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Hello and welcome to the first midweek Match of the Day of this


season and it is well worth staying up for. Ten Premier League games on


the way. Alan Shearer and Phil Neville ready to get stuck in. We


start at the Riverside. No team has scored fewer goals than his lot, no


team has scored more goals than his plot.


COMMENTATOR: Simon Mignolet is back for Premier Liverpool, playing his


first Premier League game for months. Alvaro Negredo is fit again.


Traore back into service. Klavan partners Dejan Lovren for the first


time since they beat Burnley. Negredo did well, and now here is


Traore to run Adam Milner. Milner showed it wide, and then pushed into


him. Didn't need to make the foul, there was cover already there. In


towards Gibson. Mignolet had to save. Some concern on the Liverpool


bench that Gibson was allowed to win it. Milner has got forward again on


the left-hand side. Aimed at Origi. Seen by Forshaw, working hard for


Middlesbrough. Here is Mane. On the half term, back to Mane. Clayton got


a vital challenge in. Dangerous play by Traore on the edge of his own


penalty area, twisting inside, getting caught. He thought he was


fouled, the referee having none of it. Look how quickly Middlesbrough


close any kind of space. Lallana into Mane, sees the run of Clyne.


The keeper thought about coming, didn't, and Lallana heads Liverpool


ahead. 28 minutes gone. It's his best scoring season now from


Liverpool. Patience pays off. Too much space for Clyne, and should the


keeper have come, should he have stayed? Caught in no man's land.


Lallana arriving at the far post, nodded in. Soft goal from


Middlesbrough's point of view. Mane. Middlesbrough have steadied


themselves. Negredo in the middle. Good save from Minera, might have


been anticipating the cross, stepped across, good, strong hand, good


goalkeeping. Here is Chambers. It's a Middlesbrough free kick. No real


need to commit the foul, because they had numbers around Traore, he


was going nowhere. In comes the free kick, looking for Gibson. Out to


Clayton. Absolutely decked Lovren. He's smiling because it hit him in


the head, he claiming, in the face. His hands were down. Didn't hit him


in the face, more in the midriff. Barragan slips it to Traore. Negredo


in the middle. He looks for Fischer. Coming in behind is Forshaw! And


that's a good block again. West move of the game from Middlesbrough. The


pace of Traore, they need to get him on the ball. Off Lallana.


Origi. Here is Mane. Is this the Liverpool's second goal? It could be


so crucial. Off the post. And side netting. It did so well, carried it


into the box, hit the woodwork. Origi, from the rebound, put it


wide. 2-0 at half-time and it would have been game over, I think. Mane


has too much space from Chambers, could this be two? Couple of


opportunities, Mane, to put the game to bed.


Origi. To the dead-ball line, lifts the cross, cushioned header down,


Mane... He's missed another one. This was the first chance he had in


this second-half period, from a tight angle difficult chance, that.


And he was quickly smothered for the second opportunity. Three times now


Sadio Mane has had opportunities to seal the win.


Clyne. Firmino back in the middle. It comes to Mane, big shout from him


for handball by Chambers. And maybe Middlesbrough can break. Negredo


turned into Klavan. May have been offside. Firmino's ball, hit enter


Chambers, the arm is down by his side. Good decision from the


referee, that's not a penalty. Mane, Clyne. Mane, round the corner.


Lallana gave it back, the referee playing on, Origi! Good use of the


advantage rule, and Divock Origi gets a first goal in five games.


What they run he's on, and Liverpool have the crucial second goal.


Middlesbrough were pressing. Liverpool's play was controlled.


There was an attempt at the foul, the referee says plays on. Clipped


into Divock Origi. And he swept it in. Got gold side, and from close


range, using such fluid form, not going to miss from there. Liverpool


have had 70% of possession. Mane come skipping away, there. So much


pace. That was rather rudimentary from Gibson. Origi, it's Lallana,


it's another from Liverpool, and another good piece of refereeing.


Once again Jon Moss has allowed the play to go on and once again Lallana


has popped up with a vital goal. What a good season he is having.


This is where Gibson fouls his man. Play on. Origi with the cross, picks


his man, and Lallana shovelled it in. 3-0. Now can Mane get the goal


he craves? One of the most commanding away performances by any


Premier League side this season. All smiles for Liverpool. A really


professional job done on Middlesbrough tonight. The best kind


of defence is keep the ball. We did it much better second half. Finished


more often. We had a lot of opportunities in around the box.


Everybody around the stadium was thinking, OK, maybe find somebody


who shoots the ball. They were much better than us. They showed they are


a really good team. It's the first time we couldn't compete against one


team because they were really, really good. We tried our best. I


can't say anything about the players because my players have done an


amazing job at today was impossible because they were a brilliant team.


What has the manager done for you in tens of goal-scoring, because this


is your best season scoring for Liverpool? I don't think he's done


anything, really. I just feel like I'm arriving later and getting a few


more chances. But it's not about who scores the goals. Everyone in the


team has been chipping in so far this season. As long as we are


getting the three points that all I care about, really. STUDIO: Really


big game for Adam Levine. Looking at their last four games, they'd only


picked up five points, they needed something from this game. They did,


absolutely. The manager changed the goalkeeper, broad Mignolet back in


but that was not the story tonight, Adam Lallana was the story. They had


to win after recent results. Adam Lallana, six goals and six assists


this season. He's said he doesn't think the manager has changed his


game too much, I think he definitely has. He's certainly given him more


licence to roam and get forward. Look at him getting into these


positions, breaking his neck to get into the six yard box, hell of a


ball and a brilliant, brilliant header. The furthest man forward


here, no centre forward ahead of him. The vision, he has a look to


pick out Origi and puts it on a plate for him. Did ball across and


good finish. I said about him getting into the box, you want is to


be involved, arms in the air, screaming for it. Left footed


finish. He was brilliant tonight as he has been for the last part of the


season. Set it up nicely for the Merseyside derby against Everton at


the weekend. Middlesbrough have been tight at the back, only the second


time this season they've conceded three goals. Liverpool can do that


with their forward players and movement. The biggest concern is


scoring goals. The next game against Swansea, they have two show more


going forward and start scoring more goals. Swansea and Burnley to come


for Middlesbrough. To the Stadium Of Light where bottom of table


Sunderland faced a Chelsea side looking to strengthen their side


Ellie hold on top spot. A special moment for a five-year old cancer


sufferer before the game. Fulfilled his dream of scoring for Sunderland.


Perfect penalty past Asmir Begovic. COMMENTATOR: Used the words brave


and bright in football. Radley Lowry gives them real meaning. We wish him


and his family all the love in the world for the weeks and months


ahead. He is tonight's real star. Four Sunderland changes. Fabio


Borini plays for the first time since August against the club he


started with and that he has scored against the last four times he has


faced with Sunderland. In an ideal world David Moyes wouldn't be


bringing him back from his groin injury quite so soon. Two Chelsea


changes. Willian for Eden Hazard who is out with a knock to the knee.


