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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


I can't pretend it's been the most scintillating day


We do have plenty of goals in the show, sadly most of them


COMMENTATOR: Hazard 1-0 Chelsea. It's in, it's


1-1. Incomes Cahill. Good ball in! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.


Absolutely brilliant. Now it's over to Spurs. What can you do? A game


with Spurs absolutely must win. Oh, it's in, absolutely brilliant goal


from Eriksen! It is a huge three points for Mauricio Pochettino that


keeps the title race alive. Monreal point sit-in. The deflection has


carried it in. This is rather feeble. He wasn't even hit in the


face. It's all really rather embarrassing.


Another defeat for Sunderland, as they slide towards the inevitable.


There is another foul, Fellaini again, and now Aguero down and it's


a red card for Marouane Fellaini. Aguero, can't find a position from


which to shoot, but he plays it in and Gabriel Jesus, the flag is up.


It's finished goalless at the Etihad.


Five more games today, as the battle for Premier League


Alan Shearer and Didi Hamann have their work cut out this evening.


Good job there's not another big sporting event taking place tonight!


We start at St Mary's, where Southampton hosted


a Hull side desperate to increase their advantage over


relegation rivals Swansea, who play at Manchester United tomorrow.


Given what's at stake for Hull, this could be even tougher for his side


under recent matches against Manchester City and Chelsea.


Ranocchia, having played here in the Europa League with Inter Milan


earlier this season. The Tigers away form may be awful but Southampton


haven't been in great nick here, losing four of their last seven


league games at St Mary's. Jack Stephens, Fraser Forster, not


the best of touches there from Forster. He's given it straight to


Markovic. Markovic closed down now and crowded


out, but he's managed to win a free kick. Fraser Forster hasn't been in


the best form of late. This was a very sloppy piece of play from him.


It was nearly punished. Not much contact from Davis on Markovic, but


enough for the Serb to go down and winning the free kick. It's


Grosicki. It's so close. A whisker away from his first Hull City goal,


Fraser Forster didn't move a muscle. It was very nearly an inch perfect


from the Pole. It would have been a dream start for his side.


Robertson, Grosicki. Lucas, the cross was deflected and Forster is


unable to prevent the corner. Grosicki's corner. Not the best of


clearances. Clucas. Still Clucas. Turned it in neatly and Elmohamady's


delivery not the best. Clucas there again. All a bit scrappy. Evandro


can't do anything with the header but Maguire on the scene quickest.


Grosicki is going to have a go and Forster with a fairly routine save.


The boos ringing around St Mary's, the home fans not happy after a


first half Hull have had the better of. Look at the room here. Still


Boufal. A great challenge from Harry Maguire, as Sofiane Boufal wriggled


his way through the penalty area. Got that absolutely spot-on,


Maguire, much to the relief of his manager. It's been a pretty


thankless task, following Hull away from home this season, with only


Burnley picking up fewer than the five points the Tigers have won on


the road. Elmohamady. It's another corner for


Hull City. Just building up a bit of a head of steam late on. In from


Grosicki. Headed goalwards by Maguire, who felt he was being


talked down. Stephens against Maguire. He had hold of a bit of his


shirt. Not a great deal in it. Picking out Stephens, who was closed


by Clucas. Does well to work it on for Davis.


Bertrand, and now it's Nathan Redmond. Another crunching challenge


from Harry Maguire to save Hull City. A nice move, this, from


Southampton. The first time they've got in round the back. Redmond got


it back and Maguire timed his challenge excellently. Cedric, great


pass. Davis has managed to win the corner.


Davis to take the corner. Jakupovic comes, doesn't clear. Makes a very


good save on the follow-up. Simmons, back in again. Well, it wasn't the


best punch away for but he made up with it with that block from Tadic.


Short on goals at St Mary's this season. Only Sunderland and


Middlesbrough scoring fewer than the 17 they've managed here in the


league. They are chewing up in there and


Mike Dean has given a penalty. Well, what a pivotal moment this could be


in the fight against relegation. N'Diaye is cautioned. Mike Dean took


a long time looking at that and N'Diaye, up against Yoshida, drags


him to the ground. Yoshida jostling with N'Diaye, had


his arm around him. It's Dusan Tadic. What a huge moment that could


be for Hull City. Well, there's been talk this week of


Jakupovic attracting admirers from a fair few potential suitors, and he


has produced a top stop here to keep Marco Silva's side level and what a


crucial stop that could prove to be. Niasse happy to hold it up. Hull


City happy to settle for a point, but maybe with an opportunity to


snatch more than that, right at the death.


In comes the corner, guided across goal and almost bundled in by


Niasse. Very nearly snatched it at the death and Hull just asking the


question here as to whether Niasse was having his shirt pulled in a


similar manner to which Yoshida was at the other end for the penalty


Southampton got. The fans at times showed their disappointment today.


