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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


It's been a big day in the Premier League,


but the big story of course was last night.


Alan Shearer and Ian Wright are standing by.


Antonio Conte's team travelled to West Brom knowing victory


would clinch the title with two games to spare.


West Brom's final home game of the season, but they'd be forgiven for


feeling like guests in their own house, because this is all about


Chelsea. One more win for the Premier League title. For Albion,


one change from last weekend's draw at Burnley, with Nyom returning an


defence. He takes the place of Marc Wilson. That means another start for


some field, four days after his 19th birthday. The teenagers daunting


midfield opponents will be Cesc Fabregas and Nemanja Matic, but


Antonio Conte has the same Chelsea side that cruised to three more


points against Middlesbrough. N'Golo Kante is fit to return, but as a


substitute. It is Albion who get the Friday night action started in a


Hawthorns atmosphere that feels more like Stamford Bridge. Chelsea taking


over this little part of the West Midlands tonight. It has been


reported that some Chelsea supporters have paid thousands as...


Albion thrashing the first chance of the game and Forster is saved from


Courtois, Salomon Rondon nearly silenced the blue hordes behind that


Chelsea goal. Possibly dipping in, possibly it would have struck the


bar. Fabregas has gone for goal. He beat


Foster with the strike, but he beat the post as well. But it was there


to be struck. They are not close enough to block. Look how close --


Nyom not close enough to block. Look how close it was. Hazard looked for


Diego Costa, it nearly came to Fabregas. Livermore was not


expecting that ball towards him. There was another suggestion here of


hand ball, more than a suggestion. It was swept by the hand of Jonny


Evans. That's how to control it. He could see Cesc Fabregas mouth hand


ball, then just carry on playing almost in disbelief that it wasn't


spotted. I think Antonio Conte has met his match in terms of energy


expelled on the touchline this evening. Tony Pulis has been


charging around the box. Rondon gets it through. Bernard was offside.


Fletcher risen. McClean isn't. David Luiz has to turn it away with Chris


Brunt ready to put the ball in, and it's close to being the right ball


across from James McClean, with cover from David Luiz.


Moses! It's a super save by Ben Foster. Really smart reactions,


because that was fired through the legs of McClean. The goalkeeper


cannot really have been expecting that until it was cracked his way.


Peg Robert Harward it. Evans' header goes straight to cost. Lovely chest


down to Hazard, Hazard's pull-back was almost an own goal. Almost


kilometres from West Bromwich Albion's men at the back. Dawson's


heart wasn't half beating here. Turned straight against Yacob. It's


a good job that Claudio Yacob was stationed where he was. Yacob, a


good turn, but he didn't have time to complete the job. Didn't have the


room. Claim off overhand of Yacob, but to close for it to be seen as


hand ball. Rondon has got away from David Luiz. He needs to stay in


front of Kay has -- Cahill and Azpilicueta. Azpilicueta blocks it.


That would have been controversial. It came off the arm of Yacob, Rondon


David Rondon gave David Luiz the slip. You can see the anguish in


Antonio Conte's face. Hazard lost it to Yacob. Here's


Rondon. Rondon has Livermore in acres of space to the left.


Livermore against David Luiz. Livermore plays it in. That's


Chadli, it's wide. But as this game is opening up, the chances are


falling to West Bromwich Albion. Good vision there from Livermore.


Batshuayi, about to play in the Premier League for the 18th time,


everyone is a substitute. Just the one goal, at Watford, on the 20th of


August, seven minutes after he took the field. Let's put the clock on


him. Darren Fletcher has the tactical note in his hand. He seemed


to be looking at it two or three times before getting the gist of it


to pass on. It must be the manager's handwriting. Not many minutes to go.


Willian with the lifted ball in. Diego Costa. Brunt for Albion,


Marcos Alonso up there, Gary Cahill to hit. Azpilicueta. And it is


turned in by Michy Batshuayi! Chelsea have managed to find a way


through. It's so close now. The biggest Chelsea celebration ever


seen. Antonio Conte at the heart of it all. West Bromwich Albion just


could not get the ball away. It was sliced by Cahill. Chris Brunt


couldn't stop Cesar Azpilicueta from keeping the ball moving. A hopeful


turn into the middle and Michy Batshuayi, a bit part player for


Chelsea all season, might just have scored the goal that wins them the


Premier League. We knew that was coming. We knew that with that kind


of celebration when child -- we knew were there would be that kind of


celebration when Chelsea got their goal. Have West Brom got anything


left in them? They have given it a real fight. Five more minutes to


play. Chelsea aren't there yet. He is Darren Fletcher. Rondon! Saved by


Courtois. The flag is up anyway. It wouldn't have counted, but credit to


Thibaut Courtois for saying fully switched on. -- for staying fully


switched on. Foster with the big bash forward. David Luiz waiting for


it. Helped on towards Livermore. Michael Oliver has a look at his


watch. John Terry caught out by what he thought was about to be the


full-time whistle. Not the only one. Yacob. Blue is the colour of the


Premier League winners again. A more familiar name I gain, as Chelsea win


it for the fifth time, and an Italian who has masterminded things


again. All hail Antonio Conte. Three seasons, three titles with Juventus.


One in one with Chelsea, Mr 100%. Chelsea champions with two games to


spare. Full credit to West Bromwich Albion, who gave it one heck of a


fight tonight. At its Chelsea's Premier League. West Bromwich Albion


nil, Chelsea one. Chelsea, champions!


The obvious question is just how does that feel tonight? Can you see


my face? It feels amazing, it feels a special moment. We said there are


opportunities in football that you need to grab with both hands. We


felt we had to do that today. You can hear the celebrations now and I


can't wait to get back to the changing room. These are moments you


need to cherish, they don't come round every day. This trophy is


special and to do it two times in three years at Chelsea is fantastic.


