21/01/2017 Match of the Day


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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


Good evening, it's been an exhilarating day


Seven matches on the way, with big stories at both ends of the table.


No inauguration needed for Alan Shearer and Ruud Gullit.


Actor Will Ferrell was at Anfield for Liverpool's game against bottom


It wasn't the greatest first half but, boy,


it escalated quickly after the break.


Liverpool are back at home sweet home. They weren't beaten at Anfield


in over a year and are determined to maintain that foundation, in a


potentially pivotal period against Swansea side with the worst


defensive record in the league. Jurgen Klopp is able to hand


Philippe Coutinho his first Premier League start since the end of


November and welcome back line in defence. Joel Matip cleared last


night to be back involved is amongst the substitutes. It's been busy in


the transfer market Tom Carroll and Martin Olsson are included from the


start. Luciano Narsingh is an fit enough to be involved. Joint top


scorer Leroy Fer is recalled. Its Liverpool aware the marching Ferrer


is increasing by the week. It's a game they are expected to win.


Anything for the bottom club would be a bonus. Lovely cross ball from


Wijnaldum. Henderson to cross. Can, he met it well. Just couldn't guide


it on target. Looking for the offside flag. They might have got it


as well. By the way, it was an opportunity for Can. He knew it, as


well. Swansea where they will have to work extremely hard today. He


knows the size of the task ahead of him to keep Swansea in the Premier


League. He knows the size of the task ahead of him for this 90


minutes up as well. Here they come again, with Clyne. Firmino away from


Wolfson, what a goal that would have been. Lallana couldn't keep it down


in the end. Swansea were torn apart. Watch this from Firmino. Alfie


Mawson beats all ends up and beautifully clipped in. Beautiful


one for Lallana to try to get over. Warning signs for Swansea. He knows


is this -- this is potentially a defining period ahead, Chelsea,


Spurs and others coming to an field over the next few games.


A rare foray into the Liverpool half so far for Swansea. It's a nice


linkup for Sigurdsson. Carroll's delivery almost caught out


Liverpool. I think that's the first time Swansea have been in the


Liverpool penalty area so far. Carroll found himself in space,


clipped off Lovren, into the post. One would suggest he would have had


a word or two at half-time. Forward from Morton, Fer made the run.


Lovren with a nervous header to concede the corner will stop only


Swansea's second of the game. He was trying to find his goalkeeper. Can


Swansea make a set play count? Liverpool have everybody back to


defend it. Sigurdsson takes it. Fernandez Winslet, came to Llorente,


who puts Swansea in front. Llorente, with his seventh Premier League


goal, his first out of South Wales, and he has shocked Anfield inside


the first two and a half minutes of the second half. Liverpool did not


deal with this. Fernandez to the first one, it came back to the


Spaniard, and he just stabbed it past Mignolet. The right place, the


right time. Certainly the right outcome. Paul Clement's team in


front full stop that wasn't in the pre-match script. It is a test of


liveable's character and credentials now. -- Liverpool's character and


credentials now. Olsson, the debutant. Carroll an option.


Terrific delivery. Llorente! Goodness me! Two goals in five


minutes. Both from Fernando Llorente. And the bottom club


Swansea, 2-0 in front Anfield. You could hear a pin drop. What a well


worked goal as well. Carroll started it on the halfway line, then went


for the return ball. Terrific movement from Tom Carroll. But what


about this for a cross? The leap from Llorente to guide it past


Mignolet. Liverpool flat-footed, Swansea absolutely jubilant. The


attack by Llorente, got in amongst three Liverpool defenders right in


front of those supporters who have come up from South Wales. They will


be pinching themselves. Liverpool nil, Swansea two. Swansea will have


got belief from the way they defended in the first half. Now


they've really got something to defend. Henderson's crossfield ball.


In from Milner, Firmino. Well, there's one back. Roberto Firmino,


who scored earlier in the season against Swansea, reduces the deficit


at Anfield. Milner's delivery the -- the only really have Firmino to aim


for, and Firmino came in behind Olsson and planted the header past


Fabianski is. Liverpool needed that. Firmino's eighth goal of the season.


Liverpool one, Swansea two. Lallana, options ahead of him, trying to link


up with Firmino. Lallana could have waltzed all the way through.


Heerkens Routledge. -- Heerkens Routledge, up against Klavan. Throw.


-- a Swansea throw. That came off Milner. It's a Swansea corner. We


know what happened from the last one. Will he get a repeat? Can


Liverpool deal it is one better? Olsson got his head to it, he didn't


deal with it, but they got away with it. Alfie Mawson with just the one


Premier League goal to his name. That went right across the face in


the end. Got his manager excited. Liverpool's 50th Premier League goal


of the season has got them back in the game, but they need more. A


lovely touch in, Sturridge wanted it early. Into towards Firmino instead.


Fabulous finish from Firmino. Two for him, two for Liverpool, and


they've got it back to 2-2. 21 minutes to go. Game on! Wijnaldum


made it, a brilliant touch from the Dutch man. But Firmino still had


plenty to do. And didn't he do well? There's the little luck from


Wijnaldum. What a first touch from Firmino. You just wonder if there


was a deliberate use of the arm there from Wijnaldum in the


build-up. Wonderful balance, I the ball, half


volley. 2-2. Liverpool, who were two down, continue their efforts to win


it. Here's Tom Carroll, trying to weave


his way through. It's going to come to Sigurdsson. Swansea back in


front! Paul Clement's team have scored three times at Anfield. He


can't believe it. Swansea are pinching themselves. Llorente held


it up here will stop it was positive from Tom Carroll. A little bit of


fortune off Klavan, but Sigurdsson didn't switch off and dispatched it


into the bottom corner for his six league goal of the season. And the


visitors have restored their lead. Liverpool two, Swansea three.


Henderson trying to pick out Lallana. He's succeeded. In towards


Sturridge. Origi couldn't get there. Cleared in the Naughton. It's still


alive. Lallana, now Sturridge. Blocked by Sigurdsson, a Liverpool


corner. Is there another twist in today's tale? Liverpool and beaten


at Anfield in over a year, trailing Swansea. Milner with the corner.


Lovren tries to get his head to it. Origi, good stop from Fabianski you.


Might need a few more of those. They are not there yet, but what a day


those Swansea fans could be about to witness. 25 unbeaten games at


Anfield, under threat here. Lallana, on-site. Blocked, went for a second


time. And then Sturridge and then Lallana. A big chance for Liverpool


to level it up again. Had a few bites of the cherry here. Lallana


hit the crossbar and it came back to Adam Lallana, he couldn't keep the


header down. It's a result of huge significance at both ends of the


Premier League table, because Paul Clement has led Swansea to their


first-ever league win at Anfield, and Liverpool's long, unbeaten home


record is over. It has finished Liverpool two, Swansea three.


