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It has been a knockout day in the Premier League, eight games that all


go the distance, well worth the wait. The gloves are off for Alan


Shearer and Ian Wright. We start at Old Trafford, it might have a


schedule notice but the Manchester derby saw Jose Mourinho and Pep


Guardiola go head to head for the first time in English football. I'm


led to believe they have history. Pep Guardiola will replace Manuel


Pellegrini. Once upon a time there was even happiness between them. The


rivalry comes as a perfect storm. He criticised the referee.


When their classical rivalry reached its most acidic. Both teams have


three wins from their opening three games.


It has long ceased to be a match and if Manchester and now a start time


to suit breakfast in America and night-time in New Zealand, it is a


derby watched the whole world over. Subplots and superstars abound.


Plenty of interest and intrigue in how the team set up. Jo is a renewed


changing his forward white players, Mata row and Martial dropped out.


Mkhitaryan starts for the Red Devils for the first time. Pep Guardiola


has changed his wide defensive players, it is the turn of Bacary


Sagna and Aleksandar Kolarov to be named as full-backs in place of


Zabaleta and Gael Clichy. A debut in golfer cloudier bravo and Iheanacho


comes in for the suspended Sergio Aguero. Mark Clattenburg taking


charge of this fixture for the third season in a row. He was the official


here when Manchester City scored six in 2011. Kevin de Bruyne looking for


Iheanacho and he nearly found Sterling. A gamble by David de Gea


to let it go past his six yard box. That came off Kevin de Bruyne. Made


it with time to spare. Cloudier bravo with his footwork. Iheanacho


helps it on. Kevin de Bruyne has beaten blind. He is in for


Manchester City. Kevin de Bruyne with the first goal of the first


Jose Mourinho- Pep Guardiola derby in Manchester. A mistake at the back


from the Reds. Look where city started the move. It is a hopeful


one for Aleksandar Kolarov. Iheanacho winning it all too easily


in the air and Daley Blind did not react quickly enough. Kevin de


Bruyne did. Silva. Not wishing to tempt fate for


Manchester City, they were fantastic in the first other against


Manchester City a fortnight ago, this might be even better. It would


not stick. Kevin de Bruyne. Off the post and Iheanacho taps in and the


flag stays down, it is 2-0. Sergio Aguero's replacement in the team has


doubled the trouble for Jose Mourinho. Entirely deserved from


what we have seen, Manchester City have been superb from the start.


Kevin de Bruyne somehow finds his way through to beat a helpless David


de Gea, they remained helpless as it went back to Iheanacho. He wasn't


sure and he had to look but when the shot came in, it was Daley Blind who


played him onside. A good decision. A good Manchester City goal again, a


tap in for Iheanacho. Time and again, city try to play the


slide ruble to Sterling and it has not quite gone the way of them.


Valencia caught by it David Silva, under the nose of Jose Mourinho.


Reaction from Valencia on the floor. Jose Mourinho raging at the decision


and Pep Guardiola was talking to his players. Should be cloudier Bravo's.


He lost it, Ibrahimovic may have got United back into the game. That is a


huge moment and a massive clanger dropped by Jo Hart's replacement in


the Manchester City goal. His first true test of the day. It seems as


though John Stones inadvertently made life a bit more difficult for


his keeper. Bravo was always coming but was never going to hold on it


seemed. A finish of unerring accuracy from Ibrahimovic, what a


game we have now. Jose Mourinho is heading towards the Manchester


United changing room. Maybe not to change as much as he might have done


earlier. Cloudier Bravo with more hesitation, Lingard, Ibrahimovic was


not ready for the chance. Manchester City hanging on until half-time when


it looked a few minutes ago as if they were cruising to a big derby


win. And we all need a break. It is a contest now.


Jose Mourinho is not hanging about, two half-time changes. Mkhitaryan


and Jesse Lingard replaced by Ander Herrera and Marcus Rashford. His


first involvement brings more clasps than cheers. Sterling, threatened to


miss it for a second. The Curry Sagna beaten by Rashford, making an


impact already. Rashford goes on and lifts it towards Ibrahimovic.


Aleksandar Kolarov did enough to put him off and it is a goal kick. There


were cheers as soon as the United supporters saw Marcus Rashford


walking down the touchline but I'd Jose Mourinho ready to come on. A


young man who just keeps on making a difference for club and country.


Cloudier Bravo, two touches. Rooney comes in, Bravo tackles him. Rooney


down as though he was caught late by the city goalkeeper. It is a case of


the ball being won cleanly by cloudier Bravo but the manner of the


challenge was not great. Reboot was high going into a tackle, you


sometimes wince before happens but he did take it cleanly. Valencia,


Rooney. Valencia flying forward has been a feature of Manchester


United's play this season. The cross is blocked, Wayne Rooney says it was


a hand. Mark Clattenburg doesn't agree. Well worth another look. To


Mendy turns his back, it may have struck the back of his left elbow


but certainly nothing intentional about that. This is reckless stuff.


-- breathless. United tried to get through with Rashford, he manages to


get it in but the flag is up. Ibrahimovic was standing right in


front of cloudier Bravo. It may have nicked him on the way. Ibrahimovic


knew instantly. Great work by Rashford. Identity the cant complain


about that because he is directly in the line of the shot, it does go in


off Ibrahimovic. You might remember the passages that Ibrahimovic wrote


about his former boss at Barcelona, that Guardiola. He says Jo 's


renewed lights up the room and Guardiola closes the curtains. He is


backing himself to do it. He has forced Luke Shaw to put it behind.


