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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


Snodgrass! Leroy Fer! Salomon Rondon has bid West Brom ahead! Into the


corner of the net! Negredo! It curls into the bottom corner! A debut goal


for Nathan Redmond. Off and running already, Manchester City. Wonderful


strike from Zlatan Ibrahimovic. What a performance from Liverpool. And


Chelsea get their new manager off to a winning start.


The Premier League is up and running, last season's top six


all feature over the course of the next 90 minutes.


Joining Danny Murphy, it's a welcome return to Saturday


We start at Turf Moor where newly promoted Burnley hosted a Liverpool


side who'd won all four previous Premier League meetings


between the two teams without conceding a goal.


Commentary comes from Nigel Adderley.


COMMENTATOR: The return of this sort of occasion is what Burnley worked


so hard for during another relentless season in the


Championship. Many locals are already bracing themselves for the


usual slog for survival but with Liverpool at Turf Moor today


anything seems possible on the evidence of their victory at


Arsenal. Burnley broke their transfer record this week to sign


Steven Defour from Anderlecht for almost ?8 million and he replaces


David Jones who was sold to Sheffield Wednesday. Andre Gray and


Sam Vokes were an effective partnership in the Championship,


both no need to step up. Jurgen Klopp was quick to defend Alberto


Moreno following his performance last week but has chosen to leave


him out with James Milner filling in at left-back. Daniel Sturridge is


fit enough to replace Sidey -- Sadio Mane A. Ready at this stage of the


season this is a big game for Burnley. The sort of day when all


the passing has to be accurate, Sam Vokes on the tartan, produces a


dream start for Burnley! Sam Vokes with his first Premier League goal


and what a time to score it. And what a goal! Liverpool defensively


create their own problems once again. Nathaniel Clyne with the


error, Vokes with the fabulous finish on the turn. Burnley's first


goal back in the Premier League and it's a cracker. He will be brooding


underneath that baseball cap. Klavan strongly in on Andre Gray,


here is Coutinho. We have seen him produce wonderful goals so often


from that sort of area. Sean Dyche already in a discussion with the


fourth official. Probably discussing the challenge on Andre Gray. As you


can see, Burnley very well-organised, two banks of four.


Can Liverpool pick holes between the lines? Coutinho. Milner. Firmino.


Coutinho once again. He's getting closer. And if Burnley continued to


give him that sort of room in those sort of areas Philippe Coutinho will


surely make them pay. Firmino. Climb. Sturridge has


Coutinho ahead of him but goes for goal himself. Daniel Sturridge is


occupying pockets of space around the penalty area but I think Tom


Heaton had that are uncovered. Burnley worked so hard last week but


did not create many opportunities against Swansea. Firmino. Coutinho.


Sturridge. Here is Defour for Burnley. Andre Gray had to check his


run to stay onside but Steven Defour may look to go all the way himself,


here is Andre Gray now, it's Andre Gray! From non-league to Premier


League, Andre Gray scores at the highest level for the first time.


And the team which has been under so much pressure for so much of the


first half finds themselves two goals ahead. Steven Defour replay is


the first chunk of his transfer fee with that dashboard from midfield.


The challenge from Klavan was weak but Andre Gray still had a lot to do


and he did it superbly. Sam Vokes and Andre Gray both have their first


Premier League goals and they will believe they have arrived at the


highest level. Liverpool dominated the game in many ways but trailed


2-0. A lack of penetration at one end. And some very indifferent


defending at the other. Sturridge. The clearance will break to Firmino


who fires from long range and heat does superbly to maintain the clean


sheet. That is more like it from Liverpool, clawed away by the


Burnley goalkeeper. All the hard work of beating Arsenal last week


could be undone here for Jurgen Klopp. Firmino, that's a dangerous


ball in but yet again Liverpool have nobody anywhere near it. Milner is


allowed to play on, the ball did seem to go out on the far side. Here


is Milner again, if Liverpool score here it will be controversial.


Sturridge, and they don't. You can hear what the home crowd think of


the decisions of Lee Mason and his assistants. That was well out.


Firmino. He is having to forage very deep. Lallana. Corner off Ben Mee.


Corner number seven for Liverpool. Henderson with it. Klavan was


rising, its Coutinho! He's off target once again. An audacious


effort. Liverpool have not failed to score in a Premier League game since


the 2nd of February. Liverpool make a mess of it once again. Burnley


quick to try and exploit. But Andre Gray is off target this time.


Liverpool creating their own problems. Some sumptuous goals at


the Emirates Stadium last weekend but this is a very different story


for Liverpool here today. But it's so congested. Burnley have done a


really good job of compressing the play and every trap they have set


Liverpool have fallen into. Coutinho. Grujic, can he get


Liverpool back in the game? It was a fine save from Heaton. Grujic one of


the players that Jurgen Klopp will be looking to this season and his


first involvement almost gave him some hope. Grujic was caught.


Liverpool will finish the game with a free kick. We are into added time.


At the end of added time. The free kick is glanced on and wide and that


is it. Burnley are back in the Premier League, Sean Dyche and his


team can celebrate their first victory back at the highest level.


We are back in the Premier League, newcomers for the second time around


if that makes sense. They are a fantastic side, good rotation, they


have spent wisely and have good players. We knew they would fill the


midfield like the dead but for our players to see to it and stick to


the deck defence plan was fantastic. We tried everything but our decision


was not good, wrong moment for shooting or crossing. We had good


crosses but nobody in the box. There are a lot of things we can improve.


It doesn't feel great but we have to carry on. We have a strong belief


within the team and we know we will not outplay teams every week, but we


have the biggest heart in the league I think. There is something


marvellous when you see a group of people giving everything to the


cause and I think they did today and fans will be happy with that.


Possession is longer came, 19% said possession. I doubt they will care.


Ideally he would want more, two superb goals with that possession


however. When they got in the lead they showed fantastic desire and


application in two banks of four to keep Liverpool out. It was a bright


example of organisation and discipline. Nice and narrow.


Liverpool having lots of possession, trying to play through them, not


good with from Liverpool today, the wide men went in far too early.


Coming out to close the ball at the right time, this takes good


communication, work on the training ground. They worked really hard on


this, everyone of them, look narrow they are. This was one of so many


long-range efforts from Liverpool today. For all the possession


Liverpool did not cause many problems at all. James Milner kept


coming inside on his right foot which helped Burnley. The banks of


four again, look at the distance between them, cannot get anyone in


the gaps and pressure on the ball. Liverpool nice and patient but


nowhere to go. Not once did any member of the Burnley defensive unit


come out and make rash decisions. How do you break that down? You need


better web. Burnley new they could put crosses in because they had


nobody in the box to head it. Again Liverpool trying to play through.


