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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


Welcome one and all, eight Premier League games on the way.


Joining me in the studio two former Cottagers,


Danny Murphy and Mark Schwarzer, once team-mates at Fulham of course.


After a 0-0 draw with Manchester United on Monday,


Liverpool were back on home turf against a West Brom side who've won


At the end of this fixture last season and Jurgen Klopp led a chorus


line in front of the Kop after an injury time equaliser, he will not


be celebrating if it is another draw today as he hopes to continue his


team's recent lament. He makes one change to London,


Monday's team, Daniel Sturridge drops to the bench, Wijnaldum is


able to return to the squad but only as a substitute. West Brom who have


drawn their last three matches and are without Jonny Evans through


suspension have a staffer Jonas Olsson who scored in this fixture


last season. Nacer Chadli hopes to add to his four goals in five


Premier League games since signing from Spurs. West Brom have managed


just nine goals in eight games in the Premier League so far. Theys


Court 2 in this fixture last season to get a point and almost got all


three. Neatly done by Lallana. Dummy from Coutinho finds Chamakh, who has


Mane one and Firmino the other. Here is Firmino into Mane! -- Can. The


first chance for Liverpool results in a goal. Created by Flamini and


finished by Mane. For the first 20 minutes, West Brom restricted


Liverpool. But then this move under Dem. Firmino had a look up.


Beautifully flighted, which Nyom misjudged and Mane did the rest. And


that will calm Liverpool down. There is the early first half goal he


wanted. Already four in a Liverpool shirt. He's already needing a goal.


Coutinho. What a pass from the Brazilian. Nathaniel Clyne. Still


Clyne. Teasing ball. Emre Can sliding in. He was the closest to


it. Lovely play from Clyne. What an inviting delivery. Both managers on


their feet. There were a few words exchanged at Anfield in this fixture


last season between these two. Things have not got heated just yet.


Kept Foster on his toes. It wasn't straightforward for him and it has


now fallen to Mane who has Coutinho in support. Coutinho...


Fabulously finished. And West Brom punished.


2-0, Liverpool. Fifth goal of the season for Philippe Coutinho. In


fairness to Ben Foster it wasn't the easiest backpass to deal with. He


sliced it on the volley. All a little untidy until it got to the


feet of Coutinho, that was, and he drilled it past Foster at the near


post. Interesting celebration, mind. Liverpool 2-0 West Brom.


You just feel Liverpool are driving along and a road in second gear and


if they suddenly need to get a third or fourth they can instantly as and


when required. Chris Brunt, rare foray forward for West Brom.


Dawson's Ross. Combination of Henderson and Milner got away. --


Dawson's cross. Here come Liverpool with Mane. Morrison on the chase.


Five forward with him. Coutinho demanding it and receiving it. Into


Firmino. Desperate defending again from West Brom. Fantastic football


from Liverpool once more. Henderson. WHISTLE


Jordan Henderson was caught, it is a Liverpool free kick. This could have


easily been number three. Good awareness from Mane. The same can be


said here for Coutinho, just rolled it into Firmino. The block from


McAuley. Coutinho is behind the Liverpool free kick. It was


inviting. Terrific save from foster. Firmino's effort blocked. Ben Foster


was at full stretch to deny Lovren there. Strong, powerful header.


Equally strong hand to deny Lovren his second Premier League goal for


Liverpool. What an early ball that is from


Milner into Pettini on, who is onside and he has Firmino on the far


side. The also Mane arriving and Can. The German's effort blocked by


Olsson. They were queueing up there for Liverpool. Wonderful early ball


from Milner to begin the move. Milner's won it back there.


Coutinho. Milner.


And again. Kept out by foster.


Just watch James Milner here. He has a look the vision and perfection on


the ball. Coutinho was almost spoilt for choice. I think he was looking


for Mane and in the end it was Can on the stretch. All of this without


Daniel Sturridge, 183 days since he last scored in the Premier League.


He will want to get on in this one and try and put that record to bed.


That is a file by Robson-Kanu by Milner. West Brom have a set play


opportunity. Brunt's delivery. Karius misjudged it and was able to


get in the way. Another set play opportunity because it was a corner


after McAuley's header. Completely miss read by Karius. Liverpool has


everybody back to defend this corner. Trying to see out


back-to-back clean sheets for the first time since March. They might


not do, and they won't do, it is McAuley and West Brom have a


lifeline from nowhere with nine minutes to go. It was a set play


Liverpool didn't deal with. McAuley reacted. And he really couldn't


miss. His second Premier League goal of the season gives this game an


unlikely scoreline of Liverpool 2-1 West Brom.


Firmino to Coutinho. Mane. He is all alone. Mane will have to go solo.


He's managed to find Wijnaldum who have the awareness to find Firmino.


Ben Foster keeps West Brom in it. They could and should have been out


of sight. But they did it by 2-1. How were


when they scored? Good. They? Not good! Sorry! You are not excited


then. Not so good. It was not clear. The plan was to avoid set pieces.


Against Man United we did really well. Tonight we did really well but


it's so difficult, these set pieces, they are role models for set pieces.


Coming in the in the box, not too soft but not too hard, so it's not


really good to defend. It felt like 15 West Brom players in the box. In


a game like this do you find out things about your players you don't


already know? No, they are an honest group of lads who work well


together. We lack certain qualities that we are looking for and we will


try and keep improving. I think the squad has improved. They have worked


hard today, worked their socks off and we have got faults and we accept


that and we have to get on with it. But effort and commitment, even the


last couple of mistake going and trying. What is it like playing in


such an exciting forward line that create so many chances like


Liverpool do? I think because we know other and I think we make many


movements between the lines, and finally we score goals.


Six wins from nine, you must be satisfied with that as a foundation?


The problem is, I don't know when I was last satisfied, maybe 2012 after


I won the double, or we won the double at Dortmund and that was five


seconds. Read into that what you will but not


for the first time this season Liverpool were excellent and the


star man was once again Philippe Coutinho, wasn't he? He was


excellent. He was but I'm just excited now by the whole team. The


balance, the creativity, the confidence, the rotation of


positions is going so well, better than I


expected and I think lots of the supporters as well. Coutinho really


is the jewel in the Crown. He is special in so many ways and now he's


adding the end product we have talked about. Four goals this


season. He only got eight the whole of last season. He is coming deep


and has a free role, he starts on the left and drifts in and gets the


ball whenever he feels like it. Playing with confidence, his


decision-making is much better than it has been before. He can spray the


ball all over the place. His skill is brilliant. The awareness of


people around him was fantastic, brilliant dummy, and that leads to


the goal. What a move, this is Liverpool free-flowing. They have


just found this formation and this team selection that really suits


them. You've got storage sitting on the bench and they still are not


struggling for goals. Grey finish from the left, we've seen him do


this more and more. This is what I'm talking about, creativity, final


pass, the hardest thing in football is to play people in in the final


third and he is one of the best at it. He's dictating games, terrifying


opposition, he starts this move, gets the ball back in the second,


can he make the right choice again? Can he play someone in for a chance


on goal? Yes, he keeps producing. OK, it is at home to West Brom, you


would expect him to have lots of the ball but he's been like this all


season and is getting help from people around him, another great


chance and Emre Can should score. Great block. Long-range shooting,


he's very good at this, doesn't quite get this one, but his


performance today was magnificent and long may it continue. The only


downside for Liverpool is another goal conceded from a set piece.


