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Good evening and welcome to assured perfectly formed at the data. We


just have four fixtures to look at but each match at something riding


on it and football also had the opportunity to remember the life of


Ugo Ehiogu. In the studio we had Trevor Sinclair


and Kevin Kilbane and Trevor, you knew him well, everybody says what a


great player he was but a great man as well. He was a great man, a


gentleman, a huge guy but a true gentleman. Solid on the pitch and


polite and well mannered, almost strange for that era of defenders.


The huge loss for football and you think of his family and close


friends, condolences to them because it is a huge loss and a great shock.


And just 44 years old. It is terribly sad, I first came across


him when I was at West Brom, I did not know him personally but when I


spoke to him he always had time, even when I was a youngster coming


through. Tremendously sad but a total gentleman. He will be missed


by so many. One of his former clubs, Middlesbrough, were at Bournemouth


and we will see that later but we stuck at Hull where Marco Silva's


incredible record since taking over had them just above the relegation


zone and they took on Watford who had three wins in their last four


games. COMMENTATOR: The KCOM Stadium is known as the fort was in these


parts, 16 points from a possible 18 hit is a remarkable record under


Marco Silva and the reason for Hull climbing out of the relegation zone.


Their fate is in their own hand and their fans believe they can do it on


home soil. Six of this starting XI were brought to the club in January


when the likes of Snodgrass and Livermore were sold but he left out


Michael Dobson and Tom Huddlestone. Elmohamady with at right track and


Evandro in midfield. After serving a two match suspension, Miguel Britos


is back in defence for Watford. They have lost their last three in a row


on the road, perhaps on paper very welcome visitors. Hull City's last


appearance here saw them beat Middlesbrough for two and that


success took them out at the bottom three for the first time in six


months and now the challenge is to stay out over the next month.


Robertson is free and available, a chance to whip in a telling centre


and it drops for Clucas. It felt invitingly on the half volley and


Clucas, who has only scored once this season, was unable to control


it and dispatch it goalwards and that is the closest Hull have come


so far. Niasse has time to turn and was


close to picking out Markovic. And then going through on Niang. And it


is a red card! A red card for Oumar Niasse! What a turning point that


could be, not just today but in the season for Hull City. It was a lazy


challenge really, I wouldn't call it a dangerous one, the gist sticks out


his leg and brushes Niang. If you look at the expression on his face,


that says it all. Complete and utter bewilderment and having been


considered strong favourites to win this game, they have a battle ahead.


Britos picking out Tapuai. And a chance to cross and it is often


Robertson -- picking out Etienne Capoue. And that is brilliantly


saved by Jakupovic! It looked like it had crept in under the bar but


Jakupovic and his reactions kept it at 0-0. Not quite so confident and


optimistic now, the Hull faithful. A clever touch from Deeney. Tom


Cleverley and now Amrabat, Hull have bodies back but Amrabat has some


space and the shot came off Alfred N'Diaye for the corner. It opened up


for Watford and Alfred N'Diaye was fortunate not to be cautioned for


trying to drag back Niang. Amrabat almost got away through. The fifth


corner for Watford, it is headed wide by Britos. Hull City at the


moment really struggling to defend the set pieces. And from there he


should be hitting the target. Hull City ending the first half on the


offensive. It has run Drupal Robertson who went down under the


challenge of Amrabat. It was a clumsy challenge from Amrabat and


I'm not sure if he made any contact with the ball as Grosicki tried to


hammer it goalwards. A point would not be the worst outcome for Hull


City but it certainly was a game they targeted to get all three


points from. Niang goes past Markovic.


He couldn't keep it in after Elmohamady had poked it away from


the Watford man. Holebas is shaping for a long throw with Deeney on the


edge of the box. Harry Maguire got underneath it and they made a mess


of it. Hull City have struggled with corners all game and this time with


a long throw. It dropped to Capoue under pressure from Robertson and he


got his shot away and Jakupovic got his right boot in the wake. It was


an improvised stop but every bit as important as the acrobatic save in


the first half to keep out Sebastian Prodl. He has got away from


Elmohamady that he would have done but for the Egyptian using his arms.


Watch on the replay as he went to ground, he falls on the ball.


Worrying moments for Hull City. Tom Cleverley to dink it in, away by


Maguire, Holebas drives it back in and Hernandez can bring it away and


suddenly Hull City have players forward if they can use it quickly,


Robertson has found Rosicky, Markovic in the middle Markovic!


