25/02/2017 Match of the Day


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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


It's been another quiet week in football, not much to report


other than the fact we've six crucial Premier League games


Alan Shearer and Jermaine Jenas are on hand to guide us through.


We start with league leaders Chelsea.


Antonio Conte's team began the weekend with an eight-point lead


at the summit and seemingly on course for the title.


Their opponents, Swansea, have seen an upturn in form


since the arrival of manager Paul Clement, a former


Your commentator at Stamford Bridge, Guy Mowbray.


From John Hollins and even Frank Lampard for a short while, through


Paul Clement, there has been a line of notable blue blood at Swansea


City, and the Swansea blood is pumping with confidence at the


moment due to their revival since Clement took charge. But this is


their biggest challenge yet against a Chelsea side that shows one change


since their game at Burnley, with Matic making way for Cesc Fabregas


who plays in the Premier League for the 300th time. The Stamford Bridge


connections in Swansea continue with their captain Jack Cork, who started


out on Chelsea's books without ever making the first team. The Swans


lost Nathan Dyer to injury, said their only change sees the similarly


experienced Wayne Routledge take his place.


Can Swansea somehow stalled Chelsea's charge towards the title?


It is going to come to Diego Costa again, and it will be Hazard's turn.


Fabregas, and it is blocked. Chelsea were waltzing their way through to


goal. It was undoubtedly on target. It struck the shoulder of Tom


Carroll. Paul Clement had two spells on the coaching staff at Chelsea,


with the academy in the late 90s, and then from 2007-2011 he was


coaching assistant to Carlo Ancelotti.


That trick didn't work, only succeeded in playing the ball to


Fabregas. Hazard. Here is the busy Pedro, behind Fabregas, and he


somehow managed to scramble it home. Chelsea have been putting their


passes together over the last five or six minutes. Now they have


managed to see their persistence payoff. Diego Costa had to work to


get to that, but he stretched and he got some of the ball and played it


back Hazard's way, and was Hazard sufficiently in the way of Lukasz


Fabianski? No, he's not interfering. He's not


in the keeper's byline, and Fabregas has managed to dig it into the


corner, Seppi crowns his 300th Premier League appearance with his


46th goal in the competition. It has just run away from Costa, but


he won't give up on it. Still in play with Moses. Fabregas, and that


is a super save by Fabianski. Old Arsenal denies old Arsenal. What a


save this was from Lukasz Fabianski, it was hit just as Fabregas wanted


to hate it. Swansea are rattled and rocking. Staying in the game has to


be their priority. Olsen is the man who got it back for Swansea.


Fabregas gives it away. It is one back again, given away again, lost


again. Finally, we get the referee's whistle to indicate a Swansea free


kick. We have passed the minute but was indicated. The half-time whistle


any time now. Is there time for Swansea to just lift one more ball


in the direction of Thibaut Cortois's goal? And it is headed in!


Would you believe it? Right on the stroke of half-time, Fernando


Llorente draws Chelsea level. -- draws Swansea level. The minute is


the minimum, it is not offside, he looked in-line, did Llorente. But


came his way from Gylfi Sigurdsson. And the Chelsea defenders were


guilty of abandoning their post there. They let the man most likely


to head the ball in head the ball in.


Leroy Fer looked close, Swarbrick played advantage on Chelsea Gnahore


throw-in. -- Chelsea now have a throw-in. Fabregas forces a fine


save from Fabianski. Mawson's attempt to get the ball away. Well


drilled by Eden Hazard, Fabianski down really smartly. That Swansea


goal might just have changed the half-time words a little from


Antonio Conte. Alonso, a lovely first-time ball far


Hazard, and there is Fabregas to hammer the crossbar. Brilliant


Chelsea football, but it doesn't end with a goal. Alonso, Hazard, and it


is a thumper from Fabregas. The signs are that it will be a long


half for Swansea. Sigurdsson has passed Victor Moses.


Tries to keep the ball away from Azpilicueta, who he felt handled it.


Referee Swarbrick didn't. It does come off the outstretched


arm of Azpilicueta, and the arm does move towards the ball at first. It


actually hit him on the secondary move. Neil Swarbrick didn't see it,


Sigurdsson did, and I think Chelsea might have got away with one there.


Fabregas is looking for Victor Moses with that one, and Moses does really


well. Costa... And there is a whole scramble around the ball as Swansea


end up with the decision in their favour. Diego Costa it seemed to me


was looking for a penalty here. David Luiz, Gary Cahill.


Pedro waited for it. Now has a shot which has beaten Fabianski. Straight


through the Swansea keeper. He really should have saved it. Chelsea


want mind how they've scored it. It is just a pick-up in the pace of


play whenever Pedro gets the ball. And it was a speculative effort. Not


even sure he believed he'd scored. I don't think he thought he hit it


quite as he wanted to, but it has ended up where he wanted it to go. A


Pedro goal that has Antonio Conte celebrated, and has made the score


Chelsea 2-1 Swansea City. Pedro's eighth of the season, eight in the


last 11 games. The long stride of Nemanja Matic, and the ball has


really just bounced off the boot of Costa and ballooned over the bar.