There have been a few of those and they must work on that. It is one of


the Achilles' heel is at this moment in time. Date sort of sit playing


with zonal marking and that is one of their biggest problems. As a


player I hated playing zonal marking, I always wanted man on man,


a play on the post, Liverpool don't seem to have a player on the post


and it makes it more difficult. For a goalkeeper you feel more exposed.


He whips it in here and their best defender with heading the ball is


out of the plate with one good ball, and what happens in the end is


McAuley Adam Dawson on the edge of the box have a good run-up, and it


is very difficult for Firmino and Lovren to compete. They get


overloaded in the middle. In the end it is McAuley who gets some luck on


his side and finishes it. As a goalkeeper you are in a position


where you like man to man and people on the post but the manager likes to


play a different way. Would you go to the manager and say, hang on,


you've got to help me out, I don't like this way of playing, Audrey


have to say he is the boss and in charge. Most players, and you might


agree with me, they will ask you, the manager will come to you and say


I like zonal marking, I don't want people on the post, I want someone


in the hole and what do you want to do? More often than not, I will say


OK, I'm not particularly happy, I'd rather have some of the other post


and go man on man and then you have a discussion and if the manager is


adamant that is what he wants to do that's it. He doesn't say it that


nicely! LAUGHTER


Here is something I never thought I'd say, Leicester have won more


games in the Champions League this season than the Premier League.


Opponents Crystal Palace saw their five-game unbeaten run ended by West


Ham last week. Guy Mowbray was at the King Power Stadium.


Getting the balance right between continuity and change is the


Leicester challenge with such a busy schedule. Two changes as Marc


Albrighton and Jamie Vardy get a breather on the bench, Shinji


Okazaki and Ahmed Musa come in, the Nigerian Ahmed Musa has not fired in


a Leicester shirt yet. Scott Dann is almost ready to return for Palace


but not quite so Damien Delaney continues as captain. Today he's


back at the club, his career in England kicked off with. Leicester


signed him from Cork 16 years ago. Respects being paid to the late King


of Thailand who has passed away after a 70 year reign, and with whom


Leicester's Thai owners had a close bond. When Palace were last here


they lost by just one goal. The goal scored by substitute today Jamie


Vardy. Here is Okazaki. Mandanda holds up his hands and apologises.


Okazaki might do the same to his Leicester team-mates now. Mandanda


didn't look straight to Okazaki who had a bit longer to take a look


himself. First Wayne Rooney, now Jamie Vardy. Star strikers having to


take their places on the bench. It is an ever-changing game this.


Huth, not helped by that lift of the ball by King. Townsend now. He's


gone for goal. He was having to go through Simpson to have any chance.


Kelly's cross against the frame of the ball from Benteke. This is a


cracking cross from Martin Kelly, Espinoza specially with someone of


Bentekent's aerial prowess waiting for it. Put it in the right place to


Benteke. Alan Pardew said he wanted a response to their home defeat last


week against West Ham. He's getting it. Great play by Drinkwater.


Okazaki, now. Slimani. It's come to Christian Fuchs, now Danny


Drinkwater. Mahrez waiting wide. Mahrez! Just over the top. Deflected


over the bar by Okazaki. Mahrez sent Martin Kelly completely the wrong


way. King. Musa. Slimani. Okazaki with a toe-poke, back to Slimani.


Musa, chance to find Mahrez. Chance to shoot, chance to score! Ahmed


Musa's first Leicester City goal. Boy, is he happy about it. A


milestone for Musa and the lead for Leicester. It wasn't exactly a


flowing move, but through sheer determination, with a toe-poke here


or there, they managed to work the ball into the space and Musa had


options. He could have played Mahrez in, but he realised with one shift


to the right, the goal was within his sights. That's blasted home.


Leicester City 1, Crystal Palace 0. Leicester City are halfway there,


halfway towards making it 20 Premier League home games without defeat.


Nobody's come here in the league and won since Arsenal scored five on the


26th September last year. Mahrez cross. That's Slimani. It's just


wide. It caught the side of the net on its way passed, which caused a


few Leicester sides on the other side of the ground to start


cheering. Alan Pardew with Gary Lineker on the Premier League Show


midweek, it made fascinating viewing. Very animated when talking


about Leicester's title triumph saying he loved it. All his players


loved it. They all wanted Leicester - not today. Drinkwater, looking for


Slimani. It's come to Okazaki. There was some feeling in that finish, and


the celebration. It's his first goal in 14 Premier League appearances.


Michael Oliver deserves a bit of the credit there. Musa was fouled, he


realised Drinkwater was running away. Clearly signals advantage. The


didn't Leicester take full advantage? The few changes made by


Claudio Ranieri seemed to have worked all right. Musa into the


team, Okazaki into the team - both onto the scoresheet. Cabaye.


Benteke. Down to Ledley McArthur, finds Zaha. He can't beat


Schmeichel. Guarding that near-post. Well-worked by Palace. Zaha just had


to check himself as he received the ball from McArthur. Palace have


definitely stepped up the urgency level, but then they had to.


Drinkwater. Here's Campbell. He's added a little bit of energy to the


Crystal Palace front-line. Zaha. Got to beat two. He managed it. Cabaye,


he will get another chance. Schmeichel saves. In the right place


to block everything. Clinging on to the chance of that fourth successive


home clean sheet. Okazaki. Came in quickly on McArthur. Vardy, in space


to the left. Drinkwater has seen him. It's Vardy. And Musa got to it.


He plays it Fryers who was expecting it to run out of play. Leicester


corner. Mahrez corner. Benteke. There's Christian Fuchs! This is the


day Leicester supporters have been waiting for that. You just somehow


knew that when Christian Fuchs finally scored his fist goal for the


club, it would be a belter! On the volley, no chance for Mandanda. What


a goal from Christian Fuchs to make absolutely sure of the three points


for Leicester City. Zaha who has it through to Benteke.


Benteke, with a chance for Palace. He never looked convinced that he


was going to take it. That's Palace' day summed up. Benteke has three


looks up to see where Schmeichel is and played it into that exact spot.


Zaha. There's Cabaye. Palace have one. You wouldn't have thought there


was enough time for that one to be followed by two or three, but it


does just give a little bit of encouragement to the Palace


supporters, some of whom have stopped heading down the steps for


the exit. Cushioned into the goal by Yohan Cabaye. Well, there is a surge


of confidence from the team in yellow now. . Here's Zaha. Fuchs


slipped and got in his way. Zaha. Campbell finds his effort blocked.


Mikel furious with his defenders. If Crystal Palace were to get another


quickly this really might be on for them. -- Schmeichel. It might be


another chance for Leicester. Vardy is on to that. Mahrez is in.


Mandanda has blocked it. This should have been 4-1 to Leicester City.


Leicester City's home run goes on and on. In the end what Leicester


fans will take away most from this is that they were there when


Christian Fuchs fired in a belter. Leicester City 3, Crystal Palace 1.


