21/05/2017 Match of the Day


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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


The final day of the Premier League season did not disappoint -


ten games, 37 goals, coming your way.


These two love goals and later on they'll join


The battle for Champions League football next season


They needed to beat Everton and hope that either Liverpool


And it's at the Emirates where we start, with John Motson.


This season that the emirates ends in uncertainty. There has been


reported ?1 billion bid to buy the club. The manager's future is still


undisclosed and 23 goal Alexis Sanchez has not signed a new


contract. Arsenal make three changes. Koscielny and Gabriel


return in defence. Danny Welbeck starts ahead of Olivier Giroud


upfront. The Everton line-up makes the big news. Ross Barkley drop to


the bench, surely a sign Ronald Koeman has lost patience over his


delayed contract decision. Romelu Lukaku is on 24 Premier League


goals, one ahead of standards and two behind Harry Kane in the race


for the Golden Boot. Arson Wenger is expected to stay, maybe within a new


management structure. They really caught the early mood here, Arsenal.


Bellerin. Good early cross. Back to Bellerin again. And Sanchez tries to


guide him in here... My word! Danny Welbeck, that was mighty close to a


goal for Arsenal in the second minute. Good play again by Sanchez


and Bellerin. Couldn't quite turn it in, Welbeck, but there are players


here hoping to get a cup final place next week. That was a good exchange


between Ozil and Sanchez. Tom Davies back in defence. The crowd are


really getting behind the Gunners here. There was talk of empty seats


in midweek. I can't see too many empty today. Davies studied at a


chance here for Arsenal. Danny Welbeck is in the middle. How did he


miss?! And Hector Bellerin has given Arsenal the lead! Tom Davis, a


little casual in his defending, and the mood Arsenal are in, they


weren't prepared to wait around. Bellerin has been in vibrant form


since he was left out. Coming back in this right wingback role. I


thought Welbeck should have scored, really. But Bellerin certainly did.


Arsenal 1-0 Everton. The supporters in the emirates will be keenly


attuned to their transistor radios or earpieces, just to discover what


might be going on elsewhere. This is good play. It is Valencia. That is a


bad one. WHISTLE Koscielny. I think... It's red! It's


a red card for Laurent Koscielny. After only 13 minutes. Enner


Valencia is the Everton player down. It looks to me as if Laurent


Koscielny is out of the FA Cup final. Arsene Wenger looks perplexed


and complaints to the fourth official, Craig Pawson. This is the


challenge again. He flew in a bit, didn't he? Legs off the ground may


be, or studs. It looked a bit reckless and that's all the referee


needs. Can Everton gain an advantage now with the extra man? Ross


Barkley, he is coming on to replace Tom Davies. Cumin described leaving


him out as a tactical decision. -- Ronald Koeman described leaving him


out as a tactical decision. You wouldn't know at the moment that


Arsenal were a man down. Sanchez again! Welbeck... The goalkeeper


can't do much about it. Sanchez! 2-0, Arsenal, with ten men. Alexis


Sanchez with his 24th, league goal. What a season he is having. The


goalkeeper, I thought he might have got on to that ball in front of


Welbeck, but when he didn't it was going to be a simple job for the


Arsenal forward to pull it back, which he did, quite precisely. And


Sanchez has made it 2-0. Ross Barkley. Good turn. Still Ross


Barkley. Holgate. Up goes Lukaku. Turned over by Petr Cech. That was a


chance for Lukaku to get one more goal in the Golden Boot debate.


Ronald Koeman will certainly be hoping Everton can make use of the


extra man in the second half but it is still Sanchez running the show


for Arsenal. Danny Welbeck! Saved. What can Ozil do? That could so


easily have been three, and it was more mesmeric play by Sanchez but


set the chance up. Now we have two players injured. Sanchez was just


weaving his way through, Robles did well. Ozil the same. I think they


are asking for a stretcher here. Well, that was a stretch by Gabriel


against Valencia, who was on the other end of the Koscielny tackle in


the first half that led to a red card. That was also a little


reckless but it is Gabriel came off worse. Another player may be out of


the FA Cup final here. Barry. Ross Barkley. Leighton Baines again.


Handball, penalty! That is a handball. The referee Michael Oliver


didn't hesitate. Leighton Baines' cross hit the hand of Rob Holding.


Penalty for Everton. Lukaku will want this, as he pursues Harry Kane,


and he scores! It is 2-1 here now. Romelu Lukaku makes it 25 league


goals for the season, and depending what's happening at Hull, he may


have moved one nearer Harry Kane. Ashley Williams is up with the


attack here as the cross comes... Foul, no goal. A leaning header by


Valencia, not given. So what might have been the equaliser for Everton


doesn't count. It's nicely chipped up by Holgate but dear me, Holgate


allover Mertesacker. Everton will be reflecting on the fact that except


for 15 minutes, they have played this match with an extra man and are


still trailing. Lukaku on the chest. I thought he got Ross Barkley away,


but this is Aaron Ramsey for Arsenal. And unless Williams gets to


it... It could so easily have been Ozil to make it 3-1 for Arsenal. He


was clean through, but again, Robles stood firm. Ozil.


Exchanges passes with Welbeck, Ozil. Everton can't really get the ball


away here. Ozil again. Lovely run. Aaron Ramsey. What a finish to the


season, with one of the goals of the season at the emirates! Aaron


Ramsey, a beauty. That is his first Premier League Goal of the Season,


would you believe, Aaron Ramsey? And what a time and a way to get it. A


bit of skill here from Ozil not to be underestimated but Aaron Ramsey


turned and floated that beautifully wide of Robles. The most elegant of


chips. 3-1, Arsenal. So Arsenal had done all they could,


but a Champions League place Coming up, Liverpool


versus Middlesbrough - but first, we head to Vicarage Road,


where Manchester City were looking to secure third


place by beating Watford, who this week announced


manager Walter Mazzarri I'm not sure finishing trophy less


than third would constitute a success for Manchester City's owners


but I'm sure finishing trophy less and fifth would constitute a


failure. Success or failure seems to make little difference to Watford's


owners, they sacked the manager anyway. Watford have six central


defenders at the club, none of whom are available. The last one


standing, Mariappa, aggravated an injury somewhere between being named


on the team sheet and putting his boots on. Man City make just one


change, Gael Clichy in for Aleksandar Kolarov. A win guarantees


them third place, and keeps them out of the Champions League play-off


round. Gabriel Jesus. Fernandinho on the overlap if he wants to use him,


and he has. Good block by the young full-back Mason. His first Premier


League start in only his fourth Premier League appearance in the


Watford team. Kevin De Bruyne with the Manchester City corner. Some


real pace on that, a free header. Manchester City are in front!


Vincent Kompany with a headed goal, absolutely nowhere no one in yellow


anywhere near the captain and he heads Manchester City in front with


only four minutes having been played. Well, if he was feeling any


pressure, it will already be feeling a lot easier in the dugout. Jesus.


And now a Guerreiro. Good save by Gomez. Silva couldn't get onto it. A


Guerreiro with a tight angle. I think he thought there should have


been a flag. Good save with his right leg. Fans have a vertically


warned to Walter Mazzarri. Fernandinho with the header. They


slipped from Doucoure allows Kevin De Bruyne at to run forward. Sergio


Aguero is onside and through. That is 2-0 to City. No chance of a


Guerreiro missing that! -- of a Guerreiro missing that. As Watford


were attacking, Fernandinho's header. The crucial slip from


Doucoure. Sergio Aguero onside, and the outcome is not in doubt. 0- two.


No chance for Gomes. This is, so far, as one-sided a match as you are


likely to see. Please shoot. David is over again. One pass here and


there could be in. Leroy Slyney, Jesus 's Square, Aguero is there.


