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Community Shield Highlights

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Lee's Stadium for the traditional curtain raiser to the new football


season -- welcome to Wembley Stadium. Leicester City take on


Manchester United, who have a new man in charge, and it was this time


last year that Jose Mourinho was here to watch is Chelsea side lose


to Arsenal 1-0, so how would his new Manchester United team fare 12


months on? Let's get to our commentary team of Danny Murphy and


Guy Mowbray. Tonnes of tradition, but there is a


new feel to this years Shield match. For new champions, a new experience,


and whilst the FA Cup winners might be regulars they are under new


management for the season ahead with high hopes that it will be a special


one. For Leicester City, Claudio Ranieri has picked the players that


won the league with the only exception to the most regular 11 is


Andy King 's starting in the place of the departed N'Golo Kante. Lewis


Hernandez, Musa and Mendy and Zieler, once of Manchester United.


Jose Mourinho is still mixing and matching to find the best formula


team is only one player different are the one that started Wayne


Rooney's testimony -- testimonial on Wednesday with a marrow Wayne.


Bailly and Ibrahimovic start. Mkhitaryan is on the substitutes


bench. All six that can be used are certain to be used. Craig Paulson is


the referee for the showpiece occasion today. It is the fourth


time that he has been the man in the middle for a Wembley match. It is


the FA Community Shield, supported by McDonald's and it is Wembley in


the sunshine. It is the signal that a new football season is upon us,


and in terms of these two, who intend to be battling out of the top


of the Premier League, it could be another season to savour, certainly


the Premier League looks as though it's going to be very tasty to watch


indeed. Alongside me to enjoy this one is Danny Murphy. Danny will


firstly hope for a better game than the last time we were together, the


final of Euro 2016. Yes, but it doesn't seem like five minutes. We


were here for the semifinal of the FA Cup and it's been a good summer


in terms of signings for both of these clubs. A little bit


disappointed not to see the new Leicester signings today, but he


has, the players who did him so proud and Luke Shaw, great to see


him back. He is one player who did perform well on Friday night for


United against Everton, Wayne Rooney's big fund-raising game.


Ibrahimovic's first touch was typically Shelley and a good one.


Here is Marilyn Fellaini. -- typically Shelley.


A few eyebrows raised when his name was in the starting line-up. There


are still players you would do? Against as to whether they would


still be wearing the red shirt by The Times September comes -- eh?.


It puts a bigger question over some of the midfielder's heads, Fellaini


being one. Here is daily blind. -- Daley Blind. Nice burst away from


Aqua Zaki to find Rooney. Could be one interesting thing today, a


reacquaintance between Fellaini and Huth. Fellaini's hair pulled by


Huth, and the elbow into the face as a result. The bigger result is that


Robert Huth will be completing his ban and won't be able to play


against Hull City next weekend. He was caught and the referee tried


to let play go but it will be a free kick for Leicester now. It has been


a rather solemn looking Jose Mourinho from the moment Manchester


United arrived at Wembley, only an hour and a quarter before kick-off.


Christian Fuchs. Nice lay-off from Okazaki. Bardi, through the legs of


Bailly and the cross came Blind to meet him. Jamie Vardy is up and


running for the new season. So positive. Love that about him.


Always willing to take people on and use his pace. So direct. Good


covering. We have seen quite a few preseason affairs, but this has more


of a Premier League pace about it. This has a trophy at stake. Bailly's


touch will go to Mahrez, and straight back to the defender,


signed from Villarreal. Martial. Rooney.


Valencia. Pestered by Albrighton. But too keenly and United get on


with it. Rooney, now the Number ten, in number and position.


Positive from Martial, and it is rifled against the side of the goal.


Good defending from Simpson. Play the percentages, made him go on his


left foot, narrows the angle and he cannot get the cross in. Really good


defending. No Community Shield winners have gone on to win the


Premier League since the 2010/11 season, and that was Manchester


United. Luke Shaw. Rooney. Ahead on target, and nice and easy for


Schmeichel to say. -- a header on target. He gets a deflection across,


and a bit far out for Rooney to get real power, but nice to see him in


there. Kasper Schmeichel signed a new five year deal with Leicester


City yesterday, so there is another one of their title winning heroes


staying put. Wes Morgan, and he will have another


go. Fellaini had a go at goal. Cause Michael Moore the problem and it


might at first. Good jump from Zlatan Ibrahimovic -- it caused


Peters -- it caused Schmeichel more of a problem than it might have at


first. The deflection takes the speed of the ball. Bounces heavily


away from Kasper Schmeichel but he intervened smartly enough. Not many


people are speaking about Leicester City as contenders this year, but


they have more strength in depth in the squad this time around and also


the potential to stretch into, and are very welcome one, the Champions


League. Vardy. Okazaki. His effort, and I think David de Gea had it


covered, but not everyone in the stadium was convinced it was going


wide. In fact it was deflected wide and it will be a Leicester corner.


