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Two days into 2017, and nothing changes.


We've goals, penalties, red cards, the lot, in six Premier League


matches for you over the next 80 minutes.


Martin Keown and Kevin Kilbane have the stamina for nonstop


football and lasted out the festive period!


Manchester City's defeat to Liverpool on New Year's Eve left


them outside the top four and ten points adrift of Chelsea.


A win over Burnley to start the year with three points was a must.


It's a game that had a bit of everything,


watched at the Etihad by Steve Wilson.


It is a work in progress on and off the park and City are remodelling


their usual dressing room and tunnel area hence the temporary way onto


the pitch for a match which they surely need to win after three


Premier League defeat in December. Less than 48 hours since losing at


Liverpool, Pep Guardiola makes four changes. Leaving at Sergio Aguero is


a choice that few would make but Iheanacho is in and he has six goals


in only seven starts so far this season. Burnley make two changes,


Johann Gudmundsson and Jeff Hendrick come in for the suspended Dean


Marney and Steven Defour who was on the bench. Andre Gray's treble macro


against Sunderland made him the first Burnley striker to score a


top-flight Patrick Saint Peter Noble in 1975. -- hat-trick.


Ben Mee has given it to Sterling and disease if a Nacho but well saved by


Tom Heaton. Raheem Sterling, Tom Heaton again brilliantly. The


Burnley goalkeeper has performed heroics not once but twice and how


happy is Ben Mee to have got out of jail? He gave it straight to


Sterling and that is a good save to deny Iheanacho. And to swamp Raheem


Sterling. His performance at Anfield was his only game since the red card


on the 3rd of December. He can't be tired but he is short of match


practice. You will not get that on the bench. Good ball from Toure to


Iheanacho. De Bruyne once it, that is two sight of goal for Iheanacho,


the like of which he so often thrives on. He ignored those around


him but missed the target. The usual -- an unusual position for Pep


Guardiola to be in, out of the top four and ten points off the lead.


Nice idea by Fernandinho. Ward was there and that is a corner. It is


played short to Kevin De Bruyne. Navas. Yaya Toure, good save again


by Tom Heaton will stop he was caught -- Burnley were caught a


little unawares at the corner. Heat might have seen it late but he would


be disappointed to have been beaten by that -- Heaton. There are


definite rumblings of frustration after half an hour. Fernandinho has


gone in on Gudmundsson and the card is going to come out for the


Brazilian. It is a red card! Fernandinho is sent off for


Manchester City. Guardiola turns away in despair. Fernandinho cannot


believe it but he is sent off. It is a scissor action, both feet are off


the ground. They scissor into Gudmundsson and for the third time


this season, Fernandinho is sent off. And the pressure on Guardiola


mounts. Burnley have drawn here in both their previous Premier League


matches at Manchester City, 3-3 and 2-2. Barnes goes for gold and he


gets a glare from those around him. Gudmundsson to the left and Gray and


Boyd to his right but he saw the goal beckoning but got it all wrong.


No surprise to the Sergio Aguero coming out for the second half,


replacing Kelechi Iheanacho, and David Silva it also on as Jesus


Navas makes way. Guardiola is trying to get the fans going and looking


pretty animated, the Manchester City manager.


Silva nicely to De Bruyne to Sterling. A good change of feed and


Aguero, no. How often do you see Sergio Aguero smash those into the


net? Ward did well. It wouldn't quite sit down for him and Ward


reacted so quickly. Silva to De Bruyne and onto Sagna, promising.


Good luck. Ward again. That was dangerous from Sagna and cleared by


Keane to Clichy. And it's in! Right in the corner, Clichy hit it, may


have taken a touch on its way in but Manchester City are in front. Relief


all around the Etihad. Sagna knocked it up, Keane headed it away but


there was a lot of room for Clichy who got it on to his right foot and


through the legs and into the corner. Gael Clichy with only his


third ever goal for Manchester City, all the way through. Our whole


different complexion to the game now with his team suddenly behind. That


is a great ball from Andre Gray, Defour tried to head it to Hendrik


but cleared by Yaya Toure and now Kevin De Bruyne with space for magic


city where there had been none. Sterling a way. He has done over, it


did not look like a touch to me but Aguero puts it in! And Manchester


City are leading by two and how about this for a finish from Sergio


Aguero? Played through to Sterling. No foul, no penalty but how about


that? Michael Keane standing on the post as he cannot believe that


Aguero has put it through there. Look how small that gap is for


Aguero. That is quite a brilliant finish. The expression has not


changed too much from Guardiola but the scoreline certainly has. Free


kick given. Raheem Sterling, I think Hendrik probably initiated that.


Midway point of the second half. It is Boyd, deflected, corner. He hit


it well enough. Two seasons ago they came back from 2-0 down here to get


a point, Burnley. Flicked on at the near post and is it in? I think it


must be! My goodness me, it is a goal. Two or three times it might


have crossed the line and in the end it did, no point in the City players


are doing. Sagna has been shown a yellow card for his reaction after


the goal was given. Here it is, flicked on by Keane. Very awkward,


Bravo did not do much with it, that probably was over the line from Mee


and then it was headed out of the hands of the goalkeeper by Andre


Gray. Bravo missed it, that did not cross the line, Ben Mee hit it and


it crossed the line. That is the goal, Ben Mee scored it. The


protests were that Andre Gray headed out of the hands of Bravo and he


might have done but the goal had already been scored. Sagna got the


yellow card as City protested. George Boyd is trying to get the


ball back. He got a yellow card for that, Sagna. Tension everywhere you


look inside the Etihad, not least the technical areas.