Brilliant from Hazard, and scored by Diego Costa. And that should wrap up


the points for Chelsea. The warm hug of appreciation from goal-scorer the


goal maker. It is that Chelsea combo again. Hazard and Costa. Mastery of


the football from Eden Hazard. And all the time, aware of what might be


on in the middle and who's waiting in the middle. Diego Costa is that


man. Three goals for Chelsea, three points surely for Chelsea. Chelsea


3-1 Swansea City. We dominated the game and we played


very well, a good performance in the first half, we created many chances


to score the goals. We conceded the goal at the end of the first half. I


think also the time was finished. There was a big moment at 1-1 with


Sigurdsson and Azpilicueta, I thought it was handled at the time,


I have seen the replay again and it is a clear handball, and that gives


you a chance to go to- one up. Three minutes later you are too- one down,


and it was a soft goal. And then the killer blow at the end, great


quality from Hazard and a good finish from Costa, so based on


chances they deserve to win, but at 1-1 and a big moment to go ahead


away, who knows what could have happened? We created a lot of


chances, and we scored, and at the end, the result is 3-1 and it could


have been maybe 5-1. We need over 29 points to be champions. It is


important to know this, for me, for my players. To continue with the


great focus, with great concentration.


Looking good for Chelsea indeed. It could have change things


dramatically. What is your point of view? I agree that it was a penalty,


it was a deliberate movement of his hand towards the ball, and I think


they got away with one here, it could have been very difficult. It


was only six inches away when he kicks it. I know, but his arm goes


towards the ball when it is kicked. I don't think it is a penalty,


Azpilicueta's arm is out first, and I think he is trying to stop


Sigurdsson's run. Slow motion, it looks like he is trying to catch it.


I think he is trying to stop the run past him. It wasn't a walk on the


bridge for Chelsea, but they do play some lovely stuff. They have made it


very difficult, Swansea, for Liverpool at Anfield. They were


unlucky to lose at Manchester City. So they are very well organised, but


the difference between Liverpool and City and this Chelsea side, that is


the pace going forward, and it is very difficult when you have got men


behind the ball to get in behind them and work through with the pace


like Chelsea did today, and that is why Fabregas was in the team today,


because they knew they would have a little bit more of the ball and the


possession, and he would get on the ball, and he was brilliant on his


300th Premier League appearance. He started that off but he was on the


edge of the box, and they get away with it. When they have men behind


the ball, like Swansea did here, this is how you get through them, by


one touch of the ball, by runners in behind, they get away with it here,


but their intention is there, and for a lot of the game, they were


like that. And this was the goal. Fabregas starts it off, a little


one-two, to Pedro, and Fabregas finds himself in the box, and that


is the goal that he deserves. What about this for a bit of skill?


Quick, incisive, get a game behind and a very good save from Fabianski.


And this is the third goal here. He has got him one-on-one in the box,


and there is just no stopping him. The ability to do that and pull it


back to Costa, and that is one hell of a Finnish. You don't want Hazard


running at you, do you? What a transformation we have seen with


Chelsea this season compared to last. Same players, different... It


is topical, players not working for managers, and the irony is that last


season we were sat here with a large bunch of these players that we are


seeing here today, they were not working for their manager and we


know what happened. But it is such a transformation now, because we saw


how brilliant they were with the ball, but look at them here, and I


know they have this guy here, can take, who makes a huge difference,


but look at the hunger and the desire from every player to get the


ball back, to do the dirty work that a lot of players don't want to do.


If Kante doesn't get it, Fabregas or Matic do. Look at the reaction from


the players. Barbara Gass is in there, Kante again, brilliant bit of


still from Fabregas, Moses doing his bit tracking back, there is just no


space at all for the Swansea players, and look at the reaction of


three of them, Alonzo, Pedro, Moses, Kante falls over, Azpilicueta is


acting, and Chelsea were superb about, and that wasn't the case last


season, so the transformation from then to now was incredible. It is.


One game down, five more on their way.


COMMENTATOR: Pickford will just about stop it. On side. Blocked. A


chance. Blocked by Hennessey. Dipping. Not quite dipping enough.


Really dangerous ball in. Headed wide by Antonio.


David Moyes returned to Everton with his current side, Sunderland,


A win was vital for Moyes and Ronald Koeman, who is chasing


COMMENTATOR: Back at what he calls his second favourite club,


five-year-old Sunderland mad Bradley had to be the mascot today. A day of


reunions, but not for sentiment. Everton, their sights on the top


six, they face their long time former boss, seeking to make his


latest venture that little bit more challenging. Romelu Lukaku's 11


minute hat-trick at the Stadium of Light in September were his first


goals of the season. He added 14 more since and scored seven times in


his career against Sunderland. Like their hosts, the visitors have had


two weeks to prepare for today's match, allowing Jordan Pickford to


return to full fitness, he retained his position, lost due to a knee


injury. Bryan Oviedo starts, less than a month after they left here.


Ramiro Funes Mori. It's a big gap there. Baines will try and exploit


it. Clever ball. Pickford will just about stop it creeping it over the


line. Just a little nervous moment for the goalkeeper returning for his


first game in two months. Didn't look as though he should be beaten


by the shot. You can see there is no need for goalline technology. He did


get there before it crossed the line. The opening goal in any


Premier League fixture is often pivotal for a team struggling in the


bottom three, it's vital they don't concede it, particularly not early.


Wouldn't it be typical of a side in the bottom three if they should


concede the opening goal from a corner that they really ought not to


have conceded in the first place. It almost does indeed become a reality.


Lukaku came sliding in. He was a little bit disappointed it brushed


off his shin pad. Well, he had nine top 10 finishes from his seasons in


charge of Everton. He had a wonderful spell when he qualified


Everton for Europe, four times in five seasons, including once the


UEFA Champions League itself. He has got beyond Kone as well. Pickford


just about getting something on it. It was probably a combination of his


knee and thigh that got it away. He put a foot to the accelerator. A


decent stop from Pickford. Baines. Davies.


