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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


It was a day when football paid tribute to former England


manager Graham Taylor, who died this week at the age of 72,


no more so than at Vicarage Road, where Taylor enjoyed so much


Watford versus Middlesbrough, one of eight games on the way.


In the company of Danny Murphy and Ian Wright.


We start though at the King Power Stadium where Champions Leicester


hosted the favourites to take their crown.


Leaders Chelsea were missing top-scorer Diego Costa after reports


COMMENTATOR: One noticeable absentee as Chelsea bid to embark on another


winning run, top-scorer, Diego Costa, is not with the squad in the


East Midlands for a fixture Chelsea lost last season and proved to be


Jose Mourinho's final game in charge. Leicester welcome back their


top-scorer, Jamie Vardy, after a four-match absence. Their recent


signing makes his debut. A third league start for 20-year-old Ben


Chilwell. Willian replace ares Costa for Chelsea. That is the only team


beaten by Spurs. N'Golo Kante makes a first return to the club where he


won the title last season. It's Leicester hoping to build on the


four points they havic taen from the last six with back-to-back clean


sheets. Matic. Is Albrighton quickly on to that. Quickly into the path of


Vardy. He's gone Musa up with him. Here is Musa. Still going.


Courtois's intervention. Nervous moment inside the first 90 seconds


there for Chelsea. Musa's pace something Leicester are hoping to


utilise today. Fresh from those two goals in the FA Cup win at Everton.


He got around Azpilicueta. At his near-post, as you would have


expected him to, Courtois. Matic assessing the situation for Chelsea


who went 102 days unbeaten in the Premier League prior to that defeat


to Tottenham. Pedro. Potential crossing for Alonso. Back to Matic


instead. Patient possession from Chelsea. Everybody, except Vardy,


back behind the ball for Leicester. Azpilicueta, trying to guide it


through to Hazard. It might still come to him. Then Alonso - 1-0


Chelsea. Six minutes gone and the league leaders are in front. Marcos


Alonso with his second Premier League goal for the club. Without


their top-scorer, they have still found the back of the net early on.


Leicester didn't deal with the first cross. Lovely little touch back by


Hazard. Very calm finish, you have to say, with his right foot, by


Marcos Alonso, who swept in past Kasper Schmeichel, into that bottom


corner. Perfect start for Chelsea as they look to bounce back from events


at White Hart Lane. Leicester 0, Chelsea 1. 10 minutes in, in


reference to the shirt Number 10, Leicester fans lighting up the FK in


support of former hero and club ambassador Alan Bichanall. He


suffered a heart attack and today he had heart surgery. I'm sure that


sight will lift his spirits. The man who is named Fifa's Coach of the


Year, he already has food for thought today. Mahrez, Slimani away


at the African Cup Of Nations. Almost caught Courtois out.


Certainly a situation the Belgium goalkeeper felt he needed to deal


with. An interesting run of home games for Leicester, today,


Manchester United and Liverpool all heading to the east Midland. They


have taken 18 of their 21 points so far this season at the King Power


Stadium. Willian. Trying to get away from Fuchs. Fouled by Fuchs.


Chelsea, free-kick. It will be the first yellow card of the day for the


Austrian. Willian had got away from him. He quite clearly had hold of


his shirt. Willian himself to take it. In towards Luiz. Back to Alonso.


Deflected - 2-0. Well, the unlikely source of Marcos Alonso has provided


both Chelsea goals. That one with a slice of luck about it, but it's


taken them just six minutes of the second-half, after it took them six


minutes in the first, to beat Kasper Schmeichel. And the league leaders


have a two goal cushion. Luiz didn't get there, Alonso had time to steady


himself, and it brushed off the Leicester captain, Wes Morgan.


That's what diverted it past Kasper Schmeichel who, despite that


outstretched arm, couldn't keep it out. Difficult for Leicester, but


just look what it means to Conte con. -- Antonio Conte. Leicester 0,


Chelsea 2. Claudio Ranieri used to admire Antonio Conte as a player. He


tried to sign him once. He's been glowing from his praise for Conte as


a manager. He somehow has to try to find a way back against his Chelsea


team here. Leicester finding it very difficult to get a touch of the ball


in this second-half. Moses will reach that. It comes to Alonso! What


a story that would have been. Difficult ball for him to hit,


coming out of the sky. But the way things are going today, that could


easily have flown into the back of the net. Alonso. Almost found


Hazard. Kante. Super ball. Moses. It will still come back to Kante.


Pedro. Willian's onside, and Pedro has surely sealed it for Chelsea.


Leicester didn't deal with that, and Pedro scores his seventh goal of the


season. And Chelsea score three without their top-scorer, and look


set for an immediate return to winning ways. This was untidy at


best from Leicester's point of view. Static here. Pedro, unmarked, had


the simple task of heading that into the back of the net. His first goal


away from Stamford Bridge this season. Clear clear daylight between


them and last year's champions. I guess managers like goals to be


shared around the time. When your left-wingback gets to it must be a


good day. Into Marcos is a player who is very important. Today he


played very well, but not only today because against Tottenham it's not


easy. We did this and we must be pleased. We're helping the team to


get the wins and working hard to be there. We just got to keep the hard


work and keep winning. I think our performance was good, but of course


when you concede goals against this team it's difficult to equalise. We


tried to do our best. We close all the space, but they found two goals


at the beginning of each match and then it was difficult for us. One


player missing today, Diego Costa, why wasn't he in the squad today?


Diego Costa stopped his training on Tuesday because he felt a pain in


his back. He wasn't available for the game. Chelsea fans reading all


kind of reports this morning about break down in communication between


you and him. Has there been a bustup, is everything OK? But I


think that, in this situation, you can listen to a lot of things. In my


career, in my experience, as a coach, I always, if there ares


problems, I'm used to solving the problems in the changing room. Never


during a press conference and, yeah, but I repeat "if", if there are the


problems. We will get on to Costa in a moment. Of course, he wasn't on


the pitch today, but they didn't miss him. The three upfront more


than made up for him. You were waxing lyrical for the match about


them? Rightly so. They played on Boxing Day without Costa and these


three played upfront and did really well. They took it up a notch today.


