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How about that? Just brilliant! Oh that is wonderful! An absolute


belter! What a chance. What a goal! Oh, look at that!


The new manager off to a winning start. Hazard here. Oh, great goal.


What a performance from Antonio Conte's boys in blue. That surely


has secured the 13th consecutive win. Champions in the making. They


can reach out and almost touch that trophy. Brilliant. Cahill! Fantastic


goal by Pedro. Blue is the colour of the Premier League winners again.


Evening, after Chelsea clinched the title on Friday, tonight was all


about the home coming with Watford the visitors. Danny Murphy and Mark


Schwarzer will reflect on that. Your commentator at Stamford Bridge was


Guy Mowbray. It is Watford tonight, but they stand for the rest of the


Premier League as a mark of respect. The team that has been on top since


December 11th, the club that is champions of England for the sixth


time and there might be more to come this season, with the FA Cup final


only 12 days away and one more league game, it is not surprising


Antonio Conte has rung the changes. Nine in fact.


John Terry is in and Kante is back. For Watford, three changes from the


team beaten at Everton on Friday A fourth successive defeat without


scoring for The Hornets. Just three more games to go in John Terry's


Chelsea career. Tonight is his first start in the Premier League since


September. It is his 716th Chelsea appearance and he is the first


non-Manchester United player to win five Premier League titles.


Chelsea keep on pressing. It is Batshuayi. Got his shot away. His


shot was blocked. It was all a bit of a scramble. Holebas lost it to


Ake. It was a smart turn by Batshuayi.


John Terry attacked it and John Terry's in and it's bounced in. The


captain's got his goal! It is proving to be a fairy tale final


season at the Bridge for Chelsea's captain, leader and legend. John


Terry scores a 67th goal for Chelsea. He said in his programme


notes tonight, if I could have written my story as a 14-year-old


when I signed on the pitch, this would have been it. What a time


chapter. Another goal at Stamford Bridge for John Terry, before he


goes to a new, strange home, wherever it may be. The smile says


it all. Chelsea 1, Watford 0. His first goal since scoring for


both sides in a 3-3 game against Everton last year. John Terry has


gifted a goal to Watford. Would you believe it? That wasn't in the


script. The smile's gone now. Didn't that escalate quickly? I was just


talking Ake scoring -- ago scoring for both sides. He got in a mix up


with Chalobah. Not enough on the header. Seemed unsure with Chalobah


in his way and Capoue has been able to get Watford level. Watford's


first away goal since the end of January. Chelsea 1, Watford 1. 35


seconds from their kick off, Watford are level again.


Willian has fired a long range pass to Hazard and Hazard has just missed


the target, having done just about everything else perfectly. He thinks


he should have a corner. He should have a word with Willian first and


say, thank you very much for another tremendous pass.


Kenedy trying to hold off Amrabat and it was palmed behind by Gomes.


Amrabat with what he tried to do. But he couldn't fully stop Kenedy.


It is Cesar Azpilicueta. It is 2-1 Chelsea. Cesar Azpilicueta scores


his first Premier League goal of the season. Having started every single


Premier League game this season. And he has got that through the crowd


and into the corner of the net like an arrow. That is a terrific strike.


Taking full advantage of Watford failing to clear the ball and the


manager was kicking it in too! Chelsea in front and in charge


again. Willian goes for goal. But can't


find it. Concentrating on pushing the ball past Gomes, who did get a


glove to it. Deflected. And it's 3-1 Chelsea and


Batshuayi has another goal. The man who won the title with his close


range effort at The Hawthorns on Friday night. Three nights on, he


scores from close in again. And it might be the Gil that take -- goal


that takes away Watford hope. Ake got on to it as Kenedy's shot was


blocked. It spiralled Ake's way and he kept his cool to give Batshuayi a


tap in. The champions are enjoying their home-coming parade.


