15/10/2016 Match of the Day


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COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant, just brilliant!


COMMENTATOR: What a turn, what a goal!


COMMENTATOR: Look at that. Oh, look at that!


After a pretty insipid international break,


the Premier League returned with a bang today...


Seven games on the way, Alan Shearer and Philip Neville are primed.


We start with two clubs meeting for the first time in the top flight


Bournemouth faced a Hull side who this week saw Mike Phelan


finally confirmed as manager on a full-time basis.


John Roder was at the Vitality Stadium.


meet the new boss, Mike Phelan this head coach at Hull City, his


contract lasting until the end of the season. Eddie Howe hinted he may


make changes with players coming back from international duties with


injuries, but Bournemouth are unchanged from the side that started


at Watford. Steve Cook makes his 200th appearance for the jellies.


Elmohamady returns from suspension. Mike Phelan makes four changes. We


-- Will Keane and Harry Maguire making their first Premier League


starts. Shaun Maloney also returns. Eight points from seven matches so


far for Bournemouth and clean sheets in their last Premier League


encounters here. Hull City, seven points from seven, and without a win


in the Premier League since August. Jordan Ibe, create the touch of room


for himself there. Gets it back from Wilshere. Wilshere surrounded by


four hole players there. Good early pressure from the home side.


Gets a free kick. Adam Smith then tumbling. Stanislas, over the wall


and against the post. Daniels. Less than five minutes played, and


Bournemouth are different. Charlie Daniels with the goal. I reward for


Bournemouth's positive beginning to proceedings. Stanislas smashes this


one against the bar and it sat up nicely for Daniels, who has room


here, and time, to adjust his body position, keep the shot down and


fire it in. 11 goals conceded in the three matches coming into this one


for Hull City and now a goal behind, early on. All rather quiet at the


Vitality. Might get a bit noisier now. Daniels finds Ibe. Wilson


against the bar. Drops here for Wilshere. And just cleared away.


Callum Wilson can't quite believe that his effort was a fraction too


high. Hull guilty of giving Bournemouth far too much room to


working. Wilson just hanging back and it was a couple of inches too


high. Wilshere. Hold Sloth Clucas. -- he holds off Clucas. A lovely


turn from Jordan Ibe. Thinks about a shot and goes for it as well. Always


rising from Jordan Ibe. Yet to score for Bournemouth so far. Given away.


A chance for Mason to drive it in, took a deflection and it's in, off


Steve Cook, and Hull, with virtually their first shot of the match have


equalised. It was Cook who gave the ball away initially and as the


number three races into the middle here to try and get some touch on it


and get it away to safety, he got a touch on it but it was way, way away


from safety. Past Orrock, and into the Bournemouth goal. -- it went


past Artur Boruc and into the Bournemouth goal. We are into the


last five minutes of the first half, plus whatever additional time is to


be played. In towards Daniels and the header is in for Steve Cook. And


doesn't he celebrate? That weight of responsibility that he surely would


have felt, having scored into his own goal, has now come as if by


magic, disappeared. Daniels making the jump and Cook gliding in behind


him, able to get the finishing touch. It's beyond David Marshall


and Bournemouth have restored their lead.


Ibe, able to find Daniels, can't get past Snodgrass. A foul on Callum


Wilson and Robert Snodgrass is booked for that challenge, sliding


in. Lee Mason has a perfect view and points to the sport, and just before


the break Bournemouth have the chance to move further in front.


Junior Stanislas up against David Marshall, Bicester make it 3-1, and


he's done so. -- this will make it 3-1. Broad smiles all round the


Vitality and that's something Bournemouth are certainly playing


with plenty of today. Straight down the middle. Marshall goes one way.


The ball goes into the goal. Welcome to your first full-time managerial


role. It has not been a good first half for Hull City. Here's Daniels.


Ibe goes past Elmohamady, and again, Ibe with the cross. It's away by


Robertson. Keane dispossessed. That's a corner.


Defending set pieces has proved problematical for Hull today.


Another firm header towards goal from Cook and this time it's pushed


over by David Marshall. Cook again able to get in behind the defender.


That would have just crept in, but for Marshall's intervention.


Smith finds King. In towards Smith. Lovely move from Bournemouth and the


finish is applied by Junior Stanislas. Beautiful flowing move


from Bournemouth. Josh King, on recently as a substitute, playing an


integral part in it. Smith with the ball forward and how about that from


a touch, driven across by Smith and all Stanislas how to do was pick his


spot. And he picked it perfectly. Bournemouth looking threatening


every single time they come into the Hull half. Wilson trying to set up


Arter, can't find a way through. Josh King might be able to, he has


won a corner. Comes off Curtis Davies. Bournemouth pressing for a


fifth goal, they've never scored five in the Premier League. They


have now. Callum Wilson with the header. Easy,


easy, is the chant from the Bournemouth fans and to be perfectly


honest, it has been. King with the lofted ball in. Look how many


defenders are in the six yard area. Nobody but nobody challenging Callum


Wilson. The look on Mike Phelan's face tells you all you need to know


about Hull's performance today. Daniels sets up Gosling. Every


single time Bournemouth come forward, Hull look fragile, and they


are punished yet again. It's an afternoon to remember for


Bournemouth, an afternoon to try and consigned to history as soon as


possible for Hull, who have now conceded 17 goals in four matches.


Very enjoyable from our perspective. The Premier League games are so


tight, usually, today it's nice to be able to enjoy the second half,


but we were good today. Gifted them the goal and a way back into the


game but apart from that we were faultless, really. There's times in


the game when we looked as though we had an opportunity and then that


slipped by through lack of concentration, maybe a bit of


naivete, but we've got to do better as a group. I put myself in that


category and we have to learn the lessons quickly. We've worked hard


over the past two weeks. Home form wasn't the best last year, something


we were keen to put right this year and we have started well and


hopefully we can continue. Talk us through your powerful header that


restored the lead? I was annoyed with the goal I had given away so I


restored the lead? I was annoyed with the goal I had given away so I


tried to make amends for it and luckily enough it found the bottom


corner. The emotions came out and then we kicked on. I thought we were


excellent. How concerned are you with the fact you are letting in a


lot of goals, particularly in the last four matches? Far too many and


I take responsibility for that simply because we try to be


proactive, we try to be on the front foot and we probably overexposed


ourselves a little bit and that's down to the planning issue. I will


look at myself. I'm sure the players will look at themselves and we start


again. Some of our attacking play was very good today at the


difference has been clinical when the chances came and it hasn't been


the case is always this season. It's great to share the goals around and


no other team we have the ability to score goals. It means everything.


