15/04/2017 Match of the Day


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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


Just six weeks of the season remain and everything still to play for.


Goals are our business - and we've seen plenty today.


No shortage of Premier League goals in the studio as well.


437 if we're counting - and these two certainly are.


Alan Shearer is joined by Frank Lampard, making his debut


Spurs were chasing a 12th straight home win to keep


the pressure on leaders Chelsea, who face Manchester United tomorrow.


Opponents Bournemouth have yet to win on the road in 2017.


The 50th consecutive White Hart Lane victory in all competitions would


surpass Tottenham's record-setting 1987, close the gap at the top end


four points and leave Bournemouth looking over their shoulders at the


relegation rat Pack. Harry Kane's league start is perfectly timed,


fully fit after his ankle injury, looking for another goal. Kyle


Walker is also back. Unchanged for the visitors. Junior Stanislas,


sidelined since January with a groin strain, comes in for Ryan Fraser.


Josh King has scored 11 in his last 13 games. They've only beaten Spurs


ones, in the FA Cup in 1957. They haven't won anywhere on their


travels since New Year's Eve. Spurs have conceded just eight goals here


this season. 22 in all, best defence in the Premier League. Threatening


from wide positions, of course. Dembele gave that some crack. Too


much space for Dembele. The keeper did very well, because came through


the forest of legs. No wins in six away from home. For Eddie Howe's


team. They've conceded 69 goals, only Hull and Swansea have conceded


more. France's let it go out of play,


because he was sure it was a goal kick. -- Francis has let it go out


of play. Just over a quarter of an hour played. He was absolutely


convinced it was a Bournemouth ball. It came off Harry Arter's ball for


me. Definitely a corner. What a mistake to make, if they score here.


Bournemouth won't be happy at all. All the Wirral to the near post. A


touch from Dembele. Tottenham ahead. It's been coming since kick-off.


Bournemouth unhappy at the decision but a corner kick was given. It was


rifled in. Left with too much space. Zonal marking, he was left with too


much space. Dembele's first goal since November 2015. One of so many


Tottenham players who have had a very good season, Dembele. An


opportunity for Tottenham to pressurise Chelsea today.


Around the outside. 2-0. Brim full of confidence. Son Heung-min makes


it 2-0 to Spurs. Two goals in three minutes.


That's 19 goals in a remarkable season for him. 12 months ago, he


simply wouldn't have attempted this run. Given away cheaply by


Bournemouth. He went through the gears and beat the goalkeeper from a


fairly tight angle. He's got 11 goals in his last 16 now. Boruc


didn't cover himself with glory here. It's all Spurs.


Disguised across the far post. Too far for up Afobe, but a good


bawling, really dangerous. A bit of disguising it. He might have pushed


it down the line, but he didn't. A really good bawling. Eddie Howe, as


player and manager, has now been involved in 641 games. A lovely


touch, Eriksen, Boruc got down. Good football by Spurs. Lovely touch by


Harry Kane. Took it first time, Eriksen. He needed to. Last time


Spurs won 14 consecutive home games was 1987, the days of Clive Allen. I


was with Clive this week. He's purring about this Tottenham side at


the moment. Think they can go onto really big things, even if the title


eludes them this season. He's here with his cousin Paul Soliai, club


ambassadors. -- his cousin Paul today, club ambassadors. Deserved a


goal. Absolutely hammered it over. It was a beautiful move. From Spurs


side full flow. So confident and the pressure is back on Chelsea, with


this sort of performance. Such a good balance about Spurs these days.


They are more dispassionate team, or clinical this season than they were


12 months ago. Dele Alli looking for Kane. Francis is there with him.


They've made it three, right at the start of a second half. It's about


strength and persistence. Three points beckoned. His sixth goal


against Bournemouth. In the last two seasons. Now in 13 for him, and 25


this season. Too strong for Francis. Gave himself time and space to crack


the shot away. Spurs three, Bournemouth nil. I've been covering


Tottenham matches for 30 years, but this is the closest I've seen to


Tottenham team capable of winning the title. Back into Harry Kane.


Junior the goalkeeper. But a hat-trick at Bournemouth last season


. They are almost safe. They are uncomfortably close to the


relegation position. It's given away by Bournemouth. They


really haven't played that well. Onto Harry Kane's right foot. It


dropped down. Good move here by Spurs. Kane's first touch was heavy.


The shot away was under pressure. Jack Wilson has gone down injured.


He took a wrap from Harry Kane, in what is a bit unseemly here is Spurs


fans have been cheering this injury for Jack Wilson, former Arsenal


opponents, north London rivalry of course. A sad sight, that. Spurs


have a very tricky run ahead. London derbies macro to come for


Pochettino's team. Daniels. That's the first shot that


the goalkeeper has had to save in the Tottenham penalty box all day


long. They've been playing 73 minutes and Bournemouth haven't


really been at the races. Dele Alli to Dembele, rarely wasted a parcel


day. -- rarely wasted a pass all day. Ben Davies denied, a first


league goal for him in this campaign. Son Heung-min, what an


excellent afternoon he's had. A lovely turn. Full of trickery,


confidence. And finishing ability this season. This is a season where


he has really blossomed as a Premier League player. The 24-year-old from


South Korea. Very much part of the international side. Good vision.


Davies joining in. Vincent Janssen get sit-in. -- gets it in. Two


minutes into stoppage time. It's been a long wait for him, a goal in


the Premier League from the replay for Vincent Janssen. A huge roar


from White Hart Lane to seal a magnificent afternoon. Chelsea, be


concerned, because Tottenham are coming at you. This has been a


thrilling performance. Bournemouth and very well beaten side, from the


very start, through to the very end. Johnson makes it Tottenham four,


Bournemouth nil. Fantastic performance. We fully deserved it, a


fantastic period in our club. Now we wait for tomorrow. The media,


everyone connected with the club, it's easy to read things that we are


safe and OK and subconsciously that can be difficult. It's my job to


make everyone aware we are not. Three seasons in a row, 20 Premier


League goals, how proud are you of that? It's a great achievement.