Great counterattack and Sergio Aguero helps himself to another. It


could be a very, very long 54 minutes for Watford. Just needed the


one pass to be played right and of course it was. Leroy Sane to Aguero.


Spurs recorded the biggest away victory of the season at Leicester


winning 6-1. It is a record that may not stand for long. Fernandinho.


Jesus. It has come to Aguero. Blocked by


Holebas. Fernandinho here, Fernandinho... And it is 4! Well,


half-time is still four minutes away and Manchester City have a fourth


goal. Boos at Vicarage Road and its nose prize. They forced it through


to Fernandinho who held off Mason and managed to stab it through.


Watford came into this game having lost their last five, but even in


that run they cannot have played as badly as they have in the first 40


minutes here. Here is Okaka. Okaka has wriggled


through, and produced a good save from Willie Caballero. He is a big


fella but he got through and I have a needle and he lashed it. It has


been a pretty good CV, Italian cup runner-up with Sampdoria and won it


with Napoli, also finishing runner-up in Serie A before moving


onto Inter, but it hasn't really happened for him at Watford. A good


ball... And he's missed it. Sergio Aguero with a tap in but he put it


well wide. This is for the hat-trick and for 34 goals for the season,


leaves the entire stadium rubbing their eyes in disbelief. A Guerreiro


just doesn't miss both. Here is Aguero. Jesus pokes it to him. Sane


getting forward. Aguero has the pace to get away from Bahrami. Looking


for Jesus... Who makes it five! Well, he had to improvise a bit to


get it in but he did exactly that. Once this came to Aguero in full


flight, Watford were in trouble, because the change of pace


absolutely did for Bahrami. And Gabriel Jesus, great touch, a little


bit of good fortune perhaps as it came back to him off Tom Cleverley


but it is a canny finish. Watford 0- five Manchester City.


That's a good ball into Aguero, he's onside as well. Good save by


Heurelho Gomes. Definitely onside. It's a lovely ball by Jesus Navas


and a good save by Heurelho Gomes. The scoreline does not flutter


Manchester City one bit. In fact, you could argue it flatters Watford,


because Manchester City have missed two three golden opportunities to


add to the five they have taken. Brilliant first touch by Sergio


Aguero. He won't be denied. Well, he will now, because Gomes has made a


really good save. Look at the first touch here from Aguero. Absolutely


brilliant. Another good save by the Watford keeper to keep the score


somewhere within the bounds of respectability. Good tackle by


Sagna. Iheanacho has had more limited opportunities under Pep


Guardiola than he did under Manuel Pellegrini. A flick on by Okaka. The


keeper has lost it. Okore couldn't force it over the line. Clichy kept


it out. Not great goalkeeping by Caballero I'll say was flicked on by


Okaka. Otamendi blocked it and Clichy lashed it clear. Something


fixed rate, Tshiki owes Manchester City's place in the Champions League


next season -- a thumping victory, which secures Manchester City's


place in the Champions League next season. Watford were absolutely


woeful, as they were beaten Watford nil, Manchester City five.


So how Liverpool's whole season should be assessed comes down to one


last game, one they should win upon a team whose judgment has already


been passed. Middlesbrough have nothing more to lose. For Liverpool


was just one changed to the team that won last weekend, with Firmino


fit to return as Origi drops out. Leadbitter starts in place of Marten


de Roon and a key player could be Calum Chambers, on loan from


Arsenal. Can he shut out Liverpool, to help his parent club finish in


the top four? The sharp eyed amongst you will notice a slightly deeper


shade of red to Liverpool's new kit, which they are proudly wearing for


the first time today and which by the looks of supporters around the


ground has already sold in its thousands.


Across over Sturridge. He can't do anything with that one. Downing


heads away. Emre Can. Guzan wasn't entirely sure that it was going high


and wide. Can did well to dodge the challenge of Clayton. The flick of


the head from Guzan tells you he was watching anxiously. No surprise that


Jurgen Klopp is pacing up and down his technical area. Nothing he can


do about scorelines and games elsewhere. This is his domain. It


has to happen here. It could happen for Middlesbrough. Is that a


penalty? Martin Atkinson has waved it away. That's a huge decision. It


was Patrick Bamford, who thought he was in, and there he was sure he was


fouled by Lovren. That coming together was outside the penalty


area. That's where the angle of Patrick Bamford seemed to be caught


by Dejan Lovren. They both tumbled over the line into the box. Martin


Atkinson throughout Celtic was all accidental. -- felt it was all


accidental. Sturridge, its wide grain. Jurgen Klopp calls for more


from the crowd. His team seems to be getting nearer to the goal that they


desperately need, but everything so far has been safely and easily


gathered by Guzan, or it hasn't troubled him. I suspect the walls


will be shaking a little in the home dressing room at half-time.


Climb to Firmino, well collected by Wijnaldum. -- Clyne, to Firmino.


Have a listen to that! That's changed things massively. In the


final seconds of the first half, Liverpool find a rhythm at last.


Everything came together, before Wijnaldum smashed the ball past Brad


Guzan. That's beyond the Boro goalkeeper in a flash. It's a goal


that's lifted all of that tension out of its shoulders, out of just


about everybody inside Anfield. Frustration for Steve Agnew, whose


team nearly shut out Liverpool for the whole of the half. Liverpool


one, Middlesbrough nil. Sturridge forced from his feet by


the challenge of Adam Clayton. Free kick, Liverpool. This is in Coutinho


-ville. Coutinho to strike for Liverpool, to get it in and put them


on the verge of finishing in the top four of the Premier League. He found


the sweet spot all right. And he found the very corner of the net for


a sweet, sweet Liverpool goal. Its pinpoint perfect from Philippe


Coutinho. It's Liverpool two, Middlesbrough nil. Just five minutes


into the second half, so in six minutes of football, what a


turnaround at Anfield in terms of the mood around this place. Well, we


know Jurgen Klopp likes a beer. You'll be sinking war two tonight. I


don't think the first one will touch the sides. Getting goals has been


Middlesbrough's problem. If they don't get one today will of been 18


of their 38 Premier League games, so almost half a season's worth. They


might get a chance here with the corner. Clipped in by Downing. It's


not away yet. In went Forshaw. Now Liverpool can break and they have,


if they can get going, well, they had a four on one for a moment. It's


Lallana, the one, he was always the one, with Fabio. Still Liverpool.


Clyne leaves it. It's 3-0 Liverpool. Its job done now! Adam Lallana nets


the third. There really is no way back for Middlesbrough now. There's


no stopping Liverpool, as they seal the deal of finishing in the top


four. Boro all over the place with that one. Looked as though when


Fabio stopped back crossed that the breakaway attack was over, but


Liverpool had the numbers forward. Middlesbrough just didn't have the


organisation to stop them. Wijnaldum is knocked down. Lallana's pass into


the goal. Liverpool three, Middlesbrough nil. Relief in the


first two celebrations, just joy in that one. Lallana's first goal since


the end of December. Eight for the season. A season which Liverpool,


oh, they are open here and it was nearly goal for Liverpool fan Adam


Forshaw. Just about straight from the restart. Perhaps that's the


warning that Liverpool need. In it comes from Downing, Mignolet


has a glove on it. Wijnaldum. Breaking at pace once more. I


crossed a Coutinho. Coutinho tease himself up and Guzan tips the wide.


Brad Guzan looks in front of himself and thinks, where's my protection


gone? So solid in the first half. Now it's open door for Liverpool.


He'll be glad he made the trip across the pond now. There will of


course be investment. It's absolutely essential for Liverpool


to compete in the Champions League. They'll have to get the players in


to make sure they get into it proper. Well, Liverpool had to do it


themselves. They knew at win would take them into a top four finish for


the end of the season. It's mission accomplished. Jurgen Klopp is all


smiles now. It hasn't been that way all afternoon. Liverpool three,


Middlesbrough nil. How nervous were you in the first 45


minutes? Not nervous, I don't know the exact English word but you can


feel the situation I was in. Tense? That's probably the right word, I'll


have to Google it afterwards. Only three teams could collect more


points than we had so that means we had to be perfect, in a good way,


and it's enough for the moment. Top four doesn't put a trophy in the


Cabinet, so that's what we want to do. It's why I've come to the club.


