31/12/2016 Match of the Day


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A cracking set of Premier League fixtures on the way to kick-start


Who needs Jools Holland when you've got Alan Shearer and Philip Neville?


Leaders Chelsea began the day 6 points clear after 12 straight wins.


Antonio Conte's side faced Stoke, who've not won in the league


at Stamford Bridge for 42 years, almost as long as John Motson's


Chelsea a Premier League record of 13


wins... If David Luiz gets booked a Premier League record of 13


Hughes was in Chelsea's FA Cup winning team 20 years ago but


Hughes was in Chelsea's FA Cup Bridge. Here is that the gas. This


is Hazard. Pieters is just Bridge. Here is that the gas. This


Willian, Fabregas, and Diego Costa. He looks for a shot. And the


Willian, Fabregas, and Diego Costa. hoping to sign him permanently from


Derby next week. He has been hoping to sign him permanently from


Grant goes to his left. wanted to pay Derby, but with the


prolonged absence of Jack wanted to pay Derby, but with the


Stoke. Shaqiri has been taking these corners


Stoke. Shaqiri has been taking these actually. A good chance for Charlie


Adam. You actually. A good chance for Charlie


have held out for over half an actually. A good chance for Charlie


all over the bar? actually. A good chance for Charlie


after those saves, but Stoke, goodness me, he has come in behind


Alonso, I think, who took him away. And Cahill comes in behind him,


getting good contact. 1-0. 34 minutes gone, as Cahill puts


Chelsea, maybe, maybe on their way to win number 13. It has taken them


a while to break Stoke down. I suppose there was some Chelsea fans


hoping for a big score today, when you think that this season they have


beaten Everton 5-0, Manchester United 4-0, Burnley, Leicester and


Bournemouth 3-0. If you cast your mind back to the start of the


season, Stoke conceded four against Manchester City. And that none,


against Liverpool more recently. But it has not worked out like that yet.


1-0 to Chelsea at the start of the second half, it will not just be a


matter of keeping the score down for Mark Hughes, he will be hoping for


better. Rogers coming in on the far side, and somehow or other, it is


Martins Indi who snatches the equaliser. I would not have


thought... They fancy a 1-1 now. What a start to the second half from


Chelsea. And what a good one from Stoke. Peter Crouch was threatening


Chelsea to begin with. Somehow or other Martins Indi gets a foot in


there, or is it held by a Chelsea defender? I think he will claim it.


Kante was the man who went down with them. Martins Indi, not the most


likely goal-scorer for Stoke City. In fact it is his first goal for the


club but it is 1-1. Delilah is Stoke City's supporters favourite song and


they are in good voice tonight because their team equalised within


54 seconds of the start of the second half. Victor Moses. A nice


turn. And a chance for Willian! The 13 in a row is back on. And it is a


thumping shot by Willian, putting Chelsea back in front. It is his


fourth of the season. Moses does superbly well here. Hazard, just


touching it on. As four Stoke players look on in admiration, but


certainly not in terms of interception, Willian funds that


into the corner. 2-1 to Chelsea. 57 minutes. That is the usual


managerial celebration. Charlie Adam has chipped that forwards to Peter


Crouch. His first touch was good. He finds El Hadji Diouf, and Budgen.


And Crouch is there. He has come back to 2-2. Peter Crouch scores his


97th Premier League goal. And his first for quite some time. It is a


long ball. Crouch plays a part in the build-up, and Budgen. He runs


free, and Crouch cannot get a shot in. There is grouch coming in, ahead


of Azpilicueta. Peter Crouch, he has not scored in the Premier League


since May of 2015. But he has got one here, setting this match alight.


Here is Eden Hazard. Well, well, well. A lot of people... And here is


Willian again for Chelsea! It is 3-2! Goodness me, two goals in a


minute. Willian's second. And another cracker. Stoke, still


celebrating the Crouch call, they really were. You would never have


predicted a match like that today. Conte's team got in front for the


third time. Hardly time for Stoke to gather their thoughts after Chelsea


kicked off on the Crouch call. But suddenly Willian was in again.


Another powerful shot. In the near side of the goal with Pieters


trailing Willian. And now it is Chelsea three and Stoke City two.


Look at Antonio Conte. If it is going to be the 13th consecutive


win, there will not have been many more dramatic. And now it is floated


in. Crouch is coming in the side. He has given it away badly. Can Chelsea


capitalise on this? Eden Hazard is on the far side. Beautifully taken


down. Diego Costa one set. -- wants it. It is over the bar. Peter


Crouch, I have to say, guilty of a backpass there. Almost haunted by


these at the moment. But goodness, didn't Chelsea attack quickly? Diego


Costa scoops it over the bar. A substitution for Chelsea, Willian is


the man coming off with two goals and Nathaniel Chalobah, one of the


young players who Antonio Conte has been ringing on quite frequently,


comes on in his place. Diego Costa is still there. It is a call! Diego


Costa, 4-2. Sheer persistence. And another rivalling finish. Surely


that has secured the 13th consecutive win for Chelsea,


equalling Arsenal's record in one season and Diego Costa ensures that


is what is going to happen. This was one against one to start with. But


Martins Indi, he couldn't quite control Diego Costa. Look at the


speed with which he delivers the shot. There is hardly any backlift.


And it is for- to Chelsea. To win 13 games in a row in this league, it is


very difficult. And today, it is another. I am very pleased because


my players have shown me that they are very good at adapting to


different situations, different types of games that we face. We


didn't come here hoping to put everybody behind the ball and nick a


draw but ultimately I found many times you do that and you get beat


anyway. At least we came here and we had a game plan and we had a go,


putting goals on the board. Not many teams come here and get two goals


against a very good Chelsea side so we will take those positives but


clearly we need to defend at key moments better than we are at the


moment. We showed character on more than one occasion and we have a


feeling at the minute where we do not feel like we want to get beaten.


But that is because we are working hard. We have to keep focused and


keep working hard and I am delighted with the results, of course. 13


straight wins, equalling Arsenal's record of consecutive wins in a


single season. One short snout, the Gunners, of their overall record.