I'm very proud. We needed to have the brakes go for others today, to


get the results and that's the difference sometimes. Nobody can say


they've had an easy game, they've come here and had an easy game,


we've really worked hard as a group. They've done that all season. A


wonderful group of lads who work hard, big hearts and big lungs again


today. Very, very proud of them. They commit with the workrate, great


will to decide to win this league in this season. It wasn't easy,


honestly, because we start the season with a lot of problems. But I


think that in the problems we found the right way to be stronger. He has


made his philosophy to come into our brain quickly, you know? Credit to


the players as well that we worked very hard and we understood quickly


what he wanted from us. The season is not over. We have two weeks now


to prepare well for the final, which is another fantastic, romantic


trophy that we want to win and to win the double, then it could be an


excellent season. We have to work for it now. It's great for me, it's


my first season, a new country, a new language, I'm happy to win this


league that for me is very strong. Why bother in a week on Sunday you


will be lifting the trophy. Is it going to be a long week? I can't


wait to get my hands on that trophy. It's going to be a special time, you


know. All our families will be there, it will be party time at


Stamford Bridge. I can't wait. I'm sure you can't. He's had a great


season, Chelsea have had a great season, congratulations to the new


champions. Worth a look back at the goal that decided it? There was a


big decision for the manager, West Brom made it difficult and took


Hazard off and Pedro off and brought Willian and Batshuayi on. It was a


bit of a scrappy goal, a mis-hit on the edge of the box from Gary


Cahill, when it eventually. In. But when it comes to Azpilicueta, who


has been brilliant all season and he puts it on a plate for Batshuayi,


for only his second league goal. What a time to come up with such an


important goal. You can see... There it goes! The easy as, the passion,


just everything about it filtered down to all his players all season.


Absolutely magnificent. And infectious personality. I suppose


the change, there's always something in a season, the shift in the


system, wasn't it, that was the definitive moment. That was the big


change. They'd been beaten to Liverpool, played Arsenal at the


Emirates and were hammered 3-0. Getting beaten 3-0 with this team,


Blake four at the back and it wasn't working. -- played four at the back.


He had to do something. This is the game of the Emirates, when the third


goal at Arsenal scored, they were battered. They got torn apart.


Sanchez and Ozil run riot that afternoon. But it on a plate for


them. Good finish, 3-0 at half-time. From then on he changed it. They


went to Hull and then played this team, this system, changed a couple


of players and then they went 13 games on the spin, winning games,


which was an incredible turnaround for a team that struggle. Had a real


consistency of selection, rather like Leicester last season, the team


that made the fewest changes went on to win the league. Admittedly they


didn't have Europe to worry about. That has to be said also, they


certainly benefited without being in Europe, but 38 changes, which when


you look at it compared to other teams in there, so they've used that


to their advantage. And also, when did you feel they'd actually


clinched it, apart from mathematically? Two three weeks ago


they went to Goodison Park against Everton. A lot of people were


thinking if it was going to go against them, then this was the


game, but again, they batted Everton. That was the turning point,


because Tottenham were on a winning run and you can imagine how


demoralising it was for Tottenham, winning all those games and they


went there. That was the game that the Chelsea players and staff,


looking at their reaction, that they thought it was nearly in the bag. A


word on Conte. What a wonderful job he's done in a short space of time.


It is. Just before the Arsenal game, there was talk about his job was in


jeopardy and after the Arsenal game, you can't believe it when you look


at how it's happened now, the way he's got players like Moses. Moses


was saying he didn't know where he was going to go, on loan, this


manager has kept him in there. Willian, an unbelievable player,


he's kept the whole squad happy. When you look at the way they are,


no red card, discipline has been very good. When you look at the way


he's kept the team together, you would say about the amount of


changes of players they've used, it's kept them together and he's


done that brilliantly. It's that assured calmness that he has off the


pitch. Worthy winners, good football. People say they are bit


counterattack, but they are great on the counter. Of course people


mention Moses and Alonso and Kante and Hazard but Fabregas, coming off


the bench, at integral moments, was fantastic. We mentioned Kante,


Hazard, Costa, but there is a case for mentioning all the players.


Azpilicueta also deserves a mention, played every minute of every league


game. He's every single Saturday, midweek, and eight or nine hours out


of ten, superb all season. Well done, Chelsea.


Let us turn our attention to today. That they near post ball to die for.


It is in towards Djourou. The shot is on here. Drops in for Bamford.


Swansea had the chance to take a giant stride towards safety at


relegated Sunderland, who did their opponents are huge favour last week


and by beating Hull. Steve Wilson was at the Stadium of Light.


COMMENTATOR: Jermain Defoe Willie bind many friendships when he leaves


this summer but none were bought and that with Bradley Lowry. Ten years


of an elite football at the Stadium of Light to an end. Fernando


Llorente's goals have been crucial for Swansea, none more important


than last week against Everton which put their fate back in their own


hands. A win today would keep them in control of their own destiny and


crank up the pressure on Hull City and Crystal Palace tomorrow. The


referee is Andre Mariner. Swansea City all in white against a


Sunderland side in red and white stripes, who are Championship bound.


That was into the feet of Fernando Llorente but then Naughton was then


fouled by Anichebe E. Gylfi Sigurdsson on this free for Swansea.


In if curtains are good for them towards Fernando Llorente. Swansea


in front after just eight minutes. Fernando Llorente soaks up the


celebrations. Yet another assist for Gylfi Sigurdsson. Pickford came and


didn't get there. Fernando Llorente heads Swansea in front. Not sure


Pickford really needed to come for it. The net was empty as a result


and Fernando Llorente found it. A perfect start. Cut out by Leon


Britton. That hit his own man and then the corner flag. Finally gone


behind for a Sunderland corner off the unlucky Tom Carroll. A wry smile


from the owner, Ellis Short. Larsson with the corner for Sunderland.


Lofted towards Jones who got the downward header. It might fall for


Defoe. You can't take your eyes off it with Jermain Defoe around. It


took a blocking save from Fabianski. I think he is just about awake.


Good feet, Carol. No kind of angle really. Olsen. The deflection on the


cross, Gibson with the header. He did well. Ki, Naughton making a


forward run, he is onside. And it is 2-0, a commend this finish. Huge


celebrations from the Swansea fans on high and the Swansea bench. They


lead by two. A really well worked goal and a thumping finish by Kyle


Naughton. His first ever goal for Swansea City. Great finish.