After the first season there was a lot of talk whereby I'll continue it


and now it's three in a row. It shows it's where I belong. Six games


left now in the Premier League. We have to go full throttle and play


like that today, get the wins, get the clean sheets, score goals. We


have to wait and see. Who said that one season wonder stuff? Harry Kane


joys and illustrious list of players that have scored 20 plus Premier


League joys and illustrious list of players


that have scored 20 plus Premier League goals in three consecutive


seasons. Look who is on their! You know what he has to do now? He has


to score 30 plus in three consecutive seasons. No 1's ever


done that, have they? Someone has! Frank, welcome. In terms of Spurs,


they did what they had to do and did it in style, 12 home wins on the


bounce. The first time they've done that in their history. Spurs were


fantastic today, they dominated the game from beginning to end. They are


playing with real confidence, the youth in their team, pays in their


team, the movement, their passing. They were a joy to watch. The really


impressive thing, not just their passing and their ability on the


ball, we know they have good players, but their movement today


was fantastic. We see Vertonghen getting on the ball here. He's


looking to try to play forward. Walker has given really good which


is higher than the pitch and what the Tottenham wants to do is get the


ball in behind the Bournemouth midfield so with the wits Walker has


given them, by the time he's coming he's attacking into their box and


when you look at the numbers in the box, the reason why Tottenham have


four players and the goals this season is because they are in and


around it. They are in their covering spaces. There's no


pressure. They are moving the ball quickly and efficiently. Walker is


now a right winger, not a right back anymore, which has allowed Eriksen,


because he's intelligent to come onside. It's behind the Bournemouth


midfield, Eriksen is on the move, he knows where he wants it. He wants to


go into an area where he can hurt Bournemouth. He gets behind them,


gets a shot at goal. Davies on the other side gave great width, pulling


people wide. Bournemouth can't cover the width of the pitch. Son


Heung-min not not content to sit on the side of the box. They could have


had six or seven goals. You won't overly impressed with Bournemouth?


Although they played a good side in Tottenham, they turned up expecting


to be beaten. 35 points, they think they are safe, they are not, and


they didn't turn up today. They didn't put the effort in at all.


Didn't close people down. It was a very sloppy performance. His mentor


Ruiz Dembele, this is their opening goal, set pieces. No one in and


around him at all. Their 1-0 down. Very, very poor. Jack Wilson trying


to play outside the boot, very good from Tottenham, but it's far too


easy for them. From a Bournemouth point of view, this is what I'm on


about, effort, closing down, working hard. Look at them jogging, whether


it's done is to ask, Afobe, it's too easy. You can't give good players


time on the ball. No protection from Arter or from Wilshere and Frank is


right, it should have been seven or eight. Time on the ball again,


simple ball in, lovely touch from Harry Kane, but someone has to close


down. Someone has to be prepared to put a trickle in. They are getting


through that back four with ease. Jogging once again in the second


half. No tackles going in, they have to be prepared to crunch people and


work hard and to be fair to Arie Harter -- Harry Arter, he was


probably the only one who put in a shift for his team today but it's


just taking potshots at the goalkeeper, who was also pulling off


some good saves. Jack Wilson poor, he does manage to get back in. This


is where he gets injured again, a decent chance again from Harry Kane.


He goes off injured and that moved a Bournemouth was meant to reignite


his career, but I think it's created more issues. 22 league starts, no


goals, two assists, it hasn't gone well at all. He's had game time but


he hasn't played as well as people expected him to. PFA nominations


this week. We've were surprised not to see Dele Alli on there?


Yes I think the vote's too soon. You look at the six there, Sanchez in a


team that's had a negative season. I think Dele Alli's problem is he had


a weaker first half of the season and when the vote's gone in, we


haven't seen the form they have. You would think with the technology we


have the votes could be cast in the last week of the season. It has


never made any sense. Manchester City were looking


to move seven points clear of Manchester United in the race


for a Champions League place. Pep Guardiola's side


were in action at Southampton, who've yet to beat a top six


side this season. Gabbiadini has scored six goals in


his first five games for the club, before an injury stopped him.


Claudio Bravo has not stopped for City, his last save was from Keane


in January. Seven out of seven shots since have beaten him. Kompany is


back in help and that should be a help.


Gabbiadini, Bertrand in the middle and Tadic has wasted the best chance


of the game so far. They have barely had the ball, let alone an


opportunity up to this point. Gabbiadini into Tadic and for a


player of his quality from that position, that is a poor attempt.


City have only won two of their last seven matches in all competitions.


David Silva, oh, it's wide! It is not a sitter, but you would have


expected him to get this on target. Into the side netting from the


little Spaniard, much to his manager's frustration. It is his


301st game for Manchester City, David Silva, that probably should


have been his 50th goal. Sane with a great turn of pace and Forster did


brilliantly. Neil Swarbrick in no doubt there was no foul here from


Forster. The keeper just does very well. Sane with great pace.


Forster's got a hand to it. Forster just got his finger tip to it.


Another Manchester City free kick and the foul's are racking up here.


Looked at the Achilles heel. That is nasty from Bertrand on Aguero.


Aguero's been fouled. Southampton complain, but it is a City free


kick. Navas, well hit. Pretty central and


rising, Forster would be disappointed not save this. He has


done well here. A free header, Kompany scores!


Vincent Kompany, Manchester City's captain, heads them in front. And


the frustration of his season comes coursing out in his celebration.


This means a lot to Vincent Kompany. Forster seemed to be surprised by


it. He didn't deal with it. Southampton 0, Manchester City 1.


And there could barely be a more popular scorer for the visitors than


one Vincent Kompany. Weeks and months of pent up frustration


released in the twinkling of an eye. Forster did enough. Silva. Great


block by Stevens. Close to falling further behind. Aguero in all kinds


of space in the middle. Forster had to be brave and he is hurt.