Cesc Fabregas replaces Nemanja Matic against the club he scored against


four times for Arsenal, three goals coming at the Stadium Of Light.


Jones will beat Pedro to it comfortably. Jones with the cross.


Cross stroke shot. Wasn't far away from flying in. Bright, positive run


from the Sunderland full-back. There's a great noise around the


ground. Sunderland are rising to this.


Januzaj went to goal. Took up a lovely position. Well found by


Denayer. By the time he was ready to take on the shop he had three around


him. Fabregas. Pedro holds off Kirchhoff. Diego Costa is free here.


Able to take it. The flag is up. Saved by Pickford anyway. But the


goal would not have stood. All in a day's work for the 22-year-old.


Nipping in front of O'Shea. Willian to be right. Fabregas! Brilliantly


well taken. It's more or less the first clear sight of goal they've


been able to engineer. It all started with that miscued header


that allowed can take to knock it down to eight team-mate -- Kante. It


looked like it was on for Weir to score -- for Willian. You think that


the momentum is lost. Fabregas getting his first of the season in


the Premier League. 0- one. Superb control from Costa. He looks


like he was fouled just outside the box. John O'Shea tapped his ankle. A


booking for O'Shea. What a chance for Chelsea with what will be just


about the last kick of the half. Willian! Hitting the stanchion and


rocketing out towards the corner flag. It is the last kick of the


half. I don't think there has been a ball struck as hard as that all


half. Note changes made by either boss in the half-time interval -- no


changes. Up towards Defoe. On the right there is help, and there is


Januzaj! Saved by Courtois. Is the first time I've had to say that


tonight. Just about the first thing that Courtois has had to do.


A burst of pace from the Brazilian, Willian. A big deflection against


the bar. Pickford was beaten. It came off Djilobodji. Another day,


that goes under the bar. Losing concentration for a second, Kone.


Will it be costly because Diego Costa has given O'Shea the slip?


Really good run and a good save by Pickford. A way by Djilobodji. A


good bit of clearing work done by Djilobodji.


Moses beating Larsson. Moses' shot looks like it had beaten Pickford


too. Flashing past the post. David Luiz, he was just caught by


Januzaj has he played it forward. On both Chelsea with Willian. He's


going to go for goal. -- on goal Chelsea. Another one flashing past.


Chelsea might rue two or three attacks that have gone without


reward. There's devotion for you, a night off and he's still at the


game. It that or he gets discount on a Wednesday! -- either that. Defoe!


He managed to get across David Luiz and met the ball first. Bradley


staying just about the wake, write to the end. He's a fighter. Already


played a minute of those that have been added. In comes Moses with a


clattering. He took the ball, he didn't half go in at pace against a


van Aanholt. Chelsea will pull everybody back to defend this sev


Larsson free kick. Going to come for van Aanholt, who


hits it! What a save by Courtois. That could be a superstar that


preserves two points for Chelsea. Van Aanholt thought he'd snatched a


draw. Ten wins in a row for Antonio Conte's table topping Blues. Playing


such good football, such a top performance. We don't kill games


enough. It's a shame because the results may be don't show what


happened on the pitch. But we are satisfied, fantastic three points


and we'll keep going. We kept at it, there was always a chance we would


steal a goal. Two great saves, one from van Aanholt and one from


Januzaj. That what he's there to do and why everybody thinks so highly


of him. I'm pleased, we must continue in this way. Important not


to concede a goal. Creating the chance to score, to score a goal and


killed the game. Row the next game is a big game for


us and every game is a big one and Watford is a big game for us. I


prefer my players don't look at the table and be focused on the next


game in three days. It's against Crystal Palace. A tough game. We


must prepare very well to try to have a very good Christmas. I think


he will have a good Christmas, the Chelsea machine keeps rolling on.


Fabregas is interesting because he was out of the team for a while,


seven games without a minute, coming back against Manchester City and


another great performance. He scored the winning goal but in the free


games he's been involved in, setting up a goal for Costa against City,


became an against West Brom and had a hand in the goal and he played a


part today. Poor defending from Sunderland. Kone going to the


ground, out of the game, O'Shea out of the ground. Fabregas doesn't


blast it, he strokes it into the corner. The run from midfield, this


is what he is famous for and as the ball comes to him he uses the power


of the ball to stroke it into the corner. A class player who kept his


head down and waited for the right opportunity. Never been on the


losing side when he scores in the Premier League, which is impressive.


When a goalkeeper plays well over the course of the season, how many


points can they be worth to the team? 9-12 points in a season, eight


clean sheets in ten games now. When you consider that we've spoken a lot


about Costa, Hazard, and Pedro, rightly so, the man who hasn't had a


mention, Courtois, who played his part with two unbelievable saves at


the right time. Firstly from Januzaj, making himself big and


strong. Sticks out his left leg and that's a very good save and this one


is even better. Van Aanholt. Big strong hand to his right hand side.


And the goalkeeper can make big saves in important games and they


were two important ones. Ten straight wins, it's looking


relentless, isn't it? They're full of confidence, not disrupting the


site too much, when players are coming in you can't tell that they


are in there. It is so smooth for them, full of confidence and playing


great stuff. What about Sunderland, concerns? Massive concerns, I've


read that there is no money for them, it was the money that kept


them in the Premier League last year. I feel sorry for David Moyes


because these are the players he must go with until next season. You


know him well, what will he be like with these players? He knows that


they are who he will have to use. He will try to get every bit of energy,


quality and effort and I think he's doing that tonight, they competed


well. If either chance had gone in they would have had a good result


but they need to add some quality. Two down, eight to go.


Manchester United were at saltires Park to face Crystal Palace for the


first time since last season's FA Cup Final -- Selhurst Park. Simon


Brotherton was in attendance. Fabbrini starting for Palace for the


first time tonight and signing in September. Puncheon is suspended,


Cabaye and Lee Chung-Yong coming in. Bailly is back for United after


recovering from a knee injury, his first start in seven other half


weeks. Rooney: Mata and then starting with empty theory and --


with empty Atari United haven't won in London in the


league since the start of last season. Mata letting it run, taking


the return from Rooney! Just looping over the top of the bar. Nice


approach from Manchester United. Little dummy initially from Mata,


Rooney going into the match one goal short of Sir Bobby Charlton's


all-time club record of 249. Mata chasing.


Pogba chipping it to Rooney with the shot, bringing the save from Wayne


Hennessey. Manchester United's best effort so far. And a chance for


Wayne Rooney, created by Paul Pogba with the delicate chip. Wayne Rooney


first time and Hennessey scrambling interaction to push the ball behind.


James McCarthy now. Zaha, getting away from Carrick. Chance to run at


the Manchester United defence. He's been fouled by Rojo, I think. Rojo


is quick to protest his innocence. It's a yellow card. Zaha really


posing a threat racing forward and Rojo went diving in. He's got to be


careful, going in two-footed. He did it against Everton and was lucky to


get away with it. Cabaye with the delivery for Crystal Palace, nearly


onto the head of Ben Tackie and McCarthy was on the far post --


Benteke. Ferreira with the shot, blocked by Delaney. Flamini, as far


as Rooney. United camp in the Crystal Palace half of the field.


