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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


We've left Europe behind to focus on domestic duties.


Yes, the Premier League returns after the international break.


Alan Shearer and Martin Keown join us in the studio.


We begin at Stamford Bridge where leaders Chelsea began


They faced Crystal Palace, whose survival chances have been


boosted by a run of three straight wins without conceding a goal.


Commentary comes from Jonathan Pearce.


COMMENTATOR: Eden Hazard returns for Chelsea after missing the Stoke game


and the international break with a calf problem. They look for a 14th


home win on the spin at the start of the title run in. Can Moses injured,


Cesc Fabregas starts. Pedro will fill in at right wingback in a


slight formation reshuffle. They have lost once at home to Palace in


top-flight football. Times are are bet are for the visitors, three wins


in a row. They are unchanged at the start of a very tricky relegation


run in. If Zaha repeats his wonder goal for Ivory Coast in Russia or


Christian Benteke his two goal Belgium form against the same


opponents they could cause the champions elect problems. Black


armbands being worn by today's players in remembrance of those who


lost their lives in the Westminster terrorist attack. Showed too much of


it to Pedro. Fabregas, beautiful diagonal. What a pass that is. 60,


70 yards to Eden Hazard. Twisting and turning Ward. Support arriving.


To the near-post and 1-0 Chelsea. The lead remembers ahead. Fabregas


nipped in and scores after just four minutes. Just the start the leaders


wanted. He's popped up with useful goals. He's in the autumn of his


career, perhaps. He turns 30 in May, but he's still got aened woerful eye


for a pass. As we saw at the start of the move, the timing run and the


clip finish perfect. Chelsea 1, Crystal Palace 0. First goal Crystal


Palace have conceded in 297 minutes of football.


Benteke, stolen away by him from Azpilicueta. He gave it away. Pedro


is there to slide in. Got an edge on it. Did well there for Chelsea,


Pedro. Good vision. The ball had too much weight on it. Risky in there as


well, really. Here's Zaha. He gets the shot away. 1-1. This man is in


explosive form. Scored one of the international goals of the year in


the international break. He's come back to club football, gets his


sixth of the campaign. It was a lovely individual goal. Chelsea's


lead lasted less than five minutes. Four blue shirts around him. Goal


keep every's vision impaired. Would have seen it very late. He's in


terrific form and has been throughout the campaign. Here's


Pedro. Townsend got back there with them. It's their first goal in


London derbies this season. They are going mad. Will get in trouble


because of the flares. Look at this. Benteke on the break, Zaha is up


along side him. Luiz socking him. Expecting him to miscontrol it. Zaha


plays it back to Benteke. It's 2-1 to Crystal Palace. The leaders got


off to the perfect start and it's all turned around. Sensational. Both


players, who are in sparkling form for their countries in the break


have scored for Crystal Palace. Benteke got a little bit of a lucky


break. Back to him though, played in by Zaha. The dink, 2-1 Crystal


Palace. 1 minute and 31 second between the goals. She had far fewer


players way than the international. Throughout the club Chelsea had 32


players away at all levels of international football. 19 of them


were with the various England squads. The cross, Townsend should


see it out. He didn't. Sloppy defensive play there allows the


cross to come in by Pedro. It's steered away.


Played in low and flat. Matic. Pedro is arriving. Big appeals there by


Chelsea for handball or for a tackle. I think it's handball.


Townsend dipped his arm onto it. I wonder what's going through his


mind. 35 years ago today he bought Chelsea. 85-year-old Ken Bates. He


certainly is the Godfather of modern Chelsea football. Football by


Chelsea. Pedro. Hazard's gone wide. Pedro's made the run beyond him into


the box. Here's Fabregas - oh, well played. Hazard. Comes to Fabregas,


again. Costa, great reaction save. Cleared away Bia Schlupp. Really


good stop this by the Palace goalkeeper. Fantastic pass again by


Fabregas. Not for the first time in the game. When it comes to Costa,


there's just a little bit of a slip. Hennessey had to react smartly,


anyway. Fine reaction save. Flipped by Hazard, Costa, alop so. Two in


the middle. Has he got a touch to it? Having a good game, Wayne


Hennessey, pushed away the cross by Alonso. Made sure it went out.


Matic. Almost total domination of the ball by Chelsea, but they're


behind. Pedro. Here's Fabregas. Off towards Eden Hazard. Explosive burst


of place, blocked by Hennessey again. Near-post block by Eden


Hazard. Defensive work by Palace. How tired will they be come the


second-half? Second-half? Here's Benteke. Not a good touch of in the


end. Costa checks back. Goes to ground. Scott Dann got a good block


in. It's not going his way at the moment. Not since Liverpool in


September. Has any team gone away with kind of result from Stamford


Bridge. Cesar Azpilicueta got there first. Fabregas. Good use of the


ball. Diego Costa, a little bit of room. Good block, in the end. Great


block by Scott Dann, who is hurt in the block. Diego Costa's has called


the referee's attention to it. He saved his team here with the block.


He couldn't get the shot away, due to Scott Dann's intervention. Diego


Costa, immediately calling the referee's attention to this. Gets a


bad press, Diego Costa, he showed sportsmanship there. Change of


formation for Crystal Palace. They have gone to a centre-back three.


Here is Hazard attacking that trio. First block in. Puncheon won that.


Sakho. He looks spied are you on the ball. He is a decent passer of it.


Benteke, good strength. Releases Puncheon. Looks for Zaha. In on


goal, Zaha. A very good foot by Courtois. Not the greatest save he


will make. In the context of this season it could prove to be the most


important. A third glow for Crystal Palace would surely have meant


curtains for Chelsea today. Big, long leg. Steve Parish made the


decision to replace Alan Pardew with Sam Allardyce. At the moment, Palace


are edging towards safety. Hazard, lovely balance. Costa, was there a


push? The header goes wide anyway. Sakho felt he was pushed. The header


did not hit the target. Look at his face there. He knew how big this


chance was. I think he was being strong in there as a centre forward.


The referee was right to allow that one. Here's Willian. Now to Pedro.


Palace have poured players back through the middle quickly. Hazard.


Fabregas. Good ball. Pedro drives it. Sakho. A side saving


intervention. He's had a terrific game for Crystal Palace, again.


Here's Eden Hazard. Azpilicueta. Could have got a shot away. Goes for


the chip. Hazard made a good run in there. Still in play. Pedro. Oh,


it's come loose. Costa can he finish. Sakho gets it away.


Tantalisingly close for Chelsea, but they're still behind. Hasn't had to


bite his lip too often this season. Hazard. Sensible ball, Willian.


Fabregas, again. Hennessey blocks with his legs. It will not go the in


for Chelsea. This is Wayne Hennessey's 11th save of the game.


10 minutes of stoppage-time played. What a day this will be for Sam


Allardyce and Crystal Palace and a victory would send them very close


towards survival. We started the game talking about the potential


threat of Zaha and Benteke if they could replicate international form.


