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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


As the Premier League heads into the first international


break of the season, we've got eight games to brighten


What price these two in the transfer window at their peak?


Welcome to Alan Shearer and Ruud Gullit.


Chelsea have come from behind to win both matches so far


They faced a Burnley side who opened their account last week


It's a mark of last season for chel that they didn't win successive


Premier League home games. Here we are in the new campaign with a


chance for them to do that already. They are firm favourites, but then


so were Liverpool at Burnley last week. Chelsea's team is changed by


one with Willian fit to return and taking the place of Pedro. Two wins


out of two so far have come due to Diego Costa winners, taking him to 3


# Chelsea goals. The first of which came on his debut against Burnley


two years ago. For Burnley it's same again as regards the team that beat


Liverpool. They gladly take same again in terms of Pereira formance,


whether they have the ball enough. Andre Gray plays. He has until


Wednesday to answer the FA's charge of misconduct for historic social


media postings that emerged after last week's win. 100% start for


Antonio Conte, albeit by the skin of his teeth. Late winners in the


Premier League and only beating Bristol Rovers in the EFL Cup on


Tuesday. Hazard has the support of three. He might not need anyone.


It's a glorious goal from Eden Hazard. He is back to his brilliant


best, or certainly somewhere near it. Signs of of recovery at the end


of last season and with Belgium. In Chelsea blue is he turning on the


style. He was allowed a bit more space for the shot. It had to be so


precise to have the pace and the curl to beat the diving Heaton.


Arfield. Boyd, beaten. Here's Costa. Kante. The crowd wanted him to


shoot. Instead, he picks out Willian.


Brilliant work from Willian to find Matic. Flicked by Oscar, Hazard.


Somehow cleared off the line by Ben Mee. Chelsea are purring. Hazard is


the leader of the pack. Oscar wanted more on that. Willian to deliver.


Oscar. Kante. Played back in by Gary Cahill. Well, there was a deflection


on it. Not on target from the England centre-back. Hazard finds


Willian. Oscar, Ivanovic has started to go. Did seem to be a reluctant


run forward. Willian. Where's Oscar going? Willian knew. Oscar. Where


was Defoe going? It's not going in the net though, thanks to Tom


Heaton. It looked as though Chelsea were going to be patient and pass


their way into a 2-0 lead here. Heaton managed to get everything


behind it. Terry. It's going to come to Hazard. Diego Costa. Hazard,


forced to turn away from goal by Mee. Costa. Willian. Willian! It is


2-0, Chelsea. It already looks too far back for Burnley. Willian's been


quite terrific from the very start of the game. His delivery for


others. His flicks of the ball have been something to behold and admire.


Nothing quite so tricky with that. He simply realised the chance was


there to be taken. The ball was to be hit and, boy, did he hit it.


Antonio Conte still wants more. It's Chelsea 2, Burnley 0, and counting


maybe! Boyd. Gray. Did well against Cahill. Useful Burnley move. It's


Scott Arfield. Best chance of the match by a mile, as far as Burnley


are concerned. They didn't miss by a mile. The same sort of position that


Willian found himself in just a moment ago to make it 2-0. Scott


Arfield couldn't quite find the right angle. Chelsea haven't kept a


clean sheet at home in the Premier League since last November against


Norwich. Hazard. Costa, starting forward at pace. There's Matic.


There's Costa. Couldn't sort his feet out. Diego Costa is cursing, a


third Chelsea goal is coming. Burnley can't get respite. Chelsea


swarming all over their penalty area. Oscar. Not quite hit firmly


enough for Diego Costa. But he's in on it again. Defoe caught napping.


Burnley block for a Chelsea corner. This seems like a matter of time


until goal number three and maybe four or five after that. A bit of a


surprise that it isn't already 3-0. Willian looks outside of the area


for Hazard. And the follow-up is over from Terry. It was a really


good save by Tom Heaton because that came quickly through a crowd of


players. It still looked as though it was going to be a third Chelsea


goal. John Terry will wonder how it isn't. Am he's usually good for a


few goals, John Terry. He will think he should have scored that. So will


a few others. Hazard. Oscar. Behind. Chelsea just keep coming. 2-0 they


lead, 7-0 on corners now. Hazard. He's been left alone. Hazard nearly


punishes Burnley. On many other occasion that is would have ripped


the top half of the net off. Kante. Willian. Costa to Hazard. Lovely


touch. Saved by Heaton. Diego Costa beaten to the loose ball by Ben Mee.


How is is it still only 2-0. Sublime bit of control from Eden Hazard and


defending by Mee. Oscar, had to hurry. He was too quick for


Tarkowski, who will be booked, after this Chelsea attack. It's Pedro.


It's Moses. It's three. It could have been three a long time ago. It


could have been four or five by now. Chelsea have now sealed it once and


for all with a brilliant ball from Pedro. A fine finish from Victor


Moses. It looks as though he'll be staying at Chelsea this season. He


will be hoping to contribute a few more moments like that. We played a


good football with good possession ball. We created a lot of chances to


score the goal and also we didn't concede a goal. It's important


because after 13 games at home, that we conceded a goal, today we finish


with a clean sheet. They were far too good today. Too strong in all


areas. There is a massive gulf between where our club is and this


club is. We know that this. We want to take on the challenge. I think


our lads got sucked in a little bit to the result last week. Thought you


could come here, you know, different stadium, different feel away from


home, etc, etc. That certainly wasn't the gameplan. Add in poor


decisions with the ball, not the will to get the ball and keep the


ball and use the ball, it makes for a tough afternoon. I'm always the


same player. I've got confidence and I give everything. I could score a


couple of goals today. I scored one. It was enough today. I hope for the


next game I will score a couple more. We want to win the title. But


you know it's too early. We have only nine points, but, yes, we want


to finish in the top. Well, only nine points but out of nine we


comfortable for Chelsea. You have picked out Kante, however we say it


these days, one of my heroes. I'm not afraid to say this, I really


miss him. You really miss him. It's a Chelsea, especially midfield,


looks much morsel lid. Much more in balance. -- more. It's this little


man. He's here when you need him. Midfield, plays the ball simple.