Three home wins on the bounce for Bournemouth, a wonderful performance


to boot. It must be difficult to pick out any individuals, of the


team performance, but you have had a go. Stanislas and Ibe terrorised the


back four of Hull all afternoon, they were so positive. Every time


either of them got the ball, they just dragged their team forward.


They had pace, they were direct, they were prepared to gamble and


take the defenders on. They were held by Hull defence who were all


over the place, who were not prepared to get tight, but this is a


brilliant free kick. Unlucky it doesn't go in anyway but the force


of Charlie Daniels, it's a superb finish with his left foot. Snodgrass


lets him run into the middle of the midfield and there's no pressure on


the ball. But they were driving at them constantly, first half,


second-half, lovely bits of skill. Time after time they were having


efforts on goal. Let them turn once again. They just could not handle


the both of them all afternoon. Have another shot at goal. This is a


superb free kick from the distance out to get the whip and the pace,


it's a great header from Steve. What about that, confidence, arrogance if


you want, straight down the middle from Stanislas. It didn't change in


the second half, they did exactly the same thing. They got the ball


and Elmohamady doesn't know whether to go down the line or cut back


inside as he did their, and it's another superb ball into the box and


Stanislas gets his second goal with a superb finish. It could have been


more, but Bournemouth were absolutely brilliant all afternoon.


A fabulous achievement, what Eddie Howe has done that Bournemouth


Football Club. Given I suppose the dearth of obvious candidates for the


England job, would he be worth considering? Is teams play lovely


football. He has brought them up. He has not suffered too much failure in


his career? I think he has impressed everyone, both the way he handles


himself off the pitch and the way his team play their football but he


himself has said he isn't ready, he wants to develop and asked to do a


job at Bournemouth. As for Hull, Mike Phelan has the job but it's


going to be tough, looking at that performance and the fact they are in


a bad run. They are in a bad run. I think they are missing Michael


Dawson at the back. Today, they couldn't live with the intensity of


Bournemouth and they need to stop conceding goals because they were


all over the place at the back. Francesco Guidolin was the first


managerial casualty of the season for Swansea.


His replacement, former USA coach Bob Bradley,


had a nice easy start at Arsenal, who were chasing


Mesut Ozil hopes to celebrate his 28th birthday with something


special. They have lost only one of their last 17 games. Bob Bradley


embarks on a new stage of the coaching career that has expanded


over 25 years. His first selection sees Gulbis Sigurdsson players are


false nine in what is his 100th play asked in his 100th game for the club


over two spells. Here's Walcott. Jack Cork, there.


Sanchez. Fernandez, a good one. Taylor with the wayward backpass.


Oh, it is a corner. Just failed Fabianski to prevent that. Ozil is


going to take it. Took it carefully. Hits the top of the crossbar.


Fabianski happy to see that hit the woodwork. Iwobi. Good ball that.


Walcott. Sanchez. Looking for Hector. Walcott. Swansea


fall behind to Theo Walcott. Sniffing in the six-yard area and


taking advantage of a secondary hesitation between goalkeeper and


defender. This was lifted into Bellerin. He looked for Theo


Walcott. It bounced up off Amat. Walcott lurking. Arsenal 1, Swansea


0. Big momentses these for Swansea. Physical they fall two behind,


they're in real bother. Naughton. Clever ball that, too. Scooped on by


Walcott. Here's Mesut Ozil. Hector Bellerin. Almost a peach from


Arsenal. In the end, Fabianski to the rescue for Swansea. What a


glorious move here. Taking you by surprise with almost every pass.


Then a really good save by Fabianski. In goes that corner kick.


Oh. It's two. It's wall got, again. -- it's Walcott, again. Jack Cork


ended up face down on the floor. Embarrassment of riches for Theo


Walcott, who can hardly miss. The bounce is unlucky. Cork didn't get


enough on it. It bounced back to Walcott off Sigurdsson. It's 2-0 to


Arsenal. It's two for Theo Walcott. Not the stuff of his dreams so far.


Here's Naughton. A challenge by Granit Xhaka which the referee


allowed to go. Swansea on the front foot, not for long. Given away. Now,


Sigurdsson for Swansea, 2-1. Granit Xhaka gave the ball away and Gylfi


Sigurdsson fires Swansea back into this game. Well, Arsenal have been


absolutely water tight at the back in recent weeks, not here. Caught in


possession. Granit Xhaka. Finished expertly by Gylfi Sigurdsson. It's a


very good finish. Completely against the run of play. He Swansea are back


into this game at 2-1. Ozil. Monreal. Ozil. Nicely done, Iwobi.


Brilliant stuff. Great feet. Iwobi couldn't find anyone. It's a shame.


Oh, brilliant save. Well, Theo Walcott denied a hat-trick by


Fabianski. What a superb piece of play that from Alex Iwobi. That was


magic. Nearly teed up a Walcott hat-trick.


Swansea on the rack again. Back into Sanchez. Ozil. Happy birthday. 3-1,


Arsenal. Fantastic finish by Mesut Ozil. Left-footed volley. Smack...


This is lovely thinking from Alexis Sanchez. Ozil still has so much to


do. He could not have hit it any more sweetly. Arsenal 3, Swansea 1.


Mesut Ozil, 28 today. Swansea will have to change something if they're


going to get something out of this game. Here's Mesut Ozil. Finds Leroy


Fer. Barrow taking on Monreal. Into a


dangerous position, and it's 3-2. Borja put Swansea back in the game


again, the substitute strikes. Once again, Swansea find themselves


within range of Arsenal. Barrow did really well here. Great awareness.


Borja wasn't picked up. His first goal in English football. It's


Arsenal 3, Swansea 2, with 24 minutes still to play. Alexis, nice.


Out to Monreal. Walcott, at the back post, he wants it. It was intended


for Cazorla. Well cut out by Amat. He will get a yellow card here. No


question about that. Barrow had turned him, with a lovely little


piece of skill. Well, it's a red. A straight red card for Granit Xhaka.


That could be a game-changer. Arsene Wenger is astonished. It's a


brilliant piece of skill by Barrow. Granit Xhaka is completely beaten.


