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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


COMMENTATOR: Dele Alli. Eden Hazard. Ozil. Kevin


De Bruyne. Just one point. Early days, but the Premier League


is shaping up rather nicely. Just one point separates the top


five, we'll see four Much for Right Said


Fred to discuss. Bottom side Sunderland knew defeat


in the early game against Arsenal would see them equal the worst start


in Premier League history. The Gunners arrived at the Stadium


of Light unbeaten in eight. Things can only get better for David


Moyes, at the end of the week that has seen him sent to the stands,


charged by the FA and having his team playing cancelled on the way


back from Southampton. His latest challenge is to face and Arsenal


team unbeaten in 13 games in all competitions. David Moyes makes just


one change to the side beaten at West Ham last week, Billy Jones


starts for the first time this season and defence, Jermain Defoe is


only one of two Sunderland goal-scorers in the Premier League


this season, but he's only scored twice in 21 career games against


Arsenal. The Gunners without Santi Cazorla and have top scorer Theo


Walcott and Nacho Monreal out, so the start for Oxlade-Chamberlain and


for Gibbs. Giroud and Ramsey returned the substitutes. -- return


among the substitutes. Arsenal have won for out of the last five games


at the Stadium Of Light. Sunderland looking for any kind of positivity.


Oxlade-Chamberlain. They have found a way through, it's


Ozil. And Sunderland relieved he didn't generate any power there.


Watch Ozil's movement here, too much time, too much space, just couldn't


apply the finish. They don't want Arsenal to get into their stride.


Out of the right-hand side, Oxlade-Chamberlain kept it in.


Tidy from Arsenal. Oxlade-Chamberlain. There's the


cross towards Sanchez. Fantastic goal! Arsenal in front, Alexis


Sanchez with his 12th goal in 19 Premier League starts. To finish off


a fantastic delivery from Oxlade-Chamberlain. Inch perfect


header. His seventh of the season, Sunderland nil, Arsenal one.


Billy Jones, from range. A second opportunity, Khazri is offside, it


won't count, Defoe put it in the back of the net but the flag was


already up. When this came back to him, there was no need to debate


that. Sunderland somehow have to try and find a way back into this game.


One win in the last 43 Premier League matches when they've conceded


the first goal. And look at this, Ozil chasing. Pickford had come out


and was able to retrieve the situation as he backpedal. But that


was too easy for Arsenal. Nobody goes with Ozil. Jordan Pickford was


able to deny the German. Well, the problems are mounting up for


Sunderland because the captain is now being forced off through injury.


It's his hamstring. It's the end of John O'Shea's day.


Now Defoe. Away from Mustafi. One more. -- Watmore, trying to square


that for Steven Pienaar. You can feel the anxiety or around the


stadium. Potentially the clearest opportunity of the day for


Sunderland. Frustration for Arsenal, they've scored just the one goal so


far. He's got away from Kone and he was


pulled back by Kone, Martin Atkinson says no penalty. He's got the wrong


side of Kone, pulls him back the. That's surely a penalty? N'Dong to


try to get things moving for Sunderland. Watmore the intended,


and it's Duncan Watmore for Sunderland. Penalty! Yellow card for


Petr Cech and from nowhere Sunderland have an opportunity to


get back in the game. Hesitant from Mustafi, on went Watmore, caught by


Cech, and Arsenal, who could and should have had a penalty at one end


conceived one at the other. -- concede one at the other. Jermain


Defoe, who has only missed one of his last five penalties, those


supporters desperate for this one to go in. What a lifeline this is. Here


comes Defoe, 1-1. No nerves there. Defoe's this Premier League goal of


the season, his third in his career against Arsenal, and from nowhere


Sunderland are back on terms. There's the break. He was absolutely


desperate for it. Arsenal were searching for that second goal to


give themselves a cushion. Suddenly they've been pegged back.


Oxlade-Chamberlain too strong for Sanchez, back in from Gibbs and


headed over by Djilobodji. Olivier Giroud is returning for Arsenal.


Alex Iwobi is making way. Koscielny got his head to it. Just


couldn't get over it. Arsenal frustrated last weekend at dropping


two points against Middlesbrough. They will not want to repeat here on


Wearside. Gives with the cross, Giroud, what an introduction! First


touch for the Olivier Giroud results in a goal. His last goal against


Sunderland back in January and the French man puts the Gunners back in


front. Sanchez naturally involved. Gibbs with the cross. And Olivier


Giroud straight into the action to find the back of the net. Is that


what you call an inspired substitution?


Sanchez on the overlap, Ozil and Giroud in both waiting, it's in


towards Ozil. It could have easily been finished. That potentially


would have sealed it. Headed away by Jones. A high foot


from Januzaj, a free kick to Arsenal right on the edge of the penalty


area. It is to be Ozil's turn, deflected


off the wall for an Arsenal corner. It clips off the head of Rodwell.


Ozil's Ross, well met and Giroud, two for Giroud, three for Arsenal,


and that should be three points. He always seems to do it against


Sunderland as well. They got their first, Pickford got a hand to it but


couldn't keep it out. Having not scored against Sunderland


since January, he has two off the Ben stand its Sunderland one,


Arsenal three. Arsenal have introduced Ramsey for


Oxlade-Chamberlain, his first appearance since the opening weekend


of the season. Sanchez leaves it for Elneny. He knows he has Gibbs to his


left, ignores him. Here's Gibbs. Should have been four, might still


be. Sanchez, it is. He's got two as well. They are enjoying themselves


now, Arsenal. It's another tough day for David Moyes and Sunderland. 13


minutes to go and they are already off. They've seen enough. They had a


few stabs at this one. Gibbs with the first, back off the woodwork,


then Ramsey had a go. It was third time lucky. Cool, calm and composed


from Alexis Sanchez, who scores his 50th Arsenal goal in just his 106


appearance. Three goals in six minutes and 20 seconds have totally


taken away any hope and optimism that Sunderland had. It's a


difficult time to be a Sunderland supporters. Today, we missed many


chances and we were down to 1-1, but the performance was good. After that


it was a mental test, once we were down to 1-1, how we respond, do we


feel sorry for ourselves or go again and the strength to push, and that's


what we did an very convincing way and in the end it was a comfortable


win. We didn't deserve to lose in the fashion we did in the end. We


put up a good show to stick with Arsenal in the first half, when they


were good, and in the second half I thought we grew into the game and


deservedly got the goal to equalise. At that point you are hoping, look,


what it going to go, but Arsenal's quality and probably the strength


they have got from the bench, showed. Have you ever come off the


bench and scored with the first two touches before? Oh, it was my first


two touches, so I've been lucky, good deliveries from my team-mates


and I'm glad for the team. We carry on our good momentum. Ten games in,


how do you assess the situation? Are you getting your message and style


across? The results would say it's not but I'd say there's bits in it


where we are but you only ever get judged by your results. Yes, another


win for Arsenal, another defeat for Sunderland. Arsenal looking very


good and in particular Alexis Sanchez upfront, what a terrific


player, it doesn't seem to matter where he plays, does it? I think


they are better team with him as a centre forward. He was


they are better team with him as a centre forward. He was superb today.