It's a step in the right direction and playing hopeful in the Champions


League and hopefully the play-offs first. We have to do that job. Might


you have had a penalty? I thought it was a penalty. His movement was good


and it's moments like that we work for. To be not given was obviously a


massive disappointment. Here we are, 76 points, I think everybody who was


with Aziz lived with Liverpool, we fought for each yard all season and


I'm really happy about this and that's a sign that we should have


given to all our supporters around the world. What a wonderful day for


all of us. Are you disappointed with the fact the club has said it's time


for you to go? Do you think you've been treated unfairly? I've already


said about what I have to say about the situation. Do you think it's


important Premier League manager speaks English? I think so, I think


so. We cannot just blame the manager. We also have a part of it.


As players, there could be more, we could have had performers that were


better, 100% in the game some games we didn't. Unfortunately at the end


the coach got the blame. Your first season in which football. How would


you assess it for yourself and Manchester City? I know the Premier


League better than before, I was so happy. We fight all competition


together. I regret we could not fight until the end. So you can lose


the Premier League by not, we could not fight, we could do with one or


two more stronger. We finished the season 50 or 70 points behind


Chelsea, it's a lot. It's a lot. So we have to work harder but play


better. More points and more goals than last season but not in the top


four, not in the Champions League. How frustrating is that? It's sad


and frustrated. It's down to one point in the end and I think the


total is decent. If you look at all over the years with 75 points not to


be in the top four, I think the first time. What do you make of that


result and the performance? Not good enough and we saw today what we need


for the next, more protective tape out of a lot of ball possession --


more protection out of a lot of ball possession. That's the difference


between today and Everton. One thing you cannot question is my love for


this club. I said no to every civil club in the world to get to the end


of the project, to be loyal to this club and one thing is certain,


nobody is able to question my love for the club. We did the job until


the end and with ten men today we were remarkable. This group has to


stay together. I think they will win the Championship. Will come to


Arsenal and Arsene shortly but first, Liverpool, through to the


Champions League. The second time in the last eight seasons, but it could


have been different, couldn't it? The first goal is going to be


important, it could have gone the other way, and other things. It was


a bit of a nervy start to the game for Liverpool, but this was a big,


big decision that could have and should have gone for Middlesbrough.


Bamford gets the other side of Lovren. It's a clumsy challenge.


He's all over. Eclipse his ankle. It starts outside the box but then goes


into it and it should be a penalty and a red card, because there is no


genuine attempt to get the ball. In fairness to the referee, his view


isn't the best. It's blocked. But he has to get help from the assistant,


from the linesman, because he's got a clear view of it. Clear, look.


Nothing in front of him at all. It should have been a penalty and it


should have been a red card and it might have been very, very


different. But 45 minutes, I said it was a nervy start, once they got


first goal, lovely touch from Firmino, even better from Wijnaldum.


17 goals for Liverpool and for Newcastle, all at home, but it was a


hell of a finish. Once that when in -- went and it was a matter of how


many they were going to get and all of Anfield was settled down. There


in the Champions League, there was a time when Liverpool were pretty


dominant in our football. That's no longer the case. Does this qualify


as a successful season for Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp? Yes, I think it


qualifies as success. I think they set out to achieve that at the


beginning of the season. I know it's been disappointing in the cup


connotations, when he rested players and weakened the team but from a


league point of view they set out to get into that and achieved that so


it's a successful season for them and they'll be bigger and better


next season. World, Liverpool, let's move to city. They are also through


to the Champions League proper. Pep Guardiola said the one thing missing


this season was they weren't ruthless enough, whereas most of us


have perhaps looks at the other end of the pitch. In Aguero, they have


someone ruthless and in Jesus, a player you think is going to be


something special. 33 goals for Aguero. Jesus only came


in January and has seven. You can see the link up play is fantastic


between them. With Aguero saying he will stay, that's great news. Jesus,


he's been at goal-scorer I've seen up until this point... He is right


on goal and looking to square it to Aguero. I don't even think the pass


is on. He looks up twice and looks to pass to him and I think, he has


to score himself. Those are the sort of chances, as the season has gone


on, Pep has said a wasteful. Once he gets in this situation, only one


outcome. Magnificent, magnificent finishing. That is what he is


capable of. This again, Leroy Sane, you have to say, he's going to be


tremendous again next season. Look at his pace, literally rips Daryl


Janmaat to bits. Aguero again in the right place, and Jesus in the box as


well, getting ready to finish. And this one, I can't believe he missed


this! He is quality. He can't believe he missed it either. He has


taken his eye off it. They create a lot of chances. I think you will


seek Jesus' goal, he has a touch here. He looks like he's not going


to get involved, not really bursting a gut to get there, ambles along.


But when it comes, this touch here... It's just fantastic stuff.


You can see they will probably sign another striker. Does this qualify


success, third place? I think you have to take it. You have to take it


but is it a successful season? I would say yes, they have to say it


is success, because they are giving themselves an opportunity to be in


the best competition in the world, in the Champions League. By


contrast, for the first time in 20 years Arsenal miss out on Champions


League football, the Europa League for them. Before we come to the


overall picture, please tell me, what was Koscielny thinking? FA Cup


final next week. There has to be a part of Koscielny that thinks, just


get through this game today. This tackle is late, high and dangerous.


It has to be a red card. There is no doubt about it. He is very lucky to


escape injury, Valencia. When you sit from this angle, you see how


high it is. Now he's missing out on the cup final. It was a correct


decision, it was a moment of madness from Koscielny. Absolute madness


stop terror has to be thinking about the FA Cup final. No Champions


League football for Arsenal, Europa League for them. The whole situation


at Arsenal, what would you like to see happen? The summer, for a start.


It is so unstable at the moment. We are not hearing anything. The boss


is saying after the cup final they are going to make an announcement.


He looks very despondent in his interview at the death there. We


have top players running down contracts. We don't know what's


happening. What needs to be done, in your opinion? They are protesting


against the owner. I feel the owner, his silence is deafening. I know


Roman Abramovich assignment but puts his money where his mouth isn't. I


think that's what the Arsenal fans would like from Stan Kroenke, backed


the club and the team. Arsene Wenger has always said he has had money to


spend. He said at the end of his interview today that no one can


question his love for the football club. I think that's absolutely


correct, but you have to think, what's been going on in the


last months, it's hindered the football club with the uncertainty


about his future. Maybe there is a reason why we don't know if he's


announced if he staying or going, but hasn't helped the football club


at all in the last few months. Should he stay or go? Both of you,


honest, from the heart or the head, or both? I would like him to get


back to more. I'm not going to say he should go. I think he's out on


the owner at the moment. Other clubs have now overtaken Arsenal. They


have stood still, Arsenal, where other clubs have spent big money and


taken over. That didn't answer the question! It is Goal of the Season


time. COMMENTATOR: Away by Cahill and the


shot into the back of the net! What a beauty from Jordan Henderson. The


clearance from Cahill felt a Jordan Henderson and what a delightful


finish! Dimitri Payet. This slip beyond. Two


waiting in the middle. Rolls inside. Good run by Dimitri Payet. Is this


his moment, is this his moment, is this his moment? It's his moment!


Sensational goal. Slipped away from Barragan and carried on going and


waited until he could get the shot away and tickled it home.


It is going to fall for Gaston Ramirez here. A chance of a


counterattack for Middlesbrough. Ramirez shift effortlessly through


the gears. He's going to take it on his own here. That is an exceptional


goal, and Gaston Ramirez has quite simply created this all for himself!