How do you feel after that result? I feel good. I feel good. Of course,


the first 20 minutes I felt not so good. But after that moment we start


to play our football. To press, to play so fast, so quickly. I enjoy a


lot. We deserve to win today against a very good team. We were OK today,


but they were still a good side. You have to understand that. Their pace


and their power unsettles you and opens you up at times when you least


expect it. It was enough for them to win today. They told me, if I scored


I should make it a woodser. What were your thoughts when you saw it


coming towards you. Did your eyes lit up? Hit it as hard as I can and


hopefully hit the goal. When it was in, then it was pure emotion. Last


season against Crystal Palace there was pizza for the players. Will you


share thatened woerful birthday cake with them this year? Yes. We have a


cake in the dressing room. I said I wanted a clean sheet. At the end, in


the dressing room, I said - you don't want pizza, it's OK, I get my


money and I'll spend money. Thank you. Have his cake and eat it too.


Thank you for sending it us to. Happy birthday. Great victory. You


were part of Leicester's squad last season. Talk about missing Kante.


The one player who hasn't featured was Okazaki. It has been


underestimated how important he is to the side. Today they were more


like last season, which Shinji Okazaki in the side. He covered


today more distance than anyone else on the pitch. More sprinters as


well. One kilometer, travelled one kilometer more than Vardy or Slimani


any game this season so far. It's underestimated how much work he does


for the side. He has been quite brilliant today I thought. Aftering


about out for such a long period of time. Today, his actions on the


pitch. He drops deep. Helps out his backline and midfield. Basically,


what he does is, he helps them out so they don't have to come out of


position so much. He engages the fist time with Crystal Palace


midfield and forces them them wide. Forces them to go around him. He's


never any moving around the pitch. He is closing players down. He is


passing on players. Again, he's putting pressure on them. The minute


the ball goes into the feet of a Crystal Palace player he is putting


pressure on. In the end, Cabaye doesn't know what to do with him he


ends up knocking the ball long. At the other end, this is what her's


there for. It didn't work out for him. He has that quality as well. He


is coming short. Always looking to link up with his team-mates. Doesn't


get it this time. Moves into the box. He is unlucky in this instance


after Mahrez' shot on goal. This one, he throws himself in. Not many


people would do that. He has that determination. Musa scores a very


good goal. You can see him again. He's grafting, fighting for every


ball. In a side like Leicester, who this season have struggled at times,


he has been invaluable. For all his hard work, he still gets forward.


Against all the odds wins the second ball, he is the first one to it and


finishes it really well. Cracking afternoon. My son's favourite


player. He loves him. Midfielder's dream that type of player. Certainly


is. Palace a couple of defeats in in a row after a good run. They are a


steady side? They had bad luck. The Benteke chance hit the bar early on.


That could have changed things. Missing Scott Dann, their best


defender. Puncheon is missing. He calms things down for them. When


they come back they will be OK. COMMENTATOR: He can't get on the end


of it. What Payet gets the shot in. Oh, the woodwork. Fantastic block on


the line. Sigurdsson! All seven of Burnley's points this


season have been won at Turf Moor. They faced an Everton side without


a win in their last three matches. Defoe is missing today for Burnley.


Arfield steps in Ronald Koeman made his point by leaving Barkley out of


Everton's starting line-up last weekend. He is back in today along


with Mirallas, Cleverley and Deulofeu make way. Everton quietly


impressive under Ronald Koeman so far this season. Four points off the


top of the table. Marney gets the ball away. Everton now striding


forward with Bolasie. Oh, a defensive mixup here. Mirallas.


Saved by Heaton. What a lucky escape there for Burnley in the first


couple of minutes in the match. Hesitancy in the heart of the


defence. Bolasie scuffing the ball. The clearance totally miscued.


Heaton called into early action. Bolasie backing away with Lukaku.


This is Bolasie. Taking on Ward. Bolasie still going here. Good play


by Yannick Bolasie. A block made by Ben Mee. Burnley pinned back inside


their own penalty area. Mirallas, tightly-controlled. Barkley, alarm


bells ringing at the back here for Burnley. Good save. Pushed away by


the gloves of Tom Heaton. There has been an intensity about the way Ross


Barkley has played in this quarter of an hour or so. He brings a good


save from the Burnley keeper hear. Ronald Koeman, whose team have


conceded six league goals in eight games in the league. Tottenham have


conceded fewer. Playing second fiddle here at times. A great desire


about the way Burnley are approaching this half, the longer it


goes on. Ben Mee, here's Dean Marney.


Looking for Gudmundsson, lovely touch, beautifully taken by Scott


Arfield, Burnley striding forward, and Arfield... Vokes is there!


Arfield's shot had the sting taken out of it but in the end it fell to


Sam Vokes and he gives Burnley the lead. This was a fantastic touch


from Gudmundsson. Scott Arfield does really well here and Stekelenburg


could only poke the ball with his palm into Vokes's Path. Watch the


number nine who could hardly miss. Burnley lead Everton 1-0.


Hoping to start the second half in a similar manner to the first,


Everton. They were dominant in the early going. Yannick Bolasie. He


hasn't been firing quite at his best so far. That is a decent ball but


headed behind by Matt Lutton. First corner of the second half for


Everton. -- Matt Lowe to an. Out by Mirallas, backed by Ross Barkley,


saved by Heaton. The 1-1 draw with Tottenham was his last goal. He hit


this firmly enough. Under pressure here from Lukaku. Hayton wisely gets


rid of that without hanging around. On by Ross Barkley, foreword by


Idris Elba a. Can't quite get on the end of it. Everton knocking on the


door looking for an equaliser. -- Gueye. It was just out of reach for


Lukaku. Bolasie. The touch by Gareth Barry but he's given it away.


Arfield cannot pick it up, collected by Barry, he's done well finding


Romelu Lukaku, Bolasie takes it off him, it is Bolasie! Burnley 1-1


Everton. Yannick Bolasie with his first goal for the club following


his big-money move from Crystal Palace in the summer. Everton are


right back in the game. Burnley conceding possession. Ben Mee taken


out of the game. Bolasie took it over and nudged Lukaku out of the


way, and having done that he had to make sure that the finished product


was a good one. Lukaku was about to run in on goal and Bolasie said, no,


I'm having that, and that's why. I get the feeling more the plate is


going to be in Burnley's part of the field than Everton's. Going like a


train, and it was nearly at the feet of Romelu Lukaku again. Keane puts


it behind. Everton almost in for a second goal here. Coleman powering


forward and Keane with a vital touch. Jagielka.


Ross Barkley's ball out wide. Yannick Bolasie with the ball in


towards Lukaku. Vital touch from Tom Heaton to take it away from the


Everton striker who surely would have scored. Back in it comes once


more from Seamus Coleman and Stephen Ward puts it out of play. Bolasie,


scorer of the equaliser, causing problems here. Vital fingertip save


from Heaton. Bolasie. He holds off one, holds off


to Mecca, can't find Lukaku. This is Bryan Oviedo now. Bolasie gets a


little bit of space. Goes full glory. Fingertip save. The pressure


is on Tom Heaton the longer this game goes on. Headed away by


Jagielka. Are they going to have a late winner


here? At the moment it's looking like a hard earned point. The


delivery, headed on, towards Michael Keane. Could be a chance. It smacks


against the bar and Arfield's Dunnett! Scott Arfield for Burnley


in the last few seconds of the 90 minutes. On the infant and not much


time for Everton to do anything about it. Throughout the second half


Everton were looking like the more likely to score a second goal.