And trips him. Knew what he was doing. Pretty much immediately


acknowledged the foul as well. Well, Arsene Wenger is absolutely


incensed. 20 minutes to go. We've had five goals and a red card. What


do the next 20 minutes hold? Routledge. Look at this, free


header. Ah, Barrow, straight in to Cech. No flag, he was onside. It's a


real let-off for Arsenal. I just is sense down in that Swansea dug-out


they can nick something here. He knows he can beat Monreal for


pace. It's a great ball. Well, Sigurdsson is the man they would


have wanted on it. But he couldn't finish it. Fascinating. Much closer


than it should be. Fer. He's lost it. Could be danger here. Alex


Oxlade-Chamberlain. It's him and Walcott. Rangel's the last man back.


It found its way to Walcott. It's hit the inside of the post. You


don't come closer to a hat-trick than that. Great counter-attack.


Unbelievable unlucky not to make it three for him and four for Arsenal.


Neil Taylor. Ki will get on to that. Find Rangel. Naughton. Up towards


Leroy Fer. Ah! They've had their chances, Leroy Fer has had a couple


today. With two minutes to go, will they get a better chance? Rangel, it


has to go long and it's got to go long quickly. Fer, wrong part of the


head. Oxlade-Chamberlain. Away from Leroy Fer. It's Walcott. Hat-trick,


surely. NO! Unbelievable. It may not affect the outcome, but how is this


not a fourth and a hat-trick for Walcott? He knows it. Oh, he knows


it all right. I would have liked to have put it away and got a hat-trick


on a personal note much we dug in. When you are playing for 24, 25


minutes with 10-men is not easy in the Premier League. It's a strong


Swansea team. A manager who has come in with new ideas, I'm sure they


will improve. If we play with the kind of mentality we had today for


me, we are going to become a good team. But when you go through a


stretch of tough fixtures, when there has been a managerial change,


there is a lot there, but the response of the players has been


very, very good. The Xhaka incident and red card incident happened in


front of you. I'm guessing you saw that one? I saw that one. I


cannot... I thought it was a bit harsh to be sent off it was a


deliberate and I thought it was a dark yellow and it became an


absolute red. That made it of course difficult for us. And, but we got


over the line. Yeah, yellow would have done probably, wouldn't it? I


don't how many times over the years we have talked about the pros and


cons of Theo Walcott. You are entitled to turn? For someone of 27


years of age he under performed. Injuries have restricted him. This


season he's a player improving. Consistency is improving. Five goals


already in eight games. He scored two today. He should have scored


four. At least three. This was the first one. He has license to go


inside. People seem him as a right-winger. I think he's at his


best wandering inside. Poor defending from Swansea. This was his


second goal. Opportunist. He was in the right place at the right time. A


good finish. I think it's moments like this where he is frustrating.


Ball into the box. There. He has to score. It's a simple chance with his


left foot. This I thoughts with a great counter-attack. He made up the


ground. Used his speed. Did everything but score, unlucky there.


Then this is where I think he has to be going home with the match-ball.


Ball comes into the box. He couldn't quite sort his feet out. I think


that's why people always say, is he going to fulfil his potential.


In-form, not really for England No. He has had enough chances, Gary.


Which have this discussion every year about Theo. You see his stats


on the screen. Only once in double figures. It's not God enough. If we


continue to talk about him in the next two or three years to say he


has scored so many goals and he's been brilliant. I will change my


mind much I will say he's a good player. At the minute he's a good


player. Tough afternoon for Swansea in many ways. They battled away.


They had chances. They could have got something out of the game.


Encouraging signs for Bob Bradley They have had difficult games. Two


impressive performances against City and against Liverpool. Created their


chances in those games. They didn't get anything out of them. Phil? No.


The lad on the ball had a fantastic game. He gave nightmares to Monreal.


Here is one v one with him. When you take over a team, so early in the


season, you think they are in disarray. Look at the players they


are committing forward. I think Francesco Guidolin was unlucky to be


sacked. They have not been putting away their chances. This has been


their biggest problem in the last four games. They are not punishing


teams for the chances they are creating. Again, getting lots of


people in the box. Barrow goes passed Monreal again. Sigurdsson


should at least hit the target. They did, they created chances


particularly when they were against the 10-men. They kept on pushing


forward. These aren't half-chances. These are very, very good chances.


#24e7 created the openings there. Bodies in the box. They should be


doing better. They will go home tonight on the bus, how they get


home, disappointing they came awhich with a defeat and nothing. OK.


COMMENTATOR: Schmeichel was beaten. It needed saving by Brav row.


Another excellent stop from Foster. -- Bravo. Oh, my word. Benteke!


Chelsea faced champions Leicester for the second time this season


after getting the better of a six goal thriller in the


Your commentator at Stamford Bridge was Steve Bower.


Kante missed one Premier League game for Leicester in their fairytale


title winning season. The French international faces his former club


for the first time since his ?32 million move to Chelsea. The


champions have undoubtedly missed Claudio Ranieri's first Leicester


signing, conceding ten goals on the road already. The responsibility to


fill his boots, once again, falls upon the shoulders of Daniel, Amat


a. -- both teams are wearing black


armbands. Moses. An extended run in the team, Moses. Up against Fuchs.


Deflected cross. Good reaction from Schmeichel. He had to be alive to


the situation there, Kasper Schmeichel. He was equal to it.


First corner of the game is Chelsea's. Hazard. Touch through.


Surely a goal. It is. He couldn't miss, Diego Costa, could he? It's


taken him less than seven minutes to score his seventh Premier League


goal of the season. Chelsea's main man in the right place again.


Leicester will ask questions. Nobody anywhere near him. Schmeichel got a


hand to it. It was too powerful for him. Just the start he was looking


for. Not the one that Leicester were.


Chelsea in front, only Arsenal have stopped them scoring so far in the


league. Hazard was caught late by Huth, the


referee is reaching, the first yellow card of the day goes to


Robert Huth, his 300th career league appearance in England, the first of


which was for Claudio Ranieri is a 17-year-old for Chelsea. Are we


going to see something special from his repertoire? Here he comes, David


Luiz. Very nearly did. Schmeichel was beaten, all ends up. Almost got


his first goal back in his second spell. Crashed against the woodwork.