Gets it to Costa. Costa loses the ball. Never forget then to get the


ball back. Here he is again. So that's the reason why you can always


keep on continuing playing forward. Here he is again, battling with the


big guy. Doesn't give up. Nicks it again from him. Another moment in


the game, clashes it away. Good technique, and plays simple. That's


the only thing I want from you. Don't do busy things. Here he is


again. Everywhere the danger is, he is there. It's like he does the job


of two people. His energy and Huth and Morgan benefitted from that last


year, without a doubt, Terry and Cahill will benefit from him this


year because of his energy. Because of the way he protects the back


four. Not only will they benefit obviously, he is all over the pitch.


His energy is just staggering. Extraordinary player. I always felt


the team he went to, I always thought he would leave, would have a


great chance of winning the title. I'm sure that is the case with


Chelsea especially with Hazard back in-form. You know, from him he


doesn't need to chase back any more. So he has fun. Here, again, Kante,


nicking the ball, again. Gets a good pass. This is him at his best,


Hazard. When he gets towards players, always in control. He just


passes the ball into the net. Here you get him again. Into midfield,


flicks it backheels. This means that he's full of confidence. The goal


comes from this moment. Gets the ball from Costa to Willian. A little


dribble. An easy goal. Hazard, again. Of they trust him.


Half-volley. He said already he could score a couple of goals. I


think he could have scored three. Then comes the moment he thinks


himself - OK, now I can do some gallery play. Comes in, he can't get


a shot of goal and backheel. This is Hazard when he has fun. You know,


this is what we want from him. I don't want him to chase back to


defenders. I want him to hold them in front of him. Get to your


position and enjoy yourself. The first thing that Antonio Conte


realised he had to do was get him onside, more so than any other


player because he realises that he's the match winner in that team. He


can produce the excitment. He has done that. He is full of confidence


now. We are seeing the player from two years ago the Player of the


Year, not the player last year who was miserable and didn't want to


play. Exactly. We will spare Burnley on this occasion. Yes.


Watford and Arsenal had a point apiece going


The Gunners had won all six Premier League meetings


Three points for either team would produce the first points of the new


season. There is a first Premier League appearance in the Christian


Saili. Arsenal have new signings on the


horizon but the freshest face is that of Meza toes all who made his


first start after his extended break following the Euros. Santi Cazorla


plays alongside ball into Ward Sanchez. Down.


Arsenal wanting a penalty kick from the referee for that challenge.


Floated in by oZIL. Kevin friend has given a penalty kick to Arsenal. It


is Santi Cazorla of Arsenal and they lead Watford 1-0. Nine minutes, the


time of the goal. Santi Cazorla, who missed so much of last season


through injury scores his first of the new season. Gomez, send the


wrong way. Low into the back of Watford's net. Better start from his


team today as they look for their first win. Space here. Inside the


Watford half. Watford, very much camped in and around their own


penalty area. Alexis Sanchez, sliding that one in. Theo Walcott,


almost in. The block made my Gomez, collected by Ozil. He was held up


there by Kabasele. Arsenal close to making it two. Denied by the leg of


Gomez. Monreal has the better of him, decent ball in. It was


Koscielny who nearly put it past his own goalkeeper. Suddenly the match


appears to be opening up. That was Troy Deeney stretching by the near


post. Watford springing to life, Petr Cech springing to the rescue


for Arsenal. Black armbands for Walter Matt Sari and the management


team in memory of those who have lost their lives in the earthquake


in Italy. Lovely play from Alexis Sanchez. Full combination with Ozil.


Back out to Santi Cazorla. A way of the boot of Capoue.


More signings in the pipeline for Arsenal. They should be completed in


the next 48 hours. Theo Walcott. Great chance for a second goal and


has it gone over the line from Sanchez? It has! Alexis Sanchez


makes it 2-0 to Arsenal with five minutes to go to half-time. Theo


Walcott rolling the ball across. Sanchez was there and the ball was


clearly in. Sanchez, who scored against Watford home and away last


season, has another one today. Watford conceded two to Chelsea last


weekend and los 2-1. They have left themselves plenty to do between now


and the final whistle if they are to salvage something. Theo Walcott!


What a vital saved by the Watford goalkeeper. Alexis Sanchez. Theo


Walcott in the centre. Three! Wonderful goal. Clinical, precise.


It is a long way back for Watford in this match now. Right on the stroke


of half-time. Ozil in the centre, timed that run to perfection. He


wasn't picked up at all. Clinical first half of Arsene Wenger's team.


Yellow shirts swarming forward. After the head of Koscielny. Block


by Koscielny, into the back of the net by Roberto Parreira on his


debut. It is what the fans have seen, his true ability. Burying the


chance. When it fell to him, he was quick to bury the chance. Just may


be that girl has breathed new life into this one. It has livened up a


Vicarage Road. In towards Deeney. This shot from Hull bass. Arsenal


under pressure. Drilling that shot in, Holebas. It Watford can get


another goal, it could make this a very interesting second half. RDNA


Carlo, we'll settle for the throw. Just over the top of the crossbar


from Ighalo. That throwing just hung in the air. Arsenal couldn't get it


clear. Ighalo nearly made them pay. Free kick for Watford. He will get


booked for dissent to the referee. It is the loudest cheer I have heard


all afternoon from the Watford crowd. Ball in. Watford's players


suggesting there might have been a handball, but it is a goal kick. We


had an excellent first half. We played with pace. I thing


unfortunately, we cannot maintain that kind of place at the moment for


90 minutes. Second half, we played very good. We could and we should


have scored much more. Petr Cech was incredible for them. He saved 23


times, their goal. But I'm happy with how played. We did show a great


game and today we need to finish for the international break with a win


game and today we need to finish for the international break with a win


and we did it. Watford, much better in the second half but the damage


was done. Arsenal were terrific. Watford played three centre halves,


two wingbacks. But to be fair to Arsenal, their movement was too good


for them. They didn't play with that original number nine. The three


centre halves did know whether to stay and defend their area or to go


in tide. At times, they didn't have anyone to mark. They are not really


marking anyone in there, those defenders. The move was too good, it


was a brilliant ball in and it was a penalty. They go 1-0 up. Every goal


we're looking at, no one to mark, no one to pick up and don't know


whether to go tight. Sanchez again, clever finish with the goal being


given with goal-line technology. Exactly the same thing happened


again and runners from deep, the way to get round the three centre halves


and they could not cope. This time, a brilliant ball in. 3-0 at


half-time and the match is all over with. The manager is still working


out his players and the three Premier League games he has played,


he has used 21 players. They were better in the second half and they


went back to a flat back four, but they left themselves with too much


to do. Three points and Arsenal have spent ?52 million. They have raided


La Liga, Mustafi and Perez. Good times? It is so late. Everybody has


bought their main players and Arsenal, they did it with their


Mertesacker at the last minute. We have to see how they cope in the


Premiership, they have to adapt to the new team and it takes some time.