Barkley has made the run. Davies tries to find him. Not sure it was


necessarily aimed at Coleman, he gets to it. Here come Idrissa Gueye,


and Everton score. Well, in the blink of an eye, all Sunderland's


excellent defensive work evaporates and Idrissa Gueye scores his first


Everton goal. Gueye, a late arrival, great run from midfield. He plants


the ball into the roof of Sunderland's net. Everton, who have


been on top, now have the lead. Barkley, good turn.


Really good from Barkley. He's been outstanding today, actually. That's


another excellent attempt. Right on cue, he almost has the same goal.


Denied by another young England star, Jordan Pickford. Barkley


really does look like he's oozing with confidence and self-belief.


It's a joy to. With a when he's like this. That would have crept in.


Barkley himself that takes the corner. Looped into the air. O'Shea


clears. Lookman. The referee has given a free-kick to Everton. We are


in the final minute of a first half that Everton have dominated, and


lead. Clearing header. Schneiderlin. Davies! The outside of the post


post. Well, Sunderland could not afford to be two behind at


half-time. But they so very nearly were. From a Sunderland perspective,


it's still only 1-0. Here's Ndong on the charge for


Sunderland. Jermain Defoe can't get to it. Borini. It's cleared for a


Sunderland corner. He is not convinced the right decision has


been made. He is. O'Shea moving around. Kone gets to it. Claims of a


handball from Kone. One or two of the Sunderland players nearest to


him. Gibson's ball is a good one. Jones. Jermain Defoe. Strikes


Williams. Again there is an appeal for handball. Sunderland keeping


Everton hemmed in. Here's Oviedo. A great cross. Headed away by Funes


Mori. Here's Januzaj. Better from Sunderland from in the opening


moments of the second-half. Here's Oviedo. Away by Coleman. Oviedo,


again. Better options than that. There were


a couple of half hearted appeals for handball. Cooney's downward header


and a second time his arm is by his side. That debate about unnatural


position and deliberate. No penalty. They have only scored 1 #0s goals


away from home this season, Sunderland, four were against


Crystal Palace. Valencia. -- 10. Mirallas. Now Coleman. And it


reaches Barkley, who never really met it with any conviction.


Ronald Koeman said that Sunderland would be no push over. He will feel


his side should be more than just one ahead. Valencia's ball forward.


Lukaku takes it. Faced by Kone. Lukaku, good save Pickford.


Important save, too. Not had that much to do in the second-half,


Jordan Pickford, but when called upon there, he got his angles


absolutely right. They are still in this, Sunderland. Here's Funes Mori.


Doesn't have anywhere to go here except backwards. Tries to find


Schneiderlin. Won by Gibson. Here's Januzaj. Striding purposefully. Now


Jill Dando. Jermain Defoe. Is this his moment? You bet it's his moment.


Under side of the bar. Borini. Somehow Everton escape. Sunderland


within a whisker of grabbing an equaliser that their second-half


improve am merited. Well, it just seemed like Defoe was waiting for


such an opportunity. He is, what, a ball's width away from giving


Sunderland an equaliser. Januzaj's delivery from the corner. Honeyman


gets it back. Here's Januzaj, again. Tackled by Gueye. Kept in play. Only


as far as Oviedo. Wins it, again, Idrissa Gueye. Mirallas on the


counter. It comes Lukaku. Has he got the legs on Oviedo? He has. Oviedo


can't stop him. Pickford can't stop him. And Romelu Lukaku, what a 60


seconds. Lukaku makes the game safe. He draws level with Duncan Ferguson


on 60 Premier League goals for Everton. It's the one which surely


gives Everton the points. It's 2-0 now. Defoe hitting the under side of


the bar at one end, Lukaku, smuggling it over the line at the


other. Just at the exact moment that David Moyes sensed an equaliser.


Lukaku, on towards Valencia. He's onside. Good stop by Pickford. You


can't underestimate the number of times Pickford has come to


Sunderland's rescue as well. 2-0. Where does this leave the race for


European places, do you think? I don't know. Still there is a gap


between the teams. OK, it's still 12 games to play. You never know. You


need to continue and keep the momentum. The team is strong. The


team is playing some good football and we have a lot of clean sheets.


That makes a lot of points. I was disappointed we lost the first goal.


We had tried to come here and frustrate the supporters, keep


things quiet. You know, for long we sort of done that. In the end, you


know they got the goal. I didn't want us to concede in the


second-half. To be fair we grew in the game and made the chance. It


didn't go in. A landmark goal Forlan you. Yes. 60 for Everton in the


Premier League. I'm happy. I want to keep improving and working hard. The


important thing is win the games and improve as a player. Some teams seem


to be running into form? We still have our time to run into form as


well. Plenty of games to go. Ronald Koeman appears to be developing,


well, a kind of young, talented and, I suppose, more dynamic side than we


have seen in recent years? Much more dynamic. He took his time with it.


Gradually, he's brought in Davies and Schneiderlin. Idrissa Gueye was


already there, but in midfield today they were too much to handle for


Sunderland. This is in the early stages of the of the game. Linking


up, down that right hand side. Davies whipping in the ball there.


So mobile they can play in each other's positions. Schneiderlin


plays deeper. Winning the ball. They are all flying forward. The energy,


the freshness in the team now. Goes out wide eventually to Barkley.


