18/03/2017 Match of the Day


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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


We're down to the final four in the FA Cup and the last eight


in the Champions League, but there are 20 Premier League


clubs who've got plenty to play for between now and May.


And we've reunited Alan Shearer and Graeme Le Saux.


It's now 22 years since they won the title with Blackburn!


We begin at the Hawthorns and, with the race for Champions League


places intensifying, Arsenal travelled to


The home side, managed by Tony Pulis, seemed sure


Even victory here will not be a enough to lift Arsenal back into the


top four. But Arsene Wenger has seen his team lose three of the last four


Premier League games. For once Champions League qualification is no


guarantee. West Brom have lost their way since reaching the safety of 40


points. Tony Pulis has urged his side to not let the season Peter


out. Chris Brunt and Salomon Rondon recalled today. Yacob and


Robson-Kanu drop to the bench. Tony Pulis operating with a five-man


midfield. Our store with two changes from the side that beat Lincoln in


the FA Cup. Monreal replacing Kieran Gibbs at left-back, Danny Welbeck


coming in for Giroud, and will play through the centre with top scorer


Alexis Sanchez on the left. Mesut Ozil is ruled out through injury.


Arsenal's away record this season is nothing to write home about, just


six wins on their travels. Recently on the road they have been awful,


losing four of their last six. The Cameroon defender Allan Nyom


stepping forward. On he goes. What a run. Rondon was waiting for the


cross. Fantastic run from Allan Nyom. Taking on all comers and


beating them all. Having done so much graphed, so much hard work, all


that was lacking was the past to pick out Rondon, who would have had


a tap in. Early warning for Arsenal. Livermore has made a good run


through the centre. Its McClean with little more still there if he needs.


McClean goes himself. Straight at Petr Cech. Good counterattack from


West Brom. Chris Brunt fed it into the path of James McClean who tried


to beat Cech by power. First corner of the game. Bright start, 12


minutes gone. Chadli with it. Headed in. It's Craig Dawson whose scores.


West Bromwich Albion, who have this reputation of being so dangerous


from set pieces, have scored another one. Dawson was completely unmarked


as he ran to attack that. Not sure whether Ramsey should have kept an


eye on him. Outjumped Koscielny, and from that close in, he wasn't going


to miss. The pressure is beginning to mount again on Arsene Wenger.


Sanchez is completely unmarked. What a chance. Took his time and finds


the net. Superb response from Arsenal. What a cool, cool finish


from the Chilean. His 22nd of the season, Albion caught napping.


Sanchez couldn't believe the amount of time he had. Time to get his feet


right and left it high into the roof of the net with Ben Foster


committed. A brilliant finish from Sanchez. Just what he needed.


And its level up in the skies as well. One banner once Arsene Wenger


to go and the other one wants him to stay.


Sanchez is on his way again, picking out a Ramsey in the box. Ramsey's


shot. Great save from Foster. Can Walcott help it home? Great block


from Allan Nyom who eventually clears his lines. A lovely turn and


spinner from Ramsey. And Allan Nyom kept out of Walcott.


McClean eager to chase. Petr Cech is not moving well, has thrown the ball


out of play. Hobbling awkwardly as he cleared that. Embrace for David


Ospina, handshake for his manager. Off to the treatment room he goes.


Rondon chasing, Monreal is back with him. The Spaniard was determined for


Arsenal. Monreal does well to hold up the


attacker. Chris Brunt crosses. Rondon got in big and above


Koscielny, but couldn't steer it on goal. Hal Robson-Kanu, the Welsh


international, to come on. And number nine, Salomon Rondon. Tony


Pulis making a big decision. Horrible misjudgement from Mustafi.


Hal Robson-Kanu is in behind. Fletcher getting forward. Chris


Brunt behind McClean at the moment. Chadli calls for it on the edge.


Here is the Belgian. It is clipped by David Ospina. And it's in!


Stabbed home by Hal Robson-Kanu less than two minutes after coming off


the bench. Monreal leads the Arsenal protest. They feel as though there


was an Albion player offside in the midst of all that. Neil Swarbrick


now deep in conversation with his assistant on the far side. I think


they have called that right. I think the Albion player who was offside


was not interfering with play, because all the Arsenal players were


in front of him, and he did not touch the ball. Although he's


offside when the ball is prodded home, he's not interfering with


play. Horrendous descending from Arsenal. They can protest all they


like, but they are behind again. -- horrendous defending. All thanks to


Hal Robson-Kanu. Arsenal began the day five points outside the top


four. Well defended by Allan Nyom who chases his own clearance. Good


battling from Walcott. His tenacity has brought opportunity may be for


Arsenal as they win a corner. It hits the bar! Albion get it


clear. Danny Welbeck against the crossbar. After that, Mustafi went


down having been caught by Robson-Kanu.


Good interception by Evans. Chris Brunt looks for Robson-Kanu, who is


goal side of Mustafi. David Ospina is all over the place initially


again. Good block. In goes Chadli! Blocked on the line by Mustafi. The


danger still isn't over. Chris Brunt takes it on and lifts it over.


Mustafi got hopelessly caught out. Ospina came, went home, then made a


good block and almost brings down Chadli. His shot was superbly


blocked by Mustafi. Arsenal living on their nerves. Just about get away


with it. West Brom on the move again. So easy


as they pick their way forward. It's behind for the corner. West Brom's


first goal came from a corner. The goal-scorer, Dawson, in the mix


again. A wicked delivery, and it's in! It's a second for Craig Dawson!


If you don't learn your lesson is, you have no right to finish in the


top four of the Premier League. Terrific delivery, but who on earth


in yellow is keeping an eye on Craig Dawson? Oxlade-Chamberlain saw him


come and let him go. And that's the outcome. Defensively, that's


shocking. What a master plan Tony Pulis has put together today. Nine


major trophies in his 21 years at the helm at Arsenal Football Club,


but is his time up in 2017? A typical Premier League game


between a team who tries to play and a who defends well. They were


focused, determined, produced a top-level performance physically.