He ran the defence of Sunderland ragged, all over the place, they


didn't have a clue how to deal with him, whether to go short. But what


was also impressive about Arsenal today as they had runners, midfield


runners, who were prepared to run past him. So when he went short for


the ball, they constantly did that the whole game. A superb ball in


the, should actually do better, but that was a constant theme of the


game. Again, he goes short, but it doesn't half make the job of a


centre forward easier when you have guys who are prepared to do that.


Defenders don't know whether to go with you or drop off come or what.


That was the case today with Sunderland. This was actually his


goal. Sanchez starts the move. The ball out to the right-hand side.


What's impressive about him, once he realises he can sniff a goal, look


at him getting on his bike to get into the box and it's a brilliant


ball in from Oxlade-Chamberlain. He's got three yards on him there,


Kone, but the determination of Sanchez to get across the front of


him, as you should do as a centre forward, and it's a superb header.


This again for Ozil, the form he's been in this season, a brilliant


ball in a game. He should actually score there. That was the first


half. The second half it didn't really change. He bought Giroud on


to play up front with Sanchez. He starts the move again. Lovely little


dummy. He gets into the box, gets into dangerous areas, and he was


quicker and sharper than anyone. The touch with his left foot there,


turn, flick with the right foot, he was superb all afternoon. A very


clever footballer, Arsenal looking good. The misery goes on for


Sunderland. David Moyes was saying he can see progress not necessarily


in results, but can you? I'm struggling, to be honest with you.


He's got to defend his team, I accept that. I think there was a


real problem for Sunderland today, in the shape. They've obviously


worked in the week on trying to keep a nice tight line, a 4-5- one and


stop Arsenal playing but they forgot to press. They didn't make any


tackles, didn't get in the face and they let Arsenal dictate play from


minute one. A free pass in the middle of the park. You can't do


that because with Arsenal's Remesy will cause yourself problems. At


times, all players apart from Defoe are so deep, players of Arsenal's


quality gain confidence from this. It's so easy for them. I couldn't


believe what was going on and by half-time the game should have been


over. They've got three or four options. This is from the goal.


Should have got closer, brings it down under no pressure. Here,


brushes him off. Comes out Oxlade-Chamberlain, he goes past


Watmore without doing a trick, just goes past him and Sanchez is the


only one in the box. There are three 6-foot plus defenders there. It's as


if it didn't matter, it's as if it is a team battling at the bottom of


the leak to stay in the Premier League. I feel sorry for Defoe, so


isolated in the team. They didn't get near Arsenal the whole afternoon


and it didn't change even in the second half. They never really went


for it at all and I know Arsenal have quality, but if Sunderland


continue to play with this negativity and go too deep and play


with fear they have no chance. Leaders Manchester City kicked off


at 3.00pm looking to end a run of six games without a win


in all competitions. Pep Guardiola's side


were in action at West Brom, who've lost nine in a row


against the visitors. COMMENTATOR: West Brom's starting XI


includes Chris Brunt for the first time since February and the knee


injury that saw him miss Northern Ireland's Euro adventure. Jonny


Evans is back from a one match ban Aguero is back. Manchester City will


almost certainly have more of it than albeean will today. That


doesn't guarantee three points. Sterling. Gone for it. Foster was


forced to save. Quickly recovered to gather again. Sterling did well to


get any sort of goal there, never mind one on target. Pep Guardiola


might have been there done it and won it. He says he needs time to


learn and improve now he's experiencing something new in the


Premier League. Good tackle by Nolito. Good turn by Nolito. He's


fouled by the retreating Craig Dawson.


Nice bit of skill to get away from Evans. Dawson found himself too


close. Nolito putting his head against Dawson's. He will be


yellowed carded by Lee Mason. Nolito has previous. Sergio Aguero is


having a word. You may recall that the Spaniard was sent off against


Bournemouth in September for reacting like that. Plenty of


Manchester City players are finding room to receive the ball in, in the


middle of the field. When they advance on West Brom's penalty area


it becomes as congested an Piccadilly Circus in rush-hour.


McAuley got it away. Sterling. Might have been going wide, Foster dare


not take that chance. Nice connection. Could easily have taken


a deflection, too. Pulis says on signing his new deal at the club he


wants to build things here and play his part in improving matters. Well,


he's certainly done that so far with West Bromwich Albion. Pokes it


through to Sergio Aguero! Brilliantly finished. What will that


do for his and Manchester City's confidence in general? That was


taken wonderfully well. Brilliant ball through to him from Ilkay


Gundogan. Aguero never needs long to size up the situation. He knows


where the goal is, he sees where the keeper is going to be and he hits


the ball at just the right time. West Bromwich Albion 0, Manchester


City 1. Sergio Aguero is back scoring again. Fernandinho.


Nearly came to Aguero. It has come to Aguero. Aguero's made the space


to shoot. And that is absolutely magnificent. Who's lacking


confidence now? Goodness me, that is some finish from Sergio Aguero. He


doesn't seem to need quite as much room as most other forward players


in the game. He only ever had the shot on his mind. It had the power


and the bend, and Ben Foster was well beaten. West Brom 0, Manchester


City 2. Fernandinho. Aguero. There's Nolito.


Gareth McAuley on the slide. Nolito keeps the ball alive. Sterling, he


does really well. Gundogan, deflected wide. Came off Nolito.


