokani. Has he given


the penalty Roger East? Yellow card Cech and a penalty. Why wasn't it


given straightaway. Cech is down and at first the referee gave nothing


and they have the chance that Snodgrass takes. Maybe it is not all


over yet. Snodgrass has planted home his fourth of season and the ten men


have something to clue on here. We are getting the information Darren


Can, the assistant referee said you have got to give a penalty. Maybe he


was delaying, because he couldn't believe it hadn't been given. Now it


should be all over. The Hull recovery is a short-lived one.


Sanchez now 100% for certain has his usual goal against Hull. He was


trying to play Walcott in with the first chance. Walcott did well to


get in front of Davies and Jakupovic could only look on as it popped on


to Sanchez. 90 seconds of game to go. We have seen a spirited Hull


performance, but a fruitless one Daid. -- today. Xhaka. What a


screamer from Xhaka. Cherry on Fopp for Arsenal that one. Looks where me


takes possession. He assesses his optionst then he whacks it. His


first Gunners goal is a memorable one. Jakupovic is disappointed. He


will feel he was close enough to it. But it just travelled so fast.


Arsenal crown their day. I feel over all it was a positive performance


after having played away in the Champions League and away again. We


started well. We were quite dominant. Our game was fluent. They


defended very well and tried to catch us on the break. But it was


down to eleven against ten for us to be serious. Is it your goal, or


Alexis's goal. I am Gissing. Everyone -- guessing. He said he


touched it so I will have to put my hands up. You're playing a top team


and itself was difficult once we lost a man. I think it was a


penalty. The problem is is whether it is a red card. But I'm sure many


people will discuss it during the weekend. But I felt it was a bit


harsh on the player to be sent off. We will difs cuss it. -- discuss it.


It seemed a bit harsh to send him off? Yes he is right. It is a


penalty. But the rules state that it is only a sending off in this


situation if you're stopping a certain goal. As you can see, The


referee has a great view and there is no way he can determine it is


going in the net. The keeper's there and that is the difference. Yellow


card isn't it. Yes, he gets that one wrong. It hits Jake Livermore's


hand. But it that is double jeopardy thing. It was strange in the sense


of time and how long it took to give it. Yes, it was weird. And again it


is the right decision. But he waves it away first. Still no decision.


Still no decision. And there is nine seconds between the challenge and


him actually finally making the decision. He gets this one right.


The assistant telling him in the ear, hoy, penalty. It was bizarre


how long it took to make the decision. I thought the referee was


poor in that game. Hull were struggling with ten men, never mind


eleven, but Arsenal were good. They were at it from the first minute.


They would have won the game with eleven against eleven. They


committed so many men forward. There was a purpose to their passing. One


touch, two touch. Final - - finding the space that. Should have been 1-0


for Sanchez. This is the goal. Committing men forward. Men in the


box. The keeper should do better here. He gets his hands to it. But


he has to push it out further. It didn't change in the second half.


They could have taken their foot off the pedal when it went down to ten


men. But they are prepared to commit men forward and lovely little give


and go and they got away with that one. They had one scare when Hull


got the penalty. But I felt they could stip up a -- step up a gear.


Brilliant. That's a very good finish. The defender is not stopping


that anyway. Narsal were very impressive today. Certainly were.


It's a bumper Match of the Day 2 this week, -- Arsenal.


four games in all - the stage is set.


5 Live and the BBC Sport website have commentary of Watford


versus Manchester United at mid-day and Spurs Sunderland at 4.30pm.


Match of the Day 2 Extra is back at 12.15pm, BBC Two.


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I'll be meeting up with Eddie Howe and, following us tonight...


This weekend why not try football of a different kind. It's not for the


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analysis. Ah, ah! The NFL Show, after Match of the Day.


Unbeaten Everton hosted newly promoted Middlesbrough


at Goodison Park, it was the second time this week that


Ronald Koeman's side had come up against north-east opposition.


COMMENTATOR: Sunderland look for their win of the season, Everton


look to remain unbeaten. A free header. Everton lead. Lukaku has


broken the goal drought. Bolasie. Coming off the touchline with


Bolasie with the cross. Lukaku with the header. Delightful goal. He's in


again, Lukaku. Flag stays down. Lukaku, on a hat-trick. Lukaku has


got the hat-trick. Barry plays his 600th Premier League


game. Only Ryan Giggs and Frank Lampard have previously reached that


landmark. Everton's 35-year-old has a chance of over taking them both.