And they caught us on the set pieces and had one break. That made the


difference. If you look at what the players have achieved with what we


have got, that's absolutely fantastic. You will always have runs


of games where you don't pick up points. We are no different to


anyone else outside the top six. The lads have worked so hard in all the


games, never giving anything but their best. It's about time Dawson


scored some goals! It's important to chip in when we can. The delivery


was great into the box and it's a strength of hours. Great performance


and important to bounceback and we all put in a great shift. Massive


three points for us. It leads is in a unique situation that we haven't


had before. It means as well that we face a big problem, to regroup and


find resources to sort out to deal with the problem. That will demand


some togetherness and some serious challenges, because we play against


City at home in the next after the break. That could be another big


game for us. STUDIO: Marvellous win for West Brom but Arsenal were out


thought and outfought. Before we get onto Arsenal, West Brom bullied


Arsenal all over the park. They were much, much better in every position


and deserve a lot of credit for doing that. Onto Arsenal. There has


been a lot of chat from the media and pundits about Arsene Wenger's


future. Not a lot spoken by his players. His players spoke today in


that game. Judging by that performance and recent performances,


they don't want him in that job. Arsene Wenger will have looked at


his players today and asked for a reaction. Said, come on, guys. I've


been criticised Tomer Hemed from pillar to post. Give me something


today. -- criticised, hammered. They were embarrassing apart from


Sanchez, I thought. West Brom were brilliant, set up to counterattack


asked all time after time. Arsenal were so open it's unbelievable.


Bellerin is meant to be one of the quickest players in the league, but


he mustn't let McClean run that way with so much space. A ball in, ball


back and through. Into the back four with ease. Decent save from Petr


Cech. They try a crossfield ball and is look at how open Arsenal are. The


lack of support in front of defenders. When you lose the ball


you have to do see danger signs, smell the danger to get the ball


away. There is nothing there. One pass down the line and all of a


sudden West Brom are in the 18-yard box having a pop at goal. A long


ball up and they win the first ball. The players switch off,


Oxlade-Chamberlain, Koscielny, Monreal. Fletcher in so much space.


And it's a brilliant save from Petr Cech. Second half, same thing


happens time and time again. This is on the edge of the West Brom box.


One pass, take a touch, pick your head up, and the ball in behind.


It's so simple, it's embarrassing. One against one with the goalkeeper.


I could have shown another three or four times that happened. It was


incredible. By contrast, West Brom were compact, organised disciplined


and effective. They know their identity and set up a deeper blocked


to counter Arsenal. But all the hard work is done on the training ground.


It's set up between this back four and a bank of five in front of them.


You have Livermore and Chris Brunt working together. Livermore pointing


to Rondon to drop in. As soon as he loses it he drops back in. He knows


his role and the space he has to fill. This frustrated Arsenal, who


played into their hands and didn't show creativity. They tried to get


wide but you can see the banks working across the pitch. It kept


going. Fletcher was really in control of that midfield. He's


pointing around, has a word with Dawson. Doesn't forget his own


responsibility. He is leading the team. When the ball goes to an area


where he needs to close down, off he goes and Livermore provides cover.


Sanchez tries some tricks to get down the side but can't get in


there. He rushes his pass and West Brom get the ball back. You had this


pattern. It's hard work. You have to do understand what the plan is and


work as a team. The commitment, communication and effort, and then


you get the reward. West Brom enjoyed this part of the game. It


sets them up nicely. Arsenal are a broken team by the end. They can't


complete several passes. West Brom set-pieces and Arsenal


couldn't cope? They couldn't at all. Tony Pulis did his homework. They


like zonal marking. This is like watching an under-10s game the way


Arsenal defend here. No leadership, no characters. Dawson, free run in.


Once he has a run on thes Arsenal defenders. . I don't know what


Ramsey is doing whether he he is blocking them. Six or seven Arsenal


players. 6 foot plus, four go for the same ball. He gets a run, it's


embarrassing. No way to defend like that and expect to win a football


match. The third goal, from the other side of the pitch. Seven


Arsenal players defending. You have a situation where you have players


meant to be man marking, they are not. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and


Ramsey there. Other players in the penalty area that are meant to be


zonal marking. Which means you stay in your space. Bellerin outside the


post. You should be inside covering the goal. You are doing nothing


outside the post. You see five, six Arsenal players getting drawn out of


their zones, sucked into an area. By the end of it, any one of three West


Brom players could have scored that goal. It's so basic. Have you to


work. They are scoring that many goals, 14 Premier League goals from


corners, West Brom, more than any other team in a long shot. Hardly


surprising it's come. Well, at his post-match press


conference, Arsene Wenger was asked If you are to announce a decision on


your future will that change the attitude of the fans who are


protesting flying planes in the sky? Don't worry. I know what I will do


in my future. You will soon know. I see. Very soon. He divides opinion


amongst Arsenal fans. Even their aeroplanes can't agree, can they? Is


from that,, do you read anything, does that suggest he is going to go?


I read he is going to go. He looks a broken man, he does. If he's got his


contract there, and he is saying, I know my future and he hasn't signed


that contract, that suggests to me he's going. I agree. OK. Fair


enough. Next, Stoke City against Chelsea,


who were beginning to look Could anything stop Antonio Conte's


team, as they started the day 10 points clear at the top


of the table. COMMENTATOR: Arnason returns having


missed the draw at Manchester City through illness. Diouf drops the


bench. Antonio Conte prior to this has made 14 changes all service. He


can't called call on Hazard because of injury. There is a recall for


Pedro with eight goals in his last 12 games. A blustery afternoon. A


draw against Manchester City last time out the only point that Stoke


have managed against any of the top five so far this season. That's


terrific from Costa. There is space for Alonso to attack. Pedro and


Willian in the penalty area. Foul by Arnautovic. A Chelsea free-kick.


Set play opportunity for the league leaders. Willian's delivery. Tried


to catch out Lee Grant at his near-post, and succeeding. Quick


thinking from Willian. Disappointing from Lee Grant. The league leaders


are in front. Knew what he was doing. He saw the gap and Lee Grant


will be disappointed with that. At his near-post. Got across, got both


hands to it, but couldn't keep it out. Willian scored twice against


Stoke on New Year's Eve. He hadn't scored since then, he has now. His


team are in front again. 13 minutes gone, Stoke 0, Chelsea 1. Willian's


touch. Costa. Tried to get the free-kick there and


he's furious he didn't. He's been booked for dissent. He is bubbling


at the moment, Diego Costa. He now has to be careful for the remaining


74 minutes. He felt there was a foul there by Martins Indi. There wasn't.


Oh, dear. Then his reaction earned him the yellow card. Costa. Matic.


Bardsley's challenge wasn't timed. It's a free-kick to Chelsea. Was


always committed here, Bardsley. Willian this time to Pedro. Moses.


Is Alonso, onside, straight at Lee Grant, who managed to keep it out.


