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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


Ibrahimovic! What a brilliant goal. A world-class finish from a


world-class player. He's scored again. The Venezuelan has a


hat-trick. The champions' travel sickness continues. The penalty is


given! Billings gets the win in what he described as a much win game.


Sooner or later they knew Middlesbrough would switch on.


Really professional from Middlesbrough tonight. Ten wins in a


row for Antonio Conte's table topping blues.


It's the season of goodwill and a feast of football.


Just a few days after their midweek exertions, 12 teams were back


in action, including the leaders and title favourites, Chelsea.


Joining us in the studio - Scrooge and Tiny Tim.


We'll leave you to work out which one is Danny Murphy


Chelsea were six points clear at the top going


Steve Wilson was at Selhurst Park to see if they could make


Stranger things have happened, but arguably not many. Palace with seven


defeats in ten take on Chelsea, with ten wins in ten. With 11 injuries,


getting tougher. Alan Pardew CHEERING AND BOOING


Changes. Flamini the latest injury. Joe Ledley and Jason Puncheon come


in. 2-macro changes for Chelsea, Fabregas and Pedro substitutes.


Matic and Hazard return. Embolo can take one of four Chelsea start as an


4-macro yellow cards, could become the first man to play in


back-to-back Premier League title winning teams at different clubs.


It's not exactly a pea soup. You wouldn't want to be on the back row


of the upper tier in this fog. I'm not sure how much of the other end


of the ground you would see. Eden Hazard, Diego Costa. Willian. It's a


free kick to Chelsea. He only has eyes for the Chelsea player. Gets a


yellow card. Willian standing right over the ball. David Luiz has given


himself a run-up, it could be one of his side foot dippers. It's David


Luiz through the wall. Behind Jo Ward, who conceded the free kick,


then blocked it. Alan Pardew is the longest serving Crystal Palace


manager since Neil Warnock's first spell from 2007-2010. Palace have


made seven managerial changes since. Joe Ledley space on the right,


looking for Kelly. Kelly going to reach this first. Dangerous. Wide by


Puncheon, first really clear opportunity of the game for Crystal


Palace. Well met, Puncheon. Then the finish wasn't there. Make no mistake


about it, if Crystal Palace do come away with a 0-0 draw against Chelsea


today they'll feel it's been a good day's work. Trip by Yegor Coster,


free kick to Crystal Palace. Yohan Cabaye is... -- trip by Diego Costa.


Diego Costa will not feature against Bournemouth in Chelsea's next game,


his fifth yellow card of the season. And ball by Angola condo. Looks like


it. -- handball by Kante. Ball in the air. MacArthur, who's scored


five times this season meeting it. Chelsea haven't really troubled


Crystal Palace. Nor have they been unduly bothered at the other end.


Just a couple of minutes of normal time to go in the first half. Hazard


waving Azpilicueta forward. Towards Diego Costa. Far too simple a goal


for Chelsea to score. Diego Costa gives them the lead just before


half-time. Palace static at the back. Chelsea are a very good side


but you don't need to be a very good side to score this, it's just


knocked up and Diego Costa simply heads it into the corner of the net.


, about as straightforward as they come. Diego Costa's 13th of the


season. Cahill reacting here. Yohan Cabaye,


well hit. Courtois had to get down to his left. A hint of threat here.


Cahill, straight to Cabaye, not sure it was on target, but neither was


Courtois. It will be Chelsea's 11th consecutive victory with nine clean


sheets in 11 games. It's not in the bag yet. Well saved by Hennessey. He


really caught that. Both goalkeepers have been busy in the first four and


a half minutes of the second half than they were for much of the first


three of the Chelsea's last five victories in this sequence of wind


have been by a single goal to nil, at Middlesbrough, home to West Brom,


then Sunderland. This wondering the same way. Fabregas around the corner


to Moses. Moses dangerous. A good header... Alonso side netting. Super


technique by Marcos Alonso, this was dropping from great height.


Controlled the volley really well. Ledley. Delaney.


Benteke did well. We've seen him score with situations like that


before. Similar to a goal he scored for Liverpool at Old Trafford last


season. He scuffed it into the ground. Alonso to Diego Costa.


Trouble here. Moses to the right-hand side. Hazard, too. Back


to Victor Moses. Riding the challenge of Puncheon, hit by Konte.


The game might have been out of palace's reach. A good shot by


Hennessey. No foul. Puncheon unable to find Benteke. David Luiz picked


out Victor Moses here. Eden Hazard is furthest forward, but there are


others in white. Marcos Alonso's one of them. Good save by Hennessey,


nice height for him, to be fair. Hennessey is getting busier. Firmly


hit by Alonso. Two straight. Crystal Palace heading for a sixth home


league defeat of the season. Fabregas, another lovely ball from


Fabregas to Hazard. Left by Diego Costa. Did Delaney get the ball? Not


in the opinion of Jonathan Moss. Another good ball from Fabregas and


Delaney get the card. It's either David Luiz with his right or Marcos


Alonso with his left. Of the bar by Alonso! Cahill can't put the rebound


away. He felt he was fouled, Cahill, by Joel Ward, as he tried to knock


this into the back of the net. A really good free kick. Unlucky. Did


water then foul Gary Cahill? The Chelsea defender thought so. Chelsea


have had their chances to put this out of Crystal Palace's reach, and


they haven't, as yet, done so. Townsend driven in. Fabregas out.


Caught by Cesc Fabregas, free kick Crystal Palace. Those hopes Dale


Palace fans in good voice, hopeful still, three minutes of added time


still to play. It absolutely flew miles over the crossbar. Got that


all wrong. He got it up all right. Was in the central London before it


came down again. It's 11 wins out of 11 for Antonio Conte. And Chelsea.


And another defeat for struggling Crystal Palace. Diego Costa with the


only goal in the closing moments of the first half. Chelsea go on.


Antonia, congratulations, 11 matches, to win them all is


something really special. -- Antonio. I'm pleased, I'm pleased


for my players, because they are deserving this. I see every day


every single moment, which is commitment during the training


session. The way that we prepare the game. And the way they fight in


every game. It's fantastic. Chelsea are in that mode at the minute where


they have confidence at the back, we talk about confidence going forward


but their confidence defensively, sound, don't make a mistake, all


doing their jobs, makes it difficult to find a breakthrough. If you look


at our goal-scoring record there not a problem with that. We couldn't


find a way through today. I'm there are four or five teams who will try


to catch first position. We still have many games, many hard games, so


we're not favourites, we are one of the teams who can win the title.