What a final 20 minutes and more this could be. There is a chance,


David de Gea spills it now. A second block as Nicolas Otamendi came in.


Good save, the went down sharply and it is his save, the right hand, to


keep at Nicolas Otamendi. Kevin de Bruyne in again. Save the game by


David de Gea. Cleanly held this time. He is looking for Ander


Herrera, what a ball from the United keeper. The challenge had to be


first time, there was Fernando having to get back. He never broke


stride. All the way from opposition box to his own. He read what was


about to happen and got in the way of things. Curling from Rooney,


headed by Alexander: Rob. Rooney has to lift it early once more. Stones


with a commanding header out. Pogba went down, city can't get it away.


Rooney takes on the Curry Sagna, it is blocked but Mark Clattenburg says


it is the chest. City on the counter. He finds Kevin de Bruyne.


Off the inside of the post and so close to striking the other two.


Patient, super movement from Kevin de Bruyne. This is the one Mark


Clattenburg waved away and rightly so, off the chest of Fernandinho.


How has this stayed 2-1 with chances for both teams the second half.


Fernandinho very cynically takes out Ander Herrera. In charge per 47 of


these games, 26 of them, the one, many of which inferred the time.


Cloudier Bravo has lost it and he needed John Stones there, five


minutes of injury time are up. Martial. Ander Herrera. Zabaleta. He


gets it out, Manchester City seek it out. City beat United. This is a


derby that has been hyped up like none has ever before but my goodness


it has lived up to it. Breathless from first to last. We are happy for


the victory. People will enjoy it because the game was open until the


end. The first half we were better. The second half, they pushed a lot


and it was difficult. But to go to Old Trafford, one of the biggest


stadiums in the world and to win the game, it is good. To play these


matches, you have to be ready to do it in terms of your decision-making.


We had a few players that were not at that level. We made mistakes and


we paid for the mistakes. We are disappointed also that Mark made two


big mistakes, costing us two penalties. For Bravo, a penalty and


a red card. The other was Nicolas Otamendi. We are not happy with


these decisions. Some will criticise cloudier Bravo, have you any


complaints with him? I like the way he attacked the ball. He went for


the situation at the moment, but these things happen. The passing at


the bigger it is something the Premier League is not used to, --


the passing at the back. We will try to play with the ball as much as


possible. But I am not going to negotiate that. I'm sure he went, it


has been successful over a long period and it was again. Manchester


United didn't get to grips with it in the first half.


First half they were all over the place. Man United I thought did not


know what to do - whether to sit off for them, whether to close them


down. In the end, did neither. It was so easy for Man City in the


first half, they could spray it around. There was no pressure on the


ball. Silva in behind. They got away with it. And this next one summed up


Manchester United. This was the goal that City scored. Mkhitaryan goes


in, De Bruyne is there, Fellaini should be uptight on him and closing


him down. He didn't. He turns and passes it out to Kolarov. Again, no


pressure on the ball. Into Silva - they go back, they start again -


still nothing on the ball. 50 yard pass into the space and they are


virtually saying, we're just on a set of you, we can't close you down,


because when we do, you just knock it passed us switch of this is


incredible with De Bruyne. He comes back onto his left foot. Four United


players, not one of them closes him down. Four defenders with their arms


in the air. He's not offside. They got bullied in that first half. For


all of those criticisms of Manchester United, City tactically


and technically were superb in that first half? They were sublime, they


really were. They were on the front foot, they were prepared to gamble


and get into Man United's back four as soon as possible. That is a


brilliant pass. First ball in, second ball in, even better from De


Bruyne. Sterling is unlucky not to get on the end of it. Crunching


tackle. And their first thought is, get the ball forward, let's cause


them problems. And they did it superbly well, Gary. No pressure on


the ball again. One touch. Another one touch, and they've gone from one


side to the other within three seconds. It's great on the eye.


Brilliant to watch. What about that for a first touch from Fernandinho.


That tells me that he's already a yard ahead of everybody else on the


pitch. De Bruyne was superb all game. Silva bossed the midfield, and


John Stones looked like a top-class defender. I thought they deserve to


win that game. Lots of attention on the new 'keeper, Claudio Bravo.


Taken over from Joe Hart - interesting debut? The way Joe Hart


was jettisoned from the squad, I'm thinking this Claudio Bravo must be


unbelievable. If you're going to be in this either got to catch it or


punch it. He doesn't do either. He's jumped with his own defender, John


Stones, and drops it straight into the path of Zlatan. Fantastic


finish. But for me, that's terrible. Again, indecisiveness, him and


Sagna. Really, Zlatan should be scoring. This is a penalty. It's a


bad touch, and studs are up and everything. Off the ground, out of


control of his body. That's reckless, that a penalty, and that


should have been given. It wasn't, and he was lucky. Wayne Rooney fouls


the 'keeper and lets him off the hook. This one, his up to be able to


use his hands. That was poor goalkeeping. I fancy City for the


league, but with him in goal, especially after today... Man United


big change it second half, they added pace tacky little bit better,


but City deserved it. West Ham welcomed back star man Dimitri Payet


for the visit of Watford. Jonathan Pearce was watching this one. At the


new home of the Hammers, neither side has come to the boil yet. West


Ham give a debut start to Simone Zaza from Juventus. Lanzini makes


his first start as well. Sam Byram returns. August signings Roberto


Pereyra, team-mate of Zaza from you very, makes his debut for Watford.