Well-worked from Chelsea. Alonso's run, unmarked, onside, on his weaker


foot. He's scored in three of his last six Premier League games.


Plenty for Mark Hughes' thoughts now. Arnautovic. Walters did well.


Alonso penalised, Stoke free-kick. To Arnautovic, good cross. Kante in


the way. Stoke's first corner of the game. Quick thinking from Phil


Bardsley. Good movement from Arnautovic and first time cross. An


excellent reading of the situation from N'Golo Kante. Allen to deliver


the corner. Until comes Martins Indi, but he's offside. He doesn't


know yet, but it won't count. He's celebrating. Anthony Taylor is


coming over to the referee's assistant, just wants to clarify the


situation. It's a push. The goal has been ruled out.


He saw the foul. There is a push there on Azpilicueta by Saido


Berahino that the referee's assistant saw and that is why that


Stoke goal doesn't count. Pieters. That's gone Stoke's way. Can Stoke


ask Chelsea a question here? Lifted in by Pieters. Courtois, a penalty.


The foul on Jonathan Walters by Gary Cahill. Stoke have a penalty. I


didn't think there was too much in that. Gary Cahill, a little nudge on


Walters. Walters himself will have the opportunity to level it up. Here


he comes. Emphatic penalty. Stoke City are back on terms. No


clean sheet for Chelsea and Contety. Cahill penalised for the foul on


Walters. Who duly despatched the spot-kick, high above Courtois. It's


Stoke 1, Chelsea 1. Alonso's throw. That looked a bag one on Diego Costa


this time. Antonio Conte leaping in the air to show his disgust at this


one. It was Bardsley, actually. Phil Bardsley has gone in the referee's


book. Costa is still down. Welcome to Stoke, Antonio. Kante. Now


Willian on the burst, Costa and Martins Indi going down off the


ball. Then Pieters taking down Pedro. That will earn him a yellow


card and a Chelsea free-kick. Bruno Martins Indi also shown the yellow


card there. Willian, Alonso and Luiz behind the Chelsea free-kick. It's


to be Alonso. Well, Lee Grant was beaten. Chelsea a whisker away from


regaining the lead. Oh and Diouf reacting to Alonso's challenge.


Anti-tailor in to defuse that situation. Terrific strike from


Alonso. Goalkeeper beaten all end up. Back off the crossbar. Fabregas.


Willian. Here is Pedro. Well kept out by Lee Grant. That was like


flicking a switch for Chelsea. Well stopped by Grant. Stoke have dug


deep, but they haven't seen it out yet. Pieters. He was under pressure


from Loftus-Cheek. That's what forced the error. It's a Chelsea


corner. Fabregas with it. David Luiz with the header. It came back to


Cahill. The man who gave away the penalty at that end in the first


half has restored Chelsea's lead in the second-half with less than four


minutes to go. He scores against Stoke for the second time this


season and they are back in front. Well, David Luiz's header was a tame


one. It was the intervention from Pieters that caused it. Stuck his


leg out and it came straight back to Cahill, who couldn't miss. Stoke


frustrated. Chelsea absolutely delighted. Look what it means on the


Chelsea bench. They have done what potential champions do. Azpilicueta


to pick out Pedro. Costa wants it. Costa's got it. Costa has hit the


woodwork. We've seen the good, bad and ugly of Diego Costa today. That


was another bit of very good. Azpilicueta. Loftus-Cheek.


Determined to have a go. Shawcross with the block. Chelsea with the


corner. The last-minute of stoppage-time. Ryan Shawcross just


needs to maintain his control here. He's been given a yellow card for


time wasting now, that's for Fabregas. Paperwork for Anthony


Taylor tomorrow. Here's Loftus-Cheek. A foul on Fabregas.


Phil Bardsley is one of those already on a yellow card. Stoke's


misery is compounded with a red for Phil Bardsley in the last-minute of


stoppage-time. Fabregas had beaten Joe Allen. Bardsley came across.


Nowhere near the ball. It's important to find a direct way to


win be because if you come here, against Stoke, and you think that


you will win without fight, for sure you lose. But we were prepared for


this type of game and I think we showed this. We ran them really


close today and we asked questions of them. In fairness,


champions-elect and players that have won championships they know how


to handle those moments. Cred credit to them. I didn't think they


deserved to win today, to be perfectly honest. I thought a draw


would be a fair result. Champion teams keep going and make things


happen for themselves. That is what they have been able to do all


season, in fairness. We need to take 21-points to win the league. Yeah,


we must think this, me and my players, because there are ten games


to go. But this season isn't finished. No, not quite. Chelsea's


march towards that title shows no site of abating? Nearly there.


It was a scrappy game, no Eden Hazard, but they showed great


experience, how to see a game out. They showed a great will to win and


a will to be champions. They dug it out in the end. It was Gary Cahill


who was in the right place at the right time. The last few minutes.


David Luiz does well to keep the ball alive. Poor mistake from


Pieters. He gets a few goals. He does. It was such a big win today,


so important, and even the players will think how huge it was. The


manager, great reaction from all of them, the way they celebrated at the


end, was pretty telling. Very close, Chelsea 's comfortable and confident


in Antonio Conte's Systems. They work on it every day in training.


That system, the 343. They don't mind the physical side of the game.


We saw that with Costa. They can drop into a five when they need to,


under pressure they can bring the wingbacks in. But when they go


forward, when the game is scrappy they have natural width with Alonso


and Moses out why. And they are clinical. When they get a chance


they take it or hit the target. 22 games, won 19, only lost one. And no


Hazard today. A couple of contentious decisions in the first


half. Anthony Taylor gets this one right. It's a foul from Berahino on


Azpilicueta. He shoves him there, goes to check with his assistant to


make sure it's right and it's the correct decision. But it's a clear


push from Berahino to stop him going to head the ball. A few minutes


later, I think that's on his mind. He wasn't 100% sure it's correct. He


gives a penalty for that. There has never been a push there. It clips


his heel a little bit, but they're -- there's no way it's a penalty.


Walters comedy goes down, but he's not claiming he has been pushed. --


Walters, he goes down. Two down, five matches


still to come. Leicester City's heroics in beating


Sevilla left them as England's only representative in the quarter-finals


of the Champions League. But this weekend was all


about the battle to stay They faced West Ham


at the London Stadium, COMMENTATOR: Seeking one more for 50


Premier League goals, Andy Carroll hasn't scored here at the London


Stadium since is a wonder goal against Crystal Palace more than two


months ago. That was also the last time the Hammers won here. Sam Byram


replaces the injured Mark Noble. Kouyate moves to midfield and Andre


Ayew is preferred to Feghouli. Injury to skipper Wes Morgan


Albrighton tried to find Drinkwater, who won it. Tries to find Vardy.


