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Just brilliant. Just brilliant. An absolute belter! What a goal! Look


at that! Here we go again -


new season, new titles, Apart from that, nothing


much has really changed. Seven games on the way


from the opening day We've gone with two up


front in the studio - Alan Shearer and Ian Wright have


it all covered. Champions Leicester City kicked


off their title defence against a Hull side seemingly


in disarray after a turbulent pre-season that saw


the departure of Steve Bruce. Caretaker boss, Mike Phelan,


had just 13 senior players available for the club's first game back


in the top flight. Opening day is normally one full of


optimism. It is in short supply at home. A controversial membership


scheme, no new signings and no permanent manager. With caretaker


boss Mike Phelan left with only 13 fit senior players to choose from


and forced to play Jake Livermore at centre-back. For Leicester, all is


calm and settled with a few adjustments to last year's title


winning team. There are debuts for Hernandez, Musa and Gray get only


his second start for the Foxes. Representatives of Hull City's


potential new owners are here today. Another decision goes Hull's way. It


will be a Hull corner. A good ball in for Robert Snodgrass. He will


have come across to get even better into the penalty area. Behind,


Curtis Davies. He needs to rid himself of any Leicester intention.


In front of Wes Morgan and stayed there to flick in towards goal.


Just curled away from goal. The keeper knew it was going wide. Not a


fall blooded dive from the goalkeeper. That is the closest that


either side has come so far. This combination between Fuchs, Musa.


Vardy's effort is blocked. A heroic block from Livermore. Mahrez! Wide.


Christian Fuchs has rarely come closer to scoring his first


Leicester goal than theirs. A brilliant bit of passing play with


two of his team-mates. That is excellent defending from the


makeshift centre-back, Livermore. Musa, too quick for Davis. Vardy has


missed another. He slaps himself in the face. A wake-up call for Jamie


Vardy but an even bigger one for Hull. The chances are coming for


Leicester now. Snodgrass took on Christian Fuchs.


He realised the touch had come off the Leicester defender and was happy


to lead role for a corner. Tried his best not to wrap his arms fully


round Tom Huddlestone. Hernandez got there in front of Schmeichel. It is


another Hull corner. Late goal wards and saved by Schmeichel. Now it is


in. Pushed in by Hernandez. Relegation favourites one macro,


reigning champions zero. Another good delivery by Snodgrass. An


excellent header, kept out by Schmeichel. They almost got it


together. Hernandez was in no doubt. Or was it dear mandate? -- Diomande.


No changes made to either side during the half-time interval.


Hoping for an incident free second half. There is one incident


straightaway, a penalty for Leicester. Gray went down. Where did


the bowel take place? As Tom Huddlestone came in and clipped the


ankle of Gray, who fell into the box, the contact with outside. It


will be Mahrez. Mahrez Hammers it home! What will


that do for the confidence of Hull City. They must have been bouncing


in their dressing room but they have been brought back down to now. 1-1.


Hull again with Elmohamady. Snodgrass! Hull have the lead for a


second time. No chance about who scored that. It was costly for


Leicester. Simpson could not get it properly clear, only to Snodgrass.


Snodgrass got himself set before firing through the hole. Under


Morgan, past Schmeichel and the caretaker manager is doing a fine


job with this stretched side. That was too risky. Cut out by Mahrez.


Okazaki ran into Curtis Davies. A card for the Hull captain. He is


trying to stand his ground. That was quite a clumsy attempt at taking the


ball from the Japanese striker. It might be Drinkwater, or it might be


Mahrez. Saved by the goalkeeper. He's spilled it. A corner is better


than a goal against. Round the wall. It would have to keep on curling a


bit more than that. It was charged down by Huddlestone


and bounced against the Leicester man for a Hull throw. They have a


free kick, a soft one from the Elmohamady throw. Snodgrass is


impeded. Snodgrass to go for pace, width and dip. They were trying to


catch Michael Alp that he was ready for it. As it stands, this is


today's matchwinner. -- Schmeichel out. Seconds left in the game... No


time left in the game. An opening day win, which is a famous one for


Hull City. We'll was talk about a pride of Lions but these Tigers have


plenty of pride as well. The start from Leicester City? Pants. Did you


see anything in training which might suggest you may not be at your best


today? No, no, no full stop we had a very good training session. Very


concentrated. Today we want to do the same. I think only the


connection between the players was not 100%. Did you see it coming? We


set out our stall to make sure we had something in the game. That was


the important thing. Things are going on and happening and we wanted


to galvanise each other together. It was great to see the team pulling


together, the staff pulling together and we got the result that surprised


a few people. When you are the underdogs, there is something about


this squad. We stick together as a unit. Maybe it is that sort of


cliche. You will get relegated and people take you for this and that.


We cannot let that affect us and we have put it to one side. Hard work


and determination, that is what the squad is built on. I did say after


the game, we need a hand. It is very difficult because the reasons are


exceptional if everyone is to stay fit from now till the end of season,


it is fine. It will be very tough. A great win for Hull. A reality check


for Leicester after winning the title last season. When we won the


league at Blackburn, the season after we found it very difficult.


