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How about that? Just brilliant, just brilliant. That is wonderful. An


absolute belter. What a turn, what a goal. Look at that, look at that.


So, Tottenham's title hopes are all but over after last night's


That's one of seven games coming up, with big moves


Wayne Hennessey could not hold it. Raheem Sterling. A really good ball.


I really did save. Jordon Ayew hits the post. The reaction save keeps


Tottenham tip Bay. Almost the finish. Our field. It is a great


block. Nicely done from Bournemouth and be shot is of the inside of the


post. Danny Murphy and Kevin Kilbane


are tonight's dynamic duo. Just the 742 Premier League


appearances between them. Manchester City's pursuit of a top


four finish continued against Crystal Palace,


who started the day six points clear of the bottom three


after back-to-back defeats. Your commentator at


the Etihad, Steve Bower. The script for the final four game


of Pep Guardiola's debut season was not written to be merely fighting


for Champions League football but Manchester City's destiny for the


top four finish is in their own hands but they will have noted


Palace's recent record against the big boys. Guardiola is still the


name an unchanged Premier League season -- team this season. Four


changes today, they are without Sergio Aguero who is injured. They


can welcome back David Silva. There are also recall is for Sterling and


Toure. Jeff Schlupp has a start in central defence. Andros Townsend has


been passed fit. You have to go back to 1994 the last


time Crystal Palace one away at Manchester City. The returning David


Silva. He has flooded that well. Sterling. He did not deal with it.


Silva. It has taken them less than two minutes. David Silva, on his


return, he Mark Sedwill his 50th goal for Man City. The little


magician, sprinkling his magic again. It began with the bulky


Sterling. Crystal Palace did not deal with it. A dreadful defensive


header. Silva did the rest. Two minutes in, 1-0. Crystal Palace


sitting very deep out of possession. It is hard work for Palace already,


this. Silva has looked hungry on his


return to the team. Gabriel Jesus. He took first time. Silva is pulling


the strings. He has too much time and space. Seven home draws for


Manchester City this season, to his frustration. Sane against Ward.


Still Sane. Hennessey could not hold it. Sterling. It was cleared by van


Aanholt. Desperation from Crystal Palace. He will not be sitting down


too often today, the way this game has started. They have four on four.


Beautifully weighted into Sane. It was kept out by Hennessey.


Milivojevic able to bring it clear for Palace. They will be delighted


to only be one down at the moment. They have a few more bodies forward,


Crystal Palace. Townsend has managed to get it across. Benteke. Good


save. This is McArthur. Puncheon over. Christian Benteke almost


adding to his 14 league goals. The first real chance for Palace. A


familiar route, the cross from Townsend, the towering header, but


Caballero was equal to it. Palace have taken 21 points away from


Selhurst Park. Can they change the scoreline? Zaha did well to stay on


his feet. He is being chased by Fernandinho. Offside again, Zaha.


Well played by Otamendi. It has come to van Aanholt. Suddenly, in the


last five minutes, they are beginning to open the door, Crystal


Palace. Van Aanholt did not have the composure required.


Zaha has been the most danger to Manchester City. They have stopped


him on this occasion. Toure. It did take a touch on the way through.


Manchester City have the corner. De Bruyne. It has come back to the


Belgian. Time to steady himself and pick out Kompany. What a strike from


the Manchester City skipper. It has taken City a little over three


minutes of the second half to increase their advantage. His fourth


consecutive Premier League start, his second Premier League goal of


the season. It was a centre forward's finish from Kompany, one


Belgian to another. What about that? No chance for Hennessey. Drilled


into the top corner from Vincent Kompany. Lovely from De Bruyne.


Milivojevic with the foul. He knows what is coming next. De Bruyne beat


him at all ends up. Toure and Sterling have been dismissed. It


will either be Silva or De Bruyne. It is De Bruyne. That is not too far


away. He has scored four Premier League goals this season, Kevin De


Bruyne. It just clipped the top of the crossbar. Jason Puncheon, caught


in possession. De Bruyne under pressure from


Puncheon. They have only scored twice and it is just before the


hour. They have looked so dangerous in this situation time and time


again. Only they will know how they have not scored more.


Good work from Jesus. De Bruyne, first time. He has his goal. Man


City surely have the three points. 22 goals in 31 appearances. Kevin De


Bruyne finds the back of the net. He has worked tirelessly all game.


Hennessey finger to it but he could not keep it out. He was beaten by


the power, steered in by De Bruyne. You would have to say that the


scoreline reflects the hour of football we have seen. That was a


good stop by McArthur. What a touch from Benteke. He has phone Zaha.


Zaha lost his footing. The strike from Flamini was deflected.


Caballero was able to keep it out. Crystal Palace cannot look forward


to next season just yet. You have to go back to 2010 were assayed needed


more than the 38 points they currently have to stay up. -- where


a side needed more. Look at the space for Sterling. 4-0. Raheem


Sterling's tenth goal of the season. Nobody tracked Zabaleta. Sterling


had so much room, so much time to volley past Hennessey. 4-0.


Sterling. Delaney knows a yellow card is coming. It has been men


against boys at times. All Crystal Palace want to hear is the full-time


whistle. De Bruyne, looking for the touch. There is the touch from


Nicolas Otamendi. He scores just his second ever goal for Manchester


City. That was in stoppage time, to make it 5-0. The delivery from De


Bruyne and the Argentinian completing a miserable afternoon for


Crystal Palace. It was a straightforward one for Manchester


City. They have hit Palace for five. We deserved the victory, we did


really well, especially in the second half, when we scored our


chances. Use goals quickly. In the second half, Crystal Palace did not


create any chances. The players did not apply themselves correctly for


me by making sure they kept it tight. They felt they had to go


forward and get a goal and by doing that you leave more spaces, and Man


City will punish you. They did thoroughly in the end. We cannot


complain about the score. We spoke about the mini league, the miniature


lead, with three games at home. If we are able to win, we will be there


but if not, we will not qualify for the Champions League. There are six


strong teams fighting for position, there is no other competition in the


world like this. It is in our hands by trying to beat Hull a week on


Sunday. We have to have the nerve for that one. We will come to that


later in the programme. A great performance from Manchester City.