Only Southampton's second corner of the game.


A free header. Yoshida straight at Bravo. In that sequence of seven


shots on target, all of which have beaten him, has been broken.


De Bruyne is away. Sane to his left. Here he is. Great goal. Brilliant,


brilliant breakaway goal. De Bruyne started it and then set up Sane to


finish it. Southampton ripped apart here. That is brilliant from De


Bruyne. And unselfishly put it on a plate for Sane. To stroke in his


ninth goal of the season. And surely put this game beyond Southampton.


Counterattacks are rarely quicker or more deadly than that.


Aguero! 3-0! Scoring made simple. Manchester City go third. Aguero


nodding in from close range. It is a bit harsh on Southampton, who have


played their part in the game. But just so sharp, Manchester City. And


Kevin De Bruyne right at the heart of it. Aguero attacked it and no one


was saving that. De Bruyne with two quick-fire assists. We were able


finally to make 50, 25 passes in a row. Of course in front we could be


better with the quality of our play is different and have more control.


But in this stadium against that team, this team, so how complicated


it is and winning three, so it is important for our qualification for


the Champions League. It was so important. It was not a good day for


us. Congratulations for Manchester City, we know it is a good team, but


we gave today the opportunity I think for Manchester City, it was


not enough for us. That moment looked like it meant a lot to you?


Yes, because I'm always in a situation where I feel I want to


give so much you know? You feel like you're restrained at times, but I


will praise myself for that I keep positive and keep going no matter


what. It seeps there could be no more popular scorer, the captain of


Manchester City, one of the senior guys and it has been an awful time


for you. Yes, but you know the only things I want to remember are the


positive experiences, if I have to work 15 years just to experience one


such moment I will do it gladly. It is something not many people get to


experience and it is worth every minute of hard work. Great to see


him back. Alan, there was one talking point that didn't make a


difference to game, a penalty appeal in the first half for Manchester


City. The referee said no. The referee got it spot on. Sane great


pace, but great goalkeeping from Forster. He pushes it out for a


corner. There is an angle coming up where you will see it best. He might


touch Sane. Might. But he only touches him as a consequence of that


by touching the ball first and then touching him. It is a very good save


and a good decision. Never a penalty. Agreed Frank? Yes, he got a


clear touch on the ball. Kompany came back, good to see him back. It


must be a frustrating time. Delighted for Vincent, as a man, as


a captain of the club, he brings authority at the back. We talk about


Manchester City with Pep Guardiola and playing out from the back and


how good they want to be from the back. The first rule of defending is


to defend and he is the best defendser at the club. He has been


injured and when you see Kompany there, you feel stronger about them


at the back. It shows he can pass from the back. As a player, this


year he has chopped and changed a lot and a fit Kompany can only be


good for them. That has been his big issue, getting on to the pitch. You


played with John Terry and him and I see them both as great leaders. Yes


I left Chelsea and went to Manchester City and saw another


great leader. That eset standards on and off the pitch. When new players


they come in, the first thing you see is the captain. As any guy, it


is very lonely when you have been out injured for a long time. So if


there is any guy deserve it, it is him. Southampton, a difficult


afternoon. Second half they were excellent. They were well in the


game, but the second half Manchester City put their foot on the pedal.


Shaqiri, lovely ball. Sigurdsson's shot. Forces the save. Good control


and a good save from Schmeichel. Right across and Ayew turns it in,


but off target. Of the 17 points Hull have


won since Marco Silva took charge in January,


just one has come away from home. John Roder was at


the Bet365 Stadium. Shaqiri got both goals for Stoke


when they won at Hull in October, but he has not scored since then.


Adam comes into midfield. Will today be the today Marco Silva gets his


first away victory since taking charge in January. Stoke have


finished ninth for the past three seasons. A return to the top tennis


their target. 17th would do nicely for Hull. The position they


currently occupy - just above the relegation zone. Marco Arnautovic


with the opening goal for Stoke City. Terrific start for the home


side. And Arnautovic picks up and you can see here, he only has eyes


for goal. He scored in the League Cup here against Hull earlier in the


season. Now he has scored in the Premier League against Hull. Stoke


1, Hull 0. Lovely ball through. It should have


been goal No 2 for Arnautovic and for Stoke. I'm sure there are many


inside the stadium who thought that was going to be the second goal for


the home team. Markovic with the shot. Well saved.


And in the end put behind for the corner by Charlie Adam. Lee Grant


with the stop and Adam first to the loose ball.


It might drop for Niasse, this is Maguire. Scoops it over. Certainly


better from Hull, after their shaky start this afternoon. Somehow, Harry


Maguire lofts this one over. Encouraging signs for Marco Silva


and the Hull supporters who have made the journey to Stoke this


afternoon. Robertson, can't keep hold of it. Here's Shaqiri. Johnson,


a lovely ball in. Arnautovic. Stoke again come close to doubling their


lead. It remains Stoke one, Hull nil at this early stage of proceedings


and Arnautovic could indeed have had a hat-trick.


Clucas drives it in towards Niasse. Came off Pieters. He can't keep it


in. Corner kick. Clucas turns it across. It needed a


finishing touch from Ranocchia. But it does get a finishing touch.


Maguire makes it 1-1. And in all honesty that is a goal that has been


coming for quite some time. Nicely worked from Hull. Ranocchia


couldn't get shot in. Harry Maguire most certainly could. And gives Hull


a vital lifeline. Charlie Adam is withdrawn, as is Saido Berahino. And


on in their place come John Walters and Peter Crouch. You can hear the


reaction from the Stoke fans to withdraw withdrawal of Berahino.


They don't like it. Different focus now to Stoke's attack as they come


forward with the two Newman on and Walters gets his first touch. Crouch


in the middle. Here's Shaqiri. Arnautovic. Chips it in. What a save


that is. Crouch can't follow up. Walters almost scoring immediately.


Walters with the diving header. Crouch can't get the shot away from


the rebound. Walters takes it down nicely. Crouch


is in the middle. It's towards Peter Crouch.


