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Chelsea in front. Chelsea in such a strong position now. They have


thrown away two Champions League qualification points. And it's in!


Birds have surely when it in stock which time? And Spurs are still in


the hunt. Should have been in but somehow he missed. What a win this


is. Hello, after the midweek matches it


looked like the title was down to a two horse race


between Chelsea and Spurs. Coming up we'll see all the top four


in action, A crucial day in the Premier League,


and Jermaine Jenas and Phil Neville After their remarkable late win


at Swansea this week, Tottenham started the day seven


points behind Chelsea. They took on Watford


in the lunchtime kick-off, and Simon Brotherton


was at White Hart Lane. Tottenham are trying to keep the


title race interesting but it must seem like there winning games than


still at times. For Spurs now it is a case of win and hope. Harry Kane


is back for Tottenham, rather more quickly than expected, missing only


three games with an ankle injury but he is back on the bench today with


mixed -- Vincent yams and leading the attack. Adrian Mariappa will


start in the lead for the first time this season -- Vincent Janssen. Troy


Deeney has been left on the bench. Watford now sitting back. Erickson


in towards the Vincent Janssen. Good save by Gomes. Vincent Janssen close


to what would be only his second goal in the Premier League. Janssen


sees his effort saved by the feet of Heurelho Gomes.


Eric Dier with that ball forward. Straight in. Brilliant cross!


Somehow kept out on Janmaat keeps it away. When Trippier put the ball in


their like a certainty Tottenham would score. The first time in four


Trippier, bouncing off Janssen of the bar and scooped away by Jan


Matt. -- yang marked. Trying to nip in their ahead of Eric


Dier. Chippy was there. Good point from Tottenham's point of view.


Kieran Trippier has done well. Could really open up now. Dembele E.


Getting into a real hustle. The referee happy to play advantage. He


will have to come back to that. Now it is Dele Alli. What a goal! What a


goal, what a season, what a player! And what a decision there from the


referee to let the game continue. All the applause the Dele Alli.


Tottenham one, Watford zero. What an untidy tangle between the pair of


them that was for Dele Alli. Took the return pass from Son and how


about that for a Finnish? Dele Alli with his 19th goal of the season.


And it's a winning combination once again.


Pressure all coming from Tottenham here. They look for a second goal


seven minutes from half-time. Son against that won. And Diana lashes


it home! -- Eric Dier lashes it home. Son involved in the build-up


once again. Dier did not need asking twice. Taking the chance with both


hands. The last couple of minutes of the first half. A bit of space here


for Eriksen. He will like that. Son in possession. Son goes the goal and


finds the net. Tottenham three, Watford nil. And Son scores for the


third league match in a row. Spurs have not lost at home league game to


Watford since 1985 and it doesn't look like they are going to lose to


them this afternoon either. Three up before the break, and having been


built -- been involved in the build-up for the first two, ten two


keeps the third for himself. -- Son keeps the third for himself.


Doucoure in the centre. Watford do have a corner.


Cathcart jumping for it. Eriksen away. Dick Ore thought about having


a card at the shirt. Here come Tottenham now, raising forwards. It


is Jan Vertonghen. Just pipped inside the penalty area by Daryl


Janmaat. What a run that was. And what a rarity that would have been,


a goal for Jan Vertonghen. His last goal came two seasons ago. Here is


Eriksen. Lots of lovely green space to run into. Kieran Trippier on the


overlap. It goes past. Janssen to Son who absolutely buries it. It is


his second goal of the match, Tottenham's forth. It will be a four


point gap to Chelsea by the final whistle. Trippier in support of


Eriksen. Just look at Son coming in completely unmarked. Didn't he catch


it well? Full of confidence, gleefully despatching the ball home.


And now with a goal either side of half-time, Son Heung-min makes it


4-0. And the afternoon is about to get even better for Tottenham


Hotspur supporters everywhere. With the return of their talismanic


striker Harry Kane. Fear is what high it would be a long time before


we saw him back on the pitch when he went off injured in the FA Cup tie


against Millwall. The raw is long, loud and hearty from the faithful as


Harry Kane makes his return having missed only three games through


injury. Now it is with Trippier. Plenty of


white shirts forward. In fighting for Kane and nearly five. A lovely


move here from Tottenham. He got himself in the right place. Almost


ending with a goal. Tottenham happy to just move the ball around and


take their time. Eric Dier, scorer of Tottenham's second goal. Kieran


Trippier forward, into Son. Oh, off the top of the Barca. Wonderful


play. And I'm lucky not to get his third of the game. -- and unlucky.


Tottenham completely in control. Craig Cathcart is left holding his


knee. Harry Kane the Tottenham. Off the


bar. What a grandstand finish that was so nearly was. It was the last


kick of the game. Drama to the end. It matters not, Tottenham had put


this one to bed long, long ago. The gap to Chelsea have closed the four


point. Tottenham with the 14th home win of the season, unbeaten in front


of their own fans, emphatic winners today. Tottenham for, Watford nil.


We played really well. A massive reason frosts. A third win in the


week. Very important for us to narrow the gap against Chelsea. Keep


pushing, keep believing and full credit to the players. Congratulate


them, makes us feel really proud. Everything seems to change in the 15


minutes before half-time, and at 3-0 at half-time it is too far to come


back against a team like this? Transition macro yes, exactly, in


the first 30 minutes and even after the first goal we were playing very


well but then of course it is very difficult once they score from


outside. They managed to do what they did and it becomes really


difficult. Maybe at times in the last season we've got to worry den


tents and thought to much about things. This season we're just going


game by game and really focusing on the games and just playing off the


ball and enjoying it. Presumably watching the Bournemouth match


later? Yes, of course. Now we will go home. Yes, of course we will put


ourselves in front of the TV. A very impressive six straight Premier


League wins, 11 on the bounce now offer Tottenham.