Full of determination, full of thrust and what a finish from the


Uruguayan at the end! Valencia. Last time Sunderland gave


the ball away cheaply it cost them. Mkhitaryan! What a finish that is.


That is a brilliant, beautiful finish from Henrikh Mkhitaryan!


Bellerin. Olivier Giroud. Good touch. Fine break by Arsenal so far.


Sanchez. Olivier Giroud has made the run into the middle. That's


wonderful, that's unbelievable! Watch the finish as it comes in,


sensational. Brilliant improvisation!


Here is Antonio. Carroll on the far side. Oh, that is tremendous! Jazz


and admire this. Sensational goal! -- just sit back and admire this.


Diego Costa to Hazard. Joe Speight clock alarm, too strong for him.


Eden Hazard, into the box. Valiant, a brilliant goal by Eden Hazard!


From the minute he picked it up, he meant business! Shrugged, ran off


it, bewitched the Arsenal defenders and tucked it time. -- tapped it


home. Lucas. Emre Can with the volley. Fantastic goal from Emre


Can! Spectacular acrobatics, he saw it coming a mile off and has put it


in the top corner! A lot of debating here. You can vote


on the BBC sport website by clicking on the goal of your choice or via


twitter with the hashtags on-screen. Alan and Ian will choose from the


top three in the voting that closes at 11:45pm. Terms and conditions on


the website. To Stamford Bridge next,


where Chelsea were poised to receive The champions finished


the season against bottom Commentary comes


from Jonathan Pearce. Chelsea had been the Premier League


for 27 weeks and Sunderland have embarked on the Premier League for


27 weeks and Sunderland have been bottom for 27 weeks. Six changes.


Injuries to Arouna Kone and Jermain Defoe mean Sunderland have 12 on the


treatment table. Their starting line-up post just three league goals


between them. Lescott making his Premier League debut. John O'Shea,


this could be his last game for the club. Jordan Pickford as well, with


a big -- the big clubs hovering. That is a nice spin by Adnan Januzaj


and a confident carry. It ends in a foul by David Luiz.


Gotze make up for lost time this season, Adnan Januzaj. Still only 22


but he hasn't played enough football this season. This his first start


since April the 1st against Watford. Hasn't scored this season, Seb


Larsson. Missed a lot of games with a knee problem. Into the wall, it


bounces neatly and Sunderland take the lead! As the free kick hit the


ball and bounced away, it is driven in by Javi Manquillo. Not the start


he wanted and not the start he wanted in his last game. Terry


pointed, knew someone was out there but no one was covering. Driven


powerfully in for his first goal for the club.


This is a lovely turn by Hazard. He has drawn the foul.


Rodwell got the ball, for me. Billie Jo. Alonso with the effort, rocked


the woodwork. Moses, Hazard. Back to Alonso. Diego Costa lets it


run on, Hazard. Diego Costa. The Reds the pass. Back to Costa,


mis-hit it. David Luiz almost set up Kerry. Driven in by Willian for the


equaliser. Sunderland's lead lasted four minutes.


Never really recovered from that moment, Sunderland. Chelsea, so many


blue shirts, and it almost came to Terry. What a moment that would have


been. Couldn't get the shot away, Terry, but Willian code. The Power


beat Pickford. He has been frustrated at times this season, the


Brazilian, left on the bench, but he has played his role. 1-1. He has


played 26 minutes. He is Chelsea's number 26, and this was planned, the


final flourish, for the captain, their leader, the legend. 717 games,


17 trophies, cheers and tears. WHISTLE


A foul. I think there were elbows or arms being used by both there.


Saying he was elbowed in the face by John O'Shea. Certainly holding John


O'Shea off. There was a calf but it seemed to be lower than by the face.


He has his hands round O'Shea's throat, that is a foul. O'Shea's


hand... Was enough to get the reaction from Diego Costa? An


unseemly kerfuffle on this last day. Diego Costa, Hazard waiting.


Perfectly placed for him. He will run at Billy Jones. Oh, thunderous


goal! Superb strike on the power to give Chelsea the lead. -- strike on


the hour. Good control by Costa and the awareness, the gentle pass was


perfect and the finish was anything but gentle. Chelsea numeric 2- 1


Sunderland. Fabregas, had their vision to look


for Pedro. Lescott's header... Does he give Pedro the goal? It does.


Chelsea wrap up a 30th Premier League victory in a single season. A


fitting way to end a title winning season. Horrible for Lescott. Pedro


had the speed and awareness and the finishing touch for his 13th of the


campaign. Five titles at the Barcelona player, his first in


England, and it will be no special for him. A hiccup at the start, and


then plain sailing. Just as it was this campaign.


Pickford's clearance straight to Pedro. Batshuayi! The man whose goal


clinched the title put the seal on a final day victory, in the last


minute of the 90. It is Chelsea four, Sunderland one. And Chelsea


have a record 30 Premier League victories in a single season. 93


points in a remarkable campaign. That is the second highest ever,


second to their own record. All the din you are hearing is from


the Chelsea fans. The Sunderland supporters haven't stopped ringing


out. Here's Batshuayi, stayed onside. Goes for gold. And what a


way to end the day. Two Goldin two minutes for Michy Batshuayi. -- two


goals, in two minutes. Chelsea five, Sunderland one. The man brought in


for big money, money that raised a few eyebrows, has been a slow burner


this season, but that's four in three games for Michy Batshuayi.


Five today for Chelsea. It's over. The end of a wonderful campaign for


Antonio Conte. A bright sunny day, a blue day, a wet day for some. It's


Conte's Chelsea, its Chelsea title winners, it's Chelsea five,


Sunderland one. Captain, leader, legend. There will not be another


like John Terry. This is the last time he will lift the trophy. It's


the silver glimmering trophy on a blue, blue day at Stamford Bridge.


Chelsea on the last day lift the big one. This is most pleasing. I think


the players was great, fantastic. Great commitment. Now we are


celebrating with our fans our fantastic season. You know, it's


always good to win. We have one trophy to take in one week, so we


can celebrate tonight with the fans, but we have to be ready for the


final and then the season will be fantastic. We want to be part of


making records. We enjoyed consecutive wins. We've blown the


record with 30 wins today. Trophy. It's what it's all about. You have


to enjoy these moments as much as you can. An amazing send off for


John Terry, the captain? Yes, I think John deserved this for his


career. He's a great man and he's a great player. He's a legend for this


club. It will mean a lot. You couldn't have scripted this better,


could you? Oh, I couldn't. If you could have told me this was the time


to go, I'd have bitten your arms off a few years ago. It's sad and


emotional for me, I've had 22 great years here. I love the fans and we


have a great rapport and that will never be broken. End of a great


career at Chelsea. We'll come to John Terry very shortly, but first,


Ian, in terms of the game itself, Batshuayi, he's kind of arrived late


to the party despite the big transfer fee. Could he be the answer


to Chelsea's striking problems, if Costa goes? He deserves the chance.


The goals you are seeing him get, he looks athletic, he's always on the


shoulder, left foot, right foot. I think for 33 million, I'm sure he


was expecting more than 18 starts as sub. When you look at him either


within and around the area. You have people like Pedro on Hazard, if you


have them in and around you he could probably score goals. You could


still score goals! I probably could do. No, he couldn't! I would! He


keeps himself onside. These are areas Lescott don't want to go, you


look at him, backing him off and gets onto his left foot. This strike


here is fantastic. The goalkeeper is a good keeper. But he has no chance


with it. You look and think, is he going to get a chance? I'd like to


see his hold-up play and all-round game. I'd like to see him get chance


there. A word on John Terry. He's been a great captain for Chelsea, a


real leader, a winner, obviously. But his farewell has certainly


divided opinion. First of all he's been a giant of the Premier League,


717 appearances. He's won everything. 15 trophies. I'm not


sure about this, Sunderland agreeing to kick the ball out on 26 minutes.