In by Arfield, Vokes. It was a chance. He got himself in front of


Otamendi but just not enough contact on the ball. He knew he could have


done more with it. I don't care who you are playing, if you only have


ten men for an hour and you take three points in the Premier League,


you deserve some credit. Lowton looking for Vokes who won the


header. Steven Ward, a chance, tee, just tipped over by Bravo. Good


reactions from the goalkeeper -- Keane. It was behind Keane and he


did well to put it goalwards. Good feet from the goalkeeper.


We knew we had to fight and work for each other and we have been lucky to


score two goals and I think the boys who came on did brilliantly also it


is a well deserved three points, no matter what happened with the rest


and everything. Three points will be remembered -- with the referee. We


lost our way and that can happen. When they were 11 I thought we were


doing a good job. We were delivering a good performance. Credit to them


as well, they're ten men, should have been down to nine of course


with Sunni kicking our man. If the referee sees it and gives it a


yellow colour it has to be read. You won it the hard way. Yes, that's


true. What was your verdict on the game and the performance because you


showed real spirit after going down to ten men? Yes, that's true. We won


against a lot of circumstances and a tough game so we are happy for that.


The sending off, what was your view of the red card? You're the


journalist, not me. You are the manager, I'm sure the fans would


like to know. Ask them at -- asked the referee. Are you concerned that


is his third red card this season, is discipline problem? We will


accept like I said before. The team with more ball possession, always


have sent off. I had to understand the rules here in England. I know


you are specialist but I had to understand it. The inter-predation


is different in England? Of course, yes. -- interpretation. You don't


seem that happy that you have won. More than you believe I'm happy. I'm


so happy, believe me, happy New Year. Art Manchester City still in


the title race? Yesterday no, why today we are in the race? Thank you.


A pleasure. I've never seen anybody so happy! Slightly tetchy but let's


start, he is obviously not happen with the -- not happy with certain


incidents, starting with the red card. No doubt in my mind that it


was quite clear. Immediately when I saw it I thought it was a red card.


He is reckless and out-of-control. Lee Mason took his time to make the


decision but once he has called that I think it is correct. He was in a


good position and he can see it clearly. No doubt in my mind. 100%.


That is the third in six games. It is indefensible, you don't want to


see that. It is a bad one, you see those sort


of challenges and you hope for the best that there is no serious injury


to the opposition. They have a few red cards going on, seven, and for a


team that generally keeps possession, that is surprising. But


that lead to a change of shape, Pep Guardiola did well to create a


performance out of his team. Strangely, the manager was right, it


affected them when they went down to ten men, Yaya Toure went and sat


very deep, and the fullbacks pushed on, Silva and Aguero came off the


bench. The manager is saying, come on, I want you to wake up, to the


fans. We know that the midfield players, De Bruyne and Silva, I


different class. Suddenly there is more snap and Christmas, and Gael


Clichy was setting the tone and wanted to get forward. That link up


then with Sterling, that was more like it, despite the fact that the


philosophy of the manager is, we are down to ten men, we are going to


attack. Why can't Yaya Toure sit in that deep role at the end of his


career? And the full-backs again push on, take the initiative, it


doesn't matter that we are down to ten men. Both full-backs were


outstanding, one crossing for another, and the brain are trying to


get the ball in, and Gael Clichy, he doesn't score many goals, but this


one was vital for him today. It was a completely different performance


in the second half, the fans were one with the team, and Burnley were


behind. Manchester City were not happy with the confusion, Guardiola


either. Clear it up for us. There was a misunderstanding around the


goal. I'm not sure whether Lee Mason himself realised it at first, that


is the goal, the Ben Mee strike. A lot of people were saying, the


Manchester City players thought it was the foul from Andre Gray on


Claudio Bravo, but it is this one here from Ben Mee, a clear strike,


that was the one he gave. I think he just went to talk to the assistant


to clear everything up in his own mind, but it was a goal. In


fairness, Guardiola is not happy with the challenge, and look at his


arm. The only arm in the air should be the goalkeeper's. For me, that is


a foul. I am not having that. I think he has to be stronger, I know


he has come through bodies, there is little contact. He is there to


provoke the goalkeeper, to be a nuisance. Goalkeepers are wrapped in


cotton wool! News just in that Joey Barton has re-signed for Burnley,


dependent on whether he gets any kind of ban whether he will play,


but that is the news that has just come in. One down, five games still


to come. COMMENTATOR: Opportunity for Daniel


Sturridge. Rondon with the header. He has poked


it through, Ross Barkley! Ramirez has blasted it wide.


Less than 48 hours after their last match,


They made the trip to Sunderland looking to follow up that victory


over Manchester City on New Year's Eve.


A match with impact at both the top and bottom of the table.


Liverpool begin the New Year with Chelsea still on their sites, and


with their own momentum and believe building as they go in search of a


fifth consecutive Premier League victory. Sunderland have lost four


of their last five games, they are without the injured cone a and


Anichebe, so there are starts for Rodwell and low. Jermain Defoe is


the only player to start every league match. Despite finishing


their win over Manchester City less than 44 hours ago, Jurgen Klopp


makes only one change, Captain Jordan Henderson misses out against


his former club, so there is a recall for Daniel Sturridge who


scored in each of his last three outings against Sunderland.


Defoe had time to shoot. Straight at the former Sunderland goalkeeper,


Simon Mignolet. Liverpool won't want him in this kind of situation too


often. It is still in play, and Firmino


will get to it. It goes early to Mane, opportunity for Daniel


Sturridge, and denied by Mannone, and cleared by a shave. -- O'Shea.