Albion are clinging on to just being two goals behind right now. That


little bit of crowd noise in their ears might just prompt West Brom to


push on a little bit more. Rondon, beats Claudio Bravo to it, but can't


find the target. Listen to that. There's as response from The


Hawthorns crowd. Curled in towards Salomon Rondon. Not to be for Tony


Pulis' team. He will like the way he upped the tempo since he made those


couple of substitutions a few minutes ago. McClean. Three in the


middle for him. McClean delivers. It's turned behind by Ronned Ron. .


-- Rondon. James McClean, for my money, has been their best player


today. He very nearly created the opening for Salomon Rondon there.


Navas. Good ball across. Here's Fernandinho, Aguero. Aguero, out of


the box to go back in. Gundogan, slides the ball in for 3-0.


Manchester City make angles where other teams can't find them. Look at


Aguero here. The players started to go to the right, following


Fernandinho and Navas. McClean was one of those guilty of playing those


onside in the middle. There is a bit of fortune. It clips off McAuley on


its way through to gunned gun, who finishes expertly. That will do it.


It's now West Brom 0, Manchester City 3. In from McClean. Here's


Leko. Lots to like about Leko. McAuley. Over the top from the


rebound. Take a bow Johnson than Leko. There are smiles on a few West


Brom faces now, even though their team is 3-0 down at home. It's


because of the 17-year-old substitute. Navas, Aguero, De


Bruyne. That's Gundogan! Oh so easy. City have strolled their way through


to four. All those games without a win. All those questions to Pep


Guardiola about, should he change his style? Not when the football is


as stylish as this. Kevin De Bruyne, waiting for the right time. Gundogan


made the rest look simple. It's four goals for Manchester City.


The Premier League, my friends, is tough. You win 2-0 and you don't


know why you play the best football, win crosses and second balls. The


first half we control absolutely this kind of thing. We cannot


because the openings are really good. The first half we played like


we did against Tottenham and Liverpool. We sat back waiting for


it to happen. Second-half, you know, the first 20 minute, 25 minutes we


gave it a go. We needed to score. That was important. Then, as the


game opens up, there is more space. They have real quality on the Has it


been break. A difficult time, six winless before today, did some


doubts and fears start to creep? If you have such a situation that we


had the last two or three weeks, then everything feels a little bit


harder. A little bit more difficult. But today was well-deserved and,


yeah, I hope we can just, yes, start the season off from zero again and


just do our thing. You have worked with some of the very best strikers.


Is Aguero up there with them? Of course, he's one of the best you


have to see how many goals he scores. Here in the Premier League,


how difficult it is. I love working with nice guys, nice people, Sergio


Aguero is one of them. Yes, Manchester City back winning. Sergio


Aguero back goalscoring as well. He has a re, maable record. Look at


that. Minutes per goal 106. 40 minutes per goal better than one


Alan Shearer. Who is on 200 plus goals in there then? He always has a


comeback? Is he a better player, will will he be a better player


under Pep Guardiola? It's hard to get much better in what he does in


scoring goals. The off the ball stuff is where Pep wants to improve


him. I noticed a different today. He seems to be more dynamic off the


ball, closing people down and chasing down. Last season you don't


see this so much. That is something that not... It's not been in his


game so much. He doesn't need to when he is scoring goals. Pep


expects more from his players. Here, with the ball, as I said, dynamic,


trying to get the team on the attack. Very good. Poor pass. He


waits and then he says, I have to win it back or the manager will be


on me. He won it back. That is something I don't really associate


with Aguero so much. That was a definite difference in his game


today. The thing we have seen so many times is this. The fantastic


runs. The willingness to get in the box. The ability to put the ball in


the back of the net. I mean, 13 goals in 13 games even though he has


been on a six game drought, which is remarkable. Missioned four


penalties. I don't know of another striker with this short back lift.


He needs half a yard. That is as good a finish as you will see.


Magnificent. It really is. He was trying to prove a point. He has been


left out of the team for the first time in his Manchester City career.


Biggest game of the season. Assisting as well. Clever pass. He


won't be left out this week, is he? 10.2 is a big difference to last


season's averages. We think it will be under 10 under Pep. One genuine


world-class player we have in our Premier League. Only one? Sanchez? I


just... When you look at his record, when you look at some of the goals


that he can score. The goals he has scored. He's world-class. OK.


Five games and plenty of goals still to come.


COMMENTATOR: Cabaye. Benteke! Dele Alli hits the bar. That's a bad


miss. He gave it everything. Hit the crossbar Kaboul.


Liverpool were looking to keep pace with Manchester City


They faced a Crystal Palace side who've suffered back-to-back defeats


Simon Brotherton was at Selhurst Park.


COMMENTATOR: Christian Benteke scored in an injury-time winner for


Liverpool in this fixture last season help is lining up against


them tonight for the first time since being surplus to requirements


over the summer, looking to add to an impressive tally of five goals in


six games against Liverpool while with Aston Villa. Palace welcome


back their captain, Scott Dann. Chung-Yong Lee is prepared to


Townsend. Moreno starts. Milner misses the match through I willness.


Illness. Liverpool in the luminous kit today,


which on the official sheet today was described as toxic.


Jordan Henderson to Coutinho, moving forward. First time in from Alberto


Moreno, Emre Can, slight deflection on the way in. Liverpool ahead after


a quarter of an hour. Well worked, finally finished, Emre Can. Palace


nil, Liverpool one. Moreno involved in the build-up, once the ball


played forward. A tight call, just onside. First-time patch and the


first time shot, takes the deflection on the way past Steve


Mandanda. Jurgen Klopp's team are head. That shot the deflecting in


off the Crystal Palace captain, Scott Dann. Palace, who were beaten


by 1-0 in their last home match, find themselves behind back that


scoreline now, fairly early in the game. That was a horrible slice,


which opens the door, and James McArthur equalises for Crystal


Palace. Less than three minutes after going behind, it was an


unexpected gift of an opportunity. Lovren's mistake and he paid dearly


for it. First time that Crystal Palace have really threatened here.


Sliced up into the air. McArthur kept his eye on the ball and made


sure he got there before the Liverpool goalkeeper, Loris Karius.


What a messy goal for Liverpool to conceive. A lead that doesn't last


long. It is Palace one, Liverpool one. Liverpool still without a clean


sheet away in the league since the 6-0 thrashing they handed out to


Aston Villa in February. Suddenly, Selhurst Park is absolutely rocking.