It was absolutely sublime. See three players play so well on the same


day. Their underen staing, their linkup, their rotation. Pedro,


Hazard and Willian, you see the three. This is the first goal. What


I like about this, the three of them end up in the box, it's well and


good-looking pretty with flicks - what a touch from Hazard - you have


to have end product. These three had that in abundance. Leicester tried


really hard. They did OK in the first half. They had to resort to


fouling them and little touches round the corner. Awareness of each


other's positions. Each one willing to run behind without the ball as


well, which is also important. Their variation in play killed Leicester.


This is fantastic counter-attack. Hazard touch, brilliant as always.


Good pass from Willian. Pedro has his confidence back, five goals,


five assists. More than he got in the whole of last season. You see


the confidence with this touch. Every time they looked up they had


the option of one of the others. The biggest compliment I can play them


is me and Ian Wright were watching and didn't mention Costa once. No.


The skill. They actually nearly got in so many times, the intra-Kasse in


which they were playing, as I say, the three of them together was


absolutely fantastic. They gave the rest of the team the ability to have


time on the ball. Leicester had to drop off. They couldn't press, every


time they pressed these three would hurt them. This was nearly


unbelievable. What a touch from Pedro. I know you love that one.


Yes, it was fantastic. I don't think Leicester did too bad. They were on


top, top form. Passing the ball and getting the ball with players around


them. One touch. We saw it all there. Brilliant today. We have no


idea really the truth behind what is going on with Costa. We hear a big


money move to China being muted. Him denying it, that isn't at all


happened. His manager saying no bustup. Pulled out of training with


a bad back. It would from the outside that could unsettle the


camp. The performance today would say nod not. Would you be confident


of him moving through this season with those three upfront? I'm not


sure. We don't know what's happened. For him to come out at this stage,


when thee need him so much, it seems very strange. I feel that the way


the players, the way the players played today, they looked like they


were enjoying it. They didn't his miss him today. The sooner they sort


it out the better echlt he has 14 goals. You need someone like that in


your team. He seems to have almost tried to derail what is going on.


Would you be surprised if he was to be attracted to China at this point


in his career? Diego Costa does not strike me as the kind of person who


is bothered what people think. There may be some reason, but he is


playing in a top club in the top league. It is maybe the money. It


does not make much difference to him. Maybe it is his back, but


somebody has turned him. 12 months ago you would not have got Leicester


players looking at offers like that when they were under way to a title.


Today they are not looking at a title, but Claudio Ranieri. They


played well. They change the system, they played quite well, but they did


not have the quality. I think they will be fine, it was an OK


performance, but Chelsea's performance was something else.


Spurs have yet to lose at home in the league this season.


They faced West Brom, who've not been beaten


Spurs have won the league if Dele Alli had not been suspended in


April's 1-1 draw. Is there a more informed European midfielder right


now? Tottenham revert to the side that beat Chelsea ten days ago.


Nacer Chadli makes his first White Hart Lane return. There is a


flourish about Tottenham when they are playing well.


He came very close. West Bromwich Albion should have stopped the cross


coming in. They should have been more aware in the middle. Harry Kane


got in behind Gareth McAuley. Very much an attack against defence


discipline. Kristin Eriksson had a bit of space, Harry Kane, 1-0. 11


minutes gone. To be honest it has been coming. It came on the shoulder


of the last defender. Just level. Finished astutely. Goal 13 of the


campaign. What a way to celebrate becoming a new dad. Harry Kane for


the first time, a goal for Spurs. It has not been easy with the injury to


Jonny Evans. They do not beat the first man with a free kick, how


disappointing. The flag is up. The first chance


created by West Bromwich Albion. Had also left it for Fletcher, that


would have been allowed to build up. Deflected and just about kept out by


Ben Foster. The West Brom goalkeeper is having a fit campaign. The shot


bobbled on its way through. Harry Kane got the touch and Ben Forster


got a hold of it. Kristin Ericsson behind brands. Deflected twice and


in for Spurs and deservedly so. It is a long afternoon ahead for West


Brom. Kristin Ericsson will insist it is


his eighth goal of the season. There was a double ricochet and off Gareth


McAuley. Ben Foster was wrong-footed. Spurs are very good


and coasting. Harry Kane is a real handful today.


West Brom are giving it away. It has been a super Spurs performance. It


is ruled out by the linesman's flag. Offside. What a lovely move. He just


went too early. An imperious flick to put it beyond the goalkeeper.


Dele Alli was to his left-hand side. Harry Kane off the post. Spurs have


been brilliant. Harry Kane is on fire today. Then Foster had just


enough onto the post. Two up, they could have had four or five.


A chance for West Bromwich counter. That was not too far away. That was


their most meaningful attack of the game, the first real effort they


have had on the Spurs goal. It did not hit the target, but it was not


far away. It is a corner kick. Toby Alderweireld was allowed to


turn. Again they are denied by Foster. Twice he denies Tottenham


Hotspur. With his leg first of all. Then it bounced horribly in front of


him. He was a bit fortunate. Fortune favours the brave. He has had a good


game and a good season, Ben Foster. Harry Kane is in the middle and he


wraps it up. Given away cheaply by West Bromwich Albion, but finished


in real style. For West Bromwich Albion there is no way back now.


Walker with the steel and the prison and Harry Kane with the finish. 3-0.


Tottenham have had 20 attempts on the West Bromwich Albion goal. 11 of


them have been on target. West Brom are yet to force a save from Hugo


Lloris. Harry Kane with a hat-trick! That is


it. What a week it has been for him. Brilliantly set up by Dele Alli.


Impudently done, extravagantly done. Two goals in four minutes for Harry


Kane. It makes it a handsome victory for Spurs. A Harry Kane match ball,


a Harry Kane hat-trick, Harry Kane changing nappies tonight. I am a new


dad. It is a good feeling and what a great way to finish the week off.


Mentally and physically where you OK, because a become completely ruin


your stride. We have been fine, the little girl is great, I have got a


good wife, getting up in the middle of the night. It has been a busy


week, but once I have enjoyed. It was amazing the way they played. The


feeling the team translated to the stands. It was 45 minutes of amazing


football and I am very pleased because it was amazing. If you come


to these grounds against these teams you have to be at your best, not


just technically, but mentally as well, and we were not today. If you


are not on it at these grounds, they will punish you. We gave some sloppy


goals away, we never really got going. I do not take anything away


from Tottenham, they are a good team and good luck to them for the rest


of the season. It was a bad day for us. We are on a great run of form at


the minute. We need to keep it up, we cannot afford to drop any points.