Janmaat also plays. -- team-mate of Zaza from Juventus.


Into the box... Can he finish? Payet! Blocked again. Antonio -


fantastic start from West Ham. Watford are rocking early on. Zaza


is hungry, he wants to prove himself, says Slaven Bilic. He wants


to get back into the Italian team. The manager, a midfielder in his


time. Corner. First corner of the game. Collins up from the back,


scored at Chelsea in their opening game. And it's in! Antonio keeps up


this splendid record! They might have changed stadium, but he hasn't


changed his habits! West Ham ahead after a spectacular first five


minutes. Zaza, good movement from him. Cross drilled in. Of the post!


Goodness me, Watford are all over the place!


Fantastic start for the home side. Here come Watford. Ighalo, must


score! Oh, dear! It was behind him, he had to readjust, but it was still


a bad miss. Oh, Zaza, how about that?! Look at


that, that's some skill. He will be enjoying this.


Lovely ball away to Payet. Zaza and Antonio are in the middle. Great!


Absolutely great! It was all about the genius, the


sheer genius of Dimitri Payet! In 2012, this stadium had its magical


moments. Antonio timed his run and gets his second. We'll see this


again and again this season. Ighalo! Deflected in! Watford back


in the game! There was talk in the week saying he's never, ever given


up in his belief in his own ability, despite just one goal in 17 league


games. But he's brought his team back into it here, one minute before


the break. Game on. Collins, indecision between he and


Adrian! Deeney goes for goal! And equalises! Brilliant chip by the


Watford captain! And West Ham United have absolutely gifted Watford


equaliser. He looks disgusted. Two goals in six minutes. In the second


minute of stoppage time, they level it up. That is a very good finish.


Lovely chip. Nightmare for James Collins - deflected the first in and


gifted them the second. Janmaat again playing very high.


Pereyra, gifted footballer. What a turnaround in the game! From 2-0


down, down and out, Watford lead by 3-2. Three goals in 12 minutes, and


look at this for a finish. Could Adrian have done better? He got a


hand to it and the sheer force of the shot put it in. Magnificent game


of football. Ighalo except Daryl Janmaat. Should


have scored. West Ham saved by Reid there. Referee says play on. The


Hammers are rocking. It's another one! Another splendid shot!


Questionable goalkeeping, and Holebas of all people puts Watford


4- to up! It's his second goal for the club. He has never really been a


prolific scorer. He got very important goals for Olympiakos in


league title winning seasons. Adrian should have done much better. There


was an infectious joy about West Ham's football in the opening 45


units, but Watford, through sheer determination and courtesy of some


generous West Ham defending, have got themselves in a fantastic


position now. Herrera! And he very nearly finished West Ham off there.


The Watford manager was so delighted to land him from Juventus. Kaboul!


Offside, won't count! Well, what an impact substitute it would have


been. Or credit to Matadi's Watford. As


you can see, they were really enjoying themselves before our goal


is. We got ourselves back in the game. We had the mentality that we


were the only team which was going to win. We need to be more ruthless,


scoring more goals. On another day, we could have had five or six. We


can't defend like this. If we're going to defend like this, then


we're never going to win a single game. We're all frustrated and we've


got to apologise to the fans and say sorry for the performance. The last


four minutes of the first half, two very cheap goals, mistakes. I was a


bit worried, but even on 2-0, we had more than one occasion to score. At


half-time I had the opportunity to speak with the players, and as you


could see, the result came. Good game of football, wasn't it? I think


if you were a neutral, you would be very happy. Six goals, a lot of


tricks, a a lot of exciting football. Payet's assist for Antonio


was a good goal. Obviously, my goal was all right, and the other one was


all right as well. Three good goals, and is a neutral, you would really


enjoy it. Yes, Troy, we most certainly did! Fantastic comeback,


wasn't it? At the same time, you're not overly emphatic about West Ham's


defending? Watford showed great character to


get back into the game but the defending from West Ham was comical.


Just get rid of this. That is laughable defending. Having said


that, that is one hell of a finish from Troy Deeney. This is the third


goal, look at the space at Winston Reid gives him. He let him put him


in the box am players there, it falls to Etienne Capoue, he takes


the touch on his chest and another superb finish. West Ham were all


over the place. That is not a foul, it is a very good tackle. Sam Byram


backing off and the goalkeeper had a shocker as well. Terrible defending


from West Ham. Saying that he was blocked but he should still save it.


They were all over the place. Watford were absolutely superb, the


way they fought back. We like a bit of skill and we saw a sumptuous


piece of skill from Dmitri Pyatt. Dimitri Payet. That is what you play


for. They will need a lot more from him if they carry on defending like


that, the will get very frustrated. Did any of you do that? I would need


a stretcher for my hip trying that. No chance. A little bit of trouble


at the game and West Ham have released a statement. "And Number of


fans were rejected from the London stadium after fights broke out in


the closing stages. "West Ham unreservedly condemn the behaviour


of the individuals involved. Once identified, they will be banned from


attending any West Ham fixtures for life." None of us want to see that.


Liverpool's first home game of the season saw them opened their new 115


mil impound stand which has increased the capacity at Anfield to


50 4000. Champions Leicester were looking to spoil the party.