Jamie Vardy started all that. It's his willingness to go past people


again. Bailly diving in, and as soon as you dive in against Jamie Vardy


you are in a world of trouble. Albrighton's corner. Morgan and Huth


are naturally forward. Off the bar by Okazaki! Clever run by the


Japanese striker. Terrific header, wasn't it? Good ball in from


Albrighton. Very unlucky. Clever, glancing header from the little man.


You would not expect him to win that. It is a baking day in the


middle at Wembley Stadium. Martial. Took too long on the ball. It was


Andy King who helped dispossess it. Albrighton took a little too long as


well. Drinkwater. Here is Vardy. Lovely first touch


and a good bit of defending from Bailly. It looks for a moment as


though Vardy had the quarter of a yard he needed. That is the early


pass forward from Drinkwater and sloppy passing from United. Bailly


again, a last-ditch tackle to stop Vardy getting his chance. Could be


one for Leicester here. Albrighton's delivery and it needed Bailly to


stay in front of Morgan and it is wild from Christian Fuchs. He was


being begged by Leicester fans to score his first goal for the club


towards the end of last season. Okazaki. That has been won by


Rooney. Nice work from Lingard, which continues. Lingard runs


through, and Schmeichel cannot stop him scoring. The young man who won


the FA Cup for Manchester United opens the scoring in the Community


Shield with a wonderful solo run. It is usually Leicester who score


against the run of play, but this time they have been done. Some awful


defending, I have to be honest. Great work from Lingard, don't get


me wrong, and he has been the one looking at letting in behind, but


the defending before it, with three Leicester players diving in on the


run. Morgan, the last one, he goes to ground too easily. If you make


two or three mistakes you are going to get punished. But a great solo


run from the young lad. Very confident. Nobody else in a red


shirt has been on the ball and making anything happen. Okazaki.


Daley Blind. Leicester 's corner. That is the skill from Mahrez again.


Bamboo is all is people with his tricky feat. -- he will confuse


people with his tricky feat. Give him the ball and something will


happen. He plays in world football with better brakes and Riyadh


Mahrez. -- Van Riyadh Mahrez. Towards King, and that is the second


time Leicester have played a simple enough corn into the near post where


it has been helped across. Yes, it's that near post area again, isn't it?


Just need a little word with Ibrahimovic. Craig Shakespeare has


seen something that needs amending and is pointing it out to Claudio


Ranieri. The Leicester City Assistant Manager will be involved


in the new Sam Allardyce England setup, one of the coaches, along


with Sammy Lee. Valencia. Nowhere to go other than wide, and


Lingard. Rooney. Didn't want it like that.


Good recovery from Valencia. One goal in the first half, and if


you're only going to have one, good that it is a belter, and it was,


from Jesse Lingard. Winning the ball only just inside the Leicester City


half and doing it all himself, running through the Leicester


defence. His new season has started as his old one ended. With a very,


very good goal scored at Wembley and at half-time it is Leicester City


zero, Manchester United one. No Manchester United half-time


changes but two Leicester substitutes take to the field


including the new signing Ahmed Musa, impressive with his two goals


in midweek against Barcelona. Demarai Gray is also getting a run


out at Wembley. Shinji Okazaki and Albrighton have made way. Manchester


United get things going having got themselves going as the first half


wore on. They finished the first half with a bit more zip and


confidence thanks to the goal from Lingard. Overall it was a little bit


pedestrian. What a ball that is. Mahrez.


The attack has lost its way. That was the pass of the match, drink


water to Mahrez, and it was a brilliant spot and great technique.


Strangely Mahrez pasta it but normally we see him going through


goal on his own. -- passed it. Ibrahimovic finds Rooney. Valencia.