Two goals for Son and he continues to impress? He really does. He has


kicked on from last season. This year, 11 goals for him. He is having


a massive impact. Especially when they did not have Harry Kane in the


side, he is one of the players who stood up and made things happen for


Tottenham. He is not a player who just wants to pass the ball from


side to side and play in the safe zones, very comfortable in tight


situations. He wants to turn and make things happen. His goal today


was brilliant and these are the goals he was scoring when he was at


Leverkusen. The ability to hit the ball as cleanly as he does with both


feet is phenomenal. This finishes with his right foot. The opportunity


he had to get a hat-trick, the only thing that will haunt him, that is


the clear-cut that you will see. This folly, which is a good volley,


but he will be disappointed he did not stick it into the back of the


net and the fans thoroughly enjoyed his performance today and I am sure


the manager brought him off to rest him for the next game. He really was


that important and has been for Spurs all season. Especially when


Harry Kane has been missing as well. If there is one place Tottenham are


well covered it is at full-back, your position, Phil. It was Trippier


who impressed you today? He was the talismanic? He was, I thought he was


the best player on the pitch. He made five good chances for Spurs to


score. It is only his third start of the season. This is unbelievable


technique from him. Janssens was -- should score. He has got a running


behind. That taken first time, firing at Crosby six yard box,


Janssen again has got to anticipate it he knows it is the first time


passing side. He knows he has got to make the overlap and it is not just


a 10-15 yard overlap, you are talking 16, 17 yard overlap without


touching the ball. And the most important part, the technique of


crossing, I think that is where he is so impressive. He picks out Son


at the far post. He sticks it in the net. You look at Harry Kane in the


middle, he knows that ball is going into that danger area just inside


the six yard box. Kane makes the run. I think he should score here,


Harry Kane. It is impossible for Gomes the keeper to punch it away.


Son should score. For someone who has only made three starts, an


unbelievable performance today. It was the mentality that


disappointed Pochettino last year. They have kicked on from that. The


comments from Eric Dier about how they were tense before and now they


feel more relaxed in this campaign tells you everything you need to


know about how much they have progressed. Pochettino is doing a


good job with them? Root they are the best coached team in the Premier


League and a young team getting better and better. They have deep


deep cold of that manager, he is one of the best. More speculation about


Walter Mazzarri and his job, he has done a decent job really. That is


the way Watford do things. There should not be doom and gloom, they


sack their managers and change their players, that is the system, to


shock. It would not surprise me to have a new manager next season. That


victory cup Chelsea's lead to four points ahead of the evening kick-off


as they travelled to a much improved Bournemouth and Steve Wilson was


watching. COMMENTATOR: The message from White Hart Lane has made it to


Dorset loud and clear, Spurs are ready and waiting for any sign of


Chelsea weakness. Having drawn with Arsenal, Manchester United and


Liverpool in 2017, there are no reasons to be fearful for


Bournemouth. Eddie Howe makes one change, Brian Fraser comes them and


Joshua King has nine goals in his last ten games. -- Ryan Fraser.


Victor Moses and Nemanja Matic are back for Chelsea. Diego Costa is


hoping to avoid a fourth successive league game without scoring, that


was the head -- his longest lean streak at Chelsea.


Charlie Daniels for Bournemouth. King has been in such fantastic form


of late. But it was a well timed challenge. David Luiz. That is a


magnificent reaction save by Thibaut Courtois to bail out David Luiz


here. Phrasal whips the ball in and swing from the Brazilian and a very


good save by Thibaut Courtois. That is a good ball. Fraser running


at David Luiz, King offering support. Fraser. It was a chance am


a lovely vision by Jack Wilshere and perfect execution of the past to get


Fraser away. Didn't have the pace to get away from David Luiz and the


technique to bend it goalwards. Pedro is in a good position, Diego


Costa with a great term. And it ends up in the back of the net. By hook


or by crook, Diego Costa has scored here for Chelsea. Certainly didn't


go in in the manner in which he meant it. I Victor Moses with lots


of space and a lovely turn by Diego Costa but a massive slice heading


wide but for the deflection of Adam Smith. Confirmation that this is an


own goal, it is going well wide before it skims off the head of the


lunging and unlucky Adam Smith. Literally a slice of luck.


How about that of a ball into Eden Hazard, he is an side. Around Artur


Boruc and he makes it to macro. If the first one had a slice of good


fortune about it, the second is brilliantly created and expertly


finished. Fantastic contribution from Angola Kante and a brilliant


and composed finish by Eden Hazard. What about that for a pass.


Absolutely gorgeous. Eden Hazard accelerating away and comfortably


deceiving Artur Boruc there. That is a high-quality goal. Eden Hazard


with a lovely fade away from Artur Boruc. Bournemouth 0- two Chelsea.


King has made a good run into the middle Benik Afobe, so unlucky. I


can only think that Bournemouth must have run over a whole basket full of


Black Cats this morning because here is another bit of bad luck. It could


easily have hit Thibaut Courtois and gone in but instead it went behind


and they did not even get a corner. Good tackle by Kante, they might be


away here. Costa through the middle, deflected. This is what Kante does.


Won it and allowed Chelsea to spring onto the attack. There were rumours


that Antonio Conte might be off for a return to Italy after this season.