Cannot get, two on one, should be two on one in an attacking a sense,


they have doubled up on Nathaniel Clyne and he has no options. These


lads can also defend one-on-one. Trying to choose Man of the Match


today was impossible, they were superb. Win Burnley were last in the


Premier League Sean Dyche got called a dinosaur for playing 4-2- two. I


think it's a great system to play and I think Sean Dyche deserves


credit. Liverpool conceded three despite winning last week and


conceded another two today, issues? Yeah, Jurgen Klopp is encouraging


them to play out of the back and that is OK, but they are not quite


good enough to do it all the time. The centre-halves splitting, the


centre midfielder dropping, Burnley will have watched the game at


Arsenal last week and thought we will press as well. When we have


energy get on the front foot. This is after two minutes. Talk about


creating problems for yourself. This is good from Burnley, and a finish.


And they did not learn a lesson, you think you get up and let me put the


long ball up, gets in seconds and get us in the game but no, keep


trying to play out and make mistakes and give Burnley confidence. Exactly


what they did at Arsenal last week. Before they know it they have a


mountain to climb. You cannot concede two goals in the first 20


minutes and expected back in the game. Burnley picking their moments,


poor touch from Sturridge, Burnley get the ball back straightaway. I


cannot for the life of me believe why players can make their own


decisions. When you keep losing the ball and are not great at it and it


is windy, Burnley on the front that you can't keep giving the ball away


like that. I think when Jurgen Klopp claim to the Premier League we all


thought it would be the direct coach getting the ball forward and playing


fast and attacking football so I am surprised by how they are playing.


To do this well the centre-backs are to control the game and today they


were poor. Burn lay's goalscorer Andre Gray


after homophobic posts from his Twitter account were circumstance


lated on social media following the match. They date from 2012 when he


was playing with non-League Hinckley United. He said, "the tweets were


posted four years ago when I was a completely different person to the


man I am now. I do not hold the beliefs written in those tweets what


sofr." Bsh what so ever. Pep Guardiola has claimed titles


with Barcelona and Bayern Munich, but could he do it on a wet,


windy afternoon in Stoke? Manchester City had won just once


in their last eight visits Shah given remains in goal. He was


brought in 2009 to replace John Hartson who at 21 was deemed to


inexperience to be a Premier League regular by the then Manchester City


manager, Mark Hughes. The current Stoke boss has been forced into a


change today with Shaqiri nursing an injury. Pep Guardiola makes one


change to the XI. Sergio Aguero will be on spot-kick duty should one be


awarded. Three of the six goals Aguero has scored against Stoke have


been penalties. COMMENTATOR: Aguero. You just knew


he was going to have to go. Not too many options to the right hand side.


Sterling. Sterling has a go! It wasn't too far off target. The he


looks a different player, in just the for night in which he has been


in the company of Pep Guardiola. This is a rejuvenated Raheem


Sterling. It's a good ball. Aguero wants it.


He's not going to get it. In the end it's scooped out for a corner.


Aguero makes the burst towards him. Navas is on the far side. It didn't


look as if it was going to reach either of them. He's given a


penalty. Well, it was a little delay as I think everyone in the ground


was wondering exactly what it was he was giving, but he's given a penalty


for pulling back Otamendi. He's holding him. Mike Dean's seen it. A


yellow card was brandished to Shawcross and, as predicted, Sergio


Aguero will be on penalty taking duty, and scores. Seven goals in


seven games against Stoke City. Four of them from the penalty spot.


Manchester City in front in the 27th minute. His celebration is probably


as much relief as joy having missed those two in Romania. Mark Hughes


was at Barcelona and, at the time, there was a teenager, around about


15 years of age, Pep Guardiola, making his way through the Barcelona


ranks. Mark Hughes, when asked - to be honest, I don't remember him.


Here's Navas. I don't think any supporter could take exception to


that decision. Free-kick to Manchester City.


Helped into the net by Sergio Aguero. He's just in stunning


goalscoring form. That is a really sweetly timed header. No question of


offside. He got there, just in front of Kolarov. Kolarov himself might


have put it in the net. Tremendous delivery from Kevin De Bruyne. So


much of these goals is about delivery. Aguero just helping it on


its way. Here's Bojan. Pieters. Arnautovic. Pieters, to deliver.


Bardsley! Good stop. Excellent contact by Bardsley. Still not away.


And Stoke miss through Diouf. Bardsley meets this brilliantly on


the volley. Cabaye makes the save. This is where they believe there


should have been a penalty. Kolarov's challenge. Is that a


penalty? Mike Dean said, no. Plays it into the path of Diouf. He


as shot his lot by Stones, who fell awkwardly in the process. Bends his


foot back blocking the cross from Diouf. Stoke corner. The earlier


they can find the goal, the better their comeback will be. Penalty.


Mike Dean has awarded a penalty, in similar circumstances to the one


that he awarded to Manchester City in the first half. Sterling looks


perplexed much he gets a yellow card. That's all the players and


managers want - consistency. Sterling, holding back Shawcross.


That's the decision. Mike Dean has levelled up the decision-making


regarding that particular offence. So Bojan to put Stoke right back in


the hunt, in the fourth minute of the second-half. Second-half. Which


he does, with ease. Stoke are on the comeback trail. Mike Dean has set


himself his own precedent now. He has given a penalty each for a very


similar offence. Aguero tucked in the penalty in the first half that


resulted. Bojan tux in the penalty in the second-half that results this


time. Mark Hughes' side now has something to build on. -- tucks.


He's not used to losing football matches, Pep Guardiola. Inside the


last five minutes. Here's Iheanacho. He seemed to have lost it. He gets


it back from Silva. He's round Shay Given. He sets up Nolito to give the


three points to Manchester City in the end. Iheanacho got round Shay


Given but had the presence of mind to square it for Nolito. Despite the


presence of two Stoke players online the line, Nolito put it between


them. Stoke 1, Manchester City 3. We have probably learnt quite a lot


about Manchester City under Pep Guardiola today. 45 excellent


minutes followed by 45 less than convincing. But they are going to


emerge with three points. They might actually have a fourth goal. They


will, Nolito, just slides it into the back of the net. He make it is a


much wider margin of victory than it ever seemed like it was going to be.