I don't think anything should never be done that can undermine the


integrity of the game. I know it was done with good intentions and he


deserved the guard of honour but it should have been either before or


after the game, not on the 26th minute. But he deserved it all


today. He's been a huge player for Chelsea. I don't want to disagree


but Sunderland are down, they are champions. I just think it's nice. I


said it's nice... Visit to tweak, too glib? Are you not having it? I'm


not having it. I'd be unhappy, I was number eight! Spurs had already


claimed second place, their highest finish since 19 623.


They faced Hull, who were relegated by last Sunday's


Martin Fisher was at the KCOM Stadium.


There are six changes in all, with youth given a chance. As the club


says goodbye to Premier League, Jarrod Bowen makes his first ever


started the top flight. Josh Tymon turns 18 tomorrow. This afternoon he


shares a pitch with Tottenham's finest. In the eyes of Murgia


Pochettino there are few finer in the world right now than Harry Kane,


his four goals at Leicester on Thursday has him on top of the


Premier League scoring charts again, as he looks to retain the Golden


Boot. On the last day of the Premier League season, Tottenham begin with


83 points to their name. Eight previous occasions, that tally would


have been enough to lift the title. The long leg of Davies interrupts


that move, but Spurs quickly regain it with Eriksen, and now Kane. First


scoring chance for him and typically he puts it away. Spurs' number makes


it 27 in the Premier League this season. -- Spurs' number ten.


Eriksen picked out Kane. He's unerringly accurate from 20 yards,


and Marshall given no chance whatsoever. Hull beginning to chase


shadows here. Trippier getting forward on this


right-hand side. Kane weights. Kane scores. Less than three minutes


after his first, Kane gets his second of the game and at this rate


it could be a cricket score by 5pm. And how beautifully Tottenham picked


them apart here. On the screen, number 16, Kieran Trippier waits and


waits, makes his moving behind and came steps up and is never going to


miss those. Pleased he didn't begin his Hull City career with a game


against Tottenham Hotspur. In danger of losing it, and he has.


Dier has said Kane. Son Heung-min back for Dele Alli and its 3-0,


Spurs. Ruthless and clinical, right on the stroke of half-time, Spurs.


Niasse, surrounded by white jerseys. Suddenly, Spurs are in business. Son


Heung-min thought about shooting. Dele Alli had a think before he


drove written to the body of David Marshall. It's now really a case of


how many goals they finish up scoring today. Another clean sheet


for Hugo Lloris will see him share the Golden glove with Thibaut


Courtois of Chelsea. A mistake by Vertonghen. Clucas has Grosicki to


his left hand side. Niasse waits in the centre. Here's Niasse. The


Tottenham's block and now Clucas, and he's in. Clucas quite possibly


Hull City's best player this season, scores a goal on the last day of the


season. Caught in possession here by the eventual goal scorer, Sam


Clucas. And then Spurs were short of cover. Niasse had his chance.


Vertonghen did well to block that. Clucas wasn't going to miss his


opportunity. It lifts the spirits of the home supporters, as they prepare


for at least one more season in the Championship. It blots Tottenham's


copybook, which up until that moment had been pretty flawless this


afternoon. Huddlestone trips him. He can have


no complaints about that. Again, Davies will leave it for Eriksen.


It's deep towards Wanyama, couldn't miss. Victor Wanyama makes it four


to Tottenham. Subdued celebrations. Looks puzzled as to why he hasn't


been flagged offside. Certainly left well alone by the Hull defends.


Wanyama's fifth of the campaign, probably just onside. Dawson


possibly played him on. Wanyama just stooped to nod home at the back


post. He's run into trouble, Tymon. Kane


almost took it off. Alli has, this follow hat-trick, Harry Kane. Never


going to miss, never going to miss! It's his sixth Premier League


hat-trick. It's his 35th goal this season all told, and his 29th in the


Premier League this season. And he's now one shy of 104 Spurs. Well, it's


another mistake the 17-year-old Josh Tymon. Once the frame of that goal


is in front of Harry Kane, he very rarely fails to find the net. The


Golden Boot winner again. Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur.


Sissoko couldn't quite reach Trippier. He might do now. He's been


fouled. Spurs have now matched the scoreline


that they produced in August 2009 here. They are looking to add to it.


It almost fell to Janssen. Sissoko teeing up Davies and there is number


six. And they have eclipsed what they managed on this ground eight


years ago. Ben Davis has his first Premier League goal of the campaign.


Possible offside there. Against Sissoko. He teed up Davies. But it's


all academic. Rifles at home, then Davies. -- Ben Davies. Three and a


half more minutes for Hull City to ensure. Trippier to Son Heung-min,


and it's in. And it's Alderweireld. His first Premier League goal of the


campaign. They are all getting in on the act now! It's gone beyond


embarrassing for Hull City. 7-1 on the last day. What a terrific climax


for Tottenham Hotspur. Six goals on Thursday. They've gone one better


today, with seven at Hull and 7-1 is Tottenham's greatest ever away win


in the league in their history. We didn't play. It was a gift today.


I think they deserved more than like we played today. Those fans are


desperate for you to stay. It's a difficult decision. I will meet with


the owner a game next Wednesday. Of course I have something in my mind.


I know I need to see what is best for me as well and for the club


first, because for me I put club above me and other things. Harry,


that's what it's all about, the Golden Boot. You've retained it. How


much pleasure does that bring? It's something I'm very proud of,


obviously I've won it once and you want to retain it and be the one to


win two or three, so yes, to be second in a row is very special


feeling. I'm going to enjoy this moment. Are very pleased with the


season, it was fantastic, the way we've finished the season it was


important for us to have a positive lesson. Now we have to take a


decision for the team, try to improve, a big challenge next season


in Wembley, but we are so exciting, the way we finished, and I'm waiting


for the next season in Wembley. How difficult is it going to beat to


keep this squad together in the summer? I think the players feel how


I feel, they want to stay at Tottenham and it's a big challenge


for us to stay altogether next season. We need to add the right


profile player that can help and of course some players will come under


some players will leave the club, but like in all the clubs every


season it happens. There you have it, another Golden Boot. Ever retain


a Golden Boot, Alan? Three, actually? Me too. I had one, I


didn't retain it. It was meant to be yours! It was. I'm still


heartbroken! Seven goals in his last two games, Harry Kane, 29 league


goals in 30 games this season. The last mind is go back to back away


hat-trick is in the Premier League, Alan? Ian Wright, right? I dug you


out. Was a player, the real deal. Very little backlift, Dutch keeper


has no chance. He takes up every opportunity. He's had his injury


problems this season, also, but he's bounced back from that. He's full of


confidence, schools all types of goals, all with his left foot today.


A lovely tap in there and good ball from Dier but when he goes through


in this situation coming you look at him now and I don't think he's going


to miss. He expects to score. There's no way he's even thinking


about passing it. He's just finding the back of the net. He is a top,


top player, and he's going to get better.


Where is he among top strikers? When you give the return that he has in


the last three seasons, even last season, people were saying, we're


still not sure about him. I believe he is as good as Karen Benzema. I


think he's better. As a finisher, can do what he wants. When you look


at those numbers, 29 league goals in 30 starts, very, very impressive.


Starting to get up there with the crazy figures the other two put


together. It is the cup final next weekend.


Olivier Giroud. Willian, it's in! Theo Walcott! Pedro! Brilliant goal.


