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How about that? Just brilliant. Ove, that is wonderful! An absolute


belter! What a turn. What a goal! Oh, look at that! Evening all, it


has been a pulsating night in the Premier League, the top four all


feature and the best from last night. Plenty to pack in and barely


time to introduce Danny Murphy and Ian Wright, so we won't! Chelsea's


lead was cut to seven points after defeat to Crystal Palace on


Saturday. Manchester City arrived at Chelsea without a defeat in eight


games. Commentary from Guy Mowbray. If Saturday's defeat was a wobble,


another for Chelsea would be a worry. If City lose, it is title


lights out. Zouma starts a Premier League game for Chelsea for the


first time all season. Moses is missing because of a toe injury.


City have Delph selected in midfield for the first time this season and


Vincent Kompany leads them from the start of a match for only the third


time this season. Five years ago this week, City were eight points


behind Premier League leader Manchester United with only six


games to go. Your know what happened then!


Hazard beats Caballero to fire Chelsea in front. Pep Guardiola


begins the Manchester City inquest into why that was allowed to happen.


First, Cesar Azpilicueta had too much space and look at the room


Hazard found in the area. Might have been a touch from Kompany that sent


Caballero the wrong way. He still maybe ought to have put a hand to


the ball. Just the start City didn't want.


Fernandinho! Fierce. But straight at Courtois. A pretty routine save for


the Chelsea goalkeeper on what is his 100th appearance for the club.


That is the best passage of Manchester City passing we have seen


tonight A familiar pair involved at the heart of it - Silva and Aguero.


Fabregas's effort is blocked and it's off the bar. Very nearly


another deflected Chelsea goal. Very nearly another Chelsea home goal for


Fabregas. Zouma safely back to Courtois who,


had time for a couple of touches and then it is an awful clearance. Saved


by Courtois, but tapped in by Aguero. City level. It's a calamity


for Courtois. He looked uncertain with that first touch of the ball


and the second one... It is just plain awful. Seemed as though Silva


had taken too long. But he concentrated on hitting the target.


Even though Courtois made what seemed at first a decent save - look


who it went to. As easy a goal as Aguero ever gets. 1-1.


Sane will get there. Courtois got there as well. That is a really good


save. It bounced back off Sane and went behind. That is excellent


goalkeeping. Diego Costa can't keep the attack


going for much longer. Manchester City supporters are claiming Costa


controlled that with his arm. Fabregas to Pedro, Pedro down.


Chelsea penalty. No complaints from Fernandinho. Pedro's feet just to


quick. Hazard has given Chelsea the the lead in the game once. And


twice. Fortune favours the goal scorers in this game. Caballero


couldn't do much more than he did. He guessed right. But it bounces


back to the man in the No 10 shirt. Chelsea 2, Manchester City 1.


Silva is brought down by Kante. Left knee being clutched by Merlin, as


City fans call their gifted magician. There is Kompany. It is


off the bar. Kompany perhaps fortunate not to see the flag go up


against him. Almost fortunate to score too. No words exchanged, but


there is plenty of admiration between these two. Pep Guardiola


described Antonio Conte as superb this week, maybe the best and says


he learns a lot when he sees his teams.


City corner. Mike Dean instructed Cahill, telling him he has got his


eyes on him. That was a free head her. He wasn't quite free, John


Stones, but he was able to get to the ball without any Chelsea


defender jumping against him. Fabregas waiting. Now Pedro. Behind


Fabregas for Hazard and it's high. That is the best chance that Chelsea


have had in the whole of this second half I'm sure. Hazard in the most


presentable position of all. You wouldn't expect him to blaze it like


that. Antonio Conte certainly didn't. City have to push the button


and go. That might be a great ball. It was a


great ball and Aguero is denied by Courtois, who saw it developing in


fronts of him. Aguero had to stretch, but he got there. And he


was putting it goal-bound, but for Courtois's knee, which was then


caught by Aguero's boot. Over it cops and it is not in. It should


have been in from Stones and somehow he missed. That will surely be it


for Pep Guardiola's City tonight. And as far as their Premier League


title challenge, which was fading any way is concerned. Antonio Conte


says finish now. Finish now! Manchester City's title ambitions


are finished now. Chelsea have taken them out of the equation tonight


surely. Full-time at the Bridge. And Antonio Conte's Blues get the better


of Pep Guardiola's. And the reaction of everybody concerned with Chelsea


tells you what a win this is. Chelsea 2, Manchester City 1. We


must be pleased, because we beat a team very strong, very strong I


think, the best team in the league. Apart from yours? No, but Ing Ing


Manchester City's a really good team and yeah, I think it is very good, a


great coach, I think the best in the world. The idea of football for this


reason, to win this type of game in this part of season is great. I'm


happier than the game with Arsenal where we draw and today we lose and


I come here in London, Stamford Bridge, the best team in the Premier


League and play like we played and with the problems we had and we have


and with our huge personality and I'm a lucky guy to be manager of the


guys. You scored two, with a bit of help. Yeah, a bit of luck. Sometimes


we need this, we need this kind of help. I remember two year ago we won


the title and I scored a penalty against Crystal Palace. It is a good


sign. But we will see. We have eight games to play. We will be ready for


the eight games. The Premier League is gone and it will be between


Tottenham and Chelsea. But of course, we have the target to


qualify for the Champions League and there are many contenders there


until the end it will be a big battle. An important win for Chelsea


and City played well. They played really well. I have rarely seen a


manager whose winning at half-time worried and making a tactical


substitution. But Conte did. Manchester City in the first half


played some great football. He played Fabregas in the middle and it


became too easy for the midfield three of City, Silva was


magnificent. They passed through them like no team I have seen do at


Stamford Bridge. I felt for Kante, because he is trying to help out the


defence. City's quality caused them all sorts of problems and I was


saying to Wrighty during the first half, it can't carry on. It is not,


well not easy, but they're cutting them open. We haven't seen much of


that against Chelsea? No, but they went in and what a great managerial


decision, 2-1 up and Ike going to - I'm going to make a change. What


Matic has done all season is sit in, all right you give up possession,


but I'm going to fill the holes. If you want to play, you can't play


through it and City found it more difficult. They still had a couple


of chances. But ma stitch knows how to -- Matic knows how to play that


role. To recognition his decision was wrong, his starting line up was


terrific. Brilliant stuff. This again is what he does well, it


doesn't look like he is doing anything brill yanlts. He will have


a -- bill yanlt. He will have a press and they looked so much more


solid. Hazard used the word luck. Should Caballero have done better


with the first goal? I thought he was unfortunate. The problem was the


picking up of Hazard. That is where the problem is. There is a


deflection off come pane, but Ha -- Kompany. Delph shouldn't he be


worried about Hazard. Look at st space he has. You can't see it, but


the deflection has taken out of the path of Caballero. Just enough,


because he has hit it so well. I believe the problem is the, is


Hazard's space. That is no doubt a penalty. He is unlucky again the


keeper. It is a great save. But Hazard followed up. Do you think


Costa could be in troubl trouble for this? It is a bit stupid, but I


don't think they will be retrospective. It was a gesture.