He certainly has. Man of the Match, scoring the first, creating the


second for Benteke. Hennessey a hero in goal, with save after save after


save. And Conte's team beaten for the first time at home since


September. What a day for Crystal Palace. 2-1 victors at the league


leaders. How big a win is that for Crystal Palace? Massive. I don't


even know what to say. Just a crazy feeling man. We worked hard and got


the win we wanted. You seem almost stunned? Yeah. Because, obviously,


they are top of the league. They are playing really well. Obviously,


no-one would expect us to come here and beat them at home. So... I can't


even describe how I'm feeling. I'm happy man. It's disappointment for


the final result. I think we deserve at least the draw. But this is


football. We must accept this result. It was really hard against


Chelsea. But I think we played with a big heart today and also our fans


they give us encouragement. Today we play 12 against 11. Things have been


going great this season. We go again Wednesday. Big game. We are in a


healthy position in the league. The gap is there. We have a huge game


now on Wednesday. A sweet three points to come to what are the


champions of the Premier League, for me, and to actually win. Of course,


for everybody this is what the Premier League is about. There can


be a shock anywhere, any time and we were the ones who have maybe sit up


this weekend and go it can wow, what a result that is. From the players


point of view a well-earned and well-deserved victory in the in. Not


sure everyone at Palace can believe it. Staggering, monumental gutsy


display, Martin? Incredible. I was a Palace fan, sat behind the sofa. The


defending was heroic. The goalkeeper made so many saves. When I looked at


the screens it was one attack from another from an outstanding Chelsea


team. They did everything right. To get the goals they needed it could


have been a cricket score of goals for Chelsea, the chances they had.


Hendrie be I keeps it out. Like this all afternoon. One player after


another. Great determine aation. Dann comes on for Tomkins. He did a


great job before him. Great block. Goes off injured, Dann, puts his


body on the line. Every player was determined. Delaney comes off the


bench. Good job they had so many central defenders to call upon.


Another good block, one after another. Resilience and a


determination. It's Sakho in there, for me, that is the one player who


has gelled. Makes it look so easy. He is a real leader. Delaney. One


after another. Players getting involved. Milivojevic is a great


plus. Sam has done a lot of hard work. Ward, another one. He wants to


get challenges in. Kelly coming off the bench. No, Gary, it was


absolutely outstanding. What a signing Sakho is proving to be? He S


if you look at the statistics since he has been in there. It say it is


all. Sometimes you need a player that just pulls the club together.


You've been a bit critical of Wilfried Zaha in the past, Allen. Is


it time, because the Palace fans say you are getting it wrong about him.


Is it time to eat humble pie? Humble pie, or was I correct? Back in


September myself and Ian Wright sat here and I said with his ability,


because he has got tonnes of it, that he should be producing more,


and the stats backed me up then. But when you compare it to this season,


he's having by far his best season of his career. He's now goals,


assists and today, without doubt, he was Man of the Match. He drove his


team forward with his energy and skill, to go past players, Kante


fouls him and they really could not cope with him today. He got an


excellent goal, wins the ball back here. It's his determination to get


through their, the strength to get through and it's one hell of finish.


The keeper has got absolutely no chance at all. Look at him getting


forward there, the drive. He gets the ball and plays a lovely ball


back in to Benteke here. It's a clever finish. Really clever finish.


Takes a touch and exit over the goalkeeper, but set up by the half.


Again, driving his team forward, what a save this is. Down on goal,


they could not cope with him all afternoon. Whatever he did, he did


incredibly well. You can see the confidence that he's now got here.


Look at that for a piece of skill. I love this. Brilliant. Without doubt,


he was Man of the Match and his playing was confident. Palace's day,


no doubt and things went for them as well. Should Chelsea have had a


penalty with Townsend's hand ball? I think the referee will be


disappointed, he wasn't in the best of positions and for me, it's


definitely hand ball. From that angle, no, but you see this,


Townsend has definitely got away with one here. That was maybe the


luck they deserved on the day, because they were manful enough in


their performance. . Everton fans partied


like it was 1999 the last time they won at Anfield -


that's because it was 1999. Ronald Koeman's side kicked off


the Merseyside Derby in seventh place, six points behind Liverpool


who were looking to ANNOUNCER: We have a minute's




The man who prepared teams for many Reds the Blues meetings, let's have


this, the 228 does his memory proud. For the Liverpool off today, Lovren


is selective head of Klavan defence, with Lucas coming in for the injured


Lallana. The only other change from two weeks ago at city. Eight useful


Everton team includes Matthew Pennington, playing for the first


time all season, along with Mason Holgate and Calvert-Lewin and the


teenage talents of Tom Davies. Does form go out of the window for


derbies? With both teams in fine fettle before the international


break, let's hope not. Caught by Ross Barkley in a challenge that has


sparked a bit of Liverpool anger, and a major flash point in the


previous meetings of these two sides because of the Bartley tackle and


he's going to be so broken to now. -- Barkley tackle and he's going to


be spoken to now. Just words, rather than having his name taken. He's


never going to quite get there, is it? At full stretch, not full


enough. Mane is very sharp in getting the


ball. Mane on it again. Mane has a goal underscores! -- he has a go,


and scores. Scored by the man who won the derby at Goodison December.


That one came late. This one has come very early. He started it.


Quick to the ball. Strong enough to hold off Davies and with Coutinho


diverted attention, Mane was free to wander into a place from which he


could score. Three Everton defenders, Holgate actually was


taken out by one of his own. Liverpool one, Everton nil.


Can looks for Coutinho, only Firmino up with him at the moment. Wijnaldum


arriving. Coutinho goes by himself. A super-sized by Robles. Headed away


from the goal by Jagielka. A big save, this. Lovely pass from Emre


Can. Coutinho, the drop of the shoulder there, breezed past


Pennington to find the space from which to shoot.


Baines arriving. Calvert-Lewin. Off Nathaniel Clyne, Everton have a


corner. It's slotted home! Matthew


Pennington has equalised for Everton, out of nowhere! His first


senior goal. What a game to get it in! It is the run from Jagielka that


caused the problem. Emre Can unable to go with him. His touch on,


Williams 40 had the chance, Lovren prevented that. Watch the movement


of Pennington, he's watching the ball all the time. He arrived in the


right place at the right time. The defender from Warrington, he's made


it in the Merseyside derby, Liverpool one, Everton one.


Coutinho! Everton weren't level for long. Liverpool have their lead


back. I moment of magic from Phillippe Coutinho. Given far too


much space in the first instance. A little shimmy and burst of pace took


him away from Gueye. There was no stopping the shot. Goals beautifully


into the corner. Liverpool two, Everton one. If Everton's


goal-scorer was a surprise, the two on target for Liverpool aren't.