Good from Leicester. A noticeable spring in their step! Did Vardy get


a touch on that or is it Mahrez's goal? I think it might be the


latter. 1-0 to Leicester and that's the most important stat of the lot.


We are only in the fifth minute. The cross came in with whip and paste


from Mahrez. It goes straight into the back of the net, I think. Vardy


tried to dart across it. Riyad Mahrez with his ninth of the season,


fifth in the Premier League. The Shakespeare era is off to another


bonus start. He will know there was an element of good fortune about the


goal, but his side are behind again here. It has not been home sweet


home at all for West Ham at the new stadium. Winston Reid concedes a


free kick, which Roger East is adamant was a foul on Okazaki.


Leicester haven't lost any of the last five meetings against West Ham.


Certainly started positively here and it's 2-0! Robert Huth


unremarked, the flag stays down. Leicester, within seven minutes, R


two clear already. This is a bit of Comedy of Errors from a West Ham


perspective. Robert Huth in acres of space. Robert Huth couldn't mess,


and Robert Huth didn't miss. West Ham are absolutely gobsmacked.


Leicester City are on their way to four wins out of four under the new


manager. Antonio fouled. Drinkwater is


penalised because of this challenge on the back of Antonio. Not too much


doubt about it. This is their first sight of the


West Ham goal, really. And they have scored from it! They have built the


platform necessary to get them back in the game courtesy of Lanzini. We


have a game on here. A delightful free kick from Lanzini. Nothing


Schmeichel could do about it. That side of his net was guarded by the


wall but Lanzini has got an absolutely -- that absolutely


perfectly. Good play from Leicester. West Ham


happy to clear for the corner. Albrighton had made a great burst to


get involved in that move. Robert Huth is in there. Benalouane


is in there. It might reach one of them. And it reaches Jamie Vardy,


who restores the Leicester 2-goal advantage. Only his second away goal


of the season. With West Ham finding their way back into the game,


Leicester once again wrestle control of it. He hasn't been anywhere near


as prolific as he was last season. But he has restored Leicester's


2-goal advantage. In a half full of incident, full of chances, it's also


been full of goals. It's been an absolute dream start for him. Three


games in charge and three victories. But can he crack this away hoodoo?


They haven't won away from home since last April.


Lanzini. That was travelling. Just beyond the post, though. Sure


Michael appears to pull his arms away, confident it's going beyond


and not into his goal. And he was right -- Schmeichel appears.


Mahrez on towards Vardy. Outcomes Randolph and Vardy scoops it beyond


him and out of play. Vardy didn't quite get the connection that he was


hoping for. Good tackle by Ndidi on Antonio.


Lanzini has been fouled. Free kick to West Ham. Okazaki doesn't like


the decision. Looks a little bit too far around but you never know with


Lanzini. -- too far out. Lanzini lining it up to the same corner.


Schmeichel parries it away but I think it might have clipped the


outside of the post anyway. Schmeichel makes sure and you can


understand why he does. Nodded back by Carroll and turned in


by Ayew. West Ham are back in it. Carroll nods it back. Ayew thumps it


into the roof of the net. Back post corner. Carroll nods it back, Ayew


helps it in and Schmeichel can't help it. West Ham once again have


brought a 2-goal deficit down to one. And it's very much a contest.


Andre Ayew celebrates his fourth goal for West Ham.


Jose Fonte looking towards Carroll. Got a touch on it. Headed away by


Ndidi. Masuaku. Antonio. Carroll tries to get there.


Was it over the line? No. A good look at the watch from the referee


to check. Schmeichel managed to scoop it out. Does well with this,


almost over the line when he makes the save, but the ball wasn't.


Here's Antonio. Brilliant again from Antonio. Going straight at


Leicester. Ayew is on the side! He's missed it! What a chance. And he


knows it. Outstanding from Antonio. Ayew onside. The goal was at his


mercy but he puts it over the bar. The comeback should have been


completed right there and then. It wasn't, and Leicester are still


holding the advantage. Antonio does well. And it's another


West Ham corner. Prowling around his technical area, looking and hoping


and probably expecting his side will equalise, such is their head of


steam at the moment. Carroll leaks. An almighty scramble. Kouyate


couldn't quite turn it in. Carroll there again. Deflection straight


into the arms of Schmeichel. It's a siege. It really is a siege. But


Leicester just about managing to keep West Ham out. All the agonies


and ecstasies of management have all come his way today.


Here's Ayew. It's good from Ayew, and he's fouled, a free kick just in


front of the D. Ayew went straight at Chilwell. A combination of P and


Ndidi brought him down. Probably Ndidi the man who felled him.


Snodgrass is hovering over this, looking for his first for West Ham.


If this goes in the roof will rattle at the London Stadium. Deflection.


Carroll. Great save from Schmeichel. Unbelievable goalkeeping. He had no


right to save it. Everybody looking at the flag. It didn't go up.


Schmeichel, well, it was like a penalty save, only in some ways it


was harder. That's unbelievable. He's learned that from his dad, no


question. I think we started off really good, got the goals and got


in front. But it was to the backs to the wall in the second half. Really


pleased to get the result at the end of the day. In this league you can't


afford to be 3-1 down and then turn the game around. But Leicester


showed quality and character. -- but the lads showed quality and


character. We created more than enough chances at least to get a


point. Can you sum up the week for you personally and for the team. It


must have been incredible. On the outside you try to keep calm and


collected because it's important the players stay focused. But I'm


immensely proud of the results we've got. Absolutely outstanding save at


the end. What was going through your head? Please hit me! It's one of


them. It bounces to him and you try to make yourself as big as you can


and hope that it hits you. Nine times out of ten it doesn't. This


time luck was on my side. Kasper Schmeichel, those two saves were


astonishing. He's probably the one Leicester player whose form has


dipped this season. His performance was pivotal to Leicester winning


their first away game of the season. He was magnificent, a Man of the


Match performance without doubt. He's been in incredible form. He has


been for a while. He's worked hard. Crosses and balls into the box.