It should be a good one. The build-up begins with football focus


from midday. Look out for live commentary of the Europa League


final, Manchester United against Ajax on BBC five live on Wednesday


at 7:45pm. And look out for a special


documentary on Celtic's The Lisbon Lions, BBC One,


Wednesday, 11:15 pm. They still have the Europa League


final to come, but Manchester United signed off at Old Trafford


against a Crystal Palace side who secured safety last weekend


with victory over Hull. Wayne Rooney starts a Premier League


games are just a 15th time this season makes his 558 number-macro


Manchester United appearance. Only time will tell if it's his last at


Old Trafford. He lead the side that includes four full debutants with an


average age of less than 23, the youngest Man United have ever named


in the Premier League. The visitors at full strength, as Wilfried Zaha


looks to add to his best ever goal-scoring campaign, on his 100th


appearance for the club the crystal Palace Player of the Year is back at


the club where he played. A lively start at Old Trafford.


Rooney has got there. Trying to chip Hennessey. And almost achieved that.


It was Mitchell with a beautifully weighted pass. The 20-year-old on


his debut. A host of under 20s, three in the squad today. Jose


Mourinho has Nicky Butt sitting on the bench with him. Manchester


United's head of Academy. It is a lovely weighted ball. Josh


Halep up against Kelly. Still Harrop! What a moment for the


21-year-old. He got a hat-trick here on Monday for the under 23 team in


front of Jose Mourinho. Handed his debut today, and it has taken him 15


minutes to score his first Manchester United goal. And whatever


happens in his footballing career, that is a moment he will never, ever


forget. The top scored for the under 23 team had plenty to do. Kept his


composure, and what about that for a finish? The 21-year-old from


Stockport, twisting and turning and then clinically beating Hennessey. A


new name on the scoresheet, that of 21-year-old Josh Harrop. That's the


kind of script Manchester United supporters were hoping for coming to


Old Trafford today. Zaha. Such a strong player. Here comes Lindegaard


now. He has Rooney to his right. He ignored him, trying to find Pogba


instead, he still might. He has, 2-0. Paul Pogba warms up for the


European final with a goal. His 50th in his career for club and country.


Jesse Lingard new Rooney was an option, the pass was overhit. Paul


Pogba did the rest. His eighth Goal of the Season. Manchester United 2-0


Crystal Palace. Sam Allardyce has never beaten a side managed by Jose


Mourinho. Jesse Lingard. Here is Harrop again,


tried to cold one. That is the level of confidence. They've been given


that stage and showing all the signs that their manager would want them


to do. Benteke's header! That is the


closest Crystal Palace have calmed. Early delivery from Zaha, it was a


free header. Bacary Crystal free kick. Sako has had a


look at it and so has Milivojevic. It is the Serbian. That was creeping


in. Manchester United are making a significant substitution with three


minutes to go. Firstly, because the man coming on is Anel Gomes, aged 16


and 263 days, and the man who's coming off is the captain, Wayne


Rooney, their record goal-scorer, who receives standing ovations.


Rooney off, and what a moment for the London born Angel Gomes. Will


they be together again next season? That is the big question. What a day


for the young lads, especially for Josh, to do that on your debut.


Playing with the freedom and enjoyment, it's what you hope it's


going to be, when you see the young boys getting a chance, brings back


memories, that feeling of playing your first name. I was delighted for


all of them, they did fantastic. An amazing afternoon, I dreamt that


moment so many times and for it to come true today is just


unbelievable. I am speechless, actually. Two sloppy goals, two


shots on target for Manchester United in the whole game. Overall,


defensively we did very well today, apart from those two moment. What's


the key going forward to make sure you are not in this position in 12


months' time? It's the usual, grow, develop, invest, and make sure you


choose the right players and not the wrong ones. So, that's the difficult


task in the summer, recruitment, because any player you bring into


this club has to be much better than any player we've already got. Jose


Mourinho didn't have time to talk to us after the game and he didn't hang


around for long in the press Conference either. OK guys,


questions please. Let's go. Any questions? No? Good. Buy, guys.


Thank you. We tried! LAUGHTER We will move onto Jose in September


one and foremost, Paul Pogba played about half the game and in many ways


this season he has lived up to about half his potential. More to come


from him, I think? I hope so. He is going to be under scrutiny with his


price tag that he has got unbelievable ability. This was a


fantastic pass. You have to be pleased with the youngster, Josh


Harrop, does very well. That little touch and then a beautiful finish.


We can see it again. I think with Pogba, he is somebody, because it is


Manchester United as well, he is going to get a lot of stick for not,


for me, living up to the price tag, up to this point. I believe he has


to get forward more. I think he has to score more goals. I think this is


his first goal in the league since December. I think he has to score


more. He gets a bit lucky, the defender slows it down for him. But


he is in there, you are up there and you


have a. He has to do more of this next season. When you look at the


ability he does have, you should be doing a lot more and I think he


will. As the Jose Mourinho, kind of turned into the grumpy one these


days. Had a bit of a whinge this week, and probably fair enough,


justified, about playing on Sunday rather than Saturday just before a


European Cup final. He definitely has a point. They did the same thing


with Leicester City. If it was possible to move the game, and


should have been moved. Crystal Palace only secured safety last


weekend. He looked the charismatic, happy special one when he arrived on


totally different now. He looks angry and upset and moaning about a


lot of games. It should be fun. If they win the Europa League and then


are in the Champions League, that's two trophies and Champions League,


that would be considered successful? Absolutely. A lot hinges on the game


on Wednesday. I'll give you that! Thanks.


But before that, Swansea were celebrating Premier League


They faced West Brom, who've gone eight games without a win.


You hear the phrase on the beach a lot at this time of the season and


all most of the Swansea squad have been this season, as they went on a


two night trip to Ibiza Rocks to celebrate securing safety.


Christopher Nord felt given his first game since last season, as


they rest Fabianski. Tony Pulis is on course for his first top half


finish as a manager in the Premier League. He makes one alteration as


James Morrison comes in for Nacer Chadli. So, an afternoon that could


have been full of nerves and tension for Swansea is instead an end of


season party in south Wales. Rondon flicks on. Fernandez away. Straight


to Fletcher. Fletcher, weaving through for Rondon, with an side


here. Solomon Rondon! Best chance of the game so far. Nordfeldt got his


angle is just right to keep the Venezuelan at bay. Tony Pulis isn't


wasting any time getting set for next season. He is flying out to


China tomorrow for talks with the owner, with discussions about his


transfer budget top of the agenda. Rondon, up against Fernandez. And


winning a corner out of the Argentine. Fletcher to take.


Nordfeldt can't get there, nodded in by Jonny Evans. West Brom lead. Yet


another set piece goal from the Baggies. Nordfeldt couldn't get


there, and it's a free header for Evans. Easy as you like for him,


after the Swedish stopper got nowhere near the delivery.


Alfie Mawson. Lovely Kim out to Kyle Naughton. Still going, Kyle


Naughton! He scored a stammer at Sunderland last weekend, his first


goal for Swansea. He certainly caught this well. Swansea have won


five of their last seven games here, with their only defeat in that


period coming against Tottenham. Carroll, aiming for Sigurdsson. Well


watched by Yacob. Drilled into Rondon. Fernandez misjudged it. He


has a race against Rondon which he has lost out on... Solomon Rondon is


through, Rondon! Brilliant covering challenge from Leon Brittan. The


Venezuelan will feel he should have done a whole lot better than he did.


Paul Clement said he wasn't tempted to join the squad in Ibiza Rocks. He


didn't think he would be able to keep up with them. West Brom are


closing in on their first away win this year. WHISTLE


They have conceded a free kick here, though.


Gylfi Sigurdsson's last goal was a cracking free kick at Manchester


United last month. This is a bit further out than that. He has gone


for the pass instead, and in from Jordan Ayew! Swansea eyelevel! --


are level. Sigurdsson's clipped delivery, Llorente back across goal


and Jordan are you can hardly miss from that kind of range. Swansea 1-1


West Brom. It's been quite a year for Swansea


chairman Hugh Jenkins, a summer takeover and three different


managers over the course of the season. Yacob, teeing up Evans.