Carrick with the ball into Pogba, great shot blocked by Hennessey.


Lovely technique, straight at the keeper as Blind sends the ball in


again. Mata on the far post and it's behind for the goalkick. Wayne


Hennessey called into action for the second time in this half. Great


technique by Pogba, hitting it straight and true, first time. Blind


getting the free kick for the challenge by Martin Kelly. Yellow


card as well for the Palace full-back. Just plain one minute of


added time at the end of this half. -- just playing. Given the goals


they've been conceding recently, Palace would be happy to go in


goalless at half-time. But they won't go in gold is because Paul


Pogba has disbursed it into the back of the net in stoppage time at the


end of the first half -- they won't go in goal less. Was Pogba onside?


It's a close call, Martin Kelly was the closest defender. The flag stays


down and United have the lead. Was there the handball from Ibrahimovic


maybe? Sending the ball goalwards and Paul Pogba putting it into the


back of the net. Palace are looking to make a good start to the second


half. Deep ball and Ben Tackie -- Ben


the best we've seen from Crystal Palace. Joe Ledley merely making an


immediate impact having just come off the bench at the start of the


second half. Palace struggling to really do anything positive with the


ball at the moment. Stringing a few passes together, which they


struggled to do in the first half. Struggling to hurt Manchester


United. Can they do so now, McArthur with the shot? Great save by De Gea,


finally called into action. It has taken one hour but this was a great


shot and an excellent save. Joel Ward sending it in again. Pogba is


back helping out, the man who scored the goal. A bit more drive about


Palace here. Ward has done well, lovely ball, great chance for


McArthur! 1-1, Crystal Palace right back in it. Beautifully worked goal.


All too playful 25 minutes to go. -- all to play for with 25 minutes.


This is Ledley involved initially, Joel Ward as well. Look at the patch


from Delaney, and the chance was buried by McArthur. Lovely goal from


Palace's point of view. James McCarthy has his fifth of the season


and didn't he take it well? 1-1. Here comes Wayne Rooney now for


Manchester United. Rooney brings a save from Hennessy. Manchester


United almost firing back straightaway. Stung into action.


Rooney, remember, looking for that record equalling goal. And it was a


good effort as well. This incident off the ball here as Zlatan


Ibrahimovic goes for the ball, looks as though he elbows Cabaye just


before Wayne Rooney has this shot. What will Manchester United do with


this one? Away by Cabaye. United claiming handball, they are all


around the referee. Craig Poulsen completely surrounded there for a


few moments. Here it is as the ball comes into the penalty area. Looks


like a handball by Joe Ledley. Rojo gets up well, far post. The flag has


gone up, it won't count. Mata thinks he's scored. As the ball comes over,


Mata looks as though he's onside. So, Manchester United unhappy about


two decisions. Frustrating night potentially for Jose Mourinho and


for Manchester United. Ibrahimovic now, has Manchester United threaten


again, sliding it into Jesse Lingard. Good save by Wayne


Hennessey. It's a lovely piece of play from Ibrahimovic, there just to


delicately flicked the ball forward. Good save by Hennessy. That's a


lovely turn. Into Ibrahimovic! Ooh, what a brilliant goal. A world-class


finish. From a world-class player. And Manchester United might just


have won this game with a little over two minutes remaining. And


Manchester United moving from one end of the pitch to the other in


double quick time. Excellent play from Pogba, here, no hint of


offside. Great finish from Ibrahimovic. Angle closing all the


time. Mattered not. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, over Wayne Hennessey,


and in off the far post. We played very well. We played very, very


well, so that's a big evolution. But people sometimes forget about good


performances and focus on results. And results are the ones that built


the table. And the table is there. And playing so well we are still


six, so we need points. We'd done a little bit better second half and


created a few good situations. They've got some quality players and


unfortunately we've been undone right at the end by two of the best.


It was calling really because my team gave me everything tonight, I


couldn't ask for more. I spoke a lot during the first period of the


season. I think I learned how to cope with it. So now I'm calm. I sit


on the bench. I try not to show any kind of emotion. And I'm just happy


with the victory. But even if we don't win this match I'll be the


same, happy with the player 's performance. STUDIO: Let me explain


what it is like watching with these two, because both of you were


shouting at the television quite a bit. Bad decisions are affected both


sides. Not the greatest night for the referee. Craig Paulson, and the


other officials, look away now, you've had an absolute nightmare.


For five big, big decisions to make, and you got every single one wrong.


First it is handball from Ibrahimovic, and its offside from


Pogba, shouldn't have stood. Neither the referee nor his assistant spots


anything. Handball, offside into Pogba. Poor defending in the first


place but it should not have stood. This should have been a red card


from Rojo. He got away with it against Everton and he got away with


it here. I don't know who is telling him to tackle like that but he is so


fortunate. And that should change the game completely. Ball into the


box, Ledley, from a corner, clear handball as you are likely to see.


How on earth the referee doesn't see that. Watch the reaction from the


United players. Every single one of them is straight at the referee, and


that should have been a penalty as well. Good header from Rojo at the


far post. And that's given offside. That is not offside. For five big


decisions. He's got every single one of them wrong. You could tell his


confidence was shot to pieces. Hopefully he's still travelling. It


doesn't read very well. In terms of confidence, a fellow playing up


front for Manchester United who has it in bucket loads and tonight a


crucial goal. 35 years of age, playing every week, 90 minutes. 14


goals this season he has. And Pogba, who had some brilliant moments,


weighted pass and turn into Ibrahimovic, but the finish just


delightful. Ready and play from Pogba. He looks up, from a tight


angle, not only to get over the goalkeeper but in off the post. Why


is that such a good finish? He has a quick look, he picks his spot, and


he lifted over the goalkeeper. With his left foot he has the ability to


do that. The chance in the last few minutes of the game was just sublime


stubborn you talk about sport science, you talk about they can


only play one game in a week, this guy plays every minute of every game


they play. He travels to Russia, comes back, plays. Phenomenal.


World-class. 35 years of age. You've dropped the world-class bomb. That's


what world-class players do, they want to play every minute, they


don't want resting. Let's look at this world-class, Messi, renowned,


Suarez, is he the same as those? He was world-class. Was and is is the


same thing. Crystal Palace have not played well in recent weeks. The


goal was brilliant this evening. Impact is they were OK. They scored


a brilliant goal, better organised, played with good spirit. They have


Chelsea on Saturday. They need to stop conceding silly goals,


particularly from set pieces. Been saying that for a while about


Crystal Palace. That it was a lot better. Do you think you will regret


the world-class comment? I stick by it. Two wins in eight games for


Spurs, Hull came to White Hart Lane. COMMENTATOR: Spurs make two changes


to the team that lost at Manchester United. They include only a fifth


Premier League start for the club for record signing Moussa Sissoko as


Son drops to the bench. Hull name the side that drew with Crystal


Palace. They are led by Michael Dawson, returning to the club where


he played 324 times. Huddlestone and Livermore also faced their former


team. Only Bournemouth and Manchester United last time out have


stopped Spurs scoring in the last 25 Premier League games. Dawson in


ahead of Kane, Eric is onto it. Cissokho arriving as well as Dele


Alli. Won't reach either of them. Huddlestone was the covering player,


and he needed to be. Danger still not averted. Sissoko trying to curl


one. Couldn't quite get his angles right. That was potentially


dangerous for Hull. Vertonghen looking for Rose, Elmohamady has got


to be quick. Got back, the Egyptian, but Rose teed it up for Eriksen.