First Mane, now Coutinho. Emre Can being held onto by


Williams. Advantage indicated for Liverpool.


Emre Can stayed down for a little while after that charge from


Williams. The defender stood on him after fouling him and the referee


noted it was a foul. He indicated advantage. He didn't see what


followed. Just played that too far in front of


himself and as he followed through, he caught Lovren hard. Anthony


Taylor is saying that is your second challenge. He might have been booked


for the first one. He is getting carded for this one and I think


Liverpool, on another day, it might have been more than a yellow. He


caught Lovren the bottom of the ankle, top of the foot. If we slow


it down, it doesn't look good for Ross Barkley. You think about the


first tackle, I think that maybe he is fortunate to still be playing a


full, active role in the game. Lucas came rushing in. That will be


a free kick for Everton. Jurgen Klopp and from an coma not going to


get pretty close to one another down on the touchline -- Jurgen Klopp and


Ronald Koeman. Martin Atkinson stands tall between them. Not just


the two Main men getting involved. You can see the fitness coach


telling Jurgen Klopp to calm down. Calvert-Lewin has won a free kick


for his team. It's going to be Ross Barkley to take charge of what


happens next. Liverpool trying to push every Everton player as far


away from their goal as they can, but what a good delivery it is and


it's held onto by Mignolet, with Liverpool wide open there. Well


played in. All the movement was right. Williams got to it but didn't


get enough connection to get it across to Lukaku, or even better


than that, to find a way past Mignolet. Collected by Milner.


He desperately wanted to shoot and it just arrived at Coutinho too


quickly. He couldn't sort its feet out it into an open goal. Emre Can


always looking for the angle. Straight to Davies. Everton have


overplayed. Now they do get out. A bit more than that, with


Calvert-Lewin taking on Matip. He does really well. Liverpool have an


issue at the other end with Sadio Mane still down. This is the tackle


from Baines, that caused the problem. It's the backlight that


catches him and then I think he treads on him inadvertently, with


Mane's wait already on that foot. Oh, that's a painful looking one.


Divock Origi is ready to come on for Liverpool. He was a scorer in this


fixture in April of last year. Rather different game, Liverpool


four, Everton nil. He has adopted the central role


since coming on, with Firmino going right into the space vacated by


Mane. Coutinho, a little step over and


he's away from Gueye. Now it's really. It might be all over. That's


the loudest noise of the day at Anfield. Coutinho again heavily


involved. A past that took Ashley Williams out of the game. It


presented Divock Origi with the opportunity to score and he has one


look to see where Robles is going and whacks the ball effortlessly


past him. Liverpool three, Everton one. Jagielka, Williams. Williams


loses it. It's going to be a yellow card for Ashley Williams for the


challenge on Emre Can. Williams actually seemed to stand on the


ball, partially. You can see the marks.


Up towards Lukaku. Lovren had slipped. Nobody realised. A big hand


from Mignolet. Good ball in and a missed chance,


and a golden chance. Mason Holgate passes it up. Lukaku in another


moment might have continued their himself. It was Holgate with the


initial drive. When that comes back in he finds himself with as free


header as you are likely to get. Now Nathaniel Clyne finds


Alexander-Arnold. Emre Can has given Gareth Barry the


slip. Alexander-Arnold wants it, take it on and it's pulled clear by


Robles. That would be a day. With two young defenders scoring at the


Kop end. It might well have been goal bound. It was always curling


away from that far post. Two wonderful goals, outstanding goals,


all three of them. Conceding a goal after a set piece, you could see, we


lose one challenge so two box and one challenge will stop all the


problems we had with injuries and then I'm proud about the whole team


and of course also proud about the young players. It's nice to put in a


performance as well but ultimately you need the result and give the


fans bragging rights for another six months or one of the next fixture


comes up. As there should be in a derby there were plenty of tackles.


But some of those a bit much today? From both sides also tackles, maybe


a bit more than yellow, but it's up to Liverpool, I don't mean the


manager but one of the coaches, the referee had to show eight red cards


and I don't like that behaviour. I'm still a guest in this country so


that's how it is. I like a lovely -- I like and love being here but how


can I decide what's OK and what's not OK? I asked one time and


somebody told me that the England, so if you saw something, say it. If


not, be quiet. We'll say it in a minute. A


comfortable victory for Liverpool. They seemed to cope with the -- the


didn't seem to cope with the Reds' front three. They seemed to be stuck


up whether to press or sit off, particularly Coutinho, they didn't


get it right, Everton. He's got some ability. He's a very difficult


player to pick up. But that's what I mean, there. Defenders have to be


tight there, have to get closer to the forwards than what they are,


because once you get and give this guy time to run at you, to get into


the box and pick his head up and it's very difficult to mark him.


Pennington didn't get tight at all their, a little give and go. Very,


very clever play. He's got you where he wants you, but you in the box.


You can't touch him. That was a warning to them. They got away with


that one, but it was happening all the time. This time it's Firmino


there. A simple ball in, take a touch, turn. It's a brilliant finish


from Mane, it really is superb. A clever finish. They can't touch in


the box. The keeper has got absolutely no chance. It was


staggering, how many times it was happening. It was brilliant play


from him. Look, he knows once he's running at you there, you are not


going to stop him. In the box and what a hell of a finish that is, the


keeper has no chance. Second half, didn't change. The same thing


happened. They played three at the back and seemed a bit confused as to


whether to get tight on them, but it was like men against boys for a lot


of the game today. Liverpool were far superior than Everton and


thoroughly deserved three points. Both managers referenced the


challenges in that game, Ronald Koeman said he wasn't happy can


Jurgen Klopp's dug-out. We have seen Gerrard and people over the years


make the challenges. This looks naughty to me. The heel coming in


from Barkley. He needs to be clever with this, Barkley. Some of his


tackling is not really on. He's a young lad, bone shattering tackle.


He takes his own team-mate out afterwards. You want to see those


tackles. He got booked for that, riepthly so. I don't think there is


anything in that really. You saw Mings stamping on someone recently.


That is not the same thing. Nothing doing there. That is really, when


you see this from the other angle. Lovren's leg bends back. I think


he's trying to protect himself. Doing so - he is lucky not to have


gone for that. He gets booked. He maybe should have been booked


earlier in the game. This is Ashley Williams. When you see this in


slow-mo, really nasty. He goes over the ball there. Catches him actually


with his right leg. You see it, right on the knee. That's what -


that's the sort of thing you see. Merseyside Derby I suppose? It is.


You have to be careful there. He was right, Koeman was right, there will


be those sort of tackles in this game. Romelu Lukaku was quiet today?


Premier League top-scorer thchl is how you handle him. They didn't give


him a sniff the whole game. Lucas was in front protecting him. They


bullied him, to be honest. Look who is in front, Lucas. That happened


all game, time and time again. Lukaku, slow to react there. Lovren


is in there, quicker than him. They didn't give him a sniff at all he


had no efforts on goal. There is that man again, just protecting.