Whips it in first time. Lukaku is very unlucky not to get on the end


of that. That is the service that Lukaku will thrive on. Davies in a


deeper position. He will shank that to the right hand side. He find


Coleman. Look is on the end of it, midfield parter in the right


position, edge of the box, sticking it in the back of the net. Foraging


together in midfield. Davies, Schneiderlin backing him up. Gueye


won the ball in the end. Schneiderlin in the deeper role that


didn't allow that ball go into the forwards at all. Gueye is the stand


out performer within the midfield three pure and simply he did this on


a more consistent basis, on the front foot, winning the ball. He


created the goal for Lukaku. Brilliant, power and pace sticking


the ball in the back of the net, 60th goal. This type of stuff here,


on the front again. This is the 88th, 89th minute, 2-0 up, still not


happy. Wants to do more for his team. He was very good at finding


passes into his front men as well. Run from Valencia. He should do


better with this opportunity. Willing runners. McCarthy, they


could have squared it to him. Ronald Koeman can be happy with his team's


performance and the way the midfield is developing is exciting. You are


not sure what Sunderland are trying to achieve on the pitch No, is the


simple answer to that. Look at Hull, Swansea, they seem to have found a


way of trying to get results of the trying to get themselves out of the


situation they are in. When I look at Sunderland I think - do you get


it wide and get crossing into the box? Do you play deep and try and


play a counter-attacking style of football? No. I'm watching it. I'm


confused in terms of what your sfooil style is. Second-half they


were much better. Plainly simple their plan of attack is, work hard


and get the ball to Jermain Defoe. If he puts it in the back of the net


1-1, they have a chance. If he doesn't put it in the back of the


net, it can happen. They lose the game. It's literally on injury may's


shoulders week in, week out what happens to them. No pressure there


Jermaine. Anyway! Bournemouth managers, past


and present, met at the Hawthorns The West Brom manager has made


a name for himself keeping sides in the top flight and if Howe isn't


careful, his current side might be Darren Fletcher plays his 300th


Premier League appearance, and Dan McCauley has 500. A hamstring injury


for Matt Phillips forces a reshuffle. Bournemouth's defeats in


the last few games make these concerning times, but a win would


steady their ship. Jack Wilshire has an ankle injury picked up in the


game against Manchester City. Marc Pugh comes in for Jordon Ibe who has


an injury. Here is Daniels, to Wilshere, then


Pugh. That is switched away to Fraser on the outside, and a penalty


at! Leaning down on the Bournemouth player, the defender exposed by the


pace of little Ryan Fraser, news always struggling. The right time


came across, West Brom might see it as soft, but Bournemouth will have


no concerns whatsoever about that, and it will be Josh King from the


spot with the rain pouring down who puts Bournemouth 1-0 up. What a


great start for them on a important weekend. If they can get a win, it


will open up a buffer zone again to the bottom three, who are six points


behind them this morning. Haphazard defending by the full-back, need


penalty. Here is front, in towards one gone.


Towards Rondon. There was roaring from some West Brom fans who thought


it was in. Chris Brunt on the right-hand side, could get it to his


favoured left and have a go. West Bromwich Albion stunned by the goal,


quite clearly. Smith allowed to come inside, and will have a go at goal,


and it is splendidly tipped over by the goalkeeper. Scored here last


season in their 2-1 win with a similar run. Lovely safe, great


start for Eddie Howe. He was in the youth team when Tony Pulis was


manager at Bournemouth, signed pro, made his debut just after Tony had


left the club, and what a Bournemouth man he has been,


involved in 623 Bournemouth games as manager or player. Remarkable. Nacer


Chadli. He brings in Dawson, it is difficult, and it is 1-1! The curled


beyond the goalkeeper, what a start, two goals in the opening few


minutes. Allowed to pick it up and drive in the first of his season,


but watch the deflection, Dawson arriving from the deep position, and


it looped up and off Charlie Daniels to beat the goalkeeper. One apiece.


It is given away here by Bournemouth, and Rondon, but what a


brilliant block by Cook. Once more in position, Fletcher rolls it back.


It was just wide off the deflection, Arter flung himself at it, and what


a mistake from the goalkeeper! How about this for celebrations. Gareth


McAuley, 500 games in English football, a long and distinguished


career, and he celebrates with a goal, and that is seven for the


defender this season, and a nightmare for Artur Boruc. Yes, he


was blocked off, but the punch was feeble, and lifted into the roof of


the net by the defender. Horrible goalkeeping error. Individual errors


have cost Bournemouth so dearly in 2017. Mings, they have to make a


decision, the referee checks with the assistant, no foul given. There


was too much hesitation about that Bournemouth defence again. Cook is


making no attempt to play the ball, the referee having nothing of the


appeal, though. Bournemouth may accept they got lucky. This is


dangerous, Rondon has gone in behind him, what is the referee going to


give here? I think he played the ball, and the referee agrees.


Last-ditch defending for Bournemouth. Rondon gets goal side,


but he played the ball, and it is the correct decision by Mark


Clattenburg. Got it absolutely spot on. West Brom just dropping off,


forming their rank. A little space here now for Fraser.


It is nearly came all the way through to Pugh, just a glance took


it away. That might have made a big difference as it comes in towards


Wilshere, just a little nick away by Gareth McAuley.


Dawson through a rather weak challenge, that is the run that


Rondon has been making all week long. And Acorn is given. To be fair


to the Bournemouth centre-backs, they have lacked great production.


-- a corner is given. It is aimed at the far post, Mings has got up well,


and the header off the top of the bar, and that man again, Gareth


McAuley, his second in the game, and it's in now! Chadli nudges it in,


and the referee will go and check, because is he offside? He looks


really not too good at all. I think if Chadli did not touch this, the


goal will be given. That is the first header by McCauley of the bar,


and when it comes in again, that is where Dawson in heading the ball on


gets absolutely clattered. He is in an offside position as he nudges the


ball forward, and that is why the goal is disallowed, and had he not


touched it, Dawson's header would have gone in and it would have


counted. Dawson can play no further part, that was a terrific bump to


the head. This has been cagey, more tactical in the second half. Rondon


was too strong therefore Gosling. Comes up, McClean again, good


defending by Smith, kept his eyes on the ball not on the player's


movement. That has kept it at 2-1, and kept Bournemouth in the game.