These saves, Andy Carroll does everything right. Thank goodness for


the goal decision system, because that left hand, the way he claws


that ball away is incredible. He has to move his feet to get there. This


is even better. Point-blank range. You could say Andy Carroll should


score, but he manages to bring out his arm and punch it away. His old


man did that time and time again. It was so reminiscent of him coming out


there with a big strong hand. Superb save. For West Ham, Lanzini


continues to impress. This was a fantastic game of football. Both


teams played well, but now that Payet has gone, Lanzini has stepped


up and decided he wants to be the man. He had the complete midfield


performance today. He's happy to make angles for people and get


forward. He always wants the ball. Plays it simple, keeps it moving.


The creates a block in front of his backline, but when he wins it he


gets forward and gets his head up. This is fantastic, winning the ball


back, doing his job for the team. Round the corner, gets the ball


back, a pass forward again. Keeps going forward and he wants the ball.


It's a joy to have a player in the team who always wants the ball in


tight situations. Turns defence into attack. Comes off the line. Moves


position a lot. He draws people towards him which creates space for


his team-mates. This is the second free kick. He is a long way out, but


it's such a vicious free kick, forces Schmeichel to make the save.


This is a wonderful strike. Keeps it simple, lines up with the ball,


knows when he wants to put it and Schmeichel is rooted to the spot.


Perfect free kick from a short distance.


Everton hosted Hull having been rocked by the news that


Romelu Lukaku has rejected the offer of a new contract.


Meanwhile, the visitors were focused on Premier League survival


and started the day two points from safety.


COMMENTATOR: Two years left on his contract for Romelu Lukaku, that


could equate to 50 odd goals, put a price on that. Everton hope they


won't have to. Victory today would take them above Manchester United


for now and maybe nearer their aim of European football. Hull's aim is


simply to survive. Everton loanee is not available. Davies returns having


recovered from a hamstring injury. Getting on to it here, Clucas. Has


support. Clucas inside the penalty. Markovic at the back post. Here's


Javier Hernandez. Ashley Williams made the block for Everton. Hull


have started in a sprightly fashion here. Leighton Baines gave him a


shove with his right hand. Accurately brace his birthday next


Tuesday, Ronald Koeman. He turns 54 -- celebrates. The referee didn't


spot that shirt pull. Everton so strong at home. They have only lost


one of their 14 home Premier League games so far this season.


Barkley, looking for the run of Davies, who is onside. Davies,


Dominic Calvert-Lewin! What a lovely way to get off the mark. Dominic


Calvert-Lewin, his first Everton goal, put on a plate for him. Lovely


run by Davies. Great awareness from Davies. A confident finish from


another promising young Blue. Everton 1, Hull City 0. It was an


Everton move which started with Morgan Schneiderlin pulling the


shirt of Hernandez. Then seconds later Everton had scored. Here's


Barry. Not the ball Lukaku was looking for from Barry. He is making


that point now. No cloud reaction to Lukaku. Given his failure to sign a


new contract, which is on the table for him. Clucas, just too high.


Great chance for Sam Clucas. Everton off the hook here. William's


hesitation, uncertainty, and Clucas just couldn't get it down. Good


running here. Clucas couldn't control it. The attack has broken


down. The counter-attack is building. Barkley to Lukaku.


Lukaku, still going, still going. Ignored Dominic Calvert-Lewin who


was possibly better placed to his left hand side. Once he found space,


he had eyes only for the goal. Davies. That's dangerous. He got


there. Clucas stretching. Lovely touch. He wants it from Baines.


Baines drilling it away to Lukaku. Brilliant ball. Lukaku, onside.


Lukaku. He goes for goal, again. A really good save by Jakupovic. Great


ball by Leighton Baines. Lukaku his only other option was Barkley. Not


impossible that they could leave Goodison Park with something, Hull


City. Into the side-netting from Andrew Robertson. He knows he might


have done more with that. Took it first time and didn't hit it cleanly


at all. Here's Barkley. Davies. A foot in again. That is a foul. Tom


Huddlestone is off. Straight red card for Tom Huddlestone. That makes


it difficult for Hull City. The referee couldn't be closer to it. He


misses the ball, straight into his standing foot. It's dangerous. Hull


City will play the last 17 minutes of this game with 10-men. Tom Davies


making way, Enner Valencia coming on. Valencia having finally broken


his duck as an Everton player in 3-2 defeat at White Hart Lane at the


beginning of the month. Williams, Valencia. Oh, beautifully back into


his path. Enner Valencia - 2-0 Everton. Hull City carved open by a


Valencia-Lukaku combination. The substitute, who has only been on the


pitch for a matter of moment helps himself to a second goal in Everton


Blue. Beautiful dink return from Lukaku. Smartly taken from Valencia.


That should seal three points for Everton. Valencia. Oh, good ball,


Lukaku. 20th league goal of the season for Romelu Lukaku. The first


Everton striker to reach that goal since Gary Lineker in 1986. Lineker


didn't stop at 20. I doubt whether Lukaku will either. Good ball by


Valencia. Typical finish by Lukaku. The scoreline a little harsh on Hull


City, but it is Everton 3, Hull 0. Short. It could be a fourth. Lukaku,


it surely will be. Elabdellaoui with the mistake. Lukaku with another


goal. At the end of a week in which he has made headlines at Goodison


Park by rejecting the richest contract a club has ever offered a


player, but he soaks up the love anyway with two late goals. It's


4-0. I think the final result today didn't reflect what happened on the


pitch. It's too harsh that red card. OK, that killed the game for Hull. I


think they played well. They make it really tough. Everton today was not


at the best. I saw one game until 70 minutes and after another game. We


didn't deserve this result or the decision. Until then we compete. We


came and brought big problems for Everton. After, the game changed.


For me, my players and my fans we didn't deserve the decision. It


shows the club and the gaffer is willing to give young players an


opportunity in the first team. We've all played our part when we have


been given the chance. It's proved we can play at this level. Can you


give those Everton fans some hope that Barkley and Lukaku will both be


Everton players next season? You need to have hope in life, that's


the best. Both are key players for the team. Everton will do the


maximum to keep these two players. Always the final decision is by the


player himself. Is we will come to that shortly. 1-0 the game was


balanced. Hull were a threat. Then the decision to send Huddlestone


off. What did you make of it? It was a tough decision for the referee. I


would have given given a yellow instead of a red. I understand why


he had has given it. It was clumsy, it was careless. He didn't go in


with two feet. I know it was high. You think it was a red card? I


looked at it from the referee's view. From that angle you can't see


it well. The ref is the other side of the ball. His foot is high over


the ball. From this angle, the referee's angle, it's difficult. He


might have a straight leg. He might have gone over the top. The referee


is looking at protecting players. He obviously considers that endangering


the opponent. It's marginal. It's harsh. You have to back the ref.


