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Chelsea may be clear at the top, but it's incredibly close elsewhere


Coming up, we'll see teams competing for the top four, and those involved


in the tightest of scraps to stay up.


Danny Murphy and Ian Wright have sampled life at


We begin with Liverpool against Tottenham,


who started the day fifth and second respectively.


Your commentator at Anfield was Guy Mowbray.


COMMENTATOR: When the New Year began, Liverpool were second, seven


points clear of Tottenham in fifth. Just six weeks later, the table has


turned with Spurs having won 11 more points than their hosts in 2017.


Three more went begging for Liverpool at Hull last week, and


with Dejan Lovren still injured, just one change to the team with


Wijnaldum replacing Emre Can. Adam Lallana is fit after a slight


Achilles problem and faith has been kept with Mignolet in goal. Spurs


unchanged with Ben Davies again filling in for the injured Danny


Rose at left-back in the same 11 that did just enough to beat


Middlesbrough. A Harry Kane penalty won it, his seventh goal in seven


games, and he's played two, scored two at Anfield so far in his career.


It's a bitterly cold evening at Anfield. The sun has gone. You get


the feeling this will be a game that will have plenty in it to keep us


all warm. The smiles have gone from Liverpool in recent weeks, as has


their habit of winning football matches, especially here, five home


matches without a victory for the first time since going six without


success in October 2012. Eriksen muscled out of it. Great work by


Wijnaldum. Coutinho gets lucky. Mane through the middle and Firmino


further left. Here's Firmino... The touch took it away from goal but


he's still scrapping. Coutinho, blocked by Alderweireld.


Coutinho couldn't trick his way past Walker. Dembele, side-by-side with


Firmino, just barring his way to goal and the move broke down with


that first touch of Roberto Firmino. It came to Dele Alli.


Wijnaldum won it back first. Alderweireld will tidy up by


steering it safely back to Hugo Lloris.


Incomes Lallana to pitch the ball. Firmino to Wijnaldum. Through two


Mane, who stays ahead of Davies, and scores! Sadio Mane, reaches double


figures of goals for the season. Liverpool boss back high-intensity


start to the evening has been rewarded. Adam Lallana deserves some


credit there. -- Liverpool's high-intensity start. So too


Wijnaldum and Firmino. Lovely ball through two Mane. He wasn't going to


be caught. Clipped it past Lloris, off-balance as he did so. That's


lifted Liverpool's spirits. Liverpool 1-0 Tottenham Hotspur. It


ends a run for Liverpool of conceding first in three successive


Premier League games. Are they going to run through to score a second


very quickly? Firmino doesn't quite have the express pace of Mane,


couldn't get away. Walker is quick enough but got the ball caught


between his boots. James Milner with the throw.


Nobody there in red. Mane is there now. He has Firmino to help him.


Lallana is over. Lallana! Firmino! Mane! Two! Two in just over two


minutes. And the second scored, despite two saves from Hugo Lloris.


Again, Liverpool so quick about their business. The opposite was


true about Eric Dier. He doesn't make too many mistakes like that,


but he needed too much time. Beaten clear by Lloris, but not to a safe


place. Reacted well enough first time, but can't get back to stop


Mane's effort, over the head of Davies. Jurgen Klopp's men have a


2-0 lead and we have only played 19 minutes. Lots of thinking and


stroking of the chin is going on. In the Spurs management seeks. Walker,


he might have caused a problem for his fellow defenders. Here's Mane


again! Side of the net. That would have been some hat-trick. Deflected


behind. Fired across and it was Dembele who headed away. Clever


header from Milner. Firmino stopped by Wanyama. Uncertain from Eric


Dier. Joel Matip. Mane is here again. It was a rocket shot that has


been kept out by Lloris. Goodness me, Sadio Mane's back, all rights!


What a start to the night he's had. Super save by Lloris, really strong


hand. The thought last week was that Liverpool looked a little fatigued.


Maybe they're intense play had caught up with them. They have


rediscovered it tonight. Davies through to Son, who is on site.


Superb stop by Mignolet, who stood up and blocked. -- who is onside.


Partway to redemption after his drop of the ball at Hull a week ago.


Eriksen lifts it to Dele Alli, and it's headed over the bar by Lucas.


Finally Spurs start to put Liverpool under a bit of pressure. How did


Dele Alli find himself so free in the box like that? This is a great


block by Mignolet, made sure Son had no targets. They are not enjoying


their trip up to Merseyside so far. They have been here 81 times in the


past, and have only won eight times. Even these tackles are turning into


good passes. Coutinho's shot saved by Lloris, who is keeping Spurs just


about in it. It's two, it could have been three, four, five. Miller finds


Coutinho, swept into the path of Wijnaldum. -- Milner finds. Mane on


a hat-trick. He might have had four goals today. Went home with the


match ball twice in his Southampton days, once against Manchester City


and once against Aston Villa. That one came inside three minutes.


That's a late one, it's another yellow card. Harry Winks, who hasn't


been on long. He's caught the mood of his team-mates, but in truth, he


did try to pull out. Matip! No power on it. Just in front


of Joel Matip, and I think it was Matip's header, easy for Lloris to


keep out. Interesting to note that Spurs will play four more games


before Liverpool play again. Dembele has lost it.


Coutinho, wide. A third goal would seal it. Jurgen Klopp would want to


see it sooner rather than later. Coutinho just trying to time it


right. Never got a clear sight, opted to fire through the legs of


Alderweireld, but it was always wide.


Emre Can looks for Firmino to chase it. Lloris has come a long way here.


Wijnaldum! It curls away from the goal. Oh! Spurs very nearly gifted


Liverpool won anyway. Ben Davies, just for a second, didn't know where


Lloris was going. The first time in 2017, they are


going to enjoy a win in Saturday night. I think they know it. There


is a general feeling that Spurs' fight is over today. Is it terminal


as far as their title challenge is concerned? After last week you


needed a response. Do you get the feeling as a manager that yes,


you're going to get one and you can feel it? Yes. But that would mean I


had no idea in the first half, how good... But the week was... We're


not too long together, but long enough. These boys were not happy


with their own performance. They knew about the need to show a


reaction. It was outstanding, but mixed up with a bit of relief. God!


It happens today, at a day when another team is here, not when we


train or something like this. It was good, so that's what we have too


tried to bring on pitch every week. It's true that on the table we are


one point above them, but today for the first half, we didn't show that.


