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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


They began the day nine points clear at the top of the Premier League,


with the other challengers bunched well behind.


We'll see 28 goals and all the top four in the next 90 minutes.


Plus the thoughts of our front two - Alan Shearer and Ian Wright.


We start with Chelsea against Arsenal.


It followed midweek matches which strengthened the position


The Premier League gives back and it could be the biggest week yet. This


fixture is rarely dull. That's it up for Kaboul. Deflected. All over the


place, Arsenal. David Luiz to hit it and he called them out. Wijnaldum,


Liverpool back on terms. A big moment in the Premier League title


race. Mignolet has kept it out. This is the night that Arsenal lost the


title. The result that will suit the leaders far more. Your commentator


at Stamford Bridge was Jonathan Pearce.


COMMENTATOR: Antonio Conte's transformation of


Chelsea began with the 3-0 hammering at Arsenal on September the 24th,


which saw them three points behind their London rivals. 15 victories in


the 17 subsequent games means another wing will lift them 12


points clear the Gunners, effectively ending their title


hopes. Pedro, who scored four in his last five games, replaces Willian


for Chelsea, in their only change from Anfield. They've won their last


ten home games this season and their last four here against Al is --


against Arsenal. Walcott, looking for his 100th goal, replaces Giroud,


who goes to the bench. Oxlade-Chamberlain, who came on


against Watford, starts for the injured Ramsay. Bellerin will be a


welcome change for the Arsenal fans who know they are in the last chance


saloon. Good afternoon for the Arsenal manager, sitting out his


suspension -- and awkward afternoon for the Arsenal manager, sitting out


his suspension amongst the supporters. Azpilicueta, part of the


back three brought in by Conte after that game at the Emirates. When they


were beaten so badly. But they've taken a chance there. Method Ozil,


risky by Chelsea. Iwobi. A chance to shoot and place it, he nearly found


the back of the net. Only a deflection saved Chelsea from an


embarrassing start. Really bright start to the game. Charged


atmosphere, as there always is. Hazard floating into a central


position. Back to Moses. Koscielny has been drawn out for Arsenal, that


could be a worry. The woodwork! And in from the rebound. Reacted


quickest was Alonso, and Chelsea, the league leaders, our ahead from


their first meaningful attack of the game. Arsenal couldn't withstand it.


Our Arsenal heading out of the title race? Another big step for Chelsea


here. Mustafi was left isolated in the middle. In came the cross.


Bellerin Ford Diego Costa, Bellerin was there, absolutely poleaxed. The


little Arsenal full-back at two jobs to do in there. Took a real back in


the face. He looks completely dazed -- he took a real hit in the face.


Chelsea lead. A perfect start for him. Off goes Bellerin on and on


comes Gabriel. Arsenal may moan about that and say it should have


been a foul. Quick release to Hazard. Couldn't risk a challenge.


Diego Costa is there. Diego Costa held onto it, the chance has gone.


Didn't lift his head quickly enough. Oxlade-Chamberlain, look at the


pressure on him by Conte. Costa grimacing as if the decision should


have gone his way. He should have been more decisive, there. Arsenal


just got back at it. Anguished. A lovely ball. Alonso stretching


Arsenal in towards Pedro. Spilled by Cech. It would have been a lovely


goal. Not for better check, but Chelsea's build-up was lovely to


watch. Easy on the eye, precise. Cech nearly gifted than the goal.


Conte makes great theatre on the touchline. Walcott is wide, a lovely


ball. Theo Walcott with a cross. Arsenal have their six corner, one


more than Chelsea so far. Not since Iwobi's very early effort that was


deflected wide have they created anything. Here's Coquelin. Ozil


picks out Oxlade-Chamberlain. In comes the cross, a free header, a


great save. Gabriel denied by the acrobatic Courtois. It was straight


at Courtois. Gabriel really should have scored there. Sanchez is


turning out, bringing in Monreal. He is Iwobi. A good period here for


Arsenal. Monreal to the left line, back to Coquelin, brings in Ozil.


Can he get the shot away? He was obscured by Walcott, who wandered


across. Alexis Sanchez kicked the far post in frustration. He made the


deep run in. There's nothing to suggest at the moment Arsenal can


get back into the game. Diego Costa to Hazard. Chased by Coquelin, too


strong for him. Chelsea fans rise to Eden Hazard. Into the box.


Brilliant! A brilliant goal by Eden Hazard. Strength, purpose,


technique. Chelsea two, Arsenal nil. A title winning display by Chelsea.


Abramovich is delighted. From the minute he picked it up, he meant


business, and Arsenal were backpedalling. Bewitched the arts


and old defenders and tucked it home. Terrific individual gold -- he


bewitched the Arsenal defenders. It looks as if Chelsea are clearing


another hurdle on their way to the title. They'll take some stopping


now. Sheer delight. Brilliant celebrations for the manager. He is


irrepressible! Sanchez trying to get beyond Azpilicueta and does. Mustafi


shakes for the cross. Well back with a header on, good save. Idle for


long times in the game, but still alert. As to get down smartly, a


clever header from Welbeck. Stars of the Premier League watched by stars


of the silver screen, will Farrell and John C Reilly there. Now listen


to this reception. From Chelsea fans for Fabregas coming on against


Arsenal, they'll love this and especially for Hazard, a standing of


Asian and the scoring of the terrific second goal. -- a standing


ovation. They will love this. Arsenal fans won't.


Cech misplaces it. Fabregas. That's to complete Arsenal's misery. He


doesn't celebrate. But Arsenal fans will be crestfallen he got the


third, and Petr Cech, a nightmare for him. There are days in the late


winter and early spring when you see champions in the making, and this is


one of those days. Chelsea have been superb. Arsenal have been run


ragged. They accepted the gift, moments after coming on. Chess


Fabregas, the old Arsenal hero, puts his team to the sword. Chelsea


three, Arsenal nil. The look says it all. Eden Hazard, Man of the Match.