At times, I think Leicester well. It is not a surprise away that


Leicester play. We know they try to hit teams on the counterattack last


year. That will mean teams will sit deep, they will get players behind


the ball like Hull did today. No space in behind four Vardy awful


Musa to run into. Look at the reaction from Drinkwater


ex-commissioner he is asking for options full stop he wants someone


to come short also been in behind. -- Drinkwater! Leicester found it


very difficult today. Hull were brilliant. Nowhere to go. Not a lot


of space in behind. Very well organised. Drinkwater a game gets


the ball. Leicester's game last was about pace, hitting teams on the


break. It did not happen. By the time they start running at people,


look at the numbers! There is nowhere for them to go. The one time


they did do it, they knocked the ball on when there was space for


Musa, they did it well. Body had a day to forget. He had one or two


chances. -- Jamie Vardy. They have possession but that was not


Leicester last year. Giving Hull time to get behind the ball and not


causing them any problems. The ball should go in there and should go in


there. Musa takes another touch and then goes back out. That gives you


time. There are now ten men behind the ball. It was not quick or


incisive. At times, Hull found it easy. Not enough questions were


asked. Leicester need to get used to that. They had better get used to


that. A lot of teams will do that and try to frustrate them. Despite


all the pre-season problems for Hull, they showed remarkable


resilience and team spirit. They were prepared for them. They knew


how Leicester would play. It is about getting the ball and getting


it forward quickly. They were prepared. He has done his homework


and they crowded them out. They were not just blasting it up the pitch.


It was great stuff, one touch stuff. Clucas was fantastic. They are out.


They played very well. They did not panic. Clucas one touch, played it


in. What I would like to see from the forwards is more movement. At


times Leicester were high. I do not think they made enough movement to


break them down for that this is where Leicester did do well. Great


play from figs. A great save from the goalkeeper. Brilliant by


Livermore. Al Hammer de back on the line. He will save it on the line.


-- Elmohamady. They were just up for it today and have done very well.


Even when they do get it forward quickly, Livermore and Curtis Davies


were rushing all over him and gave him nothing. They deserved the win.


They are going to need it. The players were unbelievable


professional. The staff did a great job. The owners have failed the


players, failed the staff. I think they have failed the fans. Where has


the money gone that they got for getting into the Premier League?


Those players that they signed last year didn't sign up for this, to be


left on their own. They need help. They have 13 fit players. Otherwise


it will be a long, hard season for Hull, despite a good result today.


Certainly is. I can't bear you two looking at me the way you're looking


at me. Enough of this nonsense, I'm going to get dressed. In the


meantime perhaps the most anticipated debut of all on the


opening day. all on the opening day,


Pep Guardiola's first game in charge The former Barcelona


and Bayern Munich manager faced a Sunderland side now


led by David Moyes following the appointment


of Sam Allardyce as England boss. Steve Wilson was at


the Etihad Stadium. Such is the status of Pep Guardiola


that City's title of favourites have. David Moyes will relish the


challenge in his first game as Sunderland boss. Decisions decision


already for Guardiola. Joe Hart is the first big casualty on the bench


as Willy Caballero starts in goal. Stones and Nolito make debuts. Kone


wants to go to Everton. Sunderland would rather keep their defender


than a tidy profit. The Ivorian starts. Here to watch his Oldboys


and maybe some new ones too, the England manager, Sam Allardyce.


Another new era at Manchester City. It's a free-kick to Sunderland.


Fernandinho is the only defensive midfielder in this Manchester City


starting line-up. Was a little bit late on Jermaine Defoe. Early test


for Caballero. It took a little deflection, I think. Caballero


treated it with caution. Maybe more than it actually deserved. That's


dangerous. Sunderland are protesting it should be a corner. In the end,


it's a goal kick. A point to prove, David Moyes. His last game in the


English Premier League was 2-0 defeat Atangana you goedson Park as


Manchester United boss. Sterling being chased by van Aanholt. Caught


by van Aanholt. Aanholt. With just a second or two more than three


minutes played. Cut back inside the full-back, who couldn't avoid


sliding into the Manchester City forward. Few complaints from


Sunderland about the award of this penalty. To be taken by Sergio


Aguero. 1-0. Off and running already, Manchester City.


The main man scores the first goal of Manchester City's season.


Elegant defender Jack Stones, he didn't have the best of seasons last


term at Everton. Berahino chasing that. The clearance is poor. Defoe


was in space. Lynden Gooch here. Danger. It was just behind Borini.


That was a shame. Cab Caballero is in the team because of Joe Hart's


supposed weakness in playing the ball with his feet. It was a poor


Caballero clearance to Watmore. David Silva. Don't want to give him


that much room. Nolito. Oh, went for a curl. Didn't


appear to be that far away. I think he's enjoying himself, Manchester


City new signing. Arteta there. What a place to learn and what a man to


learn under. Here's Borini. Rodwell. He might hit it. Took a deflection.


Sunderland have a corner and a rare opportunity to try and unsettle


Manchester City here. In goes the van Aanholt corner. There seemed to


be a moment of hesitation before the clearing header came in from David


Silva. Not cleared yet. Kone's strike block by Kolarov. Dee foe,


Caballero with the save. He was onside, Jermaine Defoe. Sunderland


very nearly got themselves level. He's level. It's a good save.


Champions League qualifier coming up for Manchester City, two legs, the


first of those coming mid next week. Sterling, did he keep the ball in


play. ? --? He did. Wide. He is so lethal, Aguero, you expect him to


turn and sweep it into the corner. Maybe just snatched at it a little


bit. Not beaten yet, David Moyes' Sunderland. Borini. Rodwell, clever.


Defoe, 1-1. Well, if you don't finish the opposition off, there is


always the possibility that they will come back and bite you,


especially if Jermaine Defoe is in their team. That is exactly what has


happened. Definitely onside. Took up a great position. Got it out from


under his feet, and then put it under the goalkeeper. 1-1. Not the


first Manchester City manager to wear that expression. Every second


that ticks by is encouragement for Sunderland.


Manchester City are back in front. It may be that it was an own-goal.