The run down the middle, it might come to Hazard. 2-0, to Chelsea. As


sure as ever from Eden Hazard. He scores his third Premier League goal


of the season. He gives the scoreline a realistic look. It was a


little untidy as to how it came through to the Belgian. There was


moth-eaten untidy about the finish. There's nothing more that -- there


was nothing untidy about the finish, nothing more than Chelsea have


deserved. Total domination from Chelsea. Drinkwater to pick out


Hernandez. The crossing towards Vardy, David Luiz went flying in.


The first corner of any note that's gone into the Chelsea penalty area.


Keep your eye on David Luiz as this comes in, he was certainly


committed. Over both Hazard and Christian Fuchs, the challenge from


Pedro. Kante finds Costa. Just clipped there, Diego Costa, by


Albrighton. David Luiz understandably over the ball again.


Schmeichel with the save. That came off Morgan, gathered in the end by


Kasper Schmeichel. His 350th league appearance that England, kept it at


two, he will certainly need to have some words at the break. Chelsea get


us under way in the second half. No changes from either side. Leicester


have to try and devise a plan to change the scoreline. Big appeals


for hands in the first few seconds of the second half. Pedro with the


shot, certainly struck his arm. Deliberate movement? Andre Marriner


said, no. Better from Leicester, a bit more


drive to their play. It's come through to Schlupp. He ran straight


up Moses. Andre Marriner was an excellent position. There was


nothing doing here. Leicester are on the ball more in


the second half so far. That's useful from Drinkwater. Albrighton


trying to get it across. He's got Leicester a corner. Albrighton to


take. In towards Amartey, away by Pedro. It's Kante who is the most


advanced player. He's got Moses up with him and he's seen him. It's


Victor Moses for Chelsea and it's a good strong hand from Kasper


Schmeichel. Kante was the most unlikely player to be found in this


kind of situation, but he had the vision and awareness to pick out


Moses, who took it first time. Schmeichel was equal to it.


The crossfield ball from Drinkwater. Hernandez, then Albrighton's own


cross, almost an own goal from David Luiz. Swept in by Albrighton, David


Luiz at full stretch with Vardy right behind him almost diverted in


the past to Courtois. -- almost diverted the past, to Courtois. Back


to Kante. Denied a goal against his former club. It came back to Kante


and Wes Morgan did brilliantly to deny the former Leicester player a


goal against the reigning champions. Leicester were just eight goals in


their seven Premier League games so far.


Moses, that will seal it. Victor Moses with his second Premier League


goal of the season. Chelsea's third of the day. He started cutting in


from the left-hand side, got it back Chalobah Rand a finish, you have to


say, excellent work from the substitute, Chalobah, and Schmeichel


could do nothing about that one. A satisfying day's work for Chelsea.


3-0. There were positive things we know we can improve, but also we


know that this is the right way, the right way is this, and I saw a good


balance for the second game, for the second consecutive game, without


conceding a goal and it's very important. We are all satisfied I


think, we played well in the first half. The second half was a bit


different because they pressed a lot, they created some chances but


we scored three goals. We could score more but for others, it was


good to come back and win in front of our fans. It's a good day for


Chelsea. 13 goals you've conceded four games on the road. How much of


a concern is that, given how strong you were last season? It's very


strange, nobody recognises that most of last season. We must work more,


more and more concentration during the match. What has happened to my


team? It's all gone wrong! It's all gone wrong, I don't like it. I can


draw parallels with Blackburn when we won the league in 1995, we lost


our first four away games of the season but we didn't sign any


players to push is on that year. Leicester have signed players this


year, so that you can't really use as an excuse. Those players should


be pushing the players that are already there, keeping them on their


toes and not doing the dirty work. They're not doing the basics, the


dirty side of the game, closing people down, like they were last


year. They were hard and tough to play against last year, this year,


they are not. Particularly away from home. They conceded three set pieces


to Man United last game, you would think they would be on their toes


for the set pieces. If that ball goes short, as it does, it's


Drinkwater's job to clear it. Simple. It comes into the near post


and he's not even looking at the ball. He should be looking at the


ball and the man also. It goes short. Morgan is with Costa. Have a


look at Morgan. He is frozen to the sport. He doesn't even move. He's


meant to be marking Costa. He is now 12 yards off him. You can't give


that amount of time to a goal-scorer. No pressure on the


ball. No one wants to work hard. To do the ugly side of things. Schlupp


is with Hazard, or he should be. What Hernandez is doing, I'm not


sure. There's no pressure on the ball so it's an easy ball in and


Hazard should do better. Time to turn on the halfway line. Someone go


and close someone down. Full-back to Moses, it's a brilliant goal from


Chelsea's point of view but no one wants to close down. It was far too


easy. For Chelsea. I know they lost Kante, who was a big loss to them,


and I think particularly away from home he has to look at changing the


system because they haven't got enough bodies in midfield, haven't


got enough men to do the running, to do the dirty work, they constantly


played two upfront and teams are picking them off. Totally agree, it


makes you realise what a miracle it was last season. A change of system


for Chelsea and it seems to be having a positive effect on Eden


Hazard? It has, Chelsea have disappointed be the most, until he's


gone to three at the back, the system he prefers and it means Eden


Hazard has come more inside along with Pedro Rod Costa and he's


playing really high upfront. He's got license to go free and he's


having more influence on this game. If you see here he's in a central


position. Morgan goes tight with Costa, he sees the space in behind,


he has the intelligence to see that and makes a run. I think it should


actually do better with this opportunity but it was the way he


saw the space and went into it. We've always seen him in wide areas.


He is brilliant one against one, and nightmare for defenders. He has a


low sense of gravity. With Eden Hazard, this was his goal, the


highest up the pitch, almost playing centre forward at times today, he's


got that licence to be wherever he wants to be. He's got the flicks,


the quality, but with Eden Hazard I always think in a game like this if


he wants to be a great, great footballer, he's got to be scoring


two or three goals and he's got to add that ruthlessness to his game.


This system suits him down to a tee. Certainly does. Let's move on.


To the Etihad now where leaders Manchester City faced Everton.


