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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


We're into March and on the long run for home in the Premier League.


Coming up, we've got seven games, loads of goals,


Danny Murphy and Martin Keown will provide the analysis.


The perfect guests for our opening match,


When the sides met on the opening day of the season, Liverpool won 4-3


But they've struggled since the new year, and like Arsenal


face a battle to secure a Champions League place.


On the might of the much hyped trash talked heavyweight bout elsewhere,


two reportedly top five lightweights meet with social media criticism of


both clanging like alarm bells. Jurgen Klopp denies he's ignoring


the deficiencies of 2017, promises summer signings, says there are no


excuses for Monday's defeat at Leicester and replaces Lucas with


Klavan. Lovren, on the benches, isn't ready for return. Arsene


Wenger needs to improve on two wins in 22 away games. He's without Ozil,


who is ill. Giroud comes in as they prepare to go along to avoid


Liverpool's midfield press. Welbeck starts for the first time in ten


months. Granit Xhaka sees the run-off


Monreal. Too much pace on it for the Spanish fullback. Back in the


starting line-up. Lallana wide. Back across the goal,


the dummy, Firmino puts Liverpool 1-0 up on the counterattack with


eight minutes gone and the Arsenal defence look to midfielders who


didn't track back. The first header was missed. Too much space for


Lallana. Mane is onside. Defenders trying to get back quickly, but look


at the way the ball made its way through that penalty area and


Firmino arriving on the far post listed it in. The ninth of the


season for him. Liverpool head. -- ahead. Wijnaldum gets a to Coutinho.


The referee has played the advantage. Liverpool nearly took it,


Cech to deny Coutinho. Good refereeing. A fine strike, good


goalkeeping. Milner, hugging the left touchline.


Always a workmanlike player, inter-Wijnaldum. It should be two,


and is. Liverpool in the driving seat now. Six minutes before


half-time, they've doubled the lead. From this position, Arsenal


shouldn't have conceded. Look at Mane, topped of the picture, no one


has picked him up. They know he's there, they haven't covered it. No


one, Don Mane. As soon as Firmino played it across, he's in acres of


space. And took it well, drilled it in for his 12th of the season. Steve


Bould glares, Arsene Wenger looks perplexed.


Lallana again, look at the weighing one passes, bypass the midfield.


Coquelin got back at Lallana. It's come through to Coutinho, it would


have been sweet, the way he took the ball down. Couldn't beat Cech. So


neat and tidy. Away by Milner, good clearance.


Firmino allowed to come, bring it down and play the ball away.


Midfielders seem to stand and watch. Just hasn't been at the races,


Granit Xhaka. Giroud waiting in the middle. A splendid save off the bar.


Arsenal very nearly back into the game. Giroud Rose, hung in the air,


great header back across goal. Mignolet reacted sharply. It's the


first worth the effort Arsenal have had on goal and we are in the 49th


minute. Granit Xhaka wanted too much time on the ball. Firmino isolated


with Bellerin. Went down far too easily there. The referee should


have a look at that. Oxlade-Chamberlain brings it out.


Here's Sanchez. A darting dash, a lovely ball through to Welbeck.


Arsenal have won back, set up by Sanchez, scored by Welbeck. The


impact of Sanchez off the bench almost immediate. Arsenal back in


the game. He made the decision not to start Sanchez. He's brought him


on now with telling effect, because from the moment Sanchez picked it up


here and run at Liverpool, the home team were troubled. A little gap


appeared, slipped through to Welbeck. He finished brilliantly.


The keeper came out, but not really convincingly. Arsenal, so boring the


first half, have halved the arrears. Mane, brilliant at holding it up.


Brilliantly done by Mane. Brings it to Coutinho, over his own barred by


Mustafi am saving Arsenal. Lovely movement by Liverpool again.


Coutinho's Cross darted towards the far post.


Iwobi is in the middle. Sanchez completely taken out by Can, I'm


sure the referee will go back to that. Iwobi, to Welbeck. Bellerin


arriving. He's taken it brilliantly. Look at -- looking forward Giroud.


The referee will go back and book Can. It's good refereeing. Took out


Sanchez cynically. Mane fouled. Why foul there? Sanchez


is protesting that Mane went down too easily.


Coutinho with the free kick, dangerous. Cech had to fly. That


would have settled it. Matip got goal side of the staff, who didn't


defend well. Cech seemed to go down in stages, but the 34-year-old


keeper got down for the save. Taken out there, and if it's Can, he


should go off. The referee might decide it was Matip. Who committed


foul. If it's Can, he would have to go, I would think. That's what the


Arsenal players are saying. Walcott with the run, Can coming in. The


referee's view here, for me, is that Matic commits the foul, but it was


definitely Can and it would have been a second bookable offence. Can


over the top four Origi's pace. Mustafi there with him. He's stole


it away at the referee said he did it unfairly and Mustafi says he got


the ball, but was he pulling back? He had his hand on Origi's shirt.


That's where the free kick was given. Pulling his shirt. It doesn't


matter that he won the ball. Liverpool could clinch it here. In


comes the Milner free kick, it's off the post. Origi is so unlucky! I did


the free kick on, used the pace of the free kick. To just guide it


towards the goal. Here's Mane. Lovely header here by Divock Origi,


using the whip of the Milner free kick off the post. Liverpool, so


close to being home. Here's Sanchez, great ball. This is Arsenal's last


chance. Sanchez, terrific block by Matip. He's struggling for fitness.


Lallana on the counter. What about getting the pass away to Origi? You


does so now. Read you looking at Wijnaldum through the middle. This


is to finish it. That finishes it! Liverpool three, Arsenal one.


Another classic Liverpool counterattack to finish off Arsenal


and take Jurgen Klopp further forward in the chase for a top four


place. Arsene Wenger's team improved in the second period, got back into


it, but in the end, Petr Cech beaten. Arsenal's heads are low, and


is this a mighty stride forward for Liverpool and a huge step backwards


for Arsenal? We went for Giroud and Welbeck and I think of course


Sanchez is a great player, but he came on in the second half but I


think in the second half it was easier for the strikers because we


are more dominant in midfield and the back. We knew Arsenal would


bounce back in the second half and with Sanchez, the highest quality


player, but the problem was he plays completely different to Welbeck and


so we had to adapt until we adapted, we had already two big chances, and


Simon saved our lives in this situation. People say its top 16 but


the Premier League is the best league in the world, it's not just


the top six that are good teams. As Leicester showed last season. We've


just got to keep working hard and hopefully gain some consistency. We


speak about a long-term project and nobody is in doubt about each other.