Looking for McClean. Ki Sung-Yueng. Out here for Narsingh, that's a good


ball, and it's finished off by Llorente come and Swansea have


turned it around. Swansea's top scorer this season is at it again. A


teasing delivery from Narsingh. And an expert finish from Llorente. It


was already party time at the liberty anyway. But the celebrations


have just gone up one notch further. Forwards by Foster. Evans. Jonny


Evans with a chance to get his second of the game. That goal from


Llorente as an extra spring in the supporters' steps in the sunshine.


29 points for the second half of the season in 19 games is very pleasing


but a brilliant way to sign off this season. But what we have to do next


year is build on from the momentum we've gathered. This squad has a lot


of potential and I'm glad in the second half of the season we were


able to play close to it. And desperately disappointed the lads


haven't got anything out of the game today because they deserved it. The


difference was the Premier League is the final third and you've got to


have people who are determined to keep them at one end and people who


have the quality to bring in the other end. Sam Vokes' two goals


against West Brom in Burnley's last home game secured their


survival. He's not four in their last games. He was a scorer in the


Clarets' win against West Ham six years ago. Two changes for Burnley,


income Brady and Gray. Bilic admitted he would be glad when the


season was over. Winston Reid requires surgery. Ogbonna replaces


him. He's been out in cell since January. Feghouli and Snodgrass are


part of a trio of enforced alterations. Lanzini just overdid


it. Ward thumps it away. Gray beaten by Collins. He is Gray. Arfield


continues his run. Vokes is by the penalty spot. Arfield, it's 1-0


Bournemouth. It just had to be him, as well, didn't it? He's been in


terrific form in front of goal and Burnley take the lead midway through


the first half. West Ham opened up here. Arfield and then Gray, and


Arfield continues his run. He doesn't get a touch. But Sam Vokes


most definitely does. His tenth Premier League goal of the campaign.


His 12th in all competitions. Arfield, away from Ogbonna. The


second time the Italian wins it. Gueye does exceptionally well. He's


clipped and it's a free kick to the Hammers and a yellow card for


Westwood. A really good run from Ayew, he kept his balance well and I


guess because he'd been halted the referee believes Westwood deserves


to be cautioned. Feghouli... That's a really good block. Terrific play


from West Ham. And tidy finish at the of it from Feghouli. It is a


really good goal, this. Lanzini involved, Fernandes, Ayew, then


Feghouli. West Ham equalised within just a couple of moments of falling


behind. Headed away by Collins. Won backed by Westwood. Collins is there


again. A collision between Westwood, a man who has already been booked,


and Collins. I suspect had this has more intensity about it, a bit more


resting on it, Westwood might have seen a second yellow and perhaps


even a straight red, who knows. That is one big benefit of the doubt.


Brady has done well. It's a great ball in. Gray on the near post with


a little backheel, which went maybe a foot beyond the far post. Classic


wing play really by Robbie Brady. There's the little death flick and


it goes beyond the post. -- a clever flick. Snodgrass trying to head away


from Ward. He is Ayew and now Lanzini. Movement is good from


Cresswell. Lanzini again. Byram, breaks for Fernandez to hit


it and heat to save it off the underside of the bar, and Ayew turns


it in. He can't believe how unlucky he's been there, Tom Heaton, but


West Ham are absolutely delighted. Andre Ayew gives an West Ham the


lead. They've come from behind to take it here at Turf Moor. Byram's


ball in and Fernandes whacked it. Heaton parried it and its off the


bar and straight to Ayew and West Ham United, who trailed early, are


now in front. A foul by Hendrick, free kick West


Ham United. Ayew knocked to the floor by Hendrick's challenge.


Surveying the situation, Manuel Lanzini. On target. In fact, it's


just off target. Not by much, either. There were a few West Ham


fans who thought it had gone in. My eyes were deceived for a second as


well by the ripple at the top of the netting. Victory means you are the


11th best team in the country. That's a reasonable reflection of


the events, isn't it? It's a good shout, I would call it reasonable.


Some people expected as before the season to do even better, to build


on last season, when we were seventh, knowing this is the Premier


League it's going to be very hard. OK, believe me, to see everything


that happened is during the season, we've done well. I don't want to


overthink this game and the last game for that matter. There's been a


lot of good work done by a lot of good people at this football club


and that's not just the players. The whole club. It's a big achievement,


staying in the Premier League on an ongoing basis and that's what the


goal was and we've done that. A good end to the season for West Ham, Ian,


and a very fortuitous and slightly humorous winner in that game. It


was, for Jordan Ayew. He has a good shot here and he thinks... You think


he's going to clear it. Ayew has done well, he reacted very well to


it. He's in the right place. I like that goal. Burnley staying up, West


Ham finishing halfway in the league, both sides should be happy with


that? I think so. There's been a lot of talk about Bilic's job, but


finishing 11th, I'm not sure they could achieve better than that this


season. I think both managers have done as well as they can. In the


other game we saw, another great result for Swansea. Paul Clement has


done a fabulous job. I said when he took over the job they needed a


miracle and he has performed one. 29 points from 19 games and six wins


out of nine at home, and they've finished 15th now, seven points


clear of that what three, so he's done a fantastic job. Something


certainly for him to build on next season. Definitely has done well.


They've done well. We have to mention Burnley, they've done well.


They've finished like 16th, early-season form was good


especially at home so I'm quite glad they've done well. Our final two


games the Southampton host Stoke and reigning champions Leicester, I'll


never say that again, against Bournemouth, at the King Power


Stadium was Simon Brotherton. Ewan-macro della Wallace B last May


but after a turbulent title defence Leicester will be content to reach


the last game of the season. Somalia is preferred to Okazaki up front as


last year's champions look to finish in the top half -- Slimani is


preferred to Okazaki. The first league start for the club since they


were hearing the Championship in October 20 13th, Boruc is injured,


as his top scorer, Josh King. Both teams playing for a top half of the


table finish. Charlie Daniels back into Surman, the first time Andrew


Surman has played since the derby with Southampton at the start of


last month. Simpson underneath it, beaten to it by Mousset, not once,


but chat twice. Simpson goes wading in as Bournemouth push for a goal


and they've got it as well. Junior Stanislas was there at the far post.


What a stunning start. We've only played for a minute and Lee Mason,


when that challenge came in, played the advantage and Bournemouth took


full advantage. Leicester City nil, Bournemouth one. A move which very


swiftly went from one end of the pitch to the other. Mousset did


really well. The referee allowed the play to go on. Junior Stanislas has


now scored in each of the last three matches.


A poor ball in by Gosling in the end, giving Leicester the chance to


clear. Lee Mason happy there was no foul and it was a slip. Bournemouth


camped around the Leicester penalty area. Gosling brings a brilliant


save from Kasper Schmeichel. He caught it really well. It was a


flying fingertip stop from the Dane. Leicester. -- DD for Leicester.


Riyad Mahrez takes a pass from Badi underworld timed tackle from Charlie


Daniels. Leicester knocking on the door here in the closing moments of


the first half. Saved by Allsop, on the line, didn't deny Wilfred Ndidi.


-- to deny Wilfred Ndidi. 22 points from a dozen league matches


Leicester City, under the guidance of Craig Shakespeare. A big decision


coming up for the chairman. Now Jamie Vardy, Slimani ahead of him


here, tried to feed the ball out towards Marc Albrighton. Collected


by Chilwell. A to the far post, hit back in, Vardy is there will stop


its 1-1, Leicester City are level. Jamie Vardy's 16th Goal of the


Season. Leicester back on level terms early in the second half.


Badi's first goal in four. And after an indifferent first-half showing,


can last year's champions turn things around the second half?


Slimani getting up and Jamie Vardy there to pounce.