Sunderland 0- two Swansea City. Lashing it beyond Pickford into the


top corner of the Sunderland net. Defoe was caught by Fernandez, that


will be a free kick. Whilst he is on the pitch, Jermain Defoe, there is a


chance Sunderland will get something. The free kick that the


fell by Fernandez. An opportunity for Sebastian Larsson. Swansea


anxiety even at 2-0. Deflected off the wall. They are claiming


handball, Sunderland. Strong appeals. Larsson hits it. He


certainly moved his arm in the direction of the ball and moved his


body out of the way. It has hit his left hand. They may have a case


there. It will be a huge rebuilding job next season as David Moyes takes


over as a manager outside of the top flight for the first time since 2002


when he was the Preston boss. He may find that getting up is no easier


than staying up. That will be a free kick. It looked like Borini may have


felt him before Leroy Fer got anywhere near him but the decision


has gone Sunderland's way. If Swansea don't win this game from


here, with just the last quarter of it to play, it would be supremely


careless. Khazri looks most keen, Defoe is there as well, it is


Khazri. Pushed back dangerously. He did score last week Billy Jones but


this may have come to the wrong man. Fabianski pushing it right back into


the danger area. Jones could not hit the target. Face planted in the


turf. As the chance was wasted and what they chance.


Play answers the referee. It has come to Khazri. Defoe. Deflected for


a corner. A good run by the Italian. Naughton stuck his leg out but Andre


Mariner said play on and Sunderland nearly took advantage. The last


ticket stub from their season tickets has been used. Many of them


look pretty thankful for that. Andre Mariner blows his whistle. Swansea


aren't quite safe yet but they may be tomorrow. Even if they are not,


they have West Bromwich Albion at home on the final day of the season


with the fate in their own hands. Sunderland depart to the


Championship with doing ringing in their ears. It has been a Sunderland


0- two Swansea City. Can you sum up in one sentence what Paul Clement


has done best to mark the Game to Swansea at a difficult time? He came


in and gave us confident. He got the lads believing in themselves again


and we worked a lot on how to press correctly and stuff. It has shown


and we have picked up some good results. We started quite well with


some half opportunities. And the goalkeeper has been fantastic --


fantastic for us all year. He made a mistake at Southampton early on but


he knows he shouldn't come and get involved in a free kick from so


deep. Ultimately the first goal meant Swansea could keep the ball


when they had it. We found it hard chasing it. A huge task for us, we


don't think it is done but we think we did a really good job today. We


look ahead to next week, there is one game to go. We will be looking


at that with a lot of interest tomorrow for a Hull and Crystal


Palace but a good result against West Brom to finish the season


strongly. A huge game at Selhurst Park tomorrow or Hull and Crystal


Palace as well. Swansea have done what they had to do. They found a


bit of form at the right time, as has their striker, Fernando


Llorente. A couple of ways ago he took criticism after the Watford


game, don't think they took too kindly to it but I thought at the


sign that it was justified. Particularly when you see what he is


capable of. Today, as their main man, he has had 42 touches. He was


their focal point and was brilliant for them today. I know they are


playing Sunderland but his hold-up play against Kone and John O'Shea,


they couldn't get near him. His quality, keeping the ball. Linking


the play. Again, he made space for himself, turning it inside, he was


doing this all day. This is the goal. Seven headers this season, no


one has scored more headers than him this season. John O'Shea gets


himself all over the place. How can you blame with the keeper with those


two playing in front of him all season. He runs out wide and keeps


the ball. He kept Swansea playing and getting on the ball. Same with


Leon Britton, he is always there, just flicking it on. He was


brilliant for them today. He was fantastic. And that is why, the


criticism was justified last week because that is what he is capable


of. Then he plays like that he is hard to deal with. Sunderland's last


home game in the Premier League and judging by that performance it might


be a while before they get back. They need to improve considerably.


David Moyes and Ellis Short have been criticised and deservedly


Lasogga season and deservedly so. But in the first 45 minutes, the


players were disgraceful. There was a complete lack of effort. The last


home game of the season they have been relegated. You think give the


fans give something to shout about. There was a lack of effort. It was


lazy, there was nothing in the performance at all. No pressure on


the ball, how easy is that for Swansea? He goes on his own, goes


once, twice, three times and eventually he looks around and


thinks any danger of someone helping him here. Again, he is walking back,


decides now to jog back. Lo and behold offside. That is just a lack


of effort. John O'Shea had a terrible game. He plays the ball to


Manquillo, look at this. That is just pathetic. Moaning at the


referee. Nothing to get back at all and this is the goal. He should do


better to stop him. Khazri on the right-hand side, lazy, lets him run


and Manquillo has to do better. It was pathetic. I am surprised the


fans lasted so long. They should be asking for their money back today


because it was that bad. That team needs major surgery in the


Championship because there is no team that team there will get back


in the Premier League. The battle for Champions League football next


season continues. Manchester city were fourth going into their game


against Leicester. John Watson was at the Etihad Stadium. COMMENTATOR:


It was a humbling 4-2 defeat that prompted Pep Guardiola to rethink


his early Manchester city line-ups. Only two players in today's starting


team, Kevin de Bruyne and David Silva macro were in the 11 at the


King power. What a contrast now. He now names and unchanged line-up in


the Premier League for the very first time. Robert Huth joins Wes


Morgan and Danny Kent water on the Leicester injury list. Cheistian


Fuchs comes in and then Chilton at left back. Andy King starts in


midfield. You could call Craig Shakespeare a manager in waiting,


winning seven of his ten Premier League games and his team have


scored two goals or more in eight of them. Jesus making progress into the


centre. So was Raheem Sterling for that matter. It is a corner to


Manchester city. Leicester have to be attentive here after what


happened to Crystal Palace last week. The presence of Vincent


Kompany and Otamendi has to be accounted for. A thumping header.


They had some big people in there, Manchester city. They were looking


at Kompany and Otamendi but it was Fernandinho. He has done well, the


left back. He has forced a Leicester City corner, their first of the


match. No Robert Huth today. Manchester city will be pleased


about that, he scored twice for Leicester here last season. He


scored a beauty against Watford last week. Not far away this time with


the header. Only one city the fans are charging, there are two on the


pitch. The Manchester city team having more of the play here.