Against the bar and in! What a turnaround, what a counterattack,


what an important goal for Hull City! Shia relief around the KCOM


Stadium as Hull City swarmed forward -- sheer relief. Markovic could not


quite head it home although it might have crossed the line but he was


first to respond and Hull City, very much against the odds, take the lead


and Marco Silva's remarkable record looks like it will continue after


all. That is a lovely touch. Kamil


Grosicki is with him and the pace of Hull at the moment is causing some


trouble for Watford. That is a push by Holebas on Markovic and they will


settle for that. Another opportunity for Hull. Kamil Grosicki and


Robertson are over the ball and everybody is back for Watford. It'll


come out as far as Markovic but it is off Janmaat for the corner. He


couldn't quite get it to drop quickly enough and Janmaat was out


swiftly but it is another corner. Another chance for Hull City and


Grosicki is over it. It will drop to Sam Clucas with a good shot!


Fantastic shot! Sam Clucas for Hull City. What a turnaround. First


Markovic and now Sam Clucas have Hull City heading for another three


points at home and Sam Clucas could not have caught it any better.


Positioned for just this kind of opportunity Gomes had no chance


whatsoever. Beyond his wildest dreams and this incredible record


under Silva at the KCOM Stadium looks like carrying on for a little


while yet. Watford have very much looked like a team who are mid-table


with very little to play for. Touched on by Deeney and he can hit


it! Over the bar. Yakubu bridge will claim he had it covered, Deeney has


been quiet today for Watford -- Jakupovic. And there is the final


whistle and another remarkable chapter in this remarkable Hull City


story at the KCOM Stadium under Marco Silva. If ever a performance


and result spells survival, this was it and these points could be the


points that determine Premier League football here next season.


I say for the players we have to run more than the opponent and we work


more, we deserved this win. It is really important to us but like we


played in the second half, we believe in our work. The red card,


in your eyes was it even a yellow? All of my people and my staff saw on


the TV and said it was yellow card. I don't want to talk too much


because I respect the job of the referee, not easy job. What is your


overriding reaction after the game, frustration or anger? TRANSLATION:


I'm very angry to give away three points could it was nearly


impossible to lose this game and we lost it. One team did all the


horrible stuff and the other team wanted to play it like it was Fifa.


It wasn't fair on our funds are not in the business of apologising but


it is a long old dig up there and we have a responsibility to be a lot


better than that. I'm happy when I feel I club fighting together, the


players and fans and all of the people working here. I don't know


what happened in the end of the season but we will continue to fight


to keep this club in Premier League. Strong words from Troy Deeney. When


you are in trouble at the bottom, you need some fight and Hull had


that in abundance. It comes on belief. Marco Silva has gone in and


done a good job. The training must be very hard but he has simplified


things for the team, they know they have to work hard and the belief is


there in the players and you see it in the performances. And with ten


men, let's clear up the red card. Niasse harshly done by? Very harsh.


It was a lazy leg when he went in for the challenge but I did not see


it as a red card. Bobby Madley is in a good position and I think Marco


Silva is right, he understand the position referees are in but it is


just a lazy leg but not out of control or reckless. I don't think


it is a red card. The surprise on his face... He thinks he is getting


a yellow and he is disappointed about that but when he sees the red


he cannot believe it and I feel for him. But Hull showed tremendous


resilience after that. He did catch him. There is a little tear on the


sock. A little bit but it was not out of control or reckless. It was a


lazy leg. And Marco Silva was equally exasperated by the decision


and Hull will challenge the red card. And quite rightly they will


challenge it. It will go to appeal. They eventually got the goals but


the fella at the other end did a good job when called upon. We spoke


about their character and they were under pressure in the first


particularly from set pieces but Maguire and Ranocchia in front of


Jakupovic did so well but he had to make two or three good saves at key


times in the game when they were under pressure. That was a superb


header from Sebastian Prodl and he sees it late and there is power in


it and he has to react. This is a bit unorthodox, not conventional but


he does enough in an awkward position to get something on it and


clear it and that set them up for the second-half performance that we


saw. In that second half, you picked out


players that made a difference and it is all players Marco Silva has


brought to the club with certain things in mind. Markovic and


Grosicki affected the outcome of the game and Grosicki in particular, a


player I have really liked. A big signing in January for 9 million


from Rennes and I liked him at the euros the Poland, 49 caps, so


signing an experienced player. But when you are down, you have to have


a player who can run 50 or 60 odd and make unselfish runs for his


team-mates to get into position to receive the ball and Grosicki has


done that since he came into the Premier League. This isn't a great


ball but Markovic makes something of nothing and wins a free kick. Here,


he reads the ball ready well, prepared to drive forward without


the ball and that is what they had. This is where the goals come from,


Markovic and Grosicki right on the byline when the free kick comes in,


cleared by Hull, but how quickly they turned defence into attack.