The double substitution from Mark Hughes works to absolute perfection.


Jon Walters the provider. Peter Crouch, the finisher. Well, as soon


as this cross came in from Jon Walters, it seemed almost inevitable


that Peter Crouch was going to be on the end of it. Rising high, getting


their, as Ranocchia couldn't do so. And Stoke are back in front.


Grosicki might be in here. The rebound is turned away to safety by


Martins Indi. Niasse just beaten to the ball by the Stoke defender.


Grosicki was away. Grant able to push it away but it certainly wasn't


to safety. Shaqiri through to Arnautovic. Crouch makes the run


into the middle. This is Walters. Stoke so close at this late stage in


proceedings to getting a third goal, which may very well put this much


beyond Hull City. Maguire's header. Picked up by


Walters. Arnautovic felt he was fouled thereby Pieters and virtually


stopped, waiting for the whistle. Shaqiri drives it in. Oh, brilliant,


what an outstanding goal! From Shaqiri. And just moments after


Stoke hit the bar, they do get a third goal, and what a third goal as


well. That is a strike to talk about for some time to come.


Shaqiri looks up into the top corner, beyond the goalkeeper. How


about that? Goal number four of the season and it may well secure all


three points for Stoke City. First, we need to start defending.


After we react well, but when you have a chance like we had in the


game, you need to score. You need to score goals to make the difference.


Our away form all year hasn't been good enough. We don't need the media


to tell us. Our home form has been good. We have three home games and


two away games, we still need to pick up points in the two away


games. We'll go back on the drain training ground, work hard and


hopefully get three points next Saturday. Some of our stuff was


really good, it could have been two or three to the good. They had a


couple of chances which we dealt with an second-half, they didn't


really create anything of note to be honest, even their goals there was a


number of ricochets before it eventually found the back of the net


and we just needed to make a change, just to get a little bit more threat


up top. Johnny Walters poked it on crouch's head and then the game is


done from my point of view. Shaqiri scored an outstanding goal. Just to


finish the game off and give the game a true reflection. It's a


beautiful feeling for everybody I think, also for me, because it was a


long time ago when I scored back also against Hull, so I think I'm


really happy and proud to score of course beautiful goals but most


important thing is in the end the team that wins. Man of the Mac,


possibly there. Cracking goal. Four defeats in a row prior to this game


for Stoke but they don't tend to get stuck in a rut for too long. They


scored three fantastic goals today, got off to a good start, with


Arnautovic and a good game but Hull came back into it, got a goal and


created chances. We have to look at all three of the goals from Stoke.


Lovely ball to Arnautovic, what about this for a finish. The keeper


has absolutely no chance whatsoever. I said Hull got into the game, they


did, they created chances but their final ball and finishing was poor.


Add off, Berahino off, having a poor game and Walters and Crouch came on,


a bit of know-how and experience and they were brought on for a reason,


to running behind and get balls into the box. That's exactly what they


did, from the minute they came on. Just watch, straightaway, comes back


into Arnautovic, first thought, get the ball into the box. It's a good


header from Walters, good saves and Crouch is unlucky. I said they were


good goals but what about this for a pass? Brilliant pass, superb touch


Bryan Walters and a superb cross also and a magnificent header from


Walters. -- crouch. The keeper has no chance. This is the best corner


of the game. This is a touch, the keeper regain has no chance. What an


unbelievable strike. Top corner, no chance. That's five goals for


Shaqiri. He loves the striker -- he loves to strike and the keeper has


no chance. Hull's away form is amazing, they are pretty good at


home but awful away. Can you explain it? I can't, they can't explain it.


I think obviously doesn't look good on paper, the away form but where


Hull are now from where Silva came in and now you feel positive about


them, they are creating chances, they deserved to be beaten today but


they are creating chances. They are tough to beat at home.


A run of just one point from five games had left Swansea in the bottom


three ahead of their trip to Watford, who knew victory


would all but secure another season of Premier League football.


Watford captain Troy Deeney with over 100 goals for the club is back


to lead the attack. Relegation. The would almost certainly mean the


departure of Gylfi Sigurdsson, whose number of assists compared with the


best in all the top European leagues. Sebastian Prodl returns in


defence for Watford. The squad includes 14 different nationalities,


not easy for manager Walter Mazzarri, who is still learning


English. Two midfield changes for Swansea, Jay Fulton and Ki


Sung-Yueng replaced Tom Carroll and the injured Jack Cork, but Fernando


Llorente is fit to start up front. Swansea have lost their last five


away games. It doesn't make pretty reading. Decent bit of flavour, from


Leroy Fer. Then it was the Sung-Yeung. He's found Naughton. A


good save fight Gomes from Sigurdsson. That was a decent move


by Swansea. The Sung-Yeung was involved, then Narsingh, as it came


across, Sigurdsson found a bit of space and Heurelho Gomes had to


respond. That was the first really dangerous attack of the game. It


came from Swansea. Here's Narsingh for Swansea, but this time they've


lost it and this is Niang, for Watford. Deeney as to his right.


This is where he can be dangerous. He's got a free kick. That must be


no more than a foot outside the penalty area. Well, it's no surprise


to me that Niang is making Swansea shake a little bit. He can go either


way, this number 21, and I just thought for a minute there he was


going to score the sort of goal he scored against West Brom ten days


ago. It is Niang. While health. Lukasz Fabianski, right behind that.


-- it was well held. Although Watford have 37 points, they are due


to play three of the top four in their last six games. Won back by


Janmaat. Janmaat for Watford, they have people in the middle here.


Deeney! Oh, chipped over by Fabianski. A fine piece of football.


The Watford captain meeting that first time from a cross by Daryl


Janmaat. Well, you can almost feel the tension in the Swansea ranks.


They didn't really rise to the occasion last week and Paul Clement


is so desperate that they play better today. Sigurdsson's shot.