When they did, there are very good and a delight to watch. Sensational


in terms of creativity. They put their attacking players out today.


Palace, who have beaten Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool recently, they


were struggling. So many injuries. Jeff Schlupp was at centre-half at


the start of the game he was a winger. The formation hurt them at


first. Sam recognise that and changed it. You can talk about


formation but there were certain basics they did not go in the game.


When you're up against the likes of someone like David Silva, he does


punish you. He finds space, Kevin De Bruyne the same. In midfield, they


had five at the back and then four. The changed. After two minutes,


David Silva, who is against the Palace three, UCD Palace three and


the City three. Someone has to stay with him. Communication, you can


swap sometimes. Your team-mate says, I will have him. When Silva picks up


the ball, they do not get to him quick enough. Watch what happens


when he plays the pass. Off he goes. That is basics, following your


runner. It was not a basic pass. It was fantastic, you were sensational.


These are the three again. You can see the City three. You cannot give


David Silva this space. It does not matter how many you have at the


back, he will find a way. They will cause you problems with their


willingness to run off the ball. I saw Sam talking about the formation


being irrelevant. I agree. They are too stretched. They are trying to


get back in the game, but you cannot be that open away at Man City.


He's in the box again, five yards of space. It's too easy. You can't get


a result. It's a completely different Palace than the one we


have seen in recent weeks. Good position, the Palace lads here,


three versus three. If you watch Silva where he ends up here, it's a


good ball in, good ball out sorry, poor ball in but look where he is,


ten, 15 yards. I don't understand for the life of me why one of the


players didn't take responsibility on the pitch and say, look he's


killing us. Someone just stand on him or at least put a tackle in and


let him know we're here because I couldn't have that. Otamendi, he's


had his fair share of criticism over his spell at Manchester City. Do you


think he's actually been helped by the fact that Kompany's come back


with his leadership and experience? That's probably one of the reasons.


He was excel listen today in every department. You mentioned he's been


criticised and I think that's been at times down to his positional


sense. That's been found wanting. Today, the one thing I liked about


him, early on in the game, he sees Benteke over his shoulder, it's just


a basic clearance but just doing the basic things right is what he did


today. That tackle has to be perfect because he knows he's risking a


yellow and he does time it to perfection. When he's covering


Kompany, so often he's maybe not timed the challenges correctly and


he's got himself back into position poorly, sees the run from Zaha, it's


a brilliantly timed tackle, this clearance is sensational, getting


himself back goal side and he has to make that challenge. Another one


here on Benteke, timed to perfection, then he has that


calmness about the game. Calmness and prepared to play it to his


team-mate. The goal's quite basic, simple ball played into an area but


he deserved the first goal of the season getting across his man, flick


on the header and it was a brilliant performance from Otamendi today.


He's been criticised so often. Excellent Manchester City


performance, pretty much guarantees Champions League I would have


thought? Definitely. Indeed. With Swansea playing


Everton in the late game, Hull kicked off against relegated


Sunderland knowing they had a real opportunity to pile the pressure


on their main rivals for the drop. Relegated by David Moyes says he


wants to stay as Sunderland's manager. Marco Silva is still wanted


by his team. Hernandez comes back in. The Uruguayan striker's only


scored one goal in his last 14 apersons, one more now could make


all the difference. It's likely to be a very different looking


Sunderland side in the Championship next season and perhaps with a nod


to that, 22-year-old George Honeyman gets only his second Premier League


start here and his eighth senior game.


Hull City really have to get themselves going right from the


start, three games to go, three huge finals for the Tigers. Billy Jones


coming forward now. Plenty of time and space. Good clip into the


middle. Headed wide by Honeyman. Really good chance for him.


Sunderland very casually covered the ground to get themselves forward.


Honeyman met the cross at the right time with the wrong direction. David


Moyes' team have their one and only chance of a double in the Premier


League this season today having beaten Hull 3-0 at the Stadium of


Light in November. Grosicki. Borini's getting the treatment this


time. Another good ball in. It's come for Clucas. Super save


Pickford. We have seen those sorts of reactions from him all season


long. This is there'll be plenty of interest from Premier League clubs


to keep Jordan Pickford at the top level over the next few months. Good


to see Ryan Mason in attendance at the KCOM today. The midfielder who


fractured his skull at Chelsea in January and he's on the mend and


should be wearing a black and amber shirt again next season. Grosicki.


Ndong across to try and stop the ball coming in. Robertson. Markovic.


Niasse goes for the spectacular. O'Shea stopped it. Hull fans shouted


handball. O'Shea appeared for dangerous play with the boot high.


You could see very quickly what Niasse intended to do. O'Shea, yes,


he's right next to him, so approximate imcity an issue. You can


see he puts his elbow up to stop the ball. Appeals for a knock. Niasse.


Hernandez. Grosicki calls for it. Hernandez goes on his merry way


alone. That was not far away at all. It had Pickford flying through the


air and nearly had Hull hands in the air celebrating the crucial first


goal of the game. Just needed a notch off the power and added to the


bend. Hull City are the only side not to have scored against


Sunderland in the Premier League this season. They must remedy that


today. That was a worry for Hull, the way Sunderland easily got behind


them. It's Sunderland's best opportunity of the game since the


early stages when Honeyman headed wide.