I'm not about the players, the play is not about me, the owner is not


about me, so it's completely fine apart from the few results and


performances that are right. You're out of the top four since the turn


of the year for the first time and people will say that it now, but


there's a long way to go. That's always it and I've been asked that


question is many times. Let's see where we are in May. We are in a job


where we have to perform and we have to focus on that. We'll come to


Arsene Wenger and Arsenal shortly, but it was the finest play from


Liverpool, played Xumetra Mendis football. You could have picked out


a number of players, but you've gone for Lallana. -- played tremendous


football. I have, he epitomised what was good about Liverpool today. It


was Liverpool of pre-Christmas, the one we expect to see when they play


anybody at Anfield on the front foot, energy, tenacity, and I think


he's added everything to his game this year. He's had a little low,


like all the team have, but he had a point to prove today. I had to put


this down from so many different examples to a few, but his pressing


and his willingness to get the team, to win the ball back in the opposing


half and get the team on the front foot, was incredible. He continued


this energy. People talk about blowing up in the second-half as a


team, he didn't. He was sensational. Arsenal were playing into his hands


in many ways, stupid little balls into the middle of the pitch when


they've got a high press. Of course, I accept that, but you still got to


have the energy and the desire to win the ball back. We know he's a


good footballer, he is creative, but this part of this game, playing in a


central position is so much better for Lallana. He is so much more


involved in the game and every aspect. In the last few


minutes of the ball. Look at that for a pass outside his foot. In


those central areas with his energy and ability to see the whole pitch,


he's becoming Liverpool's most influential player. He certainly is.


Alexis Sanchez left out, he scored or assisted in 26 goals this season.


Can you make any sense of that decision?


Stunning, I can't understand why Arsene Wenger would not play him, he


is their best player. He said he wants to play more direct. They


didn't play the long ball. They didn't do that in the match, as


Danny has shown with Lallana. I'm struggling to remember a more tepid


Arsenal performance in the last 20 years under Arsene Wenger. There was


a lack of spirit, of fire in their bellies. They just basically didn't


turn up in the first half and left themselves far too much to do. Some


of the defending had you hiding behind the sofa. Gary, there is a


thing about territory when you are on the pitch. Where are you as a


back four? This is far too deep, this is the back four, they should


be on the edge of the centre circle where you can win the ball and in


the opposition half. Koscielny leaves too much to do, he should


still win this, he's coming from such a long way back, flies through


the air, all of a sudden they are in trouble, Firmino makes a run, nobody


tracks him, easy as you like, these are basics and it's a good quality


finish lifted over the keeper. But that can be dealt with, I'm sure it


can be dealt with on the day and on the training pitch. Look at this


situation, 13 yards before they engage an opposition player. They


should be doing that on the halfway line. Too much time and space. Look


at this, Iwobi, he lets Wijnaldum run off his shoulder, and all of a


sudden they are in trouble and look, you can see where he wants to run,


Mustafi has to come across and then it is a numbers game, that is what


football is. Three versus two and they played Lallana with a really


clever pass and it is cleared Danac switched to the back post and Sadio


Mane does the rest. Basic errors, make one mistake and accommodation


of mistakes come from that. That should be sorted out on the training


pitch. The form book suggested a home win


at the Liberty Stadium. Swansea City have been much


improved under Paul Clement, while Burnley had won just two


points on their travels all season. Commentary from John Roder.


Dutch international Luciano Narsingh makes his first offer Swansea since


joining in January from PSV. The Swans have won the last two at The


Liberty Stadium, Leroy Fer got the winner when they won by a single


goal at Burnley on the opening weekend of the season. 37-year-old


Paul Robinson replaces Tom Heaton in gold, Paul Heaton was taken ill


overnight. Welsh international Sam Vokes comes in for Ashley Barnes who


was suspended. This is the second of four successive away matches for


Sean Dyche's team. Vokes hoping to let that ball run.


Naughton gets it away. Narsingh. Looking to shrug off the attentions


of Ward. This will be a caution, the first of the afternoon. Stephen Ward


has had problems with Luciano Narsingh right throughout the early


stages of the match and it is a booking inside the opening ten


minutes for the Burnley left-back. Sigurdsson will take. Plenty of


heads trying to get on the end of it and it is Mawson macro against the


bar. Through for a Narsingh command against the bar! Swansea so close to


scoring. Real problems for Burnley at the back. The header against the


bar from Mawson, and as it fell kindly here for Swansea, the shot in


the end from Mawson also against the frame of the goal.


Leroy Fer trying to get away from Hendrick. Year-ends Llorente!


Fernando Llorente moves into double figures for the season and scores


for the second week in succession. Swansea were so unfortunate not to


score just a few moments earlier, Alfie Mawson hitting the bar and the


post-. But how about this for a cross? Leroy Fer bending it into


absolute perfection back across goal in between the two defenders.


Nothing Robinson could do about that.


Ward. Gray trying to spin away from Fernandez and it got a touch off


Fernandez on the way through. Fabianski stretching to push that


behind for the corner. Andre Gray battling hard here, and you can see


the ball off the foot of the Swansea defender. Fabianski readjusts


superbly. Burnley's first corner of the match. Keane's header. It will


be another corner. Fernandez could have left that, didn't get a shout.


In towards Mee. Appeals for a handball.


WHISTLE And it's been given. Penalty kick to


Burnley, and you can see what Swansea think of that. Anthony


Taylor had a think and then pointed to the spot. There's the handball.


Now, that looked as if it came off the arm of Sam Vokes. No further


action taken by Anthony Taylor. Andre Gray up against Lukasz


Fabianski. And Gray makes it 1-1. It's only the seventh goal Burnley


have scored on their travels this season and it has brought them back


on level terms here in South Wales. Simple execution of the penalty, a


far from simple explanation for the penalty. You can see here the


reaction of the Swansea players in particular, and it clearly strikes


the arm of Sam Vokes. That's the referee's view. Certain to be a


major talking point. Cork steps away from Hendrick. Options left and


right here for Jack Cork. Sigurdsson. He goes for goal and


almost found it as well. Carroll. The chase is on here for


Sigurdsson. Olsson, terrific run. Can he provide the cross to match?


Llorente! Off the bar, and that is the third time in this first half


that Swansea have found the frame of the goal. Twice from Mawson, and now


from Llorente. The rain continues to come down


quite heavily here at the Validity. Leroy Fer finds Sigurdsson. Looking


to place it in the bottom corner and he would have done as well but it


was Ben Mee in the right place to clear that one away. -- Liberty


Stadium. Swansea again come close to scoring.


Lowton towards Vokes. Gray able to turn and fire it in past Fabianski.


Brilliant piece of play from Andre Gray. His second goal today takes


him up to nine for the season and puts Burnley in front. They've


scored only six goals on their travels in the Premier League before


today the season, and they've scored twice here today and we're just past


the hour mark. Vokes with the knock-down and Andrey Kraitor able


to spin, turn, shoot and score -- Andre Gray. Vokes. Forward by Brady.