Warning signs for Sunderland. Mannone needed to make sure. To deny


the former Newcastle player on his return to the north-east. It was on


target. Look at Daniel Sturridge, nobody anybody near him, had time to


assess the situation, decent start by Mannone, good start idea tally


in. Jordan Pickford one of eight members of the first-team squad


unavailable for David Moyes today. That was well pushed away by


Mignolet. This would have been a collectors item. Mignolet did what


you would have expected him to do. Five wins in 29 managerial meetings


against Liverpool for David Moyes. Here goes Mane, but was a shooting


opportunity, but it was blocked by Djilobodji.


Lallana, and that was almost an own goal. It is a corner, Larsson was


stretching. Jurgen Klopp's 50th Premier League game in charge of


Liverpool today. Lovren and then Sturridge! 1-0 Liverpool. Brilliant


reaction from Daniel Sturridge, who scores against Sunderland for the


fourth game running in his career. And marks his return to the starting


line-up with the opening goal. It was a missed kick from Lovren, and


Sturridge was alive to the situation and flicked it past Mannone. 47th


goal that Liverpool have scored this season, their first off the New


Year. Sunderland held out for only 20 minutes.


Wijnaldum had to be careful there, and Sunderland get the penalty.


Clumsy from the Estonian, and Ndong had got away from Wijnaldum.


Mignolet trying to deny Jermain Defoe his tenth league goal of the


season. Which he can't. Defoe marks his


450th Kneer league appearance -- Premier League appearance with yet


another goal, and it is one that Sunderland needed. They have


levelled it up after 25 minutes. Mignolet went the right way, but it


was tucked into that bottom corner by Jermain Defoe.


Sunderland tales are up, no flag, Jermain Defoe is in, and many are


brilliantly, the follow-up from Borini. They are not going to get


too many big chances today, and that was one of them. Ndong looked


offside. Sturridge, and eventually it is


going to reach Clyne. And Mane was almost on the end of it. To reflect


delivery from Nathaniel Clyne, and watch Mane. That is a lovely touch,


and this is Renee. It is still alive with Defoe. Januzaj up against


Moreno. It is waved away. Understandably they are appealing


for everything in their situation at the moment. They didn't look any


intentional use of the arm there. Sturridge trying to stay onside. He


has got it now. Lallana, in towards Sturridge, excellent stop from


Mannone A. First time in the second half that Liverpool have managed to


find a way through. The Sunderland back line cleverly done by Lallana.


Sturridge denied by Mannone. Moreno with the Liverpool corner, looking


for the touch at the near post came off Ndong, and Mane was alive to the


situation to put Liverpool back in front. It was flicked on by a


Sunderland player. The home team were looking for offside. Sadio Mane


with what could be another important Liverpool goal. Here is Larsson.


Super term, and he was caught by Lucas, according to Anthony Taylor.


It is a Sunderland free kick. Just turned away from the Brazilian. Can


Sunderland use this position to their advantage? It is to be Seb


Larrson, the wall did its job, and it is a penalty! There was a big


appeal, and Anthony Taylor for the second time in the game have given


Sunderland a penalty for handball against Mane. Let's have a look.


Yes, he definitely sticks his arm out, it was a good spot from the


referee. Mane in the wall can have no complaints, and the man who


thought he might have won it for Liverpool at one end has given a


penalty away at the other. Defoe has beaten many LA wants from the spot.


Can he repeated? -- beaten Mignolet. Can he draw Sunderland level for the


second time in the game? Yes, he can! Emphatic penalty from Defoe.


Twice they have trailed, and twice they have come back, courtesy again


of their main man. The smile is an ironic one from Jurgen Klopp.


Emre Can, Lallana might fancy a crack. Mannone in the way again.


Liverpool corner. Well, Lallana with four goals these last five league


games, saw the gap, comfortable save from Mannone. What a response he has


had from his players today. It really has been an excellent effort


from Sunderland. WHISTLE


And it is a precious point David Moyes and Sunderland, two dropped


the Liverpool in their pursuit Chelsea at the top of the league,


and it has finished the Stadium Of Light 2-2.


I thought we matched their energy firm most of the game, we played


against a good team and we hung in when we had to. We had some


opportunities and made good saves but we had good chances, two. I just


thought the spirit today was brilliant. Definitely the reaction


that the manager wanted after the Burnley game. And especially with


the two games in a short space of time, to show that sort of character


and show that the energy levels were important, we are happy with the


point. Criticism, positive or negative, for me is pretty much not


possible, because I don't know how it feels. I don't know exactly what


I saw, so my team really fighting, and I am proud of them, I was not


sure that they could do it, they did it, we could have played better in a


few moments. Of course we would like to win the games today and get the


three point com to put us forward. But it is football, you have to


accept it, you have many games. We have to try to make sure we win at


home, that is one of the keys, to pick up some points on the road. But


we said from the start, this is going to be difficult, it is not


changing that the players did a great job today to get as point. Two


penalties for Sunderland, what did you make of those, Kevin?


The first one was soft but there was certainly contact on Ndong. This was


a lovely touch from Januzaj. The initial contact from Wijnaldum and


Ben Klavan coming in, he did not have anywhere to go but I think it


was a foul. -- then Klavan. I think it is fortunate. That was the


composure that Jermain Defoe has showed so often. It was not the


penalty that Jurgen Klopp was concerned about, it was the foul


here. There is slight contact and Jermain Defoe goes over slightly


easily. They don't need much these days! That is it and Anthony Taylor


it in a good position but there was no doubt about this, clear penalty.


Anthony Taylor sees it clearly. Another one that Jermain Defoe tucks


away nicely. Two good penalties. Jermain Defoe is very important for


Sunderland and you thought he linked up well with Januzaj in particular.