If you want to win the Premier League, yes, because you need to


show more. If not, we will fight for the top four. All the top six. But


it's difficult to fight for the Premier League. Everybody has been


brilliant and try to stay positive and work really hard in training,


listen to the manager and what he wants us to do. I felt as though we


did that this weekend. To go to the champions, that has to be our aim.


We need this consistently. That's the thing we have to do now.


STUDIO: Much better than Liverpool. Terrific performance and no doubt


about the star of the show. Sadio Mane, and he missed a chance, could


have scored a hat-trick in six minutes. He once scored one for


Southampton in less than three minutes. He's top man. I think it's


one in seven games that they won, they beat Plymouth Argyle. They


couldn't win a game without him. The four, only played two Times in three


months together, but when they play together it's like Mane is the one,


with the extra bit of pace and threatening behind. Lallana as well.


But Mane going behind, he can intercept and is away threatening


behind. I don't think they have been doing that recently as often as they


should have been doing. That's because he wasn't there. He gives


you that threat and he's always getting in and around. This was the


goal. Ben Davies had no chance trying to mark him today. Strength,


composure. Lallana sensing the danger and stealing the ball. They


are away. This is brilliant. When you see it from the other angle, the


focus on that ball to make sure he hits the target. He can sense the


danger. Kyle Walker doesn't know what's going on. Danny will go into


that. That's a brilliant save from Lloris. They couldn't deal with


them. Eight shots on target, and in the first half. They were absolutely


back to top stuff today, Liverpool. They will be a problem again. Cheeky


backheel. He is phenomenal. Gets a nice hug from the manager and he


deserves it. By contrast, and we don't usually say this because Spurs


are usually solid, but they were a bit of a shambles. I couldn't


believe what I was watching. Last year, the best defensive record. I


think they are joint best this year. Always solid, hard to break down,


but they were all over the place. Why do you think that was? They went


to a back four, I know they have injury problems with Vertonghen


missing. Most of the time this season may have played with three


against the big teams and have done quite well. This was the back four,


and even early on the full-backs were too far from the centre halves.


Mane running behind creating confusion. Look at the space behind.


All well and good playing a back four, but playing that high against


the pace of Liverpool, they found it easy to get round the side. And the


lack of concentration as well. That's not a back four! I don't know


what that is. I can't even give it a name. It became so easy. If it


wasn't for Dembele getting back in they would have been two or three


down in the first ten minutes. It carried on the whole game.


Alderweireld, for me he's probably the best centre-half in the Premier


League, last season especially. Makes a bad decision and steps out.


Even if he steps out, they are too high. Playing against somebody with


that pace, especially with Danny Rose is not there. Davies is a good


footballer but he doesn't have the athleticism of Rose. Mane and


Liverpool knew that. Terrible pass from Walker and he's given him five


yards. If it's Danny Rose, it's not the same problem. I thought they


should have stuck with what they have done against the big sides,


playing three. It was infectious. The sloppiness and bad decision


making. They got away with murder. It was so unlike the Tottenham we


have seen for the last 12 months. Spurs' away record against the other


five in the top six doesn't make very good reading. They have got to


turn that around if they want to be a very good challenger. There is a


lack of pace when they break on teams away from home because they


are a bit deeper. It is also a different mindset when they go away,


they have got to improve, and quickly. A great win for Liverpool,


back in form. Sunderland remained bottom


after last week's 4-0 win at Crystal Palace,


but were now just two They hosted Southampton,


who'd lost six of their last Sunderland forced to make a change


to the side that produced that coupon buster at Palace. Jack


Rodwell ruled out with a damaged hamstring. Another ex-Evertonians,


Darron Gibson, is called up by David Moyes for his first Sunderland


start. The name Gabbiadini was once sung with real gusto in these parts.


Marco Gabbiadini, a Wearside hero in the late 80s, Manolo Gabbiadini has


already made an impact at Southampton, scoring on his debut.


Today he is joined by Tadic and Redmond up front, as Saints look to


hold their alarming slump in form. Southampton's last game before the


EFL Cup final in one month's time. You could hardly call it a warm up.


Bryan Oviedo to lift it in. Poor clearance for Januzaj, and it came


off Mike Bertrand, whose initial had offered the opportunity to the


Belgian. -- it came off Bertrand. Oviedo. Wasn't dealt with


effectively by Bertrand. Januzaj couldn't punish him to the maximum.


The has only scored once. The land, that was in the EFL Cup. -- has only


scored once for Sunderland. Januzaj outmuscled by Yazidi.


Looking to flick it through to Gabbiadini. Only could come so far


before putting the brakes on. It will fall for Cedric! Gabbiadini had


the foresight to pick out somebody on the edge of the box. Fortunately


for Sunderland, it is a player who never scored in the Premier League,


Cedric. Ward-Prowse. Romero has done well to dig that out


and find Bertrand. Quality ball, and it soon! Of Gabbiadini last, and


Mannone had no answer. Manolo Gabbiadini, Southampton's record


signing, makes it two in two. It's all about the delivery from Ryan


Bertrand, though. Whips it in. Off Kone's head and onto the of


Gabbiadini. Yes, it's off the top of Kone's head, it caresses the forearm


of Gabbiadini before nestling into the bottom corner. Ward-Prowse for


Tadic. And again, Tadic in a bit of space at the moment. Lovely turn!


Lovely finish! 2-0 Southampton. Well, if there was any doubt as to


who got the final touch was pumped's first goal, no doubt whatsoever that


the second belongs to Gabbiadini. A shake of the head by David Moyes.


What a time for Sunderland to concede a second goal. It looked bad


that one down, but that two down there is a mountain to climb. Great


spin from Gabbiadini. In most composed finish. Three goals in 1.5


games now for the Italian. He might have cost ?15 million, but right now


that looks money well spent. Malone, not a strong enough touch to keep it


out. -- Victor Mannone. They have seen this sort of situation down the


years, confidence up after the morale boosting victory a week ago,


and it all comes tumbling down at home. He has been the fall side,


Manolo Gabbiadini, it's a long way back for Sunderland now. This is


Dave is. Now Romero. Davies again. Tadic inching his way closer, and


letting it fly! Plenty of power. Malone got a good fist to it. --


Victor Mannone. It doesn't look like last week's victory at Palace was a


liftoff after all. Ward-Prowse has got to be good to beat Victor


Mannone from there. It was nearly very good from James Ward-Prowse.


Scored in Southampton's previous away wins this season. Claude Puel


looking to become the first Southampton manager to win a major


bid of silverware for 41 years. Indigo is the cross. He is waiting!