Back home, and an extended home, they last played in front of 54,019


67 when they clinched another title. Sadio Mane is one of a number of


players making a home debut. Philippe Coutinho is only a


substitute. Leicester recorded their first win of the season against


Swansea, that means Kasper Schmeichel plays just 12 days after


a hernia operation. Both of these teams have begun with four points


from nine. Liverpool winning this fixture last season by a Christian


Benteke goal, 1-0. Good tracking back from storage. After his


comments a couple of weeks ago, he is in a central area from the start


for Liverpool. This is Firmino, a nice turn and a very good finish.


And Liverpool, inside 13 minutes are in front. A first goal of the season


for last year 's top scorer in the Premier League for Liverpool,


Roberto Firmino. Lucas began it from the back. The run was untracked. He


still had plenty to do though. And that was a very assured finish. He


is the first to score in front of that giant new main stand. A perfect


start. Here is main. That would have been a beautifully worked goal but


denied by Schmeichel. Lovely linkup between Mane and Lallana. His late


arrival means that Jurgen Klopp only includes him among the substitutes


today. That is for Daniel Sturridge and money to chase, he is looking


for him. 2-0. -- Mane. It is nothing more than Liverpool deserve.


Superbly worked again. Mane scores on his home debut. His second


Liverpool goal. Despite the attempts of Schmeichel, lovely touch from


Daniel Sturridge. It has been extremely pleasant on the eye from


Liverpool. Clinical and effective as well. Listen to this noise from


Liverpool's biggest home crowd the nearly 40 years. He said they had to


make supporters want to get off their seats today. His team so far


have done that. Lucas, oh my goodness, what a gift for Jamie


Vardy. Lucas just tried to be too clever. The emergency central


defender with a moment he will never want to see again. A heavy touch and


then the pass back right across his own six yard box and Jamie Vardy


couldn't miss. Overhit by Mignolet. Floated in, he


had to make that because Riyad Mahrez was right behind him. It is


amazing how one goal can suddenly change the mood. Hernandez with the


throw. Mignolet didn't get there and the crossbar was rattled. That


looping header could easily have gone in.


Patient from Liverpool. All except Vardy back behind the ball to


Leicester. Space the Daniel Sturridge. Just ran away from him.


Stopped by Schmeichel in the end. Again, it was the movement of


Liverpool that an good Leicester there. Clyne. Trying to find


Wijnaldum. Lallana. Wow. What a hit from Adam Lallana. To restore


Liverpool's 2-goal advantage. What a week for him, his first goal for his


country and then a stunner for his club. Good work by Wijnaldum but


there was only one place that ball was ending up, from the moment he


struck it, it flashed past Schmeichel.


It comes back to Maris. Good save by Mignolet. Jamie Vardy had a gift to


reduce the arrears and now has an opportunity to do it in the second


half. Mignolet came out quickly to deny him. Lovely balance from


Lallana. Trying to feed Firmino. It will come to Henderson. He won't


need telling, but that should have been Liverpool 's fourth. All he had


to do was find the target. The Anfield crowd roaringly the ball


forward. Mane playing a lovely ball to Firmino, he wants to return ball,


Mane. He was denied by Schmeichel. But for whom, the scoreline could


have been greater. Free-flowing football again from Liverpool.


Schmeichel is out of his goal. It is Mane, Firmino, here he is. Superb


end to a perfect day for Liverpool. And from the moment Schmeichel


committed himself here, he had to make it. Mane was too quick for him.


And then credit the Senegal international, he was unselfish.


Firmino kept his cool. They have begun life at their extended home in


superb fashion. Amazing, the atmosphere was fantastic, really


enjoyed it. We had to come here early and watch it because it is so


impressive. To see it, it is so different to the stand before. We


came here on Thursday for training. We knew little bit more about it,


and tonight, we wanted to be the reason everyone can enjoy it. Wood


we created chances in abundance today. But most importantly we got


the goals at the right time. I thought it was a great atmosphere at


Anfield with the opening of the new stand. Hopefully we can build


consistency and momentum. Liverpool played better than us and they


deserved to win. We were waiting for this kind of football and


performance from Liverpool and now, we have to clear our mind and think


about the next match, the Champions League. I have to say, when they are


singing Jurgen Klopp before the game has finished, it was the biggest


chance with Leicester, it happens all the time. Everyone thinks the


game is done, it is like celebrating a penalty before you have scored. We


have to talk about it. No singing your name unless the game is done.


When it is really dumb they can start singing. He not only trains


the players but the supporters as well, credit where it is due.


Liverpool were excellent. Were Leicester hopeless? Two you have to


say Liverpool were excellent, great to watch, passing with tempo, this


is two passes. One of the main reason was Daniel Sturridge's


movement. He takes Wes Morgan where he doesn't want to go which opens


space for Firmino. The touch it, giving him the eyes, it is class,


scintillating stuff. Another great move for them, great ball - amino.


Daniel Sturridge has Simpson where he wants in. Mane is behind them,


great ball from Henderson and it is about Daniel Sturridge's ability and


awareness. Mane, Daniel Sturridge and Firmino were brilliant today.


You look at Danny Drinkwater, he is not really doing anything. Lallana


is close enough but not close enough. That is what Leicester were


like today. This is Lallana again picking it up. Firmino looks


amazing, great ball in and he has to score here, this would have made it


4-1. They were brilliant hummer that was a chance gone. This was another


one, look at the holding midfielder, he just runs off of him. He doesn't


sense the danger, great touch by Kasper Schmeichel saves them, as he


did earlier on. He doesn't seem to sense danger, I do think these guys


are in the right position. When Liverpool lose the ball, they are


in. Kasper Schmeichel coming out trying to make something happen and


does well to not to get sent off. Great touch, finish. He's got to


sort the glasses business out of. Just get a string format today.