Less than 40 minutes gone, and Christian Eriksen has his fourth


goal in four games. And Spurs have the lead. That was all about the


pace and the power of Danny Rose. He made the run, there. Fouled by


Vertonghen. From that moment on Elmohamady was struggling. He had


the composure, turned inside, and that was an invitation that Eriksen


was always going to accept. His fourth Premier League goal of the


season. And Hull are behind inside quarter of an hour. Dele Alli. We


sent Spurs are in the mood, here. Good strike. They've got to get


closer to him in that kind of area. Mauricio Pochettino has only lost


nine of 45 Premier League home games in charge of Tottenham. Certainly in


charge of this one. Huddlestone has lost out, dangerous for Hull again.


Kane, Wanyama. Wasn't strong enough for Rose. Now Hull can try and


charge. Livermore to Diomande. And Livermore again. Straight at Lloris


in the end. A little more positive. Had a look, the former Spurs


midfielder. Save you would expect a goalkeeper of Hugo Lloris's calibre


to make comfortable, which indeed he did. Patients from Hull. Livermore,


Clucas. Good ball, good try from Livermore. Well, they were almost


rewarded for their patience, here. Lloris wasn't sure it was going wide


and he had to make sure. No flag. Dele Alli onside. Good stop from


Marshall. Well, Hull switched off, there, and Dele Alli almost made


them pay. Points to where he wants it, he's definitely onside. Then the


snapshot brought out the excellent reflex from David Marshall. Kane.


Vertonghen takes over, he's away from Huddlestone, he's got a


shooting opportunity, and he's still going. How many does he want to


beat? In the end blocked by Dawson. The referee's whistle has gone. Dele


Alli has put it in the back of the net, it won't count. Terrific run


initially from the defender. Just couldn't find the room to shoot in


the end. When he did Dawson was equal to it. Brave and crucial


block. Kane has had the vision to find Eriksen. Was that a clumsy


challenge? The referee didn't think so. Spurs did. But Hull can break.


Diomande being chased by Walker, he's got a player over. Livermore.


Ooh, and he did as well. It's come back to Livermore. What a save from


Lloris with his feet. Spurs are furious because they felt they


should have had a free kick at one end. But they are thankful for their


captain at the other. It came back quickly. At full stretch Lloris was


able to keep it out. Spurs had a case, you can understand their


frustration. Mauricio Pochettino is still having a conversation with the


fourth official, Roger East. Dier. That's for Walker to chase. And he


is onto it, Kyle Walker. In four Eriksen. Two for Eriksen, two for


Tottenham, relief around White Hart Lane. The pace and power of Walker


the problem here. And then he put it on a plate for the Danish


international. That's that clear daylight that Spurs have been after.


63 minutes gone. He prevented it from being 1-1,


moments later it is 2-0. Wanyama. Rose. Just too crowded in the end,


but he was caught, Danny Crow. -- Danny Rose. Ponzi from Dawson. He


fancies this. Here he comes, then, Eriksen. Followed in by Wanyama. His


team have got the third goal and Spurs surely have the three points.


Wonderful attempt from Eriksen. Clawed away by Marshall and then the


rebound simple one for Victor Wanyama. Marshall did well to keep


out Eriksson, he could do nothing about Wanyama. Back off the post.


The Kenyan captain couldn't miss. Seventh scoreless game of the season


for Hull. Sissoko. Son on ahead of him. Eriksen wants it as well. Here


is Eriksen. Once room for the shot. Understandably it's on Eriksen's


mind, she's never scored a hat-trick in club football. For a second he


thought it might have slipped through. So close to the hat-trick,


did you think it might have slipped in?


Unluckily, the keeper saved it but Peter scored. We've come here with a


fabulous attitude today, to come and play against Tottenham. These


players have wanted to play in these stadiums for a long time. They come


here, moving the ball around well, defending well in those moments.


We've restricted their attempts. OK, we didn't have the position that


they had. But at a certain time in the game we were more than value for


money. I think it was a game that we dominated. Fully deserved. I think


the most important thing is the three points. To be close to the top


four. At this moment in time I want a happy, Merry Christmas, lots of


presents and hopefully going into the New Year we got a few additions.


Talking about Mike Phelan's Hull in a moment but you criticise Tottenham


at the weekend for a lack of creativity. One man provided a lot


against Hull. I was quite critical because I thought in the final third


they were relying on Harry Kane to produce the moments of magic. This


was after 30 passes, fantastic. Eriksen has had a disappointing


start to the season but has started finding form. We know that he likes


to come in off the sides and play in the holes where it's so difficult.


This is the goal, Kyle Walker down the right-hand side. Ghosting into


the box. Five goals in four. This could have been his hat-trick.


Fantastic save by David Marshall. Wanyama follows in. Spurs need the


likes of Lamela, Eriksen Ammar Son and Dele Alli to provide more for


the team, the little holes that they play in to give Harry Kane more


help. From the Hull perspective, on the spectrum of trouble, where are


they? In big trouble. Seven points after four games, they've got 12 now


after 16, the worst defensive record in the league, 35 goals conceded.


Phil was talking about Sunderland struggling to recruit. What about a


big January four Hull and Mike Phelan? I don't think he has


problems with the attitude, it is the quality. They go into the game


and I don't think that Spurs had to get out of second gear. Attitude is


fine, it is quality. After climbing off the bottom with victory over


Sunderland, Swansea were in action against West Brom who were chasing


three wins in a row. After naming the same team for five games in a


row, Tony Pulis is forced to make two alterations, Jonas Olsson


replacing Evans who has picked up a calf injury and Chadli making his


first start in seven weeks. Craig Dawson suspended so Chris Brunt


drops to full-back. Montero comes in for Swansea, Faro hasn't trained


because of illness -- Barrow. Swansea were delayed and only


arrived 75 minutes before kick-off. Chadli for West if he can keep it


in, and he can. Brilliant, away from Taylor, what is the cross like?


Turned behind his own goal by Mawson. Goal kick has been given.


What about this from Chadli? Not just that, skating away from the


committed Taylor as well. Swansea are the team to watch if you want to


see goals at the moment, an aggregate of 17 in three games. West


Brom turning on the style here too in recent weeks, four against


Burnley and three against Watford. They goalless draw looks like a slim


prospect tonight. In troubled there, Nyom going forward with purpose.