Like Kompany's reaction. The referee's right there. You expect


the referee is looking at it. I think he has been a bit cute. If


there was Reds for that, he would never have played. I know what he is


doing. He is acting like, I'm just putting my feet down. I prooshlt


your Hon testy e-- I appreciate your Hon testy. Honesty. Swansea kicked


off one point and one place above the drop zone. There are four former


Spurs players in the Swansea line up.


Five changes to the Spurs side. The most unexpected, Vorm, who played 97


games for Swansea. Vorm gets only a fourth Premier League start to the


season. Dier stepped in. Here is Son. He has


Sissoko. It was a really important block. Here is Walker.


Blocked again by Fernandez. Now Eriksen.


Sissoko. And again Sissoko.


Out by Mawson this time. Important bit of defending from Fernandez.


Son was one selfish and Sissoko was trying to be too.


Fabianski forward. He has done well not to be caught offside. Davis with


him. Ayew. Routledge scores for Swansea. Well. Routledge scores.


Ayew set it up. They had to go all the way back to Fabianski, did well


to be onside. Here is Ayew with Davis. Look a his feet.


Nicely done. And Routledge couldn't believe his


luck. Lovely little trick from Ayew.


Bought the half a yard of space and row ledge found himself in front of


Alderweireld and Swansea find themselves in front of Spurs. Davis


to Vertonghen. That is a good ball. Really dealt


with by Alli. It would have been magnificent if he


had put that one away. If that had ripped into the roof of the net I


think we could have forgotten about goal of the season. Spurs have only


got five away Premier League victories so far this season, which


is the fewest of the teams at the top of the Premier League table.


Eriksen lovely ball, Ben Davies can pull it back. Son over the top. He


probably didn't wan it in the air from Ben Davies. A beautiful ball.


Just chipped it into Son, rather than rolling it along the turf.


Carroll's ball in. Ayew looking to turn. Away by Vertonghen. Cheer from


Swansea. Nothing given. Swansea were appealing here here when Ayew was


looking to turn. I don't think there is a penalty in


that. Spurs only defeat this season were


at Liverpool at Chelsea, and at Manchester United. Out of context,


the loss here that Swansea would be, no disrespect intended to Swansea.


Eriksen. Dinked in dangerously. Son. Oh. It hit fefr Des and a corner --


Fernandez and a corner has been given. This will tell... Son hit it.


It hit him on the outside of the shoulder I think.


Mawson. Good football by Swansea. That is a lovely ball from Mawson.


Naughton. Can he reach it? Yes he can. Rout Liberal Democrat,


Sigurdsson in the middle. Naughton. It is not far wide.


Well one former Spurs player has already scored against them tonight


and another one nearly got in on the act. It wasn't far away after the


flick off Davies. I don't think he recognises his own team Maurecio


Pochettino. It has been a massive upon yuemtal


effort from Swansea City. -- monumental. To keep Spurs out.


Albeit a Spurs not at their best. Janssen, really brave goalkeeping.


Really brave goalkeeping by Fabianski, but Fabianski had to go


for this and he makes the save. It is a really good save by the Polish


keeper. He is getting an enormous evasion from the Swansea fans here,


-- ovation, standing ovation from round the ground. He has waved the


stretch area I, saying you are kid, you won't get me off on a stretcher.


Dembele. I do think Swansea are going to bring on Nordfeldt. Great


save give Fabianski from Alli's header.


Injured? Not me! It is a really good header. About as good a chance as


Spurs have had. Now, do Swansea take him off or


leave him on? He does not want to come off. Paul Clement clearly made


the decision that he didn't think Fabianski should continue, he would


have taken that decision on medical Injured? Not me! It is a really good


header. About as good a chance as Spurs have had.


Now, do Swansea take him off or leave him on? He does not want to


come off. Paul Clement clearly made the decision that he didn't think


Fabianski should continue, he would have taken that decision on medical


advice, and Fabianski said "I am not coming off". ". That is Mawson. This


is dangerous. It is Eriksen, it is deflected and Alli equalises.


Spurs have scored. With just over two minutes of normal time to go.


Well nothing Fabianski could do about this, fit or not. Alli is


there, to tuck in Tottenham's equaliser, his 18th goal of this


season. Eriksen. It is a good ball.


Janssen's flick. Onyewu is in behind and it's in.


-- Son. Spurs have surely won it in stoppage time. Son, absolute


devastation for Swansea City, absolute jubilation for Spurs.


Lovely little flick from Janssen, Son on to it, read it beautifully.


Fabianski made contact but not enough.


What a turn around. Swansea 1, Tottenham 2.


Alli. That is a great ball. Eriksen,


Eriksen. 3-1. It's so cruel. On Swansea City. So


important for Tottenham Hotspur. One down, with two-and-a-half minutes to


play, they are 3-1 up. Great counterattack, Janssen involved


again but a lovely bit of vision from Alli, to find Eriksen. And


Eriksen makes the game safe. Tottenham Hotspur feel that they are


still in this race. But spare a thought for poor Paul Clement.


We are disappointed to have got to 88 minutes and we're leading 1-0,


you know the fact that we conceded onle 8 -- 88 and couldn't even draw


the game is heartbreaking. We kept believing and took our chances at


the end. It was a very good game from their side. They made it


difficult. I think we made too many mistakes overall. Luckily we turned


it round. It is a good message for our fan, our football people, I


think the most important is that is the badge, and it is not about the


name, it is about the team. The team spirit is the most important. We


were fighting to them and we are fighting again.


At the weekend when Spurs got Chelsea's lead down to seven, going


to Swansea, they knew it was important and they hung on, they


clinged on an they kept going. They got there in tend. To be honest


there is a fight and determination to Spurs that is very tough. Very


enviable. So jealous of them. They were one of 88 minutes like Paul


Clement said there, they kept going, they did not stop going at them.