After a week when Leicester was named the UK's greatest


sporting city of 2016, the Premier League champions faced


a Swansea side who've not won at the home of the Foxes since 1950.


Alastair Mann was at the King Power Stadium.


Early days, but with the start of the Champions League as well as


matches at Liverpool and Manchester United in September, the champions


could do with registering their first win. Swansea have scored just


once in the league. The referee says play on, no foul.


Was that a shot? I think it might have been. Easy one but Schmeichel


to gather. He has set Leicester forward. Jamie Vardy will give


chase, but he won't get to that one. Fernandez, not too happy.


Fernandez and food for in a right angle. Routledge, trying to outpace


Amartey. Brilliant from Leicester, Jamie Vardy to open the scoring.


Superb Leicester goal and Jamie Vardy gets his first Leicester goal


this season and it will be the first of many, mark my words. Danny


Drinkwater's first-pass. Goal of the month contender, make no mistake. An


excellent team goal from the team of the year of 2016 and Jamie Vardy


among the goals. Leicester City are brimming with confidence.


Leicester's rewards as well as winning the title the Champions


League, they have been drawn against Copenhagen, Bruges and Porto.


Brings at the best from Lucas Joao Bianchi. -- Lucas Fabianski. He has


it within him to produce moments like this. Danny Drinkwater. He sets


of. Such a terrific runner. That was unfortunate. Trying to take it and


swivel all in one movement. First corner of the second half. Morgan to


attack it. Wes Morgan! You do have to question Swansea's defending. He


leaps for it and then it drops off his shoulder. This finish is a smart


one. Morgan, crunches it into the back of the goal with Fabianski


coming towards him, the reaction time was much better than the


Swansea defenders near to him. Kasper Schmeichel has hit that


straight to Fernando Llorente. He has injured himself.


Schmeichel is in difficult. Might have gestured to come off there.


Vardy, meanwhile, steals in. It breaks for Okazaki. That's a penalty


all day long. Leicester have the chance to complete a miserable


afternoon for them. Mahrez gave Leicester the opening goal of their


season and defeated Hull from the penalty spot. And it's saved.


Okazaki is then blocked by Fabianski. Credit to the goalkeeper.


In truth, it wasn't the best strike you've ever seen from the penalty


spot. Mahrez rather tell graphed it. He didn't put it actually really


towards the corner either. Well, Schmeichel is now coming off. He


looks distraught. This is where he got the injury. You can tell, on the


slide, that he's done something as he got there in front of the Spanish


striker. Since the lightning strike put out one of the floodlights a few


in the crowd have seen the funny side and are starting to light their


mobile phones. The clearance goes straight to Naughton. Barrow. Fer's


header. Swansea are back in the game. Terrific cross from Barrow.


Equally good header by Leroy Fer. With roughly 10 minutes to go,


Swansea are back in a the game that they never looked like they were


going to be. I wonder if that Mahrez penalty might be more significant


than it seemed at the time. Fer leaps the highest in the box.


Barrow's delivery was exquisite. So too the header beyond Zieler. Well,


the surface water that hadn't been gathering, I'm afraid, has not been


able to stand up to the incredible onslaught we've had in the last


three or four minutes. Here's Montero. On to Barrow. Barrow. A


good opportunity here. The cross is dangerous. And it's a corner.


Simpson getting it away. Swansea are ending this match as the more


powerful team. There's concern around the King Power Stadium. Musa


gets it away. Mahrez now, Vardy's making a run. If Mahrez can try and


pick him out admist the splashing and gathering water. Here's Mahrez,


again. And he's guided it wide. Well, so many times he's scored from


exactly that position. But it was almost like abg request plaining a


little bit for Mahrez this, through the puddles he went, but he couldn't


quite find the net. Obviously, we're disappointed in the first game of


the season. We got a decent draw last week and played well. We wanted


to keep improving and to go two goals up and to hold on at the end


was what we deserved, I think. Not a good match on the first half, but


after we play with the more courage, with more aggression and we had the


possibility, the opportunities, to draw. If we scored the penalty it


would have been game over. They got a goal back. Credit to the team we


didn't concede. I spoke to the manager of the champions, Claudio


Ranieri. Claudio, have you dried out yet? Oh, I'm very wet now. But it's


OK. It's OK. I'm very happy. We made a very good first half and the


second-half we can close the match with a penalty shoot, but we miss a


penalty. At the end, we complicated it a little our life, but it was


good. Important to get your first win especially after all the


celebrations and everything last season, to get off and get three


points under your belt? Yes. Yes, these three points are very


important for us because we lost the first match much two matches at home


we took four points. It's OK. To draw against Arsenal is OK. Today


was a very good performance. I'm he have, very glad. The transfer window


closes on Wednesday. Ones bs oly you lost Kante made a few signings.


Prance more importantly it's the players you have kept and given new


contracts is a good sign for Leicester? Yes. We have very good


platform. We want to keep all our players. It was impossible. One goes


away, but it's OK. It's OK. We are happy. Now, we start our season.


Obviously, this season will be very different. You have the Champions


League to look forward to. What are your targets this season, Claudio?