Maarten Stekelenburg's nothing to do in the second half. He was beaten by


the shot and the follow up by Arfield. The initial one from


Gudmundsson rattling against the crossbar, and Scott Arfield puts


Burnley in front with the match almost over.


How do you make sense of that? Dramatic finish? There is still a


little boy inside you that wish is that when you do it in front of


20,000 it becomes more important. It is hard to take, because sometimes


football can be so unfair that has happened today. One shot in the


second half and 2-1. We did not deserve to lose. We did so many good


things but finally the result is not what we want and it is hard to take


it. Earlier on I spoke to the Burnley manager Sean Dyche.


In your last home game you suffered from a late winner at Arsenal and


this time it was your turn. Slightly different emotions, I suspect.


Certainly, the one against Arsenal was a real sickener and I thought we


had put on a good performance worthy of getting something from the game


and a draw would have been fair on the day. Today was a different day,


good performance overall. Very authentic performance from us. We


went away from what we are good at at Southampton last week and we had


to remind the players we are doing the basics here, we're not kidding


everyone thinking we will roll the ball around Premier League stadiums


and win every week, we know we have to work for everything we get and


that was on show today. Two moments of real quality, I must say, the


first goal the build-up play was excellent and a lucky break at the


end of it but the build-up was good. The second goal, different type of


goal, fantastic strike from Gudmundsson, and I must say a


fantastic finish from Scott Arfield because they are awkward when they


are bobbling. That is three wins now. What have you learned from


perhaps having been through this experience two years ago. What have


you learned from what happened last time in the Premier League?


I have learned that it costs a lot of money to get players. I have


learned that, that's for sure. There was a lot made of me playing 4-4-


two and playing the same team etc. It's not that I prefer any system,


the system that works is the one you prefer. I think if you have two


strike as it is trouble for teens, especially in the Premier League


because not many play with two strikers and we've been pushed a


little bit into playing with the five in midfield. I think that has


suited as well, we've done well but that with the Andre Gray situation


but he comes back next week and he will have to fight for his shirt.


We've shown a different way of playing that can be productive,


hasn't always gone well away from home. We have to learn as a staff


and I am still a young manager earning my Spurs. I'm hopeful of


what I can achieve with this group and beyond.


Thank you for joining us. We wish you well for the rest of the season.


A lot of things went into that victory, albeit with a little bit of


fortune. Having you here, Mark, is a great opportunity for one of their


most consistent performers, their goalkeeper Tom Heaton. He made good


saves throughout the game. He was also very busy. You would expect


that at Burnley. He is their leader and the captain of the side. Second


season in the Premier League and gained a lot of experience and


growing in confidence from his first experience. I think now Burnley are


reaping rewards. It is important for them that he plays well to have any


chance of staying in the Premier League. His main strengths? He is


calm, probably the most improved goalkeeper in the Premier League


this season. Growing in confidence. You can see a couple of stats. He's


obviously been busy and made a couple of saves the season, more


than anybody else. Another star for Burnley was Gudmundsson who we saw


to our cost playing for Iceland in the summer against England. He was


taken at Charlton and he was well thought of there. Good left foot. He


did not start the season, earned his place this season. He plays on the


right-hand side, difficult to mark when you have a left footer on the


right. Positive early in the game, confident on the board. This was the


little flick, for the build-up for the first goal. When you see a


player doing this type of thing you think this lad has something. He has


not played at this level before but it didn't faze him. Always demanding


the ball. Although they were under the cosh for long periods he dug in


and try to get back to help his team, which Burnley have to do,


they'll have to put in a shift, of course. Watch this for a strike to


help get them up. Great technique and a brilliant finish. He stood out


for me and he is not somebody I've seen much of. If you have not played


at this level and you see somebody with that confidence, he's only


going to get better. Everton, after a cracking start to


the season, four games without a win and Koeman thought they were unlucky


having dominated in large parts but it is concerning after such a good


start. It is but most coaches look at performance. The performance was


much better today than it has been in recent weeks. For example, at


Bournemouth, if they keep playing like they did today they will be


fine, lots of pace and creativity and they were unlucky today. Hull


City were looking to end a run of four defeats during which time they


conceded 17 goals. They faced eight Stoke side who have secured their


first win week against Sunderland. Martin Fisher was at the KCOM


Stadium. COMMENTATOR: In desperate need of


tightening up at the back Michael Dawson makes a timely return for


Hull City today after suffering a knee injury in the summer. With Andy


Robertson ruled out for eight weeks Sam Clucas drops in at left-back,


experienced duo Tom Huddlestone and David Myler are recalled. Stoke City


stick to the side that overcame Sunderland, Joe Allen looking to


extend his surprising goal spree. Four goals in his last three games,


he is responsible for more than half of the team's goals so far this


season. Last week's 6-1 defeat at the Vitality Stadium was Hull's


heaviest in the top flight for seven years. 6-1 at Liverpool in September


2009. The following game after that they came here and beat Wigan 2-1.


They will be looking for something similar this afternoon. David Myler.


Elmohamady wants it to his right. Pieters was caught. Elmohamady Buzz


is blocked by Cameron. 30 minutes gone, neither goalkeeper yet forced


into action. Hull trying to test Grant. They have won corner. It came


off Geoff Cameron. Dawson in the box, Davies is there as well,


Snodgrass with the inswinger. Appeals for handball as it was ping


ponging around. It struck the arm of Shawcross but are the arms in an


unnatural position? Hull City started the day at a point above


Stoke City end of the visitors win today they will climb out of the


bottom three and above Hull City in the process. Here is Mason finding a


cross. Keane's head. A long time to come, midway through the half


command Hull have fashioned their first realistic opportunity and Ryan


Mason deserves all of the plaudits. Elmohamady to bring it clear for


Hull. In danger of losing that and he has, stopped by Pieters. This is


Shaqiri. Bony. Long way out, deflection off Davis. For a second


it looked like it might make life difficult for David Marshall but


instead it is over for a corner. Bony and Arnautovic in the six yard


box, others looking to attack it. Bony couldn't quite get up, Marshall


got a punch to it. Shawcross. That is a lovely ball, good vision, good


execution. Shaqiri. Good effort! What a goal! What a goal Xherdan


Shaqiri. You do not keep those out. The Swiss where's the smile, Stoke


City have the lead, and it's an absolute cracker. Full credit to


Shawcross for keeping the move alive and then Shaqiri takes over and you


do not let him shoot with his left foot, however far out he is. Stoke


find some quality, and its top drawer quality. Hull City 0-1 Stoke


City. Mike Phelan without a win since he was named Manager of the


Month for August. He started with the successive victories against


Leicester City and Swansea. But since then it has been all downhill.


Shaqiri has picked out Arnautovic! What a ball from Shaqiri. And


Arnautovic, the expression on his face, is very revealing. He feels he


should have scored here. Now Allen has two to aim for. This is Shaqiri,


can he move it to his right to Bony, only with a chance for his first


goal for Stoke and it is that Mandelson with a magnificent


challenge, that's why it's so important he is back in the team.


That is brilliant. -- batsman Dawson. Must be feeling in the


dressing room that a second goal would win the game for them. That


was sure from Davies, Allen might steal it for Stoke. Shaqiri goes


down under Davies' challenge. Free kick. Hull got themselves into a bit


of a tangle outside their penalty area and could not clear their


lines. Shaqiri might well fancy this.