You'll agree give him yours. I think Leicester might have to shut up


shop. They play such an attacking game they did it last season and


have done it the first four this season. They can't play like that


now. They haven't got that energy in midfield now, so they may change


over the next couple of weeks to make it a bit tighter or they will


concede goals, they have conceded seven already. Stoke began the day


bottom of the table with just one point from three games. Opponents


Spurs have the best record of any visiting Premier League team at


their stadium having won there five times previously.


Shay Given makes his 450th Premier League appearance. Loanees Wilfried


Bony and Bruno Martins Indi make their debuts. Michel Vorm has been


an able deputy, and Hugo Lloris is the number one. New signing Moussa


Sissoko is on the bench. Shawcross. First touch was steady from Pieters.


Stowe Corner. Their tails are up, the Potters'. Great volley from


Glenn Whelan. You would not know it but he has gone 204 games for club


and country without scoring. Does not appear to have dented his


confidence. Dele Alli, and that needed saving.


He was in a dangerous position. Son was well found by Alderweireld.


And Dele Alli has missed a glorious chance. Well, this was not quite put


on his lap, but it's a great opportunity for Dele Alli.


Foul by the top of only just -- filed by Can Vertonghen on Wilfried


Bony. Joe Allen at the heart of


everything. No foul by Kane. The referee has booked Arnautovic. So,


the Stoke Mandeville is into the book for Singlish on. -- so, the


Stoke man goes into the book. And Mark Hughes has been invited to


leave the technical area. -- for simulation. He was directing the


referee for not giving the foul by Dele Alli on Jonathan Walters, and


it was his reaction to that, that's why Mark Hughes was sent off.


Sparky! Dele Alli now for Tottenham. Here's a good run from Christian


Eriksen. Son's catch - 1-0 Tottenham! Great breakaway goal!


Eriksen had run a mighty long way. Joe Allen rather sold himself. And


it's a very tidy finish. Their he is, trying to communicate. Come in,


dugout...? Arnautovic! Smashed him in the face.


Joe Allen's corner, carefully delivered. Oh, so close! Well, when


this dropped into the food mixer, it could have shot out anywhere. And it


nearly ended up in the back of Hugo Lloris' net.


Into the back of the net by Son, superbly! That is a magical finish


from the South Korean! First game of the season, and he's stuck away two


goals before we've even played an hour. What a finished. Space for


Son, and how he used it. That could have been a quickfire


reply for Stoke. If they can get one, there's plenty of time to get


another. Spurs can break here. Christian Eriksen, into the path of


Lamela. Dele Alli! And it's a third! Great counterattack again from


Tottenham Hotspur. And Stoke are undone. From their own corner,


Tottenham school. Made it look so simple - the reality is, it was


anything but. Eriksen - it's all Spurs. Kane!


There's his goal! Harry Kane scores his first goal since he scored for


England against Turkey in the pre-tournament warm up game at the


Etihad. Always it's important to show good quality. Very pleased for


our players and supporters. It's not an easy place to come. 4-0 twice in


a row, making it look easier than it is. A bit slow out of the blocks,


got away with it a little bit. It is brilliant to get that 4-0 win. I


cannot remember seeing you so angry in public in your managerial career?


Maybe not. That's my fault. Obviously, the officials at the


moment seem to want to enforce the letter of the law. I was wrong, I


should have been sent off, that's correct, but it has to be


consistent. You're clearly not happy with some of the decisions this


season, highlighted again in the Manchester City game today. Do you


feel that some clubs just don't get the decisions? We feel a bit like


that, but that's not the reason we got beat today. We need to improve


in all aspects of our play. And we go behind in games, we need to be


better, keep in the game and give ourselves an opportunity to get back


on terms. We did not do that well enough. Alan, are you going to


address Tottenham's magnificence or Stoke's defensive ineptitude? Both.


It was much more like Tottenham today. It has been a positive start


to the season for them, but it was shocking defending from Stoke. Son


was brilliant. He's now giving them options on the right-hand side


affect Eriksen and Sissoko as well. But look the space that he finds


himself in. Drifts into the box, no-one prepared to go with him at


all from Stoke. There's no-one within ten yards of him in the


18-yard box, look! Beautiful finish. Shawcross comes out to collect the


ball, doesn't make it. Having said that, look at that finished. It's a


top, top finished. This is Tottenham's third goal from a Stowe


Corner. There's nothing from Stoke. Brilliant ball in, but look at the


space Dele Alli has got. They make it look so easy, Tottenham. Harry


Kane is off and running. He misses the first one, I don't know what the


defender is doing, Martins Indi. Time to put him in your fantasy


team! He's off and running! Context birds were very, very good but


helped by Omega Stoke. If it is any comfort, Stoke had a similar start


last season. Yes, and I think they did not win any of their first six


last season. It is a terrible start. They have only won one out of seven


home games. Have to say, they need to get something going pretty quick.


They certainly do. Its goal of the month time on Match Of The Day 2.


There's commentary of Swansea versus Chelsea on Radio 5 Live from four


o'clock. Hull's Curtis Davies is a guest on MOT D2 extra.