Stoke came back into this in the early part of the second-half, but


never were quite able to kick on. The in the end, two late goals from


Nolito have given Manchester City the kind of scoreline they would


have craved at the start of the day. Three victories in a week. Two in


the Premier League. A perfect start for Pep. The quality of the players


is amazing. How they fight, how they run for each other. They play for


each other. Everybody run, everybody play. We can't forget where we play


today. One of the toughest games away. We did really good. Mark, was


that scoreline a little harsh? We think so. Certainly, we were very


much in the game at 2-1. Penalties obviously were key from our point of


view. Certainly the one against us in the first half when I felt we


were the dominant team at that point, it came at a crucial time for


us. We were on the front foot asking questions of City. Unfortunately 9


next directive which has been implemented to the letter of the law


has affected us and knocked the wind out of our sails somewhat. I let the


team down. It was silly, silly mistake having known what has been


said in the summer and meeting the refs. A stupid mistake on my behalf.


Hopefully I can rectify it in the future and not get done again. Did


you appeal for that one you got? I didn't think it was. I got my head


close to the ball. I was reasonably happy with how I jumped. I didn't


think I was impeded too much. If they are going to change the rules


they have done, they will have to do it for every game. He may have made


a mistake. Very refreshing to hear those honest viewses from Shawcross


there. New directive. A couple of penalties. What do we think A new


directive. The players will have to learn quickly. Mike Dean is looking


at it there. Ryan Shawcross got hold of the jersey of Otamendi. It looks


weak. Otamendi has hold of Ryan be Shawcross' jersey. We see it in


every penalty box in Europe, never mind just in the Premier League.


There will be a lot of penalties this year. Players will have to


learn very quickly. This one. Forget any crew rules. This is a penalty


under any set of rules. I don't know why he's diving in. How Mike Dean


missed that. Stoke didn't get it. It was a penalty on Joe Allen. You can


see the contact and reaction. This is the other penalty. You see the


zonal marking City do there. The three circled, their job is to block


the runners of the Stoke attackers. They protect the second line, which


is the one of Stones, Zabaleta and Kolarov to make sure they are


protected. The Raheem Sterling, under the new directive, he is not


looking at the ball. Mike Dean is looking straight at it. He deemed it


a foul. I think it's weak. The problem area is, one, why is Raheem


Sterling in that position. Marking Shawcross. Why do Zabaleta not come


and take advantage and win the ball? I think it's very weak. I don't like


the directive. What it will do, it will give the advantage to the


attacker. You don't like it? Come on. We get sick of the holding and


mauling in the box It's part and parcel of the game. It's not that


type of game. You have to the get physical, man-to-man with someone.


You can't let him have a two or three yard on you, people like you


would score load of goals. Raheem Sterling started well under Pep


Guardiola, convinced? Nearly. The there is a long way to go. He is


more confident, super fit. I still think what is missing from his game


is the final bit. He had great opportunities today. At great shot


in the first half. Opportunities like this, one-on-one in the box.


Weak finish. He makes brilliant runs. There I think he has to go in


on goal. That is what great wingers do. It was a great cross. He needs


more assists for his team-mates. Sprinting to the ball.


Counter-attacking. Again, his touch let's him down. It's that final bit.


The final pass. The into the box, cuts inside. He has three options.


He loses possession. Be selfish, score a goal. Shoot. He doesn't


shoot. Makes a simple pass. Doesn't make the pass. This is fantastic.


One, two, three Stoke players around him. Past them. Can he get a goal?


Produce the pass to help someone else get a goal? Sloppy pass. That


final pass, that final shot that let's him down. This was City's last


goal. In that situation, brilliantly unselfishly play. I would like to


see him score that goal. I wouldn't have passed that in a million years.


I don't think I would. It's numbers. Goals and assists don't lie. You


have to make things happen. This is last season's league goals and


assists. He wants to be more like Mahrez, ?50 million player. He can


be. He has the ability. Still encouraging. Stoke? Promising signs


I thought. Joe Allen's performance on his home debut was exceptional.


Did well. The the scoreline flattered City a bit. Nothing to


worry for Stoke. Early days. Chelsea boss, Antonio Conte,


went head-to-head with Watford manager, Walter Mazzarri,


seven times in Serie A, The two men renewed their rivalry


at Vicarage Road. COMMENTATOR: There was a time when


Antonio Conte and Walter Mazzarri did not even look at each other when


coaching in Italy. The same team which started against Southampton


starts for Watford, it was a surprise that Troy Deeney or Odion


Ighalo did not score last week. Willian has a minor injury so Pedro


comes in for him. Cesc Fabregas starts on the bench again. Watford's


only win in their last 15 meetings with Chelsea came here in the first


Premier League game between the sides 17 years ago. Clever ball to


find Holebas who is in through the back. Cracking save from Courtois.


The closest either side have come. Might not be used to this kind of


weather from his time coaching in Italy. The rain jacket is out and so


is the cap. Hazard wanted the foul, did not get


it, Ighalo brings it out for Watford, Ighalo still through the


middle, Azpilicueta with good covering but Nordin Amrabat still


going. Odion Ighalo, Watford's top scorer last season got into the


right place but could not put the ball into the right spot. Best two


chances of the game have gone the way of Walter Mazzarri's side. First


touch in towards Diego Costa, Gomes with the brave save, Diego Costa


still lurking. Chelsea want a backpass. Costa cannot believe it.


Good, brave goalkeeping from Gomes. You could argue it either way I


guess. John Terry, into costa, Nordin Amrabat has been impressive


for Watford so far. Gary Cahill has to be what -- watchful. The LA


delivery, Deeney was there, it comes to Etienne Capoue, Watford lead!


Etienne Capoue scores for the second game running! And you have to say on


the balance of play Watford deserve it. The ball in from Adlene


Guedioura, Chelsea fell asleep in allowing Etienne Capoue to have that


much space and he made the most of it. Courtois might be slightly


disappointed at being beaten at his near post but it was very well hit.


Diego Costa who should know by now to try to keep his mouth shut if he


is not happy with the referee received a caution for dissent after


the goal. Bit of room for an N'Golo Kante. Thought about the shot but


thought better of it. It's Diego Costa instead. Comes back to Diego


Costa. That is theatrical and he has already been booked. He is taking a


real risk. Diego Costa, how much contact was there? Not a great deal,


goes to ground very easily. Hazard. Still Hazard. Fired into Matic who


has worked it onto Kante. Ivanovic of all people has done really well.


Watford get a little lucky, Behrami slicing it behind for a corner.