Our target fantastic it will be to go over the Group. And for the


League, we hope to go between tenth position, around there. But the


first target - 40-points. As always. Three points will help towards that


today. Go and dry off somewhere. Thank you. Thank you, Gary. Much


better from Leicester today. Big Sam Allardyce picks his first England


squad tomorrow. If he watches Match of the Day tonight he might be


encouraged to pick Danny Drinkwater? It was nonsensical not to have him


in the squad for the summer in the euros. He had more passes than


anyone else on the pitch today. More touches than anyone else on the


pitch today he covered more distance than anyone else on the pitch today.


He's just signed a new contract. He was brilliant last season. He's full


of confidence. This is a warning to Swansea. He can play a high line.


They put the ball behind. They got away with it on this occasion. He is


good at driving his team forward. Picking the ball up, gaining vital


yards going into the opposition's back four. Little give and go here.


Not content with a little pass to Albrighton. Look who is on the end


of it in the 18-yard box. He was superb. I mentioned they had the


warning. What about this for a way to pass? That is just perfection.


Vardy is now up and running for the season. Brilliant finish. It's worth


seeing the pass again because inside of the foot. It's really just


superb. It's just screaming out for someone with pace to say - go on and


get on the end of that. Another pass. He has such a superb


relationship with Vardy. He knows his game. He passed it first. Look


where he is, again. He doesn't get it. This is a brilliant ball. He has


every right to say to his forwards there - come on, someone get on the


end that, please. Superb all afternoon. Certainly was. One of the


hot topics in the Premier League at the start of the season, guidelines


of holding in the box, pushing and shoving, they will clampdown on it,


some are, some aren't. Robert Huth today. What do you think? Debatable.


Not debatable. It's a penalty. I don't know what anyone thinks about


it. Even without the hot topic it would be a penalty. Look, he's in


between two men. They are holding him. It's a penalty. Later we will


have other examples like this. This is why players and managers will get


angry. No consistency. OK. . COMMENTATOR: No!


COMMENTATOR: Good save! COMMENTATOR: Off the crossbar and


away by Bates. COMMENTATOR: Redmond!


It's no surprise Manchester United have started well under


Jose Mourinho, but very few expected Hull City, led by former United


assistant manager, Mike Phelan, to have six points at this stage.


Watching for us at the KCOM Stadium was Martin Fisher.


Samuel Clucas was a Manchester United fan as a boy. His walls were


adornd with pictures of Beckham, Giggs and Scholes. He is a pivotal


figure in Hull City's brilliant but unexpected start to the season. The


new poster boy wearing the famous red shirt has proved an instant hit,


Zlatan Ibrahimovic is used to winning domestic titles in his debut


season. With him in their team, United already look like title


challengers, again. Manchester United haven't lost to Hull City


since David Essex was top of the pop charts, it was 1974. Even their


current manager was still wearing short trousers at junior school.


Robertson. Huddlestone. The out ball to Diomande. Hull City have three


other players forward. Fellaini held up Diomande well. Robertson has it.


Not a bad cross. Shaw did enough, under great pressure. Snodgrass was


on his shoulder. Shaw was the calmest player in town. It strikes


Snodgrass and could have gone anywhere after that. Snodgrass with


an almighty collision into the post. Shaw. Tossed in towards Ibrahimovic.


It will drop format it. Rooney is back post. Davies there again, what


a first half he had. Mata, running, he lost it. Teasing ball in, Rooney.


Fellaini's drive. Meyler got in the way. Wayne Rooney thought he was


going to score and then thought he might have a penalty. Definitely no


contact at all with the arm. Pogba. Beautiful. Snodgrass


vehemently pleading his innocence. He definitely caught the left foot


of the Frenchman. Rooney is over the set-piece.


Curled in. Ibrahimovic is arriving. Can he backheel it in? No. Well, of


all people that could pull it off, you'd have backed the Swede to do


it. On this occasion, not so. Now Valencia. Maloney is in his way.


Like Robertson before him, he's done a good job. He will try again.


Valencia will cross. It will drop for Shaw. Appeals for handball. John


Moss, what view did he have of this as Valencia put it across. Looked


like he had his arm close to his body. From that angle, it did look


as though his arm did move away from his body somewhat. Diomande. Picked


out Maloney. . Robertson on the overlap. It's Meyler. Now it's


Robertson. Meyler again, trying to work the angle here. Huddlestone,


shot is on for him. Deflection! It could have gone anywhere. De Gea


going completely the wrong way here. It cannon off the body. It might


have brought the only goal. Rashford tries his luck. Elmohamady looks to


carry it away. If he moves this left Hull City City could have a chance.


He couldn't. It's Rashford for Manchester United. Into the box he


goes. Jakupovic with a brilliant stop. Rashford, the talented


teenager, almost off the bench to win it for Manchester United.


Magnificent stop. Rooney. He's looking for Pogba, who


is in behind Clucas! Now, Rashford. Tried to take it on rather than let


fly. For the first time today, Hull City get a stroke of luck in the


thick of heroic defending. Shaw. Pogba.


Oh, Livermore's mistake. Shaw as got it. Rashford, it's a beautiful pass.


Mkhitaryan. Curtice Davies, yet again. He has been outstanding. If


Hull do get a point, so much credit must go to him. Valencia. Brilliant.


It came off Meyler. The goalkeeper didn't know much about it. He knew


enough. Hull City are hanging on. When Rashford couldn't get it away


he fed him but Davies with a superb block, flinging his body on the


line. That will run through to Clucas. Blind has come across.