Snuffing that ball out before it gets to him. Should actually do


better here. Look at the men in and around him. Not a kick all


afternoon. When that happens. , you tend to drift out wide because you


are not getting as many touches as you want. That is what he started to


do later on in the game. In the end, he was putting the crosses in.


Dominated today. Nothing from him at all. Very much Liverpool's day.


COMMENTATOR: Sissoko following in! He's wide! Gray, oh! It's Martial's


header. Rodriguez. Good save, Boruc. To Turf Moor next, where Burnley


were defending a six game unbeaten run at home against second placed


Spurs, who've not lost to a team COMMENTATOR: Michael Keane takes his


place in an unchanged team fresh from his first taste of


international football. He became the first Burnley player to start


for England since Martin Dobson back in 1974. In a continued absence of


Spurs's top score, Kane. Son is on the bench having played 90 minutes


for Seoul on Tuesday. Very tight in there. No way through


for Burnley. It's been that type of game thus far. Dele Alli. Eriksen.


He has Janssen up alongside him. Eriksen, he's round Ben Mee. Beaten


away. Dele Alli came in and couldn't finish it off. He's had a golden


touch recently. 11 goals in his last 12 Premier League games. That is the


closest either team have come to breaking the deadlock. Pushed out


Heaton. Dele Alli came in. He scored in each of his last four games in


all competitions. He will be disappointed, and so will he, that


he hasn't made it five. Can Tottenham break? Winks. He's got


Trippier to his right. Dispossessed by Ward. Lovely play from the


Irishman. Now, Harry Winks, in his attempts to get to that, went


tumbling off the pitch and looks in a lot of pain towards the Burnley


dug-out. 0-0 at the break. We hope that that that doesn't look as


serious as it is for Harry Winks. Tottenham trying to prise an opening


out of Burnley. That's better from them though. Dele Alli. Sissoko -


dreadful touch from the Frenchman. It's come back out to Eriksen. Now


Davies. Janssen. Ben Davies, terrific stop from Heaton. Wonderful


reflexes from the Burnley goalkeeper. Well Tom Heaton has kept


five clean sheets at home this season. This is why today's is still


intact. Had to be on his toes. The effort from Ben Davies and Ben Mee


completed the clearance. Hendrick. A risky ball to him. Broken to


Janssen. Up against Ben Mee. He's still going, Janssen. Then it came


to Sissoko. A lack of composure when it really was required. Sissoko, who


prior to today has only played 58 minutes of Premier League football


this year. That was a wild effort from the Frenchman, who still hasn't


scored for Spurs. Hi wasn't close to changing it there. Here's Trippier.


He's overhit that. Davies to get it back across, then put behind by Joey


Barton. Tottenham corner count is up to seven. 25 minutes to go. Eriksen


with it. All the way through. An opportunity and in! From Eric Dier.


It could be a big goal for Tottenham. It's his first Premier


League goal since December 2015. It's a most welcome one in this


game. Burnley didn't deal with it. Poor clearance from Hendrick. A calm


finish from Dier. Passed it into the net. Look what it means to Mauricio


Pochettino. Aimed towards Vokes. Keane, on the turn. Couldn't quite


keep it down. He's scored a couple of Premier League goals this season,


Michael Keane. On his left foot, just miscued it. Won back by


Eriksen. From Joey Barton. Dele Alli. In towards Son. 2-0 Tottenham.


Heung-Min Son with his eighth Premier League goal of the season,


which could seal an 18th win of the season. With just 12 minutes to


play. Full credit to Eriksen winning that challenge from Joey Barton and


finding Dele Alli. What about the awareness here? Wonderful ball from


Dele Alli. The south Korean international couldn't miss. Burnley


0, Spurs 2. Son to Sissoko. That's in towards Eriksen. Dele Alli.


Wonderful effort. Spurs with a real spring in their step now. Just tried


to clip that towards the far corner. Certainly had Tom Heaton stretching.


That came off Hendrick. It's fallen to Son. He knew Dele Alli was there.


This to seal it, once and for all. Dele Alli. And it still won't go in


for him. Again, it was sloppy from Burnley in the build-up. Good


awareness from Son. Just right across the face, in the end. How


important was your goal when it came in the second-half? Very important.


Yeah, you know, I was really happy just to get a goal, to be honest.


It's been a while? It's been a while. I was getting more worried I


wasn't going to get one. Yeah, I needed a bit of luck, it bounced


down in front of me. Yeah, you know, it's so hard to come here and we


knew it was going to be tough. We had the right attitude. Up until


their first goal I thought it was a tight affair. We gave a good


performance, solid. Kept them using the lines of pass they like tochl


they like to rotate and shift the ball quickly between the units. I


thought we kept that to a minimum. We created good chances. Good


positions rather than chances. That is something we have to add to, that


final moment of quality. 27 points tloeft play for, seven point gap.


People were calling them champions-elect. Is this champion


race back on? Seven points is completely different to ten. It's


still a lot of work to do. It's not depending on us, it's depending on


if Chelsea fade. We can be there to the end of the season and try to


fight for the title, of course. Things have livened up a tad. A few


injuries Tottenham have, no Harry Kane. Spurs marching on? Seven


league games without Harry Kane this season. It was always going to be


tough at Burnley with their home record. They didn't really miss him


today. They went four at the back in the second-half. They were dominant.


This is the first half. They did create a lot of chances. That was


the only one in the first half. The second-half they were totally


dominant. Davies, this time, good save from Heaton. This time Sissoko.


Wild slice. Should actually hit the target. This is a goal from Dier.


Gets away from Keane. Takes the touch. Time to do that. Picks his


spot well. Eriksen winning the ball in midfield. Lovely ball through to


Dier. To Dele Alli, I should say. What a ball that is for a tap-in for


Son who came on as sub. It was chance after chance and should have


been a few more. Dele Alli, again. He gets in on goal. Scuffs it wide.


It was a big test for Tottenham that today. They passed with flying


colours again. Gap down to seven points, Martin. A tad more


interesting for us neutrals. Can it be done? I don't think it can be.


This team, Tottenham, have been brilliant since the turn of the


year. More points than any other team. They have tough ones. Chelsea


and the next few games? Exactly. You never know. Semi-final to come. The


two best teams, without doubt. A good result for them today.


Hull, who began the day three points from safety,


welcomed West Ham to the KCOM Stadium.


The Hammers have lost three on the spin, leading to speculation


Hernandez starts for Hull City despite only returning from


international duty with Uruguay yesterday morning. His first-ever


Premier League goal came here against West Ham, but he is


currently suffering a seven-game goal drought. Robert Snodgrass


returns for his former stomping ground yet to score in Everton Blues


insist ?10 million move in January, but he remains Hull City's top


scorer for the campaign with seven strikes.