Advantage by the referee, through to bond on. Fabulous save from


Fabianski -- Rondon. Having the chance to weigh up the options and


it's safely gathered by Fabianski. Wonderful run by Nyom. Chadli's


vision, Rondon was clearly onside and Fabianski was quickly out to


smother. Montero away from Philips. The cross is awkward for brand! He


nearly put it past his own goalkeeper. -- for Brunt. Phillips


crossing it into the area and asking who's going to get on the end of it.


Chadli, getting past Fulton. He tripped him. Chadli has been out of


first team action for some time and is bound to be a bit rusty. A decent


delivery from a set piece could break it up and it is, Salomon


Rondon with the goal. Phillips with the delivery. Rondon with his fifth


of the season. Four minutes after the restart. Salomon Rondon knocks


them in front. On side, Llorente playing him on. Finding a bit of


space. He's left well alone, seven yards out, he's not going to miss


that. Quality delivery from Philips. West Bromwich haven't lost this


season when the Venezuelan has scored. Rondon looking for space and


finding Brunt. Phillips just holding back for a moment. Rondon with his


arm raised in the penalty area, Brunt trying to find him. He might


have done, Rondon! It's two. As easy as that. And that might well do it.


Rondon started the move, nudged on by Brunt and then Morrison took


over. Just look at Rondon there, with his arm up, two defenders close


to him but both of them switched off when the cross came in and that's as


easy as it gets for Salomon Rondon. Two endorsement for him -- two in


two for him and surely there is no way back for Swansea, away from


home. They've only ever scored twice in one away game this season.


Salomon Rondon has never scored a hat-trick for West Brom. He might do


it tonight. Sigurdsson somehow keeping his foot in, Phillips.


Getting away from Fulton now. Running at Mawson.


Can run to find Rondon again? He can! He's scored again! The


Venezuelan has a hat-trick. Almost a carbon copy of the goalkeeper to


weigh two minutes ago -- of the goal he put away. Brunt whipping in the


cross and Rondon finding space and finding the net. Phillips with the


legwork. Leaving defenders in his wake. But then had the common-sense


to slow it down, waiting for Brunt, who had much time and space. He's


always been able to pick out a decent cross, they don't come much


better than that but it was a quality finish from Salomon Rondon.


Into the far corner, Fabianski has no chance whatsoever. What a


capitulation by Bob Bratina's men. Rondon's hat-trick in 13 minutes and


26 seconds -- Bob Bradley. Under the American Swansea have conceded 15


goals in four and a bit games. Still a chance, Foster with the


save, Routledge 's there and Swansea have a goal back. Is it too little,


too late? The burst of pace from Barrow. The touch he was clever.


Foster came out and spread himself but the bounce favoured Swansea. No


clean sheet for Tony Pulis. Is there a grandstand recovery for Swansea?


Getting the lucky bounce off Brunt. What a save, Foster. Sigurdsson got


his shot in. McAuley was so close to scoring the own goal. And Ben Foster


with magnificent reflexes, sparing his blushes. First hat-trick for


Salman Munn Don in English football, free headers and three wonderful


balls in. -- Salomon Rondon. He's still got to finish them, three


fantastic headers. We are pleased for him but I'm pleased for the


group as well, the first 45 minutes we had to dig deep and get ourselves


moving and almost boiled the engine, it wasn't coming through as quickly


as we would hope. We have a hard game on Saturday against Manchester


United. We must dust the players down. We know what needs to be done,


we have made improvements but we need more consistent performances


and more resilient is that you get on the road, to win games in the


Premier League. You find ways to hang in, fight through tough periods


of the game and ultimately take points by making sure you don't


concede when maybe you're under pressure. I managed few chances in


the half but I stayed positive, Caradon, and a hat-trick. A big


smile, you loved watching him. -- carried on. You said it was the


perfect hat-trick. His first ever Premier League hat-trick, it took 13


minutes and three perfect headers. I wasn't eulogising over them and the


crosses were superb, the first one was from Philips and this one was


from Brunt. Bang, the keeper has no chance. The power, the accuracy to


get it back where it came from. Another brilliant ball from Chris


Brunt, with the get in, get on the end of it, full of confidence,


thanks very much. Superb, loved watching him. I offered him the line


that he rose like a Salomon but he turned it down! Looking good, West


Brom and playing lovely football. Wonderful season, scoring more goals


than ranchers to United, everybody says Tony Pulis is boring but they


are playing well -- than Manchester United. What about the opposition?


We've seen Hull, Sunderland, Swansea, borough and Palace losing.


You also have concerns for Swansea? I do, I look at the teams who are


down there, I would feel for all of them. Confidence is low in the teams


and I think they're in big trouble as well. You are guaranteed goals,


watching Swansea. That's one thing you can say, they can score goals


but they have a soft centre, Bob Bradley said that they have to keep


clean sheets and be hard to beat. One other player in the Premier


League to score a headed hat-trick? Big Dunc. That's right, have you


been looking at my seat? Manchester City have lost ground -- at might


sheet. Watford have never lost a Premier League game on a Wednesday.


COMMENTATOR: Melita as extols in 13 starts -- Moli toe. Mostly playing


wide. -- Nolito. He is the backbone of the City attack. Otamendi is back


in the centre of defence from which John Stones is missing. Jerome


Sinclair makes a full Premier League debut and his first start for


Watford since joining them from Liverpool in the summer. Okaka is


out with a hamstring injury. David Silva. Beautifully left by the


brine. Raheem Sterling, saved by Gomes. -- De Bruyne. Calm down, he's


telling his team. Good ball from Aboyne. -- from Kevin


de Bruyne. The angle was almost impossible.


Nolito taking it away from Sterling. Fired into the middle, Zabaleta


scores! Zabaleta finding space at the back post and finding the back


of the net. No one was marking the back door and Zabaleta sneaks in and


fires Manchester City in front. Good ball in from Kevin de Bruyne,


excellent finish by Zabaleta. Deadlock broken, 1-0. Just keeping


it in play. Good effort, that. Gomes got himself behind it. It was well


hit by Kevin de Bruyne, I think he was trying to catch the keeper by


surprise. Given away. Sterling. Is that a foul by a gala? Play on. --


by a karlo. Just about hang on, Watford. The


first time Yaya Toure... Rising shot, no deflection, it is a goal


kick. Better from Manchester City, really penning in the Watford.


The sting was taken off it by Sebastian Prodl. David Silva, back


to the -- back to de Bruyne. Almost caught


out Gomes, who should be doing better than that. Clichy. Good ball.


No -- Nolita through on goal. Here is Ighalo. Raheem Sterling, now.


Sterling weaving through, still going. Ooh, hit the bar. Great


change of pace from Raheem Sterling, lovely balance. The shot just


clipping the Watford crossbar. Deeney jumping, little glance to


Ighalo, who got there in front of Kolarov. Success, running at


Zabaleta. Blocked by Zabaleta, who suddenly has got his hands full.


It's a free kick to Watford, yellow card to Zabaleta. Free kick in a


pretty good position, too. Everyone back from Manchester City.