The teams around us always seemed to be winning and we have to make sure


we are as well. Straight league wins, equalling their own record,


Harry Kane with the record, but you want to look at the wingbacks. You


feel they were instrumental in everything they did today. Yes, they


were. These two have consolidated under Chelsea. Rose and Walker,


especially at home, they are unbelievable. We could have picked


out a few, but these two are the ones in particular. You will see


Danny Rose on the left. They had a thankless task trying to deal with


Danny Rose, arguably one of the best left-back in Europe at the moment. A


great ball in and Harry Kane should score. This is brilliant, the


communique said, they have obviously had words. Watch this pass from Toby


Alderweireld. Absolutely fantastic. They get a corner out of it. He has


got his man there. He does not get close enough. He is doing this all


day. Nacer Chadli. This is the goal. Once you have got the insurance of


one Yama and Mousa Dembele, you can go forward and play. That was a


great pass from Kristin Ericsson and look who pops up on the right-hand


side, Danny Rose again. They got a little bit of luck here, but they


deserve the luck. They were brilliant today. Kyle Walker has


been having a nightmare of a month. Olivier Giroud pinned him at


Arsenal, but now you see his determination. A great cross into


Dele Alli and that is a great finish. Just brilliant. They were


really good. Spurs' last ten goals have been scored by Harry Kane or


Dele Alli, and he impressed you today even though he was not on the


scoresheet. There is nothing he cannot do, this lad. He is athletic,


he scores goals, he is confident at the moment. I know he loves these


little nutmeg. Poor old fletch. It has happened to me at times and I


know how he feels. He is just playing with freedom. He is enjoying


it. Look at this, fantastic. He is getting better. I did not know he


had this type of quality and vision, but he is just getting better. Look


at that for a pass. A great scoop, it makes it easy for Harry Kane.


They were all brilliant. A day to forget for West Brom.


Swansea's new boss, Paul Clement, took charge at the Liberty Stadium


for the first time since replacing Bob Bradley.


Opponents Arsenal began the day in fifth, eight


COMMENTATOR: Neighan Dyer who won the title on-loan at Leicester City


last season makes only his second start in the league for Swansea in


the current campaign while Stephen Kingsley plays at full-back with


Taylor suffering a fractured cheek bone in tlang. Mesut Ozil returns


for Arsenal after missing three matches through illness. Olivier


Giroud who signed a new contract this week is in fine form with a


goal in each of the last four games. Task number one you would think for


Paul Clemmit is to put out a Swansea side with greater resilient i, a


side that doesn't crumble at the back. Naughton's long ball. Could


get Nathan Dyer away, Koscielny is right on him. Sigurdsson well


forward. Routledge and Llorente in the centre. Well saved there by


Cech. First attempt on goal in the match. It's come from the home team,


Kyle Naughton involved in both end of the field. Almost finishing off


the move. This effort here, palmed away at full stretch. Paul Clemmit


is quick to add to his backroom staff there the very familiar figure


of Claude. Kingsley, Routledge. Good play by Wayne Routledge. Support -


Sigurdsson! Second decent attempt on goal from Swansea City in the first


13 minutes or so. I have to say, Arsenal have barely got out of


second gear here so far in this game. They haven't tested Fabianski


so far. Is that about to change? Here's Sanchez. Good one. Saved at


the near-post by Lukasz Fabianski. Liberty Stadium looking a picture at


the moment. I wonder what's at the end of that? Premier League survive,


of course would do Paul clement very nicely indeed. Naughton. In to Dyer.


Surrounded and dispossessed. Ozil now finds Ramsey. He's got Iwobi


alongside him. Ramsey, right across the face of goal. Somehow Giroud


couldn't make contact with it. This is Sanchez. Alarm bells for Swansea.


The header from Ozil. It's in from Olivier Giroud. After all the good


work for Swansea City, Arsenal make the breakthrough. From the look on


his face it would appear it might be the last contribution that Olivier


Giroud makes to the game. They have barely got out of second gear here


in this first half, but against the run of play, Arsenal force the


breakthrough here. Ramsey with the ball across. Giroud couldn't quite


make contact the first time. Loitering on the edge of the


six-yard box. He snapped at the chance and buried it. So Olivier


Giroud has scored in each of the last five games now for Arsenal.


He's also scored on each of his last nine starts for the Gunners. It's


Swansea 0, Arsenal 1. Despite indicating he wanted to come off it


looks as if Giroud is in fact staying on the pitch. Pitch. Dyer


with the ball in. Llorente. Down he goes. Swansea City do not have a


penalty. Ki Sung-Yueng has a yellow card for simulation. Here it is once


again. This is Lorne Llorente with the turn into Ki Sung-Yueng. Coming


together with the boot of Laurent Koscielny. The referee felt he was


looking for this one. Yeah, it is was the final angle that gave us the


evidence we were looking for. Well spotted there by the officials. Not


a good ball. Collected by Dyer. White shirts swarming forward. Dyer


send it over the top of the crossbar. Another cross field ball


goes awry, but once more they get away with it.


Ozil. Finding Sanchez. Iwobi in the centre. Three, four, five also there


for Arsenal. Giroud is one of them. Here's Sanchez. Lovely ball. Great


chance, fine save by Fabianski to deny Aaron Ramsey. The pressure is


still on. Iwobi. The deflection sends it behind. Lovely ball in. The


turn from Ramsey. Fabianski with the initial save there. Victory today


would give Arsenal the double over Swansea for only the second time.


1982-83. Fabianski goes for it. Sanchez, away by Llorente.


Sigurdsson can't turn. Still with Arsenal. Iwobi. It's blocked, and


it's curled into the back of the net. The block took the sting out of


the shot, but it redirected it over the top of Lukasz Fabianski and into


the back of the net. Arsenal's sustained pressure at the start of


this second-half pays off. Arsenal swarming forward at every available


opportunity. The ball ricochetting off Jack Cork. Here it is once


again, Iwobi attempts to put the ball in and the block merely


redirects it over the top of Swansea's goalkeeper and beyond his


reach. Olivier Giroud forced out of the match with a foot injury.