There is the pull-back and there is the goal. A quick look at the


linesman by David Silva but he has called his 50th goal last week and


he has the first one again today. They are protesting, look at this.


This is why I was hesitating. Kasper Schmeichel continues the argument.


Lamerat the Etihad. Manchester City are in front and David Silva, there


is no suggestion of offside, right on the line on the six yard line.


The debate has to be did Raheem Sterling touch it? The way the


players went to Silva, I don't think he did, in which case, the goal


stood. As it was, the offside was as marginal as you could get. They are


still arguing about it down there. Craig Shakespeare on the fourth


official. Jesus in there, trying to make an


impact. Sane might hear. Hence it back. Oh, David Silva was in there


again. There's De Bruyne. That was the eye of the needle stuff, trying


to get Sane through again. Goodness me! Penalty! Surely? What


on earth was Benalouane doing there? How old of Sane to run in at


defenders in that tight space. -- bold. He's taken out. There's no


question about that. He may have just touched the ball, but my


goodness coming you could say Sane made a lot of it as he went over.


But you can't live in like that in those situations. -- you can't dive


in. And Jesus finds the bottom corner. Beautiful penalty.


Schmeichel, no chance. Manchester City two, Leicester City nil. And


that goal was clearly the reward for clever dribbling inside the penalty


area. Benalouane panicked. Jesus put the penalty away. And Manchester


City are now in charge of this game. Took to inside by Mahrez. Hasn't


really figured very much in the game so far, Mahrez, but is found


Albrighton. Okazaki on his way in the middle. What a goal! Leicester


City are back in business and its Shinji Okazaki with his first goal


in 24 games. Hasn't scored since he found the net against Sunderland in


December, but what a way to end a barren run. That's an excellent


volley. Mahrez out to Albrighton, a deep cross. Tremendous volley,


Otamendi couldn't get to him and Leicester are back in it. Back in it


at 2-1. Toure has given it away to Ndidi.


Backheel from Okazaki. Now Vardy escapes on the right-hand side.


Albrighton is moving into the Centre for Leicester. Could have been 2-2.


Perhaps should have been. Kasper Schmeichel wants to thump


this forward in the direction of Marc Albrighton. He's taken one in


the face again. He got one in the face from the ball earlier and that


looks to be just about the same place. Very angry, the Leicester


player. Now, a clear indication by Albrighton that he feels it was an


elbow. He's got a big bruise underneath his right eye. Oh, yes,


he's saying, elbow. Whether that was a deliberate attempt to make contact


by Fernandinho is debatable. It might have just been the arm


happened to be up, but Albrighton has been given lengthy treatment and


still wants to come back on. Dangerous... When he gets on the


ball like that, penalty! Yes, I think it has to be. Mahrez coming in


on the far side and Guardiola will be furious about that. It was a


careless challenge on the edge of the area. It's Gael Clichy will stop


it gives Leicester City the chance to equalise. It's all down to Riyad


Mahrez here. Set a landmark last week, the first Algerian to make 100


Premier League appearances and he could change the course of this


game. Oh, he has. Now, why are they appealing, Manchester City? Two


touches of the ball, maybe? That was an unusual one. And as a result of


that it isn't a retake, it's a free kick to Manchester City. Yes, he's


played it with his left foot, onto his right. Playing the ball twice by


the penalty taker is an offence punished by a free kick to the


opposing side. You don't see that very often, do you? Paul Craig


Shakespeare is so disappointed. They thought they'd made it 2-2, and they


are still 2-1 down. Leicester throwing everything in here. Daniel


Amartey, Benalouane still in the danger area in the middle.


Supporting Vardy. Gray is also that. There's Vardy. On the near post.


Jamie Vardy close to making it 2-24 Leicester City. -- 2-2, four


Leicester City. Clear up the first goal for us. The Man City ball


player is an offside position when the ball was struck. The first


offside as the ball goes across him which prevents me from seeing the


ball. The second as he prevents Christian Fuchs from moving towards


the ball because he stood in the way of him. Thirdly, he goes for the


ball, three times offside which makes it inextricable to me why it


wasn't given. We had chances at the byline and after that we didn't


finish. In the second half we didn't know whether to attack or defend.


When you play in that wake, it happens and it isn't easy, we play


for it because for the club to be in Europe next season, that's why


sometimes it's not easy to play this kind of game. Are said to the


players in there I think they showed the spirit, the determinations, the


togetherness and also some quality as well and I thought second half we


threw everything at Man City, who we know are good side and offensively


we had to be aware of the counterattack but you saw from the


players the spirit that they showed and we were lucky Wood unlucky not


to come out with something in the end. Indeed, a few decisions to


debate. Yes, there was a few, it was a tough game for the referee out


there. Big decisions, probably this one being the biggest one. Silva, we


spoke to the Premier League and they said the officials felt that Raheem


Sterling was not impacting on Kasper Schmeichel or Christian Fuchs. Well,


I disagree here. He has to be here. The question I would ask if would


Kasper Schmeichel or Christian Fuchs have a better chance of getting to


the ball of sterling is not there? You have to say, the answer is yes,


of course he would. So I think he has to be off there, offside there.


I don't then there should be any doubt about that whatsoever. Have a


look here, it has to be. He has to be in his byline. He'd have a better


chance of getting the ball if he was there. We don't know for certain


whether he would or not but he'd have to have a better chance of


getting to it. This is an elbow. I think it's accidental. Fernandinho


one Albrighton. It looks very nasty from this angle, but I think is just


putting his hands up to get out of the way of him and it looks nasty


there and Albrighton isn't happy at all. A nasty cut above his eye


there. Penalty decision here. It's absolutely correct. It's tight but


it's on the line. So the referee gets that one correct. No doubt


about that one at all. But another big talking point here is Mahrez.