Clucas picked out Elmohamady, took a while to see if he backed himself


with the pass but he's found the pass. Elmohamady has forced a corner


off Cresswell. The first corner of the game. Hull City have scored in


all of their games here since Marco Silva replaced Mike Phelan in early


January. Markovic, the Serbian, to take. Struck a West Ham face, but


away by Fonte. Feghouli couldn't clear his lines. It's Clucas for


Hull. Cresswell is there, but under pressure from Niasse, who's done


brilliantly. Now Markovic, he can go back to Niasse. A decent cross and


its behind by Fonte, on the slide. Suddenly a bit of pressure on the


West Ham defence here. Ten points out of a possible 12 in the Premier


League here for Marco Silva. Davies chose to head it away but has


conceded possession cheaply to Feghouli. Snodgrass has taken up a


great position in the middle. What a chance for Robert Snodgrass on his


return to the KCOM Stadium. It bounced perfectly to invite the


header, but he couldn't beat Jakupovic. Was the offside? The flag


stayed down nearside. Slaven Bilic, the latest Premier League manager to


come under criticism this week. It's his job is safe? -- is his job safe?


Cresswell getting forward. Carroll puts it home. His 50th Premier


League goal. He celebrates with the opening strike. Curtis Davies will


not want to see this again. Carroll just dripping in behind Davies here.


Davies misjudged it. Carroll had time to wing it down and steer it


beyond Jakupovic. Not only successful Hull at home, Marco


Silva, he's actually not lost a home game in over three years for his


various clubs. That's 38 games in total. Cresswell's delivery. Cleared


as far as Lanzini. Jakupovic makes a very good save. Lanzini has really


stepped up and he's weighed in with seven goals this season and that was


heading home and but for the outstretched left hand of Jakupovic,


West Ham boss might lead would have doubled. A change made by Marco


Silva at half-time. Hull City have changed their formation to a rather


bold looking for- to- four, it underlines the importance of Hull


City getting something out of this game. Hull desperately need more


quality from Markovic. He's found Hernandez and he's picked out


Rosicky. Here -- Grosicki. Here's Robertson. Superbly taken! His


first-ever Premier League goal and it might just be a building block as


Hull City try to preserve their Premier League status. Markovic


started it. At last they are moving the ball quickly and accurately.


Robertson bombing forward. Suddenly there's space and there a calmness


about is finish that belies the fact that that is its first-ever Premier


League goal. Tuck it away quite beautifully and he stepped up when


his club needed him today. Suddenly Marco Silva's team show a bit of


fight about them. Snodgrass, you still feel he will have some part to


play in this contest. He is looking for Carroll. It's a good job for


Jakupovic that the header was straight at him. You feel it would


have been to- one, West Ham. -- 2-1. Here come Hull City again, it's


Niasse up against fog again. It will come to N'Diaye, what a chance,


against the post. He's wide. Oh, we'll Hull City rue those


opportunities come the final whistle? Suddenly there are huge


gaps in the West Ham rearguard. Niasse could have fed it to N'Diaye


but chose the wrong option. It felt for the Senegalese, who found the


woodwork and Grosicki couldn't even do that. These could be vital


opportunities that Hull City are wasting. Ranocchia, the target is


Grosicki, on the blindside of Byron. A chance to cross for Robertson.


He's picked out Maloney. All he can do is force a corner off font will


-- off Fonte. Hull City were briefly top of the table in August. Headed


in by Ranocchia! Andrea Ranocchia, the man from Inter Milan, pulse Hull


City in front five minutes from time. Hull City, so ordinary for


most of the game, particularly the first half, and Ranocchia charged


the near post. He wasn't picked up close enough by Kouyate and it's a


lovely deft touch from the Italian. He finds the bottom corner.


How important was you got all three points today? Really important. With


our stadium and our fans we are strong. Very good, because we start


to lose and after, we changed the result. It's important as well. We


deserved this result we could find ourselves one nil down and probably


deservedly so. A change of formation and personnel, the second half we


dominated and we deserved the two points in the end. Teams go through


sticky patches. We have a great team, great manager and we will pull


through. I can't stop the speculation, except by winning games


and getting a point or whatever and we didn't do it. Today,


unfortunately, we had a good chance. Of course, we can expect more


speculation. Do you even bother to read it? No, I wasn't and I'm not.


I'm concentrating on my job and doing the job the best I can. That's


it. We'll come to that. A crucial three points for Hull. They were


struggling and had a tactical turnaround by Silva. They did, Marco


Silva has been playing with three at the back and changed it to four at


Silva has been playing with three at the back and changed it to four at


half-time, Grosicki coming off the bench made all the difference to


them. He hasn't lost a home game in about four years as a manager and he


knows how to make changes. Grosicki here, you could say this was an


amazing assist and great play here. Robertson getting on the end of this


assist, look at the run he's made, but when you see him on the edge of


the box, here, I think is going to take it onto his right foot and


think about hitting this into the corner. But instead it comes off his


foot and it's a fantastic, he passes it from his right foot to his left


foot, Robertson, and it's a wonderful finish. You can't take


this away from Grosicki, a great ball in. Ranocchia there with a


great run. The marking is absolutely terrible from West Ham. They've been


really appalled with that, Slaven Bilic hanging onto his job and


that's a really easy goal to concede. Andy Carroll, one of the


best headers of the ball in the Premier League on the near post.


He's been out jumps, easily. He's quite broke -- he's quite mobile,


that Ranocchia. Slaven Bilic, under the cosh, is it fair? I think it was


always going to be a tough season for them. They suffered with


injuries. He's lost his best player, Payet. A new stadium, it's always


going to be tough. Their 14th, three points of nine, so I think it's


unfair. What they need to do is come out and back him.


Two games with an impact at both ends of the table,


plus Goal of the Month on Match of the Day 2.


There's live commentary of both games on 5 Live


More sport tomorrow, the Boat Races, BBC One, from 4.00pm.


Masters' week kicks off with a documentary on Danny Willett's


success at Augusta last year, BBC Two at 3.00pm.


A reminder - if you're watching us on the iPlayer and missed


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COMMENTATOR: Shaun Bartlett, the long pass from


Graham Stuart. He's on the edge of the area and Shaun Bartlett made it


first time, left into the bottom corner. Ewan-macro a special goal.


Leicester have moved clear of danger after three straight wins under


The champions played host to Stoke, who've won just once in their last


eight visits to the King Power Stadium.


They are all one for now but surely Sir Michael is a shoo-in for the


Player of the Year award for the Foxes. -- Schmeichel. Berahino has a


lot to do to make him one of the most promising youngsters. His last


goal was over 13 months ago but a fresh start at Stoke may yet make


him a bargain. Stoke have lost five of their last seven away, though


they did get a point at Manchester City, which is no mean achievement.