Janmatt is in. Oh, that is a terrific goal! Absolutely superb


solo goal from the Dutchman, Daryl Janmatt. There is one man who


doesn't think it is too clever. But it is a pearler, because he started


it. A mistake led to him getting on to the ball. That is the best bit of


the lot, the shoulder dip to get inside Ake. And Janmatt normally a


full-back, but he took that like a centre forward. Perhaps Chelsea


haven't won a Premier League game for the 29th time this season yet.


Willian's pulled back. Hazard. It was never the right time.


We are getting champions' flicks and tricks now!


Chelsea getting the oles. What a move this is. Batshuayi turns and


Gomes saves. That would have been a goal to savour. They were all taking


their turn on the ball to strut their stuff.


Holebas dispossessed. Cesar Azpilicueta went for No 2. Gomes is


not happy. Holebas trying to be too clever.


It comes to Okaka and he has levelled for Watford. 3-3 at


Stamford Bridge. Watford fans celebrating as if their team is


going to get the result of the season. After challenging the first


time, Okaka delighted to find the ball come down to his right foot.


One swing of that later and it is Chelsea 3, Watford 3. The player


given his Italy debut by Antonio Conte with the third Watford goal.


Prodl's come slamming into the tackle and Batshuayi with an angry


reaction that you can perhaps understand. He didn't take the ball


at all. He is just late. The to rosti of the -- ferocity of the


challenge earned him a card. John Terry made the run, but he was never


getting to that. Gomes had to get that. Looked as though the free kick


had been hopelessly overit, but it was going in you know.


Fabregas! Chelsea win another one! Fabregas with the crowning moment of


a memorable Stamford Bridge night and Antonio Conte gets it right


again. A winning goal from the substitute again. And Kante plays


his part in winning the ball, finding Willian. Willian played the


right pass at the right time and what about that for a cool, cool


finish? Fabregas finds the corner and Chelsea have found a way to win


a 29th Premier League game this season.


Pedro caught by Prodl. I don't think Prodl will see the end of the game.


A yellow card not so long ago and there is almost certain to be


another one for that. There it is. Prodl has to take the long walk.


Watford and Prodl for one gave so much to this game for so long. But


two mistimed lunging tackles and his night is done.


Cesar Azpilicueta tries everything to get there. It is over for the


night. Another Chelsea victory. This one's been just a little bit


different. John Terry with the first goal and then with a mistake that


saw Watford level first time round. And then we had five more goals to


enjoy. A night that has lit up west London in terms of entertainment. A


night worthy of champions. And now we have fireworks lighting up the


night sky. Chelsea, champions, 2017. And tonight on this party night at


The Bridge, Chelsea 4, Watford 3. A quite brilliant evening. You needed


to win to continue the celebrations, these 30 wins, no team has done it


in a 38 game season. Do you keep records, do you like breaking


records like that? Yes, the most important thing is to win the


league. Then if you have the possibility to... Improve on this


type of record, yeah, we must try. Now, we are in a position we can


reach this target and the players and I want to reach this target.


Chelsea the champions, you played them tonight, are they the


champions? TRANSLATION: Antonio Conte is an


intelligent manager. He had to change the model from last year. He


did it. He's a great manager. Also he has incredible players.


Congratulations to him and the whole team. They deserve it. Your first


Premier League goal of the season, have you been saving that one? Of


course. It was a good moment to score my first Premier League goal


of the season. After being champions, obviously, it was a


special moment for me. Talk us through that mad minute. Crazy. I


got on the scoresheet. Couple of minutes later, made the mistake and


let it in. Mixed emotions. Delighted to get on the scoresheet myself, but


any young kid watching, getting it out is a simple rule, and I should


have cleared it. What about the goal, we saw the emotion on your


face and what it meant? Delighted to start tonight. And delighted to get


on the scoresheet and win this evening. It's important we keep our


momentum going as a group into the FA Cup. We want to come back here


and win our last league game. No matter who plays, the hunger is in


the group and it is important to keep that. You said this is how you


would have scripted it when you were 14 years old. Is there more to come?


Certainly from me, yes. I said if I could have written my story all my


life would have panned out this is how it would have been. Going out,


being crowned champions, to leave the football club in number one


great hands. The players we have here, as well. It will be a sad and


emotional day for me next year. I've been here 22 years. Long time. I'm


delighted with the experience and opportunity I have had at this


football club. You will be looking at the club outside in next season.