His goal was simply sublime. Three minutes of stoppage time being


played. Monreal with across, a consolation for Arsenal, just a


consolation. In terms of the game it won't mean much now. In terms of the


title race, I'm afraid it's all over for the Gunners. Should he have


started? That's the question Arsenal fans will ask as he gets his 11th


goal of the season. Today has been the story of the team that is built


on championship winning foundations against the team that has seen those


foundations absolutely crumble. As bad as they were Arsenal in


September, Chelsea have been so very, very good today. They have


completely turned the tables on their north London rivals this


season. It was an important game against Arsenal, because I consider


Arsenal one of the six teams that can fight for the title, until the


end of the season. For this season, to win and to put them 12 points


behind is important for us. The first goal is always going to be


decisive. Were you unhappy about it? If you look at the repetition in the


number of -- reputation in the number of games recently, you can


feel a bit sorry, but I think it's was 100% a foul, even dangerous


play. Did you think the first goal was a foul? In England, never. In


Italy or in other countries, maybe. What a goal by Eden Hazard? Eden


Hazard has a good technique. He can score goals, to date, he scored a


beautiful goal, good for him. It's good to score beautiful goals


against a massive team, so today I enjoyed the game, also the goal. We


scored three beautiful goals and we deserved to win the game. Let me


take you back to September at Arsenal, 3-0 down. Did you think


then you would this position so early? Honestly, I must be crazy to


think this is the situation now, yes, because honestly, at the start


it wasn't good for many reasons but only through the work, work, work,


it helped the players show you can change the situation, also when the


situation is not good. Another win for Chelsea, as they seem willing


march inexorably towards the title. Way too good for Arsenal. Yes, this


was a chance for Arsenal to run the words straight down our throats, the


critics like me, who say Arsenal won't win the league, and they


failed miserably again. Having said that, Chelsea were superb. They


bossed them from start to finish. Two performances in particular,


Hazard and Kante were brilliant. I don't think I've ever seen a guy who


is as fit as this guy, who gets around the pitch as much as this


guy, Kante. How many times he breaks up play and stops the opposition in


their tracks, and he can play as well. We said it many, many times.


He was just superb today. The way he gets around, the amount of grassy


covers, the moves he breaks up, sets up Costa here, and they couldn't


live with him today. He was absolutely superb. This guy also.


This is what they gave him stick for, not getting back, not working,


but he is composed, he is calm. You just want to leave him with the ball


at his feet, he will put you on your backside. This is good, this is


where the goal comes from. He is off now, and once he gets it, it is


skill, technique, strength, pace. This reminds me of the picture of


Maradona. Look at it, look, hasn't got a clue where he is going,


Koscielny. Coquelin falling off him. Watch Koscielny, we see is number,


all over the place. They just can't contain players playing that well in


the system. We sought the start of Kante, he has made more tackles than


any Premier League player in the last three seasons, and he has only


been here a season and a half! By contrast, what was Arsenal's game


plan? You have to press Chelsea, put them under pressure. Arsenal against


Watford, that was a poor as I have seen, and to be fair, Arsenal


started well. Sanchez telling everyone, let's push forward, Theo


is in a good position, the Ox is in a good position, Ozil is in a good


position. Courtois is going to try and go back, this is good, Ozil is


in, they get the ball, you are thinking, brilliant. They were


starting slow, they get the ball to Alex Iwobi, brilliant, here we go.


But that was it, they gave them too much time on the ball, and it was


just too easy for Chelsea, they were superb. The closing down was not


good. Look at the difference between Alonso and Walcott, Walcott has a


look at where he is, but he should track back. Koscielny has to work


harder to stop the cross coming in. That is not enough. Once the ball


comes in, it is too late, Walcott, it is a mismatch. You are right,


Wenger said that was a foul, but he is just being aggressive. Look out


easy bases, a throw from the keeper, long ball, this is embarrassing. --


look how easy this is. No pressure on the ball whatsoever, simple pass,


Chelsea attacking again. This is from one of their corners, Arsenal,


the keeper picks it up. Ozil is walking back, Costa is in the box,


and he plays the ball in, they are in trouble. No protection in front


of the back four, simple ball up to Costa, they are into the final third


again, and they were absolutely superb, Chelsea. It was an


embarrassing performance from Arsenal. It was, Alexi Sanchez


playing the centre forward role, not his usual self. Not one of his good


days, I didn't understand what he was trying to do, he made it so much


easier for the Chelsea back three than it should have been. He was


angry, he was frustrated, and rightly so. He is moaning because


the ball is not coming in, exactly the same thing again, frustrated.


When that happens, you come deeper for the ball, so now the Chelsea


back three are delighted with him. 40 yards from goal, no problem


whatsoever. Olivier Giroud is not on the pitch yet, so he is on the


left-hand side. This is a superb ball across, he should be in there,


he is their best player, he will put it in the back of the net.


Remarkably, their best player at 50 touches of the ball, not one of them


was in Chelsea's box, and that summed up Arsenal today. Arsene


Wenger does divide opinion amongst fans, they get into a terrible rage.


Social media is going crazy, and he has got a tough couple of months


coming up. At this time of the season, the crux end, they are


starting to slip up, fall away, you know what I mean, he has got really


serious thinking to do, really serious thinking to do at the end of


the season, what he wants to do - has it got the stomach to do this


again? Top four again? They are not going to win the league.


Two teams in contrasting form met at Goodison Park.


Everton had taken 14 points out of a possible 18 since Boxing Day,


while one win in seven had left Bournemouth


looking nervously over their shoulders.


It was a remarkable match, watched by Steve Wilson.


The 19-year-old makes his first evidence that after joining from


Charlton, he has only made an impression, scoring four minutes


after coming on in the win over Manchester City. Tyrone Mings makes


only his third Premier League start since sustaining a knee injury 18


months ago, and a second serious injury to strike a Callum Wilson


rules him out for the rest of the season, a bitter blow for Eddie


Howe. Mike Jones is the referee, and it is Everton who will get this game


under way, kicking towards that end in the first 45 minutes. And


immediately, a free kick for a foul by Josh King, that must be one of


the quickest of the season. Schneiderlin out to Williams.


Lukaku into McCarthy, back to Lukaku, space, goal! Romelu Lukaku!


What a start for Everton! Bournemouth sliced open. Brilliant


finish. Everton 1, Bournemouth 0. Just what he didn't need! Romelu


Lukaku's goal timed officially and 30 seconds, the joint fastest scored


in the Premier League this season, equal to Pedro's for Chelsea against


Manchester United. The cross laid into the feed of


Lukaku. Great footwork from Ademola Lookman.