Is your job in the next few weeks to convince your players and your fans


to go once more at the end of a very busy season? The fans are treated


like the stuff, like the players, because the game was not a good


game, it was a poor game. It was not enough today to make the difference.


What was the penalty save down to, a bit of luck, choosing the right way,


or did you have an idea which way Tadic would go? It's a secret! No, I


mean I'm always watching penalties. Before the games with my goalkeeper


coach, but finally that's my decision and today, my feelings,


they told me go this side and yes, it was a good penalty but it was a


good save as well. Earlier I spoke to the Hull City boss, Marco Silva.


Marco, you've generally been struggling away from home. Did you


do anything differently today, tactically? Yes, when you are not --


analyse our away games, many times I have, and I say you play very well,


we didn't deserve sometimes the results, but the final of the games,


we don't win the games and it's important we analyse the games and


change something. I want our players always to be balanced, even when we


try to achieve the goal it's important to achieve the balance and


our focus, in set pieces as well and this afternoon we achieved all these


things. A huge moment for you towards the end of the game, when


Jakupovic made the penalty save and your reaction on the touchline said


a lot. Yes, because I saw the other box with Harry Maguire and the


referee, and in that moment, it's a really important moment for us.


After one minute we have again a very good chance to score, but it's


football. There is the emotion of the moment. I celebrate because it's


important to others as well. You are doing an excellent job. How are you


enjoying life in the Premier League? It's fantastic. It's one goal I have


in my career, when I start my career, of course I want to prove in


my country, my competence. It's a goal I have in my career and at this


moment I'm here and I enjoy it but I need to prove, day by day, every


day, my competence for my players first of all and after in the games


with my team. Thank you very much for talking to us and we wish you


well for the rest of the season. Thank you. I do think there's any


question he's done a fabulous job since he took over. That's only the


second point is turned on the road though and you thought there was one


standout figure? I did, it was a terrible game but there was one


outstanding player, I thought, on the pitch, Harry Maguire. I thought


it was excellent, as he has been for large parts of the season. He got


his timing absolutely spot on in so many tackles. The right place, the


right time, doesn't panic. He is prepared to play. A poor clearance,


but he's the one that wins the ball back, again, and he did that time


and time again often in. That's three times now in the space of ten


seconds, clearing it again. He was a mountain at the back for them, he


was organising them and talk about timing of the tackles. That is


superb. A split second out there and it's a penalty but it's a superb


tackle and stops another Southampton effort. Strong going forward. Set


pieces as well against Stephens. I think is claiming for a penalty


there, but there's no way he was ever going to get that but he did


his bit going forward. Again, no-nonsense, I'll just get rid it,


clear it. He was absolutely superb. Right place again. Right tackle,


timing of the tackle again. Numerous times, all afternoon. Again, split


second out and that's a penalty. The balls into the box and this is the


penalty they conceded. What do you think? I don't think it's a penalty


on Yoshida rant that is the 12th penalty Hull have conceded this


season. I don't think it was a penalty at all. Yes, his arm is on


him but it's not enough to go down and Jakupovic goes down to his left


hand side and you can see what it means to the manager, because he's


well aware that saved them a point and it could be a huge point for


them. Given the nature of the penalty that was given, should Hull


perhaps have had one towards the end?


It's a good corner. It's flicked on at the near-post. He's got hold of


his shirt. I don't think it's enough. I don't think there is too


much in it. In the future he's got to be smarter. Referees, when she


see shirts pulled, we have seen penalties being given. I don't think


this particular incident was a penalty. Hull's next game is


Sunderland at home as well. They have a superb record. That will


manager has a superb record at home. You would have to fancy them, yeah.


Indeed. Sunderland had to match Hull's


result or be relegated. They faced Bournemouth,


who needed one more win to secure a third straight season


of Premier League football. Steve Bower was at


the Stadium of Light. COMMENTATOR: David Moyes says


Sunderland have forgotten how to win but urged them to stand together and


fight to the end. Which could well come today. The problems are


mounting up for the Sunderland boss, four more players injured. In come


Kone, Pienaar, Borini and Love. For Bournemouth on the back of a victory


over Middlesbrough, Gosling is ruled out. A second Premier League start


for Lewis Cook. Only Lukaku and Cane have scored more goals this year


than Josh King. Will this be the day when Sunderland's fate is sealed?


Straight to Anichebe. Defoe. Totally outnumbered at the moment. It's


dropped to Borini. Good try. Moved in the air, Defoe. Couldn't readjust


himself in time. Clean strike from Borini. Almost deceived the


Bournemouth goalkeeper. Seven different Premier League scorers all


season. After Jermain Defoe 14 goals the next top-scorer is Anichebe. Saw


the run of King. Space here. Went alone! Josh King, with his personal


confidence sky high at the moment, had a little look, what a goal this


would have been. Pickford rooted to the spot. Delighted to see it come


back off the post. Eddie Howe still feels they need another result to be


absolutely safe. They would then look forward to a third consecutive


top-flight season. Francis. Under pressure, good pressure from


Anichebe. Defoe. Can he find room for the shot? Blocked by Francis.