Eriksen has had to step up because Harry Kane has gone. Done really


bell but Dele Alli. Nine goals in 12. He is the only one, when this


goal is out to Eriksen, look at him on the move. Bang. That is what you


get from lay players like that. Swansea done well, in reason of


their holding, holding them out and trying to keep Tottenham out, but


they kept going. Eriksen got the ball too much time. Picked out the


right pass. Janson held up the ball pretty well and set this one up as


well. He set the one before with a flick. Watch Eriksen. It was seven


minutes of extra time but look at that lovely move and that finish.


They are, they are a team, I thought the Birmingham result was fantastic


for them. They had to build on that, with Chelsea win, and this is


another fantastic... It is is a credit to fitness and energy and


mental capacity we some questioned. They have picked up 17 points from


losing positions this season, more than anybody else. It is -- they


score late goals more than any other team. Ian Wright is in tears! That


is what I am saying, that is the manager, the training regime, the


players having confidence. From a Swansea perspective Paul Clement


said he was heartbroken. You know him well, he is a pragmatic manager.


Will he be able to take positives from that? Yes, when you get


endeavour, application and a willingness to play how the manager


asked you to, he must be standing, going they have given it a go. They


didn't have a focal point. They couldn't get out. Key, key, that he


get backs with the next three games, they have got West Ham, Watford and


Stoke. Massive game. They need two wins out of those. Crucial time for


Swansea. Next up a huge game at the bottom after boosting their hopes by


beating West Ham on Saturday Hull were looking to pile the pressure on


Middlesbrough who arrived without a win in nearly four months. Simon


Brotherton was watching this one. Recent results from given Hull hope


of getting out of the bottom three while Middlesbrough know their


window of opportunity could be closing as they look for their first


league win since before Christmas. Grosicki made a real difference adds


Hull beat West Ham. He gets start tonight. There is no Davis as they


go to a flat back four. Middlesbrough need goals and Gestede


is brought in from the start, to partner Negredo up front. While at


the back Husband makes his first appearance of the season and his


Premier League debut, after a long-term shoulder injury.


12 matches without a victory Middlesbrough. A run stretching back


to the middle of December. A flick forward by Clucas, into the box.


Markovic with a lay off. What a start, but the flag has gone up and


it won't count. Niasse thought he had scored. So did most of the


people in the crowd. But all-importantly, the flag was


raised, swiftly. By Gary Beswick. Hull have won four of their five


Premier League home games under Marco Silva. Twice as many as they


won under Mike Phelan this season. Negredo, swings that one away, and


Traore collects it. First attack for Middlesbrough. Traore. Middlesbrough


ahead. It is Negredo. Sliding in at the far post.


Well, having almost fallen behind moments before at the other end of


the pitch, Middlesbrough sweep forward for the first time, and


Negredo was there to turn it home. It was Negredo who got the move,


rolling in the first place, with that ball away to the far side.


Traore took his time, looked for an opening and Negredo stole in behind


Elmohamady. Promising play from Hull at times here in the early stays of


this one. Traore stopped before he could get into full flight.


Robertson now, as Hull look to get back into this game as quickly as


possible. In towards Niasse. Blocked on the line, Hernandez condition get


there, it's in. Markovic with the final touch. Hull City are level,


they weren't behind for long, 13 minutes played. Hull 1,


Middlesbrough 1. And Markovic, the loanee from


Liverpool on target. As the ball came over Niasse almost


got on the end of it. Hernandez tried and Markovic made sure.


Good game so far, plenty going on. Markovic with the final touch.


N'Diaye. Takes it in his stride, puts Hull ahead.


Niasse has helped to turn the game round now.


Behind early. But Hull have fairly broken stride since. Firstly level


through Markovic, now ahead through Niasse. Three goals in the opening


27 minutes of game, Gibson count get back at Niasse. Who was able to


guide it home. Time to look up, great chance for


three. And it's been taken! By Abel Hernandez. Three goals in 33 minutes


for Hull. And Hernandez has his first goal since the middle of


January. It was a lovely pass forward, Grosicki looked up and


provided the cross for Hernandez to just sweep the ball home. Lovely,


swift counter attacking football from Hull.


Headed behind for a corner. Well, it looked great after five minutes for


Steve Agnew. Looks rather different now.


Clayton drills that one into the body of Maguire. Slammed across the


bar by Gestede. Middlesbrough almost replying straightaway. Middlesbrough


were so close to a second goal here. Gestede getting his head on that


one. Middlesbrough looking to finish the first half with a flourish.


Negredo waits for the ball to drop. Gestede on the turn and takes the


deflection - corner. Gestede quite a handful for Maguire.


Gibb sovereign going up for it. Ball's in the head. Hull's players


all protest. Here it is again. Gibson goes for the ball. Did the


referee feel there was a deflection that carried the ball forward. He


has given the goal. As the initial header comes in, well Jerome's in an


offside position. Middlesbrough can count themselves lucky there.


N'Diaye brings the save from Valdes. Grosicki looking for an opening.


Goal kick. There is a liveliness about Hull when they burst forward.


Valdes with the initial save and Grosicki just brought it until he


thought he saw the potential for an opening. Hull certainly don't move


the ball around like a team in the bottom three.


Clucas battles as hard as he can to try and keep Gestede at bay. The


towering presence of Gestede. It will be a free kick for Hull. In by


Robertson. Tremendous chance. Absolutely buried by Maguire. Superb


header. Pin point delivery. 4-2 Hull and Middlesbrough's chance of


getting anything has receded dramatically. Maguire's onside -


bang. Beautiful delivery. Unmarked and Harry Maguire has his first


Premier League goal of the season. A convincing home win. They have now


won five of six at home in the Premier League since Marco Silva


took over. Today this offside is not easy, but we need too reaction and


it is good for us, because it put our players a bit more calm. We


changed some change -- changes. We were poor defensively and everybody


takes responsibility for that. We win and lose as a team. It is the


shape of the team that was not right. And that is why we concede


four. I have never worked under a manager like it. When we go into the


game, everyone knows the specific aims and goals during the game. Even


the players on the bench know where they're going to play and what they


need to do. He fills us with confidence and says, enjoy it and if


we play the way we can, we will get the points. Middlesbrough took the


lead, hull came back in and a man who found himself in a wrong spot. I


felt for Ben Gibson, I think he deserves the calm. -- call up. In


but in respect of his defending he has been magnificent. Today he has


been unlucky. He gets a flick and he can't sort his feet out. He is close


enough to the goal and can't get there. He is unlucky. Can he get it?