Gray. Vokes making the running to the area. Couldn't quite provide the


finishing touch. Having taken the lead just a few moments ago, Burnley


almost extending it here. Carroll. Sigurdsson. Olsson.


Sigurdsson. The little back heeled to find Olsson who is in behind and


scores Martin Olsson makes it 2-2. How about that for the backheel?


Olsson still had plenty to do but beats Robinson with a firm strike.


Swansea 2-2 Burnley. Ayew with a burst of pace. He wins a


corner off Keane. Sigurdsson's wafted corner is a deep


one. It came off Mee. Fernandez. Keane with the header. Olsson. If


he'd caught that correctly it could have been a very spectacular goal


indeed. Llorente. Fer just able to hold off


the challenge there. Carroll. Curling it in towards


Llorente! He's done it again! It's his fourth brace of the season and


Fernando Llorente may have given Swansea a huge three points in their


battle for survival. Paul Clement has gone off down the touchline.


Barry Frei style. How about this for a precise delivery? And what about


that for a header from Fernando Llorente? Firmly struck beyond


Robinson and Swansea City will get another three points.


I was a centre-half and I know how Centre forwards get that high in the


air to win a header like that and that is usually by pushing or


climbing on the other player's back and it was clear, I thought. We


would have nicked a point today but you have to do that and we've done


it before and teams have done it against us. Over the balance of the


season you get one back somewhere. The only disappointment is that late


on in the game to have a big decision go against you, we have had


a few go against us this season. Amazing, amazing cross, very good


goal for all my team. We are improving every day and I'm really


happy for this. After the game I spoke to the Swansea manager Paul


Clement. Congratulations, Paul. Another vital


victory and it was a late one. It's a massive win for us, we put


pressure on ourselves today to really get that win. It's a very


important month for us. We've been playing well, especially at home and


that's the third victory in a row now. Wins against Leicester and


Southampton. I think we were thoroughly deserving of the win as


well. We pushed hard. I think two crossbars and a post and a penalty


for them that shouldn't have been. And then having them behind, though,


fantastic resilience and character from the players to push right to be


very last moment to get the victory. You mentioned a penalty, Paul, it


was an extraordinary decision, wasn't it?


Pretty bizarre. There was a brief moment where everyone was waiting to


see what he'd given and a big surprise. I couldn't see what had


happened. And I asked and the linesman and the fourth official


didn't know either. We later found out he had given it for handball.


The video clearly shows it wasn't a handball by us anyway. What's the


significant change you've made to things since you've come in, Paul,


that's obviously made things turn around so quickly and so well? I


only know what I've done and not necessarily what happened before. I


got to say, we try and have a hard week and an easier weekend. It's


never an easy weekend, that's for sure. But if you really put the


effort in on the training ground in all areas physically and mentally,


technically and tactically as well, you've got a much better chance when


it comes to the weekends. That's the way we've been working altogether.


With the winning goal which was a fabulous you were charging down the


touchline, Mourinhoesque. I wish I'd not that because I'm


still out of breath from it! But that's the excitement of a


last-second win a. Is a fantastic feeling.


Paul, congratulations, thank you for talking to us and good luck for the


rest of the season. Swansea's resigned or continues. I suppose


when you have a striker of the aerial presence of Fernando Llorente


you just have to get the ball in the box. -- revival continues. They did


and they worked on it, and they have more crosses into the box than they


have in any other game in the season. They are playing some good


football, their performance has been great. Putting crosses in the box is


fine but you have to put them in with quality and the quality of


Swansea's crosses today was sensational. This is one of the best


I've seen the season from Fer. When you bubbles like this in the box,


he's that good in the air he is going to score. It kept happening.


-- when you put crosses like this in the box. Again, hitting the


woodwork. Carroll has been playing so well, he is a great technician,


good little footballer, keeps them ticking. He found himself on the


left-hand side and again and again he kept putting in quality. This


time the Sigurdsson getting on the end of that one. Look at this for a


cross. He's just caressing it into the box, he's not trying to hit it


too hard, giving him a chance. Very difficult to defend against. And the


winning goal, foul or no foul, that is just top-quality football. When


you are that powerful and have that presence you worry defenders and


they backed off and they were scared of him today. How, as a central


defender, do you deal with somebody that good in the air? Tricky, he's a


sweet header of the ball, he hits it like a peach every time, very good


size and he has a good leap. You have to work out, calculating the


situation, Michael Keane should be thinking about nothing else other


than marking in the box, I don't care what is out wide, calculate on


the angle, I think it is going in there, drop off and give yourself


the best chance, body shape goes out of the window, if I get in the right


position I should be able to clear it. He is not a near post merchant.


Again, beautiful the way he does that back across the goal. Can his


full-back let him know? He can but don't rely on your full-back.


Another one, Ben Mee, too far apart, the full-back could tuck in,


calculate where it is going, Llorente can do it but why can't the


defender? But I will say it is definitely a foul, he has his arm on


his back, it's happening a lot and referees are letting it go, in my


day it would have been blown up. He got away with that one but probably


deserves it. Talking about that, Anthony Taylor had a wrong one, he


has made a bad decision. He's been on his stag week this week so maybe


he has a hangover and an excuse. There is no excuse, we have looked


at it from different angles. I don't know what he's seeing because every


angle we look at it it looks like a Burnley player, well, it is a


Burnley player. He should only blow if he really knows. He is guessing.


He has guest. That's the closest to the referee's angle. Looks like he


has a decent line of sight. That's what I'm saying. Swansea coming back


from that takes a lot of mental strength. Two matches down, five


more on the way. Pogba. Chadli with the shot. The


diving header by Ramadan. Leicester met Hull in what looked


like a crucial match near the bottom of the table.


On Monday, the champions had finally woken from their slumber


with a superb performance to beat Liverpool.


The English champions Leicester have sacked their manager, Ranieri. They


weren't expecting it. Surely you've got to point the finger at the


players. Surely. This time last year, Leicester were ten games from


the title. Now they are on the bottom three and without a manager.


Vardy was... What a goal! Fantastic strike. Absolutely brilliant from


Leicester City. Crisis, what crisis? Your commentator at the King Power


Stadium was John Motson. COMMENTATOR:


Craig Shakespeare looks for a second Leicester win in six days, which


would surely boost his chances of being appointed permanently. He's


taking the squad to do by lap next week for a four daybreak before they


face Seville in the Champions League in their next match here, a week on


Tuesday. The Leicester line-up is unchanged from that victory over


Liverpool. It's the 4-4- two that the players are used. Job Marco


Silva is doing at Hull has been under the radar this week. Is


integrating six new signings into the team and results have improved.