Liverpool so far with two thirds of the playbook Crystal Palace


responding well to going a goal behind. Here's Mane again, Tom Kings


is able to do enough. Liverpool have their first corner. Cabaye being


told to move the ball ten yards back by the referee here. Approach from


Coutinho, Joel Ward is there. That could be another corner.


Coutinho will try again. Oh, and Dejan Lovren has made amends. A


powerful header from the Croatian defender. Villa moments ago, -- a


villain moments ago, a hero once again for Liverpool. A pivotal


figure, twice in quick succession. That's more like it, says Jurgen


Klopp, and Liverpool back in front. Henderson sticks his foot in, no


foul. Away comes Lallana, a little bit of time and space in midfield


and now it's with Coutinho and alarm bells ringing for Palace at the back


once again. Moreno slamming the outside of the post. Confident and


the venomous shot from Alberto Moreno. Emre Can, only as far as


Tomkins. The ball up to Benteke, finds Wilfried Zaha. Floating that


one in and Crystal Palace are back in and it's James McArthur with his


second header of the first half! That's an incredible strike rate


from Crystal Palace's point of view, because they've hardly threatened in


this first half in the final third, but James McArthur has not only


scored twice, but twice with his forehead as well. It was Benteke


getting up well, Wilfried Zaha is always capable of creating with


dangerous deliveries and that's exactly what he does here, as


McArthur comes charging into head the ball home, getting in ahead of


Dejan Lovren. That header means that with 33 minutes played, it's Crystal


Palace two, Liverpool two. A stretch for Kelly, Firmino still


going here now. Gets the ball in. Coutinho, oh, it's off the post and


Palace survive and get it away. Liverpool hitting the woodwork for


the second time in the first half. Was that a hand ball thereby Joel


Ward, as the ball came in? Two and a half minutes to go in the first


half. Coutinho finding Mane. Hurtling forward is Nathaniel Clyne,


who wins a corner. Via a deflection off Martin Kelly. In the penalty


area for this one. Scott Dann trying to keep tabs on Lovren. Matip, free


header, Joel Matip celebrates his first goal for the club, Liverpool


ahead did -- for the first time -- Liverpool ahead for the third time


in an incredible first half. Mandanda unable to plot that one,


even though it was straight at him. Crystal Palace two, Liverpool three.


Cabaye foul. Can gets a yellow card. -- Cabaye was fouled. The first


yellow card of the game, that one. Tomkins with the delivery, up


towards Dann. It's in to Benteke, who brings the save from Karius.


That's got the crowd going again the start of the second half here.


Andros Townsend amongst the substitutes for Crystal Palace


today, the first time this season Alan Pardew hasn't put him in the


starting XI. This is Coutinho now, in towards Sadio Mane. Mane brings a


save from Mandanda. Sadio Mane was in the. Liverpool's first really


good effort of the second half. Wilfried Zaha hustling, bustling,


refusing to be halted by the Liverpool defence. They are


screaming for a penalty, the referee says no. Cabaye stretching, makes


the save and Palace continue to protest that they should have a


penalty kick. Zaha racing into the box, penalty not given here. It was


the second one. The referee again very well placed to make the call.


Cabaye almost in and Karius bravely added his feet. Now, Crystal Palace


can sweep forwards. McArthur finding Benteke. He's got Zaha a of him on


the far side and Zaha goes down inside the box, under pressure from


Emre Can and again Andre Marriner says, no. A similar sort of


position. Marriner is quite a distance away from that. No penalty


for Crystal Palace. To be honest no major protest from Wilfried Zaha


after that decision from the referee. Lovely ball forward, into


Firmino. Over Steve Mandanda and just like that, Liverpool have


sliced Crystal Palace open again and they lead by 4-2 and surely that is


not a lead they are going to surrender this evening. Roberto


Firmino, who scored here in last season's 2-1 victory for Liverpool


scores the fourth goal of the day. Mane with the pass back, Henderson


spotted the opening, played onside by Tomkins a lovely ball. An


excellent finish as well. Cool, and composed, a delightful link over the


Crystal Palace goalkeeper. -- dink. We worked hard, defended well at


times but we should have had more pressure on Liverpool. They are good


team though and some of the tight control over some of the tight


technical play, when we was in and around them, was unsettling is


because they kept getting out of it with the ball. Two set plays though,


that's not us. Your first goal for Liverpool, a special moment for you?


Of course, I'm happy I could score, the last game I had one or two


opportunities but this time I could use a wonderful corner and only had


to. I could have bet on many things before the match, to be fair I don't


think that betting on you being on a hat-trick before half-time with two


headers put -- would have been one of the things I would put money on!


You are right, the gaffer has been trying to get me to go forward and


playing someone like Christian Benteke, who wins his fair share


roughly once, so it gives you encouraged to get there. Three


penalty claims which I thought were tight, but we had a tight one given


against us last year with the same referee. It was far away from being


perfect, far away, but at Crystal Palace not a lot of teams will win


the perfect game so we have to fight for every moment. I saw it in the


first half, with the movement. The beginning of the second half, we


would have scored better so it was quite intense for as. To have to run


so much. Three points and we won at Crystal Palace, nothing to moan


about. He is and -- as entertaining in his interviews as his team are


playing football, they played beautiful stuff going forward, he


said it wasn't perfect and I presume he means about the other end of the


pitch but going forward they are delightful. They have so many


options and the play with a freedom and I think he just says to these


guys, go and play wherever you want, go and enjoy yourselves and have fun


because that's what it looks as if it is what is happening. They are


all over the park up front, the three of them, not stuck in a new


positions. They can have the ball short, they can play the ball one,


they can have it into feed. The stretch teams and whether someone on


the left-hand side, Coutinho, or Firmino, Mane, they'd just do all


play in different positions and they all chip in. They are all a goal


threat. They should have had more goals today because of the chances


they had. That should have been a goal for Coutinho. They can have the


give and going behind the linkup play between them they are so


difficult to contain and not many teams would be able to do that.