And Victor Mannone is saving. -- in those the cross. His second touch


since coming off the bench for the goal-scorer, Gabbiadini. Very nearly


made sure of the points here. Bertrand trying to get forward,


Redmond delayed the past beautifully. Bertrand with the ball


across, and it soon! I rather think the final touch came off Mike


Denayer. Gabbiadini might get the first goal in that of it being an


own goal, but I think that one has to go down as an own goal by the


hapless Jason Denayer. And it rather sums up Sunderland's miserable


afternoon on a miserable, wet grey day at the Stadium Of Light.


Bertrand picking out Long. Long in again! And he will claim that one!


Shane Long with his fifth of the season. So open at the back here,


it's embarrassing. And Long just steers it alongside Victor Mannone.


If last week's Triumph suggested hope for Sunderland, today's 4-0


thrashing suggests relegation for Sunderland. If body language reveals


anything, it reveals the lack of optimism that David Moyes has of


getting Sunderland out of this relegation mess. So many red seats


visible now. Oh, it soon! -- it is in! It won't count. A yellow card


shown to Khazri. He has just flicked it in with his knuckles, that's why


it was disallowed. The sound of booing echoing around the Stadium Of


Light from the final whistle. David Moyes is battling a lost cause at


the moment, it seems. Final score, 4-0 to Southampton. They did play


well. We didn't play as well as we played last week. We made a couple


of defensive mistakes. But overall, you know, it is a little bit of


expectation. It is on us to win. Sometimes this season we have not


taken it. We have a great chance to move out of the bottom three today


if the results had gone for us. And we just didn't. We weren't quite


good enough to do it. It was a fantastic game for us. A good


attitude, a good spirit since the beginning of this game. And it was


difficult, because we played a team in confidence with their last


results. We had a team who started today's game really well for 20, 25


minutes, and they got a goal that was off the centre forward's arm,


difficult for the referee to see it, but it still makes a big difference.


What is it like playing with Manolo Gabbiadini, your new team-mate? You


set him up for his second goal of the game was ill and he is a very


good player. He just came and he started very well. He wants to play


smart. I'm happy that he scores goals. He was scoring goals. We have


seen Gabbiadini score goals at Sunderland before, but that was


Marco Gabbiadini, this is Manolo Gabbiadini, he looks like a really


good signing. A bargain committee is turning out to be. He scored a good


goal against West Ham. This is what David Moyes is talking about, it is


difficult to see. I am impressed with the running. You see it from


the other angle. It was a good run, in between them.


He got himself in there. David Moyes can be upset but it wouldn't have


made too much different. The first goal is always important, though. It


is his movement, a great run off the defender. He tries to put Tadic in,


it doesn't quite work out. This is a super goal. Kone could be tighter on


him, but still took the opportunity, brilliant turn. Not seeing too many


of those goals at the moment, that was fantastic, look at that. You


know something, he nearly gets a hat-trick, he just doesn't quite get


the purchase on it. Hear coming back, calm. You wouldn't see me


doing that. Like I say, done all of his best work, they have got a bit


of a bargain from Napoli first up white won 4-0 away at last week, and


now they have lost, you can't be more erratic than that. Their home


form has been awful. Jermain Defoe has got 58% of Sunderland's goals


this season. If he is not getting chances, nobody else is going to


school for them. They are defensively all over the place. They


are the one side for me who don't look like they can stop conceding


goals. Last week they had a one-off performance but generally they are


easy to score against an play against. Five more matches for you


on tonight's show. Two straight defeats had left


Arsenal 12 points off the top, prompting intense speculation


about the future of Arsene Wenger. His fault!


LAUGHTER They played a much-improved


Hull City, watched by Steve Wilson. Lauren Koscielny's equaliser in the


2014 FA Cup final wipe out in early 2-0 hole lead and ended a nine year


run without a trophy, one of nine won by Arsene Wenger whose future is


the talking point at the Emirates. Hull's 4-point wall from games


against Manchester United and Liverpool have given them plenty of


reasons to be cheerful. Will this be part three? Everton loan the Oumar


Niasse it replaces the injured Hernandez.


Huddleston trying to help. The Kelly and forward. Alexis Sanchez onside!


-- Coquelin forward. Just did enough to make it difficult for Alexis


Sanchez. It was keeper's poor clearance which started it.


Iwobi running Markovic. -- running into Markovic. They are still in the


middle! Great chance! Krasinski back in. Out by Laurent Koscielny. Tom


Huddlestone. Robertson for Hull. Too high for


Clucas, comfortable for Cech. Iwobi got himself caught. Markovic racing


clear. Niasse in a great position. Just didn't quite anticipate where


the ball was coming. It is a very, very cold early afternoon in north


London. It shows just how open the game is as well. A good-looking ball


from Ndiaye, he has picked out Rusedski. Great header! Could save


by Cech. Niasse denied. Wonderful ball by Krasinski. They really


decent header from Niasse. The save from Cech is equal to it.


Hull's corner again. Coquelin away, Mesut Ozil, Sanchez ahead of him.


Lazar Markovic in the way for Hull City. Gives it back to us all. The


break is still an -- gives it back to Mesut Ozil.


Lovely 1-2... Bellerin! Just required the finish. Completely


blocked the defence. Maybe just coming to the wrong man.


McGuire's head. Huddlestone was a bit late but advantage played.


Coquelin is fine. It's fallen to Alexis Sanchez, and he's missed it!


He cannot believe it. It's come off the defender, so the fact he was


standing in an offside position was immaterial. And you would put


everything you had on Alexis Sanchez to stick that in the back of the


net. Marco Silva won here as the coach of Olympiakos last season in


the Champions League. Thrilling 3-2 victory for the Greek side. Have to


admire the way Hull City have gone about the first 33 minutes of the


game. Alex Iwobi wriggles through. Mesut Ozil. Plenty of red and white


shirts. Out by Huddlestone, in by Kieran Gibbs. Off the line, and in


by Alexis Sanchez. You can't say it hasn't been coming. It's the third


time Alexis Sanchez has scored against Hull City this season. Six


red and white shirts forward. Shot blocked on the line. Jakupovic


couldn't gather it. Although the whole city goalkeeper is complaining


about a possible handball, it does bounce off the goalkeeper's leg onto


Sanchez's hand. The linesman on the near side watching closely. The goal


stands. Hull City complain, Alexis Sanchez scores.


A little bit of room here for Alexis Sanchez. He could pick a pass in. He


finds Alex Iwobi. Straight to Huddlestone. He cut out the route


back to Alexis Sanchez. Nice change of direction by Markovic. Oumar


Niasse is in the middle. Niasse. It's dangerous. Good save by Cech.