They were tested by Stoke today. This was probably the most difficult


game that they have had because Stoke played really well. They


caused problems in attack and they matched Chelsea's system, probably


the first time a team has done that against them. Everyone keeps using


the word relentless with Chelsea. If there was ever a moment, it was the


third goal. They had just conceded the second, and 15 minutes later,


they had the ball in the back of the net. It was straight from the


kick-off. Normally teams passed back and Chelsea did not. Four, five men


forward. Hazard went for the jugular and lost the ball. Teams normally


retreat at this moment but Chelsea did not. They maintained intensity.


Cahill went tight. He chased down Budgen. -- Bojan. At that moment it


was five against four for Chelsea. This is why teams cannot live with


Chelsea. That intensity. We talk about intensity, and it comes from


that man there, Antonio Conte. Sensational. An extraordinary


character. On the other thing is the return to form of Diego Costa this


season. He had an in and out season last time out. He's back to his


irrepressible best. He is a double handful. The score today, that sums


up Diego Costa's performances this season. It had aggression, it had


power, and it had one hell of a finish. All in the right way. Look,


he is angry, in the right way. He's not going to be pushed off the ball.


He is stronger than anyone else and there is a little backlift on that


shot. Watch the goalkeeper. Before he reacts the ball is passed him and


in the back of the net. The keeper has absolutely no chance. Top of the


net. The Player of the Season so far in the Premier League. The


impressive thing about them so far is that normally when they get one


goal, that is it and they shut up shop. Today, they were asked to


different questions and they came up with the right answers. OK.


Manchester United look to be hitting their stride under


Jose Mourinho after a run of four straight wins.


Opponents Middlesbrough were back at Old Trafford for the first time


since beating United in last season's League Cup.


Madrid, friends reunited, as Aitor Karanka faces his mentor Jose


Mourinho for the first time as a manager. Fresh from his goal on


Boxing Day Henrikh Mkhitaryan starts, one of five changes for


Manchester United who scored seven goals in their last three games,


hoping to get Man United out today is Victor Valdes who returns to Old


Trafford for the first time where he played only twice in the league,


Middlesbrough have won once in 22 Premier League away matches.


The cross to pick out Martial, set up for Pogba. Still going, the


Frenchman. Manchester United corner. His team are unbeaten now in nine


Premier League games. Blind to deliver this one. Cleared


comfortable by Negredo. Ander Herrera showed too much of it


to Traore and Manchester United could be caught here. Traore has


options right and left and he went alone in the end. Adama Traore


didn't have the composure required. He had for sure one side and Downing


on the other. In the end it was an extremely disappointing effort --


Adam Forshaw. Three years he was Jose Mourinho's assistant at Real


Madrid, a title and a Spanish cup won in that time.


Blind. Martial.


Floated in towards Mkhitaryan. He is looking for Pogba! And he is denied


by the post-. Mkhitaryan was highly intelligent here with their head


back across. Pogba might have been offside, you know. In fact, I think


he was. Still, he reacted brilliantly and was really fortunate


not to give Manchester United the lead. Traore. He has done well, he


is round Blind. Still Traore, and he's managed to get it back across.


Here is George Friend. Blocked by Fellaini. Excellent from Traore, who


caused Blind real problems here. He did really well to retrieve this


ball to get it back across. George Friend had time. That was


travelling, Fellaini in the way. Pogba trying to find Fellaini and


succeeding. Martial. He saw the space, and it came to Mkhitaryan.


Valdes had to hold it and managed to second time.


Pogba. Manchester United plugging away. Martial. A long way out. What


I hit! -- what a hit. So I'm lucky, Martial. The woodwork it for the


second time in the first half. Here is the Frenchman again. Ibrahimovic!


Manchester United lead finally, or do they? That has been ruled out.


Let's have a look. Ibrahimovic's first touch was the ball and then


the follow-through Court Valdes. Just watch Ibrahimovic as he just


comes across. He's entitled to have a go. Vihari foot. You can see what


he thinks. -- Martial had a look up and saw


congestion. Ibrahimovic with the effort. Saved by the legs of Valdes.


Evidence again of this relationship between Ibrahimovic and Pogba, it


almost paid dividends. 75 today. There was nowhere else he was going


to spend his birthday, was there? He wouldn't mind a goal for it, though.


Here is Chambers and a bit of space for Negredo. Ledbetter! Would you


believe that? They've soaked up all the pressure and Grant Leadbitter


has scored his 50th career league goal with 23 minutes to go at Old


Trafford on his first Premier League start of the season. Chambers with


the delivery. Negredo with the knock-down, and Grant Leadbitter


kept his cool and swept it past De Gea. Old Trafford is shocked. It's


Manchester United 0-1 Middlesbrough. Middlesbrough have dropped to nine


points from winning positions this season. Manchester United, can they


make that more? Mata's ball. It came off Chambers. A landmark goal on


what could be a memorable day. Mkhitaryan's corner, Manchester


United's tenth of the game. Bailie. Mata's mis-hit. It has come to


Ibrahimovic! Valdes denies him. Manchester United's top scorer, you


would back him all the way here. His former Barcelona team-mate was


quickly off his line. This is the last role of the dice for Manchester


United. Chris Smalling sacrificed, and Marcus Rashford introduced. --


roll of the dice. Rashford. And still... And Rashford again. Right


across the face, almost made an immediate impact, Marcus Rashford.


Mkhitaryan. Looking for the run of Rashford. He will comfortably get to


that. Up against Espinosa and round him. More appeals from the


supporters than the players in fairness, Lee Mason I moved either


way. Ironic smile from manager. -- unmoved. Not a huge appeal from the


united players. A little untidy by Espinosa.


Mkhitaryan. Martial. He was appealing for hands.


Mkhitaryan. Martial. Valdes in the way. That was a big chance. Look at


the space and the time Martial had. Straight at the legs of Valdes. You


just begin to wonder if it is to be Middlesbrough's day. Long towards


Ibrahimovic, there is the knock-down. Martial! Well, he got it


right that time. 1-1, five minutes to go and Valdes is finally beaten.


