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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


Hello, a double header for you tonight.


First up, three crucial Premier League matches


followed by highlights from this season's first two FA


Every match watched in the company of Martin Keown and Trevor Sinclair.


Bournemouth's feisty draw at Old Trafford last Saturday


was the first point picked up by Eddie Howe's side in five games


and they looked to build on that against West Ham.


Your commentator on the South Coast, John Motson.


COMMENTATOR: If it's goals you want to see, this fixture looks a good


bet on paper. Bournemouth have conceded 36 in their last 15 games,


they haven't kept a clean sheet in their last eight and neither have


West Ham in their last six. Suspensions for Tyrone Mings Andrade


rue Surman, following events at Old Trafford, mean that Simon Francis


returns after injury and Dan Gosling comes into the Bournemouth midfield.


Michail Antonio is back from suspension, Andy Carroll is on 49


Premier League goals and ?20 million Ayew is on the bench. What price


loyalty. Mark Noble plays his 398 match today. He has been criticised


by supporters this week on social media. This is a key game for


Bournemouth. They defended well at Manchester United, they got a point.


But they really need three from home games now. Gosling. Here's Daniels.


Oh, Gosling is going to put Daniels in here. And that's a penalty


against Feghouli. Bobby madly in no doubt at all. An arm went in there


somewhere. It floored Daniels. He's pulled him back by the left


shoulder. Important moment for Bournemouth in the ninth minute. Oh,


he's put it wide. After scoring two in two. Josh King misses number


three. That could be a blow for Bournemouth, we shall see.


Bournemouth haven't had the best record against West Ham. They beat


them 4-3 at Upton Park early last season, but then they lost here,


3-1, they also lost at West Ham in August. Oh, here's Feghouli, the man


who gave the penalty away. Oh, that's a good turn, and West Ham


have taken the lead within seconds of Bournemouth missing a penalty.


How on earth did Bournemouth lose their concentration like that? A


penalty was missed, West Ham attacked. The Bournemouth defence


crumbled. Feghouli was the man here who had given away the penalty. He


made the opening here for Antonio. That turn and that left foot shot is


everything they missed when he was suspended. Bournemouth could have


gone ahead with the penalty, but it's West Ham who go-ahead after 10


minutes through Michail Antonio. Startling opening to this game. It's


a decent ball. It's Feghouli here. Daniel steps in, not far enough.


That's Antonio, again. Feghouli made the goal for him earlier on. Here,


Antonio stretching Boruc, just wide. Arter.


Now it's Fraser. Thats with a good effort, and it brought Darren


Randolph down to his right. Ryan Fraser here gets a chance to try


himself. Randolph needed to get good hand on that. Corner to Bournemouth.


They played it short to Arter. Now again it's Fraser. Good chip over.


Steve Cook was in there for Bournemouth. Darren Randolph


responds again. Scored a couple of useful goals this season against


Bournemouth, one against Liverpool here. Goalkeeper had to be sharp.


Charlie Daniels. Just in case anybody is wandering


about Jack Wilshere, he's on the bench again today for Bournemouth.


More invention in the midfield, he might be important later on. For the


moment it's the direct route. Oh, Afobe was coming in on the near-post


there. Gosling wins it back to Fraser. Played into Afobe. This is


Josh King. Josh King has equalised and made up for his penalty miss


with 31 minutes gone. Bournemouth are level. A lovely little flick up


and then a left foot shot as the ball came down. Look at that from


King. Good skill. It's Bournemouth 1, West Ham 1. An astute piece of


play and a devastating finish. Daniels. Oh, that's a good ball to


Pugh. Afobe, far-post. Pugh with his step over. Is that another penalty?


It is. That's a familiar little trick of Marc Pugh and it's foiled


and fooled Jose Fonte. A second penalty to Bournemouth. Do you


change the penalty taker? That's the big question, and they have. Benik


Afobe has picked up the ball. Oh, they've missed two! Darren Randolph


makes the save from Benik Afobe. Eddie Howe can only stand there and


wander - how do you miss two penalties in a home game, in the


first half, and still expect to win. Randolph did well. It wasn't the


best penalty in the world and neither was the one before it. Now,


Antonio has got ahead of Francis. The goalkeeper starts to come. And


Boruc does enough to force Antonio to strike that wide. Bournemouth


defence caught out there. They were a bit square. Boruc shut the angle


down. Carroll, Feghouli. Oh, deflection


and a good save by the goalkeeper's feet. Feghouli there, threatening to


put West Ham 2-1 up. The goalkeeper's left foot saved


Bournemouth. They really do need to start this second-half in a positive


frame of mind. Free-kick. West Ham have are pulled everybody back here.