Pedro with the corner. Half an appeal for handball. This is what


Chelsea were unhappy about, corner comes in, Terry is up, Cathcart has


his arm up and it comes off it. Antonio Conte has lost just one of


his last 31 league games as a club manager. Fabregas, to Hazard who's


going to have a go, saved by Gomes, Batshuayi is there and he gets his


first goal for Chelsea. Almost immediate impact from the big-money


signing. Antonio Conte's men are back level in a game they have been


largely second-best in. It was a good hit, Gomes will be disappointed


not to have held on but credit to Michy Batshuayi for his quick


reaction. Seven minutes after coming on from the bench, Batshuayi draws


the visitors level. Azpilicueta into Fabregas. He's picked out Ivanovic,


back here for Diego Costa. No foul on the edge of the area, the ball is


still alive, Jonathan Moss finally intervenes. All sorts going on there


and things have got a bit heated. Unsurprisingly Diego Costa seems to


be at the heart of it. The challenge from Etienne Capoue, Diego Costa


gets a lot of Etienne Capoue. Cannot find his man, Diego Costa is


onside, not a great first touch, still Diego Costa, and he might have


won it late on for Chelsea for the second game running! Antonio Conte


is celebrating another Chelsea late show. One of his substitutions


scored the level and the other provided the through ball, excellent


pass from Cesc Fabregas. It looked like Diego Costa had gone too far


wide with his first touch but he recovered well and then slipped it


underneath Gomes. We are going to get used to seeing this, you would


have thought. Antonio Conte celebrating wildly once again.


Victor Moses still going, Batshuayi! Almost wrapped it up. Batshuayi's


blast against the bar with Gomes nowhere near it. So far so good for


Antonio Conte's men. Batshuayi, Moses and Fabregas, they


had a great impact on the game but must be so, must be so because I


have to take some choice but then I can change, during the game I can


find a new solution. TRANSLATION: I am happy of how we played for 70, 80


minutes, we played very well so I am happy with how we played but not so


much in the result. Conti is always like


Antonio Conte, he believes in his team, we try to give everything for


him and he is good. Diego Costa with another late winner, having already


had a yellow card there was an incident where he could have had


another for diving. The first yellow is no good, it is no good for me


because he must not take the yellow card for the protest. I don't accept


a secondary yellow card for the dive. But the first he must avoid


the first. We will come to that soon, but he has altered things


dramatically. Yes, they were slow and sluggish, played safe, no


penetration in behind then the three substitutions, Victor Moses,


Batshuayi and particularly Fabregas, when he came on and suddenly there


was someone controlling the game and playing those passes forward. Diego


Costa had a partner up front, this was the goal, predators finish. Cesc


Fabregas again, he was running the game at this point. Batshuayi was a


threat up front. Chelsea suddenly looked like a threat, they looked


exciting. It was Fabregas who changed the game for me. Throughout


the first half, look at that pass, that is the eye of the needle, 11


yards between Cathcart and the central defender, right into the


path of Diego Costa and not many midfielders can play that kind of


pass. A few of us. I never saw you do it! You can see Antonio Conte at


the end, his substitutions were fantastic. It was the fact he could


see the pass, the technique was not that difficult he could see it as a


front player he was on his way straightaway. Diego Costa's


performances mix between the sublime and ridiculous. We saw that again


today. On Monday night he got away with this, a second yellow card


obviously but he stayed on the pitch. Stupid challenge to be making


when you are on a yellow. Then he smashes home the winner to give his


team the three points. You would think by this time, don't get stupid


yellow cards again and what does he do? Gives the referee a mouthful.


And somehow, here, the ball ricochets back to him and he gets


away with this which is as blatant as you will see. I don't like seeing


players getting silly yellow cards, I wish referees would not dish them


out but I cannot defend it. It is crazy because the ability that he


has, when he gets in these positions. He is as good as there


is, strong, powerful. And a decent finish, the goalkeeper could do


better but he's won them the three points. They need him to stay on the


pitch. A bit hard on Watford. Yes, they played well, they have quality


in the team. Don't go anywhere, five


games still to come. Sigurdsson, off the crossbar.


Lukaku! Dele Alli! Dangerous! Ibrahimovich!


Last week's surprise package, Hull, were looking to build


They faced a Swansea side who opened up with a win at Burnley.


Your commentator at the Liberty Stadium was Tony Husband.


COMMENTATOR: Gylfi Sigurdsson it came off the bench to inspire


Swansea 's victory over Burnley last week. He starts today, the only


change. Lyon Britton is out with illness. Fernando Llorente makes his


home debut upfront. Mike Phelan admits time is ticking for the club


to bring in new owners and players to boost his threadbare squad. The


fans opinions are quite clear. Never change a winning team? Hull have


little choice, the same 11 who beat Leicester seven days ago. Two side


to winners on the opening day, for Swansea a second consecutive game


against a club promoted from the Championship. Sigurdsson, off the


crossbar! That is why he was recalled today. Jakupovic had to be


really alert and got a vital touch on a stinging shot from the


Icelandic international. The two new majority owners of Swansea City in


the crowd for the first time today since completing their takeover in


the summer. Kingsley, get the shot away, it is blocked by Llorente.


Robert Snodgrass brings it away and Hull on the break, Snodgrass,


support from Hernandez and Diomande. The shot goes wide. Snodgrass's


break, Diomande sees it open up, he ought to hit the target. He was a


assistant to Sir Alex Ferguson and won three titles at Old Trafford but


this is a different job. They are queueing up in the middle,


Llorente's header just over. He is getting closer to his first goal for


Swansea City. Just over the top. And still we have stalemate. Snodgrass,


just the one man in the middle to pick out so he goes alone for now.


Is he caught? The referee had a good look but weeds away protestations.


Snodgrass stays down. Didn't have a lot of options so he goes alone. The


challenge from Jordi Amat. The referee has a good view, that could


be an ankle, that is absolutely not what Mike Phelan would want. Still a


game that is searching for something to spark it into life. Elmohamady


with the cross. Sam Clucas tried to get there first, held off by


Sigurdsson. Clucas opens it up once more, Maloney, free kick in a


dangerous position. Clucas has done well, then he is caught by


Fernandez. Shaun Maloney. Just onto the field. Standing over the free


kick, but it could be Snodgrass. It is Maloney, it is deflected and it


will be a corner. Only the second of the game. Snodgrass to deliver the


corner, the header is just tipped over, Curtis Davies is often


dangerous from these positions and again timed his run so well. It


needed a touch from Fabianski to see it to safety. This would be a smash


and grab for Hull City. And this has taken a touch, it was Maloney, the


substitute, and Hull City have grabbed the lead to stun the Liberty


Stadium. Once more it's Curtis Davies causing a nuisance, timing


his one well, getting something on it and Shaun Maloney helping it in.