11 consecutive victories for Chelsea, looking pretty formidable


at the moment. Crystal Palace, they make them fight for it, didn't they?


They worked tremendously hard for the manager, well-organised, won a


lot of second balls, gave them a few problems in the second half, Jason


Puncheon missed a good chance. Defensively, Chelsea sound


well-balanced and confident defensively, didn't play brilliant


going forward but did enough, another great goal from Costa. There


doesn't seem to be a weakness in the side, I can't see one area in their


team they are struggling, fantastic for Chelsea supporters and worrying


for everybody else. The other thing, in tight games like that, if you've


got a striker like Costa, back to his imperious best, didn't half make


a difference. He's brilliant, in phenomenal form. It was the first


effort on goal. Crystal Palace were right in this game until this point.


Hazard doing what he does, getting involved, making Crystal Palace


work. This ball from Azpilicueta, he's picked up Diego Costa, not just


whipped in. One thing I wanted to look at, look at Delaney's face,


looking at his keeper, sorry, look at Scott Dann, looking at the


keeper, saying, you come and get this. I know what I'm doing, I'm


going to get my arm into Costa's chest, try to stop him.


Miscommunication between them, it cost them the goal. His positioning


needs to be further off his line, he gets caught in no man's land. If


he's further out he can be more commanding, he can take that. It was


a breakdown in communication between Scott Dann and Wayne Hennessey, the


one moment that cost Crystal Palace the game. You picked out Eden


Hazard, he's back to his best this season. Sensational, I had to


picking out because he was the difference, he gives them so much.


-- picked him out. He's putting a shifting defensively as well. He's


so direct, looks fit, sharp, caused them all sorts of problems today. He


drifting off the left side, because he's got Alonso playing left


wingback role, doesn't have to be as wide, ends up drifting all over the


place, pops up as a ten, sometimes on the right side. He goes from zero


to 60 so quickly, he's got that wonderful balance and ability to go


past people. His decision-making, that's what I like he knows when to


dribble and when to pass, he's got the all-round game. He's playing as


he did when he won play of the year, this is what I'm talking about.


Awareness of people around him. Fabregas should have done better.


It's the speed he can travel, he goes past people so easily, it's the


low centre of gravity. This is his passing ability, is not just a


dribbler. Must be a nightmare to play against. He gets his team up


the pitch, when you need a player to get you from a to B really quickly,


he's your man. It's obvious the midweek break did him a bit of good,


he looks the freshest player on the pitch today. Though he didn't score


or make a goal, he was sensational for long periods. Our Chelsea going


to run away with it, that is the question. The danger to many teams.


As it stands nought they are out and out favourites. Nine points clear.


Manchester United are giving it a go now. Spurs. That chasing pack,


Liverpool are the team that are favourites to catch them. They have


defensive issues. I think they are the favourites to take it. I agree.


Two home games coming up which they would expect to win, which would


give them a lead. If they keep everyone fit, they are favourites


for me. OK. In the Premier League,


it's fair to say the first half of Leicester's 2016 has been rather


better than the second! Ahead of their match at Stoke,


they'd taken just one It was quite a game,


watched by Alistair Mann. COMMENTATOR: This time last season


Leicester hadn't lost an away game. They did though come close here ASBO


January helped Stoke to a 2-0 lead before the visitors rescued a point


with two second-half goals. Bojan comes in for Arnautovic, they have a


trio of alteration. Mike e a boost for Leicester, they have not kept a


clean sheet in any of the eight games he missed with a broken hand.


They have not kept an away day shut out since April in the League. That


was the last time they gathered three points on their travels.


Clever ball, actually. Picks out Allen. A lovely effort from Walters.


Great football from Stoke. Excellent stop from Schmeichel. Great move,


Bojan and Allen and Walters. It's a great stop, actually. That is just


the kind of save that he was making last season. Why he's been such a


big miss. Simpson, Mahrez, King. I think he was caught there, Mahrez.


He was. The referee wants a little word with Erik Pieters. Just went


through the back of him a little bit. The opening 10 minutes have


fairly zipped by. No goals, but opportunities, that's for sure.


Here's Fuchs. Morgan, Fuchs, again. Now, King.


Still plenty in there. Huth was one of them. Grant, on the stretch, just


helped it over the bar with the finger tips. Wasn't an easy header


for Robert Huth. A decent stop, actually. Canons off the back of him


and straight to Mahrez. Still going, Mahrez, Vardy. Good shot, a decent


save by Grant. I think it might have hit a Stoke player on the way


through, actually. Vardy hit it. There is a little deflection off the


back of the player. Beaten to it by Johnson. Vardy goes crashing in on


Diouf. The referee's gone to the pocket - and it's red! Vardy went


hurtling into the loose ball and he catches Diouf and Craig Pawson went


straight to the pocket, no he is station. Red card, Vardy goes. Well


Craig Pawson only has one look at this. He saw the speed of the


challenge and that both of Vardy's feet were off the floor when he goes


to make it. Even though he gets the ball, which he most definitely does,


the referee believes that he was out of control as he made it. That's why


Vardy gets his marching orders. Look at his gestures. Keep it calm.


Relax. Don't get carried away. Here's Johnson. Great ball in.


Headed away by Simpson. Gathereded in by Bojan. Oh, that's a handball.


That's a penalty. It just looked like Simpson handled it as he slid


to try and block the cross. There's a yellow card for Simpson, as well.


Bojan, as he put the cross in, appealed for the penalty, and his


hand is above his head and it's a penalty. Well, Bojan missed a


penalty against Bournemouth about a month ago. But he's entrusted with


the responsibility, nonetheless. And this time, he obliges. The defending


champions maybe heading for yet another away day defeat. Leicester's


first task with 10-men was to get to the half-time interval at 0-0. They


haven't managed it. Bojan, who scored twice before against


Leicester, does so again from the penalty spot today. Here's Johnson.