This was just Route one. That's what they have resorted to. Clever header


from Ibrahimovic and a clinical finish from Anthony Martial, his


second Premier League goal this season and it has set up a


grandstand finish at Old Trafford. Manchester United 1-1 Middlesbrough.


Ramirez. Bailie made the challenge, Lee Mason immediately waved away any


claims that Middlesbrough might have. I don't think you're going to


get a penalty for that. Mkhitaryan. Desperate times for


Middlesbrough back there now. It has rebounded back to Mata and header


from Paul Pogba! Just when it mattered, two goals in just over a


minute have turned it round for Manchester United. Mata has a little


bit of luck and then Pogba kept his eye on the ball and steered the


header into the top corner. His sixth goal of the season, no chance


for Valdes, delight for Jose Mourinho. Late drama at Old


Trafford. Well, what a change in emotions for Aitor Karanka.


We thought we could at least get a point but it is difficult. Again,


the performance from everybody has been amazing, all of the players


have played really well and we couldn't do anything more. Once


again we showed we can compete against every single team and that's


the way. I don't feel the same happiness


because my brother is in the other side and it's sad. I tried to do my


job, he tried to do his job, he did amazingly well but my players were


phenomenal. We managed to do something that I love, which is to


bring the fans to the pitch. The last 15 minutes were, I don't know,


70,000 on the pitch against 11, and this is something that I really


love. It was a late comeback from Manchester United. Shades of the


third Hira on his 75th birthday. You've got to admire the way they


kept going particularly with the number of games they have had in


recent weeks because I am sure tiredness would have played a part


and it was against a very stubborn and organised Boro side. But I'm


going to pick out a guy who has been criticised a lot this season, and


rightly so in some quarters, but I thought he was the best player on


the park today, Anthony Martial played a big part in them getting


back into the game and he was very positive from the start. He started


off on the left hand side and he did this all afternoon. Positive, went


at defenders, getting balls into the box and creating chances. He crossed


it with his left foot, this time comes inside, crosses it with his


right foot, good header, and Pogba is a tad unlucky here. That is 30,


30 five yards out, it is so unlucky, just a brilliant effort but he


doesn't give up, he keeps on looking for the ball, he gets the ball and


puts in a wonderful cross for Ibrahimovic and this goal should


never ever be disallowed. Ridiculous! Ridiculous, it is a good


ball in, Valdes is a yard away from him and it should never be


disallowed. Another decent effort, cuts inside a good goalkeeping, he


is building up his confidence. This is a big opportunity for him. He


just doesn't get the ball out of his feet enough, he gets caught in the


middle and he should score but this is the equaliser. Beautiful ball


from Pogba, brilliant header from Ibrahimovic and it is a lovely


finish and he gets his team back on level terms and of course they go on


to win the game. I think it is a big game for him today, he should take


huge confidence from that performance, his second league goal


of the season. You can see he was all over the place, so many touches


in the box. He was a constant threat all afternoon. Mourinho said in the


press conference after, not to the TV cameras, that Anthony Martial


needs to listen to him and not his agent so there has obviously been


some rumblings going on lately. It is pretty simple with Anthony


Martial, the club invested ?56 million into him and he must play to


that level more consistently and secondly he must ring his agent and


say why are you linking me with Seville? I'm at one of the biggest


clubs in the world and I want to stay here. OK, fair enough.


Six games still to come. COMMENTATOR: Just pushed over.


Good ball as well! Riyad Mahrez for Leicester. Good


save! Coleman with the header against the post!


Second met third in what was the final action of 2016 as Liverpool


hosted Manchester City in the late game at Anfield. Commentary comes


from Guy Mowbray. COMMENTATOR: Old acquaintances


renewed as the respectful rivalry in the Bundesliga is played out in the


Premier League for the first time. Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool side is


changed by one after Tuesday's 4-1 win against Stoke as Emre Can gets a


starting place at Divock Origi's expense. Three changes for city, the


most significant seeing Nolito make way for Sergio Aguero's return to


action following a four match ban. City captain, city fan, Vincent


Kompany is in the away end at Anfield today, just about ready to


return soon from his knee injury. A game that has got everybody excited,


even the managers, with Jurgen Klopp saying he would 100% buy a ticket if


he wasn't sitting on the bench. Otamendi. In Aguero's Way, clever


back header for De Bruyne, Fernandinho is fouled. Free kick


City. It was a swing that only made contact with knee and not ball.


Milner's bought then headed in brilliantly by Wijnaldum. It's just


about Liverpool's first attack of the night, a cross from Adam Lallana


and Georgina Wijnaldum arrived right on cue. That is a beauty from


Lallana. Kolarov was just about left on the floor by Wijnaldum's well


timed run. And perfectly placed header. Most predicted goals


tonight. The first one comes with only eight minutes on the clock.


Liverpool 1-0 Manchester City. Guardiola already has some sorting


out to do. Zabaleta. It's going to be cut out


by Milner. Milner threads wander through, what a ball. Had Firmino


managed to control that first-time Claudio Bravo was in a really


awkward position. The pass of the match from James Milner. The touch


of Firmino seized the chance go away. It's not the easiest but nine


times out of ten he would feel he would do better with that. Stones


and Otamendi threatened to get in one another's way. Here is Lallana,


Emre Can. Plenty up there in red. Emre Can going for gold.


Never shy about having a go with the opportunity presents itself. It


never really did. A feel-good atmosphere around Anfield. The Cop


plays a huge part in creating that. Can City break quickly? Aguero has


to chase it. He has taken up a good position. Very nearly got caught


out. He actually did pretty well in the end. A free kick to Liverpool. I


am not going to say it was coolly done but he got it done. Toure.


Incomes Adam Lallana. Milan is offside. -- La La Land is offside.


Yaya Toure was caught napping. Only just, but it was the right decision.