He left Harry Arter brilliantly, just couldn't find the finish. He


doesn't look terribly thrilled, Ronald Koeman.


Nice touch to Barkley and back again, Lookman is in the middle, so


is Schneiderlin. Romelu Lukaku, great stuff from Lukaku, McCarthy,


and in! A big slice of luck about the way this ended up in the back of


the Bournemouth net, but it is 2-0 to Everton. And it is James


McCarthy's first goal of the season. McCarthy right to point at Lukaku,


because he made it, McCarthy scored it. Bournemouth in bother here.


Oh, that is dreadful, Lukaku through! What on earth was he doing?


29 minutes played, and Bournemouth have conceded three already, and it


is the 12th time this season they have conceded three or more. This is


a horror show at the moment for the visitors. And a stroll for the


hosts. Bournemouth have started the second are very much better than


they started the first, which, it has to be said, the bar was not set


very high. Wilshere, clipped up to Josh King, and he has got one back


for Bournemouth. It is a quality ball from Wilshere, the first touch


was lovely from King, just glancing it past the keeper into the net. It


is 3-1. You wonder if that is a platform on


which something happens, we will have to wait and see. A chance for


Bournemouth here, a good save, it is a corner, and Josh King turns away,


knowing that he might have made it 3-2. What a turnaround we would have


had then. Dangerous, in, it is 3-2, Josh King


has got another one! Extraordinary stuff, there is still 21 minutes to


play! At half-time, they were absolutely nowhere, and now they are


just one goal behind. And this, suddenly, is going to be a very


nervous 20 minutes for Everton. Well, he has seen it all already


this season, Eddie Howe. They came back miraculously against Liverpool,


they crumbled against Arsenal, they looked nowhere today, and now they


might get something from this game. Here is Jack Wilshere, good tackle,


and it needed to be. Kevin Mirallas here. Arter's shot! Corner. You


cannot believe what is happening in front of him, the Everton keeper.


They thought they should have a free kick, his shot was heading wide


anyway. Bournemouth have a corner. In goes the corner kick, Leighton


Baines arrives. Arter! Fabulous save! The Everton fans behind that


goal cannot believe what they are seeing, their team are hanging on


here. Great hit from Harry Arter, really good reactions from the


keeper. At the moment, he is keeping evident's lead intact. I would not


like to have a punt on who is going to score the next goal. Lukaku.


Lukaku... Abstract! -- hat-trick! He has been brilliant today. With eight


minutes to go, that should do it, 4-2 Everton. And another good


finish, hat-trick Lukaku. Three goals for him. I hesitate to say it,


but probably three points for Everton. Lukaku, he is in again! He


has scored again! Lukaku has four, Everton have five!


Fantastic display. Evident's number 10, four goals for Everton's


formidable Romelu Lukaku. Lukaku basking in the admiration. 16


league goals now this season, 17 in all.


Afobe, it comes off the post, and Arter has put it in the back of the


net, it is 5-3. It was pinball, ping-pong, and then in from Arter.


Here is the goal line camera. That suggests that the whole of the ball


had gone behind. I don't think that goal should have stood. Great run by


Josh King. Don't forget, he is on a hat-trick.


Barkley celebrates and scores! In an unusual order at the celebration


normally follows the goal! A very enjoyable game for the neutral, and


for Everton. Unless I have lost count, I think it is Everton 6,


Bournemouth 3. Crazy game, crazy game of football.


During the game, different systems for both teams, change system,


change system, and it really was a tactical battle. But they came back


in again, really good football, they made it really difficult. Obviously,


we scored the two goals, the game and a knife edge, the crowd getting


nervous, then we can see the fourth goal, which really knocked the


stuffing out of us. When I was driving to the stadium, I was like


thinking that I had a good feeling today, so it is just about instinct,


really, something that we worked on in training as well, all the


finishing in training is about instinct. So I am really happy that


everything worked today, happy for the other players as well, everybody


put a shift in. Romelu Lukaku showed again today he


is maybe one of the best finishers in football, because what he showed


today was really outstanding. It certainly was a bonkers game, wasn't


it? A remarkable performance from Romelu Lukaku. Cracking goals. He's


got all the attributes to be a stop -- a top striker. Isn't the one yet?


23 years of age, he's getting there, can score goals, already has a good


scoring ratio. But today, he was just absolutely superb. The touch,


the give and go here was brilliant. Give, and get it back. The touch


again, a little backlift and before the keeper. Blink. It's in the back


of the net. Side netting. The keeper has no chance with that one. This


one is a gift. From Simon Francis, touch with the right foot, a little


pink, clever, full of confidence. Too much space from Bournemouth.


Again, give and go, gets into the box, a good ball across, and a


clever finish. Really clever finish, cultured, into the back of the net.


The volley control. It's superb. This is a brilliant goal. This is


what I said about pace and power. Two quick for the Bournemouth


players. Brilliant from Ross Barkley. A right foot finish this


time. The keeper has no chance. Two quick and too strong, he was


absolutely superb today. Already, 172 appearances, 76 goals. One thing


I think will take to the next level as in last three years, 30 times


against top six opposition appearance but only scored three


goals. If you can keep on going... Perhaps because the team don't play


so well. He's been in a struggling team at times, but I think he can


get there. Certainly can. You enjoyed Ross Barkley's goal,


particularly his premature celebration? I never thought of


doing that! I thought he had a fantastic game today. This sums up


the confidence of him. He's done brilliant. But here, the


celebration. I like it, there's nothing wrong with it. Don't hit a


bobble here! You remember doing that when you were a kid at school,


heading it in and stuff like that. I'm glad to see he's got the


confidence to do that. He gets a lot of stick for enjoying the moment.