I've seen these happened many times and I've never seen them disallowed


before. It's harsh, but the referee gets the more correct because he


does hit the ball twice. Now they have to change that law there


because it was brought in for that. You can't legislate for him slipping


up there. Is to stop players dribbling at the goal. Yes, so the


referee is right to disallowed but they have to change the law. It's a


stupid law when that happens. So those were the big decisions. You


can see what it means to Pep. City have been playing really well and


played good football recently but you won't overly impressed today. I


thought they were nervy, indecisive. Pep Guardiola was relieved. View the


Sane, blasting it, really wasteful. A great opportunity for Clichy, he's


coming in, I've seen him score, just smash it, passes the buck, passes it


to Leroy Sane, who has to try to smash it through a load of players


himself. The same here, we know Fernandinho has a great strike on


him. Instead of striking it he tries to pass it out there, he passes it


outside the box. Very indecisive. They were very fortunate. Jesus,


this is a great break for them, exactly what Shakespeare was afraid


of. They could feed it around the corner for Sterling to get a tap in,


he tries the outside of the right foot, nothing came of it and Aguero


has a couple of opportunities. He could play that into Sane. He's been


having a great season. You fancy him to finish that. He could debate over


the back to Jesus, he ignores Jesus. Didn't pass it to him. I think he


was on a crusade by them. This one, with their quality you would think


they would exploit this, a great opportunity, passes it into Sane and


its wasteful. He passes it away from city. They were very fortunate


today. How would you judge Pep Guardiola's first season. No


trophies but they've probably qualified? As we sit here now, when


you combine to Chelsea, won the league. That's where they were at


one stage. Eight points clear of Chelsea at the beck and of


September. Tottenham, third last year, looks like they will be


second, Liverpool will be a success if they finished in the champions


spot, Arsenal will win the FA -- Arsenal can win the FA Cup and get


in the top four, out of all of them I think City have had a


disappointing season. A big test for Pep next season. A learning curve.


It's been a good few days for Arsenal, who followed up beating


Manchester United last weekend with a win at Southampton


The Gunners were in action at Stoke, where they've won just once in eight


Simon Brotherton was at the Bet365 Stadium.


Back in form, but will it prove to be too little too late for Arsenal?


Many the time they have stumbled that Stoke. It's seven years since


they last won here in the league. Erik Pieters returns for Stoke Fulas


lost this fixture seven years ago, while Lauren Koscielny is back to


Captain Arsenal, one of four changes to the side that won at Southampton.


Coquelin well forward here. Corner. Off Ryan Shawcross, the Stoke City


captain. In from Ozil. Good stop by Jack


Butland. Just got his fingertips to that. They piloted the plane and


everybody else I think we'll have to wait another two or three weeks to


find out what's happening with Arsenal's manager. Still


concentrating on trying to get it into the top four for the time


being. Picking out Bellerin. It's in towards Giroud and Nacho Monreal was


there. Ozil couldn't make a connection from just inside the


penalty spot, but Nacho Monreal so close to putting Arsenal ahead.


Nacho Monreal seeing his header bounce off the upright. 11 draws for


Mark Hughes' team this season, only Manchester United and Middlesbrough


have drawn more going into the weekend. Martins Indi there once


again, he's had an excellent year on his loan spell from Porto, hasn't


missed a game since he arrived at the back end of last August. Might


be busy in a moment as Arsenal looked to make a breakthrough.


Hector Bellerin, Giroud with the easy finish! Just over three minutes


remaining in the first half, Arsenal have their breakthrough that their


dominance of possession deserves. And Olivier Giroud, with his 15th


goal of the season, just what Arsenal need and an easy tap in for


Giroud. Right in front of the posts. Arsenal ahead in a league match on


this ground for the first time in seven years.


Koscielny against weeping as a way to the far side. -- Koscielny again


sweeping it away to the far side. Sanchez, a return pass. It was


perfect. What a goal! Straight through the heart of the Stoke City


defence. What a pass from Alexis Sanchez, and a lovely finish from


Mesut Ozil. Stoke City nil, Arsenal two. And on this evidence, the race


for a top four finishes still alive. Well, it had been coming. Arsenal


have had so much of the play. 2-0 Arsenal and it doesn't flatter them


at all. Arnautovic, he's away from Holding this time and it's gone


wide. Looks to the skies and wonders how he didn't put that in the back


of the net. Here's Shaqiri, looks to be the player to try to pick the


lock. The. -- to try to pick the lock, for Stoke City. Pieters in.


Too high for Shawcross, who stayed in the six yard box. It's another


Stoke City corner, this one off the head of Monreal. Players queueing up


inside the box. They are throwing a lot at Arsenal.


Headed back in and over the top by Petr Cech. Distinct pressure from


Stoke City. He makes the challenge. No foul says Mike Dean. One or two


of the players had to be reminded there. Shawcross getting in ahead of


a hero. Both managers on the edge of the technical areas. A bit more of a


game on our hands here. He goes sliding in on Crouch. Stoke City


still looking for a route back into it, an and Peter Crouch was there,


they have a goal. He has only been on the field for a few minutes.


Arsenal were sailing serenely towards three points but suddenly


Stoke City are making a game of it. So much so that that Arsene Wenger


was actually on the pitch a few moments ago. As the ball comes in,


it comes Peter Crouch's arm. Not quite the hand of God but it


certainly got Stoke City back in the game and we will hear more about it.


Arsene Wenger still stewing and still unhappy about some of the


challenges in the lead up to what turned to be Stoke City's goal.


Steam coming out of his ears now. The fourth official is getting it in


the neck. Alexis Sanchez sprinting clear. Asking too much of his


team-mate who claims he was held back. It looks as if Sanchez wants


to come. No sign of any activity for Arsenal at the moment. Holding has


done well. Bellorin. Sanchez. Sanchez might fancy this, he does.


Arsenal lead by two again. A couple of minutes ago he was sitting on the


ground signalling he wanted to come. Ignored by his manager, Alexis


Sanchez has picked himself up and restored Arsenal's two goal lead.


This might well be his last contribution to the game and it


could be a decisive one. It took a deflection off Ryan Shawcross. That


takes it away from Jack Butland. After a rocky few minutes, Arsenal


feeling better about themselves again.


Djourou collect, he has some support. Arsenal looking for another


one here. Still going. Butland with this save to deny Ramsey, his first


touch since coming off the bench. What an introduction that nearly was


for the Welsh international. Couldn't quite find the back of the


net. A lovely pass. Ramsey against driving forward and causing


problems. A good ball back in and it is four. The Djourou with his second


of the match. No doubt about where the points are going now. The race


for the top four still on for Arsenal. Mesut Ozil with the pass.