Promising for City now. Aguero has gone for it. A very routine save for


Mignolet. Nothing else much on four Sergio Aguero. It looks like this


could be Liverpool's most testing stretch. Definitely a more testing


a. David Silva claims there was a Liverpool touch that to get past the


post. A bustling run. He did not sense any deflection. City have


certainly shaken off their lethargy. Yaya Toure. Raheem Sterling gets


there. Only two had the side of the net. And it very nearly worked from


Toure's ambitious pass. It was merely the perfect ball for Raheem


Sterling. If he had managed to convert that it would have been one


of the most spectacular goals of the season. Vincent Kompany keeps a


watchful eye. Desperate to get back on the field as soon as possible. It


is allowed to run to David Silva, who is forced off balance. Pep


Guardiola is adamant that his team should have something for that.


Meanwhile, Sadio Mane is bundled over. This is it, Adam Lallana on


David Silva. Taken out with a dig to the ribs. He immediately, Craig


Pawson blows for full-time and that reaction says it all. I don't know


what it means for Liverpool. But it is they who emerge at the end of


this year, going into the new one, as Chelsea's chasers in chief. Four


points clear of Manchester City now. And for Pep Guardiola, ten points


back on Chelsea. That is a very big gap to close. Wijnaldum's header won


it. How does that feel? It feels like a significant three points. Of


course. I don't want to burden the quality of Man City, the situation.


The season means that we already had a lot of games. When you invest in a


game like this, so much, then at the end you want to have it all. And


thank God we got it, because the day after tomorrow would play again. We


started very good. The first chance that arrived, they scored a goal. It


is always difficult. We controlled the counterattack. In the first


half, we did not create much. In the second half, a little better. There


were not many clear chances. It depends on the quality of the people


in front. We had Adam Lallana and in the second half, we crated more


chances. But in this type of game, the little details make the


difference. They could not create too many challenges. We defended


really well and then we scored the goal. A wonderful goal. We probably


had the bigger chances but it is about how you work together. And I


think in the whole league, we have conceded the smallest number of


shots on our goals. And of course,... Given the talent on


display, not the best of games, not quite what we were hoping for. One


player who did perform well was James Milner. And he has made it


look like he has been playing left-back all his life. He was


brilliant today. I was at Newcastle with James Milner and he is a


manager's dream. Wherever you are asking to play, he will do you a


job. With all the big-name players on show today, I did not think we


would be talking about a left-back and that superb performance.


One-on-one with Raheem Sterling, he never gave him a kick all afternoon.


Normally you will see him knocking past defenders but not James Milner.


He outsmarted him. What about this for a pass? A half volley, better


touch, superb. One-on-one again and he is controlling the situation.


Sending them where he wants to send them. He gets enough on the cross


and it was simple. The second half, no different. A crunching tackle out


on the touchline. He is not getting passed him at all. One-on-one, he


has to be clever. He is about to get into the box but he takes it off him


with ease. He takes his team away on the attack. Supporting the forwards,


going past one, two, three. He gets the free kick. And he was brilliant.


You were a player that was versatile, Philip, playing lots of


different positions. What kind of mental capacity to do need for that?


Not much ability! You have to have an incredibly open mind. You need


the trust of your manager, and you have to be unselfish and think of


the team. Did it ever get on your nerves? Never, because it meant I


played probably 250 more games because there was always a position


for me to play. Magister City, clearly not at their best, losing


three times in a month for the first time since 2008. It was a poor game


of football. I was so disappointed with the way that they passed the


ball. It was littered with poor passing and lapses of concentration.


City, this was the goal. Kolarov gives away a sloppy pass. We have


highlighted him here because he must be 6-foot four, and from that


position, he should be winning this header when the ball comes into the


box. Adam Lallana puts the ball into the box and it was a fantastic


header. 6-foot four? 6-foot three, plus. City were poor in possession.


With Pep Guardiola, you associate fluidity, movement and confidence in


possession. And we saw nothing of that. Up until the last 20 minutes


where they showed a little bitter fight. Until then, I did not see a


performance that Pep Guardiola would have been happy with. Lots of little


mistakes, Aguero passing behind, patting to Otamendi. He will be


looking to improve on that. I thought that City were off the pace


and credit to Liverpool, they set up deeper, and allowed City now


possession type football that they would normally associate with them.


4-1 defeat at home to West Ham on Boxing Day proved to be the end for


Bob Bradley at Swansea after just 11 games.


Alan Curtis took temporary charge for the visit


John Roder was at the Liberty Stadium.


Swansea once again turn to Alan Curtis to fulfil the caretaker


manager's role and he makes sweeping alterations to Bob Bradley's last


selection. Fernando Llorente one of seven changes to the team. Nathan


Ake returns after having been ineligible to play against Chelsea.


Three defeats in four. Benik Afobe makes his third league start of the


season and Bournemouth's search for a winning way to end 2016. He finds


France's. Stanislas, trying to hold off Ki. Pushed over by Fabianski. A


comfortable save. Eddie Howe's Bournemouth have lost the last three


matches, conceding to Southampton and Chelsea. Three defeats in four


coming into this game. It goes high. Towards Llorente. Fernando Llorente


has six goals this season. All of them have come here at the Liberty


Stadium. He was able to get on the end of this cross, just the wrong


side of the post as far as Swansea are concerned. A big decision ahead


for Huw Jenkins in the Swansea hierarchy. Who will take over from


Bob Bradley? Francis is looking for Benik Afobe. Jack Wilshere eludes


one challenge. He pushes it across. Almost in on goal. Benik Afobe is


there. It bounced off Fabianski and Benik Afobe was left with the simple


task to put Bournemouth in front and he took it. Unfortunate for Swansea


here. You can see the ball cannons off Amat. Fabianski does well to


prevent the own goal but does nothing to halt the rebound. Benik


Afobe with his second goal of the season. Stanislas will leave it for


his captain. Stanislas, a little flick to


Wiltshire. He is onside. A chance for 2-0 and it is taken by


Bournemouth. Ryan Fraser in stoppage time at the end of the first half


has doubled the visitor's lead. Terrific passing from the Cherries.