The injury to Ember Carney wins the start up front for Oumar Niasse. Sam


Clucas returns after suspension. Craig Shakespeare did say this would


be a harder game than Liverpool, and possibly more important. Vardy is


really putting himself about here. And he's got, it comes to


Albrighton, oh my word, and Vardy here was the provider. Was the


onside there? Well, only just, I would say, but Albrighton comes in


on the far post. A good start by Leicester City. Mahrez.


A flying save from Jakupovic. Mrs Ndidi and he's lost it to Clucas and


Hull City break away. On this side is Niasse. Supporting him here.


Clucas is in there and Hull City have taken the lead. Marco Silva's


team, under the cosh from Leicester for most of the opening period. But


look what happens here. Leicester gives the ball away. Well, almost


suicidal position, if the opposing team brake properly. This is Niasse.


It's a good cut back by Brzezinski but Clucas comes in Dunt took that


away for Hull, who lead 1-0 -- a good cut back by Rosicky. Sam Clucas


was released by Leicester as a schoolboy, that is the irony. Vardy.


Okazaki goes near post. Leicester City have equalised.


Leicester are level. Christian Fuchs, who was outstanding last


season, not so much this up until now, gets involved here with a


deadly effects. Vardy plays the ball in, Christian Fuchs has made his run


into the penalty area and tucks it away from Jakupovic and its


Leicester City one, Hull City one. Hull beat Leicester 2-1 on the


opening day of the season. At their stadium. Then they won at Swansea,


but they've since gone 12 away games without a win, Hull City, losing ten


of them. Hull City then have got a corner. Maguire has come forward. So


too has Ranocchia. Ranocchia tries to get a flick on there. That was


mighty close for Harry Maguire. He is a player that is attracting a lot


of attention, recently. Markovic, oh, yes, Albrighton for Leicester.


As sliding challenge. Maguire getting across the box to stop


Vardy. Corner to Leicester. A bit of trickery down by the line.


Corner again. This is where Mahrez can be so clever. Okazaki standing


in the middle of the six yard box is well aware of it. He was trying to


get in on the nearby -- near post, stop by Robertson. Leicester's


corner. Drinkwater was trying to latch onto that. Hull have three


players making the break-out. Bus with possession for Leicester. --


Huth. Mahrez, and still, trying to work the space. Mahrez, oh! He's


back at the forefront of Leicester City's attack, Riyad Mahrez.


He had the ball for a long time. Drinking about. But when he fired


his shot I think he surprised Jakupovic a bit, going in at the


near post. Look how hard he works for the opportunity, and it was his


right but that finally finished it. Off Leicester City two, Hull City


one. Niasse thought that might creep


inside Schmeichel's near post, it didn't. The goalkeeper got a very


good hand to that. Demarai Gray will makes the


challenge, wins the ball. This is Christian Fuchs, Gray. Takes on


Elmohamady, Demarai Gray. Jakupovic just turned it round the near post.


Gray scored at Manchester United for Leicester and also in the FA Cup


against Derby. He might have had a third there. What a finish. It's in.


I think it might have come off Hull player. It's Tom Huddlestone who


looks very dejected. Well, the corner swung in and I do think


that's gone in off Tom Huddlestone. Leicester City now leads 3-1 and Tom


Huddlestone, who scored last week against Burnley penalty now sees the


ball go in at the other end, off his head. It's six points out of 64


Craig Shakespeare. Leicester City three, Hull City one. Coming from


behind to win, that's the rest of last season, isn't it? Yes, I spoke


to the players, the character they showed. It was against the run of


play when we went 1-0 down, but to bounce back the way we did, it


showed resilience in the side. Talk us through your goal. You don't


score many. If I score they are least effective and important. We


had a couple of them on the side and thank God he saw me with cut back


and I was trying to get the ball and I'm thankful it when my way. How


concerned are you about your team's away form. One winner look -- away


from home all season. Of course, it's clear we need to be strong and


to fight like we fight today, but most important is when you have a


chance to score, you need to score, because it makes the difference


during the matches. You go away to Dubai for some warm weather


training. Have you been told what happens after that in terms of your


position? No, I haven't and I'm quite comfortable with that. We'll


have a few days away, we'll get back and that will take care of itself.


We'll come to that shortly. Leicester were revitalised in many


ways and although he didn't score today, so is Jamie Vardy. I thought


after Monday nights, are we going to see Leicester continue and kick on


from that, or are we going to go back to Leicester of a few weeks ago


and it be a one off. And it wasn't. It was like watching Leicester of


last season in many ways. Vardy setting the tone, running himself


into Walsall South areas to help his team. He started on the right side,


playing on Maguire and he realised early in the game he wasn't going to


have too much joy over there. There was a run he got tackled on and he


went over to the left side, that's a Super Bowl by the way, and he got


joy, because he was quick. -- a super ball by the way. He was


causing all sorts of problems. That was a great chance. The good thing


about Leicester ran Vardy, even when they are goal down they play with


confidence, getting forward, trying to score goals. Unlucky with his


touch. This is what we remember Vardy for last season, not just


running in behind and scoring goals, it's constantly putting defenders


under pressure. It's that classic run. Albrighton, I don't know what


he's waiting for, he should be running into that and tapping it in.


For the goal he becomes provider, a little give and go, too tight,


centre-half. Can he pick someone out? Confident Vardy does. Although


he didn't score today, really, really good performance, pleased for


him. Craig Shakespeare is now in control, he's two wins out of two.


What do you make of this sudden change now that Ranieri has gone?


Suddenly he was to be manager. Why is it you suddenly want to be...


He's not necessarily Ranieri's man who he's brought in. Yes, but you


have personal ambition but I do feel it's almost out of order that he


wants to jump in for that job. Surely they will go for a manager


that is bigger, with more experience. It's a big club to


manage now, Leicester. They are playing in the Champions League.


What do you reckon? While he's winning, leaving men charge, what's


the rush? Why rush in? No point, carry on. As for Hull, Garraway


form, they will have to turn it around if they are going to win.


Very much so, that's the story, a very disappointing afternoon for


them. Southampton may have lost the EFL


Cup Final last Sunday, but they took Manchester United


all the way with an Could they continue that form


in the league, at Watford? Watching at Vicarage


Road was Steve Wilson. Two Italian strikers feature at


Vicarage Road today. It's fair to say Okaka's career in England is yet


to get off the ground. Gabbiadini has scored five goals in three


appearances for Southampton so far, so to say his career in England has


hit the ground running. This Southampton was not only league game


in five weeks they haven't lost here in almost a decade. -- it is


Southampton's only league game here in five weeks. They haven't lost


here in almost a decade. Behrami, into Deeney. Kaboul, for Watford.