Cross towards Markovic. Missed by Pickford. It was also missed by


N'Diaye. Making a mess of that. Elmohamady. Really good ball. Really


good save! Markovic with the header. Looked like being 1-0 Hull then


Jordan Pickford came to Sunderland's rescue again. Relegated last


weekend, you wonder it might have been some weeks ago had he not


performed as he has most of the season. Hull City supporters trying


to do their bit. Ndong. Jones. Borini stayed out of the box here


Ndong is in there. Sunderland corner. Cheered enthusiastically by


the travelling supporters. Honeyman's corner. Flicked across by


O'Shea. And headed in by Billy Jones. Relegated Sunderland take the


lead at relegation-threatened Hull. They might be going down with them.


O'Shea made the run. Nobody went with him. It's flicked on


beautifully. And Billy Jones timed his header perfectly into the corner


of the goal. Delight for the visiting supporters but you could


have heard a pin drop elsewhere. What is going through Marco Silva's


mind now? Niasse. Clucas is on to it now.


Robertson. Niasse. He had to lash at it. Never in full


control of the shot. Hull City losing this must-win game to a


Sunderland team already down, a team that's gone ten games without a win


anywhere. Maguire. Niasse. Hernandez. Beaten behind by Jordan


Pickford. It's hit as sweetly as you like by Hernandez. Big, strong hand


keeps Hull out. Over towards Maguire. Maguire will battle again.


Maguire thinks he's being held off it unfairly. Just a goal kick.


Maguire's using his body. And the verdict is that he was backing into


Kone. That may be right. A bit of heart and fight has gone


out of the Hull supporters, it's very quiet. Borini. Free kick


Sunderland. Borini brought down Biharry Maguire.


Larsson will take the free kick in his own good time. Almost got nobody


to aim for in the box. Defoe is there. And Defoe's bundled it in!


The flag stays down. And that might be the goal that ultimately takes


Hull down with Sunderland. Because there's no coming back from this


today. They've got two games now to save themselves. And there is a big


hint of off side. It's whether Maguire over on the left nearest the


touch line was playing Defoe on. Vest a very, very tight decision but


Defoe able to slot it in. What a huge result at the bottom end of the


Premier League. Performances in the last month have merited much more


when we've not got the results. We have played much better football. We


have perhaps not created enough opportunities. There's been lapses


and goals given away. Today we played much better and again, this


time we've got a couple of chances and we took them. We need to get


momentum going into next season. It's great to get that win to start


with, obviously with the next few games coming up. We hope to


replicate this performance for the remainder of the season and take


that into the Championship next year. We need to be calm in some


moments to put our team more comfortable into the games. We


started to lose our focus, like in the second half. We conceded two


from set pieces. Of course that's a problem. The changing room's dying


and everyone's not happy with their own performances and the final


result. -- the changing room's down. Sometimes it works against you


against a team that have just been relegated as they have no pressure.


We have two more games and we need to fight to work to win the next two


games. With Sunderland already down and Hull such a good strong home


record, who saw that one coming, what went wrong? Today was all about


Hull how they were going to go and penetrate Sunderland and hurt them.


I think they were lacking. Marco Silva spoke about a lack of


composure and work ethic today. I don't think they showed any desire


to go and hurt Sunderland. Hernandez here - can he make Robertson's mind


up for him - no, he doesn't. This was the continuing scene throughout


the first half. They had a lot of possession. Credit Sunderland, they


closed down, worked extremely hard. But there was no cutting edge at all


from Hull. This was how Hull played throughout that first half keeping


the ball well but no real cutting edge. I think it was quite


comfortable for Sunderland with the shape of the side they had. When


they got into wide areas, it was down the left they caused problems


with Robertson and Grosicki. The final ball let them down. Robertson


here in acres of space. Poor ball into the box. That was the theme


throughout. This was such a poor goal to concede. They lined up


zonally. Defoe on his own at the near post. Telemen at the front


post. No man on the back post to see it through if it goes into that


area. The four lined up along that six yard box or just outside, nobody


picking up the run of Billy Jones and he just walks into the area. The


two on the edge there as well, they are supposed to be blocking


Hernandez but Billy Jones runs off into an area, where's the body shape


on the City players, Tom Huddlestone and Ranocchia are in position there.


He doesn't do anything there and it's such an easy goal. Credit John


O'Shea for getting across. That man at the far post could prevent that


as well. Poor goal for Hull to concede. Another back post advocate.


A lot of goals from corners. More than anybody else in the division


Gary, it's incredible. You can see why. He's probably changed it round


and gone zonally but it doesn't work. Could Hull have had a couple


of penalties or one at least maybe? Yes. I think they'll feel aggrieved


with the first one. We see Niasse. Very close to the ball. What I would


say here, you can't put your arm up and try and block it. For me it's a


free kick for Sunderland for the high foot. If O'Shea goes at it, he


takes his head off with that. Maybe they could have had one there. This


is never a penalty. He does the classic centre forward thing here.


Maguire's got his left arm wrapped around Kone. He falls into him.


Really good decision from the referee. That one is never one but


the first maybe. Good professional effort from Sunderland though


considering they went down last week.


So Hull's result meant that Swansea would move out of the relegation


zone with victory over Everton, who'd not lost a league game


Steve Wilson was at the Liberty Stadium.


It would be simply impossible to be at the Liberty Stadium today and not


to know that Hull have lost. The excitement is intense, but not


necessarily liberating. Swansea link to their Icelandic talisman Gylfi


Sigurdsson who has either scored or assisted more than 50% of their 40


Premier League goals this season. Everton's Ashley Williams returns to


the club where he spent eight seasons and played over 350 games.