Bournemouth conceded 31 in the last 12 days. That's a recipe for


disaster. One win in eight, a shocking record. It coincides with


Nathan Ake, going back to Chelsea. They've conceded 13 in the last


four. It's not good form. He's got to be worried about, Eddie. Good to


watch though. Having steered Sunderland


to safety last season, for the first time as


Crystal Palace manager. this was all about another


battle to beat the drop. Sam Allardyce has called it an


ultimate six pointer, but his first encounter with Sunderland since


leaving in the summer isn't the only subplot. Patrick van Aanholt lines


up against his former side, two weeks after playing for them, as


Palace stick with the same team that won at Bournemouth mid Wales full --


mid week. David Moyes had them is to bring him his Everton old boys and


one starts today. Oviedo replaces Manquillo, their only other change


sees Januzaj preferred. It's going to be a free kick and an early


yellow card for Sebastian Larsson. Larsen knew that Zaha had the pace


to get past him and didn't get much of the ball, but a fair bit of


Wilfried Zaha. Having replaced Sam Allardyce in the summer, David Moyes


thinks the Sunderland players have a lot to thank Allardyce four, mainly


keeping them in the Premier League last season. Van Aanholt on the


scene for Palace. Sunderland fans making their feelings about Patrick


van Aanholt clear, as Rodwell brings it forward and puts it in for Defoe


to chase. Defoe up against Ward. Defour forces a fine save out of


Wayne Hennessey. -- Defoe. Sam Allardyce said Jermain Defoe is


simply electric and his players couldn't afford one slip against him


today. Hennessey keeps him at bay early on.


Rodwell helped it onto Januzaj. Januzaj was the meat in a Palace


sandwich there. Van Aanholt and McArthur closing in on him.


Larsson takes, looking for Kone, who gets the header in. Can't deal with


it and Kone puts it in. Sunderland have the early lead for stop Kone


reacted quickest. Party time for those Sunderland fans, who have had


precious little to cheer on their travels this term. Lamine Kone, one


of the stars of Sunderland's second half of the campaign, after being


brought in by Sam Allardyce last season, has dealt an early blow to


his former manager. Crystal Palace nil, Sunderland one.


Zaha has won possession back off Larsen, then caught from behind by


Sebastian Larsson, who has already been cautioned and has to watch his


step here. 20 minutes played, and the Palace fans baying for a second


booking. Well, I've seen yellow cards given for that kind of thing


in the past. Puncheon leaves it for Cabaye. It's a good ball and away by


Rodwell as far as Van Aanholt. On for Delaney. He's kept it in. Dann


is up there and Tomkins somehow sends it wide. The best chance


Palace have had midway through the first half. It's a good cross from


the defender and his fellow centre-back failed to hit the target


from close range. It's a really big chance that, for Crystal Palace.


Ledley, pocket picked by N'Dong. Danger here. Oh, brilliant! Didier


N'Dong with a wonderful strike and a huge goal for Sunderland. Big Sam's


side are in big trouble now. Didier N'Dong with his first goal for


Sunderland, and his first goal for anyone since November 2015. Joe


Ledley won't want to see the replay again. He fell asleep. N'Dong was


alert. Then chanced his arm in great fashion from long range. Hennessey


couldn't do much about that. Crystal Palace nil, Sunderland two.


Larsen, as -- clever pass. Releasing it at Januzaj. Januzaj, waiting for


support, gets it in the shape of Jermain Defoe. 3-0 Sunderland.


Staggering stuff from the visitors. And the boos ring out around


Selhurst Park. Jermain Defoe, so often the saviour for Sam Allardyce,


when he was in charge of Sunderland last season, has dealt a devastating


blow to him today. He timed his run perfectly and then steered it beyond


Hennessey will stop Jermain Defoe with his 13th goal in the Premier


League this season. Threaded through for Defoe. Danger


here. Jermain Defoe! 4-0 Sunderland. Incredible! Devastating from Jeff


ain't -- Jermain Defoe. The Sunderland supporters can barely


believe it, and the Palace fans are leaving in their droves. And we're


not even at half-time yet. And you're not fit to wear the shirt


reverberates around Selhurst Park, in stark contrast, three goals in


the space of five minutes have Sunderland in Greenland. It's the


stuff of nightmares for Crystal Palace -- Sunderland are in dream


land. A bit of room here for Jason


Puncheon. McArthur, a good hit, not far away. Ironic cheers from the


home fans, as Palace have a rare sight of goal. His team have lost


their last five away league games. Talk about ending a losing run in


style. He is Zaha, meanwhile, Wilfried Zaha, away from Jones. Put


in on a plate, and income from Puncheon. Brilliantly saved by Vito


Mannone. Jason Jason Denayer back there as well. The combination of


the pair of them. Sunderland closing in on their first clean sheet away


from home this season. The last shutout on the road came in April's


win in Norwich, and Sam Allardyce was the man in charge.


Wilfried Zaha, fisted away by Mannone. Townsend onto the rebound.


Andros Townsend and Mannone again, and from Benteke. Dallas simply


aren't going to score today. Almost a wry smile on Sam Allardyce's face.


-- Palace simply aren't going to score today. Three chances in quick


succession, the first two saved by Mannone and then Christian Benteke


couldn't get that one on target. It's a game that we had to win


today. And you know, for some reason, when the pressure is on we


always perform. So we will hopefully keep it going. From a personal point


of view how will this result affects you today? Deeply, in all honestly.


As long as I've been doing this job and as experienced as I am, I'm


slightly in shock at the moment by what I've watched and what I've


experienced. In fairness to his team today, Dave's team were very good.


We were not at the races today. It gives is a real lift, a great


chance. We have an idea of where we need to get to. We have games at


home I believe that the Stadium Of Light we are capable of winning, so


we have to try to show that. A brilliant effort from Sunderland, a


fabulous performance away from home but your old team, Palace, got


something. They did. Sunderland need credit, they were under pressure


coming the game. Sam probably thought it would be a good day,


dancing with the mascot, but that's where it ended in respect of smiles.


Kone was magnificent, too strong. The keeper has to punch that, but


his reaction there to get that on target and volley it in, that was


fantastic. He's got to do better, Hennessey. Fantastic reaction from


him. Here, I think he's headed it to him, Delaney, he's got to tell him


to turn. Just a little bit of information for me there and he


tries to control it. The keeper doesn't move his feet well enough


for me. It's a good strike. But they were playing well. By now they were


really flying, Sunderland were Pirelli -- Sunderland were playing


brilliantly. This is a good move for them. Jermaine Defoe does really


well, comes off his man, links played brilliantly. It was so easy.


Sunderland couldn't believe what was going on. Januzaj played very well.