Weldon, how good does that feel, Swansea's first-ever league win


Anfield? Is it? I didn't know. A nice feeling, obviously. We played


well in parts of the game, offensively click, but I was most


pleased with our defence. A great start to the second half, the set


play, the wonderful croissant finish for the second goal and when you


have gone 2-1, 2-2, you wonder if the momentum is with the home team


and they will go for the win the counterattack opportunity clinical,


great finish, and then we saw the game out so I'm very proud of the


players and they ever they put in today. Really hard to accept and we


defended most of the time pretty well. They had three chances


probably, scored three times. We had I don't know how much and scored two


times, so it makes them the deserved winner. We have to work on it, at


this moment it's very disappointing. The game plan worked perfectly. We


frustrated them. They had a lot of half chances and probably a bit more


chances in the second half, but we defended really well and I thought


the gaffer got it spot on, the way he set us up and hopefully that will


continue over the next couple of months. A superb win of course for


Swansea. Jurgen Klopp they're very frustrated, particularly by his


side's defending. He said they had three opportunities and managed to


score twice and it suggests weakness is the back. Ruud? You can see a


lack of concentration in certain moments. The first one, you can see


it's across here from the right side. OK, they don't deal well with


it. Lovren doesn't know what to do. This is how they give away the


corner. So Lovren says, come on, here you can see Henderson is with


Llorente. He lets him go. Here you go, puts it in. So this is sloppy.


You don't need to do that. Here is another one, also the header, could


be a goal as well. It's all standard situations. Here is the last goal,


it's 3-2. Look at Llorente, how much space he has in there. I think


Carroll dribbles very well and again, a goal, look at him, how much


space he has. You have to be tighter here. Good dribble by Carroll here,


lucky, this is 3-2. You give away these opportunities, especially in


the moment you were pressing yourself for the 3-2. There were not


their usual selves. Liverpool were lacklustre, lethargic even. Yes,


they've got an excellent record against their title rivals. In fact,


they've never been beaten yet by one of their rivals, but they have been


beaten by Bournemouth and Swansea, by Burnley, drawn with Sunderland,


which tells you there's an issue I think with attitude and application.


You cannot just turn up in any game and expect to win the game by just


turning up. They were slow, sluggish, poor passing. There was no


energy about their game, made it easier than it should have been for


the two centre halves. Lallana and Firmino are miles away from each


other. The centre halves have got nothing to do, no want to pick up,


this time on the left-hand side comes to Milner, he picks his head


up. Again, they are away from each other, the forwards. Not making the


back four work as hard as they should do. They go 2-0 down. All of


a sudden they think they have a game on their hands, they have to do


something. There's urgency about them, they've got people in the box


prepared to put balls into the box and this is what happens. Their


passing was sharper, great skill from Wijnaldum. The touch and


technique here from Firmino was absolutely superb. But you can't


just turn up and expect, because you turn up, that you are going to win.


It doesn't work like that in any football match, let alone the


Premier League. They get to 2-2, but defensively poor. Important given


Swansea's position on a table, a new man in charge, to give them credit


for a performance and no one more so possibly than Tom Carroll, and new


signing. He's been on loan but impressive display. 24 years of age,


he's played one minute of Premier League football this season, so the


way he lasted the game, the way he got around the pitch showed great


energy. He was superb in this game. He bossed it. A little give and go,


set Swansea on the attack again. He was really unlucky here. Again, give


and go, he's the guy looking to get in behind. A little bit fortunate,


that deflection, but it hits the post. He did his bit defensively as


well. Didn't panic at all. He's in full control of the situation, knows


what he's doing. The next clip you are about to see one of the best


crosses I've seen for a long, long time. The weight of pass down the


line, that's him on the ball, he doesn't admire that, he follows it,


and as I said, this is one hell of a cross coming up. On the half volley,


left foot, crying out for a centre forward to get on the end of its and


Llorente didn't disappoint. What a cross, what a header, superb,


Swansea were brilliant today. A fabulous win for them.


Second placed Spurs were looking to win seven league games in a row


Standing in their way, Manchester City, who dropped out


of the top four after losing 4-0 at Everton.


Your commentator at the Eithad was Guy Mowbray.


COMMENTATOR: City keeper, Claudio Bravo seems an easy target at the


moment to talk about and shoot at. With an unhealthy proportion of


attempts on his goal going in. He did however save a penalty when


these sides met in October, albeit in a 2-0 defeat. Harry Kane didn't


play in that game Kew to an ankle injury. He has a goal a game average


since returning. He scored in both games against City last season. This


is his 1th Premier League match for Spurs. Tottenham Hotspur looking to


do to City what they did to City at White Hart Lane on 2nd October. City


went there on a run of six wins out of six and lost their 100% record,


deservedly so. David Silva, Aguero. Rode the challenge. De Bruyne, in


for Zabaleta. What a good tackle that is. Last touch, Zabaleta's,


too. He screams corner, goal kick is the call. A cracking tackle.


Zabaleta, posed to test lores lores. -- Lloris. Look at his anguish. The


last touch was his. Zabaleta, De Bruyne. Sterling to Silva. Silva's


going to try one. Well saved by Lloris. Well hit by Silva. He had


the option of spreading the play wide. Thats with a better bet


though. Made it awkward for Lloris. Had to go at full stretch to keep it


out. Synchronised managers! Clichy. Sane. Didn't have the time. Gave the


ball away to Sterling. Here's Aguero. Aguero holds on, finds De


Bruyne. De Bruyne's chipped, saved by Lloris. Lively from Raheem


Sterling. Aguero was patient in possession. Into a lovely position.


Picked out pretty well by De Bruyne. Wanyama. Zabaleta. That's a great


ball. Aguero's on to it. Aguero, good save by Lloris, keeping Spurs


in it and keeping Aguero out. Had to do it by himself. That doesn't


affect Aguero. It might just have been heading towards the outside of


the post. Smartly done Lloris anyway. De Bruyne, quick enough to


beat Dier to the ball. Silva, can't get a shot on the ball. Wanyama in


his way and not budging one bit. This was a real bout of wles


wrestling going on between Sterling and Wanyama. Nothing doing though.


Songo'o. -- Song. Really good tack that will from Nicolas Otamendi. De


Bruyne, trying to find a way to Sane. He's done that. Out comes


Lloris, he's missed it. Leroy Sane taps Manchester City in front. A


goal that releaves the pressure building up around the Etihad


Stadium. City's pressure rewarded. In a week there's been so much talk


about Claudio Bravo's goalkeeping prowess or otherwise, the man at the


other end was caught out, Hugo Lloris, rated by many as the Premier


League's best goalkeeper. Is there a suggestion of handball from Leroy


Sane? However he got it under control, he had the simplest task


after that of rolling it into an unguarded net. Manchester City 1,


Tottenham Hotspur 0. Here's Dele Alli. Clichy in the way for City. De


Bruyne, Aguero. Victor Wanyama, only won the ball very temporarily.