He's been caught. Albrighton with the foul. A yellow card for


Albrighton. Half the out field players are now in the referee's


notebook and Vardy's in the dressing room. So ale free-kick to Stoke. Off


the inside of the post. Allen makes it two. Stoke City have made


Leicester City's first half about as miserable as it could be. The look


on the face of the visiting manager says everything. Imbula slammed it


against the near-post. Allen couldn't miss the rebound. Leicester


looking for an offside. One flag was not forthcoming. It's just going


from very, very bad to much, much worse for the defending champions


who are staring down the barrel of yet another away defeat. It's Stoke


City 2, Leicester City 0, and the referee, who is going to have to go


past the Leicester City supporters now to get to the dressing room,


he's going to get some fearful stick from the visiting supporters.


Johnson, Bojan gets it. Now Diouf. Walters, on the far side. Great save


by Schmeichel. That's brilliant goalkeeping. Morgan feels as though


it should have been a foul. The referee waved play on. The header


was great, the save outstanding. A double change for Leicester.


Leonardo Ulloa is one. Demarai Gray is another. Slimani makes way. So


too Albrighton. It was inevitable they would start to take players off


with the energy they expended trying to keep in the game. Demarai Gray is


always happy to take on a sprint challenge. The cross is a beauty.


Off the line. Technology says it crossed. It's 2-1. Ulloa's first


contribution since coming on is to put Leicester back into a game that


they were seemingly out of. Great ball by one substitute, Gray, headed


by Ulloa. Off the line by Shawcross, but the technology says it's a goal.


You can see exactly why. Claudio Ranieri had a decision to make about


his substitutions. He brought on Ulloa and Demarai Gray. The two


combined within moments. Leicester are back in the hunt. Here's Demarai


Gray, again. Oh, the deflection could have taken it anywhere. They


will be immensely proud of their players. They have not capitulated.


2-0 down at half-time, with 10-men. They have been probing and searching


and now they've halved the deficit. Leicester City throw.


Fuchs is winding up a long throw. Morgan is in there. Huth is up from


the back. All those who came up for the long throw might as well remain.


The cross is a great one. And Amartey, what a wonderful


performance from Leicester City. You can't say they haven't merited it. A


Amartey's header, right in front of Lee Grant. It gives the equaliser to


Leicester City. Real brave, brave header. He knew the goalkeeper was


coming, Amartey. He got there, just in front of Grant. And he plants the


header into the net and goes to join the Leicester City supporters, who


will feel as though this is a victory, not just a draw. If looks


could kill. Allen helps it on, Walters. Amartey with the tackle.


Morgan gets it away. Imbula. Wheelen. -- Whelan. Schmeichel with


the save. He made excellent saves, Schmeichel, to keep Leicester in


this game. 10 out of 10 for his team. 10 out of 10 for him. Well the


wlisle blows and the cheers are coming from the away end, the


Leicester City supporters. A quite extraordinary performance from the


defending champions. Everything stacked up against them, but they


had enormous belief, enormous character, it's's Stoke City 2, it's


Leicester City 2. Defending champion performance. It was a fantastic


spirit. We wanted to fight until the end, it was important for us at this


point to play well. We started very very, well after the sending off


everything changed with my players. My players were so nervous during


the half-time. We spoke a lot. We continued to believe something good


could be possible and they made it very fantastic performance. You must


be fuming after throwing away a two-goal lead? Yeah. We have made


our own problems in the second-half, in fairness. The first half I


thought we were excellent and we are in good shape. The second-half you


know Leicester will come at you, that is why he this were champions


last year. They have good energy and they will always ask questions.


Leicester were incensed about the sending off. Two-footed tackle.


Hughes said it was a two-footed challenge from Jamie Vardy and


diserved to be sent off. What was your view? One manager said yes,


another said no. I felt like he was being impedestrianed first of all.


He saw the ball and got the ball cleanly iechl' not sure what the


referee saw. Watching from the stands what has been the problem for


Leicester this season. It hasn't been easy at all-time, has it? It


was never going to be easy. We have had good performances and we haven't


had the rub of the green. Last year we did. You make your own luck when


you work as hard as we did, especially the second-half, you get


what you deserve. It was an amazing comeback from Leicester. Craig


Pawson, the referee, had an interesting after knob, didn't he?


Another one. We talk about the red card. An interesting week? He has. I


have sympathy with him. Obviously, the decision in midweek which we


will see now. Which he didn't give. Which he didn't give. He got a bit


of stick for. You know, rightly so. That's a naughty challenge.


Obviously two-footed. Could have caused him some damage. Today's very


different for me. I don't think it's a red card, first and foremost. I


think Vardy is really unlucky. He's obviously thought of midweek and


saw... Johnson pushes Vardy a bit. Knocks him off balance. He actually


does leave the ground. You see a gap between Vardy and the ground. He


ends up winning the ball. One foot is ahead of the other. It's actually


a decent tackle, even if he is pushed off balance. Maybe, he might


have got a yellow, couldn't believe he got a red. I don't think it's aed


red card or Mark Hughes does. If that happened to his players he


would go mad. I think he is saying that. It inspired them. Really did.


Look at Bojan's face. I don't think he thought it was. It inspired them.


Eventually, 0-0, went to 2-0. To add insult to injury, they get a penalty


against Leicester, which was one of those that is sometimes they get


given and sometimes don't. What do you think in this instance? I


thought it was are ha shall. Trying it get the ball in the box. It's


been stopped. It's been impeded by his hand. I know what is going


through Simpson's mind here. He is at full stretching saying, all I


want to do is stop this cross. Look where his hand is. People talk about


unnatural hand position. If I'm trying to block a ball, I'm not


whipping it around the back of my neck and into that position to stop


the cross. It's not an unnatural position. It hit his hand. The


penalty was given. I personally don't th think it was a penalty.


They are given on a weekly basis. Leicester showed the spirit they


showed last season, didn't they? Brilliant second-half. All of them.


Well-organised. Full of energy. Full of endeavour and quality in the end.


Claudio Ranieri deserves credit because he made substitutions, two


of them, Demarai Gray and Leonardo Ulloa. They have been bit part


players, to be honest. 0 minutes. They come on. They had a point to


prove. I mine, Demarai Gray was sensation aal when he came on. He


ran forward, he put crosses in, dribbled. This is to get back to


2-1. Brilliant cross. We saw Ulloa do this many times last season.