Daniels, can they get one last quality cross in, Bournemouth? Could


save! Found the space, but good goalkeeping.


Mousset, the challenge there, and he is left to fill in on the challenge,


McClean. Artur Boruc has come up, and he is not being marked. Is it


in? Know, a superb effort by Mings, and Ben Foster kept West Bromwich


Albion ahead. They are both goalkeepers, and it is Ben Foster


who comes out on top, but for Eddie Howe it is 60 feet in seven now,


worrying times ahead. You are always a little bit nervous that they will


come back and have their opportunities and chances, and they


didn't the last few minutes of the game, but generally, one


disappointment, the opportunities and the chances again that we have


created, we have to be more clinical. The first goal was


deflected, the second goal and error, individual errors have cost


you dearly? You will find that, there are errors from the team, it


is different players, and that is why we have to take collective


responsibility. We will be a much better team from this. Top scorer,


Gareth McAuley? He has been flying this season, a great player, and we


work hard on our set pieces, and he wants to go and attack the ball and


that is why he gets his rewards. I love it and I have the desire to


keep in it. If submitted giving me a job that I will keep playing!


Good for you. It was end-to-end stuff which you get with


Bournemouth, but it really boil down to the tale of two keepers in the


end. It did, another individual error from Bournemouth, but this


time the goalkeeper gifted the goal to McCauley. It has happened so many


times this season, he comes for the punch, there is traffic in and


around, but there is no excuse for that. It is a simple tap in for


McCauley again. It is a simple chance for them, gifted the goal,


1-0 up. They have to do much better, it is as simple as that, and to be


fair, at the other end, Ben Foster is in fine form. He moves his feet


brilliantly to get across to this. Fantastic to get across and tip that


one over, and the huge celebrations with the players jumping on his


back. 40 points already for West Brom and Tony Pulis. He has done one


hell of a job. And 49 is their record in the Premier League, 12


games to go to beat that, I'm pretty sure they will do it. He is having


one hell of a season, he and the team have been brilliant. In


contrast, Bournemouth with one win in ten, four consecutive defeats in


the lead. They have the second worst defensive record in the league, it


is as simple as that, only Swansea have a worse record. They concede an


average two goals in a game, Manchester United away next week.


Sometimes it is easy if you are able to score goals, to adjust things at


the back, but if you can't score, then that is an issue. It is, but


based on what we have just spoken about with all the errors they


create, they need to cut that out and eventually they will be OK.


Selhurst Park might not be the number one choice for thrills


and spills this weekend, but the Crystal Palace


v Middlesbrough match was one of huge importance.


Palace have lost their last five league home games.


Boro have only scored two goals this year.


COMMENTATOR: Crystal Palace fans keeping an evil eye on those around


them on the table, Mamadou Sakho making his debut ten months after


his last game for Liverpool, but this is a team that has won just one


of its last 11 games. Boro's recent record is one win in ten, but hardly


a cause for celebration. Gassed on's first start after a possible move to


Leicester. Zaha. Taking an Ayala, and a few appeals from Crystal


Palace fans behind that goal for a push on Zaha who is so quick. He


certainly did lean into him, there is no question about it. Benteke's


header. Puncheon to van Aanholt. And Benteke rose brilliantly, and


seemed to hang their direct in the midriff of Valdes, two managers


under pressure, but then, aren't they all? Tomkins, curled in towards


Benteke on the turn, good save. It is handball, it won't be counted. It


certainly hit his right wrist, I'm not sure he intended it to. Gaston


Ramirez, Negredo, and around the corner to Downing. Three in the


middle here, lofted up towards Negredo, chance on the turn. Still


on the -- Stuani couldn't put it away, lovely piece of football from


Middlesbrough. Mamadou Sakho just up got his toe to it, did well. Only


three goals in the last eight Premier League games in which they


failed to win. Zaha's flick, Cabaye, well covered. Ayala's header, and


van Aanholt on his right foot has budgeted! Patrick van Aanholt's


first goal for the club. Off his left foot, you would have backed


him. Off his right, I think he is as surprised as anybody. Deflected back


into van Aanholt's path, and swept into the corner. Crystal Palace 1-0


Middlesbrough. Vital for a Crystal Palace team who have taken only


seven points at home in the Premier League so far this season.


That was well won by pension. -- Jason Puncheon. Certainly Valdes


would have had this covered, but credit Puncheon for winning it. Sam


Allardyce has been through this particular mangled many a time, and


he normally comes out nice and clean and smelling of roses.


Stuani away, then blocked by Tomkins. Sakho was calm, Tomkins


slightly less so, I don't think he wanted that from Sakho. Here is


Gaston Ramirez, Stewart Downing. For sure is trying to get underneath it,


the chances blocked by Hennesey. They got lucky here, Palace. Well


hit by Stuani. It is just unfortunate that where the ball went


is exactly where Hennesey was standing.


Away from Gaston Ramirez. Again, beautifully played into McArthur.


Couldn't get the shot away. Gibson did well to get his body between


McArthur and the ball. That was really dangerous. Almost scored


seconds after coming on the pitch. Still to all to play for the Boro


boss. Stuani is saying handball. He thinks he should be getting a


penalty. Bobby Madly right on-the-spot here. No, you can't give


that. Middlesbrough corner. Missed by Hennessey. Gibson back across


ball. Puncheon, away. A little bit lucky there, the Palace goalkeeper.