Look at the way that they slice open the Swansea defence. Eight horrific


backheel from Stanislas and then I'm selfishly putting it into the


middle. Ryan Fraser gets his second goal of the season. And just before


half-time, it is very much advantage Bournemouth. 2-0. It is as if


Bournemouth's second goal, coming as it did in the time that it did, as


completely killed any optimism may have been among Swansea fans. Headed


on to Wiltshire by Arta. He gives away from Taylor. And Bournemouth


were close to getting goal number three there. Stanislas again


involved. Was it a cross or a short? Still plenty of time left for


Swansea to fight back. But in all honesty, it doesn't look as though


they have the capabilities to be able to do so. Stanislas bushes of


the move towards Benik Afobe. And it is wrestled away by Jordi Amat.


Benik Afobe onside. Fabianski alive to the danger. It goes towards


Sigurdsson. McBurney in the middle. Sigurdsson wins the corner. They


have to find a goal sooner than later. Sigurdsson with it. It goes


towards McBurnie. Just gathered. Oliver McBurnie rising high. Just


able to get a hand to it. McBurnie finds barrel. -- Barrow. Swansea did


not give a single corner in their first half. This is their forced to


lean back fourth of the second. Charlie Daniels. Into the path of


Josh King. And he gets the third goal for Bournemouth. Josh King


scored in both the Premier League matches against Swansea last season.


And he has scored again against the Swans. Swansea, caught short at the


back. And the Norwegian international is able to easily slot


past Fabianski. Bournemouth ends 2016 with an away win. It is another


defeat for Swansea City. It has been a good day for us and I thought we


were excellent, start to finish. We controlled the game and greater the


number of chances. Thankfully we took them. We were prepared for a


tough game, given the quality of players Swansea have. It was a tough


game but thankfully the players stood up to that challenge.


Certainly, we need fresh eyes and somebody to work on it completely


different. We need a new manager, probably an influx of players as


well. It is evident to everybody that we need a little bit of


strength. It looks like they may have found their man. Reports are in


that Swansea are set to appoint Bayern Munich's Assistant Manager


Paul Clement as their new boss. I think he might need to work on the


defence, that is for sure. Emre Can. Plenty up there in red.


Emre Can going for gold. 100%, normally you get a reaction.


It was incredible what I was seeing. Simple ball into the channel, Alfie


Mawson bullied by Afobe. The ball goes into the middle, Jordi Amat


dives in on Jack Wilshere and recovers into his base and then


cannot sort out his feet,,, stay, a phobic scores the first goal.


Llorente comes back, two yards off the play, doesn't make a tackle,


Taylor comes out and puts pressure on the ball. Swansea were off the


pace, never quite at Mawson comes out again, great football from


Bournemouth. This sums up Swansea for me. Not one Bournemouth player


is marked man-to-man by any Swansea player. There were too far off the


pace, it was too easy for Bournemouth, even though Bournemouth


played well, it was far too easy. This is the third goal. It was just


an open lane. The pass straight through, just a straight ball, Josh


King rolls it into the net and it was an horrific performance from


Swansea today. It looks like they will bring in Paul Clement if this


particular story is true. Number twos don't always work out, it


didn't work out for him at Derby. It is hard to have sympathy with


Swansea, it looks as if they are going to go back to their old


principles, hiring a coach, Garry Monk, Brendan Rodgers but the owners


must take their share of the blame. Is going to take a miracle from Paul


Clement to save the club. The fixtures come thick and fast over


the next few days. Match of the Day 2 has action


from Watford versus Spurs Keep up-to-date with


Final Score from 4pm. We're back with the best


of the action at 10.30pm. And then on Friday, the FA Cup


third round kicks off. West Ham versus Manchester City.


BBC One at 7.30pm. Burnley would be in the top four


if the table was based They hosted Sunderland who knew


a win would see them climb out of the bottom three


for the first time since August. COMMENTATOR: Andre Gray's late


winner against Middlesbrough, their sixth victory of a product a seven


foot Egdon nine points clear of Sunderland. Suspension rules out


Jeff Hendrick so Steven Defour comes into midfield while Matt Lowe to and


is back after his own band has been completed. -- Matt Crampton. Vito


Mannone starts for the first time since August with Jordan Pickford


the latest casualty on Sunderland's injured list. Jermain Defoe may be


seeking his first goal in five games but he's only one of four players to


have scored for The Black Cats the season. Burnley were the first team


he scored against on signing for Sunderland almost two years ago. Is


a blustery day here at Turf Moor. Conditions affected the game against


Middlesbrough on Monday. It breaks for Januzaj who is off-balance. It


was a presentable opportunity. When he looks at this again he will think


to himself he should have tested Heaton at the least. David Moyes has


come with the intention of not sitting back but going for it.


Looking towards Defoe. Finding Ward. Arfield up towards Barnes, and Andre


Gray is onside, through on goal, Andre Gray and scores. He had one


attempt on target against Middlesbrough on Boxing Day and it


was enough to win the match. I think it comes off the back of O'Shea's


head and into the path of Andre Gray and that's why the flag stays down.


So Andre Gray is allowed to continue. He puts enough on it that


Vito Mannone can't prevent him from giving Burnley what could be a


precious lead already. Ward forward. Won by O'Shea, over the top of


Barnes, the referee waves play on. Defour battling. Won and on it goes


to Andre Gray and it looked like he was held and the referee waves play


on, Andre Gray makes it 2-0. What a week he is having. Andre Gray has


all credit to him, looked as though he had been beaten by Djilobodji but


he had the determination to keep on going and the presence to get around


Vito Mannone command Turf Moor erupts because this is surely now a


decisive blow. What a week for Andre Gray and what a week for Burnley.


He's been in the papers of the gossip column because he has been


dating one of the members of Little Mix.