He is promising no favours for his former team-mates today. Everton


have not won away since January. If ever a team has three full-time


managers during a course of this season and then stays up, that would


be a first. Sigurdsson was looking for a foul by Gareth Barry. I do


think he was looking for it. Swansea appeal, of course. They play on with


Naughton. Jordan Ayew, trying to go around Gareth Barry. Good feet. In


towards Llorente. That is massive for Swansea.


Fernando Llorente with the goal. It could be the goal that sees a


seismic shift at the bottom of the Premier League. Jordan Ayew did


really well. Gareth Barry is no mug. Llorente, two yards out. He simply


overpowered Jagielka. Not the cleanest contact, but not many are


worried about dad. 1-0 Swansea. They will feel that today I don't have


opportunity has opened up for them. They might be walking through it. A


corner kick for Swansea. They have their noses in front. They would


love a second. In it goes by Sigurdsson. It was out by


Calvert-Lewin. Llorente lost it. What a stop. Alfie


Mawson, right in front of goal. Holgate lunged in the way. Brilliant


defending by Holgate. Martin Olsson, curling interestingly


towards Sigurdsson. Ki Sung-Yueng, three in the middle for Swansea.


Mawson. Jordan Ayew hit the post. That could have been his moment, it


could been Swansea's moment. It came in with real from Ki Sung-Yueng.


Jordan Ayew just hit across it a little bit. Such a difference in the


playing careers of the two managers. One at Ajax, PSP, and Barcelona on


his CV, the other, Corinthian casuals and Banstead athletic.


That was a good strike by Lukaku. It was straight at Fabianski. It was a


comfortable save for the Swansea goalkeeper. Llorente was having his


shirt pulled by Baines. They did not bother him. He has found Sigurdsson.


He has won a corner. A great ovation for Gylfi Sigurdsson as he comes


over to take the corner kick. Midway through the second half, 1-0


Swansea. The free header, deflected. It could have easily gone in.


Federico Fernandes made a great contact and it just hit Barkley. The


corner from Sigurdsson again. Llorente. A good save by


Stekelenburg. He found lots of space. Far too much from Everton's


point of view. A good first touch by Llorente. If he had found Ayew, it


would have been brilliant. He has phoned Sigurdsson. Ayew practised


the onside. They might be end. Five in that attack. Leroy Fer. A


brilliant save by Stekelenburg. So close yet again, Swansea. On several


occasions they have been within a whisker of doubling their lead. It


is a great ball, and Fer mated beautifully. I am sure Swansea will


feel they have done enough to have got the second goal which would


settle them. Barkley has scented spinning away to Lukaku. That is the


side netting from the area. That is a huge relief to the home side. We


have seen him spank these into the back of the net a few times. His


team are dangling on the thin dividing line between pleasure and


pain for Paul Clement. Kenny -- Leighton Baines is fouled by


Llorente. There has not been a yellow card yet in this game but


Llorente must be getting close. The ball from Barkley, dangerous. Ashley


Williams running in behind. Any touch from the former Swansea man


would have taken it in. It nearly went in any way from Mirallas.


Williams was close. Ayew, behind for another corner.


What he intended. It is agony. The Konate comes in. Leroy Fer, it is


more up than out. That will do for seconds.


Lukaku, looking to turn. Mawson did brilliantly. He could have easily


put that into his own net. Alfie Mawson has been fantastic today.


Three minutes when indicated, three minutes have been played. The


cameras man in the Liberty Stadium strolls nonchalantly around his


technical area. Sigurdsson, still Sigurdsson. The referee blew the


whistle to his legs and Swansea have saved being back in their own hands.


-- have safety back in their own. Their fate is a run to decide. It


may be a massive day for Swansea. I told the players before we went out,


play with your hearts, give it everything you can, but play


intelligently. The last thing I said was when the first half. At


half-time we can talk about things we might need to do better, tactical


changes. They did that. The second half was tough at times. They took


the ball and created lots of chances but the team defended brilliantly.


The difference was one goal. They had some good possibilities to score


the second. We also had some chances to score at 1-1. Maybe the way they


were defending for their lives made the difference today. It was


extremely tense for 90 minutes. Have you experienced anything like that


before? It was always going to be like that. We had to embrace that.


The atmosphere was fantastic, the fans were massive again. That is why


we are paying for 3000 to come up next week because we need all the


support we can get. Through the trenches, with us. There is no


better feeling knowing that we have a clean sheet in the points. What a


victory. A big turnaround at the bottom. As much as Hull got it


wrong, Swansea got it right. What was the secret to the success? Hard


work, discipline, organisation, determination. I have played in


games like this were you have got to win. They set up as a


diamond, like last week, and got a good result. It takes discipline to


play like that, the strikers have to work hard. Sigurdsson is their most


creative player. He worked as hard as any man. The back four were in a


good position, tight and narrow. Alfie Mawson was fantastic. He does


not panic. Carroll is in there as well. All putting in a shift. It


sounds basic but it does not always happen. They are talking. It was


scrappy, they were not brilliant today, Swansea, but Everton were


very bad. I do not know what they were doing at times, technically.


Look at the numbers they have got in good areas. You have probably not


played in a game like this at the bottom. Believe me, I have. Way


back. Black-and-white televisions. Anyway, Sigurdsson, patient. That


could have gone in his own net. How many times do we see a defender dive


in and give a penalty away? A good decision, he does not dive in.


Super, in terms of the defensive display, as good as I have seen


them. Look at this from Everton in the first half. Kevin and I could


not work out what they were trying to do. Olsson was getting away down


the left. It was a lopsided 4-2 but no one on the right. It was bizarre.