Sunderland said he had blocked it with hid hand. Stewart Atwell had a


different opinion. Did Francis put his hand deliberately in the way to


block the ball? Pienaar wanting a little bit more movement ahead of


him. Square to Manquillo. Into Defoe. Back to Khazri. Promising for


Sunderland. Still alive. Borini, denied by Pugh. Too strong for


Defoe. Khazri offside. Didn't touch the ball, now he can. Anichebe.


Eventually away by Pugh. Back from Ndong. Defoe! The flag had stayed


dune. Bournemouth looked towards the referee assistant. That would have


scored. Hasn't scored since the start of February. It's been a long


hard winner. Two points from the last 27 his team have picked up.


Fraser. Now, Pugh. Difficult one for King. He dealt with it well. Fraser,


once more, then Pugh. Then Afobe's hit was blocked. It still comes to


King. Then Donald Love to clear, virtually, off the line. Desperate


defending here from Sunderland. First of all from Manquillo. Then


King's follow-up. Away by Donald Love. King.


Ndong didn't give it up. It's broken for Defoe. Borini going on ahead of


him. Borini with an opportunity. Denied by Boruc. It was all created


by the hard work and endeavour of Ndong, initially. First time that


Boruc has been called upon. He was equal to it. Lewis Cook. Fraser


trying to wriggle his way through, past Manquillo. Cleared by Kone.


Defoe, away from Francis and from Arter. Can he go all the way


himself? He has found Borini. A blue wall in front of him. The Italian


still has it. He sensibly found Honeyman. Kept out by Boruc.


Encouragement for Sunderland. Came through to the substitute, who had


gone untracked. Borini alive to the situation. Now Khazri. Manquillo,


bursting forward on the overlap. Ignored that. It's found Anichebe,


in the end. Away by Francis, now Lewis Cook. Foul by Borini.


Temperatures rising. Harry Arter has got hold of the


ball. Every player now in the melee. Let's have a closer look. There's


Borini. It was what fold that just did threaten to boil over. Arter


reacting first. Kone came in. A little scuffle with Steven Cook. A


yellow card for Borini. That won't be the last of it. Harry Arter as


well. Yellow card a piece. Order restored. Incidentally, Sunderland's


lowest Premier League crowd of the season today. He said he understands


the supporters frustration. 2,000 less than their last home game here


against West Ham. Fraser. That was Kone on King. Atwell says play on.


Arm on the back of his shoulder, again. Not a huge amount of contact.


Late, Sunderland free-kick. Can they make one count? Kone's flick on.


Defoe. Oh, that could have been deflected in. It was deflected over


in the end. Sunderland looking for that little bit of luck. Defoe alive


to the situation. Just brushed off Steven Cook. Never been relegated as


a manager. David Moyes said yesterday he would consider his


future at the end of the season. That's come through to Musa. King


wants it at the back post. Here's the opportunity. Josh King for


Bournemouth. With a little over two minutes to go. As it stands, he


knows that's a goal that will relegate Sunderland to the


Championship. Ryan Fraser, a killer goal to confirm the inevitable for


Sunderland. That's a goal that could send Bournemouth to back-to-back


victories and certain Premier League safety. There is the full-time


whistle. David Moyes relegated as a manager for the first time. After


ten successive seasons in the Premier League, Sunderland's fate is


sealed for the fourth time they have been relegated from the top-flight.


With four games still to play. How difficult was it is to go in that


dressing room straight afterwards today? I don't know what words you


can really say to the players. But what I did say to them, I thought


they fought really hard for the team today. I thought they fought for the


jersey. They were extremely committed. Because of that, it's


very difficult to fault them. A lot of people in that squad, yourself


included, have had a lot of highs in football. Is this as low as it gets?


Exactly. Obviously, the feeling you have inside of you, that decency


about you, you are letting people down. Obviously, there's been a few


months ago there was announcements of redundancies and different


things. You take that all on your responsibility. If maybe you are


staying in the Premier League that doesn't happen. Maybe it still does


happen, but you have to take that responsibility and ultimately we


haven't been able to produce the goods for them this season as we did


in the priest ten seasons when be we remained a Premier League team. How


important is to finish strongly in the rest of the games? I won't say


we are safe until we are mathmatically safe. We are in a nice


position. Especially when you compare where we were a few weeks


ago. We had work to do. The players have been superb in her response.