Not in towards Prodl. Excellent save. Flag up on this nearside. I


think the first shot would have counted from Etienne Capoue. Great


save from Claudio Bravo, who had had nothing to do, the city goalkeeper.


Capoue certainly got over the shot, good save from bravo. Killed in


beautifully. Ighalo! Ooh, massive chance for Watford. Great play by


Amrabat, and Ighalo, in last seasons form, would have this in the back of


the net. City have nicked it. They've got four against two. Do


heat sterling, David Silva. And that is the game.


Suddenly Watford were caught horribly short-handed. Prodl got


himself in trouble. Yaya Toure nicked in. Suddenly city were away.


Sterling, Silva, city gold. Running at Zuniga.


Trying to make an impression in the few moments of playing time that he


gets. Short to Sterling, back to Silva, wriggling through, getting


the shot away but saved by Gomes. Well, the two goal-scorers almost


combining to prise open Watford again. That the last action of a


game which won't live in the memory for all that long. But Pep Guardiola


will be very happy. 2-0. Which I to build and build our game through our


defence, our work without the ball. That is easy to do. To create is


more difficult. After that the good results are going to recover what we


are in for. Hard luck, you had a plan, and it almost worked for you.


TRANSLATION: We were not lucky because the chance for Ighalo, in my


opinion a draw would have been a fair result. As a full-back you go


into the game just thinking that you have to defend. This is the


principal for a defender, for a full-back. But then of course when


we got a chance to go forward, especially at the far post, where


sometimes nobody knows, and it's good to attack that space. And it


was a great cross by Kevin and it was a good finish, for a full-back.


STUDIO: Steve Wilson said in the commentary a game that will not live


long in the memory but just enough for city. It wasn't about the


performance, it was about getting the result, building confidence into


the next couple of games. They were not at their fluent best but they


did score some good goals. They played Nolito Centre forward and


this was great skill. Fantastic stand up to the far post. You don't


expect a full-back to be at the far post. Brilliant finish from


Zabaleta. Watford had this chance just in the second half, Ighalo,


cross from Amrabat and he should at least hit the target. City went


straight up the other end, scrap in midfield and Silva broke. Yaya


Toure, Sterling, fantastic pull-back, and Silva scores his


first goal since January in the Premier League. It wasn't


convincing, not pretty at times, and it was a real quiet atmosphere,


looked nervous, but an important three points. After the


embarrassment against Leicester, it was about winning, not how. His


methods and tactics have been questioned, Pep Guardiola, why are


you shaking your head? It's pathetic. That he is being


questioned? So soon in the season to question. We wanted Pep Guardiola to


come to England, now we are trying to destroy him. He did get off to a


great start but they have struggled of late. Some of his players are


finding it hard to understand what he wants from them. He's still


learning a hell of a lot about his players, chopping and changing every


single week. He hasn't found a system his players are comfortable


in. But we will find out a lot more in the next two or three games.


Arsenal and Liverpool, two of the three. Seven points behind Chelsea


and they cannot afford to go more. And Gundogan will miss that game and


plenty of others as well, you will be out for several months after


suffering knee ligament damage with that challenge. So sad, looks like


we will be out him for a long time, said Pep Guardiola. Two games Back


to back now, Stoke against Southampton but first West Ham


played host to Burnley who had picked up just one point and scored


one goal on the road this season. COMMENTATOR: Feels like it could be


a nervous night for West Ham fans, against love and Bill it has


basically said is must win, but his team bolstered by the return of Andy


Carroll, his first start in the Premier League since the opening


weekend of the season. Burnley go looking for that first away win in


positive fashion. Andrei Gray alongside Sam Vokes upfront. A


minute applause for Peter Braybrook who died after a short illness, one


of West Ham's great players. Randolph clears, looking for


Carroll, who uses physical attributes to hold onto the ball.


Now Payet. Lanzini. Carroll. Left-winger, Andy Carroll. Back to


Creswell. Nicely worked by West Ham. Noble looking for Antonio on the


stretch. Top scorer for West Ham so far this season but couldn't quite


get on the end of that. That's the best we've seen from West Ham so


far. Lanzini. Antonio on the run, here. And that will be a corner. For


West Ham. First corner of the game. Andy Carroll a man to aim at. A


cluster around the edge of the box. Drilled in by Payet. Winston Reid


immediately shouting for handball. Bobby Maggi equally quickly said no.


It definitely caught unarmed. It's always the question of whether it


was in an unnatural position. Carroll saw Creswell early. Find


him. Payet roles that into the path of Obie Yang. He has never scored


for West Ham, and strikes the outside of the post! Really sweet it


from Obiang. Keeper might argue he had it covered. Wonder what the


England manager makes of this so far. Creswell in space on the left.


Noble opts for Payet. Here is Payet. Great ball to Creswell. Ooh,


fantastic block from Matthew Lowton for Burnley because that was heading


for the bottom corner. Payet finds Lanzini this time. Payet again


dummies the pastor Creswell and it is deflected behind for a corner.


Really important defending by Matthew Lowton. Creswell hit it


well. Third corner for West Ham. Payet finds Noble, and Noble strikes


the woodwork again! Obiang first of all hits the post, then Mark Noble.


That deserved more. All of a sudden right at the end of the first half


the quality has lifted just a little. Antonio. Wins another corner


for West Ham. Pressure here from the home team. And the home fans


applauding their efforts. That clutch of West Ham players gathered


on the edge of the area. Payet floats one towards them. Carroll


wins the header. Beaten to it. And then the penalty is given! Right at


the end of the first half, Winston Reid was caught as he tried to put


away the rebound. And is this going to be the moment for West Ham, is


this going to be the night for West Ham? Andy Carroll crucially won the


first header. Heat and try to come and collect. Ben Mee court Winston


Reid, seemingly, as he went for the rebound. Here comes Noble. Heaton


saves, but on the rebound he tucks it away. Poor old Tom Heaton. A huge


sigh of relief for Mark Noble and West Ham have the lead in added time


at the end of the first half. And West Ham, well, you can see what


that means to the manager. Randolph's slice. Very messy at the


moment. Burnley free kick, then. So, Slaven Bilic might have something to


say about this if it ends up in the back of the West Ham net. Dropping


down and hooked wide. Very, very close to a Burnley equaliser. Would


have been a very clever finish from Sam Vokes. Just flicked the boot at


it. Sir Trevor Brooking taking in the action. Vokes. Looking for our


field. Nice first touch. Randolph got a touch and Vokes has headed


over the bar. What an opportunity for Burnley to find the equaliser.


And Sam Vokes knows he should have scored. Goal at his mercy. Can't


believe that he hasn't made it 1-1. Heaton looking for votes. That was a


hand, Winston Reid punched it. Yeah. The arm was up in the air to get


leveraged for the jump. But there's no argument with the decision and


this is definitely in shooting range for Burnley. Our field seems to be


lining this up. Here he comes. Through the wall. Great save by


Darren Randolph. Strong left arm at full stretch keeps West Ham's lead.


Randolph trying to seek out Antonio. Fletcher brings that down nicely.