Here's Zaha. Townsend ahead of him to the left. Benteke, to the right.


Collision between Ramirez Fabio allowed him back on to. Benteke,


still. Blocked in the end Ayala. He was beaten all end up.


Benteke on the back, missed by Ayala. Benteke, still. Downing, has


he turned into trouble? He has. The referee has given it the other way.


He said the Palace man dived here. Stewart Downing certainly turned


himself into trouble here. He's got time here. He then turns into some


right bother. He's caught him. He's definitely caught him, Stewart


Downing. The Palace man gets a yellow card. Launched away to


Gestede, trying to get himself in front of Sakho. Here's bib Gibson.


Downing is away on the left hand side. Here's Benteke. Townsend is


with him. Benteke. Benteke, into Andros Townsend. Well, he could have


knocked that up to the back post. That is what Benteke was looking


for. Townsend with a wild lash. I got the feeling to go forward. I


have the capability to score goals. I showed it last season. I'm showing


it this season again. I did it today again. It's the winning goal. It's


never been a big Erwin for us this season I think than this one. It


lays to rest, for the home fans particularly, that Sunderland game


the last time we played. Big victory. Hopefully we can move on


from there. We have to keep going together. We started together, and


we will finish together. So we know that we will have the experience


other teams have. We don't have the money other teams have to spend. The


only tool we have is to keep working together. Good fashioned six


pointer. Crystal Palace got the three points. A vital win for them


nevertheless, wasn't it? It was almost Big Samesque? It deserves the


points. I thought they were the better team throughout. I thought it


was a better team performance. They understood what each other's roles


were. How they were going to play the game, what they wanted from each


other. They were more direct. They didn't hesitate at all to get balls


into the box. They knew, I think, they had to do that. Patrick van


Aanholt got a very good goal. Down the left hand side, again. No other


thought than, get the ball into the box to Benteke. Should have done


better. Should have put it in the back of the net. From the right


side, ball into the box, again. That was their first thought - can we hit


the big man if there is nobodies around him? Get it up to him, see


what he can do. Good turn, good shot. Second-half that didn't change


either, to be honest. Up on his own again. Not a lot of people around


him, support. He does enough. They thorough thrill deserved the three


points today. It was three massive points for them. They could have


doubled their lead, couldn't they, but for a dubious penalty decision?


Dubious? That is very kind. I don't know how Kop Bobby Madly had not


seen this one. Poor decision. Given Palace situation and desperation


they would have loved to have the two goal cushion. McArthur gets to


the ball first am you can see Bobby's position with his assistant


on the other side. Clear view of the incident. How none of them have


managed to give it. They not only give the right decision. We get


another look at it. Clear touch from McArthur. Downing makes the foul.


But they've booked McArthur on top of that for diving. I mean, it is's


a poor decision. Like I said, I think tensions have been high down


at Selhurst Park they could have done with that two goal cushion. We


agree on that one. Sglm we do, yeah. As for Middlesbrough, they are the


opposite, aren't they, of Bournemouth. In the sense they are


pretty well-organised. Don't concede many goals, at the same time they


don't look like scoring a goal? We say the same thing everything week


about Middlesbrough. 19 goals, 26 games. Haven't won in the league


since mid December. Haven't won in nine. Not scored in the last three.


In a slump. In big trouble, I think. Palace's win drops Leicester


into the bottom three Leicester will feature in the game.


It gives us a chance to talk about the demissal that bagged the


headlines this week of Claudio Ranieri. What is your view, Alan? I


didn't need the sacking of Ranieri to tell me the players weren't


working for them. I have been saying it for the last two three months


that the players aren't working for him. What I would say to the


Leicester players. Look in the mirror and ask a question - have I


worked as hard as I could and given the manager everything? I would


pretty much say for the vast majority of that Leicester squad the


answer answer is no. They could do more, I'm certain of that. I feel


the timing was ludicrous. Gone to Sevilla it could have been a tough


result... It might be a watershed moment coming back - It was


Leicester back to their best defensively. Something was mores


positive. Give the man an opportunity to keep the team in the


Premier League. Does it take away the magic of last season, the


goodwill that the whole country, large parts of the world, had for


the club to do something that so sudden and so stark as that? Fans


will get over that, I'm sure. We saw what happened with Chelsea, they got


back to inwithing ways. Fans for get. You should never ever for get


what happened last season. It's the best thing that ever happened and


will happen in the Premier League, a team like Leicester achieving what


they did. I certainly concur with that.


Marco Silva's impact at Hull cannot be underestimated as confidence


and hope has returned to the side as they fight against relegation.


They welcomed Burnley, who have secured just a single


COMMENTATOR: Hull are back believing, again. Silva has restored


faith and points as he looks to lead Hull to three consecutive home wins


in the Premier League for the first time and in doing so out of the


relegation zone. The Hull boss is without Sam Clucas and Markovic he


can welcome back Mbokani after illness. He plays under Marco Silva


under the first time. Burnley refer back to the team that drew with


Chelsea. Two names returning, Robbie braidly fresh from his debut goal


against the leaders and George Boyd who helped Hull into the Premier


League at their time at the club. They have been relegated and


promoted together. What a huge incentive for Hull with a victory to


take them out of the relegation zone. Away by Huddlestone. Hull


relieved as McGuire trots back on. N'Diaye and Barton. Brady's


free-kick. In came Ben Mee. It came off the post. A goal kick at the end


of it. He picked up Ben Mee. He didn't hold what should have been a


routine catch. In the end it came off Ashley Barnes yesterday. They --


Maloney, Huddlestone. Pulled back. Westwood will get the yellow card.