Now Demarai Gray, for Leicester. A chance to move his pace. Ryan


Shawcross, straight into the referee's notebook. That's a


shocking challenge. Gray is so much quicker than Shawcross but there's


absolutely no attempt whatsoever by Ryan Shawcross to even acquaint


himself with the ball. If football had an orange card I think it would


have been brandished. Leicester have a free kick. Demarai Gray is off the


pitch. Then he goes and it's... Kick in the end. -- goalkicker in the


end. Huth is chasing the referee, Vardy looking quizzical. It appeared


to come off Glen Johnson. First chance was Huth's, then Vardy. It


would have cost a lot of money to put the chairman's name on there.


Whelan, straight to Danny Drinkwater. Here's Mahrez. Space


here for Wilfred Ndidi D. Hits it absolutely brilliantly! Absolute


cracker from Wilfred Ndidi D. Superb strike. Feast your eyes on that! Lee


Grant wasn't getting near this one. Out of the blue and out of the very


top draw. Leicester lead. That's a good ball into Arnautovic.


A real chance from Arnautovic. A lovely bit of play here from Sobhi.


Picked out the run of Arnautovic, had to swivel and to just over


rotated in the end, if anything. The Foxes have their tails up again. Now


Mahrez. A good save by Grant, did really well. He got a really strong


hand on this, the Stoke goalkeeper. That's a top save.


Hooked in, Vardy, great finish. Two spectacular Leicester City goals.


Jamie Vardy doubled their lead. They cannot stop smiling at the King


Power again. Look at the movement here of Vardy. Stoke might not what


to look at the defending. Glen Johnson standing statuesque. Jamie


Vardy nips in front and whacked, 2-0. As soon as Vardy got in front


of him, Glen Johnson knew what was coming. He will be incensed that his


side conceded so early in the second half. Everything he said at


half-time pretty much down the drain within about 60 seconds of the


restart. Berahino looking for Allen again.


Blocked by Drinkwater. Okazaki forward to Vardy. Leicester break,


Vardy and Mahrez. Only two in this, two might be enough. Mahrez. A great


save. Mahrez again. Mahrez found by Vardy and Grant to


the rescue for Stoke. Sometimes it only takes two. Good play by Vardy.


Good ball that, Arnautovic is offside.


Put it away smartly enough. Offside, Marko Arnautovic. He turns and says


to the referee's assistant, are you absolutely sure about that? It


looked tight. He's well onside. By the very high standards to which


they work, that was straight-forward looking decision. Adams ball in.


Schmeichel did well. He delivers for Vardy. Who has won the header.


Mahrez here. They are in trouble here. Varpdy wants it. Iing in order


by Mahrez. Well, he should really have looked for Jamie Vardy. If he


had, I think it would have been three. A poor miss. Is certainly,


his decision contentious though it was to dispense with Claudio


Ranieri, has been utterly vindicated. Here's Gray. Gray. Oh, a


little touch there from Grant. It's a really good save that by Lee


Grant. Finger tip stop here from the Stoke keeper. Arnautovic. Diouf.


Crouch in the middle. Ramadan arriving. Crouch, he should have


scored. Crouch knows that's got to go in the back of the net. So a


little bit of history, David Shakespeare will become the first


ever Englishman to win his first four Premier League games as a


manager. I always felt today the first goal was going to be crucial.


What a good goal it turned out to be by the way. I always felt then it


gave us a foothold in the game. Then we you score after half-time, people


will tell you that goals are important at times. Today they were


crucial. The second one, just after half-time, gave us that confidence


to go on and win the game. We didn't perform today, half a yard short all


over the park, unfortunately. What you don't want to happen is to go


behind against a Leicester side because then it plays into their


hands. They can play counter-attack and get people behind the ball then,


release Vardy and Mahrez further up the pitch. Then it's difficult. He's


a good guy and he's got the lads back together. It's a confidence


thing. Like I've always said, if we get the momentum we'll be all right.


Not many teams can challenge us at our best, especially at home.


Everyone has got their togetherness back. We can carry on and kick on.


Yes, indeed. Leicester playing like champions. David Shakespeare, what a


start. Look at those names who have won their first four Premier League


fixtures in charge. Not bad at all. They are going well, Leicester,


suddenly. A up could of fabulous goals to boot? They were much better


than Stoke were today. Two brilliant goals. What a strike that is from


Ndidi. The keeper has no chance whatsoever. He dives. He gets


nowhere near it at all. This is one hell of a finish from Vardy. Gets


the wrong side. Johnson doesn't seem him coming. What a volley that is.


Confidence. Four goals, four games. Yes. He's firing again, no doubt


about that. Two superb goals. Difference confidence makes.


Absolutely. Demarai Gray came in late, Albrighton wasn't feel too


well. He performed brilliantly He has been unlucky he hasn't been part


of the three previous wins they had. Played for England under-21s. Good


English talent. When he runs at people he is frightening. Flicks it


around his opponent. He is straight at you. Goes for the jugular. Good


defending. Denies him there. This is the area he wants to be, the central


position. Whips it, that is a great save to deny him. He's a real plus


point for them. Not a good day for Stoke.


Bottom of the table Sunderland need to make up a seven point gap


They faced Watford, who've struggled in recent weeks,


taking just one point from their last four.


COMMENTATOR: Watford top-scorer Troy Deeney begins on the bench having


returned from a week off ill on Monday. There are three changes,


Holebas and Amrabat come in. It was announced that Tom Cleverley will


join permanently in the summer. Lamine Kone is back for Sunderland


having missed their last game with a knee injury. The Larsson moves to


the bench. Jermain Defoe scored in his first England appearance since


2013 last weekend. Both he and Sunderland have failed to find the


net in their last four league games. Januzaj. Up against Holebas. Getting


it in towards Defoe. Kaboul left it. Gomes had to react. I think he was


expecting Kaboul to intervene here. Nerves at the back for Watford early


on. Understandable that they have kept one clean sheet in their last


18 Premier League games. Capoue for Watford. Inside of Gibson, as well.


It's Doucoure, Niang. Nice turn. Niang! Firsted away by Pickford.


Still alive for Watford with Doucoure! Pickford, again, to the


rescue. Good work here from Pickford after a neat turn and hit from


Niang. Was the better save. Down ever so quickly to Parry from


Doucoure. Cleverley. Cleverley. Here's Capoue. Okaka. Cleverley has


made his way into the centre. Back for Capoue instead. Thought about


hitting it. Does now! It wasn't too far away from Etienne Capoue. This


was travelling, but I think Pickford always knew it was just bending


wide. Well won by Jones, on for Januzaj. Still Januzaj - deflected!


It just dribbles wide. Craig Cathcart getting in the way of it.


But almost sending it into his own net. Good positive play here from


Adnan Januzaj. Gibson's corner. Space here for Januzaj. Watford ask


for a free-kick. Nothing doing. Amrabat on the charge for him here.