Otamendi sets up Raheem Sterling on his way. De Bruyne is central.


Lloris has lost it. De Bruyne has scored a second for Manchester City.


Too hot for Lloris to handle. It's another tap-in. Two for Pep's Blues


and Mauricio Pochettino's French keeper, normally so solid. A great


scrap going on at the other end between Aguero and Wanyama. Nicolas


Otamendi coolly found Sterling. It seemed as though he'd played the


wrong ball in. Nowhere near De Bruyne with the cross. Raheem


Sterling was disappointed as he struck it, not half as dispointed as


Hugo Lloris will feel now -- disappointed. It's Manchester City


2, Tottenham Hotspur 0. Is Dembele. Alderweireld. Dele Alli. Harry Kane.


Silva on the slide. It's now Kyle Walker. What a good ball in, and


it's headed in by Dell #yi Alli. Spurs are back in the game. And Pep


Guardiola knows it. Same old story for Manchester City -- Dele Alli.


Their opponents have hardly had an attempt on goal. Here's one on


target, there is one in the net. Dele Alli's run continues. His 12th


goal of the season. Eight of those have come in his last half a dozen


Premier League matches. Manchester City 2, Tottenham Hotspur 1. Silva.


Toure. Nicely shifted through to De Bruyne. Down the middle for


Sterling. Danny Rose is all over him. Lloris gathers the ball with no


penalty award for Manchester City. There's Rose, there was Sterling. It


was ruled by the referee as six of one and half a dozen of another.


Rose did seem to force Sterling off balance. Good ball from De Bruyne.


Kolarov. Great ball. Sterling, onside. Raheem Sterling, maybe to


wrap it up. A little push from Kyle Walker. Just as he was about to


strike on goal. Pep Guardiola's furious. Sterling is about to pop it


in and Kyle Walker pushes him. He kept his feet, maybe that's why he


didn't get the penalty. Eriksen. Colliding away. Kane. Son - Spurs


are EFL will. It was a fine finish from Son. Moments Pep Guardiola was


adamant they should have had a chance to make it 3-1 from 12-yards.


Brilliantly taken by Son. Kane looks as though - it was marginal. Flag


stays down, given onside. A lovely flick to Son Heung-Min who had to


take it first time. Didn't he take it well. It's a turn around at the


Etihad from 2-0 down it's City 2, Spurs 2. This is so incensed Pep


Guardiola. It had to be a penalty for Manchester City. Didn't you just


know that once that hadn't been given, something would happen


significant at the other end. His arrival has been eagerly-awaited.


Now the 19-year-old, signed in a ?27 million plus deal takes to the field


as a City player for the first time. Toure. De Bruyne. Aguero. Aguero to


Silva. De Bruyne. Kevin De Bruyne! It's turned in. No, he's offside,


would you believe it. He went to kick the corner flag in celebration,


the whole of the ground went up in pandemonium. They saw that the flag


had gone up, it was, too. Maybe we can't call it a brave call, it was


just the right call. His time will come. We are just watching it again


the push on Raheem Sterling, what are your feelings about that? The


first question is about the referee. Because we were watching? BBC. BBC


prestigious, to talk about the football not the referee. We saw it


just then. I wonder what your reaction to that was. OK, the guy is


going to say what happened. I wasn't going to get it otherwise. You have


to put him off as much as possible. You know, Hugo pulled off the save


as well. We went on and hung on to the draw, which I thought we


deserved in the second-half. We deserved proper penalty, to be


honest. After that we get a goal, offside. We are unlucky. I just want


to say, like, you have to look, the ref have to be less involved in our


game, you know what I mean. For me, it wasn't a penalty. That is


England. You know, it's the same if we complain the first goal, Sane was


handball. I think I never complained about that. I think it was handball,


but in that situation, it's difficult to say it was handball.


For the referee to cancel the goal. For me, it wasn't penalty like was


in handball. . So, again, four times Everton two goals. This time two


goals. That is impossible to make something we create eight, nine


chances at Everton. Today, I don't know how many, I think a lot. When


that happens, it's impossible. That is football. . When you cannot play


your best. It's important to take positives. It's a massive point. The


90s minute. This is the BBC, we're prestigious. My first question


therefore will not be about the referees at all it was a missed tune


in many ways for Manchester City against a Tottenham side that seemed


to be all over the place, particularly in the first half? They


were. They were missing Vertonghen, but, bear in mind before today's


game, this is a team that had the best defensive record in the Premier


League. You wouldn't have thought that the way they played today.


Again, they played three at the back. That was quickly changed after


about 20 minutes because Manchester City were too quick for them, too


sharp. They were passing and they were all over the place. City were


creating chance after chance after chance. Dier is caught on the ball


here. Slow and sluggish, a bit of a scuffed shot from De Bruyne. Flick


on, three against two. Slow to react. Better finishing and it


should have been all over with. Rose is slow to get back in. Look,


doesn't get back in. It's a good ball in. Sane, but he should score.


Rose is too slow to react. Another chance goes missing. This time


Wimmer is caught on the ball. Again, they have numbers forward, Tottenham


outnumbered at the back. De Bruyne, and it's so much space there for


Aguero. Free header, decent ball and not a bad save by that. Long ball


over the top. They get caught again, Aguero running in behind. This is a


brilliant save from Lloris from Aguero. Second Alf it didn't really


change either, to be honest. Long ball over the top. -- half. Walker


doesn't get inside. Again, too slow to react. Mistake from a very good


goalkeeper. It's rare. Handball? I don't think it's handball. No, it's


more ball to hand rather than ball to hand. Ball in the middle. Another


mistake from Lloris. He's panicking because he hasn't made too many of


those this season. Slow to react. Not enough pressure on the ball.


Again, straight ball. Straight down the middle. And, this is a penalty,


without a doubt. Hand to back? It should have been a red card and a


penalty from Walker. No attempt to get the ball. The referee should


pull that back because he has missed it. Give a red card and a penalty.


We are allowed to ask about referees on the second question. Let's look


at that. A lot of debate about what players should do in that position.