In the second half, they picked up, but really bad from Everton. Well


played, Swansea. Considering the Hull result, fantastic. Let's look


not only at the points they have got, but the games that are


remaining. How do you see a panning out. I have played in a few of


these. Palace one points from safety. Palace get the point and you


can break Middlesbrough out of it. The game next week against Hull,


Crystal Palace and Hull, will Sam Allardyce looked to do a job and get


the draw. You can see in setting up more defensive minded. Swansea at


Sunderland next week, I can see them getting a good result next week. I


think Swansea and in the driving seat. Do you concur? I think it will


go to the last day. Playing with freedom like Sunderland bid, the


last day, you never know, it could go all the way.


It's Goal Of The Month time on Match Of The Day 2.


Some belt was there. -- some belters there.


There's commentary of Arsenal versus Manchester United


on 5Live and the BBC Sport website from 4:00pm.


Reading take on Manchester City in the Women's Super


League Spring Series, that's live on the Red Button


And the Women's FA Cup final takes place next Saturday,


-- is Michael Owen. Within 15 minutes of his arrival as a


substitute, the 17-year-old gives Liverpool some hope. Years ago, the


first of many. With Chelsea not playing


Middlesbrough until Monday, Spurs were chasing a tenth straight


win to move within a Jonathan Pearce was at


the London Stadium. COMMENTATOR: On the back of just one


win in 11 games, Slaven Bilic brings back Captain Mainwaring noble and


much-needed pace in Aaron Cresswell. Harry Kane has scored five in his


last five league games against West Ham and 18 in his last 20 London


derbies and all. One change for Spurs, Kyle Walker replaces Kieran


Trippier having been dropped to the bench against Arsenal last weekend.


Given their superior goal difference, appoint the night should


ensure a top two plays, but Spurs must win tonight to keep alive title


hopes. Tottenham looking for 24th league victory in a single season


for the first time 50 years. It is switched. It is a good switch.


Lanzini is in. Was he caught in two minds? Was that across seeking


Calleri or was he going for gold? I think he has gone for goal. That was


a good run by Son. Runners either side. Kane goes for goal. Adrian.


The reaction save keeps Tottenham at bay. That is the best we have seen


from Spurs. From back to front. A lovely run by Son. Power behind the


shot. Not good goalkeeping. He got lucky. He started with his big leg.


He just got back in time. Logically nor has an eye on 53% win rate at


Spurs. -- Mauricio Pochettino has a 53% win rate. Hugo Lloris make


contact. The trip from Kouyate is woeful. Anthony Taylor is unmoved by


the protest from West Ham. Did he get the ball? Ali on the ball. He


got the ball. -- eye on the ball. West Ham have really made Spurs work


hard. The clock is ticking. Son. That is a good run. Lanzini was


sleeping. Adrian can make the save comfortably. That is a good


opportunities spurned by Spurs. This was the man who won it at Crystal


Palace recently and he could have won it again they are. Appoint will


not be enough for the title race. Tottenham need a goal.


Son. Collins. Walker. Good save. Big strong hands.


The moment Spurs picked it out from the West Ham possession it looked


dangerous. Collins went with the run of that. That's a good save.


West Ham well drilled as the back five. Landsny's been a danger on the


counter. Here is Cresswell. -- Lanzini. Here is Lanzini! West Ham


score. Is that the moment Spurs' title challenge dies? This is a game


that Tottenham must win. Pochettino knows Chelsea are watching. And he


knows that they can ill afford this. Lanzini with a lovely weighted pass.


Cresswell did well with a second cross in. Back in it came. Ayoue


couldn't finish but Lanzini could. Spurs appeal for a handball. Came


off the chest. Good decision, came off the chest. West Ham 1-0


Tottenham. The faces tell the story. Spurs at the moment look like a team


that fears the worst. Oh, and Lloris may have just kept


Spurs in the title race. Why are they playing so deep? Just outside


the six yard area in a London Derby, are you sure? ! Top naff


goalkeeping! Trying to force it -- top notch


goalkeeping. It was veering and spinning and scorching through the


air. The sounds of time are ticking away on another title challenge from


Tottenham. Deli Ali, Dembele, West Ham win it back. Fletcher. Snodgrass


to his left. Will Fletcher play him in? He does.d? Fast back to


Fletcher. Fletcher beats the keeper. But it goes wide. As it goes wide,


Tottenham's title chance surely goes as well. West Ham are safe for


another season. Is this the night the new stadium found a team?


Chelsea cannot twin title this weekend but tonight Tottenham have


surely lost it. 1-0. At the end of the game there were some sad faces


there. Can you put into words what the mood is in the derision room?


That is what we said. But feelings and face, it wasn't the best if you


compare with last week. It's a big difference to last week.


Disappointing. We knew it was going to be tough. We managed to bring it


back. Yes, after today, it's nearly impossible now, but, you know, we'll


give everything for the last three games now no matter what. A long


time in football and nothing can surprise you in football. But what


we know is that we had so many obstacles. Pre-season was


unbelievable so I praise the players at the end of the day. It's not


over. It's true that it will be difficult but if you want to put


pressure on, you should be winning. It wasn't the case now and now we


have to wait. Thinking that it will be difficult to catch Chelsea


though. It's not over but it is over really. Lanzini's done for Tottenham


in the terms of the title race And I think it's nine in 14 London Derbies


he's scored. And he was outstanding as well. He was the key player on


the night. West Ham were excellent defensively but when they were


getting out and causing problems invariably it was coming through


Lanzini. Tottenham at times created their own downfalls. Lanzini should


do better and should be squaring that across the box. I think he was


quick to spot when Walker was out of position. That left hand channel was


where he exploited it at times and Tottenham couldn't deal with him. He


got into positions, collecting the ball from defence, a key link


between defence and attack, got them on the front foot. He got his


rewards for the goal. It was good play down the left from Cresswell.