Pep Guardiola and Ronald Koeman were once room-mates at Barcelona -


anyone here not played for Barcelona - but this was their first meeting


Pep Guardiola once took guidance from Ronald Koeman, both learned


from the late great Johan Cruyff. Let's hope we get a game of the


quality always delivered by the dutch master. For the first time


since his move from Merseyside, John Stones faces the club with whom you


became Premier League player. How he handles being up against Romelu


Lukaku could be key. The Belgian is on a roll of goals of five in his


last four games. City have started with a back three of Otamendi,


Stones and Clichy. Sane easily passed Oviedo. As you'd expect with


this sort of line-up, with this emphasis on the attack right from


the start, from City. Leroy Psalm with the first clear demonstration


of his abilities -- Leroy Sane. The Manchester City boss was


philosophical after losing for the first time at Spurs a fortnight ago.


Sometimes it happens, it will help us improve. The referee thought it


was just a fall. Oviedo's attempt at clearance, half stopped by De Bruyne


and here's Silva. Williams came in to charge down his attempted thread


through. How close was this to being a Manchester City penalty? Rather


jumped into the challenge, Oviedo, who was being mesmerised by the


dancing feet of Sane. Sane went to the floor, might have hindered


rather than helped his case. Fernandinho, Yannick Bolasie has


read that. The clearance is poor, straight to De Bruyne. Is away from


Barry, trying to turn from Jagielka, as -- we stumble from Silva and a


penalty for Manchester City. Phil Jagielka is on his knees and


reflecting on a right old Everton mess. It was Coleman and Jagielka in


one another's way. It looks as though they'd sorted it out here.


But then as Jagielka stretched out the leg backwards, after the bounds


of the ball took it back into Silva's pass, he did when down the


Spaniard and that's why Kevin De Bruyne now has the chance to give


City the lead. De Bruyne's effort, saved. Stekelenburg went the right


way and it was at a lovely height for him. Perfect for the keeper.


Manchester City's overall dominance of the game still not reflected in


the scoreline. Otamendi, that's got straight to


Yannick Bolasie. Deulofeu easily gets away from Otamendi and it


needed saving by Bravo. Everton Fire won in on the City goal. That's just


about the first thing that Claudio Bravo has had to do with his hands


all afternoon. I'm sure this won't be the only Manchester versus


Merseyside meeting he attends this weekend. Monday night, he'll be at


Anfield. Iheanacho, Silva. Now Sane. Flicked


towards goal. Kept out by Stekelenburg. Brill yanltly worked


by City. Clever attempt at a finish from Iheanacho. Not quite enough on


it to find a way past Maarten Stekelenburg. You can see why Ronald


Koeman's Everton are yet to concede more than one goal in any Premier


League game. De Bruyne. Brilliant interception from Jagielka. Bolasie


turns to it Lukaku. He's got to do it by himself. Lukaku goes on.


Lukaku scores. Brilliantly taken goal. The Everton smash-and-grab is


on. It was thought that Everton might threaten on the counter at


some point today, but they haven't really done so until now. A gorgeous


flick from Bolasie. But, goodness me, how much did Lukaku have to do


from there? And, he did it perfectly. Manchester City 0,


Everton 1. Fernandinho. Aguero. Penalty shouts, another


penalty given. Another one conceded by Phil


Jagielka. Jagielka's defending, for the most part today, has been


exemplary. He's got it wrong just a couple of times. First time round it


didn't cost his side, but he's miss-timed that one hopelessly.


Having seen De Bruyne fail, and having failed himself in the colours


of Argentina, during the international break, it's Sergio


Aguero's turn. Aguero. Saved again by Stekelenburg! Everton's


superstar. Twice he went left, twice he's denied. Two of the best players


in the world. Again, it's a nice height. Again, you've got to say,


goes down as a pretty poor penalty effort. Aguero. Silva, Aguero! And


Stekelenburg's kept out another one. He's having one of those days that


goalkeepers dream of. Helped on by Otamendi. Stones.


Fernandinho, bounces off Stones. Sterling finds De Bruyne. Silva.


Silva, in. That won't beat Stekelenburg. It's Nolito who has


headed City level. I'm pretty sure that's his first touch of the ball.


He's just come on for Leroy Sane. And David Silva puts in the perfect


cross. He came off the bench to score for Spain in a 2-0 win in


Albania in the week. Comes off the bench and does that inside a minute


today, and it's his 30th birthday. Some substitution.


Silva, De Bruyne. De Bruyne let's fly. Brilliant save. Tipped against


the post by Stekelenburg. In the catalogue of saves that he's come


out with today, each one's better than the previous one. It's the


first time that Manchester City have failed to win at home since Pep


Guardiola took charge. Goodness me, they've had the chances. Are you


delighted with the point? Yes, of course. Very difficult against my


management period, coaching period, the best team I've ever met. Great


football and very difficult, but we showed unbelievable spirit today.


The goalkeeper may have played his best of his life. We punished them


with the first chance we get. Not many teams will get a point out of


this stadium. We did absolutely everything. I'm sad, not sad. Sad


for the players. Today they didn't deserve, but as well I want to say a


compliment for Everton, for Ronald Koeman for the performance. That's


why I just can say, well done. I mean, honest assessments from both


managers. Manchester City played gorgeous football. Blimey, Everton


were resilient, especially their keeper? Very good game of football.


Attacking City side to a resilient Everton, at the back. Particularly


their goalkeeper. Williams was their Achilles head last year was


defending. Too many goals conceded. Williams added strength and steel to


that back four. Right place, right time. An organiser, a leader. He


pulls people around. Not scared to give team-mates a telling off if he


needs to. As I said, he played his part today. I know Jagielka gave two


penalties away. What about that for a clearance? Actually, this is where


Everton's goal starts from. From that brilliant clearance. Give and


go from Lukaku. City gambling, pushing too many people forward.


Left one-on-one at the back, Lukaku and Clichy. Lukaku took it well.


Shouting to him to get into the box. What a finish that is. The


goalkeeper has no chance. Mentioned the back four. The goalkeeper had a


brilliant game. One from De Bruyne. One from Aguero. I think this one


here is the best one. Right hand, fingernails basically that is from


Aguero, again that's going in the top corner there. He's played a huge


part in getting the result today. If you thought that was... Next one is


not bad From De Bruyne. Right hand the first one, left hand that one.


It was a very, very resilient display from Everton. Manchester


City three games now without a win in all competitions. Blimey they


play some stuff, don't they? Sensational today. What it has


proved in the last two games. Tottenham pressed them high with


high-tempo and beat them. Today Everton sat back. Two different


styles to play against them and get results. They will not have it easy.