Should he throw himself on the floor? In Italy I learned you have


to go down if you feel it. In England they say it's cheating. This


is the reason why people are diving. When you are honest you don't get


what you deserve. He should get what he deserves? He should. That's the


point. That is why players dive. Offside this one Umm... This was 30


seconds after that penalty. Yes. Therefore, you know... I just want


to say, people all the time moaning about football players diving, this


is the reason. It's not the footballer's fault, the linesmen and


the referee's fault. If they give this the players would stay on their


feet. I don't want to encourage cheating or encouraging cheating -


It's not cheating. I want to see referees keeping up with the game


and getting a decision correct. It should have been a red card and a We


can't start penalty. Blaming referees for players diving He will


say - if you went down, that would have been a penalty. Pep seems very


frustrated, understandably, I guess? Absolutely. He said last week that


they are getting shots on goal, goalkeeper is not saving them, they


are creating chances and not putting them away, certainly today. I'm sure


it will change. Change. COMMENTATOR:


Looking for something special, Lingard nearly found it. Phillips,


good try. Off the woodwork. It's a great save. Great goalkeeping by the


Brazilian. Despite going 12 league games


unbeaten, Manchester United were still four points off


a Champions League place ahead of their trip to Stoke,


who've beaten United twice at home Simon Brotherton was


at the bet365 Stadium. It's three months since Manchester


United were beaten in the lead but four season since they last won this


fixture. Stoke's point kick-started their season, victory today would be


their 50th in the Premier League under Mark Hughes. Stoke -- Peter


Crouch needs another to reach 100 in the Premier League. Chris Smalling


captains the side, making his first league start since New Year's Eve.


Nothing in it in every sense of the word so far. No clear-cut chances


worthy of the name at either end of the pitch. Possession fairly even.


Arnautovic with the lay-off. Joe Allen. He continues the run-in into


the penalty area. This looks promising. It's in the back of the


net, Stoke City with the lead. Erik Pieters with the effort at the near


post, squeezing it home. A tight angle, but it proved to be enough.


Here's Arnautovic, look at the run from Pieters, bursting into the


penalty area. The ball comes in and the deflection carries it in past


the goalkeeper. Tough going in the opening quarter of the match. In


with the header, only as far as Paul Pogba. He picks out Ibrahimovic,


alarm bells ringing for Stoke City. Ibrahimovic into Mata and it's over


the top. Put off at the vital moment by Bruno Martins Indi. Ibrahimovic


on the side, into space. Lifting the ball across to Juan Mata, who


couldn't finish the job. Ibrahimovic, too strong for Charlie


Adam. Glenn Whelan found that well. It's fallen kindly for Pogba.


Fellaini is heading towards the far post. Pogba down, underneath the


referee's knows there. Charlie Adam committing the foul.


Good ball. Well defended by Ryan Shawcross. The danger still not


clear. Antonio Valencia, back in. Over the top by the fingertips of


Grant. Manchester United coming on strong with half-time on the


horizon, the last three minutes of the first half. All hands on deck


for Stoke City here. Blind's delivery, good save to deny Pogba.


Pogba absolutely leathered this. An exciting end to this first half.


Stoke City are head in a match in which the players haven't had a shot


on target. Crouch goes for the spectacular. That would have seen


him reach the century of Premier League goals in style. If it had


gone in the back of the net. Manchester United having almost two


thirds of the play here, but it's still a 1-0 scoreline in Stoke


City's favour. The pressure is beginning to build. He is Pogba.


Ibrahimovic the only other player in the box, Mata is in there as well. A


little deflection, goes behind, Manchester United want a penalty.


Mark Clattenburg says no. Pogba playing the ball in and clearly


struck the Stoke City player on the arm, as he slid in. Now we are going


to have a change. Wayne Rooney comes on. His next goal will be his 250th


for Manchester United and he will become the club's record


goal-scorer. A record he currently shares with Sir Bobby Charlton. Who


was watching in the stands. And just United were beaten twice on the road


so far. -- Manchester United have been beaten twice on the road so


far. Will it be a first defeat in three months in the league? They


have 15 minutes to try to do something about it. Given away by


Whelan, here's Rooney. A ball Ibrahimovic. Rashford, wide.


Manchester United are getting closer. This time, not close enough.


It's not very often they draw a blank. They've had so much of the


play in the second half. Rooney to Herrera, now Valencia. In


towards the far post, Rooney goes for it. The header ultimately poses


no threat. It would be a big result for Mark Hughes and for Stoke City


if they could win this one. Valencia in, Pogba tries to bring it under


control. Just, says Mark Clattenburg, no hand ball.


Arnautovic Ford as well on the near side. Afellay doesn't find any of


them. There was a big decision and the other end of a field a few


moments ago, as Antonio Valencia played the ball in and there was it


a hand ball by Shawcross? That was the claim. Manchester United looking


for something a bit special and Lingard nearly found it. Ibrahimovic


sliding the ball through. Lingard almost getting underneath the bar.


Manchester United have done everything in the second half, Barr


finds the back of the net. Rashford down, that will be a free kick. It's


a card as well for Joe Allen. Wayne Rooney with the ball at his feet.


Deep in added time. Rooney's delivery, oh, it's a sensational


goal! Wayne Rooney, record-breaker! That's number 250. What a way to


break the record. And Wayne Rooney now stands alone as Manchester


United's record goal-scorer. And in the nick of time, Rooney rescues


United. A brilliant strike. A special goal a landmark goal. And


beautifully taken. Here comes N'Doye for Stoke City. Is there time for


them to return? In towards Crouch. Wouldn't it be something if Crouch


got on the end of that and made his landmark 100th goal? It was almost


the last kick of the game, the most spectacular moment of the match, and


Wayne Rooney scores his record-breaking 250th goal for


Manchester United in the nick of time, to rescue a point at the end


of a pull sating afternoon. The final score, Stoke City one,


Manchester United one. What a way to rescue a point? I don't know if I


can call you rescue a point when we were in the game for 70 minutes and


created chances after chances, Web David De Gea doesn't touch the ball.


Where we score in our own goal, where we missed the post, we missed


chances some of them with an own -- an open goal, just needing a tap in.


I don't know if it's a rescue, I don't know if I'm happy, because I'm


not happy. We got done with an outstanding piece of skill and Wayne


Rooney has been doing that throughout his career and we didn't


want him to break the record today, but to do it in that manner you have


to hold your hands up and sometimes applaud. It was fantastic play. It


was a little bit harder nosed Wood is, in the 95th minute, -- it was a


bit hard on us, but unfortunately the referee did that and it gave


them enough time to get that one opportunity that they needed to get


something out of the game. It was a spectacular goal under special goal


for Wayne Rooney in the history of Manchester United? Yes, it was


important for him and he's an incredible achievement -- it's an


incredible achievement for his career, to have Manchester United


record, and a record that belonged to a legend like Sir Bobby, and now


Wayne Rooney is the man, and Wayne Rooney becomes obviously a legend


for our club. Earlier on I spoke to Manchester United's record


goal-scorer, Wayne Rooney. Wayne, the all-time English leading


goal-scorer and now the all-time Manchester United leading


goal-scorer. Described to us if you can what that means to you? Yes, and


basically feeling it's a bit of a strange one at the minute. Having


dropped two points but in the grand scheme of things it's a huge moment


for myself, which will live with me for the rest of my life. Wanted it


mean to go past a legend like Sir Bobby Charlton? Such an iconic


figure at Manchester United and has been for many years, someone when


you sign for the you realise the important, how important he is to


the football club, so to does pass him in goals is something I never


even thought of -- to go past him in goals is something I never even


thought of. He congratulated me at the end of the game, he is pleased


in some ways but it's a great honour for me. Did you also know you broke


another record today? The most away goals ever scored by a Premier


League player. You beat Alan Shearer! No, I didn't know that.