He runs off defenders, gets himself into an area, runs between the goals


and it was a great finish from him in the end. He gambled into an area.


Got his reward. Yes, he's got a lot better in responsibility since


Payet's left. It is. He looks like plain sailing for Chelsea, they can


win it obviously in the next few days. Where do you see Tottenham


now? Have you seen any particular progress this season from last


season? It's a similar scenario at the end of it? No, they are better.


They should be second rather than third I would think. Yes, seven


points, still nine to play for. I think every one of them's improved.


The simple case for Spurs is keeping their best players. Have they got


some decisions to make in terms of the they have superstars will they


have to pay them what superstars get or lose them? Yes. They are not at


the level that City, United and Chelsea are, maybe even Liverpool in


terms of paying wages so they've got to make a choice which is difficult


because they are funding a new stadium as well. That's the only way


they can compete, they have to break the pay structure and pay the


players the money. A defining moment I suspect.


After defeat against Liverpool on Monday,


thanks to an Emre Can wonder goal, Watford were in action at Leicester,


both sides still harbouring hopes of a top-half finish.


Both on 40 points. Still plenty to play for.


Mahrez scored in the last two meetings.


Clearance by Mariappa, lucky it fell to Cleverley. Capoue. Dreadful pass


collected by Mahrez. It wasn't a great passage of play there, ending


with a poor challenge from Cleverley.


Mahrez. Nicely done. Oh, it smacks the post and bounces away. A lucky


escape for Watford. Free kick slid into the box. It was


almost an own goal off Mariappa I think racing in.


Deflected in as it came into the penalty area. And Gomes with the


full stretch save. Janmaat. Faced by Simpson. Flick off


Deeney. Good save by Schmeicheal and the flag's gone up. Schmeicheal was


equal to him. Still looking for his first goal since returning to the


club from being on loan to Everton. Simpson. Mahrez.


Not a great place to concede a free kick. No doubt about it. Looked as


if he had his arms all around him. Mahrez and it comes off the wall


behind for a corner. The defence does its job.


Drinkwater. Deeney. 1-0 Leicester City! Deeney in the right place as


the ball drops -- Ndidi. He buried the chance. Ndidi's mid season


arrival. His second goal in the Premier League. Here it is again.


The ball just dropped to him. Drinkwater floating that one in and


inadvertently, Capoue in trying to clear his line, it fell invitingly


for the tlers City player and Ndidi, the Nigerian international puts


Leicester City ahead. -- for Leicester City.


Albrighton brings the ball forward now for Leicester. This is Mahrez.


Twinkle-toed and almost the finish that he was looking for. Mahrez


twisting and turning and the deflection looping over Gomes and


almost into the back of the net. Mariappa in real trouble. As Mahrez


comes in. 2-0 Leicester City. Mahrez two scored against Watford on each


of the last three times he's faced them, celebrating his 100th Premier


League appearance with a goal. Mariappa stretched for the ball.


Just skimmed off his boot, left the door ajar and Riyadh Mahrez was in


there with the run on goal and the finish through the keeper's legs.


Leicester 2-0 Watford. Slimani with a chance. Vardy up


against Mariappa. Good play Vardy. Good save by Gomes.


Stopped by the Watford keeper. A flowing attacking move for Leicester


City as Mariappa gave the keeper the slip. Amrabat away from Foulkes this


time. Collected by Cleverley. Just pipped over the top by Schmeicheal.


Amrabat laid it back Cleverley with time to key himself up brings the


best out of Schmeicheal. Blue shirts swarming all around.


Vardy and Slimani against Mariappa. Cleverley's goal side. They haven't


picked up Albrighton. It's 3-0 and it's the finishing touch on an


excellent afternoon for Leicester City. Deep in added time. Lovely


goal. Vardy trying to look up. Picking out Albrighton in space in


off the near post and Leicester finishing off the afternoon in


style. A tense home win of the season for them -- tenth win of the


season for them. They are mathematically safe now. Leicester


3-0 Watford. Performance wasn't quite there for both sides today I


think. It was a scrappy affair at times but ultimately it was about a


result and another clean sheet which is pleasing. We managed to get the


points when there was six games left and the points was what everybody


talked about. That was our objective and we reached it when there was six


games left. Now all the games we are playing from here to the end of the


season we'll use them in order to prepare to have a base for the


following year. I saw a nice thumbs up from the chairman. Do I read


anything into that? No, he does it most matches. Maybe I need to look


up a bit more. The remit was take the team to the end of the season


and then we'll sit down, I've not been told anything else so that's


what I expect to do. I would just give him the job, another two months


of the season left, they would have won the league I would imagine.


Mahrez, speculation once again in the media this morning in the papers


whether he'd leave Leicester for possibly a Champions League club but


he was close to his best again at the moment? He's a wonderful


footballer. 17 goals, 11 assists last season. This year he hasn't


done as well in terms of numbers but he's a game-changer. He's got that


wonderful left foot, great vision. Always plays with the confidence


that even when the team is not playing well, he can do something


magical. Look at his feet. I'd be amazed and I'm sorry Leicester


supporters and I know you are one of them Gary, but he can't be in a


Leicester shirt next season, he's a Champions League player. We were in


the Champions League this season. Were being the operative word. The


only one ever. Leicester have given him the platform to achieve the


heights. He's going to be very sought after because of the ability


to win games. And produced magical moments. He has


signed a new contract, Yaz given a year and this might be the summer


when he can move on to a club where maybe he will be able to play


Champions League football regularly. Thanks very much. Craig Shakespeare


has got to get the job, hasn't he? He has done amazingly. It certainly


feels that way. I would give it to him. Watford have got the 40 points


and then they are in a rut? Lost the last three games, no goals in the


last five away matches. It has been a bad end to the season. Mazzarri


spoke about getting to the 40 point mark, they have done their job,


season over. Burnley were looking to reach


the 40-point mark for the first time Opponents West Brom had lost four


in a row without scoring a goal. It is a proud day for this


four-year-old. He becomes the first mascot to lead out all three


Lancashire rivals, Blackburn, Accrington and now Burnley. His


family are attempting to raise funds as he battles a rare form of liver


cancer. Five clean sheets have been pivotal to Burnley's survival bid.