In women's football, Manchester City are closing in on the Super League


title. It's almost 30 years since


Southampton won at Arsenal, a run which stretches back 21 league


games. Arsene Wenger against the man who played under him for seven years


at Monaco, Saints boss Claude Puel. John Motson was at the Emirates. It


is a new look Arsenal, with two debuts today. Centre-back Mustafi,


35mm hounds from Valencia, and forward Lucas Perez, ?70 million


from Deportivo. He is 28 today. Alexis Sanchez is rested, perhaps


with the Champions League in mind. -- ?17 million. For Southampton,


Bertrand makes his first appearance of the season after injury. The


attack is led by Jay Rodriguez. Jordy Clasie is preferred in


midfield. Foul on the edge of the area. Outcomes are yellow card for


the Arsenal left-back. Nathan Redmond was going past him there.


Free kick right on the edge for Southampton. Tadic is on the right,


van Dijk is on the left. Tadic! Oh, he's hit the bar and it's gone in


off the goalkeeper! Well, Tadic will claim it, but I think it may have to


go down as an own goal by Petr Cech. Dusan Tadic, who in the week made


one goal and scored another for Serbia against the Republic of


Ireland. Yup it was not going to go in, had it not hit the goalkeeper.


Still Ozil... Oh! Monreal fired it across.


Oh, and in came Coquelin. It is still anybody's! And it's an


overhead kick, and it's in the net! Laurent Koscielny equalises for


Arsenal! It's an overhead kick by Koscielny! You've got to give him


credit. It's acrobatic. Relief around the Emirates.


Oh, he's missed it! Shane Long, with a wonderful chance. Tadic Tettey


lovely reverse ball into the path of Long.


Had a good game. Here is Sanchez Arsenal. He has been to South


America and back, played 90 minutes twice for Chile but he always wants


to be involved. Really is a match Arsenal needed three points from,


dangerous thing to say early in this season but they could lose touch


with the leaders. The shot, it has come out to Shane Long. A good


effort turned away by Petr Cech and I thought Shane Long was going to


tap it in. Olivier Giroud. Side netting. He pulled the ball in but


couldn't angle it inside the post. Shane Long will run for those


all-day if you give him the opportunity. The referee sees


nothing wrong with that. Hector Bellerin, Arsenal have three up with


him. This will be one of their last chances. Alex Iwobi. Mesut Ozil.


Olivier Giroud is up here. Sanchez trying to make contact, Cedric gets


it out. He is back on his feet. Arsenal have a corner. A ricochet.


And here comes oh. Across the goal by Santi Cazorla and Mesut Ozil


couldn't get to it. An injury now in the other penalty area, Koscielny.


He is still going through and he is down as well. Penalty. A penalty has


been given to Arsenal. Olivier Giroud, the Southampton players are


furious. We have just gone into stoppage time and Arsenal have a


penalty kick. It is the follow-up that brings him down, Jose Fonte


gave away a penalty against Sunderland and he has given away


another one. And they are charmed to one Santi Cazorla because he is the


man who can win this for Arsenal now. And he does. He buries it.


Write down the centre, it if Forster had stayed where he was gone he


could have caught it. It is 2-1. It was a good game where we had a slow


start. It took us time to get into the game. After we were 1-0 down, in


the second half we dominated. We couldn't finish our chances. What


are your thoughts on the penalty decision? It is very hard for my


players. Third penalty in four games. It is easier against us to


have a penalty. It is a big disappointment for the players. We


needed to win today, it is very hard because they are a good team. It is


three points for us and it is the best thing. That was a huge moment


at the death. Penalty? It is one of those... I think Jose Fonte has got


himself in the wrong position. And there is a little pull of the shot.


Get off, that is never a penalty. Should never have been a penalty.


There it is. No chance. You know what, that is a harsh pen. I am


trying to look at it and see why he has given that but it is harsh on


Southampton, I have to say. Two new signings will


Arsene Wenger said it took them some time, do looked at Lucas Erez in


particular. We were supposed to a striker. He didn't do a lot of work


inside the box. He was very nervous. This was one of his first touch is.


Just play yourself into the game. I don't know what he tried here. Here,


he is the furthest man over. I want to see him in here. This is what I


thought we signed, a striker that would be on the shoulder. So I am


thinking get in the box with some determination but it is


Oxlade-Chamberlain. I was wondering where he would play. It seems to me


he plays on the wing. I would like to see him in there, getting on the


end of that chance. Again, he is out wide. Get himself in the box. He got


taken off. The majority of the touches are just in front of the


18-yard box. Only four or five in the box. The fact Arsenal need a


striker. I thought we would see someone more up front and direct.


Hopefully that will happen. Shane Long can make things difficult. He


got a chance, I used to love this kind of chance. He had two good


chances and he should have done better with them. Dusan Tadic does


well for him here. It is a game of chicken, Petr Cech has to go down at


some stage. I did think he needs to aim there. He just needs to aim


there. You just want to get it over Petr Cech. He is vacate in the space


to put it over his body. It was a great chance and he was very


frustrated. I love that kind of chance. You would have scored that.


Absolutely man. Middlesbrough have made an unbeaten start to life in


the Premier League and they faced Crystal Palace to have picked up


just one point from their opening three games.


They may have only been a penny league side since August but they


have only won one less Premier League game in this calendar year.


Viktor Fischer is included, the Danish Wenger having his first start


since replacing Gaston Ramirez who is on the bench. Crystal Palace have


enforced changes, Wilfried Zaha one of the beneficiaries. Despite being


strongly linked with a move to Spurs. Martin Kelly and Jo Ledley


are the other changes. Crystal Palace have never won here at the


Riverside. They haven't picked up three points anywhere on their


travels since last December. The first error that Middlesbrough have


made in the games so far. Just beyond the quarter of an hour point.