Obviously that's great. I'm still a long way off the fans' all-time


list, I'm not sure that will ever be broken, so I've made a career


throughout -- I've made it clear throughout my career I'm a team


player but I think records are important, especially when you


finish playing, it's something you can look back on and something for


when your kids grow older, they can look at. Today, it's a proud moment


and I have to get ready now for the game on Thursday. Thanks for talking


to others and many congratulations from everyone at Match Of The Day.


All right, thanks a lot. A brilliant achievement, there he is alongside


so many wonderful names from Manchester United's history. It's a


brilliant achievement, his record goal scorers for England, for his


country, does he get the credit he deserves? No, he takes a necessary


stick. Why do you think that is? Probably because he hasn't really


done it other than in one tournament for England, of course with Man


United I don't think helps him at times but what a strike. 250 goals.


When you consider it stood, that record, 444 years, for him to go


past someone as iconic as Sir Bobby, with him being there, being in the


dressing room to celebrate with him, to beat England's top scorer, to be


Man United's top scorer, what an unbelievable achievement. He's had


one hell of a career. Perspective from further afield, Ruud? It's


difficult, it's a bit like Cantona. He is famous in England but never


done it with France. In Europe, know he did well here, but not so much in


Europe. The same with Rooney. We all follow the Premiership. He's the top


scorer for his country as well. But he didn't do it in a tournament. The


first one when he was young, that was fantastic, of course he's a hero


for a lot of people. People talk about the finances in the game


nowadays. Wayne Rooney is a guy that would play for 50 quid a week. He


never feigns injury, never pulls out of England squad, a superb attitude.


Why Bob and it would be a hell of a drop-in wages, wouldn't it? United


looked like they would leave with nothing. It was one way all the


time. His Ibrahimovic, a great cross, should have scored here. How


much better do you want it? This is a waste. Then here, Zlatan tries to


be clever. Just hit it on target, why? Mkhitaryan, bobbles up, and


other waste. Pogba. So many chances here. Rashford,


also. Great chance. You know, I can sum them up - there are so many of


them. Unbelievable. Difficult from Wayne Rooney. Of course he finishes


it well. I think Manchester United, you know, you are getting concerned


if they don't get any chances, but they create so many. We said that,


four or five times this season with Manchester United, there is the


stats there. The efforts on goal they dominated teams and so many


shots at goal. So many times times you can say you have been unlucky.


You have to say, come on guys. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been


brilliant. He can't do it every single game. The other guys have to


chip in with goals. Stoke, one defeat in their last nine home


games? They make it tough for teams. There they were under the kosh


today. They worked their socks off today to get that point. Certainly


did. Swansea's win in the early


game piled the pressure Sunderland, who've been


in the bottom three since September, were in action at West Brom


where they've picked up just one COMMENTATOR: With the club v country


round now sorted Albion and some time cab Ron defender Nyom returns.


George Honeyman makes his first Premier League debut for Sunderland.


He was on-loan at Gateshead this time last season. David Moyes squad


seriously depleted by injuries to eight players and African nation


callups to three. Morrison. Phillips. Clipped out nicely. Rondon


at the back post, was he being held? It certainly looked like he might


have been. West Brom thought they had a good shout here. He's pulled


him. He's got his arm around his ribs and he's pulled him. Tony Pulis


is right to protest. Good run by Brunt, accelerating away from Jones.


Here's Chadli. Three in the Ied middle for him. Chadli, it's a good


run. Rondon, oh, my goodness me, it was going in. Hit Phillips and went


wide for a goal kick. It's a good leader. Matt Phillips cannot believe


what he's done. Fletcher. Phillips! Good try. Well saved, Mannone. It's


a really good strike by Phillips. Pushed away well by Vito Mannone.


It's West Brom's first corner of the game, just short of the half-hour


mark. Phillips, Brunt got a head on it.


McAuley in, and 1-0. A brilliant finish. Darren Fletcher turns and


volleys West Bromwich Albion in front. Real quality finish here. In


by McAuley, he had the space, but didn't he use it well. Chest, turn,


volley - goal! And Darren Fletcher scores a goal to remember. It's


McAuley, angled away to Fletcher. West Brom throw.


James Morrison, he did well to find Phillips. Phillips has knocked it


tlup through the legs of O'Shea. Desperate for it in the middle.


Chadli, surely. Oh, he's hit the bar. Brunt, great finish. Brilliant


finish. Oh, how about that from Chris Brunt? Phillips here running


in O'Shea. Mannone, Chadli, somehow, hit the bar from know distance and


Brunt nearly broke the net from the edge of the box. Absolutely smashed


home by Chris Brunt. This is a good spell of the game for Sunderland,


probably their best Secretary of State far.


-- so far. Yacob made the block. It's a free-kick. Only a foot or so


outside the penalty area here. Claudio Yacob. A long blue and white


ball. It's Patrick van Aanholt to hit that wall. George Honeyman


trying to bring it down. Van Aanholt, again. The chance is gone.


The first one hit the Albion wall. When it came back to van Aanholt, he


struck it pretty sweetly on the half-volley, but rising. 15, 20


minutes of this second-half have been mostly Sunderland. Tony Pulis'


side still lead by 2-0. Fletcher. James McClean for West Bromwich


Albion. Good position, Livermore. Almost a debut goal for Jake


Livermore. Good ball by McClean. Had to look up, he put it into a good


position. Spotted Livermore. Here's Jones. Berahino, fouled by Brunt.


Free-kick to Sunderland. Brunt very unhappy, six minutes to go. Patrick


van Aanholt and Larsson over it, as per usual. The Larsson, Anichebe. It


was meant for van Aanholt. Broken down horribly. Livermore is forward,


McClean is forward, Rondon is forward. Honeyman has fouled him. I


think it was an attempt to play-the-ball by Honeyman. Not a


particularly good one. 2-0, West Bromwich Albion. Phillips' ball in.


Out by Rodwell. Darren Fletcher here is saying that there was an elbow


used as this came into the penalty area. This is what Fletcher is


referring to. He's punched him. That rather reminds me of Moussa Sissoko


on Harry Arter when Spurs played at Bournemouth earlier this season.