Have you unfinished business to get this club back into the Premier


League? I think the plan, when I do sit down with Martin will be the


plan, looking at how we can do that and as quickly as we can. You like


to see a challenge through, don't you, that is what you've done in


your career? This is a great football club. The amount of


supporters who follow it. If anything I feel for them, they are


the ones who put their hard earned cash into coming to the games. We


have to try an give them something to shout about. Sad day for


Sunderland supporters and players, of course. It's been coming though,


hasn't it, really? That's five seasons we saw there, failed to get


more than 40 points. They have been getting away with it, not now? I


think they went there once two often. Miraculous escapes over the


last few years. If you want to win games you need to score goals. The


whole season, two players who come out with credit. The goalkeeper,


Pickford, and Jermain Defoe who scored more than half the goals for


Sunderland. In the second best scorer is Patrick van Aanholt,


scored three goals. He's a full-back and left the club in Jan. That say


it is all. It very much does. How much should David Moyes take


responsibility? He has to take responsibility as has the owner.


Disastrous season from start to finish for Sunderland. The


mismanagement at all levels. Of They've signed poor players. They


have been flirting with relegation for a number of seasons now. It was


inevitable that it was going to happen. ?28 million net spend in the


last three transfer windows. It's comparable to other clubs in and


around them. But, I worry for Sunderland. I do. You Mingsed the


two players, they are the two players with assets in that team.


Other than that, there is not too much in that squad that's worth a


lot of money. OK. That is the verdict of two ex-Newcastle players


which rubs salt in the wounds for the Sunderland fans. Bournemouth,


Josh King, in particular, his record in 2017 is right up there with the


best, as we can see Yes. A rich vain of form. Only Lukaku scored more


goals. What I like about him he has had a few loan spells echl he has


been in the country for a long time. United bought him nine years. Never


been a prolific scorer. Finds space and knocks the ball too far. He goes


down here. I like his awareness. Afobe plays the ball down-the-line.


He is aware, alert. Great effort. The cross comes off the post. It


would have been a fantastic goal. His all around game, not only his


skills, he is fantastic footballer, good pace and body strength. Kone, 6


foot 4 defender. Uses his strength and body well and gets the ball


back. He is in positions to score goals. 12 goals in the last 13, 14


games. Not the cleanest of contacts, two minutes before the end. Eddie


Howe found the keep key to him. He has been a talented player for a few


years. He has finally arrived in the Premier League. Eddie Howe, three


seasons in the Premier League. Superb job. Quite something? Superb


job he has been doing there for quite a long time. He certainly has.


Burnley, without a win on the road all season,


were just five points clear of the bottom three ahead


of their trip to Crystal Palace, who knew victory would


Damien Delaney replaces Sakho. -- Sako. Palace look for a seventh win


in ten to take them beyond the magic 40 point mark. There a start for


Westwood, Tarkowski comes in for Ben Mee, who is injured. Scott Arfield


is back from injury to replace Robbie Brady and Sam Vokes is


preferred to Andre Gray, as they try to match the Palace threat at set


pieces and get that first away win for the campaign.


Towards Benteke, Benteke, thought about the shot then got it away.


Parried by Heaton. A really bright start to the game for Crystal Palace


in the opening five minutes. Ward, away by Keane. Keane.


Great noise from the Palace fans. It was bending in the air from Benteke.


Good save by Heaton. Palace's makeshift centre-back duo.


He is Ward with a low cross in. Ashley Barnes, and Burnley take the


lead. Palace have been on top in the opening seven minutes, but Burnley


get the opening goal and Crystal Palace without Tomkins, without Dann


without Sakho look muddled at the heart of their defence and are


behind. Didn't look amicable, lost a bit of shape, the Palace difference.


A low cross, they failed to deal with it. Barnes got away to smash it


in. A low cross by Ward. Didn't get the shot away first time, certainly


did the second. And I'm afraid to say that there might have been an


incident here. That is, I think, the result of something coming out from


the crowd and it may well have hit Tarkowski on the head. As they


celebrated, was Tarkowski hit by something coming out of the crowd?


He feels the top of his head and Crystal Palace could find themselves


in trouble retrospectively because of that.


Puncheon over the top. The pace of Zaha. The Palace fans think it's


because he was fouled, but he was in an offside position. It looks like


he's on, from that angle. It's a peculiar angle we are seeing that


from. Very difficult to judge it from there. He was certainly taken


out by Heaton. You have to go back to December 2000


and 14 Burnley's last win here -- 2001, four Burnley's last win here.


They started brightly here. I corner all the way through the box, Keane


was underneath it. Here is Vokes. It's come to Barnes again and he's


tickled it in, you know, and the flag has stayed down. Palace fans


think it's a hand and the referee has ruled it out, but I didn't see a


flag. Well, that's controversial! The Burnley bench looked baffled.


It's hand ball there. But the assistant didn't flag. The referee


has given it. Keane with the header on, he has hand ball that, clearly.