Driven across. It's hit McNair. Nothing he could do about it.


Manchester City 2, Sunderland 1. David Moyes very interested now in


what number the fourth official is going to hold up. Oh, that's a


terrible clearance. Here he is. Can set up Delph. Great block, should


have been a goal. Terrible mistake. Ignored Delph, Love made the block.


Now van Aanholt. Knocked up towards Januzaj. McNair almost had the


opportunity to make amends. The ball just accelerated away from him.


Kaboul, Fernandinho across. It's a corner to Sunderland. Four minutes


were indicated. Four have been played. City still living on their


nerves, right at the end much here comes Mannone. Januzaj to take. It


wasn't a very good corner. The whistle goes. Manchester City have


won their first game under Pep Guardiola. It's finished City 2,


Sunderland 1. I think we deserved our victory, of course. They played


really well in defensive in the four. Amazing players, Januzaj, the


second time, played good. I realise how difficult is the Premier League.


The people say - it's so difficult the Premier League. The decision for


the penalty itself wasn't particularly contentious. You


weren't happy with what happened in the build-up to it? No, it's a


corner kick. The goalkeeper touches it over the bar. It was at the start


of the game. I think it's 30 second later they scored a goal. It was a


poor decision. It was also the wrong decision, more importantly. We were


disappointed. Only disappointed with the result. Not with how the players


performed. If it was 2-1 we could have had a lot more goals. A lot of


positives to take from the game. It was a great debut to remember for


me. We showed our fans we're a team. We fight for each other. All the


players run. That's what we're looking for at the beginning. That's


why I'm so happy. It's the first look at Pep Guardiola's Manchester


City. There were certain elements we have seen in his previous managerial


clubs at Bayern Munich and Barcelona? The most fascinating


aspect is the two full-backs. He is asking them how to play. Look at


Sagna and Clichy. They are asked to outnumber the opposition in


midfield. They have to be able to take the ball under pressure. With


someone marking them. Look, we have never seen this style of play before


in the Premier League. Fernandinho there is being asked to go into the


defence, to start moves off. Look at the two full-backs in midfield. They


have to be able to do this otherwise they won't get in the team receive


the ball under pressure. They got away with it a bit today because


they didn't play that well. There was a few passes that went astray.


That's certainly understandable. Look at what they try to do here.


Try to outnumber the opposition there. With the two full-backs in


the middle. Sterling wide they are trying to give them width. When they


lose possession this is what he's asking his goalkeeper to do. When


Fernandinho is not there to support. He is asking his goalkeeper to do


that. He didn't fancy Joe Hart to do that today. When they get through he


wants them to be the keeper. We have seen that in Spain and Germany. It


happened again. It's hard to believe that the full-backs, we didn't see


that, we haven't seen that in the Premier League. It didn't quite work


on this occasion. But, you have to be able to do better when you are in


that position. They are new to it, as I said, they have never been


asked to do that before. The passing has to be better. That was Clichy.


This is Sagna. Simple past in the final third much they have to do it


better. A simple throw from Sunderland. Out battle them there.


Gap in between the two centre-halves, Kolarov and Stones is


far too big much Stones is telling Sagna and Navias to cover his right


hand side. I don't know what stones is am coulding out there. He can't


vacate that area when the danger is behind him. Lovely ball from Rodwell


into Defoe. They got away with it today. There has to be improve am.


I'm sure there will be, it's early to criticise. There are aspects to


work on. He went for Willy Caballero in goal, Ian, which Joe Hart was on


the bench. Where does that leave the England goalkeeper? With a lot to


think about. Coming off the Euros a couple of high-profile mistakes he


made. He is at a stage in his career where he will have to suck this one


up and get himself going again. I don't think he is afraid to get the


hard work done. I personally don't think that Willy Caballero is a


better goalkeeper than John Hartson. I think he has be to professional


and get himself going again. First impressions of Sunderland over David


Moyes 77% possession with four shots. Yes. They were organised.


Kaboul and Kone were very good today. When you have a goalscorer


like Jermaine Defoe and you keep yourself in the game. David Moyes


will keep them more organised, you keep yourself in the game, you have


a chance of nicking something. Defoe is key, keep him fit. He will score


goals and give them a much better season.


Ronald Koeman took charge of Everton for the first time


Last season's title challengers, Spurs,


Ronald Koeman takes control of his first Everton match, having admitted


his transfer business is far from complete while those he does have at


his disposal are not yet fully match fit. Hardly ideal preparation.


Compounded further by niggling injuries for Seamus Coleman and


Romelu Lukaku. Maarten Stekelenburg makes his debut in goal. Holgate


makes his debut at right back. No such problems. Is. Dembelay is


midway through a suspension. -- no such problems for Spurs. V Wanyama


is that only debutant. His previous boss was Ronald Koeman. The hosts


were beaten eight times here at Goodison Park last season. The


visitors only lost on three occasions on their travels.


Statistics which could suggest an away win might be the likeliest


outcome today. Beaten to it by Barry.


A tackle by Wanyama. A legally says Martin Atkinson. I got the ball,


says Wanyama. No such thing says Martin Atkinson. A good delivery.


All the way through and into the corner of the net. How often does


that happen? A free kick guided into the area. No one gets a tad,


including the goalkeeper. Fortuitous perhaps but the perfect start for


the new era under Ronald Koeman. Not one player got a touch and it goes


straight into the net. Ross Barkley with the first goal at Goodison Park


this campaign. Gareth Barry into the path of Deulofeu. A lovely ball.