This is Niang. Watford get the throwing. Won by


Niang. It's Kaboul's throw. That's


Gabbiadini with the clearing header. Deeney's flick on, Davis came


across. Deeney in! Great reactions from Drogba Deeney -- Troy Deeney to


volley Watford in front. Only the fourth minute of the game at


Vicarage Road. Troy Deeney. It's his flick, Okaka on the turn. Davis half


away and Deeney, with the ball at an awkward hip height, manages to


volley it into the corner of the Southampton net. His ninth goal of


the season. Ward-Prowse. Davies. Ward-Prowse


finding Tadic, not sure he meant it, it has come back to James


Ward-Prowse and Heurelho Gomes got a touch on that. It's a corner. They


cut a way through here, albeit with a bit of fortune on the way through.


Ward-Prowse is onside, definitely. Gomes got something on it, not


entirely intentionally. There will be more goals in this. Southampton


will feel they started the better of the two teams but fell behind. Nice


from Redmond. Tadic Vostok Tadic ghosting in, Kaboul got a foot on


it, Tadic, 1-1. Watford are saying that as the shot went through the


crowd into the back of the net there was a Southampton man of sight. Nice


flick from Redmond, little flitting run from Tadic. Not a great


intervention from the Watford defender Kaboul, straight back to


Tadic, and Redmond who is standing in an offside position and very


close to goalkeeper Gomes, adjudged to have made no attempt to play the


ball. Indeed he made every attempt not to play the ball, jumping over


it. Redmond, away from Behrami easily


and away from Kabul, Ward-Prowse on the turn, Tadic, Gabbiadini in the


middle, pulled back. Redmond! And in. Beautiful goal.


Wonderful team goal by Southampton finished off by Redmond. And in


stoppage time at the end of the first half Southampton are in front.


A lovely, lovely goal. Redmond's drive really got them on the front


foot. Lovely turn by Ward-Prowse. Great awareness from Tadic and a


super finish. Watford 1-2 Southampton. High-quality goal. He


enjoyed that one, and why not? Southampton where one place and one


point behind Watford at start of play with one game in hand. At the


moment, if it stays like this, they will be moving above the Hornets.


Both in mid-table, both looking safe. 61 play, Southampton free


kick, Dusan Tadic. Good save by Gomes to deny Yoshida. As this is


whipped in it's a really good save by Heurelho Gomes again, who has


been by far the busier goalkeeper. Blocked by Younes Kaboul. M'Baye


Niang here, Flintoff Romeu's head, to Stefano Okaka and now Isaac


Success. -- flicked off. Okaka! 2-2. Took it really well. Really laid


into his feet by Isaac Success and a very smart finish.


Here is Davies, and he's lost it, and here is a Kakko, Behrami to his


right. Stefano Okaka... Well covered by Stevens. Southampton have started


making mistakes and giving Watford gifts. They have got away with that


one. Here is Redmond. Boufal. Went for Carol, and Gabbiadini scorers


again for Southampton! Heurelho Gomes with the mistake, and who is


there? Gabbiadini is there an Southampton lead 3-2. End to end.


Watford almost at one end, Southampton straight down the other.


Boufal took the shot. It wasn't a great one, it should be meat and


drink, but somehow Gomes drops it straight to the feet of Manolo


Gabbiadini. Well, it did bounce in front of the Watford goalkeeper, but


really, really, Gomes knows. All the quality is coming from the team in


red and white. Here is Dusan Tadic, Redmond gets it, Long in the middle,


Redmond running at Prodl. It's four! Nathan Redmond surely seals the game


with Southampton's fourth and his second of the game. So much space


down the left-hand side, Redmond. Prodl gets across. Redmond, well,


it's really poorly defended, but Redmond is not complaining.


It's a free kick to Watford for a foul by Stevens on Deeney. Not too


many Watford fans are left inside the stadium to see what happens from


this free kick. Holebas. M'Baye Niang. Watford have


six yellow shirts in the box. M'Baye Niang delivers and it is flicked in.


Watford have one back through Abdoulaye Doucoure. In it goes from


M'Baye Niang, flashes through a lot of bodies, Doucoure on the back post


just had to knock it over the line. Watford 3-4 Southampton.


This team is always difficult to play against and it was important to


keep possession and to try and play good football with good action and


all the goals are beautiful. TRANSLATION: There were defensive


mistakes in the second half but I wouldn't say it was a bad


performance, we deserved the draw. At a certain point we almost went


for the victory because we had the ball from 3-2 and on the


counterattack they scored 3-3 and then 4-3. It was important today to


play well and with the rotation of the forward three Oliver Kirch gives


us freedom to play where we want and for a player like myself and Dusan


and Gabbiadini, the most important thing is the three points and is not


important how we get them. Another terrific game of football


and Nathan Redmond continues to improve and impress, doesn't he?


It's all about end product for him, great travelling with the ball. I


have to say, considering the cup final defeat by great reaction from


the whole team. He's confident and goes by people easily. I prefer him


in central areas where he can go both ways because his left foot is


not bad, that was a little site. That awareness, he's not just about


pace, he has a good football brain and he is threatening the gold more.


Everything is so measured. He receives the ball on his back foot.


That is something they do on the training pitch. This is like a


routine here, imagine doing this on the training pitch. He comes back


here, picks his spot. Really good finish. He really has developed from


the U21 team, Gareth Southgate must be looking to include him. Here he


is with his second goal. The keeper should do better. I thought he was


outstanding. All in all Southampton are having a good season. They


played so well last week in the final as well. They were so, so


unlucky and have had another good season considering the


transformation of players in the summer. They do it every year.


Remarkable really. Manchester United returned to league


action having lifted the EFL Cup last weekend.


They hosted a Bournemouth side whose poor recent run had left them


just four points off the relegation places.


Commentary comes from Guy Mowbray. The goals of splattered Ibrahimovic


grabbed the glory and the EFL Cup for Manchester United last week but


the performance of Paul Bob Ehrlich drew praise from Jeison Murillo and


is poised to play a big part today against struggling Bournemouth who


have Benik Afobe selected and Jack Wilshere dropping out for this one,


and their manager Eddie Howe struggling with a stomach bug. He


travelled to the games separately from his team.


The game that almost never was at the end of last season, the original


fixture on the final day of the Premier League campaign looked to be


abandoned before it started before the Mac because of a bomb scare.


Surman does well to skip past Mata. Joshua King. Barges into the back of


Jones. The referee thinks it was all OK. Now Bournemouth get a corner


much to the annoyance of Manchester United's players.