That was the standout factor. Three against one, both running of the


ball. That is the past, I feel, through the middle, but he picks out


Grosicki out wide but what a cross that is. A beauty, isn't it?


Absolutely beautiful and he has to follow it in, it is not over the


line. You would appreciate that, Trevor, the cross. It is one of


them, across which says "Finish the postcard. And in the sick sharp


area, the goalkeeper cannot do that -- in the six yard area. This is


new, go and finish it off. A nice piece of skill you want to


highlight, the goal from Sam Clucas is all about technique, isn't it? If


I am on the edge of the box, I am already thinking about this. Nice


control, and that is a paintbrush finish. Uses his laces, controlled,


beautiful timing. Slight deflection but no chance the goalkeeper can get


anywhere near it. Harsh highlighting the deflection, that is a beauty. It


is all so relaxed and control. Frank Lampard used to do this, make sure


the first touch is perfect. If it doesn't caress that ball as he does,


he couldn't finish it with comfort and he does that and reserve --


deserves the rewards. And paintbrush goes into the football Lexicon.


Watford are safe, was there a touch of them being on the beach? In the


first half, they have possession and caused problems from set pieces but


overall, not good enough. To keep the pressure on Hull, Swansea needed


to put their recent dismal form behind them. Five defeats in six


lead the man with his hands on a message to describe the visit of


Stoke is the biggest game in years. John Roeder was there to see it.


Paul Clement has set a target of three victories in the Swans'


remaining five matches in order, in his words, to have a chance of


staying up and avoiding relegation after six seasons of Premier League


football at the Liberty. Lyon Britton makes his first appearance


under Clement and his first since New Year's Eve. He says his


experience will be invaluable today. Jordan Ayew comes in to provide


threat down the wing. Tom Carroll and Stephen Kingsley are the other


changes. Joe Allen has recovered from a hamstring problem and start


against his former club. At first appearance in over a year for Jack


Butland after a long-term ankle injury while Peter Crouch partners


Saido Berahino upfront. Stoke in their change colours today of all


sky-blue. Swansea hoping this guy doesn't fall in on them today.


Defeat here would leave Swansea in all sorts of bother in the bottom


three. Sigurdsson given space. Couldn't


bring it down to get the shot on target. Encouraging signs for


Swansea in the early exchanges. Eight goals for Gylfi Sigurdsson


this season. Jordan Ayew on the chase, trying to


get away from Erik Pieters. Ayew has it, pulled it back towards Shaw


Cross. Was that handball? Swansea supporters howling for a penalty


kick, but interestingly, none of the Swansea players were. Ayew with the


ball in and away off the chest. Swansea have to be content with a


corner, their first of the afternoon.


Lorenzi! Swansea make the breakthrough. -- Fernando Llorente!


Just the start that Paul Clement and this part of south Wales have been


dreaming of. Swansea's first corner, Llorente in a bit of room and no one


really tracks is run and able to tuck it pass Buckland and into the


Stoke goal. Fernando Llorente gets his 12th goal of the season and how


important a goal could that be? . I am sure Swansea fans will be


looking frequently at the score from the KCOM today. What has Stoke got


in a way of response? Support from Allen. Berahino! What a


chance that was for Saido Berahino to get his first goal for Stoke


City. The header here a long way off target from Berahino. Stoke have a


real problem scoring goals away from home. They haven't scored away from


home since mid-January, when they won at Sunderland. Over 500 minutes


without a goal on their travels. Arnautovic... Swansea can't keep


hold of it. Shaqiri. We know he can hit them. Not on this occasion,


though. Four goals for Xherdan Shaqiri this season. Three of them


have come against Hull. Slides it in towards Jordan Ayew. He


has got Llorente in the middle. Ayew goes the goal and it was almost


through the legs of Jack Butland. So close to a second goal, Swansea. And


still the pressure is on the Stoke goal.


Shaqiri fouled by Tom Carroll and that will be the first caution of


the match. Tom Carroll is shown yellow. Jordan Ayew making the run


here and you can see the angle is a tight one. Just off the leg of the


Stoke goalkeeper. Last few seconds of this first half.