Here is Wilfried Zaha, enter Kay will attack it and score. That is


exactly why they bought him. If you can provide him with the ammunition,


he will leave the highest, Victor Valdes couldn't get anywhere near


it. 16th minute of the contest and Christian Benteke says he is a


Palace player and if you provide him with that kind of ball, he will


score goals. Within 16 minutes, the Wilfried Zaha and Benteke


combination applauded by the younger brother. He is Wilfried Zaha for


Palace. He has done it well, Benteke try to turn, Townsend. Stopped by


Victor Valdes. They probably edged as Eschenbach Crystal Palace's use


of the ball has been much more incisive. You always fancied he


would save it and he did. Six draws and 14 losses and one win, in 2016


for Crystal Palace. That is a corner. Can Middlesbrough


find a way back in with a set piece, Ayala. Yes they can. A similar kind


of gold to the one they conceded. In a way, the defender atones as he was


responsible for the concession of the opener. Steve Mandanda got a


piece of it but Ayala gets his first ever Premier League goal. He has


lost it, dangerous position as well, Fischer, Negredo to the right-hand


side. Steve Mandanda gets the block in. His left is stronger than his


right but it had to be taken with the right boot. You felt the angle


was too tight and it stays 1-1 at half-time. Middlesbrough did the


double against Crystal Palace in the last time there were both went the


top-flight of the game. Crystal Palace were subsequently relegated.


In towards Wilfried Zaha. He scores. Didn't feel as though he would be


the favourite, questions, nothing -- none that concerns Wilfried Zaha. It


was a little nudge back towards Victor Valdes, maybe he was not


aware that Wilfried Zaha was behind him. The finish was exemplary.


Crystal Palace back in front. They did not get their first goal of


the season until stoppage time of their third match.


Gibson! Mandanda tips it away. It's a decent stop from Mandanda.


Was it deliberate handball? Shake of the head. Stewart Downing, good


pressure from Middlesbrough. Gaston Ramirez! And another handball claim!


And again, Negredo was closest to see it!


Friend comes away with it. Brought down! Free kick on the edge! Free


kick right on the line! Should this have been a penalty? I think the


referee is right - just. Gaston Ramirez floats it in. Headed clear


by Kelly. And the whistle blows. Alan Pardew has his first win of the


new season. Good feeling, that you help Crystal Palace get their first


win of the season? Yes, good feeling. I think this afternoon we


worked really hard to get these three points. The first 20 minutes


was important for us, because we built on the Bournemouth


performance. We were fantastic in that period, we deserved the lead.


But in the end, like in the Manchester derby, you see, you


cannot control a whole game in the Premier League, it's impossible. Not


even the best can do it, and we can't. Should you have had a


penalty? Is Demel to say anything. I think it was clear. I am here to try


to fix everything as possible. Lots of stories about him possibly


leaving? I don't think he was as close as people think. Because there


was not 50 million on the table. Maybe there will be one day, and it


will be difficult for us. This one could have gone either way, you can


never tell what was your heart in your mouth a little bit? A little


bit. But perfect timing, to get that foul just there. It was an important


foul, but not to make it on the inside. It was close! Very close!


So, 50 million, they might have thought about, for top Zaha. But on


today's evidence, he looked that kind of player? You cannot give him


this time and space, especially when you've got a target like Benteke in


the middle. This is what he's capable of. People might say, it's


only Middlesbrough, but he can walk past players. He's got pace, power


Podolski if he could put this together on a regular basis, people


could say that sort of stuff. But I'm not sure if his stats would back


that up. George Friend, as if he needed any more assistance, just


says, here you are, put that in the far corner. He HAS to do that more


often. On today's performance, he was superb, Gary. But Alan Pardew


mentioned the ?50 million bids, he cannot just do that one game out of


seven, he's got to do it five games out of six. His stats tell you, he's


got seven goals, five assists in 83 appearances. He will have to do


better than that, with his ability. That was Middlesbrough's first


defeat, of course. Two games to go. First, Bournemouth, who left loan


signing Jack Wilshere on the bench, against West Brom, who gave a debut


to Nacer Chadli. His arrival was almost unbelievable to some


Bournemouth fans, but Jack Wilshere will play in red and black for the


rest of the season. Not deemed fully fit today, so Junior Stanislas


coming in is the only change. Nacer Chadli qualifies as a marquee


signing, even if others during August didn't the Tony Pulis. He


makes his Baggies debut in the league after his arrival from Spurs.


Saido Berahino, still a bed is a. Rondon and McLean drop out. -- still


a Baggies player. Jordon Ibe! Corner. It was a well


timed run, completely outfoxing Galloway. King was asking for the


party, as were others. -- asking for the pass. Eddie Howe, linked with


Arsenal this week, described the speculation is meaningless.


Stanislas! Good save from foster. And the rebound is put wide by


Wilson. Rebound fell straight to Wilson.


Quiet debut so far for Nacer Chadli. But he wins the phone at. Dawson to


lift it in. Berahino! Just over the top. Well, Dave rarely been a threat


for the first half, and on the stroke of the interval, West Brom


getter sight of goal. Deflected off Francis, and away for


a corner. Players tumbling in the box, the referee says play on.