Surman. Fraser returns the ball to Andrew Surman. It's not a bad ball


into the middle. Mings couldn't get it under control. It's Luke Shaw who


carries it away for United. He was looking for Martial who felt he was


impeded. Nonetheless United are on the charge with Pogba. And it goes


behind. It's an action packed start to the game and just enough on that


from Boruc to turn it behind. Mings with an awful pass, Rooney is onto


it, Ibrahimovic is with him. Here is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, or there he was.


He keeps the attack going at least. Daniels Cooley gets away from Rooney


and Bournemouth have got away, or to be more accurate, Tyrone Mings has


got away with a huge mistake and now Afobe has got away from Marcos Rojo


and slipped. Mistakes all over the field. Bournemouth lost the chance


to take the lead. King holds off Carrick successfully. Carrick wins


round two, lovely ball for Martial who has Boruc in the way again.


Pogba. Valencia. Turned in by Marcos Rojo.


Manchester United's dominance gets reward and Marcos Rojo, whose


performance at Wembley drew quite a bit of criticism last weekend has


just scored his first Premier League goal. Valencia with a chance to


drill it and you can see Rojo is onside, played on by Steve Cook


behind him, and all he had to do was divert it passed Boruc to make it


Manchester United 1-0 Bournemouth. Surman. The referee has blown for a


free kick to Manchester United. Surman saying he took the ball


cleanly. The yellow card indicates it was on the reckless side of


things. Surman. Afobe keeps it away from Carrick. Now here is Pugh and


Pugh goes down under the challenge of Phil Jones and Bournemouth have a


penalty and possibly a way back into the game. Good work from Afobe. And


a sharp turn from pew with Jones already drawn into the challenge.


Yellow card for Ibrahimovic for talking too much again. Josh King.


Hey scores for Bournemouth and makes it Manchester United 1-1


Bournemouth, and it's all level again. That was very confidently


dispatched. O'Hehir is not reaching that one. Marcos Rojo. Ibrahimovic.


Rooney beaten to it by Mings, and it has broken to Martial. He took him


out and went tumbling after the tackle. Pogba. Rooney back to his


feet now. Once again the hands of Boruc save Bournemouth. Rooney to


Mata. Up goes Ibrahimovic. Not high enough and down went Mings after


that brush with Eslad -- Zlatan Ibrahimovic. There was a push from


Surman. Kevin Friend is going to call Ibrahimovic over to him first.


Mings is still down, and if he was put to the floor by Ibrahimovic,


already in the book, then Manchester United's Towers man, their number


nine, is in serious trouble here. Yellow card for Surman. He's already


been booked. Is he going to show a second yellow to Ibrahimovic in a


moment? That was the challenge from Mings on Rooney and you can see that


the boot catches Ibrahimovic's head and Ibrahimovic knew who it was and


thrust his elbow back into the face of Mings. He has to go but he


hasn't. I think Mings, he's having a look at it, but I wonder if he could


got her might have got out of the way. He is lucky to stay on and so


is Ibrahimovic. This all adds to the tension. We've still got to sort out


the Andrew Surman confusion in a moment. I wonder if Wayne Rooney has


just reminded Kevin Friend about the Bournemouth captain. Yes. Kevin


Friend's pointing to the touchline. Surman got a yellow for the first


challenge, the second one was a soft shelf on Ibrahimovic. In the end all


that has happened is that very belatedly -- Szot shove. Andrew


Surman has got a red card for the second yellow. -- shelf


you don't want to take your eyes off this game for more than a few


seconds, otherwise you are going to miss something. Pogba flying through


the air, Artur Boruc keeps Bournemouth level. The man that


Celtic fans call the holy goalie is blessed today. Ibrahimovic. Back to


Valencia. Valencia's ball across, Pogba will


try to keep it in. It's going to be a corner. It should be a penalty. It


is a penalty! Kevin Friend took his time pointing to the spot. But


eventually, he decided that the appeals were right. The hand does


flap at the ball all right. Pogba is absolutely certain. The closeness of


Adam Smith has to be an issue. And a chance for Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Of


course, it would be him. Ibrahimovic against Boruc, and it is


saved by Artur Boruc. Martial misses.


Really well anticipated by Boruc. Struck firmly, maybe not cleanly,


but he had to get across and down really sharply, and he did.


Real red urgency now. Mata breezes past Gosling. Here's Martial. It's


blocked by Smith. Nothing that time. Adam Smith was penalised for hand


ball for the Manchester United penalty. He was even closer to the


ball than he was then. That time, his arms definitely went in the air


to try to stop the ball's pass. Five minutes, too long for Bournemouth,


not enough for United. Fellaini is down. Ibrahimovic with


the header. Rojo has lifted one through towards Ibrahimovic and


there's Pogba. He has scuffed it. That was the moment for Manchester


United. It's a scruffy build-up, but when it falls to Paul Pogba, you


feel certain that he's going to hit back and at least forced a save from


Boruc. And it's a messy mis-hit. And a howl of anguish to follow. Who can


I blame? Ourselves. Nobody else. We missed big chances, but as I told


them at half-time, we played well. It was clear the level of effort the


lads put in, the way we defended when we needed to defend and I think


we are going to need that fight and that spirit from now until the end


of the season to get the point is that we need to stay up. For me, the


two big decisions of the game, the referee was very good. I think it


was a penalty against us will stop I think it was a clear penalty for us


and the referee was spot on. Can you shed some light is on what happened


between yourself and Tyrone Mings. There was all sorts going on. What


happens on the field stays on the field. I jumped up, hi, I'm lucky he


jumps into me and he jumps into my elbow. There will be things


highlighted more than others, but I enjoyed it. It was a good battle all


day. You know what you are going to come up against and we certainly had


to stand up to the test. There's so many incidents in that game to talk


about. Let's stick with the major ones. Of which there were a few. Can


you start with mine, please? Obviously these two players early in


the game, Ibrahimovic, Tyrone Mings, he's saying, I'm in charge, not you,


and Tyrone Mings isn't having any of it. This is a tackle that comes in


and is there a stamp there? There's definitely a stamp there. Really,


this is down to interpretation, what team do you support? For me,


Ibrahimovic has had a little bit of stamp and Tyrone Mings is very


definitely, I think he can get out of the Wales Ibrahimovic but there's


a little stamp there. The players would know. Mings is looking there,


he's got to jump over him. He's got an age to find somewhere else. He


doesn't need to tread on his head there. Dangerous play. It's whether


it's intentional or not. I don't think we can say for sure. The more


I have seen it, I don't think he meant it. No, I don't. My initial


reaction was, that's horrible but I don't think Mings meant it. Watch


the -- watch Zlatan. Mings gets up, have a look at the ball, has a quick


look at what I've got to jump over. I feel he can put his foot somewhere


else. Maybe, my gut tells me that was an accident. What about the


following incident, Ibrahimovic elbow? That's more obvious. This is


definitely an elbow and it could have caused just as much damage.