Given to Nemanja Matic. Moses. Eden Hazard. Clipped in and the header is


wide in the end from Moses. Eden Hazard again, just flicking it up


for Moses. Marcos Alonso dispossessed by Adam Smith. Fraser


into Benik Afobe, to King, that is a good ball. King goes the goal and it


is in. That took a deflection as well but it is just what Bournemouth


needed and maybe Lady luck has turned in their favour. He can't


stop scoring at the moment, Joshua King. That is ten in 11. A great all


in by Benik Afobe. Flicked off David Luiz and passed Thibaut Courtois,


2-1. The deflection helped defeat the goalkeeper but it is Joshua


King's goal, a different game now. This was just before Bournemouth


embarked on the move to their goal. Antonio Conte saw it. Bournemouth


feeling they could yet get something from this game. Well hit on his


right foot, that is not far wide. He had won in the first half on his


left which was pretty wild but this on his right foot was almost laser


like. Firm and low and very nearly true. Here is Eden Hazard. Good


effort by Pedro to reach that. Good ball, Eden Hazard here. A spot of


bother. Costa could not have been far away. Great stuff from Pedro.


And then from Eden Hazard to lash it across goal. Diego Costa couldn't


quite reach it. Pedro is really swifter when he gets going. Eden


Hazard. Diego Costa. This has been well worked by Chelsea. Marc Pugh's


he'll was well timed. The challenge on Diego Costa wasn't and it is a


free kick to Chelsea. For that on Diego Costa. Cook really slid into


him. This is within range. David Luiz might feel it is almost too


close for him to do one of his dippers and he has indeed taken


other place on the end of the wall, leaving it for Marcos Alonso. That


is a good free kick and Chelsea are 3-1 up. Marcos Alonso, great goal.


When you think of the talents in this Chelsea team who were not on


that free kick am a beautifully struck by Marcos Alonso. No saving


that. Absolute perfection. Midway through the second half of the game,


Bournemouth 1-3 Chelsea. A big goal for Antonio Conte and Chelsea.


Moses, danger here. Moses away from Wilshire. Excellent save by Artur


Boruc. Harry Arter should clear here for Bournemouth. Look at this from


Artur Boruc. I think it took him in the face actually. Tottenham would


have thought please with their performance are you really had to


win today? Your macro yes. A win was important for us. But also it was


good to find this situation and see our opponent and only four points,


it was good for us. Our reaction was very good. We played a good game and


we started in the right way. It is not easy. Lou macro it was a tight


game today and we were well in it. It doesn't have if you go to macro


down against a side of this quality but it was the world-class free kick


that ended the game. We have to work to be champion. He shunted and it


slipped off my head and went in. It is a very lucky goal from their


point of view. It was a fantastic pass and the free kick of Marcos


Alonso was fantastic. The only problem is we still conceded one


goal. It is a small problem. We had some hope before half-time and


thought we could get back into it but when they got the third goal, it


made it hard for us. Today we lost to probably the best team in the


league. STUDIO: Hard to find a weakness in this Chelsea team,


whether it be at the back, middle or upfront. You said you felt Tottenham


were the best coached team in the league but what about these? They


are brilliantly coach. If you look at Chelsea and if they have any


weaknesses or can they be hurt going forward. I look at the defence and


how it is set up. He picked the strongest team with Victor Moses


back in. They have a brilliant goalkeeper that pulls up saves at


important times. A poor mistake by David Luiz and Thibaut Courtois says


that. They are well drilled at set pieces. Somebody goes and attacks it


all the time. When you think you broke through the midfield and you


think you are onto the back foot, Azpilicueta pulls out a really good


tackle. Kante and Matic comeback. A slight mistake from Matic but look


at the recovery run from hazard. Canty always takes the ball of the


opponents and you almost have a human shield in front with Matic and


Kante. The thing that is so impressive is they are so


disciplined in their defending. That way stay on their feet and take the


bull from the opposition, they are brilliant. They break like electric


when they do get the ball. I think Chelsea are most effective when they


don't have the ball. They can break teams down and they have done that


on numerous occasions with the unbelievable players they have got.


When they don't have it, I worry the teams. Teams think they are in


control but this is where Chelsea press. They sense someone in trouble


and when they win it back, the numbers they can fly forward with


our brilliant. They go straight for the jugular and that time, cost and


not in great form at the minute, doesn't score. But look at the shape


they get. They have the shape in the back five, the midfield are in play.


Kante is known for pressing the ball and he could press but he keeps his


shape and understands and knows he cannot leave holes in behind him.


Bournemouth will feel in control. They will find a moment to break it


down but the reality is that Chelsea are the ones in control. Hazard is


in the great position with Pedro to attack whenever they win that ball.


Wilshire wins the ball and things it is getting tighter and tighter. They


are gone in a flash and it is a fantastic ball from Kante. And this


finish from Eden Hazard. I play in massive amount of form but the way


he dragged it his left and finished it was Gillian. In terms of breaking


down that macro it was brilliant. For me, they are so potent when they


don't have the ball. When Eden Hazard Pedro back in that shape,


they are thinking about going forward despite being back there.


They almost half cheating thinking if they win it, they have the energy


to get up there. I think Eden Hazard at the moment is the best in the


Premier League. It says a lot that Spurs have won their last six games


and are still seven points behind. They are relentless. I can't see


anyone catching them. Anything thrown at them they have handled.


Tottenham are doing all they can do but it is hard to see this Chelsea


team dropping enough points? It is hard. Today was their biggest test


for that. You understand Spurs did what they did in the early kick-off


and cut it to four points, this is a confident Chelsea side. But it is


football. Five more matches for you still to


come. A super save by Mignolet. Delph encouraged to shoot again.


Just kept out. Their's no flag, it's Dawson. What a save! Negredo. What a


save! We were hoping from goals for Stoke against Liverpool. Their


previous six Premier League meetings have produced 27 of them and


Liverpool remain this season's top scorers. Watching was Guy Mowbray.


No player has scored more for Stoke City against Liverpool than Jon


Walters. None of Liverpool's scorers start this one, with chief


goal-scoring responsibility down to Divock Origi. Teenagers Trent


Alexander-Arnold and Ben Woodburn also start with Kameni oh, Coutinho


and Sturridge all sub stash back Coutinho and Firmino.