Sissoko was retrospectfully banned. First half I thought we played


really well. Second-half you have to give credit to Sunderland. They


stepped it up and changed their shape. They had more of the game. We


played better in the second-half than the first half, that's for


sure. We are giving poor goals away at the moment. We are doing


everything we can to eradicate it. It's a disease at the moment we've


got. Mott many of us get the feeling of striking the ball so well? It was


nice to be up there to be able to shot. It's always lovely to score a


goal. Especially when it leads to three points as well. It's great.


It's nice feeling. I have family over this weekend. My little boy was


up there as well. Nice for them to see it, too. We are not that far


away. Three points more, that is where Sunderland would expect to be


anyway. We are not that far away from it. We have to keep going and


try our turn for results is around the corner. Incident at the end. It


looks like contact made? We will let the people in the studio deal with


that. I've got... They get paid a lot of money for doing that sort of


stuff. I'll leave it to them. We will come to that shortly. Another


strong performance from West Brom. Two great goals as well. David Moyes


described his team as having a disease at the moment. Is it


curable, Ruud? There is XI men in the box. Maybe too many people.


Nobody takes decision. They lose a header. Lose another one. Fletcher,


great goal. Van Aanholt, go forward, put pressure on. He can turn around


and it's a great goal. But, know, if you do this, then after this.


Through his legs. Also, poor save by the goalkeeper. He misses it. Oh,


what a cracker that is. What a strike. I saw before, I saw a


free-kick of Sunderland that was a counter-attack for the opposite


side. We saw one or two of those. Tony Pulis raised it, you get paid


loads of money for that. I know you would down it for ?50, Alan! Forlan


nothing, Gary. What do you think? As if David Moyes hasn't got enough


problems, I think he might have another problem next week when the


FA look at this. Djilobodji on Fletcher. He tries to get rid of


him, but he catches him. I think the referee has a decent view of it


there. I think he strikes with both hands. I think he will get a call


from the FA next week. There it is. There you go. Two hands, not just


one, two hands. OK. Crystal Palace have picked up just


one point from four games They hosted Everton,


who went into the game chasing Jonathan Pearce


was at Selhurst Park. COMMENTATOR: Belgium brothers in


arms, foe today. Christian Benteke has outscored Romelu Lukaku five


goals to four when they have been on opposite sides. Lukaku has four


goals in seven matches. Jeff Schlupp makes his debut. Remy gets a first


league start as they change to a back three. Manchester City were put


to the sword. In towards Benteke! Off the


woodwork. Lovely move by Crystal Palace. They were unlucky. Remy.


Towering above his marker. 19 games here since the start of


2016. Barkley. Wriggled into space, still going. Got the shot away. Good


work by Ross Barkley. This is why he emerged in recent years as one of


the most promising of England's young players. Pushing and shoving.


Williams is trying to get his markers away. Mirallas. Here's


Davies. Barry. Williams. He did well. Mirallas! Good save. Hit with


power, didn't have to move a great deal Wayne Hendrie i I. Remy, no


free-kick, no free-kick at all. Referee should go back and have a


word with him. Strong carry here by Barkley. Lukaku. There's the


pullback, here's the chance. Away by Tomkins. Dropped to Barry. Clever


header. Lukaku off the post, in by Barkley. It won't count, he's


offside. He deserved the goal, but that doesn't count. No question


about it. Good decision. He's played very well. Palace digging in deep,


they will need to here. Coleman, to take on McArthur. Wants it back on


to his right foot. Fizzes it in and then off by Delaney. Playing


sweeping control football, the other team is scratching for form and


points. Williams, gets there. Important defending, away. Ah,


brilliant save, to deny Funes Mori. What about Williams strength and all


about the goalkeeper. Really good reaction save. It was punishing as


it came towards him. Wayne Hennessey 0, Everton 0. Tom Davies. Good


vision. Lovely ball away to Barkley. It would have been a peach of a


goal. Lovely weight on the pass in the end. Best pass of the game. Pace


and commitment together from Barkley, across the face of goal.


Cabaye, well played out Crystal Palace. McArthur couldn't get away.


Veers away. Brilliant break here from Ross Barkley. He did everything


right. Back across the goal, the shot, it could have gone in, could


have come off the goalkeeper and the follow-up tapped into the back of


the net. The game is at a crossroads. You sense that Crystal


Palace's position could be at the crossroads if this game goes against


them. Can Christian Benteke set up a counter. Lukaku up alongside him.


Yellow shirts back. Benteke to McArthur. Baines has knocked him


over, why Leighton Baines? No need to make the challenge there when


Everton had six, yellow shirts back defending.


In it comes. Saved! Dann so close for Crystal Palace. Delaney, spooned


it. Still persisting. A touch would have


sent him over. Everton can play on, he's off the pitch, he doesn't need


treatment, he's worked his way back onto the pitch. He's rolled back


onto the pitch, hasn't been off the pitch. That actually is a caution a


bull offence. The referee is playing on, the referee will not stop it so


that Palace will give treatment to Schlupp for cramp. Here's Bains.


Onto his right foot, Barkley. The keeper did very, very well. Saw it


late, Davies into the box. It comes to Coleman. They were down to ten


men, Schlupp still receiving treatment, and the referee didn't


stop it! Should the referee have stopped it? It might have been


offside. That's the bigger question to me. Once he got into that


position, Crystal Palace were struggling, but that is the position


that Schlupp would have defended. A brilliant finish to give Everton the


point. Schlupp still getting treatment. The crucial fact is, when


he first suffered from cramp he was off the field of play. He rolled


himself back onto the field of play. There a smoke bomb. A nasty taste in


the mouth of the Crystal Palace match. Everton winning at Selhurst


Park by 1-0. Did you feel Everton should have


kicked the ball out? No, I feel referee should blow the whistle, the


referee should take more responsibility. It's not within the


bounds of the game for any player on the opposition side or your side to


kick a ball out of play. It's about the referee making the decision,


being the manager on the field. I was happy what happened because I


heard the player was out of the pitch and there was no reason to


stop the play, and OK, if he decides to come on the pitch and to lie and


to wait, it's a problem of the player. It was always going to be a


tough game. It was important to come down here and try and come away with


three points. Thankfully, we kept going until the end and I'm very


happy to come up with the winner. I've been here before and if the


team believes as much as I do, if the players believe as much as I do,


we'll get out of it. A long way to go yet, a bit of controversy


surrounding the goal. Clear it of -- clear it up for us? Sam is wrong.


The referee has no obligation to stop this just because Schlupp goes


down injured, off the pitch there. It's not a serious injury. He rolls


himself back onto the pitch. Which suggests it's not serious. It


suggests it's not serious, so the referee doesn't have to stop the


play. That is the position he should have been in, down the right-hand


side, left back. I mentioned Davies last week, superb touch, he's not


offside, Joel Ward on the far end is keeping him onside, a brilliant


pass, and an even better finish. Sam has got that wrong, but a very big


win for Everton. It is and Everton are going well on a decent run of


form. But you were not the slightest bit impressed with Crystal Palace's


front two? No, there's a losing mentality in that team and they have


to do better, going forward. I know they concede a lot of goals.