Dear oh dear. Ian Darke standing on the ball. Here is Barnes and on


towards Andre Gray who is onside! It's a hat-trick! It may not be one


of the biggest grounds in the country by any stretch, but I tell


you what, this place is now in a frenzy. Two goals from Andre Gray in


just over two minutes and it's the match ball he will be taking home


with him. Pienaar stands on the ball. Barnes between the defenders,


O'Shea Duo Bujie don't seem to have any kind of understanding, and


Barnes helps it through the gap and Andre Gray helps it beyond Mannone.


First manager to begin and end the season as manager of Sunderland was


2000, 2009-2010, Sam Allardyce. Arfield is played in and he goes


down. Penalty. Larsson's challenge and Sunderland are capitulating


before your very eyes. David Moyes is just slumped into his chair, one


of his most experienced campaigners shoving Arfield to the floor.


Burnley haven't scored four goals in the Premier League this season. They


have now. They are 4-0 up, nine points clear of Sunderland and they


will be nine points clear of the bottom three and beginning to


breathe a heck of a lot easier. Terrific play from Januzaj. The pass


to Defoe is exquisite and Defoe inevitably takes the first chance


that comes his way. But there is the evidence as to how Sunderland are


going to escape the drop if they are going to do it. Januzaj brilliant,


Defoe's first chance to score, taken. One of the biggest pieces of


business Sunderland can do in the transfer window is to make sure that


he isn't sold, because without him they surely don't have a prayer.


I think nearly all the goals, we missed header, should have saved it,


didn't cover each other, real basic stuff. That performance today was


really dire, as bad as I've been involved in. It's been a good week


for sure, the end of the calendar year for all involved with Burnley


Football Club, there are no givens in this league so we knew we would


have to work for the result and we did that. The manager kept faith in


you when you were not scoring because he knew you were doing the


right things. That's right, it would never be easy stepping up into the


Premier League. I knew that chances would come a little less in the


Premier League and it's just a matter of working hard and doing the


right things and hopefully it will pay off and the last two games it


has. Because of the manner of the defeat


and the way you describe it questions will be asked about new


and your future as an individual. What answers do you have for people?


No problem, you can ask the question, I have no problem with


those questions. Where does it put you? We are in the bottom three, I


know that, so that is where it puts us right now. Burnley at Turf Moor


has become something else, it is like a fortress for them, quite a


record. Phenomenal their form at home and every team, Amaq that comes


there gets a tough game. They are on a roll and they have a centre


forward playing without fear. He was so clinical today, but I couldn't


believe some of the defending I saw from this Sunderland side.


Particularly Duo Bujie. He had no right to go for that old -- Duo


Bujie. He comes across John O'Shea. It is outside. Maicon side. John


O'Shea sticks it away really well. Djilobodji clashes into him. Again,


straight ball up the pitch, David Moyes said it in the interview,


schoolboy defending, no covering. Last-ditch challenge gets him out of


trouble. This was the second goal. And just going to pause it here now.


The minute it goes across the keeper Duo Bujie must run as fast as he can


but he looks like he's not bothered to me. The minute it goes past the


keeper he must sprint back to his goal and at least try and look like


he is making the effort to block the goal. It was a good finish in the


end -- Duo Bujie. Poor defending. Andre Gray sticks it away. Terrific


hat-trick, take nothing away from him but the defending was horrific.


It was. As is customary at this time of year it seems the Sunderland boss


is under the cosh somewhat. He was under pressure from the beginning of


the season, he came in late, didn't have much time to plan, there were


lots of rushed signings and now the chairman or Chief Executive came out


to say there would be limited funds available for him this month. Unless


Sunderland signed players like Sam Allardyce did last year because


effectively that is what kept them up last year, unless they backing


this January I think they will go down. We shall see.


After defeat against Spurs on Wednesday, Southampton were back


at St Marys for the visit of a West Brom side beaten


COMMENTATOR: Three years ago Shane Long helped them to a win. Today he


is recalled by the home side, one of six changes to the team that lost


here three days ago. The Irishman is still to score this season. Claude


Puel has changed three of his back four, the much sought after Virgil


van Dijk is the only survivor from a quartet who started against Spurs.


Hal Robson-Kanu starred for Wales at Euro 2016 but has had to be patient


and wait for his first start under Tony Pulis. He gets it today,


Salomon Rondon drops to the bench in the Baggies' only changed by the 11


beaten by Arsenal on Boxing Day. Tadic finds McQueen. This is Boufal.


McQueen wanted it back quickly, Boufal holds onto it for now and


will try and get through two players. As is often the way West


Brom say you've got a break is down. Having won it Phillips has lost it


and here is Boufal, dangerous ball across the face of goal but nobody


there to make the final connection for Southampton. Super from Boufal.


Phillips running his team into danger. And that's a lovely ball.


There are not a lot of numbers in there when Southampton deliver the


dangerous balls. Martina will win the free kick turning Nyom.


Quizzical look from Allan Nyom. Here is the challenge. It will be Tadic


to deliver it. Van Dijk is in the middle. Tadic. It is low and catches


Hojbjerg. And fools to McQueen. He has not scored in a Southampton


shirt, Sam McQueen. Southampton working and using a lot of the width


of the field to try and find the way through. That is misplaced and a


rare break forward for Hal Robson-Kanu here. Tracking back is a


van Dijk and into the book is Virgil van Dijk. It is early in the game


for a centre-half to receive a yellow card as well. He will hope


that doesn't come back to haunt him. Boufal. Beautifully played out to


the feet of Tadic. And another Southampton corner. Up, van Dijk and


Yoshida as well. Five minutes to half-time. Tadic's delivery and the


header is in. Shane Long, the former West Bromwich Albion player and his


first goal of the season to end the longest goal drought of his English


career. Fine header, runs across, Nyom doesn't go with him,


Robson-Kanu couldn't get there either, and the angle on the header


is excellent to beat Foster away to his left. Southampton in front as we


approach half-time. Nyom. Yacob. This might fall all the


way through for an immediate equaliser from Philips. Well,


Southampton worked so hard to take the lead but it's lasted barely 90


seconds at St Mary's. Phillips picks his spot and scores his 50th career


club goal. Excellent finish from Matt Phillips. Inside Yoshida, into


the corner, 1-1. Foster's clearance high up under the


lights. Chadli. The goal-scorer, Philips, and the run here from Hal


Robson-Kanu and the shot and the goal. That's sensational! Hal


Robson-Kanu. He's done some special things in 2016, but that is right up


there. His first goal in the Premier League for three and a half years,


it is a net buster from the Welsh man. The Baggies have the lead at St


Mary's. What a strike from the former Reading player. His first


club goal since March, and look at how well he strikes that.