Heavily strapped ankle. Looking for Sigurdsson. Cut out. Collected by


Alex Iwobi. Arsenal just pose a threat every time they come forward.


Oh, it's deflected in off Kyle Naughton. There's no doubt that's an


own-goal. Once again, it is Alex Iwobi with the shot on goal, just as


it was minutes before. And, for the second time in a row, his shot takes


a wicked deflection, which carries the ball past Lukasz Fabianski. But


more importantly for Arsenal, it means they now lead Swansea 3-0. The


journey down the M4 looks like it's been a worthwhile one for those


travelling supporters. Arsenal look as if they might do something every


time they go forward. Iwobi, beautiful play. Now it's Alex


Oxlade-Chamberlain. Ramsey tries to shoot. Sanchez does, Arsenal lead by


4-0. It is turning into something of a rout here in this second-half.


Alexis Sanchez has his 16th goal of the season. Brilliant build-up,


lovely pass from Iwobi. Collected by Oxlade-Chamberlain. Ramsey beaten to


the initial shooting opportunity, but there you see the ball going in


Sanchez general direction. He only needs half a chance, doesn't he? How


many times have we seen that. The interception for Alexis Sanchez, who


makes it four. Worrying situation for Swansea. They have now conceded


at least three goals in seven of the last nine matches they've played.


Iwobi with the ball out wide. Here's Oxlade-Chamberlain. Welbeck and


Perez in the centre. Back towards Welbeck. Just behind him. Cleared


away by Sigurdsson, only as far as Xhaka. He brings a save from


Fabianski. Good shot, fine save. Well-struck by the Swiss


international. A decent save, too. Brooding and quietly steaming in a


corner there, Alexis Sanchez. His Eden Hazard loves playing hitch


didn't want to come off at all. Sigurdsson. He's done well, just


over the top. That's the best we have seen from Swansea City for


quite some time in this match. Paul clement's first league match will


end with a heavy defeat. For long periods we looked solid defensively.


Didn't do enough on the attacking side. We had a big claim for a


penalty, having looked back at it, I have that luxury, it's a penalty.


You know, Arsenal were better than us on the day. How difficult is if


to pick them up? We all have a can difficult job on our hands. We get


back on the training field and work on bet getting the basics right. If


you keep working hard and get the organisation right you have a better


chance. I think the first half was very intense physically and Swansea


played very well. They gave a lot in the first half to stop us from


playing and they did it very, very well. And, they are technically a


good side. In the second-half our pace took over and maybe we were


fortunate on one or two goals as well, but we were dominating the


game after. Were you a goalscorer? At least one of them, I'm claiming


the first one at least, I was on target. I would like to claim that.


The second one I can let slide. The first was my goal. He has neither.


If we talk about Mesut Ozil, you were impressed by his contribution.


A lot said about his contract negotiations, he missed games


through illness as well? They missed him for a few games. He made a real


difference today. Swansea deserve credit for the first half,


definitely. But he was exceptional in crucial areas of the pitch 82


touches, he makes the right decisionsing nine times out of ten.


Picks Sanchez out. Great ball there. This is early in the game, actually


in the first half Arsenal didn't create too much. Anything they did


create was through him. He was up for it. He took the ball in his own


half. Nice bits of skill. Watch this for a touch. That is what he gives


you, that quality in the final third. I know there is a loft people


who say he doesn't turn up in the big games, he was back today. I


think they are a better team when he is in it. OK he gets lucky with the


header there. Right foot. Always clinical with his passing. Always


sees it. Runs without the ball, crucial when you are playing that


role. You can't be prepredictable, always to feet. He was unlucky today


with some of the runs he made. He didn't quite get the right pass, but


him and Sanchez together make Arsenal an exceptional team and a


really dangerous team. When he he is not there, they don't quite have


that same cutting edge. They get a bit of luck... The scoreline


flattered them a little bit. I was impressed with him today considering


he had three games out. Paul clement doesn't agree with the referee, he


thinks Swansea should have had a penalty, what was your take? Is


sdmoo Paul said he saw it and thought it was a penalty. I don't


agree with him. I think, yes, Koscielny sticks his foot out, what


Ki does he he searches for the foot. You see, Koscielny's foot comes, he


plants it, he searches. He kicks the foot for me, Ki, I think the referee


has it right. I can feel Swansea fans - it's Arsenal you are sticking


up. If I was Paul I would want that. That is it. You see a lot of


penalties where the players do the same thing and they are given. They


will feel hard done by. I didn't think that was a penalty. One


incident we should talk about and have a look again. Sanchez


instrumental in many things. World-class player, but Brilliant.


Not very happy about being taken off when his team were 4-0 up. You can


see his face. He is disappointed. He doesn't want to be taken off. When


you have the contract talk and everything going on. He is integral


to Arsenal. If he was gone, as much as they say Ozil, if he is not


there, there is a massive problem. You see that picture. He doesn't


want to be taken off. He wants to continuously play. I hope it's not


something that they are using as excuses for him to get out of the


club and maybe his representatives and stuff... Arsene Wenger say it's


cultural and different cultures react differently. If we put it down


to now. Paul clement, you know him well, he has a big task in hand.


There are games he expects to win, maybe that wasn't one anyway? That


is fair. He will be on the training pitch as long as he can be. He's a


work aholic. He's got great attention to detail. I think he will


be quite savvy in the next few weeks in the transfer market. They will


improve. They did in the first half. Whether it will be enough, I am


anticipate not sure. Tough job. Job. I'm not sure.


West Ham playmaker Dimitri Payet missed the game against


Crystal Palace after manager Slaven Bilic said the Frenchman no


Palace arrived at the London Stadium just one point


COMMENTATOR: Joint chairman's notes are emphatic, they will not sell


Dimitri Payet this transfer window. The onus shifts to Andy Carroll to


be the tallsyman. He was signed back in 2013 by Sam Allardyce when he was


the Hammers boss. Allardyce himself has been dismissive regarding


speculation about Christian Benteke, who he says quite simply is going


nowhere. Palace's record signing is their top-scorer despites ming a


penalty last month in Allardyce's first match in charge against


Watford. We are inside the last 20 minutes of a first half that has


been bereft of chances, really. Here's Feghouli. Noble. Getting away


from Ward and driving West Ham forward. And Carroll! Well, that's


the best move of the match by a mile. Carroll is very disappointed


that he couldn't get over the top of it. Good move, West Ham. He's maybe


woken this crowd up. A quarter of an hour to go. Just really one


opportunity for Andy Carroll to reflect upon thus far. Palace


haven't really offered anything. Here's Puncheon though to try and


change that. Away by Collins. Good connection. Randolph was in a good


position to gather it. It's just as as well as he was because Cabaye


hits this as truly as he would intended.