Good effort by Niasse. Maybe too straight, but a good save by Cech


nonetheless. Kieran Gibbs ran into Markovic here.


What's the decision? It will be a yellow card for Kieran Gibbs.


Markovic is absolutely furious. Hull City are saying that if that's only


a yellow card, then Arsenal have got away with one. Markovic is quick.


There is no one between Kieran Gibbs and Cech. He's last man. And he


didn't seem to have eyes for the ball at all. Gibbs is blocked, might


be lucky. Hull certainly think so. -- is booked. Comes through to


Elmohamady. Four in a box for Hull. Good ball in, Coquelin had to deal


with it. Here's Robertson. Arsenal need to defend here. Maguire. Good


feet, chipped in. Promising. Markovic! Comfortable save for Cech


in the end. But there are alarm bells for Arsenal when Hull get


bodies forward. Hull asking the questions as the


game ticks on. Five to play. Robertson takes on the defender.


Deep cross, was never going to be won. Markovic gets what he wants, a


corner. Evandro will take this. Good pace on that. They really good ball


in and Diomande got his head on it but didn't get over it. When he


watches this again, Diomande will think this is a chance. Hull City


will have all eyes on the board in a minute. They still fancy themselves


to get one here, Hull. Robertson. It's a corner. You have to hand it


to Hull. They are the team asking the questions. Arsenal are the team


holding on. Clucas with a corner kick. It is met by Robertson and


Alexis together. Clucas, room and time for the cross. Out by Mustafi.


Elmohamady shanked it. Did Elmohamady handle it? Not according


to the referee. Remaining four minutes. Sanchez. Jakupovic has


come. He's in no man's land. Lucas in the middle. -- Clucas in the


middle. Surely handball. Spotted by the officials. It's going to be a


red card and a penalty. He has moved his arm in the direction of the ball


which was certainly going in the back of the net. No other call for


Mark Clattenburg to make. Alexis Sanchez, he missed a penalty against


Hull City in the reversed fixture last autumn. He tries to make it


two. And he does. And finally, the points are safe. Hard and low and


close to Jakupovic though it was, the keeper couldn't get down.


Arsenal 2-0 Hull City. Job done. I thought we played resilient,


focused, organised. But we were under big pressure to win the game.


Hull played well. Overall we needed to be focused to the end to get away


with a positive result. You can see why they have made results against


big teams recently. It was a good performance most of the first half.


We controlled all the second-half. Caused Arsenal big problems


second-half. I gather the referee has actually apologised to you at


half-time collectively for awarding the goal. The referee says he has


missed it. If he hasn't seen it, then he can't give it. It's


disappointing, but if the referee hasn't seen it, we can't be too


critical. Noticeable today that there were banners in the ground


saying, Arsene state. I have big respect for this country and this


club. -- Arsene stay. I have been here 20 years. But my job is to make


these people happy. When I don't do it I feel, of course, guilty. That's


why it was important for us to win. After the game Arsene Wenger spoke


to the press and somebody asked him about your comments where you


suggested that you felt that from meeting him the other night that he


might be on his way out. And he was going to retire. He responded by


saying, I could be tired because I get up early in the morning and


finished late at night, but I didn't give any indication about my future.


Any thoughts? I got the tiredness right. It was a question and answer


and it was a really good evening. The way the boss was speaking,


talking about coming to the end and his demeanour and how it was going,


in my opinion, it was a feeling. It's my opinion. I could be wrong. I


seldom am! But I could be wrong. I base it on that and I stick by it. I


think with everything that's going on... There are tough games coming


up and I think he has massive decisions to make and I think this


might be his last season. Time will tell. Danny, Hull had an unfortunate


game. A couple of bad decisions. Really bad. I felt for them. It


seems like when you down the bottom you don't get the rub of the green.


But this one, it's obviously a handball and you can't score with


your hand and it stands. Whether he meant it or not, doesn't matter. I


can understand why the referee doesn't see it, but the assistant is


looking down the line. Don't know why he doesn't see it. This one was


the same. Kieran Gibbs is back, he hasn't played enough and I like him.


He takes him out here. Markovic was brilliant today, a threat. If he


doesn't take him out, he's through on goal, one against one. It's a


possible red card and that's two really bad decisions. I felt for


them, but another good performance from Hull, really positive.


Oxlade-Chamberlain, you like him in the central role for Arsenal. I do,


we both like that. We are big fans of his. Wherever he plays, he's a


threat, but he doesn't play enough for me. In this central role, you


see the aspects of his game. He can pass and be productive, he can play


between the lines. He can play big diagonal balls out wide. A lot of


Arsenal midfielders can do that, but what can he give the other


midfielders don't give? He's more dynamic. He is quicker, stronger. He


still wants to get in the box from a central position. Good awareness,


played round the park you have to to be strong. This


is brilliant here. Unbelievable. You're right, no one else, none of


the other Arsenal midfielders do that. He has this ability that so


many other players don't. Why hasn't he been a regular? So injured and


stuff like that. He has been injured and can't seem to hold down a place.


It annoys me, thinking, why was he taken off in that game when he was


having such a good game? It must be so demoralising for him. Maybe he


was tired, has to get up early. Depends how early he got up. Hull


look an entirely different proposition under Silva. They had


51% possession at Arsenal. We are talking about a in the bottom three


of the table. Markovic was brilliant today. This is another great chance


for Oumar Niasse. Mustafi, where he ends up, so much more space where


you can play him offside. Goes across and misses the opportunity.


He could have got a foot on it. They were brilliant. They really went at


Arsenal. Another great chance, Oumar Niasse has to try to headed back


across the goal. Petr Cech makes a simple save at the end. But it's


superb play. Again, getting down the wing. He played very well today,


Grosicki. What's amazing about Huddlestone, Markovic was great, but


I'm a big fan of Huddlestone, they don't play him because they don't


think he does enough defensively. You don't need to defend if you keep


the ball as well as they did today. And McGuire, his last four games,


against Chelsea, United. Four points against the last four big teams


recently. Other teams should worry. Four weeks ago you thought they were


certainties to go down but now they look like they have a chance of


staying up. We shall see. Manchester United were unbeaten


in the league since October, but still hadn't climbed


higher than sixth. Watford visited Old Trafford having


won there just once, in the Taylor and Blissett


era 38 years ago. COMMENTATOR: Zlatan Ibrahimovic has


reached the 20 goal mark for the tenth season in a row in his career.