That is just unlucky. But when you get the spotlight, being an


international, that is what will happen. He has got himself caught


under the ball and he is chasing. I think as well, they have gone for it


a bit more, a bit more open and the back four's going to get more


exposed and it has been one of those nights. But give Hull credit. Yes


since Silva took over, only Chelsea, Spurs and Everton have picked up


more points than Hull. It is incredible. When you hear about


players saying I haven't worked under a manager like that, the


compliments are coming thick and fast. He has them organised and


given them a confidence to attack teams. I think there was some doubts


about him at first, but one thing for sure I personally like so many


others, it wasn't doubting him, thinking anybody could change their


fortunes. Hull out of relegation zone for the first time since


October. Well what he has done as well, he has come in, what I'm


hearing from the players in and around Hull and the coaches, people


I hear from, he is so meticulous and people like Clucas says, he says, go


out anden joy yourself and everyone knows what they're doing, their


organised and that will help. They clinged on. They clung on. Enough.


Enough. I'm in trouble with that one. Back to the top four. All five


of Liverpool's defeats this season have come against teams in the


bottom half. Including a loss at Bournemouth. The two sides met again


tonight at Anfield. Football form is fickle, Liverpool's loyal fight for


justice for the Hillsborough 96 is unwaivering. On the nearest game to


the 26th anniversary of the tragedy, Anfield remembers.


Origi replaces Mane, who is probably out for the season. Klavan comes in.


Stur itch ridge -- Sturridge is on the bench. Ibe is preferred to


Fraser for Bournemouth. That wasn't a bad effort from


Firmino. The keeper tipped it over. A bright opening by Liverpool. So


important they keep up the momentum gained by the Merseyside victory.


Coutinho takes the corner and the near post flick on by Lucas. Allowed


to get into that near post area too easy. Quite emotional before the


game, talking about the anniversary of Hillsborough.


Mignolet with just clean sheets this season. Not enough. And oh dear he


took a chance there. He's keep hear the doesn't mind taking a chance,


but was it really necessary? Liverpool have got themselves on the


back foot. All goalkeepers think they're fine


footballers. A few hearts in mouths - but not his. A backpass and Afobe


and does and Bournemouth are ahead at Anfield in six and a half


minutes. Both teams have started in rather sloppy fashion at the back


and Liverpool the sloppiest. No real danger at all. And Wijnaldum under


pressure lost his bearings and made an absolute gift of to it Afobe.


Gratefully accepted and Bournemouth lead 1-0.


Hooked back in by Firmino. Not dealt with by Bournemouth. A cross from


Can and a header over relieves the pressure. Out to Can, comes to the


far post. Origi was arriving. It was a misplaced header from King. He saw


it late, because Lovren was in his way. Solid chance. Klavan was


struggling in the air. A lovely cross field pass by Daniels.


That was a chance for Pugh! Should have been two.


He got the shot away. Oh, my goodness! That was screaming just


past the angle of post and bar. Coutinho free A bit of a stumbling,


there was an element of fortune. But once it go there, Coutinho was so


certain. Coutinho finished brilliantly. Stumbly, bumbly. But as


smooth as you like. Liverpool have opened up Bournemouth on the right.


Clyne still and what a thunderous drive. What a birthday present that


would have been. Swerving, power, he got to it the goalkeeper. Kenny


Dalglish went and sat at the Kop end. Goodness that trio there could


play. Wijnaldum with space. Sets the cross


up. Origi, Liverpool are ahead and it has been coming. What a well


balanced lovely attractive run it was. He is onside when the cross


comes in. Wijnaldum. A shimmy, and hung it up to the far post. It is


cutely finished by Origi. If Liverpool are to finish top four,


they need to win games like this from positions like this.


Gradel has no chance to shine for Bournemouth since joining them,


because of injuries. Four minutes to go. Out to Daniels and Arter. Here


is King and they have levelled it! Liverpool could well have thrown


away two precious Champions League qualification points. The long throw


shouldn't have caused any danger. A header from Can dropped to Arter and


King was so assured. A real striker's goal that. 12 for the


season for Josh King. A wrestling match in the penalty


area, difficult this for the referee. A free herd header and it


wouldn't go in. Origi was coming in at the far stick. Should he have


thrown himself at it? Fraser has fouled Clyne.


Milner with the high hoist. In came Lovren with a big run.


Back across by Matip into the hands of keeper, Klavan's header. What a


curious game this has been. It was a difficult game. Which got the


perfect start a good goal. Liverpool's quality showed, made it


difficult for us, but we showed a good mentality and defended well and


in the end I don't think anybody can argue with the draw.


We scored the second goal, fantastic goal, wonderful play and yeah. Team


spirit has been brilliant the last few week, and we just keep


believing. We want to finish better than last season, and run a good,


good run to do that. Even in the stadium I felt everybody is behind


us, we all have within goal. We watch to reach the score. We know


that is not done. We keep moving forward, so, yeah, I think


everything is possible and for sure, if you have the belief I think we


can do good things. Four points from six Bournemouth against Liverpool.


Do you think Liverpool helped them out with both goals tonight? They


helped them out in both games, actually but tonight was silly


mistake, they got themselves back in, did play well second happen half


and should have won the game. Plucky Bournemouth, they pressed high up.


This type of thing early in the game. I am not keen on seeing my


goalkeeper doing that. It sets a mentality and gives the opposition,


hold on, give us some respect. Bournemouth are a decent side but


Wijnaldum has been great, this is sloppy. All of a sudden then, it


gives the position a lift. This is at 2-1 when hay should be seeing the


game out. Three chances to clear the ball. They are not great goals to


concede. It has been Liverpool's Achilles heel all season. Unbeaten


in six and the other teams round them not particularly flying. United


are throwing points away and I still fancy them and I just think they


have to learn to win some games without Mane. They still haven't won


in the league this season. Mane in the side. Nine in ten for King.


Origi has hit double figures for the season. Your like a built of what


you see from him. I don't mind him. I remember him from the Euros he


looks sharp, strong. You know, he makes some great runs out the pack


to the back stick. I think we see it later on we see a, wine is in the


place where you will get goaling if you are in and round it. He is big,


strong, he has good feet, holds the ball up well but this chance for me


here is a ant stick chance. Same as in the first half. Gets round the


back but he, I don't think he commits himself enough to that.


Origi or Sturridge if you have a straight choice? I like Daniel to be


honest but he doesn't play often enough. I would go with Origi. But I


love Daniel. I love you Dan! That is a contradiction if ever I


heard one. You are getting away with that just about. Arsenal were seven


points off a Champions League place going into their game against West


Ham. Their manager received a vote of confidence from the club, despite


losing four in a row. We put our confidence in Steve Bell.


There is just a fifth Premier League appearance for 24-year-old Martinez


in the Arsenal goal. The Argentinian last played in the top five almost


two-and-a-half years ago. West Ham'sed by bid is aided by the top


scorer Antonio and captain Noble is also back in the starting line up.