They are unchanged with Ross Barkley keeping his flails. Ed


Adam Forshaw returns. Middlesbrough have been bright at the beginning of


this game. They met at the Riverside these two in the quarter-final of


what was called the League Cup. Everton running out 2-0 winners.


Seamus Coleman with the touch. Lee Mason with the whistle to his lips.


It's a free-kick to Middlesbrough. Stekelenburg, on his toes. It's


whipped in. A free header. Well, they could have been 1-0 up here.


Downing didn't get enough on it. Shot across the boughs for Everton


to worry about there. Lukaku. Now, Barkley. Could get the shot away.


Does. Valdes treated that with a lot of respect. He didn't need a second


invitation to get the shot away here, Ross Barkley. Forshaw.


Downing. Dug-out by Friend. Stekelenburg has


lost it. Negroponte has scored for Middlesbrough. Well, never appeared


to cross Lee Mason's mind that Stekelenburg had been fouled here.


George Friend dug out this cross. Look at Negroponte. He's climbing.


Don't see too much wrong with it, in all honesty. Well, actually, do you


know what, Negroponte has headed Stekelenburg's forearm and the ball


has gone into the back of the net -- Negredo. It must go down as an


own-goal from Stekelenburg. Now, Everton have to try and recover and


find some composure. That's come off the head of George Friend. Everton


have a corner. Well, they are not going to let it go. Lee Mason did.


That's why Middlesbrough lead. In comes the Everton corner kick. Off


the head of Negredo. Put behind. Another Everton corner.


Corner kick from Mirallas. Into the net, 1-1, Gareth bare. 600th Premier


League game. Gareth Barry equalises for Everton. Now, was there a foul


on Valdes? Well, in other circumstances Victor Valdes may have


got a free-kick here. Look how high that foot, but Lee Mason had to let


that go having let the other one go. It's a really smart finish from


Gareth Barry. 30 minutes into this game, Everton fans and Middlesbrough


fans joined now in a moments applause


for Derek Acker who fell ill and was taken to hospital and tragically


lost his life. Ball in. Powerful header. Bolasie just onto the roof


of the Middlesbrough net. Really good header from Bolasie. They


didn't buy him for his aerial prowess, but he's clearly got some.


Coleman, this time, Coleman, still. Oh, nicely done. Seamus Coleman for


Everton. Great composure from the full-back.


Weaving and wondering his way through. Very calmly putting it in


the corner of the Middlesbrough net. They enjoyed that. Everton 2,


Middlesbrough 1. Seamus Coleman. Lukaku.


Last few seconds of the half. They have to be careful here,


Middlesbrough. Bolasie. Lukaku. Oh! Lukaku says it's his. It's certainly


Everton's. Whether he got a touch or not, I'm not sure. He is onside,


Lukaku. He's level. Well, if there is a touch from Romelu Lukaku, it is


the faintest, willow the whis. Of a whisker.


If Everton do win this game they will go to 13-points from the first


five of the season. Their best return from the opening five matches


of any Premier League season. They have of course been involved in all


Premier League seasons, Everton. One of six clubs to always have been


top-flight since the # 2-93 season. They've got a corner. -- 92-93


season. Away from Downing. Oh, hit it well.


A good save that by Victor Valdes. Put down quickly. He responded to


the conversations he had with Ronald Koeman during the week, has Ross


Barkley. Brother Irwin alongside Ronald Koeman. Great favourite,


Duncan Ferguson, alongside him. Been no real incision from Middlesbrough


at all since half-time. Barkley to his left hand side.


Deulofeu, Barkley wants it in the middle. Valdes denies Barkley. Pacey


Everton counter-attack. Gareth Barry is going to be taken off with just a


few seconds to play. Will not sure he particularly wanted


the opportunity to take the standing ovation. Gareth Barry's only 32


appearances behind Ryan Giggs and only nine behind Frank Lampard, the


only other player in 600s. When you hit 600 it's hard not to think about


it and realise it's a lot of games. I'm delighted toed have reached that


with the two lads ahead of me, Giggs and Lampard. Two great names to be


in there with. Last season we were in Championship. Today Everton had


to play their best to beat us. The second-half was difficult to play


because I know how frustrating and how difficult it was to play the


second-half. I'm really proud of them because they were on the pitch


with a really, really good attitude. We needed the mistake of the referee


because, in my opinion, it's a fault, the 1-0 of Middlesbrough.