We haven't had a lot of European success for English teams recently,


do you think they could do it? It will be good to be back in the


Champions League. We will need to do that. It is more difficult to retain


it. It is tough. Lots of players with a lot of experience in there.


We have seen how difficult it is to keep it, so that is something to


work on next season. It Chelsea beat Sunderland on Sunday they will end


up 93 points, the second-highest total in Premier League history,


that record already held by Chelsea themselves. That was 12 years ago


when Jose Mourinho was manager. After the final whistle there were


plenty of celebration that Stamford Bridge. There were fireworks. The


players and the manager celebrating with the fans. And they will do it


all again at the weekend. We were talking before this match, we had


Gary Cahill talk about how much credit Chelsea have this season and


whether they were maybe underappreciated. More people


talking about Spurs and run may have been on. When you look at those


records, 93 points, 33 Premier League wins if they beat Sunderland,


do you think they are underappreciated? Not really. As


players they probably feel like most people were behind Tottenham to try


and snatch the win of the title. They missed out last season in such


dramatic circumstances. I think Chelsea have been outstanding


throughout the whole course of this season. Everybody can see that. With


those records continuously forming, I'm sure they will win next weekend


against Sunderland. No way you can doubt they are rightful champions.


The stats are remarkable, aren't they? Incredible. Even more


incredible when you think about their start. They looked shaky. But


one change, that continual work on the training pitch to get that


system right. The emergence of some of those players in that system. I'm


thinking of Moses, David Luiz being mistake free, I cannot think of him


making stupid errors. Alonzo coming in, doing so well, I was questioning


him, but he has fitted in. The manager deserves credit. What he has


done with a group of quality players, he has got them to a work


ethic I haven't seen in a while. John Terry had a minute of mixed


emotions, first the goal and then the mistake which led to the Watford


goal. Look at the picture from a Chelsea perspective. He's not played


much this season. You've been at that club, in the Chelsea dressing


room, what will they miss when he goes off the field? His leadership


qualities. He hasn't played a lot of football this season. On match day


he is very much a leader around the club. When I first walked in the


dork who is the first person to come up to you and welcome you, anything


you need, anything you want, let me know and I will try to facilitate. I


will look after you as best I can. The one person I think is the


natural replacement is Gary Cahill. He has done an exceptional job in


his absence. He has learned from the best. He will be the one who will


take Chelsea forward. He said there is still life in him. In other


interviews he has said he hasn't ruled out retiring. How can I put


this diplomatically... When you went towards the end of your career, and


maybe went to a lesser club than some of the ones you had been at,


what did you look for as you were picking that club? First and


foremost you are looking at a place where you can play. When you get to


the end you appreciate how important it is to be out on the pitch. When I


was talking to John recently at a friends house about the fact he was


so desperate to play, and the fact he feels good, he has a couple of


seasons left, he said. All I said to him was you might be a bit shocked


and surprised that sometimes the players around you are not, and


these are some of the best players in Europe over the last ten years,


and not just on the pitch. They're off pitch things, preparation,


travelling, food Reid, training kit you wear, you train on. There will


be a differential. He would be used to that. From an elite club. Yes.


Going from a 5-star hotel and going to a two star. It is the way


different clubs that their money into things we don't see as people


outside. It could be something like an away game on a Friday. Chelsea


will do it seamlessly. I was at clubs where you don't do so well,


and then the food isn't great... And you were the first to complain.


CHUCKLES That really doesn't surprise me. I


am a changed man. You must have really crumbled back then.


CHUCKLES The bigger picture for Chelsea.


Rumours around Antonio Conte which he has tried to dispel. Rumours


around Hazard and Diego Costa. Who would be the biggest loss out of


those three to go? For me Hazard. He is the game changer. In all of the


big games I've watched he's been the difference between a draw and a win.