Good work by Ben Woodburn. Woodburn goes in again and this possesses Joe


Allen. He has Divock Origi to the left. He is trying to do as much as


he can buy himself by claiming a foul which he is not going to get.


That is the best moment of the game so far for the 17-year-old. Tigerish


work. Was never able to get the ball out in front of him to really have a


run at Ryan Shawcross and co-. Peters chased by a -- Divock Origi.


There have been one or two defenders today who have got away with errors.


That was the biggest of the lot by Dejan Lovren. He is always


struggling. That will come to Milner. Milner


wants it again. Klein finds Woodburn. Woodburn turns, claims his


foul. Mike Dean wants nothing to do with that. Stoke try and get it


away. Ryan Shawcross is not exactly blessed with blistering pace. Here


is Adam. There are three in the centre and


it's headed in! Jon Walters gets another goal against Liverpool. What


a key time to get this one. It came after Liverpool felt they might have


a penalty with Ben Woodburn going down on the edge of the Stoke box.


Stoke broke away. That the touch that made the goal, Shaqiri away


from club band. It is a lovely clip to Walters and Walters buries it.


This is what Jurgen Klopp was taking issue with. He felt that Erik


Pieters had fouled the 17-year-old as he tried to turn and keep


Liverpool pressing on the edge of the box. It was certainly a clumsy


challenge. Mike Dean had a good view of it. He did not think it was an


unfair one. Two Liverpool half-time changes. The two teenagers replaced


by Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino. Shaqiri, brilliantly done.


He put the brakes on. Arnautovic was in a good spot. Shaqiri looked


sharp. It is his first game since January. He had a calf problem. A


super save by Mignolet. He has just kept Liverpool in it. It is amazing


the Stoke Miss. Georginio Wijnaldum gets in a real mess. He heads it to


add them. Adam. Will that come back to bite Stoke City? Milner Winslet.


Wins it. Liverpool are so much crisper and more purposeful going


forward since the half-time changes. Origi with a chance to shoot. Always


wide. A Liverpool shop has been a red thing in this game. -- a


Liverpool shop has been a bad thing in this game. Brilliant work from


Klein. I super save. Really well struck by


Philippe Coutinho. Liverpool starting to pepper the Stoke City


net. Coutinho takes it. It is headed onto the bar. Lovren attacks it with


vigour. A really good corner. Lovren has a free run at it. That is the


loudest the Liverpool fans have been all afternoon. Their team behind but


in terms of the balance of power in the game at the moment, shifting


themselves on top. A chance now! Chance buried by


Philippe Coutinho. The Liverpool equaliser that has been coming ever


since he came on at half-time. Patient work by Emre Can. That was


nearly a perfect ball in by Sturridge. Stoke thought they had


dealt with it. The clearance went straight to Philippe Coutinho who


scores for the third game in a row. 1-1.


Firmino onside. What a finish! What a, what a finish! On long ball over


the top and one later and Liverpool have the lead. Look at Firmino.


There he goes. He is not tracked and he is onside. That is how to hit


them. Firmino is allowed to go by himself and he watched it all the


way onto his boot. One look at goal, one looked down at the ball and then


that hit. It is 1-2 to Liverpool. Two in two minutes by the Brazilian


super subs. Can Stoke hit back immediately?


Arnautovic traces on in? Great save, Mignolet. That was Berahino's big


moment. How on earth did he keep it out? What on earth has happened to


this game? It has come alive. Two massive saves by Mignolet in this


half. The way it has come about, I think Jurgen Klopp will be as


pleased with the victory as any he has seen this season. Erik Pieters.


They have got to get it in soon. They will not do it. Liverpool win


away from home for the first time in the Premier League in 2017. With


your two goal-scorers, was it a close thing selecting them or was


there a jazz? We had to wait to see how Philippe Phelps. -- how he felt.


Then he said, I am fine. I said thank you and maybe we will start


you on the bench. We had two outstanding opportunities. We had


three guys in the six yard box and not one of them has dispatched the


ball in the back of the net. It should be a clear goal. To be fair


to their keeper he made a magnificent save from Saido


Berahino. You feel it is maybe not your day. It is great to have his


moments and also afterwards to win the game, that is why I love the job


and why I will keep working every day to improve. Simon Mignolet, what


a save. That was genius and I really am really happy for him. He saved


our life today. Job done, feels good, nice weather, 63 points, I


could not feel better in this moment.


Jurgen Klopp is happy. They made the changes at half-time and it really,


really worked, didn't it? Did. When I saw the team sheet before the game


I actually fancied Stoke. They were missing the players like Coutinho


and Firmino. Stoke dominated. Jurgen Klopp changed the system. He went to


three at the back. This was a poor goal to give away. Shaqiri went away


too easily. Lovren has got to come around and see the run of Jon


Walters. He doesn't. It is a simple tap in from Jon Walters. Stoke


deserved that. At half-time, desperate measures. Coutinho had


been sick and Firmino who was tired came on and all of a sudden the game


changed. Possession, they controlled the game. The movement was fantastic


from both Coutinho and Firmino. This running behind, they were stretching


defenders and it is because of that combination, of Coutinho and


Firmino, they link up so well together. Coutinho comes in off the


left-hand side, shoots from that distance. A brilliant save from


Grant. This was the goal. It is all about the awareness, sniffing where


the ball will land and the finish is sublime. This is the second goal, a


simple ball over the top. Poor defending from Stoke. This is


probably the goal of the day from Firmino. Smashes it into the top


corner and I think probably the most important three points of the


season. A big turning point in the second half. Simon Mignolet has


taken some stick on occasions but he deserves praise this evening? Both


goalkeepers have taken some stick that Simon Mignolet today was


phenomenal. This is them at 1-0 down, it could easily have been 2-0


down. How has Charlie Adam not put it in the back of the net? He got


his leg out and away from danger. This one from Berahino. Your initial


reaction is he has moved. Jurgen Klopp is known for giving out hugs


after the game but I don't think there has been one as strong as that


after the game for his goalkeeper. Stoke will be checked. They will.