Mourinho says he's confident the 35 will be at Manchester United next


season having made more appearances than any other player so far. He


supported today by the recall Anthony Martial with Marcus Rashford


on the bench. Tom Cleverley was part of the last Manchester United squad


to win a Premier League title. He's never managed to beat his former


club. But what the dog unbeaten in the four Premier League games he has


played since joining on loan from Everton. -- but Watford are


unbeaten. The 59th anniversary of the Munich air disaster. Relatives


of those killed are guests of the day's game. United players wearing


black armbands in respect of that. Mkhitaryan wants to have the shot


and does have the shot. Safely gathered by Gomes. Mkhitaryan is


full of confidence at the moment. Wanted to try to get the effort in


there. Couldn't generate any power. Watford play on. Holebas! He had the


confidence to have a go. The referee playing the advantage. It was


curling the wrong way, as far as the Greek international was concerned.


15 league games unbeaten, the longest unbeaten run in any of


Europe's top five leagues. United's longest unbeaten league run since


the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson as well.


Pogba has time to have a look. Gomes was equal to it. Wasn't closed down


there, Paul Pogba. Was just looking for the top corner. United have used


30 players this season, 19 different nationalities.


Zarate showing some cleverness here, but not stretching David de Gea.


Pogba tries to lift it forward towards Ibrahimovic. He's onside


here. Frustrated again, because he timed the run. Was definitely on the


side. His first touch was exemplary. -- definitely on the side. As it


dropped, he got right underneath it. Pogba. Trying to link up with


Ibrahimovic. Given away by Sebastian Prodl.


Valencia away from Niang. Still going, Valencia. Pogba! Denied by


Gomes began. -- again. And it all came from the strength and


subsequent awareness of Antonio Valencia down the right-hand side.


He knew where the goal was. Gomes able to get there if second time. --


a second time. Carraro. Mata on the move. Here he is. It's still alive.


Mkhitaryan! There goes another one. The two Spaniards linked up


beautifully. Terrific awareness from Mata. No composure from Mkhitaryan.


He wants to see one of these chances in the back of the net as soon as


the. So will he. -- as soon as possible.


Mata again making an intelligent front. What a save from Gomes to


deny Ibrahimovic! Well, he is building quite a


repertoire already, Gomes, that might have been the best of the lot.


Watford are giving the ball away far too cheaply. They are going to be


punished, surely, sooner or later. Here is Mkhitaryan... Martial!


Through Juan Mata! You did feel it was a case of when and not if. Gomes


finally beaten by Mata, whose goal in this fixture last season, he was


involved in the build up. Martial drove it across. And Mata tucked it


away. Just pulled up Sebastian Prodl. And swept it over. It had


been coming. Mata for Manchester United, 1-0. Manchester United


actually don't play Premier League game after today until the 4th of


March. Pogba being lysed. -- penalised.


Stretching. Can Watford make anything of this?


Zarate! What a spectacular save from de Gea. He did really well to keep


that out. The Argentinian got this up and over the wall. He had to move


smartly to his right hand side, David de Gea. Beaten just once in


the Premier League in Old Trafford in the last 20 matches.


Martial is onside. Still Martial... And he has squeezed it home! Jose


Mourinho delighted to see the second in the back of the net! Right on the


hour mark. The man back in the team today, back with a goal. He was


onside when it was set in by Ibrahimovic. Took his time to assess


the situation and then cleverly dispatched it into the bottom corner


of the near post. Just his third Premier League goal of the season,


and it is one that will change the scoreline. 2-0.


Niang holding off... And here is an opportunity. It is one Daryl Janmaat


cannot get close to taking. Ibrahimovic wanted it. It's gone to


Rashford instead. Now Ibrahimovic has it.


He has still found Mkhitaryan... And Ibrahimovic! Just got his angles and


little mixed up. Wonderful strength and vision in the first place from


the Swede to find Mkhitaryan. He went with his right. And that was


the end result. In the first half, the football was fabulous. And the


fans, they got behind the team just before we scored the goal, because


we were playing phenomenal. So I'm really happy with that. We started


very well. But then during the game, of course, especially in the


midfield we have to play more the ball. We kept to much, we kept


losing the ball, and then they scored. We lost a bit of focus for


four or five minutes. Then on the second half, we were playing well,


but it was our mistake that allowed the second goal, maybe we could have


got at least one point. Before I got the job, people were saying that Man


Utd have to play football in a certain way. And I agree, I agree


totally, you have to play in a certain way. You cannot play like


some successful teams in the Premier League. But they play in a


completely different style. We have to play attacking football. What is


it like to play in the team at the moment, creating so many chances?


Very incredible. When you play with, you know, Anthony, Henrikh, Paul,


you create chances and enjoy the pitch. You have to be careful


because you need to be consistent on how you defend. Obviously, Watford


came here to try and defend very good and take us in the


counterattack. They did well, but I think we played good football today.


We went in a convincing way. Won on the scoresheet again. I met him the


other day, spoke a bit of time with him -- Janmaat on the scoresheet


today. A delightful chap and enough lovely footballer. I wonder if he


thought the same about you! He probably did! Were you speaking


Spanish to him? I wasn't going to show off! I am a big fan of him. His


transformation is amazing. When he had his two Player of the Year


seasons with Chelsea and Mourinho got rid of him, when he went united,


I thought, it's all over. But to be fair to him coming he has not called


down and got himself back involved in the side. -- he has knuckled


down. Out of all of the striking options, he has become, he is the


most reliable goal-scorer. He is always calm in front of goal, he is


inventive and creative. And today was again clever. And just so


exquisite in the technical aspect of the game. He knows when... I mean,


look at that, that looks easy, but it's not. It's being calm. The goal


was just perfect. That's coming up in a minute. Picking out the right


choices in the final third is the hardest thing to do on a football


pitch. He gets in these little positions. Lovely touch here.


Awareness. Martial as well today. Mkhitaryan is getting to his best.