Hull take a shock lead, what a story from this Hull City side and their


caretaker boss Mike Phelan. Llorente, combining with Sigurdsson.


Huddlestone got a touch. They will get it forward and look at


Hernandez, he's in behind him, can he get a second? Fabianski getting


his arms up when it mattered, denying Hull a goal which would seal


the game. Llorente, well marshalled by Curtis Davies. Sigurdsson again,


Snodgrass won't reach that one, Kingsley is up to support Montero,


the Ecuadorian with the cross, Sigurdsson is they are. This could


come to Kyle Naughton, close, six yards out. Llorente was trying to


get a crucial touch, it was a good strike from Kyle Naughton. Cannot do


any more from his position now because it is that man's goal which


separates the sides. Hull will want to keep possession. Snodgrass plays


it through her Maloney, he is onside, Hernandez, 2-0, two wins in


a row guaranteed for Hull. What a story they are and what a victory


this is, only 13 senior players, they have only used 12 this season


and are on their way to six points from six in the Premier League. The


super sub setting up a super victory.


Crisis, what crisis? That's easy to say much we are short in numbers. We


have to be realistic. Tremendous performance. The character of the


group has been terrific from day one, really. And, hopefully, it will


continue. Today was not easy because we found with XI players behind the


line of the ball, no space. It's difficult, not easy for us. But we


are disappointed at the moment. We knew the quality of Swansea and we


knew what they would try to do at home. From our lads point of view


there was an almost of conserving energy. The getting bodies behind


the ball a bit, we haven't the numbers. We thought if we could get


through to that 75 minute mark maybe we could con for 15. It worked well.


With everything that has been going on. When the game comes around. When


we have 11, 12, 13, players fit all these sort of things just become...


Well to the back of your mind, really. I think with the adversity,


the manager leaving and the well documented thing with the owner and


the club we have pretty good team spirit. You only neat XI and one


substitution. Fantastic start for Hull and Mike Phelan To galvanise


team spirit. They have no squad. Kids on the bench. He didn't make a


substitution last week. He made a sub today, he scored, Shaun Maloney.


They rode their luck. Header from Davis. Maloney poaching


on the line. They defended well. Almost like a perfect away


performance. This was a brilliant goal. Passing movement. Two-touch


play. Good running in off the ball. It falls to Hernandez, in great


form. Sticks it away. When you're talking about someone that deserves


an opportunity, deserves a chance to be number one at the club. I think


Mike Phelan is that person. If you have worked, the most successful


assistant manager in Premier League history. The 12 years under Sir Alex


Fergusson. The you see his interviews before and after games.


He can handle the situation with what is going on at Hull. The


players are playing for him. He hasn't done himself any harm. After


a good start last week, Swansea wouldn't have expected that? No.


They played OK. They dominated for long periods they missed a bit of


cutting-edge in the final third. Their new signing will be out for


three or four weeks. They need him back. They certainly do. .


Two more games coming up on Match of the Day 2.


COMMENTATOR: oh, terrific goal. Jermaine Defoe is off and running


for the season. Negroponte! -- -- Negredo!


There's commentary of West Ham versus Bournemouth on 5 Live


Following us tonight, Mo Farah goes in the final of the 5000m,


looking to repeat his double Gold medal success from London.


And, something new to look out for on Thursday.


Gabby Logan presents The Premier League Show.


It features an extended interview with Jurgen Klopp,


COMMENTATOR: To Klinsmann. That's what they paid the money for. Now


who's a diver! After getting their campaign


off to a winning start the points with Spurs


on the opening day. Rondon started with the winner last


weekend. He has scored in West Brom's last three Premier League


matches. Jonny Evans, a target for Arsenal takes his place in an


unchanged West Brom side. Everton are also unchanged. Ross Barkley got


their goal in the opening day draw against Tottenham. Plenty of


interest on the visitor's bench. Lukaku scored twice here last season


against his former club. COMMENTATOR: Olsson. In towards


Rondon. He's got away. Terrific save from Stekelenburg. Questions being


asked of the Everton defenders by Maarten Stekelenburg. Salomon


Rondon, able to get away here. He has to be satisfied with a corner


kick. In towards McAuley. They were so close to scoring just a few


seconds ago. Now the Baggies have taken the lead. Gareth McAuley,


making the run, getting away from his marker. It was a simple task for


him. West Bromwich Albion 1, Everton 0. I asked Ronald Koeman on whether


he has been concentrating on defending set-pieces in the build-up


to this match. He said, no, perhaps he might be regretting that now.


Evans with the interception. Fletcher. Losses out to Barry.


Mirallas. First time shot from Gareth Barry. It was pretty


comfortable, if truth be told, for Ben Foster. Nice build-up from the


visitors. Simple for the goalkeeper though. First change of the match.


Romelu Lukaku would surely have started had it not been for the


lingering affects of a heel injury that affected him for the last


couple of weeks. James McCarthy is coming off. 22 clean sheets in 57


Premier League matches before today under Tony Pulis from West Bromwich


Albion. Clean sheet today it's three points to make it six out of six. A


long way to go though. Lukaku. Finds Jagielka. Mirallas. Trying to get a


bit of space. Mirallas. Nice goal from Everton. Kevin Mirallas with


the equaliser in stoppage-time at the end of the first half. They find


a way through the West Bromwich Albion defence. So many West


Bromwich Albion defenders back. Precise passing and suddenly they


were away and through. Kevin Mirallas has levelled it up at the


Hawthorns. West Bromwich Albion 1, Everton 1.


Down by Phillips towards Rondon. Stekelenburg with the save from


Fletcher. Berahino. Fouls Holgate. The Maarten Stekelenburg made a


terrific save in the first half, and he's made equally as good a one


here, as it falls to Fletcher. Stekelenburg able to block it with


his foot. It was a great chance for Tony


Holgate. Needed the challenge much he got one, Yacob slid in to block


the shot on goal. Everton's second goal of the afternoon. Mirallas, the


goalscorer, to take. Could drop anywhere. Anywhere. Everton so close


to getting a second goal here. The Everton fans behind that goal must


have thought this was going to be 2-1 to their team - not so.


Fletcher. Mirallas, with the free-kick.