Very hard to handle individually. Fitness levels have been great this


season. His end product has been good, as well. I don't expect to see


him in a Chelsea shirt. You don't! Everything he is saying, it seems


inevitable there is something new in the offing. Barcelona want him. When


they come knocking you cannot stop these players. We'll have to see.


It'll be a difficult summer without them because they are the two top


players. Would you say Antonio Conte? I would. As good as Hazard


is, but for me it is Antonio Conte. He's been the major difference this


season from last. He has united this team. He has got them fit. They are


tactically more switched on. Hazard, you know, as much as he will be a


big loss, another player can replace him. It'll be tough but they will


find someone. Diego Costa is another one, he scored 21 goals again this


season, he did that Schumacher years ago when they won the season. He


will be a tough one to replace if he leaves. The biggest job for them


would be to replace Antonio Conte if he left. He will have a great... He


is thinking of a big treasure chest for the summer, at the squad.


Talking about replacements. But he will not be short of options. They


are a fantastic club, they are moving forward, in the heart of


London, where people want to come to. Limited Budget, I imagine Roman


Abramovich will give him what he needs, so where would he want to go?


You understand the structure. If Roman Abramovich gives him the


money, and all indications they are, will it be him who brings in the


players? Will it be a scout system? Going back to the last time they won


the title, the feeling was that maybe Jose Mourinho didn't get the


players he wanted for maybe a variety of reasons. They need a


better summer than they had a couple of years ago. They do. The most


important thing is the manager and the scouting developments are on the


same page. They have to make sure that whoever they bring in they are


both in agreement with. They watch a player a minimum of ten times,


discounts, and different ones watch them, as well. They could not have


watched you ten times. -- ten times, the scouts, and different ones. I


don't think so. CHUCKLES


Antonio Conte, he will think you might want to bring in his own


people. But that is up to the club. To the another manager to make that


decision, or do they rely on them scouting network? Or combination?


For me they need to do a combination. And then have the


manager's final decision. You don't want a big sum up evil when you are


champions. You want enough players coming in to challenge the existing


players. Variety is key. Some obvious things will happen. John


Terry probably going for centre half. There is always a willingness


to bring in players if you have just won the championship. They have


fantastic young players. We'll be relied on a couple of those to play


enough games? -- will he rely on a couple of those to play enough


games? As history suggests, Chelsea don't tend to trust them. I reckon


they already have targets. I reckon they will have been mining players


up already. Nine months ago, they didn't know they would win the


league. They were in a great position, now they have won it, so


now they can push with a lot of those potential targets. The kids


are there, as well. They are, and the need to find a balance. When


Antonio Conte arrived he said you need to start introducing young


players, give them an opportunity, because they are talented players at


the club. I think they will continue with that method going forward. As


far as Watford are concerned, Amrabat scored a good one, they


ended up 13th last season. Was it a good season for Watford? A poor


season? They have stayed up after a relegation battle. It is a good


season. There will always be discontent at certain styles, at


certain times of the season, especially a club like Watford


because they have gained result in a way that isn't particularly pleasing


on the I. That is what I have heard from some of the supporters. I guess


it is a balance, what do you want? I think the thing is the identity. The


turnover of players, the constant change of manager. It's difficult


for supporters to feel a part of it. Sometimes if you start the season


well and finished badly that is what you remember. That's the problem.


They got themselves into a great position early on then they fell


back. Last season, Manchester City, you can see them six games without a


win. More football on the BBC throughout this week.


Thanks to Danny and Mark. This evening was party time at the Bridge


and they will have another one on Sunday. You will see that on Match


Of The Day. Tonight is very much the homecoming party. Chelsea feeding


off the energy of a jubilant crowd. John Terry is in! A fairy tale final


season at Stamford Bridge. Would you believe it! That was not in the


script. Azpilicueta! The champions are enjoying their homecoming


parade. Amrabat is in! Terrific goal. Okaka has levelled for


Watford. Chelsea win another one... Fabregas! Party night at Stamford


Bridge. Chelsea four, Watford three. A quite brilliant evening.


From acclaimed writer Jimmy McGovern...


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