It is towards Crouch. Berahino! Straight at Fabianski. Wonderful


chance for Stoke to equalise just before the break and, indeed, that


is the half time whistle. Crouch's header across and Berahino guiding


it towards goal. Fabianski right behind it and Swansea preserve their


lead at the break. Llorente. Trudged through to Jordan


Ayew. Was he blocked in the penalty area by Pieters? Michael Oliver had


a perfect view and says play on. You can see here the referee's position,


unimpeded view of it. Little chip forward from Shaqiri


towards Arnautovic. Shaqiri, can he stabbed it in? Michael Oliver says


penalty. Stoke with the chance to draw level after an incisive move


was brought to a close. Arnautovic looking for support, finding it here


and the challenge just outside the six yard area from Hernandez was an


illegal one. Marko Arnautovic against


Fabianski... And he has put it over! Swansea fans celebrate as if they


had scored. I, very high, from Marko Arnautovic. Desperately poor


penalty. Stoke were handed a lifeline, Stoke's barren run away


from home continues. It is over 570 minutes away from home since Stoke


last scored in the Premier League. Tom Carroll Dreiser towards goal and


scores! Swansea almost concede at one end, the penalty is sky Dover by


Arnautovic and moments later, Tom Carroll doubles Swansea's lead --


Row skied over. Jordan Ayew with the ball infield, Tom Carroll a long way


out and it loops over Jack Butland into the top corner and it just


takes a slight touch off Joe Allen, which was enough to take it away


from Butland. It so easily could have been 1-1. It is now 2-0 and


that is the reaction down in the Swansea technical area. Unbridled


joy. What a couple of minutes of football. A couple of minutes that


may very well come to define City's season. Britton. Ball through


towards Carroll. Tom Carroll to finish it... Superb save from


Butland. That shot was heading towards the top corner. The path to


goal was unimpeded, but Butland in the way to stick out at hand and


prevent a third Swansea goal. And it was so close. Just one point from


their previous six fixtures for Swansea, but you wouldn't have


guessed it from their performance today.


Swansea look to play it out from the back. Ayew the only man forward at


the moment in support. It is through towards Jordan Ayew, who is going to


have to do it on his own. Tight angle, Butland right behind it.


Swansea pressing so hard, looking for a third goal that might just put


this match beyond Stoke. Comes off Kyle Naughton, Stoke


corner. Just under two minutes plus stoppage time remaining.


Allen sprinting into the penalty area. Over by Martins Indi. Doesn't


score in what is looking like a defeat at the Liberty.


After taking just one point from their previous six fixtures, Swansea


take all three from this must win game. What a day for Swansea, they


live to fight another day. Swansea to, Stoke zero. A massive win for us


today, a lot of talk in the midweek was it was a must win game for us


and a lot of pressure going into the match but the performance was good


and two goals in a clean sheet, so we are very happy. Second half, we


dominated possession and didn't have those clean cook opportunities but,


clearly, from our point of view, the game has changed on the missing of


the penalty. If that goes in, the game is changed and we miss it, they


go up the field and get a deflected goal to make it 2-0. Difficult


afternoon. I have been here a long time and I was happy to be out there


today. I was happy to last 85 minutes, I got a little bit of cramp


at the end but it has been difficult at the sidelines watching. I wanted


to have an effect out there, which was pleasing.