Towards goal. Fisted away by Foster. What a chance. Really well delivered


ball. Mori getting plenty of power on the header. Foster able to push


it behind for the corner. Holgate. Gareth Barry, on his 100th Premier


League appearance for Everton, has put them in front. Holgate with the


touch, back across goal, and Barry was on the end of it. What a turn


around. Bolasie. . Terrific cross. Oh,


deserved a goal. It's wide from Ross Barkley. That was surely going to


end in the bottom corner. It's wide. He can't quite believe it. Into the


last-minute of the 90. Barkley, lovely ball through. Bolasie.


Lukaku, to finish it. Saved by Foster. That would have certainly


sealed the points for Everton, had it gone in. Glorious chance. Not


taken. Yacob. Fast, frantic,


freneticifialy. That looked like handball from Holgate, and is. That


was as clear as day. The Ben Foster is forward for West Brom. The


goalkeeper hoping to get on the end of it. James McClean will take. It's


the last chance for the Baggies. McClean. Straight into the wall.


Poor, poor free-kick. That's more hopeful. Foster. Just wide from the


goalkeeper. That is that. It's the first victory in the Premier League


for Everton under Ronald Koeman. It's finished at the Hawthorns, West


Bromwich Albion 1, Everton 2. After five to ten minutes the 1-0 down,


OK, we had to change the system. I think from that on, the team played


more the dominating team. We had some good chances. Of course the one


before half-time, it's a very key moment in the game. First to concede


was really disappointing, just before half-time. I thought the lads


worked well thichl had possession of the ball but never really, really


hurt us. Second-half, you know, we had to chase a bit. We're not


brilliant when we have to chase it. The game gets stretched. We're


disappointed, obviously. Well, fine win for Everton coming from behind.


Fantastic performance from Holgate? Fantastic today, played well against


Spurs. I don't like comparisons, I don't think it works. He came from


Barnsley, same as Jack Stones. He plays similar to Jack Stones. He is


so flexible. So confident on the ball. He's composed fearless. He


made his had debut in pre-season against United in Wayne Rooney's


testimonal. He earned the right to start for Everton. Gets forward


well. Makes a run. When you are that age you play without any kind of


fear. When you are young the question is - can you defend? He has


shown he can defend. He defends one v one situations well. Doesn't turn


his back here, keeps his eye on the ball. The good balance and speed.


The it looks like Everton have found a gem, for only ?2 million. He has


played 22 games in his career. He has miles more development to come.


A big, big talent. He is English as well, playing first team football.


That is important. Certainly is. More good news for Everton, Lukaku's


decided he will stay at least for another season. Brilliant news,


especially with the introduction of Bolasie, the front three and four


look powerful now. Powerful and quick. West Brom, they could do with


an addition or two, what is missing? They tried to get Schlupp. At Palace


they were well-organised. They have Rondon, who can Nica goal. They need


more pace and excitement. OK. Tottenham's first home game,


in what will be their final season at White Hart Lane,


came against a Crystal Palace side who've won just two out of 20


Premier League games in 2016. Your commentator for


this one, Guy Mowbray. COMMENTATOR: There is a big hole at


White Hart Lane, making space for more seats as work begins on the


brand-new home next door, two years away from opening. An opening day


draw at Everton for Spurs, in part due to the introduction of Janssen.


Dele Alli drops to the bench so he can start. Andros Townsend makes his


return to White Hart Lane after leaving in January, arriving with


Crystal Palace the Newcastle, that is a roundabout route. First London


derby of the season for these two. Spurs looking to make a brighter


start to the campaign than they did a year ago, failed to win any of


their first four games in the Premier League, not that it did them


a great deal of harm as the season went on. Lamela. Lovely cross. Scott


Dan there to make sure it did not go any further and cause major damage.


It will be an Eric Lamela corner with Joe Ledley keeping at tabs on


the Janssen. Free header straight at Hennessey. Alderweireld raises his


eyes to the sky. Watched the ball all the way on to his forehead. The


last time Crystal Palace were here it was the FA Cup in February and


the won 1-0 thank you to a goal from Martin Kelly. Kane. Deflected.


Hennessey ready, Janssen ready for Spurs, great save from Hennessey and


a double block with the help of Delaney. The shot took a massive


deflection, took time getting down to that one, Hennessey, but up and


down again very quickly to block the second effort from Janssen. Crystal


Palace have not scored a first-half goal in any of the last eight


Premier League matches. Excellent control from Eriksen. Janssen wants


it. It's come to Lamela. Here is Kane. Fired wide. It really was


fired, he put everything into it. Off target. The top than --


Tottenham captain. Cabaye. Townsend, Cabaye. Opted to go early. Nice


linkup. Just cut across the shot, had an option with Connor Wickham in


the box. Lamela, to Eric Dier. Kane! Pape Souare got to him. Not in time


to stop the effort on goal. Harry Kane had to stoop, header was the


only option. Harry came's next goal will be his 50th in the Premier


League. The England manager is here, he has a season ticket for


everywhere this season and is making the most of it. Spurs need a spark,


Christian Eriksen has not been able to ignite his yet today so he will


make wafer Dele Alli. -- will make way for Dele Alli. Kane. Erik


Lamela. Dele Alli. Through her Janssen, brilliant ball, but he can


not finish. Pass of the match from Dele Alli with his first touch of


the ball. Openings don't come much better than that. Walker with space


to run into. Wanyama. Going to come back to Dele


Alli. Just a smidgen too high. Over the crossbar. Lamela. Kane. Danny


Rose. In towards Janssen, corner. Spurs have chalked up ten corners


now. Comes from Lamela, Ki towards goal


and in from Victor Wanyama! It took a long time coming. Good movement


from Kane. Wanyama managed to get in between Tomkins and Pape Souare.


Spurs scorer with a set piece, 1-0. Cabaye. Jordon Mutch. Connor


Wickham. He's had a go. It arrived at Michel Vorm pretty quickly. Might


look like a routine save but I'm sure it wasn't that simple. Failed


to win their final two home games of last season, drew their first two


but they have started the White Hart Lane campaign with a win today.