Orange. Lukaku becomes the first Everton player in history to score


20 league goals in a season because obviously football didn't exist


pre-Premier League, there you have it? Onaries an athlete. I don't know


who the other one is. Look at that picture! -- one's. He got two goals.


One assist. Lovely given goal to Valencia who had been on just over a


minute. On the last man, pace, in between, with the confidence he has


this season, no way he ises ming that. A clever finish. A gift here.


A step over, one-on-one with the keeper, again. He's absolutely


flying. He looks the real deal, doesn't he? He has everything, left


foot, right foot. When he is running into space and attacking defenders


he must terrify him. He is Drogba like. He hasn't hit those heights.


You see the reaction with the fans. He is giving them lots of love. In


good company before turning 24 years of age. The impressive thing, also


Gary, his fifth full season. He hasn't as yet this season, he is on


target to play over 30 games in every one of those seasons as well.


Superb. It is. What player scores 20 league goals for Everton and decides


to leave at the end of the season. Do you think he will go? I think he


will go, yes. The big boys will come sniffing for him. Top clubs take


him? Manchester United will look for a forward or two. Arsenal will be


looking for a forward, even Chelsea. Maybe even Liverpool as well. He's


got that, he has that ability. . Will only get better. 23 years of


age. Got a fantastic goalscoring record. They paid ?28 million for


him three years ago. When you look at the prices now we would talk


about ?60-70 million for him. Is that all? OK, we will move on from


that. Just three points separated


Bournemouth and Swansea ahead of their meeting at the Vitality


Stadium. A win for either side could ease


their relegation concerns. COMMENTATOR: Harry Arter has been


unable to shake off the calf problem he got last week, Surman comes into


midfield after a ban. After being left out of the latest England


squad, Jack Wilshere begins on the Bournemouth bench again. Ayew starts


with Kingsley and Ki Sung-Yueng featuring for the first time since


January. January. Top-scorer Llorente has recovered from a dead


leg. Here is Gosling, quickly closed down. Weaved his way through, Joshua


King. Fraser. Ryan Fraser! First genuine chance of the game. Ryan


Fraser, called up to the Scotland squad for the first time this week,


dragging his final effort wide. Eddie Howe always felt Swansea had a


good group of players who could do well in the Premier League he says


Paul Clement has galvanised them as they inch their way up the table.


Here is Fer, went for the early ball, came off Daniels. Fer cranking


up for a long one. Llorente gets the header. Sigurdsson. Well, by his


standards that goes down as a chance. Mawson. Kingsley is on the


charge, on the left hand side. Smith is has caught Kingsley there. That


will be a Swansea free-kick. Sigurdsson over the free-kick.


Decent delivery. It was just glanced wide of his own-goal by Joshua King.


The man who got a hat-trick here last weekend almost opened the


scoring, but not in the way he would have wanted. Cook.


Cook, just ran away from him. It has broken for Joshua King. Pugh back to


Joshua King. Now it's Afobe. It's in. Benik Afobe, who couldn't score


a penalty last week, has fired Bournemouth in front this time


around. Afobe, who scored in Birmingham's victory at Swansea


earlier on this season, has scored against the Swans once again. He had


the benefit of a deflection off Alfei Mawson. A grin on his face


there. If they take the goal off him, that will quickly disappear.


Won four, lost four in the Premier League for Swansea since Paul


Clement took over. Three of those defeats came against Arsenal,


Manchester City and Chelsea. Taken down well by Leroy Fer.


Sigurdsson has a go. Not a bad effort and a pretty good save from


Artur Boruc. Wonderful technique from Sigurdsson. Probably was just


drifting wide. Benik Afobe up against Mawson.


Won back well by Bournemouth. Gosling! Good hit. Top save from


Fabianski as well. Swansea played themselves into a spot of bother


there, and they were very nearly punished by Dan Gosling. If Eddie


Howe's side win today, it will be the first time in just over a year


that they have managed back-to-back league victories. Well won by


Gosling. Joshua King. Benik Afobe with a real chance. 2-0,


Bournemouth. And that one certainly is Benik Afobe's goal. Credit to


Joshua King for the run and then the well weighted pass to Afobe. Inch


perfect finish by him beyond Fabianski, and he will feel he


should have two to his name. He certainly has at least one in the


bag. Surely it's all three points wrapped up for Bournemouth as well.


Pugh pokes it through to Wilshere. On his own at the moment. It's stood


up towards King. What a save from Fabianski. Josh King keeps it alive.


It's too high for Afobe. Now Wilshere. A good ball in again.


Smith... And Fabianski gratefully gathers. This was a top drawer save


from Fabianski, he flung himself into the path of it and beat it


away. Delighted today with the back-to-back wins. Something we are


pleased to achieve and it's a long time since we have been solid enough


to keep a clean sheet. Bournemouth were deserving of the victory, they


were more clinical than us. The situation is not bad. We have come a


long way in the last two and a half months. We are in 17th, and when I


came in we were bottom on 12 points. If the season finished tomorrow we


would be happy in 17th and we will play at this level next season. The


fact is we have nine games to go. It's important now we have two home


games. Bournemouth have just shown that if you put together


back-to-back wins you can climb out of that situation and we have to do


the same. Football is a funny old game. I have never gone hiding in my


life. I missed a couple of chances last week but have kept going,


worked on my finishing and one has gone in for me today. I will keep


going and get as many goals as I can before the end of the season. What


is turned around in the last fortnight? I don't think anything


has turned around, the players have just stuck with it, didn't get too


negative and managed to ride out a mini period where we didn't get


things as he wanted to. That mental resilience has been keep. Two


consecutive wins takes the heat off. It was merited. Bournemouth were not


exceptional but they played well enough. Swansea tried to be


defensive to begin with and it worked for 30 minutes until they


lost their shape, needlessly. Fernandez here, they are in a good


line, and there is no danger until Fernandes decides he will suddenly


stepped out to engage with Josh King. That leaves a gap for a


striker to run in. Benik Afobe gets away. He's lucky with the shot.