Diomande. Oh, it will run now for Meyler. The shot is on here. What a


chance for David Meyler to win it. A smile across the face of Mike Phelan


because he knows that that would be smash-and-grab and then some. Could


have won it. Now Manchester United try and win it again. Wayne Rooney's


cross. And it's in! It's Marcus Rashford, talk about leaving it


late. Marcus Rashford, brought off the bench, his first taste of


Premier League football this season. And he's done what he did most of


last season, Jose Mourinho has his 100% record intact. Rooney's work


was superb. The cross, begged the touch, Rashford, as he did from


February onwards last season, was there in the nick of time to apply


that finish. Hull City 0, Manchester United 1. Obviously, it's a great


feeling when you win points in the last-minute. But we were very, very


strong and we try and we bring new solutions to the game. New problems


to the opposition. We tried and we tried and we tried and finally we


got it. A cruel irony for someone like yourself who knows about the


value of Fergie time you were undone by Fergie time. Normally it's six


minutes we had four this time. Terrific, going into this game


knowing the effort they put in. To get to that point where it was down


to one lapse of concentration. One minute from the end of the game,


it's just something you have to grin and bear. We defended resolute


throughout the whole game. It's our fault we switch off for that slight


second. When you play against teams like Manchester United and most of


the teams in the Premier League you switch off for one second they will


get a goal. What went through your mind when Wayne picked it up? Get in


flont of the goal. When you are in front of the goal the ball can fall


to you and you are in a position to score. That was going through my


head. R Manchester United's best start to the season Mourinho for


five years? We want to be champions. We don't want to start well, we want


to finish well. A start helps. Five time in five years they have won the


first three games. Marcus Rashford the youngest goalscorer under Jose


Mourinho team. Boy, it was an important goal, wasn't it is, it


really was? straight to Fernando Llorente. He


has injured himself. What I like about this boy is he


goes straight for you. He doesn't hesitate. He gets the ball. Running


at three players. Still finds a shot and an unbelievable save by the


goalkeeper. But this is what I like about him. He gives you


opportunities. Gets the cross in. He is saying, go for it. Then this


moment, the only moment defender made a and Wayne Rooney did well and


Marcus Rashford was on the end of the shot. Great well. I hope Jose


Mourinho will consider him more, because he is a great player. I


don't think it will be long before he is a regular. It has to be


brilliant for him at that football club. Working, training, socialising


with these guys, it will be a huge benefit to him and I don't think it


will be long before he is a regular. It was a tough one for Hull, to be


pipped at the end. I felt for them, they defended well all afternoon,


particularly Curtis Davies, who was gigantic. He didn't deserve to be on


the end of that. He didn't, but he was.


It's 31 games since Liverpool's last goalless draw, the match in question


was Jurgen Klopp's first in charge and came at today's


Tale of two England strikers. Harry Kane turns to his place in attack.


Daniel Sturridge reverts to Liverpool's bench as Juergen Klopp


invites a battle of wills. Mane returns. Slightly reduced White Hart


Lane this season as building work on the new ground continues. The


north-east corner is no more and capacity reduced at the moment to


around 31,000 500. Jan Vertonghen. Christian Eriksen. Adam Lallana. The


goalkeeper made the save with his leg. Looked like it had to be a goal


for Philip Coutinho. Unbelievable the Brazilian modern score. Vaughan


had other ideas. Battle between Lovren and cane. Eriksson wants it


from Harry Kane. Great covering block by Adam Lallana. Got to be


dealt with. Fell nicely for Delhi Alley. Brilliant covering from Adam


Lallana, but Liverpool were not quite out of the woods. Captained by


Coutinho. Lovely pirouette and Henderson finds Lallana. Vaughan has


come out and got the ball. This was a big call for Vaughan to chase that


with Mane running away from his goal, but it was a great tackle.


Onto Mane about intervention might help Mane. Vaughan has done superbly


again. Brilliant goalkeeping. Mane is no slouch. Great goalkeeping.


Could be danger here. Coutinho. Three in the middle. Deflected. By


Liverpool corner. This is a really, really watchable encounter. Just


past the halfway point of the first half. The referee has blown his


whistle. Something involving Jan Vertonghen. The referee is having


words with the Tottenham defender. He is walking a very tight line. He


is making the point, and I'm not surprised, they have had referees


come round the training ground to tell them what will be given as a


penalty and what won't be. Juergen Klopp is saying, that is exactly


what we were told would be a penalty. Last week, Mike Dean


awarded a penalty at both ends, you would have to say Jan Vertonghen is


fortunate. Erik Lamela has gone now. It is a penalty. Erik Lamela are


distraught. Firmino was there. Erik Lamela wasn't in a very good


position. There was a bit of contact and then the right foot hits his own


here. Vaughan, heroic in the first half, faces James Milner from 12


yards, his scores. Liverpool have the lead. James Milner from the


penalty spot. The 42nd Premier League game in which Milner has


scored throughout his career. No changes at half-time. A very


watchable game. Liverpool complain. Mane, is the man down. The referee


has given it Jan Vertonghen the yellow card. Arm raised, rather than


an elbow swung. Henderson delivers. It is a Liverpool corner. It is a


free header! Joel Matip, glancing it. That was a poor ball. Look at


the break here. Might be trouble here. Is. Adam Lallana... Amber


Taplin the Mane. The flag is up on the far side, he is offside. His


right foot is in an offside position. It is so tight, but it is


also right. Victor Wanyama, a little bit too casual. Eriksson! Tottenham


Hotspur, of all they have pushed and press Liverpool, they haven't opened


up the defence too many times. This is a really good chance the


Christian Eriksen. That is a foul. The Liverpool defender will get a


yellow card. If not for the foul, for kicking the ball away. It was a


clumsy challenge. Erik Lamela will take. I think it needed the touch


from the goalkeeper. It is a corner. Eriksen with the Spurs corner. Great


stop by Simon Minion laid. The goalkeeper has just denied him.


Tottenham whipping up a storm here. Eric Dier, dangerous! Danny Rose!


1-1. 20 minutes to go. And it is up for grabs. It is a lovely ball, just


a suspicion that Eric Dier might have been offside. It is close. Too


much space the Danny Rose, who only had to stick his laces through it


and put it in the Liverpool net. 1-1. Henderson. We are deep into the


90th minute. Deflected and clutched by Vaughan.


He is claiming handball, Wijnaldum. Was a very good game against a very


strong side. I don't know how many shots they had at this moment. It


doesn't feel to brilliant. It was 50-50. Liverpool is a team that want


to play and win titles. They win trophies and I think we are in the


same way. We need to be happy with the performance. It is probably one


of the hardest games I have had in the last few years. Chasing Mane up


and down. We have seen this season, penalties given for small amounts of


holding in the penalty area. I was asking about this. I don't


understand it. He cannot do it, I don't know why. It is 100% penalty.


Whose fault is it? We're not quite sure at the moment, a lot of


confusion, as we thought there might be a big beginning of the season.