There were a number of things. Their workrate, you would not associate


Defoe and Januzaj with workrate but they work extremely hard. The


hold-up play from Januzaj at times was excellent, getting each other


into the game as well. This was a lovely pass from Januzaj and


travellers from Defoe, recognising that his team-mate was offside --


cleverness. He should have scored of course. But overall, without the


ball, at times Liverpool dominated possession, 70% throughout the game


and Jermain Defoe said himself, David Moyes was looking for a


reaction. I think these two brought so much to Sunderland, he allowed


the team to get up the pitch with them by their hold-up play and work


weight. That was what stood out for me. -- work rate. And Januzaj with


him, neither one of them switched off, they forced Liverpool backwards


at times. This was crucial as well, the hold-up play. Great first touch


from Januzaj, bringing Defoe into it but then the ability to take a few


touches and allow his team-mate to get up in support. He deserved his


pat on the back. I felt they both played really well as a pair. Jurgen


Klopp has made it pretty clear he is not much for this festive period


with games close together. He has got a point, hasn't he? For sure, it


is part of the workload and he looked tired himself and what he


asked his team to do would be in hot -- with the high-intensity game, it


has taken something out of them and next up is Manchester United in the


Premier League with an FA Cup game against Plymouth in between. It has


been a good half a season for them but they are now eight points behind


Chelsea. If he thinks this season is bad, wait until next year with the


extra -- festive list is 16, 20 third, 26, 30 and first January,


enjoy that! The last time Manchester United


visited West Ham, it was for that dramatic final league game at Upton


Park. This time they travelled


to the London Stadium off the back Jonathan Pearce watched their last


encounter, and he was back again Saint Anne Upton Park farewell, West


have been looking to baptise their new home with a big victory and


could this be the date as Sofiane Feghouli, Pedro Obiang and Manuel


Lanzini come in? It is a first league start for Feghouli. Michael


Carrick had turned against his old side, with three changes at the back


with Jones, Rocco and Darmian coming in. -- Rojo. Pogba takes it from


Mkhitaryan and he is looking for the return. Feghouli was their first


four West Ham and the first link up. West Ham so far have had more of the


ball and this is Lanzini on the counter with Creswell on the left


but he chooses Payet. Lanzini, he shoots and it is a fine save. A good


move by West Ham who have started strongly. One of the most positive


start they have made this season on this ground. It is a more confident


West Ham side debate of the one shell-shocked by Arsenal here a few


weeks ago. Feghouli the first touch was heavy and the second took him


into Jones. Mike Dean was right up there and Manchester United are


fuming. Jones rolled away, several tumbles. The referee is giving


himself thinking time. He will call him back and it is red. Slaven Bilic


is incandescent. Feghouli Buk first touch was poor, he slides in with


his feet off the ground. I think that is harsh. I think his studs


were low. In his first league start for West Ham, Sofiane Feghouli is


dismissed after a quarter of an hour.


Cleared by Nordtveit, it bounced back off Ogbonna into the danger


territory. Antonio Candreva it away and he now goes into a wider


position -- can get it away. That is a free kick for the challenge by


Lindegaard. The West Ham fans are incensed -- Lingard. He is asking


why there is one rule for one and one for another. It was a foul and


that is about it. Tensions are running high.


Valencia at supporting well, that stretched West Ham. Back across


goal, brilliant save, off the post and it stayed out! The referee says


no gold despite appeals from Manchester United. West Ham rode


their luck, people might say Dave deserves a slice of it. It stays at


0-0 -- they deserve. Suspicion of side, great save and then Jesse


Lingard off the post. Was it over? Goodness me. A smidgen. West Ham


have dug in deep and shown plenty of resolve that was missing in the


opening weeks of the season here. Good challenge by Obiang. Can West


Ham spring on the counter? Payet, good challenge by Rojo, nothing


wrong with that. Spirited stuff from West Ham.


Lanzini was there and he gets the shot away and that is a splendid


save by de Gea. The ball was behind Lanzini but he got there and


wriggled and made space for himself and a good save.


That is a foul for West Ham. This time it is Herrera who is amused. It


is a wretched state of affairs when supporters are calling for free


kicks every time a tackle is made -- Lees.


Antonia's header goes wide. That was a chance and they won't get many.


The defending from Rojo was not great. Manchester United making


another change. Marcus Rashford coming on for Jesse Lingard. Given


away, this is Lanzini, played short to Obiang and back to Lanzini. It is


Michail Antonio! That was the moment West Ham could have made heroes of


themselves. But Manchester United are countering at speed, Rashford in


behind, Ibrahimovic in the middle. That chance has gone as well.


Antonio knows how important that might have been. Given away cheaply


by Manchester United. Lovely weight on the path by Lanzini, Antonio


waited for his moment and was onside but could not score. -- on the pass.


Lovely ball from Carrick. Rashford full of youthful exuberance and pace


and skill and Mata! 1-0! The substitutes have found a way


through. Hard on West Ham. Moments after Antonio had a great chart at


one end, Rashford had to be patient this season, started on the bench


but what a lovely run and pull back and a fine finish by Mata. A good


finish, a good goal, 1-0. A chance here for Manchester United


and Pogba! He has placed it wide. He should have sealed it. Lovely ball


slipped into Rashford by Ibrahimovic and it just veered wide at the last


moment. Good work again by Carrick. Whatever he has done today, Michael


Carrick, he has done well. That cross rifled away, a good by


Rashford. Ibrahimovic. He holds onto it, Rashford to the right, Ogbonna


closes on him and get the shot away. It nearly slipped through. Oh! It


hit the post. Pogba might shoot from there,


Herrera should do. Ogbonna was quick to close. Ibrahimovic! That has


sealed things. Unfortunate ricochet for West Ham United who did not get


it away and as a result Manchester United have surely sealed this.


Watch for the bounce. Off Ogbonna. It is a poor attempted clearance.