Hull get a free-kick. I don't think this one is up for debate. This is a


fairway out. Dipping, but not quite dipping


enough. Had Tom Heaton moving. Decent try. Westwood. Looking for


the ball over the top to Gray. Brilliant take, good try. Just


couldn't find the target. Beautifully timed run. Lovely first


touch. Just drifted across the face. The clearest opportunity of this


game so far. They have scored 22 league goals, second-lowest in the


division. His team, have only five away goals all season.


Elmohamady, suddenly Mbokani with space. Grosicki, over. That's Hull's


biggest chance. The Polish international couldn't take it. At


last, this game is beginning to open up.


Useful cross from the central defender. It's fallen for Grosicki.


His first touch let him down. It's still potentially alive. Touch on


the way through, it's a Hull corner. The early cross from the central


defender surprised Burnley here. It just clipped off Westwood.


Grosicki's corner. McGuire came in. Appeals for handball. It's been


given. He says penalty, yellow card, Ashley Barnes. It's Michael Keane


the offender. Leading with his arm. It's a good spot from Martin


Atkinson. Barnes' yellow card was for dissent. 19 minutes remaining.


Bul Hull have scored both their Premier League penalties this


season. Tom Huddlestone has the responsibility here. Against Tom


Heaton. It could be a big moment. Oh, and it's in. Tom Heaton thought


he'd kept it out. Relief for Huddlestone and for Hull. 72 minutes


gone. And Hull have the lead. Heaton left frustrated. He thought he'd


just pushed that round the post. Instead, he just helped it into the


back of the net. The most important thing for Marco Silva and Hull is


that it went in. Burnley have not won a Premier League game under Sean


Dyche when they've conceded the first goal, in 34 of them. Here's


Gray. Robbie Brady's cross was an excellent one, as was the


interception from Harry McGuire. He's been a rock back there for Hull


again today. Brady with him. Through to Keane! Would you believe it, the


man who gave away the penalty at one end has equalised at the other. Just


his second ever Premier League goal. It's got Burnley back on terms. Hull


didn't deal with it. He hammered it past Jakupovic. Hull 1, Burnley 1.


Perfect response. Elmohamady takes over. Away by


Lowton. Clears it for Burnley. He got a blow in the face there. A


second yellow card for Barnes, and he's off. Ashley Barnes sent off for


barnly in stoppage-time. He did have a little look there and caught


Ranocchia in the face. In from Huddlestone. Ranocchia's head down.


Oh, he had the swing. That is the opportunity missed for Hull to win


the game and temporarily move out of the bottom three.


Having gone in front, is it frustrating to just get a point?


Yes, it is frustrating. During 95 minutes, it is not easy for all


teams to play against them. We try to put our football on the pitch, to


put our ideas there. A lot is being made about our away form, we took


the game on, we created chances, we had the golden chance of the game.


The first half, we made so many good opportunities, but we failed with


the final moment of quality in the top third of the pitch, but in


general, to come back with the amazing character we have got in the


team, I am very pleased with that. I am obviously disappointed to give a


weather penalty, I thought it was harsh. I got a push in the back, and


it pushed my arm towards the ball, and unfortunately that went against


us today, but to respond straightaway with a goal, we are


strong from set plays, the great Hall in, and I think they took a


good first touch. No question who the chief


protagonist was. It was a crazy five minutes for him and what was


probably quite a dull game. He mentioned he got a push in the back.


I don't think it was that much of a push, not enough for him to stick


his hand out in the way that he did. It is not clear in that one, but you


can see here, the ball is about to hit Maguire's head, so he is


stopping a held player get on the ball. It is the right incision from


Martin Atkinson to give the penalty. Tom Huddlestone comes up, and he


goes down the other end, and his twin brother will be proud of his


defensive brother, his quality to bring that down on his chest and put


that in the back of the net. A fantastic finish. Very, very good


finish. He has a team back in the game, and ended a run of defeats


away from home. And Hull have become difficult to beat. He has them


organised, but I think they are up against it.


There are a few things to look out for this week.


Radio 5 Live will have commentary of the EFL Cup Final


as Manchester United take on Southampton.


More live action from the FA Cup on Wednesday night as free-scoring


Manchester City take on Huddersfield in a tricky replay.


And, coverage from Serbia of Athletics' European Indoor


Championships gets underway on BBC Two from Friday morning.


COMMENTATOR: Scholes goes into the middle, and Dwight Yorke is there!


Dwight Yorke, he is on his hat-trick, a great chance for 3-1.