Antonio. Ayew made his way to the penalty area too. Antonio was caught


there. West Ham free kick. Such a boost for West Ham to have


Antonio back in the team. Wriggled away from Elneny. Lanzini.


Martinez had that covered. Never quite enough. One Argentinian trying


to beat another. He has eight goals and 12 London derbies Lanzini. That


is where it began for Bilic's first game as West Ham manager, produced a


2-0 victory at the Emirates. Ozil. An Arsenal free kick. Understandably


Byram has proven so far he is going to stick very closely to Sanchez.


Too closely on that occasion. Sanchez looking for Welbeck. The


first big chance of the game. Any kind of contact there from Danny


well back and West Ham were in trouble. Good movement, good height


for him as well but he couldn't get the connection. Frustration there


for all to see. Old Beck.


-- Welbeck. Will it be under threat here? Trying to bulldoze his way


through. Ozil.


Sanchez on the turn. Bellerin, terrific block by Fonte and Elneny,


deflected over. Much more purposeful from Arsenal.


Brave defending from West Ham. Arsenal corner.


West hall determined to get to half-time with their clean sheet


intact. -- West Ham. Carroll didn't get


there. Welbeck did. Held comfortably in the end by


aldoff. -- Randolph. Encouraging from


Arsenal. Good run from Welbeck. Safe hands, Darren Randolph.


Ozil. Drop of the shoulder from Sanchez.


It has come back to him. A great pass, Ozil.


Fantastic challenge from James Collins.


Lovely link up between Sanchez and Ozil. Wonderful awareness from


Sanchez. Slightly heavy touch from Ozil. Credit to Collins for timing


the challenge. He knows they have to get three points from this.


Ozil. Walcott's cross. Snodgrass back to


help out. Walcott has won it back. He has gone for the return, away by


Fonte, and Ozil. Mesut Ozil, with a most welcome


breakthrough for Arsenal. On his 150th appearance for the


club. A goal to cue relief all round the Emirates Stadium. Untidy in the


build up. West hall didn't clear, poor from Fonte. And Ozil's effort


deceived Darren Randolph. Sanchez in front of him. Randolph appealing


straightaway that he was in his run, I don't think he was. Walcott.


Lovely touchback to him, taking on Colin, round Colin, Walcott.


Welbeck. Defied by the legs of Randolph, who toad his groan.


Walcott -- stood his ground. Credit Randolph came off his line, stayed


on his feet and potentially denied Arsenal a second. It is the 55th


goal that West Ham have conceded this season.


Here is Ozil. Looking for Sanchez. On the end of


it. Walcott. Who scores against West Ham yet


again. Six in 12 against the Hammers for him.


But more importantly, he has doubled Arsenal's advantage.


And once again, right at the heart of it, Sanchez and Ozil.


They have turned it on in this second half.


Awareness from Sanchez, then from Ozil, clinical from Walcott.


His 19th goal in all competitions this season. His 18th in his last 23


starts. Clear day light now, Arsenal 2, West Ham 0.


Sanchez. Great movement from Bellerin.


Could have been three. Only scored once since April 2015.


It was a wonderful ball to find him. That could and really should have


been 3-0 Arsenal. Something Arsene Wenger has been


used to in the last few money, since the begin of February they have only


beaten Hull, and Sutton. The Argentinian has been a spectator all


evening. First time he has been asked a question, and he had a


positive answer. Collins in ahead of Giroud. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.


Drop of the shoulder from him. A really good run. Giroud, he is going


for goal. And what a goal. Giroud, off the


bench with a special finish, made by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. And


finished tremendously by the Frenchman.


What a burst of pace from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.


But Giroud still had plenty to do. Inch perfect. Well, Arsenal were


poor in the first half. They have been excellent in the second half.


West Ham just want to hear the full-time whistle and it could get


worse yet. Ramsey. Byram. Giroud. Monreal might fancy a


shot. That looked reckless. Not according to the referee. Monreal


can't believe it. Turns inside Byram. That is a


penalty. That is a clear-cut penalty.


It is a game where we need to build our result slowly and with patience,


in the first half West Ham defended well, and we needed to find the


solution, in the second half. It was Mustafi more convince, and we


created many chance and won the Dame with a convincing performance.


Without being negative. It is being realistic, I told the guys, OK,


forget today, we have a massive game, a few massive games in front


of us, but through is a very important game, massive game, now


against Swansea on Saturday, and we are in the fight for, to keep the


Premier League status. We are here, we come out of a difficult period,


and the confidence goes quickly and comes back slowly, and that's why I


felt even if it is not the result we wanted against Manchester City, but


it was at least a start again. Let us deal with those West Ham


complaints over the first goal. Potential hand ball, potential


offside, you can try and clear it up for us. It is not that too difficult


for me. I think Wrighty agrees, the fist argument was the Walcott hand


ball. I don't see it but you see the reaction, that sips a lot. Every one


of then. Play goes onners Ozil as a shot and the argument is Sanchez is


in front of the keeper's eye linings, which he is not. That bit


is fine. But this here, you can see unnatural position, little block


with the arm, it is a hand ball. So they got away with it. They probably


feel aggrieved. They were defending liking we Wenger said, I would feel


aggrieved. It wasn't vintage Arsenal though. It wasn't. It won't make you


cry. I am delighted they got something. They had a good


opportunity against West Ham. Mesut Ozil got grief for defensive


frailties. What did you make of his performance tonight? He does what he


does. It is his demeanour what upsets people. He might throw his


arms up, but when he gets positions like that, look, he picked him out,


that is what he does. It is unfortunate for him because of the


way he plays and he has a language style, he gets a lot of stick, I


feel for him but I would still play him and I would play him in


situation, because as a forward, me, I would want him behind me, playing,


just playing, let him play through all the rubbish so he can create for


people. You feel a bit for Ozil. Do you feel for Bilic? Five defeat


tonnes trot is this I do. I have a lot of time for him. But the ball,


they board, they have said they will back him. You hope it is not


lip-service, when they went into the stadium they were talking about what


they want to do, how many season tickets they are selling. Are they


going to give him the money to buy players that will get them going? I


don't think they have done that. That is what he needs. OK. Quiz


question for you Danny, ready? Ready? Crystal Palace have won once


in 16 top flight matches in Southampton in 1992. Who scored, in


that 3-2 win? What was it? Mark Bright. He did get the winner. I


played in that game, didn't I. I must have scored I scored in that


game. I scored two in that game. You are forgotten.


You're foregont as far as Palace fans are concerned. I don't exist?