Jermaine still has so much time and space, I think the goalkeeper is too


close to his near post. But Jermaine has done what he does, if you give


him that time in the box. He hits the target and score the game. For


me, Oviedo, who literally bottomed up Wilfried Zaha for the game, he


played fantastically well. Januzaj's passes brilliant but Jermain his


movement, you can't let him turn and do that. It summed up Palace,


everything was sloppy and slow, no intensity, nothing. If you get the


first goal against Palace you have a good chance of winning the game


because they are so mentally weak. People keep saying they have good


players, they keep mentioning Zaha, Benteke, Puncheon, Townsend. These


guys have been poor now for over a year.


Hull against Liverpool wasn't easy to predict,


Hull had produced some encouraging performances


while Liverpool were still waiting for a first league win in 2017.


Hull City were the busiest club in the transfer window, and there are


debuts today for the two latest arrivals. And a late change too,


when Michael Dawson was injured in the warm up, a first start and a


home debut for the -- Ranocchia. A boost to the attacking play with the


return of Sadio Mane, the club's top scorer in the Premier League this


season. Sadio Mane has knocked it down to


Firmino, that did strike Niasse of Robertson. The referee has ruled it


was not hand to ball. A double deflection on that, it came off


Maguire first before slamming against the left hand of Robertson.


Would have been very harsh on Hull. Henderson, that is in point, that,


all the way up to Firmino. He looks towards Mane. That is wide. It was


flat that by the Hull keeper, but importantly he has kept it down to


Coutinho, but he kept on going to smother the shot.


Hernandez not quick enough to make the most of that pass, Matip had the


head start. If Hull had looked the other way, there was a gaping hole


where James Milner usually is. Given away again, Emre Can takes it. That


will be a hell city corner. All does not seem well at times with


Liverpool's defending. Hull's corner they can bite was... A debut goal


for Alfred N'Diaye. It seemed as though the threat had gone when it


bounced up to Simon Mignolet. He beat her Nando's to it, but he not


decisive enough. He drops down to the boot of Alfred N'Diaye, who had


an empty net to tap the ball into. Hull City 1, Liverpool 0 with


half-time looming. Only one Liverpool win in four games at this


stadium, having been unbeaten at the old ground. Jakupovic clauses away,


that is the closest Liverpool have come to scoring, Mane attacks it, it


comes off the head of Robinson, but it was dipping under the Barbie for


Jakupovic got his fingertips to it. -- it was dipping under the bar


before. Mane, a little too hurried. Robertson tries to get Hull away, it


is a good ball, Hernandez, it's just ran away from him with that first


touch. Good bit of keeping from Mignolet, all of a sudden Hull what


threatening to take the game away from Liverpool. Very good work from


Grosicki. Deflected behind for yet another


Liverpool corner. That scowl has been permanent ever since Hull took


the lead. It is headed away by Ranocchia, there is Milner, Mane.


Good ball in, here is Milner, can't find a way through. Surely now! Oh,


it is wide. Of all the people for that to fall to and do that with it,


you would have put quite a lot on Phillippe Coutinho firing that one


in two draw Liverpool level. They are queueing up, it is on a plate,


it is the wild spin of the ball which must have resulted in doing


that, it must have been a factor. He normally hits them so clearly.


It is scooped up towards Niasse, he is in an goal to seal it, surely,


for Hull City! 2-0 to The Tigers! Jurgen Klopp is about to see his


Liverpool side go five Premier League games without a win, and they


have been caught out today by one from a set piece and then a simple


one over the top. And didn't Niasse do well! Mignolet has to back away.


Into the net before he is challenged by Matip. The striker who cannot get


a game for Everton, he can barely get a training session with the


first steam, he now seems to have wrapped up the points for his new


club against Liverpool. It is deflected wide for a corner,


not that they have done Liverpool much good today. How many is that


now? 14! It is a Coutinho corner. Clucas out as far as Henderson,


brilliant save by Jakupovic, keeping his clean sheet in tact, it could


well be Hull's first-aider home in the Premier League all season. That


tells the story, Jurgen Klopp seemingly resigned to his fate


today. I was not happy, I was angry with the first, and second half,


yes, it was better, but that is the minimum we expect, but it is our


fault, our mistake. Yes, we have to change it. Fantastic result for us,


very good performance, we play as a team, and the first words for our


supporters, fantastic. At the moment I am enjoying it, but what I wanted


is to keep our club in the Premier League, that is our goal for this


season. But of course we're not in charge of the Premier League. Great


result for Hull, Liverpool in a rut. One of the problems that Klopp faced


when he took over Liverpool was they were defensively poor. 15 months


into his reign, they are still really poor, despite having


different and goalkeepers. Defensively poor from corners again


this season, Henderson is not even looking at the ball. Three men are


free, Maguire has a free header in, two men free, seven yards out.


N'Diaye and Hernandez, and the keeper makes another mistake. It is


a simple goal, far too easy for Hull to score that goal. This is their


second one, brilliant tackle from Robertson, and it is a straight


ball, 40 yards down the middle, Niasse gets in the middle of Matip


and Clucas, I think the keeper can do better, but that is too easy.


That is a long ball over the top, in between the two defenders. That


can't be allowed to happen, and that is while it would pool will not win


the title. Terrific performance from Hull, they have really upped their


form with Marco Silva. Seven signings in January, seven points


from 12 under their new manager, they look well organised, very


compact, very tight. They all seem to know exactly what they are doing.


They were just superb the whole game, they didn't give Liverpool any


space whatsoever. 50-50s they won, aggressive in the right way. And a


reading of the game was also brilliant, Maguire looks to his


right hand side, he sees Firmino running in there, but he's not going


to let him do that, he is too clever for him, too quick on this occasion.


There was no space through the middle whatsoever, I set out compact


and tight they were, look, there is no way through, and they didn't have


an macro answer to that, Liverpool. And also, everyone doing their


shift, this is a centre forward doing his job, running back, doing


his bit for the team. Not to be encouraged, Alan! Hull were superb,


they deserved the three points. the only team


with an unbeaten home record, against Middlesbrough, who'd won


just once on their travels. Harry Kane faces Middlesbrough in


the league for the first time today, he scored against 22 of the 24


previous Premier League opponents he has come up against. Hugo Lloris is


back in goal, Ben Davies starts in place of Danny Rose. Alvaro Negredo


has been involved in half of Middlesbrough's goals this season


and scored twice the last time they won in the league back in December.