Some referees are not applying it. I agree with Jurgen Klopp. I know the


penalty free kick cannot be awarded if the ball is not in play, I am


aware of that. What I cannot understand is Jan Vertonghen on Joel


Matip. The referee still hasn't blown, he's down on the floor. He


has looked at that and by the time he has put his whistle up, Henderson


is about to take the corner. A split second later, why is he warning


players. They second later, why is he warning


players. They had the warning at the beginning of the season. They had a


warning last week. Manchester City didn't get a warning last week.


Stoke didn't get a warning. Why is he warning the players now. I


thought it was unfair. I can see his point he is making at the assistant


referee. It is interesting. Liverpool's high energy, height


pressing game impressed you? I thought they'd battered Spurs for


long periods. I thought they were very unlucky not to take all three


points. They couldn't cope with the movement of the Liverpool players,


particularly going forward with high energy and pressing high. When they


win the ball there, they have six players trying to get into the back


four. They did it brilliantly. If it wasn't that this guy, Vaughan,


Spurs' best player. It was a sitter, what a brilliant save was that on


the outside of his leg. He managed to get up and get on top of it.


Liverpool pressing again. That is a tackle timed to perfection from the


goalkeeper. Anything other than that and it is a penalty and a red card.


Numbers into the box again, six players in the box. Decent save


again from Vaughan. Tottenham gave them too much space. Wijnaldum finds


himself in space, no pressing from Tottenham, takes the ball has


another effort at goal. Look at the hunger, desire and commitment from


Adam Lallana, who starts on the edge of his own box. The counterattack,


which Liverpool are brilliant at. If it goes to 2-0, it is game over. It


is about an inch offside. Probably the correct decision. The good thing


for Tottenham is, they didn't play well at all, but they got a point.


They did. You see a lot of Dutch football, Vincent Janssen played,


what are Spurs getting? He has to adapt to the Premier League. In


Holland he played excellent. When he went to the national team, he scored


in every game for the national game. He gives you the vibe, he presses on


the opposition. He hassles and he scores goals. It is just a matter of


time. Harry Kane, it is different. Vincent Janssen plays a little bit


of him. It is the best solution at the moment and I hope he will score


goals. Match of the Day 2 features


the final two Premier League games COMMENTATOR: West Brom are ahead.


It's a good one. It's a very good one. Put away by Antonio.


Radio 5Live has commentary of Manchester City


That's also available on the BBC Sport website.


Before that, Match of the Day 2 Extra returns, BBC Two, 12.15pm.


Look out for a Football Focus Transfer Deadline Day


special on Wednesday, BBC One, 10.45pm.


COMMENTATOR: Here's Bergkamp. Good shot. Oh, Bergkamp! Bergkamp. Oh,


great touch, Bergkamp. He got a little bit on it. It wasn't enough.


It's Bergkamp's second. But here's Bergkamp, on for a hat-trick. Great


touch by Bergkamp. Oh, it's unbelievable!


Produced a few decent players you Dutch over the years. He was


certainly one of them. Everton and Stoke produced one


of the stand-out matches of last season at Goodison Park,


a seven-goal thriller that went the way of the visitors,


who were chasing a third straight victory in this fixture


for the first time in their history. Plenty of change since last season,


they are thankful their number 10 hasn't. Lukaku has agreed to stay at


the club starts a Premier League game for the first time this season


looking to end a run of 10 league outings without a goal. Full debuts


for Bolasie and Williams. A Premier League start to 35-year-old Peter


Crouch, who scored a hat-trick. Jack Butland and Shaqiri are still out.


He will chase that. He'll get to that. Has he got a shooting


opportunity at the end of it? Shawcross in the right place at the


right time. First time Everton have been able to get Lukaku in behind.


It's caused an encouraging roar from the home faithful. Barry, into


Lukaku, again. Bolasie. Mirallas, on ahead of him. Positive from Everton.


Pulled back, behind Lukaku. Stoke able to bring it clear. Diouf.


A chance. Just waited too long. Neat from Baines. Barkley. Everton


corner, much to Glenn Whelan's frustration. Short for Mirallas to


Barkley. Eventually in from Mirallas towards Jagielka. Hooked away by


Crouch. In came Barkley. Then wide from Mirallas. Well it was Peter


Crouch that time, in the most important position. It was the deep


cross from Mirallas that caused Stoke the problem. Crouch was the


one that reacted the quickest to keep it out. Patience from Everton.


Whipped in by Bolasie. Barkley's header. Could have been an own-goal.


Shawcross relieved. A little wry smile as that went straight into the


arms of his goalkeeper, Shay Given. Terrific header from Ross Barkley.


Time for Barkley. Going with him. Mirallas. Could try. Good reactions


from Shay Given as well. Mirallas is one player who is certainly reborn


this season under Ronald Koeman. Sat up invitingly for him. Straight at


Shay Given, who still had work to do to tip it over.


Barry. Too intricate from Everton, or is it? Lukaku. He did really well


to make anything of that. He was involved here. Look at Holgate


demand it. He knew exactly where he was putting it. It was Shawcross in


the end who got back to deny Lukaku. Mirallas with the resulting corner.


Penalty. Pushing on Ashley Williams. Well, Stoke were victim of this last


weekend against Manchester City. It was a big call for Michael Oliver.


Watch Bardsley here, behind Ashley Williams, it's difficult from that


anning toll see how much con be tact there was. It gives Leighton Baines,


who scored 16 of his career 17 penalties from the spot. He just


about scored that one. It wasn't vintage, but it was a little little


fortunate as far as Shay Given were concerned. Given got a hand to it.


Back off the woodwork and back off Given and into the net.


Here's Arnautovic. Off the crossbar and away by Baines. Everton survive.


Stoke are told to continue. Barkley. Shawcross. He has an


opportunity here - Barkley. Denied by the legs of Given. The deficit


remains at one. Good tracking back from Bolasie. Not


the best clearance though. Allen, Arnautovic. Cleverly done. Walters


couldn't get there. Well that looked a certain equaliser. Arnautovic is


still discussing how this wasn't despatched. Walters was saying it


wasn't in his path. If you don't score the second and you don't kill


the game, you know Stoke is always tough. It's difficult in the last


few minutes. But I think the difference was we had much more ball


possession. We had, I think, 18 shots on the goal, not on target,


nine, and zero. I feared this at the beginning of the season that maybe


some teams wouldn't get a fair crack of the whip. It seems that is


happening to us unfortunately that two dubious penalties in my view.