Leaves it to Ayew. Ooh, Ayew almost opens his West Ham account with a


wonderfully inventive little chip and run into the area. Couldn't


quite find that final finish. Always curling away from the far post. It


was a very important game for us considering the situation. We were


talking about this game for a long time. Now we have again a massive


game on Saturday. I've just said to the boys, it


doesn't matter how you play when you are down here, you've just got to


win. Especially now, when you need points, I'd rather win than play


well. It's a shame that the game was decided on a poor refereeing


decision. I didn't see Tom Heaton complaining but you clearly feel he


was blocked? It goes against us. If he flails his arms around, the


referee probably gives it. If it's a free kick, it's a free kick. Mark


Hughes cited Southampton as the template for Stoke to follow over


his next 100 games. With two home matches this week his team could be


in the top half by Christmas, not bad after a poor start. Shawcross


returns from a calf injury, one of three changes, Jon Walters is


upfront and Glenn Whelan in midfield. Claude Puel making four


changes, among them Shane Long upfront. He is yet to score in the


league this season. Davis and Redmond return. This is Zach keery,


he has Allen inside him. -- Shaqiri. Forcing forced to turn it behind.


Always danger when he's on the ball, nearly catching Fraser Forster


flat-footed. Falling to Redmond. Three in the middle. This is Boufal,


quick feet from the Moroccan. Almost confused himself but he's won it


back and the referee says play on. He gets the shot away and Grant


makes the save. These actually lost it, picking the pockets of Whelan.


He likes to get a sight of goal. Positive start from the visiting


side, just lacking the cutting edge. Taking a tumble, Ward-Prowse. So


much talk about diving at the moment in the Premier League. Not sure why


he needed to go to the surface there. That is late from Arnautovic


and it was high. Now, Anthony Taylor has a decision to make. He's going


to have a word with his assistant on the far side, and it's a red card!


Arnautovic sent off and Stoke are down to ten men. Real drama at the


Bet365 Stadium. Arnautovic's challenge, Boufal going down and


Anthony Taylor issues a straight red card.


Martins Indi has gone down. The ball was in from Boufal. This is Shane


Long, Little elbow. It wasn't spotted by either the referee or his


assistance. So much to ponder for Mark Hughes. Certainly he'll have


some words for his players at half-time. A long trip for the fans


from the south coast ahead of Christmas. Redmond, a saved by


Grant. They'll take their time getting it away, through Shawcross.


Very calm when you've only got ten men. Shane Long skipping away from


Walters. It is all Southampton. Into the box, against Shawcross. Corner


Southampton. Not the busiest of nights but he was forced into the


save here. Near post and off the line, it appears, by Pieters.


Crucial intervention here from Erik Pieters. Didn't know much about it


but away to safety and the scores are still level. Martina getting the


return, decent ball in, van Dijk is up there. Sterling stuff from Stoke


early in the second half, keeping Southampton at bay, but for how long


can they do so? Going to the back post, nodded away. Martins Indi,


that time. Keeps coming back, Bertrand! Great save, Grant. Fine


strike. Through the crowd and Grant gets a very strong left arm on that.


Final quarter of the game now. Spoke with ten men keeping it at a


stalemate. Threaded through, good chance for Boufal. Somehow couldn't


put it away. Rodriguez couldn't make the connection. Steven Davies has


made the long run. Pieters couldn't get there with the header. Pieters


couldn't get on the end of that either. This time, far less


culpable. Straight and at Grant. Misjudge the high ball.


Little touch from Grant taking it away from Rodrigues. On-site to


deliver the cross. Johnson, away. Southampton corner. So, short


corner, played for Martina. Lifted in, looking for Rodriguez. It might


fall for Ward-Prowse. Took a touch in going over and a pretty vital


touch as well. Bouncing off Johnson, snatched at by Ward-Prowse. The red


card, your opinion? Unfortunate, he's obviously caught him high but


the ball was bouncing around and having spoken to Marco, he hasn't


tried to take the player outcome he just missed the ball and caught him


on his thigh. 11 against ten, normally we have to do better. The


night was easy for the team to defend against us. Yes,


disappointing because it is two points lost and it's a shame. This


perception, people feel that Stoke are too aggressive, how concerned


are you? It is what it is, we've changed totally from free, four,


five years ago and even then it wasn't merited but is this


perception is -- but it is the perception. Those days are gone,


everyone should catch up. Let's look at the talking point, the early


sending-off for Arnautovic, what did you seek? 23 minutes, it was


definitely a red card, it was high and dangerous. It was missed time


and it was the right decision from the referee. Right on his knee.


Definitely a red card. And a three-game ban. Some discussion


about whether he wanted Christmas and New Year off, that was so early


in the game. And possibly an elbow from Shane Long on Bruno Martins


Indi that the reet missed. A bit petty, but that hasn't hurt him that


much. Sean Dyche also complained about the referee in the game saying


he had missed a foul on Tom Heaton in the build-up to the penalty that


won West Ham the game. The Hend are coming in, it is the arm of Kouyate.


-- the header. It is the arm of Kouyate coming across Tom Heaton,


definite penalty, it was a foul by Mee. The arm just coming across Tom


Heaton, I think that's the file and the referee missed it. West Ham's


season has turned around, I've seen better performances in their last


couple of games. A bit of luck, more spirit and a couple of good fixtures


where they can make inroads. A packed evening, time for two games


from last night. Coming up, Bournemouth against Leicester but


firstly, Arsenal against Everton, who had just one win in ten.


COMMENTATOR: With one win in ten, Ronald Koeman has reacted by making


four changes including the return of Ross Barkley, left out for the last


two matches. Jagielka, Lennon and Valencia are the others. Gareth


Barry is rested. Arsenal's only change is enforced with Mustafi


injured, Bellerin coming in at right back, allowing Gabriel to move


centrally and the Gunners haven't lost an away game since March.


Up towards Monreal, whose on-site. -- who is onside. Such a simple task


for Arsenal to find a way around Everton, who have given it away. The


referee says free kick on the edge of the area and he brandishes a red


card. Williams gives it away. Coquelin was trying to get past


Jagielka and was caught on his chin. Free kick to the visitors who have


been dictating the play on the edge of the area. Sanchez sizing it up,


going low and it goes in. Stekelenburg couldn't prevent it and


Arsenal are in front. A ricochet as well off Williams to make it even


more impossible for Stekelenburg. time. Now we have again a massive


game on Saturday. Sanchez will claim it, no doubt


about it. 'S Tecklenburg could do nothing to


stop it going in. He has had three wins and two draws


against Arsenal but he's losing this one. Everton free kick. Good


clearance from Monreal, and then Lennon, it seemed to get right at


him. Monreal got himself in a model. In the end Lennon didn't have an


opportunity to do anything other than instinctively flicked a boot at


it. Good ball in, and it goes in!


Wonderful back to the other. Cross from Baines, header from Coleman,


just before half-time, Everton strike. His third of this campaign.