They are on a bad run. You expect Stoke to finish in the top of the


table and mark Huws will want a strong end of the season. Full. Now


attention turns to the top four finish.


Within some company on the bench David Silva captains stop Claudio


Bravo is recalled to goal after seven Premier League matches out of


the firing line. Hull's defences weekend with the absence of Harry


Maguire. But strikers like the money as have helped them out of the


bottom three. The Senegal international has three in his last


three Premier League games -- Umar Yass.


Manchester City are looking for a quite professional day at the


office. Into Davitt Silva. A double save from Jacopo Witte.


A good reaction from the Hull goalkeeper. The first time he was


asked a question and he had two positive answers. What a run he has


been on since arriving at the club. 17 points from 33. Can he pick up a


few up away from home to help their survival cause?


Toure. We have seen a few of those down the years. Flying to the top


corner. Not dipping enough from Yaya Toure. The only Premier League


manager not to name an unchanged team in the season today. Four


changes today, 96 for the season. Now Aguero looking for that half a


yard. A yellow card for the Brazilian player, the first of the


day and it is a Manchester City free kick. Aguero was to click for him.


That is Yaya Toure territory. It is to be Toure. A good try as well. He


could not stretch the Hull goalkeeper either side. A fairly


tame opening half an hour. That will suit Hull City down to the ground.


confident Chelsea side. But it is football.


It is an own goal, Elmohamady. So unfortunate. Terrific delivery by


Navas that caused it. In the attempt to try and clear, Elmohamady could


only put it past his own goalkeeper. That is unfortunate for the visitors


and Marco Silva. I am sure deep down Hull knew they would have to score


today, that just confirms it. They have failed to score 13 times in 31


league games. Ev Andrew, near us. Got his angles or wrong. This was a


golden opportunity. It came at him quickly. He just got his feet or


wrong. You get the feeling that Manchester City are having a Sunday


drive in the sunshine in second gear. If required, they could go up


the gears and speed further down the lane.


A bit of space for Silva. He had now left to his right, turned inside


Robertson and Doctor shoulder, terrific from Stirling, Aguero,


surely. And he squeezed it in. It has taken less than three minutes at


the start of the second half. And Sergio Aguero makes it ten in ten


for him. This was all created by Raheem Sterling. Power, pace. And


then when it came to Aguero, it was never really in doubt. Sergio Aguero


has scored 30 goals in his last 43 Premier League starts. Nearly


another own goal. Dawson would have been the unfortunate man. This could


easily have been number three. Manchester City search for their


200th Premier League victory. Fabulous from Silva. Toure to pick


out Sterling. He goes round Dawson, players over if he sees them. Fabian


Delph, just his second Premier League start of the season and it is


marked with a goal. Sterling again and the heart of it. Sunday was the


easy option to his left but he went for the more difficult one. -- sane


was the easier option. I frustrating season for Fabian Delph but he will


certainly have enjoyed that moment. 60 Premier League goals on the


season for Manchester City, 64 conceded for Hull City. So is,


Fabian Delph encouraged to shoot began. Making up for lost time,


Fabian Delph. Much more important challenges lie ahead in the


remaining six games after today. It is a Hull corner. Well defended by


Manchester City. Space for Maloney. Both back to Ranocchia. Manchester


City will not have their clean sheet. The Italian has his second


Premier League goal. Claudio Ranieri on his return to the starting


line-up is beaten. They didn't deal with the first corner. Clever from


Maloney but that was not a strong shot and cloudier Bravo will feel he


should not have been beaten by that. Only consolation for Hull. The macro


they created a few chances and again, the attitude in the way they


tried to play. We need to get back to winning ways. We did not have a


good performance. At sometimes we looked tired. We were unlucky with


the first goal. We tried to react as well at the end with one more


striker but they had too much. I thought we had a few chances that we


probably needed to be more clinical in the first half. But we kept going


and the goals went in. I needed that. My first two macro shots


nearly hit my wife in the stands to be honest. I wasn't sure if I would


have another crack but it was there for me and luckily it went on the


back of the net. With the only frustration not to get a clean


sheet? Yes. We defended poorly at set pieces. When you have six or


seven players, strikers, could this go to the last day, the race for the


Champions League? Definitely. Definitely, no question about it. A


comfortable victory for Manchester City in the end. Also, a very


creative performance from Raheem Sterling. A decent performance from


Manchester City but he was their standout performer. When they needed


someone to be that creative spark and be that difference, he was the


man. He was almost unplayable at times today. His decision-making was


spot on. He had space in front of him, he got it out of his feet and


got it into the box. A tough clearance with Dawson. This time, he


looks at the bodies he draws into him. Taking on half the team with


him there. He creates another opportunity for his side. You don't


want to get caught in this situation with him. One-on-one, he goes by him


with ease and gets his head up and picks out Silva. He would expect to


stick that one away. This is the goal. So quick how he goes by


people. He is around the six yard box and an absolute tap in for


Aguero. But again, decision-making at the right times. They are good


balls in good areas for strikers to get on the end of. This was the


finish for Fabian Delph towards the end. Dawson getting caught in a part


of the pitch you probably didn't want to be. Gets his head up and


picks out Fabian Delph who has had a frustrating season and must have


enjoyed that given the injuries he has had to endure this season.