The Phillips. It is a clear header and a good save as well. Fraser


Forster. Morrison, unmarked, he produces a fine save. Nobody has


done that to an England goalkeeper. And he is up against Virgil van


Dijk. There is a tussle, and van Dijk is brought down. The referee


reaches to his pocket. Southampton are down to ten men. Virgil van Dijk


is sent off. And if a few were leaving St Mary's, well, they are


flooding out now. I don't think there is any arguing now with that


decision. It is a bit of rotten way to end the year, Southampton beat in


here by West Brom. Their star man, red carded. 2017, perhaps it will


bring a brighter start. In the second half, I thought we were my


much the better team and we stepped it up. We should have won buy more.


Too many games, too soon? Three games in ten days, for us six days.


With all the many games, and the international games, it is all that


my players can do. This is very difficult. We had to be patient. We


worked hard in training and give my best one I have come on in games. It


is great to be on the pitch. Did you have to think long and hard about


whether to put on Rondon? He has had great attitude in training and he


has been great in training. This will do the team a world of good.


This was Robson-Kanu's first start for West Brom and also his first


goal since that one. We won't forget that one. He played a big part. Him


and Robson-Kanu linked up well for us goals. Phillips has been very,


very good. All season. A little touch there from Robson-Kanu. He


just caresses it. And he passed it to Robson-Kanu. A good run but what


about that for a Finnish? A stunning finish. Fraser Forster has


absolutely no chance. What does the manager do next? I think he left


Rondon out for him? Dare we suggest that Tony Pulis will play a


different formation. Never. Very unlikely. But we shall see. A few


more statistics there. But West Brom are going well and playing really


well. I think Phillips made a big difference. Brunt on the right-hand


side. Tony Pulis is always underrated and overachieving. I


think this year he is doing another fantastic job. But certainly. To


make games for you coming up. Last night's actions whole play Everton


and before that, Leicester, who it have to be said are leaving their


title challenge a little late this season.


They hosted a West Ham side chasing a 4th straight win.


Simon Brotherton was at the King Power stadium.


Danny Drinkwater comes into midfield, and Robert Huth returns


from suspension. Chill well impressed on his Premier League


debut and keeps his place. Christian Fuchs is named among the


substitutes. Jamie Vardy, still suspended. West Ham, unchanged


following their 4-1 win at Swansea. No fight stays in at the right back.


-- Nordtveit. Slimani is buzzing around. And here is Mahrez with a


shot. Darren Randolph, with just a minute played. Leicester City, close


to making an early breakthrough. Mahrez, left out of the team on


Boxing Day, almost making an immediate impact. He was talking


about it being a must win before the game, Claudio Ranieri, and is


players have started as if they view the match in that fashion.


Albrighton. He will chase it and he will get there ahead of Dimitri


Payet. Good player! Away at the far post! It bounces off the outside of


the post. Away by Ogbonna. The shot is blocked. Ricocheting off Antonio.


This is much more like it. West Ham's fans, their Man of the Match


against Hull a couple of weeks ago. And they will be having another good


game already. Three quarters, really driving the engine room of this


Leicester side. Albrighton, a fantastic cross and a brilliant


goal. Wonderful, wonderful header from Islam Slimani. And that is


precisely what Leicester City can do. What they deserve for their


performance from the opening 20. Superb play. Marc Albrighton, a


brilliant cross and a superb header. Just what Claudio Ranieri and the


Leicester City crowd were hoping to see. A fast start from the team and


the King Power Stadium is rocking. It falls kindly for Noble. Almost.


And Dimitri Payet with the shot. Andre Ayew could not quite finish it


off. Leicester City scramble the ball away. Dimitri Payet brings the


saver. Andre Ayew could not quite get the final touch. They did not


fall for him. Finding Payet. West Ham, starting to come into the game


more. What a superb shot, so unlucky. Fortuitous escape for


Leicester City. Drinkwater didn't do very well


there. And now it is Michail Antonio. Andre Ayew inside him now.


And it is Antonio went to the penalty area. A vital interception


by Danny Simpson. Payet goes down in the challenge, he stays on the


ground. The referee had a think about it and it was Robert Huth with


the tackle. He goes sliding in. Did the referee feel that there was


excessive force? Did he feel that the studs were up? Dimitri Payet for


West Ham, knocked away by Schmeichel. West Ham, still on the


front foot. Slimani feeding forward. This is great, on his own. Blue


shirts and support. Under pressure. And it is a yellow card. A yellow


card for the central defender. Breathless stuff, end to end. Riyad


Mahrez for Leicester! Good save! This will be a superb view of it.


Darren Randolph could not take any chances. Lanzini in some space. It


goes to Feghouli. Caught in a sandwich between Albrighton and


Drinkwater. And it is a yellow card for Albrighton. Feghouli trying to


burst clear between the pair. What can he do hear? Tredwell for West


Ham and it has taken a deflection. Superbly saved on the line by


Schmeichel. He followed the line of the ball and watched its trajectory,


getting down to make the save. It goes to Fernandes. Present well.


Andy Carroll leaps for it, and it is wide. He got up well. Wide of the


post. Excellent play. Albrighton colliding with Drinkwater. Superb.


Off the head of Nordtveit. Chilwell still going. Caught by Randolph.