Super attitude. Good header of the ball. There is the goalline


technology helping us. I don't think it would have been given if we


hadn't had it. It would be a tough one, wouldn't it? ? Yeah. He gave


them energy and dribbling. I don't know understand why he doesn't play


week in and week out. I watched him, every time he comes for Leicester he


always has an impact. I think he's... It will the not be long


before he gets the hump about not playing.


Great goal, he played really well, if anyone deserved to score, it was


him. Fantastic. Stoke two up against ten men, they'll be kicking


themselves. On such a good rental of things going so smooth, I don't know


if it was the complacency within the ranks, 2-0 up, man down, thinking we


would cruise this one, they were caught out. The booing at the end


was unnecessary from Stoke fans, Mark Hughes has been doing a


fantastic job. I put it down to the disappointment of losing the game


and Leicester fans at the other end of the stadium having a party.


Festive frustration. We've got four matches


for you still to come. Rooney. Good try. The arms of Valdes


stung by Sigurdsson. Roberts, he's hit the post.


West Brom were seven and Manchester United six after both had good wins


on Wednesday evening. They met at the Hawthorns,


commentary from Steve Bower. Finally Manchester United are


turning performances into points, West Brom were in that group before


them as they go in search of their fourth consecutive home win. Salomon


Rondon leaves West Brom's attack as they look for a fourth consecutive


home victory. It was the Venezuelan's goal that settled the


fixture last season. Wayne Rooney has scored seven in nine Premier


League games against the baggies, another today would finally equal


Sir Bobby Charlton's club record. He hasn't scored since the opening


weekend in the league. Tony Pulis has only ever been Manchester United


twice in 14 games in the Premier League as manager. He's lost 11 of


those as well. Strength, fair strength, from Nyom. Nyom came


across. Lingard, isn't going to get a penalty for that. A look in hope


rather than anything else towards Anthony Taylor. Long from Valencia.


Lingard with a first-time cross. Ibrahimovic, as clinical as that.


Inside the first five minutes, Manchester united with their first


real attack, score the first goal. And it is him again, Zlatan


Ibrahimovic. Six in six in the Premier League now. Made by Lingard.


First-time cross. Ibrahimovic in his form in front of goal wasn't going


to miss that. He went six league games without a goal and has now


scored six in the following six, perfect start for him and Manchester


United. The dropper Bob Zlatan Ibrahimovic, in the words of Jose


Mourinho. To give Manchester United the need. -- the undroppable


Ibrahimovic. Nice touch from Dawson. Brunt's cross blocked by Rojo. West


Brom get their first corner of the game. Nine of West Brom's 23 goals


this season have come from headers. Manchester United will have worked


on this kind of situation, trying to defend it. Whipped in by Brunt,


right across the face. It was Olsson who got a touch. What an inviting


delivery. But in between the two defenders, Olsson, just couldn't


steer it on target. Rooney will chase that. Four forward for


Manchester United. Pogba. Into Lingard. In the penalty area nobody


at the moment. There is now. Rooney. Good try. Off the bar. Cleared by


Fletcher. For a split second Wayne Rooney thought this was the record


equalling goal, clean strike, terrific save from Ben Foster.


Former Manchester United goalkeeper. To touch that under the crossbar.


Manchester United, goal number 249. Still not forthcoming. That was a


strong charge by Ibrahimovic on Dawson. A yellow card coming. From


Anthony Taylor. One was viewed in the week at Crystal Palace, no


charge forthcoming. Definitely a booking forthcoming here. Yellow for


the Manchester United goal-scorer. Watch his eyes, he was always going


to be late. Nowhere near the ball. Phillips. Taking on Valencia and


getting the cross in. Rondon. After his three headers on Wednesday, he


had half a chance of another one there. In between the two defenders


he'll be disappointed he wasn't able to get out on target. First real


opportunity West Brom have fashioned so far. The last minute of the first


half at the hawthorns. Parreira. Good strength from Valencia. Away by


McCauley. A chance for Lingard. A chance he should have done much


better with. His reaction tells you everything. When McCauley clear


that, made a mess of it, inadvertently came to Lingard. He


had so much time, he'd sat up beautifully on the volley for it.


Lingard who's got his first Manchester United goal against West


Brom should have scored against them again. Income Manchester United with


Pogba. ! In income Manchester United. Carrick has found Rooney.


Trying to go through the space himself, Ibrahimovic. That was the


right decision, two for Ibrahimovic, two for Manchester United. Ten


minutes of the second half gone and they have doubled their advantage.


Ibrahimovic now has ten goals in his last nine games in all competitions.


16 goals for Manchester United. Rooney might have been expecting it


back, wasn't getting it back. The Swede saw a little bit of light in


the corridor, shot was deflected, just off Dawson. That's what took it


into the bottom corner, past Foster. That's what it means to Jose


Mourinho, that's why he is undroppable. Ibrahimovic has 152


league goals in his last 170 games. Rondon taking on Rojo. Rojo in the


end was equal to it. Rooney brought the cross.


What was first the emergency, then the unlikely defensive partnership


between Jones and Rojo. Rondon got involved with Rojo. Jones felt he


raised his hand. Anthony Taylor is going to have to defuse this


situation. Little nudge from Rondon. Rojo won it fairly. Rojo wanted to


have a word. That was the first push. Not true exactly what Rojo did


wrong. There was a slap from Rondon. Yellow card for each in the end.


Going to have to take a risk or two more to find a way back into the


game. Dawson, blocked by Rooney, West Brom corner.