King finding Jamie Vardy. Jamie Vardy with the bit between his teeth


here, Slimani, Vardy. 2-0. Flag up, it won't count. It was merely a


superb individual effort from Jamie Vardy, forcing the issue inside the


penalty area. If you look here, I think he's really unlucky to be


called offside. He is level with the defender as the ball comes across.


Header by Steve Cooke only as far as Ndidi. Leicester are knocking on the


door, pushing for a second goal. Mahrez with the delivery, Slimani!


Its wide. What a chance for 2-1. What a beautiful delivery from Riyad


Mahrez, and Slimani, right place, right time, what a chance. Our


second season at this level, and incredibly difficult league as


everyone knows, the players have shown a great attitude to their


work, they've improved. I think we're still growing as a team and


have had some really good results this season. Full credit to the


group we have this season. The second goal for Jamie Vardy, called


offside, do you feel hard done by? Yes, having seen it. It's hard to


judge in real-time, of course, we'd had the benefit of a replay. Seeing


the replay, he's an side and that would have given us three points.


What is the time frame, what's next? There is to time frame. I'm sure in


the next couple weeks we will sit down. If I'm given the opportunity


in a discussion, I will say how I see the club moving forward. Is this


the final match in charge for Claude Puel? A win here will lock down a


place in the top ten. Charlie Austin, still the club's top scorer


this season. Ryan Bertrand returns to the top four. Stoke have 11.4


million reasons to be competitive, that's the potential difference in


prize money at stake. Peter Crouch starts against one of his former


clubs. Marko Arnautovic is injured. Lee Probert gets is underway. Two


outperform sides. Can they serve up a surprise on this final day?


Immediately a chance for stroke to mount the first attack on the


Southampton goal. Important header away by Stevens and a good change


from Fraser Forster, as the shot came in. 20 seconds on the clock,


and a rifled shot. Fraser Forster had to be really ready and alert for


that one. Promising stuff. Four home games without a goal. Set -- without


a goal for Southampton. It has divided opinion about their manager.


Jack Butland... Dangerous, losing it... Can he be beaten by Redmond?


It's off the bar. Nearly a goal of his own making for Butland and


that's a sublime bit of skill from Redmond, nearly breaking the


deadlock. It is goalless but we have drama at the very beginning and some


drama at the end. Southampton fans turning up the volume a little now.


Can their side finish on a high? Or will Stoke be another side to come


here to St Mary's and thwart them? Allen. Looking for Peter Crouch...


Peter Crouch has done it, on the final day of the season again!


Deadly in the air to score his tenth of the season and put Stoke in front


right on the hour mark. Shaqiri has been more of an influence on this


half. Joe Allen's ball out on the cross just hangs in the air. Peter


Crouch, very tight, but you know when he's presented with that kind


of opportunity, he rarely misses. Over the arm of Fraser Forster, into


the back of the net and Stoke lead. Chances coming from the Stoke


contingent and the moment. A few boos from the Southampton fans. Set


up for Rik Mayall does not run into the penalty area. Ward-Prowse...


Southampton can't find a way to get it in the net. It was James


Ward-Prowse following up on seeing his effort blocked, after the


initial opportunity from Steven Davis. Southampton still can't


score. Peter Crouch's goal separates the two sides. Maybe he will give


his shirt to this man in the stands. Tyrone Sidley, who said he would


come to the game in speedos only. He has lived up to his end of the deal,


I suppose they both have! Gabiadini has timed his run well, Gabiadini


for the leveller... The follow-up ricochets off Gabiadini and wide.


Jack Butland billed as a potential ?50 million goalkeeper by Mark


Hughes this week. Ryan Bertrand, not a lot of pace in the Southampton


attacks but they might thread their way through. Ward-Prowse... A great


save from Butland. Butland spreads everything to get the kit at. We


were the side more in control but insane that, the second half we were


grateful to Jack Butland to step up to the mark and keep the opposition


strikers out and that's what he's done. He is a top-level goalkeeper


and that's what top-level keepers do. What happens now, are you


talking to the board this week? Yes, but it's normal, I think it's normal


for us. Are you confident those talks will go well? It's not


confident are not confident, I think it was a good season. Satisfied


about this season. We know we need to improve, of course. Tell us about


the fan with the speedos? LAUGHTER Got in touch and asked for my shirt


if he would come down in his speedos and I said I would oblige if he did


it. Fair play to him, he's been in his speedos all day. Thankfully he's


had the weather. He's done it all day and the least I could do was


give him my shirt. You should never, never do your work with just


underwear on! A notable milestone for Peter Crouch, 50 headers. You


are on another one, Alan. Every time I built one of these graphics up,


you are on it! Great effort. Yes, his dedication over the years. Look


where his position is. Time and time and time again over the years we've


watched him do that. Hold on to the full-back at the far post, in the


hope that he's going to get a good ball in. He does and it's a towering


header. Superb header. Good ball in. Once he's on the full-back, he knows


he fancies his chances to get above him and he did and it was a very


good header. Still enjoying his football. As the Southampton, a lot


of pressure on the manager, whether he will keep his job. They finished


in eighth place. Speculation again about his job which is hard to


understand. They get a cup final, finished eighth in the league. I'm


lucky in the cup final. They have had a poor end the season, but


eighth position for Southampton is where they should be. Bournemouth,


mind, let that sink in. Brilliant. He's had a couple of pics Ryan


Evans who haven't quite worked out, Jordan Ayew being the main one. To


finish ninth again, it's unbelievable. As the Leicester City,


the former champions, Craig Shakespeare, has he done enough to


keep the job? I think they should... I saw before he came in, I thought


they were definitely going to, he would turn round. I think he


deserves a chance off the back of that. Whether he will not remains to


be seen. One thing left to do for the season. Decide who the Goal of


the Season will go to. Those are the three people that you have voted for


at home to be in the top three. The decision now is down to Alan and Ian


Wright. Alan, out of those three, that's what you've got to choose


from, who are you going for? Andy Carroll. Ian? Emre Can. Those


circumstances, I been told it now comes down to me... Thanks very much


indeed! I tell you what I'm going to do, I think it's the only fair way


to judge this. I'm going to go with the public vote and the public vote


was quite contentedly Emre Can. Emre Can, congratulations to him. Here is


that goal scored, spectacular effort it was. Emre Can is our Goal of the


Season winner. It was in a bad goal, was it? Brilliant, super. Technique.


It was a difficult one this year, but that is our winner. We're just


about out of time. A look at the final Premier League


table. Chelsea's points to tour the second highest in Premier League


history and ensure Totten and seven points adrift. The top two will be


joined in next season's Champions League by Manchester City and


Liverpool, and Manchester United if they beat Ajax on Wednesday. Defeat


to Manchester United and they will follow Arsenal and Everton into the


Europa League. Sunderland, Middlesbrough and Hull drop out of


the top flight. Above them, just six points separate the sides in 17th


place and eighth place. Let's see what the morning papers have to say.


The sun highlights Arsene Wenger's admission that uncertainty over his


future has harmed Arsenal. The Times disapproves of John Terry's plan


substitution against Sunderland, calling it a farewell fast.


Liverpool must become regulars in the Champions League, manager Jurgen


Klopp tells the Guardian. That is it from us, thank you for your company


this season. Good night. # When hope and love has been lost


# You must find a way # When darkness descends, and you're


told it's the end # You must find a way.


# When friends... # They try to divide, you must stand


away. # We've entered the fray, and we


will not obey # We must find a way


COMMENTATOR: That's wonderful! Unbelievable. That is tremendous! A


fabulous goal! COMMENTATOR: Zlatan Ibrahimovic,


what a beauty! Kevin De Bruyne at. Magnificent, what a goal! Brilliant,


Hazard! A magnificent, monumental


masterclass by Chelsea. Blue is the colour of the Premier League winners


again. Champions of the land, Chelsea!


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