The local so little combinations, look at that. Everyone of them was


at it. Mata, because of the fact that he is scoring now, probably one


of the first names on the team sheet. Look at the table. Aside from


Chelsea, two point separates the next five teams. Manchester United


right back in that top four race here. When you look at it, look at


the way that no more playing today, Arsenal seem to be winning games and


not playing brilliantly -- Tottenham are playing today. Manchester United


have not lost since October, they are on the march. They are, and


playing football that everybody wants to see. Looking good, a


threat. A run of six wins in nine


matches had taken West Ham Their opponents West Brom


were a place above them Michail Antonio scored at the


Hawthorns in September, as West Ham slumped to a 4-2 defeat. It is his


job to lead the attack today, with Andy Carroll absent with a groin


problem. Nacer Chadli scored two goals for Albion that they, and is


named in an unchanged line-up this afternoon. Fit again Jonny Evans and


Yakov have been named among the substitutes. A warm embrace between


the two managers. Tony Pulis certainly has a hand shake for some


people. The slight feeling that West Ham haven't been entirely


comfortable in their new surroundings sometimes this season,


some tentative performances. But they have won as many at home as


Manchester United have so far. Here comes Morris. -- Morris. Promising


play! And the opening goal of the match for West Bromwich Albion, for


Nacer Chadli. Superb chart start for Albion! Slaven Bilic, animated and


unhappy. His team behind to an early goal. Let's have a look at the


talent. West Ham unhappy, -- the challenge. West Ham say they should


have had a free kick. Didn't Nacer Chadli take that opportunity well?


Mark Noble with the ball, moving forward. The challenge coming here


on Sofiane Feghouli. Referee Michael Oliver incurring a raft of the West


Ham bench early on. Snodgrass, watched very closely by Gareth


McAuley. Getting a little bit too handy that with the West Ham player.


Free kick for the home team. Robert Snodgrass with the delivery,


curling bat on in! Does he get a touch? The all-important final touch


was off Ben Foster. With that in by Snodgrass. Kept out by Foster. --


whipped in by Snodgrass. Saved by Ben Foster in front of the watching


England manager, Gareth Southgate. Forward by Mark Noble towards


Antonio. A real physical duel with Dawson and McAuley.


Interestingly, Antonio just pushed Dawson out of the way, as that shot


comes in and smacks the crossbar. Solomon Rondon, so close. The lips


winning in the air. Rondon, tremendous effort. West Brom without


a win away to West Ham since 2003. 14 years ago. A long way to go yet,


though. Robert Snodgrass once again for West Ham. Foster under pressure.


Keeps it at bay. West Ham... The flag grows up! -- goes up. The fired


up straightaway. Michael Oliver totally surrounded by players from


both teams here. The flag went up on the near side as the ball headed for


the back of the net. As the shot comes in, you see Michail Antonio


tackling with the goalkeeper, and the goal this allowed for offside as


a result. And it seems as though Slaven Bilic's first-team Assistant


Manager has been sent off amid the melee following that disallowed


goal. Lanzini in towards the Doully, Snodgrass beat into it. Chris Bryant


sliding in. Behind for a West Ham corner. -- towards Feghouli.


Foster is there! It drops almost on the line. Couple of appeals from


West Ham players that it had gone over. It didn't quite fall for


Michail Antonio there. Phillips clears his lines.


The Doully... Will he find a way through? Down inside the penalty


area goes Robertson was. Michael Oliver is not impressed. -- goes


Robert Snodgrass. Snodgrass goes to ground under pressure from Jake


Livermore. So far this season, West Brom have only lost one match to a


side outside of the current top seven in the table. This by 1-0 at


Bournemouth back in the autumn. Snodgrass... Dangerous delivery!


Looking for the head of Antonio. Still the pressure is on. Lanzini!


Smacks the bar! Feghouli is there! It is 1-1. This time West Ham are


more denied their equalising goal. And Slaven Bilic is all smiles now.


Ben Foster finally beaten. It was Lanzini here with this cracker of a


shot. Foster made the save, did really well. But they Doully was


there to snaffle the chance with a loose ball fell at his feet -- but


Feghouli. Suddenly it is a different game with a different atmosphere.


Past forward and collected. Mike Goodes saved by Foster! Lanzini


couldn't quite get on the end of it before it was hacked away. West Ham


close to taking the lead. Heading for a point apiece at the moment,


but still time to win the game. Lanzini turning away from Yakov! Oh,


it is a superb goal! Brilliant stuff. Manuel Lanzini inside the


last five minutes. Lanzini turns away from Claudio Yakov and finds


the bottom corner. Is this the goal that will secure all three points


for West Ham today? Well, he'll be happy if it stays like this. His


team behind at the break. They are not over the line yet.


Bilic barking up the assistant on the near side. He is halfway down to


the corner flag, Slaven Bilic. West Bromwich Albion's all here now.


And West Ham will have everybody back inside their own penalty area.


Ben Foster is coming up for this one, too. West Brom have to throw


the lot at West Ham this here in search of a last-gasp equalising


goal in added time. Oh, they've got their equaliser! Three minutes into


added time! Jonny Evans was there at the far post. What a dramatic, late


twist here. West Ham are almost there. But West Bromwich Albion


would not lie down, they would not be beaten, and Jonny Evans, back in


the team after injury, off the bench, equalises right at the end of


the game. And he can't quite believe it. Watch the kit, make! And to cap


it all for West Ham, Slaven Bilic has been sent off.


What agitated you the most this afternoon? Everything. I'm the first


one to say that it's very hard for the referees nowadays, the pace of


the game and everything, contact sport. When you are on the wrong end


in all the major decisions, and there were more than a few, you


can't live with so many of them. I thought it was a good game, a lot of


talking points. People say there is no atmosphere, but I thought it was


fantastic today from both sets of supporters. First time I've been to


the stadium and it was excellent. I thought we would find it difficult


to hit them on a break because they have been defending a lot. Some


tired legs, but we are masters of set pieces. I really rate him, he


knows that, but I can't get over this. I will go home tonight and


instead of having three points and being so happy before the break and


everything, to have that bitter feeling, it's awful. And the referee


was... Sorry for the words, nothing personal, but the referee today was


awful. Slaven Bilic is not a happy bunny.


He complained about a lot of decisions and we have picked out a


feud. The first one we will see, you have seen them given. It doesn't


look like much to me, to be honest. You do get them sometimes. You do


get them. If I was Slaven Bilic I would probably want that. He tries


to lay it off, and he's been bundled into. Some give it and some don't,


but he has to defend better than that. It was too easy. This was the


disallowed goal. Antonio coming back and pushes the keeper. We see it


from the other angle. He's offside here behind the keeper. And then he


actually lays hands on him. He gets this one right. Took a while but


they got the right decision. That's the most important thing, you don't


mind them taking their time. This one, he flicks it. Antonio gets a


touch. It's irrelevant, comedy does touch it through his legs back, it's


a West Brom throw, but it's not a problem. Get men behind the ball.