He did get two. Mark Bright got the winner. Tony Husband watched this


one. A fifth consecutive victory tonight would be a first at


Southampton for Crystal Palace. The two sides are just three points


apart. With Gabbiadini sidelines, Shane Long gets a first start since


the start of January. McQueen replaces Bertrand at the back.


Palace have lost Tompkins and Kelly makes a rare start. It is Zaha's


250th appearance for the visitors. Long in with an early shot just


wide. Inside 40 seconds, Southampton go close. If the returning Shane


Long that gave Hennessey something to worry about: Quick feet of Zaha


win him a free kick in a dangerous area. Southampton not happy about


it. It is the control and then just draws the foul from Redmond.


It is just wide from Luka Milivojevic. The closest Palace have


been. Luka Milivojevic does well to get away from Redmond.


Set up for Townsend and in from Benteke, what a super goal to break


the deadlock. 15 minutes before the break. That was super football.


Schlupp benefits from the referee playing advantage. Southampton wary


of the threat of Zaha. No real tackles going in. Townsend's


delivery is good and striker's instinct from Benteke to give Palace


the lead. Redmond with the cross. It could


come to Tadic. They're appealing for handball. But the referee says play


on. Tadic controls it on to his left and tlit is. It is batted away by


Schlupp with his arm. Slap may have got away with one there. -- Schlupp.


Clearly changed the direction of the ball. Four in the middle for


Southampton. Sakho away. That was like Stamford Bridge on Saturday.


Palace players getting there first. This could come to Redmond and it's


gone in for an equaliser. I still think some in the crowd felt play


had been stopped. That is an extraordinary leveller. An equaliser


almost in slow motion just before the break. The first ball is cleared


by Sakho and it is here that some Palace players appear to switch off.


As it drops to Redmond he has enough on the shot to level the scores. Was


ate foul from Davis on Zaha? If he had reason to be grateful to the


officials earl yes, now he has got something to argue with them for.


Free kick. This time the frustration from Zaha is that the advantage was


not played by Roger East. You win some, you lose some!


Townsend to deliver. A good header from Benteke and Kelly off the place


and followed up and wide by Zaha. It is Benteke again winning the header


well and Kelly wraps his right foot around it. Zaha sends it wide.


Redmond with a lovely run by Tadic. He pulls it back and a great block.


Davis was so close to putting Southampton in front and once again


Sakho is immense in that Palace back line and he has denied Southampton a


goal that would have put them into the lead.


Two touches and then at the back it is turned in by Yoshida. Well,


Southampton gambled, they kept their numbers forward and Redmond again


does well here. And Yoshida lurking, after the fist touch came -- first


touch came from his centre-half partner, Jack Stephens chl s. He


wasn't going to miss and Southampton lead.


Tadic again. He has got Cedric outside him arriving and it is 3-1.


James Ward-Prowse. It has all unravelled for Chris pas. A third


goal and surely three points for Southampton. It is another great


team goal. Tadic is patient. He waits for the run of Soares. The


timing of his arrival is perfect from James Ward-Prowse. I'm happy,


because all the players keep going and find the solution in the end and


it is a very good game and I'm happy for squad and the quality and the


result. I'm a little disappointed in the way we played. I don't think we


played anything like as good as we have been, particularly in


possession, but we still created some good chances that we wasted and


our goal was terrific. But I would have expected more than in from the


team that, type of play and fluent movement. We didn't see enough of


that. Were you aggrieved with the nature of Southampton's equaliser.


Aggrieved? It is grievious bodily harm, the assistant is out of order


not putting his flag up. You would both like the praise James


Ward-Prowse? Yes, he is getting better all the time. He looks


fitter. He is contributing more in terms of goals and assists and he


has a good array of passes. Technically superb this lad is.


Called up to the England squad. We know he is good at set plays,


probably the best since Becks. High praise? It is unbelievable. I have


seen him a couple of times live and when you see him whipping them in


live it is better. I like the fact he is trying to be positive and play


forward. It is all well and good being safe, but I'm get in there and


get myself on the score sheet. He is may have beeninging himself -- he


has been making himself difficult to leave out. I thought, I know


Oxlade-Chamberlain got the England berth in t Lithuania game. I think


he deserved a shout. I see a big future for him in England, in the


England side. You like to call him WP. I just like WP. I is just


something in the family. Excellent. What about Crystal Palace, Sam


Allardyce said he banted to see his - ewanted to see his players back up


the run against Chelsea. The Chelsea result, everybody was surprised and


they were brilliant in the game. But the Southampton side would have


fancied Palace. You have to go to Southampton and earn the right. I


thought they started well, but in the end Southampton had too much


quality. A big list of games on the way for Palace. Don't you dare go to


bed. All four matches from last night on the way.


Goes for the gap. Huth and the save. Chadli a fraction wide. Arnautovic.


A big few days of sport ahead. The Masters starts tomorrow.


Coming up Leicester's clash with Sunderland, but first Manchester


United were loofbg tooing stay in -- looking to stay in touch with the


top four against Everton. 19 games unbeaten for Manchester


United now, but too many home draws have undermined their bid for place


in the top four. Top scorers, Ibrahimovic welcomed back after his


suspension. Herrera also returns after his ban and Blind gets a


recall. Youth makes way for experience as Barry and Morales come


in for Everton. Old Trafford not a happy hunting ground for the Blues.


De Gea makes a good stop. One or two in red were appealing for handball.


It is off the upper chest of the Belgian. De Gea makes a smart block


down to his left. That is Williams and that is jack yell Ca -- Jagielka


and Everton have the lead. The veteran shows great improvicingation


and -- improvisation. United haven't lost here since September when


Manchester City went home with all three points. Young with the


outswinger. Lukaku defends well on the edge of box. Amid that there was


a collision on the edge of the box between Morales and Lingard. That is


a naughty one from Morales. He claimed Lingard blocked his


progress. Young and Blind discussing the options. Blind goes for the gap.


Roberts with the save and against the bar from Herrera. It was a


magnificent save in the first instant by Robles and then he went


into the post. Herrera lines up the shot, but just


wide. Robles denies him. Rashford takes it forward and he is


taken out of game by Barry. That will be a yellow card. Barry took


one for the team. He knew he couldn't afford Rashford to get to


the by line. That blue wall has remained intact. Young to test them


again. Against the bar! Pogba got the touch and for the second time


this evening, Manchester United have struck the woodwork. Pogba brought


on at half-time to get Manchester United back in the game. Very nearly


succeeded. Just a fraction too high. Now Lingard.