Fraser and Daniels on the ball. It's left to Fraser. Afobe's up there.


Oh, King. Josh King, was he offside? There's no flag. And Josh King has


scored his second. Mark Noble is complaining, I think, about


handball. He now has gone across to the assistant referee. This will be


a blow for Bournemouth if he changes his mind now. Goal! Josh King who


missed that early penalty, he now has his second goal of the game and


Bournemouth are back in front. Now then, as the free-kick is taken, the


header on there, well, I don't think King is offside. I think, where they


are appealing, West Ham, is there. It might have been Afobe. Certainly,


in my view, onside King. 2-1, Bournemouth. Good challenge by


Gosling. Here are Bournemouth, four against three. Afobe on the ball.


King to his left, Gosling down the middle. Oh then it became five in


the attack. Here's Fraser. Oh, unlucky. When Pugh joined in there,


there were five Bournemouth shirts against three West Ham defenders.


Somehow or other it never quite happened. This is Obiang. Cresswell


doing a good job in keeping that in. Gosling now has found Arter on the


break for Bournemouth. He's got players right and left. Josh King.


Afobe is on this side. Here's Afobe. Making room for the shot, is he? He


is. Oh, and it might well have been a goal to clinch the game. Darren


Randolph, who has had a good afternoon, was right on it. Good


effort by Afobe. We are halfway through the second-half here.


Bournemouth lead by 2-1. West Ham, by no means finished. Here's


Antonio. Nicely set up there by Lanzini. Good skill. Then Antonio


an, he doesn't need any back lift at all. There goes Fraser. -- and. He


tucks that back to Adam Smith. There is the chip. There's the chance for


Afobe. Afobe wasn't challenged when he headed that over the bar. That


would surely have clinched it, with 15 minutes to go. Obiang. Here's


Ayew. Obiang, again. Oh, and they have allowed him to come through.


West Ham get back to 2-2. It's the substitute, Andre Ayew with his


second goal for the club. With only eight minutes to go here and the


right back, Byram, who came on as a substitute, made that goal.


Bournemouth lose the lead again. Was there an offside there? There was no


flag. Byram pulled it back. Andy Carroll helped that on. Obiang


involved as well. Byram getting down to the line there. Ayew makes it 2-2


here. Anything can happen now. It's been that sort of game. This is


Ayew. Again, Byram is sprinting down the right hand side, but


Bournemouth, with Josh King, looking to break away. And, they have. This


is Jack Wilshere. This is Pugh. Wilshere, against the goalkeeper's


legs, Josh King. Extraordinary stuff here at Bournemouth. King has


completed a hat-trick. Jack Wilshere has come on with an astute pass that


may well win the game. Bournemouth back in front. Jason trying to calm


them down here and Eddie Howe. Look, don't get carried away. I've seen


some finishes on this ground. Jack Wilshere slots the ball in here. And


then Josh King with the strike, over the goalkeeper and the flying


defender on the line. And Bournemouth lead 3-2. King, despite


missing an early penalty, completes a hat-trick. We had a lot thrown at


us to miss a penalty and they score second later. It summed up the run


we were on. The lads dug deep. When it was 2-2 the game was in the


balance. We scored a great winning goal. It was a goal of high quality


late in the game. We are disappointed especially when you


have so many chances and at the end of the day when you score away two


goals you should get something out of the game. Your players were


disappointed and spoke to the referee after Bournemouth's second


goal. What was their concern? After the second goal they asked for


handball. But, to be fair, it wasn't a handball. When they scored the


second goal, no, no. It the was a good goal. A Hat-trick is what a


striker dreams off in the Premier League? I said to myself I will sco


four in the next two games. I need one more. First to get my first


Premier League hat-trick and get more. Missed his penalties and taken


his three goals well. Had an outstanding season so far. He is


showing his true potential. We will talk about Josh King. He is a


really, really, you could see, tangible relief from Eddie Howe


today in getting that win, the first in 2017. Josh King instrumental in


that with his goals. He didn't have the best start? He didn't. He has


been typical of how they have been later. He showed great character. It


was an awful miss. He didn't even hit the target. You are expecting


the guy to step up now this was going to be turning things around.