A little break for Townsend again and then he is caught and it is a


free kick for Crystal Palace. You can trace this pattern of play all


the way back to Mark Noble's miss timed pass on halfway. And it ends


on a yellow card for a mistimed tackle a few minutes' later. Of all


players, West Ham kid who spent the vast of his career with the Hammers,


it could have come back to want them here. What a chance.


It is a great ball by Andy Carroll. He was put under pressure and it is


a corner. Well defended by Tomkins. Excellent defending. Tomkins only


straight to Sofiane Feghouli. Free kick to West Ham. They have played


three games in a row without scoring. Prior to that they had won


three in a row in the Premier League. Swansea, Hull and Burnley.


They want to recapture that form again. That was Andy Carroll, but it


was wide. He moved it from right to left and drove it wide.


He was onside and the shot was pretty good. Only he will know for


sure if he was going for the spectacular into the corner. Antonio


Cesaro side. He will get there in front of Hennessy. And it is turned


in by Sofiane Feghouli. And in a game of precious few opportunities


might it be enough to win it but Mark round the goalkeeper and


Antonio was going for glory, but there was Sofiane Feghouli and West


Ham are in front. David Sullivan has backed exactly what his manager said


about the Dimitri Payet situation. He ain't going nowhere. What he


wanted today was a response from his players and they have responded.


Andy Carroll on the far side. Oh, that is tremendous! Just sit back


and admire this sensational goal. Andy Carroll has been to reflect


today. He has scored one of the best goals that this stadium has


witnessed. And you can hear the second roar from the West Ham


supporters who are watching on the big screen and it is worth watching


over and over again. He has provided an absolute sumptuous Dimitri Payet


style goal. He can still provide moments of sheer class.


Antonio and in space on the left-hand side is Manuel Lanzini.


Oh, lovely. It is a wonderful West Ham response to a troubled week at


the club. Two fantastic West Ham goals in this second half, both with


a technique that you would have wanted to savour. This enormous West


Ham United crowd will go away from the London stadium and they will


remember this afternoon very fondly indeed. It is a pride, the


overriding emotion? Yes, that is a good word, it is pride, it is


everything. I would like to congratulate the guys. They showed


basically everything we asked them for. OK, the first half was a


nervous one and all that, but together with the crowd, they were


banned Davison from the kick-off. We gave everything and in the second


half we were magnificent. The concentration and the way you play


has to last for the whole period of the game and unfortunately for us we


gifted two and then three. If you gift them, you will not get


anywhere. It is a bitterly disappointing end to what looked


like a comfortable performance. How do you rate that amongst your goals?


I think it has got to be the best one I have scored. It is one of the


important ones for the club and for me it is fantastic and I am happy


with the result and the way the lads play. After the 5-0 drubbing in the


FA Cup last week it was really important, and with the Dimitri


Payet stuff as well, and it came eventually, a good performance. Yes,


it did. It was quite the poor game with the midfielder is getting


beyond the ball. On this occasion Mark Noble does do it as we can see.


Sofiane Feghouli had a fantastic game today. Andy Carroll is the only


one in the box and he picks out really well, but unfortunately he


could not keep it down. He worked really hard today and that is what


the West Ham fans wanted. They wanted to see people chasing and


working hard. Andy Carroll forces the goalkeeper into a rushed cake


and they get the possession that. That was a superb pass. It is super


stuff. Sofiane Feghouli had a really good game today. The West Ham fans


will be pleased with his contribution. Tomkins had a super


defensive header. When they got the ball in the box, Crystal Palace have


all sorts of problems. They could not deal with it. This is a good


cross. Tomkins had a really good game. Then Andy Carroll comes in


with a fantastic strike. That is as good as I have seen. That is the


best contact. Unbelievable. That was better contact than Wayne Rooney's


against Manchester City. I know it was a bigger game. And just rewards


for his contribution. His manager needed it, the club needed it, it


was a great performance. It is not quite the same as Diego Costa, but


there are parallels with Dimitri Payet and the club and the fans are


disappointed with how this is panning out with him. How will it be


resolved? What will happen? The fact he said I do not want to be here,


they have got to get rid of him. Keeping him would be cutting off


their nose to despite their face. They cannot afford him. He is a


great player and they did wonders with him and he did wonders for


them, but take the money. Whatever happens, the promises broken. You do


not say I do not want to play for the club any more. It was not a good


day for Crystal Palace and big Sam has only had a return of one point.


They have not experienced that bounce they were expecting. Today


they were quite disappointing. Christian Benteke, for Sam he is a


big man, get the ball into him and get some second balls and they are


not doing it. We saw it happening with Andy Carroll, but it is not


happening with him, they have got to do it quickly.


Make a note, Match of the Day 2 moves to BBC Two this week,


an early start time as well, at 10.00pm.


5 Live and the BBC Sport website will have commentary


of Manchester United versus Liverpool at 4.00pm.


There's live football on Tuesday when non-league Lincoln take


on Ipswich Town in the FA Cup Third round replay, BBC One at 8.00pm.


That's followed by Cup highlights on Wednesday,


including Liverpool's trip to Plymouth, 10.45pm on BBC One.


Scotland is the best. They are our main players. Nelson, Robert the


Bruce, James Joyce, Tom Jones. Jonny Wilkinson's feed. We built the


Titanic. We invented the bicycle. Dragons. The kilt. Bagpipes. Spotted


Dick. The six Nations starts on the 4th of February across the BBC.


Bottom of the table Hull had new manager Marco Silva in charge


for the first time in the Premier League.


They faced Bournemouth who won the reverse fixture


Martin Fisher was at the KCOM Stadium.