Please for him as well. Hull, since Silva's arrival, at home, terrific


but one point from 18 away from home. They have played Watford,


Sunderland and Spurs, you would think they would win two of those.


They need to win one away from home on three victories and they will be


saved, Marco Silva has done amazing job. West Ham against Swansea


promised to be a tense affair, a couple of months ago, West Ham were


ninth but a terrible run has led them to a battle for survival and


Swansea had fallen back into the bottom three this week. Commentary


from Jonathan Pearce. COMMENTATOR: Jonathan Pearce is safe in his job.


The joint chairman says the board has 100% faith in him. Robert


Snodgrass comes in for Andy Carroll, who is only fit enough for the


bench. Mark Noble plays his 400th game for the club. Swansea name an


unchanged side from the side that collapsed against Tottenham,


Fabianski was declared fit. Looking to get between the centre-backs, was


he fouled? It was right on the edge of the box. Eight poor touch by


Snodgrass and he has found his man. Went between the two macro


centre-backs. He got a touch on it before he went down. The referee got


it right. Looking to go on the outside, a


decent cross to the far stick. Brought down well. Men supporting in


the position, in comes the cross, Snodgrass of the far post. Just kept


out. He thought it was in. Slack marking at the far post here allowed


Snodgrass to creep between the two macro defenders. Sunglasses,


T-shirts, one or two of those T-shirts a little on the tight side


chaps. Mawson took a chance. Antonio to his left-hand side, Snodgrass


with opposition to the right, good save by Fabianski. Fine goalkeeping.


You may have seen it late as well. -- he may have seen it late. Now,


Carol. Leroy Fer as Routledge in the penalty area. Looking for the cross


and Jose Fonte was well-positioned. Swings the corner looking for Leroy


Fer and Fernandez was behind him, it was loose until Antonio gave it a


go. West Ham have to be excited on set pieces, Fernandez drifting off


his marker. Slaven Bilic prowling his technical area. I can't see him


playing any further part, Antonio's hamstring has gone. A really big


blow for West Ham. Off goes the top scorer. A real concern for Slaven


Bilic. Concerning days for both of these teams. Steady possession from


West Ham, where are they going with it. There is the drive, 1-0, a


splendid opening goal. He started moving into higher positions a


couple of minutes ago and it has paid off for West Ham United. A good


ball to him. Took two or three touches. And I rode into the corner.


-- and an arrow into the corner. A really good goal. He got a yellow


card for his celebrations by the way. 1-0 West Ham. Swansea have made


two macro half-time changes. The rent a comes on for Tom Carroll and


Routledge. Crosses back into the middle. Edged out and finds the side


netting in the end. Sam Byram up from the back. Looking for his first


goal for the club. Regular scorer in his Leeds United days. Very untidy,


seemed to lift is foot over the challenge. Lanzini driving. Looking


for the crossfield ball, driven across. A more confident striker


might have taken it in stride and shot at goal. Snodgrass, Snodgrass


again. Deflected away to Lanzini, he could finish it here for West Ham


United. It was a blatant dive. Quite rightly cautioned. You need to look


at this replay on Match of the Day and take a long look at himself.


Totally unacceptable. A super save, did he get a touch on


it or did it fly over. I thought he touched it. That is a sheepish look


from Darren Randolph which suggest he might have got a touch on it. I


think he got his fingertips to it, I think that is a terrific save.


Lanzini with the shot blocked. Oh what a save that is by Lukasz


Fabianski. It would have settled the game. Fabianski did so well, he has


had a good season. A good pass by the young man who turns 21 on the


15th of this month. Lanzini has turned Fernandez inside out. He has


dispatched Kyle Naughton as well, should have buried it, should have


been two macro. Brilliant setup, no finish. Crucially he lacked


composure in there when he needed it most. A good run by Lanzini. It is


not the old West Ham way and it is not the way of Brooking or


Devonshire, it is grim and totally necessary. It is displayed in here


to Sigurdsson. Vital defending by Sam Byram who has forced the


goalkick. And the first man, Mark Noble, 400 games for West Ham and he


knows the importance of that vital piece of defensive play by the


23-year-old Sam Byram. And with that, Swansea's chance for an


equaliser might have gone. Slaven Bilic wants it all over.


We've had a stoppage time. Slaven Bilic, look at the relief! What a


release of tension. A big victory this for West Ham. It is a huge win


and I congratulate the boys because they put everything in. Spirit,


teamwork, being followed in the first place, but then also being


dangerous. We gave everything and we deserved to win, we deserved three


points. It is a very poor result for us and I cannot stand here and say


we deserved anything more than what we got. I think in the first half we


played with a lot of anxiety, a lot of fear and that affected even our


ability to do the basics and battle and be aggressive and in the second


half, we made changes which were in an attempt to be more positive but


we lost our identity, our shape and it became very scrappy. Today was so


important and for someone who has been at the club so long and


realises how much it means to people, they emphasised that to the


lads at half-time going in 1-0, it is probably the most important game


they will play for long time and I think they realised that. We came


out winners. Six weeks ago we had a gap and we lost it. In five games we


don't want to let it happen again. Two teams under pressure but West


Ham handled it best? This game is all about writ, spirit and


determination. There's not much to pick out in analysis but what they


did was they had a standout performer in James Collins at the


back who was that player who was prepared to put his body on the


line, prepared to head those balls away in difficult moments. It was


not a game for the fancy players, so to speak. It was a time for them to


dig deep and get the result they desperately needed. He is throwing


his body in front of the ball, good delivery from Sigurdsson, gets his


head on that one. He is defending against the rent he was so pivotal


with those balls that come into the box for Swansea. Two yards off his


line. -- against Llorente. It is a great clearance. This tells you


everything about the pressure of the game. Sam Byron comes across and


don't get me wrong, it is a good block but I don't think it warranted


this type of celebration from the players. You can understand because


the amount of pressure they have been under as a club and players and


a manager, that is why, that clearance or winning the game meant


so much for them. You can see it with Slaven Bilic Chad the end. He


deserved it with that reaction. The honey moon period is over? Does well


and truly over. I watched them at Bournemouth a couple of weeks ago.