After that we had fantastic reaction. Were more aggressive on


the pitch and we played some good football and we chased the lead and


the result before half-time. Ronald mentioned it there. The first goal


and the second one as well. Doubt about both of them. Should have they


have stood? The first one shouldn't have. The ball is whipped in by


George Friend. Your thoughts are that Stekelenburg has to be


stronger. More commanding. When you look at it, Negredo, brave as he is,


he headbutted his arm. Keepers are so protective. I can't believe I'm


sticking up for a goalkeeper here. Really? Too blatant unfortunately.


It is is a foul. Lee Mason got that wrong to award them a goal. This is


the second one. He is not in a great position. A lot of bodies in the


way. Williams comes flying in with a high boot. Lee Mason's positions is


not great. When Ashley Williams comes flying in, it's dangerous


play. It puts Va tl des off. I don't take anything away from the Finnish


of Gareth Barry. I think he got both divisions wrong. Everton look like


they have a good acquisitions? When you consider some of the money that


has been spent in the summer from a lot of football clubs, ?7 million


this guy was from Villa. He looks at the minute a bargain. I think he ran


the game. Little give and go. Whether you want him to sit-in front


of the back four and defend and go in for crunching tackles he read the


game well. Always on the front foot, quick, strong. Started, moves off.


Clever here. Dummies to go. Then he kids him into the pass. Thinking he


can make it. He won the tackle. On the end of it in the box. An all


round very, good display from him. Defending, getting back in there. I


thought he was excellent and has been for the whole of the season.


Off again. Gives it to Bolasie. He started so many moves off. Looks


excellent little player indeed. Three days after beating Bruges


in their Champions League debut, Leicester entertained a Burnley side


who started the day one place above Claudio Ranieri's men,


both teams having taken four points Martin Fisher was at


the King Power Stadium. No Schmeichel for the champions


today. He took a bang to the head yesterday in training so Zieler


makes his start. Sean Dyche packs the midfield dropping Sam Vokes to


the bench. Used to see success here at the King Power. 17 games in the


Premier League without defeat. Make that 18 today and it would create a


new club record. Zieler, as is the custom these days, is the


sweeper/keeper, across to clear. Lesters on the move again with


Mahrez. He's away from Ward. He is bearing down on the penalty area.


Faced by Mee. Saved by Heaton. Mahrez magic for the first time this


afternoon in the 25th minute. It has taken a while in coming. It was


almost worth the wait for the Blue Army.


Defour. What a chance. What a chance for the Belgian. Defour, who managed


to stay onside, can only head straight into the gloves of Zieler.


What a ball. Mahrez! Two great chances at either ends of the


ground. What a ball from Fuchs. Mahrez trying to head that into the


bottom corner. Somebody's enjoying himself, even if it is 0-0!


Slimani's strike forces another save from Heaton. The first touch from


Vardy let him down. Slimani hits the target.