The right decision has been found in the end. It might even be offside,


but it's certainly hand ball. The referee looks to his assistance. No


flag came. In his programme notes he's said safety isn't a foregone


conclusion and said in a pre-match interview that a point will do.


Across from Lowton, dealt with by Kelly. Good ball, Ward, through to


the middle. It comes towards Barnes. A decent save. He saw it late, as


well, Wayne Hennessey, and he drops down very quickly. Burnley could


have been two up. Trying again, Crystal Palace. Zaha, the outside of


Flanagan. He's won the free kick. Scott


Arfield punished. He's holding on to Zaha, that's why it was given. Keane


is tight on Benteke. The rest are zonal. It's into the far area.


McArthur keep the ball alive. He's done well. Van Aanholt's Ross,


headed away. Better from Crystal Palace.


It comes out towards Delaney and that's a good save. Did so well to


get the shot on target, keep it low. Hasn't scored in over a year and a


good save by Heaton. Van Aanholt. He did have to react smartly and he


did. Now Vokes has turned away here, can he get the shot here? It was a


real chance for Burnley to win the game. Roles beyond the defender,


stole a march on him. That touch was horrible. That allowed Kelly to get


back and make the challenge. Their first effort, that, in the second


half. Is that a penalty? Zaha goes down


and the pressure -- under pressure from Flanagan. The referee was well


placed and totally unmoved. A strong call for a Palace penalty here. It


looked Stonewall to me. It came through the Palace player, com


caught him on the bottom of his boot. That's a penalty. They need to


hold onto the 1-0 lead, a poor ball by Milivojevic. Is Gray getting in


behind that for Burnley? He seals Burnley's first away win of the


season, six minutes to go. It's been a mature Burnley performance. It's


been a vital, vital Burnley win. They are almost there. And those


fans know it. A wonderful awayday for Burnley, who will leapfrog


Crystal Palace and Sam Allardyce's team, they thought they'd be safe


tonight. There's work still to be done. Composure from the substitute,


Gray, finishes it off. Crystal Palace nil, Burnley two.


Before the game Sam Allardyce sought a point would be enough for his team


to stay up. You're 39 now. Are you safe? Your bobbin Sam is older and


wiser than me, that's for sure, and in the Premier League. My mentality


with the players is just keep going and that's the key thing. We've kept


going through all the knocks we've had and we kept going again today.


We were probably thinking this was a sticky one. They all in the Premier


-- they all are in the Premier League away from home. Our job is to


keep going, until we get what we want and we just keep going. It's


special to get the first away win for our fans to travel throughout


the country and to not come away with three points, we've only picked


up a couple of draws on the way but it's meant a lot to others as a


group of players. He was onside with the ball through and the goalie


would have been sent off or Wilf would have scored if he hadn't


brought him down and that box looks like a penalty, but, you know, if he


hasn't given it that his mistake. But at the end of the day we lost


this game on the fact that we gave two silly balls away in the wrong


area and not cleared the ball as we normally do, or passed the ball as


well as we did. Burnley's first away win of the season, and they were


strong throughout and Sean Dyche won't be paid off? Very positive. I


thought they thoroughly deserved to win the game. I know Crystal Palace


have injuries certainly at the back but that's where Burnley were much


better than Palace today. They went direct at times into Vokes and


Barnes and Palace couldn't handle that. They kept the second ball


alive and time after time, Gary, they worked well together. They were


too strong for them. They basically beat the two centre halves, Delaney


and Kelly, and every ball that came into the box they were dangerous.


Barnes their misses the first one. It comes to him. No defenders in and


around him at all. A tidy finish through the goalkeeper's legs. As I


said, this sort of summed Crystal Palace appear. They lose one header,


two headers, three headers, within three or four microseconds, and it


wasn't offside but it was hand ball. That sort of summed Crystal Palace


up, losing that many headers. Yes, they were directed at times and


looked a bit silly with the celebration when it was ruled out


but it kept on happening. Worked together here, good linkup play, but


what should what happens, the ball comes out wide. The first thought,


get it into the box because they were beating them with that all


afternoon. Kept the ball alive. Goes out wide again. What do they do?


Exactly the same thing. Surprise surprise, he wins another header in


the, Vokes, and perhaps should have actually done better. Same thing


again. Very good save. Ball in, in and around the six yard box. It


happened second yard also. Again, too strong, too quick. Sam Vokes. A


poor touch with his left foot, takes away from goal. It should have been


another goal for them but what a big win for that was and Burnley have


been magnificent this year. When you look at Sean Dyche, we mentioned


Eddie Howe before, doing a superb job at Bournemouth. If it isn't, if


Conte doesn't get that cover the Manager of the Year Award, he


probably will because Chelsea should win the league. If he doesn't, those


two guys, Dyche and Eddie Howe shouldn't be far away from it


because the job they are doing, when you consider their budget,


especially Burnley, the size of the clubs, superb jobs they are doing.