That was just too high for Martial. Just behind him. Here is Musa


Lingard goes after him. He is opening a gap. Vardy gets around de


Gea to level it for Leicester. It is a horror moment for Marouane


Fellaini. Claudio Ranieri is more keen to get a point across to the


officials than celebrating the equaliser. Not so for the Leicester


fans or their number nine. Jamie Vardy on the scoresheet, here we go


again. It is good play from Musa start with and Fellaini does so well


to track back and intercept the pass. He thinks the hard work is


done, sloppy with the backpass, you don't want that man coming down


one-on-one. What are confident finish from last season's number one


striker. He stays on his feet as well. Give him some credit, there,


could have easily gone down. Claudio Ranieri celebrated the goal, but I


love that shot, as soon as Fellaini under hit the pass you could EJ me


are the's eyes widening with delight. -- Jamie Vardy's eyes.


Jamie Vardy has not played a significant part in the Leicester


preseason, he was given more time off after playing for England,


sparingly, at the European Championship. He looks as sharp and


lean and mean and hungry as ever. Rooney has just cut across that


shot. Well wide. Yes, he does not look like he has had any time off,


does he? He looks fresh and quick and hungry. More importantly, he


still has the ability to stay calm when he has chances in front of


goal. That is what we'll get him in the England squad. And in the


England team, I should say. Big Sam must be beaming inside. Those are


guys he has burned years with, Sammy Lee at Liverpool, he really enjoyed


his coaching and his enthusiasm. Very single-minded and focused,


delighted to have the job. Here is Lingard. Craig Pawson had a think


but ruled that you can't tackle from that angle, Andy King, and that is


why the Welsh midfielder has a card. He has gone for the ball. It is a


free kick. Just. That was given away to Mahrez. Now


here is Musa. Blinds tentatively comes towards him. That is a good


ball towards Gray. He has a shot. That is nice and easy for de Gea.


Good covering by Leicester, Musa is his pace. Does well to pick out


Gray. The manager promised a proper game and we are getting that.


Martial was put under real pressure by Hernandez and works it back to


full any. That is great work by Mendy. That will be kept in play by


Daley Blind to force it back to de Gea. You can hear applause around


the ground because 66 minutes are up, this is due on the heroes of


1960s ex--- to honour the heroes of 1966. England won the World Cup on


this very patch of ground. Martial gets the ball back from Shaw


and finds Fellaini. Rooney! It is straight at Schmeichel. It was hard


for Rooney because the pass from full a knee should have been softer,


he drills it at him. Could have just taken a bit of it. -- off it. He


just pushes it a bit hard. Of course you expect a man of Rooney's class


to do better but a tiny bit softer and it would have made that


technique easier. Two Man United changes, this is a straight swap,


Markus Rosenberg comes on for Luke Shaw. He has been impressive in


preseason. -- Marcus Rhode joke. Marcus Rashford on for Anthony


Martial. It is hard to believe that this time must year there were very


few of us who had even heard of Marcus Rashford and now he comes on


for Manchester United and we don't even bat an eyelid, he belongs. It


is incredible what year can do in football. I think he is the real


deal, though. I really like him, the times I have seen him. Bring water


plays it to Vardy. Vardy got in front and won the free kick. --


Danny Drinkwater. That is what I'm talking about. For all of his


athletic qualities and some of his good tackles he gives away too many


free kicks. In a Premier League game he could be off. He has made three


or four of these. Players are too clever for that now, you can't just


be big and strong, you have to know when you can get in front and when


you can commit. In from Gray. That was well watched and held by de Gea.


That was not as easy as it might have appeared. Coming overhead and


out of the sun. This is a demonstration of how difficult it


may have been. Any higher and it would have been awkward. He sees


this really late and it was a decent ball in. The Leicester fans are


thoroughly enjoying, after their season in the sun, their day in the


Wembley son. Rooney tried to do likewise. Vardy had to go in like


that and he will get a yellow card. He had overrun it and he simply


tried to keep the ball and was judged to have been a bit reckless


when he went in on Juan Mata. It's a personal legal tackle, low and on


the grass, wins the ball, the lad gets up and he's not hurt, the game


cannot be giving yellow cards for that.


Rashford goes past Hernandez and he keeps it in to force the corner.


There is a bit more pace about Manchester united's attacking threat


now. He is so direct and confident. We talked about this with Lingard in


the first half, so many times they were together the best players on


the pitch for United. He just plays without fear. Rooney is the taker.