There's another chance, that should be in the back of the net. The


number of chances they created because of the energy they have and


as I say, they do stretch teams. Another very good chance should be


on the back of the net, a poor finish. The goal they scored, a


beautiful ball from Henderson. What about that for a finish? They remind


me of the Newcastle team 20 odd years ago, that they were just


superb, Keegan with Beardsley and general and Les Ferdinand and the


number of chances they created but the one thing that could cost them


would be defensively if they don't improve. If they don't do it at the


other end. There was talk, we saw Alan Pardew talking about the


official Andrei Marriner, who refereed the game last year when


Benteke got the penalty for Liverpool on that occasion right at


the end, it was quite controversial. He said he didn't think he should


have refereed this game today. There were three kind of dubious


decisions. Have a look at them, Danny. I think they are dubious. I


don't agree with not refereeing, you can't start taking referees off


games. This one isn't, for me. He goes over too easily. He's running


at pace. Matip on Benteke, that was really clumsy, some referees would


have given that but if he's not sure, he can't give it, I understand


that. I don't think that's a penalty. That one is clumsy. I don't


think that's a penalty. Some referees would have given it. This


one is, for me, no reason for Zaha to go down. We have seen a few


angles of course, so we have the benefit of that but he kicks away


his left leg. It's a definite penalty. At that point it could have


been 3-3 and that would have been Emre Can's second booking. I looked


at all the decisions and I think they're all dubious and for the


referee to give a penalty he has to be 100% right and have a looked at


all those decisions, if he could have given one it might have been


what that one but I'm not 100% certain, so I think he is right not


to give it. They say your eyesight gets worse as you get older! What


chance have referees got? We've had 47 replays and car make your minds


up. To White Hart Lane next,


where unbeaten Spurs hosted champions Leicester,


who've yet to pick up a point To Tottenham return to a near normal


line-up. Sissoko is suspended and Eric Malala joins them today with


illness, so two strikers, Son Heung-min, who has been scoring, and


Johnson, who hasn't. Jamie Vardy is back after arrest, he replaces Islam


Slimani, who has a slight injury, and the champions play in Copenhagen


on Wednesday. If they win there they are through to the last 16 of the


Champions League. Feel-good factor around White Hart


Lane. Unbeaten, Tottenham, in nine games before today in the Premier


League. Forward by Eriksen. . He thought it was a corner. The referee


has overruled. In comes Dier. Oh, that wasn't a good clearance. And


back again. Dele Alli had a shot there that was sheer reflexes from


Kasper Schmeichel. Dele Alli disappointed. Schmeichel, with great


respect to David de Gea, I would say at the moment is the most consistent


goalkeeper in the Premier League. It's gone behind Janssen. Dele Alli


thought he should have had a penalty. It would have been a soft


one, if he gave it. Not an easy first half for Tottenham this.


Mahrez intercepts there. He comes into the last third for Leicester.


Okazaki. Corner to Leicester. That's deep. Oh, Fuchs. Now, he was


asking a bit much of himself to hit it from here. Fizzing over the


crossbar, a warning to Spurs. Long ball from Vertonghen. Fuchs caught


out there a bit, I thought. Oh, Dele Alli hits the bar. Here he is again.


He has found Son. He's trying to beat three Leicester players on his


own and commits a foul, but it was Dele Alli there that very nearly


brought this game into life. The best effort of the first half,


without a doubt. Goodbye Walker. When it found Alli eventually.


Surrounded by blue shirts. He gets a free-kick. Just a suggestion here


that Tottenham are turning the screw slowly on Leicester towards the end


of the first half. He's chipped it in low. Headed on by Dier, then back


in. Half away by Drinkwater - oh, penalty. Penalty. Huth complains.


Bobby Madeley was on-the-spot there. It's a bit of a pull by Huth in my


view. Had is the man who gave it away. The man who scored here last


season. Vincent Janssen, can he beat Kasper Schmeichel? He can! Vincent


Janssen scores his first Premier League goal and sometimes, in games


like this, a decision like that can make all the difference. Jamie Vardy


might take advantage of that back header. Oh, here's Musa. Leicester


City have equalised. Ahmed Musa, after two-and-a-half minutes of the


second-half, has scored for Leicester. Good unselfish play by


Jamie Vardy, let's mention that. But Musa finds the place at the far-post


to take advantage. This is where Vardy's pace can catch out any team


and Musa, kind of, knocked that in via Lloris. This is the first


outfield goal in open play, scored against Tottenham this season. They


are feeding Walker when they can on this right hand side. He still has a


bit to do to make enrodes. This is Dele Alli. Nice turn. Now that might


be... Oh, well I thought for a moment Dele Alli had fouled King.


It's gone October other way. Dele Alli appeared to wrap his leg around


King and then went down. So Spurs have the free-kick. Janssen. Oh,


he's clipped the top of the goal. Janssen with his left foot. He's


just close to being the sort of striker Spurs need, but he's just a


little bit short. Dele Alli. Wanyama. Walker.


Janssen. Oh, he might have squeezed it in there. Hard luck on Vincent


Janssen. A bit of pulling on the shirt again by Robert Huth there.


They are loving this. They are off to Copenhagen on Wednesday, would


you believe, hoping for a place in the last 16 of the Champions League.


Dembele. Dier is becoming more prominent now in the Leicester half.


Wanyama. Oh, he's hit the bar, Vertonghen. That's the second time


Tottenham have hit the bar today. It's Jan Vertonghen, last Premier


League goal March 2013. Nearly got one there. Schmeichel couldn't do


much about that. Oh, Leicester free-kick. Foul.


Curled in. Headed just wide. Fuchs took it with his left foot. I don't


know whether Lloris would have got that, possibly. Disappointed. We


created chances. We dominated the game. But, you know, disappointed


with the way we conceded the goal. It was the only shot on target we


concede. It's hard. It's hard to miss two points today in a game


that, after 90 minutes, that we see on the pitch. Are are you pleased


with the point? Yes. Pleased with the point and our performance, with


our spirit. I saw the Leicester spirit when we play together, when


we fight together and help each other. Very good performance today.


Feels like a day to learn the lessons from? Definitely. Every game


is, whether you win, lose or draw. We drew today. The only positive is


that we have not lost. We go again, these next two games. They are the


biggest... It will be a big week for Tottenham. You never know, it could


make-or-break our season. We have to win. We have to get six points from


the next two games, without a doubt. Another penalty to debate, Danny.


This was given. Thoughts? Well, I think, first and foremost, there is


an incident before the penalty was given that is really important the


referee missed. He pulls his shirt. A free-kick in itself. I understand


why he missed it. He is watching the flight of the ball, but this bit


here. He puts his arm on his shoulder, Huth, Janssen goes down


too easily. That's never a penalty. He's done... I say he's conning the


ref. That is harsh. He has done what striker's do, made the most of an


arm on a you willed strongholder. It doesn't warrant going down like


that. Fair play he got up, had the confidence, even though he hasn't


scored in the Premier League before, and smashed the penalty in.