Berkeley is arriving and hunting near the penalty spot. Deulofeu


never quite got hold of it and never looked like he would get round Hugo


Lloris. A watching brief from Romelu Lukaku.


Just caught by Wanyama. Both players have gone down. It looks as though


the Spurs man, who has been penalised, has come of the worst.


Martin Atkinson says two V Wanyama, that is your final warning. Barkley


again orchestrating from the set piece. That is a massive save. Hugo


Lloris had to use all his lengthy frame. Spurs have a problem. Hugo


Lloris has gestured he has a nickel. Vorm is the first substitute of the


game. -- a nickel. The perfect ball for Mirallas. Deulofeu got to it. A


good stop by Vorm. Deulofeu always going to be the quickest to the


ball. Deulofeu closed in and made it impossible for him to get the ball


around him. Right on time Everton could have doubled their grip on the


contest. Having lost the last two games of


last season, they are heading for three defeats in a row for the first


time in almost four years if Spurs were to lose this one. Pochettino


has already made a tactical change bringing on his new signing Janssen


up top. A lot for Everton to think about as Lamela guides the ball into


the corner of the net. Already the tactical change has reaped its


rewards and Lamela has the Spurs equaliser. The ball goes out wide.


Popped into the area and Lamela get in between Holgate and Jagielka to


plant his header into the corner of Stekelenburg's goal. The best chance


by some margin in this game. Plenty of time for either of these two


sides to win it. It is all about hitting it. He lost


it in his boot. Walker needs to find a way. The cross went out for the


corner. Stekelenburg pulled it back in again. Not too many chances


today, Spurs. There is a degree of concern among the Everton supporters


that they might go and steal the victory. They almost do through


Janssen. Stekelenburg is outstanding with the save. Wonderful goalkeeping


from Stekelenburg. Janssen almost has his first goal in English


football. He got 27 goals last season in Holland but Stekelenburg


denies him a first in the English Premier League today. A fine stop.


That is why there is such concern among the Evertonians. Since the


equaliser, it has looked as though Spurs will be the likely winners of


this match. Spurs have another corner. Still reflecting on that


excellent save by Stekelenburg. Inside the last ten minutes at


Goodison Park. It went all the way through to Rose. He claimed he was


caught and Martin Atkinson agrees. A free kick right on the edge of the


area. You just get the sense that Everton are hanging on and nothing


more. Onto the near side and it hits the top of the netting. Stekelenburg


always felt confident it will go on top of the net are not into it. The


Everton supporters know they have a part to play in the remaining few


minutes. The team has worked exceptionally hard today. The


Everton supporters believe they deserve something from it. They are


being stretched again by Lamela. The deflection is turned over by


Stekelenburg for his second truly outstanding save. Lamela cannot


believe it did not go in. Wonderful readjustment by the 33-year-old


goalkeeper. Fabulous goalkeeping. Do you feel you deserve something from


today? Yes, one point. We had chances in the first half to Gil the


game before half-time. The first 45 minutes, the best chances were for


Everton. In the second, the best word for Tottenham. It is a fair


result. A few of your players had disappointing year as Annie had a


poor end to the season last season. Did you have to lift spirits? --


Euros. A team like us, we have had a lot of people involved in the Euros.


We will have to show we play well. In the few weeks you have been with


one crewman, what has changed? The closing down has stepped up a notch.


-- Ronald Koeman. Fitness levels are not where he would like them to be


but that is fine. We will work that on a daily basis. When the manager


gets what he wants, we can obviously put in good performances. A


competitive game. Everton were with three at the back and that worked in


the first half. It worked very well for them in the first half will stop


Tottenham did not live with them. They did not have the right answers.


It could have been a lot worse at half-time. They could have got a


second goal. They knew the full-backs were tried to push


forward. They did this very well in the first


half. Totten had a very good defence last year and it cannot be allowed


to happen. The two centre halves were not getting tight. They got


away with it on that occasion. Outfought by Deulofeu. He turns and


twists him. They are in the full-back position. Mirallas was not


tracked. Unfortunate and they got away with that. A long ball again.


That was a 60, 70 yard ball in behind. They did it very well.


Leighton Baines got tight on Walker. He was given no space whatsoever.


This is the right-hand side. Rose was trying to get down the line and


give a bit of widths. Time and again they go into these positions and it


causes them problems. It could have been 2-0 before half-time.


Pochettino changed it around in the second half. He brought on Janssen


to give them more help. Harry Kane was anonymous in the first half. For


the first time they started asking questions up the backside, running


in behind. No one did that. Picking up the second balls. They have got


men forward. Janssen has taken the pressure of Cain. He is not fighting


three centre halves and they have another body to worry about. Lamela


gave them widths. They were getting balls into the box. It worked


perfectly for them. It is like Totten of last season asking


questions. This is the goal. -- Tottenham.


That is a brilliant ball. The desire from Lamela to get across the second


half, that is brilliant. A great ball and a good header. Good


understanding of Harry Kane and Janssen. The two centre forwards


working together. They are stretching the full-backs of the


Everton defence. They are asking different questions and putting


pressure on the goal. Janssen had a chance. This is a very good save. He


finds himself six yards out. He should score. A good touch that he


should score. A draw was a fair result and a point each. We have


seen last season because match champions, Manchester City and


Totten put that they were all competitive last season. Who do you


fancied to win the title? -- and Tottenham. It is open. I will


probably go with City. They have new signings. I do not


think I will go with Leicester City this season. I think Chelsea will


run them close. We still have not seen Chelsea or Mantis to United. We


have not seen Arsenal. -- Manchester United. A lot can happen between now


and the end of the season. They will get better and improve. City or


United. City, I think. You mentioned Arsenal briefly. Do not think they


are title contenders? About Arsenal? I feel for Arsenal. Last season was


a very good opportunity for them. They have not added to many to the


squad. Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo, we want them to do well. I am not