And after the match, we grabbed a word with the Swansea boss. Paul,


congratulations, I know you call this the biggest game in years for


the club. With that in mind, you must have been delighted with the


way your players responded? Yes, very proud of the team today. I'm


happy for our supporters as well, they have seen a struggle the last


few games, picking up minimal points at a very crucial stage of the


season. I believed it was a must win game today. The fact that Hull have


won as well shows it was absolutely right, because of the Gap had gone


to five points with four games to go, I think the task would have been


very difficult. We played terrifically well today, especially


in the first half. Rode our luck a little bit, especially with the


missed penalty, but overall, I think we deserved to win and now we can


move forward and look forward to our next game. What was your view on


that mad minute, the penalty miss at one end, you go straight down the


other end and within 60 seconds, Tom Carroll gets the decisive goal. That


is what the margins are like at this level, sometimes they go for you,


sometimes they go against you. Having looked back at the penalty,


three or four different angles, I can't even see that it is a penalty


or it is not, I don't know. But it was given, we got that little bit of


luck and even for the goal, it was a fantastic strike by Tom but the


little deflection off Joe Allen, it has gone right into the top corner


so that gave us the breathing space at the end of the game. He said


about Hull and the gap between yourselves and them. Do you follow


their result during the game and how is that the you, do you keep


up-to-date on the touchline? Not usually, but I knew at half-time


that it was 0-0 and had gone a man down, so it is a terrific result for


them but I did feel going into the game that it would be a game they


would win. They obviously did it in more difficult circumstances. But we


have to concentrate on doing our jobs, we have a massive game next


week, we go up to Old Trafford and obviously a very difficult place to


go and win a game but what I am pleased about is we actually put in


a decent performance today. We haven't been doing that in recent


games, so I am very happy. Have you thought about the number of points


and number of wins you need from those last four games? I thought


including the Stoke game, we would need three wins and a draw and I


wasn't even sure that would be enough. It is all depending on how


Hull do. They are in the driving seat but we will chase them down


right to the very last moment. We wish you all the best. Thank you.


Very honest saying he would watch the Hull results. Dealing with the


key incidents, Fernando Llorente had some grief last week for not reading


too much but if you're in the right place at the right time it doesn't


matter. The market is zonal for Stoke and you can see it, Peter


Crouch at the near post, Martins Indi and Shawcross at the far post


and he is saying to stay in his space. Alfie Mawson makes a good run


across and he gets sucked in and who don't you want it landing to? Great


finish from Fernando Llorente, great execution, he doesn't need to sprint


for that! And if there was some on the post they might have dealt with


it but Jack Butland had no chance. When you have that kind of quality


on the set pieces, Sigurdsson is the second-best in assists this year,


you have to defend better than that. As Marcuse said, the match was gone


in 60 seconds with the penalty miss -- Mark Hughes said. It was good


defending to start with. The penalty, great linkup between


Arnautovic and chicanery and I felt it was the right call from Michael


Oliver. Fernandez should not make the challenge. He wanted to take it


and I bet he wish he had because this was poor. He has to work


Fabianski but doesn't it the target and a minute later, a good first


touch and another deflection. You have to say that Tom Carroll was


superb in the middle of the park with Leon Brittan. They were doing


the ugly part as well as the glamorous parts and he was


outstanding. The deceit Jack Butland back after being out for a long time


-- good to see him back. He was playing very well at the time and


has been out for a while and showed it a bit with a couple of rusty


touches. Just a bit out of his feet more than he would like. This one


takes with his left am not as confident as he should be. But his


first game back and a year is a long time out. I see him at a solid


goalkeeper, he does all the basics really well. He commands his area


well. A couple of things will always be like that but that was a great


save. That is what Stoke fans are used to seeing from him. Saying he


is solid, I think he is better than that. Let's look at the fixtures for


both teams. Paul Clement things they need another couple of wins and


maybe a draw and if I ask you who is staying up who are you going for? On


the fixtures, Swansea have the better running, but on the back of


it, I think Hull have the momentum and they might stay up. I agree,


they have the easier run in the belief in the manager at Hull could


see them do it. We go to Bournemouth next where the visit of


Middlesbrough was overshadowed by the death of Ugo Ehiogu who was


their record signing years ago. COMMENTATOR: Fondly remembered on


Deeside, Ugo Ehiogu enjoyed seven good years at the Riverside, winning


the League Cup in 2004 but suddenly and rather shockingly the players


are wearing black armbands and we are left remembering a life well


lived that ended too soon. Dan Gosling comes back from a knee


injury, timely given the absence of Jack Wilshere. Ryan Fraser is


preferred to Junior Stanislas. Middlesbrough go with three at the


back as Calum Chambers returns on a foot injury. George Friend starts


with Fabio, who picked up a knee problem against Arsenal, on the


bench. Bournemouth with a different perspective at the moment having got


themselves into a position where they are at seven points above the


relegation trapdoor as opposed to their opponents who need every point


they can get and more at the moment. It looks decidedly bleak for


Middlesbrough. Pugh goes away from Barragan as if


he was not there. Cleared by Gibson. A bright start


from Bournemouth in the sunshine. Going for the return and beautifully


done and what a goal! Absolutely superb from Joshua King! Bournemouth


ahead in just over a minute and a half. Short, sharp, crisp passing,


the Middlesbrough players, like the crowd, left watching. Pugh and


Daniels and the final touch from King and yet again he scores for


Bournemouth and he has ten goals in his last 11 matches. King gives


Bournemouth the lead after 96 seconds.