COMMENTATOR: The serious stuff starts here for new boss Marco


Silva. He is boosted by the return of a Belle Hernandez who makes his


first start in over two months. There is a more familiar look to


Bournemouth after those wholesale changes in the FA Cup that backfired


so badly last weekend. Artur Boruc makes his 100th Premier League


appearance and it is the first Premier League start for Tyrone


Mings, 17 months after he signed for the club.


Dawson got just enough on that. Here is Jack Wilshere for Bournemouth.


And Fraser goes down under the challenge of McAuley and it is a


penalty. Yet another soft penalty conceded by Hull City this season.


Inside 100 seconds. McGuire's challenge on Fraser and the referee


was in the perfect position to see it and give it and that is the tenth


penalty that Hull City have conceded this season. Junior Stanislav scored


from the spot in the 6-1 win against Hull City back in October. He has


not scored a goal since. He puts this one away. He put it away with


consummate ease. It was always going to be a hard afternoon for Hull


City. It has just become a whole lot more difficult. Marco Silva was only


appointed nine days ago. He is a surprise choice, but he has


succeeded everywhere he has been. That was not far wide. He had a bit


of room, he got away from Snodgrass. Hull City will always be a special


club for Eddie Howe. He made his first ever appearance as a player


against Bournemouth in December 95. Junior Stanislas is in there.


McGuire will get it away eventually. Andy Robertson had a bit of time. He


fires its end. And they have the equaliser through Fernandez. That is


what his return might bring for Hull City, the ability to find the back


of the net. A decent build-up starting with the goalkeeper. That


was a lovely reverse ball. Full is to now Hull City are right back in


the game at 1-1. What a shot. Abel Hernandez with his


second of the afternoon. Look at that celebration. Look at the way he


attacked Tyrone Mings from the off here. Knew what he was about. Got it


on his left boot and - bang, Boruc has no chance whatsoever. Hull City


are 2-1 in front, five minutes into the second-half. Arter. Huddlestone.


Neat for Maguire. Up the line for Diomande. Lovely football at the


moment from Hull. Hernandez, Snodgrass and Clucas all interested.


Hernandez got his head to it. Well, this is lovely stuff from Hull. They


are looking anything but a team anchored to the foot of the Premier


League table at the moment. He doesn't speak the best English,


Marco Silva, whatever he said to his team at the break, he got the


message across. Poor challenge from Smith. Pretty much been all Hull


City since the second-half got under way. 2-1 they lead, Snodgrass with


the cross. It will drop here for Huddlestone. A good shot - it's in.


It came off a Bournemouth player. Tyrone Mings, his first ever Premier


League start. He scores the own-goal. Tom Huddlestone's gamble


to try the volley pays off. It's three years since Tom Huddlestone


last scored a Premier League goal here. He might try and claim this


one. But that touch from Mings is the decisive one. Hull City have


scored two quick goals at the start of this second-half and, suddenly,


they are romping away with it. King. Slides away from Dawson. Into


the box, and feeding Pew. He goes down. Shot was accurate from


Wilshere. Well dealt with by Jakupovic. Bournemouth felt they


might have had a penalty in the build-up to this. This challenge, as


he went down, Wilshere took on the shot. That didn't look too


dissimilar to the one that was given in the first few minutes of the


game. I feel happen yip, what I saw in the game I saw one team with a


big, big speed, it's important be for me. Very happy with it because


they worked. Happy really when I saw the fantastic behaviour with our


fans. For me it's important also. Disappointed with the first goal,


disappointed with all three, that is the story of our run. They think


we've been bad defensively, any chance we conceded they have taken.


We conceded three goals again. Again, that must be alarming to you


minute. The number of teams who score three against you? There seems


to be a pattern emerging defensively. Something we have to


put right quickly. You are off the bottom-of-the-table. How important


is that psychologically? It is. The main thing is the points, we need to


get as lose to 40 points as soon as possible. As I say,let three points


today, because none of the teams got too far away from it it puts us in a


decent motion position and back in the mix. That is the bounce we are


talking about that Sam Allardyce didn't have with Crystal Palace,


they will be delighted with that? Yeah. I thought they were good


today. Especially going a goal down. It showed a lot of character coming


back. It's goals. That is what they needed. Hernandez nicked a few in


the Championship. He stays in the middle of the goal. He stays in the


middle of the pitch. Is sounds obvious that. When you look at


Benteke and people, you know what I'm saying, he doesn't stay in the


middle of the pitch. When you have a ball put in like that. You have a


chance to do that. He is in the middle being the vocal point. Javier


Hernandez is on fire running at you. He knows he wants to get on his left


foot. He moves it quick, hits it quick there. It's a really good


finish. It's what they need. Hernandez's first game back since


the beginning of November. They have missed him and his potential goal


threat? Absolutely. He is a goalscorer. He gets his header and


running at the defenders. Pretty quick and sharp and knows where the


goal is. Eddie Howe sounded down, "there is a pattern emerging, I have


to look at this." To concede those goals, they had a great run of form


before that? Huge. They rested everybody for the Cup game last


week, ready for this game. You couldn't tell that in that


performance. The way they capitulated in games I have seen


recently is a worry moving forward. They have to stop conceding goals so


easily. Too easy to play against. OK.


Sunderland, who began the day in the bottom three,


Mark Hughes's men have never won a league game at the Stadium


COMMENTATOR: If you are good enough, you are old enough, in Jermain Defoe


case more or less invaluable for Sunderland. 11 goals this season, he


has scored in his last two Premier League games as his former club and


country colleague Peter Crouch. He has earned a new contract until the


end of next season. He will be 36 at the end of this month. Inn with the


season only just into its second-half, it's another high


pressure day on Wearside. This time of the year is when the ride really


begins for Sunderland. They are used to that, it's happened Forfar too


many years in a row. Johnson. Good ball in from Johnson. Crouch was met


by Donald Love. Look at Peter Crouch's expression. That tells you


what a good chance it was for him. On to the shoulder and against to


Donald Love. Credit to the full-back though. Mark Hughes had stressedlet


need to get their act together this week. Encouraging signs now from the


Stoke team. Another groan for Sunderland for giving the ball away.


This could be Costly. Arnautovic. Stopped by the boot of Mannone. The


Stoke pressure has been mounting. Hughes team have their reward for


taking control of the game by taking the lead. Arnie is the chant. Vito


Mannone dug him out once, the shot found the target. Only his third


goal this season. It's made it Sunderland 0, Stoke City 1.