The very start of the match. He does this. It takes an awful lot to


recover from that. Fair to play to him. Trevor, after that he was


outstanding. Mentally very strong. Ran himself into the Man of the


Match performance. He did this tirelessly all afternoon. Missing a


penalty can affect players, it can in a good way, for me it did the


latter. Here again, into the six-yard box, trying to get on the


end of that. Better quality. Could have had a goal there. Again, his


workrate. It's not all attacking. He works hard to win the ball back.


Shows great agility here. Good desire. This is not about ability,


this is about wanting to penetrate and get forward. Fantastic. Seen the


foul. Great, positive play. It's out of nothing his goal. Flips it over


Fontaine's head whachl a composed finish. Scored seven goals in the


last five games. This is why, full of excitement and intelligence


around the box. He is offside on the initial ball in. Not offside in the


second phase. Alive to that. Picked up, poor defending from West Ham.


That is clinical. His left foot, again. He was doing that all


afternoon. He was a thorn in the West Ham side. Great awareness.


Keeps the ball. Link up play good after afternoon. Drives into the


box. Marked there. He will not get sucked into the all the bodies. Sits


out. Great awareness. That is with his right foot. Two-footed. The last


hat-trick Bournemouth scored was against West Ham that was Callum


Wilson. He deserved that. Were you surprised he did not take


the second penalty because nine penalties so far this season and


these were the only two they had missed all season. It is a tough


one. I would not wanted him to step up if he was not happy. He was right


to step out of the way. But a phobia, his penalty was bad. If you


do not feel I could, sometimes it is the brave man saying I do not want


to take it. Slaven Bilic Odyssey thinks it is a hard feeling, that


journey home but reasons to be cheerful with Lanzini. He is going


to be disappointed, they should be taking points from the game. But for


me if there is any player that could take a positive it is Manuel


Lanzini, he was outstanding. He has been put in their to fill the boots,


not quite there yet but his play all afternoon was brilliant. The most


passes out of the team. 33 in the opposition half. Waiting to pass


into Antonio, that was superb. Always looking to penetrate, to get


forward. Nice simple pass going forward and he has adapted and


improved his game. Great upper body strength to win back the ball. Makes


the angle. You seem highlighted here, always trying to make angles


to get on the ball, taking responsibility. He commits players,


forward pass again and gets himself into an area where he can receive


the ball again. The touch a bit better there and that could be a


goal-scoring opportunity. And a great passing range. Brilliantly


lofted ball into Andy Carroll. Suggestion of handball would have


been harsh. If he can do a bit better and be more clinical he will


be fantastic. Going back to Bournemouth and Eddie Howe, this


could be the pivotal week in the season. The week they had with


Tyrone Mings, it felt like relief from Eddie Howe to get that first


win of 2017. It is always a joy to watch his team's play, you see how


united everyone is. Hopefully this will galvanise them going forward.


He was clever to put Jack Wilshire on at the end. The impact he made


when he came on. He could have started him but did not and now


going in the right direction again. But a big game coming up against


Swansea. If Bournemouth's win was crucial


in their fight to avoid getting dragged into a relegation scrap,


Hull and Swansea are already in one. Both teams started the day


in the bottom five of the table, but both have benefited


from a recent change of manager. Swansea, there transformation


continues under Paul Clement. From desperation to optimism at the foot


of the Premier League. Marco Silva has three precious points. Just


maybe the greatest game is on. New manager, new signings, new feel


about the KCOM. Your commentator at the KCOM, Alistair man.


Two changes for a game that feels like a must win for Hull City. Abdul


Hernandez leads the line. Angel Rangel and Wayne Routledge commenced


for the visitors. Llorente has been in imperious form and is seeking to


score for a third successive match, something he never managed at


Juventus. Hull City looking for positive omens, they have already


beaten Swansea in the league in August. And in the FA Cup in


January. A terrific drop from Jakupovic. Lovely play from Swansea.


Routledge is in and a good stop from the goalkeeper.


Quite routine in terms of what Fabianski has had to do so far. The


referee says Hull City can play on. Here is Grosicki. Still off target.


Throughout that passage of play Fernando Llorente has stay down. The


way he was clutching his bike, you wonder if it could be dead leg. I'm


thinking it is. I think the impact, the knee onto the thigh from


Huddlestone. Anyone who has suffered from a dead leg will know how


debilitating that is. Perhaps Fernando Llorente will have to make


way. It is a difficult injury to run off. I'm not sure that was a good


idea to play into the path of the man who cannot run. Fernando


Llorente does not thank him for it. New managers were meant to bring a


positive response from the players. You could argue that although one


has gathered more points than the other, they have both had a positive


effect on their squad. The grass is decent and great goalkeeping! Really


brave from Fabianski and I think wind at himself in the process.