That was a the interception by Friend and away, Middlesbrough with


Negredo chasing. What handful he is, support from Ramirez blew goes down


under pressure and the free kick goes to Bournemouth and Ramirez gets


an earful from the Bournemouth defenders and he will get a booking


as well when he lists his head up. It was Negredo causing the problems


and the challenge from Francis and this will be a better angle. I don't


think there can be too many complaints with the yellow card for


that. Tidy turn from Pugh. Neat from Bournemouth, promising. Plenty of


yellow shirts getting back now. Daniels against Barragan. He has got


the beating of him and he almost found King again and that is a


profitable route and it is Benik Afobe! 2-0! We are only 16 minutes


into this game. Benik Afobe gifted an opportunity which he snaffles up


and Middlesbrough are in a big hole early on the south coast. Charlie


Daniels with the cross, only half cleared and it was sloppy from


Middlesbrough and the deflection carried it through to Benik Afobe


and he guided it past Brad Guzan. Benik Afobe with his sixth goal of


the season. Here comes Alvaro Negredo! Goodness


me, the power on that almost took Artur Boruc into the back of the net


with the ball in his hand! He absolutely leathered that!


Brad Guzan slices it horribly. Barragan did well to keep it in but


he gave it away and the Middlesbrough defending is


shambolic. It is King and it should have been three! Middlesbrough were


so lucky to get away with that. Bournemouth attacking at will and


carving open chances, few with the delightful flick and Joshua King


spurned the opportunity to make it three inside 19 minutes. Plenty for


Joe Jordan and Steve Agnew to discuss, not much for Mr Gibson to


enjoy. Ramirez has done well here against Daniels. Good play by Gaston


Ramirez. That will be a free kick for the


challenge by Gaston Ramirez who has already been booked by the referee


and it is a second yellow card and it goes from bad to worse for


Middlesbrough! Inside the opening 20 minutes, 2-0 down and down to ten


men. Ramirez was booked for simulation of the minutes ago inside


the area and booked again for the challenge near the corner flag. They


did not look to be a lot of contacts but it was a daft place to go diving


in and give the Lepori the option. Two daft yellow cards in all honesty


-- to give the referee the option. Middlesbrough supporters applauding


around the ground, also encouraging the Bournemouth fans to join in. Ugo


Ehiogu was 44 when he lost his life tragically early and now, after 44


minutes, he is remembered once again by everybody in this stadium. It


looks like every chance that Bournemouth will be enjoying Premier


League football for another year. Smith got the better of George


Friend and here is Fraser sending it in for Benik Afobe! A good save by


Brad Guzan. Afobe denied what would be his second goal of the game.


Eddie Howe's team looking for what would be their first win in five. It


all breaks down for Middlesbrough and here comes Ryan Fraser for


Bournemouth. Looking for Afobe, a vital interception by Calum Chambers


for Middlesbrough. Again they don't get it away and now it could open up


for Bournemouth once more! It is three this time! Marc Pugh. Only his


second goal of the season but yet again Middlesbrough did not clear


their lines and they were made to pay once more. They don't get rid of


it. It was 3-0 to Bournemouth two seasons ago when they played each


other in the Championship and it is 3-0 today. It does look as if one of


the two will be back in the Championship next season. Fraser


forward now, down goes Adam Smith for the free kick. What can they


plunger up here? We are past the midpoint of the second half. Charlie


Daniels still going and it is four! Charlie Daniels scores for the first


time since the 3-3 draw with Arsenal at the turn of the year and it is


turning into quite a party for Bournemouth against the ten men of


Middlesbrough who are enduring a wretched afternoon. Charlie Daniels


at the take evasive action as the defence closed in but got his shot


away. A big win for Bournemouth, Middlesbrough's trip to the south


coast is a thoroughly miserable one. Often when you have a player sent


off that is the key point in the game in terms of the outcome. We


were 2-0 down away from home and it becomes very difficult but we had to


stay in the game and obviously with the sending of it has not helped us.