It will be Shaqiri. It's 2-0. Well not quite of the quality of his


first-strike, that was magnificent. It's not a bad follow-up. It might


be enough to ensure that those Stoke fans head home happy tonight.


Delightfully flighted over the wall. Martial couldn't get across quickly


enough. Stoke City on course for their first away win since March


19th. It's a familiar Premier League campaign panning out, it seems, for


Hull City and their supporters. Elmohamady.


. Now needs an outlet. He decides that outlet is Arnason. --


Arnautovic. What a save by Martial. What a goal this would have been.


What a pass from Shaqiri. The first touch by Arnautovic, fabulous.


Breezes away from Elmohamady. I thought Martial made a save,


Arnautovic certainly felt that was the case. He did. It's a quarter of


a century they were together in the Manchester United side that won Sir


Alex Fergusson's first trophy. The FA Cup in 1990. Arnautovic.


It will sit nicely for Allen. He forces the save out of Martial.


Wasn't much of a gap to aim for at the at the near-post. Allen very


nearly found it. 1700 Stoke fans here. They haven't stopped singing


and clapping all afternoon. It's been a good afternoon for them. Back


on track. Next up for Mark Hughes a game against Swansea. Today we were


nervous, a little bit edgy we gave the ball away in situations when


really we shouldn't be at this level we shouldn't be doing that. We need


to rebuild confidence. We need to set our sights for the battle ahead.


I'm sure we will. The referee blew the whistle we had good intent to


our play. Moved the ball round with good intensity and any number of


chances before the great strike from Shaqiri which opened the scoring for


us. The key was that we did more of the same in the second-half. Shaqiri


produced a moment of magic, fantastic free-kick. He does that in


training. We expect him to score, to be perfectly honest. Both goals were


beautiful. Of course the first one I think I have to watch it again on


the TV, but I think it was beautiful. First of all, it was


important that we win the game. We played good. We had clean sheet.


That was important, I think for everybody for Stoke City it was a


beautiful day and for the fans also. If you want to watch them again on


TV stay watching now. There is obviously only one man to pick out.


The star of the show, Shaqiri? He turned up. He hasn't done enough of


this in a Stoke shirt. We have been raving about Allen it should have


been this man, Arnautovic. Today he had that strut about him, the the


confidence in the Euros, moments of brilliance. He is capable of this


type of thing. That's unstoppable. Technically brilliant. Very good at


coming off that right side and getting shots away. The only


surprise is he doesn't do it more often with the ability he has got.


Fabulous goal. Yeah, he's got this well as well, I love it, the ability


to open the defence from anywhere on the pitch. What a pass that is.


Arnautovic should finish it. To have an eye for a pass... Not many


players can do that. Free-kick, again technically very good. You


have to question the wall a little bit. We will look at that again in a


bit. That is technically very difficult to do that. He missed the


first few games with an injury, to be fair to him. Maybe it's taken him


a while to get his fitness and sharpness back. He is strong, that


low sense of gravity. Look at that for a pass again. If he can stay fit


with Arnautovic on the other side and Allen playing at the level he


is, Stoke will be up the table before you know. Pleased for Mark


Hughes and his We saw the staff. Free-kick briefly there. Have


another look at it from perhaps a goalkeeper's perspective. It seemed


to be easy? It looked a a little bit. For David Marshall it was


difficult. Shawcross has done what he does best. Make a nusance of


himself. Make himself big. He is a big lad anyway. He gets in between


Snodgrass. Should they not get someone behind Snodgrass? I would. I


would have another defender in behind him. If Snodgrass make as


run, moves out of the way last second you want someone to go with


him and defend him. David Marshall was in the right position doesn't


see the ball until late. The wall didn't do a good job.


There's a special reunion on Match of the Day 2 this week.


I gave everything to the club. I diddle my job and they gave me their


love. Now I go there as Manchester United manager and I go there to try


and do my job. 5Live and the BBC Sport website has


commentary of Manchester City versus Southampton at 1.30pm


and Chelsea Manchester Before that it's Match of the Day 2


Extra, BBC Two at 12.15pm. Also on BBC Two there's


live American Football, the New York Giants face the LA Rams


at Twickenham from 2.00pm. And look out for a special edition


of the Premier League Show this week from New York,


Frank Lampard and Patrick Vieira both feature, Wednesday,


BBC Two, 10.00pm. Pires, he scored one. He faces David


James, again! What's he done? Well, he pretended to take it and didn't


seem to take it. The referee has given a free-kick the other way.


What on earth was Pires doing? I see, he was waiting for Henry. What


an extraordinary incident. It's still funny, even now, isn't it in


on last week's victory over Crystal Palace against bottom


To the London Stadium next where West Ham were now,


on last week's victory over Crystal Palace against bottom


of the table Sunderland, who've failed to win any


of their opening eight league games for the second season in a row.


COMMENTATOR: Switching to a back three at Palace paid off. Despite


being without the suspenses Cresswell he has stuck with the same


formation today with Swiss under-21 international, Fernandez coming in


at left-wingback for his first Premier League start. Sunderland


have Kone back in their side after he missed the defeat at Stoke with a


hamstring injury. Their other change from last weekend sees Pienaar come


into central midfield as McNair is dropped to the bench. Sunderland are


only the second club in top division history to start consecutive


campaigns with such a long winless run. So, on paper at least, they are


just the kind of guests West Ham would want over as they try to make


this place feel a bit more like home. Here's Fernandez. Room for


Payet here. It's dangerous. Poked over for Fernandes to chase. He's


kept it in. Fernandes finding Payet. Noble look for Payet. Dimitri Payet,


a whisker away from another to add to the scrap book for Dimitri Payet.


Given that kind of room on the edge of the box always likely to have a


go. A yard or so wide. Zaza. Asking quite a bit from his goalkeeper to


prevent the corner there. Van Aanholt trying to be a bit too


clever. In from Payet. Pickford thought about coming, stays.


Agbonlahor in there as well. He asked the question, nothing doing.


Fernandes out as far as Reid. Nice turn. Still going. Was he held up


there? He asks the question and says - goal kick. This was Reid, turning


inside of Manquillo. He had his arms up there, Manquillo. Before that


wrestling from John O'Shea. West Ham have started with a really good


rhythm. Here's Payet. Still Dimitri Payet. And still. Straight at Jordan


Pickford. The Antonio had his pocket picked by Pienaar. Dimitri Payet


weaved his way into the Sunderland penalty area. But then fired too


close to Jordan Pickford. Billic has had West Ham training here at the


London Stadium in a bid to try and make it feel a bit more like home


for the side. Lanzini, looking for Noble. Too much on it. Might work


out for Dimitri Payet. He gets the shot in. So close from Dimitri


Payet. Payet, swivelling away from ast ho of white shirts. Pickford was


beaten and Payet was just a couple of inches out. This is Duncan


Watmore. Sunderland showing signs of getting into the game. Here's


Jermain Defoe he could get in around the back. Got in a tangle. He has it


back. He has got the shot in. That is Sunderland's first shot on


target. Billic warned his side to beware the finishing ability of


Jermain Defoe. Never got the contact he was hoping for there. David Moyes


met with representatives from some of Sunderland's supporters branches


this week and says that most of them understand the position the club are


in at the moment. Noble. Thought about having a go. Might do here.