There is Ibrahimovic. And Ibrahimovic equalises, but he is


offside. It will not count. It looks like it won't be his night. It is a


tight call. Scot Ledger raising the flag and the first time that Robles


has been beaten tonight does not count. We have played two of the


four minutes of added time that were promised. Still no great quality


from Manchester United as they try and get the ball in the box. But it


has dropped for Fellaini and now Shaw. Shouts for handball and the


penalty is given. It is a straight red for the Welshman.


What a story would this have been had Shaw's drive gone in, bearing


what his manager said about him this week.


It is the last minute of injury time.


United have drawn again. And an assured finish from


Ibrahimovic. And United who have been banging on door throughout the


second half but without genuine quality in the final third have got


out of jail at the end. It is their ninth draw at Old


Trafford this season. It leaves them short of those top


four places. Final score at Old Trafford,


Manchester United 1, Everton 1. We scored two goals but I tell you,


with a mile smile on my face because I am not upset with the linesman. I


think really difficult situation for him, only the VR could make its


decision, in the future we would win this match 2-1. The team were


defending perfectly. It is disappointing you don't get the win


by the penalty, it's the right decision but it is hard to take. The


The What do you make of Luke Shaw's performance? I told him already, so


I can tell you, for me his performance was good. But the


performance was good because he was on my side. And I was thinking for


him, and I was leading his performance, if he is on the other


side it wouldn't be the same, and that is not possible at this level.


He has to grow up, he has to mature, he has to understand the game


better, he has to be more focussed. He has a lot to learn, a lot to


improve and we are here to help him. This is back to where it all began


for Leicesterment their title winning fair tale started with this


fixture. Leicester beat Sunderland on the opening day of last season.


Vardy scored home and away against slapped last season. He is


rediscovering the form of 12 months ago, five goals now in his last six


games. David Moyes's team spent the last 206 days in the bottom three,


last time they were above the relegation zone was early September.


Bright opening start to the game. A good burst here by Gray. It is a


goal kick. He scored his 50th international


goal during the break for Japan against Thailand. Lose tonight it


would be Sunderland's 20th defeat in the Premier League this season.


Mahrez. Completely up ended by Larsson.


Mahrez, who has been swashbuckling on this right-wing, right from kick


off. Mahrez delivery, Huth is at the back


post. Pickford was scrambling. Pickford, you could see stepped to


his right and realised he needed to get to his left. He took no chances


in trying to catch that before Shakespeare's arrival.


It has been quite a turn round for Leicester. Mahrez.


Free kick. Fouled by Borini. A succession of fouls on Mahrez.


Mahrez wants to go wide. It needed to be saved by Jordan Pickford. Good


whip and bend on that. And it needed to be pushed by the fingers of the


goalkeeper, so a double change from Craig Shakespeare. Slimani will come


on up front in place of Okazaki and Albrighton who missed the win


against Stoke on Saturday through illness, he will take the place of


Gray. Foulkes. Albrighton.


Slimani is at the back post. First chance the Algerian has had


since coming on and he makes absolutely no mistake. It's a first


goal of 2017, for Slimani, in a Leicester City shirt. And it might


just stretch Craig Shakespeare's start to a sixth consecutive


victory. Defoe. Rodwell.


Good burst. Drinkwater missed it and Khazri is appealing that it hit the


arm of Foulkes, and Defoe, it is only the side netting. A deflect I


shot off the woodwork and Defoe unable to hit the target. David


Moyes wondering if anything is going to fall his way.


-- deflection. Albrighton.


Freshness in his legs. Vardy! That could be that. Six goals


in seven games now, for Jamie Vardy. And this is so much like the


champions last season. Pace and determination, first of all


from Albrighton, Vardy didn't even think about it. Jamie Vardy, into


double figures for Premier League goalses for the campaign.


Another disappointing trip for Sunderland fans, there have been


quite a few this season. This is Albrighton. Slimani. Plenty of time


to turn. Mahrez. Albrighton's calling from the edge


of the box. Mahrez saw sight of goal himself and Vardy, the shot took a


deflection. Some good moments tonight from both Mahrez, and Vardy.


Reminisce September of the good old days last season.


Sixth game in charge, he has won them all so far.


Very pleasing. We weren't at our best tonight but we had to, there


was not much rhythm to the game first half. I felt there was a lot


of free kick, corner, a lot of stoppage in this game, we got the


first goal, vitally important. Does it hurt it is another game without a


goal. We nearly caused ourself by the amount of attacking player, but,


you know, we did, we tried to, find way of scoring, I think we were


unfortunate to go behind. Manchester United next, plenty familiar faces


for you. We are in a situation where we must win every game, we have to


try and win it. Dark times for Sunderland. We will


get to that in a moment. For Leicester five straight league wins


on the trot. The game changes when Albrighton came on for them. We were


both chatting about how much we like him. Surprised he wasn't starting.


He puts in a brilliant cross cross and for strikerers, You know where


you are at. This is coming in. And that is Slimani, must, they must


know that in training now. He does not mess round with getting the ball


in the box. That is what he done all of last season and that is what he


does, you know what you are getting on the team with him.


Brilliant stuff. This was an unbelievable finish, this one. You


think how come he is struggling to score goals. That is awesome. What


do you like about that? There is no thinking. There is nothing to it. He


is touch, not thinking about where the touch has to be, it is touch,


bang. That is how you finish. That what you should do. Five in five for


Vardy, that is a man who is playing with confidence. He is proving a few


people wrong, he is back. Amazing to see where Leicester finish this


season. Where do you think Sunderland will finish? Sunderland


are going down. Unfortunately for them. There is nothing in the way


they play, I know they have one of the best strikers in the Premier


League, up front. They have to scored in six games. So if that


starts to dry up they are struggling. Manchester United have


got Ibrahimovic back and he saved them a point, but, should there have


been a goal that didn't count because he was offside? Yes, I think


that Jose Mourinho is right when he says the VR will sort it out. It is


tight. It is a great point, the angle that the linesman is at, all


he can see, is the red. The red. Of his arm. He thinks he is offside.


That is where the VR will be of benefit.


This is the penalty that got them. It's a penalty. He controls it well.


Desperation, a tight decision, but it no less than United deserve. They


peppered them at the bar, the post, and how many games this season...


There is a lot of chances. If United had won four of those games they


drawn they would be up there. Mourn said about Luke Shaw, I he needs to


play with my brain. I have seen him play excellent games. Maybe the way


he wants him to play but in respect of playing the ball into midfield,


playing one two, getting down the line, putting in decent crosses, he


doesn't just whip it in, whip it in, he can drive it in. To hear Jose


Mourinho saying that, he is having himself. What Luke Shaw can't play


with him standing next to him? He should have kept that in home.