Hopefully that is the springboard. I thought that was soft. It was soft.


Five wins, phial draws for Spurs. Very difficult team to beat, but can


they turn enough draws into victories to be a title contender?


Defensively very good, best in the league. I know Harry Kane makes a


huge difference. When teams play against them now, what they did last


season is they stretched teams more. I don't think they are doing that.


The pace of their play, particularly in the final third, is not as sharp


as it has been or could be. At times you could throw a blanket over the


front four, if you like, they play very narrow. They are not stretching


teams as they did last year. The This is poor. Janssen struggled. He


got his penalty. He hasn't made the impact they want him to. Poor,


again. A lot of their play comes from their full-backs. He is looking


for options there. He is saying to them - come on, move for me, run in


behind, help me out here. Again, very narrow, all three of them. Long


ball out to the opposite side here Walker. There is the four guys


again. As I said, it was slow, it eventually comes back into Dembele.


He has too many touches. No options, takes a touch, another touch. Gets


caught on the ball. That's them defending far too easy. This sort of


summed their game up. Tried something different. Brought a sub


on. Tried to get in behind, but it isn't, working for them. They have


to get their sharpness back into the game and ask more questions of the


back four. As for Leicester, Danny, they have lost all the previous four


league games this season. It was much more like the Leicester of last


season, wasn't it? Best away performance by a mile. Lots of


positives. Only one of the new signings, Musa, was in the team


today. It's like Leicester of last season. They deserve credit for that


performance. Leicester were good in the second-half. Deserved a point.


Back in the title race, yeah? You've been drinking again!


Match of the Day 2 could be a shocker, let's hope


5Live and the BBC Sport website will have commentary


The Women's Football Show follows Match of the Day 2.


And, looking ahead, Friday sees live FA Cup first round action.


Eastleigh versus Swindon at 7.30pm on BBC Two.


COMMENTATOR: It's Bentley. Oh, what a try. Oh, what a goal! David


Bentley, against his old club. It's just one win in six league


games for Manchester United. Jose Mourinho's side entertained


Burnley, who've not won COMMENTATOR: It's 95 years since


Manchester United last even failed to score in a home top-flight game


against Burnley, who have yet to pick up an away point so history


suggest the first victory in five for United. Jose Mourinho says they


need to win. Valencia underwent arm surgery today. Andre Gray returns to


Burnley after his four-match ban. It looks like a 4-4-2. They will have a


go at United's make-shift back four. Manchester United have have only


lost one game in eight in all competitions. Only six points off


the league leaders. Burnley are quite comfortable. Ibrahimovic is


in. Burnley needed their goalkeeper. What a good goalkeeper he is proving


this season, to make the save. Not scored in five league games. His


worst run since 2010. Try to getlet ball out wide. No, he went narrow.


Nacho was crying out for a pass. It's Burnley's chance to break.


Gudmundsson. To Gray. Deflects away off Rojo. A red card to Ander


Herrera. Look at his foot, it catches Marney. He knows he's done


wrong. Rojo, Ibrahimovic. Will he shoot from there. Plays into Pogba.


Ibrahimovic. Mee's header saves Burnley and denies Manchester United


an opening goal, which would have been a special one. Lovely move.


Beautiful backheel by Pogba. It was bending into the top corner.


Herrera. Manchester United now beginning to dominate. That is a


good save. It's Lingard this time denied by Heaton. Manchester United


are getting closer. Good ball in, arriving deep, no-one watched him.


No-one tracked the run. Herrera. Good movement this from Manchester


United. He's gone down Darmian. He think it is was a penalty. I'm too


sure if it was in the penalty area. Flannigan was off balance when he


flicks out the foot. Whether he catches him, I'm not sure. Darmian


makes a meal of it. That could have swayed the referee's decision.


Manchester United kick-off the second-half in the red and white of


course. It appears that Jose Mourinho is sitting in the stand


with the fans. We gather that Jose Mourinho was talking to the


officials in the tunnel at half-time, presumably about the late


first half penalty shout that was denied. We believe he has been sent


to the stands. That's a foul by Darmian.


Keane was there, Arfield couldn't get over it. That was a bad miss. He


could have brought it down and had a go. That's an opportunity


squandered. Jose Mourinho has been asked to move further back, he's in


the directors' box now. Ibrahimovic dropping into the ten


role and profiting. There's Mata and there's the goalkeeper's leg again.


What a game he has had. Heaton once more, back at Old Trafford, he has


come back here and saved Burnley, not once or twice, but time and time


again. Mata working well with Darmian. Settling for the corner


there. Burnley switched off, could be made


to pay. That's risky from Barnes and Herrera quickly to it, to


Ibrahimovic. What a save. It was like Schmeichel! He has hurt


himself. He's been a hero for Burnley. Ibrahimovic really hate


this. That is a brilliant piece of goalkeeping, no wonder his arm is


hurting. Manchester United look to counter the game. They have gone


about their business and I'm all brisk fashion in the second half.


Rashford, Ibrahimovic, dropping into the slightly deeper position.


Mojo up from the back. Keane has done so well in the air. Is that a


foul by Mata? It's hit the post, it will not go in. Ibrahimovic. Good


defending, kept his eye on it there. It's a yellow card, I don't think


you can complain, really. It wasn't a controlled challenge in any way.


Mata with the free kick looking for Ibrahimovic. Will it come now? It


will not go in for Manchester United! They've on absolutely


everything but score. -- they have done absolutely everything but


score. He slipped, he could be in trouble with the referee, Herrera.


This is going to be a second yellow, and the red, and I think that's


harsh. I think he slipped into the challenge, but Herrera has been sent


off for Manchester United here. He has caught him but I think a bit of


common sense might have been used there.


In comes across, Ibrahimovic, that was the one that needed to go in,


and it went wide. It just has not been the day. -- the day. But


towards Fellaini, here's Rooney, back to Fellaini. Has a look,


slightly off balance. Free kick given against Burnley. He says he


pushed the ball out for a corner, yellow card. Can Blind set up a last


gasp Manchester United winger? Pulled back to Rooney and it's gone


over. Well worked free kick, but no end product. Points are slipped to


get -- away, one of those days. I don't really know what happened and


to be fair I think what is important is what the referee will write in


the report. There were some big decisions, big decisions for


penalties. What did you see of them? Fantastic work from the referee.