He's really not happy there. Defending the wrong side, trying to


nick in front, and then the second play. How many mistakes, where do


you start? The goalkeeper is pushing. This goal has been given to


Gareth McAuley and not Jonny Evans, which we can't work out. Did it come


off the top of his head? Why didn't they ask Jonny Evans just then? The


key is that the two West Ham centre halves are outjumped by the West


Brom centre halves, simple as that. It's the pressure of management,


isn't it? Two teams in the middle of the table going quite nicely as


well. Match of the Day 2 switches


to BBC Two tomorrow, and features a cracking


goal of the month. Elseehere, Match of the Day 2 Extra


will discuss the weekend's The BBC has live coverage of France


against Scotland in the Six Nations. And there's commentary


on Swansea against Leicester - the big relegation six-pointer -


on Radio 5 Live. Will he or won't he? That's the


question taxing the nation. He will say it's down to the


players, but it's not bad for his CV either. He didn't.


Crystal Palace manager Sam Allardyce said he was "in shock"


after their heavy defeat to Sunderland.


Could he lift his team for the difficult trip to Stoke City?


COMMENTATOR: Milivojevic, deadline day signing from Olympiakos Mexes


Palace debut today. And Sobhi, back from the Africa Cup of Nations.


Saido Berahino is on the bench again. Palace without the injured


Scott Dann but Andros Townsend starts after trouble in Stoke in a


4-1 win at Selhurst Park in September. Mamadou Sakho and Jeffrey


Schlupp are both on the bench. The Palace fans have taken up their full


allocation and their travelling costs have been subsidised by the


club. Crystal Palace have only won five of their last 47 Premier League


games. But one of them was against Stoke in September when they crushed


them at Selhurst Park. Decent header. Arnautovic fourstroke. Good


save by Hennessey. Comes out on the far side to Sobhi. Decent effort. A


very good save. Much needed, Hennessey, he didn't have one of his


best games against Sunderland last week. The goal might have looked


big, but Hennessey made it look smaller. Sam Allardyce has made a


career out of keeping teams out of trouble, getting them out of


trouble. Can he do it again? James McArthur goes to Townsend's


left. Decent piece of play by Crystal Palace. Townsend. James


McArthur was in there. Seem to remember he's God two goals with


headers in one match earlier in the season, James McArthur, against


Liverpool. -- he scored two goals. It was a good build-up. Townsend


with the cross, just wide of the near post. For those who like


football history, Stoke's old ground, the Victoria Ground, is only


two or three minutes away from here, and it still hasn't been built on


after all-day years here at the Britannia. Mark Hughes has led them


to ninth, ninth and ninth again in the last three seasons. Sobhi on the


run against Joel Ward. He has beaten him and Stoke City have three in the


middle. Still Sobhi. Joe Allen, surely! Just recently, his


finishing, the strongest point in his game in some peoples opinion,


it's gone little bit awry for Joe Allen. He's missed a few chances in


recent weeks and there's another one. The Egyptians Sobhi away on the


left, beating Joel Ward. They have three in there. Joe Allen pulls away


to the far post and heads over. Joe Allen, near post! Corner. This


has been a good ten minutes for Stoke City. Martins Indi comes


forward. And he came in behind Crouch. It was off the line.


Possibly Andros Townsend there. Martins Indi with the header. That's


the nearest we have come to a goal. Andros Townsend, guarding the


left-hand post, and didn't he do well to hook that out? It wasn't


easy. That's meant for Andros Townsend. Oh, yes, free kick against


Shawcross. Is it a booking as well? Yes, it is. Townsend has been a


handful when he's had the chance to run with the ball. Shawcross sticks


out a leg, no doubt about the foul. Played nicely. Deflection, chance,


oh! Benteke, perhaps should have done better with the ricochet.


Townsend played the free kick short to Jason Puncheon. A couple of


deflections and Benteke just couldn't get on the end of it.


Pieters turned away from Zaha. Sliding tackle by Jason Puncheon.


Here he is again. Good close skill from Arnautovic.


He's got Sobhi in here. Joe Allen! He's put Stoke City ahead. He's


something of a poacher from that position, Joe Allen. He gives Stoke


the lead here. Sobhi sets up the play. Joe Allen rifles that right


into the corner. Arnautovic, and then Sobhi with the assist. Joe


Allen with the finish. And that is his sixth goal of the season since


coming here from Liverpool. Sam Allardyce looking for an injection


from Jeffrey Schlupp. Not a bad cross. That could have


been the equaliser for James Tomkins. Perhaps it should have


been. Good ball from James McArthur. And Tomkins volleyed over the bar.


As the rain and sleet falls down, it's cold comfort for Crystal


Palace, this. If there ever was a game to win ugly, today was the day.


We have done that sometimes. We have slipped up and not in it as often as


we should have done. Stoke playing at home in the second half, that was


their only shot on target in the entire second half and it was a goal


and their winner. It shows you how will we have done defensively, but


in the end it's another 1-0 defeat and not the point at least that I


think we deserved today. When they break through, is a great crossfield


ball from Arnautovic, picking out Sobhi. Good lay off just to the side


of Joe Allen who had to readjust a little bit. Good finish in the end


and a goal worthy of winning a Premier League game. Got a fewer


earlier in the season when I first played. Been on a bit of a drought.


Thankfully stuck with me in that position and I've got one today.


Hopefully can go on another run again. In terms of performance and


effort from the players, they are getting better in terms of what we


want to try and do. We have to keep battling on and keep believing.


It's a battle. Stoke back in ninth, they have finished their the last


three seasons. They know their place. When you have Crouch in the


side, he's such a good target man and holds it up so well. Arnautovic,


Joe Allen and Crouch linked up so well today. That was unlucky, nearly


fantastic. Arnautovic now taking a chance to go beyond Peter Crouch.


Crouch was brilliant again today. Six at seven, six foot eight,


whatever. Joe Allen's movement was brilliant. James McArthur didn't


know where he was. Both of them gambling beyond Crouchy and an


unfortunate, tame effort from Arnautovic. Poor touch but he wins


it back. Sobhi with Van Aanholt, and Van Aanholt has to be more aware of


where Sobhi is. A great ball in from Arnautovic. He holds it up well. Joe


Allen does what he has done all game, backing up the front man,


finishing brilliantly. Had to readjust his step. Sixth goal of the


season. They really good finish and they deserved it today. They


consummate each other well, those three. Experience and cleverness and


power. Palace, more resilient than they were last week but they can't


buy a result. The support up to Benteke is not as good as it should


be. This should be an easy lay off to him, but they get it wrong. He's


laid off and goes towards the box. Townsend, get it to Van Aanholt.