They are still the team to beat for me. I would say so.


Victory over Manchester City last time out left Spurs as the only


unbeaten team in the Premier League ahead of their trip to West Brom,


who themselves had lost just once in the last five.


Rondon may have returned back very late from duty but Tony Pulis


included him. Citing the fact his family travelled over to see the


game which may give the striker that little psychological booster. West


Brom are unchanged. Spurs make two changes. Ben Davies and Janssen are


brought in. No injury concerns at the heart of Mauricio Pochettino's


decision-making. A recognition of a punishing few weeks ahead which


includes two Champions League games and a League Cup meeting with


Liverpool in addition to attempting to preserve the only unbeaten start


to the Premier League campaign. COMMENTATOR: Lamela. Janssen.


Clipped in towards Alli. Headed away by Evans. Good turn by Wanyama.


Eriksen. Walker. Might think about hitting it, changes his mind. Picks


out Lamela. Charged down, Alli, good save by Foster. There is a claim for


handball amidst all of that. Referee waves play on. Rondon can't get to


the ball. It's only a matter of time you fancy before Spurs do take the


lead here. West Brom are defending manfully, but they are ramming on


that West Bromwich Albion defensive door. Now the visiting supporters


can sense an opening goal. And, Alli can't quite provide it. Looked as


though he was possibly in an offside position o, the flag didn't go up.


But it would have been 1-0 had Alli had inventively put it in.


Pochettino trying to preserve the only unbeaten start in the Premier


League. Wanyama. Good play from Davies. Excellent play. Good stop


from Foster. A couple of really good saves from Ben Foster that have kept


it at 0-0. Full of praise, Tony Pulis, for his opposite number ahead


of the match today. Great respect for the excellent way in which he


sets up his Spurs team. Indeed previously at Southampton. Nice


ball, again, from Janssen. Here comes Dele Alli. Another excellent


stop from Foster. Well, it is 0-0, yes, but there's one man that you


can thank for that from a West Brom perspective. Well the West Bromwich


Albion controlling stakeholder alongside the Chairman John


Williams, assessing what he's bought here. Here's Janssen, again. Now


Alli. Eriksen. Good save again from Foster. It's turning into the Ben


Foster Show. Well there have been a number of Spurs players who believed


that they have opened the scoring today, only to find Ben Foster in


immaculate form. Phillips. Now, McClean.


Oh, it's on target. Ronned Ron. Oh, he could have scored, maybe he


should have done, it just got split by Lloris. -- Rondon. Rondon pounced


on the loose one, but couldn't get it beyond the Spurs' skipper.


Chadli. McClean. It's good. Deflection gives West Bromwich


Albion their first corner of the match and at last an opportunity to


try and breach Spurs from a set-piece. McAuley, Dawson,


inevitably in there. Delivery is not bad. McAuley, well, it came to him


and he, sort of, half heartedly flung his right boot at it. It was a


better chance than I think he realised. Here's Yacob. Dawson.


Chadli. Clearance as far as Rondon. Rondon, good ball. Brings in Brunt.


Brunt's ball towards McClean, and out for a corner. All of a sudden,


West Brom sense that they might be able to find a winning goal here. I


think Tony Pulis would call this one of his finest triumphs as a manager


if West Brom can steal a winner here. McClean. It's off the bar and


then Chadli! Nacer Chadli, against his former club, he doesn't want to


celebrate, but there's several thousand West Brom supporters that


do. Well, they've been outstanding defence ill. They have their


goalkeeper to thank, but as this game has worn on, they've looked the


likelier to take the lead, West Brom. After McClean's shot came back


off the post, the former Spurs employee smashes the ball into the


back of the Spurs net and gives West Brom what could be a very, famous


three points indeed. Well those saves that Ben Foster made in the


first half have become more and more sharply into focus. Dier.


Son. Still holds on. Shot from Eriksen is blocked and it's prodded


in by Dele Alli. The and Spurs have an equaliser with two minutes left


on the clock. Son was persistent down the left hand side. Eriksen's


shot charged down and Alli prods it beyond Foster and into the corner of


the net. He scored last season here at the Hawthorns in a 1-1 draw. Has


history repeated itself? Don't give your point away. That's the message


from Tony Pulis. Puff out your chests, Janssen, Alli, forwards. Son


will give chase. Evans comes across. Foul by Evans, free-kick to Spurs.


Yellow card for Evans. Eriksen's delivery and Foster's


save. West Brom have merited a point. Nobody more than their


goalkeeper, Ben Foster. Maybe, with that save from Eriksen, he's ensured


that they get exactly that. First half I thought they were fantastic.


We sat off them and, you know, they show what had they can do. They got


goals everywhere. They have threat everywhere. They don't half work


hard for their manager. Second-half we were better. Got up to the ball a


little bit more. Yeah, when we scored, you know, you are thinking


that, if we can just keep them out of the box as much as anything else,


you could end up nicking a result. First half I think we dominated. We


created a lot of chances to score and I think, my feeling is


disappointed. In the same way I feel proud Of our players and their


performance. Having not the best first half, the second-half they


dusted themselves down. Like I say, we gave more of a show for our


supporters. Everything seemed to be within reach. It was nice. It was


good to go in at the break knowing I had weathered the storm almost. I


thought we were probably the better team in the second-half. We were


pushing for the goal as well. No, it was a decent game for the neutral as


well. Another brilliant goalkeeping


performance, this time from Ben Foster. Dele Alli just got in, a


goal-scorer's knack of getting himself into position to score. I


think this lad is a special player, we are down about our national team


but today, he had four chances in the game. With Harry Kane not


playing, he's having to be that Centre forward that creates the


chances. He's such an intelligent player. He knows where the ball is


going to bounce. Look at him in the box there, sniffing. He finds the


space, should have scored. Ben Foster did really well. It was a one


versus one battle between him and Ben Fester, they were both


sensational. The thing about Dele Alli, this is unbelievable, you see


it better from the angle we are going to show. As it comes into him


here now, he'd tease himself up with a volley and then overhead kicks it


with a bicycle and I thought his performance today, this surging run


from midfield, third run in, the West Brom defender couldn't stay


with him and I think it's in situations like this where I think


he's still got more improvement. That's the next part of his


development, Gary. I don't want to be too critical on him because I


love the way he keeps getting into the positions and he's not scared to


miss them. That's what he's got to improve on, he's got to work on his


finishing, because if he does and it's a big if, I don't want to put


too much pressure on him, because I do think a lot of him and I do think


he'll improve but if he keeps getting into positions and works on


his goal-scoring I do think in a few years' time we could be talking


about him in the same breath as Frank Lampard. Fine praise. West


Brom, grinding out results, very much like Heworth Place. They were a


lot better second half, they got the run around in the first half. That's


one defeat in six, the third 1-1 draw in a row, Nacer Chadli, four


and five, he's made the difference. They are mid-table. Do you think


Tottenham have let one out of the bag their question might no, I think


Tottenham will be quite happy with the deal they got.