England managers. Did you know that was Burnley's first win in London


since 1975 on the top flight. I thought I would throw that in. It


amused me. It could have been different, if a couple of decisions


had gone Palace's way? I don't think there's any question that Puncheon


plays the ball over the top. Zaha is onside. In all probability, if he


was given onside, heat and probably would have been red carded and this


is after 50 minutes so they would have played 70 minutes with ten men.


We see clearly here it's a bad call from the linesman. Easy yard on


second one I don't really agree, because if you look Zaha now a ball


comes to him, Flanagan, who came on and did well for the injured Jamie


Ward, there isn't any, if any, there's minimal contact. He sort of


jumps into Flanagan here. There might be little contact. There might


not be any contact at all. He jumps into Flanagan, his momentum takes


him into him and that's where he goes over and for me it's not a


penalty and they were unlucky with the offside shout. Agree? It


definitely wasn't offside, it wasn't enough for a penalty.


There are some big hitters in action on Match of the Day 2.


There's commentary of Spurs versus Arsenal on 5 Live and the BBC


Match of the Day 2 Extra previews all the action


Look out for the Women's Football Show at 11:45pm.


The final of the World Snooker Championship gets


under way at 2.00pm, on BBC Two.


COMMENTATOR: Beardsley's Corner, headed in.


I've kept really quiet but I'll tell you something. He went down in my


estimation when he said that. We have not resorted to that but I tell


you, you tell him now, he'll be watching it, we're still fighting


for this title and he has to go to Middlesbrough and get something and


I tell you, honestly, I will love it if we beat them come and love it! He


didn't. This time last year,


Leicester were seven points clear Today, they travelled to West Brom


seeking the victory that COMMENTATOR: Ronaldo has gone 18


games without a goal and West Brom haven't scored in four. A blank


today means the longest scoreless run in their history. Six more


points would set a new club record in the Premier League. Ronaldo


replaced Robson-Kanu. He and Matt Phillips are injured. Chris Brunt


moves forward and Nyom returns at left-back. Vardy rediscovered his


route to goal. He is supported today by Magnus Okuonghae, the only change


from Wednesday night at the Emirates. It's the last match in the


Premier League for Mark Clattenburg who has refereed some of the highest


profile in recent years and leaves for a new assignment in Saudi


Arabia. Got a good record at The Hawthorns, Leicester City. They have


won five of seven. They did lose to West Brom at the King Power earlier


this season when Ranieri was in charge of Leicester. Chadli was


challenged there. It's Danny Drinkwater who has come through him.


He gets the yellow card. That was right in front of the referee. You


just might wonder whether Drinkwater was out of control there.


Evans. Chris Brunt coming in from this side. Good chip over by


Schmeichel. Header by Brunt, which is well saved by the Leicester


goalkeeper. Nyom started the move. Oh, Okuonghae has take unone in the


face from Yacob. Yellow card. Mark Clattenburg right on top of that.


That's an elbow in the face. The way this game has started suggests to me


that we might not be too far off a red card. -- Shinji Okazaki.


Morrison, Brunt, nicely done. Chadli! Well, he was a consistent


goalscorer at Tottenham when he was there, Nacer Chadli. This game


really needs a goal to open it up. Whoever or where ever it comes from.


This is Mahrez. He's taking on Yacob, who concedes the corner.


We've got about three minutes left in the first half. It's low into


Okazaki. This is Ndidi. This has to be seen in the first half so far as


something of a stalemate. Ronaldo. -- Rondon. Oh, given it away. Here's


Vardy for Leicester. Oh, what a good goal for the executioner, Jamie


Vardy. He's now nine in 13 for Leicester. He's back to where he


was, this time last year. This is West Bromwich Albion, architects of


their own downfall. This backpass and a through ball for Vardy. There


was never any chance really of Albion recovering from that. They've


lost their last two home games 1-0. Now they are 1-0 down again. Okazaki


also played a part in the move with a through ball to Vardy. Clinical.


Morrison. Wanted a free-kick, didn't get it. Vardy is off again behind


McAuley. Evans has gone across, and got it. Fuchs backs up. They found


Vardy again, again. Didn't console it very well. Okazaki, inches away


from 2-0. Regardy the provider this time. Couldn't make contact. Just at


the moment, I'd have to say, from where I am, Leicester are showing


that little bit more desire. McAuley forward. There's Rondon underneath


this. Here comes Morrison. Rondon. Rondon. Well, for once, he got some


support. It's taken a while. It's his shot, Ronned Ron. He needs


people to come up. -- Rondon. Nyom. He has forced a corner, Nyom. Off


Simpson. Oh, they are all in together. Dawson


holds his head because it was he that nearly scored. Two against


Arsenal here from corners. He nearly ended the West Brom goal drought


there. The alleyon supporters here have suffered rather a lot recently,


two 1-0 defeats here in their previous two home games. 1-0 down


again today. No goals for over four-and-a-half games. It doesn't


look good -- Albion. Here's Drinkwater. He's opened things up


here for Mahrez. Oh, just wide of the near-post as he tried to catch


Foster out. And, Mahrez, into the side-netting. Oh. That's given


Livermore something to feed on. A little chip past by Morrison. This


is Chadli. Livermore, again. Went behind Morrison. McClean. Oh, what a


good cross. Oh, what a good cross from a very difficult position.