Deep from Brunt. Back by McCauley. West Brom appealing for hands,


Anthony Taylor not interested. This is what West Brom were appealing


for. McCauley hands this back across. Proffered deliberately. Did


he use his arm? I don't think so. Manchester United have not looked in


any trouble all day. That was a boy touch. That was deliberate from


Brunt. -- poor touch. The only way he was going to stop Marcus


Rashford. End of a good week for Manchester United, nine points from


nine, eight Premier League games unbeaten, thanks once again to


Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has 16 goals for the season now. Two today


complete a polished and professional way performance. West Brom 0- two


Manchester United. Great performance, even better than the


last one at Crystal Palace. Very solid from the first minute. And


everything under control. We coped well with the difficult things that


West Bromwich always bring to the game. I would give them a poor goal


at the beginning, that was disappointing. What I said at


half-time, make sure we stay in the game and as the game goes, we'll


grow into it, I really thought we would. The last thing we want is for


them to get that second goal. A very fortuitous goal. Another one for


Ibrahimovic, as a younger player what is it like having him on and


off the pitch? He's a great character, everyone knows his


character, his bubbly in the changing room, helps the young lads,


and he's good to play with. He's good to link off as well. I think he


is proof that he's a super man in his mentality. Because he is doing


fantastic, what he's doing at the age of 305I think is a dream for


every one of 25, every striker of 25, to arrive in the Premier League


and to impress the way he's doing. I'm feeling good, at the end I was a


little bit tired, but I feel fresh, I feel good, I'm confident. When the


team is doing good, it's easier, absolutely. But we work hard and we


are doing the sacrifice for each other. When you can win on like


this, it's beautiful, it's a beautiful day. At the end what


counts is three points. His statistics continue to prove he's a


wonderful footballer, even at 35, ten goals in his last nine games,


classic Centre forward performance. Never had to worry about the numbers


when it comes to Ibrahimovic, he's scored everywhere he's gone, because


of little things like this, he knows every trick in the book to get a


yard of space, pulls him back, get the header, that's Man United's 1-0.


I feel he's getting sharper and sharper as the season goes on, and


stronger with it. Mourinho's right, at 35, it's phenomenal to see. This


is the other side to him. Got an edge. Yellow card. There have been


centre halves throwing themselves at centre forward for years, he likes


to throw himself around this way. It's a yellow card. They are very


similar. This is a yellow card as well. Fully shoulder barged Rashford


of the ball, both incidents the referee got right. When you've got a


striker like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, whose wonderfully gifted,


technically sound, holds the ball up, he likes to play more with his


back, hasn't got the legs to get beyond defenders, you need players


to compensate from that. Jesse Lingard, in him United have that


today. Last season when he first cemented his place in the team, it


was one of the strengths I noticed, his willingness to run in behind. At


Palace the other night they played Rooney and Mata in wide positions


and struggled to make any good runs, penetration wasn't there. What he


does is this, he has great pace and willingness to get in there, which


is key. Could have had a penalty early in the game. It's all about


timing when you make these runs, soon as Valencia gets his head up,


spins just that the right time. Nyom's not spin slow, what a cross,


the best I've seen all season, unbelievable technique. Keeps


finding himself in a really dangerous positions because he wants


to get in there. He scored some big goals for United already in his


career, another good run sets Rooney up, nearly equalled the record. When


he does get the ball two feet, he can dribble, good technique, he's


confident, drives at people. He would have started the season if he


didn't get injured early. You'll get goals, I wouldn't worry about this.


He's in there again, right position, trying to smash it rather than place


it. They couldn't cope with him all afternoon, he was... He was fighting


for a place in the team, he certainly will give Mourinho a


headache. West Brom, despite being on a really good run of form lacked


competitiveness today, or was it Manchester United's ability. I think


they lack competitiveness, they were very passive through the game. They


naturally like to drop off in games, I watched against Chelsea a couple


of weeks ago and they frustrated them for long periods. This is 1-0


down. At home you need to make something happen. Look at the


numbers they have in the attacking area, they have the ability to put


the press on Manchester United. It's like everyone's mentality is,


retreat, I'm going to go to my position because that's what I've


been told to do, that's what they did most of the game. The problem


with that mentality is when you do play against topsides and give them


this space, not anybody getting anywhere near a Manchester United


player, they can unlock that defence whenever they want, someone makes a


quick run, they are written. -- they are in. For lesser sides, it works.


It probably spill over into their general play. I'll give them the


benefit of the doubt, had a tough week, on a good run. I'm guessing


Tony Pulis will look at it, saying, we are tired, put a lot of energy


into those games which is why we got the results. The quality wasn't


there today at all. Manchester United were brilliant but I expected


a lot more from West from. Improving quickly.


One place separated Middlesbrough and Swansea ahead of a crucial


Commentary on the battle near the bottom comes from Guy Mowbray.


COMMENTATOR: Boro's joint top-scorers this season have three


goals each. Alvaro Negredo's work for the team has been appreciated.


He has scored against Swansea before in his one season stay at Manchester


City. He remains Middlesbrough's most likely player to net. Today,


the opposite side, see as striker he used to vie with in the Spanish


national side. Fernando Llorente has scored one more than Negredo. His


abilities are well-known to Aitor Karanka. Former team and roommate at


Atletico Bilbao. Down it his knees. Nothing doing. He


can't keep it. The fans not happen which with how their team started.


Victor Valdes is stunned by Sigurdsson. Swansea are quicker out


of the blocks. Sigurdsson with the first attempt on target in the game.


For Swansea, it's the first of four key matches in a row over the


holiday period. You would think their first priority will be not


losing this one. Boro will only be happy with a win.


Sigurdsson. Forced off it. Nice foot work from Ramires. Clayton to his


left. Clayton pushes on. Lovely foot work to deceive Mawson. What a


finish that is by Alvaro Negredo. Middlesbrough's main striker has his


first goal of the season. This is fantastic work from Adam Clayton. He


deceived Alfie Mawson. Negredo nets for Boro. Middlesbrough 1, Swansea


City 0. Amat. Had to hurry, lost the ball.


Negredo. De Roon. Rangel. He felt that he had to knock it behind. That


ball was Downing bound. Forshaw. There's Ramires. He seems


to have been tripped. Free-kick given to Boro, just outside the box.


Referee was always looking to see whether an advantage could develop.


Up steps Ramirez. Oh, not far away at all. It has the pace to ensure


that had it been lower, Fabianski wasn't getting near it. Gibson.


Straight to Ramirez. Middlesbrough's to throw back in. They do so


quickly. Forshaw. He's done. The referee points to the spot.