Calum Chambers returns from a foot injury, Stewart Downing is preferred


to Cristhian Stuani on the left. Tottenham are the side with the only


unbeaten home record in the Premier League, they have won nine of their


11 home matches so far, with two draws. Middlesbrough without a win


since the middle of December. Forshaw in trouble, dispossessed, a


chance for Son, good save by Victor Valdes under way by Gibson for a


throw. Tottenham quick to break, look at the space for Son Heung-min,


brought the save at full stretch. Mauricio Pochettino saying ahead of


this one that the most important thing is to be ready to take the


possibility if Chelsea give the possibility. Beautiful ball, Dele


Alli! And so nearly 1-0. Eriksen managed to find the gap, and Dele


Alli almost squeezing it in the near post.


Now Dele Alli, Bernardo, Calum Chambers. Corner. The pressure is


building on Middlesbrough. And they had smashed against the post from


Alderweireld. -- the header. The closest we have come to a goal with


Alderweireld, he seizes effort bounced away to safety. Just one win


on the road all season, Middlesbrough, their first away


match, 2-1 at Sunderland in August. The home crowd doing their bit to


try to roar the home team on. Harry Kane, a chance, lovely flowing


football from Tottenham, wonderful first starch stuff, Kane with the


opportunity but couldn't keep it under the crossbar. That is twice


now Tottenham have gone close. Son Heung-min, dangerous, Tottenham


are in, but it will not count, offside against Harry Kane. The flag


was up sharpish on that one, let's have a look again. And Harry Kane in


an offside position. It has been a while since Middlesbrough won here


back in the league, September 2000 and two. Now it is with Son


Heung-min, Harry Kane is ahead of him. And a shot from Eriksen brings


the save! You could see Son was looking to see if there was a chance


to get a shot in, but he let it roll for Christian Eriksen. Just a hint


of anxiety from some sections of the home crowd. A long way to go.


Dele Alli sliding it through, down goes Son under pressure, and


Tottenham have a penalty. Here it is again, it was Bernardo, just


catching the Korean with his leg, there, catching the left leg of Son


Heung-min, it is Kane against Valdes, and it is 1-0 Tottenham. And


Middlesbrough's defences finally breached from 12 yards. And Kane


facing Boro in the league for the first time in his career, he has a


goal against them already, and he has now scored against 23 of the 25


teams he has faced in the Premier League. Tottenham, by the way, could


go unbeaten in the league for 12 matches for the first time in five


years, looking to close that gap a little bit on Chelsea. Dele Alli,


perfectly placed, Son Heung-min up against Bernardo. It was close, just


shaving the outside of the post and the netting.


Launches it for Patrick Bamford, Negredo, Marten de Roon, oh, it was


a chance 4-iron added time equaliser for Middlesbrough, and that Janssen


is just slipped through their fingers. The little flick from


Negredo, Marten de Roon sends and wide of the posts. The final score,


Tottenham Hotspur 1, Middlesbrough 0.


I think we played well, I'm disappointed it was only 1-0. It is


only 1-0, you can concede a chance and the game is open. It's an


important three points for us today. I told them at half-time the way


they had to play, with pressure, because if you are here trying to do


something and playing under pressure is impossible. At the end we had


chances to score. I think we played a lot better today than we did


midweek. It was a similar game. They dropped deep and made it difficult.


We should have scored more, to be fair. We will take 1-0. You have


lost two matches all season but Chelsea are not getting any closer.


I'm not frustrated about that, Chelsea have lost one game against


is, that speaks well of us because we can beat them but on the same


time we need to believe and try to reduce the gap. Another win, a vital


win, though they didn't really stamp their overall dominance. It was a


vital win because they have watched teams dropping points around them in


the day, so they had to win the game. They had a lot of possession.


A bit sloppy in the final third, but it could have been so, so different


in the last minute, with all that good work could have been undone.


Middlesbrough pushing forward, as they had to do, chasing the game.


Marten de Roon finds himself free. That is a big opportunity.


Basically, the last kick of the game he decides to go with it on the


volley, rather than front of the foot rather than hit it with the


side of the foot. It could have been so different. Tono Manaj Chelsea's


closest challengers Ian. It's quite a big gap -- Tottenham are now


Chelsea's closest challengers, Ian. It needs Chelsea to have a bit of a


collapse and the other teams to consistently win. Is it all over? I


think so. Even if Chelsea had a couple, they haven't got that kind


of running them where they totally capitulate. They are playing too


well. I can see them losing one or two, but I don't see other teams


winning every game. Battle for Champions League places, might as


well give up! You never know. Two more games for you on this week's


Match of the Day 2. COMMENTATOR:


How about that? Wayne Rooney, record-breaker. It's Gylfi


Sigurdsson. This is a thumping. There's also commentary on Leicester


against... Coming up on the NFL show we are in


Houston for all the build-up to Super Bowl L one. We'll be meet both


sets of players and interview Lady Gaga. That's ahead of the Super Bowl


tomorrow night on BBC One, after Match of the Day 2.


COMMENTATOR: Shearer, Ameobi, this is the chance,


it's a goal, it's a record goal for Shearer. He's done it at St James'


Park,... Getting a bit overexcited I thought their!


Southampton may have reached the EFL Cup final,


but their league form had suffered of late


with five defeats from their last six games.


They played West Ham at St Mary's, watched by John Motson.


Jose Fonte's second game for West Ham is on familiar territory, he


played many games for Southampton. Southampton's big capture in the


transfer window was Gabbiadini. Sofiane Boufal starts with


Gabbiadini today. Fit again Jay Rodriguez makes it three up front.


Robert Snodgrass starts for the first time for West Ham, though


without the injured Sam Byram. So Kouyate comes in at right back. West


Ham here with Snodgrass. He started on the left, Robert Snodgrass, and


Feghouli has started on the right for West Ham. Antonio upfront with


Carroll. This is Feghouli. Andy Carroll is


coming in fast side. The sort of ball he thrives on. And applauds


Feghouli. That could have been an uncomfortable start for Southampton.


West Ham of course still troubled by absentees upfront. Sakho injured, IU


has gone to the African cup. Gabbiadini has scored on his debut!