There's a lot of noise around, they are top class as individuals. We


know where we are, we note -- we know what we're looking for but it's


still a great point away at Old Trafford. We created many chances,


the only thing when you get three points if you finish, we didn't


today. We came with a game plan but rode our luck at times and at


certain points in the second half it was tin hat, but thankfully we have


come away with a point, and a great place to do so. Certainly was,


Burnley hung on to grim death, really, but Manchester United, 37


shots at goal, the -- the most since records began and did manage to


score one of them. Flat and had 12 attempts and non-went in. -- Zlatan


Ibrahimovic. Some of the chances that they created here were


incredible. You would fancy them to walk away with four or five and Tom


Heaton made some brilliant saves, one of which is just superb, which


we will see in a minute. They kept on going, they kept on passing it,


kept on creating the chances. I mean, some of the defending was


brilliant, goalkeeping was brilliant, but you just know that it


isn't working for you, whatever you try. He looks better, Rashford up


front with him in the second half, it added more pace to the game.


Ibrahimovic has never been blessed with great pace, but when you get


your 30s, Gary, that's the save I'm on about, that's an unbelievable


saves, that is. I was saying about the pace that Ibrahimovic has, when


I found in my career you lose a yard of pace, Craig Bellamy, last minute,


came to help me with his pace at Newcastle. That's what Man United


need, to have him upfront as well as Rashford to ask more questions,


going in behind rather than facing up all the time. We have our penalty


specialist again! You look like an old-fashioned referee to me. Darmian


appeal, we think it's possible what pre-empted Jose to go to the stands.


The events of recent weeks have got to him and this tipped him over. I


think it's a penalty but he dramatises it somewhat, the way you.


You see the kick, left shin. There's enough there. I think it's a


penalty, he's on the line which means it's a penalty. You disagree


question might I don't think there's enough contacts for him go down.


Herrera, a bit unlucky, he just slipped? He's really unlucky. It's


never, ever a booking. He should have stayed on the pitch. I agree.


Jose Mourinho was up and down the steps, probably more tired than the


players. It's just not happening for Jose. He looks a bit disgruntled,


he's not happy. He doesn't know his best 11, he's playing around with


the team and the formations, still trying to work it all out. Burnley


deserves some credit. Digging in a game, against Everton last week,


dominated for long periods, and again today and the Cabinet -- the


keeper was fantastic. Middlesbrough were looking


for a first home win of the season against a Bournemouth side who've


yet to taste victory Middlesbrough got a 0-0 draw last


week, unlucky not to will. Calum Chambers returns after being


ineligible against his old club. Stewart Downing is back in midfield.


He takes the place of Marten de Roon. Bournemouth also held one of


the title contenders, Tottenham, to a scoreless draw last Saturday.


Surman's recovery form illness sees him come back in for Gosling. When


Bournemouth won the promotion to the top flight they had battled


Middlesbrough neck and neck at the top of the Championship table. It's


the first time these clubs have ever been in the top flight together.


It's a good ball, might have been a hand ball. The referee says play on.


Josh King was waiting in the middle. That will be the first corner of the


game. Jack Wilshere, on loan from Arsenal, to take the corner. A free


shot for King, headed off the line for Middlesbrough. Adam Clayton in


the right place at the right time. When you look at analysis of teams


who don't but a defender on the post defending set pieces like this,


that's why teams do it. Former Middlesbrough player and manager,


they still have his photo adorned as a player in the tunnel here at the


Riverside Stadium. Now here on England managerial duty. Wilshere,


head up all the time looking for options. Encourages Arter forward


here. Wilshere once more. This could be in for King, a brilliant ball,


Wilson, it comes back in off the crossbar. Did Victor Valdes get his


fingertips to this on the way through? I think he did, it's just


his fingertips but it's enough to push it onto the bar. Friend tracked


all the way by King, good workrate. This is Ramirez, looking for


Negredo. He pulled the trigger. This is Traore.


Away by Francis, but not sufficiently. A poor cross by


Downing. Again, George Friend. He gave it everything. A fraction more


to the right-hand side Middlesbrough surely would have been 1-0 up.


King challenged by Gaston Ramirez at the expense of the corner. Time


beginning to run out for one of these teams to take the lead before


the break. Wilshere's corner, headed away at the front post. Back in by


Adam Smith, it's going to fall for Gaston Ramirez here. Chance of a


counterattack for Middlesbrough and Ramirez shift effortlessly through


the gears. He's going to take it on his own here. That is an exceptional


goal from Gaston Ramirez! Zero to 60, in four seconds. Middlesbrough


looking for the first home win of the season and Gaston Ramirez, from


deep inside his own half, has quite simply created this all for himself.


It's his first goal of the season will stop it's a very memorable one.


Full of determination, full of thrust. Such a calm finish from the


Uruguayan at the end. This would be a crucial first home win, if they


can hold on for it. He's working very hard in the


midfield. Looking for Negredo at the back


post, it must be for Downing! Stewart Downing has delivered for


Middlesbrough. Inevitably, Adama Traore involved in the build-up.


Negredo was unselfish. It's a very good team goal for what is becoming


a very good team performance. Bournemouth are in trouble now.


It's beautifully played, Negredo, no power behind him. Well, his only


goal so far this season came against Stoke on the opening weekend, and


Alvaro Negredo looks to be a striker lowing confidence when shooting for


goal. A good first half, Jack Wilson, he's


been more quiet in the second period. A mistake by Barragan,


Daniels, how long does he want? Smith, brave defending, maybe he


held onto it just for too long and it needed a shot. The shot was


probably on target. It was good skill from Fraser and


Chambers was making sure he wasn't getting on the end of it. Adam Smith


for Afobe, it hit his shoulder as much as anything. Benik Afobe E,


shoulder more than his head. It lands on the top of the crossbar.


You get the feeling this is not going to be Bournemouth's day.