sure with the strengthening of the other teams that Arsenal will be


able to challenge continuously to overturn the teams that have made so


many signings. In their two previous


Premier League campaigns, Burnley have been relegated


on both occasions. The Championship winners entertained


Swansea whose manager, Francesco Guidolin, was given


a two-year contract after guiding Gray is the only Burnley player


making his Premier League deadly. His 23 goals helped by the Clarets


to the championship title last season. Sean Dyche hoping he can


find the top flight to his liking. A new phase in the Swansea line, a


Spanish international has joined from Sevilla. Sigurdsson is only fit


enough for the bench. Last time they were in the Premier League, Bernie


only 14-macro matches. They hope this will be more successful. --


Burnley only won for four matches. A big chance for the Spaniard. Four


away wins last season. Not quite where he wants to put it. He does


not quite prevent the corner. Swansea's first of the game.


Routledge with the delivery. Trying to get the first bit away but more


defending to do. He tries again. Maybe a chance for Burnley on the


counter. Gray passed Norton and goes for


goal. Blocked by Fabianski. Cork kshg had a clearance. Routledge,


down for Barrow. Straight at the goalkeeper at the end, Andre Gray


grey. This is Kingsley. Out by Keane. Swansea will settle for the


corner. Everybody backburnly. Picked up Kingsley with a chance to cross


here. Missed it. Put behind by Sam Vokes. Desperate defending there by


the centre forward after one of the centre-halves missed it. Swansea's


third corner. Routledge with it. This time it's off the line. Arfield


with the clearance. Now it's Fernandez. Straight at Heaton. The


whistle had already gone. Swansea close again there to breaking the


deadlock. Back in the late 80s both these clubs were battling to stay in


the Football League. Now they are playing in the richest league in the


world. Lowton. Gray, being held up. It's not bothering him too much. He


is taking on the Spaniard. Now he falls. He wins the free-kick. The


card is coming out as well. Really good work that by Andre Gray grey.


--. He is forced to bring him down and pick Upson a yellow. Kingsley's


head. Burnley's corner. The left foot of Jones to try again.


Goalkeeper couldn't get it. Neither could Michael Keane. What a chance


for the centre-half to put Burnley in front. But of an atmosphere


around Turf Moor now. It has been quiet throughout most of the


afternoon. The fans sensing that their team might about to get a


goal. Tees up for Vokes. Sits down nicely for him. Fab Pack with a fine


save. Sam Vokes has never scored in the Premier League. Set up so


invitingly for him here. Hit across it, Fabianski, at full stretch, with


a very important stop. Whatever Sean Dyche said to his team at the break


it has had the desired effect. Routledge. Desperate attempt to stop


him in his tracks by Arfield. Routledge brings it away.


Sigurdsson. It's a free-kick. Clumsy challenge by George Boyd. Sigurdsson


will back himself, just off the bench. Around the wall. Awkward


bounce for Heaton, but well saved by the goalkeeper. Sigurdsson brought


on to carry more of a goal threat for Swansea. He immediately brings


the best out of Tom Heaton. Cork's flick on. Over the bar by Fernandez.


What a miss by the big Argentine. It looks easy from up here, but does it


ever get any easier than that? Three-yards out. A gaping goal.


Somehow, he's put it over the goal. The game is there for either team to


win. The far side is Kingsley. Feeding Montero. Good ball. A


header. In by Fer. Leroy Fer with his first Swansea goal. He might


well have won the game for Swansea on the opening day. He brought on


Montero to make a difference. The header was palmed away by Tom


Heaton. Leroy Fer on hand to tap it in. If they're going to get anything


on the opening day, it's going to be late and it's going to be dramatic


for Burnley. Vokes. It will drop for Marney. Marney was caught by


Fernandez. A yellow card for the Argentine. More importantly a


free-kick in a dangerous position for Burnley. Summer sign. What an


introduction this would be if he finds the net. A huge wall to beat.


Gudmundsson for Burnley. Now Marney. That's on target. What a save,


Fabianski. Then Vokes. Fabianski there again at the near-post.


Fabianski has made some important saves this afternoon. None better


than that one. Fabianski desperate to keep a clean sheet. We started a


good game against a good team. Difficult ground, difficult game.


But we are happy because this is important start. It's important


victory. More confidence for the future. We gave a good account of


ourselves today. The margins are tight in games and details are


important. We gave away a soft goal overall. The second-half we gave a


very good performance. It had a feeling it would be one goal that


would settle it? Exactly. They created good chances, especially in


the second-half, first 10-15 minutes. After that I think we


created some chances with Montero coming in and delivered some good


crosses. Yeah, in the end we were the ones who won the game. We needed


a big decision. The foul on Keane when he has a header from two yards.


His shirt is being pulled. We can see it. Frustrating. That's the way


it goes. I missed that voice hef thinks they should have had a


penalty, do you agree? I do. I know how important it is to him. Great


move am to lose Leroy Fer. He is in front. He impeded him, pulled his


shirt. How has he not seen that? You know, he's got to give that. That is


a penalty. He's right to be as angry as he was at the end there. What do


you think? I agree. He pulled him back. Cheers, mate. That's all


right. Excellent start to the season for Swansea. Confidence boost, away


win? I think so. It's a game Burnley would go into thinking it's a good


team to play at the start of the season at our place. Swansea did


very well. They kept it really, I don't know, Andre Gray, it didn't


quite happen for him. Barrow, fantastic. He is very post i, going


at people. Getting passed people. Llorente, top player. He doesn't


need to beat him, Barrow to get the ball in. Routledge has to at least


hit the target. They take him off. I was surprised. I don't know why they


didn't start both of them. Montero was brilliant, like Leroy Fer said.