And it was crafted for him by a right footed cross from Leighton


Baines. Coleman's flicked header into the corner of the goal. 1-1 and


the atmosphere transforms, as does his mood. Coleman losing out. Guided


forward. Sanchez. Ozil. He was so careful, so precise. He'd steadied


himself. He missed it. And he can't believe it. Jagielka going wrong


towards Lukaku. Chested into Ross Barkley, who hits it. And it is only


a whisker by. He has been lacking in confidence. A moment like this could


just lift him to the player that everyone, including his new manager


knows that he can be. Won back by McCarthy. Now McCarthy again. The


challenge is illegal and a yellow card for the Arsenal skipper.


McCarthy did well. Cossey only thought he got a piece of the ball,


he didn't. Baines with the delivery. Out for a


corner. Almost wrapping up an unforgettable moment in his young


career. Jagielka etiquette and Cech making


the save and Jagielka turns away and looks up and thinks, oh, how close


did I come to winning the game? Good pressure from Everton. Another good


ball in and it's headed in by Williams! His first goal for


Everton. Goodison Park erupts. Ashley Williams with a powerful


downward header. Considering it was Williams who had the unfortunate


deflection that put Arsenal in front, it's fitting that it is the


view has helped to complete the turnaround. -- that it is he who has


helped to complete. Foul, it is a yellow card, I think, for Jagielka,


who has already been booked! It is a very late sending-off and Jagielka


will miss the Merseyside derby on Monday. Petr Cech's decided it's


time to add his height. Arsenal with the free kick. Stekelenburg getting


there in front of Petr Cech, you don't often see goalkeeper in front


of goalkeeper. Cech still in there. It won't be, it's not over by any


means. Sanchez guiding it in, brilliant by Stekelenburg. It won't


become off the line by Baines! The goal-line technology says it didn't


cross the line -- Iwobi, off the line. There's no goalkeeper at home!


Cech trying to get back. Mirallas can't get to the ball and the third


goal won't go in, but the game is surely over. And the whistle-blowing


-- the whistle blows, Everton can celebrate a dramatic victory, the


final draw at a pulsating Goodison Park, Everton, two, Arsenal, one.


I'm really disappointed because Stekelenburg was in a good position


to see that they headed the ball out. Not the first time we have been


unlucky with a decision this season. I don't want to speak too much about


the referee, not my problem. I'm not surprised by his Commons because


it's the third time in a row that 5-1 as a manager at home against


Arsenal -- by his comments. Three times in a row it was about the


referee. OK, sorry, Arsenal, we won, through the referee tonight, sorry.


COMMENTATOR: Having been brought on by the -- from the bench at the


weekend, Jack Wilshere starts, one of three changes as Marc Pugh makes


his first league start of the season and Josh King comes in with top


scorer Callum Wilson beginning on the bench and Fraser out injured.


Ranieri's only change to the Leicester team that beat Manchester


City is enforced, with Hernandez coming in for the suspended Danny


Simpson. Drinkwater is available again after completing a ban of his


own but he isn't in the squad because of an injury he picked up


against Porto. Riyad Mahrez finding Slimani. Slimani to Mahrez again,


looking for Vardy. Artur Boruc out quickly to smother out the danger.


Ranieri taking charge of his 200th Premier League match as manager this


evening. Slimani, was that a dummy? Mahrez going through four Jamie


Vardy, who gets away from Artur Boruc. Going wide and prevented from


finding the back of the net by a great sliding block from Steve Cook.


Excellent pass for Vardy to chase, just going wide and Cook read the


danger well. Lovely pass from art to find Daniels. Four in the box. --


Harry Arter. Harry Arter is looking for Wilshere, who is going to have a


go. Had to get everything behind that, Zieler. First shot in anger.


Teeing up Jack Wilshere who is yet to score for Bournemouth. And


Zieler's clearance taking a deflection. He must get back


quickly. You -- Pugh is going to have a go. Zieler tried to clear up


field, it crashed off the back of Benik Afobe, who didn't do anything


wrong. They realise that they were in a race. Pugh with the nice idea


but not quite the execution. Down the line for Smith to chase,


two in the area, one of them is Afobe! Back in, Pugh! Marc Pugh


giving Bournemouth the lead, his first goal of the season, on his


first league start of the campaign. Zieler made the initial save, and


Pugh was following up. You wonder, having got up and got across, should


he have done more? 1-0. Chance here for Francis to advance, kept in for


Smith. Huth is a cross. Back for Francis. Needing to off-load to


Smith. Adam Smith. Cute pastor Wilshere. Back for Francis, plenty


in the area. One of them is Smith -- cute pass for Wilshere. Not far


away. He said that the fabulous performance against Manchester City


would be forgotten if they didn't pick up results in the following


games and they are heading for defeat here. Lovely pass.


Albrighton, deep ball, Okazaki was lurking and Ade sending it away for


the last corner. -- Ake. Robert Huth will feel disappointed that he


didn't get it on target. Mahrez goes down, Leicester free kick. In the


last minute of the 90. In from Mahrez, Okazaki couldn't get the


touch he was looking ball. Back for Musa now. Not a bad ball. Ulloa


somehow denied and Bournemouth have survived. Leonardo Ulloa, yet to


score this season, must have thought that was going in. Either side of


Artur Boruc and surely it would have been 1-1. The mentality was good, we


dominated the ball in the first half and the technical performance was


high and in the second half the game changed and we stepped up


defensively to the test they gave us. To score the match-winning goal


meet a lot to me, first start of this season, which has been


difficult because we have a great squad, you've got to be ready when


you are called upon and fortunately today I was. Today the luck wasn't


with us but the performance was positive, after Manchester City. It


wasn't the same performance because after three days, is not possible to


recover well but we tried to fight to the end with our strength and


quality and also our weakness. I'm pleased with our performance. A good


victory for Bournemouth, their fifth clean sheet of the season and Jack


Wilshere has already played more times this season 's than the past


two seasons behind. -- combined. Player and manager combining


beautifully? Eddie Howe has managed him very well. At the start not to


put him in the team and then play him 60, 70 minutes to bed him in and


now getting the performance like last night... Wilshere is on course


to get back to his best, fantastic player but he has been managed


superb by Eddie Howe. Arsene Wenger was complaining in the other game


about what he thought should have been a goal because it shouldn't


have been a corner. He has a point but the eager concern is without Mr


RB, how they conceded both goals -- without Mustafi. The caller that


comes in, you have the big guys on the pitch, I don't know what Ozil is


doing -- the corner that comes in. Ozil actually backs out of the way!


He puts his arm in the air, he doesn't want to head it. Brilliant


header from Williams. A bad few days but Arsenal, brilliant win for


Everton. Let's look at how those games have affected the table.


Chelsea extending their lead after a tenth successive victory.


The times have gone with Fabregas' winning goal at the Stadium Of


Light, moving Chelsea clear at the top. The Daily Express also


featuring the Spaniard, ten wins out of ten, and the Daily Mirror


focusing on Rojo escaping a red card again after that challenge.


Liverpool are the top scorers, they play in bright yellow. Adam is


Lallana man! Thanks for watching, goodbye!


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