Ramsey, the substitute. Away from Johnson. And Djourou sliding in


behind Shawcross. I am sure there are plenty of venues that Arsenal


would have preferred to head to other than this one but it has not


stopped them today. Petr Cech makes the save to deny Kamran. His 400th


appearance. In the Premier League for Petr Cech this afternoon.


Peter Crouch goes sliding in. Didn't like the challenge, yellow card for


Peter Crouch. Those sliding in on Xhaka. There goes the final whistle.


The race for the top four still very much alive, a big win for Arsenal.


They win at Stoke for the first time in seven years.


The focus is there, the desire to play together is there. The fighting


spirit is there and we are pleased with that. There was a spell in the


second-half when they scored and it became very lively for few minutes.


You'll aggro when they scored with a handball, yes. They made it rough.


In games like that when you go to Stoke, you need at some stage to


such tough -- suffer and stick together. We needed to ask more


questions Arsenal. For them it was a straightforward win. We needed to


affect them more than we did. There were moments when we could. The


goals that the source. Won it has been a voodoo ground for the last


few years so to come in and get the win and keep the fans quiet was


good. Two magically you still have a chance? That is what you want. We


just have to win our games. STUDIO: He has not been one for changing his


system over the years but he has suddenly introduced three at the


back and it is working for them. The wingbacks today, Stoke were terrible


today but they were made to look terrible because of this system with


Bellorin and Monreal. Everything good about Arsenal going forward,


they played a key part in it. Monreal should actually score.


Bellerin had more touches in the Stoke box more than any other


Arsenal player. That is how effective he was today. They played


very well. A good ball and a better ball and it would have led to


another goal. Stretching them again, this was the goal. Bellorin on the


right and he puts it on a plate full Djourou. But for a ten minute spell


when they got that goal that should have been disallowed, Arsenal


absolutely battered them. Finishing the season well. A change of tactics


but we still don't know if there will be a change of manager. I know


that is something, I believe it is ridiculous. We have another one of


these. Probably Piers Morgan. This season, people are saying when the


pressure is on, they don't react. The last few games, they have


reacted to the pressure, they have had to win. You can't legislate for


how poor Stoke play today and I don't think Man United were great


the other day but I believe if they can win the FA Cup, which is going


to be tough I think that has to be a good season. If they don't win it?


Denis Pugh got the number of the bloke with the banner? Three games


on Match of the Day 2 with big implications at both ends of the


table. COMMENTATOR: Benteke. Anfield silence. What a fabulous goal. Super


play. It is in. Commentary of all three games on


five live and the BBC sport website. Bournemouth, final home game of the


season coming against Burnley side that reached the 40 point mark last


weekend. Martin Fisher was at the Vitality Stadium. COMMENTATOR: Two


games to go and Josh King won't want this season to end. His tally of 15


goals makes in Bournemouth's top scorer and four of them have come in


his last six games. Junior Stanislas spent three years at Burnley. It was


his current manager here, Eddie Howe, who took him there. Sam Vokes


was another signing in his brief spell in charge at Turf Moor and the


Welsh international began his career as a 17-year-old here.


Barns with his arm raised. He collect is and carries it forward.


Stanislas to his right. King bursting into the penalty area,


there he is. Not far away from getting a touch on that. A good


early delivery from Junior Stanislas. King was about two yards


away from launching himself at that. Only six other clubs have scored


more than Bournemouth this season in the Premier League. Lewis Cook


looking for Stanislas. And stroked home. Beautifully taken by Junior


Stanislas. The former Burnley man. The man that was signed for Burnley


by Eddie Howe and then from Burnley by Eddie Howe. And Junior Stanislas


puts Bournemouth in front with the first shot on target we have had


today. Such a superb calm and controlled finish by Stanislas. Took


advantage of the fact that perhaps Tom Heaton's positioning and balance


was not quite correct. There was a big gap there and Stanislas just


strokes it home. Eddie Howe played in the Bournemouth in the last time


they beat Burnley Way back in November 19 98. He was even more


freshfaced then than he is now. The shot is on here, Arfield. A whisker


wide. From Scott Arfield, he has a new scored once this season and that


was way back in October. After some unconvincing defending, there was an


opportunity. Not sure that Barnes was going to get to it. Landmark


occasion for Sean Dyche, 200th league game as manager of Burnley.


He succeeded Eddie Howe in 2012. Daniels is there in support. They


have three offering around the penalty area. Stanislas. It will


drop for few. A toe poke in the end. Maybe when he watches that back, he


will appreciate that King was to his left in space. And he might have


benefited from a pass his way. The Vitality Stadium applauding in


memory of Paul Willis, who sadly passed away at the age of just 40,


known to all fans is number 44. Described by Cherries legend Steve


Fletcher has heart of the AFC Bournemouth family.


Westward looking for Vokes. Here is our field. Not far wide. One of the


Burnley chances, they seem to be dropping to his feet. Inches away


from levelling it at 1-1. Burnley offering something and Bournemouth


might need a second to win this game. King will keep it in. He has


got the better of long. The deflection took it wide of goal.


King full of strength and menace and belief. Outmuscle in the defender,


bearing down on goal and asked the question of the defender who got his


body in the way. Vokes got a touch and he has a goal.


Burnley have levelled. Seven minutes from time. Sam Vokes scores on the


ground where it all started for him. Some 11 years ago. Those Burnley


fans who set off early this morning to make the long trip from


Lancashire down to the south coast have sudden -- something to smile


about. Samberg says the man of the moment for Burnley, provides a


lovely touch from Goodmans and and it is 1-1. It will reach Fraser.