Trying to get to his feet. People helping out here, Fabianski. Really


brave piece of goalkeeping. One of those as a goalkeeper for you just


know you're going to get clobbered. And Fabianski puts his body on the


line to get it away from Abdul Hernandez and he gets clobbered.


It has has been a costly half for Swansea so far. Angel Rangel oft


injured and now Fernando Llorente. On in his stead comes Jordan Ayew.


These sites have conceded some 55 goals between them in the final 30


minutes of Premier League matches this season. Kept alive by


Sigurdsson. Andy Carroll. It comes towards the advancing Wayne


Routledge who really ought to have done better. That was a plastic


opportunity especially in the context of the game with so very few


clear-cut openings. The crowd of just over 19,000, around 400 made


the journey from Swansea. There is Sigurdsson for Swansea. Huddlestone


protesting the innocence of his team-mate. Sigurdsson giving out the


signals. Then going for glory! It was a scramble across his line by


Jakupovic. I get the feeling it would have clipped the post but as a


goalkeeper you do not want to take that chance. And Jakupovic did not.


N'Diaye the player making way. On comes the essay. Taking a position


alongside Abel Hernandez. The goalkeeper misses it. Clucas could


not take it in his stride. Still not away yet. Another cross from a Hull


City player eludes everyone and Sigurdsson gets underway. There did


seem a moment when Fabianski came charging out. In terms of


inspiration and players that make things happen, Dean Windass in the


centre it certainly did it for many years for Hull City. An ambassador


these days for the club. Niasse looking for the return. On


site as well and he scores! Where did that come from! He does not


care. The man he brought on to partner Abel Hernandez in the second


half has duly obliged with a goal that could mean so much to his team.


It has been quiet in this second half but the stadium erupts. Niasse


slipped it underneath Fabianski. The last time he was on target was


against Liverpool and they were the winners 2- nil. That was an


important result. He might have provided Hull City with another


vital three points. They needed to win this game today. In that moment


might he have that victory? Some managers reach to a notepad and jot


something down but others go absolutely ballistic. Here is


Elmohamady. Through two Niasse! That is surely game one. He think so. He


was surplus to Everton requirements. But he is essential to Hull City. A


good finish as well. Nothing simple about it. He made it look so. Niasse


may well have finished off the Swansea for the day. 2- nil.


Niasse, a good ball. He has found him, Niasse. Really only two of


them. No one else had joined in. Grosicki and Niasse combined, not


too far off the target. Jordan Ayew, fouled. They will be


counting the cost of the defeat and counting the cost of those who came


off injured today. Delivered by Sigurdsson. Alfie Mawson is free.


And to subdued cheers and a sharp intake of breath from the Hull City


supporters, it goes in for Alfie Mawson, nothing more than a


statistic on an afternoon that has belonged to Hull City. Into the


corner of the net but nothing more than a scare. Hull City on a day


when they just had to win, have done exactly that. A huge victory this


for Hull City. 2-1. Congratulations Marco, how big a win is that for


Hull City? Really important. We got three important points. We did our


obligation to win at home one game against Swansea. A tough day for us.


The first half, we improved in the second half and had better control


the game. We took a risk with the two strikers and it caused problems


for them. Injuries in the first half have hurt us. The players who came


on our good players but then in the second you're limited to what you


can do. Going into this game I did not think we anywhere near safe. We


have a lot to do and we're not anywhere near safe still. Ten games


to go and we have got to be starting to play well again. And bounce back


next week against Bournemouth. Martin, you struggled a bit with


this match. The whole match then changed. It was down to the manager,


Michael Silva just change the formation. Niasse came on and made


the complete difference. Charging through midfield. Two players at the


top of the team and just give and go. You attack the space, lovely


ball into him and he came on with a point to prove. And he has proved


it. Maybe powerful. Again thinking OK, I like this, I will stay down


the middle. Again looking for that, he gets lucky. And Niasse just put


it away. That just changed the game. With Llorente, the opposite


situation with Swansea. He's injured today, just before half-time. They


have got no vocal point. They struggled. All the good work came to


nothing? Llorente scored three goals in the last two games. Balls come


into the box he had been feeding off. The team didn't realise he'd


gone off. They played in almost exactly the same well. This is sort


of ball Llorente would have loved coming in here. It goes over the top


of Ayew's head. He didn't seem to be able to hold on to the ball for them


today. He was disappointing. That is what he has to do. Build that


platform. Loses possession. Then, suddenly, you can't get Sigurdsson


on the ball. You can't be effective in the final third. I think the DNA


of Swansea is - get the ball down, pass it around, have possession,


then get the ball into wide areas and Llorente will feed off that. It


affected the vocal point. It unbalanced the side. Hull got


confidence. Silva made the changes and went on to win the game. Three


out of four Premier League home wins since he arrived as well. OK.