Benteke, eight league goals this season, Remy hasn't played much


football at all, and that is a brilliant ball. Benteke should be


getting on the end of that. I don't know what he's hanging out there


for. Puncheon through the middle, he's looking for a bit of movement


from Benteke or Remy, neither of them do anything. Sloppy, poor. Not


causing a threat at all. That's a good ball. You would expect Benteke


to go and win that header. Even the players stopped running forward to


is supporting because it doesn't make an attempt to do it. It's a


poor ball in, he ends up on the deck. He gets one-on-one with


Holgate, he's in the box, I'm thinking he can't tackle you, he


takes it off him far too easily. It's not enough from Palace, they


have to do better and they are in serious trouble. Everton going well.


Three games, including the leaders Chelsea,


COMMENTATOR: Pedro has surely sealed it for


Chelsea. Giroud, what a goal. Back with a goal. The header again. How


about that? There's commentary of Southampton


versus Leicester and Chelsea versus Hull on 5 Live and the BBC


Sport website. Match of the Day 2 Extra


will preview all the action Derby versus Leicester in the fourth


round of the FA Cup. Middlesbrough have yet to score


or concede a league goal in 2017. They faced West Ham,


who arrived at The Riverside Patrick Bamford was a goal-scoring


star for Middlesbrough two seasons ago in the Championship, after his


?6 million signing for Chelsea will stop he starts his second spell here


on the bench. Negredo is there, the main marksman at the moment, with


his three-week-old son Alvaro junior here today, he'd love to mark the


occasion with a goal. Andy Carroll has again stepped into the void as


the darling of the Hammers' fans. His acrobatics is a kick in last


week's win over Palace was genuinely world-class strike. West Ham were in


the relegation zone, when these sides met in the London Stadium,


back in October. Today, could take them into the top half. Diagonal


from Reid. Lanzini, a beautiful work from West Ham. It's Antonio. He


couldn't get the touch that was required. Beautifully fashioned


this, from the minsters. Antony Noghes for it to be played across.


It was and as he looks for the finish he got to faint a touch on it


-- Antonio asked for it to be played across. Antonio in lots of space.


Across goes Bernardo. Corner. The first corner that Victor Valdes


will have to deal with this afternoon. It's been raining


steadily. The ball will be greasy. He'll be under pressure. Carroll


attacks and scores. Last week, he scored an absolute blinder against


Palace, this is more of a bread and butter goal for the West Ham number


nine, but no less valuable. Middlesbrough nil, West Ham United


one. That's better, Clayton, going right


towards Traore. Can he get the afterburners working? Is looking for


Chambers. The cross. Terrific response from Middlesbrough. Their


best moments have come down the right-hand side and that's how they


fashioned their equalising goal. Chambers getting across. West Ham


lost Stu Arney, and the Uruguayan could not miss. -- lost Christian


Stuani. A drop of the shoulders of the byline, a lovely cross. Just


getting a touch. That touch came from a man in white, Sam Byram. This


was fabulous play by Adama Traore, but nobody in red anticipated that


kind of quality delivery, otherwise Boro would have been 2-1 in front.


Lanzini, trying to work something with Antonio. Here's Carroll.


Looking left for Cresswell. Carroll in the box, ready for the cross.


Good save, Carroll. No offside. Carroll at the double. West Ham


United back in front, two minutes before the half-time whistle. Plenty


of power in the drive from Antonio. It's a good save from Valdes. But


first responders Andy Carroll, as Middlesbrough defenders appeal for


offside. He wasn't when the ball was struck. Carroll helps himself to the


second of the day. Middlesbrough one, West Ham United two. A heavy


touch from Ogbonna. Obiang took him out of trouble. The referee got a


touch on that. It swung for West Ham. Into the path of Lanzini.


Straight at the Goldfinger. Now, that might be a costly mess from the


Argentine. He knows he should have put that one away. There's a touch


off the referee, Atkinson, but Lanzini is in here and scuffs the


shot. I just wonder if it will come back and haunt them.


Traore has found across and it's a great save by Randolph. It's gone


behind for the corner. Marten de Roon really attacked this and almost


finds the bottom corner. Randolph at full stretch to keep it out. That


clearance turned into a good pass, if Traore can get away from Byram.


He's done brilliantly to feed Negredo. Christian Stuani at the


back post, Cresswell, then Reid as calm as you like to just it back to


Randolph. Well, that was incredible. Cresswell must have known that


Christian Stuani was on his shoulder. Fabulous work initially by


Traore. Got away from two, fed it to Negredo. Cresswell had a look there,


thought he could clear it. I think it came off the chest of Christian


Stuani, them against the bar. Lanzini again, over the top. Calleri


is in, and Calleri is wide. Well, they have had opportunities second


half, West Ham. A couple early doors, and this is a marvellous


chance for the 23-year-old to score his first ever Premier League goal.


Gibson is looking for Negredo. And Gestede. Andy Carroll scored a


cracker. Not dissimilar situation a week ago, but the accuracy was


lacking. Away by a -- away by Ogbonna. Need from Lanzini. Antonio,


away from Bernardo, and West Ham have players over here. It's


Calleri. They are looking for Lanzini. It looked easier to score.


Still the chance is there for Calleri, and he's in. It came off


Adam Clayton. And West Ham have wrapped up the points. They will ask


a question, Dmitri who? They counterattack really well. It looked


as though the chance had gone here, when they looks for Lanzini rather


than the back of the net, but Lanzini kept it alive. Calleri


chanced his arm. It's off Clayton's knee, and Middlesbrough have lost


another one. Middlesbrough one, West Ham United three. It was a good


weight for others after Palace, we had confidence against them and we


used the momentum to build on that and to come here and put out a


really strong performance and get three massive points for us. We


played good, with a good performance. It's great. Are you


still reckon -- relegation battle? We knew before this and again at the


end of the season, I had signed the first game of the season and it will


be perfect for us. I thought the lads played well. Obviously the goal


at the end, it killed the game. But at the end of the day we've got the


three points we came here for and everyone is delighted. I'm sure he's


delighted more than anyone, Andy Carroll is on fire. Yes, with his


ninja haircut like Zlatan, the big guys doing well. I like his


movement, goes forward, backward, unstoppable. You can see from a


different perspective even better. Bernardo is not sleeping, doesn't


know where he is, and a powerful header. Beautiful. I like this one


for the young kids watching. Just watch the difference in reaction


from forwards and defenders. Expecting it, mistake the forwards


and reacting to a mistake, the defenders. Too late to react. You've


got to expect the forwards do that and he gets his look, the Andy


Carroll, with a tap in. Following, you always have a chance. Boro in a


dogfight, one win in eight games. Aitor Karanka has had a bit of a pop


at the home crowd, saying they can't expect us to just change our game


plan and play long balls, etc, etc. I don't think there's a problem, if


you're passing game isn't working there's no problem going to plan B.