King waits in the centre. King, 2-1 Bournemouth. Burnley appeal in vain


for offside. Josh King keeps on scoring goals. 16 for the season for


him now. Burnley just switched off momentarily, two minutes after


levelling. They are now behind again and it is Josh King again. A lovely


ball in. He is calm enough to stroke it under the advancing body of Tom


Heaton. The quality of the ball from Fraser should be applauded as should


the composed finish of Josh King. Who is just losing confidence in


front of goal now. And there goes the final whistle. Eddie Howe's


Bournemouth can celebrate their best ever season since their formation in


1899. The final score on their final day at home this season, Bournemouth


2-1 Burnley. A really good day for us today,


we're safe. Thankfully the players were scrappy first half but the


second half we were excellent. If we hadn't won that game it would have


been a real injustice. We've had some big results in some really


important games. We looked flat today, maybe one game too many and


we feel it a bit but we've done a good job over the season. I'm not


harsh on the players. You, Harry Kane Andrew Mullen Lukaku were by


far the top scorers this year, so what does it mean for you to be in


that sort of company? I'm proud, but they've done it over two or three


seasons. This is my first season were put my name up there and


obviously I have to prove myself next season and try to start the


season as I finished it. I want to help the club and help the gaffer


reach new levels. We are on way. We have more points than we did last


season. We still have a game to go. He's scored more goals this season


than in his entire career put together. Remarkable, he deserves a


few plaudits. Absolutely, five in 64 at Blackburn, so this run of form is


brilliant and when you consider that his goals have been worth 12 points,


Bournemouth brilliant and when you consider that


his goals have been worth 12 points, Bournemouth would be the bottom


three if it wasn't for him. You can see the confidence has come with the


fact is scoring goals. Great strength and determination, a great


block by the defender. Again, making a great run off the back of the


defender. Can't quite get there. It's a good run, the ball wasn't


quite good enough. Great play, good skill, good composure, good skills.


Again, like I say, nice lay-off. This is all about strength and


determination. Great pace. When he gets there. Nudges him out there,


gets a bit of luck and has the strength and determination. I think


this goal is just a fantastic goal. I can't tell you how great this


touch is, how he's cautioned that and the composure to finish it. You


see a better touch here, just to cushion that is a beautiful touch.


When you listen to the way he speaks, he's obviously very


level-headed. He's saying all the right things, very attractive player


to me. Certainly does. It's no wins in five


for Southampton. They faced Middlesbrough,


who'll be back in the Championship next season after relegation


was confirmed by a 3-0 defeat Patrick Bamford made a big


impression in the Championship on loan at Middlesbrough. The striker,


who will be an important player here next season, makes his first start


for Boro since joining. This could be a Riverside farewell from Ben


Gibson, making a move away from Teesside. Caceres mixes Southampton


debut, having been an unused substitute for the Saints' last 11


matches. Boufal scored a brilliant goal in December, 17 changes made by


Claude Puel. Middlesbrough's relegation confirmed with the defeat


at Chelsea on Monday night, but Steve Agnew says that the team have


plenty to do in their remaining two matches. They'd like to finish the


season in some style, with some momentum, to take into the next


campaign. Given away by Caceres. Plays it down for Middlesbrough. The


referee says play on and the shot in the end came from Bamford. And


eventually Anthony Taylor says that is a free kick for Middlesbrough. It


is and Gradel takes a touch Micro off the wall for a corner. Off


Yoshida. Middlesbrough's first corner. Slightly different from


them, as well. Still plenty forward in the penalty area. Forshaw will


whip it just wide. Friend with it. It wasn't the conventional corner


delivery from Middlesbrough that we might have been expecting. George


Friend at the far post rising high, just wide of Southampton's post.


Plenty of decisions to be made in the coming weeks by Steve Gibson,


most notably who is to be the new permanent manager. We'll Steve Agnew


be given the opportunity? -- will Steve Agnew be given the


opportunity? Gibson looking to close Long down. Long's ball in, Rodriguez


and Southampton get the opening goal just before half-time. Simple yet


perfect in its execution. Long definitely onside. You can see the


run that Rodriguez makes, just holding back, waiting for the ball


to be played across by Shane Long. The six goal of the season for Jay


Rodriguez and its Middlesbrough nil, Southampton one.


Chambers with the ball forward. On by Negredo. Drops in for Bamford.


Who fluffed his lines. It could be argued that this is Middlesbrough's


best chance of the match so far. Bamford with a horrible hit.


Mostly works, Nathan Redmond, Redmond with the shot. -- it was


nicely worked. That might just seal it for Southampton. Nathan Redmond


honours the at half-time -- he was on as a substitute at half-time.


Perfect finish into the top corner. Middlesbrough nil, Southampton two.


It's a long way back now for Middlesbrough this afternoon.


Bertranou, in towards Long. Guzan comes out to meet it and the referee


says penalty kick for the foul by Brad Guzan on Shane Long. Always


looked possible as Guzan raced towards the ball. And Southampton


with the opportunity to score a third goal and inflict further


misery on Middlesbrough. And now Long will try and place this penalty


kick past Brad Guzan. He's Mr! -- he has missed it! To high off the top


of the bar and there's a wry smile from Shane Long. It remains 2- 02


Southampton, when it could so have been three. -- it remains 2-0, to


Southampton. Arriving late at the far post was George Friend. It's a


corner kick. As it comes off the Southampton defender.


It's a dangerous one, and it's in. Patrick Bamford. Patrick Bamford


gets his first goal for Middlesbrough since rejoining the


club. You can see by the look on his face just how happy he is about it.


Plenty of bodies going in for it and the final touch was that of the


Middlesbrough striker. Middlesbrough one, Southampton two.


A goal from Steve Agnew's side, just their 17th at home here at the


Riverside this season in the Premier League. The fourth official, Mike


Jones, is about to show is how much additional time we are going to


have. It will be a minimum of four minutes additional time. Not --


knocked up Bacchin by Leadbitter. Austin's header. Chambers, what a


save that is from Fraser Forster. Calum Chambers, so close to getting


an equaliser for models brat against his former club. He hit that with


some venom and Forster was right behind him. It was a little


difficult at the end of the game because we can score the goal and


after the last minute, they believed to come back and it was difficult


with long kicks, a long ball, but it was important to maintain its to get


the result. It's a good thing. To be fair, I always think if I start a


game I always believe I'll score, so to be honest I started two games in


two years, so it was nice, it was a big relief and a lot of pressure off


my shoulders. Times like this is disappointing for all others, but


most importantly it is about Middlesbrough Football Club and it's


about Middlesbrough Football Club getting into a position next season


where we have a fantastic opportunity to bounce back and play


in the league that we've just played in all season. Gareth Southgate was


watching the game and two English and -- internationals, obviously


only played a game or so, but stood out for you. Rodriguez and Redmond,


they couldn't cope, Middlesbrough, with these two players. Gave


Rodriguez too much space. The technique to guide that in and


control that in the way he did on the half volley, it's a hell of a


finish. It wasn't easy. Clayton rugby tackling Rodriguez here, it's


the only way they were going to stop him. This is Redmond's goal, into


Rhodri Gross, to Redmond, what a hell of a finish this is. That's


seven goals now, his best return in a season and you're right, Gareth


Southgate was there. You never know, do you? Putting good performances.