I think that we thoroughly deserved the victory, happy with the


performance. I think we played very well and we need to be happy for us


and our supporters that today they enjoyed a lot. We have matched them


in a lot of areas but the bottom line is that in two games we have


not scored and that's going to be a problem unless we address it,


signing Christian will be a big boost in the coming weeks but we


perhaps need another one to give us the link. But I cannot fault by


players today, they gave everything. Is it fair to say you did not sign


Victor Wanyama for his goals? It is important for a new player to score


and feel the love of the supporters. I think today for Victor and Vincent


it was important to feel the love of our supporters. I feel like I have


been here for ages, the lads have been fantastic, everyone at the club


has been very professional and I am happy to be here. A good sweat on


there. An unlikely goal-scorer I suppose in many ways but it was the


front two of Tottenham which was interesting, Janssen and Kane giving


Kane a different role than we normally see. He has played number


nine as we have seen ever so well. Mauricio Pochettino does not like


playing two strikers. Here he has given Kane the freedom to drop deep


and we see it numerous times. Janssen is further ahead, fed by


Kane on that occasion. These little pockets he is getting into, he


really enjoys it because he's got such a good shot as well. This is


Janssen getting the follow-up, still hasn't got his first goal but he


linked up well, I am excited by it. It's promising because I think the


body language of Harry Kane was good, he did not have to think about


having to stay up high. In that role you can drift. Janssen, best chance


of the match, he will be disappointed, weaker foot but he


will still be thinking he should have scored. Good run across the


near post by Janssen. This time it Janssen has dropped in as number ten


so Kane being intelligent goes higher up the pitch and gets in the


box as an option, good ball from Eric Dier and on another day Kane


could have scored a couple. Great header, assessed, reminded me a bit


of Alan Shearer there. Crystal Palace fought well, I thought they


can look forward to the next few weeks with a new player of course.


They need one, you don't need to be the best pundit in the world to know


what their problem is, they cannot score. They have not scored this


season, two wins in 21. I think when you have Benteke in the team you


have the good crosses on, it's up to Townsend, Zaha and Puncheon. I was


not in any way implying that you are not the greatest pundit!


Two teams now looking to bounce back from opening day defeats.


After losing at Hull, champions Leicester faced Arsenal,


who were beaten 4-3 at home by Liverpool.


Steve Wilson was at the King Power Stadium.


COMMENTATOR: Can match two really be must win? Maybe for last season 's


champions and runners-up it feels like it can after opening weekend


defeats. Last season 's stalwarts Robert Huth, Albrighton and Okazaki


return, Mendy makes his first start for the club. Rob Holding keeps his


place for Arsenal and Granit Xhaka starts. Great atmosphere inside the


King Power Stadium. Oxlade-Chamberlain. Good attempt. He


scored a wonderful goal against Liverpool last weekend which


launched Arsenal 's fightback in that match. Mark Clattenberg wearing


long sleeves today. It's a little bit chilly. They also cover the


tattooed which celebrate his achievements of last season. Mono


Sam Allardyce's first England squad will be fascinating. Drinkwater


might be in it. He did not make the cut for the Euros. Santi Cazorla to


take this free kick for Arsenal. Dangerous. Schmeichel ends up making


a really good save. One of those which was curling into the back


post, nobody actually got a touch but it needed saving. Awkward


bouncer for Kasper Schmeichel. Olivier Giroud on the bench again,


Mesut Ozil on one side and Jack Wilshere the other. Mahrez trying to


run away from Monreal. Drinkwater has made a good run to get forward,


Fardy is already there, Petr Cech did well, Drinkwater caught by


Koscielny, Vardy could not find Okazaki. Nothing given by Mark


Clattenberg. Drinkwater convinced he was fouled. It's a great break. I


think he has caught him. I think Koscielny caught him. He certainly


thinks he did. Mahrez, that's nice, Okazaki, Simpson to his right hand


side, Okazaki taking a minute to get the ball under control. Mahrez, good


feet. Caught by Francis Coquelin who already has a yellow card. Got him


with the right and made sure with the left. Riyad Mahrez going for


gold. Real power on it. But not quite enough depth.


Oxlade-Chamberlain, good attempt on the first half which went wide but


not by much. Worked that well as well, Bellerin, well hit.


A bit wasteful from Schmeichel. Francis Coquelin. Bogside. --


offside. The ball ending up in the back of the Leicester net but


Walcott flagged offside immediately and correctly. Not the easiest week


for Arsene Wenger. He has been saying he will sign a defender


before the end of the month. That's fallen to Jamie Vardy, Koscielny


trying to catch him. In the end the angle was getting more and more


difficult for Jamie Vardy. Lovely from Mesut Ozil. Sanchez, Walcott,


danger. But not as much as there might have been. It was a weak shot


off his left into the glance of Kasper Schmeichel. Shakespeare


behind Claudio Ranieri, now part of the Sam Allardyce backroom team with


England. Visit Ozil accelerating away from Mahrez. Back in towards


Ozil. Schmeichel did well. One or two alarm bells again here for


Leicester. Ozil has made a difference, no question. Neither


side settling for what would be their first point of the season.


Musa. Two and a half minutes to go, goes down, hands behind the back


from Mark Clattenberg. Leicester supporters thought they might have


had a penalty, Bellerin on Musa. And again you would say looking at that


they have a point. But Leicester may yet win this game, Mahrez, lovely


turn, away from Koscielny, better check with the save, Musa! Don't


know why he didn't hit it. At the end of this game Petr Cech has made


a huge save. First point for the champions and first point for the


runners-up. I'm very happy. We didn't concede a


clear chance. We closed very well all the space. We created a lot of


great chances, and clear chance, to score a goal. It was a draw, but I


think our fans enjoyed the match. From last week I believe we


responded very well and you could Celester is a good team. They were


not champions with losing only three games last year for nothing, you


know? We had to fight until the end. We could even have lost it and won


it in the last 20 minutes. Do you feel you might have had two


penalties today? No, I don't know. It's difficult to say penalty or no


penalty. My philosophy is penalty when the referee whistles penalty.


That is it from me. There was contact. The referee has not given


it so I can't complain. Looking back on the game, we worked extremely


hard there. More like last season's performances. Typically sporting


talk from the Leicester brigade. That's the place we have to start.


What do you think, a couple of penalty decisions there, the latter,


certainly appeared to be... Two big incidents. The first one I don't


think was a penalty. There weren't many complaints, not from Drinkwater


after the game. The linesman and referee are in good positions. I


don't think it's penalty. I don't think there is enough contact, if


any. As he's coming in here, Koscielny comes in. There is a knee


to knee there. I don't think there is enough contact, if any, for Mark


Clattenburg to give the penalty. The second one. This is the penalty. I


don't understand. He's right there, how he can't see it. It's so


obvious. Great bit of skill, by the way. He catches him. Stops him going


through to goal. I understand the one before, if you are not sure you


don't give it. I don't know how you can't be sure when you are 20 yards


away much he made a mistake. It's unfortunate. It would have been a


win in the last-minute. Should Coquelin have stayed on the park for


a second yellow? I don't think he deserved to be sent off. His first


challenge was a yellow card, wreckless. His foot left the ground.