What a great hat-trick. When Watford and West Ham met


earlier in the season, it was a six goal thriller and kick


started Watford's season. West Ham were struggling


at the time, but have Martin Fisher watched


at Vicarage Road. COMMENTATOR: Troy Deeney accused


West Ham of showboating at 2-0 up, and Watford stormed back to win 4-2


to climb back out of the relegation zone, and haven't been in any real


trouble since. Personally he is back in the goals with three of his last


four outings. Juris -- Joseph West Ham have yet to keep a clean


sheet since the Portuguese joint. A victory would take them above West


Ham in the table. Deeney is in behind Fonte. They have got a block


in, Zarate goes down, penalty! The referee pointed to the spot inside


two minutes. The diminutive Argentine has given Watford the


perfect opportunity to take an early lead here. He scored seven of his


last eight penalty kicks, Troy Deeney, the one blot on his copybook


was at Upton Park back in April. He doesn't miss this one. Into the


bottom corner, and Troy Deeney's eighth in the campaign looks the


perfect penalty. The manager dent even watch what was


unfolding. Zarate has done well, and plenty of


power in that shot, but it was always rising. Slaven Bilic took his


players to Dubai in the interval between their last game and this


one, he was keen to stress that they did train every day. Feghouli


tussling with Holebas, and he has got the better and picked out


Snodgrass. What an opportunity from Robert Snodgrass, poor defending


from Holebas, and when Snodgrass was picked out, it is Kaboul who has got


the shot. Antonio ploughed on, but is denied. The determination here,


not a little skill from Antonio. He stayed on his feet. Here is Querrey


Arte. Noble lucky for Feghouli, and it is away by Janmaat. West Ham


press for the equaliser, Creswell with the cross, and it wouldn't


quite drop for Snodgrass. The referee has now spotted that Zarate


is down and needs attention. What a chance here for West Ham, Gomes


could only push it out. A problem for Zarate, he went down after that


challenge from Feghouli, and this looks nasty. The knee just seems to


have called underneath him, and applause all around the ground as he


is stretchered off the pitch. What a blow to him personally, signed last


month, this only his third game for Watford.


Watford players hugely irritated by that challenge, it is a level for


Antonia. It is a sore leg for Behrami. Kouyate on the far side.


Piatti has gone for the return, tried to get in behind, and he might


just do so. He goes down, and the whistle goes and Watford's favour.


Kouyate who was involved in the incident in that penalty area to


concede in the first half. On the far side, Kouyate is well forward


again against Holebas. Beaten by Tom Cleverley, and cheering from the


West Ham fans behind that goal as West Ham are given a free kick.


Fonte attacking many opposed, Antonia couldn't go, and what a save


by Gomes! Great athleticism here from Gomes. It is not quite


happening for Bilic again. Might Creswell provide the opportunity? It


is a quality ball in from Creswell, but Antonio couldn't guide it home.


In the 72nd minute, Vicarage Road stands to remember Graham Taylor.


Now, can Ayew just help that an? Yes, he can. Antonia will look to


burst away, he hasn't lost it yet, and Ayew! West Ham United level the


score at 1-1, and Andre Ayew gets his second goal in claret and blue.


Produced a wonderful shot, and the rebound favours West Ham United.


1-1. Lanzini for West Ham. The pass wasn't good enough for him. Antonia


slipped to the ground, and Watford players felt that he handled it. It


is a yellow card, and having already been booked, Antonia is off. More


frustration for Slaven Bilic. He is having a look again, definite


handball, silly from Antonio. That was won by Behrami, but Success


was fouled. This might be the last chance for either of these sides to


win this game. Corner given. Final touch of the


Solder of Kouyate -- the shoulder of Querrey Arte. It goes right across,


and is hooked away. In goes Holebas, West Ham can't clear it, still the


chance, and Success sends it wide, and referee Craig Pawson blows her


time, and West Ham just about hang on.


Can we just check on the progress of Zarate, any news on his condition as


yet? I saw him in a lot of pain, and also a bit worried. This is not a


good sign, but he was also making a difference on the pitch, so


hopefully it is not too bad. It is a good point, especially it is hard to


come back away, but on the other hand, if you ask me which team today


showed more quality, basically more quality in every department,


especially on the ball, that was us, especially in the second half. We


can't get to a point where we think we are safe, and is definitely a


game of two halves. We had the better of the first half and they


dominated the second, so fair result, just one of those games.


Honours even, couple of penalty decisions to look at, Jermaine. Very


similar, the first one, Zarate who had a big influence on this game


until he unfortunately went off with what looked like a terrible injury,


but it is just clumsy, we Arte stamps on his heel and it was the


right decision from Pawson. Niang getting himself into a bad has


issued with Kouyate, he could get there but he is being obstructed, so


I think that is a penalty. That should have been a penalty. I think


Slaven thinks that as well. That was calm for him! West Ham struggling in


the sense that they haven't gotten out and out striker with Andy


Carroll injured, and is that showing? It did a large parts of


this, and not through lack of effort, because I thought Antonia


Gega think that he had, but just running out of options. When you


pick up your head, you want somebody to run in with you, and it wasn't


quite happening. Pace, power, energy to get down the left-hand side. Your


he does it anyway. But when he looks up there, he needs people in the


box, and Feghouli and Snodgrass are just a little too late. And the


chance has now gone, exactly the same thing happens on the left


again, Snodgrass, and again two players should be in the box, but


they are not, and the chance goes again. But a hopeful ball forward,


there isn't a lot he could do with that, Antonia, just try to push them


under pressure, but when Ayew came on, second-half, the one bit of


quality and the determination to get in the box change, brilliant run


from Antonio, unlucky not to going, and they definitely deserved that.


Both of these teams, you would imagine, would finish in the middle


of the table. I think so. To be fed to West Ham, they have managed to


get themselves a little bit of good form, so both teams will be


mid-table, I would say. We have just about run out of time. Before we


leave you, let's have a look at the table.


Leaders Chelsea extended their advantage to 11 points


Tottenham have a chance to go second when they play Stoke on Sunday.


Crystal Palace's win against Middlesbrough moves them out


of the bottom three with champions Leicester replacing them


ahead of their match against Liverpool on Monday.


Sunderland stay bottom after their defeat at Everton.


Let's see what the papers have to say.


The Mail on Sunday focus on the denials from some key Leicester


players that they had a hand in Claudio Ranieri's sucking. And could


Nigel Pearson be heading back to Leicester to replace the Italian?


Chelsea get 11 points clear, which means Leicester can no longer retain


the title. Goodbye.


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