Was the offside? Certainly planted it away. The mistake from Obiang. I


think he is offside as it comes in and he is. The trailing leg makes


him offside. He had the goal disallowed on New Year's Eve that


would have given him 51 in the calendar year of ready 16, as many


as Messi. Rashford checks back, he can see the runner, Herrera. Good


stop by Randolph, not the most powerful shot but beautifully set up


again by Rashford. He is the Blair, Rashford. I think


he is the one, very professional and mature -- the one. People in the


academy, Mr Van Gaal Forshaw, everybody had a contribution for his


formation which we try to enhance in the next couple of years but for


sure he is a Manchester United player, Manchester United DNA and


quality. A lot of positives but again an equity with the refereeing


decision. The first one, every time you need a TV camera and slow


motion, OK, they don't have it in real-time. To be fair, and I said it


to Mourinho and the fourth official, I would not be happy with a yellow


card. It looked like the other way round to be fair. The more you see


it, the more it is Jones who went to the dangerous tackle with what you


call them scissors. When you play for a club like Manchester United,


you always try to do these things, you always try to win and make this


a routine. Now we have to keep going. We have a few points still to


get into the top four and our rivals are winning so we need to keep going


with this positive run. Manchester United going really well at the


moment, but only one place to start and the game changed with the red


card for Feghouli. Absurd position. A massive mistake from Mike Dean.


Quite remarkable, it is so early in the game, 15 minutes in. I don't


know how he can be this certain because I can't work out who is


fouling hoop. It is a big tackle, Feghouli goes in and he is trying to


make a perfect tackle. For me it is more of a foul from Jones. The


reaction probably get the player sent off. It is such a bad decision.


It is the reaction from Phil Jones, that's that gets Feghouli sent off.


How can he be certain it is a challenge... It is a bad decision.


Mike Dean this season, another red card. He is top of the list. He does


seem to seek some attention on occasion. A chance of retrospective


action? We saw a similar one with Vardy. I felt Vardy should have been


given approval and I think Feghouli should be as well. I can't see it


being a red card. West Ham battled for a long time. But in the end


back-up of substitutions from Jose Mourinho, particularly Rashford it


was terrific when he came on. He came on around the hour mark at


everything that United were lacking, he gave it to them. Off the ball


movement, penetrative runs, that is what he gives you. For all that


United were lacking at times, and I think that was largely down to the


sending off, West Ham with ten men did not help United but when


Rashford came on, the immediate impact, off the ball running,


movement behind, he did something to Ibrahimovic as well. He is a


nightmare for defenders. He stops and changes direction and that


change of pace and there is intelligence. He picks up beautiful


as well. That is quality. There is a little jinked that sells the


defender. Then as you say, the awareness to pull it back, it is top


class. Ibrahimovic this time needed that help on the pitch and that


movement. He makes three runs here and he is switching his body around.


He knows exactly where he wanted, brilliant. It is instinctive and he


knows exactly what he wants. He makes the players might up for them.


When he sets off, give me the ball here. He is waiting and he picks out


the pass and he did everything in that game and there was loads we


could have shown. West Ham didn't have the best of the


decisions, Ibrahimovic was offside for the second goal. I are punished


again by the officials, the officials don't do it deliberately


but they have to get it right. If you watch it from this angle, there


is no excuse, because the players are not flying around, they are


walking. That is something Slaven Bilic said as well, it wasn't as if


they were moving at high speed, it is at a slow pace, the defenders are


walking, that is not a difficult decision, so a poor day for the


officials again. It's been two years since Tony Pulis


took over at West Brom, and things look better than ever


at The Hawthorns. His first league game


in charge of the club was a 1-0 win over Hull,


and they were the Hal Robson-Kanu celebrated by


scoring the winner on Saturday, but Salomon Rondon returns the starting


line up here with the Welsh international back on the bench.


Michael Dawson will be one of those out to stop Rondon today, he has


been valuable at both ends of the field for Hull, having equalised


when the sides last met in November. West Bromwich Albion up to eighth in


the table at the start of play following that victory at


Southampton on Saturday, but they have lost three of the last four


without scoring a goal. Hull City having a dismal run of results,


particularly on the road. Snodgrass turning away from Fletcher, Jacob


tries to step in. Being penalised there by Mark Clattenburg. Snodgrass


has been integral to their goals, he has been involved in exactly 50% of


them. Is Ben Foster about to be tested for the first time this


afternoon? So, Robert Snodgrass who scored against Everton in the last


match firing in the free kick, and it was a good one, bringing the save


to this has been a very assured and


confident start from Hull, belying the recent results. That was a great


chance, and a goal but Hull City thoroughly deserve, Robert Snodgrass


applies the village -- finishing touch. Hull have been asking the


questions in the game so far, they are on the attack again, Elmohamady


with the cross, and Snodgrass getting in with determination, and


he does it again for Hull. He has got to be happy with what he has


seen from his team so far today, three wins so far this season for


Hull. Good header brings the save from


Marshall, the header from Matt Phillips. Darren Fletcher tries to


get it in past Livermore, but can't. Brunt has joined the attack, Maguire


heads it clear, a little lay-off now to Mbokani. In to Diomande,


Elmohamady and Snodgrass getting in each other's way. And the save from


Foster. West Bromwich Albion are creaking and rocking at the back


there, the ball played in by Mbokani, excellent play by Gareth


McAuley. It was Brunt with the delivery, a good header that needed


saving. Maguire felt he might have got a


goal kick then. Phillips with the delivery, straight onto the head of


Chris Brunt, and straight into the back of the net. A powerful,


unstoppable header, and West Bromwich Albion right back in it


four minutes into the second half, and it is a brilliant header,


completely unmarked, Chris Brunt, his second goal of the season and he


had plenty of time to make sure he was on target.