Wanting to flick it across. He goes for it again but he jumps into


Demarai Gray. He left his shin pad, in fact, his boot behind. Going for


the first ball. He does not hold back, does he? Ander Herrera. That


was a nice ball downfield and Schmeichel has watched it and read


it and he comes out quickly. Just beating Valencia to that. I thought


second he would get there a bit late with Valencia's pace but he does


well. Leicester, for much of the second half, have been the brighter


team. Now it's Manchester United's turn and they are looking more


likely to score next. They have another corner. Here comes another


Leicester change. Jeffrey Schuller is about to come onto the field.


Here is Rooney keeping it away from Schmeichel. Ibrahimovic did not get


enough on it. Drinkwater back on the line. United have built up ahead of


speed. This is a good spell for them, Ibrahimovic should have scored


them. -- scored, then. This is the corner coming in. Rooney does well


and then he mis-kicks it a bit. It was good defending. That man, Ali


Drinkwater, I can spot the danger. -- Danny Drinkwater. No extra time


in the Community Shield. It will be straight to penalties if no one


finds another goal. Another big Hernandez drove. That one is over


the top from Musa. Unorthodox header, the long throw in again. He


just gets in behind but can't keep it down, just as he's falling. It's


interesting that after the ball went over the bar the flag went up. Daley


Blind lost it. He ran straight into Mahrez but retrieved it now. Pereiro


was impeded by Mendy. United advantage with Rashford. -- Ander


Herrera was impeded. Juan Mata pops out of the box, four in it.


Valencia. Up goes Ibrahimovic! Not long left and United lead. He is


flat and -- he is Latin Ibrahimovic. He's not really contributed an awful


lot to the game overall. But you can never keep Zlatan Ibrahimovic


totally out of the peace. It is great play by Valencia, he gets


passed into easily, stands the ball up and then a powerful header from


the big man, we spoke earlier in the first half that we don't see him for


long periods and he ends up being the matchwinner, well, he has


certainly done that now with little time for Leicester to get back in


the game. There could have been? 'S about why he left him on. He has not


really done much. When you hear the name Musa you don't need the surname


and you associate him with scissor kick is, the special, acrobatics,


but he does that, too. He is powerful and strong. Rooney is not


happy with the way that Grant who left his leg hanging. He must know


him by now. They are still having a frank exchange of views. This is


what he was upset about. A couple, one in the back and one left in the


groin area. Just complaining about that Robert Huth challenge. With a


goodbye and thank you to the Manchester United fans, that will do


for the day. The Vardy, plays it against Bailly.


Manchester United haven't won the game yet. Kasper Schmeichel is


arriving. His dad used to do that. Your dad?! CHUCKLES


Over from Gray. Touched back for Danny Drinkwater. He was close down


quickly by Ander Herrera. He had to take it first time, take the risk.


Before the Hernandez long throw into the box here is the Manchester


United final substitution. Kasper Schmeichel is staying up for the


throw. Juan Mata having come on as a substitute is coming off. Jose


Mourinho upset Juan Mata before at Chelsea and he won't be impressed


with this. As you have already mentioned, I don't suppose


Mkhitaryan is delighted. That is bizarre, and less Juan Mata has


asked to come off because of injury. -- unless he has an injury.


Otherwise I don't understand. There are consoling words. All I can read


into that is, I want you to go. Those words continue. There is the


Hernandez throw. Schmeichel is challenging for it. De Gea is one of


the best at that, just plugs it off the head of Morgan and then gets the


protection of Bailly as Schmeichel begins the long should -- sprint


back. Moussa made his presence felt. He is


having his shirt tugged by road Joe. Time is up, and that might do it for


Manchester United -- Marcos Rojo. The team that has won the Community


Shield more than any other is perhaps one throw in a from adding


another to their total. Hernandez with another long one. Not away yet,


and Amari Grey with a shot. Locked, a shock. Locked, corner, and


Leicester feel it should be more than a corner -- blocked. I would be


interested to see that back because all of the arms went up. This really


is last chance. Mahrez. Drinkwater. Headed away again to Ibrahimovic. No


time for the breakaway though. The final whistle is blown and


Manchester United have won the Community Shield.