What a wonderful start for the man from maples Lexmark only needed one


touch -- the man from maples! Only needed one touch. At least one


defender is appealing for offside. The angle isn't great. West Ham are


still trying to catch up with him. But he thumps that into the roof of


the net, above the goalkeeper's net. Looking at that again, two


Southampton players going level with all beyond the West Ham defence.


Bertrand is definitely offside. Gabbiadini, borderline, but the goal


stands. That's a nice through ball for


Carroll. And West Ham United equalise! It had to be Andy Carroll.


Good approach play by Obiang. And Slaven Bilic sees his side get off


the hook here, after 14 minutes. Obiang does well here from midfield.


The defender wasn't quite tight enough and Carroll, with the


experience of a good striker, slides the ball past Fraser Forster.


Noble drives it forward. It goes via Feghouli here to Kouyate. Carroll


was coming in again. Cresswell. Carroll takes the defenders away.


There's an opportunity for another white shirt to come in on the


blindside. It was well by Cresswell. -- it was well volleyed by


Cresswell. That's going to be a corner to West


Ham. The second of the match. Well, Fonte was coming in on that


and hope, the drive has gone all the way through from Obiang. Well,


Southampton weren't expecting that. Slaven Bilic sees his side take the


lead in the match for the first time. As this ball comes out of the


crowded penalty area, Obiang latches onto it. I'm not sure if that


touched a foot on the way through, but there's no doubt at all that it


was accurate. Pedro Obiang's first ever goal for West Ham.


This is Snodgrass. Goes down. Free kick given.


Against Ron Mayo. -- Romeu. There was definitely contact there. Mark


Noble's free kick is bent in. It's there.


Well, it went in off Steven Davis, there's no doubt about that. I think


that might have fooled Fraser Forster as well. But Mark Noble


hoping to make it his fifth goal of the season, courtesy of the dubious


goals committee. It's a poor header, and Gabbiadini


should have scored. It should have been a newcomer's second goal and he


knows it, the manager. The ball just rising nicely for him. The shot


rising just too much. Well, there's David Gold and David Sullivan, the


two owners of West Ham United. There have been rumours of offers from


abroad but at the moment they are keeping the English ownership


steadfast, what there is a bit, in the Premier League. -- what there is


of it. We're going into the 90th minute and West Ham still have a 3-1


lead. Steven Davis to Nathan Redmond. Interception there is by


Cresswell. He dallied too long and should have been punished for it.


Really a very good chance to get back to 3-2 therefore Southampton. A


mixture of stout defending by West Ham and poor finishing by


Southampton has meant they are now facing a home defeat. Difficult to


-- again, but we have the productivity to play and score, now


it's time to find a good clean sheet, good confidence about this


possibility because it's difficult after the result. The guys did


fantastic, fantastic. We had a game plan but it's them who have done it,


who executed it in the best possible way. We were behind the ball,


closing them down, we pressed them when we could do it and when we had


the ball, when we could penetrate, we ran behind and then we could


switch sides and switch the ball we kept it. Scored three goals so


basically a great team performance. Was it tough to mentally block


outdoor surroundings today? Of course. Almost eight seasons here so


it's always tough but I think all in all, with the help of my team-mates


and the West Ham supporters we did a great job and the most important was


the three points. Good start for him. West Ham climbing the table and


Andy Carroll is banging in the goals at present. He said, they've got to


try to stop the supply to him and you do. Is goal-scoring, five in


six, he's playing fantastically. They said to try to stop the supply


but they didn't do it. Feghouli, too much time and space to put it in.


For Andy Carroll it's amiss in his current form. He was dangerous all


day. When it comes back in he actually points to Obiang to put it


out of the win, because maybe he wants the cross but there's so much


bass when you look, so much space for Obiang and behind the


Southampton defence there that Andy Carroll makes the run in there. It's


a good pass. He finishes it really well. He's stepped up at a time that


West Ham needed him to, especially with the Payet De Bakker. He has to


stay away from injuries. Not long ago since we were talking about West


Ham being in deep trouble. Saints are struggling. They are in the cup


final, so they can't let it affect their league form. I have sympathy,


they've lost Virgil van Dijk and Fonte.


Coming up, we'll see West Brom against Stoke,


Watford produced one of the results of the season


who have been formidable at home but poor away.


Zarate makes his debut for Watford, the Argentine back in English


football after a year in Italy with Fiorentina. Niang is on loan from


Milan. New signings are on the bench. Scott Arfield comes in for


the injured Steven Defour. 28 points at Turf Moor for Burnley, just one


away from home. It will be gathered by Heaton. He


looks for the quick throw out. Niang with the challenge and it was a bad


one. Michael Oliver is going to have words with M'Baye Niang. For this


challenge. Cleverley running into a bit of


trouble. Hendrick followed through, there might be another yellow card,


or might it be even more? It's more, it's red! Jeff Hendrick is sent off


and we've played just six minutes at Vicarage Road. Reorganisation needed


from Sean Dyche and Burnley. Jeff Hendrick, sent off for this


challenge, over the top, straight into the Watford defender. Burnley


will have to play over 80 minutes of this match with ten players.


Prodl looking for Cathcart on this nearside and finds him. Kouyate


drives it high, Jakupovic! -- Jakupovic. Perfect delivery by


Deeney. Able to pick out a precise ball into the penalty area, and Troy


Deeney is on the end of it. Problem is mounting for Burnley and Sean


Dyche. Niang, Deeney, Niang. Just pushed over, superbly placed by


Niang. This was heading in until Heaton got his hands to it.


Boyd goes down outside the penalty area, a free kick to Burnley.


Barton, tipped over by Gomes. That looked to be heading into the top


corner from Joey Barton, Gomes made sure it didn't.


Holebas towards Niang, 2-0! Heaton is beaten for a second time with


just seconds left in the first of. Holebas with plenty of power on the


cross. Niang rising, a terrific header, and it is Watford 2, Burnley


0. Burnley's first corner of this


second half, and only their second in total, a match where we have only


had four corners. It was Keane who got there. Diverted behind by Gomes


at the last moment. Slight touch there off award. Cleverley finds


Niang with pinpoint accuracy. Deeney! What a save that is from


heat and! That looked like it was going to be goal number 34 Watford!