Just able to do things that other players can't. They would be a queue


of clubs waiting to sign him in the Premier League, if Swansea were to


go down. And now it's Niang. He's got away there from Sigurdsson.


Couldn't get away from Folsom. -- Fulton. And now, what an opportunity


for Watford. And finally, he's got it in. Etienne Capoue, Watford take


the lead in somewhat unexpected circumstances, after 41 minutes.


Etienne Capoue had the first chance. I thought for a minute he'd lost the


opportunity. But look at this. Goalkeeper committed, saves the


first one, Capoue strikes the second one into the back of the net. What a


dreadful moment for Alfie Mawson, turning to give it back to his


goalkeeper and letting Capoue in their, hits the goalkeeper with his


first effort but then he got the second opportunity and scored. Well,


I don't think Watford were expecting a giftwrapped goal quite like that.


It's brought the crowd to life, anyway. And Cleverley has gone


through the middle here. Plays it again to Deeney. Amrabat is coming


in from the right-hand side. Capoue is in narrow game. Watford's spirits


lifted now. Well, he tried that a few days ago


and scored. These are difficult moments now for the team most


threatened by relegation. Cleverley, Janmaat, Amrabat has gone


down the right outside him. Janmaat tries himself. Lukasz Fabianski


denies him. A chant of, one Graham Taylor goes up, whose wife is here


today and match has been organised in memoriam between Watford and


Aston Villa on 29th of July. Okaka is waiting, they let him go. He's


offside. Well, deprived by the linesman's like, on the near side it


was raised. Well, he was offside, I think, but goodness me, a good


finish by Okaka. It's getting to the point of desperation. The year. --


for Swansea, here. Watford have had wins here in their last two home


games that have really turned the tide for them. He is Sigurdsson. Is


there something for Swansea at last? He's gone right through and couldn't


finish. What a difference that might have made to Swansea City. No


Swansea player has done this all afternoon. Went clean through the


defence, but in hurrying his shot he gave Gomes are pretty easy save.


There is the final whistle and Watford can celebrate another year


to come in the Premier League. But what can you say about Swansea?


They're still stuck in the bomb Tom three and -- bottom three and if


they can't play better than that, there is every chance they will stay


there. We were missing a clinical edge in the attacking third, whether


a decent cross or a bit of be magic in the area to create better


opportunities and that for me was the difference. 40 points, you would


think the team is safe from any fear of relegation. How proud are you?


TRANSLATION: Not until, until the maths says we are safe, then we are


not, also because I don't want my players to relax and I want to play


with the same formation to get ready for next season. This next game is a


must win game, we have five games to go, it is the biggest game the club


has had in years. One point from six, the hope seems to be


evaporating. Yes their recent form has been bad. Watching them today,


they seemed to get everything wrong and a team in their position and


with the squad they have got, they need to be at it every week to get


out of trouble. They're playing balls here and people are running in


different directions. Paul Clement mentioned the clinical edge. There


is one player there in the box. Sigurdsson's reaction to get there,


he is not sprinting to get on the edge of it. Ball goes in, but bad


quality and the cutting edge. Sigurdsson can be a great free kick


taker. He gets it wrong and again body language. That is the main


worry, you see the body language and you worry about the future weeks.


Baston comes on. They have so many things wrong in the game and that


culminated in the goal. Mawson thinks he has time. Takes too long


and easily taken off him and when you're in the bottom of the league


and trying to dig out results, you worry about where they're going. In


some ways with, Swansea's slump is shown by the form of Llorente, he


was on fire and now he looks lack lustre. Yes they need Llorente. He


has managed to run or sprint under 20 metres. That is quite hard in the


80 minutes he was on. You consider, as I said, they need him. He is


their goal scorer. His head is down. He doesn't come short to show. The


defender getting in front of him easily. He had that sluggishness


about him all day. The Sigurdsson puts in a good ball. But he doesn't


contest it. And that is what he is there for. A sloppy reaction after


wards. The ball goes out to him and goes under his foot. He doesn't


react quickly. Ends up going off the pitch. He mavenged to blame the sun


in the end here. Swansea will have to hope it is cloudy for the next


six weeks. He gets one chance and it is a difficult one. You wonder where


he is in his head. There was talk about him might moving on. He is


probably their saviour this year. But with that performance, they're


going to need more out of him to stay up. We have Hull and Swansea


and it could be between one of those two to join the others in going


down. Let's look at the closing fixtures. What do you think has the


best run in? A couple of weeks ago I thought Swansea would survive.


Having watched them today and looking at Hull's home record and


who they have to my at home, I have got to change my mind and say Hull


will survive. You know Paul Clement, has he got what it takes? Yes he


showed a lot of passion. He got them organised. The problem is they


haven't got the flair. But he will need his big players to perform for


him. Alan, a line on Watford, three minutes, 40 points, job done. Last


three home games, wins, no goals conceded. I think that is the best


Watford can do. Very good. Leaders Chelsea face a familiar foe


in Match Of The Day 2. A wonderful goal from Ibrahimovic.


Can anyone stop Chelsea? Morrisson smashing it into the net. Firmino


onside. What finish. There's commentary of


Manchester United versus Chelsea on 5Live and the BBC Sport


website from 4pm. Coverage of the World


Snooker Championship Also on BBC Two, Match Of The Day


2 Extra from 12.15pm. That's followed by the World


Track Cycling at 1pm. And we're very much looking forward


to this one next Saturday. You've made it this far. Don't leave


it to chance. Leave it all on the pitch. No holding back. No half


measures. No guts. No glory. The FA Cup semi-finals.