Unlucky not to get the goal! Marginally going past the post, so


it deflects off Mawson. He didn't get that goal, but he certainly will


get this one. He gets on the other side of Mawson again. Gets his feet


mixed up. Very good finish, in off the post. Three big points for


Bournemouth. That's them out of trouble now. Swansea offered very


little today. They were very poor. But they have been playing very


well. They had an off day. The tense battle for the top four


will take centre stage The race for the top four is well


and truly on. Before that, Match of the Day 2


Extra will analyse the weekend's Radio 5 Live then has


commentary on two matches. Tottenham versus Southampton


is followed by Manchester City against Liverpool, live


from the Etihad. And also coming up on the BBC


is a special programme I don't think I have grieved


properly. I've not given myself that time to sit down and really flush


everything out. Two years ago former England captain Rio Ferdinand lost


his wife to cancer, leaving him as sole parents to their three


children. Now I'm at the point where I want to go out there to see what's


available for families who have somebody pass away. There is a life


out there afterwards. I have seen that documentary and


it's very powerful. Sam Allardyce began life


as Crystal Palace manager with an away draw at Watford


on Boxing Day. Ahead of the return


at Selhurst Park, Palace had finally managed back-to-back victories


to take them out Watching this one


was Jonathan Pearce. COMMENTATOR: Is Tunnel King Sam


Allardyce leading another great escape? Palace are back from a


training break in Morocco, making one change from the win over West


Brom a fortnight ago. Jeff Schlupp in for the injured Van Aanholt. Two


clean sheets in a row, conceding six in seven as Allardyce plug the


leaks. Craig Cathcart appearing for the first time in a month for


Watford. Janmaat also fit. Holebas and Okaka drop to the bench. Etienne


Capoue is OK after a midweek virus. Zaha uses his pace against Cathcart


and gets in between the two defenders. No free kick. Zaha


certainly played for it. I think it's a foul there, and I think it


was outside the box when the foul started. The referee was brilliantly


placed and said there was no infringement at all. He always said


that Crystal Palace fans wouldn't see a significant improvement until


March. Or even later on, in April. Clever ball by Jason Puncheon, one


of the game 's best passes so far. Zaha to the dead-ball line. Away by


Kaboul. Deflected from Cabaye. The best we have seen from Crystal


Palace. Really important header away. Great piece of wing play by


Zaha. Watford chop and change so many times in the close season, you


wonder if he will be here next season. A modest career over 13


years and 11 clubs as a player. James Tomkins got it away. Tom


Cleverley foraged. Niang on the outside of Josh Ward. Tomkins will


get it away. Cabaye was running with Cleverley and he has gone down


holding the back of his head. Cabaye behind Cleverley. Tom Cleverley


certainly moved his arm back. Tom Cleverley certainly


moved his arm back. Now Zaha. To stretch the legs and


run Cathcart. Brilliantly played. He's been the game's best player.


Brilliantly through to Puncheon. Hanging on, Sebastian Prodl. Was


there a cuff? The referee will try to calm things down. Martin Atkinson


has had a brilliant game. Cuffed him with the right hand. Silly from


Zaha. Townsend, up through the gears. This is what he can do. He


gets the cross in as well. It comes to Wilfried Zaha. Is this Palace's


big moment? Over he goes. Good run by Townsend. Why doesn't he do it


more often? Zaha lifted it over. Townsend doubles up with Kelly. Back


in two Niang. That looked like a stamping challenge. Niang stays down


and the Watford fans howl. Zaha is taken out by Sebastian Prodl. That


will be a yellow card. Watford fans enraged that a free kick wasn't


given at the other end. Risky challenge to make in there. He makes


contact with the foot of Niang. Martin Atkinson might have been


blindsided by it. Should have been a free kick, and if it was, it should


have been a yellow card. At the other end, Sebastian Prodl certainly


takes an Zaha. Definite course double -- caution able offence.


Crystal Palace take the lead. Watford scratch their heads. Troy


Deeney has a great scoring record against Crystal Palace, and he has


scored four Crystal Palace. Lovely delivery in. The knee got across his


man. He beat his own keeper. -- Troy Deeney got across his man. Doesn't


matter how they go in when you are at the bottom of the table. It's


become a bit steamy in the second half. To be honest, it needed to. A


long-range effort, nearly beat Hennessey. He had to react smartly


to Doucoure. Probably Watford's best effort of the game. Moving horribly


in the air for the goalkeeper. Hennessey had to make sure. The


jacket is off, the gloves are off. He's annoyed. Britos, good work by


Jason Puncheon again, pressure rising. Townsend up through the


gears. Britos struggling. Plans to Zaha. Brilliant block from Cathcart.


Cabaye! That would have settled it. Certainly since the goal Crystal


Palace have been by far the better team. The jacket is back on. Is that


a signal of acceptance? Watford about to go four league games


without a win. One last time. Looking for Troy Deeney. Hennessey


comes and doesn't get there. Niang! Over the bar. The last chance of the


game has come and gone. Troy Deeney foraged so hard for it and took a


clout. Crystal Palace have held onto a crucial victory. Watford not yet


clear of danger. Watford made it really tough. They had recently won


away at Arsenal, but we toughed it out with them and our quality paid


off in the end. Walter, do you think Watford should have had a free kick


for a foul before Crystal Palace scored? TRANSLATION: We are not


happy and disappointed as well because there was a foul before the


goal. In our favour. The goal was also an own goal. We didn't deserve


to lose, absolutely. A little lapse of concentration on my part. The


ball dipped in front of me. I put my head down and it ended up in the


back of the net. I'm not one for apologising, it's just a mistake.


The out of possession work to now since I got here, that has improved


so much. It's why we are getting victories. They are shutting down


the opposition and making it difficult for them. When they get


the ball, there is quality to get as the victory. Not the greatest game


in Crystal Palace's history at Selhurst Park. But Sam and the


Palace fans won't care one jot. It's one of the rare occasions where a


team wins a game without registering a shot on target. We will talk about


Sam and his defensive duties. When he was at Sunderland, his first 15


games, 28 goals conceded, his second 15, just 16. It gets a while for him


to get his team how he wants them. -- he takes a while. Sakho is a key


component to the backline. He is positive, gives a solid feel to the


backline. He wants to defend. As quite good discipline as well. That


has encouraged his team-mates to work hard together. Looking at them


as a unit, Niang can't get past them so decides to have a long-range


effort. He also has some composure, good qualities. Pulls the ball out


when he has time and place it to set off the attack for Palace. Even when


he doesn't win the ball, he's a nuisance. Doesn't win the first one,


but gets the second. Scruffy clearance to get it away from


danger. It sums up what Crystal Palace are doing under Allardyce.