He has plenty in support as well. He spotted Niang. Niang. Pickford down


smartly, again. Sunderland very nearly caught napping on the


counter-attack. Decent strike, but you would expect Pickford to make


the block given the form he's been in this season.


Niang. Okaka in the middle. Niang. It's off Kone.


Cleverley's corner. Pickford comes, gets just about enough on it.


Success, back in. Away for another Watford corner. Cleverley whips it


in. Oh, a free header - off the bar. Back it and in! Miguel Britos, sends


a surge of relief around Vicarage Road. It's his first ever goal for


Watford. What a big one it is, too. A free header for Okaka. Diverted on


to the crossbar. Britos had the chance to steer in from close-range.


Doucoure. Nicely done by Okaka. Through for Success to chase.


Pickford with a very important save. Danger still not fully away. Sent


just over the top by Doucoure. Success was through on goal here.


Pickford has kept Sunderland in the game with that save. This wasn't far


away from Doucoure either. In fact, it got a deflection. Chase here.


Good turn. Good pass as well. Januzaj. What a tame effort. Doesn't


he know it. Chances few and far between for Sunderland this


afternoon. Januzaj fluffs his lines. Catching practice for Gomes.


Borini. Borini! Forces a top stop out of Heurelho Gomes. They've had


precious few chances this afternoon, Sunderland. Borini's snapshot forces


Gomes into action. Disappointed we lost. Didn't think there was much in


the game at all. I thought we deserved something out of the game.


The boys worked hard to get something from it. Set-pieces were


always going to be the difficulty. They are in the lands of the giants,


Watford. To be fair, we have done a good job on it for most of the game.


One we turned off. One is too many. It's Costly. Was in the right place


at the right moment. I went inside the box, the second post, the ball


dropped there. I was in the right moment.


TRANSLATION: Very deserved. There are no doubts about this. We created


four or five chances in the first half. We should have scored at least


two goals. Because we didn't do this we allowed them too much in the


second-half. About being deserved winners, no doubt about this. Rave


You said you needed to win one of your next two games. You failed to


do so today. How much pressure does it put on the next match for you?


I've said it, haven't I. That's it. That's what you do. We have to win


another game. A nerve settling victory for Watford given their


recent form. It could have been more but for Pickford? You have to say,


looking now that David Moyes putting a brave face on it, that Sunderland


will go down. There will be clubs chasing this fella. This is Niang,


what a purchase he has been as well coming in on-loan in the transfer


window for Watford. No points recently for them. It was vital


today. Pickford was there. A great save there, low-down. To his right.


Niang, again. He would test him. You have to be smart, get your angles


right there. Success coming through. Comes out, smothers him. He looks


really sharp and bright. He is desperate to keep clean sheets.


Today it was a set-piece. He can do nothing with this one. Britos coming


in at the far-post and tucking it. No-one near him. Just onside? For me


he's just onside. The goalkeeper is obscured. Just about keeps him


onside. Britos just simple tap-in for him. Watford up to 12th.


Sunderland doomed, are they? They are doomed. They have been flirting


with relegation for a number of years now. The seven points from


safety, nine games left. Can't see it at all. Can't score goals. No.


Big struggle. Despite going 18 league games


unbeaten, Manchester United remained four points off


a Champions League place. They faced West Brom,


who've won twice at Old Trafford COMMENTATOR: Jose Mourinho says his


team selection topd was easy because he didn't have any other options.


Mata's groin surgery confirmed last night. Latest in a long line of


injuries and suspension that is have hit Manchester United right at the


start of a month when they will play nine tems times in the next 30 days.


Tony Pulis said the starting XI still cost over ?200 million.


Fellaini, Martial. Dawson. Looking for Rashford. It will fall for


Lingard. Just too high. It's the first shot in anger of the game.


Lingard, who scored against West Brom last season here at Old


Trafford, part of the new generation. Made his England debut


in Gareth Southgate's first game in charge. Despite all the injury


problems at the moment, still no place in the starting XI today for


Wayne Rooney. Here's Lingard, headed away by


Evans. Here's Valencia. Lingard's cross. It's Martial's header. It's


just off target. Very good positioning from the Frenchman,


creeping in off the left-wing, just off target.


McClean. Robson-Kanu. He's turned well here. Chadli, again. Fletcher,


Robson-Kanu, back out to Chadli. Dawson is in the box. This is


Fletcher. He couldn't pull the trigger properly against his old


club. Scored 24 goals during his Manchester United days, Darren


Fletcher. I don't think that was going on targets anyway. It hit Eric


Bailly. Carrick, Fellaini. Rashford. Good ball to Lingard. Mkhitaryan.


McClean dove in there and Fellaini puts it wide. In a game of precious


few chances, this certainly counts as one. But, if anything, it was his


team-mate, Mkhitaryan, lying on the ground in front of him, that made


that an even more difficult shot. Manchester United have already drawn


more games this season than in the whole of last season. If it was to


finish level today it would be 11 draws from 28 league games this


campaign. Martial. Steadies himself. It took a deflection on the way


through, he claims. Mike Dean says goal kick. Not only did it hit the


opponent, it might have hit an arm on the way through, but goal kick is


the decision of the officials. Mkhitaryan gets it back from


Carrick. Couldn't control it. Mkhitaryan... Couldn't find the net.


Mkhitaryan did everything right there. It's a good save by Ben


Foster. It came out and was smothered. The goalkeeper definitely


gets a touch and that's what forces Jose Mourinho to throw his pen away


in disgust. Mkhitaryan once more. Trying to create the space. That was


on target as well and it needed saving from Ben Foster. Really good


shot from Marcus Rashford. The sun in his eyes as well, Ben Foster. Did


well to palm it away. Into the last five minutes now.


It's a sight of goal from Fletcher, it hit the crossbar. What a moment


that could have been for Darren Fletcher. And David De Gea, who's


been a virtual spectator for the whole game, almost fumbled that into


his own net. His Valencia. It's a lot louder in here now. Martial


couldn't get there. This is Rashford. Away by Fletcher. Won by


Young. It's a free kick, it's going to be a booking as well. Yellow card


for Jake Livermore. A smiling moment between Mourinho and pumas. Now


Marcus Rashford, hoping to grab a headline moment. He nearly did, as


well. Saved by Ben Foster, not for the first time today.


We saw you smiling with Tony Pulis. Did you cancel each other out today?


I don't know what you mean. What do you mean by that? Two teams evenly


balanced today? You think so? I'm asking you. Do you think so, really?


Do you think that's a question? You were smiling with him at the end.


He's my friend. I was not speaking about the game. We went across the


midfield line once in 90 minutes and the other team is for 90 minutes


with the ball, in the opponent's half, trying and trying and trying.