Everton were looking to make it eight home wins


in a row against Burnley, who've not won on their


Guy Mowbray watched this one from an emotional Goodison Park,


as the city of Liverpool marked the 28th anniversary


It was a tragedy that still has the city in mourning, but it


strengthened the bonds between the Red and Blue of Liverpool. It was 28


years ago today. APPLAUSE. MUSIC: He Ain't Heavy, He's my


Brother. After unwanted and then unwarranted offfield attention, Ross


Barkley has the chance to show how brightly can he shine. Few English


defenders have had better seasons than Ben Mee and Michael Keane. If


they can stop Lukaku from scoring it will heighten talk, linking Keane


with a move here in the summer. Lukaku. First effort of the game by


his standards a tame one. Straight down the middle. Burnley have come


here trying to do the double over Everton for the first time since


they won the league title in 1959/60. They might have a chance


with a free kick. In striking distance for somebody of Brady's


ability. There was a deflection on it. A big deflection. That is why


Robles moved the other way first. Keane attacks it and headed off the


line by Barkley. Michael Keane gets away from everybody. That is going


in. What a timely back frack from Barkley. -- backtrack. A bright


start from the team without a single away win all season. Vokes has the


run on Jagielka. Saved by Robles. Sliding out to stop it. Jagielka did


well to force him wide. Just a few more point for Sean Dyche to achieve


a significant first auburnly staying -- Burnley staying in the Premier


League. Holgate forces the save from Heaton.


Nothing lucky about the shot. It was a good attempt. So-so first half for


both teams. They will both feel they have had chances to score and


chances have not been taken. Lukaku, blocked by Ward. The next


effort from Holgate blocked by Brady. Three minutes of real Everton


statement at the start of the second half. Flick on by Valencia. What a


chance. Kept out first time. Was it kept out a second time? No, Mark


Clattenburg says it is a goal and another one for Phil Jagielka. Three


in three times for the Everton captain. Scruffy goal. But it is


certainly well over the line. So is the second one. Have two, Phil!


Burnley's resistance broken. Off the post and in despite Heaton's


efforts. It runs away from Vokes. Vokes then


down. It is a personality. Robles with a ridiculous challenge. Vokes


is not threatening the goal. That is stupid from the Everton keeper. Sam


Vokes will take the penalty. He can quickly draw them level. Coolly


taken by the Welsh international. He ends a run of ten games without a


goal. What a big one for Burnley. Game on at Goodison.


Here is Mirallas. He scuffed it and Heaton saves. A wonderful pass from


Davis. Spotted is early by Baines. It wasn't saved by Heaton, it came


off the post. It had the keeper beaten.


Mirrallas forced wide. Even he can't shoot from there. Barkley might from


here. It is deflected twice and it's in. Everton have their lead back.


Barkley is their bright boy. If it is on target, it is his goal. It


comes off Mee last. That is why it looped over Heaton. Off Keane and


then off Mee and then past Heaton. And after the goal, Barkley has


received a yellow card for standing just next fot the yellow gate and


practically going into the crowd. I think that is all he is going to


get. Because when you look at it again, it comes off Keane and


reflects off Mee. I think for the moment it has gone down as a Ben Mee


own goal. Lukaku finishes as Lukaku does! He


had the power and he had the poise. And he might just have wrapped this


up for Everton. Burnley perhaps too relaxed at the Everton throw. Lukaku


took it, turned and he was strong for Keane and he fair walloped it


into the net. I think Burnley was the better team in the beginning,


the better chances, but OK, after 30 minutes we took the domination in


the game and we create chances and we were by far the better team in


the second half. I was pleased with the mentality of players and these


are in top form, they're a good side and we enhanced the game with our


game plan. I'm pleased with the players. We do need a margin of luck


now and again. I don't like talking about that. But two bobbly goals.


Have you been impressed with how he handled this week. No, nothing fazes


him. These things can happen. It is not ideal. Tonight thankfully I will


give him the goal. He was focussed on the football side and not about


all the stuff that came out after last Sunday. Tough week for Ross


Barkley. He has taken three hit, one in a bar, one by a newspaper and now


they have take an goal off him. He responded in the right way. Yes,


that is the way you have to respond. He played very well. More passes in


the opposition half than anyone, more sprints and played a huge part


in the the victory. That's what he's been told to do,


saves his team a goal there. It's superb. It goes in the back of the


net, he's bright, alert, he did it. We'll see later in the game as well.


Doing his bit defensively, again for the team. Lovely little touch there,


he sets Mirallas away, who actually should do better. Straight at the


goalkeeper. But you are right, it's going to take it off him, they will


have put it down as a Ben Mee own goal. It should be his goal. He


deserves it, after the week he's had. Same thing again. Knows what


he's meant to do, knows his position from defending corners. Saves


another goal for his team and he gets taken off to a standing


ovation. It was an excellent performance from him. Not signed a


new contract yet. What do you think, its progress in his career? I like


him, we are in danger of overanalysing our young English


players, we want so much from them, but he's becoming a man, not a boy


at this stage and Everton moving on, I think for me he needs a consistent


season. He needs to play at the level he played today, consistently.


He's got talent but I'd like to see him... There was a time earlier in


the season when Ronald Koeman left him out and criticised him, he was


also responding in the right way then, his performances have


certainly improved since then and he's having a much better season


this year. Eight wins on the bounce at home for Everton. They've scored


more goals this season than they have done at Goodison in 26 years.


Lukaku is breaking records. It's looking good, isn't it, Frank? Yes,


you have to give Ronald Koeman loads of credit. They have an outstanding


striker, playing for Everton. A lot of credit to them. They are fifth in


the league, that's incredible. Burnley another of those teams that


just can't buy a win away from home. Only Spurs have picked up more


points than Crystal Palace and Leicester in recent weeks,


with both sides winning Palace's most recent victory,


a 3-0 thrashing of Arsenal on Monday that moved them six points clear


of the bottom three. A bit of space... Gets that wide


towards Zaha. Good fit Cabaye. What a finish for Yohan Cabaye. Townsend


in the area, will he get there? He bundles it in and the referees


points to this penalty spot. Crystal Palace three, Arsenal nil.


GARY LINEKER: Your commentator at Selhurst Park,




Sam Allardyce says Palace's performance against Arsenal was


almost perfection but he's warned this may be a tougher game for them.