Michael Dawson going up with Al Mohammed Deif. -- Elmohamady. For


the first time this afternoon, I think if you were forced to pick a


winner from these two, you would probably go with the home team now.


Nacer Chadli is coming off, and Hal Robson-Kanu is coming on to replace


him, scored the winner on Saturday in his first league start for the


club, can he do it off the bench here today? The ball comes in to the


penalty area, it is 2-1! No, it is not! No, it has been given! Everyone


carried on as if it wasn't a goal, but it was. And before Marshall


could get rid of the ball, Mark Clattenburg signals it is a goal.


And West Bromwich Albion celebrate their second of the afternoon that


turns the game around. Gareth McAuley is there are once again,


just watch him, getting up high and getting his head on the ball. It was


blocked on the line by Sam Clucas, but was it before the ball had


crossed the line? Clearly not. Here is the confirmation. Clearly a goal.


2-1 West Brom, and now it is the West Bromwich Albion supporters in


full voice, and here they come again. And here they come again,


Matt Phillips surging forward, and he could go all the way. Here comes


the shot, and the deflection carries it just over the top of the bar. It


was a vital deflection off the boot of Michael Dawson, and West Bromwich


Albion looking to give themselves a bit of elbow room and add to their


one goal lead. Rondon finding Robson-Kanu.


It is a stretch, it is Morrison, it is three! And surely it is another


home winner for West Bromwich Albion? The first half produced such


high hopes for Hull, but it seems a long time ago now, and with just


over 15 minutes to go, they are in a whole, because they are losing 3-1.


The flick by Rondon, the finish by James Morrison, it is 3-1.


Just over ten minutes remaining, too much on that, but I think Nyom had a


slight miscommunication with Chris Brunt. James McClean getting ready


to come on, Tony Pulis preparing for another change. Here it comes from


Snodgrass again, good save by Foster. And it was Michael Dawson


getting to the ball first, it was blocked on the line.


We change things around 20 minutes into the first half, their shape was


much more potent than ours, and Johnny came in to give us the


opportunity. I am disappointed again because we don't carry out the basic


defence duties which is marking set pieces. Everybody has an individual


role to play, everybody has a man and a marker and knows the routine,


but if you switch off and the concentration goes, you get


punished. When we are in a completely dominant position, you


know? We went in well at half-time, but within five minutes, the game


has swung round again, the set piece goal which is West Brom's strength,


to be honest. We suckered ourselves into the situation of giving another


way after that, so it is annoying and disappointing. We work on set


pieces and do a lot of stuff, it is nice to get one. I am not often in


there, but when I saw the ball coming in right to my head, I just


close my eyes and hit it! Two years you have been at West Brom this


week, it is going quite well, isn't it? Yes, 29 points, we are


delighted, it has been a good year for us. What we have to do is try to


bring a couple of players into improved the group and give


everybody a lift again. We take nothing for granted, it is such a


tough league. He is not making it look that offer the moment, but


having said that, as Mike Phelan said, Hull played well in the first


half and made it difficult for them. Mike Phelan said it is as good as


they have played this season, in the first half. They had a lot of


chances throughout the first half, it was just disappointment again,


ultimately the same as the Everton game. They conceded from set play


right on the stroke of half-time in their last game. It is the way they


played, Huddlestone was excellent in possession. There were a lot of


diagonal balls being hit right-to-left left-to-right, getting


Mbokani and Diomande into the game, but it was lacking the final ball


from these positions. Clucas gets beyond the defence, could he delayed


a little? But this was a brilliantly worked goal, a diagonal ball,


Snodgrass has been Hull City's best performer this season, but then this


happens. And something again that Mike Phelan spoke about, doing the


dirty bits of the other end, it was actually a block, Harry Maguire


getting a block on his own man, Mbokani, both goals you feel, it was


on the line... He was behind the line. Again, getting the basics


wrong, two set he says controlling the second-half. Goal-line


technology has kicked in! Tony Pulis is doing well. That smile on his


face has never been bigger than the time he has been a manager, he has


put a good team right through the core, Jonny Evans, Fletcher, Nacer


Chadli, Robson-Kanu, everyone chipping in, it is a good story,


fantastic. They certainly are. Plenty more football


across the BBC this week. Radio 5live have Premier League


commentaries for you over Arsenal continue their title


challenge at Bournemouth, then it's leaders Chelsea looking


to make it 14 league wins in a row Then the Premier League takes


a break and the FA Cup returns. On Friday it's West Ham


against Man City, followed by Spurs Both Everton and Southampton started


the year in the top half of the table, but there's an air


of dissatisfaction at both clubs. Ronald Koeman expects his side


to be performing better, while boos greeted Southampton's


final game of 2016. While combing says it is not about


revenge for him today, and he is sure there will be no repeat of what


he called one of Everton's worst displays of the season in their


defeat at St Mary's in November. A first Toffees start for 19-year-old


Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Marianne Lennon also coming in. The second


match running, six changes, and among them, Joseph on replacing


Virgil van Dyck. Tadic, a clever pass, and Baines has


won the ball, just about kept it in play as well.