In goes Slimani. How did he not get a touch on that? The perfect cross


tr Albrighton. It was right on his head and somehow Slimani didn't make


any kind of contact, when surely the firmest of touches would have given


Leicester the lead. That was a sturdy challenge from


Lowton. There was an awkward bounce of the ball and Lowton decided he


would attack it. Albrighton pinged in that beautiful cross a second or


two ago. Can he re-create that with this set piece. No, he will leave to


it Fuchs. Great ball, begs a touch and this time Slimani does score! On


his King Power Stadium debut, on his Premier League debut, Leicester's


record signing, Islam Slimani is there to meet that one. Remarkable


Leicester host of scoring in the Premier League. It is now one blank


in their last 23 games. Mahrez pokes it through and Slimani


nods home. Two goals for the Algerian either side of break and


Leicester City storm into a 2-0 lead. It is a familiar route for


Leicester City. We remember this throughout last season - Mahrez with


the approach. Vardy involved as well. Flicked on into the path of


Slimani. That touch there took it away from the defenders and right on


to the forehead of Islam Slimani. Final touch came off Keane. Slimani


has forced a corner. Now perhaps a chance for him to get his third of


the day. Mahrez drives it N Amartey. Another


deflection takes it wide. Fuchs has never scored for Leicester. I wonder


how close this was? Initial effort from Mahrez and then Amartey and


then finally Fuchs. He has left him for dead and it is


off Mee and it is in. That will go down as an own goal. Ben Mee won't


want it. Mahrez the architect and the scoreline now has a realistic


look to it. Leicester have been so dominant in this second half. Mahrez


had Ward on toast here. Mee couldn't afford to let it cross the box and


his touch takes it beyond Heaton. Bamford held back by Amartey. A long


way out for Gudmundsson. But he is keen to take it on. Zieler might


have a save to make after all. Deflection. Oh, that is a great


save! That is a marvellous save from Zieler. A big deflection off the


free kick. He was going the wrong way and managed to move across to


his right to paw it out. First 25, 30 minutes, we struggled to brake


them -- break them down. We got the goal at a good time just before


half-time. I think after the break when we got the goal, which is


another good time to score, it made the game more comfortable. What went


wrong today? The reality was four minutes of madness before and half


half-time. We did well to keep the ball and control the tempo. Then you


give away a poor goal A poor free kick. They put in a good ball in and


a good header and you into half-time and try and calm everyone down and


you give away a terrible goal within two minutes. Once that, the game is


gone. I'm very satisfied with our performances after the international


victory, it was important also to win in the Premier League. We play


well. We score three goals. Slimani has scored twice and fight a lot and


I think our fans are very happy. An excellent performance from


Leicester. And the Algerian duo of Mahrez and Slimani were impressive.


Yes, Slimani said Mahrez had a big role in bringing him to the club.


But Mahrez in that form is sensational. If that had gone it it


would have been a phenomenal strike. Some good signs of Vardy linking up


with Slimani. Gets his shot off here. Vardy always a willing runner.


Strong in the areas. Attacks that well and sticks it into the net.


Three these will be a formidable front three for teams to deal with.


Again when Mahrez is on the right, I feel sorry for defenders, I don't


blame them for backing off. Another goal. More good signs of these two


linking up. Know each other well. They were just good to watch. There


is a couple of defenders that when they're in this situation, what do


you do? Nothing, that is what you do. It is an own goal and he


deserved that. He got a nice applause off his manager. Standing


ovation from the crowd. His striker got a pat on the back as well. As


for Burnley, they have got to find a way to score. They have only had


four shots on target in the last three games. They have got to start


troubling goalkeepers again. They got two against Liverpool, but other


than that they haven't looked like scoring.


The weekend action kicked off last night as unbeaten Chelsea welcomed


The visitors have scored more Premier League goals in 2016


David Luiz plays for the first time since his return. John Terry is


absent with an ankle injury. That is the only change to the starting line


up. Firmino misses the game for Liverpool and Coutinho comes back


in, as does Lovren. Liverpool look sharp and precise in


turning the defence into attack. And Sturridge, back at his old club,


almost saw that go in. Courtois relieved to grab the ball at the


second attempt. Liverpool with just one blip, that defeat at Burnley.


Lallana not happy with that challenge and not slow to make his


point to the referee either. Ivanovich treading on the top of his


boot. Clearly after the incident. Ivanovich sharply in to challenge.


Liverpool with a free kick. The second foul of the day by Ivanovich


and he is probably one mistimed tackle from a yellow card.


Coutinho swings it in and Liverpool ahead in the 17th minute of the


game. Lovren completely unmarked, buried the chance. Chelsea 0,


Liverpool 1. Chelsea caught cold by the Liverpool free kick. Quickly


taken. Whipped in and just look at this - completely unmarked, as the


ball comes in, places the ball beyond the outstretched glove of


Courtois and Lovren has his first goal of the season and Liverpool


have a one goal lead at Stamford Bridge.


He hasn't lost a home league game as a manager since his Juventus side


were beaten by Sampdoria in January of 2013.


Diego Costa has hardly seen the ball at all in this first half. He has


only touched the ball eleven times. Fewer than anybody else on the


pitch. An indication that it is proving hard for Chelsea to get into


the game. The shot into the back of the net. What a beauty from Jordan


Henderson. An outstanding goal! With just under ten minutes to go to


half-time, Liverpool are two up at Stamford Bridge. That clearance from


Cahill fell to Henderson and what a delightful finish. This is the Ang


that will will really illustrate the quality of goal. Brilliant finish.