Middlesbrough penalty. It all came about because of the quickly taken


throw. In it came to Adam Forshaw. Amat lifted his leg and left it


hanging. He tried to get it away, but he didn't have the time. Quite a


lazy challenge. Negredo has very confidently put himself up for this.


Here comes Alvaro Negredo. He doubles his and Middlesbrough's


total for the afternoon. It's happening to Swansea, again. Two


goals in just over 10 minutes scored against them. Very, very confidently


and cooly done. That's Swansea done for already. Alvaro Negredo has a


double, Middlesbrough 2, Swansea City 0. Bob Bradley, before today,


they conceded 15 goals in five away games.


Made the near-post run. Towards Fulton. He's the player guilty of


fouling him rather than the way round. They both tumbled. Help


blocks him first and hugs him. Who fouled who there? The decision goes


against Fulton, but it was a block by Barrow in the first place.


Downing will go for goal. On target all right, but straight down the


barrel for Fabianski. -- Barragan. Is Gibson, through to De Roon.


Lovely lay off for Negredo. Here's Ramirez. Great ball in. It's


finished by Marten de Roon. You would think Swansea are finished


now, too. That's a lovely Middlesbrough goal. A sweeping move.


And, Middlesbrough are sweeping to victory in this hugely important


game near the bottom of the Premier League. No question of de Roon being


onside. It's an absolute ripper of a ball from Ramirez. It just needed


stroking hope op. Middlesbrough 3, Swansea City 0. They are the people


I feel sorry for today, the Swansea fans who have made this long trek up


to Teesside. A19, A1, M5, M4, that's the way home. M standing for,


"misery" most of the way. He gives him the slip. Montero gives


on. There's Fer. This one was goal-bound from Leroy Fer.


In from Sigurdsson. Alves was caught behind the crowd there. Forshaw. How


far can he go? Friend is up there as well. His team-mate. Here's George


Friend. He was grinding through the gears, was Friend here. Have a look.


Have a go. Have a jog back. Rangel. Up to Llorente. Neat little lay off


to Sigurdsson. It will now come to month material owe.


-- Montero cross. It gets closer towards his clean sheet. It's been


our biggest victory, but I think this I think it was... Everybody in


this group is really, really confident. Today these three goals,


especially three points and clean sheet has been massive for us. You


know that you have to win, because you have to stay above the bottom


three, yeah, you say to each other and after there's relief that you


won. The second goal comes in in a strange way achl throw-in where I


think our players are leaning one way. It goes in quickly we Given up


the PK, the penalty. I feel as if we put ourselves in the hole over and


over. That takes a lot out of a team. The ability to come back in


the Premier League week after week is obviously nearly impossible. It's


been more a case of road matches and so now we have two very big home


games coming up and we have to turn all our our attention towards those


two matches. Let us focus firstly, Jermaine, on Middlesbrough. Negredo,


back in the goals, four in the last four following 11 games without a


goal. That is vital for Middlesbrough, isn't it? It's vital


for them. I think Middlesbrough will be OK. There are teams down there


that would kill for an out and out goalscorer which Alvaro Negredo


actually is. This is a brilliantly taken goal. Going away from goal,


wraps his left foot around it into that bottom corner. As you say,


Gary, four in four. He's now starting to find that it type of


form that Middlesbrough desperately need him to be in. When he's on he


is on. One of those. Look at this moment here with him. He wasn't


doing this a few weeks ago. We love this every now and again - I can't


even do one! That shows you the type of confidence he is playing with. At


this point, I thought Middlesbrough were cruising. He is involved in the


third goal as well. Ramirez brilliant for Middlesbrough all


season. Marten de Roon great ball in. Important they have Negredo


banging in the goals on a regular basis now. I suppose at present,


Danny, if you were given a chance to pick a fixture you would take,


unfairly or cruelly, which ever way you would take it Swansea at home A


bit harsh, but probably fair. Just a question. Yeah. That is is harsh,


Danny? Yeah. The problem with Swansea, for me, they lack tenacity,


athleticism. They are quite a nice team, they didn't get near


Middlesbrough today. Even when they were losing 2-1 no-one got ruffled


or put tackles in. It was a weak performance. Limp, if you like. They


need to change something whether it's bring in six new players in


January, if they can. Or will it be the manager Maybe the manager. They


are not known for their patience. The squad at the moment I don't


think will stay up. Match of the Day 2 is on Monday


night this week to take in the Merseyside derby,


as well as all of Sunday's action. Match of the Day 2 Extra


will discuss all the weekend's 5Live has commentary


on Manchester City against Arsenal I hope you can join us


for Sports Personality of the Year, Mark Chapman follows Match


of the Day on Saturday nights with all the latest from the NFL


or you can catch up throughout COMMENTATOR: The kick will be taken


and left to Danny Murphy. And he scores for Liverpool! Danny Murphy's


done a David Beckham here. # We'd better get some work done...


# Danny Murphy and Bob the Builder


together. There must be a tool joke there. I have to work it out.


West Ham had taken four points from their last two matches to ease


the pressure slightly on Slaven Bilic.


Could they continue that improvement against a struggling Hull City?


Simon Brotherton is your commentator.


COMMENTATOR: Four points from two games in the past week has lifted


West Ham's spirits as well as their league position. Hull's tally of six


points from the last 14 matches is the same they earnt in the opening


two fixtures of the season leaving them close to the bottom. West Ham


are unchanged, Andy Carroll starts for the second time in four days and


for the third time all season in the Premier League. Hull are back in


London again after their midweek defeat at Tottenham. One change this


afternoon. Mbokani returns preferred to Diomande upfront. Plenty on that


ball forward from Noble. Hull look to break. Mbokani got there ahead of


Kouyate. Out for a goal kick. Hull threatening here. James cordon an


interested spectator here for this one today.


That backpass is too short. M bow Khanningy is in. Oh, he's missed.


West Ham United get away with one. Mbokani laying the bat back. Oh,


dear me, Hull City are unlikely to get another gift like that this


afternoon. Oh, it was on a plate. Mbokani just trying to squeeze he


squeeze it inside the post. Cresswell, a dreadful pass. Well,


less than a ball's width away from taking the lead. What aens Cha. Mike


Phelan saying ahead of this match how his team need to take their


chances more than they have been. He's still waiting. -- what a


chance. They are on the front foot once again here. I playing


positively. Huddlestone can hit them, given half a chance. It rather


fizzles out. The referee said there was there a deflection there. It's


been given. It's a Hull City corner. Snodgrass, their top scorer, he is


the man who will take it. Saved by Randolph. It had to be as


Here it is again as the ball comes over, Maguire came in from the back


and got just in front of him. Robertson back in there once more.