Tadic lost his concentration, and loses possession, as well. Rodriguez


is tending to his team-mate, who clattered into the hoardings as he


jostled with Leighton Baines. A good challenge from Baines, and Cedric


came off the worse for wear. Gueye with a free header, and that was


saved well from Ross Barkley by Forster. Ross Barkley, who scored


Everton's leveller at Hull on Friday with the first real opportunity of


the game. Cedric is off with a head injury that he suffered from that


collision with the perimeter boards. So, 22-year-old Jack Stephens is


going to come on for Cedric for his Premier League debut. Tadic, Baines


got there first. Here is Lukaku now, and it does come for Ross Barkley,


looking for Lukaku. Romelu Lukaku! Foster works with his legs, first


sight of goal that Everton's top scorer has had, but it is a save you


always expect Forster to make. The Everton major shareholder, Farhad


machinery, to the left of your screen there. Ronald Koeman expect


to be busy in the transfer window, so he might expect to be busy


writing some checks. Forster was scrambling but it is a


corner for Everton. Seamus Coleman has been a goal threat recently,


deciding to chance his arm. Short to Coleman. Now there is a


chance for Southampton on the counterattack, Redmond in plenty of


spate with Rodriguez and Tadic coming forward. -- plenty of space.


Ward-Prowse and Rodriguez with his hand, I think, has put it in the net


but the flag was up anyway. He was just offside. He had his arms up.


Joel Robles with the flick and it came off the arm of Jay Rodriguez.


Claude Puel's team have had the most hectic festive fixture programme of


any Premier League team, the only team playing their three matches in


the space of just six days. Good turn from Rodriguez and still...


Very nearly a wonderful goal from Jay Rodriguez.


Romeu into Redmond but well read by Williams and it might break for


Everton. Still Lukaku, allowed to charge and hit but a poor effort


from Romelu Lukaku. A genuine -- genuine chances few and far between


this afternoon but that was one of the better ones.


Rodrigues done, Redmond is onside, Nathan Redmond! Straight at Robles.


The best Southampton have had since the break. It was too close to


Robles who got his angles right. This is Mirallas, looking for


Lukaku, good strength and a nice ball and this is Coleman to Lukaku!


Forster says but put in by Enner Valencia! The substitute has a near


immediate impact. Lukaku deserves plenty of credit here, playing it on


to Seamus Coleman and he got up well and it was a decent header. Forster


made the save, the bounce went to Everton and there was Enner


Valencia, 12 minutes after coming off the bench. He was in the right


place to score his first goal for Everton. 1-0.


Ross Barkley again, nice from Everton, Leighton Baines. Valencia


and was he brought down? Penalty! Maya Yoshida going through the back


of Enner Valencia. And having come on from the bench to score the


opening goal for Everton, Valencia has now won a penalty that could


wrap up the points for the Toffees. Leighton Baines... 2-0 Everton! And


surely that'll do for the Toffees this afternoon. Leighton Baines with


his second goal of the season, both of which have been penalties. He


spoke about his knotty technique in the match day programme today and


showed just how good he is at executing them. 2-0.


Redmond manages to win the corner out of Valencia. Ward-Prowse takes


it, flicked on and sent over the top by Williams. Brilliant defending


from Ashley Williams. A good delivery in the first place and


Williams somehow sent it over the bar. Valencia. Stephens.


Dispossessed, Davies, Lukaku! It is all over now! Romelu Lukaku with a


cracking finish to finish off Southampton. Goal number 11 of the


season for Romelu Lukaku. Southampton are their own worst


enemies here, Fonte was dispossessed, Davies with a crisp


first-time ball and Lukaku absolutely smashed it beyond Fraser


Forster. I don't think Southampton will want to see a rebirth of that


defending in a hurry, slack stuff from the Saints and punished by


Lukaku. 3-0. The first off, not good, I think we


missed some tempo in the game -- first half. When it was higher we


created opportunities to score and that was the problem in the first


half. It was not really that intensity in the game and we brought


that in after half-time. Then you see the final result. How worried


are you, three defeat in a row, the worst losing run for Southampton in


the league for two years? Yeah, it is like Boxing Day and now it is


important to recover, recover on your body and also your head to


prepare good games for the future. And a cup game, important for us


now. Now the transfer window is open, had he been making some calls


already? Everybody knows the people in the club knows what we want and


what we want to change and it is up to them. Do you expect to be busy? I


am busy with the fixture is what we have and may be the board will be


busy to bring some players in, yes. Everton, it took them a while to get


going but they rallied and scored late goals. Ross Barkley seems to be


returning to form. He certainly does, Ronald Koeman is talking about


bringing in players but he works well with the players he has.


Watching this from afar coming years been patient with him, had him in


the team and dropped him and brought him back and today he was running


the show. We know he has good ability for the shooting ability


with either foot from distance, that is not in question but he has tidied


up his game. His football intelligence, is it fair? Nothing


wrong with this, nice and simple and tidy. Plenty of vision in his game.


He has got to go on now and prove it game after game. Look at this for


vision, a lovely ball. You can see the pass. This leads to a penalty.


He is dictating everything, he is the player, suddenly in a few days


or weeks, he is dictating the play. He is lending it to people, good


vision, he pops it off but he is the man in the team to make things


happen. The manager has made that happen for him. He has made him


comfortable. It was a silly challenge from Yoshida on Valencia.


He goes off to see his manager and it is about the relationship between


them. Three defeats on the bounce for Southampton, cause for concern?


Claude Puel spoke about recovery and if anybody needs the time,


Southampton do, three games in five days. It is tiredness probably and


they are stretching their squad. But they should be OK.


If you start the year ahead of the current champions,


you're either flying or a title defence is going badly.


It was the latter for Leicester City as they travelled to Middlesbrough


for the day's early kick-off, watched by Guy Mowbray.


Amongst five Middlesbrough changes, Brad Guzan is in goal for the first


time since August with Victor Valdes ruled out. No sign of arrest for the


industry is Marten de Roon, is workrate has been impressive and he


will be important again. Five Leicester changes as well and it


will have been a blow to lose Islam Slimani with a fever or what would


have been his final game before the Africa Cup of Nations and with Jamie


Vardy still suspended, it opens up the place for Leonardo Ulloa to


start for the first time this season. If you are a certain vintage


it is hard to think of Middlesbrough against Leicester without going back


to 1997 and the foxes' League Cup final win thanks to the winner from


Steve Claridge a replay. Mahrez is on the move in the centre.