Zlatan says he bumped into his elbow, he headed his elbow. No,


that's a free shot he's had there. All I would say, you can never


condone that, ever, but if he thinks someone has stamped on his head he's


going to be a tad angry. So I kind of get where he's even though it's


not acceptable. Do you think there might be retrospective action?


Certainly. There can't be on Mings, if he says he didn't mean it, how


can you prove he did only the players really know what happened


there. It's up to the authorities whether they want to step in. There


was another incident, with Surman. Mrs Shaw's tackle early in the game,


a good solid tackle. Left foot follows through momentum. This is


Surman, on Shaw, who goes down, poleaxed for some reason. Good


tackle. What's the difference? So Surman gets books, wrongly.


Ridiculous, it annoys me. Now that is a booking because he has pushed


the latter. Now Zlatan is a big, strong boy and I'm not sure he would


have gone up to him in the middle of the street and he would have gone


over like that. Surman should not have been sent off. A tough day for


Kevin Friend. He was landed in the -- Anthony Taylor's stag do this


week as well! Have full Premier League permission that apparently.


He had a terrible day. Stop the rot for Bournemouth. They were


fantastic. To our mandate put in a hell of a shift and made sure that


losing run ended. Fantastic. Match of the Day 2 has two


more matches for you, as well as February's Goal


of the Month. You can hear commentary


on Sunderland against The European Indoor Athletics


Championships continue in Belgrade, Tottenham versus Millwall in the FA


Cup quarterfinals is live And the next day we've also got


the big one between Chelsea West Brom have had an excellent


season and were just three wins away from equalling their record points


total in the Premier League. They faced Crystal Palace,


who started the day Simon Brotherton


was at the Hawthorns. Salomon Rondon sculpt the only goal


when the sides met on the opening day of the season at Selhurst Park.


He leads the attack from an unchanged derby in 11 today.


Christian Benteke does the same for Crystal Palace. Seven of his nine


Premier League goals this season have come away from home. Sam


Allardyce continues to try to lift Palace above the trapdoor, with Tony


Pulis and West Brom already on 40 points and handily placed, eighth in


the table. Both teams are unchanged this afternoon. Forward by Sako Webb


Sakho. Benteke underneath it. Zaha and Dawson continued gradual. It's


going to be a Crystal Palace throw. The flag stays down and Van Aanholt


tries to drill it in and Crystal Palace have their first corner.


Tomkins and Mamadou Sakho coming up for this one, joining a group of


players huddled around the penalty spot at the moment. It comes,


Benteke with a header, it's headed off the line by Brunt. The first


real sighting of goal for Christian Benteke. Got up well, good header,


but on the post. Able to clear the ball. Sunshine and showers, spring


is around the corner, hurray. A springlike scene at the Hawthorns. I


was about to say he is Zaha Matt Dawson was too quick for him. He's


done really well. Salomon Rondon with a chance to run as Yohan Cabaye


tries to get back with him and Rondon has brilliantly. No penalty.


Cabaye gives Rondon an absolute earful, as the ball is cleared away.


Mike Jones felt there wasn't a dive. From that angle it doesn't look like


a penalty. Let's look here. If that's not a penalty and he wasn't


fouled, why has he not been booked by the referee?


Cabaye to Townsend, Nyom is right there with him. Possession here from


Palace. That's not a new thing, it won't trouble West Bromwich Albion.


Who haven't had the majority of possession in any much they've


played in the Premier League all season. Forward by Cabaye, looking


for Wilfried Zaha. Brings it down well and puts it away with aplomb. A


cracking strike from Wilfried Zaha. West Bromwich Albion nil, Crystal


Palace one. Big, big goal, potentially. Well Palace had had


good possession. And finally, they made it count. The long ball floated


forward, beautifully taken and controlled by Wilfried Zaha. It was


Yohan Cabaye who picked up the bass, Zaha bringing it down, cutting


inside the defence. He gets away from Chris Brunt here and slams the


ball home, before Dawson can make the block and Palace are ahead.


Wilfried Zaha with his fifth goal of the season. Livermore into Brunt.


Chadli with the shot. There was body of time for Hennessey to see that


one coming. -- there was plenty of time for Hennessey to see that one


coming. And Zaha now skips away from Dawson. It's Wilfried Zaha for


Crystal Palace. Almost going all the way through! He's challenged. He


once a penalty. It is still with Palace and it's just wide. Puncheon


can't put it in and it's the corner. A superb run from Wilfried Zaha,


went down under pressure. No penalty and Bishop deflected wide. -- the


shot deflected wide. Sliding it through, a great chance for Andros


Townsend, a vital saves by Ben Foster. A big save. Benteke with the


little lay off Conor Townsend racing through, denied by Ben Foster.


There's been plenty of his barking at his team today. Palace have


scored plenty of goals in the last ten minutes of matches this season,


today, it's Albion who are looking to do so. Blocked by Puncheon. All


hands on deck here for Palace. Leko can't get past Townsend. Well, a


chance to break away as Townsend holds off the Albion youngster. He's


done really well. Benteke gets on his bike and Townsend may take it


all the way here for Palace. It's Andros Townsend. Oh, sensational


goal! Brilliant, brilliant play! ROM Andros Townsend. He just kept going


and going and going and West Bromwich Albion could do nothing


about it. Just watch this. From one penalty area, to the other, Townsend


did well to keep his feet here. He brushed off the West Bromwich Albion


substitute. He had options, as you could see, but he didn't need any of


them. It's only the second goal he's scored for Crystal Palace since his


move from Tottenham Hotspur, but what a goal it was. Back-to-back


wins for Crystal Palace. A 2-0 factory here at the Hawthorns to


lift them out of the bottom three. A perfect awayday performance. We knew


it would be difficult. The aim was to keep it 0- 01 the minimum we


would get out of it was a point and if we could hit them on the counter


it would be perfect. We followed that and we are delighted with the


three points. There's no excuses today. We weren't at it from the


start. Right the way through. Congratulations to Palace. But I'm


not going to criticise the players. We've been fantastic so far this


season. We've had an off day and it was a off day. We are just doing the


basics right and when you start from the basics everything else just


works out better, so that's what we've managed to nail down. Now we


just have to get the wins and the points. To put back-to-back wins


together at West Brom, who are in such good form here at the Hawthorns


is a big statement and then the outstanding quality of the two


goals, when Andros is an off on a mazy, this was a goal and it it


deserves the credit it will get across the board this weekend.


I'm sure we'll give it plenty of credit, Martin. A terrific win, a


huge win for Crystal Palace and Townsend the stars of the show. This


was a game of two sets of real men. Really good game, by the way. Zaha,


can he get crosses in the box? Can he beat people? Does he make the


right decisions? Yes, he did today, Townsend as well, with the balls in.