The looks a bit clumsy, but I liked him at Liverpool. I'm surprised they


let him go. He cost a bit, but he has made a difference to what was a


struggling team. Time was running out for Sunderland


after a run of one win in ten had left them rooted to the bottom


of the table. If they were to pull off


another great escape surely they had to beat Burnley,


who currently possess one of the worst away records


in Premier League history. At the Stadium of Light


was Guy Mowbray. COMMENTATOR: Harry Kane is the only


Englishman to score more Premier League goals than Jermain Defoe this


season. Perhaps it's only right to be 34-year-old has been recalled for


England duty more than three years after his last Three Lions game.


Maybe one day Andre Gray will receive the same honour. He's on the


right track with seven goals in his last 11 Premier League games,


including a hat-trick against Sunderland on New Year's Eve. All


Premier League referees today are using the soon to be issued new 12


sided ?1 coin. Lowton heard the shout of keepers


then. Pickford in too much of a hurry to get the ball away. Find


Arfield. Ward, beaten Januzaj. Burnley have a corner. It has come


from Pickford's hurried clearance. It's been a feature of Burnley's


corners that they've always been on the move. Here they go again. Why is


Joey going? Too high for Joey Barton. Ben Mee. Norburnly corner.


He felt he might have been pushed by Ben Mee, Oviedo. Arfield in.


Couldn't get high enough. Rodwell, not far enough out. Boyd, blocked by


Gibson. I think it did strike his hands, but he was no more than an


inch away from George Boyd. Stopped by the arm of Gibson, but the


distance involved and the ferocity of the strike I think ruled out the


claim quite quickly. Sunderland's owner is in attendance today for


only the second time at the Stadium of Light all season. Ben Mee. Down


as though caught by Januzaj. Burnley press on in attack mode with Andre


Gray. Won't reach Boyd. Ben Mee is still down. Januzaj. He's the player


at the centre of it for Sunderland. Trying it get away from Hendrick.


Free-kick Sunderland with Burnley angry they didn't get one just a few


moments ago. Miss timed his jump for the ball, certainly. That is total


accidental coming together. Both teams struggling for goals. Burnley


have scored eight away from home. Sunderland have only scored in one


of their last seven games anywhere. Ward. Gray. Arfield. Barnes -


misses. The flag stayed down. Huge opportunity for Burnley. Good work


by Andre Gray. And by Scott Arfield. It might have been just a boot


offside. He looks bang in line, you know. That's how difficult it is.


Boyd. Oviedo. Borini! Defoe wanted it pulled back and across. Borini


didn't seem sure which boot to take it on, and it was tame. Jones nipped


in ahead of Ben Mee and Defoe keeps his balance. Looked as though there


was a nudge from Keane. A good save by Heaton to denied Januzaj. Januzaj


tries to keep things moving. There's Larsson! Sunderland haven't had


better chances than the ones they've already managed in the second-half.


That is well kept out by Heaton. Barton. Boyd will do really well to


get to that. He's done really well. Arfield puts it over. That was


Barton. Larsson getting in Gibson's way. Pickford collects. Burnley


asked for a penalty. Play on. Januzaj, it has to be the right ball


in. He can't mess this. The ball never came in. Larsson. This's a


good ball in. It's headed wide. What a chance for Sunderland. Bill ill-


Jones. Hard to see the Black Cats getting a better chance than that


today. Jones got just ahead of the ball. It wasn't far away from


getting a touch from Defoe either. Burnley were adamant they should


have had a chance to score from 12 yards out. Larsson who stopped the


effort from Ward. It was Barnes down, with Oviedo going for the


ball. I think it missed everything. Gibson. Defoe. He uses his body to


get across. Defoe goes on. Can't get the shot away though because of


Michael Keane. His clearance isn't good though, straight to Jones.


Jones will be on to it, again. Januzaj! It's a whisker wide. Listen


to the noise now though. There is something building and brewing for


Sunderland. I think Tom Heaton had the shot covered, just about.


Denayer. Vokes has the better of him. Denayer tries to stop him.


Stopped by Pickford, cleared by O'Shea. Jason Denayer has apologies


to make to everybody else in red and white. He nearly put his side into


deep, deep bother. Seemingly no danger. That touch invited Vokes in.


Vokes just wanted it a whole lot more. Through to Jones. Jones never


really had it under his full control. It's broken to Borini. Huge


save from Heaton. Jones fought bravely. Borini struck it quite


sweetly. Is that just a sign that it's not going to be their day. It's


not their season. It's a missed opportunity, but it's also a point.


I know that between now and the end of the season we will have to win


quite a few games. We were always going have to draw some. It wasn't


one for the want of trying or for the players giving their all. We


have to say we didn't quite get what we wanted today. I thought we had


two golden chances and a possible penalty for a handball. I thought we


were in control of the game. Without being too dominant, we were in


control first half they came out and had a better second-half. They had


to win. They threw caution to the wind. Almost went into a 4-2-4 they


created chances. A game of missed chanced on both sides. Does it put


pressure on you as a manager when you know the owner is in the stands


watching on? No, none at all. Impressed with that one. A stinker


that really, wasn't it? That is being polite, Gary. That is why it


was last on the show. There is not so much to talk about. Same old


story for Sunderland. Don't worry we felt the same as well you had a nod


there. If Defoe don't score quite often Sunderland don't score. 24 he


has. They had one or two chances. Januzaj first there. I mean this one


is the biggest one. What a ball that is from Larsson. Billy Jones,


far-post, an absolute sitter. Sitter! He doesn't even hit the


target. Has to score there. A brilliant ball in. Even the last


couple of minutes falls to Borini. 24 goals in 28 games with


Sunderland. It's not enough. That has been their problem. A lot to do


to stay up. They have. They are getting cut adrift. It was a decent


point for Burnley. They are ticking along. Struggled away from home


generally. We are about out of time. Thank you boys. Let's look at the


Premier League table. Chelsea are 13 points clear. The biggest Premier


League league for almost two years and could win the Premier League


with three at the back. Everton go sixth ahead of Manchester United.


They have played three games more. Sunderland are seven points from


safety while Hull miss the chance to climb out of the relegation zone.


Crystal Palace are four points clear of trouble. Leicester have a six


point buffer. The papers. Arsene Wenger refuse to say whether he's


staying or going is crazy. The Mail adds he will resist pressure during


the international break. Harry Kane is winning the race to be England's


long-term captain, according to the Sun.


Chelsea dig in to send Conte crazy in the dug out.


From all of us here, a very good night.


The laws in the state of Florida are very harsh.


The good men and women of law enforcement


18 people have been killed in just 13 days.


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