Tom Heaton is fifth in this year's shutout table. Kevin Long makes his


first start of the campaign alongside James Tarkowski in an


untried centre pairing. Ben Mee is injured. Craig Dawson was the last


to score for West Brom on the 18th of March. Four changes for the


visitors, including 18-year-old Sam Field, who goes in support of


Salomon Rondon. Boyd continued his run. Vokes. It


was a good start by Foster. It was a good attempt by Vokes. It took a


little touch on the way through from McAuley. That makes it an even


better save from Foster. He has already got Burnley to their highest


ever Premier League points total and they have recorded their most of the


winds. -- their most wins. That is a great


block. I think it was McClean got back it in. McClean just came in and


stop Arfield brilliantly. Towards Barnes. The assistant is


flagging on the far side and the ball goes into the net. Vokes


scores. The flag was up in the first sightseeing penalty. The referee


waved play on and Vokes turned it in. I am certain if it had not gone


into the net, it would have been a Burnley penalty. The assistant was


flagging, the signal was penalty, the referee waved play on, and


Barnes provided Vokes with the goal which means that Burnley could be a


Premier League team again next season. They are eighth in the


Premier League season -- in the Premier League table despite their


recent bad run of results. If you had asked Tony Pulis if he had


fancied being eighth in May, he would have snapped your hand. Headed


away under pressure by Ward. It is a West Brom corner. The delivery from


Brunt. It is a good one as well. On the underside of the bar and just


about cleared. You just fancied that if West Brom were going to finally


score it would be from a set piece. They very nearly did. McClean


getting round the outside. Nyom cannot get it. Rondon on the near, a


brilliant swivel into the corner of the net. At long last, West Brom


have a goal. It is Rondon's first of 2017. The almost scored when they


hit the underside of the bar. In the next phase of play, McClean got the


better of Lowton. Rondon got to the ball, swivelled and thumped it into


the net. Determination from McClean. Rondon did the rest. At last, well


in excess of eight and a half hours of trying, West Bromwich Albion have


a go. In that moment, they may well have put off Burnley's Premier


League survival for another week. Livermore. Good turn. Corner. He is


disappointed, Livermore. He felt that was properly going to go in


before the deflection took it wide. Good delivery. They have got


another, West Brom. Dawson scores. You wait more than eight and a half


hours for a goal and two come within eight minutes of each other. They


had some momentum once the equaliser, West Brom. Great


delivery, and Dawson, who, in the lead up to their equaliser, hit the


underside of the buyer. He puts on under the bar and West Brom layback


Turf Moor. They are spoiling Burnley's potential celebrations.


There is a real urgency about Burnley. Andre Gray looks like he


was held by McAuley. A yellow card is coming for the experienced centre


back. Brady will take a free kick for Burnley. Less than five minutes


to go. Foster comes out but he will not get to it. It is turned in by


Vokes, his second goal in the match. Turf Moor and absolute raptures. It


is a precious equaliser. What a relief. They were starting to look


at the table and wondering if they could still get caught, Burnley.


Vokes gets there in front of Foster and helps it into the back of the


net. With news of Hull Trilling, it might be enough to keep Burnley in


the division. A good afternoon on a personal


level. Some frustration you have not come away with all three points? I


think so. Obviously good point for us in the end by going 1-0 up, we


were in control and took our foot off it a little bit and let West


Brom back into it. To get back and get the point, hopefully that is a


big point for us in the end. We have gone into the last few games with


only one striker, Salomon Rondon. He has had to take the full weight of


playing by himself. He works his socks off. Today he has got his just


reward and we are very pleased. I am pleased for the whole group because


they have worked hard and they had a go again today. We know that other


teams have more quality and budgets but you cannot go around the Premier


League worrying about everyone else. You have to focus on yourself and we


have gone about games. We have taken a few knobs, but we have


got to 40 points. That is a good marker for a club and team like us.


Two games to go so we want to go hard in those games. A marvellous


achievement for Burnley to get 40 points. A good achievement for Sam


Vokes, his first Premier League race. Superb. Sean Dyche has done a


great job. He played Sam Vokes and Ashley Barnes upfront last week


against Crystal Palace and it was the same today. It worked for them.


People would think having those two upfront, they are direct side, they


will go in. They have the option to play direct, but they get the ball


into wide areas, get crosses into the penalty area. Brilliant from the


referee, Mike Jones, to play advantage to give Sam Vokes the


goal. It was a clear penalty. You can see the assistant flagging. Good


movement from Vokes, getting across the near post, as he does here.


Getting across his man and into a goal scoring position.


That ball from Robbie Brady in a great area. Is the offside?


Probably, just offside. The assistant missed out on that one.