Allardyce sticks with the same side that beat the Gunners with Jeffrey


Schlupp continuing at their back and Van Aanholt beginning on the bench.


Somewhat surprisingly, there are only two changes to the Leicester


line-up in Madrid lost a bandit King and Leonardo Ulloa replacing Danny


Drinkwater and Okazaki, who are named amongst the substitutes.


There's no Islam Slimani in the squad, after he picked up an injury


in training. Drops for Albrighton. Showed a bit


too much of it toward. Zaha across there as well, off award last. --


off Ward last. It's guided in, Robert Huth puts Leicester in front.


Easy as you like for the Foxes there. Christian Fuchs' long throw,


no one was really picking up Robert Huth, and he steered it past


Hennessey, who didn't move a muscle. Crystal Palace nil, Leicester one.


Sam Allardyce brought Craig Shakespeare as a first-team coach


during his brief spell as England manager last year and Shakespeare


says having seen Allardyce at work is not at all surprised by


impressive upturn Palace have had recently. Andros Townsend picking up


the running. Zaha, trying to find Townsend, only


found Christian Fuchs. Good control, a good save, from Kasper Schmeichel.


Trying to get onto the rebound, Leicester scramble it clear.


Picking out Benteke, whose control was lovely. Schmeichel got his angle


is just right. Townsend's delivery is not bad. Zaha


makes a mess of the opportunity. As Manuel -- Huth managed to prevent


Townsend's was getting to Christian Benteke, but it did drop to Zaha.


Who made a mess of the chance. Zaha now... Well, Mark Albrighton


was on the end of some rough justice in the week, when his foul on


Antoine Griezmann outside the area was given as a penalty. Palace


wanted one here. He says it was off the chest. Townsend's corner,


Benteke rising. Zaha up against Mahrez. Mahrez has come out on top.


It's set Jamie Vardy away here. It's Vardy, comes inside well and scores


brilliantly. Jamie Vardy continues his hot streak


under Craig Shakespeare, six goals in seven Premier League games, since


he took over as manager. Credit here to Riyad Mahrez for the vision to


set Vardy away. Got inside his former team-mate, Schlupp. And then


bent it beyond Hennessey, who got a hand to it but couldn't keep it out.


A really good Leicester goal on the counter. Crystal Palace nil,


Leicester City two, the Foxes firmly on course for only their second away


league win of the season. Schlupp just got away from him, got


away from Andy G. Jeffrey Schlupp. Room here for Cabaye.


This is Zaha, Palace looking for an immediate response and it will break


here for Jeffrey Schlupp. Schlupp deflected and in from Cabaye and


Palace have their immediate response! Cabaye scores for the


second game running. Poor defending from Leicester, to allow the ball to


break to Jeffrey Schlupp. A bit of luck, deflected off Simpson and it


fell perfectly for Cabaye, who swept it beyond Schmeichel. Game on.


Crystal Palace one, Leicester City two.


Townsend's delivery isn't bad. In, Christian Benteke. Benteke with his


14th goal of the season for Palace. After Townsend picked him out here.


Leicester sells they were on the end of a rough call from the referee in


mid-week. They were protesting about a challenge on Benteke from


Benalouane. You can see where Leicester are coming from. Mike Dean


had a pretty good view of it as well.


Palace have the momentum now. Andros Townsend, looking for Benteke, but


it's Benalouane. Benteke running out Benalouane. Schmeichel's says,


didn't quite fall for Zaha. It's Puncheon. Leicester on the ropes.


Van Aanholt almost four Benteke. Benteke surging through, his strike


blocked by Sir Michael. Leicester on the ropes a little right now.


Jamie Vardy. Dangerous ball, almost two Leonardo Ulloa. Here's


Drinkwater. A chance to win it for Danny Drinkwater. Great work from


Vardy, really good ball in. A poor clearance from Van Aanholt.


Drinkwater fists it's wide. Today's point feels like a win, 2-0 down,


coming back to 2-2, could have easily made it 3-2, tried to force a


winner in the end. It's a tremendous fightback by the players and


something that I think wouldn't have happened when I first arrived.


Looking at your team selection, many people thought you would ring the


changes but only two from the game in midweek. You said you couldn't


afford to rest anyone and you need points. We need to be like that


until the end of the season in terms of being competitive. Of course


squad rotation comes into it. We've rested a few today but we need the


points. A second goal, plenty of complaints from your players. What


was your view on it? I seen the review, I've seen them given. Ie He


is riding on Benalouane's back but I seen them given and not given so I


will leave it to the experts. I thought it was using a stepladder.


Leo was done for the exact same challenges in the first half so you


would think it would be a free kick, but obviously not. We came through


the game and we had stuff go, the first one, and the second one, is


special, Vardy, we knew that, but we had a good reaction and we will take


the point and move on. We are slowly catching up with the boys above is,


so actually is my team looking up now instead of down? I hope they


are. I love that from Big Sam, he said that wouldn't have happened,


that comeback before I got here. He is right though. It was an excellent


comeback by Palace and they are different proposition. He's given


them fight, hope and spirit and that was shown there today, 2-0 down.


Showed great character and coming back. Cabaye eventually gets the


ball. He starts, the goal, I should say, he starts to move on the edge


of the box and comes back to the other side to Schlupp and there's


Cabaye on the edge of the box there. It's a lovely finish. Inside the


penalty box. This is what they are moaning about. What do you think? I


don't think it's a foul. I think it's an excellent ball. Benteke gets


up earlier than the defenders of the defender can't jump but I don't


think it's a foul at all. I think its good centre forward play. That's


what Palace have to constantly do, get balls like in for that. That's


what he thrives on but I don't get the foul at all. Do you? No, no


foul, that's his game. As for Leicester, they have bigger fish to


fry midweek, Atletico Madrid will stop bonkers, but they are still it.


Shakespeare had a good team today, a nice momentum, picking up good


results in the league. Why not? The atmosphere they will get behind in


the week is huge, so why not? I fear the worst but then I always do!