Straight at them. He's in the team. He has to get that on target. He has


the pedigree. He should get that on target. He goes again, goes at him.


Can't believe he's not starting. The goalkeeper for me, I'm sorry, he has


to do better. He has po push that further away. Swansea just did


enough. Had a little bit more quality about them. Burnley need to


spend a few quick don't they? Only spent ?3.5 million. They are in for


Defoe. You would think with all that money coming into the Premier League


they might loosen the purse strings a bit. You would have thought so.


Two games coming your way on Match of the Day 2.


Arsenal versus Liverpool is the commentary match on 5


Also on the website you can play the Premier League predictor game


Mo Farah, Greg Rutherford and Jess Ennis-Hill or perhaps even


Katerina Johnson-Thompson go for gold in Rio.


It's a special day for one of our team as well.


Well, happy birthday. Thank you. Young man. I bought you a little


present. Just in case Newcastle ever win the league! You should had them


on. I'm not having your face anywhere near that area. Thank you


very much. Here's a stat that might worry


Crystal Palace fans. The last two teams to lose an FA Cup


final have both been relegated Opponents West Brom kicked off


with new owners after being bought These two had the same problem last


season - goals. Rock bottom Aston Villa scored fewer. Club record


signing Townsend should help Palace in that respect. Bolasie begins on


the bench. Alan Pardew says that's for tactical reasons rather than


anything to do with the speculation linking him with Everton. Rumours


about Berahino's future are a tradition these days. With offers


from Palace and Stoke said to be on the table, he starts today as does


West Brom's summer signing so far, Matt Phillips. Evans with the early


pass. Berahino on the chase. He is in behind Joe Ward here. Back neatly


to Gardner. Early delivery. Not a bad one. Great save from Hennessey.


Tipped away by Hennessey. Rondon has scored in his last two games for


West Bromwich he was denied there by a splendid piece of work from Wayne


Hennessey. Evans. Fletcher once more. Clipped towards Salomon


Rondon. Trouble here for Palace, perhaps. Rondon. Berahino. Saido


Berahino, one goal in his last 24 Premier League appearances. That was


against Crystal Palace back in February. Zaha. Finding Lee. Jedinak


in towards Wickham. A chance here for Wickham. Palace' best move of


the match so far. Good from Jedinak. First touch from Wickham wasn't bad.


The second was disappointing. Alan Pardew's sides won just two of their


final 21 matches here's Lee. Palace have won it back well. Zaha with a


chance to stretch his leg. Zaha. A top stop from Foster. Zaha! Wickham


in there, too. West Brom smug it away. That brought the crowd to


life. It's not been a game high on genuine chances. Wilfred Zaha with a


wonderful opportunity there though. Phillips.


Gardner's corner. It's not been dealt with. Away by Lee, just about.


Dan trying to get it further clear. Hennessey gets a fist on it.


West Brom's new owner in waiting isn't here today. The he 2,000 West


Brom fans are have been giving free scarfs, funded by the club's


prospective new owners. Lee advancing. Still Lee. Townsend wants


it. He's going to have a crack. Chafrjed down. Townsend, again. Goal


kick. Townsend always a danger when coming inside. West Brom had just


enough bodies in the way though to deal with it. Dann looked like he


was clipped by Berahino. Play on. Fletcher goes over. That will be a


free-kick. Gardner's free-kick. Headed towards goal by Olsson. Just


over the top. Swedish defender, only scored once last season. He wasn't


far away from getting one on the opening day here. Dawson. Fletcher.


Now, that was a foul on Dawson. West Brom will have a free-kick. McClean


has six to aim for in the centre. Oh, he's found one of them. Salomon


Rondon has put West Brom ahead with just over a quarter of an hour left


to play. Whipped in by McClean. Rondon just guided it into the far


corner. Excellent technique to use the pace of the delivery to beat


Wayne Henessy. West Brom's top-scorer last season is off the


mark on the opening day. Now, Jedinak. Space at a real premium.


West Brom get so many behind the ball. Bolasie, trying to find a bit


of room. Here's Bolasie again. Well, he thought he was tripped. So did


the majority of Selhurst Park. Importantly, the referee didn't.


Maybe just outside the area anyway. Was there contact here? All of West


Brom's four away wins in the league last season were by a scoreline of


1-0. They are closing in on another victory by that same scoreline


today. Jedinak. Townsend. So congested in there. Townsend goes


for goal. He forces a save out of Foster. Another frustrating


afternoon in front of goal for Palace.


Maybe a chance for Burnley on the counter.


Very pleased. The players have worked very hard. It is nice to get


the reward we did today. Solomon was given the number nine shirt today. I


thought the lads alongside him played really well. Those two


together will be a handful. I think you will see an even better Solomon


Rondon. He looks stronger, he looks like he knows what it is all about.


That was a great start. He does a great shift for the team and I think


he will have a great season. There was a query about whether Bolasie


will stay or not. He does not score enough goals. We need to bring in a


couple of strikers, hopefully, who can do that. Those last two comments


said everything. The difference between the sides were goal-scorers.


In Rondon, you have to say, he does look full package. He looks strong.


He looks a threat. You feel like he will bully the defenders. He has


done brilliantly. You can see great movement.


It is all about his strength. He has done well. He needs to get that on


target for that this is all about the ball. I cannot believe Palace


have no one in front. That is a great ball in from James McClean.