Still Mark Noble. Fernandes. Decent ball in. Zaza was waiting. Zaza.


Went for the spectacular. He wasn't a million miles away, Simone Zaza.


He was quick to go for goal. Is acrobatically here. Sunderland do


have the joint worst attack in the division so far this season with


only six goals so far. Hardly anything created from them in that


first half. Not the best of clearances. It's through here.


Brilliant save from Adrian. Sunderland almost gifted a goal


there. A glorious opportunity here. Payet. Offloads to Obiang. It comes


back to him, side-netting. That is one of the rare moments of note that


West Ham have had in the second-half. Sunderland heading


towards their first clean sheet in the Premier League this season. Now


or never for West Ham if they are to snatch the points. Noble in. West


Ham corner. The last chance of the game, perhaps. Here is Payet.


Short-corner. Winston Reid. It's Reid. He's won it for West Ham. With


virtually the last kick of the game. Delight for West Ham, despair David


Moyes and Sunderland. The short-corner catching Sunderland


out. Reid with the turn and the hit. Jordan Pickford unsighted by his own


bunch of players. Reid's effort Nestling in the bottom corner. Some


much needed home comforts for West Ham. As Winston Reid snatches the


points despair for David Moyes and Sunderland. A their winless run goes


on. They don't even leave here with a point. Straight to it. Maybe a


contentious decision about that late goal. What was your take on it?


Offside. You don't want me to say anything else. The boy lost his foot


in front of the goalkeeper. It should be given offside. Have you


spoken to the team about it? They think it's onside. You disagree with


that? That is what I said to you, isn't it? I'm happy much we get


three points. Keep moving up the table. It's really good for us. We


needed this win. Especially playing at home. We haven't been doing well


lately at home. Important to get a win. Now we have two wins, two clean


sheets and no matter how much we are talking before training, after


training, during the training or analysing the games and everything,


nothing can give you bigger boost than wins. Not for the first time


this season Sunderland have conceded a goal as we can see from the


graphic there. They dropped a lot of points, more than anyone else in


those circumstances, Danny. There is a degree of controversy about this


particular win, of Winston Reid's. What do you make of it? It's tight.


It is tight. I think, listen, ultimately, if you are conceding


goals late in games is a problem. Four players with the their back to


the ball in the last-minute of the game trying to fight for a point.


Keeper trying to tell them, two v one, you can't have it any part of


the game, never mind the last-minute. Players not


concentrating. Look at the gap. Not the best ball, Reid does


brilliantly. You can see the line. The lad in front of the goalkeeper,


he jumps over the ball is in line with Rodwell. Offside. It's tight.


It's tight. An inch, two inches. It's certainly not a bad decision.


You can see the boots, the yellow booze in line line with Rodwell's


boot inside the six-yard box. I think the referee assistant does


well. The man on the post would have cleared it. Forever going on about


the man on the post. Pet hate of man-managers don't do it.


Concentration awful in the last part of the game. West Ham deserve it.


Payet brilliant. Great to see him playing back to the levels. Two wins


for West Ham. Two clean sheets on the bounce. Important for


goalkeepers and defenders. Crisis over, isn't it? Not quite yet. A


step in the right direction. Particularly at home. This game


today was a massive win - To win in that stadium to get belief. At that


stage of the game it relieved the pressure massively. I suppose, take


that stigma of the new stadium, how hard will it be to win games. Today


was an important victory for them. It certainly was.


At the Emirates, Arsene Wenger was celebrating his 67th birthday.


His in-form Arsenal side faced a Middlesbrough team who've not


Middlesbrough arrive all at sixes and sevens. Arsene Wenger 67 today,


Arsenal seven wins on the spin in all, Boro six without a league win


and at a club that in the past has hit six and seven goals in matches


past them. Elneny replaces the injured Cazorla because Granit Xhaka


is also out. Clayton is recalled to thicken the midfield. Ayala replaces


chambers who is ineligible. Mustafi. World Cup winner with


Germany. The centre-half Arsenal fans have been screaming for four


years. Elneny. The ball in behind, Theo Walcott has read it and puts it


back into the middle, away by Ayala, only as far as Ozil, all of the


pressure on Middlesbrough. Elneny! It was whistling. Only his second


league start of the season. Well wide in the end. Middlesbrough


cannot get on the ball. 80% of possession in the opening 17


minutes, Arsenal. Pressure. Koscielny has made a mistake. Cech


saves Arsenal, and again from Negredo. He cannot buy a goal at the


moment. Middlesbrough dangerous on the counter after an Arsenal mistake


and they have a free kick after a rash challenge by Bellerin. That is


a very big chance for Middlesbrough. That mistake by Koscielny. Sloppy


defending. Cech, good save initially, bad miss by Negredo on


the follow-up. Gaston Ramirez stands on the right of this. He will take


it and bend it around the wall and hit the woodwork! Great free kick.


And Arsenal from a position of total dominance are rocking at the back as


Middlesbrough's self belief grows. Elneny. Here is Ozil. Bellerin.


Quickly into Mesut Ozil. Good refereeing. Foul on the edge of the


box, court Coquelin. He will say the Arsenal player ran into him. I think


he caught him late. -- caught. Sanchez to the right, that is a good


save because he will have seen that late. Two free kicks, one for each


side. Mr Middlesbrough watching on, Steve Gibson. The chair since 1994.


Negredo with the header. He's done well so far, great cross looking for


Negredo and a great save by Petr Cech, denying Ramirez at the far


post. Lovely football by Middlesbrough. Had Nagy Rory has


played so well on his debut, the touch by Negredo and Cech got across


goal so quickly to make the save. -- Adama Traore. Sanchez. Into


Woollacott. Sanchez has gone down off the ball and he was caught in


the face. Mike Dean saw enough of it to give


the free kick. Ayala fortunate to get away without a card. Ozil will


take the free kick for Arsenal. Played so well against Ludogorets in


midweek. Will it drop for Sanchez? Just too high for Koscielny as he


arrived. Let off for Middlesbrough. They seemed to have the situation


dealt with. No real danger here. The goalkeeper and his defenders got


into a right mix-up. Just too high for Cristiani as he came in.


Monreal. -- cuss Yonny. Sanchez, couple of


strides, great shot. Super-safe. Sanchez has come alive in the second


half. Really good effort, veering away, fine goalkeeping by Victor


Valdes, good goalkeeping. Margaret Macdonald with the blue shirt on and


silver hair, and Bernie on the right, big Middlesbrough hero. Ozil


trying to find a way through, not like that. Traore can be a danger.


Koscielny cutting down the angle. Cech saves. Adam Nagy Rory has been


bright and has lifted Middlesbrough to another level today and forced


another very good save out of Petr Cech. Not his best birthday so far.


Here is Oxlade-Chamberlain. He sees the run of Walcott trying to get in


behind. Lucas Perez battles back, good strong challenge won, Mustafi


with the cross. Sanchez will not win that against Ayala. Here come


Middlesbrough now. Traore on the counter. Bellerin matching him for


pace. It has broken towards Negredo. And a challenge by Koscielny denies


Alvaro Negredo the opportunity. His body shape, the way he looked as he


moved forward, didn't look convincing.