When you have a yellow card you have to be very careful. We made an


electric start and the first 20 minutes we were dominant and scored


two good goals. There was a good feel about the team. The sending off


almost had an adverse effect on us for a small period where we were a


bit on cruise control and wanted to go for the throat in the second half


and we did that and kept our discipline and won the game


comfortable with. It is the most confident you have ever felt? I


would say it is the best form of my career but I have to keep going, I


just want to work hard and try to improve as a player and help my


team-mates to climb the table. We have to beat Sunderland on


Wednesday, it will be a tough fixture, a north-east derby but that


is what we have to do and then move on. Let's have a look at this red


card. You were sympathetic about Niasse but I'm not sure you will


have the same rear moat -- the same emotions for Gaston Ramirez. No, the


first one is ridiculous, I would not mind if he went over as Francis


makes the challenge. Sorry, it is Cook. But that is ridiculous. He


must be two or three metres past before he goes down and it is


ridiculous and stupid. When you are on a yellow card, why go to ground?


There is no way he should be doing it, there is very little contact on


Ryan Fraser. But that is just ridiculous and he has given the


referee a decision to make and that is it. I have no sympathy for him at


all. There wasn't much contact but as Kevin said, it is the intent and


recklessness of it having already been booked. Have some brains and


stay on your feet. We know the stakes are high for Middlesbrough


but they were struggling with 11 and a Steve Agnew said they were naive.


He spoke about poor defending today and in the first few minutes, you


have to see it through and Bournemouth were on top on the front


foot. They have enough bodies back, five against two and two against two


out wide and no real danger but the problem is when Charlie Daniels laid


it back. He went inside and I felt that was the moment Clayton has to


get tight and close. We can't allow Daniels to turn like this. It is a


well worked goal but it is two minutes into the game and it should


not be happening particularly when Bournemouth on the front foot and


Middlesbrough are trying to see it through early on. This is the second


goal, 16 minutes, eight against five and it is a training ground drill,


get back in position. It is something I took a rank or worked on


with his team, defending the Dolberg this is naive defending. -- Aitor


Karanka worked on. Harry Arter does great to close down Clayton but it


was poor and you are 2-0 down. They have not been scoring anyway.


What on earth has happened to Josh King? 12 goals in 16 and before this


season, 12 goals in his entire league career. That is the purple


patch to beat all purple patches. It is tremendous from him. He came to


Hull when I was there and I knew he had ability, real pace to burn. This


is the sort of thing he is starting to do, making clever runs. He should


do better there, but he gets himself in a great position. Chasing lost


causes, he gets something from nothing here and that is what I have


really liked about him. He looks fit, he looks confident and it is a


good manager. Eddie Howe has been coaching him, it is good leadership


from the manager and he is encouraging him to do these things.


Listen, if it wasn't the Callum Wilson's injury, would he have got


the opportunity? He has certainly taken his opportunity. He has scored


the third most in the Premier League behind Lukaku and Harry Kane. Very


impressive stuff. One more game to come for you and two tomorrow.


And before that, you can enjoy the highlights of Chelsea - Spurs in the


FA Cup semifinal on the website. It is a busy old Sunday and it


starts with this... The London Marathon, tomorrow, 8:30


a.m., live on BBC Two. Look too strong but Giggs is there


and it is turned in by Robben van Persie! Rooney looks for van Persie.


And van Persie thrashes it home. Van Persie in the centre. Giggs


looks for him. Van Persie! Hat-trick! And a 20th English league


title. Van Persie scored 26 league goals


that season to top the scoring charts. This time around, they are


led by Romelu Lukaku, who has 24 already and those goals have Everton


looking good for Europe next season. They travel to West Ham side still


looking the wrong way down the table.


Jonathan Pearce was at the London stadium. Three more points will see


West Ham saved, but Romelu Lukaku's presence is deeply concerning for


them. He has scored in his last nine games against West Ham. Adrian gets


his first league outing in five and a half months. Nordtveit his first


start since January and Calleri his debut. Everton have dropped Joel


Robles, they have not won away since January but have not lost to West


Ham in eight visits. West Ham are patched up side, they have only won


of their last 48 games against Everton so they come into this


underdogs. Adrian didn't really want Lukaku coming down onto the ball and


he just about got there. But as he got there, Adrian lifted his foot in


the challenge and Mirallas had a quick word with the referee. Quite


awkward for him, needed an extra touch. Watch his foot. Is that is


not dangerous play? If he made contact with the Everton player, he


could have been nastily injured. I can't remember the Premier League


game that has reached the midway mark of the first half this season


where there has not been an effort on goal by either side. If you are


watching Match of the Day, I bet you haven't seen too many highlights of


this game up until this point. Given away by Idrissa Gueye, got back and


filed his man and will probably be cautioned for it. And quite rightly


so. Sloppy, the pass, by Idrissa Gueye.


And a caution for his pains. In comes the free kick. Good header.