You get the feeling this is not going to be Bournemouth's day. We


were really strong in the last two seasons and we needed today a


performance like we played because our last three games have been


really well, so now we had to show everybody that we could compete,


especially at home. It was a big win for us, no disrespect to


Bournemouth, this was a game we were looking to win. They are good team,


they pass it around well and made it difficult for us, especially at the


end. We deserved it, we created chances and were clinical. Otaegui


has -- not a great performance from our perspective. We had chances and


the goals we conceded were disappointing and they decided the


game. They certainly did. Gaston Ramirez hasn't scored for almost two


years but it was really worth the wait. What a goal, Danny?


Incred goal. Technically very good. Bournemouth would be disappointed,


to concede from your own corner. Bad touch. He closes the ball down. He


has a lot to do. Win it back in your own box. He shows good pace. The


calmness. On his weak foot. Can he finish? Goal of the day, for sure.


After a terrific performance last week. Three points at home will do


them the world of good. Decent start for Middlesbrough. Top side in the


north-east, Alan? I knew you would get that in! As Danny said, they


made a confident start. Took great confidence from their performance


last week. That showed today with their win. I was speaking to Gibson


and he is quietly confident. Looked solid, tough to Beattie as well.


Watford, who began the day in the top half of the table,


The visitors have slipped into the bottom three after six


COMMENTATOR: Troy Deeney scored his 99th goal for Watford in their last


match here at vicarage Road. Deeney would become the fifth Watford


player to reach a century of goals for the club should he score today


against a Hull side who conceded 11 in their last two away matches.


Hernandez returns to the Hull team with Snodgrass out because of


injury. Hull will start with a three-man defence. Harry Maguire


coming in along site Curtice and Dawson as Mike Phelan looks for the


formula that will end their run of defeats.


Amrabat. Didn't quite reach him in the middle. Elmohamady couldn't


clear. Deeney. Capoue, being urged to shoot. It got a touch off a Hull


defender on the way. Came off Maguire. The option of a


short-corner with Holebas in close attendance. And just against the


crossbar from Younes Kaboul. What a header that was. Really firing its


way towards the Hull goal. Picked up by Amrabat.


Amrabat's ball in. Too high this time for Kaboul. Again, Watford


strike the post. Robert Pereyra. Younes Kaboul meeting this firmly.


When it's scrambled away, Roberto Pereyra, you can see what he's


aiming to do here. So close, Watford, to getting the first goal


of the afternoon. McDonald there to the left of Mike Phelan, new


assistant manager at Hull. Maguire. He finds Elmohamady. Keane calling


for it. Hernandez is there as well. Away by Prodl. Elmohamady.


Livermore, a chance for a shot, perhaps. And for Mason. Gomes down


to make the save. From Ryan Mason. A pretty comfortable save for Gomes as


well. Capoue. Lovely control. Pereyra. Here's Ighalo. Amrabat.


Pereyra offering an option, and here he is. Roberto Pereyra. Into the


ground, Deeney! So close. Well, he knows how close he was to reaching


100 goals in all competitions for Watford. Ighalo, stretching. It may


well be that the presence of his strike partner was just enough to


mean that Deeney didn't have too much view of that ball as it came


across to him. Three wins, three draws and three defeats for Watford.


Hopefully those wins will be increased to four come the end of


the afternoon. Gomes with the save. Heurelho Gomes pure Yeos with his


defenders. One touch from Keane. Hernandez is suddenly in behind.


This is better from Hull, in the early exchanges in the Sirs half.


Furious. Capoue. Amarah bra, up against Clucas. -- Amrabat up


against Clucas. Oh, it's gone in. Watford celebrate the opening goal.


Michael Dawson may well have got the final touch. It comes off Dawson.


Hence the celebrations from the two Watford men, neither of whom could


legitimately claim the goal because that is an own-goal. The touch off


Michael Dawson, looping past David Marshall. There it is. It's Watford


1, Hull 0. It's hard on Hull, you have to say. Mike Phelan's team at


home to Southampton next and then, after the international break, a


massive trip, away to fellow strugglers, Sunderland. Away by


Gomes, into the last five minutes, plus stoppage-time. Able to turn.


Pereyra was the target. Ighalo, wriggling through. Ighalo. Oh! Just


the wrong side of the post. Brilliant play here from Odion


Ighalo. He set himself up for the shot. Look how many defenders are


around him. It's just wide. How hard is the manner of that defeat to


take? It's very hard because you've got a depressed dressing room after


the efforts and the work and all what they put into the game, really.


It's cruel, you know, if it goes top corner, it happened against us this


season, can you hold your hands up. We were competitive in the game. Our


attitude was spot on. We created the best chances in the game, probably.


We are on the end of another defeat. We need to react to that and I'm


sure we will during next week. I'm happy on how they are are playing


now. They are giving me a lot of satisfaction. From the way we are


playing, the performance on the pitch, we deserve two or three


points more at this stage. Watford's third clean sheet in a row, four


games unbeaten. Up to seventh. They managed to win the game without


having a single shot on target. Hit the woodwork twice, that doesn't


countried count. The damage was done down the right hand side? Yes.


Amrabat caused them problems. He gave Clucas a difficult afternoon


down that side. He was quick, got balls into the box, whether it was


first half or second-half. Just get at him. That is what he he did. They


couldn't handle him a brilliant ball in. Deserved someone to be on the


end of it. They did create one or two chances. They thoroughly


deserved their victory. Should do better. Should hit the target. This


was the goal. Ran in behind. Wasn't offside as they were appealing for


it. They do get a little bit of luck for the goal when it eventually


comes to Janmaat. Ball in the box and unlucky off Dawson. Enough for


the victory. An own-goal. Well, as for Hull, it's... They are are six


straight defeats in the league, testing times. Tough times, morsel


lid today with Dawson in the side. Ironically he gave the goal away. I


agree Gary with you that Sanchez is top-class. Arsenal fans not happy


with you - not for the first time. Our time is up.


The top three remain locked together on the same points.


Manchester City's thumping win means they hold on to top spot,


ahead of Arsenal and Liverpool, on goal difference.


Tottenham are three points further back in fourth.


Winless Sunderland continue to prop up the league, three points adrift


Hull complete the bottom three after suffering their sixth


Let us see what the papers have to say. Jose Mourinho sending off is


making the headlines. The Sun on Sunday says he could face a stadium


ban after clashing with Mark Clattenburg. The Sunday Express ask


- is he losing the plot? West Ham's Olympic Stadium is not fit for


football and should be demolished. So the top three all score four


while Jose draws a blank.


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