Okazaki goes for it. Leicester City pushed for a second goal, and


Chilwell, blocked by Andy Carroll. And there goes the final whistle. It


was a must win game, described by Claudio Ranieri. They set about it


from the off. 2016 has been the year for Leicester City and a Finnish


omni- 2016 was unbelievable for us, for our fans and everybody here. --


and they finish on a high. In the first hour and 30 minutes, it was


fantastic. They deserve to score at first but after that we played good.


We had a few chances in the first half. The second half, apart from


the counterattacks. We were missing that final touch. Once we get going,


we are a hard team to play against. The second half was difference. It


was harder, but in the changing room we said we needed to stay compact


and organised and that is what we did. Hull City began 2016 dreaming


of a return to the Premier League. The end the year fearing a speedy


return to the Championship. A lack of goals one of their many problems.


Still searching for a first of the season, Mbokani. What they would


give for someone like Lukaku, who took his tally to ten. Ross Barkley


gets another chance to prove his worth to Ronald Koeman. Gareth


Southgate is here to check him out, too. Many have been guilty of


writing off Hull City already. Still an awful long way to go this season.


Elmohamady gets in behind. A chance to deliver. It went over his own


bar. Snodgrass with the first corner. Dawson and Davis, poised.


And it was scored by Dawson! What a season he is having in front of the


goal this season. That is his fourth of the season. Three of which have


come in the Premier League. Quickly off the near post by Curtis Davies.


It is just the start that might feel unwanted. -- might feel and wanted.


Barry is free to the left. Queueing up in the middle. Thumped away by


Maguire. They had the post twice in recent defeats away to West Ham.


Soaking up quite a bit of pressure in the last few minutes, Mike


Phelan's old team but they are hanging on in there. This will be


the last attack of the first half. Looking for a look at you, who has a


chance here. This last bit of action will be evident's third quarter.


Everton have an equaliser. Look at who leads the Everton celebrations.


And what a blow to the belly that is for Hull City. How much fault at the


door of David Marshall I wonder? A calamitous way for Hull City to


concede a goal on the stroke of half-time. A good challenge from


Ross Barkley. Morale is can bring is clear. Lukaku once it. And Marshall


helps it onto the bar. -- Mirallas. Fingertip stuff but vital all the


same. A foul by Ross Barkley on Myler. And then it does blow, for


the challenge on Mbokani. It will be the Scot. And it is against the


frame of the bar. Sent wide by deal Monday. --


wide by Diomande. Good anticipation by Maguire. And there is the push.


And so it is Snodgrass for Hull. And this time he finds the net. If at


first you don't succeed, try, try again. And Robert Snodgrass comes up


with the goods again for Hull City. They are back in front. Fabulous


technique, and the goalkeeper can only help it into the back of the


net. Snodgrass with his eighth of the season, his sixth in the Premier


League, equal to his best ever in the top flight.


One step forward and one step back for Ronald Koeman recently. You just


sense there is going to be another goal in this game before the final


whistle. Ross Barkley. Calvert-Lewin. Bains delaying the


cross. Lukaku couldn't get to it, Ross Barkley does and Everton are


level. Bains took his time here to pick the cross, Lukaku couldn't get


to it, and Ross Barkley on marked coming in from the far side notes


home what is his fourth of the season. Hull looking very leggy at


the moment. Coleman's cross, and it's headed wide, but a chance for


the youngster, Dominic Calvert-Lewin eats, the 19-year-old. This is a


glorious chance to score his first ever goal in the Premier League and


surely win the game for Everton. We like to keep the momentum after


the win against Leicester. OK, it is one point but two away games and


four points is good and we'd like to continue it now. I'm really pleased


because over the last three or four weeks we have put in a shift and got


nothing and today we put in a shift and got a point. We could be greedy


and ask for more but I'm really proud of the players and their


efforts and we have to go again in two or three days' time. I think if


Hull are to stay up then they will owe this followed a debt of


gratitude, weren't they? Robert Snodgrass has been terrific this


season. He has been absolutely sensational and for a team that


really struggled to score goals he sets up goals, takes brilliant set


pieces and place on the right-hand side. He's left footed and difficult


to mark because you know he will come inside and he has the quality


to do things like that where he nearly scored.


This is an assist, two assists already this season for Michael


Dawson, who is the top scorer on three goals. If you Weather Centre


forward in this team you would know you would have quality balls coming


into the box and they just haven't capitalised on some of his quality.


Any set pieces around the area, he is fantastic. He has the ability to


get it up and over the wall with unbelievable accuracy and speed,


that is a terrific goal. You just think in the January transfer


window, if Hull could bring in a centre forward he would love to play


with somebody like Robert Snodgrass. Bottom three? Normally somebody gets


out of it, don't they? We will have to wait and see. A much-needed win


for Leicester. You picked out Marc Albrighton as a player who has


returned to some form. Ranieri changed it around and gave Myra


raise a freer role and moved Albrighton to the right-hand side


and he didn't disappoint -- Mahrez. Dimitri Payet is not prepared to


tracking here but this was a brilliant ball, Slimani pulls away


at the far post and should actually score. If you thought that was a


good ball wait until you see this one. This time he does score, what a


ball that is first-time and a very good header. Running in behind


again. The balls here I really quality balls. Decent defending, a


constant threat, didn't change in the second-half. Beautiful bit of


skill, Little drag back, see you later. He's been like a lot of


Leicester players this season, hasn't been at it but you cannot put


that on him today because he was very good. He certainly was and West


Ham have been on a good run and they have just lost that today. They have


had a good month, West Ham. Four good results. They have lost today


but I think they have enough quality to survive. Thanks, just about out


of time. Before we leave you let's look at the Premier League table.


Chelsea's 13 league victories sees his side leading with a 6-point


lead. Liverpool's win over Man City puts them four points clear of Pep


Guardiola's side while Manchester United's revival means they are


three points adrift of their City rivals. Swansea are rooted in the


bottom three along with Hull and a much-needed victory for Leicester


moves them clear of the relegation zone, while a win for Burnley lifts


them up to 11. That is it from us for 2016. Happy New Year to you all.


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