It is the 21st time that they have started the season like this with a


piece of silverware even before the silverware properly -- season gets


underway. The first time they have won it since 2013. And they have a


new signing to thank for the win, one of their own getting them


underway with a wonderful goal, Jesse Lingard after a mistake from


Fellaini allowed you know who, Jamie Vardy, into equalise, but it's the


other number nine who proved to be the matchwinner and that is just the


sort of script that he regularly writes.


Jesse, well done, first game, first trophy of the season. We came in


with the right mindset, and you want to win silverware under Jose


Mourinho, which is a great feeling. It is another title, and a few


months ago we were winning the FA Cup here and now we have the


Community Shield. That's why I can to Manchester United and I'm very


happy. The game was not the best for the fans. -- came to Manchester


United. For the first time as Manchester United manager, Jose


Mourinho leads a team of the Wembley steps. Still not smiling. He is


going to get up, get his reward, then get out and leave it to his


players. One in the bag. Lingard today -- the winning goal today came


from Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the winning captain is Wayne Rooney. And


the winning team is Manchester United, who have now won the last


four Community Shield games that they have played in. It is a winning


start for Jose Mourinho. We need to work, because we are far,


but the mentality was amazing. Defensively we did really well


against such a dangerous team. The goal we conceded I think is a little


bit... Marilyn Fellaini, the slow pitch, and it is very clever from


Vardy -- marry way Fellaini. We quote really well with the threat


they are. But I know we have a lot to do. How do you reflect on the


game today? First half, one chance, and that was it, then we came back


and I think overall we played a great game. Unfortunately he's


called the deciding goal, Ibrahimovic, but we can go up from


that performance. Manchester United had a lot of possession but the


second half was better and I think we could have gone on to win it but


it wasn't meant to be and they popped up with that goal towards the


end. I think we deserved minimum the penalties, right at the end and have


the penalty shoot out. But it was impossible because Zlatan


Ibrahimovic scored a fantastic goal. He didn't touch the ball that many


times, but the right time, he arrives. Can you explain why you


substituted Juan Mata as a substitute question what I can. He


came in and played very well, and I'd changed every player in


attacking areas and midfield, but Fellaini and Ibrahimovic. I know


what I was waiting for and I know the corners, the throw ins, and I


know all of that, so I cannot take Fellaini and Ibrahimovic. I have to


take one of the guys that I put on before. And I'd take the small one


because I know that at the end of the game it would be a nightmare and


it was a nightmare, so I'm happy that I made a decision and Juan Mata


understands. I'm really happy with his contribution because he gave


stability to the team at a moment when the team needed it, so it was a


good performance. Congratulations to Manchester United you pick up the FA


Community Shield at Wembley and I been joined by Danny Murphy and Mark


Schwarzer. Let's get your overdue -- overview on the game. Work


Manchester United were the winners? I don't think so. I think it was


better in the second half for Manchester United but Leicester were


a tad sharper, but United have that wow factor of Ibrahimovic and more


quality in abundance, but both sets of supporters enjoyed the game and


it was decent enough. Lacked a bit of intensity at times but


encouraging for both managers that so many players they have bought


they were able to use and look at today. Is that the way you saw it,


Mark? It was a clear example of two teams who looked a bit sluggish,


Leicester in particular. They had a really good preseason, contrary to


last season and have miles under their belt. Manchester United are


used to that sort of travelling and have players who play all over the


world and understand that but they also have new players who started


today, and Ibrahimovic today was way below par in the way he played, but


however he pops up in scores of fantastic header and like Danny


said, Leicester were probably marginally the better side and if


anything you would have thought going to penalties might have been a


fair way to when the game in this instance. United got themselves


ahead after the half an hour mark, Jesse Lingard with a terrific run,


but was it made to easy as far as the Leicester defence was concerned?