Shawcross. O'Shea. Crouch. Penned in the corner by Borini. That


was the aim. Great play from the Austrian. Played


in again, and he scores again! Brilliantly worked by Stoke City.


Marko Arnautovic is the Potters main man on Wearside today. Two goals


inside the first 22 minutes. He played the one-twos as freely as you


like before getting in to score. 2-0. Another risky ball. Away from


Rodwell. Oh, Mannone's lost it. So close to being a calamitous third


goal conceded by Sunderland. Almost one for the goalkeeper's blooper's


hand back. He's had enough. He's seen plenty of that. Erik Pieters.


Charlie Adam. Mannone, he knows Crouch is am coulding. Crouch beats


it to it, it's in. No suggestion of a foul. It's a clean header into the


net. Well, he got away with the last one, the Italian creeper, he almost


looks close to tears that one. He had in his mind, as the ball came


over, the threat of Peter Crouch coming towards him, he panicked. A


hesitant goalkeeper who got his timing all round. Peter Crouch's


99th Premier League goal, his 49th goal for Stoke City, and they might


have won the points on Wearside already today. It's Sunderland 0,


Stoke 3. Bruno Martins Indi. With the


faintest of flicks. Here's Arnautovic. Donald Love forced him


to give the ball away. Borini. Rodwell goes for it. Back to him,


again. It's pulled wide. In fact, it's turned wide. Good defending by


Shawcross. Jack Rodwell sized up his options before letting fly. Straight


Attlee grant. Shawcross prevented him from putting in the follow-up.


-- at Lee Grant. Important Sunderland get back into this and


get the crowd on side as soon as they can. Jermain Defoe, first


chance he had all day. He's put it in. Sunderland have a way back.


That's Jermain Defoe for you. He is Sunderland's only hope. Mark Hughes


won't be happy. Defoe on-the-run. With his usual relaxed, composed fib


finish, control off the thigh is deliberate. Quick check to see if


the flag is up. He does as well as anybody in the game, still at the


age of 34. Crouch. Finds Januzaj. He picks out


Borini. Borini might have a go at goal here. He does. He stings the


hands of Grant. Bruno Martins Indi turns the ball away. That is what


Sunderland supporters need to see. Direct and positive. Johnson.


Thought he was impeded. Mike Dean agrees with that. Free-kick for


Stoke. That was Johnson trying to get on to the return pass. He runs


into Jack Rodwell. A chance for Stoke City to get three goal


breathing space, again. Charlie Adam really fancies this. Arnautovic


leaves it for Adam. Adam fires wide with Mannone flying through the air.


Too much bend on it. Van Aanholt. Defoe. There's Rodwell.


Oh, dear me. Snatched at the chance. What a chance. David Moyes looksure


Yeos. They need those opportunities.s We were excellent I


thought first half for 40 minutes of it we had a little bit of a wobble


just towards the end, we make made a mistake. Can't afford to do with


that with Jermain Defoe around. They got a goal. Sunderland, if I'm


honest, didn't create a great deal against us. More our mistakes that


let them have a glimpse of the game in the second-half. We were never


really in trouble throughout the proceedings today. It's a good


response. The players need to take responsibility. They need to stop


making individual mistakes. I did didn't think overall our performance


was that bad. By the time we got three goals we made the game very


difficult. They stuck at it in the second-half. We created one or two


chances ourselves, we weren't quite able to take them. I had that time


on the bench to reflect and think - where are things going? I've got a


new Lees of life, I'm playing again and loving every minute of it.


Playing in the Premier League and hopefully I have confirmed my


selection. Peter was magnificent. He brought people into the game. A


credit to his profession today. He as a new contract. He is 36 this


month and one goal off 100. Incredible. You can't help but love


him. He hats a new Lees of life. His performances in the last few weeks


have been great. He knows what he is good at. He knows how to nick goals.


He is always in the box when the ball goes wide. He has a good touch,


as you see there for the goal. He scored in his last three games. His


hold-up play is just superb. People criticise him for a lack of


mobility. When you have that aerial power. I know the keeper is awful


there, he should do better, you have to get up there and head it in. He


is difficult to play against. This is how desperate he is to stay in


the team. Look. He's doubling up at right-back. When you want him using


his pace... No he is a credit to his profession to be able to do the


running, great defensive header as well. He deserves real credit for


revitalising his career. As for Sunderland, I think same old


Sunderland. The Liverpool game was the only time really I'd seen them


play well at home. Yeah. Relying on Jermaine too much. David Moyes is


saying the players have to take responsibility - I get. That he


chooses them and works with them day in and day out. He has to take some


responsibility, too. Their performances generally have been


poor. The fans fed up. Leaving as early as 35 minutes today.


All seven of Burnley's wins this season have come at home.


Southampton, who'd lost their last three in the league,


were the latest team to try their luck at Turf Moor.


Jay Rodriguez was born and schooled in Burnley and joined his local club


as a ten-year-old and left for Southampton in 2012. He has not


played here since and may not today, he is on the bench. Seldom any room


for sentiment in team selection. He was muscled out of it illegally


by Shayne Ward Prowse. A free kick to Burnley. They are in a good


position here. They can conjure something from this range. It is


crowded in front of the keeper. Then me looked like he got a push in the


back. -- then me. It probably was just heading inside


that post, Ben Mee with the block. He is Dusan Tadic again. This is the


best spell they have had in the game really. Ben Mee was in the right


place at the right time. That was well played. Dusan Tadic on the


Bali. -- volley. Off the line. Southampton are really


threatening now. That was a good save from Tom Heaton to deny Ward


Prowse. There was a big shout after that


block. He got himself down well. That has lifted the fans.


Dean Marney is making way and Burnley fans welcome back Joey


Barton. It is his first Premier League outing since made 2015. That


was a good free kick. It is stopped on the line by Tom Heaton and


Burnley got away with it. It looked for a second as if it was going to


squirm its way into the back of the net. Burnley have got a free kick


and Southampton are ruing the fact the brakes did not go their way.


They might have done. You have the distinct impression that they will


not be a barrel full of goals in this game. One might be enough. Boyd


was thinking about the spectacular and wanting a free kick and getting


a free kick. He stuck his foot out. Burnley have a chance. This would be


quite a return if Joey Barton could put this into the back of the


Southampton net. Joey Barton against the wall. Through the wall and N.