Here's Jordon Ibe. He needs to make a decision here. Wilson can't quite


get on the end of that cost of that corner led to a clash between Dawson


and Cook. Bournemouth were penalised against Crystal Palace for perceived


shirt tugging. Chadli at the back post. Deflected


straight into the hands of Boruc. Here come West Brom again - better


at the start of this second-half. Double save from the Bournemouth


'keeper to deny Saido Berahino. Header from Berahino. It's gone out


for a corner. Well saved on the line by Boruc. He


would not have known much about that. Neither side happy to settle


for a 0-0. Stanislas! Blocked again! Bournemouth denied once more.


Once again, the width is provided by Smith, up against his old team-mate


Galloway. What a way to end a goal drought! Callum Wilson! The smile on


his face will turn you everything! After a long spell out with injury,


but this is what he can do. You can't underestimate what a moment


that is for Callum Wilson, and indeed for Eddie Howe. West Brom are


a good side, we had to be very patient to break them down. The goal


came in a slightly strange way. But we were not totally dominant at that


stage, so it was a great time to score. Side's chance at the end of


the half was a fantastic opportunity. The 'keeper has made a


wonderful safe off Gareth McAuley. So, we have had the opportunities to


win the game. Whoever scored first today I thought would win the game,


and they've done it. : is always shown real enthusiasm, he was never


down, and he worked in credit behind to get this moment.


New record signing Jeff Hendrick is on the bench, and Sean Dyche gives a


start to one of the heroes of Euro 2016, Berg Gudmundsson. Had David


Meyler not blazed over, Hull might have gone into the international


break level on points at the top. If they are to stay up this season and


avoid an immediate return to the Championship, both Burnley and Hull


will feel that this is the sort of game and -- the sort of game they


must win. Good save, Tom Heaton! Abel Hernandez scored against


Burnley last season in the Championship. This one sat up nicely


for him. Ryan Mason, who has joined Hull from Tottenham.


Snodgrass, that's a really good ball to Myler! It just grazed the post!


Excellent pass from Robert Snodgrass.


They have only scored two goals in their last nine visits here to Turf


Moor. Promising, this... Chance, Diomande!


Should have scored! Just leaning back as he struck it.


But it counts as a shot on target, and Burnley have not had too many of


them. Snodgrass did well to get it on target. The start of the season


has been full of goals from Robert Snodgrass. There was power on it.


Glorious touch from the four. Oh, wow! That's the way to spark a game


into life! It's the first time this season that Burnley have scored in


the second half of a Premier League game. Will that be enough to win it.


The referee says it will be a corner. Dean Marney, not happy with


that at all. Snodgrass - and it hit the crossbar!


There was power on the header from Davies. The goalkeeper did well to


keep it out. They've packed the penalty area. Acrobatic from


Hernandez. And it goes off Boyd for a corner. Into the last minute of


stoppage time. Hull are banging on the door for an equaliser. Not a


good delivery, though. Huddlestone, is he taken down by Ben Mee? He is.


What about this? Hull City, with seconds remaining, have got a free


kick within shooting distance. Robert Snodgrass. He scored on


international duty for Scotland against Malta. Can he come up with


the last word at Turf Moor? Brilliant free kick! Hat-trick for


Scotland! Crucial, crucial equaliser for Hull! Three points have


disappeared into dust for Sean Dyche. And Robert Snodgrass delivers


the goods. It was a game of so few chances, coming to life towards the


end - were you willing the final whistle to come heavily not really,


the game has to be played out. That's the way it is. We've defended


ever so well. Ben has slipped and nicked the lad. It happens. It is a


big one, you've got to take your chances when they come. You've got


to keep creating chances. I'm delighted to get on the scoresheet


and help the lads. I feel fantastic doing the job. It's just a case of a


couple of minutes away from maybe getting a victory, whatever, which


may turn the tide, and my future maybe be secure. Those two points


could have been so valuable? Thanks, keep reminding me, that's brilliant!


This was brilliant, Gary, recent signing from Anderlecht, what a


touch that is. It's a lovely strike. I don't think the 'keeper has got


any chance. And let's focus on two players who have come back from


substantial injuries to earn points for their side today. Firstly Robert


Snodgrass - cracking free kick? 15 months out, I know what it's like,


the journey that can be hard. For him to do this, it's so good to see.


Fantastic technique. He's had a good week, hasn't he? Yes, hat-trick for


his country and everything - brilliant. And in the other game,


Callum Wilson, after that horrendous injury at the start of last season.


He started last season brilliantly and then he got his injury. I've had


serious injuries myself - all those days in the gym on your own or with


the physio, weeks and months on end, it's so frustrating. But this is


what you do it for, to get back on the pitch and have that feeling


again, that feeling of watching the ball go into the back of the net.


It's a fantastic feeling. He will have got the taste for it again, and


don't be surprised if he goes and gets a few more. It was a vital goal


and a good one for Bournemouth as well. Jack Wilshere as well, that's


interesting? Yes, he said he wanted to rest him and give him 30 minutes,


so hopefully Jack will get some game time. He's a proper player, for me.


He needs to get on the pitch and play, that's the most important


thing. Did it surprise you that he left heavily not really. I think


it's a good move for him because he needs to play regularly, I believe,


and I don't think that will happen at Arsenal. It's all right saying


he's got the ability - we haven't seen it enough because of his


injuries. He's got to go there and he's got to play. West Brom, Tony


Pulis, not bad happy. We're out of time. Before we go, let's have a


look at the Premier League table. Matches the city lead the way,


although Chelsea will join them on 12 points if they beat Swansea. --


Manchester City lead the way. Second bottom Sunderland play Everton on


Monday. Let's see what the Sunday papers have to say.


So, City are top, as Jose Mourinho's United get peppered. Goodbye.


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