Everton's defeat to Spurs last weekend might have


ended their nine-game unbeaten run, but there is still belief a top six


They took on West Brom, who are striving to hit


their Premier League record points total.


COMMENTATOR: There's no stopping Everton or Romelu Lukaku at Goodison


right now. The team have rattled in 15 goals in four consecutive


victories here. The Belgian has scored in each of them and has 18


for the season, matching his best ever tally in the Premier League. In


sharp contrast, Kanu has one to his name. That was the first start for


Albion. This is only his second. His goal came at Southampton on New


Year's Eve. West Brom's last away win. Strikers the pre-match talk in


more ways than one this afternoon. Everton remember a giant from the


past, the golden vision, Alex Young, whose funeral it was today. A league


and FA Cup winner and scorer of 87 goals in the blue shirt.


Barkley. That will drop for Davies. Still Davies. Davies. Now, Jagielka.


Struck his own player, Ashley Williams in the way. Coleman to


collect the pieces. Never scared to have a little dribble. What a cross.


Missed at the near-post by McAuley and turned behind at the far-post by


Nyom. This is the right-back with the left-wing dribble. Quality


cross. Tony Pulis' 300th match as a Premier League manager. He's never


finished in the Top 10. Very much on course for that come May. Barry.


Schneiderlin. Barkley, Barry, into Lukaku. Sight of goal. Just wide of


goal. Clever interchange here from Everton. It was quick, it was


accurate, it released Lukaku, on his weaker right side, but he's only a


fraction away from giving Everton an early lead here. Nyom.


Robson-Kanu. Looking to get beyond Coleman. It won't read Chadli. Barry


is there. Davies' first touch was heavy. Evans, Nyom. Still forward


from launching the earlier raid. Neat backheel from Robson-Kanu. .Y


was strong up against Chadli. Had to be careful in there as well not to


bring the Belgian down. Good back-tracking from Barry. Best move


that they have produced so far. Kevin Mirallas. Lukaku, lovely


touch. Tom Davies. It's off Dawson and behind for another corner.


Davies perhaps had more time than he appreciated there. The flip there


from Lukaku. Davies decided to hammer the cross early. Mirallas


pulling it back here to Baines. He's got away from Chadli all too easily.


In towards Lukaku! Wide of the other post this time. Another shake of the


head. He feels he should have done better here, Baines. M Ronald Koeman


has certainly got the smiles back on the faces of the Goodison faithful.


A fortress here this season, one defeat here o. Dawson in no rush.


He's found Chadli. Good shot from him. Turned behind. Taking no risks


at all. It was heading home. McAuley. Now Tom Davies for Everton.


To Barkley. Lukaku wants it played forward. Here he is. He's got four


around him for company. Albion smothering Everton at every


opportunity. It's still alive for the home side. Lukaku. It will drop


for Barkley. Now Mirallas! Everton get the breakthrough. Kevin


Mirallas, probably not the Belgian that most people before the game


would have predicted would open the scoring. But six minutes before the


break, Mirallas has his fourth of the season. Lukaku started it, and


when it ran to Barkley, his effort brought a fine save from Foster.


Mirallas on hand to pounce. Everton, for the first time this afternoon,


had to soak up pressure in the last few moments, they take the lead.


Mirallas, who has scored a few goals down the years at The Hawthorns,


gets their first goal against Albion at Goodison for four years. Foul by


McClean. The referee wants to play advantage, but then decides that a


free-kick is the more logical option.