I don't think we want players sending off every week. We want XI


players on the pitch all-time. He was going for the ball. It was


clumsy. I agree. Because the player goes down and rolls round doesn't


mean it was too much - It's a contact sport. You will tackle and


miss time it. We don't want yellow cards every time a tackle. If you


get that, Phil would have been sent off 28 times. I don't think I've


seen Arsenal play in a long time when they didn't create anything.


When Ozil came on they looked to have a spark. Which is a real worry.


OK. Friday night football is now a part


of the Premier League schedule, the first encounter of this season


saw Manchester United host a Southampton side who've won


on their last two visits It's been 20 years since a player


with the tag of the World's most Expensive was at an English club.


Then it was Alan Shearer. Now it's Paul Pogba, who starts for Jose


Mourinho in place of Herrera. Southampton's new boy makes hiss


first start. Fonte, linked with United comes in. He replaces Maya


Yoshida. Mata, Clasie. Lovely ball. Ibrahimovic on the end of it. Great


stuff that from Mata. Ibrahimovic to Pogba. Lovely build-up involving


Mata first then Ibrahimovic. Took a deflection on the shot from Pogba,


not enough to worry Fraser Forster in the Southampton goal. Looked like


he was signing his own autobiography book there. Free-kick Southampton.


Started their season with a draw at St Mary's last weekend. Tadic is on


this. He's going to leave it. Davis drilled it in. Came off Valencia, I


think. Back into Long. A Southampton fans thought it crept in. Long


thought it had a chance too. A smart turn by Long. Mata. Great touch from


martial martial. Ibrahimovic. Pogba. -- Martial. Clipped to Mata,


Ibrahimovic! Well, there's nothing much that gravity can do to prevent


Zlatan Ibrahimovic from getting the attempt away. They are beginning to


knock at the door a little bit more seriously here, Manchester United.


Rooney. Curled in. Ibrahimovic! 1-0, Manchester United. Zlatan


Ibrahimovic scored in the Community Shield. Scored on the opening day at


Bournemouth and scores on home debut against Southampton. A terrific


header from Ibrahimovic. Right into the bottom corner. Manchester United


1, Southampton 0. Ibrahimovic's flying start continues. Manchester


United haven't lost a home game since Southampton last beat them


here, which was in January of this year. 11 games in League and Cup


played here since. Eight wins, three draws. Four in the box here for


Southampton. That's very deep. Cedric, Tadic, offside. Let off for


Manchester United. It was well taken, but it was offside. Shaw.


Martial. Was he tripped? Yes, penalty. Clasie goes into Shaw who


tripped himself up. Ibrahimovic counting the Community Shield


already has three goals for Manchester United. Make that four.


2-0. Ibrahimovic with them both. Decisively done. Celebrated by


Ibrahimovic. Cedric's ball in. Flick from Davis,


Redmond. There's the chance, perhaps he needed to try and hit it first


time here, Nathan Redmond. Nice from Pogba.


Rooney. Clipped up towards Mata. Beautifully controlled. Winning a


corner off Targett. Mata's corner. Pogba! Good chance


that. For what would have been his first ever Manchester United goal.


Manchester United don't look like their grip on this game is going to


be loosen. Oh, not far wide from Tadic. A little bit unlucky in front


of goal tonight. Southampton have been close on a number of occasions.


Not sure they have made David de Gea do much in the way of a save. Pogba


getting forward. Here is Paul Pogba. Ibrahimovic, in the middle, was


waiting, and waiting. Pogba ignored him. And, missed the target. Three


matches official, three victories. Playing OK. Some very good moments,


other difficult moments. The team never loses the direction. Never


loses the stability even when the opponent in some moments they are in


the top of the game. So I'm really happy with this consistency. It's


important to play and to play one, two-touch. When you can make this,


it will be good opportunity against this team. It's a good lesson. I


think we have also good possibilities for the future. I came


here to win. That's what I want. That's what I always wanted. I came


to United, it's a top club. A great team. We have to win. Get used to


it. Get used to winning and carry on like this. That's all. There he is,


the world's most expensive player. Paul Pogba didn't disappointment you


were there He's a special player. He started the game rusty. 10 days


training. United have someone - every time he comes on to a football


field he has ego and personality. He has confidence. He can pass long, he


can pass short. I think he teases defenders. You think you will get


the ball from him, he nicks it away from you. Great strength and


balance. United has one of the world's best midfield players. Look


at the drive as he goes past Southampton's defenders. He is


powerful when he gets forward. Danny said before, he should be scoring


more goals. In Juventus last season he set up the most Gomes in Serie A.


He is a fantastic midfield player. He won't need any time to settle


inch he knows Old Trafford and the surroundings. I think this season,


we will see one of the best. I say that because of his ability. I think


because he has everything he can shoot, he can head it. He's super


athlete, he can run beyond people. With all that ability, if he is


playing in the right system, of course, if he's allowed the freedom.


It looks like he will be. If he gets in these areas he will score mother


goals. He will play free. He is box to box powerful midfield player. He


will score goals, I'm sure. I'm sure he will. There is a Mourinho look


about Manchester United already? Yeah. Efficient without being... I


think they had less possession than Southampton. Southampton need a few


players. They look lightweight up top since Pele left. They won the


last two seasons. Southampton, I suppose, they keep getting a new


manager and new players. Can you keep maintaining it? That is the


question. They have lost three important players. Mane and Pele. I


don't see enough quality in that team, in this moment in time, to


finish in the top half of the table. We are out of time. Thank you very


much gents. Before we leave you though let's look at the Premier


League table. The two Manchester clubs are locked


together at the top, with newly-promoted Hull and 2015


Champions, Chelsea, just Everton, Spurs and Burnley have


all earned their first wins. Crystal Palace are the only side to


have lost their first two matches. West Ham host Bournemouth


in a Sunday double header, which begins with the Wear-Tees


derby. Let us see what the Sunday papers


have to say. The Times leads on Liverpool being the target of an


?800 million takeover bid backed by the Chinese government. Chelsea are


preparing a ?25 million bid for Chiellini, according to the Sun on


Subbed and Joe Hart has been advised by Manchester City to leave with


them closing on a ?20 million deal for Claudio Bravo.


We'll leave you with one of the great goals of


It was scored by Dalian Atkinson, who tragically died this week


COMMENTATOR: Atkinson, he's done well. He has Saunders away to his


right. He's got a bit of a roll on here, Atkinson. It's a great run.


Now, what about the finish? Oh! A masterpiece from


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