That is super stuff. I think he will probably get more goals this season


because he does have a swagger and he does look like he is ready to go.


By contrast, Crystal Palace. They desperately need a goal-scorer. I


know they have brought in Townsend. Five goals last season was the top


scorer. They only one two of the 19 games last season. It is not good


enough. The value of whether it is Christian Benteke or Saido Berahino


is going up by the hour. Unless they get a goal-scorer, I think they will


be in a relegation battle. Will be a long, hard season for them. -- it


will be. He needs to score. Another clean sheet for Tony Pulis full


study is brilliant at organising. That is what he does. -- he is


brilliant. Middlesbrough are back


in the Premier League for the first Stoke, who've not won on the opening


day for six seasons, provided the opposition


at the Riverside Stadium. Negredo scored 23 goals at


Manchester City to help them to the title. No such lofty ambitions for


Middlesbrough. Victor Valdes starts as first choice goalkeeper. The Boro


defence conceded only eight goals here in the championship last


season. Shay Given plays in goal. He had alone at the Riverside three


seasons ago. -- a loan. An awkward one for Friend. The ball went very


high in the air. Up by de Roon. Making the rounds on the overlap


will stop a deep ball in towards Negredo. Alvaro Negredo has got


their first goal since returning to the Premier League. The cross very


deep. Negredo able to get in on the end of the return from Gaston


Ramirez. There are two defenders in attendance. It comes off his


shoulder. What a start on their return to the top division!


Trying to get away. The challenge to win it back for Middlesbrough.


Friend keeping pace with his team-mate. Up against Bardsley,


Friend has got away from him. Blocked twice by Shawcross. In by


Downing. A lovely run from Ramires. Just off


the outside of the post. A little burst of pace. Shawcross to be


eaten. Given beaten. Just a fraction too wide. -- beaten.


The challenge was successful at the expense of a corner kick. Just over


five minutes plus stoppage time remaining in the first half.


Shaqiri's corner. Bauer bears and all sorts of pressure. Headed away.


Only as far as we learn. The whistle has gone anyway. So close to an


equaliser. All sorts of bumping and barging. Ramires with the final


header away. Got a shot away and there was a


deflection off a Stoke player last fall. Into the third of the three


added minutes. Of the frame of the goal and away. As the corner comes


in, everyone is expecting a longer delivery. It smacks into the frame


of the goal. Middlesbrough so close to ending the first half with a


second goal. Three in red around him. The referee


has brought playback for a free kick. He was looking to see if there


was an advantage for Stoke. He thought about blowing his whistle


and then played the advantage am brought it back. Half a dozen


Middlesbrough defender is making up the wall. I'm out to vitch would be


the favourite to take. -- Arnautovic. It cars into the bottom


corner from the man who scored a wonderful goal for his country in


the European champion ships in the summer has brought Stoke back on


level terms. Shaqiri with it. Over the war and right into the corner.


Middlesbrough's lead has finally gone. -- over the wall. 1-1. I am


told that Shaqiri was going to be replaced by Jon Walters and, having


scored the goal, he stays on and it is Diouf who goes off instead.


Nugent making a run, trying to stay onside. That delicate cross. The


header was straight at the Shay Given from Stewart Downing. Downing,


at the top of the picture, making the run. Not too much trouble for


Shay Given. That foul by Barragan. A yellow card


for the reaction of Arnautovic towards referee. Stoke with the free


kick into the last few seconds. Shaqiri drives it across. Behind for


a corner kick which comes off Friend. It is the last action of the


afternoon here at the Riverside. Middlesbrough defended really well.


There was a header at the end in the last seconds into the box. I think


Friend made a fantastic defending saved when he was waiting to header


it into the net. They defended manfully and, in the end, we got at


least a point, which is the least we deserve. I think everyone here in


Middlesbrough was waiting for this day. The performance, the attitude.


How we played as a team. Is it right you were about to substitute Shaqiri


as he was about to step up and take the free kick? We had a bit of a


debate. We were going to do that and then we changed our minds. I had to


check with the coaches but I think it was a wrong decision to take me


off. Excellent. In many ways, a good point for Middlesbrough, coming up


to get them going. The good away point for Stoke as well. They have


had a big turnover of players at Middlesbrough. They have brought in


nine new players. It will take time for everyone to gel. Negredo got his


goal. He struggled at city and that should give him confidence. Next


week, rivals Sunderland. The good point for them. There were new


guidelines to referees this season to try to stop dissent of players,


which we would all approve of. Automatic yellow cards any sign of


dissent whatsoever. In this game there were two incidents we saw


which actually happened. The referee would have been in to speak to


players. Shay Given notice you cannot do that. He has around 25, 30


yards to confront the referee and complain. I cannot understand


Arnautovic. He has the free kick. You cannot do that now. That is a


booking for nothing. He has the free kick. They need to keep it up. I am


looking for the referees to carry on what we saw in the Euros. I thought


the standard of refereeing their words good. I hope that carries on


into the Premier League. Did you get booked for dissent? Just the ones.


We would like to see it quashed? We do not want to see it anymore. It


makes the jobs easier for referee. Two more managers making


their Premier League bow were Southampton's Claude Puel,


who joined from Nice following Ronald Koeman's departure,


and Watford's Walter Mazzarri, Tony Husband was at St Mary's


Stadium. New managers, new formations but a


few new faces on the pit. The Southampton manager Hans debut to


Norwich winger Nathan Redmond. His conversion a striker see him there


should receive him partner Shane Long up front. There were five


summer signings. Troy Deeney agreed a new contract.