Looking for Coleman. He is in behind Livermore, who pushed him over,


didn't he? Well, does it look as though Coleman made a meal of it or


is he trying to keep his feet and his feet are just slipping from


underneath him? Everton looking really good at the moment. Bare


feeds it through to Romelu Lukaku. Is held up by Evans. But not for


long. He's found Schneider, who is in against Livermore. And


Schneiderlin scores. It's his first Everton goal. It's the finish that a


regular goalscorer would be proud of. Great hold-up play and linkup


play from Lukaku. Schneiderlin too strong for Livermore and too cute


for Ben Foster, who came out to meet him, but it's a great finish from


the Frenchman whose last Premier League goal came from Manchester


United against Everton here at Goodison. Robson-Kanu down for


Chadli. Through the legs of Barry. Chadli goes on. . Gareth Southgate,


England manager here to cast an eye over Ross Barkley, in particular,


whose last appearance for England was a year ago against the


Netherlands. Lithuania of course coming up for England at the end of


this month. Mirallas. Running at Dawson and crossing. It's Barkley,


on the turn, brill yanltly, is there a finish? Side-netting. Clever feet


from Ross Barkley. Got it slightly underneath his feet before he could


get the shot away. But he's revelling in this extra


responsibility that Ronald Koeman has given him since the turn of the


year, just to play behind Romelu Lukaku. Still the door slightly


ajar. If Albion can get one, in the next few moments. Far side is Funes


Mori with a chance to cross. Instead, it'ses Ross Barkley up


against McAuley. -- it's. In towards Lukaku! He finds the net, as he


always does at Goodison in 2017. Eight minutes from time. And if the


game was ever in doubt, I don't really think it was, it certainly


isn't now. Romelu Lukaku, for the first time in his Premier League


career, reaches the tally of 19 goals. Fabulous delivery. Lukaku


nods it home past a hapless Ben Foster.


Might be time for a fourth if this stays in and they do anything with


the cross. It's Giaccherini, turning well. Firing against the post. Just


four points between these sides at kick-off today. There was a requests


imon the pitch. Everton 3, West Bromwich Albion 0. We will always


score because we have that type of players and of course with Romelu


Lukaku, normally he will score every game. That's a really comfortable


situation, but you needed to fight, you need to defend of you need to


run. Also I think the pressing on the ball, on the midfield and by Tom


Davies and Morgan was outstanding. 3-0 scoreline, did the play reflect


that? You watch the game, Martin, I don't think it did. Obviously,


conceding the two goals before half-time, you know, killed us. Up


until that point we were well in the game. You know, Lukaku and Barkley


were pretty outstanding for them today and, you know, that final


third, it's thin lines. You know they have benefitted from it today.


You can't fault the players they worked hard and put a lot of effort


into this game if you haven't been here you would think it was a stroll


in the park for Everton, it was anything but that. Not my prime job


to do it, to score goals, but if I can help the team and to score many


goals, I will do it because, like I say, if you want to be a top mid


Eldin Jakupovic fielder you need to score more than five goals a season.


I will try to score a couple more. His first goal for 511 days in the


Premier League. It's obviously paying dividends reuniting with his


old manager, Ronald Koeman? He is maybe not the final piece in the


jigsaw, he is a major part of that picture


you see it for Everton. Barry sits deeper. Of all these great players,


I say great, Barkley and Lukaku will be top, top players if not already.


Somebody has to sit deep and do the work. Be the feeder. Look at this.


He wants to punch things into those players and make things happen. He


clears up as well. No doubt. He is the nightwatchman but he wants to


pass and make things happen. His manager knows him well. He wants to


be the all round midfield player. That's the pleasing thing. Koeman


will give him the licence to get forward. As he does here. He drifts


forward, Lukaku does brilliantly. There is no doubt he is you are ping


now, Lukaku. Look at this, lifts it over the goalkeeper. Shows he can


play. To be in Koeman's team you have to be able to show all the


facets of a midfield player. He was told he wasn't good enough for


Manchester United. He is good enough for Everton. Lukaku on 19 goals,


best ever Premier League season. We have ten games to go? He is on fire.


He is playing well. Knows his role in the team. Looks fitter. His stats


there, improving year after year. You think about his experience, he


is still only 23. He's been involved in 24 Premier League goals this


season. Sanchez has had 26. He is a nightmare for defenders. He's


powerful, good in the air. He can finish with both feet. Runs in


behind. His linkup play is I improving all the time. The biggest


thing, this is what Everton fans will here, he's ambition. Ambitious.


He wants to play in the Champions League. They have to match that. If


not they will be leaving. They are getting closer to that top six that


they crave. The Premier League season continues


on Sunday with Match of the Day 2 # You'll never walk alone...


#. Everton have lost only one


of their last 17 home matches and their win over West Brom sees


the Toffees close the gap on sixth Hull's third win over Swansea this


season leaves them just a point from safety,


although Crystal Palace have a game in hand,


while Bournemouth remain 14th after picking up their


first win of 2017. That's it for the


Premier League action.


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