And Liverpool just like that shot - appear to be out of Chelsea's reach


in this first half. Chelsea 0, Liverpool 2. That was certainly


worth getting out of your seat for. Antonio Conte sticking with the


eleven players who found life so difficult during the opening 45


minutes. Good run by Matic. Excellent play


and Chelsea back in the game and it is Diego Costa who has got the goal.


Suddenly there is a different feel around Stamford Bridge. Diego Costa


has his fifth of the season. Lovely play by Matic. Picked his spot and


Diego Costa placed it home. Despite the deflection on the line, it is in


the net and Conte's team are back in the match. Chelsea 1, Liverpool 2.


Suddenly Stamford Bridge has come alive and Liverpool might just might


find it is a move difficult route from here on in.


Chelsea trying to turn defence into attack quickly. Diego Costa again.


And Mignolet right behind it. Costa's come alive since the break.


Ivanovich with that long ball, the nod down from Oscar and the spin and


shot. At least hiss team are in the game and they were not for the


opening 45 minutes. The referee almost getting in the


way. Milner will continue his run. The ball off Ivanovich. A good save


from Courtois. It is Ute for a corner. -- it is out for a corner.


Coutinho did well there. As the ball came over, the deflection carried it


to Origi. Courtois with a vital save.


Not the biggest chance, they defended well. We created moments we


had set-pieces, strong, flexible and quick in mind. After we conceded the


first goal I can't remember big chance of Chelsea. We had them


again. Had our big one. They deserved. The expectation was must


work these details because when you want to win, when you want to think


like a great team, Chelsea is a great team, at my stage you must pay


attention in every moment, every second, every minute. I'm guilty


because I must work more under these aspects to groom my player. Do you


know a more difficult fixture in world football playing away in the


whole world nearly. All top teams and get now 10-points. Everything


good for a moment. He is a good that Jurgen Klopp, I suspect. A lot of


players you can talk about and pick out with Liverpool. We were all at


the game. I was sat behind that Henderson goal. Remarkable effort.


Big performances. The accusations about Wijnaldum was that he didn't


turn up at Newcastle in away games. He turned up at Stamford Bridge last


night for Liverpool. Superb pressure he stopped Chelsea playing in


midfield. He read the game well. He was tough, he was strong. He led


from the front, Gary. He didn't give up at any opportunity. He smelt


trouble. He stopped it at its source. Clearing the ball there.


This is the best one here. He stays with Willian, not prepared to give


up. What about that for a tackle? When they came under the cosh in the


second-half a little bit Liverpool, he stood firm. Brilliant performance


from him and Liverpool. They looked very, very strong last night. I


suppose, when you consider how positive the Chelsea have started


the season, they were disappointing, weren't they? I thought they were


very disappointing, especially being at home. What stood out for me was


the lack of options on the ball. Any time a Chelsea player was on the


ball, they didn't seem to have anybody. Kante does what he does


best, wins the ball back. Liverpool had this boxed off. They dominated


the game for large parts of it. Kante is used to passing 10 yards.


Where are his options? They are all behind him. That one ball is all he


had on. When they got into the attacking third. The bodies are


there this time. A lack of movement. Do you want him shooting from 30


yards, Kante. Frustration grew within the team. David Luiz kicks


that out of play. Miscommunication between Gary Cahill and Willian.


That was almost how it went for Chelsea for the large part of that


game. Disappointing. Costa was so isolated, particularly in that first


half. He changed it in the second-half and put Oscar further


forward and they improved a little bit. Chelsea, disa pointed in them


last night. We are out of time. Let's look at the Premier League


table. Manchester City maintain their 100% record to stay clear at


the top. Everton are second do second due to the best start of the


season. Bottom three are in action on Sunday and they will be hoping to


leapfrog the likes of Burnley, Bournemouth and West Ham after their


indifferent start to the season continue. The papers. Pep


Guardiola's quotes in which he says De Bruyne is Manchester City's


answer to Messi. Despite his attacking riches, the Sunday Express


say the Manchester City boss could make a move for San had ez from


Arsenal. Manchester United are trying to tyke Rashford to a fresh


contract despite him signing a new one back in May.


That's it, on the day West Brom's record signing won a place


in the hearts of Baggies fans - truly, Chadli, deeply.


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