There is Christian Fuchs having a shot. Always wide but it is bright


and breezy from Leicester from the off. The Leicester fans are early on


making their presence felt on Teesside, CHANTING


, we know what we are, champions of England -- they are chanting. They


will not be singing it next season. An easy shift and run away from


Fuchs by Traore and he goes down just inside the area. The referee


did not shake his head immediately so you do have a think. It is a


brilliant burst of pace. It might have been about earlier on. I don't


think Robert Huth did much wrong, he was just trying to block him. And it


was just outside the box anyway. There have been one of two signs


that Adama Traore will cause problems for Leicester City. Three


making their way into the box. Traore taking his time getting


there. Now that is to want to ruin but it was just behind him and he


had to dig at it. Desperate that it was towards Marten de Roon. He is


making a positive impact for Middlesbrough. You get the feeling


that Gaston Ramirez has sensed that because every time he has the ball


he is looking for Traore who has got the beating of Fuchs and was away


from King that time as well. Ramirez, for sure. -- Adam Forshaw.


A big deflection. Who off? The goalkick has been given. It was Wes


Morgan. That had to be a Middlesbrough corner. It should not


come as a great surprise that we are goalless at this stage at a ground


that has witnessed fewer goals than any other in the Premier League this


season. Marvellous towards Okazaki, it beat Brad Guzan. The brightest


passage of play from Leicester so far in the second half. So much


effort from both teams but neither has really looked like scoring.


Chambers to Traore, neatly worked. Not exactly tidy but that is Adam


Forshaw, friendly macro -- Friend and that is awkward. Nobody could


get the touch. Fabio has a crack but it is wide. Well wide. We have had


one at the other end that Brad Guzan couldn't gather and now George


Friend with a beautiful ball. Morgan could not touch it and Huth dared


not. Negredo did not gamble. De Roon. Headed out by Amartey and


straight to Clayton. Friend reads Simson and how close can he get? --


beats Simpson. It came on to his wrong foot. He did well against


Simpson and Andy King and that was his inswinger.


Leicester have a problem in that Riyad Mahrez stayed down for quite


some time but he is OK now which will be not just a relief to


Leicester but anybody hoping that Algeria do well next month in the


Africa Cup of Nations. That is Ulloa going for it and Guzan saves and


holds. What part of the body did that come off? Ulloa just managed to


peel away from Gibson and get an effort on target.


Plenty of time to consider the cross for Fabio, Morgan looked hesitant


and that is Ramirez! He has blasted it wide and Wes Morgan breathed a


huge sigh of relief because it looked like the Leicester captain


had gifted Gaston Ramirez the winner. In a game of few chances,


that one had to be taken. Huth stuck out a leg at the right


time for Leicester. Mousset takes on and beats Adam Clayton who tried to


drag him back. Ahmed Musa, now this is Amartey.


In towards Ulloa, and it is over the top. It is fair to say, not the


greatest of games to start off a New Year at the Riverside Stadium, a


game of precious few chances and generally low on quality. 0-0.


I suspect you are the more frustrated of the two managers with


that. Yes, but we played again today, what we can't forget is that


they are the Premier League winners, and our team, again, we showed we


were better than them. Claudio, where you happy with that? We


started well, the spirit was fantastic, the second clean sheet in


a row, we were very solid, strong, and tried to go on the


counterattack. It was a good match, good game. I have asked you before


about Adama Traore. Is he getting there? He is improving, and we have


to keep him, but he needs to learn. Not the best game, no goals, but


should Middlesbrough have had a penalty? Yes, I do think they should


have had a penalty, it was again, Traore, and he spoke about him


there, Karanka. There was definite contact, and it was another one


today that the officials have got wrong. It looks just outside to me.


Traore was involved in that decision, and he is an interesting


player. Karanka talking about doing that, how do you get him better than


here is? He has amazing pace, he just embarrasses players. I'm not


sure the pitch is big enough for him at times. He runs out of play there,


and this one here, this is brilliant, it is the change of pace


as well. You can't just run at people, they know where he is going,


but they can't stop him, good movement in the box and maybe they


should score there. When he has time and space, this is what they need to


work on with him, pick out the deliveries. He has two good moves


here, a good run being made to the near post and the far, and it is an


awful cross. I feel as though he can get himself in better goal-scoring


positions as well. He is electric, but he constantly wants the ball to


his feet, I think you can move with play and follow the other side, get


himself in a goal-scoring position. Too far off there, he is never going


to score from there, he always wanted to his feet, but he has


certainly got something. The fans love him. As for Leicester, four


points in two games, two clean sheets on the bounce, unbeaten in


2017, this could be their year! I think they have had their year. I


think they need to steady the ship, two clean sheets was important, but


that tide has probably set. It is not easy at this time of year. That


is it for the festive football this season, thank you very much indeed,


but before we go, let's have a look at the Premier League tables.


Liverpool's slip-up at Sunderland means Chelsea extend their lead if


they've beat Tottenham on Wednesday to eight points. Manchester City are


backed up to third, while Manchester United's sixth win keeps the race to


the top four bunched up. Sunderland remain in the bottom three along


with Hull, who have won just once since August. Crystal Palace face


Swansea in a crunch clash on Tuesday. This is what the morning


papers have to say. The Daily Star have quotes from Slaven Bilic in


which he blames Manchester United's Phil Jones for getting Feghouli sent


off, while the Mirror says the realm of dread are plotting a move the


Dele Alli. We all got a Pep talk, goodbye. I am so happy, believe me.


Happy New Year, goodbye.


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