We must mention Patrick Bamford. He's had a hell of a long wait, 760


days to score a goal and his first Premier League goal. He's so happy.


I've never seen anyone celebrate this long! I can only look, none of


his team-mates come with him. Look, I will have to give him a call and


find out if he's on a Zlatan bonus because that's the only reason he's


celebrating that long! Still celebrating, brilliant. Good luck to


him. Middlesbrough down, they went down earlier this week. Are they in


a better situation to bounce back than their north-east rivals,


Sunderland? I'd take more players out of the Middlesbrough team than


the Sunderland team. At least they are trying and that's one thing. If


you have someone giving US and you have half a chance. -- if someone is


giving you effort, you have half a chance.


The other game last night saw Everton take


Everton supporters are wondering if this is the last time they'll feed


Barkley wind blowing Everton Park. Watford have lost their last five


away games without scoring a goal and have never beaten Everton on


Merseyside. In the driving rain come Watford, on a ground where they've


lost nine of the ten league visits. Only a draw on the opening day of


last season to show for their efforts. Into Barkley, trying to


wriggle his way through. Denied by Aurelio Gomez. There's Barkley


again, lovely skill. It was Deeney, all the way back there, with the


block. He's been on the name of every Evertonians's lips in the last


24 hours, Ross Barkley. If he scores for the team tonight, his manager


wants that answer about his future, after the last game of the season


against Arsenal. Barkley has gone a game for the


return. He's got Everton a corner. The first of the game. Leighton


Baines to deliver it for Everton. In towards Jagielka. Terrific reflex


save from Gomes. Jagielka has got three goals recently. Gomes washed


it all away. Merseyside monsoon continues. Not many goals -- not


raining goals just yet. Good run from Holebas. Schneiderlin with the


interception. Now Davis. -- now Davies, encouraged to have a go,


beaten away by Gomes. Player of the Season this week. Searching for a


12th home league win of the season, 12 hours now of football for


Watford. They have to try to prevent one here. Barkley, a good effort.


Breakthrough! Well, he's been the talk of the town in the last 24


hours on Merseyside. They can talk about his football there. And if it


is to be his last appearance at Goodison in Everton blue, he's on


the scoresheet. Watford backed off and Barkley drove it past Gomes, his


fifth Premier League goal of the season. Everton one, Watford nil.


Lukaku on the overlap. Lukaku on the follow-up. He looks hopefully


towards Kevin friend, who is unmoved. That is a penalty.


Trying to stay onside. Can Everton profit here? And Everton corner.


In from Baines. There is the header from Morgan Schneiderlin. He wasn't


far away. Couldn't quite keep it down. This Everton making a change


with 11 minutes to go. And it is Ross Barkley who is going off. And


only time will tell if this is the last opportunity for a Goodison


crowd to give a standing ovation to Ross Barkley in and Everton shirt.


Everton have an aerial duel to deal with. They have Robles to thank for


keeping it out. He has not had much to do tonight but had to maintain


his concentration levels here. We deserved at least a draw. Nothing


goes in our favour. We played well and I want to congratulate my


players. Everyone knows the qualities of the players. OK, it is


not up to the club or the manager, it is up to the player. Still we


hope he will sign that contract, if not, OK. He will search for another


place. We have too no, that is the responsibility of the player. Or his


agent. If you don't continue, OK but tell us and don't keep it quiet. So


nobody knows what will happen till next season. Unusually blunt for a


manager to be so open about the situation of a play about more goals


but the winner there, he needs to know either way. That is the Dutch


way, they say what they think. He is right. You should let them know


about what is going on. This is what he is capable of and what we want to


see more of from Ross Barkley. This is where he can cause damage. What


you want to do is see this more consistently. The fact is that if he


goes, he goes for a lot of money. And they will want to see it on a


more consistent basis. Has he realised his potential? He has had a


decent season. He got a telling off by his manager early in the season.


It is an important time in his career, he has to click on and


progress and get better and better. Ronald Koeman saying it is pretty


much down to him, you were big stars in your own time, what would you do


in his position? I don't know what is happening off the field in


respect of Liverpool but I would probably stay there and try to get


games by the scruff of the neck and be more consistent. You have to


decide who is in for him as well. He and his agent will know and then he


will make a decision. Just about out of time, before we leave, we will


look at the Premier League table. With Chelsea having secured the


title on Friday, the focus at the top is now on Champions League


qualification. Wins for Manchester City and Arsenal have put added


pressure on Liverpool ahead of their trip to West Ham. Hull will be


relegated this weekend unless they avoid defeat against Crystal Palace.


Swansea's fate is in their own hands, if they beat West Brom next


week they will definitely be safe. Let us see what the papers say. The


headline would be confirmed departure of Pablo Zabaleta. Arsene


Wenger staying at Arsenal according to the Sunday express with Riyad


Mahrez and Ben Gibson among his transfer targets. And the Sunday


Telegraph says Antonio Conte will be made the highest-paid manager in


Chelsea's history and given 200 million to spend in the summer, on


the team I assume rather than himself. Blue is the colour. Chelsea


is the name on the Premier League trophy. From all of us here,


goodbye. COMMENTATOR: What a save by Thibaut


Courtois. David Luiz to hit it. Cahill. Victor Moses. It is Alonso,


it is in. Nemanja Matic, sorting matters out for Chelsea. Pedro has


his side level. Brilliant play from Diego Costa. A goal to save from


Eden Hazard. Blue is the colour of the Premier League winners again.


You're looking at a room of double glazing salesman.


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