Match of the Day 2 moves to Monday this week,


Torres. That is stunning. A brilliant goal.


There'll be full commentary on 5 Live and the BBC Sport website.


Match of the Day 2 Extra is back on Sunday lunchtime,


And, it's the FA Cup first round draw on Monday,


# Wake-up Maggie, I've got something to say to you #.


COMMENTATOR: Superb, Andy Cole, a wonderful goal.


In fog Cole, Manchester United's title. 45 and Newcastle possibly


finest striker in the Premier League times. The only two sides yet to win


a game this season faced each other at the Bet365 stadium as Stoke


entertained bottom of the table Sunderland.


You know that feeling when you're car has been in the garage too long


and needs John leads? Phil Bardsley comes in at right back for the


injured Glen Johnson. Mark Hughes was worried about Joe Allen, but


he's fit. More injury concerns for Sunderland. Three changes, Rodwell


in midfield, Van Aanholt at left-back, and with injuries,


Djilobodji plays alongside O Shea. Arnautovic is after it, in the


sunshine. Boney is there, good tackle. -- Bony is there, good


tackle. A 1-2 blade with the referee. Given away by Sunderland's


N'Dong. The angle is too acute. Joe Allen hits Stoke in front in the


eighth minute of the game. Patients from Arnautovic, decisive cross in


and even little Joe Allen can meet that with his head. He scored in the


last international break and puts Stoke in front against Sunderland


and they are on the front foot already. Well, if Sunderland have


any thoughts of staying largely on the defensive and at least holding


out for a draw here today, that has to change their perspective.


McNair, that's a great ball forward. Defoe holds back. Khazri looking for


Defoe, what a challenge from Shawcross. They goal saving


challenge. Khazri had the vision, watching my Defoe was going. Very


close to 1-1, if it hadn't been for Shawcross. He doesn't look


especially happy, Mark Hughes, but his side is performing well today.


And they are in front. That's poor, Arnautovic scampers clear.


Oh, goodness! That looks a very good pass from Bony. Good cross in. The


Austrian couldn't quite get enough of a touch on it. Almost 2-0.


Shaqiri forces Bony wide. Well played. Appeals for handball. Here's


Whelan, Bony. The threat of a second Stoke goal. Shaqiri. N'Dong was


careless. Here's another chance. Goodness


gracious. What a great save by Pickford. Pieters was in twice. Here


was the shout for handball. Goodness. Well, O Shea waved his


left arm at it. There was a hand raised there. Two minutes have been


added. In, 2-0 to Stoke, two goals by Joe


Allen. He certainly wasn't bought as a goal-scorer, but he's proving as


such. Thursday header from Shawcross, clear, Allen first time,


brilliant. Having to get past a couple of bodies, doesn't matter,


they are the ones... The shot was true. Movement, great pass, Pieters.


Good save. Another good save. So close to 3-0. Here's the save


from Pickford. Bony, good, good save, a strong left arm and there


was the follow-up plot. Sunderland fans still giving great support to


their team. Jones didn't quite take that


properly but she threads it through to Watmore. This could be 2-1.


Cameron to Pieters. A lovely return. Pieters gain. -- again. Too deep.


A third goal for Stoke would be richly deserved. Oh, my word. How


close was that to a third? He's beaten the goalkeeper, but not the


crossbar. A great effort. We've got to act together, in


fairness the last three games there's been a distinct change in


our levels and what we've been able to produce, and today, clearly it


was about the performance, but the result was the key thing from us. We


need to improve all-round, we've known that, but I think there are


small signs and it wouldn't be noticeable to people who do not


watch is that often but when you are taking training every day and


watching them train, we try to make them better, we are trying to make


them better with a really experienced team today and that's no


excuse, because you're only judged on your games but hopefully the boys


who play will get better. Joe, how good are you going to be when you


get properly fit? Things seem to be falling for me at the moment so I


can't complain, it's great to get a couple more today and a win and a


clean sheet, you can't ask for more. The first brace of his career, he's


becoming a goal-scoring machine and he plays a vital part. He does, out


of a slow start of the season, a poor start the season, he's probably


been Stoke's best player. I've been surprised by that position he has


been playing, you'd normally associate playing holding midfield


but Mark Hughes has seen something working with him day in, day out, he


anticipates things well in the box the last couple of games


when he has scored the goals it's the anticipation of where the ball


is going to end up that has got him into these goal-scoring positions.


This is a fantastic technique. Scored one with his head, one with


his left foot. As it comes to the edge of the box, look at the


technique as he gets his left foot over the ball, through a ruck of


players and this would have been the perfect hat-trick. This with the


right foot was probably the easiest chance out of them all. He's playing


fantastically well. He's not 100% fit, so Stoke, is a shrewd signing.


The season started October, Stoke will challenge for Europe every


season! Sunderland is seen to start badly consistently, they've done it


again. They are really struggling. I get the feeling David Moyes didn't


sign as many players as he wanted to sign. You can't keep flirting with


relegation like they have, year in, year out, and expect to get away


with it and not find the players that needed to be signed. They are


in serious trouble. The great escape might be required.


It's five games unbeaten for Crystal Palace.


They hosted a West Ham side who've made their worst start


Jonathan Pearce was at Selhurst Park.


James Tomkins, who played two and 43 games in ten years meets his old


side, with Benteke the main threat. Cresswell makes his first hammers


appearance of the season. Land is easy and Simone Zaza are recalled.


-- Lanzini. Nine of the last 15 sides at this stage have gone down.


Slaven Bilic has been working through the international break with


those members of his squad who didn't go away. He says he's out one


or two of the problems they've had this season. Cresswell on the


attack. Find the side netting. Such an important boost for West Ham that


Cresswell is back. If he maintains his form of the last two seasons he


could be pushing for an England place before long. Benteke is about


to complete his hat-trick against Gibraltar, a fine block by Noble.