James Morrison was there, but it went straight at Schmeichel.


This is Fletcher. Oh. Lost that to Vardy. You can never rest when he's


around. This is Mahrez. Drinkwater is up on the far side for Leicester


here. Coming to the near-post now, Mahrez. It looks as though another


home game is slipping away for West Bromwich Albion. I'm just pleased


with our performance today. When I say performance, we had to show


different aspects of it today. We had to defend. It was a gutsy


performance and really pleased with the three points. We always wanted


to come here and obviously get the three points. We've done it for the


past couple of seasons now. It's definitely a ground where I like


scoring. We have three points. Go away happy. There is hard work to be


done. Fourth game we have lost 1-0. You know, that could easily, we


could easily have won those games or drawn them. That's the thin lines.


Both ends of the pitch. We have to be more careful defensively and a


little bit - definitely, you know, a little bit more clinical at the


other end. Your players must be going to the owners - give him the


job? Something we will take at the end of the season anded sit down and


reflect on it. I can reflect personally on it as well. We need to


get to the end of the season. It's Mark Clattenburg's last game as a


Premier League referee are we going to miss him? Very much so. A top


referee. Obviously, he's reached the pinnacle of his career in what he's


done. The Premier League should work harder and the referees association


should work harder to keep their best referees. I think Mark is one


of the best referees. We want to maintain this as the best league in


the world, not just in players and teams, but also in officials. It's


disappointing that he's leaving us to go somewhere else. I suppose, if


anything, epitomises Leicester's turn around in-form since the


Ranieri sacking and the Shakespeare appointment is the statistics of


Vardy there? The player we know from last season that led Leicester to


the Premier League title. People questioned early in the season if he


put as much in as he did last season. Today he did. This is early


on in the game. He captures McAuley in possession. Wins a goal for his


team. Being alert, knowing where the goal is and where the danger is. He


spots the situation. Okazaki wins the ball. He is first to react. It's


a great finish. Still got a lot to do to beat the keeper. Puts it away.


Not sure about the celebration. He played so well we will let him off.


You won't see a better cross than this. Excellent ball for accuracy.


Half a ball short. All round game today, excellent. Another good ball


in, causes trouble. I think he's a player who needs to be involved all


the time. He wins the ball again. His workrate has been excellent. He


helps the team in every aspect today. Not only scoring the winner.


This epitomised him. Injury-time, helps the full-back. Closes the West


Brom player down. Comes off the full-back, but an all round


performance today. Excellent today. I criticised him in January that he


wasn't putting as many sprints in and he wasn't scoring as many goals


as he should. It's only fair now that I heap praise on him. He is the


player now that we saw last season. He's back to being a menace and


being horrible to play against, scoring goals, working hard, closing


defenders down. He looks every inch the player he did last season. As


for West Brom, they are eighth even though they have not scored in the


last five games. Stoke were one point ahead


of West Ham going into their game Neither side kicked off in great


form, Stoke had won one in seven, COMMENTATOR: Jack Butland plays at


home for the first time in 13 months after recovering from a long-term


ankle injury. His long-awaited return having come on the road at


Swansea last weekend. West Ham also made a change in goal a week ago


with Adrian starting for the first time in the league for


five-and-a-half months. One clean sheet later and he's keeping


Randolph on the bench again this afternoon. West Ham picked up in


their last three games, taking five points, one win and a couple of


draws. Haven't won on this ground for a little while, though. Lovely


combination. It's promising. It's Berahino. It's blocked by Winston


Reid. It stays at 0-0. First threatening attack of the afternoon


from Stoke City. It very nearly resulted in Berahino's first goal


for the club. Lovely play between Muniesa and Arnautovic on the left


hand side. Berahino's effort blocked. Stoke haven't lost to West


Ham during mavrj Mark Hughes tenure. Two clean sheets in the last three


matches. Defended well so far. On the attack. Fernandez could open up


here. A ball in, he snatched at the chance. Calleri in a good position,


wasn't able to make it count. Neither anxiously looking over their


shoulders. Seven point cushion from West Ham down to Swansea City in the


bottom three. Advantage played by the referee. It would have been a


free-kick for the challenge. He allowed the game to continue. Here


comes Xherdan Shaqiri. Allen with a chance to deliver the ball in. Goes


for the return from Arnautovic. Into Berahino. Can't find a way through.