You are telling me that one team cancelled the other one and each


other. We didn't have to defend. We're really, really pleased with


the effort and organisation and the performers. The one disappointing is


I think we have players who imposition can do better than what


they did today. However, they were concentrating so much on the other


side of it, I'm not sure, but we are delighted with the point. You could


have had a goal on your return to Old Trafford today. It was a decent


shot but slipped through and unfortunately for him it hit the bar


but it wasn't to be and it's a great point. We beat everyone on quality


of play and possession, creation, ambition, we beat everyone, but


then, you are right, we draw too many matches. Did these two teams


cancel each other out? It was one-sided but it wasn't the most


thrilling encounter, was it? No, it was a very poor game but the same


old story, just united, isn't it? Dropping points at home, draw after


draw after draw. They got into decent positions. West Brom have


been brilliant for large, most of the season. United couldn't break


them down. They were very, very wasteful in the final third will


stop its frustrating, it's happened so many times this season. Again,


second half, it didn't change. Men behind the ball again, West Brom,


they couldn't find a way through. So wasteful, as I said, in that final


third. Martin Jol then Carrick, and Mkhitaryan, Rooney with a poor pass


-- Martial, then Carrick. Mkhitaryan has a good opportunity and you can


see what Mourinho things of that when it goes in the back of the net.


A very frustrating day for him. There's been a lot of those at Old


Trafford this season. 19 games unbeaten but they haven't really


progressed 19 games unbeaten but they are still insist position and


it's been a problem for them all season, other than Ibrahimovic, 15,


the second top scorer with six goals. They have to rekindle that


are of playing at Old Trafford. You couldn't get go there and get a


result. We finish with what can only be


described as mid-table clash - tenth placed Southampton hosted 11th


placed Bournemouth in Jay Rodriguez starts today in place


of Gabbiadini, who is injured. Bournemouth are unbeaten in three


and unchanged today. Joshua King has scored eight Premier League goals


since the turn of the year. Going into the weekend only Harry Kane and


Romelu Lukaku had scored more with 11 H. -- 11 each. Southampton at


home for the first time since the 4th of February today, for the south


coast derby, which Bournemouth have never managed to win away at


Southampton. Now Bertrand, with a passing to Tadic now. Collected by


Rodriguez. The red and white shirts flooding forwards but Rodriguez,


struck firmly. Boruc right behind it. All the attacking play so far in


the match is coming from Southampton. They hung on to get a


draw at Manchester United. They've won back-to-back games since with a


clean sheet last time out against Swansea. Good play by King there.


Harassing Ward-Prowse to win the ball back. Bournemouth get a free


kick. Bournemouth have gone looking for it a little bit more in the last


few minutes. Off the head of Stephens. Steve Cook


happy to let than one roll-out for a corner kick. Fraser to take the


corner. Almost done. Off the line. A vital clearance. By Steven Davis,


the Southampton. That's how close they were. This will give you an


even better idea. Surman stretched and Davis made sure it didn't cross


the line. Here comes Southampton, now Cedric.


The little lay-off. The shot from Tadic there clipping the outside of


the post. That's the closest Southampton have come.


Forward by Tadic, chased by Rodriguez. He'll be the first one


there. Good save, Artur Boruc. Excellent play all round. The


attacking move from Southampton, first-time shot from Rodriguez,


bringing the best out of Boruc and keeping it goalless, with half-time


on the horizon. Joshua King gets the better of


Yoshida. Its king for Bournemouth. A great chance here. Afobe put it


wide. What a chance. Bournemouth will do well to get a better one


than that today. And Yoshida finally beating in the challenge by King,


got away, saw Afobe. Picked him out, but he couldn't find the bottom


corner. Yoshida unsure where to go. Davis, into Redmond. Redmond looks


to light up this match. Brings the save. Tadic almost there.


Ward-Prowse guides it wide. It was Nathan Redmond who brought the save


from the Bournemouth goalkeeper and when the ball came out to James


Ward-Prowse he just guided it wide of the post. Southampton have scored


only 14 goals at home all season. Only Middlesbrough have scored


fewer, with a dozen going into this weekend of fixtures.


Fraser, bursting into the penalty area. Yoshida did well to hold him


up there. Davis under pressure. Wilshere goes for it. Smith goes for


it, smacks the post. Southampton scramble it away from in front of


the own goal and in the end Gosling blasts it wide. What a close run


thing therefore Southampton. Hanging on a bit at the back. With


Bournemouth pushing forward, the ball falling invitingly to Marc


Pugh, as they bounced off the post. Off the head of Bertrand, collected


by Wilshere. Away from Tadic, Wilshere still going, sliding it


through. Bournemouth appealing for a penalty. Jonathan Moss had a long,


long think about it before making the award. Jack Welsh are trying to


force his way through against Tadic and was there a touch by Bertrand on


the player running into the penalty area? Barely a touch on the


Bournemouth player. Bournemouth with the chance to go ahead, and Harry


Arter has missed it by a mile. That's the third penalty Bournemouth


have missed this season. Just as he goes to take it, a big dybbuk comes


up out of the penalty spot. -- a big dybbuk. You have to take chances


like that. Arter's flick, Fraser knocks it on. Jack Welsh,


Bournemouth starting to threaten again. Good save from Forster. Now


Southampton survived. That was a good save from Fraser Forster,


beautifully struck by Harry Arter, looking to make amends for his


penalty misfortune. I think we can lose this game, we can win, we have


a good opportunity to score and without scoring, we took confidence


and it was difficult to finish this game. Four matches in row unbeaten,


it could have been three points? It could have been three. We weren't


great the first half but we sprung to life second-half and dominated


the game. We had some great chances and really should have put the game


to bed. One of those chances was the penalty that was missed, and on


April Fools' Day we reveal that St Mary's sliding penalty spot. It's a


standing foot has slipped, it's lifted the ball and he has guided.


It's remarkable. Harry Arter there will not be... It will be a mystery,


what the hell happened. It's a different Harry but the same result.


Same penalty spot,... Same position. The groundsman won't thank me,


another divot comes up and Harry lifts it and puts it over.


Remarkable similarity. Both these teams will be happy, mid-table


finish. Acceptable. I think so, Southampton tense, Bournemouth are


11th. Bournemouth had enough chances in the second half to have won that


game today but Southampton struggled to score goals at home. Okada, we


are more or less out of time so Martin, thank you very much, Alan,


thank you very much indeed. Before we leave you we will look at the


Premier League table. Chelsea's lead over Tottenham is down to seven


points, while Liverpool are up to third. Manchester United's draw


leaves them four points adrift of the final Champions League place.


Hull move level with Swansea but bottom side Sunderland are now seven


points from safety. Alys four points of clear of trouble while Leicester


Rice to 30s. What the Sunday papers have to say. The expressive one of


several papers to declare the title race back on. The Telegraph focuses


on Jose Mourinho's scathing attack on Manchester United's misfiring


forwards. And they Mahrez considering approaches from United


and Chelsea, with the Times claiming both clubs would play his Barcelona


release clause of ?170 million -- Neymar is considering approaches.


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