Joey Barton has only been on the pitch a couple of minutes. Back in


the Premier League, back with Burnley, back with a goal. How about


that? Deflected on its way. That might have been crucial, taking it


beyond Ben Forster's fingertips. What were the odds on that?


Time is very much against them now. Two and a half minutes to go. Off


the head of Tom Heaton. He gets a really good contact on it. This is


Jay Rodriguez. Tom Heaton pushing him away. A great double save. A


great double save by Tom Heaton. As super header from Van Dyke. That was


a brilliant save. Southampton are a good side. They took the game on


early on and they came out pressing and of the front foot and they have


got good technicians in their side. Early in the second half they


started the game, but as the game went on you felt the sense that we


would get something. It was difficult after this game because I


think it was a strong game for us with good attitude, good play. It


was difficult to play against a slow ball in the second half. But it was


interesting. Just to make a goal. They deserved it. It is probably not


the best free kick I ever hit, but it hit the back of the net and from


a personal point of view it is quite nice. But some of the blocks that


the guys made. Then the double save by Tom Heaton at the end. It is not


about me, it is about the team and I am delighted we have got three


points. He said it is not all about him, but his manager will be happy


to say it was. A great story, he has had his ups and downs. He is well


liked there and he made an impact. He got a bit of fortune. I think the


keeper thought he would go over the wall or through the wall where the


gap is. He does take a big step right. You have got to keep your


position. But it nicks Ryan Bertrand's backside. I think the


keeper will be disappointed. This is a wonderful double save. If the


league table was in home form, Burnley would be dead. It may well


just be what keeps them up. It may well just be


what keeps them up. There were emotional scenes


at Vicarage Road as Watford fans celebrated the memory of Graham


Taylor. Middlesbrough provided


the opposition. Vicarage Road today, a stadium that


was developed so much in Graham Taylor's time. He was manager here


for 14 years in two spell. He showed how to build a club and not just 18.


His wife Rita and his daughters Joanne and Karen are there. Families


are here to share the occasion with the supporters. They share is such a


unique affinity, the new signing Tom Cleverley is on the Watford bench.


New signing Rudy Gestede is on the bench.


His first touch was not good enough and he is the top scorer would you


believe. That should have been number six for Etienne Capoue. His


first touch was not good enough. Middlesbrough have only won one of


their last 23 away games in the Premier League.


A chance for Stuani. But, no, the flag is up for offside. I would say


it was marginal. Doucoure! A chance for his first


Watford goal. Headed on by Troy Deeney. Doucoure brought a save out


of Valdez. That is a foul by Gibson on Okaka. He is cross to say the


least. Anyway, it is a free kick to Watford. It is going to be taken by


Etienne Capoue. They have piled the big men forward and Middlesbrough


have pulled everybody back. That was the header by Okaka. It was a hard


chance for Okaka, but Valdes was equal to it. Even their own fans are


getting restless now. A chance at the far post is wasted


again! Doucoure puts his head in his hands because he looked to have got


the better of Fabi and should have scored.


Rudy Gestede won it back well. That could have been a debut to remember.


Formerly a goal-scorer at Blackburn. Not so productive at Aston Villa.


Tom Cleverley, it is against the post. That was Etienne Capoue and it


was over. That was Watford's best chance of the afternoon and it fell


to the man who has just come on and come back to the club, Tom


Cleverley. When the ball comes out Etienne Capoue shoots high and wide.


Walter Mazzarri puts his head in his hands. He was pleading for Watford


to create a chance like that. It has been a disappointing afternoon for


the Spectator and less somebody get something now. It was wide. He got


beyond the two defenders. Victor Valdes stuck his left foot out. And


in fairness and in tribute to Graham Taylor, the occasion has been far


more memorable than the match could ever have been. It was not the best


game to watch, but for us it was a good game and we showed that once


again we are a consistent team. We would like to have had more chances.


We had some in the first half, but in the second half they were a


strong team, physical. We were defending and trying to play, but we


could just defend. In the second half we had six or seven chances to


score. Two came off the post and we can say that they were very lucky.


Overall I am happy with the performance. I think the fans were


top drawer today in terms of their efforts and what they showed and


everybody could see what it meant to people around the place. As for the


performance, probably not the best, but we created a lot of chances. It


hit the post and I am disappointed not to score. Today was more about


Graham Taylor, not really about the result. A win would have been nice,


but obviously it did not go that way. The win would have given the


fans that extra special feeling that they were reflecting Graham Taylor's


memory really well. We did not see certain things, but we spoke about


the fact he was always a gentleman, he was always very nice. And Troy


Deeney had the best chance. Yes, it was a good chance, the way he broke


through was brilliant. Maybe he could have gone round the side of


the goalkeeper. In the end you have to give Victor Valdes credit. It was


a great save. He saved it. It was unfortunate. It would have been nice


to get that. Unfortunate on such a sad day.


Middlesbrough, back-to-back goalless draws. Hard to beat, well-organised.


Had a chance. Hard to beat. Really good shape, lacking goals. OK. Thank


you very much, guys. Chelsea's win extends their lead


at the top to seven points, with Liverpool playing


Manchester United on Sunday. Tottenham's sixth consecutive


Premier League win, a joint-club record,


moves them up to second. Swansea's fifth defeat in six


games sees them drop Hull's first win in ten matches


means they jump two places to 18th. The back pages tomorrow. According


to the Sun Times marr say hope to tie up a deal for Payet despite West


Ham insisting he will not be sold. Chelsea's senior players are trying


to persuade Diego Costa not to go to China on a ?30 million a year deal


says the Mail on Sunday. The Sun on Sunday says that Marcus Rashford may


be signed on-loan. We'll leave you with the words


of Graham Taylor, a true football man who never lost his love


for the game. The sound of hitting a football


thrilled me. I'm very fortunate I'm a manager and I'd like to remain


one, it's simply so I can hear a football being struck. At the end of


the day, when a ball is kicked, when a game is played, when you are on a


football pitch, I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that this is


where I belong. They want me to write and


produce - for a boy band. Oh. Your album's


getting five-star reviews, I mean, you must feel like


you're dreaming.


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