This one there was no push. Williams has gone down easily. So very harsh


decision, in my view. You went with Lukaku up front today. He is a


little bit of a goal drought. How is his confidence and what did you make


of his confidence today? Very he positive. He worked very hard. He


had one or two good chances. Maybe he was doubting if you need a goal,


shoot straight and don't wait. He is an important player for the team. He


will score again. I'm not worried about that. We will come to Lukaku


in a second. First thing though, another penalty box penalties. This


was given. What did you make? This one is a tad harsh. Williams gets to


the wrong side of Bardsley there. I don't think he's pulling his shirt


or pushing him. I think it's just a clash of legs. It's totally


accidental really, isn't it? You see those given a lot now. I'm not


convinced they should be. Frustration there. Baines takes the


penalty. Shay Given won't appreciate me laughing, he is so unlucky there.


You can see what it means to him, off the post and the back of his


head. It was harsh. Romelu Lukaku's not scored in 11 Premier League


games. One of those bad runs? He is working hard. He looks a little bit


off sync. It can happen. He works hard, in the right position. Bad


first touch. He gets in a wide position, again. You know, it's all


a little off sync. Here again, gets in the position, again. He gets


there. Then, you know, it's all a little too late. You know... He


forces himself. This is unfortunate. I think it's well done here, what he


tries to do. He flicks it, one, two, very well, then here he missed the


second more he misses it. I think it's just a matter of time for him.


What did you do... We went through those runs, what did you guys do


Stay strong and have the belief that something will dropping drop for


you. Don't lose your confidence. One effort in there, just hit it. It


will change. It's a matter of time. I would just put him on the bench.


So you did! I used to get a haircut. That wouldn't work for you either!


Good stuff. It's six years since Sunderland


won a match in August. Their last chance to end that record


this season came against a Southampton side who've picked up


just one point from two games under Charlie Austin makes his first


league start since March Shane Long begins on the birch. Bertrand has


missed the opening two games with a knee problem. More bad news on the


injury front for David Moyes with Mannone tearing his ligament.


Pickford makes his third Premier League appearance. Manquillo comes


in as well. COMMENTATOR: A pretty snazzy looking


surface here at St Mary's. They are going to have to change the cut of


the pitch when they play in the Europa League this season due to


UEFA directives. Early delivery towards Redmond. Doesn't reach him.


Did reach Tadic. He fires. Over the top. Southampton were neat and tidy


at Old Trafford last Friday, but they look like they lack a bit of


cutting-edge up top. Perhaps, Charlie Austin will help to give


them that. Gooch, runs into traffic in the shape of Romeu. Tadic, lovely


touch. In towards Charlie Austin! Forced a smart stop out of Jordan


Pickford. Really good awareness here from Tadic to tee it up for Austin.


The toe-poke had to be dealt with. David Moyes says he was being


realistic when warning Sunderland fans to expect their almost


traditional relegation battle once again this season as he felt there


was no point in telling people untruths. Here's van Aanholt. Borini


goes down. The header somehow drifts wide from Kone. Excellent delivery


here. Borini goes down. While everyone was wandering about that,


Kone planted this header wide of Fraser Forster's goal. Should be 1-0


Sunderland. This is Gooch. Januzaj. Good feet. Januzaj, still


going. Brilliant from Januzaj. Wonderful run. Right on the edge of


the area he is stopped in his track illegally by Jose Fonte. Twinkle


toes here from Januzaj. Left a trail of red and white shirts in his wake.


Borini looks favourite to have a crack here. It's going to be Borini!


Had to be watched well by Fraser Forster. Came through a forest of


legs. Forster had to be watchful. Borini is down here. Yet another


injury concern for David Moyes. Won't be long before he's going to


have to start thinking about lacing up his boots himself. Van Dijk.


Targett. Shane Long! Great save. Long almost


with an immediate impact. His introduction seems to have spruced


up Southhampton. Through for the chase of Jeremain


Lens. Penalty! Joseph Fonz, through the back of Jermain Defoe. What a


chance this is for Sunderland to get their first Premier League win of


the season on the board. Clever play from Jermain Defoe. He turned Fonte


and was stopped from getting on the end of his own touch by the


Southhampton skipper. Jermain Defoe scored in the 1-1 draw last season


and has scored in his last five Premier League away games. Make that


six! Jermain Defoe, is at it again on the road for Sunderland. David


Moyes is closing in on his first victory in the Premier League as the


Black Cats boss. Jermain Defoe stepped up. Fraser Forster, got near


it, but there was little chance of him keeping it out. Rodriguez! Well


held by Pickford. Something out of nothing for Southhampton. You get


the feeling, that is what it is going to have to be for the Saints.


It is one of the longest journeys for the away fans this season. 160


mile round trip. They won't care about back, if they can hang on.


Nathan Redmond. Sunderland standing firm. Rodriguez! Southhampton level.


Rodriguez with his first goal in 15 Premier League appearances since


scoring against Newcastle here in March 2014. While he will celebrate,


Jordan Pickford will be distraught. Southhampton 1-1.


It was good to score in the game. A shame per Jordan because he had a


good game up until the goal. Yes, I have said to him, you played well.


Made some excellent saves and he should be pleased with his


performance. That is what happens when you play Young goalkeepers. Not


quite sure what you're going to get. Bits of inconsistency can cost you.


But he did very well. It is important to try and keep


concentrating towards the end. It is unfortunate that the goalkeeper,


because he made is great saves. Unlucky. Before the game, we would


have taken a point anyway, difficult place to come, good team, good


players. The manager said, try and keep a clean sheet but if we get a


point, it is not a bad result. They almost got a victory and they almost


got a clean sheet, but who would be a goalkeeper? He did have some


decent saves beforehand. Two Premier League starts last season, 22 years


of age. Watching the game, he is doing OK. He gets away with that


one. When the shots were coming in at him, he seemed really confident.