Watford were looking to build on Saturday's victory over Sunderland.


They face West Brom. Deeney is back to captain Watford as they look to


record success sieve victories. Proedl comes in for Kabul in


defence. It's a first return for Nine.


. Robson-Kanu accounts to lead the


attack in an unchanged line up. West Bromwich looking for their first


double of the season. Fletcher, creating a bit of room. That is is a


lovely will ball there. Chadli. Can he get on the end of it? And somehow


that stayed out. Fletcher here, setting himself up


and Chadli through. Could only succeed in turning the ball across


goal, rather than into it. An early square for Mazzarri, and


Watford. Towards Deeney. Immediately wants


the ball back. Niang. Might go for goal himself. He has done so.


Brilliantly as well. And by Niang with his second goal


for Watford and it is to months to the day since his first goal for the


Hornets against Burnley here. Deeney wins it well. You can see


Troy Deeney haring off into the penalty area. He wans the ball but


Niang has other ideas. How about this for a finish? Watford lead as


Vicarage Road. At least that goal means we won't


have a repeat of last season's goalless draw here. Which was


forgettable. Indeed I did that game for Match of the Day and couldn't


remember doing so. Challenged by McClean.


Britos unhappy with it. Referee saw nothing wrong with the


challenge. Rab son Kanu.


Britos with the foul. And that may well be the first


yellow card of the night. Cadly has placed the ball.


Fletcher is standing right in front of the free kick ass you can see.


It is Chadli. It is just off the outside the post.


West Brom so close to getting an equaliser.


And certainly West Bromwich need a little more about them, as by and


large it has been Watford's match so far.


Britos. Cleverley. Lovely ball into the path of Troy Deeney. He is going


to finish it any way. 2-0 to Watford. And the captain


strikes early in second half. Just for a moment, there, it looked


as though there might be a penalty. The ball over the top, Deeney timed


his run perfectly and just able to apply the finishing touch. And


Deeney doubles Watford's lead. Rondon looking to take on Britos.


Who fouls him. This is a second yellow card for Britos. Saturday's


hero for Watford is sent off. There is contact there. Rondon down and


the referee deciding that challenge is worthy of a second caution. The


second time this season, Watford have a man sent off against West


Brom. Walter Mazzarri is furious. Tempers are high. It is going to be


a intense end to the game. Chadli just hesitated there and the


hesitation may have enough for Gomez to get there. Phillips wins the


corner off Janmatt and the pressure intensifies from West Brom. The


pressure appears to be getting to the Watford technical area as well.


We are in the last few seconds. Victory will be Watford's soon.


Morrisson, great work to keep West Brom at bay. A hard fought win, both


without conseating a goal, you must be happy? Very happy. Very, very


happy for my team and because they played very well. In the first 30


minutes spectacular. Great game. We gave two poor goals away. The lad


come inside and we should get to the ball quicker. In second goal kills


us just after half-time. But we still had chances and enough


possession. Chadli could come out on another day with a hat-trick. To


have dpotd something out of game. Britos was sent off, what was your


view of the two yellow cards, the second in particular a little harsh.


We looked at what happened in the game he shouldn't have been booked


not even once. If you looked at the fouls in the game, he didn't do one


that was for a yellow. Sam Vokes has a rare start for Burnley. His first


here since December. He was the scorer of their last winning goal


back at the end of January. Following a disappointing display at


Leicester, Mark Hughes makes four changes, including Muniesa. Stoke


haven't scored in their last four away matches.


The deflection takes it out for a corner. I think Hendrick was the


target from the delivery. Adam gets it away. And Arnautovic is onside


and the touch betrays him. Only Sunderland and Middlesbrough


have gathered fewer points than Burnley this calendar year. Martins


Indi is beaten to it by Gray. Charged down by Shawcross. A mistake


by Keane. That is a corner. A mistake by Keane. Headed it into the


path ofArnautovic. That was gathered by Heaton. Only


Only Heaton who was close to getting on the end of it. Arnautovic, a nice


exchange. Arnautovic. Blocked by Barton. The second time that he has


had the chance to break away on the the counterattack, Arnautovic. On


both occasions he has been disappointing. No real finish at


all. A great ball, Pieters will get to it. Ward taking no chances. There


was no real need to do that. But he wasn't sure what was behind him.


Well, that didn't go to plan! And I don't think I have seen that before.


Adam trips as he goes to the ball. Just touches it and when he touches


it again with his arm it is a handball and a free kick to Burnley!


Look at this! Trips, touches it and puts his hand back on the ball and


that is a handball and a free kick to Burnley! That will turn up on


many a Christmas tape and Mark Hughes will be absolutely livid.


He had couple of good opportunities in the first half and that is the


pick of lot. On anothe day, Arnautovic may have had a hat-trick.


Hendrick has done very well and he finds Boyd. Boyd tucks it into the


net. And Turf Moor erupts. It was a mazy run and Hendrick tiptoed his


way through. Guided it to Boyd and Boyd on that strong left foot helped


it beyond the reach of Lee Grant and in a game of very few opportunities,


Burnley are in front. It is a big goal and may nudge them closer to


another season in the Premier League. You have had some good porps


away -- forms away, but what has been the key here? I don't think


anybody likes coming here, the ground the changing rooms and the


fans have been brilliant and get on top of the other team and the form


is brilliant. We have played well away from home. Disappointing,


because on the the night I thought we were the better team, the team


looking to play and pass and move and create chances. But at the end


of the day it is a results game and we have been beaten. But much


happier with the performance in comparison to the weekend, where we


didn't compete as we needed to. It is important to stay focussed.


Record number of points in the Premier League and seven games to


go. A big thing is to continue to development see the team developing


and that is on show with the points we have got so far. But it is so


far. Very happy manager and they had gone seven without a win. Back at


Turf Moor and yet another win. 32 of their 35 points have come at home.


Amazing. The xhaubg and cheese results for


them compared to on the road. And he has strengthened well, some of his


signings have been good. And we have to show Wrighty's favourite bit of


the season. Charlie Adams corner. Look. Handsball. I went to take a


corner once and kicked the corner flag and fell over. It that is hill


you're on. The killer is, at least he laughs. I love at it. Look at


him. Look at Eddie. Back-to-back wins for Watford and Niang they have


a real talent. Brilliant stuff. He has hit the ground running. Watford


are safe now. It has been a pleasure. Now let's see the table.


Sunderland now ten points from safety. Mull out of bottom three for


the first time since oshgt. The papers. Chelsea's return to wing


ways dominates the back pages. That is it. Now you can go to bed!


Goodbye. to sit down and really


flush everything out.


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