The goalkeeper is coming into an area he could not get to. A


brilliant performance by Sam Vokes. There are the details. West Brom


have stopped the rot in terms of goal-scoring. Five previous games


they have not scored. Yes, but they have had a tremendous season. Tony


Pulis deserves great credit, as do the players. It is difficult to


maintain it until the end, but they should be pleased with what they


have done. Back-to-back wins looked to have


secured Bournemouth's place They faced Stoke, who've not scored


in their last six away games, a run that stretches back


to the middle of January. John Roder was at


the Vitality Stadium. The 21-year-old French striker Lys


Mousset makes his first Premier League start with Benik of or be


injured. He will play alongside Josh King upfront, who has scored 11


goals in his last 12 appearances, including the late winner last


weekend that relegated Sunderland. Mame Diouf has not scored from a


stayer. He replaces Berahino an attack. Berahino has been ill in the


days leading up to this match but is among the substitutes. Stoke hoping


for a repeat of their 3-1 victory year last season. Stoke would move


above Bournemouth with a victory today. Ballmer is looking to


complete the double having won 1-0 at Stoke back in November, Nathan


Ake with the only goal of that match. -- Stoke looking to complete


the double. Nicely done from Bournemouth. The


shot is against the inside of the post. Mousset blasted over. The shot


from Smith, coming off the upright. Great passing and movement from


Bournemouth. Adam Smith, so close to scoring. Perhaps Mousset should have


scored. Both teams in mid-table at the moment. Not quite mathematically


assured of their Premier League players for next season. We all


accept that they will be in the top division, next August. That is a


terrible challenge. What is Paul Tierney going to do? The Stoke


players are surrounding the referee. Harry Arter, going for the ball,


diving in. Joe Allen. You can see that the studs are showing and the


fruit is raised, it is already ball. It is a yellow card. -- foot is


raised. Some may consider Harry Arter to be very, very fortunate to


still be on the pitch. Diouf will have to do it on his own.


Another good block from Cook. Twice in quick succession that Steve Cook


has got his body in the way. The corner and it is headed in. Geoff


Cameron is the man who is claiming it. Stoke get a goal at last. At


last on the road. Geoff Cameron is claiming that but it may well be an


own goal by Mousset. There is the touch of the Bournemouth striker. 0-


one. -- 0-1. Arnautovic in the middle with the header. It is over.


Marko Arnautovic with a great chance to double the lead for Stoke. They


header goes over. Bournemouth breeze massive sigh of relief. It remains


1-0 the visitors. Lewis Cook, a great pass to find Smith. King has


made a run in the middle. He lets it go and equaliser is turned in by


Junior Stanislas, his fifth goal of the season. His eighth in total in


the Premier League. Of those eight goals, seven have come. You just go


back a couple of minutes, Marko Arnautovic head over the bar, and


not long after, Bournemouth striker back to equalise. King leaves the


cross and Stanislas tucks it in. 1-1. Mark Hughes's side with just


one victory in their last eight Premier League matches coming into


today, just four points from their last seven in the league. That was a


delicate lob towards Arnautovic. It almost dropped for Diouf. Stoke are


back in front. Mame Diouf, with his first goal since last May.


Ah nowt vich with a little lock down. Could. Cleared by Bournemouth


and do you have was left with the - Diouf was left with the task of


scoring, something he has not done since last May. Bournemouth


1-2-Stoke. Bournemouth have to do it all again, come from behind.


Hits King and goes in! Stoke are claiming off side. But the header


struck King and Bournemouth are level for a second time. Smith with


the cross. Is King off side? Doesn't look to be. That took a final touch


off Shawcross on its way in. For the second tame this afternoon,


Bournemouth have come from a goal down to equalise -- second time.


Good performance, we were very much on the front foot. We had a plan


that worked well for us today They didn't create too many chances of


note. We've just slipped up a couple of occasions and they've benefitted


from that. We are disappointed with that and also disappointed that the


referee didn't see fit toe send one of their players off early in the


game with a terrible challenge on Joe Allen and the lad was out of


control and should have gone, in my view. A few years ago, that would


have been seen as an outstanding tackle. The ball was flush. Only


seen it live, haven't seen the replay but it's one of those


difficult ones because obviously you don't want to see any player hurt


and Harry hasn't gone in with that intention. I think the referee's


made the right call. The main aim is to stay up. It's a massive


achievement for this club. This set of players, we are still hoping to


get into the top ten. To establish ourselves in the Premier League, we


are trying to do that desperately, incredibly tough league and we have


found that again this year with the highs and lows but we are delighted


to be playing in the Premier League next season. Honours eeven there,


couple of talking points. Let's have a look at the possible offside. We


don't think so? No. I don't think it was off side. Josh King, it's played


on side actually by two players, he was an own goal off the back of


Shawcross but he was clearly on side. It's played on side when he


blocks the cross. Good decision from the officials. The talk was about


the tackle as well. It was ferocious. It was a naughty one.


What saved Joe Allen was the fact he did get the ball flush, the manager


was right about that, but that is dangerous and it's a leg-breaker.


Thankfully he's gotten away with it in terms of a yellow but Joe Allen


is OK, that is the main thing. A red? Very lucky Harry Arter there.


That is an horrendous tackle that, very bad tackle. Got away with it


with just a yellow, not a red. We are out of time. Let's have a look


at the Premier League table before we leave you. Tottenham's defeat


means two games for Chelsea on Monday and Friday this week, that


could security them the title. Manchester City leapfrog Liverpool


into third. A huge day for Swansea who moved out


of the bottom three at Hull's expense. Crystal Palace remain in


trouble but will stay up if they get a point against Hill next weekend.


Burnley and Watford are safe barring a big swing in goal difference --


Hull. The Sunday Times show the emotion felt by Hull goalkeeper


after their loss to Sunderland. They also report Manchester United boss


Jose Mourinho is plotting a shock bid for Manchester City's Aguero.


The Mail on Sunday call Man City boss Guardiola deluded after he said


his team are the best attacking side in the Premier League while the


Sunday Telegraph claim Bayern are preparing a ?55 million bid for


Sanchez. So a Llorente header


wins it for Swansea. There was something in the air


tonight and it was Fernando. There's no such thing as


a child prostitute.


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