-- number three for Watford. It is a Burnley penalty, yellow card


as well for Sebastian Prodl, the shot strikes his arm, and Burnley's


pressure may very well paid dividends here. Ashley Barnes


against Heurelho Gomes. Barnes drives it in, just, and is there


hope for Burnley still? It is only their fifth goal away from home in


the Premier League this season, off the post and in.


Ashley Barnes! Gomes with the save. That was the chance for Burnley to


snatch a rare point on their travels.


Just over 30 seconds of the minimum of four minutes' additional time


remaining. Troy Deeney! The whistle had gone, I think, for handball.


Would you agree that Watford's first half performance was better than


your second? Yes, and this is why I am very angry, things were too


close, and this is what we should have done, 4-0, and we didn't do it,


we have to grow out of this mentality. You have just come out of


the referee's dressing room, what was your conversation? Only asking


why the goal-scorer, Niang, was not sent off, because he had been booked


earlier in the game, then he ran into their crowd, and we are told


you are not allowed to do that. It is a tough one for referees, there


is not a lot of contact, but it is tough not to send him off, because


of the foot going over, et cetera. So that happens. Familiar faces are


on show, Tony Pulis Saido Berahino is not his problem any more, he will


be hoping Stoke's new boy doesn't cause any problems if he comes off


the bench on his return to the Hawthorns. The West Brom boss says


he is more fearful of Peter Crouch, who is four goals in his last five


games. Pulis is able to hand a debut to his most recent capture, ?10


million signing Jake Livermore replaces Claudio Yacob. That is for


Peter Crouch to attack. Morrison making the run, he got in


there, Morrison! Less than six minutes in, James Morrison, who


scored in the week against his former club, Middlesbrough, has


scored again, against Stoke, to give West Brom the lead. Right from the


edge of their own penalty area, Chadli weighted, he had seen the run


of Morrison. Critically, goal side of Glenn Whelan, he tucked it away


very confidently for his fifth Premier League goal of the season.


He did describe West Brom as his bogey team prior to this game, lost


eight of 16 managerial meetings with them, and he has not had a good


start to this one either. Rondon once the early ball, so did Chadli.


Super strike, but no way by Lee Grant. Chadli wants to take it on,


then he wanted the pass from Rondon, good reactions from Grant.


Martins Indi, a little bit of space for Joe Allen, possible opportunity


for Arnautovic. In towards Shawcross, really attacking this,


the Stoke skipper, defended well. Arnautovic, that is a better cross,


Joe Allen! Just got in the pocket of space, totally unmarked, might have


been more problematic for the West Brom goalkeeper. Crouch trying to


help that towards Arnautovic. It has been a physical battle with Nyom.


Away by Livermore, only as far as Whelan, Bardsley. He has never


scored a Premier League goal ever was Stoke, Phil Bardsley. He would


be an unlikely scorer, Ben Foster had that one covered. The boos


around the Hawthorns will tell you that it is time for Saido Berahino


to come on. He played 121 times here, joined the club at the age of


12. He gets the welcome that he expected. Stoke have not really


stretched Ben Foster. Into the last 20 minutes at the


Hawthorns, McClean. Oh, good effort, away by Grant.


And West Brom have conceded ten goals in the last 15 minutes of


games this season. Arnautovic finds Allen, back to Whelan, many West


Brom bodies back there. Back in from Bardsley, and in came Erik Pieters,


who was wondering how we could not find the target. He is almost there,


victory over his former club. It is another home win for West Brom, a


seventh of the season, and it is a sweet one for Tony Pulis against his


old club. I thought, first off, Steve, we played really well, the


interchange and movement, Chadli, Morrison, on that side of the pitch,


you know, the disappointing thing was, Steve, that we only came in 1-0


up. It is difficult against West Brom if you allow them to get a


lead, they are very adept at getting people behind the ball and playing


on the break. We made it difficult for ourselves just by virtue of how


we started the game. Second half, you saw a different side of the


team, a side that can really work hard. No handshake with Mark Huws. I


went to look for him, he was walking away to their supporters, no


problems with me. I was there, I would have shook his hand, but he


didn't at the beginning of the game either. I was the guest, surely.


A bit of aggravation there, we always shake at the end of the show,


without fail! West Brom going really well. Superb, they have won six of


their last seven home games, and that was such a good goal. Not the


customary set piece. Fletcher, good ball into Chadli, he drives forward,


the run of Morrison, the weight of the past is just brilliant, such a


good goal, not offside, timed it perfectly, the finish is clever.


Over the goalkeeper, brilliant run, very good finish. Another good win


for West Brom. These two sides look like they are battling for eight.


Magnificent effort by West Brom. As regards the other game, Watford


against Burnley, Ian, a bit of controversy in that one, the sending


off to look at, a bit of a wild challenge as well. I think the first


one we are going to see, this was just a bit clumsy, not a challenge,


he has actually slipped, it could have been quite dangerous, but there


is no challenge there. Overzealous, I think. But that is a red card, he


is over the ball, very dangerous. I think he is very fortunate. You


know, if we see it here, that could have been really bad. I don't think


there's any complaints about that, I don't think he had any complaints.


Sean Dyche did complain later. I thought he had a very good game, on


loan from AC Milan, Kouyate, this was a super effort, great save.


-- Niang. This is better from Niang, guides and into the corner. That is


what Sean Dyche was complaining about, he wanted him to get a yellow


card. Under the laws of the game, but not really! We're just about out


of time, time to shake hands! Before we leave you, a look at the Premier


League table. Chelsea are a three wins clear of second placed


Tottenham, while defeats for Arsenal and Liverpool give Manchester City


the chance to go third when they face Swansea. Sunderland are still


at the foot of the table, victory over Crystal Palace has brought them


level on points with Sam Allardyce's side. Only two points separate the


bottom six, which includes champions Leicester City! Some of the football


headlines in the Sunday newspapers. The Star quotes Arsene Wenger


conceding the title to Chelsea. The Mail on Sunday leads on Mark Hughes


questioning the timing of Saido Berahino's two match ban, publicised


ahead of their game today. And Didi Hamann has told the Sunday Times it


was madness to give Jurgen Klopp a six-year deal last summer.


and heading for the title Hazard-free.


Don't let go of that towel. I'm not! Hurry up!


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