Aware of the danger, Phil Jagielka got it away. Idrissa Gueye's tenth


yellow card of the season gave away the free kick. West Ham looked


dangerous from it. Calleri is in the six yard area. Headed away by


broccoli. Strike by Nordtveit, that was powerful, comes back to him and


the deflection, which makes it more dangerous. The first one blocked by


Davies, the second deflected by Calleri. West Ham are certainly


missing Mark Noble, who has just passed 400 games for the club. An


accumulation of yellow cards. Masuaku with good work around the


outside. Important header away by Jagielka. Much better now, the game.


Crossed in by Fernandes, off Davies. All I can think of is that on London


Marathon weekend, they were pacing themselves in the opening half an


hour, which was dreadful. Much brighter now.


Lanzini will swing this away. It is loose on the edge. Winston Reid


stretches forward. Lanzini again, lifts it in. Collins comes in.


Aggressive header, thumps the ground. West Ham United the more


dangerous side in the first period. Everton were truly dreadful, really.


65% of the ball but they only had two touches inside the West Ham


penalty box and they have made two substitutions at the break.


Schneiderlin beaten to it by Masuaku. Real opportunity for West


Ham. Fernandes, has he too much? Comes out to Lanzini. Brilliant,


brilliant block. Jagielka flung himself at it so typically. And now


the game is stretched. Hooray. Fernandes, a bright run by him,


could have got a shot away on a couple occasions. It was blocked out


and when the shop did come in by Lanzini, it was a terrific block by


Jagielka. -- the shot did come in. Now Lanzini. The most positive


individual run we have seen all day. Intelligent movement by Sakho to


take the defenders out of the pack by Lanzini -- of Lanzini. Slaven


Bilic will be by far the happier manager.


Holgate's cross for Lukaku to attack. It nearly came through for


Calvert-Lewin. The first meaningful ball hit into the West Ham box for


Lukaku to attack in the entire game. Holgate. Lovely pass from a very


promising player. Away for another corner. It will be so hard on West


Ham if they lose it Baines left footed. Out by Lanzini.


West Ham have stayed in deep. Baines with the cross, across the goal by


Jagielka. Shirt pulled by Collins, look at


that, nearly had the shirt off his back. Welsh international


colleagues. Given away by Jagielka. Lanzini up


towards Sakho. Blocked by Williams, who is claiming there was a hand


there in controlling the ball. West Ham have a corner, they are


finishing strongly. Two minutes to go, it is there a corner of the game


in the 88th minute. It is aimed beyond the far post,


Fonte's header down. Straight at the keeper and is that the last chance


we will have? West Ham have created more chances, certainly and Everton,


very disappointing day. If they are to finish in the top five, they have


to be better than this. By far the better team today,


weren't you? I agree and I'm very pleased with the performance. Were


respecting a massive game, difficult game and all that comes with that


but I told the guys after the game that it simply -- I simply couldn't


have asked for more. How far below your normal performance was this


today? Really far. From the first minute till the last second. I think


we didn't bring that intensity from the start in the game. It was a


really poor performance. We like to perform on the level what we can and


today was far from that. We still might need a few points. We don't


want to go into the last game with the radio on. We need wins to maybe


get a chance to finish sixth or fifth at the end of the season, but


one point, for sure, the performance of today doesn't bring their


position in the table. In the nicest possible way, not a game to dwell on


for too long. Another good showing from James Collins, but did he get


away with one? I thought they defended really well, James Collins


in the tree, Masuaku was good going forward. He did get away with one,


he had hold of Ashley Williams' shirt for quite awhile, I couldn't


understand why Roger East couldn't see it. We looked at the replays and


Roger East was looking at the corner taker. What for, I don't know, but


James Collins will be grateful he got away with it there. If Everton


had scored, it would have been against the run of play because


there was much more endeavour from West Ham. Ronald Koeman, in another


interview afterwards, said if he could have changed ten players at


half-time, he would have done. Everton were really poor, they


didn't get going like they have over the last few months. They have done


well this season but there is more to come. They are good for the


Europa League. Let's see how all those games have affected the table.


None of the title tenders in league action, so Chelsea are still four


Point Clear. Everton nudge ahead of Arsenal but have played three games


more. Middlesbrough's position looks very concerning, both teams above


them won. Thank you, gentlemen, thank you for watching. That is it


from us, we are all off to buy a paintbrush. Goodbye.


# You've made it this far Don't leave it to chance


# No holding back No half measures


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