Mbokani goes for it at the edge of the penalty area and shoots. What a


goal it would have been had he managed to keep that down. Landini.


Hull playing well here. Now pushing forward. Half far-away, into the


opening minute of the last 45, the ball not quite falling Maguire. West


Ham United under real pressure. West Ham United will be relieved if they


can go in goalless at half-time, it was who could easily have slight the


ball into the back of his own net. Hull should be sensing an


opportunity in this match this afternoon. Snodgrass. Turn away from


Kouyate. It's headed against his own post, that, by Mark Noble! Goodness


me. Hull hitting the post for the second time this afternoon. This


time off West Ham's captain. But on the bike Mbokani towards Snodgrass.


Robertson comes to the edge of the penalty area. He's hit the post


again. Unbelievable. This was superb play by Robertson. A thunderous


shot. This is the angle. I yet finding Ogbonna. It'll be a corner.


Ogbonna's only ever scored one goal for West Ham. Still nothing in it.


Hit off the line. That's the closest West Ham have come, now it's with


Kouyate. Antonio. Great save by Marshall. Twice in quick succession.


West Ham close. Now Hull city with Mbokani trying to come away, the


Kearney slightly over runs it. A real chance here. Great challenge by


Kouyate, racing into the box on Sam Clucas. Brilliant depending. Here's


the double chance for West Ham, the header from Andre Ayew. So close. A


great stop on the line by Robertson. The second effort here from Antonio,


saved by David Marshall. Other end of the pitch, here comes the corner.


Kouyate back on his feet. End to end 20 minutes into the second half. Off


the line at the other end. It's Hernandez who gets there. Great


blocked on the line. Having gone close at one end, West Ham suddenly


on the back foot here. This is a tremendous run here, two


thirds the length of the pitch from Michail Antonio. Before it was


upended. Yellow card for Michael Dawson. An all action run to get the


crowd on their feet. In it goes. Marshall beaten to the ball.


Huddlestone's there. Still in the air. Well shielded. Rodriguez...


Penalty for the challenge on Antonio. Huddlestone went up for it,


they waited for the ball to drop and Antonio goes down. Hull will feel


that's a soft penalty. And clearly do. Can Mark Noble take this chance


for West Ham with 15 to go? Yes, he can. West Ham 1-0 Hull city. What a


good penalty. West Ham's reliable captain keeping cool and slotting it


home. Away comes Dimitri Payet, Andre Ayew to his right, Hernandez


to his left. I yet might fancy this himself, still going, down he goes


under pressure and gets a free kick. The challenge by Henriksen, who is


booked. I yet got a free kick where he likes it. Just over five minutes


remaining at the London stadium and Dimitri Payet with this opportunity


for West Ham. Round the wall, a save from Marshall, good free kick,


stopped by the goalkeeper. Aaron Cresswell, left the door ajar.


Snodgrass into the penalty area. Maguire with the shot, saved by


Randolph. There were three players hoping for the ball there. But


Creswell will be relieved nothing came of this after that little slip.


Reflecting on chances gone by in the first half. Am I pleased with the


performance? No I'm not. Am I pleased with the reaction in the


second half? Especially the last half-hour? I am. We scored the goal.


Should have finished the game, to score another one after we scored


the first, but we didn't. Massive three points for us, back-to-back


win on the stadium, two 1-0 results, very good for us considering the


situation we were in. Burnley at home and Hull at home have been hard


tests honest hard-working teams, we've kept two clean sheets and got


two victories, which is massive. We gave an opportunity for a referee to


make a decision and he took it, I'm not going to moan and groan, it's a


difficult role they play. I'm sure, deep down, they'll look at that


again. As we'll be all, it'll be replayed and replayed and discussed


and discussed. If you don't put yourself in a position of authority


by scoring your own goals first... It became a matchwinner for West


Ham. Probably had to resist the urge. It was the flimsiest of


penalties, let's look at it, Danny. I agree completely. We do get the


advantage of looking back on it again and again, of course. He goes


over too easily. REFEREE: Position, actually. We'll see as we go closer,


there is a slight touch of Huddlestone's hand on the side of


Antonio. He shakes his head when he gives it,


he goes, no, not upheld to, I changed my mind... He was definitely


not convinced, but gave it in the end. It was a good pen. From a


reliable penalty taker. Strange game, Hull haven't scored in two


months away from home, had bags of chances and lots of misfortune. I


think Hull will go down. The reason is based on this alone. They haven't


got an out and out goal-scorer in their side, missed far too many


opportunities. Haven't got that killer instinct. They got some nice


football is in their rags but when it comes to moments like this you


can't rely on anybody in their team, you haven't got anybody to stick the


ball in the back of the net when it matters. This time, Clucas, yes,


Kouyate makes a great challenge last minute to get them back into that.


It was, I'll be honest, a lot of unfortunate incidents for them


today. Second time he hit the post. Robertson was brilliant today,


fantastic strike. Huddlestone played well for them as well. Look at back


of the line, Maguire, it wouldn't go in the back of the net for them. At


all. Interesting, West Ham's official Twitter account asked for


the fans to vote for the man of the match and they gave it to the post,


it kind of says a lot. Nevertheless, a vital win for West Ham? It was a


vital win. They are struggling, is it lack of confidence? They have to


dig seriously deep to get any kind of performance, any win under their


belt. They didn't play well again today, they seem to have no ideas,


almost, how to play. Just hopeless balls, these couple of balls from


Antonio not digging him out in particular, it was a West Ham issue,


not Antonio. I yet running forward with the ball, looking for runners,


they have no one is all of a sudden. They want to come towards the ball,


I get the same, make runs behind, I'll find you. Everybody wants to


choose the easy option in the West Ham shirt. Lovely ball from Mark


Noble. Who's running forward? No one. Loads of space in the


right-hand side for somebody to be steaming into. No, we'll pass it


backwards, nice and easy for Hull, they've dealt with it all day poor


performance, they were lucky to get the win.