Here's penchant, Bex Outram Zaha, drags it, a big early chance for


Crystal Palace. Hasn't scored enough goals in his career. Scored about


one in every ten games for Crystal Palace. Crystal Palace haven't won


in their last seven all capital clashes and that run has undermined


the whole season last season. Whipped away cleanly to Cresswell.


Payet back to the full-back. In a game, Palace have allowed him to


turn. Not best practice that, into the near post, Lanzini. It's been


coming. 18 minutes gone, Crystal Palace nil, West Ham one, West Ham


deserve it. I move of patience and precision and in the end lovely


finish. From the minute Crystal Palace allowed Payet to turn and


country, they were in trouble. Too much space, find the full-back,


lovely low first-time cross in, fizzing into the box and edged


across the goalkeeper by Lanzini. Second of the season, scored home


and away against Crystal Palace last season and he has another. That's


the 100th goal West Ham United have scored under Slaven Bilic.


Puncheon in support. Making the run. No free-kick given. The comes to


Benteke. That's a penalty. The referee got the first one right I


believe he got the second one right. Ogbonna unhappy. First one a coming


together. It unsettled West Ham more than it did Crystal Palace. He


catches Benteke. The referee had no doubts. Two of Benteke's last five


penalties have been low to the right hand side. Oh, he's put that


horribly wide. That is a retched penalty. Body shape all wrong.


Slanting away from it. Opens up his body. Standing foot slips. Away it


goes. Relief for West Ham United and that is it so frustrating for


Crystal Palace. Townsend. Not in the game enough, Townsend. Here's Ward.


McArthur in behind. A brilliant save or did it just go wide. The


half-time whistles blows. Just off the outside of the post. I thought


Adrian got a hand to it. One moment he is missing a penalty, the next


denied by the woodwork. Zaza. He's exposed himself, left himself in


no-man's land. Blocked from his old team-mate. Good goalkeeping. Lovely


movement by West Ham again, Zaza. To Lanzini. He to stay there. It lacked


finesse. Rain teaming down. Good for West Ham so far.


Ogbonna. -- Obiang. Deflected the way through. West Ham have a corner.


West Ham looking for their girs away success of the campaign. Payet will


swing this away. Antonio. Dangerous in these situations. It's off the


line by Puncheon. Antonio was the danger in there, again as he has


been in so many set-pieces. Cabaye comes across. Goes down too easy for


the referee. He gets a yellow. Cabaye was furious straightaway.


This is it. There was contact, minimal contact much he goes down


flamboyantly and gets the yellow. Zaha on the outside of Cresswell.


He's on a yellow Cresswell. He has to watch things now. Zaha, I think


he's going to go here. A second yellow carded followed by a red in a


matter of moments. Booked for simulation. West Ham will argue that


one, I think. He's holding on, holding on. That's a bookable,


certainly. Really were the two instances enough for a red card


overall. Cresswell sent off. Fourth Palace West Ham game in a row


there's been a red card. He took a risk there. Got away with it,


Townsend needs to get it back in early. In it goes. Great save!


Brilliant goalkeeping to deny Connor Wickham. Got across his goal having


punched it away. Spread eagle. Securing the three points for West


Ham United. We opened really well. We created some really good chances


when it was possible, we also kept the ball. We were very confident,


especially after we scored the goal because we are not great in


confidence because of results. They affected us, but when you score a


goal nothing can give you more confidence than that, you know. I


think we did a really good performance and we deserved to win.


West Ham did OK in the first half they played well. But we are


disappointed with ourselves. We know we let it slip here today. We should


have at least got a draw. I think we should have won if we'd been at our


game today. Cresswell, what a shame the way it ended for him, what was


your view? I think he was harsh done by. The first one and the second


one. The referee has given the decision. We are down to 10-men with


15 minutes left. We had to dig in, we did. We got a fantastic result


for us. Straight in with Aaron Cresswell. Harshly done,


exceptionally harsh. Absurd decisions. It two terrible


decisions. Cabaye on Cresswell. He books him for diving. Ridiculous. He


clips him. I don't care if it's minimal contact. He clips him.


Should be a penalty. No way it's a dive. 55 seconds later. One-on-one


against Zaha. The linesman gives that one. The referee consults with


him. I'm not sure it's a foul. I am, it's not a foul, let alone a yellow


card. Two terrible decisions. OK. It was pretty obvious that West Ham had


to improve defensively. They most certainly did? They have been taken


criticism defensively over the last few weeks, rightly so. He changed


the system today, three at the back. They were much more organised,


Noble, Reid, they were prepared to work at it and stick together. Going


forward. Big plus having Cresswell back. He added that to the game.


Beautiful ball in. Worth their win today. Crystal Palace will rue the


penalty miss. They were better in the second-half? Better in the sect


hand. Bad defeat for them. Benteke penalty miss affected their


confidence. They didn't like that we thought they would. We have one more


goal to show you. It's been scored by a certain Alan Shearer. Last game


ever, apparently! What do you think, Phillip? Fantastic movement at the


far-post. Trademark celebration. It's the movement at the far-post


that impressed me. Typical Alan Shearer. Pulling on to the


full-back. I've been there at the back post with him. What a finish


that is! Never lose it, Gary. There he goes. Raised loads of money. I'm


still in bits. My body is killing me. I thought you you were moving


stiffly. Thank you very much, indeed.


Manchester City stay top of the table, but only on goal


difference from Arsenal, who have moved ahead


Chelsea rise above Everton into fifth with Liverpool


and Manchester United meeting on Monday night.


Stoke move up a place thanks to their victory over


bottom side Sunderland, who are now the only team in the top


West Ham's first away points of the season lift them out


of the bottom three, at the expense of Swansea.


A look at the back pages of the Sunday papers. The Mail on Sunday


leads its sport section with Theo Walcott's double goal display for


Arsenal. The Sunday Times focuses on the double penalty miss by


Manchester City. The other half of Manchester that the Sun on Sunday


splashes on with United manager Jose Mourinho reportedly getting the mind


games going ahead of Monday's clash with Liverpool.


That's it on the day Bournemouth bowled over Hull.


Your task is to come up with an advertising campaign for jeans.


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