Sanchez. Back to Coquelin. He would shoot, Oxlade-Chamberlain might come


into the penalty area. Offside, it won't count. Arsenal thought they'd


won it. The linesman's flag denies them that victory. And the linesman


was absolutely right. It's been that sort of afternoon for Arsenal. They


hoped to go top in a birthday treat for Arsene Wenger, but Middlesbrough


have been determined, resolute and well organised and have held onto a


0-0 draw, brushes for them. We've had a tough run of late and we


have not got we deserved and we could have nicked it today if we are


being supercritical on ourselves but we are delighted with the point, we


have stopped the rot and we have to take the fight and mentality into


the next game. It was a difficult game, we had a lot of possession, it


was a bit of tired legs. We were intelligent enough not to lose the


game in the first half, we expose ourselves three times and in the


second half when you cannot win at least don't lose and that's what we


did quite in an intelligent way. I think it was an amazing performance


from my team. Because, you know, especially after the defeat at home


it's really good when you come to The Emirates and the best player of


Arsenal is Petr Cech. We had a few shots and their goalkeeper did very


well and in the end we didn't find a goal, which is a shame. But overall


they had plenty of chances as well. So I think you have to say that a


draw is a fair result. When you are in the position at least you can


have a drink on your birthday. When you win you deserve it. When you


don't win you need it, so in any case you can't escape!


Brilliant! I hope he enjoys his drink, happy birthday, Arsene


Wenger. Good point, brilliant point for Middlesbrough. Adama Traore


looks like a lively acquisition. He was rapid. He looks like a world


beater. I will not take away from the rest of the lads because it was


a brilliant and organised team performance but he gave them a


threat on the break and his pace is incredible. He also has good feet


and a good touch as well. Why he has not been playing for Aston Villa


since he's been there I do not know. I know he has had a couple of injury


problems but Middlesbrough snapped him up, he came on as sub last week


and made a big difference, got himself


into the team, he is strong and demands the ball and comfortable in


possession, as you'd expect coming from Barcelona, of course. That is a


brilliant cross. Middlesbrough made some really good chances in the


game. He was at the centre of everything good they did. Look at


the strength knocking him off the ball. It leads to another good move.


He kept up his levels, his fitness levels, even late in the game he


burst forward with the same energy and pace. Sometimes quicker players


lose the intensity. He's gone past Coquelin like he doesn't exist,


brilliant save again. And as I say, he just kept going. He was the one


player on the pitch who looked like at any moment he could win the game.


The decision. He is quicker than Bellerin. He was quicker than


Bellerin and Negredo should do better. That lad deserved to be on


the winning team today. He spent a long time at Middlesbrough, Mark.


Appreciation today, two goalkeepers, excellent performances, clean sheets


and they will be happy. They will be and I was most pleasantly surprised


with Victor Valdes today because I thought he had one of his best games


for Middlesbrough so far. Obviously he's been out injured for quite some


time that what he did well was dominate his area, which was a


surprise to me because I've never seen him do it before. The best save


of the match for him was this save and it was a difficult save to make.


The ball swerves late and at the other end, the one you'd expect to


have a quiet again, the busier of the two. To check is the best gold


peep in the league and probably has been for the last... De Gea. I think


he is and I had the privilege to work with him and class him as a


good mate and he is an incredible professional, he stands big. That


was the best save of the match. He really kept Arsenal in the match,


believe it or not, which is strange to think. No body gave Middlesbrough


a chance. It is good of them to put on the performances with a


goalkeeper on, considerate. Spurs were defending their unbeaten


start to the season against a Bournemouth side


who smashed six past Hull last week. Steve Wilson was at


the Vitality Stadium. West Brom and Everton left here


beaten. Hull left here in tatters, so can Bournemouth make it four home


wins in four against a still unbeaten Spurs? Eddie Howe is forced


into two changes, though, Joshua King comes in for Junior Stanislas


who failed a test on a tight calf and Andrew Surman felt ill in the


warm up so Dan Gosling comes in for him. Son Heung-min is preferred to


Vincent Janssen for Spurs. The Dutchman has been struggling for


goals. Tottenham's opposition have been struggling to contain the South


Korean. King to Gosling. Foul by Wanyama and


a free kick to Bournemouth. Claiming handball, Vertonghen,


against Callum Wilson, but it is a corner. Jan Vertonghen is absolutely


convinced that Calum Wilson handled this. Bournemouth might profit here,


they are going to take the corner short to King. It comes to Gosling.


It is a fantastic block on the line by Hugo Lloris. It looked for all


the world as Charlie Daniels would open the scoring. Sloppy defending


from the corner from Spurs. Terrific block off the keeper first as


Daniels must have thought he was going to score here. It came off


Lloris and off the bar. Eddie Howe will be delighted. He will be a


little frustrated that his side are not in front but they have really


started in a very bright and positive frame of mind. Lamela with


a good foot in Bamidele Alli with a lovely bit of skill, Lamela takes it


up here for Tottenham. Erik Lamela. Always a threat, Tottenham Hotspur.


Lovely bit of footwork here from Dele Alli getting the better of


Harry Arter. He is capable of the spectacular comedy clip the corner


of the post with that. Divided loyalties for Harry Redknapp. He's


not had the best of weeks if you have been reading your papers. That


is a hefty, hefty challenge. The referee Craig Pawson is a cross with


card in hand. Look at this from Lamela. The ball had long gone.


Confident Smith will survive but Lamela is booked.


Walker to Ericsson. Looking for Son. Wilshere with Wanyama. Eriksen,


deflected! Good save by Artur Boruc. Deflected off Artur Boruc.


deflected! Good save by Artur Boruc. Deflected off Artur Would have been


on target. Mistake by Danny Rose. King. Helped on by Dembele. I keep


thinking there has got to be a goal soon. I've been thinking that from


almost the first minute. Erik Lamela has already had a yellow card and he


mistimed that. He has got away with it. Rightly or wrongly. Lamela.


Space here for Dele Alli. Good hit! Well saved by Artur Boruc. This is


Spurs's best starts to a season since 1990 when it was all about


Gascoigne and Lineker and co-. Spurs were unbeaten in their first ten


games of last season but finished the season in tenth place. The game


continues to promise goals. Wanyama. Lamela.


Two or three in the middle who are giving Lamela the glare here.


Fancied his chances of hitting the top corner. Wilson showing no signs


of running out of legs. Lamela. Not behind Rose. Not ideal for him, on


his right foot. Boruc would have been very despirited to have let


that one. Might be concerned now, Eddie Howe.


He's scrapping for it when it's not on the pitch. I just wonder here how


much sises is has caught Harry Arter. He's not going to let this


go. He's absolutely incensed. The ball is off the pitch. Oh, dear oh


dear. I would be very, very surprised if he doesn't get a


retrospective ban for. That the referee has a pretty clear view of


it. I really don't know how he hasn't seen that. Commitment from


both sides. It's been so impressive. A mistake from Eric Dier. Away they


go now. Wilshere to his right hand side. Dembele for company. Can he


beat him? It's a corner. A little over a minute of normal time to


play. In goes that corner kick. Out from Sissoko. Fraser brings it down.


Jack Wilshere. Francis. Driven in. Hurled himself at it. Nothing on it.


Francis for Bournemouth. Brilliant turn. Afobe. Look at this from the


centre-half. Brilliant. Almost the winner. I'm more proud of the


players today than I was last week, that was on the back of a 6-1 win.