Manchester United last week, brought on Fellaini. It's not wise to


criticise your own crowd when you are near the bottom of the league.


Bournemouth have conceded three goals or more in eight


They hosted a Watford side who've not won in six league games,


Conor McNamara was at the Vitality Stadium.


COMMENTATOR: Two clubs looking for their first Premier League wins of


2017. Bournemouth's leaky defence is a concern for Eddie Howe.


Bournemouth are still four points better off than they were this time


last season. These clubs were promoted to the top-flight together


in 2015. It was a close fought battle. Bournemouth beat Watford to


the title by just one point. Walter Mazzarri looking for a solid


performance. His team have Laois their last five away games in the


league. Stanislas. Jack Wilshere. Good ball. Fraser. Aware that Gomes


was off his like. Aerobatic goalkeeping. Very good goalkeeping.


12th time he has faced Watford as a manager, Eddie Howe. He only won two


of them in the past. Wilshere now. Wilshere goes himself. Gomes makes


the save. Jack Wilshere is still looking for his first goal for


Bournemouth. A good strike. A little bit too close to the goalkeeper.


These sides met in the Championship in 2015, they had a player sent off


in 26 seconds. It was a red card that was rescinded they had to play


virtually the whole match with 10-men. Boruc miss-Kewed. Cleverley


unable to capitalise and take advantage. Oh, they have done it


again. Three miss-placed passes. It's out for a corner. This was just


a catalogue of errors. That was the final of the three miss placed


passes. Bournemouth very, very fortunate. Holebas prepares to


deliver. Lukaku was at the front post, headed back in. The opening


goal by Christian Kabasele, only his second goal for Watford. Bournemouth


will be disappointed to concede from the corner. Britos didn't try to go


for goal himself. The Belgian, Christian Kabasele, makes it


Bournemouth 0, Watford 1. Here is Adam Smith. That's a good lunge into


the penalty area. It's finished by Josh King. It's only his second goal


in 15 Premier League appearances. Lots of congratulations for Smith


for setting it up and King, who scored against Watford in October,


has done it again. It's 1-1. The opening third of this season Watford


had their best start to a top-flight campaign since the glory days of


Graham Taylor in the mid 1980s. Gone off the boil a little bit in recent


weeks. Good performance so far today. Holebas. On his right boot,


his less favoured. He struck that really well. Just got his finger


tips to it, the Polish keeper. Stanislas.


Wilshere. A little nutmeg on clever Cleverley. This is Fraser. Oh, so


close! Ryan Fraser, who scored against Swansea on New Year's Eve,


scored against Arsenal in Bournemouth's last home game here.


He did everything right in the build-up. It's a good save. In this


weekend of presidential inauguration in the US, worth remembering when


Barack Obama was inaugurated, Bournemouth were 23rd in League Two.


They have come a long, long way. Free-kick from Holebas. Britos with


the header initially. Almost came down for Kabasele. There is appeals


it struck an arm. The referee, Lee Mason, says corner. Deeney heads it


down. Kabasele, it's driven into the upper shoulder of Josh King. No way


he can get out of the way of that. Cleverley's corner. That's a good


delivery. The goalkeeper was unable to clear it. Boruc just came and


flapped at it, but couldn't prevent Troy Deeney from restoring Watford's


lead. Bournemouth 1, Watford 2. Look how close Deeney is to Boruc as it


comes in? It's a very good finish by Troy Deeney, his 101st goal for


Watford,, and the visitors lead, once again. Watford have allowed


Bournemouth back into it once already. Walter Mazzarri will not


want that to happen again, now. Pugh has taken over from Fraser, fresh


legs for Bournemouth. Treasure idea. Oh, Wilson at the front post was


nearly there to touch it in. Mings. Daniels. Good defending by Kabasele.


Afobe. A Watford player down. Afobe takes advantage to get a second


equaliser of the game for Bournemouth. They are back on level


terms again. It's Afobe's third of the season. A player was down


nursing an injury. That helped to create a little bit of extra space.


Surman's through ball. Afobe took full advantage. He's only been the


pitch a few minutes. The first clean cut opportunity that came his way.


It's a crucial, crucial goal for Eddie Howe. It's a strange one. I


thought we played well in patches of today's game. We started well and


put them on the back foot and did everything but score. We concede


from two set plays and it's very difficult to take when you are so


dominant in the game. Great character from the lads to bounce


back. You had the lead twice today. Are you disappointed you couldn't


hold on? TRANSLATION: I'm a bit disappointed


because we deserved to win. Also, we committed too many mistakes and we


paid a high price. But overall I'm happy on the performance of my team


today. Have you any complaint with the second Bournemouth goal because


Kabasele is clearly injured at the time. Because it's not a head injury


the referee says play on? TRANSLATION: I prefer not to comment


today on any referee decision. We will perhaps comment on it. There


are always goals when Bournemouth play, Ruud, few as bizarre as the


second equaliser? Unbelievable. If you look at it from the back


Kabasele scored a goal. He went down on the moment they are attacking.


Down his side. Down his side - goal. You know, at this moment, look at


him here. His groin. Seems OK. Go on. No. And then he just decides to


go down. Look. You can't do that. He goes down there. Look. Look - goal.


He's pointing at his player - what the hell are you doing? Why are you


on the ground? He's so upset. He goes to him. He just hits him on his


head to say - what are you doing, come on. This is frustration. I


think also the coach must be so frustrated about it as well. You


need these points. Back-to-back draws for them now. Unbelievable.


Off a bad run, no wins in seven for Watford? They are not on a great


run. Eight points above the relegation zone. I don't think that


will affect them. I think they will have enough for that. You are are


right, no wins in seven. Bournemouth, always goals until


their game? Middle of the table. Excellent season. Superb they are.


Very good. We are just about out of time. Ruud thank you very much.


Alan, as always, thank you very much indeed. Before we leave let's look


at the Premier League table. Leaders Chelsea were


the big winners today after Liverpool, Manchester City


and Tottenham all dropped points. Antonio Conte's side go


into Sunday's game against Hull Swansea's win at Anfield moved them


off the bottom and out Sunderland replace them


at the foot of the table with Sam Allardyce's Palace dropping


into the relegation zone. Let us see what the Sunday papers


have to say. Wayne Rooney's record-breaking afternoon hogs the


headlines in the Sunday Times. The Express focuses on Jurgen Klopp's


criticism of his defence following Liverpool's defeat to Swansea. And,


the Mail on Sunday, they scrutinise Hugo Lloris mistakes at the Etihad.


That's it, on the day Wayne Rooney broke the Manchester United


goalscoring record with a strike that Bobby Charlton


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