Pushing them away into the right areas, down to his right hand side,


very quick. Just one little deflection. Decent save again. Then


the ball falls to Rodriguez in the middle. He knew he was just going to


take another effort late into the game. He won't need us to tell him


that he should save that. Straight at him. It is an error and cost his


team. He will learn from it. I am sure he will. Sunderland have been


linked with Joe Hart, would that be a good fit? It depends on Joe Hart.


Will he cut his salary? First you are with the national team, main


goalkeeper and now all of a sudden you cannot find a club in the


Premiership. I cannot tell him to go to Sunderland, but what I can tell


him is, there is no way you should sit still and be a substitute


goalkeeper for the next six months. Crystal Palace were the only team


in the Premier League yet to score this season going into their game


against Bournemouth who, like their opponents,


had lost both matches so far. Christian Benteke scored on his


Premier League debut in Aston Villa and Liverpool. The latter against


Bournemouth last August. Alice Obi continues the run as their record


signing starts Billy McClure starts up front. Wayne Hennessey is injured


and Wilfried Zaha drops to the bench. Harry Arter served a one


match ban after his dismissal last Sunday. Ryan Fraser makes his second


Premier League appearance. His plays could cause pal is plenty of


problems as Bournemouth look to repeat last season's victory here.


Che is on for Wilson. Up against Delaney. Warm applause from the


Palace faithful as Damien Delaney clears that one way. That is a foul.


Delaney, charging into Ibe. Might drop here for Harry Arter.


King. Josh King puts Bournemouth in front. What a lovely, lovely ball


forward from Harry Arter. As the free kick is cleared away, how about


this for a touch from Harry Arter. Perfectly executed, as was the shot


from Josh King. Might drop the Christian Benteke. It is a penalty.


Holding in the penalty area and Crystal Palace have the chance to


draw back on level terms. Keep your eye on the left of your picture


here. Holding, shirt pulling on Christian Benteke. The referee


making his decision clear for all to see. Cabaye for Crystal Palace. It


is saved. It is a firm clearance away by the Polish goalkeeper. They


are the only team in the top division yet to score. Townsend.


Artur Boruc, does enough to get that away. Just able to reach it.


Wilson to make it two. Steve Mandanda with the save. It looked


like it would be a second goal but the visitors but Steve Mandanda


spreads himself and make sure it remains 1-0. There are four waiting


in a bunch. The run towards goal from Scott Dann. Scrambled off the


line. Powerful header. Harry Arter, just in the way. Bournemouth facing


a severe test of their credentials. Eddie Howe's haven't kept a clean


sheet in their last 12 Premiership matches. Comes after Wilfried Zaha.


That could have gone anywhere. Cleared away and behind for the


corner kick. At the bottom of your picture Fabrice Aurieng arrives and


nobody was tracking his run. Real goalmouth scramble and Bournemouth


get it away again. Is it going to be one of those days for Crystal


Palace. Joel Ward trying to stab it towards goal. Cabaye. Jason Puncheon


tried to get it onto his left foot. Andros Townsend, quickly closed


down. And again. Lovely from Andros Townsend. Wilfried Zaha pulls it


back. Good passing here from Crystal Palace. Just split open the


Bournemouth defence. Blasting it over. Back towards Benteke. Mike


Ball for Benteke. Again, it is scrambled away. Penalty save in the


first half and a terrific stop here, late in the match.


Looking for anybody in a Crystal Palace shirt, who can make the


difference. It is headed in by Scott Dann! In the third minute of


additional time, Crystal Palace's pressure finally pays dividends.


Scott Dann, who has been playing for the last few minutes as a striker


rises high and guides his header perfectly past Artur Boruc. It is a


kick in the teeth for Bournemouth, having led for so long. Crystal


Palace's first goal in the Premier League this season. What a header


from Scott Dann. What was your over rising emotion when the header went


in? Justice. They would have been a cruel blow to my team in the second


half to not get a goal. We did everything, 20 shots, an


unbelievable amount of possession and pressure and created some


unbelievable moments. Tough one to take, conceding so late. We felt we


had got there, but it was a great header from the lad. We had our


backs to the wall and we conceded at the death. But you do get your first


point of the season? First half we were very good, we looked like a


threat, counter-attacked well. It should have been more at half-time.


Second half, we were very good. Fans in the first half, if they had gone


home at half-time, I couldn't have minded. But they stayed with us.


They got us going. We responded. It is as good a half we have played


since I have been here. The first half was probably the worst and that


is where we was today. It took a long time to come, the goal. All


eyes were on Benteke, big signing for Crystal Palace, what did you


make of his debut? They have got to find a way to work out his game and


he has got to understand what Crystal Palace are about. It was a


hopeful ball. Connor Wickham and Benteke, too far apart. This has got


to be a better delivery. They did get into some good positions. It


does eventually come out to Jason Puncheon. This is a very good ball.


Connor Wickham or Benteke has to get on the end of that. They have got to


expect the ball to come in. If it doesn't, you can moan at the


wingers. Benteke, you can see him, standing there saying lift it up at


the far post. Allen spend a lot of money on attacking players now, so


he has got to get the best out of them and bays must start scoring


goals. If they don't, they will be under pressure. Mike Dean seems keen


on this initiative? I have certain difficulties. He is not even going


towards goal. Give a penalty for that? It is hard to accept. He has


got his shirt. If you go to the rule, that is the rule, then it is a


penalty. But it will be everywhere, penalties. It will be raining


penalties. All we want is consistency. I'm sure we will


discuss back, but we are out of time.


Chelsea top the table, just ahead of former manager


Everton are up to third after their win over Stoke.


Manchester City could go top with a win against West Ham


Bournemouth's draw against Crystal Palace was enough to move


Stoke replace them after their defeat at Goodison Park.


Watford drop into the bottom three after their 3-1


The Sunday Times suggest that Joe Hart could be on his way


to Italy while also reporting that John Terry has ruled out


The sun on Sunday focuses on Jose Mourinho's praise to Marcus


Rashford. And the Mail on Sunday reports that Wayne Rooney excepted


keep the England captaincy.


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