They looked like they had lost all confidence, the goals had dried up,


the result on Wednesday night would have been a killer, scoring three


goals in the last five minutes. Today, West Ham were by far the


better team. Paul Clement has somehow to galvanise the squad and


get the confidence back in them. Confidence is so important.


Especially at this time in the season. When push comes to shove.


Two more games for you on Match of the Day two. Jagielka and Everton


have the lead. Vardy, six goals in seven games. There is also


commentary on Everton versus Leicester on BBC Radio 5 Live. The


final round of the Masters is live from Buster on BBC Two. Germaine


Greer each is in the first episode of the Jamie Johnson football


podcast. You can download it by going to the CBBC or 5 Live website.


And the World Snooker Championship is back on the BBC next Saturday --


Jermaine Jenas is on the Jamie Johnson football podcast. Arteta,


good strike and goal! The title just might have gone. Mario Balotelli


will get a second yellow card here. Mancini can do nothing but shake his


head. No relegation worries for Brom and Southampton this season. They


went into their match at the Hawthorns in eighth and ninth


respectively. Mark Scott was the commentator.


Tony Pulis is never finished in the top half of the table in his eighth


season managing the team. West Brom have missed Matt Phillips while he


has been out injured. Phillips starts for the first time since


February today with Salamon Rondon and James Morrison also brought in.


Southampton Harmison some key men. Ryan Bertrand is in for Stan McQueen


at the back. -- Southampton are missing some key men. Bruce Kavanagh


is the referee this afternoon. He is officiating his first ever Premier


League game. A good save from Fraser Forster. The


first real flight of goal in the game. Morrison chancing his arm from


distance. Forster had to get down quickly to keep it out. Chablis


could not keep his effort down. Tony Pulis has West Brom on course to


equal their best league position since 1981 with the Baggies


finishing eighth four seasons ago. Forster sends it long. It has broken


kindly for Shane Long. He is into the area. Jordy Clasie! A brilliant


goal. Jordy Clasie's first-ever strike in the Premier League and


it's fairly flew past Ben Foster. It all came from the long clearance


upfield. Long managed to find a pocket of space and then passed into


the box. An intelligent pass to Dusan Tadic. Jordy Clasie then


struck it perfectly. There was a coming together between


Shane Long and Jonny Evans but Chris Kavanagh decided there was nothing


in it. It is Salomon Rondon. A brilliant


save from Fraser Forster. Dangerous dogs away. Eventually, over the top


from Matt Phillips. It was all happening there. Rondon did what he


should do and sent it back across goal. Before that, Long was through


on goal. Evans doesn't seem to make any contact with him whatsoever.


Jordy Clasie was caught late thereby Phillips. That will be the second


booking of the game and the second for a West Brom man. He cannot have


any complaints about that. I tell you what, some challenges this


season of that ilk have been met with more than a yellow card.


Forster manages to just get his hand to the ball. The bounce saw the ball


almost get away from him and he had to slap it away from acclaimed's


path. A lovely move this from Southampton. Is there an end


product? There might be. Redmond. It would have been a fabulous goal.


Made a pretty solid connection Nathan Redmond. Unfortunately it was


too close to Ben Foster. Given away. Tadic on the scene to


Southampton. Dusan Tadic. It was a whisker away. The most relieved man


inside the Hawthorns is Ben Foster. That was an intelligent pass. Here


is Robson carne. -- Robson Hal Robson-Kanu scored a screamer


early on in the season fluffed his lines here.


I wonder if Tony Pulis will be getting a bit concerned about West


Brom's lack of goals? Brunt with the free kick. Morrison to perhaps have


a hit. Livermore. There is no flag, it is Dawson! What a save and what a


miss. Fraser Forster has had precious little to do this


afternoon, but when called upon here, he produced a splendid save.


Southampton felt that Dawson were offside. He is clearly on. That was


a tremendous stop from Fraser Forster. That was a good ball. It is


out for a West Brom corner. This might be their last chance. Chadli


delivers, brunt flicks on and Forster to the rescue again. Twice


in stoppage time Fraser Forster has been on hand to deny West Brom a


leveller. Jonny Evans 's that slapped away by Forster. Fraser


Forster the Southampton hero in the end as Claude Puel's side give


themselves a chance of growing up some ground on West Brom in eighth.


It is nice to contribute, nice to do my job and the defence have been


awesome. Today it was just might turn and it is a fantastic win for


us. A strong end to the season. There is a quality with the direct


play, the free kicks. But it was difficult with the pressure. It is


good to win today. We have had 38 goals and 38 shots on target. What


we have to do is have a little bit more composure and little more


steadiness in front of goals. We have slashed opportunities and


chances today. But you can't fault the players. The last 20, 25


minutes, they really showed their mettle and they kept going. We just


needed a break and we never got it. It was not West Brom's day but it


was Geordie classy's goal -- it was Jordy Clasie's day and his goal was


a classy goal. It was unbelievable in a game where I thought


Southampton were pretty fortunate, were they to win any game, it was


the lay-off and the speed from tad itch and he struck it really well.


He got his opportunity to play and Southampton are on a good run at the


moment. Claude Puel needs a good end to the season because I do think


Southampton fans are totally convinced with him. They are doing


all right though. They always are, they are in the top half


of the table and they should have a good end to the season. West Brom


have stopped scoring. But what a season they have had. Middlesbrough


and Burnley met at the Riverside after contrasting results midweek.