The referee gets this game under way. It is the first time since 2004


that two new Premier League managers have faced off in their first game.


Straightaway Southampton will have a free kick for what was a very high


challenge on James Ward-Prowse. Tadic. He nearly saw the ball turned


into his own net. Van Dijk on the follow-up just wide. He was


horrified to see one of his own players turn it back to his


own-goal. Seventh Frenchman to manage in the Premier League. There


be ha mixed success for some of his fellow countrymen. This is Ighalo.


Up against Targett. Deeney lurking at the back. Header into a dangerous


area. Capoue slams it into the net. Inside 10 minutes, Watford lead at


St Mary's. He just found the space. Dangerous header down. They didn't


pick up the run of Capoue. It's his first goal for Watford. It's their


first goal of the season. What a start. Tadic, out wide. This is


Tadic. Cedric outside him. On his own for the mope. This is better.


Can he find a cross? He can. He finds Shane Long at the back post,


to head just wide. The best we have seen from Southampton. His shirt was


being held a little. It's one, it's two. Long with the header wide.


Leading Inter Milan in 2014. Targett's cross. Headed away. This


is Redmond to follow up. Well, they are starting to see some encouraging


signs from Claude Puel's men. One touch with the control, second touch


with the shot. Just wide of the target.


Tadic, down the middle. This is Nathan Redmond now for Southampton.


On to his favoured right foot here. He tries a shot. Oh, he's only just


wide. Took a touch. Southampton have a corner. Tadic with the corner for


Southampton. Out goms Gomes. This is Redmond. Delayed it. He win as


corner. Should he have hit it first time? Southampton have pressed and


pressed. Is the equaliser on its way? Again, Gomes there. Again, it's


Redmond. It's 1-1. Debut goal for Nathan Redmond. Southampton level. A


replay of the previous corner, really. Up goes Gomes. Gets the


touch. Redmond this time goes first time with the volley. He gets his


first goal for Southampton. Right in the corner, 1-1. There are still two


in the middle. Deeney is lurking at the back. Southampton concede the


corner. Inside the six-yard box. Up for the


header. Dangerous in these situations. Southampton on the


break. A foot race, he caught him and brought him down. Now, he has a


decision to make. It's red. The break away. At this point you fancy


the pace of Shane Long. Ben Watson knew that. It was clinical and it


drew a straight red. Targett with an overlap. Austin is up there.


Targett, for Redmond. He's got one. Can't find the winner quite yet.


Frustration showing. It's set up for him. Another chance spurned by


Claude Puel's men. Watford worked hard to stop us, going down to


10-men. We were hoping to get off to waning start at home. It wasn't to


be. Postsives to build upon. We worked hard and deserved this point


because we played one less in the last 10-15 minutes. We show our


heart and deserve it. Are you pleased with Redmond that you pushed


him into a striking position in pre-season it worked for you, at


least today? Yes. It's interesting for him and interesting for the team


also. I said that this player can make... Can play a good position as


striker. The first official game it was good team for the confidence to


score tonight. I'm satisfied in general, but I


think that in the first half, especially we could have ended the


game and I will speak with the players about this situation, but


I'm happy. Honours even once again. Quite a few draws today. Saints sold


a few, lost a manager, brought in another manager. Got a few new


players as well. Nathan Redmond will catch the headlines because of that


goal. How did you think he did? I thought he did well today. Positive.


?10 million from Norwich much he has been pushed further forward. He got


six goals. He is clever here. He didn't go in the melee. Hung out.


Perhaps should hit the target. Again here. His first thought is positive.


Decent touch. Company he get into the back four? A give and go. All


right, it didn't work here. But, he was clever in the game. Cut inside.


Right foot. Very good effort. A very, very good save. That's his


right foot. This here is a brilliant finish. Left foot. So clever. Could


easily have smashed that over the bar, but it's cultured finish with


that left foot. That is not an easy finish, I promise you. This is


unlucky. Half a yard offside. Again, withes had left foot. As you say, he


doesn't quite time the run right. But, it's a good finish. He's going


to have to perform because of the players that Southampton have lost


this season, in Marney, and Wanyama - Can they keep doing it they lose


managers, managers and best players and do better each season. This


season they will find it tough to do better than what they did last year.


I wouldn't expect them to finish higher than six, what they did last


year. Ben Watson, red card. Yeah. Not too much to argue about. I don't


think so. Look at Shane Long. He is flying. He is saying that he was


there. He wouldn't have caught him. He was away there. He has to go for


that. Unfortunately, Ben. Right decision. Yes. No complaint. The


manager doesn't speak good enough English yet to do interviews they


did well under Quique Sanches Flores? From everything I heard he


wanted to leave. What you have to say, with Watford, with Troy Deeney


and Ighalo, they have got the potential to score goals. You always


feel they will be OK. They will have to have a season like last year. It


will be difficult if Watford are going to be all right much In terms


of Watford overall. It's a slightly easier in the second season. That


first season when you come up is hard, isn't it? Yeah. Like you see


with Ighalo this season, they came up and people expected to see how


they would do. They did it. They answered the questions. We wouldn't


normally do a table on the opening day. Here is a special treat for


Hull fans. Hull City lead the way


after becoming the first promoted side to win their opening


game since 2012. Manchester City are joint-top,


but sit below the Tigers Still early days, but Crystal Palace


and Burnley are bottom The Mail - Saying Guardiola scraped


a winner on his Premier League debut. The Star, claims City keeper,


Joe Hart, could lose his England place after being dropped by


Guardiola. That's it, on the day the Champions


had their pants pulled


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