21 of the 24 sides who've been bottom of the Premier League


at Christmas have gone on to be relegated.


Sunderland occupied that unenviable spot as they welcomed Watford


Victor in each of the returns after injury for a match David Moyes


describes as a must win match for the Black Cats. One of only three


goal-scorers in the Premier League this season for Sunderland. Donald


Love makes his first start since August. Troy Deeney has been stuck


on 99 goals for what would since the beginning of October. Nine


appearances without a goal for the Hornets captain. Younes Kaboul began


the season at Sunderland before an August move to Vicarage Road.


Watford come here having lost their last three away matches.


Harlow on the chase. Gets there. Deeney making a run into the penalty


area. Early corner. Etienne Capoue to take this conifer Watford. Rabat


with the volley. Tipped over by Pickford. What an acrobat, met that


terrifically. You can see him on the edge of the penalty area, nobody in


a Sunderland shirt anywhere near him. Only one point from the last


four away from home. Having lost the last three at Liverpool, West


Bromwich Albion and Manchester city midweek. Zuniga trying to find a


gala, cut out by Ndong. -- trying to find a Carlow.


Watford throw. Trying to get away from Denayer. Great kick to Watford.


Given away by Jason Denayer. Labour is behind it. Only just wide.


Pickford came for that and came nowhere near it. Britos with the


opportunity for Watford, close to scoring, look at the way he rises,


takes a touch of Younes Kaboul on the way through. Given away,


straight to Denayer, urged forward by David Moyes. And Paul Creswell in


the Sunderland technical area. Januzaj. Flag stays down. It needed


Gomez to make the save as van Aanholt timed his run perfectly.


Nice one touch football from Sunderland and Gomez to the rescue


to keep it 0-0. Lovely run here. Though was the offside? Looked like


it. Van Aanholt with the opportunity. Gomes making sure it


remains level 0-0 at half-time. Away by Djilobodji. Lovely play to


get away from Younes Kaboul. Jermain Defoe with the ball across. Turned


in off the post, Sunderland in front, Patrick van Aanholt with the


goal. Sunderland with the breakthrough. Brilliant play there.


Defoe. Only one man in support. That man was van Aanholt and he does


superbly here to turn away from the challenge. And then put the ball in


off the upright. Van Aanholt gets his third goal of the season and,


crucially, Sunderland's first of the afternoon. Sunderland 1-0 Watford.


David Moyes said in the build-up to this match, had he known the full


facts about Sunderland's financial situation and the fact the chairman


Ellis Short is looking to sell aid, he may have thought a little harder


about taking the job here. -- looking to sell it. Januzaj, the


only option for the jack. Here he is. -- only option for the throw.


Any to be! -- Victor any to be. Many in the Stadium of Light would have


expected Sunderland's second goal. Just the wrong side of the post,


Anichebe. Wayward clearance, picked up by an Rabat, shrugs off van


Aanholt. In towards Deeney. The search for goal number 100 in


Watford Colours goes on for Troy Deeney. The aggressive run forward


from Amrabat, Deeney holding back off target. Jordan Pickford may well


have had it covered anyway. Time running out for Watford. Deeney with


a header on. Ighalo. Success. Who gets away from the challenge.


Success is still powering his way on. It's put behind for a corner.


Djilobodji. A cross to get his considerable frame in the way.


Zuniga drives it across, Pickford... Pickford with the save, right behind


it from the former Newcastle man. It might drop here for Ighalo.


Pickford with the save. He just gets there, again. Jordan Pickford with


two saves in quick succession to keep Sunderland in front. First from


Janmaat and then this second one. Sunderland 1, Watford 0. I think it


was on the verge of a must win for us today. I think to make sure that


we didn't get detached and, especially over the Christmas


period, we have tough games. The players did great, tuck at it. Ugly


at times. Nevertheless, the three points were the big thing we What


did the needed. Manager say to you at half-time? He just said - keep on


doing what you are doing. You are creating loads of chances on the


left side. We combined very well. Keep doing what you are doing, the


chance will come. The chance game. I scored the goal. Massive. The


manager said, no point kidding you, it's a must-win game. Simple as


that. Loads of games in a short space of time. It was important we


recover, which we did. Credit to the medical team to get everything


right. When you do that, you get results. We are delighted today.


Walter, did Watford do enough to get even a point?


TRANSLATION: I'm very angry. We did everything ourselves positive and


negative. Of course we missed many chances in the first half. Then we


also gave them their goal very easy. I'm very angry. Good performances in


the last month. I didn't think today was a good performance. It was a


winning performs and a winning team it covers up a multitude of sints


when getting -- sins when getting your minds. He was a superstar of


the future at Manchester United, Januzaj. It didn't happen for him.


Better today He played behind Defoe. Technically superb. As we know.


Drifts in and out of games. In this central role he was involved more.


Positive. Likes to go forward. In a game where Watford could have got


something out of, he was the, for Sunderland, he was the difference in


their attacking play. He opened them up time and time again. His best


game. Had a big hand in the goal there. You see, what he's got is the


turn, to go - the desire to go forward, I should say. The


willingness to take the ball under pressure. He was really good. He


played really well. David Milibands said it was a must-win game. You can


see what he means to keep the momentum going. They have improved?


Massive game. Won three of the last four at home. Their home form for


them is going to be imperative to them having any type of chance of


staying up in this league Watford, generally, kind of going along quite


nicely really. Doing well. Hot and cold. Decent performance. A tad


unlucky. Chelsea's victory at Crystal Palace


means they extend their lead Arsenal and Manchester City


will have the chance to close the gap when they play each


other on Sunday. Swansea drop to 19th


after another heavy away defeat. Sunderland's win over Watford


means they climb off The Sunday papers... The Times leads


on Chelsea's club record-equalling 11 match winning streak to lead the


Premier League at Christmas. Manchester City will bid ?25 million


for Arsenal's Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in January.


According to the Sun. The Mail on Sunday reports that Zlatan


Ibrahimovic will reject a ?120 million offer to join the Chinese


Super League. So Chelsea sit on the top


of the tree at Christmas - Got it out of a Christmas cracker -




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