Boro were seven points from safety while Burnley pulled clear with


victory over Stoke. Two sides who battled out of the


Championship last season. Without a win since December 17, this is a


must win for Middlesbrough. The back new made four changes. Rudy Gestede


without a win in his last 40 Premier League games as the lone striker.


Ashley Barnes is preferred to Sam Vokes. Sean Dyche still looking for


his first away win of the season. Middlesbrough have actually lost


fewer games than Burnley this season and yet it is they who are staring


down the barrel. For Middlesbrough, Riverside has been accommodating for


the visitors. Rudy Gestede attacking it but did


not time his run well enough. And a handball against Grant Leadbeater.


Too much what we expected so far. A run from Heaton. A foul by Ayala


leading over the top of Ashley Barnes. He is claiming that the


Burnley forward was backing into him. It is an inviting position here


for Burnley. Brady felt that Victor Valdes got a


touch to that. Yes, off the top of the bar. One of the other reason


there is not much optimism at Middlesbrough is they still have


four of the top five to play. Barnes has now caught him in the face with


his arm. Is this about Lethbridge? He will probably argue that it was.


Maybe a touch of an elbow afterwards. Watch the left elbow.


Unnecessary. The backheel doesn't come off. A long way to go between


here and goal and had to go for it. Good tackle, really just stood in


his way. Just happy to stand in the way of the forward. It is teased in.


Ayala across. And nobody can get a touch. Nothing wrong with the cross


from Daniel Ayala. It was a backheel of sorts. It took Middlesbrough


seven years to return to the Premier League. They have to make more of a


fight than they are putting up at the moment to stay in it longer than


one season. Does well to feed it to Clayton. The cross is deep. And


turned behind by Keane. That is more like it from Middlesbrough, that is


what the home fans want to see. Action in the opponent's penalty


area. Comes back here followed bitter. They need a good delivery.


And it is in the corner and he turned down to his right to make the


save. Already Middlesbrough have done more in the opening two minutes


of the second half than they managed in the entirety of the first 45.


Ward getting forward on this left-hand side. He will get that


away. He committed himself, the cutback is good. Robbie Brady. He


had a hand, died in, the dummy from Barnes. -- dived in. Couldn't quite


tag it in. Negredo. What a save by Mason. What a goal that would have


been. That brings an end to that burst of excitement. Negredo is


capable of this kind of athleticism. A good save by Heaton. Burnley


certainly since the end of their winless run away from home is there


for them today has Ward gets away from Clayton. Good save by Victor


Valdes. Burnley applying real pressure at the moment. A fabulous


surge down the left from Stephen Ward. Need, stepping inside Brady.


The home support clamour for a red card but it is just a yellow. He


would have felt that had he got away from Keane, he would have been in on


goal. Keane got away with it there perhaps, could have been a read. A


presentable opportunity for Middlesbrough. An array of bodies in


the wall looking to block the path Stewart Downing takes it on. It was


flicked behind. Helped on its way. Middlesbrough supporters urging


their team to get the all-important goal. Heaton stays at home and it is


off the line again. And it was low to and again. -- lantern.


The cheers of those Middlesbrough fans are the people who didn't hear


the whistle. But here is the earlier clearance by Matthew Lowton on the


line. Stewart Downing's free kick and Matt Lowton helps out his


goalkeeper there. It is that kind of moment that can define a season. The


lads were terrific in terms of their effort. The fighting spirit at the


end. We deserved to win the game. Should it have been a red card? From


where I was, I thought it was a disappointing decision, that is all


I would say. He was the wrong side and in control of the ball, it


dropped onto his right foot, so I know certainly Patrick would have


had a free shot at goal. Why heart was in Monmouth, I slipped and took


him down but it is one of those, I got away with it so I was grateful.


It was awkward today, there were chances to get wins, awkward for us


because people expect at some point we got to win the game away from


home, including myself of course. It is a balanced view but another point


on the table and another clean sheet. A rare point away from home


for Burnley. I suppose in many ways, there are no goals in the game but


one key talking point. Red card or not? For me it is a red card. They


talked about Keane saying he got away with one and I agree with him.


He can say he slipped. I don't care, Patrick Bamford is in on goal. It is


not that bad a touch that it has got away from him. It is a red card. The


law states obvious goal-scoring opportunity. Identikit was a red


card. That touch takes him a little bit to the right. Tom Heaton is


coming out as well. I wonder if Martin Atkinson thought the touch


was not great and Tom Heaton was coming out. I thought he gave the


benefit to Michael Keane who obviously slipped. If Michael Keane


is running towards Patrick Bamford and drags his shirt. The first touch


doesn't take further on, it him to the right. From what Atkinson's


angle, I can see why he doesn't want to send him off there. Maybe the


keeper could have come out and got the ball. I think he is in that


50-50 area. And that is why I think yellow as that of red. Middlesbrough


and need a miracle, don't they? Arsenal, city, Chelsea, six points


from safety. Can't score, it is looking bleak. Thank you where much


indeed, we are out of time but before we say goodbye, let us look


at the Premier League table. The gap at the top unchanged. Victories for


Liverpool and Manchester City with them seven points adrift of the


final Champions League spot. West Ham are the only side in the bottom


half to win and Swansea remain two points from safety. But see what the


Sunday papers have to say. The Sun focuses on Eden Hazard who says


Chelsea passed the test of their title credentials by beating


Bournemouth. The Telegraph highlights commence Antonio Conte


who he likes the pressure of being pursued by Spurs. And the star


claims Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will sign a two-year contract


extension. On Grand National day, there were no fall was at the top,


Chelsea are seven clear with seven to jump, good night.


I have never known an atmosphere like this.


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