We went toe-to-toe with an outstanding team and got a point. A


deserved point. It was a game of real quality. They start the game


really well. It was difficult for us at the start. After 15 minutes we


started to control the game. Of course, we would have loved the


three points. Of course we would have hoped for that. If you look at


the game, Bournemouth are playing with confidence and believing what


they are doing. They made it difficult for us. There was that


incident with Sissoko. Looked like a deliberate elbow, should have been a


red card. That is how it seemed. I don't want to see a player get in


trouble if he didn't mean to do it. He apologised and said it was an


accident. I'm happy to take that as the gospel and move on from it


really. If he didn't mean, if he didn't, hopefully he won't get


banned. Good for you. That wasn't the only possible red card that


Tottenham could have had. The Lamela incident as well. What do you make


of those two yellow cards it could have been? The first one is clear. A


yellow card. He slides in, takes him out. This one, I just think he's...


He's naive. A bit silly. He doesn't need to put himself in that


situation. When you see it in slow mo. What concerns me is the lack of


control. Gets a bit of the ball. He does get a bit of the ball, slightly


from behind. If he didn't have the yellow card before, he will get


another one. Deliberate or not. Only Sissoko knows? The picture say it is


all. We don't know whether it's deliberate or not. It doesn't look


good. What is he thinking? He's going to get done for that whether


he meant it or not. It looks awful. Brilliant Bihary Arter. I like a


player coming out and saying the right thing. Brilliant. Terrific per


performance. Decent game, both sides having a go. Bournemouth are


impressive, Danny, aren't they? They played with an intensity and


cleverness. They got after Spurs. Knowing they had been away in the


Champions League. Not at it early on in the game. Arter, he was


brilliant, but all of them, all of them were at it. Trying to stop


Tottenham play. Making them kick it long. Look at this for a tackle. Out


Spurring Tottenham? In a way. Spurs went there last year and murdered


them. Bournemouth overplayed and got in trouble. This is Ibe getting in,


pressing. Minimal possession today than they've had all season at home.


It say it is all. When Tottenham got in the final third. Look at this for


defending. Closeness. Everyone covering each other. Putting their


bodies on the line. Everyone helping out. I think Eddie Howe is right. It


was more pleasing than the performance last week because of the


tenacity and discipline shown against a hell of a good side.


That's Smith getting a block in the last-minute. Tottenham still not


beaten this season either? Both doing well. It was a good game. The


best 0-0. OK. I've seen in a while. It says a lot. So far. So far.


Another to come. Who knows. Bob Bradley's first match in charge


at the Liberty Stadium was also Swansea's 100th home game


in the Premier League. Watford, who began the day


in the top half of the table, COMMENTATOR: 11 A first home game


for Bob Bradley. A significant day perhaps to register what would be


Swansea's first home victory of the new campaign. The new head coach


changed half his outfield players, among the five who come in,


22-year-old Alfei Mawson signed during the summer. Two changes for


Watford. Ighalo, he scored the winner against Swansea last


September. To the mark the 50th anniversary of the terrible tragedy


in Aberfan the club are observing a minute's silence for those who


tragically lost their lives. Here's Britton, now Barrow. Always a


buzz of anticipation when he gets on the ball. He does have it within him


to produce moments like that. Tipped around the post by Gomes. He came


out and melted in some of the applause that came his way from his


new supporters. Injected a new positivity in Swansea. Routledge,


that should be easy. Berahino. Good tackle by Naughton.


Nice ball to Sigurdsson. Sigurdsson! Gomes with a nice, safe save. Opened


up to be hit. Gomes always looked like he was going to save it.


Barrow getting away. Still going. Great ball in. Couldn't quite


control it. It goes out for a goal kick. Barrow, with his hands on his


head. He felt that would be the moment. It is a goal kick. Plenty of


time for either of these sides to win this match. Here's Naughton.


Sigurdsson. Naughton, Ki. Tackle by Capoue. That's a foul on Ki.


Free-kick, Swansea. Just going through the back of Ki, Capoue.


Sigurdsson. Hovering over the ball. Plenty for him to aim for. Plenty of


tall men as well. Great save by Heurelho Gomes. Van der Hoorn turns


away in enormous disappointment, as do his team-mates. What an


opportunity. Gomes' legs, vital to keeping it 0-0. Naughton. Barrow. Is


Behrami. Still He made a difference since he


came on. A glimmer of a chance to give them that precious lead. Into


the path of Barrow. And turned towards goal again by Sigurdsson. A


simple enough save for Heurelho Gomes. Never really struck it with


any great power at all, Sigurdsson. It was a much easier save than it


should have been for Gomes. Here's Behrami. Ighalo. . Claims of a


penalty in the end. Fabianski flops on the ball. He doesn't get much of


the ball. The fashion police were a little critical last week of Bob


Bradley's attire. He appears to have smartened up his act this week.


Sigurdsson. Two to the right, one is Barrow. Llorente by the penalty


spot. It goes instead to Sigurdsson. He clips the outside of the post. So


very, very close to a precious winning goal. Sigurdsson. He tried


to be so precise. Tried to just side-foot it into the corner. He


succeeded only in clipping the base of the post. There are such fine


margins that separate sides in the bottom three from escaping from it.


. Good effort. Good positioning from Fabianski. Really hit that. It's not


to be for Bob Bradley in his first home match in charge of Swansea. A


second successive clean sheet for Watford. The final score Swansea


City 0, Watford 0. . It's important for us to get a clean sheet. It's


been a while. I think the first game against Burnley. We talked about


that part of it. I thought the play of our xrbacks was solid. Ighalo is


a difficult guy to play against. On that end I was satisfied. I think we


created still some good chances. There is work to be done, for sure,


but I told everyone that I think this is still a step that we can


build on. TRANSLATION: The first half was one


of the best first half we played so are fa. Unfortunately we weren't


able to score in the last 25 meters. The second-half, it was a


second-half that we suffered a lot. I'm in general happy with the


performance. How much warning did you get you would make your debut


today? Not a lot, to be honest. He told me yesterday morning. He told


me before training. I sat there thinking, I'm not in the squad,


what's the reason? He was like, "you're starting." That's lovely.


You have to take the things. I had a good evening last night relaxing.


Today woke up ready to rock-and-roll. It is lovely. Well


done. First point for Bob Bradley. It could have been better? It could


have been. Gylfi Sigurdsson really should have created things and score


goals. Today he had the best chances in the game. Three in particular.


The best chance was his last one where he beat everyone except the


post. He will be a vital player for them this season. Certainly is. Just


about out of time. Good point for both of them in some ways. Thank you


very much. Good to see you. Before we go let's look at the Premier


League table. Arsene Wenger can enjoy his birthday


with Arsenal leading the division ahead of Liverpool


on goal difference. Only one point separates the top


four, although Manchester City can reclaim top spot by beating


Southampton on Sunday. Winless Sunderland are now three


points adrift of Swansea, while Hull slip into the bottom


three as a result of Middlesbrough Liverpool's win over West Brom it is


the headline in the Mail on Sunday. According to the Sunday Express,


Manchester City have opened talks with Pierre to replace Aguero. The


Sunday Telegraph quotes Jose Mourinho,ed a mid militarying he


will no longer be special if he had fails to win silverware at


Manchester United. So three 0-0 to finish


for the first time in yonks. Look what happens when we get


a goalkeeper on!


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