You could dissect and say there was poor defending during the run, but


what I liked about Lingard in the first half is that he was probably


the only United player who was trying to make things happen. He's


banning behind made good runs and he showed the intensity -- span in


behind and made good runs. I was disappointed that he got injured


because he was having a good impact on the game and he certainly is


liking this place. Two goals in two big games. I think Mourinho will


like him and the things he does. Leicester came back to equal matters


early in the second half. Was that the result of pace between Ahmed


Moussa and Vardy? I think it was. In the head of United was not only that


they had Vardy to content with that they had Vardy to content with but


they also had Musa and they would have realised he is a quick boy, and


they realised they gave him too much space. He enabled himself to have


more space by doing so. The Manchester United players were


dropping off and he was going towards the Leicester end and he


could turn with the ball and run at them and he created havoc, in the


first five or ten minutes of the second part which led to Fellaini


making a mistake and Vardy gambling. He did it very coolly. You talk


about Ibrahimovic being largely anonymous but that's what he's


capable of, when he is cause with a couple of minutes to go towards the


end. Great strikers do that. So many times you think where have they been


and I was talking about him in commentary and I agree with Mark, he


was ineffective, but there's always a chance, because he is a


goal-scorer and a confident man, isn't he? With the likes of Rashford


and Rooney supporting him because he can't play all the games, it's good


for the younger players to work with him and learn from him because if


you cannot learn from a man like that you never will. It is now


looking like a squad that you expect Manchester United have, especially


when Paul Pogba comes, which looks like a Wildie. Superstar players you


look at -- which looks like he will do. The Star factor is there for all


to see but I need your take on Juan Mata being substituted. You are


clearly not buying into the explanation for Jose Mourinho


because he was the shortest with the long balls from Leicester. If there


was any truth in that you still wouldn't do that to a player. I


don't believe that is the reason at all. There's a lot of history with


the Chelsea situation, and my short version of it is him letting the


player Noel and everybody else note that he doesn't really have any


plans for him. He embarrassed a player in front of the fans and his


family and friends. I don't like that at all. And I think Juan Mata


dealt with it really well and stayed on the pitch for the celebrations,


did the right thing but I don't think he will be in a Manchester


United shirt at the end of August. Pretty strong views. Is that how you


saw it? We know he is not a big boy and to bring on a taller player, who


are you going to take off, you will take off the smallest player whether


you took on 25 minutes before. You can look at it two ways. There is


busy the history that and people will pull that spin on it.


Mkhitaryan is a Number ten are not very good in the air. That's all I


would say. All right, Jens, thanks very much. First blood very much the


Manchester United at Wembley but the big question is who will finish on


top after you nine months of battle and it all starts in six days' time.


-- after nine months of battle. What a screamer. What a goal. It is 5-4.


Unbelievable. What an incredible strike. Could not have placed it


better. 11 consecutive games. One of the greatest underdog stories ever


told. The new Premier League season kicks off this Saturday across the


BBC. Plenty to look forward to across the weekend with Football


Focus kicking it off at 12:10 p.m.. Final Score at 4pm with Match of the


Day returning at 10:30pm on BBC One and Gary is looking forward to that


in particular. Highlights from the day with new boys Hull City, and


then I will have Match of the Day 2 on Sunday with the best of the


action from Bournemouth against Manchester United and Arsenal


against Liverpool at 10:30pm. Let's get your preview to the new season


ahead. Eight managers at new clubs in the top-flight. Many predicting


Manchester clubs will dominate the top two. Is that how see it? I think


they will be up there with the investment they have made a quality


brought in. I think Chelsea will be there -- and the quality they have


brought in. But they will be fighting with the others because the


manager, looking at his Italian side and his history, he demands


intensity and success from his players and they've made some good


signings. I think those three, for me, would be the three fighting out.


If you asked me to nail it down to one, I would struggle. Them below


them you have Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham. Some supporters might not


like it but it's the only way I can see it with the investment made.


Leicester, if they finish in the top eight, that is brilliant with the


Champions League involvement as well. Mark, Manchester to dominate?


Like Danny said there will be a number of teams. Chelsea will be


there or thereabouts. Their best signing for me is Antonio Kante. As


much as the publicity received towards the end of the season, he


has shown how good he is, and I think this season we will see the


impact he will have at Chelsea. Both Manchester sides with a managers and


players they have brought in, they will have a massive say as well.


Gents, we will have to leave it then. That is it. Manchester United


pick up the first trophy of the season, winning the Community Shield


with a winner from Zlatan Ibrahimovic and there might be some


more from him in the corner of the season. Goodbye for now. It is


Wembley in the sunshine. It is the signal that a new football season is


upon us. Lingard runs through. Schmeichel cannot stop him scoring.


Vardy around De Gea, and an equaliser for Leicester. Up goes


Ibrahimovic. He is Zlatan. It is a winning start


for Jose Mourinho. Don't look at me like that.


Like what? Like what? Don't look at me like that.


Like what? Like what? I'm just going to ask her.


I'm just going to come... Can't do it, I can't do it.


Can't do it. Can't do it.


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