More promising play from Stoke City. Good play there against Martins


Indi. Now with Ayew. Masuaku. A chance to cross. Decent one. Oh,


good save by Butland. It was nearly a spectacular goal from Ayew. A


superb change from Jack Butland. Little to do, called into action


here. What a save to deny Ayew. Great play all round. Collins


forward. Flag stays down. Could be a chance here for West Ham as they all


go to the line. Calleri went for the spectacular, tried to put it in the


back of the net. He had a really good chance here, Calleri, onside as


he races forward. As the ball comes back out for him went for the Harlem


Globe Trotters finish. Very watchable first half, despite the


lack of goals. Stoke with much of the play. West Ham forced to defend


well at times. Kouyate. He did well here. Into Ayew. Oh, it's fallen


kindly now for Kouyate once more. Across the face of the goal. Stoke


defenders had a look across there. A little deflection coming off Joe


Allen, falling kindly for Kouyate. Dragged it wide of the far-post.


Muniesa. Won himself a free-kick nicely. Ironic cheers from the home


crowd. Arnautovic with the kick. Header on.


Martins Indi tries the shot. Collected here by Ryan Shawcross.


Shaqiri, sends it into the box. Just flicked over the top of the crossbar


by Adrian. Certainly no offside against Shawcross. Here, Shaqiri


whipping it in. Stoke City looking for the breakthrough. Nice touch


from Shaqiri, took him away from Collins. Now it's Berahino. Oh, good


save by Adrian. Berahino still looking for his first


goal in a Stoke City shirt. This was excellent play though from Shaqiri.


Berahino almost getting it past the West Ham goalkeeper.


Kouyate, too strong for Shaqiri. Now it's idea won for West Ham. Good


save by Butland. The danger is still not clear. Cresswell with the


delivery. The blast towards the goal and knocked off the line there by


Butland. Real flurry of activity inside the Stoke City penalty area,


but they survive. Picked up as he's never been away, Jack Butland, since


coming back after injury. Shaqiri initially dispossessed. He was the


first save and just moments later he is the second one. An excellent


performance from Jack Butland, his first home game for Stoke City in 13


months. I'm sure it will have been noted by the England manager.


Given away by Collins. The interception by Shaqiri, who sends


it into waltz Arnautovic. Good save there by Adrian, who somehow manages


to keep it out of the back of the net. What a superb pass, Arnautovic


denied by West Ham's keeper. There were some good moments with balls


flashing across the box and a number of times, but didn't quite get the


Taiwan one of those. If we'd been able to convert one of them, I think


we'd have won. It may have been a more attractive game. But I think


West Ham were clearly happy with the point than we are. I'm really


pleased the way we played with the ball, on the ball, I think Lanzini


was brilliant. But if it's something negative that is the thing, the


reactions in the last third of the pitch, when we created more than


enough chances to score the goals. We want and we need to win games and


for that you have to score goals. Calleri went for the spectacular


with one of his chances. I don't think you went for spectacular, but


the ball was in that position that it was for him and it sounds


strange, but for him, it was easier to try to score like that. You can't


read the cake fitness levels and decision-making in training as well


as you can in a game so you still very much pick it up as you go,


being able to train, train a hell of a lot and feel really good on that


side of it, so to get a couple of games now I feel really good and a


little bit shaky last week, the first one back, but I feel a lot


better today. Yes, his first home game for 13 months and a clean


sheet. Fabulous performance. It was a fabulous performance. You'll be


feeling very good about himself. Those long lonely days in the gym,


I've been there, when you don't see light at the end of the tunnel and


when he put in the performance today, superb. Great skill to get


down to his right hand side there and push it, a big strong hand. That


was the first of many good saves. A good one there again from Ayew, but


the West Ham keep the ball alive, comes back to the far post and then


we saw him saving with his hands, this was equally good with his left


foot. Keep it out anyway. Keep it out there but it comes to Lanzini


here and that's an excellent save, with his left foot. He got injured,


of course, playing for England, so it's good to see the England manager


there. We are out of time. Let's look at the Premier League table.


Chelsea's lead remains four points with top seven teams yet to play but


Everton are guaranteed at least Europa League football next season


despite not kicking a ball. Bournemouth move into the top half


for the first time since January. At the bottom Sunderland are relegated


after a 10-year stay in the Premier League. Hull City remains perilously


close to the drop zone but Burnley look safe as they move onto 39


points. Leicester end the day in 11th. Most of the Sunday papers are


concentrating on a certain boxing clash, but thankfully, some also


have written about the football. Congratulations to Anthony Joshua.


Moyes misery says The Times, a photo of the Jakupovic penalty save. The


express focuses on the Black Cats manager with Moyes, worst day of my


life. Another heavyweight performance from the King knocks


Sunderland out. Goodbye. Full disclosure - you're looking at


a room of double glazing salesmen.


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