It's seven games without a goal for Sunderland, who began the day


Opponents West Ham arrived at the Stadium of Light having ended


a run of five straight defeats against Swansea last week.


Jermain Defoe was the last to score more than three months ago here.


He's registered more than half his side's goals this season. Four


changes for the host. Manquillo, Boucher, Gibson and Khazri are in.


Andy Carroll's presence is sure to cause a stir, albeit he's only


scored once in nine appearances against them. He replaces top scorer


Michail Antonio, now ruled out for the rest of the season. Fernandes


replaces the suspended Mark Noble on the day of his 21st birthday.


Aimed towards Carroll, who does get to it and he meets it and the


opening goal is scored by Ayew and West Ham United, who have already


had aside with the free kick, now take the lead within five minutes.


It was mis-hit in all honestly from Carroll, I think it was going for


the volley directly, but it teed up Ayew and he stroked it into the net.


He thanks a player who has scored four goals in his last eight


appearances. Now their body language is actually pretty good,


Sunderland's. They certainly not given up on this one. Here's Khazri,


who will keep it in play. Anichebe was into the box, so does Defoe.


Khazri goes and wins the corner. He's always been a lively player,


Khazri. One sees in the box, he knows it's going to be a penalty, if


someone gets it wrong and in the end, it's Byram that stops them. If


Sunderland equalised, they will have merited it. A clever corner, it's


gone straight in. Khazri! More than 11 and a half hours of waiting and


Sunderland finally score in a most unusual of circumstances. Khazri,


wetting it in. There's a really strong breeze inside the stadium.


Randolph can't get to it. An EJB is just in front of him and Khazri


finally brings this awful goal drought to a conclusion and


Sunderland are level, and they are fighting. The fans have been


supportive. They've enjoyed the effort and determination of their


side and now, they now have the sense that this might be a


3-pointer. Right across to Carroll and Ayew


turns it towards the goal, but off target. So disappointed a Ayew.


Sunderland have been the better side since West Ham took the lead. But


every time West Ham come forward, they look threatening.


West Ham have the early threats at the beginning of the patch and


they're going to pose the first threat at the start of second half


too it seems. Snodgrass with a dangerous ball and it goes out for a


corner. It is actually West Ham's first corner of the match and


Snodgrass will hit it in on that strong breeze.


Delivery is dangerous and it's gone in. Collins helps it on its way to


the far post and West Ham score within a minute of the second half,


having opened the scoring within five of the first. They have have


known from the first half it is a difficult end to defend corners. And


this ball from Snodgrass helped on by the breeze and it just rolls off


Collins and into the corner of the goal.


Foul by Byram? No says the referee. Oh, it is a foul. In the end he gets


the decision. Didn't look as if he had given it. But he has and Byram


gets yellow carded as well. Still time for Sunderland if they can


muster enequaliser. Khazri and Ndong. Oh dear, oh dear! What a


moment. 20 minutes to go. Momentum with the home side. Equaliser goes


in now, and the three points maybe beckoning.


Jones takes on the defendser. No foul says the referee. Jones is


still down. I wonder if it is mild concussion. The way he falls at the


end, I wonder if he bangs his head on the turf. Look at the ends. Does


he bang his head there? I think he does. It is always a troubling sight


to see a player who has been given oxygen being stretchered from the


field. Let us hope that Billy Jones is set for a swift recovery.


Out comes Randolph. Pokes it away not very far, Borini scores and


Sunderland have hope! We are in the 90th minute. There will be plenty of


added time after that. And Sunderland have their equaliser.


Randolph wondered if he had been fouled. Andre Marriner said he


hadn't been. Borini's finish was excel lenlts. -- excellent. And it


is 2-2 and there will be ten minutes of added time and listen to the


Stadium Of Light with Borini having put them level. They used to coal it


the Roker Roar. It is the Stadium Of Light roar and Byram has been booked


already and it will be ten-men West Ham. There is more than five minutes


left and West Ham will have to repel Sunderland with ten. Byram was


booked earlier. Sunderland now have a booster.


They have kept on going, their determination and commitment to the


cause unquestioned. But there is a feeling of maybe too little too


late. It was a fair result. It is a point, we wanted three of them. We


were close to get three of them. But again it is a point and itself is


good. Do you feel among you as players you can get out of this? It


is harder than previous time I think. We are not being at our


level, we are not being as a united group probably as previous seasons.


And that's what probably been the problem. But positive results like


today and performanceles can bring that strength to the group. We keep


going. We don't give in. We have to hope somewhere the football Gods


will shine on us and there will be things that allow us to pick up


points. Another draw is probably not enough for him. Khazri, who has not


started since October, at least he made a difference. I think Khazri


last year was influential in them staying up. He has come in from


being out for a long time. One thing when you're at the bottom and


everything peoples like a consolation, is you want energy and


somebody putting effort in. He shows energy. He is out wide and he gets


the ball and he is direct and tries to make something happen. That has


not been happening enough for Sunderland. Doesn't quite happen for


him. He gets his goal from a corner. A potential foul on the keeper. He


made a difference. Here Anichebe backs him. It is half a foul and it


is half is the keeper strong enough? Again he is pressing. The question


mark are all the players doing it. As a team, they haven't done it all


season properly. He creates something later. That is over the


bar. Quite a damning comment from Borini, saying that the team's less


united that non-previous seasons. -- than in previous seasons. I think


you can see that they have not been united for large parts of season.


Thank you both. Before we leave, here is the table.


Tottenham's 12th straight win at White Hart Lane closes the gap


Everton move into fifth after a record eighth


Sunderland ended a run of three defeats, but remain


Swansea missed the chance to climb out of the bottom


three following a sixth successive away loss.


In the Times, Mauricio Pochettino said the pressure is now on Chelsea


in the title race. The Star claims Jose Mourinho is planning a ?125


million double swoop. Diego Costa will be allowed to leave Chelsea for


a lucrative contract in China. Spurs prove once again


there's no place like home.


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