They are the weapons Benteke is going to feed off of and they just


seem to get better and better. Look at this for a touch, almost as if he


puts it there with his hand. We couldn't really miss. A great


strike, with his left foot as well. This is Townsend making good


movement, good save from the goalkeepers, that denied him. He


wants to get at people, Zaha. He's going to test you. He's going into


the heart of the West Brom defence, asking questions, the keeper denied


him again. Look at this from Andros Townsend. I think this is a player


that went down with Newcastle last season and he's saying, I'm not


going down again. I'm giving it everything. Leko rag dolls him like


he's not there. McAuley wins to get on the left foot, he's still got the


power to finish and that's great desire. Look at him, he's shattered,


but he deserves the credit he gets. A tough run at the end of the


season. A clean sheet as well. The statistics were stark


for Middlesbrough going They'd slipped down the table


after a run of nine matches without a win, having scored just


three goals in that time. Glen Johnson back in the Stoke team


today, making the 350th appearance of his league career. Peter Crouch


is stuck's top scorer in all competitions this season, he scored


against Middlesbrough last time he faced them all the way back in his


Portsmouth days. Five substitute appearances in the Premier League


for Middlesbrough since joining from Aston Villa in January, today Rudy


Gestede is given his first league start for his new club. Johnson.


Whelan. Ramadan. Nice touch from crouch. Lovely build-up. Arnautovic.


And off the crossbar and then wide by Joe Allen. Delicate touch from


Crouch. Plenty of pace on the whipped cross from Arnautovic.


Ramathan will feel he should have finished off the move he started.


Two thirds of the position in the opening half-hour or so here.


Whelan. He made some good runs today. Good first touch, around the


goalkeeper, and that is brilliant from Marko Arnautovic. How about


this for a trapped in the penalty area to take the sting out of the


ball and creates an space and to finish with aplomb for his fifth


goal of the season? Middlesbrough have won fewer Premier League games


than any other team this season, just four victories so far. Good


control again by Marko Arnautovic, good vision to spot Joe Allen, and


good recovery by George Friend to put it out for the corner. That is


Stoke's first corner of the game. The delivery by Glenn Whelan. The


header by Peter Crouch and its 2-0 to Stoke and two goals from Marko


Arnautovic. Just over three minutes to go until half-time, and Stoke


have now got themselves a cushion. You know what they are going to do


but it's so difficult to stop them. Crouch's header and a smart swivel


and finish from the Austrian. Pieters is the defender. The


referee's assistant has flagged to say that Erik Pieters was fouling


Adama Traore there, free kick to the visitors. Grant Leadbitter to take.


That is a really good delivery and it hit Crouch and ends up in the net


but the flag had been raised for offside. Ben Gibson thought that was


his moment. It was Bernardo offside. Gibson wasn't but the decision had


already been made. The famous Stoke custodian of the past, Gordan Banks


here, part of the Stoke City squad that won the League Cup 45 years ago


today and they have been down on the pitch earlier on being honoured.


That was a good ball by Bernardo. Shawcross under pressure, Gestede to


Guedioura. And always rising up and over the top. It's probably


Middlesbrough's best chance of the second half. Difficult to hit the


target from there from Guedioura. The Middlesbrough fans singing laced


with irony that they've had a shot. It's been a disappointing game for


Karanka's team. It could be about to get worse. Here is Cameron and a


diving header by Ramadan, and a really top drawer save from Victor


Valdes. Well, if he had ten chances to strike that ball Ramadan Sobhi


would not have wanted to put the shot anywhere else but there. That


is the most difficult position for the goalkeeper to get down to.


Ramadan so close to his first-ever Stoke City goal.


De Roon. Plenty up there but it too high for Gestede. Given away by


Diouf Affellay. A bit of room here for Ramadan. He has Berahino ahead


of him. It is a good strong run from the Egyptian. What's at the end of


it? That's brilliant and Allen tried with the flick to finish it and what


a goal that would have been after a storming drivel by Ramadan Sobhi.


His reputation is growing all the time. There were so many changes of


direction and so many swivels and Allen almost provided the perfect


finish. Ramadan. Sparkling. He really is sparkling in his


performance. Affellay, lovely first touch, and Victor Valdes, one former


Barcelona player denies another, such has been stuck's dominance. 3-0


would not flatter them, it has been disappointing from Middlesbrough.


You have done well all season not to drop into the bottom three but


today's the day you are the relegation zone. Yes, in this kind


of moment we need to be positive and has recently promoted team, it's the


first we are in that position in March. We have to know we have done


a lot of good things so far, so we have to keep believing in this group


of players, in this team, because until the last day we will keep


fighting. Deserved lead in the first half, two goals from Marko


Arnautovic and we really didn't command any sustained pressure


throughout the game. With a bit more care in the final third we could


have won more comprehensive labour we take 2-0. The performance and


good result. It was a very good ball from Glenn Whelan and it was


perfect, it was a good goal but I don't talk about my goals. I talk


about the team, the effort and the performance was amazing. We have to


keep doing like that, I say this always in every interview.


Great reaction to Stoke's defeat last week and Arnautovic with a


couple of vital goals for them. He is an impressive player, no doubt,


but with only six goals he is a player that needs to be challenged


because he has great ability, no doubt in wide positions where you


often see him, he whips balls in, but I like him particularly in the


central position. This is the goal, what a touch this is, defines the


extra touch to find the back of the net and if he can work on that, be


much tougher with himself foremost, we kept the week, Mark Hughes could


work with him. Poacher's finish, and then he could go on to the next


level. Mark Hughes must work hard and he was definitely in the mood


today. Getting him up to boiling point is the challenge. It certainly


was. We are just about out of time but Middlesbrough need to start


scoring goals, that's for sure. Danny and Martin, thank you. Before


we go let's look at the Premier League table.


The top two didn't play on Saturday, so Chelsea remain ten


points clear of Spurs. Liverpool have moved up to third,


but Manchester City could reclaim that spot on Sunday.


Arsenal drop out of the top four. At the bottom, Crystal Palace's


second victory in a row means they have moved out


of the relegation zone at Middlesbrough's expense.


Leicester and Swansea have done their survival


prospects a power of good, with wins that lift them five


points clear of danger. Before we go let's have a quick look


at the Sunday back pages, which are dominated by a couple of flash


points in Manchester United's draw with Bournemouth, summed up by the


Sunday Times. The Sun newspaper doesn't mince its words, while the


Express reckons the players involved, is glad that Ibrahimovic


and Tyrone Mings, could be in trouble with the FA.


That's it, we're off to find a referee's stag do.


Ibrahimovic and Tyrone Mings could be in trouble with the FA.


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