Good run around him, but it doesn't go to him. It's a good overlap. I


feel sorry for Benteke, that's the service he was dealing with today.


Worked hard today, we saw him closing down. His nearest man is


Andros Townsend. Benteke could maybe get back to feet, but doesn't and


it's an aimless ball over. They say they are working hard and it's


getting better, but they need to do a lot more going forward. I agree.


At the start of the day Middlesbrough had the worst attack


in the Premier League, with just 19 goals


They faced an Everton side who went goal-crazy


Aitor Karanka believes that his side's defensive solidity is still


the foundation on which to build survival. To radio hasn't scored


from open places Christmas. One change for the hosts, as Stuani


replaces Downey. Romelu Lukaku's form against Bournemouth means he


registered more league goals last Saturday since Boro have since they


last won a match on December 17. He just needs two more to become the


club Bulls cause scorer of the Premier League. Everton will be


strong favourites to emerge victorious today. Middlesbrough out


of sorts, real concern they might end up back in the championship. The


Grady gives chase himself. He gets there in front of... He had two


options and didn't play it to either of them. Stuani got the ball, he


shouldn't. You can hear the moans and groans all over the Riverside.


Forshaw had options both to write on the left. He knows the significance


of turning one point into three as they tried to emerge from the bottom


three. Traore, he is a joy to watch. He is


so bold and so willing to take a chance. And he almost finds a way


through. And somehow, I think Coleman in the end got the decisive


touch. Everton repel Middlesbrough. Again, Traore. Willingness to take


players on, whatever the circumstances. And he is willed on


by all of the Middlesbrough supporters, every time he gets near


the goal. It's a good game, this. Middlesbrough suddenly hanging in


there. It's a little bit short. Davies pounces. And Lukaku has a run


through on goal! And it's a great save by Valdes. I think that most in


the ground were expecting that from a Lukaku would tuck that one away.


Out of virtually nothing, it was Davies winning the ball in midfield,


and immediately setting Lukaku away. Now there's got his angle is exactly


right. And he denies the Premier League's top scorer -- Victor Valdes


got his angles right. Space out wide for Coleman. In towards Lookman on


the far side. And Victor Valdes came out very, very quickly. Kept alive


by Baines. Barkley has it. Lookman again. And again, Lookman. The shot


was charged down. And Lookman has very, very quick feet, the way in


which he transferred it from one to the other just opened it up for him


after Coleman's Ross reached him on the far side. Good block by Valdes.


Second time he has been needed after earlier denying Lukaku. Two very


different needs for the points. Middlesbrough to get away from


trouble. Everton to get themselves European qualification. Fabio.


Traore has definitely switched sides in the second period. Here it comes


from the left, and goes with his right! Just beyond the post. Well,


he just continues to give Everton headache after headache. They have


scored just three goals in the last seven games. Four occasions they


have failed to hit the opponents' net. They are the league's lowest


scorers, with just 19 goals. Well, Baines with a very strange looking


through. And indeed, it is a foul from. And Middlesbrough get a bit of


a bonus. Well, they have won a corner. If Middlesbrough should get


the opening goal they will be able to trace that all the way back to a


very strange from from Leighton Baines. I think it slipped out of


his arms. -- a very strange throw. The header has gone, it is off the


line by Baines. They very nearly did take advantage. Gibson turns away


disappointed that Everton have a player on each post. At least on the


post that mattered. And it was Leighton Baines. It is a foul day on


the side. But it could still be a very important one for


Middlesbrough. Barkley, on towards Lookman, great


opportunity, and another good save by Valdes. That's the third time


that he has blocked an Everton attempt. I think all three were with


his legs. They are on an excellent run, Everton. And they are certainly


looking at the teams above them and wondering if they might be able to


catch them. Traore with the term. Gestede, on it goes to Chambers. And


a terrific header and the brilliant save! And Gestede so close to


getting his first goal for Middlesbrough. And he would have


done, but for the outstanding goalkeeping of Joel Robles.


Middlesbrough are unable to score again. We played really well. They


were really good team in good form. We had chances to score within a


minute of the game, we didn't concede one goal. Once again I have


to say well done to the players. It is funny you should get 61 week and


number next. It sometimes happens in football? Of course it is different,


you can't compare one week to the next one. It is also about


Middlesbrough. They are defending well, they are strong, it is not


easy to create a lot of chances. We had some, but we didn't score. How


do you assess where you were and where you can be going in the next


few weeks? I think we need to keep going and keep trust in us. Again,


we are playing against a really good team, the last three or four games,


they have been with Tottenham and Everton today. We have competed


against every single team. I think we should have won one or two, but


we are playing against these teams, I think we're playing in this way,


we can beat them stop like they are compete in the fight. Or a struggle


to score goals, while? Well, they have got the best events of record


outside the top six -- why do Boro struggle to score goals. This is why


they don't score enough goals, especially at home. They are so set


on having the good shape, which is fine. This is in the first two


minutes, trying to have the full press but not really convinced by


it. Easy for Everton to play out, dominated the first half in terms of


possession. Generally there feeling is, retreat, get men behind the ball


and be hard to beat. I understand that, it is a fine balance. If they


stay playing this way, you will say well done. They're not playing


Barcelona, no disrespect to Everton, they did play well last week. You


can be too respectful. They did entertain the fans last week. This


is Middlesbrough, nine players on one quarter of the pitch trying to


get the ball back. All working hard, good distances. When you do win the


ball back, where do you go? You can't go anywhere, you have one guy


up front. It keeps coming back. They are scared to commitment forward.


Nearly a good ball to the striker, but you want somebody trying to get


something to it. It was too easy for Everton at first. Middlesbrough got


better on the second half. Everton a bit flat. They scored 61 week and


didn't score the next, they should have saved one. That is Everton this


season, great one week and not good the next. That was a little bit


flat. We're just about out of time. Ian


Ambani, thank you. Before we leave you, let's have a look as we always


do at the Premier League table. Tottenham's defeat ensure that


Chelsea remain nine points clear. There is little to choose between


the chasing pack. Arsenal and Liverpool move above Manchester


City, who play Bournemouth on Monday. Manchester United stay


sixth. Southampton are the only other side in the bottom half to


collect points, their win list them to places to 11. Let's see what the


Sunday papers have to say. Sergio Aguero feels under appreciated at


Manchester City and will leave this summer, according to the Son. The


Times says Murray is here Pochettino has all but conceded that


Tottenham's title hopes is over. Manchester United are just two


points of second.


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